In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 49 12/4/22

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) AN 9/30/19

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I'm missing your story!
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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) AN 9/30/19

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Hope your writer's block clears soon so we can enjoy more of this story.
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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) AN 9/30/19

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Please please please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? I can't wait to find out what will happen next for Max and Liz. I'm hoping for a Max and Liz happy ending.

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) AN 9/30/19

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Finally was able to activate my account!! Great story, come back soon
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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) pt 46 11/15/22

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I am back after a very long delay. Hope you enjoy this new part. But Don't count on fast updates for now.

Part 46

Liz sat across from Max at C.D.’s. They had both ordered burgers and were waiting for them.

“So that call I got earlier was my mom. Isabel had her baby this morning.” Said Max
“That's great.”
“A little girl. Stephanie Elizabeth Whitman. 7 pounds 4 ounces. 19 inches long.”
“That is really great. Isabel agreed for the baby's middle name to be Elizabeth?”
“Liz, she has always known about what Sean did to make you break up with me.”
“Why didn't she say anything?”
“Because she understood. Caitlin was defenseless against Sean back then. Still is. Isabel told me if she would have made the same choice in your place.”
“Remind me to thank Isabel.”

Max smiled. He didn't know how he could let this beautiful woman leave him like she did.

“Max, are you ok?”
“Yeah. I was just wondering how I let you get away.”
“You didn't I pushed you away to protect my cousin. I want to have Caitlin come down soon and spend a week with me.”
“She is in school. So you have to wait for a break.”
“I know. But I am also worried that Sean is going to go after her.”
“You know that Sheriff Valenti is going to keep an eye on her.”
“I know. Besides she also has my “adopted brother" looking out for her, and her boyfriend.”
“I forgot that Michael kind of adopted you as his sister.”
“Yeah I use to find it annoying but now I like it. I know that he will do everything he can to protect Cait.”
“He will. Just like I will protect you and our babies.”
“You really mean that? I mean about them being our babies?”
“I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it. Liz, DNA doesn't make a family. It is people who love each other.”

Max then leaned over and gave her a kiss.

“I think there are laws about making out in public.” Said Serena with a laugh sitting down with them.

Max and Liz broke apart and looked at their friend.

“So what brings you by to annoy us?” asked Max
“Just missing Kyle and the fact that I have news I want to tell him. But I can't. So I guess the two of you get to hear it.”
“What is it Rena?” asked Liz
“Well it looks like your baby will have a cousin close to their age. I am pregnant.” Said Serena
“That is great. But it turns out I am having twins.” Said Liz
“Twins?! Boys or girls or one of each?” asked Serena
“One of each. We are going to name them William Jeffery and Danielle Maria Evans.” Said Max
“That is great. But I know my mother is going to try and find a way to take them from you.”
“That will never happen. I mean I have a court order for no contact from her or anyone else in your family other than you.” Said Liz
“That has never stopped Victoria Anastasia Beaumont Bower before.” Said Serena
“Well she better stay away or I will not be responsible for what happens to her.” Said Liz

Both Max and Serena could see a look of steel in Liz's eyes that they never saw before.


Kyle kept his face hidden as he watched his girlfriend’s mother walk through the building. She was looking over the girls with the look of indifference on her face. He knew to her these girls were noting but a way to add to her already over loaded pockets.

“You have buyers for all of them?” asked Victoria
“Yes ma'am. That six year old is going to a guy that is paying half a million to get her untouched.” Said Robert the man in charge.
“Very good.”
“Two of the older ones are going to be bought by this guy that makes snuff porn.”
“What are those?” asked Victoria
“That is where the girl gets murdered during the filming of the movie.” Said Robert
“I see. Just as long as I make money you and the others get paid.”
“I know boss.”

Just then the doors burst open and dozens of police officers and Texas Rangers stormed in. Victoria tried to make a run for it but Kyle chose that moment to reveal his identity.

