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Post by Kath7 » Sat May 07, 2005 10:56 am

Post your roleplay ideas here, to see if anyone is interested in participating. :D


True Royality:Quest for the Granolith[CC/AU/XO/*Mature*]

Post by POM » Mon May 23, 2005 2:28 am

Storyline Plot: One year after leaving Roswell--the entire gang is happily living in San Fransico,CA. Max and Liz are expecting Twins, Kyle and Isabel are getting closer and closer as the days go by, and Michael and Maria are holding up on their own. But once Liz starts getting flashes of the future, and find that the FBI has found there hiding spot--they leave everything they've grown to love behind. Heading East before, they catch up with them.

*Special Agents Mulder and Sully are asigned to the case--there only knowns of this is that they are suppose to find and get the teenagers and bring them back to Washington D.C. but the agents have something different in mind and their supervior helps them in the process.

*While the gang--deals with leaving another home behind and set out in search for another safe place. Kivar knows why Zan wasn't accepted at Antar, and only he knows why. He also knows that Tess wasn't Ava [the queen of antar], but confesses to Liz that she is. Hard to believe--but everything he proclaims comes true. As Liz and Max try to deal with him in secret...the rest on the gang starts to get suspicious. and confront them. Kivar also sees that Liz and Max are happy and are expecting twins--and wants the boy for himself. He goes into their minds at night and hold them hostage to hear what he has to say--and if they don't agree to his demands, there will be hell to pay. What he reveals to Liz will open a lot of doors for her, and shock everyone else.

Kivar also tells Max and Liz that there is another Granolith out there--sent down just in case. So the true Royal Four could return to Antar--but there not so sure if they can trust him. Since he's only wants them to go--so he can take control of their children the true heir on the thone.

**The Smoking Man & Skinner don't speak much in this storyline, so I will play them..**But they do play the key ingredient to the storyline.**
*Must write 3 lines for each charater...
*U can choose more than one or two characters...
* Post away :D :lol:











Michael/ Maria
Isabel/ Kyle

Max- POM [ ME :) :!: ]
Liz- Shadows
Scully- POM [ME :) ]
Kivar-POM [ME :)]
*I will also take on other small parts like the smoking man, bird man, & Skinner and ect. as the roleplay goes on*

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Post by M » Fri Jun 10, 2005 7:16 pm

This is the amended and updated plot for Shadow Play. Do you think it's enough? Or do I need some more details?

This is almost all totally Djinns stuff reorganized. It's not original, but I think it could work so we could continue Shadow Play which looked really cool...

Anyway... Thoughts?

The world of hybrids and alien wars is pretty much the same as per the usual Roswell lines; since then end of graduation, things have been pretty quite as the Skins numbers are far too depleted to do anything now and so alien activity low, or at least it has been until now.
Having hastily fled the scene of their Graduation, the Roswellians had been on their arduous road trip for quite some time, resting only at obscure motels for no more then a single night. Finally deciding to stop running for the time being, they (semi-temporarily) settled downed in Willow Haven, a sleepy suburb of LA; Max and Michael are housemates while Isabelle still lives in her house alone (the one the Ramirez’s would have shared ).
They do their best to continuing living resettled lives however Jesse and Kyle decided to move on with their own ways and so with much to the heartache of Isabelle, they have a divorce and with the reluctant goodbyes of the rest, Kyle disappears off into the beginning of his own life.
Just when they think they are really leading normal lives again, they are caught up in something else which will only drag them into a whole other world all over again; the pod squad is once again invited to join a summit except this time it’s of a very different sort.
In LA the dark/dead populations live in secret but they are all over the place and so they have a treaty system in place to keep it from boiling over (not too badly anyway). The "Black Thorn" is the council that maintains the treaties. The council has been largely the same since the founding of LA. They have regular formal meetings and occasionally socialize informally. And herein lies the problem. Recently Astartia has been upsetting the balance and all the other groups are a little worried about it.
Previously the Black Thorn had three members who were also members of the Iron Circle (The crime syndicate run by the Nox ) and three who were not. The Halliwells have just been appointed to represent the Witch/Warlock population when this new problem emerges. No one knows which side the Fallen will support, but they do know that if the balance isn’t maintained it could be disastrous for everyone. Fortunately the council is aware of the Aliens living nearby and decide that if they would be willing to join it might restore the balance to the council.

