Sexual Completion (CC, M/L, Mature) 1/1 2-16-10

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Sexual Completion (CC, M/L, Mature) 1/1 2-16-10

Post by Zanity » Tue Feb 16, 2010 10:19 pm

Sexual Completion (CC, M/L, Mature) 1/1--Banner by RosDude

Author: Zanity

Summary: Alternate Ending to Sexual Healing. This is a return to the time before Destiny, a time before kings and wars, to where there was just your typical alien teenager insanely in love with the smallest of small town girls.

Pairings: M/L

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.

Disclaimer #2: This contains portions of “Sexual Healing” I don’t own it.

Max studied the orb, “It's the symbol from the cave painting.”

Liz looked at the orb in awe, “Is this from your home?”

Max shook his head, “I don't know.”

Liz suggested, “Maybe it's a signal, for...” As he indicated upward towards the sky with her eyes.

Max agreed maybe, “Maybe.”

They took the orb back to the blanket and set it down and they laid down next to each other to wait for a response. Moments after lying down, waiting was no longer what they had in mind.

Their passion for each other once again began to escalate only to once again be interrupted. A blue light surged out from the orb and encompassed them.

They found themselves standing in a small room. They saw an elaborate archway leading into a bedroom and a plaque with a message on it. The message at first appeared to be in a strange language but within seconds it blurred and reshaped itself to English. They both began reading the message simultaneously.

Welcome child of the stars and chosen one,

This message was designed to be age abiding and therefore was written in a living ink. The ink is made of genetically engineered cells that are slightly telepathic so that they can translate their message into any native language its readers may possess.

Because we want this message to be age abiding and information is often lost or distorted from generation to generation we have decided to assume you know nothing of your past or why you are here.

Child of the stars, you might assume we refer to you as that because either you or your ancestors are not native to the world on which you now dwell; but this is not correct. While it is true your ancestors did come from another world; even on Antar, our planet of origin, we were known as children of the stars.

Long ago, early in our planets history an asteroid came to our world. The asteroid itself burned up in our atmosphere but the virus it carried did not. The asteroid entered our atmosphere directly over the capital city of one of our most powerful nations.

The airborne form of the virus survived for three planetary rotations in our atmosphere infecting over four million Antarians. The star virus unlike viruses native to our world was not harmful. It bound itself to our DNA becoming the third helix of our genetic structure. This was the origin of the children of the stars.

We learned that those infected with the star virus gained the gifts of the stars. As a child of the stars you are already aware of these. They are the gifts that set you apart from those native to the world you inhabit.

After the airborne form of the virus died, the star virus was still contagious through fluid transfer. Mostly this meant sexual transmission but some would pay children of the stars for a blood transfusion in order to become infected and receive the gifts of the stars.

Within two generations over eighty-three percent of all Antarians were infected with the star virus. It was then that a scientist who desired racial purity unleashed the virus of origin. He designed it to sterilize the children of the stars so that only the children of origin, pure uninfected Antarians would remain.

However, he underestimated the star virus’ ability to protect those it inhabits. Instead of sterilizing the children of the stars the virus of origin caused the star virus to cease being contagious. The children of the stars were still capable of breeding amongst themselves but trinary and binary DNA are no longer compatible with each other.

For many generations there were two species of Antarians, the children of the stars and the children of origin. Couples of mixed species were condemned to infertility until another scientist invented the orbs.

The orbs alter the structure of matter, eliminating empty space and condensing it and then transporting it inside of itself. But the orbs were specifically designed not to effect the virus of origin. So inside the orbs with no virus of origin present the star virus could pass between mates. With this new technology the star virus once again began to spread. It took hundreds of generations but eventually every child of origin became infected.

Thousands of generations beyond that our scientists discovered that our sun was going to undergo a life cycle change from a yellow dwarf, like the one the world you currently inhabit circles, into a red giant. This change would render Antar uninhabitable to us.

Our leaders therefore sent out instructions to each household on how to change their home into a spaceship. They also supplied star charts with routes to the twenty-seven other inhabitable worlds we had discovered. Of those twenty seven, seventeen contained no animal life, eight contained no sentient life, and two contained sentient species genetically identical to the children of origin.

We do not know if these sentients are lost colonies or if they are truly native to their respective planets; but for our purposes that knowledge is irrelevant.