“You aren't going anywhere Victoria you are under arrest for sex trafficking, promoting child pornography, endangering the welfare of a minor and just being a plain old bitch.” Said Kyle placing a pair of handcuffs on her.
“I will have your badge for this you idiot. What my brat of a daughter sees in you I have no clue. But you will be the one in a prison cell once I am done with you.” Said Victoria
“Not a chance.” Said Kyle
“If I were you Mrs. Bower I would keep my mouth shut. We have enough evidence to put you away for a very long time. Not just on these charges but on charges of trying to bribe a judge.” Said Texas Ranger Cordell Walker

Kyle handed Victoria off to a female officer. She was still running her mouth off.

“Kyle, go see your girl. She should hear about her mother from you not the news.” Said Walker
“Yeah though at this point I am not sure she will be shocked that she is the only non criminal in her family.”
“Well her former sister in law isn't one. In fact she could be seen as a hero.” Said Ranger Sydney Cook
“Well if my stepsister's cousin were to her Liz Parker's cousin that could change ma'am.” Said Kyle
“Valenti, call me ma'am again and I will kick your ass understand?” said Sydney
“Yes Ranger Cook.”
“Besides I don't think my wife would charge Liz with a crime if she were to harm Sean DeLuca for hurting her cousin. We would all just see it as defense of another person.” Said Walker

Kyle smiled. He liked working with the Rangers. But now it was time to head home and see the woman he wants to marry.
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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 46 11/15/22

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Thanks for the great update. Now I have to go back and reread the entire store to refresh my memory.
We are pleased you are hanging in.
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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 46 11/15/22

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Carolyn You aren't the only one who had to reread this to remember where I was going.

Part 47

Caitlin sat in a booth in the Crashdown across from David sharing a plate of chili cheese fries and drinking milkshakes. She really like David more than anyone she had met. Not that she had even been on a date. Her father would not let her date until she turned sixteen. She was hoping that her Uncle Jeff would let her start dating now that she was fifteen. She knew that Liz was dating at fifteen. But that didn't mean she was going to be able to. But the fact was she had never even wanted to until she met David. He was not like any guy she had known.

“Cait, you know that I like you a lot.” Said David
“I like you too.”
“The thing is I want to take you on a real date.”
“I want to go on a date too. But I need permission from Uncle Jeff. He is going to want to meet with you and know exactly what you plan to do with me on this potential date.”
“Well it would include dinner. How do you feel about bowling?”
“Well I was on my seventh grade bowling team. Even was the captain.”
“So you like to bowl.”
“Yeah my dad taught me. But I haven't been since my parents died. But I would like to go again.”
“I guess I should talk to your Uncle.”
“That would be a good idea. He is working the grill right now.”
“Wish me luck.”

David got up and headed through the door to the back and to the kitchen door.

“Mr. Parker?”

Jeff turned to look at his niece's friend.

“Yes David?”
“Um Mr. Parker I was wondering if it would be ok to take Caitlin out on a date. I really like her and she likes me.”

Jeff hid a smile. He liked this young man.

“Where will this date take place and when?” asked Jeff
“Well I was thinking of taking her to dinner. Maybe Señor Chows and going bowling. Maybe Saturday night. Um like around six?”
“That is just after sunset right?”
“Yes sir. I am Jewish and that is the end of the Sabbath. My mom is really a stickler for observing the Sabbath.”
“Well if my niece wants to go I don't see it as a problem. Just know she does have a curfew. She will have to be home by 10pm. Being in the Crashdown does count as home.”
“Thank you sir.”
“David, I know you are a good kid. As long as you don't hurt Caitlin, I have no problem with you dating her.”
“Thank you sir.”
“Now go and tell Caitlin she is allowed to go out with you.”

David smiled and headed back to the booth. Nancy smiled at her husband.

“You are getting softer.” Said Nancy
“Nance, look at Cait. Have you seen her that happy since she came to live here?”

Nancy looked at the teenage girl as she hugged the young man she had been hanging around with. She had to admit it was good to see her smile.


