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Re: *BOARD ERRORS - Oct. 29th UPDATE (2nd pg.)- PLEASE READ!

Post by Bri+Jason2830 »

Thank you to Angel and crew for working so hard to get this board back online, I love you all so much! The brilliance of timing, huh... it just so happens that today is my sixth anniversary with Roswell Fanatics, YAY!!!! :D
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Re: *BOARD ERRORS - Oct. 29th UPDATE (2nd pg.)- PLEASE READ!

Post by Mt Gazer »

STANDING OVATION! :D To Angel and her team of diligent workers. :D

You all are to be commended and praised, I am so glad you didn't lose anything you did amazing at preserving everything in the face of losing it all.

This site is like a lifeline to me and I would be so lost without it.

I'm sure others feel the same.

THANK YOU!!! From the bottom of my heart.


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Re: *BOARD ERRORS - Oct. 29th UPDATE (2nd pg.)- PLEASE READ!

Post by QueenTrueLove »

Every Sunday I check this site to see if it is up and running and finally it is.

I scared my husband because I started crying with joy.

I applaud everyone that had a hand in saving this board..i cant tell u how many nights this board has helped raise my spirits and given me a chance to escape.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
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Re: *BOARD ERRORS - Oct. 29th UPDATE (2nd pg.)- PLEASE READ!

Post by maipigen »

Mt Gazer wrote:STANDING OVATION! :D To Angel and her team of diligent workers. :D

I couldn´t have said it better myself:D And would love to do the same. CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!!

Favorite Newcomer:)
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Re: *BOARD ERRORS - Oct. 29th UPDATE (2nd pg.)- PLEASE READ!

Post by begonia9508 »

Oh yes! I join the list of people and the ovations for the great jobs dones and more for having Roswell Fanatics back the way it always was...

Thanks - EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: *BOARD ERRORS - Oct. 29th UPDATE (2nd pg.)- PLEASE READ!

Post by secretk »

First, thank Angel for fixing this problem. I was worrying that we might loose the information in the posts table and imagined how crucial would that be.

I have some questions, they are small details and not necessarily problems and I just want to address it.
If there is post in this thread and I read it by accessing say Canon/Conventional Couples FanFic forum, then should it this thread still be marked as not read if I then decide to go to Alternate Universe Without Aliens? Currently I am observing this issue and I don't know if it is something with Cookies or it is just the normal behavior of the site.

The second issue is I guess Cookies related - I wrote some comment in one of the threads in the Roswell General Discussion & News and although I have read all topics there, I still see this forum marked as red and the only way to fix it is to mark all threads as red manually.
Anyway these are small details that I just mention, but they are not that disturbing.
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Re: *BOARD ERRORS - Oct. 29th UPDATE (2nd pg.)- PLEASE READ!

Post by justmeeh »

Ditto on the Standing Ovation & Claps!

Repeating another post as want to say again : Much Much Thanks to all who have made this place what it is, & to those who continue to do so.. I can't remember how I first came across this board, but it has been a fave stomping ground for more years then I can remember -
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Re: *BOARD ERRORS - Oct. 29th UPDATE (2nd pg.)- PLEASE READ!

Post by dreambeliever »

I too join the crown of standing ovations and clap uber hard..CLAP CLAP CLAP! Like all the others I went through withdrawals and am extremely overjoyed to see RF back up and running. Thank you to everyone who made it happen!
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Re: *BOARD ERRORS - Oct. 29th UPDATE (2nd pg.)- PLEASE READ!

Post by D.D »

Are you going to be archiving completed fics on roswellfanfic.net/archives site still? Just a thought :)

Congrats for all the hard work you lot have put in time and time again to maintain the sanity this site brings all the roswellfanatic obsessed fans :) It sure does mean a lot to all of us members - readers/commenters and even lurkers. I will be sure to post more feedback than i usually do to show how grateful i am that this site is back and running. I was going crazy with roswell addiction needing to read old fics to keep my sanity. the archive site was sort of forfilling my cravings (hence the question whether you will start to archive recently completed fics there)

I have to say Roswellheaven site is not the same as RF site. So hard trying to find fic there, and it is a little all over the place - no disrespect to those who are involved in the site. Just not used to navigating around it since ive always been a RF site follower!

Glad to be back on this site though

D.D ~'0'~
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Re: *BOARD ERRORS - Oct. 29th UPDATE (2nd pg.)- PLEASE READ!

Post by Misha »

Thank you! I wouldn't know what to do without this place. It's so Roswellian! 8)
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