Baby, It's You (CC, Mature) - Chapter 37 - 07/28/2021

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Baby, It's You - Chapter 16 - 06/04/2021

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While Max and Liz were committing insanity together. Maria was relishing spending the day with her son. Something she could rarely do because she was always in one musical or another before she began rehearsals for the drama that she was doing back home. And with her son now school age. He was in school while she rehearsed. And they barely had time because on the weekends she was working too. Until today. Until now. She had called in sick to work. Or more correctly, a family emergency. But she did not feel guilty. She had put on a performance saying that her mother was in the hospital. And the director, Steven had granted her the rest of the week off. With her understudy taking over for the initial weekend previews. I know, it is a risk she thought to herself.

And yes, only days before. Maria had been worried that her understudy would take the spotlight, and now she did not care. All she knew was she needed this time. To make sense of her world and spend time with her son. As they had driven and seen the sights outside of Roswell. She revelled in the child’s delight at the sights that he was seeing. And she was able to show her son her former world. And Charlie was clearly relished in it. Because he had rarely been able to spend this quality time with his mother.

And his mother was spoiling him, and shopping along the way, and they were both having a good time as they were outside of the angst-ridden world that was Roswell because of Michael. Maria wanted to spend this time with her son. Because before too long. They would be back home and back to their individual lives.

Maria would not have this time with her son anymore. So, as they stopped for lunch in a town outside of Roswell. They had stopped in a diner. Classically known as a greasy spoon. Something she had loved when she was her son’s age, and even older. Only later did she develop a fascination for the Crashdown fare. And since she had been in New York. She had moved on. And now she was back in her home state and revisiting the world that she was so sure she would never leave.

But she had. And now she was back. And so, they were now eating their burgers and fries. And having a good time together.

And that was before her son decided to stir things up. “Mommy,” Charlie asked as he drank the milk shake and ate a fry and he decided to question his mother about what he did not know.

“What is it honey?” Maria asked as she was simply happy to be able to spend this time with her son.

“Why did you not want to bring back here,” Charlie asked as he looked up at his mother. “I mean Grandma always came to see us, but you never wanted to bring me back here to visit Grandma and Grandpa or even Uncle Kyle?” he asked.

“Honey,” Maria sighed as she had known this day would be coming. But she did not want it to be happening, not now, and not yet. As she figured she had a few years before she got these types of questions. But nope, my son has decided to question things she muttered as she tried find a way to dodge out of it. “You are too young to think like that?”

“Well, I do think about it,” Charlie asked.

“Honey, I love you” Maria murmured. “I was always working, and you know that. And Grandma always was able to come and see us in New York otherwise we would have come more often,” she murmured yeah sure, lie to your son she thought, and she knew she was. She was using her job as a crutch. Because yes, she had been in one production or another these last years but those early months, and even years. It was a lot of freer time, and she still had not come back to Roswell. Instead, she worked as many jobs as she could, and her mother came to them.

“I know that” Charlie muttered. “I love that Grandma came to see us, but we never came back here, and it only took Aunt Liz wanting to bring me for me to come even at all?”

“I have a production back home,” Maria sighed. “Which I am already skating the line” she acknowledged given she staged an elaborate ruse in delaying her return to their home. She was not ready to head home yet. But knew the day was coming where she would have to leave this town once again, and Michael. The question would Michael be alive the next time I come back?

“I know,” Charlie sighed.

“You know I love you, right?” Maria asked. As she hated knowing she had been working so much of her child’s childhood. She was able to provide for him, but sure her mother was a hippie in many respects during her own childhood. But at least her mother had been there for her, each day, and she knew she was working more than she has been there for her son so far. She was hoping this production would be a hit, so she could have more choices. And create more of a career where she could choose what she did, and not having to do it, to get paid to be able to pay her son’s tuition.

She was almost there…

“I know,” Charlie sighed. “It is just I wonder if the reason you never brought me back here is because my father is here…” he asked. “I have a father, right?”

“Of course, you do,” Maria muttered as she hated how unprepared she was for this conversation. She always batted back his previous questions but now that he had been exposed to her hometown, and probably heard more than he should have. “I would not have you if you did not,” as she was not ready to get into a lesson on the birds and bees with a six-year-old.

“Then why do I not know him?” Charlie asked.

“Oh, Charlie” Maria muttered. Why me, she thought. This is what happens when you hide the birth of your child from the world around you, and especially from his father and even from your child. “All I can say is that it is complicated.”

“Is it?” Charlie asked.

“It is grown up stuff,” Maria sighed as she wanted their lunch to be over, and for them go onto their next planned excursion and for her son to stop this questioning, and in this way, he was so like Michael for his ability to not be able to settle for the story given to him. Which made her proud, but it was annoying as heck when it was aimed right at her.

“That is what you or Aunt Liz always told me before when I asked,” Charlie muttered. ‘But I heard you talking last night, and I have to wonder if there is more to it?”

“You are too smart you know,” Maria asked.

“You tell me that all the time,” Charlie smiled.

“Which is why I pay that private school tuition,” Maria muttered.

“So, do I have a father?” Charlie asked.

“Oh, Charlie” Maria muttered. Unsure of how to deal with this one. And she wished she had Liz’s assistance, but she suspected her friend would not be much help, but it would have been nice not to be taking the brunt on this…

“Do I?” Charlie asked as he was unwilling to keep quiet about this. Not this time. He wanted answers, and he was finally asking the question, and he wanted his mother to tell him the truth. Do I not deserve it the six-year-old asked?

“You are too young for this?”

“Is his name Michael?” Charlie blurted out and Maria went pale, and she finally knew the that the younger generation were way too smart for their own good.


And Liz wanted to create a new member of the circle. While she was trying to resist the notion that she could seek the help of the man in her embrace at the moment. Max had other ideas, and he seemly was obsessed with the notion of helping his ex. “I want to help you out with this” Max was asking as they laid in his bed. It had gotten seriously steamy in the bedroom, and it was not only the bathroom that had steamy mirrors, but it seemed like everything was around them was supercharged. As if every nerve was fried, and they were going for more. Or that was Liz’s intention even though she knew the changes of her getting pregnant via of any of their encounters that weekend was unlikely because it was not the time of the month for it, but she knew she was heading into the period where it could happen which made every encounter riskier and riskier, and yet here she was. Straddling him and trying to get him to stop thinking about her plans.

And yet he seemed obsessed by this notion, and Liz was trying to divert him from thinking about it and saying the words he was saying as she leaned down with kisses, as he laid against the pillow. Thanking that Micah was heading to her friend’s house after school on this day. And that meant more time before he had come back to reality, and head to pick up his daughter. And it was truly blissed to be here with Liz, and to have this chance.

“I do not want to be talking about it,” came Liz as she tried to smother the words from Max and he knew it and on one hand he was allowing her to do it, because who would not be in his situation. One that had a sexy brunette having her way with him. “I should never have told you anything about it?”

“Why not? Max asked. “It’s your dream?”

“My dream is not your dream,” Liz sighed.

“How do you know?” Max asked as he maneuvered the situation to have completely flipped, and now he had her on her back, and him above her. “You are my dream?” he was trying to say to her, and she was trying to ignore the implications of how it was going between the two of them.

“You should not be saying something like that,” Liz muttered as she was trying to live in the moment. This weekend was not about having a baby. Or planning for one. She was trying to have some time off from it because she had known it was no use trying to use it for that purpose. But Max had other plans, and he could not turn off his brain. She was so used to being at work. And not letting loose like this. She had the time off. And that was unnerving for her, which meant she was bound to get into predicaments that she had not planned on, and that was true for what she was doing, and who she was doing.

“Why not?” Max asked. “You are my dream girl. Someone I saw on that playground,” Max sighed. “And I would do anything if I could give you something you want,” he asked. “And before you try to say that I do not know what I am saying. I do. I know what I am offering, and the implications that could come from it?”

“Do you?” Liz asked as she looked up into the searing eyes of the only man she had truly ever loved. And the one who she threw away. This incredible weekend did not change things, not. even close “I think we are both aware that I do not live here you know?”

“I know that” Max sighed of course you do not. Or lives would be very different if you did, he thought, and that was one thing he knew was for sure “Of course, I wish you that did, but I think I know full well that you do not live here,” he sighed. “And that you will be leaving…”

“So, it means I do not live around the corner and if I were to get pregnant, and then have the baby, then you will not be able to see the baby every day like you do with Micah?” Liz asked. “I will be spending the next couple of years at least in Europe. As I do not have any projects close to here, which means I am not coming back Max. This weekend exempted.”

“Right,” Max asked with a laugh. “But you did come back for no good reason because you know you did not have to come to my sister’s wedding. Sure, you love Kyle as a friend. You would have wanted to support him. Yet, you still came back, even know it meant we would be seeing each other” Max asked. “You knew what you were planning to do, and yet still came back. Maria is clear she wanted to keep her secret forever if she could. But you knew what coming back here would have meant for you, and me, and for everything. Deep down, your brain was telling you that maybe you wanted another option?”

Nice, try she thought as she thought of his justification for why she had come back. And maybe there was a tiny bit of truth of it. Kyle was a friend, but it’s not like we had seen each other since senior year. We talk, but we are not close. Still, she did not want to believe she came back because she was on the edge of losing her tie to Max completely when she wanted something else, something like what Maria had even though her ties to Michael made it complicated Why do I want complicated she thought.

Except her life was boring when she was not finding a way to complicate it, she thought but still she hung onto the idea of moving on from all this. “I came back for the closure,” Liz said as if she did not know that is truly rich to think about given where she was, and who she was doing. Closure is not going to be possible, even if she went home tomorrow, and she never saw Max again for the rest of her life. “And to see my parents?”

“Did that get you anywhere?” Max asked with a laugh. “And you said it yourself you saw your parents a month ago in Paris,” he murmured. “And I am sure you had another one planned within the near future. We both know that you wanted to come back because you wanted me to make this offer?”

