The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 75 - Completed: 04/25/2021

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The Story of My Life - Chapter 65 - 04/02/2021

Post by Parker1947 » Fri Apr 02, 2021 5:12 pm

While at the same time Liz was inviting her mother-in-law into the house. She was not aware of what was going on with her own house, and how it was in peril for both herself and her daughter. She was dealing with Diane’s visit. She knew she had an odd relationship with her mother-in-law. Awkward was the best word to describe it while things were warmer with Phillip because of their history, and how Phillip had helped her out of a tight spot. And the fact he had helped Max get her out of jail. Of course, it was hard for her in-laws because it only served to separate her husband from his parents until right before they lost him again for the next seventeen years.

Diane was stuck on her son. The same as she had been when he was a teenager. At the expense of her relationship with her daughter. While Isabel and Diane have grown closer over the years since then, and especially since the truth had come out. Still, everyone knew Max had been the favorite child. A child she had lost when he was barely eighteen. And had not been able to see since those day. Because of that, in the wake of everything that happened. She and Liz had not always seen eye to eye, but she had allowed them to love and to help with Olivia because she knew her daughter needed all the grandparents she could have in her life and knew Max would want his parents to be involved. And despite the tension. It was an easier association than her own parents.

As Phillip and Diane accepted that she loved their son, and was married to him, and did not want to change that fact. They also had known what actions they had done to bring about some of the evidence that would take their son down. Which is why it had led to some tension filled days because Liz had not always had been as open minded as she was now in the past. She was filled with denial and craving for her husband. And did not know how parents could do that to their own children.

Spy on them.

Now she knew as a parent herself, and as they were approaching or were in those dreaded years. She could understand it a whole lot more, even if Phillip had taken the blame, and said he had pressured Diane to set it up.

Still, it had led to a lot of information being given the authorities.

But because they loved her husband and now her daughter. Liz accepted it, and things were better than in those early days. But still, it was a level of tension and awkwardness between them, and so she was surprised to see how Diane had come to Maria and Michael’s house.

While Michael was treated as an honorary son to the Evans. Still, there was not a real closeness.

The last time she had seen Diane had been at a lunch they often found themselves at over the years. Talking about Olivia, or simple small talk.
“Diane, this is a surprise?” she murmured as she allowed her mother-in-law to come into the house.

“Liz, I heard what happened” Diane muttered as it still stunned to think of what was happening in her town, and to her extended family, once again. She still had not come to terms with what had happened all those years ago. And now they were getting a replay of it “Not like I can miss it, because it is on television and Phillip has been watching the news reports?”

“Yes,” Liz admitted as they walked into the living room. “Olivia is at home…”

“It is not Olivia I came to ask you about. I trust everything is well on that front, although Liz, Phillip has told me everything” Diane murmured as her mind was going crazy. “So, I have to ask, is it true?”

“You mean about Amelia,” Liz asked as if she did not know what her mother-in-law had been alluding to. “Then yes…” she murmured as she heard Maria approaching.

“Who was at the door?” Maria asked as she came out of the kitchen and she stopped when she saw Diane. “Mrs. Evans?”

“By now I think you can call me Diane,” Diane smiled. “I have been talking to my husband, and of course the story is all over the news…” she murmured as she glanced at Liz, as Liz could only sigh over the state of affairs in their lives.

“It has not been my daughter’s finest day,” Maria muttered. “Come on in,” she said as she wanted to be welcoming as she understood her friend’s level of awkwardness with her mother-in-law, and it was a rarity that this occasion had come to them. “Do you want a drink. Liz and I were going to share something to lift our spirits.”

“No, I am stopping off and meeting with a friend for lunch” Diane smiled. “I was stopping by because I was nearby.”

“It is nice to see you, because it has been a while” Maria acknowledged as she was aware of the flowy nature of her best friend’s relationship with her mother-in-law. While the Evans were family to Michael. Still, Maria was happy in a way that she did not officially have one even if she knew if Michael had been that fortunate, then his life would have been a lot easier.

“Yes, it has been” Diane murmured. “Liz, I am aware that things have not always been the easiest for you and me over the years?”

“I know you love your son,” Liz murmured as she did not want to add to the frustrating state of their relationship with Diane. “And I love him more than life itself. And that has been since we were teenagers…”

“I know,” Diane smiled. “And you have Olivia as a link?”

“Yes, we do” Liz murmured. “I am sorry Diane,” she sighed. “I know how much you and Phillip miss your son, and I only wish things could be different…”

“We all do,” Diane acknowledged. “Which is why I was surprised when my own husband told me what he did, about the recent events in our clan” she sighed of the big extended clan that had developed over the years.

“Children tend to make things hectic,” Liz murmured and that would be an understatement.

“So, it is true about you know what with my son?” Diane asked.

“I do not know what your husband has told you” Liz murmured as she tried to create some room for herself.

“I know you are being watched.” Diane said softly as if it still felt foreign to think of her family in such jeopardy, and especially her granddaughter, and now to hear the son her son had given up for adoption was now on the road, away from the authorities…

“Yes,” Liz sighed.

“I would hate for anything to happen,” Diane murmured as she knew it was awkward, and it was hard for all of them. “Which is why I did not to come by the house, because Liz, I wanted you to take this bag, to you know who” she said as she only wished she could say her son’s name but knew she had to be careful.

“Oh,” Liz murmured as she had skipped over the fact, she had been carrying a bag with her, so she took it from her mother-in-law, and glanced in it, and she smiled. “You bought him clothes?”

“I could not help it,” Diane murmured. “I want to see him, but I do not want to put anyone in any trouble…”

“I know you would not,” Liz smiled. “Thank you. You know who was commenting to me just this morning that he did not have many clothes” she sighed. “Because of the circumstances that we are finding ourselves in?”

Diane nodded, “I have to go, but I wanted to stop by because Maria, that girl of yours will be home before you know” she sighed. “If you guys made it through all those years ago, then your daughter will also…”

“But not everyone made it through,” Maria muttered as she thought of her fallen best friend Alex, and even Max.

“I know,” Diane said as they walked the older woman to the door and watched her get into her car as Liz could only sigh and see turned back to face her best friend, and saw her friend laughing.

“Your love life my friend is a television show,” Maria smiled. “So, thank you for brightening up my mood.”

Liz could only shake her head. Because it was the truth…


Meanwhile at the house. Max felt like he was barely breathing. A federal agent was in his family’s house, and his daughter was in danger. Because he did not care about himself. All he cared for was his daughter. And now she was alone. Defenseless, and the bastard was interrogating her and while his daughter was holding her own.

He knew she should not have to, as she took his phone out of his pocket, and text 911 to his wife. And hope she would come back and save the day.


Liz got the message and did not know the meaning but knew it was Max’s cellphone. One that he did not have a clear grasp of but she knew it had to mean something so she hugged her best friend, “Amelia will be home.”

“She had better be” Maria muttered as she waked Liz to her car and watched as her friend drive home. As a car pulled up, and she saw her husband returning home.

“Michael,” Maria murmured. “Anything?”

“Nope,” Michael sighed.

“That girl,” Maria muttered as they walked into the house, and slammed the door before them as they knew they were the most watched house in town.


Except she was not, because the most watched house was the one that had Olivia in it, as she was battling a federal agent of all people. As she was not giving him an inch, “I let you in only because I was raised to be polite, and welcoming” she muttered as she gave some lethal eyes at the agent who held her future in his hands, and they both knew it.

Except Agent Barker had no evidence, and he knew it was illegal to question a sixteen year without representation or at least a parent in the room. Of course, Olivia had a parent in the house, but said parent was fugitive, and the teenager being questioned aided in that happening, and now said parent could not show his face to protect his daughter unless he wanted to give himself up.

He did not want to do that because it would mean going back to that prison, and being forced into even worst conditions, and he did not want to leave his wife and his daughter. The family he was finally getting a chance to experience. And he did not want his daughter’s actions to be in vain, nor Zack’s flight for freedom.

He was being selfish, but he also knew he would do anything to protect his wife and his daughter, so he was in a quandary, and prayed his wife would make herself come home sometime soon.

“Then I thank you,” Agent Barker murmured because he knew this would get the case thrown out of court should he find out anything. And so far, he was batting zero. The big zippo.

“You should not,” Olivia muttered because she was only allowing for the conditions for him to hang himself. “I do not know why you think I would know anything about what those two runaways are up to.”

“One is your best friend, Amelia Guerin” Agent Barker. “Who I am told you go back to being babies together, and super close, and you have even dated her twin brother in the past. And the other is your half brother?”

“Who my biological father put up for adoption,” Olivia murmured. “So, by doing that, it renders any claim that we are family void,” she sighed. “So, he is not my brother because our mutual biological father made that possible to save his relationship with my mother…”

Agent Barker smiled over the attempt for Olivia to disengaged herself from her biological father once more, and unfortunately for them both, they had eyes on them and overhearing what Olivia was saying. “You claim you do not know your father. That he has not been a father to you, and basically is only a sperm donor?”

“You remember well,” Olivia muttered.

“It’s my job to,” Agent Barker murmured. “You really have no love for either your biological father or your half brother, who are blood to you?” he murmured as he could not sense the undercurrents that had eyes on them. But Olivia knew, and she knew she had to be hurting her father’s feelings if he was overhearing what she had said in the past, when she was attempting to snow the federal agent.

And yes, inside the kitchen, and at the door, Max was of course overhearing, and his heart had dipped to hear his daughter to say those words.

Back in the living room. Olivia knew she had to continue with the show, even if she did not mean her words, and wished she could disown the words as she said them. “He’s blood, but the adoption rendered our links severed, and just because he happened to come to town…”

“And I understand you have been spending time with him over the last month?” Agent Barker asked.

“As I said, I was raised to be welcoming, but it does not mean that either of us think of us as anything more than having the same biological father in common,” she sighed. “I do not tell him what to do, and he does not tell me what do, and he came here, because he wanted answers, and we are nothing more than a genetic link to the past… because of course neither of us knew the man who helped give us life.”

“This has been a fantastic performance you know Olivia” Agent Barker murmured. “You should be an actress instead of an accomplished writer, who is about to head off to the Big Apple to pursue her dream, and we would not want anything to get in the middle of that, do we?”

“You have nothing,” Olivia murmured as hairs rose at the genuine threat to her future that the agent was issuing. Of course, the teenager she was knew she was in danger, and should be afraid. But she was not, “And I am a minor, so you should not be calling me by my name or even threatening me because my lawyers could have you in court tomorrow…”

“Your grandfather, Phillip Evans” Agent Barker murmured.

“No,” Olivia smiled. “And I think you are aware those pertinent facts Agent. You are not going to get anything from me Agent. I might be best friends with Amelia, but she does not run her life by me, and she does not tell me everything she does, or everywhere she goes. She is one who chose to leave, and she has not contacted me…” she sighed. “As I said, I do not know my father’s son very well, because as I said, the adoption severed any family ties between us.”

“Has she not?” Agent Barker wondered. “I know you two to be very close?”

“We do not live together. She goes home at the end of the day, and she does not always tell me what she’s doing and the same goes for me,” Olivia murmured. “I have certainly surprised her by some of my actions, and now, she has surprised me by doing this.”

“Even though you have dated her brother?” Agent Barker asked. “Who would be her brother, who I am told is her twin, so, would he know?”

“You are asking the wrong person,” Olivia said as her back was up against the wall once again as he brought Alex into the threat against her and was using her ex as a weapon against her. “I am single, and no longer tied to their family.”

