Jason Behr (Max Evans) News

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Re: Jason Behr (Max Evans) News

Post by FSU/MSW-94 »

Happy 41st birthday Jason :)

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Re: Jason Behr (Max Evans) News

Post by keepsmiling7 »

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year Jason!
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Re: Jason Behr (Max Evans) News

Post by memory_echo »

Here's Jason with his wife at the Milk + Bookies 6th Annual Story Time Celebration

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Re: Jason Behr (Max Evans) News

Post by dreamon »

Jason and Shiri had a picture taken together at an Emmy party yesterday. Shiri tweeted it and I can't seem to get it to post at the moment.
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Re: Jason Behr (Max Evans) News

Post by Stefuh »

Jason just created an instagram account, and he starred in yesterday's Roswell's reboot episode (directed by Shiri).

Instagram: thejasonbehr
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Re: Jason Behr (Max Evans) News

Post by RoswellOracle »

It was so cool seeing him on the new show.
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