Be Transformed ~ Fictional Goodies Galore

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Be Transformed ~ Fictional Goodies Galore

Post by roswellianprincess16 » Sat May 03, 2008 5:23 pm

I’m excited to announce that after some technical difficulties (also known as the evil WordPress Crash of 2008), Membra Disjecta: Scattered Things is up and running!

Membra Disjecta: Scattered Things is an electronic journal that explores and celebrates electronic art, books, authors, and genres- published quarterly and sponsored by Drollerie Press. Issue number 2 is jam packed with all sorts of goodies. Did I mention that it’s free? That’s right, access to the magazine is completely, one hundred percent gratis. Doesn’t really get any better than that. So check it out!

Here’s the Table of Contents. Read to your heart’s delight.

Not to mention, my little piece, Siren Song, is available on page 22. ;) Since the theme for this issue is transformations, the story is based on the mythology of the kelpie. If you'd like a direct link:

Check it out. You can lose yourself on that site for an entire night. And why not? Nothing better than fiction with the ability to take you away.

-Isabelle Santiago, Author of Scifi/Fantasy Romance
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