“Except your baby will be,” Agent Barker asked. “Whom I am told your mother will be raising? It makes you very much like family and maybe even more so” he asked with a sinister smile that annoyed Olivia and from afar Max “As I have said before. All I am doing is looking for your biological father, and now it’s escalated into a search for your half brother, and your best friend?”

“I do not have any answers for you” Olivia muttered as Max from the kitchen could sense the hurt, and the confusion he was bringing to his family by bringing here. The more he was hearing his daughter lie and put herself in more danger from a court of a law if they ever found out that she knew he was here and knew this when she was being interrogated by the agent.

It was too much.

And he had to do something…

As he could stare at the door behind him. And knew there was only one way he could save his family the heartache. But before he did drastic action, there was a door that was slammed and it woke Max out of his trance of sacrifice, he was planning, and by a yell…

“What the hell are you doing talking to my daughter without a guardian or her lawyer present” Liz demanded as Agent Barker whipped around and was confronted by a livid Liz. And Olivia’s face turned from irritation, and fear, and into a huge smile, as she knew she had won this round.

But the Agent was too strong for the battle to be won unless they did something to stop it.

“I have people I am looking for…”

“Well, you have now taken it too far” Liz demanded. “Get out, otherwise I am calling my attorney and having your charges filed for attempted entrapment and talking to a minor, alone, without her being represented by a legal professional,” she muttered. “When you are more than aware that she does have legal representation,” she said as got out her phone. “Do, I make a call?” she asked as she was prepared to call Isabel, and then the police no matter the risk she was putting the household under.

Agent Barker knew he was in quicksand, and so he did not say anything more except to silently leave the house. Slamming the door behind him, as he went out to his car, and Liz before she said anything, she watched as the car drove away.

“Mom,” Olivia murmured.

“It’s alright,” Liz sighed as she hugged her daughter as the situation was getting extremely complicated, and all she wanted was some semblance of normal. And sanity to reign. “Are you okay?”

“I okay,” Olivia sighed. “Dad is in the kitchen…”

Liz nodded, as they spotted as the door opened, and out came an extremely nervous Max, and it was a reminder to all involved how complex their situation was…

“Max,” Liz asked.

“Liz, Olivia, I cannot do this anymore” Max sighed. “I am bringing too much heat on you guys, and therefore, I know my best course of action is to leave…”

Hell, No came both women silently, but they wanted to say it out loud.

“I am leaving,” Max said softly. “And it is best that you do not stop me.”


While down south, near Las Cruces, and in the small guest house that they were renting for another night. But only one more night because they had to get out of dodge. They both knew his. Because they were lucky the landlady had bad eyesight and did not watch television or listen to the radio because their story was all over the State. And they knew they could not even stay in New Mexico.

“Where to?” Amelia asked as the television was on, and they were watching for developments of their story. Of course, the media was glommed onto it because it was sexy as they were running from the law, and even their families. I am sorry Mom and Dad as sanity was coming back to her and she realized just what she was putting herself through, and that of her mother and father. While her family had a unique reputation in town. Now she had added to and made it notorious, and there would be a lot to be answer for if they ever did go home.

But Amelia knew Zack was protecting his birth father. And most of all Olivia, and she could get down for protecting Olivia, but she did know she was putting her future on the line.

They both were… Since returning from town. They had been hatching plans. Trying to figure out where to go.

They were less than an hour from the boarder of Texas, and she did not have to be genus to know their problems would be added to if they crossed the boarder, but then Zack was only a year older than him, but to Zack, he was too close to eighteen and he was risking a lot even if Michael Guerin might approve of his flight.

But he would not approve that he had taken his teenage daughter with him on his run from the authorities. It added to the danger, and it was not needed, and he reminded himself that it was not his decision. She was the one who drove the bike, initially, but he got control of the bike eventually and he could have turned around and taken her home.

Or insisted on her leaving. But no, and now he was on the edge of leaving the state. But it was either that or get caught.

So, tomorrow they would be on the move once more…

“El Paso,” Zack muttered. “I have been there before, so I know the lay of the land more…” he sighed. “First though, I have to go out, and do something.”

“Where are we going?” Amelia asked.

“You are not going anywhere. You will stay here, because your look is too radioactive, even if we are in a small town so I will go and do the errand and be back in an hour or so.”

“I want to come,” Amelia muttered. “You might need me,” she asked. “For you know what?”

“I do not need backup for this,” Zack muttered. “It will be better if it is just me who does this, as it will not look as odd.”

“If you are sure,” Amelia asked as she watched him leave their room as she looked at the television and saw the picture from last night, from her party. A dream night that turned into tears and then a stint of running from the law. She so wanted to turn on her phone and see the messages, and reach out to Olivia, but she knew she could not.

She was risking too much.

Zack was keeping her safe, and she had to make sure they did not get caught, for her sake and for Olivia’s sake.

She was not going to have her niece or nephew born in jail, or juvenile hall.


While Zack took the opportunity to ride his bike back to the town they had just left, and he went and sold his bike. The thing that had taken him across the country, and he immediately got them undetectable car, that had looked like it had seen its time and should be condemned, but it would serve his purpose to keep them hidden as he drove back to Amelia, with the knowledge they were asking for trouble and to be caught.

As back in Roswell, Alex was heading home from the public courts where he had played some ball with friends as he worked to get his aggression out from his worrying about his sister. And even Olivia’s future, but most of all his sister because he knew they did not have a lot of proof to nail Olivia yet, but that could change any moment.

But Amelia was wrecking her bright future with every second she prolonged this bizarre road trip of hers, and all he wanted was for life to make sense.

To much had been spinning out of control since Olivia went and visited her father. I told her she would be waking up the monster underneath us he muttered as he walked home. He did not have his drivers license yet because he only turned sixteen the day before, and their appointment was not until Monday.

But he and his sister had past Driver’s Ed, and knew how to operate a vehicle, but still sometimes walking allowed him to get his head straight, but then his head was spinning too much to straighten itself out anytime soon as he saw a text come through on his phone. Hoping it was his sister, he went for it immediately, but no.

But it was a friend who lived near Las Cruces, and they had met through basketball camp the previous summer, and his high school had played his team a few times during the season, so he did not hear from him much except it was about basketball, or about the camp they were both signed up for this summer.

“Hey Todd, what is up?” Alex asked as he needed something to get his mind of his sister. “How’s the team?” he wondered. “I know, it is hard to believe that the time is flying, and it will be almost time for camp. I can’t wait,” he smiled but then he stopped. “What the hell. Where,” he asked.

“Thanks for letting me, and I appreciate if you do not tell anyone else, okay?” Alex asked. “Yes, I know my sister is famous right now, and there is a cash reward, but this is about family, and if were your sister, then I would do my part,” he murmured. “I would appreciate this…” he asked. “Thank you,” he asked profusely as he could help but curse as he got off his phone.

Amelia had been spotted near Las Cruces, damn it, Amelia he said as he knew from the map that his friend lived in a town that was too close to the Texas boarder, and he knew that was where his sister and Zack were running to.

He changed directions and headed straight across town to Olivia’s house.


“No Max,” Liz said as they moved out of the living room and back into the kitchen so if people were looking through the windows. They would not seeing them, and so they were having it out. “You will not, no, you cannot leave us,” she said softly as the mere idea gave her a lot of pain within her heart. Of course, she knew their situation was completely unworkable for the long term or maybe even to get them to tomorrow, but she was not going to have him sacrifice himself, so they could be happy, and free. We will be without you “We need you here.”

“And I need you two to be safe,” Max murmured as he took his wife’s hand in his hand and looked over at his daughter whose face was undetectable. “Look at what just happened in there. We have an agent sniffing around. Even if he has no proof and will never find any to pin it on Olivia unless our daughter confesses. Still, he is getting closer and closer, and therefore I am putting you two in danger by staying here so yes, I need to leave. And I need to go somewhere, where there will be less heat, and things then can start to settle down.”

“But it does not change anything you know,” Liz murmured “Amelia and Zack are still gone.”

“I know,” Max muttered.

“They still will not be able to come home,” Liz asked. “Even if you are gone. They will still be in trouble,” she sighed. “Until they find you, they will want someone to answer for it, and that is what Zack is offering them.”

“But he will not be able to get anything on me, and Zack can retract his confession” Max muttered. “Say, I do not know, something, anything to get out of trouble and really they have nothing except the fingerprints, and his confession.”

“The fake badge,” Olivia muttered as she spoke up. And we could find a way to make sure it exposed as fake “It does not solve anything Dad for you to go, and I know you will want to save us the conflict, but we are still going to be in it if you do leave, and they cannot find you…”

“Maybe one day you and your mother will come and join me, when everything settles down” Max asked as he saw the stubbornness on his wife’s face, and knew that look so well, and loved her all the more for it because the last thing he wanted was to be without her “Liz, but this is the best thing for you,” he said softly. “Let us face it. I am sitting duck if I stay here. And it puts the two of you in peril if they find me. No matter how good of job we do. There is a reason why he is still sniffing around the house. Even with Zack gone. And if they do find me, then they will have something on Olivia and can show how we are connected?”

“Max,” Liz sighed.

“I love you Liz, and I will never forget you or stop loving you, and I hope one day you and I will be together. If I am gone. You, and Isabel and focus on saving Zack and Amelia. And you will not have to worry about me,” Max murmured as he touched Liz, and she wanted to scream and yell and plead no, hell no…

“We took vows” Liz sighed.

“We also vowed to protect the other, and this is what have to do” Max murmured. “This is the only way it ends…”

“It does not end,” Liz murmured as Olivia could not say anything as she saw the pain in her parents, and there was a knock on the door. “You know you are big at sacrificing yourself, but it never adds anything, and the pain will not stop because of choosing to do what you are suggesting.”

“I know,” Max murmured. “But this is the only way. It eliminates the danger from this house?”

“We could go somewhere together,” Liz offered even if she knew it was not very realistic “We could be together…”

“No, if you two suddenly vanish than that would look even more suspicious, so it only can be me for time being with the hope that one day that we will be together…” Max said as he wished he could take her offer to abandon Roswell, but he knew the situation was too complicated for that to happen, not at this point, at least Maybe sometime in the future, but not now.

“When?” Liz asked as she had not even heard the knock on the door, but their daughter had vanished. “Where is Olivia?’

“I do not know,” Max sighed as he saw that yes, Olivia was missing as they went into the living room, and they saw that Olivia was outside on the front porch with Alex. She was still in their view sight.

“Good,” Liz muttered.


Olivia was sitting on the porch because she needed out of the house. She hated how her father was going to sacrifice himself for her, and for their family and they would not know where he would be, but he definitely would not be in their life or where they could see him. She almost wished he were in prison then because at least then I would know where to find him but if he was out there in the world.

He could be anywhere, so when there was a knock on the door. She had taken the opportunity to answer the knock, and she had been surprised to see Alex, and she had quickly decided to move out on the porch so they could talk. “What are you doing here?”

“We need to talk,” Alex murmured.

“It is about Amelia,” Olivia asked.

“Yes,” Alex said. “But first, are you okay?” he wondered because they had not talked all day, not since the night before. When things were brighter between them, and of course today was a new day.

“I am fine,” Olivia murmured. “Just staying close to home today,” she sighed. “Alex, if this is about last night, and you know, you and me?”

“No,” Alex smiled. “We had a good time. But I know you are not looking at last night as anything but a good time, right?”

“Right,” Olivia nodded. “I do not know what tomorrow is, but I know…”

“That we are over…” Alex asked, as he almost wished for a different answer because there was still feeling there, but he knew it would not help their situation because they were not ready for it to be anything more.

