Til We Meet Again (CC, Mature) - Chapter 78 - 07/30/2022

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Til We Meet Again - Chapter 77 - 07/26/2022

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You have to let him deal with it himself Amy Deluca Valenti was saying to her now grown daughter. It was not very often she could be a shoulder to lean on for Maria given the unusual circumstances of her daughter’s marriage. Certain people did not know the truth, but certain people did, and Amy did because she had fallen back in love with Jim Valenti, and if you are married to the town Sheriff, and he was the backup alley to a band of alien human hybrids, well you learn the truth eventually.

I was in the dark long enough Amy thought.

Although it had taken Amy for a loop and a ride but so much had come into view when told her daughter’s boyfriend, not yet husband was an alien. Someone from outer space, not another country she thought. It would have made sense for him to come from another country, but another planet, that took some time Amy conceded as she glanced at her daughter and knew only a select few could understand this dilemma.

No matter how long it had been, well, Amy was still getting used to it. Given that she now had grandchildren in the situation.

It is crazy she thought. Crazy certainly.

“Being a parent is always having to understand at the end of the day once they grow up, or are starting too, well, you have to let them choose the route they will take.

“My son is only fifteen,” Maria muttered even though she was convinced she had seen those words coming out of her own mother’s mouth when she was that age and coming onto an alien invasion that would change her very life because her best friend was saved one of them, and literally fell in love with one of them.

Amy understood and knew that her daughter was probably thinking of her own childhood. “I had those same fears and let’s say my experience with raising you would be a lot more hair-raising than what you are currently seeing from your son. Mackenzie is being a teenager. Very normal at the end of the day she thought. “We should want that. Would you not be the one to say that you want him to be concentrating on his love life instead of some other melodrama coming from the life you two are living.

Maria smiled. “I do,” she muttered. “But it not easy.”

“I know it is not because it was not the first time I went through with you, while you were dating Michael. Someone who constantly seesawing with you, and you were never completely safe, and you were constantly making me fret over you, even when you went on a simple camping trip with Michael,” assuming that was what that was Amy said to herself and out loud. “You never were that clear with me what went on that weekend?”

“You would never have been letting me out of your sight if you knew what went on that weekend,” Maria muttered as she could not help but think that time with Laurie Depree, Tuscan and alien queen bee jellyfish sack thing and she still shivered at knowing how Michael could have died on that day due to of things, a gunshot wound. Luckily it was not serious.

Thank you, Max.

“Probably not, so I am glad you did not tell me, but I went through it once, and now you are dealing with similar emotions.”

“It was a lot of intensity, which none of us were ready for” Maria agreed. ‘I don’t want that for my son.”

‘Love, or any kind of emotion that deals with intimacy will bring intensity even if they do not go through the degree, you and his father went through, and you really cannot protect that from him. You can want something different for him, but he will tell you what he wants, and you may not like it, but you will have to accept him.”

“Or lose him?” Maria asked.

“Yes,” Amy murmured. “You gave me that choice once remember, and that had a lot more drama added to it given who we were, and you are in a different place with your son. You can look at it differently.”

“But if it were Jessica?” Maria asked. “Given our families?”

“I grant you it would be weird for Jim and me? Amy laughed. “If it were to develop into anything meaningful.”

“And if it goes bad?” Maria asked.

“They will have you guys to help them deal with it, and if there are any hurt feelings, time will allow for whatever it may come too, but you never look at the end when you are looking at something in the beginning.”

“When you are us, you have to look at the potential” Maria muttered. “Given the stakes involved.”

“Take it one day at a time,” Amy suggested. “They are only fifteen after all.”

“Yeah, maybe”

“It will all work out,” Amy murmured.

Maria nodded. “I wish Liz was back here because she has experience with teenagers. She could be of some help with me.”

“How is her trip going?” Amy asked as they were moving onto other topics.

“It seems to have helped the two of them,” Maria murmured. As she had a few calls with her friend and knew that Chicago was enlightening for both mother and son. “They are on their way back, should be back sometime tomorrow if all goes alright.”

