Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) Completed 11/5/23

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Re: Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) Update 8/4/19

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Please please please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? I can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz.

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Re: Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) Update 8/4/19

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Hi Tanya,

I just wanted to stop by and I miss the story. I really want to read how Max is going going to get Liz back or if he’s officially lost her. How is she going to deal with everyone lying to her? Will she disappear for a little bit? Who will Liz be able to trust? Please come back soon!!!

Special thanks too

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Re: Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) Update 8/4/19

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Michelle17 wrote: Thu Aug 22, 2019 9:39 pm Hi Tanya,

I just wanted to stop by and I miss the story. I really want to read how Max is going going to get Liz back or if he’s officially lost her. How is she going to deal with everyone lying to her? Will she disappear for a little bit? Who will Liz be able to trust? Please come back soon!!!
I'm very much agreeing with Michelle17. Please come back with more very soon?

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Re: Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) Update 11/5/2023

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Bumping this one up; I will be posting the concluding chapters. One of which will go up tonight.
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Re: Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) Update 11/5/23

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A/N So it's been a while not only since my last post, but since I started and didn't finish this story. A friend of mine, the lovely Rachelxluscious just published a book and you should all check it out! It's called: Storms To Weather by Rachel Belrose on Kindle. :D

Anyways we got to talking about writing and how I haven't in a long while, but I always had the intention of finishing this story. I am unable, regretfully to finish the story I wrote with Itzstacie (Unbreakable) and for that I am truly sorry you won't get the ending to that. This story however is in my control and I will finish it. There is 1 chapter left and I am in the middle of writing it now and should I finish it tonight, I will post before signing off.

Roswell has been a big part of my life and with it I discovered the enjoyment and escape of writing here on the board. So for those, even if only a few who held out the hope of an ending, I can only hope that it gives you the same amount of joy that I had writing these last chapters to give THIS Max and Liz their ending.

Much love, Tanya

Chapter 19
Do Over

It had been a month, a solid month since she had spoken to Max. She was hurt, yes, but more than that she was embarrassed by so much.

Embarrassed because she too lied. She kept her own secret and now she didn't know what to do. Who could she turn to? Serena was going through her own things and Max, well Max was the underlying cause and effect to it all.

How was she supposed to go back and fix what was wrong with everything when, a part of her realized that at the root of it all, was her. The problems she created between her and Max were more out of the frustration of not being with him and always, constantly even fighting the feelings she always had for him.

Her life definitely didn't turn out as expected, but then again when your only parent leaves you the belief that anything good could happen leaves right along with them.

What she needed to do was find it in herself to go to Max, to explain that she was wrong so many times. It's not to say she was always in the fault and that all of their problems where developed by her; but she could look back and see all the wrong decisions she made that led to the road they were currently on.

He should have told her what happened, what she was missing from the blank areas of her mind, Serena and Jared for that matter should have as well. Could she now take a step back and understand why they did it? Sure.

That, however didn't make it any better or change the fact that her friends lied to her for years about her own life. Her own timeline.

Her and Max slept together.

She had a pregnancy scare.

Her and Max were at odds for a long time afterwards.

Thing is, while the who in the story was now answered she didn't think continuing the lie was the best idea.

She knew that when she slept with Steven that she wasn't a virgin; while she couldn't remember the who she assumed it was someone insignificant.

Not Max.

Never would she have even imagined, dreamed if you will, that it was Max.

But there it was, his words confirmed it.

She still to this day could not remember it. What she wouldn't give for a five minute glance into the past, maybe if she remembered it they could get back to that place and start over again.
Max was headed out to meet Jared and some friends down at the local bar. Their friend Michael was in a band with his wife Maria and they were playing their first show together in ten years. He smiled at the thought of his old college roommate, not only being married and having three kids, but that he would finally pick up his old guitar after all these years and hit the stage. He and Maria moved to New Jersey after college and while they kept in touch, recently they moved to Roswell to be closer to his family, so they were able to hang out more often.

While shrugging his jacket on he headed towards the front door, there was a knock. He wasn't expecting anyone but he turned the knob and opened it up.

“Liz,” he breathed.