“For now, at least” Olivia sighed as they looked out onto the street, and saw the cars passing by, and the eyes of people walking by coming on the house. She and her mother had lived here since she was six years old, and most of the time it was in silence, and peace because they had gotten the judgmental glare elsewhere, but now that everything had fallen off the cliff once again. The eyes were being focused on the house.

“Which is what I knew, and I did not come over because of that” Alex murmured. “I came over because of my sister, Amelia.”

“Yes, you said,” Olivia murmured. “So, what does it mean?”

“It means I know where my sister, and your brother are” Alex murmured. “My buddy from basketball camp saw them in some vintage store he works at, and he saw Amelia there this morning…” he murmured. “They were there this morning, so I do not know where they are, now” he sighed. “But it’s something…”

“Oh god,” Amelia murmured. “Where?”

“A small town near Las Cruces,” Alex murmured.

“You did not tell your parents, or your grandfather?” Olivia wondered as the acknowledgement that they were near Las Cruces; meant they were headed out of the state. And if they did go over state lines, that would lead to a whole lot more pain for Zack, who will have taken a minor across state lines even if he were only seventeen.

“No,” Alex shook his head. “I figure I need to find them, and get them to come home, and back to sanity…”

“Are you kidding me?” Olivia wondered.

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Re: The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 65 - 04/02/2021

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Apr 03, 2021 9:00 am

Things are in such a in the world will it ever be normal again.....and safe?
Glad to hear the Evans consider Michael an honorary son.
Diane brought clothes.......always a considerate mother.
Max was ready to sacrifice himself.....again. But will leave to take away the pressure at Liz's home.
Alex is going after his sister and Olivia's will that turn out???

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The Story of My Life - Chapter 66 - 04/05/2021

Post by Parker1947 » Mon Apr 05, 2021 9:28 am

One hour later,

The Guerin household was in disarray as Max and Liz sat in the basement. They had slipped into the basement after coming over because their remaining kids had upped the insanity and had disappeared, in Liz’s car which Max and Liz had heard roar away a little under an hour earlier. And they had realized that their daughter had took off with Alex, and they knew the only way she would have done that was because they knew something about Amelia and Zack. Especially since Olivia had just promised her father that he would not be seeing her repeating her half brother’s actions and disappearing. Of course, she would do so… And take their only mode of transport, which would make it hard for the parents to go after them.

And it had would lead them to call in Isabel who rushed over to collect them because Liz only had one car, and it was now missing. So, Max slipped into his sister’s car, and they drove over to Michael and Maria, and now there was a pow wow in session as Kyle had just arrived after his football game with his friends.

The girls were at a mutual friend’s home for a sleepover.

Now their parents were planning on what to do about the fact the older kids were rivaling their parents, and their antics, but this one had a purpose because it was to find Amelia and Zack before they went over state lines, and headed for anywhere else in the country…

“This is insanity,” Kyle muttered. “What on earth made him want to do it?”

“I have no idea,” Maria muttered as this was the one thing she had not expected from her son. Or both of her children for that instance, as they were now living under a blast from the past with more dire consequences.

It had been kids play back to when Michael took Maria and headed for Marathon, Texas.

Back then, all they had was a suspicious Kyle and a nosy town Sheriff after them. Now they had the FBI on their toes. Who was empowered to bring them if they were to catch them doing something unlawful, and right now Amelia and Zack were his target, and that meant bad news for their parents as they struggled to come to terms with how their children has confounded them, and upped the level of insanity in their lives?

Kyle remembered that time well because yes, he did know back then he was too nosy. He and his father both. But he had no idea why Liz was so taken by Max, and how she had been changed in a matter of weeks. Their easy relationship tore apart because of her association with another guy. Someone who at the time his father did not even trust, and to see that she was heading out of town at all times of the night and planning to go over state lines to Texas. Of course, it would only be later that he would know the full details because his role in that drama ended at the motel room where the gang had located Michael and Maria after car trouble stopped their flight from Roswell. And how he had gotten an eye full of what it really meant to be Max, Michael, and Isabel but he allowed himself to ignore for months before his life was almost taken, and Max had stepped into save his life.

Yeah, time would tell him the full story. And what a story it had been, and one that has been going on for nearly twenty years.

Twenty years of joy and happiness but that was all too rare, because of pain and angst that would take over it for members of their little group.

Now they had to find some missing kids, before the law got to them, and took them all down.

This time unlike twenty years ago. Except for Max. The law did not care about them. This time they cared about their children. And it made them fear for their kids, as a text came over Liz’s phone and she reached for it and her heart ached. “It’s Olivia.”

“Where is she?” Maria asked as she had been pacing the room as like Kyle, she had been facing a blast from the past, and now it was more of a nightmare than it had been at the time when she was fifteen.

“She says she is safe” Liz muttered frustratingly because her daughter did not add anything more as she text back Do you know where Amelia and Zack are? and hit send.

She waited, and the others hung in bated breath as they waited to know whether Olivia had spilled anything, but nothing was coming back over her phone. “Predictable,” she muttered to herself and she glanced over and saw the expectant faces and knew she had to say something. “Sorry, all she said is she is fine,” she sighed. “I asked if she knows where the other two are, but of course there was no answer.”

“Kyle, why don’t you call your father and get him to ping the phone” Isabel suggested because she knew they had to find all four kids. And knew while the Sheriff station was not completely in the world, technology wise, yet she knew they had the capacity to trace phones.

“Okay,” Kyle nodded and went for his own phone and dialed his father’s phone. “Hi Dad,” he sighed. “We need a favor,” he asked. “Off the books if possible,” he added as she gave the situation and then phone number assigned to Olivia. “Thank you, Dad.”

Getting off the phone. Kyle returned to the group. “He will try, but he cannot make any promises. Amelia’s phone is now off. No signals since early this morning, and even then, it was short to get a read which is why Dad did not want to say anything” he sighed as he saw the hope in Maria and Michael whose eyes dimmed when he finished.

“There has to be some way to find them?” Max asked because he was still living with the knowledge of a millennium that was brand new, and the world was just opening up to all kind of advances, and the danger level had just increased out there in the real world but since then he had been in a bubble, and he did not know how to begin to find the kids. This is a vastly different world he muttered to himself as he did not even know if he wanted to deal with this new life, he had.

Especially as he was factoring in the youth of today who were much more independent then when he was a teenager. As they were now armed with too many ways to get around their parents. “This is some kind of age” he muttered to himself as he was getting a crash course into it being 2019.

“Yeah,” Liz muttered as she knew only too well what kind of world they were living in, and it was a wakeup call now that their kids were sixteen and capable of much mischief. “Still, we need to find them because we have no idea what they will do on their own.”

“It is good they are going after Amelia?” Kyle allowed.

“Yeah,” Isabel muttered. “They should have come to us before they set out on their rescue mission,” she sighed as she checked her messages, and saw nothing from her niece. She was worried for the kids because of what it meant to be out there…

Suddenly Kyle’s phone rang, and he saw it was his father. “Yes, Dad” he asked. “Anything?” he wondered. “Sure, thank you…” he sighed as he stood and listened to what his father was telling him, as the others continued to wait by bated breath “They are traveling down the US 70” Kyle managed once he hung up.

“And that means?” was the unison call of the group.

“They are headed for Las Cruces,” Michael muttered only because he knew the route well from h is own work on his cases and so did Isabel and Kyle who had both taken classes in Las Cruces as they both knew it well and they exchanged glances…

Do they know anyone there?” Isabel asked as she though of her old university town.

“No, but who knows, because Alex does have a lot of friends from his sports forays and they are all over the state because of the games he plays, but for Amelia, no, she would not know anyone down that way…” Maria sighed of she thought of her son’s talent in basketball. The one thing in recent months that allowed her and Michael to be proud of their son’s abilities. Early on, Kyle had couched him, but he had now moved onto someone else.

“Except it is a university town” Liz muttered because it was where she, Isabel and Kyle had gotten their degrees as she turned to Maria who nodded, and she made a further connection and so did Maria because of her past, and Liz had friends who had done the same thing as they both said “Damn” together.

“Why do you say that?” Max muttered because while he remembered a lot, but still being away had left him out of the loop and he struggled to know what heading towards Las Cruces brings them. “What does it mean?”

“It’s close to the Texas boarder,” Maria muttered with misery as she and Kyle and others would constantly go over the boarder as they were at school, to score drinks and other substances but they always kept it to the booze. “El Paso is less than an hour away.”

“So, Zack and Amelia if they are still in New Mexico,” Kyle muttered. “They could be very close to crossing the boarder?”

“Yes,” Isabel nodded as she knew as well as the others what going over the boarder would mean for Zack.

Fuck they were all thinking…


As Agent Barker was watching the Guerin household. Dave had followed Isabel Evans Valenti’s car as she arrived to pick up her sister-in-law because he had been watching the Parker household as he knew something was fishy. While he knew he was on a tight rope that could get snapped over his conduct if the mother chose to report him, but he knew she had more to lose than him. And that gave him leverage.

Because all he stood to lose was his job.

While his targets stood to lose much more, as he had seen Alexander Guerin arrive at the doorstep of the Parkers and had been talking to Olivia who had seen him, he knew, because it was obvious, she was putting on a show.

Because she was aware that he was watching, which he was, and taking the appropriate notes and photographs.

As Guerin apparently told Olivia something that surprised her and they rushed off, in the car that was currently registered to her mother. As he had known only one car was registered to the home, and Olivia had just turned sixteen back in February, so she was a licensed driver, and she showed it because she got behind the wheel with Alex and they took off…

After putting on a show that made sure they had resumed their relationship when he witnessed her kissing Alex, and it had been an interesting sight because she had told him that she was over Guerin, but they roared off as his mind was thinking through, and he stayed because he saw the rustling of curtains and saw Elizabeth Parker looking out, and knew she was home, but she did not rush out to see where her car had gone.

Then Isabel Valenti’s car showed up not ten minutes later, and went into the driveway, up close to the back of the house. And moments later, it came out again, and while he only seen Ms. Parker, along with her sister and brother-in-law. The car was funny, and so he followed.

Expecting to see that it was following the kids.

But no, it had ended up at the Guerin household, and they had done the same thing of going up the long driveway, close to the back and preventing him from seeing who was coming out of the car.

So, he sat and waited for movement as he was making notes, when another car pulled up in front of the house. A taxi.

Interesting Barker muttered to himself as two strangers got out and walked to the front of the house and rang the doorbell.

He saw Maria coming to the door, strangely looking at the two strangers and they said something, and Maria then welcomed them into the house.


At the same time, Olivia knew she was going to get a lecture from her mother, and maybe even her father if he was still around once this was all over, and she went home. She knew they were cruising for trouble. But when Alex had told him that he knew at least a town where her friend might be found. She knew they had to get them to convince them to come home.

She knew they could find a way out. Running, and crossing the boarder would not help the situation and only would make it worse if they found them.

And she knew it was the FBI.

So, they would be found. Sometime, somehow. As she was sitting driving because Alex did not have a valid driver’s license yet. The promise she had made to her father rang through her mind I am sorry Dad, but this is the only way she mused to herself as she also knew the benefit of it would be that it would keep him at home.

He would not leave her, or her mother.

Not if he had to find her and find Amelia and Zack. Of course, he was a fugitive which would make any tracking mission hard but still…

“Are you tired, and do you want me to drive?” Alex asked as they sat and drove and was facing some traffic, and construction blockades which was making the drive longer.

“No, I can handle it” Olivia murmured as she was using the drive to make her mind think through how this was going. “You know just because they were there this morning, does not mean they are anywhere near there now?”

