Bounty On Love{CC, AU Without, Mature}Chapter 1 4/30/21

Fics using the characters from Roswell, but where the plot does not have anything to do with aliens, nor are any of the characters "not of this Earth."

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Bounty On Love{CC, AU Without, Mature}Chapter 1 4/30/21

Post by Long 76 » Fri Jan 22, 2021 6:09 am

Title: Bounty On Love
Author: Long 76
Category: AU Without Aliens
M/L, M/M, A/I, S/K, Grandma Claudia, Parkers, Evans, Valenti, Deluca
Rating: Mature
Summery: Unknown for now
I don’t own these characters. They were created by Jason Katims and staff. I’m just borrowing them for my story. The only characters I own are Snow, Stevens, Uncle Ted, Steven, Mr. Miller, Amanda, Mr. Filler, Mrs. Filler, Jacks and goons, FBI, CIA, DEA.

Authors Note:
Hey Everyone
I wanted to let you know that I'm posting this story under my new username. I could not finish posting under my old username{ L-J-L 76}. So I'm posting under my new username. I also wanted to let everyone know I have and may have to re write the chapters to this story to make the story better. I hope everyone will like the changes. Hope everyone will like the story. Also thank you to Roswellfan68 for being beta to my story.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU Without, Mature} Pro 2/3/21

Post by Long 76 » Wed Feb 03, 2021 4:45 pm

Liz, Maria, and Tess were in their 3rd period class English with Michael, Max and others when the door opened, and a guy walked in and walked up to the teacher. The guy handed teacher a note then turned and looked at everyone. After the teacher read the note, she set the note down and looked at her class.

“Miss Parker, Miss Deluca, Miss Harding the principal would like to see you in the office. Please take your things with you?” Mrs. Spellman asked

“Yes ma’am,” Liz, Maria, and Tess said as they gather their things.

The girls followed the guy out of the class and down the hallway to the principal office. When they get to the office the guy knocks on the door then walks away. After the guy is gone the principal door opens there stands the principal standing there looking at them.

“Please come in girls? There are some people who need to talk to you,” Mr. Forester said.

Liz, Maria, and Tess walk into the office and saw three men dress in suits standing at the desk. The girls watched as the men turned and looked at them.

“Who are you?” Maria asked

“Hello ladies my name is Adam Turner the head of the FBI. On my left is Logan Fox the head of the CIA. On right is Dylan Cooper. We would like you three to help us on a case,” Mr. Turner said.

“What is the case?” Liz asked.

“We need one of you to get close to a guy named Mac. We know he and his brother goes to this school,” Mr. Fox said

“If one of us do this. What would the other two do?” Maria asked

“The other 2 will be helping her get the information to bust Jacks and Mac. So, girls which on if you are going to get close to Mac?” Mr. Turner asked

Liz, Maria, and Tess looked at each other then looked at the three men.

“I’ll do it,” Liz said

“Liz are you sure you want to do this? What about Michael everyone?” Tess asked.

“Yeah, I’m sure I want to do this,” Liz said

“You can’t tell your parents and friend what you are doing,” Mr. Fox said

“Why can’t we tell them we are helping you?” Maria asked.

“Because we have them working on another case,” Mr. Cooper said.

“Fine we won’t tell them. But if they do find out you are going to have to explain to them what we are doing,” Maria said

“Fine we will tell them. We asked your principle to put you in some of Mac’s classes. Hopefully he will notice you and ask you out,” Mr. Turner said

“How long do you think that will take?” Maria asked

“We are thinking by the end of the 2nd or 3rd week we can get Mac to notice Liz. By then Mac may ask he out on a date,” Mr. Fox said

“What do I have to do?” Liz asked

“You need to change your clothes a little, do something about your hair. That is all I can think of right now,” Mr. Cooper said

“How are you wanting me to dress? What about my hair?” Liz asked

“You to dress a little less like you are now,” Mr. Cooper said

“What do you mean by that?” Maria asked getting upset.

“Maria they want me to dress a little hot and sexy to get Mac to notice me,” Liz said

“So in other words a makeover,” Maria, Tess said

“Yes,” Mr. Turner said

“We will do that ourselves. Anything else?” Liz asked

“Do you girls have fight training? Weapon training?” Mr. Fox asked

“A little why?” Liz asked

“Since all three of you are going to be working this case together, you’re going to need a little training,” Mr. Cooper said

“When does that start?” Maria asked

“The makeover starts today after school. The fighting, weapon training starts tomorrow after school,” Mr. Turner said

“If this starts today and tomorrow after school how to we get this past our family and friends without them noticing?” Tess asked

“Easy since it is our senior year, we can tell them I wanted a change. With the training thing we can tell them we are learning self-defense,” Liz said

“That could work,” Maria said

“Good. See everything is coming together. Here use this for your make over,” Mr. Turner said as he handed Liz a card.