“You will get your friend back,” Amy murmured because she knew how much her daughter had missed having her friend in her life, and how happy she had been these past months, Mac’s issues disregarded. And now she would have her friend back again. Those two were like sisters, you do not need blood to be family “How are things with you know, her and Max?”

The dreaded words, said.

“I don’t know,” Maria sighed. “Although I suspect things might be changing,” she allowed because too much was changing, she thought. Yeah, too much.

“You really think so?”

“I cannot help but too,” Maria sighed. “Nothing could ever really stopped them as teenagers, except maybe their own selves, but now, they are older and not necessarily wiser but still, you would think they might be able to figure it all out,” she said as she might have mixed feelings and complex ones at that over what had happened all those years before, but still, down deep she was still a shipper, and she still had a soft spot for the pair, and she knew how much her friend had loved Max once upon a time.

Those damn aliens she thought, as the front door opened, and her own alien walked right in the door, and she smiled. “Yeah, I cannot help but think they will figure it out. Even if they do not think they should.”

Amy smiled because she knew how happy her daughter was with Michael. Michael once upon a time had been a little wild, but down deep his passion was her daughter, and nothing got in the way of what he wanted in the end, and that was my daughter, and he has proved to be there for her and my grandson.

“Hello, Space boy,” Maria said softly as she walked and kissed her husband. “My mother was talking me down about you know our son and Jessica.”

“Was she successful?” Michael asked as he looked over at his mother-in-law, who nodded, and he smiled.

“A little,” Maria murmured I still have some issues she thought. But she felt confident it would work out.

It has too, right?




Max also had high hopes that it would work out. Because yes, it has too, right because too much has happened for it not too, or so I hope he thought as he watched a basketball game on television. River was working, and Isabel was home dealing with her daughter hormones. And she knew Michael was probably doing the same with his son, so he was on his own tonight, and staying home. As his focus was on the game, but his mind was on a certain brunette and her mother.

And it was the mother who was on his mind as he could not get her out of his mind, like she ever has been. Not since that night in December when everything changed, and he knew he was different. Whether it ever worked out or not, he knew he was a different person now than he was, and he would have to thank Liz for coming back and how little he was treating his life, and he had been poorer for it.

She does not have to come back for me to know it was well worth it he thought. But she’s coming back, right?

Max had not talked to her since that night, and the subtle tone of her voice still rang in his mind, as he was not concentrating on the score, but on the woman who meant so much. All he wanted was for her to be happy, and he was prepared for anything to happen, all I want is for her to be back in this town he thought.

This past week has been hell he thought. How did I make it through the last sixteen years without her, if I cannot go a week without her, he wondered?

He had no idea.

But she would be back Max thought. And he wondered if they could come to finally some kind of ending.

Maybe Max thought.

As long as she is safe. I will take it. Max thought as finally he put his attention back on the television and took a sip of the beer and tried to stop thinking of her.

It was not working…

I want to see her Max thought. And while he knew all this was just typical of him, still he felt this feeling settling in on him those things were not going to be easy, if he still had hopes that it would work out, which he did even against all current evidence, and now worry was also settling in, but he did not know where it was coming from, and who he should be worried about. It is not like I am the one with the premonitions he muttered to himself. I have the ability to heal. So, I step in after whatever that will happen happens, he muttered

Yet he could not place it. It was the feeling like things were about to change, once and for all. Is it Mac and Jessica? He told himself. No, that seems simple at the end of the day. They will either try to go there, or they will not, and they will move onto someone eventually. Is it closer to home, maybe River or Mariah? Max wondered, but it did not feel like it.

Was it Liz?

And that night he was able to reassure himself that it was not his son because he came home from working acting as if everything was fine, and his son was of an age where he knew he could handle whatever if something was bothering him. And plus, when he tried to broach it with his son, his son only laughed in his face at the apparent concern “Come on Dad, everything is fine. You should not have to start worrying about me, now” River said with a smile that indicated that everything that River knew of at this point was fine. Then who was it? Max wondered as he tried to sleep, but something was keeping him, and worrying.