“Of course not,” Alex sighed. “Call it twin instinct but I feel Amelia is close by,” he smiled at Olivia’s chuckle. “I would know if she left the state, but no, I do not think they have left so they might be near Las Cruces, at least because that is a bigger town, and they can get more supplies that way.

“Let us hope,” Olivia muttered as they continued to drive.


At the same time Zack and Amelia had taken their new vehicle into Las Cruces to get some food.


Ten minutes before,

Back in Roswell at Maria and Michael’s home. The gang almost all set to get in Maria’s SUV because of the baggage they had to carry for Alex’s various sports. They felt it would have the most room, and the more ability to hide Max given that it was imperative that they get on the road. Because the kids were getting further and further away from them even though they check the highway reports and was heartened to know that there was plenty of obstacles on the path to Las Cruces.

That does not mean they will not get there, and who knows whether it was Las Cruces they were going to… They had just assumed it because of the signal came from that route, but it could mean they could be anyways, but they knew they had to get on the road.

Kyle and Isabel would be staying home because Isabel could not be found to be meddling in the hunt. And plus, if she stayed before then she could be the backup cleanup crew if there was any danger of the legal kind on this mission of theirs because there almost certainly was going to be something if they caught up to the kids.

All the kids.

But was not taking place because of a knock on the door. And Maria went hoping it was good news. Answering the door. “Yes,” she said as she did see the black car across the street, and therefore she was not focused on the two strangers. “If you are selling anything than we are not interested” she muttered as her expression was not on those at her doorstep.

“No,” came a voice. “We are not selling anything, but you are Maria Guerin, are you not?” came the woman’s voice as the invoking of her name caused her stare to be snap away from across the street, and the blatant watch of Agent Barker to the man and woman who were standing in front of her, as they were strangers, but they seemed to know her These are strangers to me.

“Yes,” Maria said warily. “I would like to be here, but you have picked the worse possible moment because my house is kind of under a deluge, and if this is about anything important than you should come another time” she sighed. “Because my husband and I are not in the mood.”

“Would your mood change by being told that we are Tony and Jennie Mason?” said the man who stood by his wife.

“Mason?” Maria asked, still not making the connection.

“We are Zack’s parents,” came Jennie Mason as Maria’s face went wild eyed as the connection dawned at her with a rush of energy and emotion,

“We are told our son has vanished with your teenage daughter?”

“Come in,” Maria said softly as reality came to them.

“Thank you,” Tony and Jennie said together as they walked into the house. “We are sorry for interrupting you because yes, you would be busy…” she sighed as they stopped once they were through the doors, as Maria only silently pointed at the living room as they followed Maria into the living room.

A room that held everyone, except for Max. Who had apparently done his own vanishing, and was now watching from the kitchen, as Maria could see Liz expression and could tell this situation was weighing on her friend, and on all of them?

They needed it to be over…

Would it end on this night?

“Michael, and Liz” Maria said softly. “This is Tony and Jennie Mason” she muttered as the name caught Liz’s attention, “Zack’s parents?”

Oh god Liz muttered to herself as she wanted to reach in and hold her husband’s hand as immediately at the sound of the visitors. Max knew he needed to get out of sight, as if he knew that this was someone important as yes, this situation was weighing on them. I want this over. Why cannot it end? “I know you came to see Maria and her husband Michael, but just so you know the state of the play in this room. My name is Elizabeth Parker Evans although I have gone by the name Parker these last years. My husband is Max Evans…” she sighed.

“Oh my god,” Jennie murmured. “Your husband is…”

“Yes,” Liz confirmed. “He is Zack’s birth father, and the one who put him up for adoption” she sighed.

“Your husband is the one of the reasons our son is doing this, is he not?” Tony Mason accused the room. “We have lost our son because of your husband?”

Liz did not know what to say, as behind the swinging door of the kitchen. Max eyes went completely cold at the knowledge of Zack’s adoptive parents. His real parents Max told himself Because I am the one who gave him up was outside in living room.

Looking for why their son had done this…

Which was a question of many generations, and one that had yet to be answered. As Max could not believe these set of circumstances. What have we done to deserve this?

Max did not know as he moved towards the back door.

Looking for an escape hatch…

He found one, until he did not as he exited the back door and was going to jump the fence, when he heard “You should not do that?” came the voice as he turned and faced his former nemesis.


“What are you doing out here?” Max asked.

“It did not take a genius to know this was what you were probably going to do once you got a load of what was happening in the house,” Kyle said as he had exited the fun in the house because of a call he had to make about the job he was interviewing the following week for the upcoming school year.

Only to hear Max come out the back way. “You know this will not help?”

“I will find my own way to go find the kids?” Max asked.

“How?” Kyle laughed “Do you have a car? So, yeah, you are in a pickle. You cannot be seen in this town when we have a federal agent looking at us, and the kids” he sighed as he hated to have to remind Max of this…

“This is what you always wanted to see me, huh?” Max asked as he thought back to the beginning. To the fact he and Kyle had not really seen eye to eye in the beginning except for a memorable drinking binge one night when the one they both wanted was on a blind date with another guy, and that first year was fraught with a lot of suspicion Warranted to some extent Max knew now, but it still did not make it easy “You and your Dad both…”

“I love your sister Max,” Kyle said. “We have long made peace with the past. And I know you have been in a state of suspended movement all these years, and I would to be in your shoes, and you feel like this is all your fault?”

“Well, it is all my fault?” Max muttered.

“No, it isn’t,” Kyle sighed.

“I have to find the kids,” Max sighed. “We know from history what can go wrong if we leave them out to their own devices.”

“Then you are going to need assistance,” came Kyle.

“Who?” Max asked.

“Me,” Kyle sighed. “You need to go, and I have the car you need unless you want to go inside and expose you to your son’s parents and they will know what is going on” he asked. “I think not,” he smiled.

“Why would you do it?” Max wondered.

“I love your sister, and your wife,” Kyle said honestly. “They meant everything to me. I also respect your family to know we need to end this so we can bring some semblance of end to this drama…”

“I do not know what the end is yet,” Max sighed.

“No one does,” Kyle sighed. “But we agree that the kids are unprotected if they are out there alone. And especially since our friendly federal agent is outside in the front, watching, and we have to get him off the house…”

“So, you think we can lure him away?” Max asked.

“What do you think?” Kyle sighted. “So, are you coming or not?” he wondered as they both went to his car that he shared with Isabel, as they roared it up, and while Max did slump down, he did not make a very good show of it, and Dave Barker thought he saw Evans and of course he followed the car.

Leaving the Guerin house alone. Isabel who had been watching the car through the curtains paused when he saw her car heading down the street, and then noticed her husband had not come back into the house.

A text then came to her watch, as she checked it and found I am with Max...

“Shit” she moaned out loud.

Liz who was sitting with Tony and Jennie as they tried to figure out why the kids would do this. “What is it Isabel?”

“Nothing,” Isabel sighed as she texted something into her phone.

Maria got the text as she was in the kitchen getting drinks, and frowned when she saw that Kyle and Max had gone off… And then the next one, Barker is following them.

“Oh, great” Maria muttered.

“Again, I am sorry” Liz was saying to the Masons. “My husband did not want this to have happened.”

“Well, it did,” Tony Mason muttered.

“Honey,” Jennie murmured. “Zack had questions, and he wanted answers” she sighed as she knew her son and knew he was never going to be able to stay home when he felt different and did not know why.

“He should be back home finishing high school and not risking his life, and now going on the run because of birth father’s wish to not be in prison after being convicted of hurting you and blowing up an army base” he sighed. “Yes, Ms. Parker. We know the full story.”

“Obviously, you do not,” Liz murmured as she wanted to laugh but did not because she knew very well that no one who could call them an outsider truly knew the story. “I do not condone my husband’s actions and we have made peace with what happened in the past but as I have told our own daughter, and yes, your son. There is another side of the story. One that is extremely complicated, and one that I have had to make peace with to be able to love my husband.”

“He hurt you, so why stay?” Jennie Mason asked.

“Well, all you need to know that it is not completely black and white situation. There were no easy answers in the story of my husband and me. And in the end, I have stayed because I did love him when we were teenagers together, and I still love him even more so today. We share a daughter together, and she means the world to both of us.”

“That does not answer my question,” Jennie asked.

“Marriages are complex and can function in different ways” Liz murmured. “My husband believed he was doing the right thing when he chose to give his son up. And allowed you two to raise him as your own. He is not trying to take him from you. I have heard it myself, and so has our daughter. Zack cares a great deal about the two of you and his little sister.”

“Then why do this?” Tony asked.

“Because he believes it is the right thing to do,” Liz sighted. “I do not necessarily agree but you should know that your son is actually innocent of what he has been accused of.”

“He confessed to allowing for his birth father’s escape?” Tony muttered. “And now he has gone of the Guerin’s teenage daughter?”

“Well, you should know that your son has a limited culpability in the actual disappearance of my husband. Yes, it would look bad in the court of law, but he is innocent of the more serious of the actions. Because it was my own daughter who is guilty” Liz murmured as she was trusting the Masons to know that this was a complicated situation, and while their son was up to his neck in it, so they should keep the truth to themselves.

“What one earth?” Jennie asked as she looked over at her husband who also stood mystified.

“It is complicated,” Liz muttered.

As the whole room and named Isabel and Maria could only mutter at how much an understatement it was because their situation was beyond complicated.


As if Zack and Amelia did not know it was complicated as they sat and ate in their hideaway. As they had stuck around Las Cruces long. They grabbed some food, and takeout, and rushed back, and now they were watching some television.

Their story had stopped on the news for the moment because of something the current administration had done that brought the news media onto them, so the glossy story Amelia and Zack had given the press was done for the moment. But Amelia knew it would not least.

Still, reality was setting in. Knowing they were unable to move anywhere. Be seen. Zack had no idea that his parents had heard and was now in Roswell. If he did, then maybe he would have some qualms for what he was doing. But no, he was intent that this was.

“Want to play?” Amelia laughed at the stunned look on Zack’s face. She was bored, and she needed excitement. Stuck in a guest house in a small town was not the same thing as being home and doing whatever she wanted. “Grow up, I did not mean that?”

“You did not?” Zack asked dubiously. “If you did not, then what did you mean?”

“Of course not,” Amelia sighed. “I want to play cards, or something, anything that brings some excitement to this place.”

“You wanted this when you came with me?” Zack sighed as he could see that Amelia was bored as the adrenaline was wearing off the hardcore reality of their situation was setting in. “You had to know it was not all fun and games?”

“Yeah, I did,” Amelia conceded. “I knew what I was asking for, but I need something fun to happen, and some type of game to happen or I am liable to do something about it” Amelia said teasing, but then also not teasing on the other hand.

“What would you do?” Zack wondered as if he did not know.

“Let’s play cards or something?” Amelia smiled. “Otherwise, your will power will be found to be very lacking, and your powers of restraint will not go very far” she chuckled. “I am capable of a lot, you know?”

“What kind of game?” Zack wondered. “And yes, I know you are capable of a lot…”

“Then how about strip poker?” Amelia laughed at the reaction she was getting for her suggestion. “I bet you are an awesome player, so I am I” she smiled. “Might as well because the only money I have is power generated, and that would not be incredibly fun, would it. But playing with our articles of clothing,” she said as she was only in her tank top and jeans.

“Amelia?” Zack warned.

“Come on, I’ll set it up” Amelia laughed as finally she was having some fun as she was quick to find some cards.

Somehow Zack knew tonight was going to change things.