When children of the stars court each other the courtship is usually very short. Because of our heightened sensitivity to empathic and telepathic energies, we get glimpses of the true essence of each other. This bypasses all the pretenses and posturing that children of origin fill their courtships with and causes our courtships to reach their conclusion whether good or bad very quickly.

When a child of the stars courts a child of origin the child of the stars still gets glimpses of the true essence of the child of origin. However, since children of origin do not possess this ability naturally, the child of the stars must consciously choose to share their essence. Once this is done certain neurological changes occur in the child of origin which allow them to continue receiving glimpses as if they were a child of the stars themselves.

We created specialized orbs to go with those planning on traveling to one of the two planets inhabited by children of origin. These orbs would scan for the neurological changes that occur when a child of the stars chooses a mate from amongst the children of origin and makes that choice known through the sharing of their essence.

When a chosen one is detected the orb will broadcast its location to the chosen one during impassioned moments with the child of the stars. The chosen one in accepting the child of the stars’ choice will lead them to the orb.

This is why you are both here. As you consummate your relationship in this place the star virus will be passed. It will take between one and two revolutions of this world around its sun for the chosen one to complete the transition. Until the chosen one has completely transitioned into a child of the stars you will be infertile.

The length of time for the transition will depend on two factors. First, during intercourse the fluid transfer from male to female is greater than the fluid transfer from female to male; thus female chosen will receive a larger initial quantity of the virus than male chosen and will transition faster. Second, the younger the chosen one is at time of infection the faster the transition will occur.

You will know the transition is complete and the chosen one has become a child of the stars when their touch of passion causes the star glow on their mate’s skin. This will let you know when you have become compatible with each other and therefore fertile.

When you leave this orb it will hide itself until another couple has need of it.

We wish you both a long and happy life together.

Max’s eyes, wide with amazement and wonder, quickly darted to Liz’s, “I-is this really what you want??” Before she had a chance to answer Max continued, “I mean…” Max took a deep breath and began again, “Liz all growing up I was sure I’d be alone; I knew with every fiber of my being that no one could ever truly love a freak like me. But I could dream; and in my dreams it was always you I made a life with. After I healed you and reversed the connection, I was afraid… so very afraid that you knew how I felt about you and that you were pursuing a relationship with me because you knew it was what I wanted and you wanted to repay me some how. I was terrified that you’d give me your mind and body without being able to give me the most precious gift of all: your heart.”

“Liz my life is dangerous and if we do this you’ll be in danger right along with me. If the government ever finds us, you might end up on being taken right along with the rest of us. If we do this you will constantly have to live with the same secrets and fears that we do. And you will always have to fear for the lives of our children. One of my worst nightmares is the thought that you’d sacrifice your happiness and your future for me. So please Liz; tell me honestly… Is this what you really want?”

Liz looked deeply into Max’s eyes and wondered how she was going to explain her feelings to him. Max had missed the first years of life, the years where you learn how to relate and interact with people, and even after that Max had carefully kept himself sheltered from meaningful relationships; so he was inexperienced in matters of the heart.

It was true that before the shooting she had been attracted to him; she had wanted him; desired him. But that wasn’t love. If that was love then almost all of the female population and even a portion of the male population of West Roswell High loved him. No before the shooting she hadn’t loved Max… Not like Max had loved her.

She wasn’t especially religious but she did believe, she did go to church and she had read the Bible. She remembered that scripture taught that there was no greater love than being willing to give your life for another; and that’s just what Max had been willing to do. He’d been willing to sacrifice his secret, his safety, his life to save hers.

But she also remembered something else that that also applied here… a line from a song she once sang in Sunday School: Oh the reason why I love him is because he first loved me... And that was the crux of it. Max had claimed a piece of her heart as he healed her. He had claimed more of it when he reversed the connection and she’d felt compassion for his loneliness, and he claimed even more when she saw herself through his eyes and heart, when she saw the beauty he found in her. He’d claimed yet more of her heart during their conversation when he admitted how much he had risked for her; and still more when he came to her at the hospital when her grandmother was dying… even after he’d been beaten up and told to stay away from her.

He had placed even her emotional welfare above his physical wellbeing. He claimed still more of her heart when he’d helped her say good-bye, more when he held her as she cried; and more as he worked his magic for her on Valentine’s Day; and even more with his constant concern for her during the events that lead them here.