“You think a little highly of yourself,” Liz muttered even though she knew there was truth in his words. Because why did I come back? To go to a wedding of a woman who barely was kind to me in high school. If that for the fact I dated both her brother, and her fiancé. She would have no use for me. But I came back. Sure, to support Kyle. But it is not like we kept in touch except for the odd letter or email as technology was changing with the times. I did not come back. I came back because I knew I was going to run into Max she thought as she would rather concentrate on the other motivation. Closure. “Well, it was my goal,” Liz sighed as she wigged around him, as she also tried to get him to move but he was clearly not going anywhere. She did not want to admit that this was what had come back for. Knowing they were older, and single or she had hoped he was still single “Max…”

“But it’s what you want, right?” Max asked. “You want a baby?”

“Yes,” Liz allowed as she continued to wiggle but Max knew how calm her down, and she muttered all the way, this man makes me too weak she sighed. I cannot say no to him she thought. But she was trying because she knew this was the worst thing for them “But not this way?”

“Then you want some anonymous sperm donor to be the father?” Max asked. “Someone you do not know, and all you have is some words on an application form. And who knows if those words would be truthful, or they would be who they say they are? And would be someone you would not know? You know me, and you know I love you and that you can trust me.”

“I know can trust you, sure” Liz sighed. “That is not the issue,” she sighed. “The issue is that we are over. We are not in a relationship anymore.”

“You call this over?” Max asked with a smile as he leaned for a kiss, that she accepted. “We are so far away from over…

“I call this a diversion. And you know it, as it is the truth because I am headed out of this town Max, and I am not planning on coming back anytime soon” she asked. “If we were to have a baby, you would not be able to see you. You already have a child you do not get to see” she asked. “I do not want to do that to you again. I am not Tess.”

“I know you,” Max murmured as he wanted to curse his former one-night fling. But did not want to do that while he was in his bed with his dream girl. “Why would you think you are Tess? Liz, you are no where close to being Tess. We both know that she did not give me a choice when we created our son. She knew if she had told me what her goal was. I would not have gone there. Not even close. I never would have done that with her. When, I wanted it to be you?” Max murmured and Liz looked away, not wanting to hear something that still stung, and Max knew this and hated it for her, for them both to have to remember that time. “So, while, yes, I went there, and I cannot say I was forced, because I did it, willingly unfortunately, but she did not tell me everything, and I am sorry for that. And what it did to us. I will always regret that and even then, maybe one day I will be able to meet my son, because I do want to hopefully, but she did not give me a choice. She had an agenda and she used me to execute her plan. I was fooled in many ways. But with you and me. You are not using me, if we do this together, and I help you achieve something you truly do want. You would not be using me. I would be going into this agreement of ours knowing that our child will be raised by an incredible mother…”

“Are you sure?” Liz asked as if she thought he was just saying the right words. But she saw genuine words within Max. Still, she did not want to believe it. “Because you do not get to see your son,” she allowed. “I cannot do that to you. I cannot take another child from you. As I said, my future is not here, and it is overseas. Where I have multiple offers and none of them include being here anytime soon…”

“And I accept that,” Max asked.

“You think you do?” Liz murmured.

“I know the reality of what I speak of,” Max asked. “As you have said. I have a child I do not see. And I have another child I am raising even though she belongs to someone else. It would be unusual, sure, but you want a child and I want to give this to you, and maybe one day, things will change, and I will get to know our child.”

“Even if the child is indeed different?” Liz asked. “You will be taking a risk, letting me raise him or her alone, without you?”

“As you said with Charlie. You know what to look out for, and I trust you that if the day came, then you can reach out to me, and I will come running. You know that don’t you?”

“You do not know what you are asking,” Liz murmured. “You think you do. But living with it, is quite different…

“I think I do,” Max smiled with a sexiness that disarmed her, and it was making her crazy as their mutual desire was refueling, I live it every day, not seeing my son he thought but he let it flood out of his mind as he concentrated on driving her crazy. Which he was succeeding in doing for both of them “Anyways, we both agree that it is not happening today, right?”

“Unlikely,” Liz agreed. “Very unlikely,” she thought as she knew her body. And knew it was not going to be happening this weekend. But the longer she stayed, the more she could not guarantee it, so therefore, she should be calling and making those flight reservations.

“Then let us forget what we were only just talking about and just take solace in being together, even though I know you will be leaving before long, and I am only setting myself up for heartache because I love you, Liz. I loved you in third grade before I knew what love was. And I loved you even more when I got a shot with you. We did not make it work, but it does not mean I do not love you, because I do, and maybe we can come back this discussion later, okay?” Max asked. “Unless you want to get up, and leave me?”

“No,” Liz thought to herself. She could not get up. Even if Max did get off her, she knew she was not getting out of this bed. She needed him. She needed something that feels good before she decided to upend her future by doing something risky. She did not want to leave him because it felt too good to be with him. As she was trying to vain to ignore the implications of his declaration of love.

And so, she gave herself to him.



Maria was looking up at the facility. It was later in the afternoon than it had been earlier, and she and her son had driven several hours to get back to town limits. Because she had an exceedingly difficult conversation with her son. And once Charlie was onto the scent. It was impossible to get him away with and she needed the advice from her best friend, but she had been unable to reach her friend in hours. All her calls were going to voice mail. She called Serena, to arrange her latest decision and heard from her that Max had not been in because he had called and said he was tied up. And she could not help but wonder if her friend was also tied up? Those two she thought to herself as she looked up at the building, and then down at her son.

“Mommy, why are we here?” Charlie asked as he looked up at the building. All he could think about was their conversation over lunch when his mother confirmed the name of his father, Michael he thought. Michael Guerin, she would tell him. She admitted that his father had not known about him. Because she had left town before she learned she was having him. It was not the whole truth Maria would think to herself as she looked at her son who was looking wearily at the building. Unsure of what to expect. Or was she telling him the truth? He is too smart that boy… And of course, she would tell herself she had no idea what she was doing.

All she knew she was waiting for is on Serena who was coming to let them in, since Maria had no way to get in without permission. Only three people had permission, or the access except for the odd additional medical personnel that came and went from the facility. The only other exception being the security guards. Still, it was a lot, and Maria did not know why she was doing this.

To herself, or to her son.

But she felt it was the only way because Charlie did need to know. As if Michael would really know they were there, but Charlie had to know he at least had a father. “You wanted to see your father?” she commented as if this were a simple wish, she could grant her son when it was so much more complicated then that. “That is why we are here.”

“He is here?” Charlie asked as he looked away from the building and at his mother.

“Yes,” Maria confirmed. “It’s an awfully long story. And mostly you are way too young for much of it, but you do have a father, and he has to be here for now she thought. “Just remember you need to be on your best behavior.”

Charlie nodded.

“Good,” Maria murmured as she saw Serena come to the doors and open them for them. “It’s nice to see you. Anything from Max?”

“Nope, he has been radio silent” Serena said with a laugh.

“As it so happens, Liz is radio silent as well” she said with knowing smile, and Serena giggled.

“So, maybe they are being radio silent together?” Serena asked as she let the mother and her child in. Michael’s child. And if she had not seen it at the wedding. He could see it now. Charlie was a chip of the old block in his resemblance to her patient. As she also thought of her boss. It was unusual for Max to be so quiet while also failing to show up. Of course, she had seen him interacting with Liz Parker, and could not help but have the impression that he was with his former girlfriend. Doing something together. As she thought back to the woman and her child who was here looking for answers. At least the boy was. The mother wanted to delay this, but she now knew it was no longer possible. As a doctor. Serena did know that this was risky because they could not afford anything to go wrong with her patient. But then when your patient had been comatose for five years. Anything happening would be good, and who knows what this might provoke. “Max has been single all these years. So, I guess he deserves something to happen.”

“So, has Liz” Maria sighed. “It’s only a matter of what they are planning together?”

Anything is more positive than this, Serena thought as they walked into the heart of the beast. The facility that kept Michael alive. Far longer than most others would. But still it was intimidating to walk into. Even working here all these years, it was a tad intimidating for Serena. Max and Isabel have created quite the facility and she wondered what she would do if they did lose Michael to fate one of these days.

Because this could not keep going. It did not help anyone to be kept alive all this time. Without any movement.

“This is Dr. Serena Thomas,” came Maria as she introduced her son, you guys probably saw each other at the wedding the other day. Serena, this is my son, Charles Michael Deluca officially,” she thought although her son always went by Charlie. “He is named for a lost friend.”

“Yes, Max told me of the loss you guys suffered.”

Maria nodded. As Charlie thought of his name. “You named me after him?” he asked of his mother who only allowed herself to nod.

“Yes, in a way I did,” Maria acknowledged as she thought of her sense of humor warped and twisted, She, had knowingly kept the boy from Michael, and yet she wanted to honor him too with their son’s name. Only I would think of doing it?

“But I did not know him?” Charlie asked.

“And he did not know you,” Maria muttered. “Which is a long and overly complicated story,” she thought of their origin story.

“I bet,” Serena smiled. As she did not know everything, but she knew enough and she knew it was the adventure, and she could not have imagined being here for it. As she walked down the hallways, and past the different mechanisms to protect their patient, she could sense Maria had experienced a lot over the years.

“Are you ready?” Serena asked Maria as the got to the end road. She knew Maria was ready, but she had a hard to assessing the child. Whether Charlie was ready. She had the impression that Charlie had seen a lot and experienced a lot in his six years, but still he was young, and she did not know if Maria’s plan would work.

“I am,” Maria sighed as she turned and knelt in front of her son. “Are you ready honey?” she asked. “We could turn around, and do this another day?” she asked after all there are other days, she thought but maybe not for Michael?

“I want to see him,” Charlie muttered. “Does he work here?”

“No,” Maria said as she could not bare to explain to her son that his biological father was sick. And it would take a miracle for him to get well again, so she knew she was blurring a line here, but she knew she could not break her son’s heart.

Even if she knew she was ignoring the ramifications.

