The Power of Love - AUwA Teen to Mature M/L Chapter 5 (11/6/2020)

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Re: The Power of Love - AUwA Teen to Mature M/L Chapter 4 (9/6/2020)

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Interesting story. Great job.
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Re: The Power of Love - AUwA Teen to Mature M/L Chapter 4 (9/6/2020)

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Looking forward to more!
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Re: The Power of Love - AUwA Teen to Mature M/L Chapter 5 (11/6/2020)

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Chapter Five

Matt waited until almost midnight before he ventured over to Max’s house. He only prayed that Michael would not be crashed on his floor. He lightly tapped on Max’s window.

“What the hell are you doing here, Matt?”

“I think I can answer a lot of your questions. Do you trust me? I can take you to your pod.”

“I know this sounds crazy but for some reason I trust you completely.”

“The road is a little rough we should probably take your Jeep.”

Matt gave Max directions out to the pod chamber.

“Where are we going?”

“Think back you should be able to remember this place.”

“This is the road that Mom and Dad found us.”

A little further down the road, Matt had Max park the Jeep. Matt walked up the cliff to the pod chamber. He waved his hand over the door and a handprint appeared. He placed his hand on the handprint and the door opened.

“This is where the royal four were born 10 years ago.”

“Are Michael, Isabel and I part of the royal four?”


“Are you the fourth alien?”

“No, I'm not. You three were genetically engineered from alien essence and human DNA. I'm an alien human hybrid made the old-fashioned way. My mother was human, and my father was a hybrid.”

“Was your father our fourth?”

“I feel like I'm in a Star Wars movie. I will cut to the chase Max; I am your son. I traveled back in time in an attempt to save us all.”

“How is this even possible? You are the same age as me.”

“Max you were created from the alien essence of late King Zan of Antar. Isabel was your sister Vilandra and Michael was Rath, your second in command. Your bride had been sent with you. She betrayed you in the first life and she betrayed in my timeline. Everyone believed that you sister was the betrayer. I’m from the year 2020. I used the granolith to travel back to yesterday to prevent some things from happening. In my timeline, Liz was shot but you could not stand by and let her die, so you healed her in the Crashdown. There were good things and bad things that came out of the healing. I will start with the good. You finally had to tell Liz the truth about your origins and she did not reject you. She accepted and loved you for who you are.”

“Liz is your mother?”

“Yes Dad. Liz is my mother. It took you months to ask her out for a date and then Michael got sick and you retreated again. It is a wonder that you got your act together long enough to win mom.”

“While we were making our way back to the pod chamber, you shared with me your memories. I also have Michael's memories I can share with him later. You can connect with me and see them yourself. I will warn you some of the memories are very disturbing.”

The connection is easily made. Max's other life flashes before his eyes. He sees the healing of Liz from the gunshot wound. He sees their interactions that week and the near kiss at the Crash festival. He witnesses them grow closer together until they finally share their first kiss. He watches as he takes a step back. He witnessed the force separation. He watched in amusement the night he got drunk with Kyle and confessed his unending love to Liz. He was stunned by the heat between them when they found the orbit. He was shocked when he was forced to kiss the blonde alien. He knew now she was pure evil. He felt helpless when Liz was kidnapped by Nascado. He re-lived the horror of the white room. He could not believe that he healed Kyle and won the Sheriff's lifelong support. He thought the white room was bad, but it did not compare to hearing the destiny message from his mother and witnessing Liz walking away from him.
He felt like he was winning Liz back after her summer in Florida but was shocked later that weekend when he found her in bed with Kyle. He witnessed all the battles with the skins and Liz's dream walk of him in New York. He saw the vision of Liz in a wedding dress in Vegas. He was horrified by Alex's death and his night with Tess that created a son. He could not believe that Liz finally confirmed what he thought all along that she did not betray him. He was surprised to learn that Tess was responsible for Alex's death. They sent her back to Antar for the baby's health. Liz then shared the story of Future Max with him. He couldn't believe he was so wrong about Tess. He witnessed Liz getting her powers and Tess' return from Antar. Tess said the child was human, so he gave up his son to protect him. Thanks to Liz's powers they were able to escape from the government on graduation night. The group ended up in Canada. Max and Liz finally got married and their son was conceived on their wedding night. He would not be born until September 18, 2004 on the anniversary of the shooting. Serena found them in Canada and offered her assistance. They were able to build a life in Canada, a daughter and another son followed. Life was good for Max and his family until 2014. Tess' son showed up (able to track Max through their bond) and killed Liz. Isabel was captured and later killed by Kivar. Matt was able to kill his brother a few years later but most of the group was gone. Max was able to kill Tess but was injured in the process.

Max collapsed under the weight of the memories. Liz loved him as much he loved her. He had hurt her so much with his decision to turn to Tess. It was him that misjudged Tess and changed their future together. He vowed then and there that he would never hurt Liz like that again. Now he just had to figure out how he was going to tell her the truth about him and his feelings for her.

“Dad, are you okay?”

“I will be in a few minutes. I don't where to begin. I had no idea that your mother loves me as much as I love her. We must do what we can to make sure the future is better for all of us. I think you have us on the right path.”