“Hi Max,” she said pushing her brown hair behind her ears while giving him a small, crooked smile.

He stepped back for just a moment, testing the waters to see if she would proceed forward into the house; she did.

“I'm sorry to just stop by but I wanted to talk to you.” It seemed at that moment she noticed he had his jacket on and did appear to be headed out the door instead of just answering it at her knock.

“Sorry, I can come back, if you're headed out.” He shook his head, “no it's ok, I have a few minutes.” He raised his hand gesturing for her to move further into the house.

She was nervous, he could easily tell. He could also take a moment as she walked past him to breathe in her light floral scent, he missed it. He missed her. They were in such a bad place; he honestly had no idea what she could even want to say to him. After he told her the truth, he didn't have the guts to face her, he left the ball in her proverbial court. He did her wrong, he had to pay the price.

When she reached the back of his living room couch, she stopped and turned to face him. She was startled for just a moment, and he realized it was because he'd walked right up behind her, following her scent, just happy to be near her again.

He took one large step back and lifted his arm to run his hand across the back of his neck giving her sheepish smile.

“Max, I lied to you.”

His arm dropped and his entire frame stiffened. He had no idea what she was talking about and to be honest, he was just so tired of fighting with her or tiptoeing around the true issue between them.

“Lied to me?” he asked hesitantly.

She nodded her head and proceeded to explain. “Yes, when you told me that we slept together and that I didn't remember, and you decided that it was best to keep it from me. I lied.” Liz looked at Max, really looked at him and he saw remorse in her eyes; she continued.

“While I don't remember anything that you said to me, it was all new information. I know...I knew that I wasn't...that when I slept with Steven that I wasn't...a virgin.” Max's heart was pounding in his chest and the race of it shot straight to his head.

He felt a little dizzy, honestly he did not want to relive this story over again.

“Liz,” he started, she interrupted, “no, Max. I have to finish.”

“I knew I wasn't but I...a part of me that wished for things to be different, maybe even hoped that it was with you.

I don't forgive you for keeping my life, what happened between us from me, but at the same time based on what you said and what Serena told me about how we were, I can understand. I probably would have done the same thing.”

Max stepped forward now, safe in the knowledge this wouldn't turn into a fight. He reached his hand out and grasped hers in it. Squeezing gently and tugging her just a little forward to wrap his arms around her. She returned the hug.

“I missed you and I'm so sorry. I don't know how to make it up to you. Tell me what I have to do to earn your trust back,” he whispered into her ear.
Liz squeezed him back and slowly dropped her arms, she bent her neck up to look at him and she gave a small shoulder shrug, “maybe we can get a do over?”

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Re: Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) CHAPTER 19 11/5/23

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A/N - I had to look back and see when I started this fic, it was 2010. How time flies. It's been 13 years since I started this one, but a promise to myself, I have completed it. I hope you enjoy their ending as much I enjoyed writing it. It's not perfect, but hey, neither am I.
Much love, Tanya

Chapter 20
October 28, 2008
2 days later (after prologue)
All of Me

“You are both ridiculous,” Serena's mumbled voice could be heard from inside the depths of her closet. Liz was sitting on her friend's bed thinking back to the argument with Max. She was so frustrated it seemed like they took two steps forward and twenty steps back every other month.

“It's not my fault he doesn't take me seriously,” Liz knew her voice sounded childish but who cared? Max was wrong for saying what he said.

Serena peeked her head out of the closet fully changed into her party dress. Liz was not even dressed and she was going to kill her best friend if she made her late for her own birthday party.

She walked across the room and sat next to her friend, and tried to sound gentle, “Liz, I love you and I love Max but honestly you went to his house and attacked him and his lifestyle.”

Liz jumped from the bed and began to pace. “That's because he doesn't understand that not everyone has their life together, he could have a little compassion.” Serena groaned inwardly, Liz did not see she went there and expected Max to respond as he always did, but it was getting exhausting because everyone but her realized she was just running from her past, or present, basically everything.

“Liz, you need to look at it from his perspective, he has tried to help you over and over again, we all have. You are making choices that aren't good and we want only the best for you. You know that Max wants only the best, but Liz, you threw his lifestyle in his face. Not only that but the house he built and is so proud of, in his face. You could not have thought the conversation would go over well.”