Serena was curled up watching a movie on the sofa when she heard the apartment door open. She turned to see a scruffy looking Kyle walk in. She jumped up from the sofa and ran into his arms.

“I missed you so much Kyle.” Said Serena giving him a kiss.
“Missed you too honey. Rena, there is something I have to tell you.”
“I have something to tell you too.”
“Rena, it is something I don't know how you will react. So I am just going to say it. Your mom was arrested tonight. She was the head of the sex trafficking ring.”
“Why does that not surprise me? I always knew that she was a bitch. Now she is joining the rest of my family in prison.”
“You ok? I mean it is not everyday that you find out that your mom is bring young girls across the boarder to be sexually assaulted for their own gain.”
“To be honest nothing about my family surprises me any more. I mean at this point I wouldn't be surprised if you told me that half of Roswell are really alien refugees.”
“Well as far as I know they aren't but you never know. Now what is it that you have to tell me?”
“I'm pregnant.”
“Pregnant? As in we are having a baby?”
“Yes unless there is another kind of pregnant I don't know about. I mean I did go through nursing school and I would think they would bring it up if there was.”
“This is great news. I mean that is if you want this baby.”
“Kyle of course I want this baby! I love you and want a family with you.”
“I want that too. In fact I have been meaning to ask you to marry me.”

Kyle pulled out a ring and Serena knew that he had been planning this. That he was not just asking because she just told him she was pregnant.

“Rena will you marry me?” asked Kyle
“Yes. I will marry you. I want the wedding in Roswell with your family. Liz is the only one I want that I consider family. Do you think that Mrs. Evans will be willing to draw up papers to get a no contact order for my parents and brother?”
“I think it would not hurt to ask. I mean your dad and brother are convicted of funding terrorism and there is enough evidence to your mother away for a very long time if not the rest of her life.”
“When can we go and tell your family we are having a baby and getting married?”
“Well I got to go in tomorrow and finish up some paperwork but after that I am being given a couple weeks off.”
“So next week? I can take some time off so we can go for a few days.”
“Sounds good.”
“We should think about looking for a house.”
“Yeah that might be a good idea.”
“Are you happy about the baby? I mean we haven't really talked much about kids.”
“Rena, I love you. I want a family with you. I know that I have issues due to my mom leaving when I was a kid. But my dad was great and when he married Amy she never treated me as anything but her son. I get that you might have issues thinking you could be like your mother. But I know that isn't going to happen. First because you actually care about people. Second no one could be worse than your mom.”
“Thanks I needed to hear that.”
“Anytime my love.”

Kyle kissed Serena and they headed for bed.
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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 47 11/20/22

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"chili cheese fries" favorite!
I'm happy for Kyle and Serena, but she certainly has a bad family history.
Thanks for the update.
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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 47 11/20/22

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Carolyn I am not a fan of chili cheese fries. But they are big in the Detroit area. Serena may have a few good family members. But they have not been around much for her.

Part 48

Outside the Crashdown Sean DeLuca sat in his pickup truck watching the young teenage girl with some boy. He had seen the boy around and knew he was in school with the girl he was watching. There was a knock on his window and he found himself face to face with his cousin. He smirked as he opened the window.

“What's up M?”
“What are you doing here scumbag?”
“Just sittin.”
“You are not welcome anywhere near here. In fact Jim told you that you not to set foot in this town. So get lost and stay away from the girl.”
“Here is the thing I ain't got to listen to you. I will do what I want. So get out of my life.”
“Get lost or I will tell Mr. Parker that you have your eye on screwing his niece. You know what happened last time you tried to do something like that to a member of his family.”
“You are lucky that loser knocked you up or I would kick your ass.”
“Get out of here DeLuca or I will beat the crap out of you.” Said Michael

Sean glared at the two of them and drove off.


Max sat on the sofa in Liz's house with her curled up in his arms while they were watching the Flash on tv. He smiled at her. She looked up at him with a raised eyebrow.

