Someone To Love You (AU,M/L,ADULT) (Complete)

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Someone To Love You (AU,M/L,ADULT) (Complete)

Post by Behrsgirl77 » Sun Sep 12, 2004 9:14 pm

Winner - Round 10


Title: Someone To Love You

Authors: Tiffany & Tanya (aka: sweetbrowneyes & behrsgirl77)

Rating: MATURE/ADULT(eventually)

Category: M/L POV AU No Aliens

Disclaimer: We unfortunately do not own Roswell or any of its characters, we are simply borrowing them so they can live happy lives in our fic and then we will put them back semi-used ;)

Feedback: Since this is our first attempt to co-write it would be much appreciated! We love feedback!

Summary: Despite the beginning this is all Max and Liz we assure you. This is just a little something fun, light angst. Liz is a wedding planner, so what happens when it turns out she has to plan a wedding for her old high school crush, who happens to be the love of her life?

The first part was written by both of us. The first half by Tiffany and obviously that would mean the second part was moi!


Chapter 1

Max's POV

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

I continue to coach myself as I pace the living room, trying desperately to calm myself down. I rub my sweaty palms against my sleek, black dress pants and glance at my watch for about the sixth time in the last minute. I have a terrible need to call the restaurant for the fifth time to make sure that everything is set up just right. I really can't afford for anything to go wrong.

"I'm almost ready sweetie!" Tess calls from the bedroom. I nod, even though she can't see me. Tonight is quite possibly one of the most important nights of my life. And it's completely normal to feel like my head is going to explode with anticipation, right?

I stick my hands deep in my pockets and feel for that small velvet box. I'm alarmed when I feel nothing but my wallet. My eyes dart across the room, praying to God that I hadn't left it in the room where Tess could see it. How could I have been so careless? Everything is totally ruined now.

My breathing hitches when my fear turns into full-blown panic when I realize that I've lost the ring. The main reason we're going out tonight and I've lost it. I start in a mad dash for the kitchen, and I search through the many cabinets and drawers before common sense dawns on me and I ask myself why the hell I would have left the ring in the kitchen… in the spice cabinet nonetheless.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

I concentrate on calming myself and I check my pants pockets once more before I search the living room. I'm just about the look in between the couch cushions when Tess saunters into the room, a bright smile lighting her face. I try and act causal, throwing my arm across the back of the couch and try to seem cool and collected.

"Hey you," she whispers as she leans over and gives me a light peck on my lips. She stands back and lets me admire her as she spins as if she's a model. She's wearing a deep purple dress, with thin straps to hold it snug against her attractive form. I allow my eyes to roam along the low-neck line, admiring how the heart shape cut shows off just the right amount of cleavage. The fair skin of her back is barely covered due to the dangerously low cut. My eyes wonder down her shapely legs to her small feet, clad in matching high heel sandals. Her hair falls in soft curls around her face, bouncing as she turns for me.

"You clean up pretty good," I tease. I get to my feet and take her into my arms. She looks stunning and I'm so lucky to have her.

"You don't look so bad yourself," she returns. I smile and gesture towards the door. She grabs her shawl and her purse while I search for my keys. I find them along with the ring, in the pocket of my blazer. I sigh in relief and escort Tess out of the door.

We arrive at my restaurant, The White Rose Chateau, a few minutes later and I quickly jog around the front of the car to escort her towards the entrance. I've spent most of my 26 years dreaming of owning my own restaurant and it's finally happened. I feel like I have everything I could ever want right now. I have my dream career, wonderful friends and family, and hopefully, soon to be wife.

As we enter the softly lit room, she flashes me a proud smile and I can't help but blush at her silent praise. I guide her to our table and magically produce a pink rose once she's seated. A charming smile and a wink, and I'm rewarded with a soft kiss.

Light conversation is exchanged while we enjoy our meal and it's not until she excuses herself to the ladies room that I finally let my calm and cool façade weaken. I check my pockets for the ring for the umpteenth time. After dinner, I escort her to the car.

"Max, where are we going?" She asks me when she realizes I'm not driving back to our apartment.

"It's a surprise." We ride the rest of the way in a comfortable silence.

"What are you planning?" She queries with a wide smile as we pull into one of Roswell's most expensive hotels. I answer her with a mischievous smile as I lead her inside.

My nerves start to get the best of me as the elevator doors open to and lead her down the hallway towards our room. I kiss her sweetly before I open the door and gauge her reaction as she enters the room.

"Oh Max." She sighs as she takes in the candle lit room.

"I love you." She says as she leans up to kiss me.

"I love you too." I pull out of her embrace and lead her towards the couch. The moment of truth and I'm shaking like crazy. I get on bended knee, ready to take the biggest step of my life.

"Max? What…. Oh my God!!"

"Tess," I start in a shaky tone.

"You were my high school sweetheart and you've been with me through everything. I love you so much and I would like nothing more than for you to do me the honor of becoming my wife." I reach into my pocket and produce the ring.

"Tess Harding…. will you marry me?"


Before I know it, she's in my arms, kissing me with great passion. But I abruptly pull away, scooping her in my arms and carrying her into the bedroom.

Next Afternoon

“Max are you sure you want to tell them today? We can wait until tomorrow or something.” Tess says to me while we are in the car on the way over to Michael and Maria’s place.

“Yes I’m sure, I already called them and told them we were coming over to tell them something, don’t worry they’ll be happy.” I reach my hand across the seat to intertwine our fingers trying to gently reassure her. I know she’s probably nervous because her and Maria do not get along very well. I honestly don’t know why there is so much animosity coming from Maria but it’s there and unfortunately as hard as I have tried I can’t change Maria’s mind. It’s a subject we will agree to disagree on for a lifetime to come.

“I’m not worried, I just…I know Maria isn’t going to be happy. I don’t know why she doesn’t like me Max. I tried talking to her in the past but she just doesn’t want to hear it. She just ignores me for the most part and I didn’t do anything to her.”

“I know, don’t worry I’ll talk to her. Honestly though, I don’t think I’ll change her mind, but it’s okay because we’re going to be together and that’s all that matters.” I lift her hand and place a kiss on the back of it before turning my full attention back to the road.

We make it to Michael and Maria’s about ten minutes later and through the door we can hear them arguing. Tess turns to me and at the same time we both say, “Again.” We just laugh after that because it’s a long-standing argument between to two of them. They are not happy unless they are arguing I have decided long ago.

I raise my hand to ring the doorbell and to my surprise Kyle answers the door.

“Hey Tess, Max.” I don’t wonder what he’s doing here because he spends most of his free time over here.

“Hi Kyle.” Tess says to him and leans in to give him a quick hug. I walk past them into the house and pat Kyle on the back.

“Hey man, so what’s the argument about today?” He just shrugs as Tess enters the apartment behind me and he closes the door.

“Something about a wedding planner, I guess.” Then we hear it radiating through their bedroom walls.