Liz looked down at the card and saw that the card was a visa. Liz looked back at the guys.

“How much limit does this card have?” Liz asked

“There is no limit on the card,” Mr. Fox said

“Really?” Maria, Tess asked

“Yes really. We want to make sure you girls have somethings. We have some people helping you get your guns, holsters and whatever else you may need,” Mr. Turner said

“You knew we would say, yes didn’t you?” Liz asked

“No we were hoping you would,” Mr. Cooper said

“Well since our teacher told us to take our things, we don’t have to go to our last class, so we’ll be going shopping. So, we guess we will see you later then,” Maria said as she, Liz, Tess stood up.

They were about to walk out the door when Mr. Turner, Mr. Fox, Mr. Cooper reached their hands out to sop the girls. Liz, Maria, Tess all turned and looked at the men.

“What?” Liz asked

“We are going to be sending someone with you while you are shopping, training and working the case,” Mr. Cooper said

“Who is that going to be?” Tess asked

Right at that moment the door opens and there stands a guy about the girls age dressed in black jeans and black button-down shirt looking at them. The girls turned and looked at the men then looked at the guy their age.

“Who is he?” Maria asked

“Eric Smith. He is a computer expert. He will help you with what may come up,” Mr. Fox said

“Fine. Is there anything else we need to know?” Maria asked

“No that is all,” Mr. Turner said

“Good. Come on Eric you are going to help us,” Tess said

“What am I going to be helping you with?” Eric asked

“You are going to be helping us with makeover for Liz. Weapon training and fight training,” Maria said

“What I am?” Eric asked

“Yes you are. So, can we leave now before Michael, Max and others see us?” Maria asked

“Yes of course you can leave,” Mr. Fox said

Eric and the girls walked out of the principal’s office and down the hallway to the front doors. They walked out the door and walked to Maria’s car. When they got to the car, they all got into Maria’s car and drove off. A few minutes later Maria pulled into the mall’s parking lot. Maria parked her car as close to the mall as she could. After Maria parked the car everyone got out and walked into the mall. When they walked into the mall Maria, Liz, Tess dragged Eric into Forever 21. Maria walked off to the right while Tess walked off to the left. Liz and Eric walked to the clothes in front of them and started to look. Liz found three lite blue hip hugger jeans, three medium blue hip hugger jeans, three dark blue hip hugger jeans and three black hip hugger jeans. When Liz turned, she saw that Eric was looking at Tess. She reached out and touched Eric on the shoulder. Eric turned and looked at Liz.

“Can you hold these for me please?” Liz asked

“Sure,” Eric said as Liz gave him the jeans.

“Thank you. So, what do you think of Tess?” Liz asked

“I think she is very beautiful,” Eric said

“Are you going to ask her out?” Liz asked

“Maybe. But I don’t know if she will go out with me,” Eric said

“Maybe Tess will surprise you,” Liz said

Maria and Tess walked up to Liz, Eric with their hands full of tops for Liz to try on. Liz and Eric were surprised by all the tops that they had.

“Liz you need to try all these tops on,” Maria said as she handed Liz the tops.

“Okay,” Liz said before walking to the dressing room.

Liz walked into the dressing room and shut the door. She set the tops on the hook. She pulled down the first top. The top was a strapless black silk shirt that showed a midriff and her stomach. Liz put the shirt on and walked out of the dressing room. She walked up to Maria and tapped her on the shoulder. Maria turned and looked at Liz.

“Well what do you think?” Liz asked

“Wow that is perfect. Go try on the rest,” Maria said

“Okay,” Liz said

As Liz was walking back to the dressing room she saw Tess and Eric talking. Liz was happy for Tess. When she got in the dressing room Liz took off the top and changed into a white plunging neckline tank top that ended at the bottom of her bra. Liz opened the dressing room door.

“Maria, Tess can you both come here for a second?” Liz asked

Maria and Tess walked up to the dressing room.

“Liz what is it?” Tess asked

Liz opened the door and showed them the top she was wearing. When Tess and Maria saw the top on Liz they were surprised and shocked at how wow Liz looked.

“You are so getting that” Tess, Maria said

After an hour of trying on 30 different outfits. Liz, Maria, Tess bought 20 of them. After Liz got her new clothes Maria and Tess took Liz, Eric to Victoria Secret for new bras, underwear, and things. When they were finished shopping the girls took Eric out to eat. Maria, Liz, Tess took Eric to the food court. The girls took Eric to Texas Roadhouse. They all sat down and looked at the menu. A few minutes later a waitress walked up to the table.

