Tess's baby in fic

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Tess's baby in fic

Post by Tzigone » Sun Jun 26, 2016 4:38 pm

I was just thinking of Tess's baby and how the baby is handled in fic - particularly fic that was written before season 3 or at least ignores the return of Tess.

I think the two most common scenarios are:
Tess was never evil and the baby is Kyle's.
Tess is evil and the baby was a mindwarp.

I get both of those - they're satisfying. If Tess was never evil, then Kyle is her CC ship and it's all wrapped up neat (and she and Max probably never had sex). If Tess was evil, the baby is still innocent and no one wants to kill it (Tess still pregnant when killed) or leave it to Khivar (Tess's plan) and the baby not existing erases that loose end (and probably means Max and Tess didn't have sex).

But what other variations have you seen for not-as-seen-on-show? I mean, any good fics where Tess isn't evil and the baby isn't Kyle's (doesn't have to be Max's - Rath or Khivar or Greg Coleman could be the father). Or fics where Tess is evil, but the baby does exist, and isn't Max's (or Kyle's)? Or fics where there is an actual baby being used, but not Tess's?

For that matter, are there any where the baby turns out to be a girl? I know they said it was a boy, but with all sorts of potential deception going on...

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