Family Matters (CC, Mature) - Chapter 88 - Completed - 01/10/2024

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Family Matters - Chapter 41 - 08/30/2023

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Who knows and definitely Max would not know, and he did not know what to do except storm past his father and head on upstairs and Phillip could hear the rubble coming from the slammed door, and knew it was not his place to try to be support for his son because that was the last thing either of them needed to dealing with, because everything was still so tentative between us and if I get him going than he will certainly throw me out of this house he thought, and he did not need that.

So, he did not do what he yearned to do, which was to head upstairs and to be supportive to his son, so instead he grabbed his coat, and left the house.

And Max could hear the slam of the front door, but he did not leave the room to think of where his father could be going, I don’t want to have to deal with it he thought, because he only wanted to wallow in his own angst.

But all he could do was think was feel Liz’s pain, and the beginning of those flashes he was getting before she took away the touch, and forced herself to leave his house, and disappear from his view. It made all the pain he was feeling about her leaving feel meaningless. I am still upset, but he knew Liz.

He knew the girl he loved from seeing for the first time on the playground, in third grade.

When he did not have a chance. He had seen her grow into a confident young woman who was compassionate to her very detriment, and our detriment
he would think. She always wanted to believe in the best.

And help, even when we got the short shift, and our happiness never worked out for long he thought. He always felt for her, because she never signed up for what she would find her life to be under in the wake of the shooting.

When he jumped into the fire and saved his dream girl, and brought her back to life, and into a life she had not asked for, and therefore all those sacrifices she was forced to make because of him Max thought, as he was in agony over what Liz had to deal with.

What she had to suffer because she loved him and wanted to make a life for him.

And to protect him.

Not that he was completely comfortable with that he thought, because it should me who is protecting her, not the other way around.

So, he stayed in his mind…

While across town, Liz and JJ went back to the motel after picking up some takeout but also electing to go back to the motel instead of being diverted anywhere else, and both were okay with it. Both were thinking of their own thoughts. While Liz was feeling too much baggage, and the burden of decisions. JJ was concerned for his mother.

And wondered if there was someone who could help her…

All the while Claudia was finally coming out of a long and steamy bath, and I felt more in control as she finally opened the bathroom door, and she came out into her bedroom. Mom was very fortunate to have her own bathroom she thought. Grandpa and Grandma apparently gave her a lot of privacy, she murmured as she saw Archie reading a book on the bed, and she felt chagrined by the fact she had a very visible meltdown. “Hi.”

“Hi,” Archie said looking up from his book, that he was not even reading but just going through the motions. “Are you okay?”

“Slightly calmer, sorry for my nutty before” Claudia sighed. She was not used to feeling so overwhelmed. Before the last week or so, she had was unusually calm, most of the time, and put together, and it usually took a lot to get to be unsettled. But she supposed coming to Roswell, and being exposed to her mother’s home, and knowing how much she had in this town without even knowing, it has gotten me going off the cliff.

And I need to figure out how to climb back up and settle down.

“You are entitled,” Archie smiled.

“I bet this was not what you were thinking you were getting when you decided to pay me a visit, huh?” Claudia asked with a slight smile, and Archie liked that smile because he had not seen it for much of his visit.

She has a sexy smile. Just as sexy as she is with the rest of herself.

“I definitely did not anticipate how dramatic this town is, that is for sure” Archie said with a sigh. “All I want to do is support you.”

“I appreciate it,” Claudia sighed. “I know you probably want to get on the first bus to the nearest airport?” she sighed, because she knew this was not what Archie was asking for when he decided to come for a visit, and it was a little too melodramatic even for her, and she did not know how to change things, because it did not change anything.

“If I wanted to leave, I would have left by now” Archie said with a smile, as he got off the bed and came towards his girlfriend. “I know something about family drama,” he said with a smile. “I know how overwhelming it can be,” he would sigh as he thought of his last text message from his sister, Crystal. He had long given up on his father, but his sister was still dealing with everything.

“My family drama is another scale altogether,” Claudia murmured.

“Maybe it is, but at the end of the day, it’s all the same” Archie smiled.

“So, you think, but you don’t know everything about me” Claudia muttered as once more she hated how she was causing trouble for her and Archie, maybe he should have stayed in Aspen? “Maybe, you should have stayed back home.”

“And miss all this,” Archie smiled. “And I want to know you, but you are holding things back from me,” he murmured. “It is not like we are in a new relationship Claude, because we have been together for more than two years now.”

“To protect you,” Claudia sighed and yes, we have been together a long time she sighed. But it was protection in why she was not telling him the truth. As if she knew a little about what her mother was going through, but she did not know the depth of the sacrifice her mother had made for her daughter, and Claudia’s father.

Yet Claudia was keeping a part of herself from Archie, despite giving everything else to him, but being raised away from all this angst, still, she had been raised enough to know she had to keep what she was from those she loved, only Mom knows, and even then, we really don’t talk about it because we don’t want JJ to really know what is going on she murmured. Don’t ask, do not tell in a very alien hybrid way…

I do not know what it really means to be who I am, Claudia realized, because being back meant that she was learning so much more than the messy family she had been kept from by her mother, for most of her eighteen years.

And now she was here and finding out a life’s worth in only a few days.

“I don’t need protection,” Archie said with a smile. “I am a big boy.”

“I know you are,” Claudia sighed. “It just so much, and I am finding there is even more than I ever really knew growing up,” she sighed. “I wish it could be all so easy. I always wanted to know more about my birth father, and even family at that, because it was just my mother, JJ and me, moving place to place, house to house, and there was an air of mystery in what I did not know, so I always wanted to know, which is why I came back here when I did not have to. But now, that I have the chance, I am finding that it all matters even more than I ever thought possible, and I cannot handle.”

You are entitled Archie admitted. He had issues with his own family, but not the degree of Claudia and he knew if he had so much unknown, he would probably be a little like his girlfriend. “Seriously Claude, you need to take it easy. You don’t have to deal with it so quickly. Take it a day at a time,” Archie suggested. “You only have been in this town a few days, right, it is not as if you need to figure out the key to your life, in a single moment, right?”

Claudia muttered. Yeah, you are right, but everything is so intense, and going so quickly, despite it also being slow too.

“Anyways, you have had enough for today, so why not call in some take out because I am in a mood for some burgers or something, and maybe we can watch something fun on television?” Archie asked. “It might get your mind off what is going on with your life.”

“That sounds nice,” Claudia smiled. And it does she thought. “Just not something that makes me want to think.”

“I think we can find something,” Archie smiled as he walked over to Claudia, and they did lean in for a brief kiss.

And they did, as they settled down with the television.

And tried to take it easy, for one night.


Lucy was taking the long route home. She had no real need to go home, Mom and Dad know I go with my own flow, and I will eventually be home, so she stopped for some shopping and snacks along the way, and she saw Tripp coming out of the library, “Amazing, you in a library?” she quipped as she saw her cousin come out of the land of books.

“I do have term papers to finish up,” Tripp muttered. “School is not totally out yet.”

“Well for me it is,” Lucy said with relish. She was thrilled she did not have to deal with school unlike Claudia, despite her being preoccupied by other events, and people she smiled at as she spotted her cousin.

Via marriage because Tripp’s father was Maria’s stepbrother, but the family was tight, and unique in every way, and she was thrilled to be back in Roswell because she got to see her family more often than they had over the years because they were in Nashville, and dealing with Mom’s career, and her getting older and needing to be in school.

But she had come during the summers and enjoyed every minute of it. Often missing it when she went back to Nashville, not that she did not like the country music capital of the world, but there was something about Roswell.

And it drew her, and that is why she was happy to be back here, even if she would have put up with her parents’ desires for her upcoming senior year, assuming school is back to normal come September, which is not certain at the moment.

I do not care if it is, because she prescribed to her father’s view of school. Waste of time. Of course, she knew her father had a very different life than she had been afforded up to now, and there was a reason why her father had not been able to get his high school diploma. He tried, but life just would not make it happen, she thought, although he could have gotten those credits in aftermath, but he chose not to.

Dad was super smart and aced a lot of his classes that he actually attended but attendance was a big reason why he never got the actual degree, and of course the mayhem of Mom and Dad’s courtship she muttered, as she spotted Tripp, and knew that he was still in school here in Roswell.

Like most people in the country, on-line.

School was just all over the place. Which is why Lucy was able to steam through her lessons before her move, so I do not have to deal with it now, she thought.

“Thankfully, I am finished with all that until September” Lucy murmured.

“When you will have to deal with senior year,” Tripp asked. Because they would be in the same grade, and hopefully actually attending the same school he murmured, in person rather than via a computer screen.

“Can’t wait,” Lucy said mildly, and Tripp smiled because he knew that Lucy was not looking forward to senior year, or school for that matter but he was never in school with her before because Lucy tended to come on holidays, or during the summer.

“Oh, I am sure you are” Tripp said with a smile.

“I am who I am,” Lucy said with a laugh.

“As can be said about all of us,” Tripp sighed. Some more than others. “Should you not be home unpacking or something?”

“My room is pretty put together,” Lucy said with a smile. “I am getting to know my new hometown, and spending time with Claudia.”

Oh, Claudia
Tripp murmured, and Lucy could only laugh. “She has a boyfriend, cuz” Lucy said with a smirk.

“I know,” Tripp acknowledged. If I did not know before because Lucy told me before, then I would know with Claudia telling me and to know he’s in town. “I know, I also know that he’s in town visiting.”

“Really?” Lucy asked, surprised. She did not know how Tripp would know because of what she knew, until they came out with her earlier. Claudia and Archie had spent most of the time at the apartment before their little excursion outside onto the streets, and I bet Claudia is having regrets about that she mused to herself. “Yes, he is.”

“I ran into her last night,” Tripp sighed.

“Oh, really?” Lucy said with a smirk.

“We ran into each other at the park,” Tripp said with acknowledgement to Lucy’s laughter, “It’s not that interesting, and nothing happened.” Claudia was too preoccupied for something to happen, he would think. “At the end of our time together, she went back to her boyfriend” he muttered.

It is to me, because I am living vicariously through others because I am single, she thought as she wondered what would happen in that regard now that she was here in Roswell and was not going to be leaving before, she graduated from high school. I cannot wait to get out into the world. “To me, it is” she said softly, but she knew it was not that funny to Claudia because it was so much more than her love life. “So, you see that you don’t have much of a chance.”

“Even if I did, I am not sure if Claudia is that person I want” Tripp said realistically. “It is clear she has a lot on her mind right now.”

Oh, that she does Lucy admitted. “I am glad I am not there in that respect,” she said. “I know my mother and father, and I know the warts and all of our family history,” sighed that was fit to tell me she muttered, because she knew there was a whole lot she did not know. “Claudia unfortunately does not have that luxury.”

Tripp nodded. “Why did her mother even take her away from her father anyways?” he asked, because growing up in the clan, despite being one of the normal ones, without gifts, still you know all the unique qualities of the members, and therefore he knew that Claudia’s father had lost out on her mother, and Claudia herself he thought, but I never really knew the warts of it, because the adults were tight lipped among the younger members, and Dad and Claudia’s mother did not talk much he thought, and there was so much not said he thought.

“I don’t think anyone knows,” Lucy said honestly, because I do not know she sighed. I hear rumors, but I don’t know what they mean yet. Because everything is still so new. “There are rumors of course, but it’s one of those life mysteries and Claudia is suffering because as much as she loves her mother, and her family, so much was kept from her, and I hate to have been like that, but I had my mother and father together, and therefore I know my history. Claudia did not have the same fortune, and now she is coming here to Roswell and finding there is a story that she did not know existed,” she sighed. “And the ability to see that her father was out there in the world all along, and here in Roswell for most of it.”

Tripp nodded. “Therefore, it is obvious it is better to be a friend, than anything more” he sighed, although I would have love to be more, but maybe down the line he thought. It is only the early days he thought.

“Friendship is always good, because Claudia and Archie are happy” Lucy said with a degree of warning to her cousin, as if Tripp was going to disrupt that harmony, which I doubt she thought, but a girl has to give a warning, does she not, for the sake of my friend.

“Are they?” Tripp asked, only because I am curious.

Yes, Lucy thought. Or I think. “He’s trying to be there for her, and that is what Claudia needs right now” Lucy said. “So, I can look around this town, and see what is out there, because I don’t have that burden in my life” she said. “And thankfully I don’t have school anymore, or at least until September.”

“I don’t know why you hate school so much” Tripp said with a laugh. “It’s annoying at times, but it’s better to be there, than on some computer screen.”

“I know, but it is just that I do not like it that much” Lucy sighed. “There is so much out there, and I don’t want to wait.”

“Well, your parents brought you back for a reason” Tripp said.

“Oh, I know they did” Lucy muttered. “I am not going to magically like school or even head onto university just because they came back to their hometown,” she said with a laugh. “I will do what I want, all on my own.”

“Oh, I am sure you will” Tripp smiled, knowing his cousin liked to be her own person. The next year will definitely be interesting he thought, “Need a buddy with your walk home?”

“I am good,” Lucy smiled. “What can happen to me?”

“We might be a small town, but this is Roswell after all,” Tripp muttered as he had been raised to heed warnings from both his father and grandfather that he should not take Roswell or their residents at face values, sometimes secrets lie below the scenes.

Don’t I know that Tripp muttered, in my own life he thought. Given I have a half sister who is not officially acknowledged by this town.

Or our parents, he thought. But he had been given the warning that there was darkness that was lurking out there, and to be wary, especially since I am not one of the special ones, he thought of his not having any abilities, unlike Lucy here, or Kyla.

I am totally one hundred human because despite being saved one of them. Dad is his old self, and nothing has changed on that scale.

“Just be careful, okay” Tripp asked.

“Sure, whatever” Lucy said with a smile, but she was not looking for trouble. She did not see the need. Whatever happens will happen whether I am looking for it or not, she thought as she was getting ready to go her own way when she and Tripp saw a girl getting off the bus across from them at the bus depot.

Normally, Lucy did not care. Roswell was a tourist mecca which meant people gravitated towards this place, and the summer is just about to start.

She still did not care, but Tripp did, and he stopped.

“Crush on Claudia over already?” Lucy commented.

“Give it a rest,” Tripp maneuvered at the razzing from his cousin. Still, like his cousin. He did not take a notice of most newcomers, and this one did not ring any bell of any familiarity, so he did not know why he stopped and looked, except she is hot he thought.

At the girl with long jet-black hair, and it made him notice her, because this is a small town after all, and I know all the females my age he thought, and there was a clear sign that she was only a visitor, she has a bag, but not a suitcase which is convenient if you are coming in on the bus.

Given we are Roswell. We don’t have an airport outside of town, or in our back pocket. So, you have to come on the bus if you are arriving alone.

And this girl seemed to be.

“I am going to see if she needs help,” commented Tripp to no one in particular, and definitely not to his cousin.

“She does not look helpless to me,” Lucy muttered.

“I am being a gentleman,” Tripp muttered. “Come with me, if you want to keep an eye on me?”

“Whatever,” Lucy said, but she planned too because she did not have anything else to do, and it amused her to see what was going on as she and Tripp walked across the street, towards the newcomer, who seemed out of place.

“Can we help you?” Tripp asked. “Or be of some assistance. You look new?”

“Who are you?” came the girl.

“My name is James Valenti, III but everyone calls me just calls me Tripp and this is my cousin, Lucy Guerin,” he muttered. “There is no reason to fear either of us,” he said with a reassuring smile. “Our grandfather is the town Sheriff,” he said with a smile. At least for a time at least he thought because they both knew that their grandfather was gradually sliding into retirement, but still, he was a lifer who was taking the long road towards retirement.

But at least for now, he remained Sheriff.

“So,” the girl asked.

“You look new. We know this town, you can say. So, how can we help you?”

“My name is Crystal, and I am looking for my brother” the girl muttered as she looked around and saw the town, “This place is Roswell right,” she asked. “The land of the aliens?”

Lucy and Tripp could only look at each other and laugh.

“You can say that” Lucy said softly.

Crystal nodded.

“What is your brother’s name” Tripp asked. “I know this town. I know everyone almost,” he said with a laugh at the weary look coming from the newcomer. “It is that kind of town,” was all he said. “Lucy, can agree with that.”

“It is,” Lucy confirmed. “But with me, I was only a summer resident until just now. Because I only just moved to town. So, Tripp is probably the best go person for our town residents,” she said with smile. “He has better odds in terms of recognizing someone…” she said. “So, your brother?” she asked. “What is his name?”

“Alex,” came Crystal and did not think of anything when both Lucy and Tripp glanced at each other at the utterance of the name. “But that is not the name he goes by.”

“Then what is the name that he goes by?” Tripp asked as he looked at Lucy because they were super sensitive at any utterance of the name Alex because while they had not been alive to know him, still, one particular Alex was very familiar within their clan, and his death left scars on all of them, including my father he thought.

He knew the story.

And knew how his father lived with regret to this day.

“He was given the name Alex by my parents,” Crystal muttered. “But he tends to use his middle name, Archie” she muttered. “Short for Archibald.” Why he does not go by the name Alex, I don’t know, because it is a better name.

Or it is to me, Crystal thought.

And Lucy definitely responded to that. Shit, she muttered.

“You know him?” Crystal asked.

Fuck Lucy muttered once more. Neither answering nor denying Crystal’s question. As she sensed some real disturbances in their lives.
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Family Matters - Chapter 42 - 09/06/2023

Post by Parker1947 »

Crystal Holmes did not know why she was in this town. Or why she chose to make this trek. But she found herself on the bus, and now she was in this small town. World known for its alien myths, are they only myths? She did not know. But that was not on her mind right now because it was someone else. Her brother Archie is. “You know my brother?” she asked again of the pixie blonde looking a little paler than when they were introduced, have we been introduced she thought of their sudden entrance into each other’s lives. She still did not know why she was brought to this town, but she heard from her brother that he was visiting this town, and after a fight with their dad, she flew the coop and now she was here in Roswell, New Mexico.

This place does not look like it features aliens Crystal thought as she was of course not getting that she was looking at one currently, in Lucy, although only half because her mother was still as normal as she was back in high school and whatever Lucy had in her genetic code came from her father, and Tripp was uniquely human.

She did not know why she was here.

But she was here and looking at two compelling strangers trying to make her feel comfortable in a town she knew very little about.

She had acted without thinking or done any research on except to know what the town was said to be famous for, as she came to the last place that she knew her brother was and she did not know how to find him, and now as she spoke, the strangers were looking like they knew her brother, or at least her story.

She doubted it.

How can they?

When I don’t even know it.

“You know him?” Crystal asked once more because she was not getting answer, “My brother?” she asked.

Lucy still did not answer.

Tripp, who was next to Lucy knew his cousin knew more of the situation than he did, because I only had one quick glance at the guy, and I would never be able to describe him in a lineup he would think. Lucy could.


Lucy definitely could. But she also did not know how to answer Crystal questions because she had no idea what this situation was. But she knew she was one in it, and the same could be said about Tripp but it was Lucy who of course knew more and was now having to deal with this situation. She wished she knew what she could say. But she did not know. Because it came to her out of left field and the truth of the situation was that she did not know much about Archie.

Because she and Claudia had lived apart for all of their lives. With only intermittent visits over the years. And therefore, she had not seen the two together. All she had were the reports of the relationship. One that said that Claudia had met Archie at school. Although with him being older they would begin on a low-key basis. But they would grow more serious over time, and despite being separated for the past year because Archie had moved on to Colorado and with Claudia eventually ending up in Arizona.

Thousands of miles away from each other.

So, that was only what Lucy would know.

And now they are here in Roswell. With Archie paying a sudden trip to visit Claudia she thought. I figured that it was completely harmless she thought. Who would not want to visit their girlfriend for some lost weekend?

Especially once he hears that she is all alone in an apartment.

With no mother is sight. Or she was around, but across town and unaware of her daughter’s moves.

So, there was only so much she knew despite being Claudia’s best friend, we are best friends, but we mostly move in different circles because our moms did not raise us together, except for the odd visit and therefore she knew of the relationship. And she had come into a situation that confused her. She did not know what to say, because she did not know what Archie might want to say.

She had to act alone in this one.

Why me?

“I know of the name,” Lucy conceded as she was forced out of her silence. “Although I did not know his name was Alex,” she muttered as she was trying to calculate how to handle this. Because she did not know how Archie could be in a player in any of this?” she muttered to herself, how could he be. Is he not just a bit part in all this. As he tries to make Claudia happy.

She did not know.

“You know my brother?” Crystal asked.

“As I said, I know of the name” Lucy muttered, and she knew she was being combative for no good reason. She knew Crystal did not ask for this situation, although she did come to this town she thought, and she doubted Archie or whatever his name is expected his sister to come after him she told herself, and she wondered if Claudia knew what was going on?

She was unlikely to tell me, but hopefully Archie is not keeping secrets from her Lucy thought. Claudia already has enough to deal with then a boyfriend, not completely on the level she thought.

Tripp knew his cousin was debating to herself, and so he was going to try for some small talk. “What brings you here?”

“I had a fight with my dad,” Crystal muttered, and why am I going on about this she thought. “I want to find my brother.”

Tripp nodded.

“Although I am sure Archie will tell me that he told me so,” Crystal muttered.

“Is that so?” Tripp asked.