“What would you like to drink?” Waitress asked

“I would like to have a Pepsi Zero,” Maria, Liz said

“I would like to have a Tea,” Tess said

“I would like to have a regular Pepsi,” Eric said

“I’ll be right back with your drinks,” Waitress said

After the waitress left, they started to look over the menu. By the time the waitress came back everyone knew what they wanted to order. The waitress set the drinks sown and looked at everyone.

“Do you guys need a few minutes to decide what you want to order, or do you know?” Waitress asked

“We would like to order now,” Maria said

“K what would you like?” Waitress asked

“I would like to have a bake salmon on col flower rice and a salad,” Liz said

“I would like to have a medium steak with steam col flower and broccoli,” Eric said

“I would like a chef salad with steam vegetables,” Maria said

“I would like to have a bake cod with steam vegetables,” Tess said

“I will be back with your food shortly,” Waitress said
After waitress left. Everyone looked at each other and smiled.

“Guys I just realize something what are we going to tell people about why Eric is hanging out with us?” Liz asked

“Easy we can say that he is Tess’s boyfriend. That way we can make sure Michael, Max and others don’t know what is going on,” Maria said

“That could work. But what about Stevens and Snow? We are supposed to meet with them tonight to go to the movies?” Tess asked

“You’re going to have to cancel that if you still want to do a little weapon training, fighting training before we go find Mac tonight,” Eric said

“That is true,” Maria, Liz said

“So after we eat, I take you girls to the training deal?” Eric asked

“Deal,” Maria, Liz, Tess said

“Good,” Eric said

Right at that moment the waitress brought their food and they started to eat their meal. As they were eating their meal, they were going over how Tess and Eric met and how long they have been dating. After they ate their food they walked out of restaurant and mall. They walked to Maria’s car and got in.
As they were driving off Liz turned and saw Michael, Max getting out of their truck looking at them.

“Oh shit,” Liz said

“What?” Maria, Tess asked

“Michael, Max just saw us in the car with Eric,” Liz said

“Oh great. So so don’t need this,” Maria said

Maria’s cell phone started to ring. Liz reached into Maria’s purse and pulled out her cell phone. She touched the talk and speaker button.

“Hello” Liz said

“Liz who the hell is that guy in Maria’s car with you?” Michael asked

“Where the hell have you been? Where the hell are you going?” Max yelled

“Hey first off you don’t yell at Liz like she is a child. Second, I’m Tess’s boyfriend Eric. Thirdly it is none of your damn business where we have been or where we are going. So, you both can deal with that. Now you better start treating these ladies with respect or you’re going to be dealing with me understand?” Eric said

“Eric you know they are just going to get mad and question us when we get home right?” Maria said

“Those two need to stop acting like assholes and treat you girls better,” Eric said

“Way to go Eric,” Liz said

“No problem. Listen whoever you guys are call back when you know how to be nicer to them,” Eric said before ending the call.

Liz, Maria, Tess were shocked and surprised that Eric said that to Michael and Max. As Maria was driving, she kept looking behind her to see if anyone was following them.

“Eric where do we go for the weapon training and the fight training?” Maria asked

“OK. Go down this street then make 2 rights then make 3 lefts then you should find an abounded warehouse that has a sign that said The Playhouse. That is where the FBI, CIA, DEA is turning into a training place,” Eric said

“How many floors does the place have?” Tess asked

“I think they said that there were four floors for all kinds of different training,” Eric said

Maria pulled up to the building Eric was talking about. Liz, Maria, Tess looked at the place and saw that it looked like it was an empty building on the outside. The girls turned and looked at Eric.

“Eric this place looks empty like it is going to come down any second,” Tess said

“I know. Come on. Check out the inside,” Eric said

Liz, Maria followed Eric and Tess into the building. When they walked they saw it looked like a gym. There were people boxing, kick boxing, Street fighting and weapon fighting. Liz and Maria turned and looked at Eric.

“Eric are we going to be training in all of this?” Liz asked

“Yes. We want you girls to be prepared for anything that may happen,” Eric said

“Cool,” Liz, Maria said

“If you girls want, I can introduce you three to your instructors that will be teaching you,” Eric said

Liz. Maria, Tess looked at each other then turned and looked at Eric.

“Okay,” Girls said

“Be right back,” Eric said before walking away.

Liz, Maria, Tess looked around and noticed how hard everyone was training and working. The girls watched as Eric and three other guys were walking up to them. When they were all face to face.