“Michael! If you’re not going to help me then I need to find someone who knows what the hell they are doing!” Maria’s shrill filters through the walls and makes us all cringe. Her voice while yelling is like nails on a chalkboard.

“I don’t know how Michael puts up with that day in and day out. More power to him for marrying her crazy ass.” Tess just lets out a little laugh and I just smile and shake my head. I walk over to their couch to take a seat because this could take a while.

“Maria, there is no reason why you can’t plan this wedding! It’s not rocket science; you can just pretend that it’s a really big party instead.” Hey sounds logical enough for me, but I’m sure that Michael just put his foot in his mouth. He told me about Maria’s plans for hiring a wedding planner; I honestly don’t see the problem with it. Hell if I can pay someone to take on all the hassles great!

“Hey there dumb ass it is a really big party in case you forgot!”

“Dumb ass! Look Maria how about you do whatever the hell you want to do, because everyone knows if you don’t get your way all hell will break loose.”

“Michael Guerin what is that supposed to mean?”

“Figure it out Maria, now I’m sure our guests have arrived and have listened to enough of our argument.” Michael opens up the bedroom door and slams it behind him for emphasis.

Tess jumps at the sound and quickly makes her way over to me. I know she really doesn’t want to see Maria right now.

“Hey Maxwell, Tess. What’s going on?” Michael enters the living room and takes a seat on the couch opposite the one Tess and I are sitting on.

“Actually we have an announcement to make and well I’d really like to wait until Maria gets in here.”

“Yeah okay, I’ll go get her.” He starts to rise from the couch, but Maria’s voice stops him.

“You don’t have to I’m here. Hi Max.” She comes over to my side and I rise to meet her, she wraps her arms around me for a quick hug. Then she looks over my shoulder to see Tess sitting down.


“Hi Maria.” Boy you could cut the tension in this room with a knife. I clear my throat and reach out my hand for Tess to grab a hold of and she rises to stand next to me.

I lead Tess over into the center of the room. Maria is looking at me suspiciously as is Kyle.

“Maria, Michael, Kyle; Tess and I have some good news to share with you.” I take a deep breath and turn to Tess to give her an encouraging smile.

“Tess and I are getting married.”

“What are you crazy Max?!” I feel Tess’ hand slip from mine and she wraps her arms around herself at Maria’s reaction.

“Maria…” Michael gets up from his spot on the couch and pulls Tess into a hug wishing her congratulations. While I’m furious with Maria’s reaction I don’t want to explode right here in front of everyone.

I look over to Kyle and he doesn’t look so happy about the news either, what is wrong with my friends? Kyle looks at me and then walks over to say congratulations and then leans down to tell Tess how happy he is for her.

Meanwhile, Maria has since left the room and I have every intention of going after her. So after I excuse myself to everyone, I walk down the hallway and into the kitchen, where I find Maria sitting at the table.

“Maria, what the hell was that?” I am furious with her right now.

“I’m sorry it came out that way, but I’m still not happy for you Max, I can’t be. I’m so…”

“No Maria, don’t say you’re sorry because I don’t want to hear it anymore. I love her and we are getting married and I want you to be a part of it. Why are you being like this?” I can’t understand it, nothing has happened that I know of that would cause Maria to dislike Tess that much.

“Max. I think it’s a mistake I don’t think you realize that you shouldn’t be with her.”

“What are you talking about, we have been together for almost eight years, I’ve been with her long enough besides she makes me happy and I want you to be happy for us.”

“Alright Max, I’m happy that you’re happy but I don’t like her but for you I will try and get along with her. I just think you need to really think about it, because marriage is forever or at least it should be.”

“I know it is, and I’m positive this is what I want. So can I get a congratulations Max?” I ask her teasingly. I know she is just looking out for my best interests.

“Congratulations Max.” She puts her arms around me and we walk out to the living room, where she amazingly musters up a smile for Tess.

“So how about we go out to lunch to celebrate?” This comes from Maria, who quickly scoops up her purse and makes her way towards the front door.

Without another word we all pile out into the hallway and I turn to Maria and say,

“Thank you for trying.”

“Hey what are friends for right? Come on I’m hungry and you don’t want to be around me when I’m hungry.”

“Yes, yes we all know that so let’s hurry up before she sprouts another head.” Kyle says and we all just laugh as Maria gives him a nasty glare and closes the door behind us.

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Thanks for the wonderful responses!! Tanya and I really appreaciate it. :D

Chapter 2

Liz’s POV

I kill the car’s ignition and I wait until my tears subside and I can compose myself to a presentable state before I climb out of the car. I walk up the sidewalk and onto the porch. I wipe my eyes once more before ringing the door bell.

I can hear heavy footsteps on the other side of the door and I fight the urge to roll my eyes as he undoes the many chains and locks on the door. I still have no clue why all of it is needed.

“Hey Liz.” Alex greets as he squints from the bright light coming in through the door. His hair is sticky up every which way and his clothes are rumpled. I push past him and make my way into his kitchen.

“Alex, how can you fall asleep so quickly? You just got home a few minutes ago.” I say as I help myself to some juice from the refrigerator.

“You wear me out boss lady. Not everyone is all energized all day, everyday like you.” He teases. He pulls out some ham and cheese out of the refrigerator and starts to make us both a sandwich. “So what’s wrong?”

I frown, wondering how he could possibly know that anything was wrong. I would say that I’m an expert at hiding my emotions. “What are you talking about? Just because I come over here for lunch doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong. I just wanted to see my best friend.” I say defensively as I settle at the table.

“Mmmhm. Besides the fact that I can read you like a book, your eyes are all puffy and your nose is red.” I roll my eyes, knowing that I’ve been caught. I guess I’m not much of an expert as I thought. “So, who is this time?” I only have to give him a look and he knows immediately what, or rather who it is that has me so upset. “Isabel.”

I nod and try and calm myself before the tears start again. “She came into the office today asking if I could watch over her boutique for a week while she goes on vacation. I would have done it, but I can’t afford to take my concentration off of my weddings long enough to watch her store.”

Alex sets my sandwich in front of me and moves to sit across from me. “Let me guess. She got all huffy and bitchy and yelled at you. You didn’t stand up for yourself and she got under your skin and made you feel like crap, which you aren’t.”

“It went something like that. She said that her shop was more important than my little business and we got into this big argument.” I sigh and pick at my sandwich. “But this time I did stand up for myself. I called her a bitch and told her she could take her shop and shove it up her ass for all I care. That in itself sparked another argument and… I just don’t know Alex. Why does she hate me so much?” My tears return and before I know it, Alex is pulling me into his arms, comforting me like he’s always done for so many years.

“Liz, Isabel doesn’t hate you. You know she’s just jealous of you because you’re so successful and you did it all on your own. Haven’t I told you time and time again to not take the things she says seriously?” I sniffle and bury my face in his chest. I don’t know why but my big sister’s opinion means a lot to me. If I can get her approval, then I know I’ve done well.