“We need to get Mom to start looking at you the way she has been looking at me the last two days. I know it is the bond that we have that is confusing her. She doesn't understand it is a parent-child bond not a soul-mate bond. I believe I should be able to kiss her for her to understand that our bond is different. Now for the tough issue, we have to get Michael and Maria together. I know they are volatile together, but they are the parents of my soul-mate. Serena and Kyle also need to be introduced. Claudia would kill me if her soul-mate is not with her.”

“If we can lock Michael and Maria in the same room, I think the sparks will fly. What about Isabel, is there anybody special for her?”

“She and Alex had a strong friendship. It may have developed into something more, but he died at Tess' hands before it could. She did marry an older man a few months after Alex's death, but you never believed he was her soul-mate. She never had any children of her own.”

“I could see it would take Isabel some time to open up to anyone. Look at the time. We need to get home so we can get to school.”

“I could disappear shortly after kissing mom. I will invite you to have lunch with our group. Then we should have a pickup basketball game after school. This book bag has some alien items and newer technology that I brought with me that you should keep out her. One thing is a copy of Mom's journal. It may help you talk to Mom. One other thing, before I entered the Crashdown I mailed you, mom, Michael and Maria some letters. I wanted you to know what I was doing. I was prepared to take the bullet for mom if I needed to, but I still wanted to ensure you got together.”

Max and Matt returned to Max’s room to find Michael waiting

“Where the hell have you been? Why on earth would you go off with this guy we don’t even know?”

“Still the general I see Michael.”

“General why did you call me that?”

“The name is actually Matt Evans, Max’s son and your future son-in-law. I’m from the year 2020. And like I shared with Max earlier, I traveled back in time to prevent the tragic events from my life from happening. I have some memories that you shared with me from your life you would like to see them.”

“Do you trust him Max?”

“As much as I trust you.”

The connection is opened between them.
Future Michael: If you are seeing this it means that Junior was successful in going back in time. He hates to be called junior, but Maria came up with the nickname and it stuck. Listen to him. He knows most of the answers to your questions. It’s okay for you to give your heart to a human like Max did years ago to Liz. Maria will be your strength you need her in your life.
Michael sees himself emerging from the pod and not taking Max and Isabel’s hand when the car approached, reuniting with Max and Isabel at school, the pact between the three, Hank’s abuse, Max healing Liz, the trip to Marathon with Maria, his first kiss with Maria, the passion between them during the heat wave, gaining his freedom from Hank, crazy Ms. Topseky, the fourth alien and her protector, saving Liz from Nascado, helping get Max out of the white room, killing agent Pierce, the destiny message, the story of the 8 pods from the army major, the battles with skins, renewing his romance with Maria, trip to Vegas, prom, Alex’s death, helping Liz and Maria investigate his death, his first time with Maria, deciding to stay for Maria, Tess revealed as Alex’s killer, working as a security guard for Metachem, Maria wanting more space, Maria going to New York to pursue her music dream, Max’s death at Metachem, Isabel shot at Metachem and bringing her back, telling Jesse about aliens, Max’s mysterious return, the battle with Max for the seal, witnessing the space ship crash, helping the Air Force pilot and his daughter escape, Tess’ return with Max’s son, Liz’s premonition about their deaths, rescuing Max from the graduation stage, going on the run with Max, Liz, Maria, Isabel and Kyle, making a life with Maria in Canada, Maria having his first daughter, Mackenzie, Maria giving him another daughter and a son, Liz’s death at the hands of Tess’ son, pulling Max back from his deep depression, Maria death at the hands of Tess, finding Mackenzie and Matt in a compromising position, Max killing Tess but dying in the processing on the journey to the granolith, completing the journey to the granolith with Matt, Mackenzie and Serena.

Michael was shocked by the memories he received from Max's son. That right there was something hard for him to get his mind to accept. He always thought the three of them would remain alone unless they found others like themselves. Then he thought of this Tess creature, she was nothing like Isabel. She had no human side. He never thought it was possible for a human to accept him for what he was. Hank never let him feel like he was worthy of human love. His thoughts kept bringing back to Maria. Was it really possible for him to find love and acceptance from Maria?

“What do we do now kid? Obviously, you have changed the future. Valenti, FBI, Metachem, and the other aliens should not be able to find us. So, you have any other ideas,” Michael stated.

“I have already provided Max with some things that we left in the pod chamber. The key incidents in your and Dad's life. I think one thing is clear. If Tess and Nasado show up in town be prepared to eliminate them. She can't be trusted. Serena is also here in town to help you both. I will introduce you all after school,” Matt was giving them a plan.

“I'm getting Isabel. She needs to know what is going on.”

After Isabel joined them, Matt, Max and Michael told her the Matt's story.
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Re: The Power of Love - AUwA Teen to Mature M/L Chapter 5 (11/6/2020)

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Great part......may have to read this again to understand all of the memories.
Glad Matt took Max to the pod chamber.
His son???
Liz is mom???
There's gonna be lots of searching for folks....
Appears Isabel is about to get a real education.
Please don't have Tess and Kivar show up........but I'm afraid you will.
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Re: The Power of Love - AUwA Teen to Mature M/L Chapter 5 (11/6/2020)

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This is a interesting story. Great job.
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Re: The Power of Love - AUwA Teen to Mature M/L Chapter 5 (11/6/2020)

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I'm hooked. Can't wait to see what else is to come.
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