“Liz, Maria, Tess I would like you girls to meet your in instructors. This is Stan he will be teaching you boxing and police training,” Eric said

“Hello,” the girls said

“Girls this is Hawk. He will be teaching kick boxing and CIA training,” Eric said

“Hello,” the girls said

“This is Dean. He will be teaching you street fighting and FBI training,” Eric said

“Cool,” the girls said

“Eric who is going to help us with DEA training?” Maria asked

“I’ll be helping you with the DEA training. So that way you will be ready for everything and anything,” Eric said

“So when do we start?” Liz asked

“We start now if you want?” Eric said

“OK. Let’s start. We got 5 hours till we got to be home anyway,” Maria said

“Go change and we will start,” Stan said

Eric and the guys watched as the girls went to change clothes. After they were sure the girls were gone Eric turned and looked at the guys.

“Stan, Hawk, Dean we need to make sure that Liz and girls get all the training,” Eric said

“What is going on” Stan asked

“Liz, Maria, Tess are new agents. Plus, while we are training them they are working on an assignment. We need to make sure they can protect themselves from anything and everything that may happen while they are working,” Eric said

“OK,” Stan, Hawk, Dean said

“Good. You decide which girls you are going to be working with for 2 weeks,” Eric said

Liz, Maria, Tess walked up to Eric and tapped him on the shoulder. Eric and the guys turned and looked at the girls. When they saw the girls, their mouths dropped open in shock. Liz was wearing black short shorts with a black sport bra. Maria was wearing tight tie dye carps with a blue strapless top that showed off her midriff and tan stomach. Tess was wearing blue short shorts with a black bikini top.

“Are these okay to wear to train in?” Maria asked

“Um for today yeah. Tomorrow you need to wear something more to training,” Eric said

“OK. So who is training with who?” Liz asked

“Easy Maria you are training with Stan for 2 weeks. Liz you will be training with Hawk for 2 weeks. Tess you will be training with me for a week then you are training with Dean for a week,” Eric said

“Cool,” Girls said

“Let’s start,” Eric said

Everyone paired up and for the next 4 hours they started their training. As Hawk was teaching Liz to kickbox he was surprised at how fast Liz had caught on to it. Liz had Hawk on the ground a couple of times. As Hawk was teaching Liz, he was also teaching her about the CIA training. So, Hawk was multi-tasking with Liz. As were the guys and girls. Eric saw what time it was he stopped the training. Liz, Maria, Tess went changed clothes. A few minutes later the girls walked up to Eric and the guys.

“So when do we train again?” Maria asked

“How about we train every day after school? Do you girls think you can get away?” Eric asked

“Yeah, we’ll just tell our family that we got jobs or something,” Liz said

“Good. I’ll meet you in the school’s parking lot at Maria’s car at 3pm. Is that k?” Eric asked

“Yeah that will be perfect. You know you might have to watch out in case Michael and Max see you,” Liz said

“Don’t about them. Come on we better go,” Eric said

Eric and the girls walked out of the building and walked to Maria’s car. They all got into the car and Maria drove off. A few minutes later they pulled in front of the high school. Maria parked the car beside the motorcycle. Maria, Liz, Tess all turned and looked at Eric.

“The guys and I will meet you girls here tomorrow. Just make sure you have a change of clothes k?” Eric asked

“OK. Guess we will see you tomorrow,” Tess said

Maria started her car and drove off. While Maria was driving away Tess looked back at Eric till she could not see him anymore. Maria, Liz looked in the mirror and saw the look on Tess’s face and knew Tess was liking Eric. They both smiled they looked out the window as they were going home. Maria pulled up the driveway and parked the car next to Michael’s. Liz, Maria, Tess got out of the car and walked into the house. When they walked into the house Michael and Max were waiting for them. Maria, Liz, and Tess looked at Michael and Max.

“Where the hell have you been?” Michael asked

“Who was that guy with you?” Max asked

“It was none of your business where we were. You’re not our parents. So, leave us alone,” Maria said

“Maria I’m your boyfriend. I worry about you and my sister. So is my business where you both go,” Michael said

“We went to get jobs if it is any of your business,” Liz said

“Who is the guy?” Max asked

“He is my boyfriend. His name is Eric Smith,” Tess said

“Now please leave us alone we need to go to bed since tomorrow is school,” Maria said

Maria, Liz, Tess didn’t let Michael and Max say anything else they walked past them. The girls went up to their room changed and went to bed.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU Without, Mature} Prolong 2/3/21

Post by SmileeUk » Fri Feb 05, 2021 2:20 pm

The name of the story sounds familiar and the author looks different. Ah... there you are!
I look forward to re-reading it
Thanks for postings!
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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU Without, Mature} Prolong 2/3/21

Post by Long 76 » Sat Feb 06, 2021 10:47 am

Yes of course the story sounds familiar I posted the story before. I decided to try and change the story a little and repost it. I hope you and everyone will like changes I make and made. Had problems so had to change authors name. I look forward to you re reading the story and letting me know what you think. No probleming on posting. Glad you like the story.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU Without, Mature} Prolong 2/3/21