She’s always been hard on me and we’ve never been close. She was the popular one, the girl who got all the attention. I was the geek, the loner, the weird girl with only one friend. I didn’t even have my first kiss until I was eighteen and in college. No matter how badly she treats me, she’s still my big sister.

“She looked pretty serious to me.” I sniffle pathetically.

“Fine! She hates you!” Alex huffs as he stands and moves to the other side of the table. “She wants to just completely destroy your life and… and tear down your self-confidence piece by piece until you’re weak and lonely and groveling at her feet because she’s better than you are.” He expresses dramatically.

I stare at him, my eyebrows raised. “So you agree with me then.”

“Gah!! Liz, have you ever stopped to think how completely irrational that is? I’m telling you, Isabel’s jealous and I believe that there might be a softer side underneath that prissy bitchiness.”

“A softer side.” I echo flatly.

“Yes. A softer side that’s completely and totally in love with me.”

I roll my eyes. “Who’s being irrational now?” I smirk. He makes a face at me and we finish eating our sandwiches in silence before heading back to the office.

“You know Liz, it’s your fault I can’t get laid.” Alex says out of no where as we enter the elevator.

“What? How is it my fault that you throw out those cheesy pick up lines and kill any chance of getting with anyone right then and there?” I retort.

“What are you talking about? The ladies happen to love my lines.”

I draw my lips inward, hoping to stop the hysterical laughter threatening to bubble out. “Okay Alex. Whatever you say.” I giggle. The elevator doors open and I proceed to step out only to be stopped by Alex.

“What is wrong with my pick up lines?” He pouts.

I place my hands on his shoulders and give him a little shake. “Alex, “I lost my phone number, can I have yours” does not qualify for a good pick up line. It’s corny, unoriginal and just… not good. I’m sorry sweetie.” I gently pat his cheek before stepping out of the elevator.

“Okay, okay. What about this one, “Do you have a map? I just keep getting lost in your eyes.” I sigh and shake my head. “Okay. Have I seen you before? Oh yeah it was in the dictionary under the word Hottie!!”

I can’t help it. He’s really serious and I burst out in laughter. This is why I love Alex. So sweet, yet… so dumb. “You are priceless Alex.” I wheeze through my laughter.

He crosses his arms in front of his chest. “It wasn’t that funny.”

“Hey Liz. Alex.” Rachel, my secretary greets cheerfully. “Messages.” She sings as she waves a few sticky notes in front of me.

“Thanks Rach,” I smile as I take the sticky notes out of her hand. I quickly shift through them as I make my way towards my desk. But one in particular causes me to stop dead in my tracks as I stare at the name and number written on the paper.

“What is it Liz?” Alex questions as he comes to stand in next to me.

“Look who called.”

He frowns as he reads the name of the note. “I wonder what she wants.” He says as I shuffle over to my desk.

“Gee I don’t know Alex. What other reason is there that would make Maria Deluca call a wedding planning service?” I mutter sarcastically.

Alex smirks as he hops onto the edge of my desk. “Touchy, touchy. Could it be that someone’s a little jealous?” He teases.

I act like I don’t know what he’s talking about, even though the face of the one man I’ve always loved flashes through my mind. “Jealous? What am I supposed to be jealous of?” I say innocently.

His annoying smirk gets bigger and I know I’m in trouble now. “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe the fact that that your soul mate was very good friends with Maria in high school and there is a good chance that they still are.”

“I’m not jealous of Maria because she’s close to Max.” I huff as if I’m insulted, but Alex sees right through me, but I’m determined to make him see things my way. “Max was just a school girl crush. I haven’t thought about him in years.” Total and complete lie.

Alex narrows his eyes. “School girl crush! Ha! If the feelings you had and might still possibly have for Max was just a crush, then why don’t you call her and tell her that you’ll do her wedding.” He challenges.

“I don’t want to. I already have enough weddings to plan,” I say defiantly. God, what if Maria is marrying Max? I couldn’t handle that. I couldn’t handle seeing Max walk down the aisle with another woman. As much as I deny it, Max is still and will always be the love that I can never have.

Alex reaches across my desk and grabs the folder that holds the papers for all my clients. He pulls out the one paper that’s in there and dangles it in front of my face. “You have one couple to work on and they’re not getting married until next year.”

I snatch the paper from him and shove it into the folder. “You know, I could fire you if I want to.” I threaten, but Alex doesn’t even flinch. He knows I couldn’t and wouldn’t do that. Damn him for knowing me so well!

“Take the job Liz. Who knows, you might run into Max and fall deeper in love than you already are.” He nudges the phones towards me. I’m so tempted call, but the thought that maybe Max is the one Maria is marrying holds me back.

“No Alex. I don’t love Max. Besides, he’s probably the one marrying Maria.” I say, trying desperately to hide how miserable I really am.

Alex chuckles and I glare at him for laughing at me. “Liz, you can’t possibly think that Max and Maria are together.”

“Well, it’s possible.” I whisper, silently hoping that it’s not true. “He could’ve have dumped Tess and started going out with Maria. Tess was never good enough for him in high school.”

“Oh and how would you know?” He teases, his eyes twinkling in amusement.

“You’re enjoying this too much. Let’s change the subject please.”

He picks up Maria’s number and hands it to me. “Call her.”

“No.” I hand it right back.


“I said no Al… wait what?” Alex has never backed down from an argument and he usually gets me to do anything, but to see him give in so easily has me a little wary.

“If you don’t want to call then fine, do what you want.” He hops off my desk and makes his way to his.

I shake off the temporary confusion and watch him sit at his desk. “You damn right I’ll do what I want.”

“Sure.” Before I know what’s happening, Alex picks up the phone and dials Maria number. “It’s ringing.” He says in a sing song tone.

I’m horrified and I rush over to his desk. “Alex!! What the hell are you doing?!” I scream at him. I reach to grab the phone out of his hands, but he stands up and considering how much taller her is than I am, it’s impossible for me to reach. A woman’s voice sounds on the other end of the line and Alex takes of running as he talks into the phone.

“Hello? Is this Maria Deluca?... Hi Maria, of course I remember you from high school… yeah, it’s been years now… we just got your message about needing a wedding planner…”

“Alex, no!!” I yell as I chase him around the office. I grab a hold of his shirt, but somehow he manages to squirm out of my grasp.

“.. yeah she’s right here… okay, yeah we’ll have to get together sometime… okay here she is…” He suddenly stops running, causing me to smack right into his back and fall to the floor. Alex smiles as he turns and hands out the phone to me. “She wants to talk to you.”

“No!” I whisper fiercely as I gesture wildly with my hands. He gives me a knowing look and I know that since she was already on the phone, I couldn’t just blow her off. I shoot him a lethal glare, with a promise of payback later before I angrily snatch the phone out of his hands and put it to my ear.


“Hi Liz, how are you?” She chirps.

“I’m fine Maria and how about you?” I return politely as I make my way back to my desk.

“I’m great!”