“That is not the point! He attacked me for my choices, so I gave it back to him,” Liz turned to face her friend who did not have a look that she liked on her face.

She thought maybe it was time to retreat because when Serena got that face, good things didn't follow.

“You know what, this is a bad time. I'm going to run home and get dressed and meet up at the restaurant. I shouldn't have brought it up.”

Serena stood up and took a deep cleansing breath. “You're going to sit your ass down and listen carefully to what I'm going to tell you, because Liz, I love you, but you need to stop running.”

Liz opened her mouth to speak but Serena lifted an eyebrow, Liz snapped her mouth shut.

“You have been running from Max since the day your dad left. You have been playing this push and pull with Max, seeing how far you can push him to see if he would leave you. See if he would disappoint you, but he is not your father. He has tried everything he could to be there for you, to support you. To love you, Liz. The man has loved you for so long and you just won't let him get close enough. When he does you find a reason, no matter how far from left field it comes you throw it at him. He catches it every time, and he isn't perfect. He has made some really big mistakes, but never to intentionally hurt you. He has always put you first, but Liz, he isn't your doormat. You need to figure out what you want out of this life and stop wasting time. You know that I know better than anyone else, how short life is, stop wasting it. If you want to be with him, be with him. If you don't, you have to let him go, forever this time.”

Liz didn't know what to say, was it true? Sure. Was she ready to admit it? No.

Serena, however had a point, how many times could she push Max? What if he didn't come follow her this time? She knew, because Jared had told her, that Max went looking for her that night she ran from his house. She hid out at a local motel. She just wasn't ready to face that terrible argument that she instigated because she was so tired of not being with Max, she was frustrated but had no idea at all how to even get back to where they started.

Maybe he wasn't in love with her anymore, maybe it was too late and she was terrified so she figured fighting with him would show her how much he still cared. What a twisted way to think.

Serena had still been talking, she tuned back in. “The worst thing that ever happened was you telling him to forget you slept together, and then you forgot you slept together.” Liz was ready to protest it wasn't her fault she forgot, but Serena stilled her with a hand.

“You can blame what you want, and I get it, but girl Max has taken a beating from you for years. He wears his heart on his sleeve every time you walk into a room. I don't know what else to say but, we all love you and whatever is going to make you happy, truly happy, that's what we want for you.

If it's not Max, then it's not Max. But you have to stop running and know that you are enough. Now, I have to go because I will be late for my own birthday. I hope I see you there, if not, I will call you tomorrow.”

With that Serena walked out of the room and left Liz staring back unseeing and reeling from her friend's words.

...if it's not Max. Of course, it's Max! She has always wanted him, but she had no idea what to do if she had him. She would just mess things up, right? Would she allow her insecurities to pull her away? Max loved her, she knew that, but was he still in love with her? What if she poured her heart out and he told her he didn't feel the same?

Could she put herself out there again? Last time it didn't go so well.

Her cell phone rang, it was Serena.

“Jared said I should call you and tell you something.” Liz thought to herself, didn't she have her fill of words few minutes ago?

“We both love you and hope you come tonight. And he told me that I should ask you, do you know the real reason why Max built the house?”

Liz gave pause to the question.

“No,” she answered.

Serena must have put the phone on speaker because she could hear Jared now. “Hey Liz, I think you should think about why when you talk about the house Max gets so upset because it's not just because you bring it up.”

The phone clicked.

What the hell?
Max honestly wanted to celebrate his friend's birthday, of course, but he was still upset about his and Liz's argument a couple of days ago.
He tried to look for her, but he had no idea where she went. He called her phone but straight to voicemail it went.

He was not just upset he was pissed off. She just kept pushing him and pushing him with her accusatory words. It pissed him off that she had the nerve to throw his sex life in his face, when she wanted no part of it.

He parked his car outside the restaurant, turned it off and rested his head against the seat. He had no idea if Liz would be inside, Serena said she wasn't sure if Liz would show. At first, he had a sense of relief that Serena had heard from her, and that she was ok, but then he got angry.