Am I just trying to find trouble?

He did not know.


Twenty-four hours later,

The night was quiet. Too quiet some might say but everything seemed to be operating as if it was a normal night, but would it stay this way. No one really knew. And Liz certainly did not because was getting close to Roswell. They were now in New Mexico, and they could feel he change once they were in the state. She was listening to the music that her son had begun to play once they left their hotel that morning. And after long days in the car, her son was now having fallen asleep because she almost was tired of herself. The driving was getting to her because she wanted to get to her destination.

She was finding that she was missing the intimacy of her hometown. Sixteen years away from it, you would think I would be better away from it but only a week gone, and I am missing Roswell she thought to herself as she drove.

While her son was making his mother believe he was asleep, but he could not sleep, because his thoughts were going in different directions. He knew they would be almost there because they were taking a slightly longer route back to Roswell to give him more time to move his legs, and to get some air. Long driving is not fun.

Although Liz was not as unknowing as some might think given her abilities, still dormant mostly she muttered to herself. “You are awake, aren’t you?” she asked of her son.

“How did you know?” Lex asked of his mother.

“A mother knows,” Liz said with a smile. Because it had been obvious for a little while now that her son was truly awake. Initially he had been asleep, but that ended, and she knew when her son was willing himself to fall asleep. As she checked the clock on the dashboard and found that they were a good thirty minutes from Roswell limits, which meant soon they would be home.

Home Liz thought.

Was Roswell home?

I guess so, because Chicago sure is not as she watched has her son sat up straighter and woke up fully. If she had not known it already, because Chicago had never felt like Roswell once was, still it had been her life, where she had spent her marriage, and now it was over, and she knew over this past week a bit, that you can never go back she thought. But I am, aren’t I? she told himself. I am going home. “We are almost home.”

“Home,” Lex asked as he was echoing his mother’s debate with herself in his own reflection of that time.

“Yes,” Liz murmured.

Lex nodded, “I guess it is home,” he allowed because he indeed been feeling as if Chicago was not anymore, and Mariah and their grandparents were back in Roswell, and that had a more welcoming tone to it than being in Chicago.

Even if Mariah had been there, he doubted it would have been the same.

After all, Chicago had been about his family. His mother and father, and Mariah.

But Roswell was different. It was where is his life was now. I cannot escape it I guess he thought. Do I even want too?

Lex needed to keep thinking and he did find a silver lining he thought. I guess if I hate it, I can always leave when I graduate? he thought with a smile.

“Lex,” Liz asked.

“What?” the thirteen year old asked of his mother.

“What were you thinking of?” Liz wondered because her son was looking faraway. She hoped that her son was better off now, and it did seem like he was taking a turn but would continue once they were back in town.

“Nothing,” Lex muttered. Even though he knew he was thinking of how he could get away from Roswell one day. Who knows, it might work out he thought. Jaime is there he muttered to himself. Not that I know the school system well…

“Are you okay?” Liz asked.

“I am fine,” Lex murmured even though he knew as closer they were getting towards Roswell. The more apprehensive he was becoming when he did not even know why. After all, he did want to see his big sister.

“Are you sure,” Liz asked.

“It’s not like we can turn around if I were not” Lex muttered as if he was expecting his mother to react to it, but found no reaction, but a smile. “Everything is fine Mom, seriously, I don’t know what it is I am feeling because I do want to see Mariah, maybe it because I am nervous.”

“You would not be human if you were not nervous,” Liz said softly. “I am also nervous.”

“Why?” Lex asked. “You know Roswell.”

“Once upon a time I knew Roswell. But that was not my life for a long time. And so much has taken place in a such a short time. And therefore, so much is unknown. Life is still very uncertain, and I have to make a lot of decisions that affect not only my life but yours and certainly your sisters,” Liz murmured. “You and Mariah can be as young as you want to, but I am the adult, and I have to make sure our lives work for all of us.”