And it would…

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Re: The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 66 - 04/05/2021

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Blast from the past, for sure!
The kids are in Las Cruses........close to the border.
I smell trouble.
Who should arrive but Zack's parents......
Amelia is really, really asking for trouble.
What else could possibly happen??

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The Story of My Life - Chapter 67 - 04/08/2021

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It would as they started the game. And despite Zack’s clear reservations because he did not like Amelia’s twinkle in her eye, because it was like she was planning something, but he felt himself seduced into the game, and their competitive juices were starting to flow This is bad he mused to himself as they lost a hand and was forced to take off his shirt.

“Sexy,” Amelia called and only got Zack mumbles as a response. As he tried to stay strong.

As they continued to play cards, as they did not know that her brother Alex and Olivia had reached Las Cruces, and they were stopping for something to eat as they tried to figure where their next stop would be.

Alex’s friend Todd Fields came and met them on the way home from practice, “Why would your sister to do this?” Todd asked Alex who only shook her head. “From what I remember of Amelia, she does strike me as someone who would take this chance?”

“My sister knows how to play the line,” Alex muttered. “But yeah, this time, this is a new one” he sighed as he glanced at Olivia as she ate her fries at the diner that they stopped. “Do you have anything more?” he asked of Todd.

‘No, just this photo, with a license plate on the back” Todd said as he showed it and Alex could only shake his head as he passed it to Olivia to peruse, and she was also a little surprised by the wardrobe Amelia had chosen to wear. While her friend could be called wild. Still, she was not as out there, even dressed conservatively in jeans and a tank top.

“Thank you again Todd,” Alex muttered as they soon ended the meeting, and watched as Todd left to head on home. While Alex and Olivia finished off their dinner. “Yeah, I know,” he muttered.

“She is having fun,” was all Olivia commented.

“She should not be,” Alex muttered.

“But she is,” Olivia sighed as she looked at the photo as she turned it over and saw there was a license plate. “How are we going to check this out?”

“Let me work on it,” Alex said as he took control of Olivia’s cellphone, and dialed. “Grandpa, I need you help,” he sighed. “Yes, I know I am in trouble with Mom and Dad, but given I am doing this for the greater cause then it should not matter at the end of the day. Can you run a particular license plate and see if you can find it?” he asked. “Yeah, if you must” he sighed at his cursing and telling his grandson that he would be telling his parents. “They want to find her just like I do” as he hung up and waited for the text from his grandfather.

“He is going to tell our parents?” Olivia wondered as she finished her milkshake as she did not quite like the burger and fries in comparison to her grandfathers. This was more run of the mill she muttered to herself while it was special at the Crashdown. The food was too bland here, as they waited to hear from Jim Valenti.

“Well on this one, they deserve to know” Alex muttered. “It might take them to get through to my sister,” he wondered as he glanced down at the photo confirmation that his sister had been spotted. “And here Amelia was coming down on us?”

“We are tame compared to this,” Olivia remarked.

“Yeah,” Alex laughed as the text came in on Olivia’s phone. “It’s Zack’s motorcycle,” he muttered as if they did not know because Todd had said he had seen them dry away on it. “It has been spotted in a nearby town…”

“Where?” Olivia asked.

“Grab your bag and we will drive there,” Alex sighed. “It should not be long now before we know something…” as they took the bag of food that they had not finished and rushed out and got into the car and started to drive.

As they hoped for answers, or another clue as to where Zack and Amelia were…


“Thank you, Dad,” Kyle was saying as he and Max turned off onto the main highway that would take down the US 70 towards Las Cruces. “Anything more,” he wondered. “Yeah, I did not think so, at least they are safe,” he muttered even though they should have let us deal with it, and come to us, “But I guess it’s something they went to you,” he sighed as he hung up and looked over a vacant Max. “Alex called Dad.”

“And?” Max wondered as he looked out into the night. There was a full moon on this night a bad omen he muttered to himself. At least it was not a Friday, the 13th then he would really consider it a bad omen.

“They had a license plate and wanted Dad to run it” Kyle sighed. “Of course, it led to it being Zack’s bike, and it’s spotted in a small town near Las Cruces,” he sighed. “Anything more, Dad does not know at this point.”

“A lot we do not know,” Max commented. “Is everything alright with him and Olivia?” as he though of how he was getting a wakeup call in how to parent a teenage girl, and how being sixteen meant she was very independent. Just like her mother, and me he muttered as he cursed how the genes made for an almost instant replica in their daughter.

“Alex gave no appearances that anything is amiss on his front,” Kyle sighed. “So, I suspect all is well, for now.”

“Yeah, for now” Max muttered as they continued to drive along the 70, in hopes of finding all the kids before they screwed things up even more.

Kyle nodded as he dialed his wife’s phone number. “Hello, sweetheart, what is going on?”


“Thank you, Kyle,” Isabel murmured as she stood and paced the front porch. It was clear Barker had abandoned his post, and a new one had not come to replace him therefore the agent had to be on the scent of her brother, and she knew that was going to bad news that they had two set of cars headed after the runaways. Or three cars she remarked.

Inside, the Masons were still trying to understand just what had happened to make their son stray from the path he was on. As they had been told that Olivia was responsible, and that Zack had been taking the blame but there was only Liz was prepared to spill. “We do not understand this. You say it was your daughter, and yet our son has done this, and is now running from the authorities,” Tony Mason wondered. “Why would he run with the Guerin’s daughter if he was innocent?”

“Yes,” Liz sighed as glanced over at Maria who was staring stone face. “It is a very difficult situation,” as he watched her best friend nod. “It would take more time than we have tonight to discuss it in more detail, she murmured. “Maybe another time we will be able to discuss it, more fully” she sighed. “Maria?”

“My daughter is very willful and has a mind of her own. My sanity is riding on the theory that she went because she sensed her was going to do something stupid. So, she went with him, to stop anything more from happening, and before you say it, no, that does not make any more sense, but they have become friends since he came to our town in March.”

“Our son has not talked about Amelia?” Jennie murmured. “In all the time he has been here in Roswell and his calls home, her name was never uttered. And our son has a girlfriend?”

“So did our daughter have a boyfriend, or at least until last night” Michael muttered as he paced the room. As they were not clear of what would happen with his daughter and Greg, and knew the longer his daughter stayed in close proximity to Zack than they could kiss Greg good-bye if they had not already “It’s not clear what is going on in the romantic lives of our kids at the moment, but they are both young, and they are not going to be thinking rationally” he muttered even if he personally wanted to strangle Zack and might just do it if he ever got a hand on the kid. “Unfortunately.”

“Jennifer does not have any explanations for why our son did this,” Tony muttered as he thought of the phone calls his wife had held with the girl since they first heard the news. “All she said was our son was curious about his origins?”

“Yes,” Liz muttered. “I understand why he would be since his father, and Michael here along with Isabel had some similar questions when they were his age” she sighed as he looked at the new duo who reflected on what they found out, and what they had experienced when they were the kids age” he sighed. “He feels different, as he told me himself and he wants to know why.”

“We always knew he was different,” Jennie murmured as she got a nod from her husband. “We could never understand or explain those differences. Our son is normal, but then it was also clear there was always something about that we could never explain,” she sighed. “Of course, he did not come to us as a newborn.”

“He was with his biological mother for those months,” Liz murmured as she looked over at Isabel and Maria who only looked away as all three women had great hatred for Tess, and it was hard to stay impartial over the woman. “Then he landed back with Max?”

“After his birth mother passed away in the same incident that he confessed to setting?” Tony asked as he looked at Liz and the others with a harden glance as if we knew this when we adopted the boy, we might have made a different decision. “We did not know this when we agreed to the adoption. And it was years before we found out.”

“My husband did not know Zack’s birth mother was in the facility,” Liz muttered as it was hell of a lie but one that she had to keep going in front of strangers. When Max had no idea that Tess had made herself a martyr of her until she had returned to Michael’s and told everyone what had happened, she sighed. It had left Max as a motherless boy’s only parent.

“We know the story Ms. Parker, Zack’s biological father was with you when things happened with the woman who would turn out to be his birth mother,” Tony muttered.

“We were actually separated,” Liz muttered. “It was a breakup I wanted at the time, and he did not, and what the media has said about our relationship is false. My husband loved me. We had an incredibly unique relationship at the time. He was not controlling. I wanted us to break up, and I did agree to reunite until later… What happened between my husband and the woman who would be Zack’s birth mother was a situation that unfolded not unlike most in that kind of situations. The three of us were only seventeen and eighteen at the time. Again, not so much unlike what Zack is finding himself to be now,” she sighed. “We make choices, and we also made mistakes. My husband made the decision he did because he wanted his son to be happy and healthy, and he was too young at the time, and given the circumstances that he would find himself. It was the right decision.”

“Otherwise, you would be raising Zack?” Jennie asked.

“I do not know what I would have done. My husband did not ask that of me, and we did not get married until after the adoption took place,” Liz sighed. “You love your son, and I know your son loves you. I do not think any of us regret decisions made at the time involving Zack?” she sighed We can regret a lot of other decisions, but not Max’s decision.

“We do not regret adopting Zack,” Tony sighed. “I love my son, but I cannot deny that we wish we were informed of true events at the time.”

“It does not change that you love your son and had a chance to raise him” Liz murmured. “I know this because of my own daughter. I am blessed to have a chance to have raised her, and just because of the situation with her father was the way it was. It does not mean I regret the circumstances. I love my daughter, and you love your son.”

“Yes, we do” Tony said as he saw the time on the clock as he and his wife got up. “Thank you for seeing us. Mrs. Guerin, please accept my sorrows on what the situation is for you because of my son’s actions.”

Maria nodded. “It is a situation neither of us want,” she conceded. “Although in this case. My daughter made the decision to go with him. So, whatever blame also gets passed on to her. Although I wish he had not agreed to it, but then my daughter might not have given him a choice. I hope for all our sakes that they do come home before things manifest any deeper than they do.”

“All of us will,” Tony muttered.

“How long will you be in town?” Michael asked.

“Hopefully, a short time, but we will be here until the situation with our son clarifies itself and then we plan to take him home with us” Tony muttered.

“Good luck with that,” Maria muttered. “Something tells me even if he is cleared of the legal accusations against him that he will be resisting that…”

“He will not have any choice” Jennie muttered. “He’s under the age of 18. He’s lucky we have allowed him the freedom to be on the road, but that will end once he comes back?”

“Good luck,” Liz also muttered with that she told herself as she echoed Maria’s thinking because she had seen that side of horrified parents, and it did not end well, and something told her that Zack would be putting up a fight as they walked the Mason’s to the door and watch them drive. Especially if things had escalated with Amelia before they could catch up to them…

Once out of sight, Liz muttered as she glanced at her friends. “How soon do we get out of here?” she asked.

“We can use my car,” Maria muttered. “Michael, are you coming with me?” she asked as she knew Isabel was still having to keep her detachment so that she could come in and clean up the mess they would likely be finding themselves in. “Now that we do not have to hide Max?”

Because that was their way of life.

“Are you kidding me, yes, I am coming with you guys” Michael muttered. “I have some choice words for those kids, all of them, once we get a hold of them.”

“This is insanity,” Isabel muttered as she walked everyone out. As Michael locked his door, and they all got in the car except for Isabel who would walk home since her own husband had taken their car… “Please let everyone be safe” she swore as she watched the car roar away, and she used the cooler night air to keep her mind clear as she did walk home.

Safety was the wish for everyone…


Except for the teens hiding in a shelter several hours away from home. And they were getting into the game of poker, clothing being the pot. And neither were that successful at keeping their clothes on, and neither were at the point of wanting to step away from the game. Still, though they were some sanity going around the room. “You are good at this, so, who taught you?”