Why did she push his buttons so damn much? If she just let go of her fear she could maybe see how good they would be together. It was just out of his hands at this point, he knew that until she accepted that he wasn't going anywhere th--

Max jumped at the sound of someone banging on his passenger window. He turned his head at the same time and saw...Liz.

He clicked the button to unlock the door, she slid inside.

“Liz..” he didn't get to say anything else.

“Why did you build the house?” He took a fortifying breath, I guess they would be stuck on this hamster wheel forever.

“The real reason, Max. I need it.”

“Why do you need to know? I think I've given you enough answers, I deserve some.” He watched her face; she paused for a moment and nodded her head. She turned fully in her seat to face him. She was so beautiful. Her lips, her eyes, the small smile that formed on her lips. How long had it been since he last kissed her? A lifetime ago.

“Fair enough. What do you want to know?”

He was pretty damn shocked she didn't fight him. He honestly didn't know that he wanted an answer to it until the words were said.

“Why do you want to know Liz? What does it matter? Every chance you get, you throw how empty it is in my face.” The bitterness of her feelings towards it coming through in his voice.

“I need to know because every part of me, I realize needs every part of you. To know every part of you. I need to know did you build it for us?” Max's entire body froze. All the air from his lungs he was holding in rushed out.

Should he put himself out there again? Could he trust that she would not shred him to pieces...again?

He looked at her, wordlessly tried to convey his uncertainty.

She reached out her hands to him and silently asked for his. He was drawn to this woman, always had been and for better or worse, always would be it seemed. He reached out and she linked their fingers, pressing their palms together.

He thought he would pass the hell out, what was she saying? He heard her words, but he just couldn't trust...

“I hurt you Max over and over again. You were right I was running away. I am terrified that I can't be what you need to build a future with. What if you decided I wasn't enough? What if you left me?”

“I would never leave you Liz, how many ways can I show you?” he sounded defeated. Would this just be what it came down to? Him trying over and over again to prove to her what he already knew? She was it for him.

Liz pulled his hands gently, tears slipping from the corners of her eyes. “I know, I just...I promise I will never ask again. Did you build it for us?”

He gave in.


At that she began to cry in earnest, she let go of one his hands to swipe the tears falling. He wanted to do it, so desperately but he didn't dare move. He was afraid of her next words.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you Max. I want to fill that beautiful house with you, and I want to spend the rest of our time together trying show you how much I love you. I know I hurt you and I know I can't change the past, but I'm asking you to give me one more chance to make things right. Give me one last chance and I promise, Max, I promise it's the last chance I will ever need to show you that I love you, I need you and I can't be happy unless I'm with you.”

It took him just a moment for the words to actually penetrate the fog of disbelief. He covered the distance between them, wrapped one arm around her waist and the other to tangle in her hair and he kissed her.

Their lips met and he savored the feeling of their softness against his own. The taste of her, her puffs of breath against his face. He pulled her that much closer, remembering every little kiss they had through the years.

He had sealed them away in his memory but now, now he could fully engage in knowing she loved him as much as he loved her.


His lips devoured hers, his tongue delving deeper, licking and tasting her. Liz returned the kiss with as much fervour as him, pulling him deeper, closer. Hugging him to her.

He pulled away slightly to smile into her tearful eyes. “You have me Liz, all of me, always.”

“All of me, Max...all of me.”

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Re: Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) Completed 11/5/23

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I had never read this fanfic before today, but I'm glad I did! Max and Liz went through so much! I'm wondering if they would have been able to finally be together at the end if she didn't forget about so much... I was so certain that Liz was pregnant when Max discovered the pregnancy test, that chapter was so stressful!! I'm so happy that they got the ending they deserved because, like Serena said, they were meant to be from the beginning. I'm happy we got to hear about Michael and Maria in the last chapter! Thank you for finishing this fanfic! :) Maybe I would have never discovered it otherwise. (Sorry if there's any mistake in this comment, English isn't my first language and I stayed up late to read this!)
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Re: Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) Completed 11/5/23

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I’m so happy that you’re writing again, and I can’t wait to see more from you!

I’m going to text this to you now 🤣
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