Lex nodded as they once more saw a sign that indicated they were coming closer to Roswell. “You take good care of us you know Mom,” Lex murmured.

“Thank you honey, but sometimes I do not feel like I do” Liz said softly as they continued to drive.

“I know we do not always make it easy for you,” Lex murmured. “I am sorry.”

“Honey, it’s alright, you matter to me. So does your sister, and the two of you have had a hard time of it these past few months, and I want things to be the best for both of you.”

“I wish it were easier,” Lex muttered.

“I know you do, so do I” Liz murmured with a smile. “I promise you that it will better in the end, and hopefully it will be easier once you finish up with your healing.”

Lex nodded.

“I promise you that it will be better,” Lex murmured once more and they continued to drive once more and Liz was meddling with the music station on the radio, because she and her son had been in a debate over music styles, and what her son liked in comparison to what she could stand to listen to. Being in the same car was a long battle at times, and she had one eye on the road but not really paying attention when she heard a sudden and urgent Watch out came her son’s voice.

And Liz barely had enough time to look up before they ran over something that lost them a wheel, and they crashed into the barrier, and was hanging over the hill before they knew it, then it gave away, and the car tumbled down the hill into a ravine with only screams that could be heard only to those in the car.

Because no one was around them for miles.
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Re: Til We Meet Again (CC, Mature) - Chapter 77 - 07/26/2022

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Oh no........this is not good.
Just as Liz was heading home.

Maybe Max will come to the rescue.
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Re: Til We Meet Again (CC, Mature) - Chapter 77 - 07/26/2022

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:shock: I hope Liz and Lex are going to be ok. Poor Lex, another accident. Maybe Max will go out for a drive and come to the rescue
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Til We Meet Again - Chapter 78 - 07/30/2022

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No one could know that anything was amiss. Especially not Mariah. As she was returning from a nearby town where she, River and Sierra had gone to a movie because she was not working on this day for a change. She did not have school because she was still on suspension so she figured she would be up to her gills with work when she went back to classes the following week, and as she had told Max. I almost miss it but still she was off and not being forced to do anything because she had been working too much which of course made today a pleasant change because she was not working, and because she had turned down the previous offer days before when she learned of her grandfather’s illness.

River had extended the offer once more.

And she had taken him up on it.

There was nothing they had wanted to see in their town, so they had to go the next town. Which was a common occurrence she was told by River and Sierra. It had been a nice change of pace, and the movie was fun, but she was expecting to return to town just as mother and little brother returned to pick her up. She knew she should have probably stayed behind, but Jeff had been the one to tell his granddaughter that she needed to live a little. It would do her no good to always work. Even though he had been thrilled by how far she had come on the job, but she could not always work.

And plus, he would have to answer to her mother if she did come home and found out he was making her daughter work around the clock. Jeff had not wanted to do it, but before this night, Mariah had been the one who had been asking for the shifts.

Because it was a diversion.

But that changed with this night, and because River had the night off. Even though it was a school night for them. Although not for Mariah. Still, she finally had taken up her friend’s offer because it still felt too strange to her that he was her half-brother she thought. That is still a lot to take in.

And fortunately, Sierra had been there as a buffer, although truthfully, they had a fun day. And had even gone to the other town early and done some shopping before the movie, and had dinner there, and now they were coming back. Mac and Jessica had not come along even though the offer had also gone out to them, but they were still in the middle of their awkward dance and neither wanted to spend that much time together.

River was the bystander in this situation, with opinion but knowing he could not say it, as Jessica had said no, and Mac had just shrugged it off.

River had taken it as a no, and so off they had gone, and they had a fun time and Mariah felt that she had been for once the chance to be able to be a real teenager. Because she had not felt like that since her father had passed away and dealing with being in a new teenager.

And feeling overwhelmed about a whole bunch of things and she felt burdens that no other teenager would except maybe this car that I am in she thought. “Thank you for driving me,” she murmured to River who was the driver.