Post by Long 76 » Wed Feb 17, 2021 6:55 am

Author Note:
Hey Everyone
I know I have not posted a new chapter in 2 weeks. The reason why I have not is because our power
at my house{KY} has been flickering on and off for 5 minutes before it stays on. It has been doing this since the first ice storm hit and is still doing it. I already sent 2 chapters to a friend to check. I
haven't heard from her since I sent her the chapters. I think she has no power from when the ice storms hit earlier. I'm hoping to hear from her either Friday or this weekend. But I guess I will have to wait and see. I just thought I would let everyone one know what is going on. I hope everyone is safe, warm, dry. I hope everyone has a good week and weekend too.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU Without, Mature} Prolong 2/3/21

Post by Long 76 » Wed Mar 31, 2021 6:38 am

Hey Everyone
I'm so very sorry I have not updated or posted new chapters yet. I sent 3 chapters to a friend of mine to be checked hopefully I will be able to post the 3 chapters this weekend and next week. So please forgive me for being late with the chapters? Please don't be mad or upset with me? Also please cross fingers that I will be able to get my chapter checked and back by this weekend so I can post them? Thank you!

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU Without, Mature} Prolong 2/3/21

Post by Long 76 » Fri Apr 30, 2021 9:22 pm

Bounty On Love:
Chapter 1
Liz was in her room getting dressed when there was a knock on the door. Liz walked to her door.

“Who is it?” Liz yelled

“Liz it’s me Maria are you ready yet?” Maria asked

“Yeah, let me grab me bag,” Liz said as she unlocked her door.

When Liz opened the door Maria saw she wearing her lite blue hip hugger jeans with a lite blue empire waist tank top that showed a little midriff and stomach.

“Well what do you think of my outfit?” Liz asked

“Oh I say you will be getting a little notice today,” Maria said

“Good that is the plan,” Liz said with a smile on her face.

Liz grabbed her book bag and walked out the door with Maria. Liz shut the door the door before going down the stairs to the living room. When Liz and Maria walked into the living room they saw Mr. Parker, Mr. Evans talking to Michael and Max about something.

“Hey dad Maria and I are going now,” Liz said

“K. Have fun,” Mr. Parker said

“Dad Maria, Tess and I won’t be home till 9pm k?” Liz asked

“What? Why?” Mr. Parker, Mr. Evans asked

“Well we got after school jobs that start today,” Maria said

“Oh, We didn’t know that,” Mr. Evans said

“Yeah. We decided that we wanted to save money for a car or something,” Liz said

“Dressed like that?” Max asked

“forget you Max,” Liz said

“Sounds like you girls are planning your future,” Mr. Parker said

“We are trying,” Liz said

“Can we go now? I think Tess is waiting for us in my car,” Maria said

“Sure. See you girls when you get home,” Mr. Parker said

“K. Bye,” Maria, Tess said before walking out the door.

Maria and Liz walked out the door and out to Maria’s care. When they got to Maria car they saw Tess was sitting in the back seat on her cell phone. Liz and Maria got into Maria’s car and drove off. While Maria was driving Tess was still on the phone. When Maria pulled into the schools parking lot she parked as close to the school as she could. After Maria parked the car Liz and Maria turned and looked at Tess.

“So what did Eric have to say?” Maria asked

“He told me to tell you to be ready to be in pain and sore from training today,” Tess said

“Is that all he said?” Liz asked

“No. He and the bosses are hoping you are wearing something to get Mac attention,” Tess said

“Oh she is,” Maria said

“Good. Remember the bosses put you in Mac’s classes starting today,” Tess said

“I remember. All we got to figure out is what to do about Michael and Max,” Liz said

“Don’t worry I’ll come up with something,” Maria said

“What time is Eric and the guys coming?” Liz asked

“Eric said they will be here before school ends,” Tess said

“Good. So are you ready for the school to see your new look?’ Maria asked

“Yeah,” Liz said

Maria, Liz, Tess got out of the car and started to walk towards the school. As they were walking into the school everyone was staring at Liz. They walked to Liz’s locker so she could get what she needed. Then they walked to Maria’s and then Tess’s locker. After Maria, Liz, Tess got everything they needed for classes they walked down the hallway to the student union. When they walked into the student union they went off the side where they could talk privately.

“So what did you tell the dads?’ Tess asked

“We told them we got after school jobs till 9pm,” Liz said

“Good. Um we got company,” Tess said

“What?” Liz, Maria asked

“K. We want to know what is really going on?” Michael said

Liz, Maria turned and saw Michael and Max standing in front of them.

