Birthright *Series* Season 2 (CC, TEEN), Chapter 75, 12/31/19

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Re: Birthright *Series* Season 2 (CC, TEEN), Chapter 75, 12/31/19

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keepsmiling7 wrote: Tue Dec 31, 2019 7:36 pm Congratulations, you did make it back. But do we have to wait until Spring for more??

Hello again--thanks for sticking around! I would absolutely love it if it didn't take that long, and maybe it won't. But I'm realistic to a fault, so I'm going worst case here. Fingers crossed that won't happen!
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Re: Birthright *Series* Season 2 (CC, TEEN), Chapter 75, 12/31/19

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Just saw the update, for some reason my email did not ping me at the time of your posts.

Reading the chapter was like settling in with old friends.
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Re: Birthright *Series* Season 2 (CC, TEEN), Chapter 75, 12/31/19

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Wow, I read through the whole series from Book 1 to Book 6 season 1. When I realized Book 6 season 2 is WIP I was really bummed :( . Fingers crossed that you can finish it sometime, but its been 2 years since an update so I just want to say I love the story and I'm still glad i read what is here :D . 2 thumbs up
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