“He does not get along with our father,” Crystal muttered. “The feeling is probably a little mutual for my father. Because he and our mother broke up when I was a kid, and things did not exactly go well between our father and Archie” she murmured, I really don’t know why I am confessing any of this she thought. “So, as soon as he could. Archie, moved out, and went his own way, but it left me at home and having to deal with both of our parents” she murmured. “So, I had enough of it and came out here looking for Archie because he said he was visiting his girlfriend.”

That he is Tripp muttered to himself.

Lucy still did not know how to handle this. How do I even know she is legit she thought. She was not like her aunt Isabel, who was able to see things, or access people she thought although she was known to get assessments wrong, she thought. But Lucy was not like that, I have insight, but I more like Dad in that I don’t know what my special power is really she murmured, I am still in the process of learning. “It’s probably not my place to tell you?”

“Really?” Crystal asked.

Yeah, really Tripp wanted to ask. But did not.

“How do I know that you are who you are saying you are?” Lucy asked. “You and your supposed brother look nothing alike,” she muttered.

“That is because my brother was adopted, I was not” Crystal muttered. “Look, I am not looking for anything from you. I can find my brother myself,” she sighed to herself. “This is a small town is it, it cannot be that hard” she said softly as she looked at both Lucy and the kindness on Tripp’s face, while the one on Lucy’s face was of suspicion, which I suppose is natural she muttered to herself. She did not know that it was a look that Lucy had inherited from her own father, a Michael Guerin specialty “Nice of you to help me,” she said softly as she wanted to curse out loud and walked away.

Leaving Lucy and Tripp alone.

“You could have helped her, you know” Tripp asked as he watched the stranger walk away. “You know exactly where to find her brother.”

“Assuming she is telling the truth,” Lucy muttered. “She and Archie might not be related?” she thought. “Who goes by some other name?”

“And you think she would lie about that?” Tripp asked, right back.

“You know our group is very paranoid for a reason,” Lucy muttered. As she knew she was sounding a bit like her father, maybe he had a reason to be so suspicious and paranoid she thought after a lifetime of thinking everything was on the same level. Maybe it is not, she thought. Even though she knew so much, her life had been a lot tamer in comparison to her parents’ courtship. She would never know how it was to be in this town back in the late 90’s and the early days of the new millennium. She was afforded by her parent’s actions, a pretty easy life.

Tripp laughed out loud. “Yeah, we are really paranoid?” he said. “Says the girl who has the ability to come and go?” he asked, of Lucy’s immense freedom.

“Okay, our parents have more reason to be, and it is one of the reasons why Claudia was not able to grow up knowing her father,” Lucy muttered, even though she did not know exactly what went down there, I hear rumors, but there is so much I don’t know she thought. “I am sure your father has told you that you need to be careful with who you trust,” she said. “I have Michael Guerin as a father, and I was instilled that into me, despite us living in a whole other state.”

“So, you don’t trust Crystal?” Tripp asked.

How can we? “We don’t know her, so how do we know if her story checks out or not?” Lucy asked. “I am not going to tell a complete stranger where to find Archie, or most importantly Claudia because we both know there are enemies out there, who would pounce if given a chance.”

“Yeah, you are right” Tripp muttered. As the human one in this fraternity he thought, I have the luxury of a more carefree existence he thought. I am not the one looking over my shoulder he thought. “So, you are being weary?”

“I am being cautious” Lucy smiled, correcting her cousin. “Which is what you should be too,” she said. “As our parents learned, an enemy in their midst was a pretty blonde girl” she said with a sighed.

Tripp nodded. She’s reaching he thought and said as much. “I think you are reaching a little. She could be on the level you know. She and Claudia’s boyfriend could be brother and sister, and he could have been adopted for all we know. Do you know you, his story?”

Of course not. Lucy thought. Claudia better. “He is not my boyfriend. As hunky as he is, still he’s Claudia’s.”

“Speaking of,” Tripp muttered. Claudia, he thought. “So, are you going to tell Claudia?” Tripp asked.

“I don’t know,” Lucy, muttered.

And this time, she really did not know.

“Should she not know?” Tripp asked. “If there are questions about Archie?”

“And now whose reaching,” Lucy sighed. “Just because I am not going to tell a complete stranger where my best friend’s boyfriend is, does that mean there are questions to be asked of him.”

Tripp sighed.

Fine Lucy thought. “Leave it to me,” she muttered as she glanced out at the busy town. And could not help but wonder what was being started, and if was something completely unexpected she thought Although what has been expected so farIf I tell them, it has to be me” she muttered. “You will be too happy to rain on their parade.”

“If there is something we don’t know about him” Tripp asked.

Yeah, I know Lucy thought. After all, Archie is not from around here, right?


“I am heading home” Lucy muttered. Because for once, she was looking forward to going home. And away from this drama. Because she had to think of what to say to her friend and see if there were answers that they deserved to get from Archie. It all seems so simple.

What does it matter if he has a sister, and she has come to Roswell to find her brother.

It could be so simple,
Lucy thought. Maybe. “I am out of here.”

“Whatever,” Tripp muttered as he watched as his cousin walked away, and he did not know what to say about any of this. But he saw Crystal, or I think it is he thought as he was not about to be as suspicious as his cousin, but he knew he had to be careful. Because there was situation that was bigger than him, and I don’t know the different pieces, yet he told himself as found himself walking after Crystal.

“Hey, Crystal?” Tripp called.

“Tripp, isn’t it?” Crystal asked as she noticed that he was solo, as she was trying to figure out what her next course of action was in finding her brother. Because she did not have many avenues in her ability, because it is not like he lives in this town and has his own apartment she thought. Archie could be anywhere, right?


“Yes, it is” Tripp nodded.

“Then what do you want?” Crystal asked. “Where is your friend?”

“Lucy, she went home” Tripp muttered. “I am sorry for my cousin’s behavior, because she’s usually the most even keel person you know. She is a lot like her mother,” except when she has flashes of her father, he conceded to himself, and of course Crystal did not know any of this, and so she did not know.

“If you say so,” Crystal muttered. “Look I am not a liar.”

“I know you are not,” Tripp murmured.

“How can you, because you don’t know me?” Crystal asked as she checked her purse for her phone, ready to text her brother to see if she could ring him up, and figure out where he was, or she had to figure out somewhere to stay. She did not know how long she would be here, or what the end game would be.

“No, I don’t, and you don’t know me, so it is pretty mutual” Tripp said with a smile.

My luck, coming to this small town and finding some cute guy Crystal thought, and she did not understand or know how to deal with, “I should try to find my brother?” she murmured as she once again, reached for her phone.

“If you find your brother, what to do you expect?” Tripp asked.

“I have no idea,” Crystal admitted, as she typed out a text and sent it.

What am I going to do until I get a response, assuming I get one she would think as she looked at Tripp, and down at her phone as if she was expecting a quick answer from her brother, that would be nice, but it was not something she was expecting and she was back to dealing with something she also had not expected, the cute guy talking to me she thought.

“Should you not have some kind of plan before you made the trip?” Tripp asked.

“You would expect I would, would you not?” Crystal asked.

Tripp smiled.

And Crystal smiled back, and it was refreshing for Tripp to be helping someone whose life story he was not up on, and for Crystal, it was someone who was making her feel welcome.


All the while, Lucy in the tradition of both of her parents and most notably her father, whose traits she was finding she was modeling more every day and with every second she told herself. When for most of her life, she felt she was more like her mother, down the very haircut I am currently modeling she thought as she walked the streets and found her new home.

A home she was still getting used to.

When for all these years, when here in Roswell. She was used to seeking out her grandparents’ house because that had been home base when in town, but now, she was having a whole new part of town to get used too, and it was not one she would think would be an area she was used to even though for most of her life, she had been a leading a very different life than the one both of her parents faced when last in this town.

Figuring out what she was going to do about her little problem, and whether she should bring it to Claudia.

The last thing she wanted was to lay more angst on her best friend. When she knew that her friend was getting her head around the new lot in her life, and to add anything more to it, totally not advisable, so it was not something she was looking to add to.

Does it really matter if I don’t tell them, Lucy asked herself. Why does it matter? She wondered. How do I even know Crystal is Archie’s sister?

They look nothing like each other, she muttered. And she knew Crystal claimed her supposed brother was adopted, plausible Lucy murmured. But how do I even know, because I do not know this girl she thought.

I don’t know Archie for that matter she thought.

She did not know Claudia’s relationship with Archie, because she had been living from afar, so she did not know the different beats of it. And therefore, it made it hard to go to him or to Claudia for that matter and question something she had no knowledge of therefore she was weary of the whole situation.

And she was not used to it. She did not know what she could be opening up.

She had lived her life to this point, knowing how to get through any jams that she faced. She was not used to not knowing how to handle a particular situation as she was only dimly aware she was turning onto her street, because she was in her mind.

It took her a minute to figure out she was now at home.

She did not see her mother’s car in the driveway, but since the house was not dark. She knew her father had to be home. What else is new, she thought. That had been her life until the last year or so when dear old Mom was always around…

It was unnerving when you had a successful recording musician for a mother, she thought last year had been a test in more ways than one.

Because so much of the time, it was Dad and me, she thought. Not that I don’t love Mom, and it was not as if she was not home, some of the time she conceded. But she had her calling.

Dad had his too, but he was more of a wild card. Going wherever the mood suits him at the moment.

And that is how I am Lucy recognized. I am not for structure she muttered even though she did know what her calling was, or where she would find it, as she sighed, and muttered some incomprehensible words as she checked the front door, and it only confirmed her suspicion that someone was home, and it was not locked or dark for that matter, but she did the ever so needed, “Anyone home?” she called out into the house.

“You are finally home?” came the voice of the person she had expected to be home, as she rolled her eyes. “Finally.”

“Mom knew where I was,” Lucy murmured and she knew that her mother while she knew she had been at a movie, she did not know exactly, or when I would be home, she told herself as she acknowledged her parents had a right to be concerned, come on, this is a small town.

As Lucy did not see the need for there to be a bigger worry now, they were back in Roswell, in comparison to the vast bigness that was Nashville, which wins out compared to this town she thought.

Roswell has its charms she supposed as she looked at the concern on her father’s face. “Dad, I am fine.”

“I know you are, and I know that you are equipped with more than the average girl in this town” Michael muttered, because he knew his daughter was so much like Isabel before her, in that she was quite capable of running her own life and being independent Although my daughter has more humanness to her than Isabel did, so we don’t know everything he thought, because Maria is totally normal.

Thank God.

Michael never wanted his wife to have the same drama that Liz constantly found herself back in high school he corrected because he did not like remembering or acknowledging his best friend’s former wife. Even if Jim was getting in his mind about what we do not know he thought.

I don’t want to know Michael muttered as he thought more of Jim’s directive.

If we did not owe so much to the town Sheriff, Michael muttered to himself. I would be not wanting to deal with it he thought, too much was playing in his mind he thought as he looked at his daughter and was forced to acknowledge how old his daughter was looking, at seventeen. And even if she has that god awful haircut, he thought despite the almost fond memories of the hair style. We were at each other throats

But she was memorable in that pixie style he thought as he looked at their sole creation together, our daughter Michael muttered. Our finest creation, he thought.

And he was looking at it, and at the feisty and fierce independence of his daughter. And it was not something he and Maria wanted to tear down because most of the time we enjoyed it Michael conceded, but we have to be weary he knew.

Because being back into Roswell was not coming back to any sleepy little town. It is coming back to the hornet’s nest, and we do not know what we are opening up by coming back.

And every one of us now being back in town.

And that included his daughter, and now Max’s daughter was back in town
Michael muttered. That was a whole other bit of anger in his gut, but it does mean we have to be on the lookout, now that everyone is back here, he thought.

Not that he and his wife had not thought of it. Sure, Max and Isabel had been here, and it had been tame. Nothing had shown itself since the end of the last era that defined our lives, he thought, and when Max and Isabel had the ability to come back without any repercussions for our disappearance on Graduation night.

He and Maria had long had the ability to come back, but Maria had a dream, and she had wanted to pursue it, and it was hard to leave when everything was going his wife’s way. And so, we did not Michael knew.

Until now, because Lucy was getting older, and soon would have to make decisions about her future. And he wanted it to be an easier future than what I had to deal with he allowed.

“Dad?” Lucy asked, only shaking his head because of course his father was off in her own trance. And she could have walked away, but she did not. “I am fine.”

“As I said,” Michael muttered as he came back to this planet, and knew he had to warn his daughter. “Things are good for us now, but you should always be on the lookout” Michael muttered. “You might be seventeen and equipped with so much power,” he sighed, and so much untapped that you don’t know how to deal with he allowed because that was me when I was her age.

It was something he had to deal with. And something his wife could only witness, and not experience.

“You are telling me that this town is dangerous?” Lucy asked, with a smile. Because for all her paranoia before with Tripp, and with her distrust of Crystal’s official story, still, she had an easy view of life. She did not see how this town could be all bad. It is a small town.

I know, I heard the stories. But come on, would things open up once more she thought Simply because we are back here?

“Your mother and I are not going to ground you or tell you that you cannot go somewhere, because you have to get used to this town. And you have not done anything to force our hand. But Lucy, we know you know this town from your summers here, or other trips here but you were staying with your grandparents, and those trips all had an end point,” Michael muttered. “You have to look at this place differently now, because who knows what the future is going to hold. And you have to be in some ways suspicious because we don’t know what is out there, and you should do whatever you want, that is legal” Michael muttered, with an exaggerated eye roll coming from his daughter, and he allowed it.

“Dad,” Lucy muttered.

“I am serious Lucy,” Michael murmured.

“I know you are,” Lucy sighed. “I get there is reasons for concern, or there was, in your day,” she muttered and because she knew her father was ready to say something else, well, she got out there in front to prevent the natural come back. “I know, I know, okay, Dad, you don’t have to be telling okay that there could be more out there, even today, and that we all have to worry,” she muttered. Anything is possible, I know that she muttered to herself even though she also was feeling a little of Why would they come after us today?

She did not know.

There is no reason to come after us.

Michael was not so sure; we had gotten lucky all these years he knew. Michael sighed and wished his daughter could keep this easy view of life. “Because that was not my motto,” he muttered because he knew he and for a time Max had aired on the side of paranoia as a form of survival. And he did not want his child to have to go down that road, Because it only leads to more upheaval.

And pain Michael knew We have been tempting fate too many times lately he thought. It has been quiet, but eventually, the quiet does have to erupt, right?


“You don’t have to worry about that,” Michael muttered. Because it definitely was not a subject that he wanted to talk to his daughter about…

“Fine,” Lucy sighed as she looked at her watch, and realized once more that it was only her father. “We don’t have to talk about this anymore, because I think you realize that even though I am ignoring it, I am actually not,” she muttered. “I know I should be worried, or at least air on the side of caution. I am not out there completely thinking that no one is watching okay, maybe no is, but you never know.”

Right, he would mutter. “You never do know” Michael muttered.

“Anyways, I have had enough of it for now. Speaking of being out and about, where is Mom?” she asked. “When I was home earlier, she did not mention she was going out.”

“You don’t have to worry about your mother,” Michael muttered. “She is out, seeing a friend.”

“Aunt Liz?” Lucy asked and knew from the name she uttered. Her father’s voice and face turned, and she knew she hit a sore spot. And unlike her usual move to just walk away and let her father stew. She decided to do a little poking…

Dad never stays mad at me Lucy smiled.

“She did not say,” Michael muttered and did not like the amusement on his daughter’s face. When he knew full well his wife was with Liz. But they were still in tentative peace over his eruption the other night, and he knew they were better in this do not ask, do not tell part of the night’s activities.

“Whatever,” Lucy muttered. Because she did not know why her father was so upset these days about Claudia’s mother.

“Yeah, whatever is right” Michael muttered. “There is dinner in the kitchen.”

Lucy nodded. And before she went to seek out the food because she was indeed hungry. It had been a long day, she knew. But she turned to focus on her father. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” Michael muttered, a little weary of what his daughter was planning to ask him. I do not have to answer whatever it is.

“Why do you hate Aunt Liz so much,” Lucy asked. “Claudia’s mother, I mean.”

“I don’t hate her,” Michael muttered.

“Yes, you do” Lucy sighed. “So, I have to ask, why can’t you stand her?”

Simple Michael told himself. “She hurt my friend.”
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Family Matters - Chapter 43 - 09/09/2023

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Friendship is a tricky thing. It can come and go, or it can stay a lifetime, and be so intertwined and take over the pair, or more but for two people, it can be everything. It can be a simple way to spend time together, or it can be much more of a soulmate connection and change you in so many ways, and sometimes even makes you want to kill for the other, or even die. Although in this case, neither had happened but it also will make you make sacrifices.

Sacrifices that you never in a million years thought you would be capable of making. Michael knew this. For him. Max was his best friend. Someone who had been in the trenches with him, and the only person next to his sister who could keep him, on the right paths, although there was the temptation to stray from those lines, a time or two, but it was Max and Isabel keeping in me from embracing my brashness and therefore I am still alive today Michael would mutter today, so many years away from the mayhem of his youth.

And in the end. Max had been hurt. Therefore, Michael wanted to hate Liz for it. Because so much could have been different. And of course, personally, he hated that she took a deal with their enemy. An enemy that had the potential to bring trouble to them. He did not want to see that she had very little choice, otherwise his family might not have been formed, or he would have been separated from his wife and daughter early on. And subjected to all that Max had to face in high school. So, Michael did not want to see any of that because it meant that Liz was right.

And he hated knowing his friend was hurt. We might battle, and especially in our teen years he thought of the many battles he had with his best friend because that was who I am, he thought. I did not see what it meant to be Max and be the so-called leader.

A role Max never wanted.

It was something Michael would not have minded, but I was ill suited for it. Michael thought of his short brush with leadership. I admit I went a little overboard he thought. But there was a threat there, he thought, but I might have made things worse.

And escalated things a bit Michael knew. And now he looked at his daughter. A young woman he had been given the privilege of seeing grow up, contrary of what is going on with his best friend. And he now could not overlook his almost complicity because he knew where Liz was, when we were privy, he knew. Not all the time did we know where Liz had moved her and Claudia too, but eventually Maria would learn.

And I would know, and I would talk to Max.

And I knew he was mourning the loss of his marriage, and the loss of his daughter
Michael knew. Especially in light of the fiasco with Tess, and what they would learn about the baby that was not to be.

I could have told him where to find his wife. Michael knew.

But he did not.

That does not mean I approve of what Liz did, or I condone it. But of course, I knew enough when Claudia was young enough to have her father in her life.

But he did not.

But still, from his childhood on. Michael knew how to keep a grudge even when he should not. That he should be seeing reason. So, it was hard to stop it now, even when it did not matter anymore. Liz was back. And whatever happens will happen, he muttered to himself.

“Dad?” Lucy asked.

“What?” Michael muttered.

“Did you say something?” Lucy asked of his father. And knew that whatever was going on in the grown-up section of their family was bigger than what she could understand. But it was easy to know how her father had felt for Claudia’s mother. “It seems like you were saying something?”

“It is nothing honey,” Michael murmured. “Nothing,” he sighed. It is not even my business, he thought.

Lucy nodded.

“You will really hold a grudge against someone who hurt your friend, even if they might have had the best of intentions,” Lucy asked. Sure, she did not know the grittiness of what was going down in the upper channels of the clan, but she had gathered enough over the years to have some semblance of understanding, without really understanding it at the same time. She of course knew her father could hold a grudge against the best of them, which is why I love him so much even if he can be a little paranoid she thought. “I might not know everything of course. But at the end of the day did not involve you. Are Claudia’s parents not adults and can handle their own lives. Why is it up to you, to keep a grudge?”

“It’s just how I am built” Michael muttered. “And I don’t like how Claudia’s mother conducted matters,” he would mutter. “She could have come to us, but she did not. She signed on the dotted line,” he muttered. “She lied to my friend.”

“Are lies really that big of a deal?” Lucy asked. “Okay, I know they are,” she said to the eyebrow raising of her father. I know lies are a big deal she sighed. They should be, she thought. Most of the time. “But how do you know when to tell someone something they should not know. Even when you know that it might not matter, and it is might not even important for them,” she said. “If you know something?”

The change in the conversation caused a change in his attention, and he could see how his daughter was struggling with something. “What is it?” Michael asked. “Are you okay?”

“I am fine,” Lucy murmured at the concern on her father’s face. “Seriously Dad, I am fine. It’s just I am mulling over something I have learned,” she sighed. “I don’t even know if it will matter to Claudia or not because it really does not involve her, except that it might at the same time. I know I am talking in circles, but it means that I don’t know what to do.”

“Honey,” Michael muttered.

“I cannot talk about it,” Lucy sighed as she saw that she had raised her father’s curiosity and she knew she should tamper it down. “I don’t even know if it’s my place to say anything,” she asked. “Maybe I should let it all play out as it is meant too.”

Letting the chips fall as they may does not solve everything Michael knew. And could see his daughter was troubled about something. Despite his gruff exterior, he had been able to handle his daughter’s enquiries so many times in her growing up, because he had been there, while Maria sometimes had to be on the road. Lucy would come to me because sometimes I knew how to handle the unique challenges in her life.

We lived in a different community where we had to hide who we were, truly, and that became more apparent as Lucy grew up, and Maria and I became aware that our only child was like me, Michael sighed. An acknowledgement that was not the most welcome news. But it was something that he and Maria had to deal with, and thankfully life was pretty quiet.

Now we are back here, in a community where there were more who knew our quirks, but it does not mean there were not more concerns, because you have to be aware of more. Still, secrets always come out, and sometimes they don’t play out in the ways they should.

