Potter or Lord Of the Rings?

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Harry Potter Or Lord Of The Rings?

Lord Of The Rings
Harry Potter
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Re: Potter or Lord Of the Rings?

Post by Stefuh »

Harry Potter! ... But I've never read LOTR.
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Re: Potter or Lord Of the Rings?

Post by Sundae »

I like both...but Lord of the rings has never captivated me to the extent Potter has.

I have probably read each of the Harry Potter books at least 6 times...and the first three in the series prob a minimum of ten. lol every time a new book would come out, I would re-read each previous one before opening the new one, by the time the seventh one came out, oh god I could recite some scenes word for word. :lol:

Plus the Harry Potter series have been the only books that I have been completely satisfied with...it ended in a way that completely and wholeheartedly catered to my mind that if I had a chance to change things...I wouldn't. It ended perfectly.

RIP poor Dobby...his death struck me the hardest of all the characters. And I was completely shocked by Fred Weasly's death...I cried for George...ahh! :lol:
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Re: Potter or Lord Of the Rings?

Post by Multikaty »

Harry potter!!! Lorde of the rings isn't bad, but harry is magic and....well is harry potter!!
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Re: Potter or Lord Of the Rings?

Post by AlysLuv »

I highly recommend that people then try out The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare...just throwing it out there's prequels and sequels to it all. It'll keep you busy. :D
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Re: Potter or Lord Of the Rings?

Post by killjoy »

Someone on IMDB stated about how Lord of the Rings "stole" from Harry Potter...... :lol: ......It was so much fun to tell them that LOTR came out about fifty or so years before Harry Potter :roll:
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