And once again Mariah was reminded about how she was able to schedule her driver’s test now that she was sixteen, and that had always been in her goal in life. Turn sixteen and get in the car she thought. Then my father and brother had that accident she thought. She had memorized the driver’s manual, and yet she let it slide since the accident.

She did not know if she was scared to be the driver, and to be the one who had to be careful. When I was not that careful in other aspects of my life she thought of the last few months.

“Hey, no problem” River said with a smile from the driver’s seat. “I have been the one who had been saying you needed to get out, because you could not always work you know. It seemed you went from one extreme to the other.”

“True,” Mariah sighed. “Although a lot has happened.”

“No kidding,” River sighed. “I cannot help but feel like it we are in a different time than only now,” he said softly. “A lot has happened in only a few months.”

Well, I want the era of change to end. “I just wanted life to feel like its normal,” Mariah sighed.

“Don’t we all,” River muttered. “You are not the only one who has been having an unsettling time of it…”

Mariah nodded, “Well, I hope it’s going to be different with my mom and Lex’s return and it will help us turn over a new leaf of some sort,” she muttered. “As you said, too much is unsettled, and it will be nice to feel normal for a change?”

“I find normal is overrated” Sierra said with a crack of a smile. “Being who we are is much more rewarding,” she said with a laugh. “Who am I kidding, we are all cracked up in some way, so why would we want to be normal?”

And for some reason that state allowed the three of them in the car to burst out laughing.

As Mariah allowed herself to marinate in the feeling of being able to be herself again, and to know those around her knew her too…

But that feeling quickly vanquished itself when she got a buzz from her phone. Prepared for it to be her grandparents, namely her grandmother Nancy to be checking up on her because she knew her grandmother was much more protective of her owning to their previous close relationship. Of course, that had taken a few knocks since she came to Roswell, and acted out in the manner she had…

But still she loved her grandmother and was understanding to her grandmother’s protective nature because the little I know of my mother’s prior life she thought. Grandma and Grandpa Parker have a right to be concerned about me she thought, anyways, that feeling of smiling went away when she saw that it was not either of her grandparents. Which was a relief she thought.

“Who is it?” Sierra asked as she looked back as Mariah was in the backseat.

“Probably nothing, it dropped,” she said as he was quick to answer it but there was only silence and then a phone tone, to indicate no one was on the line.

“I hate those type of calls,” River muttered as they took the sign that would lead them to Roswell.

“Me too, the curses of having a cellphone. Scammers,” Mariah murmured. “It was probably nothing,” she said once again, hopeful that it was. “I mean a number did not even register on the phone,”

“Interesting,” Sierra signaled. “Usually, scammers want to hear a voice before they disconnect?”

“A freak occurrence maybe,” River asked. “You probably should not worry about it.”

“Hopefully you are right,” Mariah asked as they continued to drive. “And I am not too worried, except of course my mother and brother are driving back, and should be back at any time.”

Dad is counting down the hours River muttered to himself and only Sierra was close enough to hear him, and she smiled. As much as River and his father had come to terms given everything in their lives, and relationship still she knew a little resentment brewed, but still it was a million times better than my relationship with my own father she thought. “That will be a change for you.”

“I cannot wait,” Mariah murmured. “I want things to be normal at home,” and hopefully Lex will be more receptive to our life.

“A lot will be different?” River asked.

“Hopefully for the better,” Mariah sighed as they continued to drive but then once again her phone rang, but this time it was an extended ring, “Unknown number,” Mariah muttered. “Scammer.”

“Maybe,” River muttered. “Might as well answer and curse them out, which is always fun to do” he said with a laugh, and the girls laughed as Mariah answered her phone. “If this is some jerk scammer trying to get something out of me, you are out of luck…” she said as she trailed off, and River and Sierra looked concerned.

Who is it? River mouthed.

But Mariah was not saying much of anything. Until “Lex, is that you…” Mariah asked as flashes came flooding to her of a night not too long before, when everything changed for them.