“My Dad and my uncle,” Amelia allowed. “They taught us all kids of how to bluff, and when to know to fold them?”

“I bet they did,” Zack murmured at the double edge of her words. “Of course, that is always dangerous given one of you was already in jail, and here we are?”

“It will be fine,” Amelia said as she stared at her hand, and had just taken her earrings off, and laying them on the table as she was currently playing hard to get with him, especially when he had to lose his jeans, and it meant that he was shirtless and in his boxer shorts, and it was making it hard to concentrate on the game.

“Given they are hunting for us” Zack sighed. “I cannot think of how this fine?”

“They are hunting for you, not me” Amelia smiled. “I did not do anything. You are the one who gave them a phony confession, not unlike your biological father come to think about it,” she muttered as she glanced at the frown from Zack. “So, what made you do it?”

“You know, Olivia” Zack asked. “You are just as much being hunted as I am at this point. As you have seen on television. You have hit the big time by running off with me. They will want you too” he sighed. “So, yeah, you should have gone home and if you had, then you would have a lot more deniability than you do now,” he muttered. “But as if you did not already know. It is Olivia that I am protecting.”

“At the expense of yourself?” Amelia asked. “And that is also you know why I came with you. I know everything. I know it is to protect Olivia,” she sighed as she did not think she could be that much trouble she told herself. They only want me for questioning. All I did was go off with someone who confessed to a crime. Even if I did help a little, she mused to herself. But they did not know this and would never be able to prove she did.

“Olivia has a future. She has the baby to think about for a few more months, and now that she is going to New York. She has something to look forward, and it would be shame for her to be caught up with the federal bureau. They had a someone who has vanished from a federal prison. So, they will want someone to blame and being her father’s daughter will only make her a tempting bait for them, so I thought why not help out.”

“Why, and risk your own future?” Amelia asked.

“I do not have much of one at this moment,” Zack sighed. “Whatever is my future is unknown at this point. Olivia has a chance, and I am not going to let her get swallowed up because she wanted to know her father?”

“Family,” Amelia muttered.

“We are not family,” Zack bristled.

“You are if you are willing to take the rap for her, and even if this crime is different than what they are convinced your biological father did, but it will put you behind bars, and it does ruin your future, whatever it is that you might want one day.”

“Which is why I was running” Zack sighed. “You should have not come with me.”

“And risk you are getting yourself killed, no thank you” Amelia muttered. “Just like I will not have my niece or nephew born behind bars. I am not going to let you face the authorities yourself. If you want to sacrifice yourself, then I might as well do it too…”

“Why?” Zack asked. “You have a life. You have your family, and your brother, and you have a chance with Greg if you were going to give him another chance” he muttered as he was not sure why he was advocating that she gave the All-American candidate a chance. I am a glutton for punishment

“Why do this?”

“Because I do not want Greg, I want you” Amelia muttered as she was not kidding around this time. She knew what she wanted, and she was going to say her peace.

“No, you do not” Zack sighed.

“I think I would know what I wanted?” Amelia muttered as she promptly lost a hand, and she stood up and undid her jeans…

“Amelia?” Zack sighed. “Please do not…”

“A game is a game,” Amelia smiled. “I lost, so it’s your gain…”

“This is not a game,” Zack sighed as he knew he was insane to be fighting this. “We are not a game” he muttered, as she let the jeans go down, and all he saw was black silky underwear…

“I had to wear something under my dress,” Amelia laughed. “Want to see what I have under my tank top?” she asked.

“No,” Zack sighed.

“Yes, you do” Amelia said as they dealt the new hand, and she smiled, she was going to lose this hand also as the continued to play. “If you wanted your girlfriend than you would have driven me home and stopped anything from happening between us” she chuckled. “But you did not…”

“I did,” Zack muttered with little force.

“No, you did not” Amelia sang as she went with her prediction as lost the hand once more, and her underwear went, much to his protesting. “I said it was a game.”

“Amelia” Zack sighed.

“So, it’s down to your underwear or my bra,” Amelia murmured as she dealt the hand and smiled when she saw the cards. “As we discussed earlier. Winner gets what they want from the night?”

Shit Zack muttered to himself. “What do you want?”

“I think you can guess,” she laughed. “So, what do you want if you win?”

“You need to leave me alone,” Zack muttered.

“No, you do not” Amelia laughed. “You want me as much as I want you, because I felt it last night and even this morning.”

“Well, you are wrong” Zack sighed. “I have a girlfriend, and you have a boyfriend” he asked. “A boyfriend who does love you…”

“Since when are you so high on Greg,” Amelia laughed. “Someone who you will not even tell me his name.”

“It is Greg,” Zack sighed.

“Nice one,” Amelia laughed. “Well Jennifer might think differently about you, but she is not here, and I am and on the subject of Greg. Well, he does not want me, does he?’ she muttered. “Do you see him anywhere?”

“We are on the run?” Zack muttered. “You will not want me when you get home, and back to your normal life, and the expectations your parents will have you to find an appropriate guy for you.”

Amelia could only shake her head. “Given my father was the last person my mother should have gotten involved with given she was normal, and my father is anything but,” she sighed. “You are not exactly inappropriate for me, and you might actually me a whole lot more appropriate than anyone else on this planet,” she murmured. “And plus given that guy that I was with only wants England. I mean Greg wants his parents. Therefore, he does not want me, or to even to be in the same town” Amelia muttered. “So, why should I want him when I have the chance of being with someone who wants me.”

“I do not want you,” Zack sighed even thought his eyes and how he glared at her said differently. “Greg does want you, otherwise he would have told you first thing when he saw you,” he muttered. “By hesitating shows how much he wanted you.”

“Well, he did not even stay” Amelia asked she knew from the internet café they had stopped off briefly that the newspaper in Roswell indicated that Greg had left with his mother and would not be commenting any further on her disappearance.

“So, you want payback?” Zack wondered.

“No,” Amelia sighed as she knew it was a lie and Zack’s dubious face knew it was one too. “Okay, maybe last night was payback. But tonight, is another story all together, and now I want what I want…” she said softly and this time she was telling the truth. The last twenty-four hours had told her the truth. She and Greg were over. And she wanted something else, or someone else, and that was Zack.

“And you want?” Zack asked.

“You?” Amelia said as they played their hands. “I win!”


“Do you need any help?” Amelia offered as she swept the cards away, and stood up, and he knew he was hopeless. As she stood in only her bra, and any restraint was lost. She is sixteen he muttered to himself. Well, you are only seventeen. So, it is not like it is against the law…

Amelia took that option out of his hands by grabbing him and kissing him, and any will power was snapped, and became nonexistent as she went for his boxer shorts, and they fell to the ground, and then…

They fell to the ground themselves.

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Re: The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 67 - 04/08/2021

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Apr 09, 2021 1:16 pm

It's wonderful to have something new to read, always!
Strip poker, very dangerous and Amelia won't leave Zack alone.....
Zach's parents have lots of questions and concerns.
Amelia is making a terrible mistake......

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Re: The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 67 - 04/08/2021

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Apr 09, 2021 1:16 pm

It's wonderful to have something new to read, always!
Strip poker, very dangerous and Amelia won't leave Zack alone.....
Zach's parents have lots of questions and concerns.
Amelia is making a terrible mistake......

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The Story of My Life - Chapter 68 - 04/10/2021

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While whatever connection Amelia and Zack was being formed. Olivia and Alex were finding roadblocks. Obstacles in their mission to find his sister, and her half brother. Once it became clear that the license plate did match Zack’s bike, but he sold it, and while they got a description of the new vehicle. They did not have a license plate this time.

And each moment meant the adults would find them. And they did not want that, because they wanted to find the missing and convince them to stop this before their parents reached them, and of course they did not know that Agent Barker was also on their trail because he was being lured by her father, and Uncle Kyle.

Which made for an uncomfortable time.

They had stopped at a gas station and convenience store to pick up more gas and something to eat in the car, and Olivia had to go to the bathroom. So, Alex stood by the car, against it, and hoped they found a sign that would tell them where his sister was…


Before it was too late. Unaware that it was already too late…

As Zack and Amelia had moved to the bed and were making use of it as nearby as Alex waited for Olivia so they would continue their search. Alex got a text from his buddy Todd who had heard from a friend that they had seen Zack earlier than evening at a burger joint in this same town, and then they left, and drove about 30 minutes away, and were at a small bed and breakfast type establishment.

Alex thanked his friend. “We might have found them?”

“Where?” Olivia asked as he saw Alex looking at his phone when she came out of the bathroom.

“Some bed and breakfast about forty-five minutes from here,” Alex sighed. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes,” Olivia sighed. “Let us go” she said. “I will not ask how you got your friends to help with the search,” she nodded. “Let’s hope it will not come back to haunt us.”

“I doubt it,” Alex sighed as they got back into the car, as he entered the address into the GPS gadget, and off they went.


While Alex and Olivia had hit the lottery with their information. Of course, they did not see fit to share the information with their parents. How did they know they were following, or that they were making headway in making it to Las Cruces. With Max and Kyle only about thirty minutes in front of the final car. With a federal agent in the middle of the two cars. Max and Kyle were approaching Las Cruces, and were stopping to get something to eat, quickly, and some gas for the car.

Now they knew the others were heading their way, because Max been communicating on his phone with Liz. I love you he was writing. We are much closer to the kids now because they had been able to make up time. Still, they were a distance away, and they had no idea of where Alex and Olivia were going next.

I love you too Liz wrote back, and Maria snickered as she sat by Liz. Michael was driving because she was in no condition to drive the car. “You two are the worst.”

“You and Michael were like at one time” Liz commented.

“Have you met Michael?” Maria sighed as she thought of the qualities of her husband. Some annoying and some lovable. “He is not the lovey dovey type, but we have our connection” she could not deny, and she did not.

“Right, and Max and I have one too” Liz sighed as they sat while Michael drove. The drive was getting tedious. I want this drama to be over with
she muttered to herself.

“I have noticed,” Maria smiled.

“Sorry,” Liz sighed as she put her phone away and concentrated on her friend “How are you doing?”

“How do you think?” Maria sighed. “Which is why your love life is what is keeping me sane right now, otherwise I am liable to bite someone’s head off, and I do not want it to be any one other than my daughter right now.”

“She wanted to follow the guy” Liz commented.

“Yeah,” Maria sighed. “And just what she is willing to do with said guy is what I am afraid of,” she sighed. “I was never a fan of her and Greg because she was too young to get serious with someone, and as we saw with your daughter and my son, that has it’s consequences, but now I wish she was back home, and trading messages with Greg.”

“You were younger when you and Michael you know,” Liz commented.

“We were older,” Maria muttered.

“And he had one foot off the planet,” Liz commented.

“And he stayed,” Maria muttered. “We were a different story. It was a different era. Things were more intense. And Amelia does not need that intensity, and she is better off waiting and concentrating on her chance for a future.”

“We want who we want,” Liz sighed. “I should not have wanted Max. All the danger, and all the choices we made. The mistakes, and everything that came into prevent us, well, I had my chance. You are too. But I loved Max too much to stay away…”

“I know,” Maria sighed as she glanced into the front seat and spotted her husband. “I do not regret us Space boy,” she sighed. “I only want it to be different for our daughter.”

“Me too,” Michael said as prayed that this day would bring their daughter back home to them without the circus that was likely to swallow her…


“You do know this will not have an ending that we will like?” Kyle asked as he sat shared a bite in the car since they could not be seen, so they turned off in a dimly light parking lot and had some burgers and fries, on a very short interlude before they went onto the next step on their chase. “You know that, right?”

