Pulling fanfics from the internet - your opinions?

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Re: Pulling fanfics from the internet - your opinions?

Post by KiaraAlexisKlay » Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:42 pm

In the infamous words of Rita Repulsa from the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, "I have a headache!


I think we here at Roswell Fanatics are just spoiled to be honest. I am a veteran of several fandoms, both writing myself, and also reading fanfiction. I have to say that I have never enjoyed a fandom so much as Roswell, and that's only because I found Roswell Fanatics and the people themselves here drew me in. Roswell Fanatics, as well as a few other Roswell fanfiction sites, make every effort to accomodate, applaud, and honor the original creators and producers of a television and book series that has somehow struck a chord with us all. Never have I felt such acceptance, or even such dare I say it, professionalism, from any other fandom before.

Not just the quality of the plot lines, but just the general common courtesy and the enforcement of the few rules that we establish so we can continue to have the freedom of posting our homages ... no other fandom I have read or participated in (including Buffy, Angel, Dark Angel, Dragonriders of Pern, etc) has ensured such freedoms. Roswell fanfiction sites such as Roswell Fanatics, Roswell Heaven, and Polar Attraction are as long lasting as they are because of this communal awareness and respect.

It is interesting that the original Twilight books by SM remind me of the earlier Roswell fanfictions ... but I have to say, I am better off not reading any more Twilight fanfiction. There have been several television shows and movies I didn't care for but I adore their fanfiction. I had been hoping since I wasn't a fan at all of the books, that the fanfiction would redeem itself. Twilight the way it out to be written and all that jazz, right? I was wrong.

The fanfiction was as horrible an experience as finding out the reactions of the so called authors to reviews. I realized then just how "young" the writers must be, although the fact that many of these authors are older and should know better ... it just ticks me off. Just because you are writing in a so-called tween to young adult genre doesn't mean you have to act like them! And if you as an adult are ashamed of the smut you write, knowing some twelve to thirteen year old is going to read it ... don't post it online where everyone and their mother, grandmother, and great-grandchild can read it!

And that is why I cannot stomach it. I actually stopped reading some Buffy fanfiction for a while because of this same issue. I was part of a group on a forum for Buffy, and when I was asked in a chat room what I shipped (at the time i was like, what's a ship? i know, i was a fanfiction baby okay!) and I told them I liked the Buffy/Spike pairing of the later seasons, I was blasted!

Literally, I had someone tell me to go eff myself and get off the chat and forum itself because my ignorance and inability to see what a "great" ship was disgusted them. Really! It took a while for me to even get back on fanfiction after that, longer still before I was brave enough to post anything.

That being said, I am so glad to be apart of this forum, and this fandom, and I look forward to being spoiled for years to come God willing by the inventiveness of our peers. 8)

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Re: Pulling fanfics from the internet - your opinions?

Post by Misha » Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:07 pm


We really are a nice fanfic fandom 8)
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Re: Pulling fanfics from the internet - your opinions?

Post by DestinyDreamer » Tue Aug 28, 2012 10:24 pm

ok here is my take on it. Im a huge twilight fan and Ive only written twilight fanfiction and I posted it on fanfiction.net I let who ever I want read it and see it. Some people get very overprotective of their writing and yes there are some really crazy twi hards out there. I post my story because I want other people to see what I am writing because one day I want to write a book ( not about roswell or twilight of course) And I can see why people get very mad when their story is taken from them I would be mad too. really when you post any thing on the internet you are risking a chance that someone will take it.

Some fans of twilight are very passionate about the series and their fanfiction. And some fans go to the extreme. Me? well I collect merchandise etc but for some reason When it comes to writing my heart is more into roswell fanfiction then twilight.

Im passionate about my writing and its personal to me then I may only let a few people read it. The whole point of posting fanfiction is to let the fans read it right? Im not going to let one loser who cant write anything original stop me from posting and writing. Im going to call them out and tell them to stop taking my work that I worked so hard on! every fan deserves to read what I write.
please also check me out at fanfiction.net I go by the name twilighteyes85 there!

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