If you know something then you might as well tell the affected people,” Michael consoled. So, says the guy who knew something big and kept it from his best friend. But he knew from experience. “Because secrets hurt. And they can sometimes come back to haunt us. Even when we think it is pretty little. Because at the end of the day, it might be more than you could possibly know.”

“I guess I will think about it,” Lucy sighed. “I think I will check on that food.”

Michael nodded as he watched his daughter grow up even more before his eyes, and he hated knowing it. He wanted her to stay that little girl with pigtails, and the constant smile, that was in contrast to his own youth. She is so much like Maria.

Thank God.

But so much of Lucy also was in the mode of her father, and it meant she did not know what to do, or if she was just being paranoid and it was really nothing at the end of the day. Who cares if Archie is not who he says he is…


Because at the end of the day, no one was who they say they were. Right. Because it was all about degrees, and they were not who they were a year before. But some were different than other people knew, but for those who knew who they were. They were still struggling because they did not know how to handle the choices they made. Which made the fact a friend sought them out for some company worthwhile. Which was another reason why friendship matters at the end of the day.

With JJ watching television in his own room. Liz was in her room, having drinks behind closed doors, with her best friend. There was so much on her mind because she was still thinking of her former husband. Why does he had this hold on me she murmured and said as much to her friend over drinks. “I left him so why should he have such a hold on me?” she said as she took a beer out of the little fridge in her room. She did not like knowing that it was stocked with beer, and wine. It had helped her get to sleep. And she was only in this town for a few days, what am I going to do as I stay here.

Or should I change my mind and sell the Crashdown and give the money to my parents so they can finance their retirement, and take JJ and go south, or north. Or whenever I don’t have the memories of Max flooding my brain.

Claudia is 18, she can deal with her own life. And whether she wants a relationship with her father. Max will want her anyways, and not me.

That was a huge rationalization, and she had no way of knowing if it was true. No way was it true, and Liz knew it.

Deep down.

So much was deep down but was bubbling to the surface, and she did not know how to handle it. “You should have seen the look on his face” Liz muttered to her friend, and Maria was trying to be supportive. And was not talking. She was just letting Liz talk.

Which was what was needed.

Nothing else.

Sometimes you need a good rant, and a lot of alcohol, Maria knew. Even though for her, her life had been going too smoothly until I came to this town, and realized just what the past was hiding…

So, she took the can of beer, and opened it. “It was bad, huh?”

“The hurt and the disappointment on his face was even worse than last night” Liz muttered. “I knew I was looking for trouble.”

“What did you expect?” Maria asked. “Petunia, you go to his house. You had to know he would likely come home?”

“I guess I was not thinking,” Liz murmured. What else is new, she thought. I am never thinking. I am just acting. Although in the past she was known to think before she acted, and that still affected my life, she told herself. I changed my entire life by thinking first.

Whether what I thought of was worth it, in the end. She still believed she had made the right decision. Because the consequences of not would have been worse.

And she would never have that…

“You were not thinking about a lot of it, I don’t think” Maria sighed. She knew she could say this because she did not know all the warts of the story. She only knew some of it. Because a lot of it was still outstanding and unknown. “You went to his house. And talked to his father, who you know had a difficult relationship with his son presently. Chiefly because of the fact you forced him to keep your secret, and some very important information from his son.”

I know, I know she would sigh. “I don’t need any lectures coming from you,” Liz muttered. “Especially not you. I did what I thought was best. I made a lot of sacrifices in this too, you know. I could have been selfish, but I chose what was right for both Max and Claudia. They might not see it,” she sighed as she thought of the argument she had already used. “It would not have served either of us to disappear to outer banks of this world, because you know the government would have been after us, and we had already had a year of it,” she sighed. And it would have been no life. “And on the subject of Phillip. I did not ask him to keep the secret for me, except maybe I did” she sighed as she knew she was talking from both sides of her mouth, because she had known what position she had put Phillip in it. “I did not ask him to lie for me.”

Oh, come on, “What did you really expect?” Maria sighed. “You went to the man and told him what you had done, and why you had done it. And it was about protecting his son. Of course, Phillip was not going to tell his son. And that was going to come back to bite him in the end, and apparently it now has come back to haunt, and it has changed everything.”

“I did not want that to have happened,” Liz murmured as she hated how my actions were affecting Max’s relationship with his father. She had known how much Max had admired his father and wanted to protect him, which is why he had not told his parents the truth for so long. Even when Isabel had. Max had resisted. She hated thinking that she had undone it all. Affected a solid father and son relationship and tore it all to pieces. “All I wanted was Phillip to keep an eye on his son, and for Max to come back to Roswell,” she sighed “I knew he would be safe because I had lured the government away from here,” she sighed. “If I had not chosen to do what I did, then he and Claudia would have sitting ducks,” she muttered. Assuming they would have been able to stay together she sighed, because of the threats, and how they were so intimidating and had a lot of fight to them, and I did everything I do to prevent it “And that would have gone for all of you.”

And there was a lot of truth to it Maria knew, but it did not mean they liked to know. “You have said that before, that you were saving us?” Maria sighed.

“Well, I was” Liz murmured as she took a deep swallow of the beer in her hand. “I wish I could have chosen differently…”

“You could have?” Maria asked.

“You don’t know how it was,” Liz murmured. “You could never have known,” she sighed because it was one of the curses of being me, she thought. And how different I am. Maria could never know what it was like to be me,

“I was there back then,” Maria murmured.

“But you will never know what it feels to be who I am because I was forever changed on that day Max saved my life. I would have died, and Max saved me,” she sighed. “It bonded us, but it opened me up to so much more than I would have expected. Max was never a normal guy…”

“Obviously not, because you would have been dead if he had been like Kyle and been of the normal variety” Maria sighed because she knew an ambulance would not have made it in time to her friend, if Max had not jumped in that day she sighed. She was grateful for Max because it saved the life of her best friend, but still, she could see how changed her friend was become of the bond that developed that day.

Everything looked so normal, but everything was different, Maria knew.

Because she was living a very different existence. And we did not know what it all meant, and would not know for many months, and even years.

Seeing what her husband and even her best friend went through. Maria never wanted to be them. Although for a little while there, she wished that she was more of a member of the fraternity than just being in love with one of them. She of course had been directionless at one time. As she was graduating high school, and her one big chance at the dream had been shot down just months before, she to come back to town and figure out what her life was going to be.

Fortunately, it would be with Michael.

Even though it would take a while before we got it right, Maria thought. She still marveled that they were still making it, when no one would have given them the time of day and thought they would have made it work.

“I love Max for saving me, but it left me with a lot to deal with. I was never going to be able to go for those dreams I had before that day.”

“Certainly, you have tried, all these years?” Maria asked. Acknowledging that it was not like Liz turned out to be someone in a job beneath their qualifications when actuality Liz had turned out to be a premiere scientist, who had gotten her PhD the hard way with a lot of hard work. She could still be at that job today, but she had gotten burnt out because of the last year.

Anyone would have been burnt out, Maria knew. I was only a singer, and I found it was bad for me, but I was forced to stay at home and be a mother and wife. Which is on the better scale, if you ignore all the downsides that came with being locked down. But Liz was expected to perform in so many other ways that I could never want to do.

“Yes, I did” Liz acknowledged. “But it was always different, and I had to achieve what I did under the burden of all that happened, and what I chose.”

Maria nodded “Look Liz, I probably understand it more than you think I do. I know back then; it was all bigger than what we could handle. And sometimes we buckled under it,” she sighed. “You had to make the only choice you can. But you have to expect that there will be people even today who will not be able to handle it,” she sighed. “Because Max and Michael had a vested interest in the fact that you made the deal you made, and who it was with.”

“It was to help you guys,” Liz sighed. Why can people not understand that?

“So, you say” Maria murmured.

“I feel like I am going in circles with all this,” Liz sighed. “I know you guys will never understand why I did it. Maria, you were pregnant with Lucy, and settling in Nashville, and starting to gain some success. Tiny as it was at the time. You and Michael were finally happy. And I know how much it would have rocked your lives if the government had come after you guys. And even Isabel. If I told Max and let it at him. And we had disappeared to the North Pole or even Iceland,” she said with a smile.

And Maria smiled. Chances are that would be the last locale you would be in. Although would the Special Unit have wanted to go to Iceland of all places to find you? and so it made her smile. “They would have come after you,” Liz sighed. “I know just what they could have done to you guys, or especially Michael but if they knew you were pregnant. You probably would not have been off limits either, so I needed to do something. I had to protect everyone.”

“We could have dealt with it on our own” Maria murmured. Even though she knew that if the government had gone the easiest of any the possible routes that they could have gone. It would have still been a spectacular show, and in Nashville, you have to be above approach until you develop yourself and gain a following, and therefore she knew she would have been forgotten as quickly as she had been able to start to create something in Nashville. So, she admired that her best friend sought to protect her. She loved Liz doing that.

But she knew her friend was still dealing with the fallout, and she knew it was not easy. “Michael is not that powerless you know.” He may look like it at times because he had not developed a specialized power unlike Max or Isabel, but still my husband can be pretty formidable when given a chance.

“I don’t think even if he was at this most formative, could you and Michael have handled him. Because we have seen that he needs Max and Isabel for the big stuff.”

“Still,” Maria sighed. And knew even today, chances were that if something big had manifested itself then yes, Max would have needed Isabel and Michael, and same went with them, and if Max was not around. But she knew it was a complicated situation. So, she felt for her friend, and she did not want to pile on her friend, because she knew Liz was feeling too much, and all at once.

It was a hot mess Liz knew.

It was a bit of everything.

“If only we could go back?” Liz asked.

“Would you have changed anything?” Maria asked.

“Not if it meant that Max and Claudia were not safe,” Liz sighed. “At the end of the day their safety was paramount. I might have been selfish in taking my daughter with me. But even though I wanted him to come back here to Roswell and that is why I went to Phillip. Still, being back here, well, who knows what would have happened. To walk away and leave Max and Claudia together. It would have put them through a lot more because they would have been sitting ducks. If anything had happened, and it might have been fine but still, you never could tell back then. Because anything was possible. And it meant that the government could have come after them. We were lucky that took my leaving as just an easy out and stayed away.”

“I am amazed they stuck to the agreement,” Maria muttered. “Was it really that simple. Was it only that they did not want you with Max. And you could con them about how special your daughter was?” she muttered.

It was surprisingly easy Liz knew. “Even then, they did not want to think of a human being with someone like Max.”

“Max was human,” Maria murmured as she thought of her own alien, and even her daughter. “They are all human.”

“To some degree, and any degree that was less than perfect was not okay with the government,” Liz sighed as she hated that she fed into their win but agreeing to go along with the agreement. “I wish I could have been strong enough to say no,” she sighed as she thought of what she had to go through to break enough to make such a deal. “But as long as my husband and daughter were safe, even if they could not be together than that at least kept them both safe. Claudia would be with me, and Max was strong enough to deal with it on his own.”

“It is all a hot mess,” Maria sighed. A giant mess.

“Yes, it was” Liz agreed. “I wish I could have made a different decision, but I could not. And I will go to my grave believing it was for the best.”

“At least Claudia is still young enough to know her father,” Maria sighed. “Assuming she wants that…”

“I don’t know what my daughter wants,” Liz sighed. She does not talk to me.

But then I did not help the matter by not speaking to my daughter about the important matters until it was too late.

Maria sighed.

“We are two very different people. I mean I tried my best,” Liz sighed. “Maybe one day she will come to realize I was protecting her, and Max.”

“Hopefully,” Maria sighed at the change of subjects onto Claudia Diane Evans, who was yes, a very different version of her mother, and father. Still, she wondered what her friend had planned. “About Claudia?”

“About what?” Liz asked.

“What are you going to do about Claudia?” Maria asked. As she was glad it was all so simple with her own daughter. Things are so tame with Lucy, she thought. Even at seventeen, that daughter of mine has not given us any trouble.

She did not look forward to the day that all changed.

Maybe it won’t come? Maria hoped.

Unlikely, she also knew as she looked at someone who had a very different relationship with her daughter. One that was fraught because of choices made, and the past that haunts.

“I have no idea,” Liz sighed. “I need to talk to her,” and she knew she was delaying it. Why? She did not know. “But she is still so overwhelmed about coming back to this town and finding out about what she did not know. What I did not tell her,” she would say. “I know you will only say that I should have been more honest.”

“I will never say that because I know how hard the situation is,” Maria sighed. “And it was your situation. But I will say that if it was my Lucy facing the same situation, I don’t know what I would do,” she sighed. “But I was also a daughter being raised and missing a father,” she sighed of her wish for a relationship with her father. She never knew why he just walked away. Her mother, Amy, was no help, because she did not know either. So, she scraped and saved to put a roof over her head along with her daughter, and Maria was raised not to know her father, and it was not like he was coming out of the woodwork she thought. Claudia has a chance I do not have.

Or do I want to one, if he was alive.

Which is something she did not know.

And thankfully Lucy did not have to know that feeling, Maria sighed. “She has a chance. And one day she is going to take it because at least Max wants it, and she will find the craving too much to deny herself of that opportunity. Whether that ends in meaningful relationship. I don’t know, but she will want to try.”

“I hope so,” Liz sighed.

And she did. Despite all she has done, I want things to work out.

I do not know how they can work out.

“Let us focus on something else,” Maria said softly. As she did not know if the change in topic would be any better, but at least it was something different. “Speaking of Claudia.”

“What about my daughter?” Liz asked.

“You know that her boyfriend is in town, and staying with her at that apartment you left her in, all alone?”

What? Liz said as the words tried to penetrate her brain, and she did not know if she was understanding what she was heading. But they were starting to sink in. “What are you talking about?”

“That Archie is over at the apartment and has been there all weekend” Maria murmured.

“Fuck,” Liz sighed. “What the fuck!”


What the fuck indeed. And it was the next morning and Liz was standing and staring at the Crashdown. But she was not going in. Not yet. As she looked at the place that had been her home once upon a time and a home that given her everything possible until she had to flee from it. Because of events that started in the very establishment, and therefore she had a lot of memories. And it was one of the reasons the motel was a godsent she thought. As she knew the old saying. It is definitely hard to go home again.

Especially after you spend eighteen years away from it.

For so many reasons, and not all of them were admirable.

But it is mine now, and I left it in the hands of my eighteen-year-old and now I am told that she is living with her boyfriend upstairs.

Liz should have run screaming and kicking Archie out. But she had been too buzzed by the alcohol she had piled into herself during the evening with her best friend. She had been sobered up enough to make sure her ten-year-old was safe, and JJ was, as he was passed out in his room…

And Liz knew she probably should worry about the bill for her motel stay since her son did not have a credit card due to his age, but he has his phone she thought, and knew JJ was quite capable of ordering and billing her she thought, I will have to deal with it eventually she thought, but it was an easy out and thankfully he had been in oblivion while she had been dealing with her past, and traveling back into it, and for safety sake. Maria had stayed and passed out on the couch in the room.

And it had allowed her an escape clause she had been looking for, so that it delayed the inevitable. A conversation that needed to be had. But she was using the diversion of dealing with the fact Archie was in town.

Not that she did not like Archie. She did. He is a good kid. Even though he was living in Colorado, on his own and making his own way in this world.

The last year had been bad for all of us Liz knew, and she did not hold it against Archie that he needed to make a living because he had parental issues. She knew more of the situation than her daughter did, and that is why even though Archie was older, well, she had not tried to forbid her daughter from getting involved with the older boy.

And it was lowkey, until it was not.

Although she did not know how serious it was of course because there is only so much a daughter will tell her mother. Especially when mother and daughter had major issues on many fronts, and if the mother got in her daughter’s face about her boyfriend. That would have unsettled things, and Liz wanted to prevent that…

If I can…

And that was why she was debating whether to confront the situation. She knew she was ignoring a lot, and letting things drift away from her. She was usually better than this, being away from Roswell helped a lot, she knew. There were a lot of side effects that came from that decision, but it allowed me to get on with life, and operate in a different world.

One that did not have aliens in it.

Or danger around each corner, but I know how hard it can be she sighed. And knew she had to be a grown up here, and deal with her daughter.

She could not let this continue without a comment coming from her.

With JJ at the local library for a movie. She had time. Before she was meeting with Kyle to talk about this place, I have to get this going she knew. I have to make some decisions, she thought.

All over the place she thought as she walked into the Crashdown, using the key she had from her father. She had made extras and given one to Claudia so that she could keep an eye on it. But she now knew her daughter was doing more than just keeping an eye on this place. She had stayed away from her daughter because of the events of the other night, and she did not want to make it worse, but she knew even though her daughter was eighteen, Liz had to speak up.

She did not know how it was going to go.

But she had to do something. I cannot simply think of Max all of the time.

The alluring nature of her former husband was indeed something that was taking over all her previous plans, but she had to think of more. She had to think of her daughter.

Even though she was now eighteen and could deal with her own life. You were married at eighteen, remember she thought of own self. You were more than playing house with your boyfriend.

Sighing, she walked through the swinging doors as whiffs of the past came back into the front of her mind, and it made her think of the past. As she was trying to shake it all away. She found this place was just as much a beacon of the past as being back in Roswell. So much happened here she knew.

It all started here she also knew, but she could not think of that because she had to deal with the now. So, she tried to overlook the memories that were trying to take over, and she walked up the stairs to the apartment. Sighing, because she did miss it. It has been more than eighteen years since I came here daily.

And I had to flee from it and my parents, she thought.

Sighing, she took a hold of her eye for the apartment. She had one of those too. But she knew she had forfeited the right to just walk into the apartment anytime she wanted. I don’t currently live here she knew.

She knew it would change once she got all her ducks in a row. Would it though she thought. Yes, she knew. The apartment just has to be updated to deal with the modern age, she thought. She loved the oldness of the apartment, but it was living in old generation, and old decade. The start of this millennium.

I am in the past too much Liz told herself, as she would treat her daughter as an adult that she was, even though she hated to think that her baby was now an adult. Where did the time go? she would ask herself, and only could sigh at what was in the past, and what was in the present, and no one can change the past she thought.

Even though sometimes she wished it could.

Anyways, she decided to treat Claudia with consideration, and so she knocked on the door. And waited.

And waited.

Finally, ringing the doorbell. That rarely had to be used, because no one usually came up here unless it was Maria, Alex she sighed, at the memory of Alex and how hurt she was still at the loss that changed the very fabric of her life, and Kyle she thought but that was rare she thought, Max usually came in the other way she said with a slight smile at the thought.

We kept our moments on the balcony, most of the time she thought. With another sigh, as she wished so much could be different.

But it could not. Because what was important was the now, and the future.

Not the past.

Pushing the doorbell once more, finally some grumbling as it quickly opened. “What is it?” came a voice.

A voice that was not her daughter’s. With a deep sigh.

It was Archie’s.

“Liz,” came Archie.

And Liz was chagrined.
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Family Matters - Chapter 44 - 09/12/2023

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That is Ms. Parker to you Liz muttered moments later as she winced at the loose formality that Claudia’s boyfriend was giving to her, and she said as much as she thought, “Ms. Parker it would be to you” she said with a bristle because while her daughter had been going out with Archie for a good two years now, still, though it is not like she was dating a family friend she thought, and she knew she wanted to view him as it should be.

I am Claudia’s mother, she thought. Not her best friend.

“Sorry,” Archie muttered as he had barely woken up, and out of the shower when he heard the knocks on the door, and then the doorbell when he rushed to get changed, and now was at the door looking at his girlfriend’s mother, and he wished he could be anywhere than where he was now, because this was the situation he knew Claudia was delaying, and hoping that he would be gone before her mother became wise.

Liz nodded, as she looked behind Archie and did not see her daughter. The one person who should be here she knew. Where is she? She thought as she asked as much. “Where is my daughter?”

“Claudia is still sleeping,” Archie sighed. “Or trying too,” he knew because her eyes had been open when he got out of bed. “It was a late night,” he said softly and knew this was not what he should be saying to his girlfriend’s mother. Even though it was pretty innocent. After all, we were watching movies until late he thought, and then Claudia was restless most of the night, and unable to sleep, even though I was able to at times as he looked at his girlfriend’s mother.

Someone who until now did not even know she knew I was here. Because it was not like Claudia was going to tell her mother. Because he knew Claudia’s mother well and knew this weekend love in would not have gone over well, he sighed.

I definitely did not want to know that Liz winced at one more sign that her daughter was an adult. In the eyes of the law she knew, not in my eyes or her father’s, she supposed. And once more Liz knew she felt sorry for denying Max so much of their daughter’s growth. “Why are you here?”

“Visiting Claudia.” Archie stammered even though he knew he had been giving Liz a false impression of the night’s activities, but still, he wished that his girlfriend was now awake, and not trying to sleep, and was fully out of bed. Because this was something even worse than dealing with Claudia’s father, because that had been a surprise and it was obvious, I could control it because Claudia did not know her father.

Liz is different, he sighed. Ms. Parker.

He knew that Claudia’s mother had taken her maiden name back when Claudia was a kid. And gave it to Claudia’s brother when he came into their lives.

And Claudia kept her father’s name Archie knew. Weird, she takes her away from her father but keeps the name he sighed. Because he did not know the whole story. He knew some bit pieces and knew that Claudia had lived on the road for much of her childhood. Different names, and it was only shortly before JJ came into their lives was Claudia able to go back to her birth last name, Evans.

While her mother took back her maiden name.