“Lex,” Mariah asked. “Is this you, what is going on? Speak up.”


Not too long before…

By some miracle Lex appeared to be uninjured, or as I know now, he thought as he looked in the debris of the crash. Another crash, come on people he thought as he looked up, as the door was ajar, and the front window was busted, but at least it is not on fire he thought as he shuddered at the flashes came to him of that night not that long before, and the screams he had heard on that night.

Not wanting to go through that again, but fortunately for him he his eyes were open, and he could see everything, and he looked over, and saw his mother’s side was empty, and the door was completely open, oh god he whispered as he felt again to know whether he was injured. He felt blood on his face, but it did not feel too bad.

But then he remembered his legs, and he looked down, and he did not feel any weight on them, and he was able to move, “Mom,” he called out. “Mom…. where are you?”

With his car door slightly a jarred, he leaned on it and opened it fully, and he dropped to the ground. His crutches were in the back because he had not needed them in the car, and they had been on the last of their journey, and he did not expect to need them until he got home, or back to the Crashdown where they were expecting to pick up his sister and have a visit with his grandparents. “Mom…” he yelled out.

All he was getting was silence, and it unnerved him given he already had lost one parent in a freak accident. He could not bear to lose another one in whatever they had experienced. What happened, he thought back to, and all he knew was that they had run over something in the road, and everything blew up from there.

“Mom,” he called out, trying to get answer. He knew from experience that if you call out and you do not get a response, that was bad news, and he could not bear to get more bad news, because he was feeling it was his fault that he had forced his mother to take him away to be able to get perspective that he should have gotten back here, wherever they were, as he suspected they were close to Roswell.

Or he hoped so…

Screaming at high pitch this time, “Mom,” he called out, but he was not getting any responses.

Seeing his cast on his leg, he did not know if he had enough stamina to try to walk in the unevenness of the terrain, and he saw the car, and knew he was fortunate to be alive, oh god he whispered, and did not know why he had to live through another one of these, but prayed he would not lose his only other parent. So, he started to crawl, and found that he had a lot more adrenaline that he was thinking he had, as the pain had not started yet, and so he powered through on willpower, and he crawled, “Mommy” he whispered. “Where are you?” he was asking, speaking to himself.

And then he stopped, and saw his mother, laying not far from the car, totally unconscious, and banged up…

“Mommy,” Lex whispered once more… “Oh god.”

Instantly also becoming aware that he was only thirteen, and he did not know what to do. Mariah would know what to do, right? he asked of himself. She has to know what to do.

But she was not here.

Remembering his phone that by some miracle was not in his bag, but back in the car as it had been charging, as he got up this time, not caring if he found it too painful or not, because he did not care because he had to get back to the car. Rushing back, and managing to make it, he looked and by some miracle his phone was there, and it looked pretty undamaged, a little cracked, but he checked it and it still worked, and he pressed his sister’s phone number.

But it was not going through, come on, work he prayed as the first call did not go through, and he tried again, “please go through” he asked.

And then it went through, and he heard the dialing and the tone, thank you and now he only prayed Mariah picked up and did not think it was someone trying to scam her.

And then he heard his sister’s voice, and could almost smile when he heard, “If this is some jerk scammer trying to get something out of me, you are out of luck…”

“Mariah,” he said softly, too softly for her to hear him and he knew it, “Mariah?”

“Yes, it is me” he finally said. “I do not know where we are, you have to help us, I do not know what to do? Mom is hurt, I cannot help her… please find us.”


Present time,

Mariah was besides herself. She was panicking ever since the phone call. Thankfully for her, River took charge and taken the phone after preventing their own car accident as he chose to pull to the side of the road. And he had taken the phone and tried to get some information from Lex, but he knew the boy was paralyzed by emotion he thought, which is to be expected he thought and because the boy did not know where they were, and it was dark when they crashed, so there was very little ability to know where they had been traveling. “We will find you and your mother,” River was saying into the phone. “Can you walk?” he asked as he knew the boy was still on crutches but did not know what kind of the healing, he had undergone in the week he had been gone.