This is a sort of AU crossover between a rather canon Roswell and a very re-written Charmed.
Roswell essentially picks up after Season 3, Graduation; about a three years later.
This RP will contain some really evil levels of the world and as such there will most defiantly be some very dark stuff
The problem with changing the world is that it makes any life beyond that impossible...

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Post by Fehr'sBear » Tue Aug 16, 2005 9:26 pm

This is an idea, thought I'd try it out...

Title: Beautiful People
Rating: Not sure yet...will get back to you.
Genre: AU, Romance, Teen Drama
Pairings: UC, eventually CC. Its a bit of a mix I guess.
Disclamer: I don't own anything, except parts of the plot, and Libby and Kari.
Note:If you have seen Beautiful People, this will make more sense. And this is AU, no alien powers in this one. There is no Tess, so, whatever.

Brighton Academy is a prestigous school in the heart of New York City. Maria Deluca moved from a small town called Roswell, New Mexico with her sister Liz and her mother Amy Deluca. Maria and Liz both got a scholarship to Brighton, and there they became fast friends with Libby, an artistic nutcase, and Alex, and artistic geek with a famous father.

Max Evans has lived in New York City his entire life. His father, Phillip Evans, owns half of New York City, including Brighton Academy. MAx is dating Tess- of course, this is expected, because Isabel is rich, and the most poluar girl in school. Why shouldn't the two most Beautiful and popular people date? It seems like logic, doesn't it?

The Characters

Max: Max is rich, has a hot girlfriend, and his father owns half of New York. What More could you ask for? But when you live with Mr. Evans, you will see that there is NO way you could explain to him why you'd rather be a writer than run his company...Then a new girl comes along, and your life gets UBER complicated.

Liz: Liz has lived in a small town her entire life, but when she gets this scholarship, new doors are opened for her, and she takes them. She is an avid photographer; her camera doesn't leave her side, ever. She is very shy, and New York is extremely intimidating at the moment, but at least she has her sister and mother.

Michael: Michaelworks at a club as a bartender. He lives on his own, has practically no money, and he aspires to become an investment banker some day...lets just say, in the FAR future. He has a great personality, but he can be very stubborn, and a stone wall around people he isn't close to. Of course, that all changes when he meets Maria...

Maria: Maria was always the wild daughter. She was smart, and loved to sing, but part of her always wanted to live in a place like New York, and when she sees an opening for a cocktail waitress at a club/karaoke bar, she jumps into it, excited to get a start on the singing career she's always wanted...

Tess: Tess, is, to put it politely, a bitch. She is the most poular girl in school, and has a psse of boring, plasticky friends, but all is good for her. Isabel has a secret though, she's bulimic. No one knows except Max, her boyfriend, and he's been trying to get her to stop for a long time. She isn't in love with Max, but, because she is sooo, rich and popular, she couldn't think to date anyone else, or let Max date around(too jealous).

Alex: Alex is a geek, a rich geek, but a geek all the same. He's a painter, taking after his famous father. When Liz and Maria arrive, he and Liz connect, and soon, he is her best friend. Unfortunately for Alex, he starts to like more than a friend. Even more unfortunately, Liz doesn't reciprocate the feelings, so who will her turn to for comfort when she starts getting chummy with a rich boy...

Isabel: Isabel is Tess' best friend. She is almost exactly like Tess, even down to her blonde hair. But Isabel has a nicer side, and currently has a crush on a certain geek. Of course, she could never date said boy, even though he is very wealthy, because he is not in her circle of friends. Will she leave her "friends" for love?

