Passing the Torch...

The place to get all the latest news. Also, new posters on the board should come here for a general outline of our policies and practices at Roswell Fanatics.

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Re: Passing the Torch...

Post by kismet »

Thank you for the work you have done for this site and the stories you have shared!

Thanks to Aprillynn
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Re: Passing the Torch...

Post by ItsRosseth »

Congratulations on the marriage!
You have been an amazing mod and you will be missed. <3
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Re: Passing the Torch...

Post by Natalie36 »

Thank you for all your hard work. This board is amazing and that is due to everyone's hard work and dedication. I wish you well on your new life adventures. Thank you Jenny for stepping up and keeping the board alive.
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Re: Passing the Torch...

Post by rar1942 »

Thanks very much for your effort over the years. I've been here a long time as well, andknowthat it takes a lot to do what admins do.

Congratulations on your imminent status change. It's a jump I took almost 44 years back, and it changes everything - but for the better in the long run. Take time to enjoy each other.

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Re: Passing the Torch...

Post by dreamerfiend »

Congratulations on your marriage. I'm sorry to hear that you're stepping down you've done a great job for all these years. I hope everything goes well in your life and I wish you the best! :D

Ditto on the long live roswell fanatics :D
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Re: Passing the Torch...

Post by 2004 »

Don't be a stranger! And congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

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Re: Passing the Torch...

Post by Michelle in LA »

Congratulations on your wedding/marriage! May all your life changes be great ones.

And it doesn't mean you won't come around, right? Just not admin. We can't let you go altogether! ;)

Hope the wedding goes fabulously, and the marriage even ... fabulous-er! :lol:
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Re: Passing the Torch...

Post by justmeeh »

Ditto on all the words here - Congrats on your wedding / next chapter in your life!

Much Much Thanks to you & all who have made this place what it is, & to those who continue to do so.. I can't remember how I first came across this board, but it has been a fave stomping ground for more years then I can remember -
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Re: Passing the Torch...

Post by Alien_Friend »

This place has kept me sane since I stumbled on it a few years ago. It means the world to me so I sincerely thank you for all your years of dedication and hard work in making this place a fantastic escape. All the best. Hope your wedding was an amazing event. :D

Congrats to Jenny! You admins are all phenomenal.
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