“Good, now go back to where you mother is,” River encouraged as he saw outside, as he sat in the car and tried to console Mariah’s little brother, while Mariah was outside, pacing, and Sierra was trying to help.

“Can you check if she’s breathing?” River asked the boy and knew what he was asking of the thirteen-year-old and prayed for answer that was halfway decent because he knew Mariah could not handle it, but knew for the sake of my own father, the answer better be yes, she better still be alive.

“You have seen it on television, check if she has a pulse, it is that simple, and whether it’s present,” he was consoling the boy.

And his eyes went down with relief, “Good” Mrs. Anthony is still alive. “Are you sure you do not remember where you went over?” he was asking, “Okay, I will work on it. Go back to the car and find anything you can find to give your mother some warmth, okay, and stay with, and we will find her, and we will find you.”

“How is everything?” Sierra whispered as she came back to the car. And they both saw that Mariah was pacing, and hysterical.

“Yes, she’s alive, but I do not know for how long” River said softly.

“What can we do?” Sierra asked.

“I need to call the Sheriff, and see if they can figure out where they are, Lex said they went over some cliff or something…”

Shit Sierra said as River dialed Sheriff, “I need Sheriff Valenti right away,” River muttered. “It’s a private matter even though he knew he should be reporting the accident, but he did not know what they could do since their department was not the most up to date, and there were issues surrounding them that only the Sheriff could assist with. I need to talk to him, right away, tell him it is River Evans, he knows who I am.” he trailed off as he kept watch on Mariah.

“Can I have his cellphone number?” River asked. “He would want me to have it,” he demanded when he was getting the runaround. “Fine, but if he shows up in the office, tell him to call River Evans, he knows the number,” as he got off the phone, “Idiots would not let me talk to him.”

“What are you going to do?” Sierra asked.

“I have another source to give me the information I seek,” River muttered as he dialed another phone number, “No, I am not trying to persuade you to come out with me, and I do not care if you do not trust Sierra or not, because listen to me, I need to know your grandfather’s personal cellphone number, and I do not have all day.”

Sierra could only sigh and walk back to Mariah. “How are you?” she was asking the girl but could see that the girl was spinning.

“Does River know anything more?” Mariah asked as she stopped her pacing. “My mother, my brother?” she wondered, because she was afraid of asking the dreaded question.

“Are alive,” Sierra promised. “We do not know much else, but we do know they are still alive, and we will find them.”

“What if it’s too late?” Mariah whispered. “I already lost my dad, what if it’s too late for my mother?”

“We will find them, and I do not think River’s father is going to allow it to be too late,” Sierra promised.

“What can he do?” Mariah asked.

“A lot,” River said as he had gotten out of the car, and walked towards his half-sister, and his girlfriend, and knew there was so much more that his father would be able to do, for anyone but most importantly Mariah’s mother “I just called the Sheriff, Jim Valenti, and he’s on it. He’s going to try to ping the last whereabouts of the car, and your mother’s cellphone. Even Lex’s, because we talked to him, so we know it’s working somewhat.”

Mariah nodded.

As she felt overwhelmed. “Thank you, River, I do not know how I can thank you” Mariah murmured. “If it had just been me getting that phone call. I do not know what I could have done. All I know is that I cannot lose my brother, and I cannot lose my mother” she said with despair it is all too much she muttered to herself. I should have been with them she thought. Please not this again she told herself. If only I was there.

“Do not thank us until you have a reason too,” Sierra advised.

Mariah murmured. Please do not let me lose my remaining family.



Max would not take it personally if he knew what his biological daughter was feeling or facing. As he was clueless to everything that was going on, as he was meeting Michael for a late drink/pool game session at Cow Patties. “Left corner pocket,” was all he was saying to his best friend. “I am watching, so no cheating.”

“How would I cheat?” Michael asked.