“So I hear you’re getting married?” I say cautiously. I don’t know if I want to know if it is Max that she’s engaged to, but the curiosity is getting the best of me.

“Yeah.” She sighs happily. “Michael finally popped the question.” Michael? Thank God. “You did a wedding for my friend Jackie Hudson…”

“Yeah I remember.” I smile fondly. “How are she and Clark?”

“She’s four months pregnant now.”

“Tell her I said congrats.” Alex appears next to me, that annoying smirk back on his face.

“I will. I told her I wanted a wedding planner and she recommended you.”

“Ask her about Max,” Alex whispers.

“Shut up,” I hiss before tuning back into Maria.

“Anyway, I was wondering if you could do our wedding…”

I only catch half of her question as I try and push Alex away from my desk. “Oh Max… I love you… kiss me… touch me.” Alex teases, making kissing noises in the background.

“Stop it!”

“Do you want me to leave?” He asks.



“Oh so you’ll do it?” Maria queries, probably thinking that I’d said yes to her.

“No Maria I…”

“Great! I’ll just call you later with the details. Talk to you later Liz. Bye.” She abruptly hangs up, and I’m left listening to the dial tone.

“What have I just done?” I whisper to myself.

Obviously Alex hears me and pries the phone from my fingers and places it in its cradle. “You’ve just accepted on another client and are about to reunite with your soul mate.” He explains all too cheerfully.

“No. Alex, this is not good. I can’t see Max again. What if he’s with someone? God! How could you do this to me?!” I yell fiercely.

“Liz, relax. All you have to do is win Max over. You’ve got the looks, the brains, everything he could possibly want. And if he has someone, we’ll just have to make him see that you’re all he’ll ever need.”

I bite my lip nervously and wonder what the hell I’ve gotten myself into.

Be at Peace MJ

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Post by Behrsgirl77 » Sat Sep 25, 2004 8:39 am

A/N - Yes it's my turn... but just wanted to straighten two things out; Liz and Isabel are sisters. And that Maria and Max both know Liz and they did not dislike her in high school, they just ran with different crowds.

Thanks for the great feedback Tiffany and I are so happy you guys are enjoying this.

Chapter 3


“Tess where exactly are you and Maria going?” I ask my fiancé only because if I know my best friend she’s up to something. Maria is not Tess’ biggest fan so why she asked her to come out with her today is beyond me.

“Oh we’re going to meet this wedding planner she hired, she thought that maybe I might like her enough to hire her for ours.” She walks over to me before picking up her purse and gives me a quick peck on the lips.

“So what will you be doing today?” I plop down on the couch and rest my feet on the coffee table and begin the flip through the T.V.

“Watching the football game with Michael, that’s pretty much it after all it is Sunday and that’s all I do on Sunday’s.” I say in a mocking tone because I know it ticks her off when I do it, but then we just laugh over how she says I sound nothing like her.

“You know Max that joke is getting old after all these years. Maybe you can think of something a little more clever for next week.” I cross my arms over my chest and shake my head, “nah, I like me the way I am and I’ll have you know I’m damn clever woman!” She just rolls her eyes and let’s out an exasperated sigh and mutters through her teeth a very distinct, ‘whatever’.

A few minutes later there’s a knock at the door and I know its Michael and Maria. Before I can even make a move Tess answers the door.

“Hi Michael! Hi Maria!” I love the girl but she just needs to give it up, Maria is just not going to throw her arms around Tess one day and realize she’s her best friend, as much as I wish it.

“Hi Tess, Maxwell did the game start?” One-track mind, that’s Michael for you. He takes a seat beside me and a moment later I feel a slap at the nape of my neck.

“Hey!” I turn around to see Maria standing behind me.

“Is that how you greet your best friend Max Evans?!” She isn’t much for subtly is she? I quickly rise and walk around the couch and throw my arms dramatically around her and lift her up in the air.

“Put me down! You know how much I hate that Max.” She says it but her face says the exact opposite I put her back on her feet and place a kiss on her cheek and whisper, “Hi Maria.” She just smiles shyly. It’s funny but I get this giddy feeling that I can make Maria DeLuca blush.

“Okay ease down boy, get your hands off my woman!” We all turn to see Michael stuffing chips down his throat, not even looking in our direction and we just burst out laughing.

“Alright Max we are leaving, I’ll see you later.” Tess turns and places a kiss on my cheek and heads out the door with Maria.

“Sure thing, oh Maria?” She peeks her head back into the door.


“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” She just smiles and tells me she won’t.

I have to say that I think I was just being paranoid about Maria earlier, she is really trying and that means so much to me. I mean Tess and I have been together for so long, it’s only natural that we would eventually get married, after all that’s what you’re supposed to do right?

“Come on Maxwell, games starting.” I decide to leave that thought and hop over the back of the couch taking a seat next to Michael to enjoy the game.



“Alex I cannot do this! What the hell was I thinking this is going to be bad.” I have him on speakerphone right now trying to find something to wear. I mean I haven’t seen Maria in years and while I look completely different than high school. I lost my glasses and braces and I can actually dress myself in a semi-decent manner, I’m still plain and boring Liz Parker.

“Liz, would you calm down already, it’s been a week and you have been telling me this over and over. Would you feel better if I called Isabel and asked her to come with you?” I turn around and stare at the phone on top of my nightstand incredulously.

“What?! Have you totally fried your brain Alex I told you to stay away from the pop rocks!?”

“Hardee har har Liz, just breathe Lizzie, deep cleansing breaths.” I do exactly as he says and I think I might pass out.

“Liz? Liz!”

“Yes! God Alex I’m trying to damn breathe here!” I love the man but he’s just too much sometimes, he is not the person you need by your side in a crisis that’s for damn sure.

“Seriously Liz you need to calm down you are probably all flushed and although you are cute as hell when you’re like that, you are trying to impress so get it together, now I have to get going because the game is about to start.” UGH! He’s such a guy sometimes.

“Yeah yeah, I’ll call you later.”



“Don’t worry you’ll dazzle them with your good looks and charm.” I roll my eyes heavenward.

“Alex, it’s a meeting not a damn movie premier.”

“Always trying to steal my thunder.”

“Whatever, bye.” I walk over and disconnect the call and walk back in front of the mirror to take in my appearance. I am still flushed but I can do this I tell myself over and over like mantra.

I leave the house shortly thereafter; I have to meet Maria at this small café about five miles from my house. Normally I have my clients meet me at the office, but for some reason Maria insisted that we meet today. So I agreed since I have no life and wasn’t doing anything more entertaining.

I reach the café and take one last look in the rear view mirror at my appearance then down at my clothes. I wasn’t sure what to wear today, I mean it is an informal meeting but she is still a client so I have to be professional. So I decided on a black pants suit with a light pink silk tank top underneath. It’s November but it’s a pretty nice day not too chilly, so just my long trench should be enough to keep me warm. I also decide on my favorite black heels that gave me about another two inches on my petite stature.