“Right,” Max sighed as he was fully conscious of the fact this could not have an ending they liked, “But as long as the kids are safe, and soundly at home than I will be able to sleep better.”

“Are you going to sacrifice yourself once again?” Kyle asked. “Because if you do, then you wife and sister will have something to say about that move?”

“As long as they are safe, then I will do what is best for everyone” he sighed as he looked out into the darkly dimly night. “I cannot stay here and know that I am putting them in danger. Which is why I am doing this, for their sake, and I said as much to Liz tonight, before you know…”

“Your daughter went AWOL?” Kyle asked.

“Yes,” Max nodded.

“I do not envy you but running does not solve everything, which is why we are trying to reign in the kids” Kyle sighed as they restarted the car and moved on towards finding the kids.


Meanwhile Agent Dave Barker was not on Max and Kyle’s trail as he skipped ahead when they stopped for nourishment. The longer he had trailed them the more he knew that he was on the cusp of something. And that the trial would end with a lot of discoveries. As it was evident the car, that held the two men, and one escaped prisoner was trying to find the kids, but it did not stop him from skipping ahead as he found the motorcycle and knew now that Mason and Guerin had traded in vehicles, but he did not know what he now was looking for. Or where they were, currently. So, he was tracing the steps.

And looking a clue, and he got one in a tip that came through on his phone Look in El Paso. Mason spent time there at the turn of the year before landing in Roswell. Worked at some diners, and such to make money. You might want them there came the tip, and he questioned the tip but knew that Mason and Guerin would want to go over the boarder to get away from the suspicion. They would not be wanted celebrities in Texas. So, it rang reasonable and so he turned around and turned his focus on El Paso…


“Good one,” Maria as Michael got off the phone with Serena and told the women he was traveling with as they stopped for takeout and now were eating in the car as they drove that Serena had sent a false tip to Barker, which would send him to El Paso for the time being. As she had learned and passed onto the parents that Zack had sent time in El Paso before arriving in Roswell. And therefore, that was likely their target, but all her information told her that the kids had not gone over the boarder yet, and the feeling was that they were still in New Mexico.

Which gave the parents hope that they could track the wandering teens, all of them before they went over the boarder. Maria might still be wary of Serena, but she trusted that they would not steer wrong because Serena was just as invested in making sure calamity did not strike. If you trust that she was supposed to be acting like their protector “Let hope it keeps him away?”

“I would not count on it,” Liz sighed as she knew these federal agents well. “But it will keep him out of our hair, and we might be able to get closer to the kids before he realizes that he drove more than hour out of his way.

“Yeah,” Maria sighed as she thought of her daughter. “Do we think we are any closer?”

“Max and Kyle found the motorcycle, and Zack traded it in and therefore has another vehicle,” Michael muttered. “Smooth,” he muttered to himself too smooth he mused to himself as he did not like that the kids were thinking as seasoned criminals too many crime procedurals on television, he sighed to himself. “I feel like we are closer…”

“I need to find our daughter Michael,” Maria mumbled.

“I know, me too” Michael sighed as both parents did want to think of what would have changed, and whether it would be too late by the time they found the kids.


Olivia finally turned their car down a dark dirt road and found the bed and breakfast yeah really in the middle of no where she was thinking to herself. A not so bad place to hide she guessed, and she saw the car they had been told to look out for. She knew Alex wanted her to stop the car, and for him to run and burst through the door but she knew it would not help the situation, at all. He was not the older brother. He was the same age, her twin.

“You know you cannot go rushing in,” Olivia said as much as she stopped across the street as they looked at the place. A residence, and then a smaller guest house not far from it, and the knew that was where the twosome would be.

“Why not?” Alex muttered.

“Because you are her brother, and not her father” Olivia reminded her. “You are her twin, and while you are overprotective and it is not like you are so virtuous yourself, and you have made mistakes, and ill choices.”

“But we did not run from the law, and hiding out with a stranger,” Alex muttered to himself, and out loud. “We were together in a relationship…”

“And younger than even Amelia is today,” Olivia allowed. “And to Amelia he is not a stranger,” Olivia sighed and especially not now she said to herself and kept out of her public words on the situation. Because she had to know what kind of situation they were coming into.

“I guess,” Alex grumbled, as they sat and looked across the street. “I guess I’ll stay here…”

“And I’ll make sure everything is alright, because I know you will want to protect me, but I am more than capable of dealing with my half brother, and Amelia.”

“I know you are,” Alex sighed as they both made agreement and so she opened the door, and exited the car, and walked across the street and walked down the path to the guest house. Once she got to the front door.

She saw that it was locked Figures she muttered out loud. “But then I am not without my abilities,” she told herself as she saw that the chain was on the door because she only been able to open it a tad, but she made sure that the chain slowly came off the door, and she opened and entered.

“Yeah, I so did not need to see this” she muttered as she busted Amelia and Zack, who had been sound asleep and it was clear neither had clothes on, nor had they been sleeping because there was only one bed…

“Wakeup…” she slammed the door behind her, “Yes, it is me.”

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Re: The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 68 - 04/10/2021

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sun Apr 11, 2021 4:08 pm

False lead to El Paso......
Olivia uses her abilities to get in the B&B
Surprise......wake up!
Oh boy, can't wait for the parents to catch up.......

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The Story of My Life - Chapter 69 - 04/12/2021

Post by Parker1947 » Mon Apr 12, 2021 1:40 pm

Shit Zack muttered as he and Amelia were quick to wake up at the anger in Olivia’s voice as she stood there as a disapproving parent as she looked at them in bed. “I see that you have been making use of your time on the run?” Olivia muttered as she stood and tried to look away and knew what her aunt felt when she had walked into a similar situation of hers when she was with Alex before their breakup.

Of course, she and Alex were not running from the law. And we were not hiding. “You are too much; you know that do you not?”

“Get out,” Zack groaned as he was coming to the awareness that they were not alone. And judgment was being forced on him.

“What are you doing here?” Amelia muttered as neither had parted from the bed, and the blankets only came higher to cover themselves.

“What do you think?” Olivia asked. “Making sure you two did not do something stupid,” she sighed. “But I am too late in that regard, am I not?” she asked. “Amelia, you should be happy and maybe you too Zack that I did not allow Alex to come in here and bust you” she sighed once more.
“Because you would be bloody by now Zack.”

“Alex is here?” Amelia sighed with annoyance.

“What do you think?” Olivia asked “You really would think I would not come here with your brother she muttered. “And plus, it was Alex who came with me with the tip of where you two were, because you two did not go so unnoticed.”

“What do you mean?” Zack asked wearily.

“I will tell you once you get dressed,” Olivia sighed of the situation. “So, I’ll go outside and wait, for you two to be decent” she sighed as she walked outside, and Alex knew from her expression as he stood across the street that the sight was not what he wanted to see so he stood and waited for all clear to be sounded.


While the two cars filled with parents looking for their misguided kids had merged, and now Max and Liz resided in the car with Michael and Maria as it was clear that they had sent the federal agent on a wild goose… Kyle was in the other car. And they were stuck in Las Cruces, because they had no clues as to where the kids might be.

Serena was working on the clues back home. And they were waiting to know more…


It was becoming clear to Agent Dave Barker that he had been sent on a wild goose chase, that would lead to nowhere. If Mason and Guerin were planning to come over the boarder and to El Paso, well, they had not come here yet, and so it was a waste of time. So, yes, he turned around and headed back in the right direction of the kids.

Would the parents get to the kids before Barker found his way to them?


No one knew because by now Alex was in the room that held Amelia and Zack, and one look at the messy nature of the bed gave the story. But Olivia commanded him to stay silent, and so he did, but not without a desire to say something but he would wait until the time came to him to say something.

But at least Zack and Amelia were reasonable dressed, and now the four were in the same room for the first time in over twenty-four hours. “I cannot believe you Amelia.”

“Stuff it,” Amelia muttered.

“I get being pissed at Greg, and we are too” Alex muttered. “But heading off with Zack on this fool’s errand?”

“It is not like you have been very saintly you know Alex” Amelia mumbled as Zack just stood there. Unable to leave because it was such a small room. And not wanting to leave Amelia unprotected.

“Yes, I know” Alex sighed as he glanced at Olivia. “But I did not go on the run with someone…”

“We all know Zack is innocent,” Amelia muttered. “And you would have headed off with Olivia if the situation had been reversed, and she had been the one to go on the run” she sighed as she nodded at her friend, and Olivia knew the sentiment was sound. It had not been something she had thought of, and I am the one who is guilty.

“You took off on us,” Alex sighed. “Then you take off with him, and you had to know what he was going to do” he asked as he turned and faced Zack. “And I cannot believe you would have allowed her to go with you?” he asked of Olivia’s half brother, and a guy he had not trusted since they saw him for the first time. And now he had been proven right or thought he had been.

“I warned her,” Zack said lamely. “I warned what I was going to do” even if he knew he did not out his plan. And told her if she had stayed with him then it would mean sacrificing her life, and family. “I told her to go home?”

“You did,” Olivia wondered.

“Yes,” Amelia confirmed. “All we did in the beginning was go up to Lookout Point because I needed time to unwind from my talk with Greg. We just went there to stop, and we talked. And then he wanted to drive me home, but I knew he was up to something. Something, he was not willing to tell me.”

“Why not?” Olivia asked of her half brother.

“I did not want to cause her risk” Zack muttered.

“Well, you certainly changed your mind” Alex muttered. “And then you one upped it and caused a lot of pain for Mom and Dad Amelia” he sighed.
“You should have seen them when they realized what had happened. That you would choose this? You went knowing full well what you were doing. Mom and Dad are horrified. Amelia, Mom was devastated. The media is onto you guys, and it has been bad.”

“We know,” Amelia sighed. “We saw the coverage,” she sighed as she pointed over at the television. “And I am sorry about Mom and Dad,” she murmured as she thought of her mother and father. “I am sorry I hurt them, but I knew Zack was going to do something stupid, and so I thought why not come with, and make sure things did not turn out badly” she muttered. “Or that was my hope.”

“How did you know?” Alex muttered.

“You exchanged some flashes, and how…. “Amelia smiled. “You do not want to know,” of the kisses that she had exchanged with Zack, and how much she had gotten a hold of him, and what was in his mind, which is why she was so determined to get to him, because she knew how he had wanted her, despite his protests.

“Fine, maybe I do not” Alex allowed.

“I thought so,” Amelia said with a laugh. “It does not matter. If you thought you were coming to convince me to go home, that would have been stupid, because we are not going home…”

“You are coming home,” Alex demanded. “If it not you own welfare that you are looking out for then think about our family, or even Zack…”

“Hell no,” Amelia muttered. “We will be fine, so you should take Olivia and head home because we did not ask you to come and rescue us.”

“Amelia,” Olivia sighed as she knew how to get in the middle of the battle between brother and sister. “You know you are in trouble the longer you stay with Zack. It is not just you that should be coming back home, and to Roswell. Both of you better come home and turn yourself in and hope that the punishment will not be what it will be if they catch up to you,” she asked as she turned to face her half brother. “I did not ask you to do this for me Zack. And I am sure my father would not want it from you too…”

“I know,” Zack sighed. “But I am not going to allow them to get you.”

“Which was not going to happen,” Olivia muttered.

“They were sniffing around the house, and you” Amelia sighed. “It was only going to be a matter of time before they reached the conclusion.”

“They would never have gotten the proof that it was me, so I do not need anyone to sacrifice themselves for me, and to wreck their futures which is what you two are doing the longer this continues. If necessary, I will confess to prevent harm from you… I am not going to allow you to go to jail for something you did not do.”