“We are ready,” Maria said softly as she looked at Serena, and Serena put her pass through the security lock, and opened the door.

And the three walked in, and moments later…

Charlie gasped.

“Are you okay honey?” Maria asked as if she was thinking this was the wrong decision to have made. “Maybe this is too much for you,” she said as she took his hand. “We can go.”

“No,” said the boy. “He’s not well, isn’t he?” Charlie asked of his mother as he looked up into the face as he looked at the man in the bed. To the boy, who while he might be six years old. It was like looking into a mirror, and he was seeing who he could be when he was old enough and was grown up.

“No, he is not” Maria said softly. “He’s sick?”

“What’s wrong with him?” Charlie asked as he looked at the man in the bed, and then back up at his mother.

“We do not know, because it’s a mystery” Maria sighed. “Right Serena?”

“Right,” Serena nodded. “We have been trying for a long time with your father, but we do not what cause this” she said. “But he’s well taken care?”

Charlie did not know what to say as he looked between the women and then back at the bed, as she took some steps, and went closer, and Maria did not want him to, but the boy resisted it and instead walked forward, getting close to the bed.

“Mommy?” Charlie asked as he turned to focus on him Mom.

“What is it Charlie” Maria asked unsure of what her son would be asking her. As she knew it could be anything because the boy was very smart, and imaginative. Like father and son, she thought.

“Why does this man look like the one who visited me the other night?” Charlie Deluca blurted out as he questioned his man.

WTF both Serena and Maria thought as they looked at each other.

“What are you talking about?” Maria asked of her son.

“Mommy, that man was in my bedroom that night. Looking at me. I swear he was. How could he be there, and then be here, sleeping?” Charlie asked as he looked at his mother, and then at Serena. “He is sleeping, right?”

“Unconscious. He has been unable to wake up,” came Serena to Charlie. “We do not know why. Are you saying that man was in his bedroom the other night?”

“Yes,” Charlie muttered. “Grandpa said it was just because of my dreams. But I remember who I see in my dreams. I do not always see them. I mean I know I do not see Iron Man in my daily life. But that man was in my dreams, and then I swear he was in my bedroom. I was fully awake. I might have been asleep but at that moment, I swear I was not.”

“Oh god,” Maria whispered. “What have I done?” she whispered as she had no idea of what she had started.

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Re: Baby, It's You (CC, Mature) - Chapter 16 - 06/04/2021

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okay.......what did Maria do??
Charlie had good questions regarding his father.
Liz and Max.......where do we go from here??

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Re: Baby, It's You (CC, Mature) - Chapter 16 - 06/04/2021

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Charlie may be able to help his father.
Why doesn't Max hire Liz to research Michael's DNA? Then she could stay in Roswell.

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Baby, It's You - Chapter 17 - 06/06/2021

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While all this was going on. Max and Liz were continuing to meet their mutual needs. And were in the middle of their pursuit to ignore reality and the inevitable bursting of their bubble that they were in. It would be coming soon. They could feel it because that was their pattern, and they did not see how this could be different. How could it? they both thought together. They did not see that maybe they could see that the past was indeed in the past, and this was a new day.

And this new day. One that was being spent improbably together was drawing to a close. They both knew it. Even though at the moment he and Liz were in the bathtub together do not ask. Max knew he should ending their time together and go and be a father to his daughter. He knew he would have to pick her up when she reached out to him that she was ready to come home. But he could not bare to get out of the tub. As they were both relaxing and doing nothing but glazing into each other’s eyes. Knowing that this had been implausible for them, but undeniable and they did not want to stop the insanity taking place. As they both knew that they were stronger than this, but they could not part from the other. As the were ignoring the implications for them, and for the future as what Max was offering to do was hanging over their heads, but the silence rang over their heads. “You have to pick up your daughter?”

“Micah knows how to reach me when her playtime is over,” Max said as he acknowledged his phone that he had in the bathroom. “But yes, I do have to get dressed eventually…” he allowed although he did not want this day to end. This was a fantasy, and he knew it. But he did not want the bubble to burst.

Liz could not help but nod from her side of the tub. As she knew this was impractical, and they were on borrowed time.

“But I do not have to do it yet,” Max said with a smile as he leaned in for a kiss. “I know this is stupid of us, as you are right. We are risking a lot here because you do have your life?” he asked. “And it does not involve me?” he asked because he knew he was risking so much more than they had in high school now that they had time to spend time, and all the other little benefits they had added to the complexities of their time together. It will be my own fault as he was prepared to handle the fallout when it came around It will come around; I am sure of it.

“I have created a career for myself Max,” Liz sighed. “I have had opportunities all over the world. And none of them include here…”

“But you could not make the time could you not? Max asked. “After all, we always need to let loose every once while?”

“No, we do not” Liz allowed, and she suppose she had fallen for this weekend of lunacy was that because she had spent too much time working, and not enough time playing. Except when she did date, which was regularly. “I know how to let loose. And I have, in the past. But I have my career…”

“Which I want for you, but it would be nice to see you…” Max asked. “I do have any expectations for anything Liz. After all, I have learned the hard way that you should never expect anything. If you do, then it can only disappoint you?”

“Max,” Liz sighed ignoring his words and the weight of them. “If you are expecting anything?” she asked as she could see from the look on his face, that he was.

“Did I not just say that I did not have expectations,” Max said with a sexy tone even though he knew she had always known him deep down. Which is what made their attraction so powerful, so raw, and so real. We know each other “After all it’s been seven years since we last saw you, but I do not want it to be another seven before you come back…” he allowed. “This weekend has exceeded any expectations I did have, by far, but I do not want you to leave unless you have to leave?”

“Roswell does not really do my kind of science” Liz asked. “Which is why I never came back?” as if that were the reason she had not come back. Not by a long shot

“We are more modern than we used to be,” Max sighed. “We always need the brightest,” he sighed. “We could use you?” he asked. “There are new possibilities always opening up in our town.”

“Just like the one you created in the facility that Michael is in?” Liz asked.

“You must be wondering?” Max asked because he knew many would if they knew exactly what he and his sister had done. For most of the town. They saw that he was working in less than inspirational jobs when he did work, because his inheritance was plentiful for him not to have to, but when he did jobs, well, they were small time jobs, and he knew the town wondered about him not meeting his potential. Little do they know because he and Isabel liked to keep their windfall a secret from the town, so the money seekers did come after them or those other versions of themselves for that matter because they had no idea if they were still alive. They knew Ava was, but they did not know of Lonnie and Rath…

“I have a question or two,” Liz admitted.

“We are unpredictable by our very nature,” Max muttered, and Liz could not help but laugh at the comment as they were spending time in a bubble bath for two “We are also quite different. None of us are the same. I never got sick. My prior time of unconsciousness was due to a head injury. Isabel never has. Michael has been. The two prior times that we have of Michael getting sick. He turned into a cocoon of webbing after that ritual out in the reservation” he muttered as they remembered of how they caught onto River Dog. “And of course, when he drank too much at New York Eve, which you were witness too. He totally wigged out, as if his nerves were fried, which he did to a degree in the beginning of both of the incidents to befell him” he asked. “One could not turn him over to more modern hospital where they might react if something supernatural happened. So, yeah, Isabel and I could not take any chances and with Kal’s money. It gave us opportunity to use the shell of the burnt-out medical facility once Meta Chem exploded during senior year.”

“It was safe?” Liz asked.

“We made it safe,” Max sighed as he thought of all the protocols they had put into place. “It was easy. We got it for a rock bottom price because it was burnt out in an explosion. And we built it into something that he could treat Michael in. As we were not sure what we would find with his illness. Although truthfully it has been pretty normal except, we cannot get him to wake up even though when we hired Serena. She could find nothing to indicate a reason for his illness.”

“Was he drinking too much?” Liz asked. “Fascinated by the nature of Michael’s illness. Even though she doubted she could do anything about it. But it was about science, and she loved science. Because she had indeed read the file and even an impartial scientist, she could not find anything medically to explain why he did not wake up.

“Of course, but then I was too…” Max muttered.

“You were?” Liz asked.

“I lost you,” Max sighed as he could not help but remember those days after he lost Liz and she was not coming back. “You might not think I would have done anything with the Yvonne types, and maybe I would not, but in the wake of losing you, there was very little I liked about my life” as he remembered how he had given up on any meaning in his life. It taken a good long while to get some semblance of normalcy out of it. In fact, it not until Micah was born that she had given him something to concentrate on. And of course, it did not help matters that by then, Michael had gotten sick. So, drinking lost its appeal. But in those days, months before that time. Max had succumbed to drinking… and when he did, he had kept it out of sight of his family, because they would have disapproved and tried to get him to stop. And it was not like Isabel was in a mood to want to help him given she also went down her own rabbit hole once Michael got taken from them. She just handled it different than he had. And did different techniques to cope.

Eventually, he would clean up his act, and it was because of his daughter.

“Max…” Liz sighed as she did not want to know that even though he had said it enough times...

“It does not really matter at the end of the day. Because nothing happened to me. I never wigged out. I never lost consciousness. I used alcohol to numb my feelings over you and then in those early days of Michael. But then I cleaned up because I had Micah to consider, and she largely kept me getting up in the morning. When nothing else did. And it was not like I had a career myself to keep me on track because by the time Michael got sick. We knew Kal had died and left the three of us the money, so I did not have to get a job by the day. Even though I have had a few over the years, to keep myself busy, but they were always beneath me because I did not have to worry about paying the bills. And they allowed me to concentrate on my daughter, and on Michael.”

“Kal left money to Michael too?” Liz asked.

“Yes, all three of us, and it’s not like we horded the money for ourselves,” Max laughed. “Isabel used hers for her store, and then the facility, mine went to the facility and other pursuits, to keep a roof over my head. Michael’s portion went into a trust, because by the time we got awarded the money. He had lapsed into his coma. We are saving it in the bank if he does wake up or it is designated for Micah if he were to leave us,” he said softly and paused at the thought of losing his friend. And Liz was sad for him. No one should experience that kind of pain she thought. “I guess, I will have to put Charlie as another beneficiary of the trust…”

“I am sorry Max…”

“For what?” Max asked.