“What do you mean?” Liz asked

“Liz look at you your being different, dressing different,” Max said

“Max it is none of your business what is going on with me,” Liz said

“Liz Max and I are just worried about you. You changed over night and we want to know why,” Michael said

“Michael it’s nothing. It’s our junior year I thought I should change,” Liz said

“Is that what it really is?” Max asked

“Yes. Now will you both stop thinking it is worse then it is and leave me alone,” Liz said

“Liz,” Michael, Max said

“Forget it. I’ll be back,” Liz said before walking away.

Liz walked back into the school and walked down the hallway to the restroom. She walked into the restroom. A few minutes later she walked out and bumped into someone. Liz looked and saw she bumped into Mac. Mac and Liz both looked at each other.

“Sorry,” Liz said

“No I’m sorry. I’m Mac,” Mac said

“I know who you are,” Liz said

“Are you going to tell me who you are?” Mac asked

“Liz,” Liz said

“Wow Liz you look very…,” Mac said

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Liz asked smiling at him.

“Oh it is a good thing,” Mac said

“Cool. See you around Mac,” Liz said before walking away.

“Oh you will,” Mac said as he watched Liz walk away.

Liz walked back out of the school and walked back to Maria and Tess. When Liz stood next to Tess she saw Maria and Michael kissing. Max across the field with the others talking.

“What is going on?” Liz asked

“Michael and Maria are being themselves. Max left because he looked like he was going to be sick from the kissing,” Tess said

“Figured,” Liz said smiling.

“Why are you smiling?” Tess asked

“Remember how you wanted me to get someone to notice me?” Liz asked

“Yeah, What about it?’ Tess asked

“We bumped into each other when I was leaving the restroom.,” Liz said

“Did you guys talk?” Tess asked

“Yes we did. I think he maybe interested,” Liz said

“That is so great,” Tess said

“I know. But I find out for sure as the day goes on,” Liz said

“Good,” Tess said

“When do you think we should pull Maria and Michael apart?” Liz asked

“I don’t know. I think the bell rings in 5 minutes,” Tess said

“Great. Maria can you please stop sucking my brothers face? The bell is about the ring,” Liz said

“K. I’ll talk to you at Lunch honey,” Maria said as she pushed Michael away.

Michael looked at Liz and Tess and sees them smiling before walking away. After Michael was gone Maria turned and looked at Liz and Tess.

“What is going on?” Maria asked

“I bumped into Mac. We flirted with each other a little,” Liz said

“That is so great. In the classes you have with him are you going to keep flirting with him?” Tess asked

“Yes I’m going keep flirting,” Liz said

“Good. Hopefully with all the flirting it won’t take long for him long to ask you out,” Maria said

“Let’s hope not,” Liz said

The bell for the classes started to ring. Liz, Maria, Tess walked down the hallway to their first class. When they walked into the class room they saw Alex sitting against the wall. Liz, Maria, Tess walked up to the teacher’s desk and handed her the note. The teacher looked at the girls.

“Miss Parker will be sitting with Mac in the second row. Mac please raise your hand?” Teacher asked

Liz turned and watched as Mac raised his hand. While Liz was walking to Mac table they both smiled at each other.

“Hi,” Mac, Liz said at same time.

After Liz left the teacher turned and looked at Maria and Tess.

“You both will be sitting with Mr. Whitman to get you caught up. Mr. Whitman please raise you hand?” Teacher asked

Maria and Tess turned and saw Alex sitting back against the wall. Maria and Tess walked up to Alex’s table and sat down. Alex looked at the both of them.

“What are you girls doing in this class?” Alex asked

“We just wanted to,” Maria said

“Oh, does Michael know you 3 changed classes?” Alex asked

“No he doesn’t know,” Maria said

“You girls are planning to tell him right?” Alex asked

“Alex please drop it. You need to get us caught up in this class,” Tess said

“K,” Alex said

As Alex was getting Maria and Tess caught up he and the girls notice how Mac and Liz were flirting with each other as they were working. Alex watched as Mac kept touching Liz’s hand and arm and she was letting him touch her. Maria and Tess knew what Liz was up to so they were trying to keep Alex busy. When there was 5 minutes till class was over Mac leaned over and whispered something in Liz’s ear. Liz smiled as she listened to him. Maria, Alex, Tess looked over at Liz and saw Mac whispering something in Liz’s ear. A few seconds later Liz pulled away with a smile on her face.

“Well,” Mac said

Right at that moment the bell rung everyone was walking out. Liz grabbed her stuff and was about to walk out when she stopped in the doorway turned and looked at Mac. When Liz turned and looked at Mac she saw he was looking at her.