Yeah, there is a story there, but he knew Claudia did not know a lot of it. Obviously, he thought because one half of her was denied to her…

I know something about that he thought. But I know my life story, up to a point he sighed. As he tried to ignore the side of his life story that was not the one that he had grown up under. It was why he had been able to leave home and live on his own.

I was finding myself, and what I wanted from my life.

“I can gather that,” as Liz drew Archie back to this world. “How long do you intend on staying?” she murmured as she did not look like Archie was looking at home in the apartment. She hated having to acknowledge this new reality, and she only would hope that he would leave as quickly as he arrived.

“That is up to your daughter,” Archie murmured. “I came to visit her.”

Liz nodded.

“I would have stayed elsewhere if you or her brother were here, you know” Archie sighed. Because he knew how much of a blow it must be for Claudia’s mother to see him here and imagine what she must be imagining.

Liz only sighed and did not say anything…

“I am eighteen,” came a voice that neither Liz nor Archie expected at this moment. Although Liz had expected it earlier, but not now, or at least in a better way than overhearing what she was saying to Archie. “Mom.”

And with that Claudia had arrived in the room, fully dressed, thank God Liz thought as she did not like the reminder of the fact that yes, her daughter was eighteen and quite able to live her own life. She had been away from her daughter but knew with Claudia safely with her grandparents, Liz could have some sense that everything was the way it should be. Except that I allowed her to stay with her grandparents instead of coming back to Boston with JJ and me, Liz thought.

But time apart would be good, Liz believed.

And it was, until we came to this town and the past awakened itself. And Liz knew she was just asking for trouble but sticking around his two. Once he wondered what would happen if he packed up her son and went elsewhere. Maybe to Arizona and be near Mom and Dad she thought. We could start anew there.

Nice one Liz she snarked to herself. Because deep down she knew it was way too late to be thinking about packing up and relocating. I should have thought of that in the first place, but no, I had to come here… she muttered to herself as she looked at her daughter. Once more showing how grown up she was at eighteen.

Yes, Liz knew her daughter was eighteen. It would be so much easier if she was a minor, and I could impose my views on her, but I cannot, she thought. I have to deal with this and handle it without running.

Because running was my mode of escaping before. But it cannot be now, she sighed as once more she looked at her daughter. “Why is he here?” she muttered as she directed her question at her daughter. Fully knowing that it was as simple as Archie had indicated, visiting my daughter she thought, but still she needed to ask her daughter.

“Visiting me, I mean, is that against the law?” Claudia muttered.

“Unfortunately, no, because both of you are over the age of 18. Or you are more on the dot than Archie here is,” Liz sighed.

That is too much. I mean, you finally decide to show your face and then you get on Archie’s case for paying some attention to me when that is something you could not bother to be doing yourself?” she muttered even though she knew the line of attack was weak, because she knew her mother would have been here if the apartment was halfway decent and was not so small. Or if she was not giving me the space, when I was the one asking for it, Claudia knew. Because our last conversation did not go well.

“You know where I was, and that I would have been here” Liz sighed. “Plus, I was giving you some space. Because I know you have been going through a lot these last few days. And I figured that we did not need to be getting in each other’s faces,” she muttered as she turned her focus on Archie. “Though, I did not expect that you would take the apartment you are staying in, as a blank cheque to be staying with your boyfriend without even telling me that he was coming or that he had arrived?”

“I surprised her Ms. Parker” Archie muttered. “She did not ask me to come. I had some free time between jobs, and I thought I could come and spend some time with your daughter. I did not expect she would be alone, and otherwise I was planning to get some kind of motel or hotel room.”

Claudia sighed. Because the last thing she would need would be for her boyfriend to be in the same motel complex as her mother and brother, that would not have been so nice as she thought. He was much better to be here, she thought as she muttered to herself something that could not be understood by either Claudia or her mother.

“You left me here,” Claudia smarted.

“I thought you could look after it because you know why I moved over to the motel. For your brother’s sake. Because the last thing you would have wanted was to share your bedroom with him, right?”

Right Claudia murmured.

“I did not expect you to be playing house with your boyfriend” Liz sighed, because she hated being this sharp with her daughter. She wanted to understand, and I do she thought even though she knew she was doing a bad job showcasing it, because she did know what it was like to be young, and so in love.

And to have the ability to spend time with your boyfriend. Unfortunately, until the very end, Max and I did not have a lot of time to spend together…


Because the gods could not have given that to us, could they? Liz smarted. And Claudia could see her mother was off in space again. And Archie could only laugh because it was just like her daughter to be acting like this. But Claudia’s mother was. And Claudia was drawing her mother back again.

“How did you even find out that Archie was here?” Claudia asked. Because I did not tell you she muttered because the last thing she would have done was to tell her mother that her boyfriend was staying with her at the apartment. She knew that was a recipe for disaster, so Claudia did not even try it.

But it was obvious to the eighteen-year-old that her mother knew that Archie was here, otherwise she would not be here, right? she muttered because she knew she would have been given some warning if it was some other reason why her mother would be here.

“I suppose Dad told you Archie was here?” Claudia with a sense of irritation.

What Liz said softly to herself. Max knew Archie was here, and he did not tell me what she thought. “Your father knew?” she thought, and no he did not tell me. Maria did, she thought, although she also knew she did not give her former husband any time to tell her, but Max did have the opportunity she muttered to herself.

“Only because he elected to show up and he tried to play the role of an overprotective Dad when he has not been.”

“He is your father,” Liz murmured.

“That is definitely a load of something,” Claudia muttered. “Coming from you. Because it is not like you gave him the chance to be my father, so why are you trying to defend him now? she murmured, as she sighed. She hated this. I hate this she muttered to herself, and Archie did feel sympathy. I have issues, but Claudia has so many more, yet she captivated him.

And it did not have him running…

Just yet.

But he knew when he should not be in this room, or this conversation. Because he knew mother and daughter needed to talk, and he needed to get out of here. “I think I will let the two of you talk, and I will go and get some fresh air” he murmured because he knew this apartment was too small for him to stay.

Which was the reason why Liz had left. Because it was too small,

Claudia was not about to let her buffer leave her alone with her mother. Not that she thought the discussion would get out of control. I honestly have no idea what it would be she knew, but she did not want to have to deal with her mother. “Don’t leave me here,” she muttered.

Liz knew something about diversions, and buffers, and she could almost relate. Not that she was that anxious to have this discussion with her daughter. “I see that you would rather he stay then for me to be here?”

Wouldn’t anyone, Claudia asked. But did not say it. She just ignored the implications of her mother’s words. “Don’t let my mother drive you from the apartment,” she sighed as she glanced at both her mother and Archie.

“I am not being driven out of anywhere,” Archie muttered. I know when it’s better to leave than to stay, he sighed. “You two need to talk about whatever drove your mother to come here,” he muttered. “I can go and get to you know your new hometown.”

“You can stay, if you want” Liz murmured. Because the last thing she would want is for her daughter to be uncomfortable, “My daughter would like you to be here” she sighed. “Please stay.”

“No, it’s alright” Archie sighed. “I will go and leave you two to talk” he muttered as he grabbed his coat and rushed out of the apartment.

Which left Claudia and Liz.

Face to face and having to deal with each other for a change.

There was no running from this.

“I love you,” Liz murmured. “I hope you know that. I would never want to hurt you,” she murmured as flashes came to her of all she had done, and actions she had taken. “All I have done is try to protect you, and you might find it hard to believe right now, but I did want to protect your father,” she sighed because so much of this was about Max. Protecting him, and our daughter she knew. “I never wanted any of this to happen.”

That is easy for you to say now” Claudia murmured out loud.

Oh, dear Liz would think. “Honey.”

“Yeah, what” Claudia sighed.

“We have to a lot to talk about,” Liz murmured. Although the question was whether they really wanted to do that talking now.

And would they be able to do it now?
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Re: Family Matters (CC, Mature) - Chapter 44 - 09/12/2023

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I have finally caught up on the story. Liz had a very difficult decision to make. She thought she was doing the right thing.

I'm wondering if Archie is baby Zan. We still don't know if Kyle is baby Zan's birth father or not.
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Family Matters - Chapter 45 - 09/14/2023

Post by Parker1947 »

Archie hoped so as he walked downstairs, and walked out of the restaurant the same way that Liz had taken in coming in. It was still wild to him that his girlfriend was currently living above a defunct restaurant, and knowing the intention was for it to be reopened at some point. But it currently was not being reopened. So, it struck him as odd to see the old fashion alien motif of the restaurant. This town is definitely weird.

And it is doubly weird for Claudia to be living in a town that was made popular because of a crash and supposed aliens coming from the crash. And all those conspiracy theories coming from this town, he thought, assuming any of it was true.

He never really cared. Because he never really believed in any of it.

Why would I?

He did not care if his dreams of weird markings, because figured it was telling him to wander the world. Because nothing was waking him up, telling him he was now different. Just like a flash of a place, but with no name to it. And that was part of the reason he had left home and wandered the roads until he found a home in Colorado. Because he had never really had a home. Because his home life was dysfunctional, and it was hard to find value in having a hometown. Because I never felt comfortable in my home.

It did not help that mom and Dad split when I was a toddler, after they adopted me, he thought. Why adopt me if they could not stay together for a year? he thought. Even though he knew that year had been a lot for both of them because of me he knew. It was not easy. But still it had torpedoed his family, and then those constant reunions, which would end up in Crystal’s birth but end in divorce officially once she was born. But I knew I was loved by Mom when things finally broke down with her and Dad he thought.

Someone who did not get him. The feeling is mutual.

Which is why I left Boston, he thought. Which is why he was not in the mood for the tense talk between Claudia and her mother. I have already enough drama in my own life, he thought. As he walked through the doors, and onto the main street.

Once out of the doors of the restaurant. He found the place to be normal. Like any small town. Not that he knew small towns. Maybe I do. Because he was from Boston, and he lived in Aspen. Okay, maybe Aspen is smaller than this one he thought. But it was hard to make comparisons of a town in the mountains, and a town that had desert on the outside of it and was hot most of the time.

Or it feels like it is Archie thought. Of course, it’s May so maybe it should be expected as he walked the main street.

“I know you, don’t I?” came a voice he swore he knew. Although he did not know how, because he was only in this town a few days, and he did not know any of the people in this town except for Claudia and her friend, Lucy.

Who the voice did not resemble…

Still, she spotted the brunette. Someone he definitely did see the day before when Claudia had gotten an unexpected family reunion, in an unwanted conversation with her paternal aunt and cousin. Now the leggy brunette was staring at him, she does not look like her mother he murmured of the blonde he had seen the day before as they both spotted each other and stopped. “You are Claudia’s boyfriend?”

“Archie Holmes,” he would say. “You are, Kyla I think, right?”

“Yes,” Kyla smiled. “Although Mikyla is my given name, but I go by the short form most time,” she said with a sigh because she knew how complicated it was, to know who her mother named her after, and Mom wanted to keep it a secret she murmured herself. Just face it Mom, you knew you could not hide it.

“Interesting name,” Archie murmured. I cannot comment on names, given I am going by Archie he murmured to himself.

“Yes, it is” Kyla smiled and left it at that. “Claudia is not with you?” she asked of her mysterious cousin who she only met the day before, for the first time.

“She is having it out with her mother” Archie muttered.

“Oh,” Kyla murmured.

“They don’t have the easiest of a relationship,” Archie sighed, even though he knew he should not be tattling on someone else’s dysfunctional relationship with her parents, when I have mine and I am talking to someone I don’t know he thought, but it feels natural he thought. I don’t know why. And it is not how attractive Kyla is, he thought.

He sensed she was younger than Claudia, so he knew there was no going there, and I love Claudia.

No matter how difficult it can be, he thought.

I am not a cheater he thought. Dad can be, but I am not Archie muttered.

“And it probably does not help that I was visiting Claudia, and her mother just found out” Archie smirked.

Kyla laughed. Yeah, her mother probably would not like that she thought because if I tried the same thing, I know it would not go over well but I have time before that becomes even a possibility she thought.

“Where do you live that you have been staying with Claudia?” Kyla asked because she knew that she was too new to the situation to be calling Claudia her cousin, because we didn’t know each other she knew. She could not remember if she knew where Archie was from…

“Colorado,” Archie muttered. “Moved there for work and school,” he sighed. “Although I am from back east,” he murmured. “That is how Claudia and I met.”

“Wow,” Kyla said softly. “That is a long way to come to visit someone you care about,” she sighed. She knew she had met some guys in Europe, but she did not think they would think of coming to the States, and especially not Roswell to come visit her. But it would be a romantic gesture she thought.

Maybe one day she thought.

“I had time on my hands,” Archie murmured. “It’s early, so why are you out of your own house?”

“Meeting a friend for breakfast,” Kyla said with a smile. “And then I have to go home and pack.”

“Why?” Archie asked. “Going somewhere?”

“Staying with my grandfather and uncle,” Kyla murmured. “My mother is going on a trip of sorts…”

“Oh, right, I think I heard something like that” Archie muttered.

“I am sure,” Kyla muttered. Yesterday she thought. “The family is full of drama,” she muttered. “Fortunately, I had months away from it, so I am just getting back into the swing of things, and how my family likes to operate.”

Archie smiled. “Where were you?”

“Europe,” Kyla smiled. “An exchange program set up before the you know…”

“Yeah,” Archie muttered, a year full of drama for sure, and a lot of heartache and loneliness, which is why I left Boston he thought, and Claudia he sighed. So, much has changed in the past year.

“But that is impressive that you could do it,” Archie asked. “I did not think much of anything was being offered in the last year.”

“It was definitely a unique experience. Definitely a bubble existence, and you had to be careful, but things started to get serious again, and so they shut it down a little earlier, so I came home and surprised Mom, and now she has surprised me by having to go off, but I am sticking with Grandpa and my uncle.”

“Claudia’s father?” Archie asked.

“Yes,” Kyla sighed. “I know for a fact he missed having her in his life.”

“Sometimes that happens, and you don’t always need a father” Archie muttered.

Whoa Kyla thought.

Archie knew he had said probably too much, “I know Claudia’s life has missed out on so much.”

“And that is because of her mother,” Kyla muttered and while she knew she did not know the situation, and that the situation she did know of, was crappy, and she could not possibly know what it all meant and given her own situation. I love having the father I had, but still he was not my biological father, but still, I knew the situation. And that was something Claudia did not know. “Sometimes, we need our fathers. And I know for a fact Uncle Max would have been a great father and would have loved to been part of Claudia’s life. And that is on her mother for preventing that…”

“I guess we will never know,” Archie sighed.

“No, we don’t” Kyla sighed. “But maybe there is something that the future can bring to the both of them.”

Archie nodded.


Back up in the apartment. Above the now defunct Crashdown Café. Mother and daughter were in a face off. Neither talking. But neither leaving the situation. Which had been their pattern since Claudia came of age and was able to fight back with her mother. She was such an easy child, Liz muttered to herself. Then she became a teenager and started to ask questions she sighed, and then it became a battle of wills most days between she and I.

We love each other but still we are both strong willed, and both of us knew it was not an easy situation, she thought. One of us has to be the break the impasse. “We need to talk,” Liz murmured for the first time. Being the one to break the silence between her and Claudia.

“I would think so because you came across town,” Claudia muttered. “And kicked Archie out of the apartment.”

This is not going to go well” Liz murmured to herself as she saw her daughter for the first time as a willful eighteen-year-old. A mix of both of her and Max, I wish she had a bit more of Max right now, she thought of the fact her former husband always had a way about himself. Compassionate, and determined to help others. And that was Claudia, but there was very little angst in her former husband, until I put it there with my actions now, she supposed. Like what she had been seeing in Max. She saw it tenfold in her daughter.

Claudia was eighteen and determined to make things difficult.

When in actuality, she was just trying to get through this life. A life her mother had forced on her with her choices. Choices that Claudia Diane Evans was not given a chance to say yes or no too, because she had been three months old when her parents broke apart and her mother had packed her up and departed their little family.

Robbing Claudia of something fundamental. And she had never given her daughter a reason why they had to leave. So, Claudia had to go through life missing out on a piece of herself and robbed of her identity.

And now Liz could see how much her daughter had missed out on. It had not been her goal. I just wanted to protect her and protect her father, she murmured to herself. “You know full well I did not ask him to leave,” she would mutter. “Even though it was well in my right to have. What mother wants to come and find out their daughter has been living up with her boyfriend, without supervision, all alone?”

“I am eighteen,” Claudia muttered. “Like you would have wanted to supervise what we were doing up here.”

God Liz muttered as she cursed the man she believed in, but she knew her daughter did not. Another reason why Max and his daughter were very much like each other. Liz had to believe in him because there had to be a reason why I had to do what I did, she murmured. God would not be that cruel, right? “I am well aware of that,” Liz muttered. “It still does mean I have to like it or allow it.”

“If you are not going to be staying here,” Claudia sighed. “Then why cannot I have some guests if I want,” she asked. “And entertain them in whatever fashion I want too?”

“The question would be is, who the guest is…” Liz murmured. “You are welcome to have Lucy or any of your friends from Boston.”

“Archie is a friend,” Claudia muttered. “From Boston,” she battled back even though that was only a mere technicality that was no longer true.

“You know very well that he is more than a simple friend…” Liz asked because she knew how serious her daughter was about Archie.

“So, what if he and I have been doing whatever we wanted here in this apartment. It is not like my little brother is here, because you and he are staying elsewhere. So, it is not like I am corrupting any tender minds,” she muttered. “I am eighteen Mom,” Claudia sighed as she knew she was latching onto her age as answer to anything, as if it was a cure all. She knew it was not, but she wanted to try. “You cannot tell me if you and Dad were faced with the same scenario when you were my age than you would have had him up here in a second,” she sighed.

So much could have been different if we might have thrown to caution to the wind like that Liz knew and she knew she and Max had been too cautious at times, and been too patient, and it had cost them a lot.

She did not answer her daughter. But Claudia knew the answer.

Both of them did.

“You were married when you were my age,” Claudia accused. “So, you cannot be a hypocrite and say I should be waiting?”

“I did not say you should wait,” Liz muttered. Even though I wish you had she sighed because she had long known that her daughter and Archie had crossed that line. If I had not known before, then I would figure that this weekend was a dead giveaway. And it was not even Archie who had been her daughter’s first time. Because she knew her daughter had been crying out for some stable for a long time before Archie came calling. At least he is more stable she thought of Claudia’s other suiters she sighed; suitors would not be what I would have called them she thought of her daughter’s previous taste in guy. Archie is an improvement, but I just don’t have to like it. “All I said was, you and Archie should not have been here without telling me. You are too young to be dealing with the emotions that come with a serious commitment,” she muttered when she knew well, she and her daughter were in a face off over the past, and how they differed on so many things. “Commitment is serious business. Even if it may just be a long-lost weekend and even if he intends to head back home. Still, you should be slowing down.”

“It is not as if we went and eloped,” Claudia muttered as she knew she should not be so bitter with her mother. I should be better than this she sighed Whatever Mom did is her business, she muttered except when it involves me “Would you have liked that more than we would have not been doing any sinning…”

Jesus, I am not that religious, and it is not like I waited for a wedding ring she thought. Of course, I had an engagement diamond before me she thought of her first time with Max. Once we became engaged. Because life might have been so much simpler if we had gone there way before. Liz sighed and knew this was spinning out of control. “Of course not. I am still responsible for this place, and you. You might be eighteen, but you are my daughter. And I love you, and you need to be more careful.”

“Like you even care,” Claudia murmured.

Sighing. “Of course, I care about you Claudia,” Liz murmured. “Everything I have done these last eighteen years has been about loving you and caring about you. You were the most important person in all this. I changed my whole life to protect you.”

“Some protection. You forced my father away from me.”

Damn it, Liz sighed.


Archie meanwhile was still outside the restaurant talking to Kyla. Commiserating about their lives. Kyla was being kept waiting, so she had time. She knew she should be getting home because her mother was packing to leave with her Uncle Michael for their trip, and she should be saying goodbye before lugging her stuff over to her grandfather and uncle’s place. She did not feel the need to rush home. Because she knew her mother was not planning on leaving until the next day, to give both her and Uncle Michael time to get ready. And Poppy and Katy are having a fun time, Kyla knew.

Archie was having an enlightening time. She had not known he would be up to this drama when he had come to town to surprise Claudia for a long weekend. Spending some of his hard-earned money now that classes were out from his on-line experience at the university in Colorado. “Your town is unique.

It is Kyla smiled. “It is the only one I know,” Kyla smiled. “Roswell has been my life.”

“As long as you have your hometown,” Archie muttered. “I am too restless to think of having a hometown.”

“Maybe that will change now that you and Claudia are together?” Kyla asked.

“We are not at that point yet, where we want to settle down” Archie muttered because he knew full well that Claudia had a lot of baggage she needed to figure out before she even thought of settling down. And he and Claudia both knew they were not at that point yet, because we were having fun right now.

Whatever comes, comes Archie knew.

And he knew Claudia’s mother would do anything to prevent them from going to the next level. Although that would likely set her daughter to want to rebel even more, because he knew so much about Claudia’s attitude with her mother, was about rebellion.

He was game for that. Because he knew eventually mother and daughter would see a way forward to a better relationship. Although that does not happen with all families he muttered as he thought of his own family.

And fingered his phone in the pocket and remembered he had turned it off the previous night because he and Claudia had no interruptions, and he had not turned it on yet. Something I usually don’t do he acknowledged to himself.

Not when he lived away from home.