“I happen to know what it means to lose someone you love,” Liz sighed as she thought of Alex. Which was a loss that had hit it where it hurt for them both. As Max could not help but think of Alex too. So much hurt, and so much pain was brought on because of that loss. That could not be overridden or vetoed. It had existed in their lives, and one of the reasons they had ended in the first place.

Why they could not make it work. Even they had tried.

“We both know how it feels,” Max sighed.

“Which is why I hope there is some miracle for Michael” Liz asked.

“You and me both,” Max sighed as he wanted to ignore the pain that came with the suspended animation that they were in with Michael’s condition which was growing more hopeless each day, because of what had happened to his friend. As they leaned in together, for a kiss.

Just when there a buzz that came from his phone. “Busted” they muttered together It was good for awhile there she thought as he groaned. And got up and reached for a towel. She stayed in the confines of the bubbles as he went for his phone.

He groaned once more when he saw that there were several messages. From Micah saying finally that she was headed home. The last one was ten minutes ago. As he cursed his phone because it had failed to signal him, or maybe he had ignored the signals. “Micah’s coming home?”

“Oh,” Liz asked as she got up from out of the tub, and Max smiled at how sexy she looked naked. “I guess I should go?”

Before Max could answer. There was a phone call coming through, and he picked it up “Yes,” Max asked. “Serena, oh, sorry. I never made it there. I’ll plan to come in tomorrow…” he asked as he glanced a smiling Liz because they both realized how this day had turned on them. It had started with a simple run to clear her head, and then ended in hours in their own bubble. As was snapped back to reality by the phone call and the nature of what Max was saying “What is the matter?” he asked as then proceeded to listen to her friend. “What are you talking about?” he asked. “How does that matter?” he asked. “Yeah, I have no idea either. Yes, of course, I will be there,” he muttered and then he saw that Liz was mouthing Micah’s name, and he groaned. “Damn, Micah is coming home?”

“I can wait for her,” Liz murmured without really thinking of the consequences of such a move and Max looked surprised when he heard the offer coming out of her mouth. “It does not matter. I will be there as soon as I can?” he said as he hung up his call and fully concentrated his attention on his ex, as if it ever left. “There has been a development at the facility?”

“What is going on?” Liz asked.

“Serena was not exactly clear on the phone, she said she will tell me more when I get there” Max muttered. “You do not have to wait you know?” he asked of his former girlfriend’s offer. “I can wait, and take her with me?”

“To a facility that holds her biological father?” Liz asked. “I think she can wait for that particular insight,” she sighed as she put a towel around her and walked towards Max. “I can handle keeping an eye on her for a little while. If you can reach her friend’s parents. Tell them to bring her next door to my room. And she can stay with me as long as you need to be gone?”

“Are you sure?” Max asked. “She can be a handful” he murmured because he knew his five-year-old daughter. As he did not know how his daughter would handle this. And knowing his nosey daughter. It might give her some amusement, and enjoyment or it could be alternative. Because given he had been self admitted celibate since Tess until this past weekend. Which meant because of his lack of a social life. His daughter had never had to handle seeing another woman with him, and he did not know how his five-year-old would handle it. And given it was Liz and Liz meant more than any woman possibility could. Scaring her off might be a distinct possibility for either his daughter or his former girlfriend. Former girlfriend he thought. Still, after this weekend and today… he muttered because like Liz. He did not know how to classify them.

To classify us then it might mean that it was over, and he did not want that and so he rather live in the moment, and ignore reality some more but Michael was reminding him that they could not do this forever, and he did have Micah to worry about and Liz was giving him a lifeline because it should be the last thing he should be doing was bringing his daughter to the facility that held her biological father. So, the offer from Liz was something he wanted to grab onto, even though he knew it was going to be a lot for his former girlfriend, and he was truly worried she might get scared and book that flight that she had been ignoring.

Max had to take a chance.

“I want to be a mother one of these days. So, I need to experience more kids than just Charlie” she thought of the boy who she knew his routine down pat. Focusing on Micah would be different, especially given she was Max’s child. Liz did not know what that would mean This could be interesting she thought.

“I guess,” Max muttered.

“Trust me,” Liz said as she approached him, and they kissed, and it got passionate, and it took extreme resistance not to tear down the towel that was now around her, and fall into bed together, and to stop their kiss. Sighing, she made sure the towel stayed up, and walked into the bedroom, and changed back in her running clothes yeah, this has been some day she thought as she let herself out of the apartment and went next door and fully changed. And ready for the action.

While Max once he heard the slam of the front door. Changed and was out of his apartment and in the car driving away as Micah’s ride was coming up the street.



It was clear that Maria had no idea what she was doing. As she was almost in a stare down with the comatose body of her ex-boyfriend. A man who was the father of her son, who was looking at both of his parents with suspicious eyes which Maria knew on her end was warranted because she had kept any knowledge of his biological father from him. Even though he was only six, not even seven years old yet. He is still my little boy she thought. But Charles Michael Deluca was his own person. Already growing up in a very different vein than either of his parents. Charlie, she thought.

Charlie was also looking at Serena as if he did not trust her. Which was warranted because she was new to the boy. And given that he had his dreams. Still, he did not know why his mother, or the doctor was looking at him like he was crazy, or just dreaming. Why do they not believe me the six-year-old muttered to himself. He was sure he had seen the man in this bed in his dreams, and in his bedroom the two nights before. Why could that be? Both women were telling him it was impossible, and that his grandfather was right. He was just taking something from his nightmares and even dreams and making it real.

He supposed that was legitimate but knew he had been real. Standing his bedroom, the one I have at Grandma’s he thought. Not that he had seen it before this past weekend. “I am sure Mommy,” he said stubbornly as his mother looked down at him like he could not believe it. “I know when something is just a dream.”

“So, you said,” Serena muttered. “Iron Man, right?”

“Right,” Charlie smiled for once at the woman he did not know “Yes, sometimes I dream of this man. But I know for certain he was in my bedroom the other night,” he said adamantly. “I know it sounds crazy, and it might be crazy, but it is the truth Mommy.”

“I believe you,” Maria murmured as a memory flooded her brain of her seeing an image in the room she had slept in at her mother’s home. She had been sure she had seen Michael, but she had quickly fallen asleep, and she had put it out of her brain, and now her son certainly had told her that maybe she should not be dismissing it. I could not have seen him, right? she thought. Why not, because it would be true to this life, I am leading.

“No, you don’t,” said Charlie. “But it’s the truth and how can it be?”

It cannot be, thought Serena. Because there has been no movement, and or signals in his brain activity to think that he could be processing what is going on she muttered to herself as she glanced at the tests results over the last number of days. And especially the reports that came out. “Yes, there have been subtle changes” she admitted. “But nothing remarkable”

“He’s not dying, is he?” Charlie as asked he stopped his protesting and turned to face the doctor. “He’s not leaving, right?”

“He’s been holding on for a long time,” Serena muttered as she glanced at Maria who sighed. “It might be telling us his time is up?”

“Why would he be in my bedroom?” Charlie asked.

“I do not know,” Serena admitted as Maria wanted this to make sense. She glanced at Michael, and then at their son, and wanted this to make sense as she sat down and took Michael’s lifeless hand in her own, and prayed for something…


While Liz was wondering what was going on with her. Why was she doing this. You are leaving Liz, she told herself as she waited for the door to be knocked on. She was fully dressed. In something fresh and did not have memories attached to them of the incredible day she had spent in the arms of the dark hair mystery man who had taken her heart at fifteen. She knew she was older and should be knowing better, but she could not help herself. She had to offer to keep an eye on Micah for Max.

What are you doing Liz she thought to herself of the offer, because she knew there was no way a child should be finding out the truth about her parentage, and she knew the child had to be observant so, she knew it also give Max less stress this way, even though it would give her a load more to dealing with his daughter, someone who held his heart today? And meant the world to him, and whose view meant everything to him. What would she think of me? she wondered and knew she should not be thinking like this because she was leaving.

It should not matter.

But it did, and she knew it.

But was more imperative to him that a five-year-old should not be finding out that way if she had gone with her father, and therefore Liz could take any swings at her. She had grown up to be able to over the years. And one night with a five-year-old would not hurt, she thought to herself. Yeah right, she told herself.

As she waited for the door to be knocked on. She wanted to be a mother, and she should be taking this chance to really think of Max’s offer instead of complicating it by allowing Max to grow closer to her, because she was leaving. It might not be tomorrow because I have yet to make the plane reservation she thought. But it was coming. And allowing Max and now Micah to grow attached to her was not the answer.

And just then, there was a knock on the door. She settled her nerves even though they were fluttering in her stomach and walked the door and made the leap off the cliff of sanity. “Yes.”

“My name is Gail Robinson,” said the mother of Micah’s friend as she saw a bewildered Liz at the door. “I was told to bring Micah here?”

“Yes,” Liz said. “You came to the right place,” she said as trying to switch to her professional persona. “My name is Elizabeth Parker,” she said. “But I go by Liz,” she said. “Micah’s father had to go deal with an emergency involving a friend, and he was aware his daughter was returning home, and because we are old friends, so I offered to keep an eye on Micah while he is gone” she said as she was eyeing passed the woman, and at Micah.

Micah was eying her too. Daddy left me with her.

“Is everything alright?” Gail asked.

“Yes,” Liz said. “But it was something he could no wait for his daughter to return for, and we felt that Micah would be happier to be here then where her father would have to travel too.

“You know Max long?” Gail asked, as she had known since the girls had met in the park when they were toddlers, and she had seen how Max had been the dotting and devoted father, and yet he was clearly a single father, with no mother for Micah in the picture, or a wife for Max, and it was a small town and no one had seen him with anyone, and now this woman was asking to take care of his daughter for him, and it was clear they were intimate.