“Maybe ask me again,” Liz said with smile and a wink.

Maria, Alex, Tess stood in shock at what Liz said and did. They watched as Liz walked up to them with a smile on her face.

“Liz what the hell was that?” Alex asked

“Nothing Alex. I was just cutting loose,” Liz said

“Liz have you lost you mind flirting with Mac? You know Michael and Max are going to go nuts when they find out,” Alex said

“Alex for your information no I have not lost my mind. Secondly I really don’t give a care what Michael and Max think. They can’t control my life. Come on Maria, Tess we need to go to out next class. See ya later Al,” Liz said

“Liz,” Alex said as Liz, Maria, Tess walked away.

After the girls walked away Alex turned and walked to his next class. Alex didn’t know what was going on but he knew Liz, Maria and Tess were not being themselves. Alex decided he was going to keep an eye on Liz and the girls.

Meanwhile in Liz and girls next class:
Liz, Maria, Tess walked into the second period class. When they walked in the class they walked up to the teacher desk. Liz gave the teacher the note then turned and looked around. Liz and Mac saw each other and smiled at each other again. Maria and Tess noticed that Kyle was in the class. Maria leaned over and whispered something to Tess before Tess texted. Liz, Maria, Tess turned and looked and looked at the teacher.

“Miss Parker you sit with Mac,” Teacher said

“Yes ma’am,” Liz said before walking away.

“Maria, Tess please go sit with Kyle he will get you both all caught up,” Teacher said

“Yes Ma’am,” Maria, Tess said

Maria and Tess sat on either side of Kyle. Kyle looked at the both of them. Then looked at the way Liz was flirting with Mac.

“What the hell is going on?” Kyle asked

“Nothing is going on,” Maria said

“That is bullshit. Why is Liz flirting with Mac? Why are you 3 in this class?” Kyle asked

“It is none of you business what Liz is doing and why we are in this class. Stay out of it Kyle,” Maria said

“No. You girls are up to something,” Kyle said

“We are up to nothing k. Now please help us catch up,” Tess said

“Fine,” Kyle said

Meanwhile at Mac’s Table:

“You know I think the fates are telling us something,” Mac said as he touched her hand

“Oh really and what would that be?” Liz asked

“I think the fates want me to ask you out,” Mac said

“Really?” Liz asked

“Yes really,” Mac said

“Maybe I will say yes or no. You will have to wait and see what I’ll say,” Liz said

“Oh I think you will say yes,” Mac said

“We will see,” Liz said

“Yeah I guess we will,” Mac said

By the time the bell ringed Liz, Maria, Tess had caught up with all the school work. When Liz was about to walk out Mac touched Liz’s arm. Liz turned and looked at him with a smile on her face.

“What?” Liz asked with a smile

“Maybe I’ll see you for Lunch,” Mac said

“Maybe,” Liz said

Liz and Mac walked out of the class room and went their separate ways. Liz watched as Mac walked up the hallway to his next class. After Mac was gone Liz walked up to Maria, Tess and Kyle who was watching her.

“What?” Liz asked

“Liz what the hell is going on? Why are you flirting with Mac for?” Kyle asked

“We already told him it was none of his business what was going on and why your flirting with Mac,” Tess said

“Kyle you and Alex need to stop k. It is none of your business what I do with my life. I can flirt and have fun with who ever the hell I want. Everyone needs to get over it,” Liz said

“You know Michael and Max are going to be pissed about this right?” Kyle asked

“I don’t give a shit that they get mad. Everyone needs to let me live my life. Come on Maria, Tess we are going to be late for class,” Liz said

Liz, Maria, Tess walked down the hallway to their next class.

“You know Alex, Kyle may tell Michael and Max what is doing on,” Maria said

“Yeah I know. I’m expecting Michael and Max to start questioning me or us when they see us,” Liz said

“Me too,” Maria said

“Liz, Maria before I forget to tell you Eric is coming here to meet us for lunch,” Tess said

“Cool. Does he know what time our lunch is?” Liz asked

“He told me to let him know,” Tess said

“Good. You know if he shows up that means we won’t be questioned,” Maria said

“That was the plan,” Tess said

“Smart thinking Tess,” Liz, Maria said

“Thanks,” Tess said

Liz, Maria, Tess walked into their 3rd period class. When they walked in Liz and Mac smiled at each other while Maria, Tess saw Alex was in this class. The girls walked up to the teacher and gave her a piece of paper. Liz went to sit with Mac while Maria and Tess went to sit with Alex. After the girls caught up with school work they saw they still had 10 minutes left in class. Maria, Alex and Tess watched as Mac and Liz flirted with each other. As Mac was flirting with Liz he kept touching her on hand and arm. When the bell ringed everyone walked out of the class. Alex walked up to Liz, Maria and Tess. He walked them off to the side and looked around before he looked at Liz, Maria. Tess. Alex saw Liz smile and wink at Mac before he walked down the hallway. After Mac was gone Liz turned and looked at Alex.