“I did it Olivia,” Zack sighed. “I might not have done all you did. But I helped, and you have a baby to think about. I am not going to allow you mess your future. You have New York to think about?”

“I admire that” Olivia muttered. “We do not know each other well enough for you to sacrifice your future,” she sighed. “Of course, we might not be family in the strictest way of the word, so you should be thinking of your own mother and father. Imaging what they would think?” she asked. “And that you would sacrifice yourself for people you only met a month ago?” she muttered. “They are probably scared to death for you?”

“This is my choice. My decision,” Zack sighed as he was choosing to try the ignore the thoughts of his family in New York, and what they might thing about this mission. “What are you going to do about it?”


“What are we going to do about those kids?” Liz was asking Max as they sat in the back of the Guerin car together, as they had gravitated to each other once the two cars finally met up with each other. Kyle was going to be wingman, and not really follow them because he did not have powers. So, there was truly little he could do. And Max and Liz wanted to be together, and anyone seeing them knew that they needed to be together.

And plus, Kyle wanted Liz to convince Max not to sacrifice himself once again once this was over, and he suspected that Liz would have more pull than anyone else. But right now, they had to find the kids.

Because Serena messaged them that Barker was on his way.

Which is something they did not need.

“Olivia was only being a friend,” Max conceded. “And she did not want me to leave,” he sighed. “So, she was being a teenager.”

“Yeah,” Liz murmured. “Such a novel concept,” she asked. “It is something I want for them. To be a teenager, and not an adult before their time,” she added. “Unlike us, and how we were forced to make decisions that had real life stakes to them too early. We have a legacy, and I do not want it to continue onto them,” she muttered much like Maria. “I want a different life for them. An easier one.”

“Unfortunately, they are our kids” Max sighed because it was evident despite their abilities. They would have the same lack of control of their kids as their own parents or guardians had on them, which was very annoying in its own right but now being a parent of a teenage daughter, it was an eye opener.

“I want this over with?” Liz sighed.

“We all do” Maria sighed, even though they had no idea what the ending would be like, and what it would mean for their kids.


As back in the guest house. The teens were finished arguing. Agreeing to sleep on it, and deal with the fallout of what was happening in the morning. When it would be daylight, and they would have more control of their movement. Even though Olivia doubted they would make it through the night because she suspected their parents were headed their way because her mother had been too silent since the beginning of this drama.

Her mother was too interested in what she was doing, when she was doing something, she was not going to like which meant it was suspicious that she had not heard from her mother. And most of they decided that they all needed to sleep.

So, the bed was remade, and Olivia and Amelia took the bed. Zack took the couch, and Alex was using a pillow on the floor.

It was a few hours later, when eyes opened, and Alex saw someone trying to open the door, and leave…

Yeah, right he muttered as he saw that the girls were asleep on the bed.

He heard the closing of the door. Popping up, fully dressed, he left the room, “You sleep with my sister, and you slink out when no one is looking?” he called out accusing Zack as the guy was going towards the vehicle that was waiting.

“Leave me alone,” Zack sighed. “You were worried about me with your sister. So, what does it matter to you?” he asked as he did not like leaving
Amelia like this, but everyone was right. It was stupid to take Amelia with him, and they would be in more danger if they were together, and so it was better if Amelia woke up in the morning, and he was gone, and then she would go home, with her brother and Olivia. “So, when she wakes up. You can take her home with Olivia, and we can ignore this subplot in our lives?”

“You would hurt my sister?” Alex muttered. ‘I would love to watch you walk away Zack but it’s clear that there is something between my sister and you, and whether I disapprove or not. The fact that you are walking away from my sister is not the answer, and it will hurt my sister when she wakes up to find that you are gone?”

“I care about your sister” Zack signed. “I did not ask for tonight, or anything in this journey. It’s best if she wakes up, and I am gone, and you and Olivia can take her home and then she will not be in so much trouble if she is not found to be with me” he asked. “You can make up some excuse or something?” he sighed.

“If you did not care for my sister than you would be bloody by now, so you better,” Alex muttered as he did not want to think about the implications of his sister and Olivia’s half brother. “As I said, I would love for you to walk away. Forget Roswell, but it matters to be me because my sister does not need someone else to walk out on her, without thinking of her…”

“I am thinking of her, which is why I am doing this” Zack muttered. “I did not ask her to come with me. I told herself that she was going to get tired of me. That I am not for her, and I am not her type. She will want someone new, one of these days. So, it is best that she goes home with you and Olivia and lives her life the way she wants and forgets me” he muttered. “All I am going to be is someone she might remember fondly for a night or two…”

“You are selling yourself short,” Alex sighted because as much as he wanted to be rid of Zack. But it would not do himself any good because his sister will be broken hearted even if she were riding on adrenaline, and eventually it would wear off, and they would be nowhere that would be any good.

“No, I am not” Zack sighed. “You have never trusted me since the beginning, and you probably had a reason to, so why do you want me to stick around?”

“Because I am not only thinking about my sister in this one. If you continue with this journey and this mess. Olivia will not like it if you sacrifice herself for her. She already has experienced one person in life doing that, even though he did not know about her at the time. Still, she has lived her life dealing with the ramifications of that, and she does not need someone taking the rap, and being on the run because of something she did…”

“We did it together,” Zack said reminding Alex.

“I know,” Alex sighed. “And in a way, we all did?”

“So, let me go” Zack sighed as they heard a door slam, and it was Amelia glaring at them. As it was obvious that she had overheard them. Which she had as Amelia had woken up to go the bathroom and saw that the guys had vanished. “You guys can use me as scapegoat, and go back to living your life,” he muttered “You guys will go back to forgetting I existed, which you guys were doing successfully until I came to town.”
Alex could only sigh “It will not solve anything,” he muttered.

“They say my biological mother brought this all on with her actions, so why don’t you allow me to do this,”

Another child taking on a sin of their parent Even if Zack was not legally one of them. Still, biologically he was Max and Tess’s son, and must live in the shadow of what happened because he was born. For some reason, his core was telling him to do this, and Alex could only shake his head. Unsure of what to say.

Unfortunately, someone else was overhearing and would have her say as from the tone of the conversation she had overheard that it was obvious that Zack had been planning on leaving her in the lurch. Someone else leaving me she muttered to herself. “Fabulous,” she muttered as she made herself noticed “So, you were leaving in the dead of the night?”

“You need to go home,” Zack sighed as he was ready to battle because he knew he was right. He could not be taking Amelia with him. This needs to end. “We had a good time, but we both know this is the end of the line for us, and we were a sexy little subplot, but you need to go home, and I need to go and do what I need to do.”

“I do not need you deciding what I do,” Amelia sighed. “And stop making yourself or even us less than we are…”

“You are only sixteen,” Zack muttered. “As of yesterday?”

“And you are not much older,” Amelia muttered stubbornly. “I do not care that you are close to eighteen or not.”

“Your parents will, and the cops will” Zack sighed. “When they catch up to us, and they will Amelia. If your brother and Olivia could find us than that federal agent will eventually, and so will your parents. You do not want me here when they do reach you.”

“Is it not my choice?” Amelia asked as she knew she was being childish and should be thinking about the long ranging ramifications of what she had done. Or that her future was in peril, but she was acting in the moment, and she could stand to watch him walk away from her not again even if she had done the walking the last time, but Greg had his feet out of our relationship. Once he was back in England. The Dear Amelia would have come to me via email or text eventually “Can I not do what I want to do, or do I need a guy making all my decisions for me?”

“This is not about some dance Amelia,” Zack sighed. “Can you not see what we are doing here. We are on the run and if that agent catches up to us, then we are going to jail. There will be no other destination that we will end up because they will want us in jail” he muttered as Alex just watched them go at it and despite his clear reservations and distrust of Olivia’s half brother. It was clear there was something between the two, and he hated it, but it was something real.

“Bullcrap,” Amelia muttered as if she wanted to say something darker. “This is about you not trusting me and leaving me…” she asked. “When it should be up to me what I do, and yes, Einstein, I know it means, and what I signed up for as it became clear to me when I see myself on the news, and yes, I know that they are hunting for us, and that they know who we are, and would love to find us…” she sighed. “And just might but right now, this is about the fact you are not thinking about me at all?’”

“That is not true,” Zack muttered.

“Then why do you not prove you are thinking me or even want me?” Amelia muttered even though she knew she was being difficult, and immature in some ways, but she was going to lose Zack too, after putting so much on the line to be with him.

“You know I do,” Zack sighed as he did not want to say the words because of Alex being here, and it was already uncomfortable and awkward.

“You have shown me the opposite because of your actions” Amelia muttered darkly. “Since you are cutting and running?” she demanded as Alex could only shake his head as he watched the two battle it out and he wanted to be elsewhere as Amelia pulled Zack into a kiss, that went on too long before it broke off.

“Alex, you make sure your sister and Olivia get home alright,” Zack muttered as it was obvious that he was trying to ignore the impact of the kiss with his sister as he got in the car, and started to take off…

“That idiot, does he not think I have a way to stop him? Amelia demanded as she ran after the car and made sure she caught up, and swung herself into the car, with Alex a mere second behind them because he was not going to let his sister screw up, without him along. And he knew Olivia would be safer, away from the train wreck that was bound to happen.

And unfortunately, moments later, Olivia woke up to find out she was abandoned.

She set out of a bunch of curses…

Just as her parents set down on the road, that would lead to the bed and breakfast.


Olivia woke up and was pissed to see that they were protecting her by not taking her. She was surprised Alex had gone with them. She figured Zack would have been the one to try to leave, and Alex would have gotten on his case. And Amelia would have come down hard on the fact they were trying to make her decisions for her and protect her.

Amelia does not like anyone protecting her Olivia muttered out loud as she looked around this small little house, and could tell from the flung clothes, that Zack and Amelia were certainly have a good time before they interrupted the fun.

Of course, she Olivia did not like being left out, and protected, because that is why she went and found her birth father to begin with because she felt too controlled. And the need to find someone who was like her but now the advantage of time. Olivia did not have much choice since she had
done the crime, and now there was the baby to protect. So, yes, she would have to think of her wellbeing, at least for several more months. And she could only pray that the baby’s father would have the same concern for himself.

As outside, a car stopped when Liz saw her car. The one that Olivia and Alex had taken off in. “There it is,” she sighed as she saw her license plate, which was distinctive in its own way because she never imagined having to trail her daughter, but now they knew they had at least found the car.

And they looked across the street and saw a small house behind a bigger one. “I assume, that is the place?”

“Chances are,” Maria murmured as the adults got out of the car and walked across the line, and doing the same trek that Olivia had done… As they did not know what they would find or want to find.

Knocking on the door, they waited…

Seconds later, Olivia burst it open, hoping that it was the others returning but she was clearly shocked to find her parents, and Michael and Maria.

“Mom, Dad” Olivia said as it was one of the very few times that she could say that as they were together. “Michael and Maria?”

“Olivia,” Max and Liz said both relieved to see that their daughter was looking safe as they took her in for a hug, which the teen very much relished because some semblance of normal had returned, but knew everything was very much in the air, and she did not like that feeling. “Are you okay?”

“Perfect, but as you can see, I am alone” Olivia muttered as it was clear to the adults, that she was lone. “The others have abandoned me, and they took off?”

“Why would they do that?” Maria asked stunned, as they walked into the room and saw that it was very lived in. She saw the clothes all over the floor, and she chose to ignore the implications. “Where are my son and daughter?”

“They took off on me, because of course they are idiots” Olivia muttered. “And this time, no, I do not know where they are…”

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