I step inside and remove my sunglasses and let my eyes adjust and take a good look around, I wonder if Maria looks the same as high school? I mean what if…Oh My God! No! This is not happening to me! I should have never ever listened to Alex. Shit! It’s too late.

“Elizabeth!” Huh? Who the hell calls me that anymore? I break out of my daze when I see Maria’s arms wave in the air signally over to her table. Or should I be a bit more specific a table occupied by Maria DeLuca and Tess Harding.

That’s right folks Tess Harding, none other than Max Evans’; love of my life, father of my imaginary children, the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my entire life, well you get the picture, yes folks I have walked into the abyss of hell; girlfriend. Where the hell is that black hole again? It’s supposed to suck me into it quickly, painlessly and more importantly right now!

I slap on the best fake smile I can muster up,

“Hi!” I say to both women.

“Hi Elizabeth, it’s so nice to meet you?” Maria reaches out her hand to me and I shake it, even though I’m so confused, why is she acting like she doesn’t know me? I turn to Tess and she stands up next to Maria and extends her had as well,

“Hello it’s nice to meet you, I’m Tess…Tess Harding.” No shit! God! Why me? Have I been put here to live a completely miserable life? Calm down Liz, she and Max are probably not together I mean that was like over seven years ago. I breathe out and extend my hand in a friendly nature and decide to be as professional as I can be.

“Hello, so do you want to get started?”

“Oh yes that would be great.” Maria smiles at me, she hasn’t changed that much, her hair is longer and highlighted but she’s just as beautiful as she was all those years ago, just older more mature. I wonder if she and Max are still friends? Stop! I need to focus on the matter at hand; I have a wedding to plan.

“Okay so I just need to get some details from you Maria.” I brought my planner with me, so I can take some notes today. I open it up and prepare myself to write down her answers.

“Michael and I were thinking the Spring, so I would say March or April.” I can’t even express how happy I am that she is marrying Michael, I think I remember him but well he’s not important, what a damn relief. Okay it’s not like I’m still pinning away for Max, because I know I’ll never have him, only in my dreams but still a girl can dream.

What? Oh all right I’m pinning away desperately, I’m pathetic and I know it.

I jot down the information Maria is telling me about, and then the waitress comes over to take our orders. We all order coffee just to keep it simple.

“Alright so we have about five months to pull this together, now how about the theme?” I begin and when Maria doesn’t answer I call her name, she’s just staring at me. I know I can’t have anything in my teeth because I haven’t eaten anything. So what the hell?

“Maria, Elizabeth is talking to you.” Tess shakes her arm and that makes Maria snap out of her daze. And again there goes ‘Elizabeth’ not that I would figure Tess would remember me at all, seeing as I never said more than five words to the girl and it wasn’t for my lack of trying to avoid that all together.

“What? Oh sorry I just spaced out for a second. You know I was thinking Tess, Elizabeth would be perfect to plan your wedding as well, what do you think?” What?! It can’t be, please, please, please tell me it’s not true! Tell me she’s marrying…hell I don’t care who just not…

“Oh I have to talk to Max first.” What’s that you hear? Oh that’s nothing just the sound of my heart breaking into a thousand pieces, I feel the need to hurl but I decide to suck it up, and smile my way through the rest of the meeting.

We are now standing outside and I can’t wait to get the hell out of here. Today is officially the worst day of my entire life. And I have had some bad days people, but this takes the cake.

“You know I was thinking,” Oh kill me now please, Maria and thinking I’m starting to find out is not so good, “that it would be great for you to meet our fiancés you know, just so you can get a feel for their taste.” I don’t even know what to say to that, but what choice do I have? I’m going to have to face them, rather him eventually that is if Tess can get Max to agree. I think I’m going to be deathly ill any moment now.

“Sure that sounds great, just call me and we can set something up.” I say through clenched teeth and a broken heart.

“Perfect, well it was nice meeting you and I’ll give you a call sometime during the week.”

“Right, bye.” After they leave I walk to my car in a complete daze and sit behind the wheel for a long time just staring out the windshield wondering if it will ever get better because right now I feel like, I’ll never find someone to love me.



The game was over a few hours ago and Tess and I are lying in bed, I’m trying to get some work done for tomorrow and she’s rattling off about the meeting with Maria’s wedding planner. She has not stopped talking about her since she walked through the door and I have to just smile a little about it.

“She was so pretty too Max, and so nice and sweet. I really liked her.”

“That’s good I’m glad you did, and that you and Maria didn’t kill each other in the car alone together.” I say half joking half serious, after all this is Maria we are talking about.


“Hmm?” I look up from my laptop and stop typing to look over at her; she places her book in her lap and removes her reading glasses.

“Do you think…I mean do you think it would be okay if we hire her too? She could really…” I cut her off with a hand on her knee.

“Tess, if that’s what you want go for it.” She lunges at me practically knocking over my laptop onto the floor.

“Thank you Max.” After we settle back into our positions, I realize how damn tired I am and we decide to get some sleep. I turn off the lights and then ask Tess because for some reason I feel the urge to know,

“What’s her name?”

“Who’s the planner?”


“Hmm it’s Elizabeth, something I don’t know her last name.” She says before she drifts off to sleep.

Elizabeth…that name brings back memories.

Memories of a petite brunette with the most beautiful brown hair and eyes and the cutest smile I’ve ever seen. While I only talked to her a handful of times, she had the softest voice and she was incredibly shy, yeah Liz was something. Too bad I was too chicken shit to tell her how I really felt.

That’s my last thought before my lids grow heavy and dreams of what might have been claim me.


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Posting this a little early. Thanks for the fb guys. We hope you like the new part. :D

Chapter 4


She walks into the classroom, her eyes lowered to the floor, her long brown hair falling in waves of silk around her face. She walks towards me and I can’t take my eyes off her. She’s gorgeous and I’ve never seen anything like her. She slides into her seat next to me as she tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear. I long to be the one to do that for her. To just touch her one time; I’d die a happy and very aroused man.

She looks my way, but I quickly avert my gaze, afraid that I’d get caught staring. But I can’t keep away for too long and before I know it, my eyes meet hers and I’m melting as she flashes her adorable shy smile.

She lifts her hand, her petite fingers coming to rest on my cheek as she leans forward.

“I’ve always loved you.” She whispers. “I’ve always wanted to be with you.”

I smile, leaning into her caress. “Me too.” I sigh dreamily. God, are guys supposed to sigh dreamily?! This girl has some spell over me. But I don’t care. I’d gladly become her servant for life if that meant being by her side forever.

“I love you.” I murmur. I reach to grab her hand that rests against my cheek, but before I can, she pulls away. My heart plummets and I hope I haven’t said the wrong thing. I just screwed up my chances with the love of my life.

But before I even have time to dwell on that, she walks around me, clearing the lab table with a swipe of her hand. The sound of glass beakers and test tubes falling to the ground barely registers when I find myself being thrown on top of the table. The normal timidity in her eyes falters, only to be replaced by longing and desire. She slowly crawls on top of me, her small body pressing against mine.