“Liz what the hell is going on?” Alex asked

“Nothing. You and Kyle need to back off and leave me the hell alone,” Liz said

“Liz this is not like you. That is why I’m worried,” Alex said

“Alex stop k. Like I said before this is my junior year I wanted a change. So here is the change. You and Kyle needs to get over it,” Liz said

“Liz you know Michael and Max are going to think something is wrong when they see the way your dressed and flirting with Mac,” Alex said

“I don’t care. This is my life. Right now I want to have some fun,” Liz said

“Liz you know Kyle and I are worried about you,” Alex said

“You, Kyle don’t have anything to worry about. I’m fine,” Liz said

“Liz come on we need to get to class or we are going to be late,” Tess said

“Yeah, See you later Alex,” Liz said before walking away.

Alex watched as Liz, Maria and Tess walk down the wall away and disappeared into the crowd. When Alex turned he saw Kyle standing next to him.

“Let me guess Liz told you that she wanted to change. It was her life right?” Kyle asked

“Yeah, How did you know she said that?” Alex asked

“She said the same thing to me last period. You know when Michael and Max find out they will be going crazy,” Kyle said

“I say they will probably be find out by lunch or after school about Liz’s new look,” Alex said

“When they do find out we need to make sure that everyone is calm,” Kyle said

“True. We better get to class before the bell rings,” Alex said

Alex and Kyle walked down the hallway to their class. When they walked in they saw Mac and Liz siting together and flirting while Maria and Tess were sitting at their table waiting for them. Alex and Kyle sat down with Maria, Tess to catch them on their class work. When there was a few minutes left of class Mac leaned in and whispered something into Liz’s ear. Liz smiled as he whispered. Alex and Kyle watched as Mac was saying something to Liz and making her smile. After Mac told Liz something she whispered something back to him and smiled. When the bell ringed Mac and Liz stood up at the same time and looked at each other.

“I guess I’ll see you at lunch in a few minutes,” Mac said

“Maybe,” Liz said with a smile.

“I hope so,” Mac said before walking out of class.

When Liz, Tess, Maria walked into the hallway the bumped into Alex and Kyle who were standing in front of them looking at them. Liz, Maria, Tess rolled their eyes as they looked at them.

“What?’ Liz asked

“You know Michael is going to start when he sees you,” Kyle said

“When doesn’t he? I’m 18 and a junior. He needs to stop his over protectiveness,” Liz said

“You know he won’t stop since he is your brother,” Alex said

“Whatever. He and Max need to stop. It is getting old quick,” Liz said

“Liz you know they won’t. Michael and Max care about you,” Alex said

“Whatever. Tess is your boyfriend coming?” Liz asked

“Yeah he will be here in 10. Come we need to be out in quad so he find us,” Tess said

“Oh yeah,” Liz, Maria said walking away.

Alex and Kyle both looked at each other then turned and looked at the girls.

“Tess’s boyfriend?” Kyle asked

“Oh shit. This is not going to be good,” Alex said as he dragged Kyle down the hall with him.

Alex and Kyle walked out in the quad and saw Liz, Maria, Tess sitting at a table under the tree. They turn and see Michael, Max and others sitting in the shade at table. Kyle and Alex notice that Michael, Max have not notice Liz, Maria and Tess. Alex and Kyle turned saw Mac, Jacks sitting against the wall talking and watching Liz and girls. Right at that moment a guy on a motor cycle rode up and parked his bike against the fence and up to Liz and the girls. Alex and Kyle turned and saw that Michael and Max notice the guy walking up to Liz and girls. Hell they just realized everyone watching the guy walking up to Liz and the girls. Everyone watched as the guy walked up to Tess and wrapped his arms around her. Tess Liz, Maria turned and smiled at the guy. The guy smiled back and Liz, Maria before he leaned in and kissed Tess. A few seconds later Tess and the guy pulled away from each other and smiled. The guy sat down and started to talk and laugh with Tess, Liz and Maria.

“So how is it going with Mac?’ Eric asked

“Great we have been flirting a lot. Our friends Alex and Kyle think I’m crazy with flirting with Mac. I told them to leave me alone,” Liz said

“Oh by the way Michael and Max look like they are coming over. They look very upset about something,” Maria said

“Great, we so don’t need this right now,” Liz said

“Don’t worry I’ll help,” Eric said

A few seconds later they heard

“Who are you? What the hell are you doing here?” Michael asked looking at Eric who had his arms around Tess.

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