“What Max?”
“I just never took you for a superhero geek.”
“Well it kind of helps that Grant Gustin the guy playing the Flash is cute. I mean not as cute as you. But still cute.”
“I kind of think that girl playing Caitlin is cute.”
“That is Danielle Panabaker playing Caitlin Snow. She was also in Sky High. I actually am a Snowbarry.”
“I ship Barry and Caitlin as a couple. But that is like never going to happen. Barry is going to end up with Iris West.”
“Iris is that is the one that is a reporter?”
“She is also like his foster sister.”
“That is a little creepy.”
“Yeah but she was also like his only friend when they were kids after his dad went to prison for killing his mom which he didn't actually do.”
“Who killed his mom?”
“The Reverse Flash who came back in time to kill Barry, but Future Barry came back and saved his younger self so his mom died instead.”
“That is kind of weird.”
“Max it is a show about a guy that runs faster than the speed of sound. Based on a comic book.”

Max turned back to the tv and his eyes went wide at what he saw.

“What the hell did Caitlin just shoot icicles out of her hands at that long haired guy?”
“That is Cisco also known as the superhero Vibe. Yes she is turning into Killer Frost. Killer Frost in the comics started out as a villain but kind of becomes more of an antihero and joins the Justice League.”
“Ok. What the hell? Did she just try and turn the Flash into a popsicle with a kiss?”
“Yes. Now just pay attention one of my favorite scenes is going to be coming up soon.”

Max sighed and watched as Liz got a big smile as Barry and Caitlin hugged.

“Can't you see how good they are together? The only other person that was able to reach Caitlin in a rage like that was her mom who she has a complicated relationship with.” Said Liz
“Yeah I guess.”
“Max come on you use to be such a romantic. I mean you were the one that was so into Buffy and Angel.”
“It was a different time, and I only watched that show because Isabel wouldn't let me change the channel.”
“It's the truth!”
“Max, it's ok I am not judging.”
“I love you Liz.”
“Love you Max. I can't believe that you forgave me for not telling you the real reason for breaking up with you.”
“Liz, I understand. I would have helped you protect your cousin.”
“She still needs to be protected. Sean is still out there. If he finds out about us getting back together he will go after her.”
“You know Michael will watch out for her. So will the rest of our group back in Roswell. Besides doesn't your dad still have that shotgun?”
“Yes. I still remember when Sean walked into the Crashdown after he left me at Buckley point. You would have thought Sean had superspeed.”
“I was there that day. Let's put it this way nearly every guy in school was scared to ask you out. They were scared if they hurt you that your dad would come after them.”
“You weren't.”
“I knew that if I hurt you I deserved to have your dad do his worse to me.”
“You should know you were the only guy I went out with that my dad did kind of like. He hated James nearly as much as Sean.”
“Then why did you marry him?”
“I thought he cared about me. If I had to stay away from you to keep Caitlin safe then I wanted someone that cared about me.”
“Turns out that he was the worst person you could have been with.”
“I know. Max, I have been seeing a therapist. I am glad that you came back into my life. I am going to have to thank Serena some day.”
“She is going to love that.”
“I know. But I am going to be fine with her rubbing that in my face.”
“Which she will.”
“I know.”
“Liz, maybe I should head home.”
“You can spend the night.”
“I don't think that is a good idea.”
“Why? Because you want to make love to me?”
“Well, you know pregnancy does make some women very horny. I am a little horny tonight.”
“Liz are sure this would be safe for the babies?”
“Well you are the one that went to medical school. But from everything I read yes it is very safe.”

Max smiled lifted Liz up and carried her to her bedroom.

A/N I am a big fan of The Flash TV show. The episode that Max and Liz are watching is season 3 episode 7 titled "Killer Frost" which is one of my favorite episodes. On a side note William Sadlar did appear in a season 1 episode of the Flash, and Jason Behr was in a few episodes of The Flash's sister show Supergirl in season 6 playing Supergirl's Kryptonian father.
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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 48 11/27/22

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Loved your add on notes. I watched Supergirl with Jason, but never saw Flash.
I like the direction you are taking Max and Liz now.
Thanks for the update.
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