“Max….” She sighs as her lips descend on mine.

“Max… Max… Max!!” I jerk awake, shooting straight up in bed.

After I rub the sleep out of my eyes, I look up to find, the clearest blue eyes, the total opposite of the deep brown ones I was just gazing into. I’m a goner again and before I know it, I feel a slap at the nape of my neck.

“Max! Wake up, we have to get going.” Tess whines.

I cringe. I hate it when she whines; it’s up there with the sound of nails scraping against a chalkboard. “Go where?” I grumble her as I settle back under the sheets, partly to hide the raging hard on I have from my previous dream. I’m pretty pissed that she interrupted my dream. But then again, why the hell am I dreaming about Liz Parker… sigh… when I getting married Tess. I mean I love her completely and there’s no one else I’d rather have…. Except maybe Liz.

My eyes widen in horror and my hand flies to my mouth, hoping to God that I hadn’t said that out loud.

Tess gives me a funny look. “What’s the matter with you?”

I try and play it off. “Oh… um… nothing. I just remembered that I owe Michael some money for a bet that he won the other day.” Cool Evans, real cool.

“Oh… okay.” She says, seemingly accepting my answer. “Well, get dressed, we’re supposed to meet Michael, Maria and the wedding planner at your restaurant in an half an hour.” She tells me as she walks out of the room. Normally I’d go after her and try and weasel my way out of this, but my mini Max still hasn’t gone back to sleep and I don’t feel like explaining to Tess why I’m as hard as a rock.

Trying to calm myself down proved to be a much more difficult task than I’d hoped. Imagines of a seductive Liz, crawling towards me on a lab table keep flashing through my mind. But why am I all of a sudden thinking of Liz? It’s been almost eight years since I’ve seen my high school crush, I shouldn’t be thinking about her. It’s so totally wrong.

I’m in love with Tess. And in a few months, she and I will walk down the aisle as husband in wife. But for some reason, I can’t get the image of a certain brown haired beauty out of my mind.


I mutter a string of curses as I dart across my bedroom, leaping over mounds and mounds of clothing that litters the floor. I was supposed to be at the White Rose Chateau fifteen minutes ago, but for the life of me, I can’t find anything to wear. Normally I’d just throw on the first dress pants and shirt and go about my merry way, but this is a special night.

I’m going to see Max freaking Evans again for the first time in eight years!!

I can’t even think about the fact that I’ll be sitting with him, at the same table during dinner, discussing his wedding plans with Tess Harding.

I stop my frantic search to calm myself down before I start hyperventilating. I have no idea how I’m supposed to feel right now. On one hand, I’m ecstatic to be seeing the love of my life again. But to know that he’s getting married to another woman is unbearably hard to endure.

I need a back up plan. Just in case I can’t hold it together anymore. I call Alex and he’s comes over within minutes.

“What’s up hot stuff?” He croons as I practically throw myself at him when I open the door.

“Alex, you have to help me! I’m going crazy and I don’t know if I can do this. I mean watching him in high school and not being able to have him was bad enough but he’s… he’s….”

Alex quickly clamps his hand over my mouth, cutting off my hysterical rant. “Lizzie, calm down. Now first let’s start out with your outfit.” He says, staring quizzically at my butterfly pajamas. “Please don’t tell me you’re wearing that ‘cause that’ll definitely get Max’s ears turning red.”

I shoot him a glare before diving into the pile of clothes sitting haphazardly at the foot of my bed. “Be serious Alex. I can’t just wear anything. This is…”

“Max Evans, love of your life, king of your universe, sex god of your fantasies. I know, I know.”

“No. I was going to say “This is a big night for me” but what you said works too.”

“Right. So to impress Mr. Universe, you need something to look sexy to get him to notice you.“ He digs through the pile of clothes before handing me his choice of clothing. I stare at him in disbelief.

“Alex, I’m not wearing this.” I say, holding up the short black skirt and matching tube top. “I don’t want to look like a porno in heels.”

“Liz, come on. It’ll definitely catch Mr. Universe’s eye.” I give him the eye and he sighs in defeat, knowing I won’t give in. “Fine. How about this…” He holds up a sensible black skirt and a dark purple blouse, with a neck line just low enough to reveal just enough cleavage.

He hands me a pair of black pumps and I smile. “Alex, you’ve done it again.”

He scoffs and rolls his eyes. “No wonder women think I’m gay.” He mutters.

I laugh and head off into the bathroom to get changed.


I return to our table after a small fire incident in the kitchen a few minutes ago. As soon as I sit down, Maria smirks at me from across the table and I raise an eyebrow in question. Her smile stays as she shakes her head and returns to her previous argument with Michael.

“Where is she?” Michael grumbles. “We’re not paying her by the hour are we?

“Relax.” Maria snaps, shooting a glare in Michael direction. “She’ll be here. She’s only twenty minutes late.”

“She’d better be even though I still don’t see why we need her in the first place.” Michael retorts. I tune out the rest of the argument, and decide to turn my attention to the door where a gorgeous woman has just walked in.

Her eyes scan the restaurant as she waits for the matre’d until they rest on mine. I gulp loudly, realizing that the woman standing there is none other than Liz Parker. I’m frozen in place as I watch her checking in with the matre‘d before heading straight towards me.

Liz Parker. God, can she be any more gorgeous?

She’s wearing a short black skirt and a dark purple blouse, that’s just begging to be torn of off her. She sways towards our table, her eyes meeting mine again and I swear I’ve just died and been given the biggest gift from God.

There’s some mumbling around me, but I ignore it. I can’t take my eyes off her even though my fiancée is sitting right next to me. I watch her as she hugs Maria, shakes hands with Michael and then nodding towards Tess. She looks straight at me and my heart quickens as she flashes a soft smile. She’s even more breathtaking than I remember and all those feelings I had for her in high school suddenly come rushing back with a force that it sends a pain to the back of my head.


“What?” I swing around to see Tess glaring at me and I realize that that pain was her hand slapping me up against my head. I swear she and Maria are going to get theirs for doing that.

“You’re being so rude. Elizabeth just said hello to you.” Tess scolds. I swear she treats me like I’m her son rather than her boyfriend sometimes. It really irritates me.

“Hi Max. Long time no see.” Her voice is so soft and I feel myself slipping again until I remember that Tess’ hand isn’t that far from my head and she’s waiting for an answer.

“Yeah. How have you been?” I say, reaching out to take her outstretched hand.

“I’m good. And by the looks of this place, you’re doing well yourself.” She says as she gestures around the restaurant. “It’s really lovely.”

Lovely. Liz Parker called my restaurant lovely. I smile goofily and continue to stare until I spot the tall dark haired man on her arm. My sprits plummet to the ground.

“Max, you remember Alex, don’t you?” Liz queries. She probably saw me eyeing him strangely. Alex and Liz? I know they were close in high school, but I never would have guessed they were actually together.