And had a sister at home depending on him, sighing he took out his phone. “Sorry, got to check my messages, because I kept the phone off the hook…” he said with a laugh.

“Mom would love it if I did that, although being away in Europe forced me to have a trial separation from my phone,” she said with a smirk. “Mom would only pay so much for the phone bill,” she said with a smirk. “The withdrawal was pretty startling…” she admitted.

One of the many bills I have to pay he acknowledged but he did have to laugh at the thought of being separated from his phone. But then he turned on his device and frowned at the many texts and emails he had been ignoring. And then he got a look at his messages, and because he did not work at a job that expected him to be attached 24/7 to the job and he was not on the schedule sheet for a few more days. And I can stretch that for a few more days if I like since I have friends who owe me more than one favor he knew. But it did mean he did not have to be leashed to his phone, unlike some of his friends.

Shit, he murmured as he read the trail of texts from his sister. Of course, she would have a fight with our father, he muttered. Although he knew their father tended to be on better behavior with his daughter, because she is actually his he muttered to himself. He did not know if that was actually true or not, but it felt like it at times.

“What is it?” Kyla asked. She knew she did not know this guy, but it was pretty clear Archie was not liking what he found on his phone. “Claudia?”

“No,” Archie was quick to say. “My sister,” he mumbled. Why Crystal, why?

“Oh,” Kyla murmured.

“I have to make a call,” Archie sighed as he dialed his cellphone, but he did not have to hear the other phone answer because it was nearby, he heard a ring, and a familiar voice saying, “Hello,” came the voice.

And he twisted around and saw his sister, Crystal…

Standing next to Tripp.


This was not the intention. Because it was only slightly earlier when Crystal was standing in the Valenti household. Sheriff Valenti’s house because his grandson Tripp had gone to his grandfather in hopes of providing Crystal a place to stay for the night. Because Crystal did not have enough cash for a motel room, I did not really think she thought when she made this mission to find her brother. I spent everything I had on the bus trip she thought of her quest to come to Roswell.

For reasons she did not even know.

Except to figure something unknown out. She did not know what that would be yet. But it would put her in a pickle in her needing a place to sleep until she heard from her brother, despite Tripp’s knowledge. He had to subscribe to Lucy’s behavior to be a bit suspect because he knew how much was at stakes in their clan, we have been burned by surprises before he knew even though he had not been born during the last time an outsider, or insider in the end came to town and wormed her way into the group.

To landing complications for the whole group as a whole. So, despite his normal status in this group. He had to be careful, until we knew more, he sighed and therefore instead of trying to get his father to give her a room for the night. When he knew Kyle would have some questions for the mystery girl. And since he had been burned in the end because of the last interloper to their group. It was better to go to his grandfather and plead for him to help him.

Jim agreed. So did his wife Amy. Although before they put her through some interrogation, calmly and in the end allowed her to stay.

They both knew that the Sheriff would be looking into that morning, but Crystal was on the level. She understood though why Tripp and his family and friends might be weary, so she did not take it seriously. “Thank you, Sheriff, for letting me stay,” Crystal was saying earlier that morning, as Tripp showed up early. After heading home to his father’s. But finding he could not stay away, and now was coming to pick Crystal up.

“Call me Jim,” said the Sheriff. “You did stay here last night. And I trust my grandson,” Jim murmured. “We had the space.”

“Anyways, I thank you. This trip was a little spur of the moment. I hope to find my brother this morning, when he finally checks his phone” she sighed because she knew her brother was known to go radio silent with his phone at times. “Then I will figure out how long I am sticking around in your town.”

Jim nodded and watched as Crystal went to grab her backpack, and that left.

“I hope you know what you are doing son?” Jim asked of his grandson.

“I know it’s a concern, but I could have given her the address to where her brother was because I do know who he is, and where he is currently is, but I am giving it time. “And I came here, didn’t I” Tripp asked as if he knew what was coming to his grandparents, and especially his grandfather.

Grandpa is my safety net, Tripp thought.

Jim nodded and watched as his grandson and Crystal left the house. Amy came in from the kitchen and saw them leave. “What do you know of the situation?” she asked of her husband.

“Not a lot,” Jim sighed.

Amy nodded and went on her way.

Jim could only sigh and wondered what was going to be discovered with this new tidbit to the situation. Sighing, he picked up his truck keys and hat, and headed out, and drove to the station.

While Tripp and Crystal went to get some breakfast.

And once that was finished, they were going to take a walk. Only to walk into the situation where brother and sister saw each other for the first time as Archie had been talking to Kyla.


And now,

“Crystal, what are you doing here?” Archie murmured as the shock was starting to wear down as he was now concentrating on the surprise of seeing his sister. Which was the last thing he had expected from this unusual weekend getaway. When his intention was simply to spend his time with his girlfriend, not to have my little sister come after me when we had not seen each other in months, he thought. “Why did you come?” he asked as he tried to figure out how to handle this situation.

“I don’t know,” Crystal said seriously. “I had this fight with Dad, and I had to get out of there.”

“I told you that would happen, and that he’s a waste of time,” Archie muttered. “You never believe me.”

“For today, I believe you” Crystal sighed. Although she also knew she was not ready to totally write off her father, but she needed space from the man. She also knew she could have gone home to her mother, but she just needed to get away. And she just did not anticipate where she would end up.

“Why come all this way?” Archie asked. “Where does Mom think you are?” he sighed, because he knew their mother had been going through a lot these days. And the last thing she needed was for her daughter to go on a pointless road trip for no good reason. I am expected to be away, not Crystal he sighed to himself.

As he was trying to figure where his sister would tell their mother she was…

“At Grandma’s,” Crystal murmured.

Good one “That won’t last long,” Archie murmured of their only living grandparent. Who lived in Cambridge. That will keep Mom at bay for a day or two, but it will not last.

“It has worked so far,” Crystal murmured. “Mom is busy this weekend, so I took advantage.”

Archie could only smile. Because he did know their mother was busy. And I certainly was able to take advantage when I was living at home. Because he knew he had spent a lot of time with Claudia at her place, in the early days of their relationship because Claudia’s mother had been working a lot. It was also because he had not wanted to be at home. Or at his father’s when they were supposed to be at his house.

“I needed to talk to you” Crystal sighed.

“You could have called” Archie muttered as he showed his phone. “We have pretty good technology these days.”

“I could have called, sure” Crystal muttered. “But you would have not answered which you have proven to be me these last days. But I needed to talk to you, Alex.”

“Don’t call me Alex,” Archie murmured as he flinched at the name. “That is not who I am.”

“It’s the name Mom and Dad gave you” Crystal sighed, even though she knew the story behind the name.

“That is only because they did not like the name on my birth certificate,” Archie muttered because he knew he had a love/hate relationship with his given name. A name that was okay on the face of it, but it brought memories to it ever since he did a little research when he was younger and found more than he wanted to know “I prefer to go after Grandpa’s name,” he asked of his middle name.

“I know you do,” Crystal murmured. I am sorry for poking the issue she would mutter. But I cannot help it “I like the name, even if you don’t.”

“It’s not a bad name,” Archie admitted. Even though he did not know why he was even getting into this, because it did not matter, right, he asked, right? he was telling himself. I am not Alex. I am Archie. “That it because I don’t like remembering the name belongs to my birth mother’s victim,” Archie muttered.

“What are you talking about?” Crystal asked. Because she had been too young when her older brother went looking for his birth information.

“Yeah, what are you talking about?” came two unfamiliar voices to this conversation even though they truly were memorable, and just happened to walk into a conversation that was certainly confusing if you did not know what was going on. And they did not, and even as they had listened a little of it. They still did not know what they were hearing.

No one did.

“What is going on here,” came Max as he stood next to his sister, Isabel.
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Family Matters - Chapter 46 - 09/16/2023

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“I truly loved your father,” Liz was saying as mother and daughter as they were away from the brouhaha that was developing below them, on street that fed their town because it was the center of everything worthwhile, but mother and daughter were within their own drama. One with big stakes and one that had been brewing between them for as long as they could remember. Because as far as Liz was concerned. This day and this conversation had been brewing since her daughter started to come of age and began to have questions about who and what she was.

Which is natural for a growing girl Liz knew because she had certainly had those questions once upon a time. But of course, before that alien invasion. She had been living such an unremarkable life. Egged on by her brains, and her parents to pursue her academic minded abilities, she began to define her determination to become a scientist when she became older enough to go for her dreams. Only to be detoured by a crazy set of circumstances before the finish line.

Circumstances that would culminate with her being a bride and mother at eighteen. And a divorcee only months later. And now it was eighteen years later, and she was looking at her baby girl who was no longer a baby, but someone who was craving her own future, and her own life. I wish the world for her… As she knew Claudia only wanted to make it worthwhile, but also something that would make sense.

To her…

But she is too restless at the moment because she does not know what she wants to do because not everyone could be like Liz, who knew from an early age what she wanted to do. But she also knew she had taken any semblance of a normal life for her daughter by leaving Max in the way she did. And not giving their daughter a normal carefree childhood. She did have adventures but not the adventures she would have wanted her daughter to have Liz knew. Of course, not everyone is able to have a two-parent household. And certainly, millions of kids have single parents. That was not a shocker, but in Liz’s case. To know how much she loved Claudia’s father.

And to leave him, and force Claudia to grow up without her father in her life was not what Liz would have wanted under ordinary circumstances.

But the circumstances of our life together were anything but normal, she knew. Everything about us was abnormal.

Right from the start.

But it was not like Claudia could go through the revolving door that was two households, nope, I took that ability away from her.

Liz might not regret the choice she had made, out of protection for Max.

But she did regret that she provided a home life for her daughter that was not one she could have envisioned. Even if it had allowed JJ to come into their lives and complete it. Still, it was not something a girl would have wanted. So, she felt for her daughter in that. And she knew she had caused her daughter to question everything.

Especially coming to town and figuring all she had so far figured out.

And even seen her birth father, and probably getting the sense that Max was everything any girl would want for a father.

Compassionate and kind.

And someone who could answer those unique questions Claudia had about herself, something that she could provide Liz knew. I can answer a few of them, but I cannot get to the grit of it.

Liz hated that it had come to this… I loved Max, she told herself. I wanted to marry him and have his children she would sigh.

Children become one. And that child had his eyes she knew.

She looks like us both, but she has Max’s eyes.

“I loved your father,” Liz was saying, and as she said those words, she saw the confusion on her daughter’s face. She also knew that Claudia was unlikely to believe it because she had not given her daughter any reason to believe it.

What hogwash Claudia muttered as if she could read her mother’s thoughts. I cannot, but I tend to know what she is thinking anyways. “You expect me to believe you loved a man you left when I was three months of age?”

“We didn’t end because I fell out of love with him, or that he did not love me anymore” Liz sighed, because she could not know it, but she could swear that Max still loved her, at least a tiny bit she thought. And I would be a liar if I said I did not love him.

I am a lot of things, but I am not a liar she thought.

Okay, I am, on other aspects of this story but not my feeling for Max or his feelings for me, because so much of their relationship was full of so much turmoil and it certainly had made her doubt a lot of things during those days, but one thing she always knew was he loved me.

Which made it hurt all the more.

Claudia’s father Liz thought. My daughter’s father.

“How could you walk away from someone you claim to have still loved?” Claudia asked. “That makes no sense.” Why would anyone walk away if they were still in love?

Unless there was a reason for it.

And I cannot think of why Mom would want to leave that kind of love, if she loved my father like she said or her journal indicated even though she knew there was a lot of darkness in those pages, and blank pages and things unsaid. And that only piqued my imagination and has me going off the cliff, she thought of how she has handled these last days since coming to this town.

“It would be if you could have seen what was going on back then,” Liz murmured.

“I could have, if we had stayed” Claudia muttered.

“No, you could not have” Liz sighed. I would have loved to stay, but there was no way it would have been that easy. “The situation was much bigger than any of us, and I had to do something that I would not have wanted to do, but the situation called for it, and I am sorry for what it meant for you. I loved your father, and I walked away because it was the best thing for the three of us.”

Are you serious? Claudia asked, a bit stunned. “How could it be good for any of us?” she asked. “You kept him away from me?”

The last thing I wanted was to keep you away from him, Liz cried out in her mind. Even when she knew she had. “Honey, if we had stayed, there was a very real possibility that you would not have had him in your life. We walked away, and we protected your father.” And you.

“That makes absolutely no sense,” Claudia asked. “How would staying have hurt him. You say you loved him. And from the little I have seen. He loves us, and would have probably been an awesome father, at least he would have been there for me. So, how could staying have ruined his life?” she asked as something toggled in her mind. “Is it this about that mysterious non brother of mine?”

“Of course not,” Liz sighed. As she thought of that subject, she did not want to think of it even as I know a lot more than I did at the time. Because it is still hard to deal with, she knew. That was dealt with before you were born, she sighed to herself, or we believed it was dealt with she allowed once more to herself. “How did you even know about that?”

“Your journal?” Claudia murmured. “Although there were a lot of coded passages in those pages, and blank spots, but I got the gist. It was not all fanciful writing. There was genuineness in those passages. But then Grandpa Evans, or my father’s father because he has not been there in my life as my grandfather,” she murmured of the confusion that was her life, and Liz felt for it, because it is because of me she thought.

“What about Phillip?” Liz asked.

“Is that his name?” Claudia asked. As she could not remember if she knew it or not, probably in passing she thought but still I should know my grandparents’ names, or them as people and she knew she was named after my paternal grandmother she sighed. She remembered the school assignment she had flunked because she could not name her family tree. Mom was not happy about that one she remembered back to that project. But she refused to open up about my life she told herself, and her mother had admitted to it. Now, she could not help but wonder what kind of life she would have had if she had been able to be back here and know her family.

Every member of them…

“Yes,” Liz sighed. “Honey.”

“Don’t honey me” Claudia muttered. “You kept me away.”

“Yes, I did” Liz murmured. “I admit it, but I am not lying in that I did it for a good reason and that both of you, and I mean your father and you were better off in the long run,” she sighed as she got a patented glare from her daughter, an icy one she thought, and she winced. And knew she deserved it. “I mean it honey, because there was no way you would have gotten a better childhood if we had stayed with you father because I guarantee that the same forces that drove us away would have taken him away from us if we had stayed.”

“How can that be true?” Claudia asked, getting a splitting headache because it made no sense. How can it?

“Our past includes a lot of skeletons, and they would have been dug up if I had chosen to stay, and raised you with your father” Liz sighed, and knew her daughter was starting to be at a disservice in that she did not her history.

She did not know the warts…

And Liz was beginning to regret having not been more upfront with her daughter. She had raised her daughter in a vacuum, with so little information and even when it was apparent her daughter was special, and unique. In ways that were so much like Max. And she told her daughter to be careful, still she had kept her lips zipped about everything else. Why Claudia had been careful she allowed.

Now Claudia was back in her parents’ hometown, surrounded by so much mystery and she did not know half of it.

“Mom?” Claudia asked, sensing that her mother was in space once more. “You are zoning out again.”

Sighing, Liz came back to reality. “Sorry,” she murmured as she glanced once more at the woman her daughter was. Still only eighteen, but no longer the baby, or the little girl in pigtails who bought everything she told her daughter. She could no longer be fooled, Liz knew. She is too old to believe in everything I tell her…

Because she knows there is more out there that she does not know… “I am sorry for all this,” she sighed of the incredible set of circumstances. “I wish things could have been typical for you, and unfortunately it is on me that it was not, but I still wish it all the more, Because I wish you could have had the upbringing that I was privilege in having with your grandparents. Because they loved me, and I treasure in that, even though it would take me away from that, and unfortunately, I stayed away far too long…”

“You want me to believe that you missed Grandma and Grandpa?” Claudia asked a tad wearily because while she knew that her mother did love her grandparents, we stayed away and barely visited so how can she tell me that she loved them and missed them she thought.

Liz knew it was a complex issue. “I did. You might think that is funny. And I do have a funny way of showing it, sure, but I grew up in a small town. A town that was known for something that happened back in the olden days, and was a myth we all grew up believing in or we believed it enough to cater our tourist trade on it…”

“Aliens,” Claudia muttered.

“Yes,” Liz sighed, and for so long it was just something funny to con the enthusiasts who came into the restaurant she thought of how I was before the shooting she told herself, of how she would have fun with it, and show make believe type pictures to the tourists who came into the Crashdown for a burger or more, I did not really believe in it.

Until I died and came back because of one guy.

A cute guy who had been in my dreams for many reasons and none of them being that he was an alien human hybrid she thought, someone who had come through the 1947 crash, and was looking like a teenager.

And it started a unique journey that would take away from her simple beginnings into something deeper, and darker, and in the end, away from the life I wanted, and made sacrifices for.

She would find that those sacrifices were simple compared to the ultimate one she would end up making. “This is a unique town.”

“Yes, it is” Claudia murmured. “But obviously you know it more than I do.”

“I wish that was not how it was,” Liz murmured. “That was never my intention when all of this started out.”

“Are you?” Claudia asked. “Because you stayed away. We could never come back here. Even those years after everything died down, and we were able to be on our own. And when JJ came into our lives. We could have come back and visited Grandma and Grandpa, but we stayed away. You say you love them and missed them, but until we visited them in Arizona over Christmas, well, that was the only time we actually visited them. In their own home. Which was not even here. They did come to us, but we never came to them. Why did you not want to come back and visit Grandma and Grandpa?”

Shit, she murmured to herself. Because she hated having her inaction questioned. “It does not mean I did not love them, because they did visit us” Liz murmured a little too weakly. And knew she felt guilty about the fact that she and her children rarely saw her parents because until the last year or so, well, her parents had a restaurant to run. And were mostly unable to visit although there would be times where they did.

But it had not been what Liz might have dreamt of at one time.

Although at one time, I believed I would be taking the science world by storm, and I was never going to last in Roswell.

Then Max.

Yes, then Max.

And Claudia could see that her mother was zoning out once more. “Mom?” she asked clearly exasperated because she was known to do it herself, but not now when I am getting somewhere with her, she thought. But then she knew there was clearly history that her mother was never going to elaborate on.

“Sorry,” Liz muttered.

“Are you?” Claudia asked, clearly miffed.

“Being back here in Roswell has not been easy for me Claudia,” Liz sighed. “There are a lot of memories attached to this town.”

“I know… Dad” Claudia muttered.

“Yes, him, sure, but it was not all him,” Liz murmured, even though she knew a large part was Max. How could I come back and face him, even when I should have because we had a daughter together. “Those three years after I came to know your father were life changing for me.”

“I know, you told me” Claudia sighed. “You were leading an unremarkable life…” she asked. “This being a small town after all, and then…”

Not at all after all “It is not as if I don’t like this town,” Liz murmured. “I loved growing up here,” she sighed.

“You certainly showed it by staying away, until now” Claudia sighed.

I know Liz murmured to herself. “Claudia, your father changed my life. I was only fifteen and dealing with living and working in a small town. Dreaming big but knowing that it was still out of my reach because what were the chances that I could really get out of the town and head for Harvard or somewhere else. Yet, I knew this town was not what I was destined for. But because I was so young, I did not know what was out there for me. Because everything was so ordinary. Waking up in the morning and heading to school or to work. Dating Kyle, and yet knowing that we were probably not destined to be any more than a smalltime high school romance. Then suddenly one day, that all changed.”

“Yeah, you met Dad” Claudia murmured. “I have read your journal.”

“But you don’t get it,” Liz sighed. You cannot really understand the feelings expressed with the writing. What really lived in those lines. The truth she mused “No one could know what was in line for us after that day. Your Dad was not just some cute guy going his own way in life just as I was going my own way, and we bumped into each other. It was much more fundamental. Claudia, he saved my life. Because I would have died that day…”

“Dad was something special?” Claudia asked. “Yeah, I know.”

But you do not know she sighed. “Yes,” Liz sighed. “A gun man’s bullet rang out and hit me, and I was dying. Bleeding out. There is no way an ambulance could have reached me in time. Even in a small town like this, or in 1999 when the medical system was not as burdened as it is now,” she sighed of how bad it was for the health system today, everything was so simple back in the nineties.


Liz wanted to think it was. But it was also very a complicated time, with her and Max right there in the mixed at the tail end of it.

Claudia nodded, but she knew she did not really get it.

“Your father put his hand on my wound, and he brought me back, and into a whole new life. One I did not ask for. But one that I did not know was out there. For the longest time, the adrenaline fueled me. And my feelings for your father kept me going. Even when obstacles sprung up in our path, and they were waving at me that I should turn back and give it up. Head for my dreams. Get out of this town.”

“Life was really that insane?” Claudia asked.

She had read it in the journal. But she knew she did not really get it. How could I? she asked herself. I was not there, she knew.

“Yet, every day was a new obstacle, and new challenge” Liz sighed. “Life changed drastically for me, and for your father. We did not know what we were getting into, but I loved your father Claudia,” she said with a smile as she thought back to one of those good moments. Very brief sure but we did have one or two of them she knew.

Claudia nodded.

But Liz knew her daughter did not get it. How could she? She knew that you could read it in a journal, but you don’t know what it meant to be in the life she was. So close to dying one minute, and the resurrected but told your rescuer was an alien human hybrid from another world. And there were secrets to be found out. And you were going to have to sacrifice everything you held dear for a life that became more out of control with every passing day. And you would break laws, and sacrifice principles held dear all because of the greater good. Because it seemed like I needed to at the time.