“Yes,” Liz said of the interrogation she was getting. “We go back to high school?” she said as memories flung through her brain as of their intensity back in those days, and even this past weekend, when there a lot less danger attached to it. Although maybe there is, she thought. Just a different level of danger.

“It’s alright Mrs. Robinson, Daddy knows her” Micah said pipping into the conversation. She was aware of something going on with her father and this woman. She remembered the scene the other night, and of what she and Charlie witness. “You are Charlie’s Aunt?”

“Yes,” Liz said as she could not help but smile at how Micah was giving confirmation even though the girl clearly had a wary look on her face when she looked at Liz.

“Very well,” Gail nodded as she allowed Micah to walk into the apartment. “See you next time Micah.”

“Thank you for the drive,” Micah smiled before walking into the apartment that was next door to the one, she shared with her father. It was remarkably similar to the one she was used to but had a different vibe.

Once the door was closed. Liz could only watched as the little girl was observing all and was a little wary of it all. Which is very Michael she thought of the biological father that she knew was a secret from most of the town, and even the child herself. Micah and Charlie are so similar she thought but what was different with Micah was the obvious contributions of her mother’s genetic pool, and the different ethnic mix.

“My Daddy wanted you to look after me?” Micah asked bluntly. “Why?”

“Because it is the truth. Your father had to go and do something important, and he knew you would want to be here, instead of with him” said Liz asked. “Do you want something to drink. I do not have much, because I was only renting this place for the weekend…”

“Because you do not live here?” Micah asked once again bluntly.

“Right. I live in Europe most of the time,” Liz said.

“Europe?” Micah asked thinking it sounded foreign to her…

“Geneva in fact, starting next week” Liz asked of the new breakthrough she was supposed to be aiding in. “Switzerland. They make lots of good chocolate. Maybe I can send you some when I get there…”

“I guess that is cool,” Micah said at the obvious bribe, but she did not say that “I am fine, I do not need something to eat” she thought. “I had dinner with the Robinson’s. Before I came home, or was forced to come here…”

“I can turn on the television?” Liz asked quietly amused by the child’s vigour. “I do not know what type of channels it has,” she sighed. “I have not spent much time here because as I said, I live elsewhere,” she said acknowledging that this was awkward. Especially given how close she knew the child was to Max. Max, she thought. The one man she and this child loved. Still, it was awkward because she could see this was a whole new experience for the child. After all, Micah had to be used to her aunt, or her grandparents. But no other adults around her father. And now she was here, so close to the home she shared with her father.

Yes. Liz knew she was used to Charlie. She of course knew Charlie. But Micah was a different breed of a child. And it was obvious, and so there was a chill and a level of awkwardness in their conversation.

“I guess that would be okay,” Micah said as she continued to observe the women, she had seen with her father the night before, and even at the wedding. Before she was taken away. She had seen her father dancing with this woman. And speaking to her aunt the other day. She knew her father had a past with this woman named Liz. So, she was watching her wearily. Intently, because she knew this woman meant something to her father.

And Liz sensed the assessment, and as a pre-emptive measure she could not help but state. “I see that you are trying to protect your father, and I admire that, but you can rest easy, I am not trying to hurt your father, Micah.”

“But you are going to, aren’t you?” came the five-year-old as she could sense the awkwardness in this woman, she knew meant a great deal to her father. “If that is your plan. Then stay away from my Daddy…” the child stated with chilly determination.

Oh god, Liz thought.


Max did not know what was going on as he pulled up outside the facility. And walked through the different doors, on the way downstairs, into the belly of the facility. His mind was other places, and with other people. And he did not want to be here. He had spent the drive from his apartment complex with Liz on his brain as if she were ever away from it, he muttered to himself but now he had other worries. Knowing that his daughter was being watched by the only woman he had ever loved. And that the woman was now back in his life. He could not help but be worried that Liz would be scared away after encountering his strong-willed daughter. But then also worried about how his daughter would take this, but then given he had not really had wanted to bring her here to the facility and tempt fate. Then he had been relieved when Liz had made the offer, but it had led to worries that he was on the edge of a disaster of epic proportions.

So, his mind was other places as he tried to focus on why he had been called here…


Because he had to figure out what was going on. So, he worked to make sure he was focusing on the now as he entered the final hallway. And walked into Michael’s room, and sighed as he saw Maria sitting by Michael’s bedside…

And then saw Charlie.

Oh god, he thought Of course, this ups the difficult immensely. “What is going on?” he called out into the room.

“Max, good for you to come” Serena muttered as she walked over to the boss. “There has been a development?”

“What kind of development?” Max asked as if he did not have an idea from the phone call. Even if it were something that still was ringing through his head and could not be true.

“Charlie insists that Michael was in his room the other night,” Serena muttered. “He’s very insistent about it.”

“But that is an impossibility, right?” Max asked as he looked at the comatose figure of his best friend. As he almost wished he were back in his bubble, away from the reality of this situation. These past hours have been unbelievable, and now he was back within the reality of his everyday existence.

“I would think so,” Serena muttered.

“I am telling you I saw him,” Charlie muttered No one believes me. “You know my father?” he asked of Max who had just walked into the room. And he had not been aware that Micah’s father was part of this…

“He knows?” Max asked obviously as he turned to face Maria, who had been sitting by her ex’s bedside, wishing for a miracle.

“He knows,” Maria confirmed.

“Along with my sister Isabel. We are the oldest friends of your father,” Max muttered as he was answering Charlie’s question.

“So, you know my father,” Charlie asked as he glanced up at Max as if to challenge him. Maria could only stand a little proud at how strong her little boy was being. In this kind of world. You needed to be, she realized. “So, would he have wanted to know me?” Charlie asked as Max could only look over at the angst-ridden face of his old friend. Because they had no idea what the answer would be of that particular question, but they both had the idea that yes, whether he could have handled being a father was open for debated. But Michael would have wanted to know.

“That is very complicated question,” Max murmured because he did like knowing he was facing that same question one day soon with his own child. As Maria just wanted to get back to her old life. One that did not have this confusion every day. Where she could concentrate on her lines and forget the alien invasion that had taken over her life.

But she knew, she could not possibility go back to that life. Not now.

Not with his son knowing the truth.

Or some version of the truth.

“Oh, Charlie” Maria muttered as she got up and was close to her son, as she wanted to take her little boy into her arms, and soothed away his anxiety of the situation, but was stopped within her place because she was sure she saw Michael looking at her….

“Michael” Maria whispered….

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Re: Baby, It's You (CC, Mature) - Chapter 17 - 06/06/2021

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Micah is one smart little girl, checking out Liz and protecting her dad.
Can't wait to find out more about the new development.
I'm betting Liz won't make those flight reservations.......

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Baby, It's You - Chapter 18 - 06/10/2021

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All the while Maria was sure she was staring at the love she like Liz had thrown away but did not have a chance to rekindle because he was currently comatose, and instead she was dealing with her son coming to terms with his parentage.

Despite being only six years old.

While at the same time Max and Serena did not know what to think as they could not help but wonder if she had officially cracked up, and that maybe she was crazy. Given the situation, it could not be ruled out for any of them.

On the other hand. Charlie did not know what to think, because he was also seeing his father, in the same room as his mother was…

With the two of them in their own world.

Although neither Max nor Serena was seeing Michael so they could not know what was happening.

But Maria was sure she was seeing him, staring at her. Wordlessly. Of course, Michael sometimes said so much without saying anything she thought as she watched him. Michael did not speak.

He just stared.

“They do say that kids are believers,” Serena was saying to Max as if she could explain why Charlie was so sure he was seeing the presence of his father. Because any other reason was hard to comprehend. Because they could not explain it. “They do not know any better. They are sure they can feel presences. It is only as they grow up and are told by the world that they are not real. Only then do they become jaded, and they lose the ability to see, and to believe?”

“And majority of their world are not one of us” Max thought as he looked at how stunned Maria was. “It’s understandable, almost, for Charlie because he is Michael’s son. But Maria is normal,” he allowed as he thought of the woman he loved. “I mean I saved Liz. I changed her. I brought her into a new world and as a result she has some semblance of power, or ability. I am told that she does not use them since she left town. But we know she is different. Maria is the opposite. She is normal…” he thought as Maria seemed paralyzed within her trance.

“But she was touched by one of you, and loved one of you?” Serena asked. “So, her mind is fully open,” she murmured. “She believes in the possibility. So, she is a believer” as if it explained it, and maybe it did. She would never have believed it before coming to Roswell and coming to work for Max and Isabel. And learning all their secrets, and still there was still so much she did not know. But she had to believe the bond that Michael and Maria had because they had a link in their son, that it was some transference in that love. It is unexplainable but it is real she thought as she remembered seeing how Maria had been reacting since setting eyes on Michael.

That love was powerful. Even if they did not share Charlie. They had something magical.

“Oh god,” Max muttered as he looked down at the comatose figure of his best friend. Someone he had come to this planet with. And butted heads as a brother. Loved him like a brother. Hated him like a brother, but they were family, and he would be lost within him which is why Liz had gone with the future version of him foolish and naïve plans, and why they had been separated for a time, and because they had, their futures had been changed. “Where does it get us?”

“I have no idea,” Serena muttered. “But it might mean Michael is not ready to give up?”

“I mean if we are talking about ghosts, or spirits. Well, ghosts are dead?” Max muttered as he thought of the time that his sister had seen the ghost of the dearly departed Alex Whitman. Alex was dead. It was a hell of a time for him. And he was not thrilled by how he was reacting at the time. The grief and burden had driven wedges within the group, and especially between him and Liz, and life changing consequences were had because of it. Still, he remembered Isabel talking about seeing Alex’s spirit in the days after his death, and then later when she was ready to make an ill-conceived commitment to her first marriage.

“Not always,” Serena murmured. “If you believe in those types of things…”

“From our experiences, usually the other is dead” Max muttered.