“Hello Alex.” I say as I reach to shake the other man’s hand. After all the pleasantries are exchanged, we all sit down to dinner. I steal a few glances at Liz while no one’s looking just to make sure I’m not dreaming.

“So Elizabeth, how do you know Max?” Tess asks darting suspicious glances between the two of us.

“You don’t remember Liz from high school? She was in most of my classes since the ninth grade.” How can she not remember such a gorgeous person? It’s totally lost on me.

Tess squints her eyes before nodding her head, but I know she never paid much attention to Liz in high school and she just barely remembers her.

Looking in her direction again I see her leaning into Alex, a smile forming at the corner of her lips. I see red and my chest burns with jealousy. I know this is going to be a long night.


I swear I would have died if I hadn’t bully Alex into coming with me. Max looks so good, but he hasn’t even looked my way since I’ve been here. Tess has been hanging all over him and it makes me sick. She even asked me to do her and Max’s wedding. Being the complete love sick idiot that I am, I agreed while I was ogling Max, completely unaware of what was going on.

I chance a glance in his direction and see him talking and laughing with Tess. What I wouldn’t give to be her right now. She has the man of my dreams and I can’t do anything to get him to notice me. Not that he should; he’s getting married and I’m here to plan their wedding. Again I want to bash Alex’s face in for getting me into this mess.

Beside me, Alex returns to his seat after getting up to answer a call on his cell phone. “Sorry guys, but I have to go.”

“So soon?” Maria says. I don’t know what it is about Maria, but she’s been shooting me these looks and secret smiles all night and it’s a little unnerving.

“You’re my ride and we haven’t even discussed what we’re going to do for the weddings yet.” I protest, giving him a questioning glare. He can not leave me here!

“I’m sure Max here would give you a ride after we settle everything.” No! Where the hell did Maria come from?! She was not supposed to suggest that. This is bad.

“Oh cool, you don’t mind do you Max?” Alex questions, ignoring my deadly glare.

I look to Max, hoping that he’d refuse. “Oh sure. It’s no problem.” God! I am going to die.

“Great! I’ll see everyone later.” Alex says before saying goodbye to everyone and giving me a kiss on my cheek. He leaves the restaurant then and I turn to see Max smiling softly at me. I melt into a puddle of goop and I’m thinking that maybe this won’t be so bad after all.


I glance at her, trying to make sure she hasn’t disappeared and this isn’t a dream. I actually have Liz Parker in my car, singing softly to with the slow song playing on the radio. She’s so beautiful and I have to fight to keep my eyes on the road.

Maria offered to take Tess home, leaving Liz and I in the car alone. We ride in an uncomfortable silence the whole way to her house, occasionally smiling softly at each other, or her telling me which way to go to get to her place.

I pull into the driveway of the cozy looking house and hop out, jogging around to her side to open her door.

“Thank you Max.” She says. I take her hand to help her out of the car and just that simple touch sends my heart pumping in my chest and I have to take a deep breath to calm myself. Her tiny hand feels so soft in mine and I take my sweet time in letting it go.

She lets me place my hand on the small of her back as I walk her to her door. “Thanks for the ride Max.” She says as she turns to face me.

“No problem.” She bits her lip as she stares down at her toes. “So I guess I’ll see you later.”

She nods and looks up at me from under her eyelashes. “Yeah. Good night Max.” She reaches up and kisses my cheek before hurriedly opening her front door and going inside.

A goofy grin forms on my lips as I stare in a trance at her closed door and whisper a soft goodnight.

Be at Peace MJ

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A/N It's my turn and here's the new part...nope you like it! Tiffany and I are so happy you guys are liking the story!!

Chapter 5


Oh God! This has to be the best night of my life.

I’m pathetic! A kiss on his cheek isn’t as far as I’ve gotten with a guy. But this is not just any guy…this is Max Evans we’re talking about here.

When I felt his hand on the small of my back it just felt so right and so perfect. That’s why I kissed him. I needed to feel his warm skin under my lips just once.

I undress quickly and change into my pajamas. I lie down in bed and lay in the dark just going over everything that happened tonight. Besides getting some details of the weddings I’m supposed to be planning, I got to have a date with Max Evans.

Okay I know it wasn’t a date, but it was close. I mean if everyone else wasn’t there it would have just been us and then it would have been a date. Right?

I need some serious help because I have just lost my mind!

Even though I had to stomach Max and Tess together, I did get that car ride home with him alone. And I had wished at that moment that he got a flat tire, or some type of car trouble so I could have just a few more minutes with him. But all good things have to come to an end at least when it comes to my life.

I know I’ll never get the chance but I can dream. I can hold onto my dreams forever. They have after all kept me going all these years so there is no reason to stop now right?

I can’t stop because I don’t want to. I wish I had the nerve to tell him how I feel but I don’t besides there would be no way that he would ever feel that way about me. Never in a million years would Max Evans ever fall in love with me.

My eyes are growing heavier by the second but I don’t want to sleep. I don’t want this day to end because tomorrow this entire day will just be a memory. My last thoughts are of Max and the life I wish I could have with him.

“Can I kiss you?” Is he kidding?

“Yes.” I breathe out softly against his mouth. He doesn’t waste another second before sealing his lips with mine. His lips are so soft and warm. I can’t get enough of him, he beings to devour my mouth. He slowly parts my lips with his tongue gently and I don’t resist. I allow him to slide his tongue against mine.

“Liz.” He whispers out as he breaks our kiss and begins to trail hot wet kisses down my neck. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. Max Evans is kissing me…me! Liz Parker! I don’t believe it but I’m not complaining either. His hand comes up and runs through my hair while his other hand gently runs up and down my back.

“God I want you so bad.” He whispers into my ear as he nibbles and sucks the soft flesh. My body is on fire and I don’t know how I’ve gone this long without his touch. I hope this moment never ends.

“Max.” I moan out softly when his hands come into contact with my naked thighs. He runs his hands up and down my legs and I can’t help but pull his lips to mine forcefully. He moans into my mouth.

“I love you Liz.” No way! Did he just say what I think he said? No! I must have heard him wrong. He pulls away and looks at me with his beautiful amber eyes and I bite my lip nervously. I can tell he’s waiting for an answer but what do you say when the love of your life tells you he loves you?

“Liz?” He stops his ministrations and grabs my hand and places a kiss on the back of it and I just melt into him instantly.

“I love you too Max, so much.” I admit shyly to him.

“Yeah?” He asks with a small smile forming at the corners of his swollen lips. I don’t answer I just nod and pull him on top of me and fuse our lips together once again.

This is one of the best moments of my life. What the hell am I talking about? This is the best moment of my life.

Is it real? Oh God! It’s not…it’s all a…

“Damn it!”

I bolt out of bed highly disappointed. I was having the best dream and right in the middle of it my subconscious must have kicked in to wake me up to the reality that is my lonely and sad life.

I need a drink.