Even today, she knew most of what she did would be something she probably would repeat. With some revisions done in my life story she knew. Decisions I made that I should not have, or questions I should have asked before I did some of the stuff I did.

“I loved him deeply,” Liz said softly.

“I know, you have said it before” Claudia muttered.

“But you have to believe me,” Liz said softly once more because talking about this was only bringing the memories, and the flashes she muttered. As she tried to stop them from taking her over, because that was what she did not need, not in this new life she thought.

“How can I believe you?” Claudia asked. “You left him, and you took me away from him. You did not let me grow up with him as a father or see the two of you together so how can I believe that you loved my father. Because love means sticking together, does it not?” she asked. Even though she knew she had a fairy tale version of love in her head despite having lived her life the way she had and having her relationship with Archie.

I love Archie, but I know we are not as serious as she thought. Because she knew they could end tomorrow, and it has been amazing that we have hung up this long because I know we probably should have given up a long time ago.

But she still believed that if you love someone. You should stick it out. And she did not get how her mother could walk away from her father if she still loved him so much. How can you? she wondered. “How could you walk away?”

“Protection,” Liz murmured.

“You have said it before…” Claudia muttered.

“And I mean it, seriously Claudia, you have to believe me” Liz said. “Everything I have done is to protect you and your father. I would have loved to have stayed with your father. When I married him, we had already gone through a lot of hard times. Times that should have killed us, and broken us up, and it did for a time. But we came back together, and then we became engaged. Which was not under the most ideal circumstances,” she admitted. “Still, I felt we had conquered everything. Despite everything. We had made it, and we could make it through anything that could be thrown at us,” she said as she did remember that we only became engaged because we believed we only had days to live she thought.

Boy did we get that wrong Liz thought.

“Did those vows mean so much little to you?” Claudia asked.

“No,” Liz said. “They meant everything to me. “Death do us part. In sickness and in health” Those words were everything for me. But those words did account for the fact that people wanted us dead. Or at the very least to catch up to us, and poke and prod us, and take everything we had worked for, and to separate us, and maybe even take you away from us,” she said with a wince because she knew that was her fear. That they would take Claudia away from us, she thought. And it was a very real fear, born of that day she thought of the day when it all changed for them.

“Seriously?” Claudia asked. Have I walked into a television show or something?

“I am serious,” Liz said. “I would never have walked away from you father without a damn good reason. I would have loved to have raised you with him. He would have been a wonderful father for you, and I know you have missed out on so much by having him in your life,” she said softly. I am sorry for that she said softly to herself. “When I said my vows. I meant every word of them. I loved your father with every part of myself. I made sacrifices for him, and I changed my life for him, and I did not have any regrets. Not if I could have your father alive and with me. Because there was a day when that was in doubt and taken away from me. But he was there and wanted to marry me. I did not know on my wedding day that it could all be taken away from me. Sure, I had met your father under bizarre and extreme circumstances but still I could never imagine a day where it could all be risked, and that I could lose your father and you if I say the wrong word. Or said, no.”

“What are you talking about?” Claudia asked.

“You need to know that the decisions I made were really to protect your father, and you” Liz said. “In the long run, I know I did the right thing, and made the right decision. Even if I wish I could have made a different decision, I could not because they would have taken everything from me, if I did not make the decision I did.”

“You keep on telling me that…” Claudia muttered.

“But it’s the truth,” Liz sighed. “There were people out there who did not like your father, Isabel and Michael. And they were the reason we had to leave Roswell. We did not leave this town on some post-graduation see the country trip Claudia. We were driven from this town. Because of events out of our control. Events that we were not at fault for,” mostly she sighed. “But there were those who did not believe that, and they would believe that we were at fault. Simply because your father, Michael and Isabel were different in ways from what could be understood or tolerated. So, it was either leave or be caught in their web, so we left this town. And we thought we had gotten away…”

Claudia could only nod because she was stunned, speechless, and she did not know what to say. “Go on.”

“We got away, your father and I. Michael and Maria, and your father’s sister Isabel and Kyle, with Kyle coming along because he had nothing better to do, but still, we were fleeing this town because of events that spun out of control just prior to graduation. None of it was our fault, except it was in some ways because of certain decisions we had made. Or I made. But still we went off together, and we thought we got away.”

Claudia nodded.

“Eventually we would all separate and do our own thing, but your father and I would stay together, because that had been the goal when we got engaged and married. Being together, sticking it out. And we thought things would be better if we stayed in that small town near the Mexican border. We had made a life there, and we were happy. We found out we were expecting you. And we were extremely happy. Seriously Claudia, we were happy. You might find it hard to believe but it truly was a blissful time, one of those rarities, and that should have told us that something would be coming to rain on our parade.”

“So, did it?” Claudia asked. “Rain on your parade?”

“Yes,” Liz said. “In ways we had not expected.”

“Go on?” Claudia asked.

“We left to protect your father and aunt, Michael too” Liz muttered even though they don’t seem to care that I was trying to protect them she muttered bitterly, “There were people out there who wanted to get to them because they were different than everyone else. They did not think they should still be among us.”

“Seriously?” Claudia asked.

“Yes,” Liz nodded. “By the virtue of how tied I was to the situation. They got wind of me, and therefore, to protect all of us, we left town. Even though they did not know the true facts. But even if they had, they still would not have liked it. Still, we left town, and got away. But one day, when you were three months old….” she sighed, and she stopped.

“Mom, go on…”

“When you were three months old, everything changed.” Liz said softly. “Because there was a knock on the door…”


Knock, knock, knock…

Oh, what a life changing knock on the door it was. Because it had started as if was any other day. On the surface it was. Except for the fact that the past year had told Liz that her life was anything but normal. But she and Max had strived to make their days as normal as they could be given their situation. And given that they were currently on the run and had been for the past twelve months or so. Trying to stay one or two steps ahead of the authorities who wanted to capture them. And they have largely been successful. She had for some reason innocently believed that they were far from the worst of the drama, and therefore, she was unprepared for what was going to be coming next.

It had helped that their group had eventually gone on their own. A group of six would get noticed, once their trip had been expanded into days, weeks and even months. They all eventually would get the same message that it was beneficial to all of them in the long run if they did their own thing. And not to let anything know where to find them, or to communicate. Because it might trip us up.

So, it was to stay safe. Although because of Isabel secret ability. Max and his sister along with Michael were able to keep in touch in odd ways. Which is how they would know that against her best judgment, Isabel had ended up in Boston and with Jesse, trying to keep on the low which only had served to show that they could not stay together, after a burst of reunited bliss, but given how tentative everything was, Jesse would be a stand-up man and as a result they knew how to put on a show. And she was lucky to be able to stay off the radar but of course Liz would eventually know that she had not been off the radar, but their pursuers had simply come to the target that would get them their desired action. The easier mark. And now nearly two decades away from the days that started this drama, it would cause Liz to wince at how she and Max truly were not prepared for what would happen if they were caught up to.

We were never prepared she would think now. We acted like we were she knew. But we were not, we would face the consequences of the lack of preparedness, she murmured as she felt the coldness of that day. Thankfully Max and Claudia had been off on a father and daughter adventure disguised as an errand. Liz would smile, and she continued to smile just thinking of it, even though she felt guilty for how it had all gone so wrong. And what she had done about it. Still, when she heard the knock on the door, she had gone to the door. Thinking it was the delivery they were expecting.

Doing things on the down low, and ordering things on the internet.

Way before it became popular. It helped keep them out of the public’s imagination, but once she opened the door, she knew she should not have opened it. And she was unable to close it on her visitor, as his arm got in the way. “I would not think about it Ms. Parker,” came the stranger at the door as he even more forcefully stopped the door from hitting him in the fact.

Shit Liz thought as she knew she did not have the capacity to save her from this conversation. But she was willing to give it a good try, at least.

“It’s Roy,” Liz murmured at the usage of the alias that by now rolled off their tip of their tongue. As if it was second nature.

It is.

But the man laughed. “I think you are Elizabeth Parker,” came the stranger at the door.

“No, it’s Shirley Roy,” Liz said simply. Of the alias she had taken. Ones that all of them had taken in honor of their little escapade in Vegas. A rare moment of sun in this dreary tale she knew. Which meant behind closed doors. She, Max, and Claudia were named Evans but in public, and the identification in her purse, well, they were Robert, Shirley and Claudia Roy.

There is some amusement in the alias’s she knew. After a year with it, it had almost become second nature, but she and Max hoped that it would end before long so that their daughter could take on her rightful name, Claudia Diane Evans.

But today it was protection, or so she hoped.

But she was wrong.

“If you don’t let me in Ms. Parker, then I will let it be known that your so called husband is wanted for questioning in a murder case in Vermont, and in the attempted murder of you, yourself” the man would say, and Liz immediately felt queasy as memories of Vermont were still fresh in her mind even though it was now almost eighteen months from those days, but still, it remained there, not that I blame Max she would tell herself.

And she felt on defense. How in hell would they know this? she asked herself because she knew for a fact that the school was silent. Because they did not want the publicity and they refused to return her father’s deposit or the tuition for her short stay at the pricey boarding school. It was a subject she had not wanted to discuss with her father, not that he wanted to discuss it with me, and he bought my lame excuse for coming back so quickly. “You are wrong. My husband did no such thing.”

Unfortunately, he did, she knew, but there were extenuating circumstances to those acts that Max had committed, not that she knew everything because Max had never wanted to discuss it, and she let him stay silent because they both knew it had been a crazy time. Although during intimate moments, in the past year, she had certainly gotten an understanding of how harrowing it was for her husband.

And I do not blame him Liz knew. Because in his right mind, he would never have done anything to me, she sighed. As she still felt the horror of those hours, when she believed Max to be dead only to learn that he was truly alive, but possessing another man’s body, and he was being forced into actions he would not have committed if he were sane.

At least to me Liz knew.

Because I know, as I would one day tell our daughter, there are skeletons in our closet and especially Max’s. Because they had been forced to do things that they would not have wanted to do.

But it was clear the stranger in her midst was not buying her denial. “We have videotape evidence that is contrary to your words,” the man would say. “So, are you going to let me in or am I going to go the authorities in this town and tell them that you and your family are fugitives, and that includes your husband’s sister and their good friend Michael Guerin, who is married to your best friend. And Isabel Evans Ramirez can now be found in Boston, Massachusetts with the man she married without telling the truth of her status, and she and Mr. Guerin could be easily brought into our headquarters and questioned into the deaths of federal agent, Pierce Fisher and Congresswoman Vanessa Whittaker.

Shit Liz would think once more.

She knew full well that their actions had been downright murky and more for the founding alien hybrids that we know of she thought. She was the resident human in this story, but she still knew there was so much she did not know.

But I married Max anyways, or Robert Roy.

“So, are you going to let me in?” the man asked. “Or do I make a very public stink, and any semblance of that façade you have been living in will be extinct?”

“Just like your husband should be” was then uttered, and it made Liz very mad because she loved her husband and her daughter, and they were very real and very human. And no one had a right to think they should not exist.

But it left her with few options. “Do I have a choice?” Liz would say. But she knew she had little choice but to let the man into the apartment that she shared with her husband and daughter and pray that Max stayed away long enough to rid this man from the premises. Although she had a sense that her wishes would not come true on this day. “Your name?” she asked as she let the man into the apartment.

“Agent Richard Delaney,” the man said. “We have been looking for you for the last year.”

“You have got the wrong apartment,” Liz muttered. “I am not the person you think you have found,” she lied. Although technically she was no longer Elizabeth Parker, I am Elizabeth Evans she thought of her legal married name, don’t say we were stupid, but we did file our marriage license under our legal names she remembered. We were married, and we did not want to be married when everything cleared up, she thought. Because neither of us thought this would still be going on a year later.

Our anniversary was only the week before Liz thought, of the memorable night, and the happiness we felt with the ability to spend it with my husband and our daughter she thought, as she looked at the man smirking at her, and she so wanted to wipe off that smirk off his face. What a jerk.

“I don’t know what you are looking for,” Liz sighed. “But you have the wrong people.”

“I do not think so, Ms. Parker” Agent Delaney murmured.

If he thinks he knows who we are, why doesn’t he call by my rightful name, she asked herself. “It is Shirley Roy,” she muttered. As once more the name just rolled off her tongue like it really is my name she murmured. But it is an alias she knew. As she thought of the night when the names were discovered or manufactured, she thought. But some insane plan of Michael to let loose and fake our IDs with truly stupid names, inspired by movies, music, and alcohol, she thought, or drinks. So, we took back our Vegas alias, with some subtle changes.

Maria became Margarita Love. Isabel in honor of Alex took on Brandy Alexander Collins, Kyle took on Alex’s last name because no one would believe Wallbanger could be a legitimate last name, so he became Harvey Collins. And Michael could not take on Doctor as a legitimate name, so he became Michael Love. Being the only one to use his real first name, it largely worked until they realized they needed to separate.

And they all went their own way. And she knew that Maria and Michael were now in Nashville, getting ready to craft a career for Maria, and for her music purposes, they had gone back to their birth names, and married name. To make it easier to hide, even though it was in plain sight, and she knew it was laughable that they could hide in the music business.

While she and Max would end up in this small town, near the Mexican border. So easy to cross the border and disappear, but we did not choose that course of action.

Later, it would make Liz wonder why we did not, when it would have been so much easier.

“I think we both know that is a lie,” charged the agent.

“I have my ID I can show you” Liz murmured as she picked up her wallet out of her purse and showed her identification, which said, Shirley Roy: DOB: December 1, 1983.

“Clearly identification can be faked,” the agent dismissed the identification and handed it back to Liz, “Although the birthdate is legitimate, so not all of it was a lie.”

“Both are legitimate,” Liz countered even though she knew it was not.

Nothing is legitimate anymore. Because with a wave of my husband’s hand, he could make a whole pretend life for us.

But that was how it had to be. To make it through the last year. But she and Max discovered that it was quite easy to live off the grid, and with a whole new identity. And now this man was here to end it all.

And she had to figure out how to scrape through this one.

But it was looking dicey. “I don’t know what you think you know but I am not who you think I am, neither is my husband.” she asked even though she knew it would be too easy if Agent Delaney left. Unlikely, but I have to try, don’t I? “We just want to be living our lives, in peace.” Because all we want is peace, she thought, and we are getting very little of it.

It was elusive, but we were trying over this last year.

Even though she now knew that was a small hiatus because nothing had been easy, not since that shooting when my life changed, and everything changed in instant for the both of us.

“I think you are exactly who we are looking for,” Agent Delaney muttered as he held up a picture of Liz, and she paled, and she knew the chances of getting out of this were dwindling by the moment. “So, are you going to tell me where your husband is?”

“No,” Liz murmured.

“Do you even know?” Agent Delaney asked.

“What does it matter to you, if I do” Liz asked. Because she did know where her husband was supposed to be, but she was not going to give up her husband and daughter’s whereabouts. “What do you even want?”

“I have a problem with the lack of accountability and the running away from the law,” Agent Delaney muttered. “Your husband and friends have something to answer for,” he sighed. “And they are frauds and hiding instead of giving those answers, although I suppose I could round them up if you don’t want to us what we want,” the agent murmured. “So, do you want to tell me again where he is?”

“No,” Liz said simply. “Whatever you think you know, it is obvious that you really don’t know what is going on,” she sighed as she thought of her journey to this day. “We left our homes because we were looking to get away, and there was nothing bad in it, and you are looking in the wrong places if you want to attach any meaning to it.”

“Really?” Agent Delaney asked.

“We had graduated high school. Have you ever heard of wanting to leave you hometown for the unknown?” Liz asked, even though she knew until it happened. Leaving had not been what was planned, given that she had a university acceptance calling her name, although could I leave Max?

She did not know why she had been delaying an answer.

She had not known what she was going to do back then because she had doubts that Max could have been able to leave and come to Northwestern with her… because it would mean leaving Isabel and Michael.

She did not know what was going to happen, and here she was. A year later and living a very different life than the university freshman she could have been.

Instead, she was now a wife and mother.

Yes, a very different life.

“Ms. Parker,” came the man.

If the man refuses to buy my story than why in hell is he not calling me by my married name, so she was game to keep the rouse going. “It is Roy.”

“I think we know it is not,” Agent Delaney muttered. “What would your parents think that you married one of them?”

“Don’t tell me about my parents,” Liz bristled as she tried to ignore the snide dig about her husband as she also did know that she knew her parents would not be the happiest of parents with the fact their daughter was married with a baby at nineteen, instead of being at Harvard University which she knew had been father’s dream, because after a while she did not know who wanted it more, her or Jeff.

But she had wanted it, she knew. Because it meant something normal within this abnormal.

Until of course it went badly, and therefore Northwestern was the place to be except for the fact her life had changed before she could accept the late offer of admission. Assuming that was what she was going to be doing.

“And that acceptance to Northwestern?” Agent Delaney asked.


“We do our research on wanted fugitives,” the agent bristled.

“We were not wanted,” Liz muttered. Tess was wanted. We were collateral damage she knew, and one of the reasons to feel conflicted about the treacherous blonde who had played with their lives, and almost ended her relationship with the love of her life. Fortunately, she was now dead, but she had left a trail of a lot of carnage behind her. And she did not know if Tess would have cared. Everything was a means to an end for that girl she knew. Tess rarely cared about those who wanted something different than she wanted.

As she thought of how her life had been impacted, and her relationship. Fortunately, it did not stop, but it was more than a minor detour she knew.

“The Army base explosion in Roswell, New Mexico?” Agent Delaney asked.

“I think we both know if you do the research say you do, that was not us” Liz sighed, be caused she knew all pretenses were now dropped because there was going to be no more hiding behind funny and phony aliases.

“You guys have a funny way of showing it,” Agent Delaney muttered with a smile on his fact that Elizabeth Parker was now giving up her new identity.

“We had graduated, and we wanted to see the sights. There was nothing that was all that sinister about it,” Liz sighed, and she knew she was becoming too good at being a liar. I love Max, but this should not be a skill that I have developed to a degree that I have she knew, but she stayed with Max and went back to him even when she could not have walked away and went off and led a picket fence type of life. Full of acclaim.

But no normal life would have had the love of a lifetime.

Everything else would have been second best. And they would not have meant anything to me.

Max is Max, and there is no one like him she knew as she looked at the federal agent whose mission was to take away the life she had led for the last year, and for all her skills, she was not used to dealing with those who had more sinister motivations. Back in Roswell, that was not my role.

“That is quite a story you are spinning,” The agent murmured. “But I think we both know none of that is true. What we do know is that the authorities in town and some of my colleagues were investigating your group for the recent army base explosion,” he muttered. “And you are those people got out of town.”

“Stop insulting my husband and his family,” Liz muttered.

Agent Delaney only shook his head.

“Leave please,” Liz murmured. “We have done nothing to warrant this intrusion.”

“You have certainly done a lot” the agent murmured.

“Not here,” Liz murmured, as she knew she and Max had been keeping low, and there was no reason to come after them for stuff we are currently doing she mused. We have been Robert and Shirley Roy here she knew. New parents, she bristled at the thought of her little girl. Usually she had Claudia with her, but today, Max had taken her, and now she was happy that Max had gone off with their daughter.

“But over state lines,” Agent Delaney said with a smirk. “We could easily take you into custody and give your child to the state foster system…”

Liz bristled at the threat of taking her daughter away.

“Do not threaten me,” Liz demanded.

“We can do anything we want to,” said the agent with a more sinister tone to his voice. “How you could have procreated with one of those people,” he would say, and Liz grew even more upset. “Don’t get so upset, because they are not human, and you had to have a baby with one of them, what does that make your child, or even you?

“Don’t threaten me,” Liz demanded once more. She knew everything was spinning out of control because whatever ground she was on, it was now sinking because with each second, but she bristled once more at the clear discrimination the agent had for her husband and daughter. “My husband and child are very normal, and human. They are more so than you are, and if you cannot see that they are totally normal.”

“We know what your husband can do.,” said the agent.

“So, what if you do” Liz murmured. “My husband is a wonderful and compassionate man, who is caring for our child while I work” she thought of the shifts she had taken at the local diner, that was very different from the Crashdown and she also had a second job as a receptionist in the local doctor’s office. She and Max had decided that someone should be home with Claudia until she got older.

Max made the offer to stay home. Because he knew his wife deserved to work towards whatever her dreams were now going to be, after forcing her to give up so much and to detour on her ultimate journey.

Liz appreciated it. And wished Max had not had to make such a sacrifice, but they had very little choice because they needed to make money legitimately because Max’s abilities could only take them so far, and if they pushed their luck too much, we might have gotten noticed she thought, because since separating their friends, each going their own way. Max and Liz found it easier to blend in. They were just any normal nineteen-year-old newlyweds who were new parents and had left home because of their parents’ disapproval of their union. Which is probably not a stretch from her side of it because Mom and Dad were only starting to warm up to Max before we left, so for us to vanish like that… She knew they might back on the “against” side.

So, it was an easy cover story to give to people but one she knew she could not give the authorities because they knew too much as she was finding out.

As she thought of her new life. Not as a college freshman but of a working woman. Even though today, she had been off from both jobs which was a rarity and now she wished she was at work, but then if she were, the alternative would be to have her husband and daughter be here at the apartment, all alone she knew, and she knew she would not want that, so she gladly was willing to make this sacrifice.

“I think you will.”

Liz did not know what was with the change in tone. It was making her weary. “What on earth are you talking about?” she demanded.