“Maybe so. But maybe in this case. It is his way to get his wishes out there now that his son knows. And was in Roswell…” he asked. “Before Charlie was not in town limits. He did not want to give up, but still he did not want to come back to the life he had his…

Micah Max thought. Of the little girl who had been his child since she was born. And he hated to think that Michael would not have wanted to come back for this precious child. Even if he remembered Michael’s behavior before he became sick.


As Max was thinking of his daughter. And how she would respond to the idea that her biological father might favor his other child than her. Liz was under the intense glaze of the same five-year-old. And you think you want one of these she was telling herself. She did. I do she thought. She knew the interrogation and the concern from the five years was out of concern for the only father she knew. The one who had taken her home once she was born, and loved her, and cherished her. Despite the fact they did not share the same blood, except for the fact they were part of the same community. It made Liz love Max all the more yes, I still love him she thought. It did not mean she was ready to give up all she had built to come back to Roswell.

And start over or do something completely different. But she did love him. And knew to love Max. She had to accept where his life was now.
And that was raising Micah Isabel.

“I am not trying to hurt your father,” Liz was trying to tell the girl. And it was obvious that she did not believe her, and why should she? She is protecting the only father she knows.

“Good,” Micah muttered. “Except that I know you kissed my father?”

“Oh god,” Liz sighed and so much more than just kissing she thought but the little girl did not know, and it would be many years before the girl would know what it means to be adult. And in love.

“I only want the best for your father,” Liz murmured.

“But you are going to hurt him?” Micah asked once again. Because she did not get an answer that she liked the first time.

“Why don’t you leave what is going on with your father and me to us,” Liz asked. “Your father means a lot to me, and that does not go away, because I cannot be here once I do head home. Roswell has always been in my heart.”

“Has my father been in your heart?” Micah asked.

“And you are sure you are five?” Liz murmured.

“I get that a lot,” Micah murmured. “I love my Daddy. And he has been there for me,” she mused. “I do not want him hurt. Aunt Isabel says you hurt him in the past?”

“Oh, she did, did she?” Liz asked with her eyes wide of what Isabel has been telling her niece she thought.

“Aunt Isabel says you hurt my Daddy long time ago, but Daddy does not see it” Micah murmured as she was using the feelings that her aunt did feel at one time, and maybe not so much felt now.

“Your Aunt is concerned about her brother,” Liz muttered as Max had tried to warn her that his daughter was smart, and could be a handful, and now she knew it was code for inquisitive she thought, and Micah truly was. Clearly, she was going to be pretty formative when she was older, and fully independent, given she had Michael’s genes, and Max’s love of her. She was a fortunate little girl.

“Which makes me concerned,” Micah murmured.

“You should be,” Liz sighed as she was starting to feel claustrophobic given the fact she had been inside all day, and she needed freedom but since that was not coming anytime soon. She needed fresh air. She needed the situation to be more balanced, “I have a suggestion. How about we go for a walk?”

“Why?” Micah asked.

“I think I need some fresh air,” Liz sighed as she glanced around the apartment. “I do not know how much longer your father will be?” he sighed.

“And the activity will do us both some good,” she thought. “We can walk over to the park, or just something different while we wait for you father…”

“While he’s dealing with Michael, huh?” Micah asked with a blurt of the truth. “You do not have to keep that from me, because I know who Michael is…”

“How did you know?” Liz asked the girl. Is this child only five years old she thought of the old soul in a tiny body? She is more than a handful Max; she thought and knew even if she was not going to be here to see it. Max was going to in for a lot of headaches when Micah came of age. Still, she was not aware that Micah knew of what was going on with Michael.

And she was coming to realize she still did not know so much of the situation. This is what you get for being out of the loop she thought.

“I am a good listener,” Micah muttered. “Adults talk, and they do not think kids can listen, but we can.”

“I bet,” Liz said with a smirk because it was the truth. Their small statures hide so much she thought of children’s nature of being there, unseen, or just listening as their parents talk as if they did not know that the children can sometime comprehend what was being said. Or they learn the crucial details.

“I think you should talk to your father about this matter,” Liz muttered.

“Obviously, he has not told me,” Micah muttered. “I love Daddy. He is the best Daddy and I do not want any other Daddy, but I like being nosey…”

“I gather,” Liz replied with a smile as she did not think this was, she had bargain for when she offered to keep an eye for Max. And she did not think it was what Max even begun to think could happen when he allowed it too happened as she reached for her jacket, and thanked that Micah was still wearing her little jean jacket. So, stylish, in her own way. So different from how she looked at the wedding. Now, she was a mishmash of styles, and she could tell the five-year-old was coming up with her own style. “Let’s get out of here,” as she sent a quick message to say she and Micah were going to for a walk.

“If you say so,” Micah muttered.

“Yeah, I do” Liz sighed as they left the apartment and walked down the stairs and go to the main street of their town.

Across the street was the blazing flashes of the Crashdown sign. And she quickly was reminded she was in her hometown, and so much was different as she looked down at her companion. A five-year-old child.


Max was not focused on his messages because he was trying to figure out what was going on now that the world seems to be off the axel that it had been on since Michael have become sick. Shocking him and Isabel and forcing them to take measures to protect the unpredictable, which is how the situation could have turned at any moment, and yet he had stayed the same in the long run. Staying within his mind and not waking up, but they knew what any other hospital would have done.

Pulled the plug.

Now, Maria and Charlie were back in town. And they were having experiences of the ghost kind. And there was Micah to consider also as he approached his friend, who was clearly in another world “Maria, are you okay?”

She was far from okay; Maria knew as she snapped back to reality at the sound of Max’s words. She shook her head, and twisted to look, and she did not see Michael anymore. “What happened there?” she muttered as if she was talking to herself, but also the room as a whole.

“You seem to indicate that you thought that you saw Michael?” Max asked instantly relieved over the act that his friend was back in the land of reality.

“I saw him,” Maria asked in a form of a question and a statement at the same time as she aimed it at no one in particular.

“Are you sure?” Serena asked as she came to question Maria.

“It is almost like how Isabel claimed that she was able to see Alex,” Maria said softly because the mentioning of her friend’s name was still like a knife in her stomach. “He was there…” she said as she pointed to the corner of the room.

“Do you see him now?”

“No,” Maria said shaking himself. “But honestly Max. Michael was there. He did not say anything, but we saw each other, and then I came back,” she thought, as she remembered the incident, and then remembered how her son had been apart of it “Oh god, Charlie.”

“What?” Serena asked.

“Charlie?” Maria asked as she rushed over to her son, who had also come back to reality. “You saw him too?”

“Yes,” the child said softly. Unsure of what to do or to say. Because he was normal, was he not. It was so bizarre to see his father in this bed, and then to see him like a ghost, or a spirit and for his mother to see him too. “But I do not understand it?”

“Me either,” Maria said as she hugged her son, and took him in his arms. And Charlie clearly needed it and took the hug with a force. “You know I love you, don’t you?”

“I love you too Mommy,” Charlie said with meaning as he glanced over to the bed and could only see the physical body of the man who had been in his dreams and it was not the situation where some of the dreams told of, of a father who was proud to want his son to be around him, but it was of someone distant, and someone who did not know him “But Dad…” he asked, and Maria was unsure of what he meant. “Does he love me?”

“Oh, Charlie” Maria murmured. Unsure of what to say. “Why don’t I get you some air,” she sighed as she squeezed her son’s hand for support, and Charlie squeezed even more tightly as she turned to focus on her friend “Max, I am going to be taking him outside to get some fresh air” she asked of her friend who could only nod, as this was one of the many reasons, he was keeping Micah away from this facility, and why if asked, he would not have advised for Charlie to come see his father given that this situation was complicated, and there were a lot of mixed feelings attached them even for those who were significantly older than five and six years old.

“I will come with you,” Max murmured as he felt swamped by the events, and he needed some of that fresh air too “Someone needs to let you through the doors anyways,” he sighed because as boss. Of course, he knew all the passwords, unfortunately, as he thought as he remembered all the technology they had instilled in this place.

And they were just about to go when they heard Serena gasp.

“What is it?” Max asked he turned back to the situation, and Maria did the same as she was holding the hand of her son who was turning to his mother for emotional support since the situation was so overwhelming for him. As it was making Maria question her decision to bring her son to see his father. I should have given him more time she thought. This is too much for him?

“I saw an eye open,” Serena said as she rushed around the bed to take a closer look, and yes, there was slight movement as Max and Maria stopped their plans for an exodus of the room and the facility. As Charlie attention had swung around of exhaustion to one of interest.

“My Dad is waking up?” Charlie asked.

“We do not know that” Serena said softly. “Because it could only be a spasm, but it was movement,” she said softly as she saw that Charlie’s hopes were dashes, and she saw Maria’s face turn downward, “There it goes again?” Max said softly as his eyes were now focused on the man in the bed.

“Michael, are you there?” Serena asked. “My name is Dr. Serena Thomas,” she said to her patient. “If you can understand me, move your finger?” she asked.

Nothing happened.

As the seconds turned endless. Serena was almost willing to give up and say it was spasm after all these years, even though the activity of the brain and other organs were registering more than the subtle changes it had earlier in the day.

Taking over. Max approached his friend, to see if hearing his voice could change the situation. “

“Michael, can you hear us?” Max asked as he focused on his friend. “It’s me, Max.”


As the situation was not turning in their favor. The adults were almost ready to call it a night. And declare it just a spasm or something that was not registering the fact Michael was waking. Until Maria decided to make a final go at it, as she felt this need to as she walked towards the hospital bed. And she said with her most adamant voice. “Come on. Space boy, you need to wake up” Maria said with great flourish. As she could not help but use her nickname for her ex for the first time in many years. It was something she had not dare say because it was something that had great meaning to her and was reserved for only one person.

All the while, Charlie hopes were being dashed because it was apparent that even his mother could not wake up his father, and all he wanted was out of this place. And he needed fresh air. Because he needed something to make sense.

