Sense 8

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Sense 8

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Did you watch it on Netflix? I had some difficulty getting into it in the first three or four episodes but then suddenly it was this amazing show that made me feel stuff and think stuff and SHIP everyone! I adore all 8 members. My two stand out favourite characters, though are Wolfgang and Sun, but I don't ship them together. My favourite ship is a two way tie between Sun/Moon and Lito/Hernando with Nomi/Nita as a super close second.

I was not into Wolfgang/Kala until the final scene in the most recent episode. I word it like that because I have not given up on getting more seasons; season three is already written - if Netflix won't take it on anymore, here's hoping that someone else will because THAT show needs to continue! I love it so much! "and I scream at the top of my lungs, WHAT'S GOING ON?!"

Sense 8 is amazing and if you have not watched it, yet, do your heart a favour and watch it! It's about so much love not just romantic and sexual love but real love for all people! I hope it opened the door to a lot more programming of a similar nature. <3
~FM :)
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