“I think you will be stopping this abomination, and you will leave your husband and daughter, and if you don’t then we will arrest your husband give your daughter away to foster care, and you will never see them again.”

“Hell, I will,” Liz said with all the muster she could gather as the demand started to sink in.

Holy Crap.

“And when we are done with you, then we will go and collect the others,” said the agent.

“If you think I will leave my husband and daughter, then you are sadly mistaken” Liz said passionately.

“It sounds like we have some convincing to do, but you will take us up on our offer, or we will make you” the agent murmured. “And we have our ways,” as he went to grab Liz’s arm and she twisted it around, so quickly and it felt like an electrical shock through her system and they both were forced back, in shock.

But the agent was almost gleeful at the newest development, and Liz knew she was seriously in trouble now. “I thought so,” said the man. As he grabbed her, not so gently this time, “You are coming with us,” the agent murmured with a more sinister tone. “If you do anything to stop this, then I will have one of my people stand in front of his building and we will scoop your husband and daughter up as soon as they come home.”

“And you know what will be happening to them…”

She did.

And she was petrified.

Not for herself. But for Max and Claudia as they left the apartment and unfortunately for Liz or as people knew her, Shirley Roy. There was no one in the normally crowded hallway as they went to the elevator, so there was no one who could ask where she was going, or to tell Max that something was seriously amiss.

When he came home, holding their little girl. The apartment was empty.

No Liz.

No answers, until everything vanished before his very eyes. And even then, he would not know the whole story for eighteen more years.
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Family Matters - Chapter 47 - 09/20/2023

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And now,

Are you serious? Claudia was asking herself as she stood in shock at her mother’s remembrance. It was not anything she had expected to hear. Although truthfully, she had not known what she had expected to hear, but it was not this, not in a million years and she did not know what to say to her mother that could make some sense of this. What can I say? Because it did appear as if to her that her mother looked haunted, and like she had experienced much more than a simple meeting. How can it be a simple meeting “Are you okay?”

Are you Liz, are you okay?

She did not know.

But she felt nauseous, and she wanted to run. Because she did not want to remember how decisions had been made that had taken everything from her because it was the better alternative than losing my family she thought.

Even though that was exactly what would happen.

But even she could take it because she knew Max would be at a disservice if picked up, and put in jail, because she knew her husband too well and knew he would take the blame to save Isabel and Michael, and she knew if their daughter was put in foster care. We will never get to see her again, she thought. Even worse, Liz would not have put it against the government for having engineered some kind of adoption that would take Claudia away from them.


Especially if they believed it would solve their issues. Especially because it was not clear that their daughter had specific talents that could make it pretty apparent that she could be only Max’s daughter. Because there was no trying to pull a fast one on the government, and truthfully, she and Max did not know any difference because their daughter was only a little more than three months old. How can we know?

I still don’t know what all my daughter can do she would realize because her daughter was now her own person. And there was very little Liz could do about it.

Because to the government, it would be as simple as out of sight, out of mind. It would be someone else’s problem.

And there was no way Max and/or her could get free of the hold of the government, and they would not be able to get their daughter back because they would be labeled, troubled and marked as unreliable, and unworthy.

She could not have that. Therefore, she needed to protect her husband and her little girl, even if her methods would look cold and heartless to the outside world.

And those who did not know the truth.

Which was everyone.

And now she wanted to run. As the memories and the feelings were taking over, Claudia could see something was going on with her mother. She had grown up with her mother and she had certainly seen her mother overwhelmed before, and especially since coming to this town, when we have seen each other but still this was different something for an eighteen-year-old to see such horror on her mother’s face.

It was like she was re-living something. Like she has experienced many horrors.

“Mom?” Claudia asked.

“It’s okay honey,” Liz murmured as she came back to reality a whole new reality that I have been living for eighteen years she knew even though she knew she was really not okay, and she was being swamped and overwhelmed by forces that were determined to destroy them, and even though they weren’t to worry about now, yet she could not help but think about that day.

Those 24 hours…

Before she finally caved and made a deal and therefore, she was released and able to go home. She had explained to Max that Maria had called, and they had met in private. A brazen lie. And she was sure Max had seen through it, because they both knew that he had ways in his communication link with Michael and Isabel that she plain didn’t. Something that was always fine with her because she liked her limited abilities, until that day, that is…

Now she wished she had been stronger but then those jerks would have had ways to through to her either way, even if I had the strongest of abilities she knew. Especially once we were out of that apartment and in that facility, she thought, as it still comes up in those nightmares she had had for many years after she left her life.

Even though she had made peace with what she had done. Because she knew the alternative.

She could not risk Max and Claudia.

She knew what it looked like when she had taken Claudia and walked away from her husband and forced both to be without the other. But she could not take the chance something would happen, and they would have reneged on the deal. She somehow figured Max could deal with himself, find a way out of it. But Claudia…

She was my baby, she thought. Even though she was no longer that baby and Liz was now looking at said child, who was clearly looking like a woman today and it only added to the memories that were attacking her system. All she knew was that she could not lose her, and she could not allow them to renege on the deal and take her daughter away from them. If Claudia was me, then she was safe.

Max would agree with me that was the priority.

Everything she had been saying had been covering up her real fears. Losing Max and Claudia permanently, with no second chances, and therefore, she was willing to sign the dotted line as long as they allowed her to take her baby with her.

They were not happy about that one Liz remembered. But she knew she had them. If they wanted her to walk away from the love of her life, then they had to compromise and allow her to bring her baby.

“Mom?” Claudia asked once more as it became clear that her mother had drifted back into whatever world she was occupying. “Are you okay?” she wondered.

“Seriously, I am fine” Liz muttered, and she knew the instinct to run was not going to help this situation as it was now. I am too old to run, she thought. Although when in this town, old instincts seemed only natural as she looked again at her daughter, with different eyes. Old and tired ones, and who had seen the weight of the world and her daughter was so fresh face and did not know what it meant to be in this life. Thanks to me she would acknowledge. “You should believe me.”

“I don’t,” Claudia muttered.

Because how could she. Because it was clear to her that her mother was not okay. And she did not know what to do about it. After all, she was too inexperienced because the life she had been living before coming to this town was not the one her mother had experienced. It was very different. And therefore, she was not used to this version of her mother. Still, she could not help but be hung up on what her mother had voiced to her. “Are you seriously telling me that they wanted to you leave Dad and me?”

“Yes,” Liz said simply.

“That is crazy,” Claudia asked horrified at the mere possibly of losing her mother. Sure, she missed having her father, but at least I had Mom she thought as she starting to come to the realization of the impact of the decision that her mother had made, but it still hard to deal with she thought. We are different people, and we never really got each other. But still she could not help but be hung up on the idea that it could have been so different. The government could have given me away. She murmured. She knew the government could be cruel and she was often weary of it, even before it was her birthright to be weary of the government according to Mom’s journal. “They wanted you to leave me and Dad?” she asked. “We would have been left without you?”

“That was the idea,” Liz murmured but she had no confidence in that they would have allowed Max and Claudia to live together normally because simply walking away was never going to be the solution she knew. She also knew that the government as she knew it was simply too sinister not to take back the deal. But at least if I had Claudia with me, she thought. I held a tiny sliver of leverage because I could expose that she and Claudia were different, assume that we were, and we were not that certain of Claudia yet, she knew. She could hold it over their heads, which is why they gave me a bodyguard to make sure I did not stray from the deal.

I could take Claudia.

As long as I stayed away from Max.

That was the deal.

And she had to keep to the deal to protect my daughter she knew. Because at any time everything could change if she did not keep to the letter of the agreement. An agreement signed in blood, literally.

My blood, she thought. As she could hear the screams once more. And yet she did not know if they were really what happened because it had been eighteen years and they had done a number on what she remembered and what had gotten tangled up, and therefore she could not trust her memories of that time. But still the nightmares she had experienced in those early days were intense and crystallized so much of why she had to run.

Fortunately, her little girl had been too young to know exactly what had happened to her mother, and what she had sacrificed to protect her, and so Claudia did not have memories of those intense days. Because how could she? Liz murmured. Thankfully. Even though she knew her daughter had been imprinted by different sacrifices and memories. Because she did not know. Claudia could not know what it all meant.

And she could see her mother was feeling the weight of it.

“Mom, what did they do to you?” Claudia asked, bursting into her own trance. Because she was too old, and not naïve as her mother might think to think it was as simple as coming of terms with that time. Because too much was on the line she knew. Certainly, Mom’s journal showed how much she loved Dad she thought. Still, I do not get it all, but still… It made her curious. “To get you to go for the deal. I mean, how did you get to switch the terms?”

“I don’t want to talk about what I may have experienced,” Liz murmured as the memories were once more taking over, as if they ever really stopped. She was finding it was probably the same for her former husband when he had to go through the aftermath of that White Room. It is hell to talk about it she thought. Because she could not help but remember those early days, before I broke up, she thought of the misguided notion she had to get away from it all. Max needed me, before we broke up, and I ran, she thought. It began a tendency she knew although why I ran was for a good reason she murmured as she still hung on to it. No matter the collateral damage. She needed to do it because she could have lost more than she gained by saying no she knew. There would be no gains, if I said no, she also knew, only brutal loss.

Forever loss. So, she looked at her daughter and knew what she had done was the right thing. “All you need to know is that I did what I did to protect you and your father.”

Claudia could not help but nod.

Yet Liz felt for her daughter, and the confusion she knew her daughter felt. And she knew that she was only adding to it. She wished it all could be so different. We should have had a normal life, she wished. But when were our lives ever normal, she thought. Not since the day before the shooting, she thought. As she glanced at her daughter. Looking so beautiful and old. “Honey, I love you, and I KNOW you are eighteen, but you will always be my tiny little baby that I made all those sacrifices for, so that I could keep you, and it could have been so different so easily. “You are now eighteen, And I know I have to keep on remembering that because there are times that I think of you as being my little girl. I know you want your own life, and you have not yet begun to carve that out, and I hope you do whatever you have a passion for. If you do. I will support it. Maybe I will not always understand your choices. But even then, with that support, I will always worry about you, because at any time it could change because you are very special to me, and to your father, and unlike any kid you know,” she murmured as she thought of that specific memory. You might not be able to be given away anymore, she sighed fortunately she knew. “But there is a lot of trouble you can still find.”

Claudia did not know what to say. “Things have been fine,” she muttered even though she did not know enough to have certainty behind those words. Because she had been alive in a time when she did not know what it meant to be living on the edge of your seat, waiting for it all to go up in flames.

As it would eventually do, on the eve of their high school graduation
she thought. And it would set us on a different course, and therefore Claudia is living a different life.

“I know they have been, and eventually I was allowed out of that deal, and we were able to have a life without restriction,” Liz murmured. “JJ came into it, and we were very fortunate.”

Claudia nodded. She might have grown up during those years. But she had never gotten any indication that they lived behind a fence, and it was all so restrictive. Maybe there were warnings she conceded. The alias’s because Claudia Diane Roy would not cut it anymore. She had not known that name. She knew others, she thought. Until it all ended, and she was able to take back her birth name. The one on her birth certificate that was not even filed with the government for many years. She would not even know that until she was older, and she discovered that they had been totally off the grid during her first months on this earth. And then Mom left my father and took me…

“I like Archie,” Liz sighed as she came back to today’s problem. “That is not the issue I have,” she sighed. He might be older, but he is nice and kind. “I only wish that you were not that serious at this point in your life. Because you have a chance here, and I know there is very little I can say because I was even younger when I found your father, and I was married when I was your age. But because I settled down and I was forced into roles I was not ready for at the time, I wish you would concentrate on establishing your life before you settle down into anything serious.”

“What life?” Claudia asked. “I don’t know what I want to do or be,” she murmured.

“I know you don’t,” Liz sighed. “But you are young, and you have time to figure it out, if you don’t settle down too soon,” she said pointedly. And Claudia could only roll her eyes, “I know, I know” she muttered. “I am not you Mom.”

“I know you are not,” Liz murmured. All kids want to be different from their parents and most of the time they are, but unfortunately there are aspects of Claudia that make her so much like, she knew. “I know don’t want you to be me,” she sighed. “I never wanted you to be, Claudia. I want you to be yourself. I want you to find your own dreams and be your own person. I know I am unlikely to like everything you do, but you are only young once. And honey, I know from experience because my life was harder than it should have been, and therefore, I do not want you to be like me. And I am sure your father would think the same.”

“Yeah, whatever” Claudia muttered not that I know the man she thought of the attempt by her mother to bring her father into the conversation, as she did not particularly like the implications either that her mother’s life was so much harder, because of me, she thought.

It was not, it was only because of the larger part of all this, within their life.

“Honey,” Liz murmured with a weary sigh.

“I know, I know, I have time” Claudia muttered with her own sigh as she shook away any bad thoughts. “You always knew what you wanted to be, I don’t.”

“But I did not get it entirely on my own terms,” Liz sighed. “Life often will change the paths in which we travel.”

Claudia nodded.

“I have to go and pick up your brother” Liz said softly as she checked her watch and winced. Because JJ was a very real example of how one’s life changes, and brings unexpected joys into one’s life, and takes them in different directions she thought of her little boy, and how she needed to straighten out my life so that his life can be better and much easier than his sisters. His first months were a lot harder than they should be, so he deserves some easier times but unfortunately, he has found too much uncertainty in the last months.

“Where is he?” Claudia muttered.

“The library,” Liz acknowledged. “A young person event…”

Claudia nodded.

“I love you honey,” Liz sighed she knew her daughter doubted that, and that is fine she thought, eventually we have to see things, the same…


Maybe, hopefully…

“Are you going to make me throw Archie out?” Claudia murmured. “For the duration of his stay?” she murmured, because she did not know how long he was planning on staying for that matter, because he had been vague about that…

“You are eighteen,” Liz sighed. “I don’t get a vote on your love life.”

“This is your place, you own it. Not me” Claudia murmured.

Technically I don’t own it, Liz murmured. The Parker family owns it, she sighed because once her father knew Liz wanted to take it over, he chose not to sell it, but transfer the lease over to Liz. As a result, Liz planned to compensate her parents for the foreseeable future. “It is all of our place,” she corrected. “This is a chance for all of us to make something different from what we had before…”

Claudia nodded. “It more your place, because I don’t know it” she sighed as she remembered her first impressions of the place when she first encountered it, only a few days ago she remembered. “JJ and I never came to visit your parents, our grandparents” she murmured. Before Grandma and Grandpa moved to their retirement community she sighed because she did miss her grandparents even if it could grate on her nerves, their ability to be overprotective when I was staying with them, she sighed of the changes her life had been under during the last year. But it made her wonder. “Why did you keep us away?” she asked of her mother. “Maybe it was true you could not come back when I was a kid, and before JJ came into our lives but eventually you were let out of whatever deal you had made with those people…” she murmured but it also made her think, how did we become free. “And what happened there, why did they allow us to become free?” she asked as she knew she had diverted from her original question.

“Changing governments. Belt tightening during the recession, funding cuts” she muttered and knew they were the easy answers. Oversight got tighter and a Special Unit, who was created to track innocent human beings, no matter their status was frowned at, during that time she knew, although she also knew today was a whole new ballgame, but back in those days. A unit with fuzzy funding of her bodyguard became complicated and so the government would close up shop, and it allowed her to do whatever she wanted to. And therefore, she would be totally free.

It had been a startling feeling she remembered, to be free.

But she also had been at a loss to know what she wanted to do. So, she and her daughter would settle in New York where she would go to school. Because it was as far away from Roswell as we could get and she concentrated on her studies and found JJ, and adopted him, and she and her children would begin new lives that would lead them to Boston where she climbed the ladder in science until the pandemic burnt that life to the ground.

Claudia did not know half of what her mother had to go through, but it did sound believable to her, but she also knew there was probably more to the story.

There has to be, right?

Who the hell knows
, Claudia muttered to herself as she saw the emotion still on her mother’s face and she knew she would not be able to imagine what her mother had to go through. So, she did not want to make it worse for her, but she also had to know more, the why “Why did you stay gone?”

“What do you mean?” Liz asked, even though she probably knew where this was going.

“Why did we stay gone?” Claudia asked. “We settled in New York for a time, and that is where JJ came into our lives, and then we moved to Boston where you found work” she murmured of their new life in Massachusetts. The first destination where she could be Claudia Diane Evans she thought. She was about eight years old by that time. So, yeah, she knew her life was a little odd. It was odd but I thought everyone had that kind of life she thought, but as she got older and especially by the time we moved to Boston, she certainly saw that their life was different, and not everyone had different names, and were able to go back to their birth names when you are like eight.

If you could call our lives normal, she thought.

So, she continued with her questions about her mother, whether her mother wanted them asked or not. “I get we had to stay gone during those first years even if I don’t quite understand it,” she murmured. “You had to leave Dad, and you got them to agree to bring me, so we left him. And we had a bodyguard until I was like eight,” she muttered. “We left where we were living and moved to New York, and then to Boston, so, why did we not come back to Roswell. Why did we stay away?”


That was an excellent question and Liz knew it. And she hated the answer.

Even though she knew the answer. Because it was thorny and complicated. Just like our lives are now…

So, why would the answer not be the same thing. But it was also as simple, “I was afraid.”

“What?” Claudia asked. Because she was unsure of what to say. She had expected many answers but not the one she got. “You were afraid to come back and see Grandma and Grandpa?” she asked. “They saw us, when we were on our travels, brief sure, but they did come and visit us, so why would you be afraid?”

“Of course, they did” Liz would acknowledge. Although Mom and Dad never knew the truth of the situation or why I suddenly ended my marriage. Which is something they only knew of that passage in my journal, one that I sent back to Dad, so they could understand why I ran. So, to them they had finally gone off with Max, to withstand their disapproval.

And to save Max.

Not that they were disapproving at the end but still, they did not understand until I sent the journal, and which is why they did not do what I requested…

“Burn the journal out by the ruins of the pod chamber, where my husband was born,”
she remembered telling her father in that letter she had sent with the journal after their flight from town. So, they knew about our marriage.

So, Mom and Dad were at a loss to explain why I suddenly ended my marriage and vanished with Claudia because they would not know about their granddaughter until Max came back to Roswell with our vows now meaningless. And a divorce on the horizon. She was not happy to know the first time that her parents would find out that they were grandparents was when their no longer son-in-law told them.

Which was, as she would later on learn from Maria, was what started her parents to soften towards Max.

And she stayed gone from her parents’ lives for a while longer, until she got them to visit her, without telling them what was going on. The only brief time the bodyguard would go away so not to get her parents to ask questions.

Those visits until we were in New York and free, and it was a breather that I needed, she thought. But it never lasted.

We were not that lucky.

But eventually freedom would come. But I could not come back even though I should have, she knew.

But she did not.

“Mom?” Claudia asked.

“Sorry,” Liz murmured. “Your grandparents never knew all of it. If your father just learned then I was not going to tell your grandparents. Therefore, I had to stay away from them, but also because…”

“Because of what?” Claudia asked.

Because she was getting some answers, finally she murmured. And they were the ones that she longed for. She needed them to continue before it all ended. Before her mother decided enough was said, and she could not tell her anything more.

“Because I was afraid,” Liz murmured.

“You have already said that” Claudia murmured as she could not help but wonder for a quick second whether her mother was going to stop and leave which would leave her once more with knowledge, something she was realizing she was needing.

Too much of my life has been without knowledge
she was deciding. I might be more secure in my life and know what I want to do with it or start along that process if I knew more and why my life is the way it is.

Liz knew this. Once upon a time, she was a direct path to a life she had been dreaming about from when she was a small child and then she was forced off that path by a sexy, dark hair mystery man from another place.

I did not get that it was another planet altogether, or that my detour would be so life changing. Starting from that moment I was brought from certain death by that sexy boy.

“I know I did,” Liz sighed as she tried to come back to reality. “It just was a time that I was not prepared for, and it significantly changed my life and to come back to this place, this town. I was scared of…”

“Of what?” Claudia asked.

Yeah what? came the sound of a voice.

A sound that was very distinct and it was a voice she would know instantly from anywhere because it came to her for the first time in almost a dream like existence when she was struggling to understand why her life was draining away and she laying on the kitchen floor, shot, with a boy that she could not help but crush on, despite being with someone else as he was pleading her to open her eyes. And to live.

And she would live. And she would come into a unique world, and now she was viewing it once more, two decades removed from those days.


Yes, Max as he was staring at the woman that took a chance at loving him and had even been his wife for a brief moment, and brief year and of course their precious link. Someone who would mean they would never not be linked. Because whatever they would be, whatever we do, we would always share this incredible young woman.

Who was trying to figure out what her life was going to be all about.

Everything now was different, and all Liz could respond with was, “Max, what are you doing here?”


Max did not know why he was here in the Crashdown, or above it. Everything had been confusing to be honest with you. He did not know what to make of any of it. Because while Liz and Claudia were deep within their mother and daughter bubble, down on the street, it was a confusing mess because it had not elicited any answers.


Because Archie had not wanted to talk about it. And once he realized who he was looking at, namely Max and Isabel. It was almost like he had put two and two together and gotten, a oh, shit and he had rushed off, with his sister trailing him. Only Tripp Valenti was left to provide any kind of explanation, and what he said did not make a lot of sense to Max. So, he was trying to come to terms with the look on Archie’s face.

It was something he could not describe. It was like something stunning had occurred to him, but he did not know what it was.

Tripp did not know whatever it was and could only explain that Archie’s teenage sister had shown up and had just run into her brother.