Libby:Libby is weird. She loves photography, and dresses eccentrically, always the odd one out. Alex and her have been best friends since preschool, and she loves him...but in this case, not just as a brother, or a friend. There's more to it. And when the new girls come along, someone gets a bit jealous, even though she can't help but befriend Liz and Maria as well. Will she find love? Or will she be the odd one out again?

these two will be developed later:
Mr. Evans, (ie, mr. fisk character)
Mrs. Deluca (ie, sophie's mom)


Libby/Mystery guy?

So, pm me if you like this idea.

Michael: Stormwolfstone

You can always make up a new character, but you just need to make a bio and run it by me. I'll get a picture for Libby later.

note: if you have two characters, there is the SLIGHT chance you may have to give up one, later on.

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Post by dreamer393 » Sun Oct 30, 2005 12:57 pm

Title: The Heir to Antar

Disclaimer: I own nothing. They belong to Melinda Metz.

Pairings/Couples/Category: Max and Tess are married but they don’t have to stay that way….otherwise up to the players.

Rating: teen/mature

Summary: Max and Liz slept together the night of the Gomez concert. Max and Tess slept together about a week after..... Conceiving a baby. Tess did not kill Alex so Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess left in departure. Now its thirteen years later Liz is a single mom trying her best to raise her 12 year old daughter Jenna....turns out when Max and Liz slept together Liz became pregnant. Max and Tess are married and raising there 12 year old son Andy. The day of Andy's thirteenth birthday he is suppose to be crowned as the official prince of Antar...something only the oldest of the royal children can be. But there’s one problem Andy isn't the oldest Jenna one week. Jenna, Liz, and Maria go to Antar so that Jenna can take her rightful place as princess. When Liz sees Max again she realizes he isn't the man she fell in love with he is Zan and will stop at nothing to make sure Andy gets the throne. Jenna is human so Antar rejects her as their heir. But that does not stop Jenna from trying.

I suck when it comes to summaries

Author's Note: Warning-Max, and Tess will not support Jenna instead they will go out of their way to make sure their son gets the throne

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Post by Anna-Liisa » Tue Nov 08, 2005 8:38 am

Title: Too close to be an enemy
Rating: Teen to Mature
Category: AU with Aliens
Pairings: UC but slash is accepted
Disclaimer: None of us owns Roswell.

Let's pretend Future Max never came and the 'End of the world' never happened. The Dupes arrived to Roswell to tell something important to the pod squad. Here is what they said:

King heals a human, things start to move
Four of the pod squad, four of the humans
dupes of the royal four were sent, to help them all

One of the humans fights the Queen
One of the humans fights the King
One of the humans destroys the dreams of the Princess
One of the humans is in the path of the Prince

Humans will try to resist their fate, but it's no use
Slowly they start hating the one they oppose
the dupes will protect the royals
and maybe in the battles they will help the humans too

At first the pod squad didn't believe the dupes at all. The next day Isabel told them that Maria was in her dream and she did something so that the dream ended. Lonnie explained that it was Maria's power that she used without realizing it. After that the situation became reality and the threath was now their own friends.

When the humans see they person they're supposed to attack, they're not normal. (E.g, if Max is near Kyle he has to try and do something, but if Max is nowhere near Kyle, he is normal).

Max Evans
[Bio has to be written by the player]

Isabel Evans
[Bio has to be written by the player]

Michael Guerin
[Bio has to be written by the player]

Tess Harding
[Bio has to be written by the player]

[Bio has to be written by the player]

[Bio has to be written by the player]

[Bio has to be written by the player]

[Bio has to be written by the player]

One of the humans fights the Queen
Liz Parker
[Bio has to be written by the player]
Powers: Can read minds and make people believe their somewhere else for five minutes (she doesn't have to make them believe it for the whole time, only for five seconds).