Max feared that these events are what drove her to him, but drove her to him for the wrong reasons. He didn’t understand that love begets love. That when you give love it rarely returns void, but instead inspires love in return. These events had been what drove her to him; but for very different reasons than Max thought. They had all lead them here to where Max possessed most of her heart and, with the fear of the unknown neatly removed by the message they had just read, Liz was prepared to surrender the rest of it to him.

Figuring actions speak louder than words, and that they’d have plenty of time to discuss it in detail later; Liz smiled up at Max and took his hand leading him into the bedroom. The setting couldn’t have been more romantic. There were candle-like lights everywhere and the music playing in the background, while alien in nature, was simultaneously romantic and erotic. It once again stirred the passion within them.

Liz discarded her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse before answering him between kisses, “Yes Max, more than anything else I’ve ever wanted in my life, I want this… I want us… Make me like you Max…. Make me a child of the stars... Take me as your mate.”

Max discarded his own jacket and unbuttoned his own shirt. Then he let his hands roam inside Liz’s blouse as she began caressing his chest. They each raised their hands over the other’s shoulders causing their respective tops to fall to the floor.

Max reached around and tried to unclasp Liz’s bra. After fumbling with it for a moment he gave up and used his powers to release the catch. He slowly pulled first one strap then the other off her shoulders.

Standing topless before him Liz had assumed she would be embarrassed or shy, but just like in the fantasies she’d been having lately this felt right. She held no shame, no fear of this, nor of what was to come. She wanted his eyes on her, she wanted his hands on her, she wanted him inside her, she wanted… to give him her all.

Max’s lips descended on hers as his hands came up to caress her breasts. He pulled back for a moment, his eyes meeting hers. He formed a connection between them then, allowing them each to feel everything the other was.

Using this connection to his advantage he continued to pleasure her breasts, with both his hands and his mouth. He reached one hand inside her pants and stroked her core. His every movement was designed to bring her more pleasure. He didn’t stop until he felt her come apart in his arms.

When Liz could once again stand under her own strength she reached down and unfastened Max’s pants, pushing them along with his boxers down over his hips and to the floor. Max mimicked her movements divesting Liz of her remaining garments.

They each kicked off their shoes and stepped out of their respective pools of clothing.

Max lifted Liz up and positioned her on the bed.

They each took a few moments to study the other, their eyes raking up and down the nude form of the other in appreciation. Then the exploration began.

Max lay next to Liz as his hands explored her body he paid attention to their connection so he could learn what brought her pleasure and what made her burn with desire. Meanwhile Liz was doing the same thing as she acquainted herself with Max’s body.

When their explorations were complete Max positioned himself at her entrance, and gently pushed inside. When he reached the membrane testifying to her virginity he paused and asked one last time, “Are you sure?”

Liz was caught in indescribable pleasure, between the pleasure Max had been steadily giving her and the pleasure she had been giving Max, which thanks to the connection she was also experiencing. She still managed to nod her head and mumble a, “Uh huh.”

Max, upon assuring her assent, pulled back out and thrust forward again this time sinking in all the way as he released a stream of energy into her sensitive flesh sending her into waves of ecstasy. He quickly healed her torn tissue before he resumed making love to her.

Both Max and Liz were too busy giving and receiving pleasure to notice the cells on their left ring fingers growing, changing, and multiplying.

Children of origin use rings of precious metals and precious stones to symbolize their commitment to each other and to tell others that they are off the market. And for the most part so did the children of the stars. But every so often when the children of the stars found their true soulmates, and when those soulmates grew to trust each other enough, to open themselves up to each other so completely, that they could live in each other’s souls: living rings would form to express their living bond.

Every child of the stars shares flashes with their mate when they kiss, when they make love, some even when they merely touch. But those are glancing contacts between souls. Some precious few children of the stars share all of themselves with each other and mate not only their bodies but their souls as well. When this happens the rings form at the same time as the bond that will forever link their souls together. No longer will they have to be touching or even in the vicinity of each other to get flashes from each other. For their souls will always be in constant contact with each other: constantly a part of each other, dwelling inside each other.

The rings formed on their fingers are made from their own cells, a part of them. The cells forming the rings change into a white ivory like substance. The outer surface of the rings become cells that are a lot like the cells that were used to create the message. Except for these cells weren’t partly telepathic to display words, but partially empathic to display emotion.

The colors and patterns on the ring’s surface are patterned after the wearer’s emotions; designed to convey the precise depth of love and commitment they hold for their mate to whomever was looking.

Max and Liz continued loving each other until with one final climax they collapsed into an exhausted sleep in each other’s arms.