They would not explain what they had overheard. Something about real names, and victims. Archie had not explained it. And Tripp had wanted to elaborate on it because he did not feel as if it was his right, and it was not like I know he remembered thinking and Max could almost understand that and therefore Isabel who had come across town to do some last-minute errands, could only shake her head and walk away. Leaving Max in a quandary, and unsure of what to do.

So, he found himself wanting to do what he had been planning on doing all along. Seeing his daughter. Not like I could see her mother, he mused to himself. So, he was going to work on what would be just as good. Trying to start a relationship with his little girl who was now a big girl. As they needed to try to figure out where they were going to go from her, which is something he had no answer for, he figured Claudia would not know either.

He certainly would not.

As he knew he was risking pushing her too much because she had spent her life without a father, and neither of us know how to deal with that…

Because it is a whole new role in my life.

So, when things had not gone as planned, on the street. Which was finding out what was going on. Although I did find it pleasant to know that Archie was not always with Claudia, he thought. But then he did not know anything about Archie.

And he hoped his daughter did, but it was not like I can ask if she does. Because it would get him kicked out of the apartment once more.

And he was not anxious to know the boy. Although he found it weird that the boy’s sister would come to seek him out, if he does even reside here in Roswell, which is something I know he does not, he mused, but why would I quibble about someone else’s family and it was all so much larger for him, because he was still unable to process the fact his little girl was no longer a baby but had someone she cared for.

I remember what that felt like, but he did not want to think about his daughter in such a relationship.

So, he elected to come the old way because he did not think his daughter would be allowing him into the apartment given what had transpired the last time, they had spent time together, when I pushed too much and voiced my opinion too much.

So, I did a little climbing and climbed up the old route, one I knew well, but he did not go through his ex-wife’s bedroom, because it had a new occupant, instead he would go through his former in-law’s bedroom. A place he knew a little from the times he would talk to their daughter on her balcony, and knew one could find their room quite easily, and wondered just how much Jeff Parker might have heard if he was in the apartment, which was rare but was known to happen he knew. But it was a way to talk to his daughter without invading her privacy, and she did not his ex-wife was there, and had moved out for the time being, so I was not invading her personal space he thought, but he remembered those times where he would come out into Liz’s former bedroom, before we were ever a thing he thought, as he thought back to the night where he and Kyle got a little drunk.

Or he got drunk on a mere sip of alcohol. It is weird to be me he knew.

My tolerance for the substances had gotten a lot stronger, he also knew.

But unlike that time, he did not stop to look because he did not think his wife, ex-wife, come on Max he would mutter to himself, she is not here, right?

But it did not take long after he broke into his former wife’s apartment when he heard voices, and while he had missed a sizable portion of the talk and did not know what they were talking about. Still, he had picked up on enough to know what they were discussing.

But the talk was illuminating even if he did not know the backstory. But he could get the sense that mother and daughter were trying to see eye to eye and were trying to form some kind of peace with each other.

He did not have to be aware of the on-going tension to know how dicey it all was, but he had a good sense they were unsettled.

But he did not understand the turn into the conversation and there were things that they were talking about that did not make sense, but he kept watching and was waiting to make an entrance and then his former wife was talking about why she did not come back after things had settled enough to adopt a child he murmured.

It made his ear perk up, and he was curious to hear what she had to say…


Max. Max was now here. And Liz did not know what to even say or think about it. Seeing Max at any time was always an adventure, and it always put her through a lot of emotions that she tried to keep buttoned up. It was never easy to be anywhere near Max. It had always been like this. It is why I did not come back, even when I should have, she knows. I walked away from him, and I could not come back.

Not after breaking his heart, she knew. Even though it kept our daughter from him. It was everything she had to not come back. She did not know how she found the power to stay away. Maybe those first eight years. Every day, she wished she could dream up some scenario and some untapped power she thought. As she said, she never wanted the abilities her husband, Michael and Isabel had, but there were times where they would be handy. I have them, but I can only do so much…

She knew she could not even compare to what the originals could attest to do, she thought. Even Michael had an untapped ability she knew. She could do stuff, but she did not have the ability to do as much. And she was always fine with it, but…

Every day during those eight years she wished she had the ability to get away. But she knew there was too much on the line. So, she did not. She abided by the deal. And she did not break it, and then the day came, and she was free.

Completely free.

She could do whatever she wanted. She could have come back to Roswell, she knew. By then she had known that Max was back here. So, why not come back here.

But she was afraid.

She was not kidding when she told her daughter this, because I did not know what it would mean to come back here and tempt fate she thought. Sure, I was free. But maybe it was all so fleeting, and it could all change.

Max had been able to be free all that time. Even though she knew inaction and allowing Maria to set up her music career and settle into her life would prevent the ability for the government to swoop in and make a scene because Maria was too famous by that time. And while she stood to lose a lot if the government announced that her husband was a murder suspect and not even completely human.

There were a lot of downsides.

There was not so much because Max had kept quiet. And he was not a known commodity, and she was afraid there would be some agent off the off shoot, who would want to make his own name in the government and come out of the woodwork. I still worry about that she knew. It is eighteen years later.

And in this climate, today, anything could happen, and she knew she was taking a chance to come back. And hoping coming back would not attract notice. All I want is to start a new life she thought. Maybe the pandemic will allow us to escape notice she wondered and wondered if a hated pandemic had some uses.

But she was back. And she had to deal with all that it meant. On a number of fronts. And she had been so focused on her daughter, for once she thought, that she had not heard someone come into the apartment. She should have been, because eighteen years of being in this kind of life. She was conditioned to worry.

“Max?” Liz asked once more. “What are you doing here?”

“I could not resist,” Max said simply. “Naturally I did not think you would be here, so I decided to come and see our daughter,” he said softly. Making it very apparent that he was claiming their link. There would be no more shutting things down or thinking of herself as a single mother, without her daughter’s father in the picture which been second nature all these years.

“How did you get in here?” Liz asked.

“The old way” Max said simply.

And it was unexplainable, the way this man had the capacity to make her heart flitter, and her stomach swoon. In ways that were not that strange to her, when she was a fifteen small town girl whose heart was captured by a boy, and it was all so familiar to her, and now it was coming back to her.

And she did not know what to say. Except to say, “Oh”

Claudia did not know what to say because she had been the couple’s only child. A child who had never known her parents together. And had not had that chance since she was too young to know any difference, well, she was now seeing them yet again in this short stay in town. But this was definitely a different scenario than she had experienced before. And she could see the immediacy of the connection between her parents.

A connection that was defying reason.

Why cannot they not be ordinary divorced parents Claudia muttered to herself. Although did she really want that? although it would be easier if things were over, and you did not have to see such a connection between them. And having to ask the question. “Why, did they end their marriage if they love each other this much,” she asked herself of the connection that obviously was still there, and it was a connection that was so weirdly bizarre for her to see, and was confusing her all the more.

Therefore, she did not know what to think.

Wow, this is my mom and dad she thought. Because it was a sight that she had never seen before. And she did not know how to take it, now that she was eighteen.

And it should have been something she had seen when she was younger.

Not once she was legally an adult.

Especially as she was seeing the connection between her parents. And it was not one-sided either. If she had not seen them on the day of their arrival. She would know it today; Dad still loves Mom.

No matter what she has done to him, or what has happened. The way he looks at her, is also a wow.

And again, she did not know what to think about it. But it did make her wonder about something her father did say, the old way she murmured. And her mother did not seem all that shocked, although she seemed to remember some references in her mother’s journal. But it still made her wonder.

“What is the old way?” Claudia asked her parents.

Both of them.

As they seemed to know what they were talking, and what their daughter was talking about. But it was a unique development. To be here, finally, after eighteen years, with their little girl who had only been a baby when they last could look at her, together.

“The balcony,” her mother answered for her former husband. Something she was used to when they were young, and Max wanted to visit. Even when we were not together, she thought. Having a balcony had provided a lot of privacy or so we thought she knew. Because it was such a small apartment, and who knows what it meant if her parents were there.

She did not think they were.

But she never knew for sure. Although Dad would have rained on our parade she knew. She did not know what her mother would have done.

“You came in through the balcony?” asked Claudia as she was getting past that these were her parents, and this was a unique experience. Not seen in her lifetime, or that she had the ability to have a memory of because she had been too young the last time, they were in the same room together, when everything vanquished before her father’s eyes.

And now here they were, in a new decade and all much older than they were back then. “What gives you the right?”

Probably no one Max knew. Because he was taking a chance, and he knew it. And his daughter had every right to be miffed. If she was and she did not know. It was her space. And he knew it. Even though in this case. He had not gone through her room. “I did not come in through your room,” he said. “Which was the old way. I came in a new way. One that I never had the courage or the will to make, back in the day” he said simply as his eyes felt as they were burning as he looked at the only woman who mattered to him.

“Which was?” Claudia asked. As she was not sure of how to take any of this. Because this was so bizarre. She should be like any other product of a divorced couple. Hoping they could be civil towards each other and bracing for war. But knowing any moment where they showed any sign of care was celebrated. But definitely, it should not be like this, not in any scenario that I know of she knew. I should not see how much my parents love each other.

And how cruel it was for them not to be together.

And if life was halfway decent, they would have been together for my lifetime, and would still be together she knew. That was how they were looking at each other.

It was truly weird to be experiencing it. Dad Mom just smiled, she thought. As she was sure she saw smile curl up. And a smirk came from her, as if she knew what her father was talking about. “What way was that?” she asked again.

“Such a way that would have been a no go for me back in your mothers’ day,” Max said softly, and it gave Liz shivers to see the look Max was giving her. And it was clear, no matter what we say to each and no matter the water under the bridge…

These two Claudia murmured. “What would have happened if I had been with Archie?” she asked as she still was not sure what this new side to her life was all about. She was so used to not having a father. She was solo. She had her mother and her brother. But she did not have to think about her father.

And now he was back in a big way.

Claudia’s question made it apparent that this was not yesteryear for Max and Liz. This was not a tiny baby anymore. It was an adult woman. Sure, only eighteen. But still…

“I knew Archie was not up here with you” Max said simply.

“How?” Claudia asked as she was trying to make some sense of what her new existence was, and she could not help but question it too. “Did you do something to make him go away and leave me?”
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Re: Family Matters (CC, Mature) - Chapter 46 - 09/20/2023

Post by Superman86 »

This is getting more and more interesting. I love seeing the dynamic between Max, Liz and Claudia. Hope to see more between them
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Family Matters - Chapter 48 - 09/22/2023

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Of course, not Max wanted to say, and Liz could only sympathize with her former husband welcome to fatherhood she would think, because it is not easy, she thought. Not by a long shot she knew. And she had the chance to have Claudia with her all these years, and once more, she was realizing that she had taken the chance for Max to be a part of his daughter’s life away from him, and she was sorry for it because she knew it was not going to be easy to deal with a fully formed teenager who thought she was more of an adult than she truly was. And it was not like it was when Claudia was younger, and Liz was more of a hero in her daughter’s eyes for her ability to be there for her daughter and son when JJ came into their life. Slowly that would change, once she became a teenager and she slowly figured out she was different than her friends she thought. Not that it would detour her from being a lively and engaging young girl, but it definitely was a wakeup call taking place behind closed doors for her mother.

And she was sorry that Max was only now getting a full view of their daughter’s many moods. As she and Max exchanged a look.

Really Claudia murmured. Is it going to be always like this? she wondered as she was once more getting a look at her parents’ connection. A connection that was confusing her. And yet she could not help but know that deep down that maybe it was always going to be like this, now that we are all in the same town, she muttered because she did not know how she was going to be feeling about it. Because she was not used to any of this.

Even though she had longed for this, all her life. All these eighteen years. Since it was apparent to her that it was only her and her mother, before JJ came into our life, she remarked to herself. But for eighteen years, it had been only her and her mother. Therefore, it was very different to be in the same room as her birth father, and to know that he wanted to be a part of her life. And she did not know what she wanted. When I have always wanted a father…but…


Reality was very different.

And now for the moment she had both of her parents in the same room, and it was unnerving her. Because it was not the life she had led to this point. So, she was her usual self, combative. She knew her father only wanted to be there for her and be a father to me because Mom prevented us from being together but how do you accept having a father at eighteen when you have not had one in your life since you were a baby.

And too young to have any memories.

So, she hung on to her combative nature. “Did you do something to Archie?” she asked as she looked at both of her parents. And wondered if they were conspiring together, seriously, Claudia you are reaching there she told herself. Because she knew her mother would have loved to have gotten rid of Archie a long time ago.

Liz only looked slightly amused that Claudia was turning her ire at Max.

Max only shook his head at the attack coming from his daughter. “What would have I done to him?” he asked as he looked at both his ex-wife and his daughter. This was a different side, and part of his life. Something he had never gotten a chance to be a part of.

“I think we all know what you could have done?” Claudia murmured without spelling it out. And it was something they all knew was in the air, and unexplored. Because the last thing any of them wanted to have to deal with was the ramifications of Claudia having Max’s DNA in her, and his genetic imprint, because of what she could be capable of.

Max could only shake his head. But did not say anything. Because he did not want to touch it. It is too dicey.

And once more Liz felt for her former husband. Because it was not like she wanted to deal with this particular fact of life, and we kept it to ourselves except to warn my daughter, to be careful with how she expressed herself, and in what manner because it might open up a whole lot of worms.

Might she mutter, now. It would…

With them trying to hide or was trying to hide, well, it would have caused problems she mused. Especially in this world that we are in now.

But for Max. He did want to address any of it, or to rain on the parade because he knew it would not help the situation.

And he was prepared to take anything his daughter was going to give him because this had been something he had wanted all these eighteen years, he muttered. Albeit with more of a role as a father than suddenly when she is eighteen and adult in the eyes of the world.

“Claudia,” Liz murmured.

“Don’t” Claudia muttered right back as she looked at both of her parents. “We both know that neither of you want Archie to be here, so of course I could see my dear old Dad trying to cement something with me by getting rid of my boyfriend?”

“You are reaching honey,” Liz muttered. Chances are you would not take it well if he did try to get rid of your boyfriend she knew and knew personally how parents meddling in their kids love lives can affect family relationships, and I was even younger than Claudia is now.

“Why would I not think that?” Claudia asked. “You kept us apart. Dad and me, I mean” she muttered because the one thing she could say was that her mother did not keep her and Archie apart when they were in Boston because she was working too much she knew. So, she could not even if she wanted too… But I know she was hoping.

“There were reasons for that, as I was just explaining to you” Liz said. “And none of it has anything to do with Archie.”

“She is right,” Max said. “How could I do anything even if I were to want to, and why would I? I don’t know the two of you. Or how you are together?”

“Because of Mom” Claudia murmured.

“Let’s not get into blame,” Max said because he might have a lot of confusion running through over the situation, and a lot of anger over what he was denied but that would not solve anything and therefore he was not going to let their daughter blame his ex-wife. “What happened is in the past, and we cannot go back and change anything. No matter how much we may want too.”

Liz nodded. “You father is right. What past is the past.”

“Whatever,” Claudia murmured. “Fine, let us get back to what we were walking around before,” she muttered. “How did you know Archie was not up here with me?” she asked. “You admitted that you did not know Mom would be here with me, so why would it not be my boyfriend who you knew was here with me?”

“Simple,” Max muttered. “I saw him down on the street.”

“I knew it,” Claudia muttered. “You did something to him?”

“Let your father speak,” Liz said softly. She knew a lot of the tense of this situation was on her because of what she had deprived her daughter of, and the fact she had not come back here before now, and it was going to always make the situation tense. At least I am here, she thought. Because I hate to think of this happening if I were somewhere else, she thought.

Even if she wished she was far away from this town.

Because it was not only Max doing a number on her. It is this town she knew.

“That it is a bit rich coming from you” Claudia murmured.

“Claudia,” Max said softly.

“What?” Claudia asked as if she was daring for her father to say something to defend his former wife. Someone who had hurt him, and deprived him of something fundamental in his life, and it was almost like she was taunting the situation.

I wonder where she gets it, both Max and Liz would ask themselves.

He could say so much more but he just left it simple. “I did not want any of this. And I doubt your mother did either. As I said, I don’t know Archie. Or you two together, so I cannot possibly have an opinion on your relationship or on him, except to wonder how serious you are prepared to be,” he murmured as he glanced at his former wife, and Claudia could only sigh. “But I don’t know the two of you together, and I know better than to get in the middle of a relationship because I did not like it when your grandfather Parker tried to get in the middle of your mother and I back when we were a little younger than you are now,” he murmured as he glanced at Liz once more… As they both knew from experience how it felt to have parental interference in one’s relationship. Even if some of our actions warranted maybe some of the intrusion “But that is not what we are really talking about, because I saw Arche out on the street, out front. And he was striking up a conversation with your cousin.”

“Cousin?” Claudia muttered.

“Sorry, you don’t know the players that well” Max said softly as he this time looked over at his former wife who winced because she was the reason their daughter did not know her family. And her heritage, but that is another conversation all together they both knew. “My sister’s daughter, Kyla.”

“Right,” Claudia muttered. “Met her yesterday.”

“I am glad,” Max said simply without a look to her mother. And Claudia could see the tension was here between her parents. While there was an undeniable chemistry, and both of her parents could not help but eye each other. Still though, there was a level of tension in the midst. And she knew she was feeding it because of her behavior which is something she did not know why she was continuing because it was not like any of them needed any of this. It is impossible to change any of what happened.

Just like Dad said.

Claudia did not say anything. “So, Archie?” she asked.

“Right,” Max sighed. “He was talking to Kyla. And his sister was there also…”

“His sister?” Claudia asked. “Impossible,” she muttered. “She’s back in Boston with their mother?” she sighed. “Archie lives in Colorado.”

“The situation was mysterious,” Max said simply. “I don’t know what was being said or why, but I do know Kyle’s son was also there. And Tripp indicated it was Archie’s sister. They clammed up, and Archie left.”

“Where did he go?” Claudia asked. Focusing on something other than the complicated dynamics of her personal life and family. She knew Archie had massive baggage about his own family, but he is a lot more together than I am she thought. He is close to his sister, but I don’t know her well, and especially not since Archie moved out west.

“Off with his sister, simple as that” Max said. “I did not have to do anything to him,” she sighed. “He did it himself. All I know is he and his sister were talking about something intense, and it did not make a lot of sense and he clammed up,” he said. “I don’t know where he went, but I am sure he will let you know where he is…”

“He better” Claudia muttered. “But that makes absolutely no sense,” she sighed, and was muttering to himself. “Crystal is like sixteen, why would she come here?” she was asking herself. “Archie did not even know he was coming until last minute…”

“I don’t know, you better ask him yourself” Max sighed.

Claudia nodded.

“Honey,” Liz sighed.

“I need some fresh air,” Claudia decided. She was suddenly feeling couped up, and like she needed some fresh air. So much was on the line, and so much she was coming to terms with that she had never had to experience.

“I better go myself,” Liz said softly. “I have to go pick up JJ.”

Claudia felt like she was being given a lifeline. Something constructive to do, to get out of this apartment and away from this situation until she was more grounded, and she was better able to handle it. And she knew the last thing her mother wanted was to really leave his discussion,” she decided. Even if she may want to, she knew. And of course, from the looks of it, Dad does not want Mom to leave...

Love does nothing but gives you headaches she murmured.

“Let me go pick up my brother,” Claudia offered. “I need to get some fresh air, and the walk will be good. He’s at the library, right?’ she asked of her mother.

“Yes,” Liz nodded and sighed at the offer coming from her daughter. “You really don’t have to Claudia. I can go and pick your brother up?”

“I have not seen him much since we have come back together to this town,” Claudia murmured. Acknowledging that a lot of what was promised. Spending time with my brother and getting a better sense of my future is not going as I imagined because coming to this town was opening up something else altogether.

Liz could almost sense what her daughter was thinking, and if she did, she would tell her daughter, “Yes, Roswell has that effect on people” she muttered as she glanced once more at her former husband.

Claudia sighed. She needed to get away from all this. This love stuff sucks she thought. They are in their thirties and have been divorced for nearly two decades and yet they are looking at each other like lovesick teenagers.

I am the teenager, they are not…

So, I will go and actually spend time with my kid brother Claudia muttered to herself. “I think I need to see JJ,” she said. “And maybe figure out where my boyfriend went off too…” she said softly because she was not that off that she would assume her father would have done something to him, I am not that stupid she thought. I know reality she thought. But because she did not know what to do with this situation that was her life. She would rather accuse them of trying to sabotage than to face reality.

“If you want to,” Liz murmured. “If you do, then thank you.”

“Don’t think anything of it,” Claudia murmured as she gave one more look at both of her parents. Taking in it for one more second because even though with all her heart, she wanted this, but it is too much, right now.

Maybe in the future. But not right now.

I do Liz thought as she watched as her daughter look at her and Max once more and then leave the apartment, but instead of heading out via her bedroom, an easy out now she acknowledged. She went out of the more acceptable one. The one Max could not be caught dead using if Mom and Dad were around…

Downstairs she thought.

And Max smiled as if he was thinking the same thing.

He was.

Some life they both thought.

“Were you telling the truth about Archie?” Liz asked.

“Of course,” Max said softly. “As much as I would love to run him off. I know too much about what it would look like, and that would not make me a winner in the end. Because it would cost me any relationship Claudia and I are able to create,” he sighed, as he murmured. “That would be the last thing I would be wanting,” he said softly. “At least not until after I have at least some months behind us, then only a few days.”

“Max, I am sorry.”
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