One of the humans destroys the dreams of the Princess
Maria De Luca
[Bio has to be written by the player]
Powers: Can go inside Isabel's dreams and 'destroy' them (the dream will end and it can't be seen again) and stopping time for 10 seconds.

One of the humans is in the path of the Prince
Alex Whitman
[Bio has to be written by the player]
Powers: Moving objects without touching and turning himself invisible.

One of the humans fights the King
Kyle Valenti: Anna-Liisa
Kyle was a normal school boy until he was shot. He was healed by Max Evans and from that day, he has been part of the 'I know an alien' group. Tess Harding moved to the Valentis and he had a small crush on her, but after they kissed he realised that he wasn't in love with her after all. When the Dupes arrived to the town he saw Ava. At first Kyle thought he wouldn't start liking her (Because Ava looked like Tess) but in a few days, he was under her spell.
Powers: Healing (but only himself) and creating a spiky shield instead of a protecting shield.

If you want to add Skins to this rpg you are welcomed to create bio's for them. Or just aliens, they choice is yours.

Post at least one paragraph (at least 4 sentences)

Tell me if you're interested!
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Post by Fehr'sBear » Tue Nov 29, 2005 10:46 pm

Okay, so I'm running this idea by ya'll. I haven't gotten a title or anything yet, but if people are interested, I'll come up with one. I was gonna write a fanfic based on this like last year, but never got around to it, and it seemed more like a roleplay.

This is Roswell, in the AU sense. Different people are aliens, people have VERY different personalities/attitudes/personal lives, etc....

Isabel: HUMAN- Isabel is a super smart, super nerdy, super shy girl who works at the crashdown and is best friends with Maria. She lives with her single mom above the restaurant.

Maria: HUMAN- Maria was shot instead of Liz, and healed by Michael. She lives in a trailerpark with her abusive father, and keeps to herself. She is very shy, and closed emotionally, and the only person she really opens up to, as of yet, is Isabel. She works at the Crashdown.

Michael: ALIEN- Michael is a bit of an artist; he loves to paint, and he plays the guitar. Yes, he is musically inclined, and in his best friend Alex's band. He lives in a nice, respectable house, with a nice respectable family, well, except for his sister Liz.

Liz: ALIEN- Liz is a loner, with no friends, well, except for the people she hangs out with when she gets high. She's also clinically depressed, and Michael is worried for her, and he thinks her boyfriend is a bad influence.

Max: HUMAN- Max is older than everyone else, and he lives on his own in an apartment; not for reason's like Michaels in the real show, but just because he hated being the sheriff's son. Kyle is his step-brother, Max's real father died before he was born, and his mother died five years later.

Alex: ALIEN- Alex is a little bit punk. His dad owns most of the town, and he is relatively rich, but doesn't really care. He works at the Crashdown with Maria and Isabel, and is in a band with Michael, who he's known his entire life.

Kyle: HUMAN- Kyle is the sweet kid that everyone loves. He's friends with Isabel and Maria, and well, basically everyone, and does well in school. He cares for his step brother, but Max ignores him, so they don't talk much.

Tess: ALEN- Tess is the new girl from New York that no one knows anything about. At all. She's a lot like Ava in the real version of Roswell.

Couples, all CC, some not formed as of yet. Only people actually dating are Max and Liz.

If people want to sort of change a character's personality if they want to roleplay that character, just run it by me. I am willing to negotiate. I'll also probably add details and stuff later, but I am hyped up on caffeine right now, because I have a test tomorrow that I should be studying, anyone in?

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Post by Dreamer_Dreaming » Mon Dec 19, 2005 4:38 pm

Title: Flawless Imperfection

Disclaimer: "The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended."

Pairings: M/L M/M A/I K/T

Rating: Adult

Authors Note: This roleplay is a joint roleplay made by Dreamer_Dreaming and dreamer393

Summaries: 8 different people send to one boarding school to be as friends as they can be? For what? To be happy and learn to socialize with there own kind?