And just like that, an eye moved…


While at the same time Liz was looking into the eyes of that eye’s biological daughter and knew that the father that had been raising her and loving her had underestimated the strength in the little girl. She might be only five Liz thought. But she is steady and determined and knows her own mind. As their walk ended in the park, and than back at the Crashdown where they stopped because if the child was not hungry. She was hungry.

And so, she was treating Micah to a milkshake and fries, which the girl happily took while Liz had her own but added to a burger to it. This was the longest time she had spent with a child that was not Charlie. She had been with Charlie since he was a baby, and therefore he knew his schedule, and the ways he liked to pull one over on her, or the fact that she liked to spoil him in the ways his mother just could not because she had to be the practical one. The one who had to keep a roof over his head, and pay the tuition of the school she was sending him too?

All the while. Liz could be the fun aunt, who could sweep into his life every few months and give him elaborate and sometimes costly gifts, like a across country road trip to the science expo that he wanted to attend, with a side trip to his grandparents, and the upending of his world.

Even thought it was something that Liz did not know exactly yet because he had not been able to talk to her best friend because she had been her own version of radio silent because of her very sexy, and passion.ate time with the father of the child who sat across from her booth.

She glanced across the restaurant at her father who was manning the counter, who smiled when he noticed his daughter looking at him. She smiled and focused her attention back on her dinner guest. As she knew her father had been surprised to see her enter the Crashdown with Micah. After all he had never seen his daughter with children given that she no longer was a resident of this fair town. And she suspected that her mother and father were half expecting that she would never give them grandchild because of her single status. They are mistaken she thought. But that was for another day. So, she could guess that her father was surprised to see her enter his establishment with Micah Evans.

Max’s daughter Jeff thought. That is a new one he thought.

Liz had quickly said that she was keeping an eye on the girl because her father had to be somewhere else. Jeff bought it, but only barely.
But still he showed his daughter the empty booth, and handed the duo a menu, and they ordered, and now the food was in front of them. Liz could only think how Max had not responded to her messages yet, which meant something bad had happened, right she thought. She would have thought that Max would have wanted to know how it was going with her and Micah, but nothing had come in since they had said their good-byes.

She also knew she was under the continual observation of the girl across from her, eating her fries and drinking her milkshake and acting like she was any other five-year-old. But she was not, any other five-year-old. She was an incredibly special one.

A product of two men who were unique.

The girl was just like her aunt she thought. Micah seemed to know how to see through to her mind. And it was not like she could put a barrier up because she had kept her own abilities dormant since she was glowing green energy and crackling up a storm. Because of those abilities, she had gone to boarding school in Vermont and never come home, and as a result, had disowned her abilities and carved out a normal existence and as a result. She never had come back to her hometown.

Until now.

Although over the years she had gained an uncanny way of seeing through things, knowing how to fix the small problems that came up with one of her experiments. How to see what would go wrong with her colleague’s projects. Which is why she had climbed the ladder in the science world and was headed for the next echelon of scientific achievement with her job in Geneva supposed to be starting the following week.

And yet she was back here, having a staring contest with a five-year-old. Who seemed to know her and know what she could do to her father?

“How are your fries?” Liz was saying in trying to exchange some small talk with the child.

“Delicious,” Micah admitted as she looked around the place she had been coming in regularly over the last year or so with her father. “So, this is your parent’s place. I saw you talking to that man before… He is your father, right?” asked the child.

“Yes,” Liz admitted. “My parents began this place when I was a kid. Probably about your age or even earlier,” she sighed as glanced around and remembered growing up in this place. “I even worked here until shortly before I graduated high school.”

“Really,” Micah asked.

“Yes,” Liz smiled as flashes some of those memorable times she had spent in this very establishment. “It is also where I met your father, really met him, because he was always in my classes, but he did something for me, really special, and I will always be grateful for him, which is why I do not want to hurt him Micah…” she said with a genuine level of honesty. As she knew she would never want to hurt Max. Because he meant the world to him, even if they never picked up the ash of their broken relationship, He is the reason I am still alive.

“What did he do for you?” Micah asked.

“He saved me,” Liz said with a smile because it always be the one thing, she was grateful for because otherwise she would be dead if it had not been for Max. Although it was hard to tell a five-year-old that her father brought her back from certain death.

“How so,” Micah muttered.

“It is grown up stuff,” Liz said with a smile. “Just know I will always be grateful for your father for what he did for me, otherwise, it would have been horrible for my parents to go through what they would have had to go through if he could not have saved me.”

Micah nodded.

“Your father means a lot to me,” Liz said softly. “I hope you know that it is the truth, and I will never want to hurt him,” she murmured. “That will be the very last thing I will be trying to be doing, okay?”

Micah nodded once more as if she was considering what she was saying. “Daddy is the best Daddy.”

“I bet he is,” Liz could not help but smile at the adoring voice, of Micah towards her father, and how protected the small little human. It almost made her want to take Max up on his offer, almost she thought because it was obvious that he was an amazing to a child that was not even his biologically.

In seeing Micah. She could tell the little girl was all Max.

“You say he saved you, right?” Micah asked.

“Yes,” Liz murmured, unsure of what Micah was going to be saying.

“Then I guess he saved me too,” Micah blurted out, without meaning to because it was one thing she never wanted to admit. She had held it deep within her because she knew how serious it was, and she did not want to lose her daddy.

“What do you mean?” Liz asked. As an eerie feeling was coming to her, as she sensed she was about to enter some dangerous terrain. From the way the little girl was looking at her, like she wanted to say something that had been holding deep within her.

“It is that I do not want to be losing Daddy,” Micah murmured.

Uh oh, Liz thought. “What makes you think you will lose your Daddy?”

“It is just that I know that Daddy is not really my Daddy” Micah Isabel said softly, and in the softest voice of a girl who knew the truth, and she hated knowing what she knew because she wanted to stay her Daddy’s little princess, and she knew what she was saying would upset everything, and things would change.

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Re: Baby, It's You (CC, Mature) - Chapter 18 - 06/10/2021

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Micah continues to amaze..........
I'm not surprised in Maria's change of heart!
Liz and Max......what's going to happen????

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Re: Baby, It's You (CC, Mature) - Chapter 18 - 06/10/2021

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Liz...Maria...Max...Michael...Charlie & Micah...things seem to be coming to a head...who or what will explode first ?

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Baby, It's You - Chapter 19 - 06/12/2021

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Are we really sure she is five Liz thought a moment later, as she saw how emotional the girl was, even if Micah was not wearing it on her sleeve? She is very much like Max, it is eerie she thought because the girl was carrying whatever massive burden she had on her shoulders, and she needed talk to someone. Unfortunately, it is me she needs to speak too she mused. She was not ready for this, and she did not think that Max knew this was going to be a possibility when he left them alone?

Nor did she.

But we are always dealing with the unexpected she thought. “Micah,” Liz thought as she was unsure of what to do, as she got out of her phone out of her pocket, and quickly messaged SOS to Max, and prayed he was checking his messages.

“I love Daddy, and I do not want to lose him” Micah muttered.

“You do not have to lose your father,” Liz said. “He loves you, and loves being your Dad, and I cannot think of anything changing that fact…” she said, and she sensed it was unlikely to change even if they got a miracle with Michael. Because it was going to be hard to take a child away from the only home they had known. Especially not this child, who had obviously developed a close bond with the only father she had known in her life.

“Are you sure?” Micah asked as she wearily looked across the table. Television tells me it is possible she mused as she was not ready to take an adult’s word on the subject. Especially one she had only met in the days before this one.

“Yes,” Liz murmured with a deep sigh. “I know I cannot promise you something like that because I am not in this situation with your father and you, and I am only a friend some friend, with strings attached she thought to herself. “But I know for a fact that your father loves you, and that will not change,” as this felt strange for her to be giving a life altering pep talk to a five-year-old who knew more than she should at her age.

“I hope not,” Micah murmured.

“How did you even find out?” Liz asked the little girl as she paid for their meal, once it was over, and instead of staying good-bye to her father… she and Micah headed right out onto the street, as she checked her phone, and still she had not received a responding message from the child’s father. Which had to mean that something is going on she thought.

“I like to listen, and my family most of the time do not know how to keep it from me,” Micah muttered as she had already been just around. “So, you find out things…”

“Like what?” Liz asked with a slight smile at the deviousness of the child, and the adults too oblivious not to know to keep certain things quiet as they walked across the street to the apartment building.

“You mean, like Dad and Aunt Isabel’s friend Michael is my real father,” Micah muttered. “On that, I found an old letter that was written to Daddy,” she said. “The Daddy I live with,” she clarified. “It was from my not mommy” she muttered as she referred to the woman, she knew was her birth mother, but a woman she did not know, and at this moment, she did not want to know. Finding that letter meant she knew the name Yvonne she thought. Her father did not tell her, but she had overheard her aunt and father talking, and therefore she had kept the name in the recesses of her brain.

“Boy you are talented,” Liz thought and that was before you add in that she might be special. After all. Liz might be a scientist, but she was no doctor. Despite the title, doctor in front of her. She had no idea of how to deal with a child on a subject of her true parentage. Um, Max, where are you? Because it was not like she was in the girl’s everyday life because they had only met this past weekend…

“I find I have the ability,” Micah muttered. “Like other stuff too,” she said but stopped as if she knew she had said too much.

“What?” Liz asked as she turned to face the child. My god, Micah is just a wealth of information She did know if it meant that Micah was now trusting her, or what that meant long term if she allowed the child to attach herself to her, knowing she was out of here, within hours, or even days. She was still leaving, right, right Liz? she asked herself. Yes, she told herself, but her heart was not fully in the statement she knew.

I should never have come back to this town she thought. Also, with not much heart to the statement.

“I can do things,” Micah admitted. “I thought I was the only one. But then I saw Charlie can do the same things,” she sighed. “It makes me wonder why we are the same?”

Oh Shit, Liz said just as they walked into the apartment.

“You do not seem surprised?” Micah asked as she observed Liz as she was taking off her jean jacket because she suspected she was staying for the time being since Liz had not heard from her father while they were out and about.