Max awoke the next morning with the sun shinning into the orb. In his first moments of consciousness he struggled to get back to the dream he was having. Then as he became aware of his surroundings he realized it hadn’t been a dream. Liz was still in his arms, asleep on his chest.

He kissed the top of her head lightly before nudging her awake. As Liz awoke feeling Max all around her, she sighed. She lifted her head and her happy eyes met his concerned ones. He leaned down to kiss her and she responded eagerly, it was Max who pulled back, “We need to get dressed and home, we’re probably in enough trouble as it is.”

Liz nodded and they got out of bed and got dressed. When they left the bedroom there was another bright flash of blue light and they found themselves back on the blanket with the orb gone.

They began driving back in silence and Liz became worried at Max’s behavior this morning, she could feel his emotions in turmoil, “Max?”

Max looked at her briefly, “Yeah?”

Liz bit her lip then struggled to ask, “D-do y-you regret what happened last night?”

Max’s eyes went wide and he pulled over so they could talk. As he looked at her she refused to meet his eyes so he caressed her face and angled it towards his and begged, “Look at me Liz.”

When she finally raised her eyes and met his he stated, “Liz, last night was all my most cherished dreams come true. There is no way I could possibly regret any of it, but I do feel a little guilty for not regretting it.”

Liz asked in confusion, “What do you mean?”

Max sighed as he tried to explain, “Liz, last night I got all the answers I’ve wanted about who I am, where I come from, why I’m here. And amazingly instead of tearing me away from you they made it possible for us to be together. They provided a way for us to one day have a family. And even more amazingly you were there with me, you learned it all as I did and you accepted. You let me love you, and change you so that we’d be compatible, you became my mate. And I don’t regret a second of it. What’s more I remember how that message said you wouldn’t be able to get pregnant for at least a year and I keep thinking that neither of us had protection last night. I keep thinking that last night even if the message hadn’t said that…we might not have stopped, that you could have become pregnant and I wouldn’t have even regretted that.”

“Don’t you see? You’ve given me all my dreams on a silver platter and… and I feel guilty because while I’m here getting everything I ever wanted you’re getting into more danger. Now you’ll have to avoid hospitals and blood tests just like we do. If we get discovered now you might end up on the dissection table with the rest of us. Last night I got my dreams at the expense of initiating you into a life of danger and fear. If you had gotten pregnant that would have been one more thing that would have ruined your future that I would have been happy about. I feel incredibly selfish and guilty this morning.”

By the time Max finished Liz couldn’t stop smiling if she tried, “Max you didn’t do this all by yourself. I was there too, I could have said no at any time and I know you would have stopped.”

“Don’t you get it yet Max? You’re worth it. Everything in life has its price and most things of any value have a high price.”

“Max, I asked once before why you saved my life, and you said ‘because it was me’. So why did you come to the hospital after you were beat up and told to stay away from me, after I told you not to come?”

Max’s answer was instinctive and ardent, “You were in pain, you needed me; how could I be anywhere else?”

Liz smiled, “See Max it’s essentially the same answer. Whatever the cost would be, it was worth it to you. I can’t tell you how many times; especially when Maria was talking to the sheriff and we didn’t know what she was going to say, and when my journal was missing; that I thought I wasn’t worth it.”

Max immediately started to protest but Liz silenced him, “Don’t you see Max, you’re in all this danger because of choices you made because you believe I’m worth it. So allow me the same choice. Everything I did, everything I have to face now, it’s because you’re worth it. I chose this because I love you. I wanted this Max quite possibly just as much as you did. Now, you can’t say we’re too different anymore and Michael and Isabel can’t say we don’t belong together anymore. We’re together now Max and for me, that’s worth everything else. I love you Max and I couldn’t be happier about this.”

“And for the record Max, if I had gotten pregnant last night, while I freely admit it wouldn’t have been my first choice because the timing would be really bad and things would be hard for a while, I wouldn’t have regretted it either. I love you Max and I could never regret being with you, or having your children.”

Then Max couldn’t stop smiling either, “I love you too, Liz. I love you too.”

As they reached the Crashdown so Max could drop Liz off, he noticed his parents’ car there. Max and Liz looked inside and saw all four parents sitting there waiting for them.

Max laced his hand through Liz’s, “Whatever happens in there, we face it together.” Liz couldn’t agree more.

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." -- Winston Churchill
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