Name: Elizabeth Parker a.k.a *Liz*
Age: 17

Liz is known as the president daughter of the United States. Liz is nothing how people think she is, yes she always in public eye and always have put good impression for her mother and father in front of the country.

Liz is just a normal girl that likes to have fun and enjoy life. She keeps up with her studies; her grades are extremely excellent; she want to be a scientist one day. Liz was send to the boarding school of Roswell New Mexico because her parents believe in was the best for her to have a highly education they always dream for their daughter.

Liz personality is sweet and caring. She believes in saving the world. She is part of the big sister for young little kids with no siblings and she is part of feeding the homeless. Maybe that why she is always in public eye?

Name: Maxwell Evans a.k.a *Max*
Age: 18

Max is the son of the proud working class billionaire, who one day sells his worthless stock and suddenly worth billions. Max’s fathers own the most successful products companies in the world.

Max is always trying to get his father attention, he try taking classes at local high school that market in business, but that didn’t work, he gets arrested for drinking under the age, but that doesn’t work either. Finally his father sent him to boarding school of Roswell New Mexico. Max’s father thinks Max needs to get his head on straight if one day Max will be the owner of his companies.

Max is a loyal, kind and romance guy. He believes in treating the women like a queen. Max is the capital of the basket ball and foot ball team, he also on the wrestling team. Max likes to be part of his school. Max dates around, pleading every girl he likes.

Name: Isabelle Evans
Age: 18

Isabel is the sister of Max Evans. Isabelle is sweet, loving, and is the most popular girl in school. She was sent to the boarding school with Max because her and Max’s father wants her to learn something in life, and not always spending daddy’s money.

Isabelle wants to be a model and make a lot of money. She wants to be the center of attention to every man she come across to. She likes to play with guys minds, like playing like there were just a piece of toy to her, but the real reason she does this so they can spend theirs inherits on her. Isabelle is the head cheerleader and always cheers at her brother games.

Name: Tessa Harding
Age: 17

Tessa’s parents are famous actress and actor. Tessa’s parents are always going on trips and doing their movies or TV shows they are in. So that means they hardly spend anytime with her. Tessa never goes out and always spends her time with the maids and the servants of the house hold. She just wants someone to talk to. Tessa doesn’t have any real friends. Tessa’s parents notice this and take this opportunity to send her to boarding school. They feel bad not spending time with her. But how are they suppose to when they have work so much?

Tessa want to be a director, she has her parents genes for loving movies so much. She is shy, quite and keeps to herself, but all that change when she joins the theater crew at school. She always helping people on how they should play there parts.

Tessa start to make friends here really fast and love being here. She never wants to go home; she loves her parents, but here is a place where she belongs and can socialize with her own peers.

Name: Michael Guerin
Age: 18

Michael is the son of a very famous artist. Michael’s father is always painting and selling his paintings to people that always admires him. Michael’s father is always traveling to different countries, everywhere he goes people knows him and likes the attention. He is the most rich and famous artist in the world.

Michael wants to follow in his dad footsteps, but believe he has no talent. Michael can paint, take picture, and make beautiful objects into clag. Michael is always in trouble with the law by breaking into museums. He just wants see other people view of arts. But Michael’s father doesn’t see that. He thinks Michael is acting up for crying of help. So he does the unthinkable. He sent Michael to boarding school of Roswell New Mexico.

Michael is very determine and strong personality. He very sweet and loving guy, he doesn’t show that to people. But you can see it in his art.

Michael is in the art club at school and on the base ball time. Hey every guy has his games.

Name: Alexander Whitman a.k.a. *Alex*
Age: 18

Alex is the son of the man that created Microsoft Windows. Alex’s father was a very poor man and couldn’t afford to feed his family. One day that all change, when Alex father went to looking for work and walk to a computer company. The own of the company told him, that he will interview by how well he works with computers. That day he started and wasn’t sure what he was doing when he accidentally invention Microsoft Window, from that day on his family never went hungry again.