“Maybe I am not,” Liz allowed as she was in a delicate dance with the past.

“Why is that?” Micah asked.

And that dance with the past slammed right into the wall that surrounded the truth of the gang’s abilities. Her abilities she thought as she had disowned them and did not need them Why would I? she thought. I am normal.


“It is complicated,” Liz said.

“You say that a lot you know,” came the five-year-old and for once Liz laughed.

“It seems to be my motto,” Liz thought. As she thought of Charlie. Now that Micah basically had admitted she was special and claimed she had seen Charlie with abilities. That was a new game for them. She and Maria were sure they had been able to spot the signs but obviously Charlie and Micah were a new generation, with the ability to be independent and the ability to blend in were even more engrained in them, even without being told, and were as a result secretive which is not a shocker she thought.

“You should be talking to your father about this,” Liz advised. “I am the last person you should be talking to about this…”

“Why?” Micah asked. “You care about my father do you not, and it looks like you know more than my friends do, about all this.

“He’s the best person to explain all this,” Liz muttered because she had disowned her powers sure, but she had walked away from that life, and she was not intending on coming back. Hot and amazing sex or no hot and amazing sex.

“I do not want to bother him,” Micah muttered.

“Bother him, he would love to be able to speak to you about this” Liz advised even though she doubted that Max would love to talk about the subject, but it was probably going to have to happen. The kid was not ready for the birds and bees talk yet, but she definitely was going to need to be careful with your abilities, and who you talk to about them talk as she decided to put a pause on their conversation as she turned on the television and Micah got consumed on some movie that was on television.

Jeez she told herself as she watched the child get into the movie, as she thought of what the child was on the cusp of finding out about herself, and it seemed she knew just as much or maybe more than some adults.


While at the same time. Darkness was falling and the crew at the facility was coming out for air. As it was getting too claustrophobic in their and not only Charlie needed fresh air. All the adults needed. Serena had signed off for the night but would be sticking around in her makeshift bedroom off her office. But she had come out for that fresh air, and for some space. Charlie was hungry, and so Maria had raced off to get her son some food.

Leaving Max and Serena to talk. And it was the same thing as she had said inside, and what Maria had said. It was a possibility that Michael might be waking up, and if he was, it was clear it was not going to be an instantaneous thing. Not like the movies, she had warned Max, and Maria. And even Charlie.

And their faces fell. Serena had cautioned them that it was not five days, but five years and that meant that any waking up could be a process and take place over time. As much as Michael wanted to at a time.

Which might lead to him fully waking up or being stuck in his condition but partially awake. No one quite knew what it would be. Anything was possible, but it was not something Maria or Max wanted to hear.

And especially not Charlie.

So, Maria took the opportunity to leave, and head to the Crashdown to get some food in their systems while Max was pacing and looking down at his phone which was saying multiple messages. Damn he thought. He knew he should have been checking in but could not tear himself away from this system. “You think it is possible he might be waking up?”

“It’s possible, but as I said when Maria was here. He could stay the way he is we just do not know what it will be or what he will want to do?”

“If he continues to improve and try to wake up, how long before we know for sure which way it could be?” Max was asking.

“Hard to say. The brain is a funny thing. With its own timetable for how they want to handle this. He has been gone from the world for five years so it not a simple coma as if any coma is simple. As I have said over the years. There are no signs of being forced to be unconscious so it very possible he will wake up, but then who knows?

Yeah, who knows he thought. “Thank you, Serena?”

“I am sticking around here for the night. So, I will let you know what happens next?” Serena murmured and Max nodded.

“I will come by in the morning after dropping Micah off at school,” Max promised.

“Can you tear yourself away from your ex-girlfriend who is in town?” Serena asked with a smile After you are out of touch all day, and Max turned her attention away because it was so strange to know Liz was back. So, Serena did not pile on, except to ask, “Who is looking after Micah tonight, while you have been here?” because she had been half expecting when Max had mentioned his daughter was returning home that the little girl would be with her father, which would have been another disaster, so she had been happy that it had only been Max solo. But it meant the girl had be cared for, by someone. It was usually in the past Max’s parents. But on short notice…

“Liz,” Max murmured as did not care for the smirk that had come to Serena’s face “I did not know how long I would be although I never expected to be this long” as he looked out into the night’s sky. And knew he had asked a lot of his former girlfriend, even if he did not even know half of what had gone on in his apartment building, across town.

“Well, that is something” Serena smiled at the thought of Liz taking care of a small child. “You have something rare there if you can make it work,” she asked. “It’s not every day someone from the past comes back and it all works out…”

“I know,” Max murmured and then he thought of Michael, and was he also getting him back at the same time? he wondered because he also knew that Liz was leaving whenever their bubble did burst, and her goal was not to be back for an awfully long time. And it would force him to concentrate on his daughter.

Which should be his priority, as he checked his phone for the time. “I have to get going,” said thinking of his daughter. “Call me if anything changes?”

“Of course,” Serena said. “Max, you are very lucky.”

“I know,” Max said. “But I will better if she would stay,” he muttered to himself as he walked away, towards his car. Or even better, if she would let me help her with her quest to have a child even if he did not want to have to admit to himself what he was setting up for himself if she were to allow him to help?

But it was Liz.

And he would do anything for her, even make the greatest sacrifice for her to be happy.


One hour later,

Max parked and prepared to head up the stairs of his apartment building. Needing the exercise. Especially since he left the facility, he had been driving around as he needed space and to think. As he listened to the messages that Liz had left. He knew she was worried, and he was worried. He did not know how to react to the fact his best friend could be waking up. Max did not dare contact Isabel because she was on her honeymoon, and he did not want to mess up this honeymoon after invading her first one long story he thought one I do not want to repeat.

Isabel is happy and should have a honeymoon of her dreams without him rearing his old head once again and upsetting things.

Even though he knew Isabel would want to know. But he told himself if things did change and Michael did wake up then yes, he would contact her, and tell her things were still too unstable why would I wreck her honeymoon for a possibility that might not come to fruition? So, he drove around and then returned to him home. Prepared to spend some time with his little girl before she had to go to bed, and because he had returned his calls. First, he elected to knock on his door in case Liz had taken his daughter back to his home, but got nothing, so he knocked a little softly on Liz’s door.

But got nothing, surprising him, so he used his trusty powers, and opened the door and quickly learned why he had gotten nothing.

Both Liz and Micah were fast asleep on different couches, in front of the television.

And the picture they gave was hypnotic because it was a life he wanted so much. For him to come home from somewhere, only to find the woman he loved and the daughter he cherished at home waiting for him. Not wanting to wake up his sleeping daughter. He walked over to the other couch and smiled down at the woman he loved.

And then turned for the television, and he turned it off.

The abrupt change in the lack of sound caused Liz immediately to wake up. After all she had gotten used to sleeping with the sound of television because that was often what she did on the nights where she was not dating and instead, she was home, and unable to sleep because some job was attacking her mind or memories from an intense three years always tended to surface when she home alone.

Which is why she tried not to be alone at home…

But some nights she had been.

Which is why she had come to Roswell, to get closure. Which has been a dismal failure she thought as she opened her eyes and saw the man, she loved looking at her with desire on his face, oh boy she thought. “Max,” she whispered when she saw that Micah was sleep on the other couch. She had sat down and watched the movie, even though it was some Pixar movie playing on television. Not my type of entertainment but it was fun…

“Sorry for waking you,” Max said softly.

“We were waiting for you,” Liz said as she woke fully up, and saw the clock. “What happened to make you this late?” she asked as she saw the time.

“We need to talk,” Max said softly.

“When a guy says, we need to talk that is usually bad news?” Liz asked softly as she got up from the couch.

“It’s not that bad,” Max said as with a smile as he went for his daughter as his eyes glance down on his sweet little daughter. “I better get her home, and to bed, so do you want to come over and talk, we can just talk?” he asked with a smile, and Liz gave him one back.

“That would be a change for us,” Liz asked.

“We know how to do it?” Max asked as he picked his daughter up and carried her in his arms, as Liz grabbed the child’s jacket, and backpack, and they walked next door, and Max managed to impressively open with a child in his arms. “We did enough of it in high school,” he said with a laugh which made Liz smile.

Yes, that was our specialty when we could have been doing so much more Liz thought as she knew so much might been stopped in its tracks if only, they had been a little reckless in high school. Sure, we were reckless but in other avenues of our life she mused because she knew they were incredibly lucky to get out of those scrapes in the manner they did. As she followed Max to the other apartment. Once there, Max took Micah into her bedroom, and put her down in her bed, having pulled down the covers, and just put the blankets over her instead of waking her up so that she could change into her pajamas.

Coming out of the room moments later…

“Thank you for keeping an eye on her,” Max said softly as she closed the door behind him. “I wish I could have back before now…”

“I know you do,” Liz said softly as she felt the tension in Max. After all, she was well aware of how he ticked. Because of those three incredible angsty years. And the burden that was so often on his shoulders yes, if we had let loose, she thought. So much might have been saved she thought but then she would never regret that she was able to achieve her dreams of her career, and what she was on the cusp of but still, she did not have one of her dreams. Someone to love because she had thrown him away.

Trying to ignore what she had given up for her career, and sanity. Liz focused on Max. “What happened. You never called…”

I am sorry about that,” Max said. “We do not get cell service in the facility; all the technology mars the signal. It was only when we got out, that I saw your messages and even then, it was a time where I could not call,” he muttered even though he was not that truthful given that he did not want to speak of what was happening which is why he needed time in the car, driving to make sense of what might be happening. “I can only say that Michael might be waking up?” Max said simply and to the point.

“What are you talking about?” Liz gasped because that was not what she was expecting to hear him say.

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Re: Baby, It's You (CC, Mature) - Chapter 19 - 06/12/2021

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sun Jun 13, 2021 4:14 pm

Michael wasn't in a simple coma........but now might be waking up??
What Max really do if Liz had his child??
Liz definitely did not get closure coming back to Roswell.

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