Max could only give his friend a funny look because they both knew how Michael could do it because he had done it before, when they were back in their earlier days. Now he was mainly on the straight and the narrow mostly but still he would never do it out in public, although most would not know what he was doing, but still tonight was about having fun. As he and his wife had decided to leave worries of their son to another day. Maria was having a drink with Isabel as they tried to ignore the mutual drama going on in their families. Michael and Max were enjoying the game.

And it was a close game, as it could go any which way. As Michael made the ball, and then it was Max’s turn.

“Where is Mac tonight?” Max was asking. “Out with Jessica?”

“No,” Michael muttered ever so surely, and Max could only laugh. “I threw that out for some fun.”

“It not any fun,” Michael muttered.

“It is if it on my end of it,” Max murmured. “Truthfully, they both are good kids, and they will figure out what they will want in the end.”

Michael nodded as he took a sip of beer and glanced over to where his sister was with Maria who decided to go have a drink and plus their son was not out with Jessica. “Mac is working.”

“Crashdown?” Max asked.

“No, the station” Michael murmured. “He decided to pick up some hours there,” he said. “He been putting a lot of time at the Crashdown.”

“I wonder why?” Max asked with a smile.

“Enough,” Michael muttered.

“I am just asking,” Max murmured with a smile that was irritating his best friend, and Michael was annoyed by the smile because Max is having way too much fun with my discomfort. “The Crashdown is a fine restaurant. I spent a fair amount of time there myself,” he said with a smaller smile now as he reflected on his past and now his present. I am still am.

“I know you did, all, because of a girl,” Michael sighed with a mutter.

And what a girl she was Max said with a smile as he imagined that time in their lives, and how it had been so amazing to go to the Crashdown and see such a wonderful and strong individual that was Liz as she was taking claim of the restaurant.

He knew he could have sat there all day long, every day if only to see her face.

Her intoxicating face.

“Earth to Max, get back here” Michael muttered with irritation that of course his best friend would be taken away into another realm because of memories of their time earlier in their lives. “So, I am happy he has another job.”

“I seem to remember that the Crashdown gave you the girl you came to love, so I would not feel so down in the dumps because of what might be happening to your son,” Max said with a smile. “It will work itself.”

“Let’s hope, because I personally do not need it” Michael muttered as he played a new shot, and his ball promptly went into the cup.

“I said no cheating,” Max warned.

“Who says I was,” Michael muttered as he took a sip of his beer and was taking in the atmosphere. Something was going right, and he should be thrilled that his son might finally finding someone who might give him a fight, just like Maria gave me a fight he thought. One of reason I love her so much is because she’s no doormat and does not let me spin her fairy-tale. And he wanted that for his son because Mac could use someone to not let him win every battle.

“You are an original,” Max muttered. And I would not want it any other way he thought and was going for another beer when he stopped in his place when his saw two people entering the country and western bar. One who should not be here he thought, and one that if he was, then there was trouble.

Max stopped in his tracks when he spotted the Sheriff.

Next to his grandson, Mackenzie Guerin.

“Jim, what is going on?”

“You need to come with us,” was all Jim was able to say, and immediately Max knew it was something bad, really bad and that nagging feeling he had been having since the previous day set off.

“Tell me,” was all Max said. “Is it River?” he asked. “Is my son, okay?”

“Yes,” Mac said for his grandfather…

“Then who….”

Neither Jim nor Mac needed to speak for the other, because Max immediately knew the truth. It is the one who person he always dreaded leaving me he thought.

As he felt Liz slipping away from him.


Author's Note...

It's coming to the end very soon. About five chapters remaining. I had been hoping to finish it by now, but unfortunately that is not to be, and therefore the story is going on a small hiatus as I head out of town to help a relative in need recover after surgery, and I don't have a firm return date. But it will be at least a couple of weeks. So later in August, hopefully.

When the story returns. We will see if they can get to Liz in time...

And the aftermath... before it all ends.
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Enjoy your hiatus, but hurry back with the rescue of Liz.
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