Alex is a very friendly guy. He is loyal, kind and sensitive to the ladies. But sad enough he can never get a real date with any of them.

Alex’s father sent Alex to boarding school of Roswell New Mexico because he wants his son to have the education he never had. At first Alex hated his father for sending him there. He thought father didn’t want him, or love him anymore. But when he got there he understood what his father meant.

Alex wants to be a musician. He loves the sound of music; he would listen to it in his taking a shower if he could. Alex is part of the music club and chore club at school. He wants to be a famous rock band.

Name: Kyle Valenti
Age: 18

Kyle is the son of a top and intelligence lawyer. Kyle father always working on cases involving rape, murder, or abuses and really doesn’t have time for Kyle. Kyle father is always stressing out and feels bad he can’t spend any time with his son. But how is he supposed to support his family if he doesn’t make a living?

Kyle is sweet and loving guy. He loves sports and wants to be a famous basket ball player. He is the most popular guy in his town, everyone knows him and everyone wants to be his friend. Kyle father is temp to sent his son away, because he afraid someone might harm him. His father is in huge murder case, and some people don’t like him for defending his client. So he made the decision in sending guy to a great education to Roswell New Mexico boarding school.

Kyle is not like the idea, but understands what his father wants. So he go to the school, at first he thought it would be boring. But turn out it has everything he could ask for in a school. He is on the basket ball team and runs for track. Hey someone has stay in shape for his games?

Name: Maria Deluca
Age: 17

Being the child of a single mother most would believe her family was poor...buts it the exact opposite. Her mother is a famous singer and is often on the road. Maria's father left when she was seven so Maria has pretty much gotten use to the idea of being alone. In fact she is one who asked her mom to send her to boarding school...she wanted to meet new people.

Liz and Maria
Max and Michael
Tessa and Isabelle
Kyle and Alex

Max and Liz
Michael and Maria
Isabelle and Alex
Tessa and Kyle

Liz~ Dreamer_Dreaming
Max~ save
Maria~ dreamer393

No lashing out about people posts, if have problem come to me or dream393.
No few sentences I want few paragraphs with spelling correctly.
Please post 3 times a week or when ever it’s your turn. I know life can be crazy and if that happened and you are not able to post please let me or dream393 know.
Have fun!

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Post by Fehr'sBear » Thu Dec 29, 2005 11:33 pm

I've got another idea...let's see if it picks up!

It's based on the book by Meg Cabot, Every Boy's Got one.

I don't have a title yet, but here's the gist of it.

Max and Liz have fallen in love, and have decided to elope because their families aren't exactly excepting. But that's just the sub plot.

Liz's best friend Maria is to be the bridesmaid, and one of the witnesses for when they get married, so she's going with them to Italy. Little does she know that the annoying, self centered man that she sits next to on the airplane is Max's best friend Michael, who is to be the best man. He's a big news journalist, and quite 'wordly' but he immediately takes a disliking to the talkative, eccentric woman that he sits next to on the plane. When they finally realize who they are, and that they are going to be stuck together for the next few weeks, both are worried that this will be the trip from hell. Of course, that all changes when they start falling for each other...

Now, to add in the other characters. Tess and Kyle are two tourists that heard Max and Liz's story on the plane, and have now decided to leech off the couple, joining them on their vacation, where they too will eventually get married. (this isn't fully worked through yet)

Isabel and Alex are already married, and own the tenant house that the six are staying at. (this is again not worked through yet)

so, does anyone seem interested? more work is to be done on it, so don't worry. :D

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Post by FaithfulAngel24 » Fri Dec 30, 2005 5:30 pm

I love it Fehr!!! It's unlike any other RPG on here.
If you need any help working on the details I'm here! :wink:

I'd love to plat Maria, but I don'y know who you are wanting to play so just tell me who ya need. :wink:
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