“Max!” Why does Maria insist on coming over early in the morning knowing damn well that I work late as hell? She does it just to piss me off I swear she gets off on it sometimes.

“Leave me alone!” I grumble out from under my pillow.

“Oh no mister! I want the good stuff now get the hell up!” She screeches out and if I didn’t like her I would throw something hard at her. I roll over but make no attempt to get out of this warm bed.

“Look Maria, I’m tired so how about you come back in say…five hours!” I say pulling the covers over my head. I need just a few more hours sleep. Hell I was up half the damn night thinking about Liz and her sweet, soft, perfect ruby lips against my cheek. I wondered half the night how good they would feel against my lips. How good she would feel against my naked skin. What it would be like to lie next to her with only a breath of air between us, how our…“Umpf!”

“What the hell Maria?!” She just plopped herself on top of my stomach. God I hope she didn’t feel my raging hard on, that would seriously be embarrassing. I need to get a grip though I am marrying Tess this fantasizing needs to stop.

“Max Evans I set your ass up perfectly! Now I deserve some kind of reward. A reward, which I might add, I will only accept in the form of details. Lots and lots of details Max…you know that kind that I thrive on!” I roll my eyes heavenward, I love Maria but she is a complete gossip…

“Wait! What are you talking about setting me up?” I know I’m tired but she did say that didn’t she? She doesn’t say anything her eyes simply open wide and she jumps up off of me and walks out of the room.

“Oh no Maria! I’m getting out of this bed and you have some explaining to do!” I yell out to her as I roll out of bed and get dressed.

She’s sitting in the kitchen with her head buried in a magazine while sipping her coffee. I walk over and grab a mug filling it with coffee before taking a seat beside her. I place the mug on top of the table and just as I’m about to say something she cuts me off…Maria style.

“So Liz was looking pretty hot wasn’t she? I mean total transformation from high school right?” Oh she’s good isn’t she, too bad I already know all her tricks. But before I get to that let’s talk about Liz for a second.

Yes she looks different. She doesn’t wear glasses anymore and she thankfully got rid of her flannel shirts and jeans. Although I have to admit there was something about those flannel shirts that would just drive me crazy. Probably because I’m a sick and perverted male but I just pictured ripping off her shirt and the buttons flying across the room as I take her on top of that damn lab table. God! I need to get a grip I’m already rock hard once again. If I don’t stop I might be permanently stuck this way.

In any event she had changed her physical appearance but not so much that I wouldn’t recognize her. She simply learned to accentuate the beauty she always had. Her perfect silky chocolate brown hair, her big round beautiful brown eyes, her creamy skin, her soft lips, her cute button nose, and her long sensuous neck that would be perfect for me to suck on…

“Max!” Shit! I totally forgot Maria was sitting next to me and apparently she has caught me.

“Yeah?” I try to say as nonchalant as possible but she doesn’t buy it.

“I said that Liz looks really good. And you got that dopey look on your face.” Dopey?

“Maria what are you talking about.” I sigh knowing damn well she just roped my ass into talking about Liz.

“You know that look you always had on your face whenever Liz walked into a room? I saw that look last night.” Boy was I that obvious? I wonder if Tess noticed. I hope not because I really don’t feel like discussing Liz with Tess…no I don’t see that turning out well at all.

“Maria there was no face. I was just surprised that’s all.” Yeah right Evans! She might just buy that line of crap!

“Right, whatever. Now give me what I want Max! Don’t make me beg!” She whines out to me throwing her arms around my neck and squeezing gently.

“There is nothing to talk about. I drove her home and walked her to her door. End of date!” Shit! Did I just say date? No I didn’t…fuck!

“Date? Hmm interesting, but Max in case you forgot you are engaged and you and Liz did not go out on a date.” She has to rub it in doesn’t she? I swear sometimes I think she lives to torture my ass.

“I know that. I meant to say, night. That was the end of the night. The end see no conspiracy to keep a secret from you or any details.” I hope she bought that, I mean it was just a kiss on the cheek nothing to write a novel about right?

“Max Evans you are holding out! Now spill!” God! She is infuriating.

“Fine! She kissed me on the cheek that’s it!”

“Ooh that’s good! Did you kiss her back?” She rubs her palms together waiting for more juicy gossip…too bad there is none. Why the hell did I not think of kissing her back? Oh that’s right I’m fucking engaged!

“Maria, look you need to drop this okay. I’m marrying Tess I can’t do this and neither can you. We should not be talking like this at all. So now I’m going to take a long hot shower and forget about…”


“Would you give it a break already?” I plead with her as I walk out of the room. I need to get away from Maria. I’m beginning to realize she is not the person I need to be around in this situation, she is just making it harder.



I wake up to the sound of my doorbell ringing. Who the hell is it this early? I roll out of bed and take a look at the clock.

“Seven thirty? Oh this better be good!” I know it’s not Alex because he has a key. I swing the door open only to find my bitchy sister behind it. I’m really tempted to just slam the door in her face, but I’m too nice.

“God Liz you look like shit!” Did I mention she’s a bitch?

“Good morning to you too Isabel. What do you want?” Did she come here to stomp on the little happiness I have in my life?

“I need a ride, my car has to go into the shop.” She walks straight into my apartment. Is she kidding?

“Ah Isabel in case you don’t know because I know it would be beneath you and all but there is something called public transportation.” I say as sarcastically as possible. I swear normally I would have just gotten dressed and taken her but she is ruining my day. And that pisses me off. I mean I come off this high of seeing Max Evans again after all this time and she has to bring her nasty attitude to my door early in the morning. So wrong on so many levels for me right now.

“First of all why are you so damn bitchy? I mean it’s not like you have anything to do today.” She says and that’s the last straw.

“Excuse me but I do have something to do. I have work! You know the thing you pretend you actually do! Now you can walk your ass to wherever it is you need to go!”

“What the hell crawled up your ass and died?” I feel like decking her right now. I have taken her shit everyday for years and I’m tired of it!

“You know you tell me all that shit like I’m nothing and then you come here and have the nerve to ask me for a favor? I don’t owe you Isabel. I’m your sister and you treat me like crap and that’s just wrong! You only come to me when you need something what the fuck is that? What the hell did I do to you to deserve you walking all over me?!” I’m so angry right now. Honestly I’m not this upset about her coming here and asking me for a favor it’s just all this built up tension and emotion for years and it has finally exploded.

“Look Liz if you didn’t want to give me a ride you could have just said it.” She says rolling her eyes and placing her hands on her hips for emphasis.

“Have you lost your fucking mind?! Did you not just hear what I just said?!” I scream out.

“Whoa ladies retract the claws!” Alex comes in and steps between us. She’s damn lucky too. I’m tired of it all. I have to watch Max marry Tess and I have to get walked on by her. I don’t think so!

“What is going on? You two are too lovely to be fighting.” I roll my eyes. Can he be any more obvious? I turn and walk out of the room to get ready for my shower.

“Liz! Are you going to give me a ride?” I don’t even respond to her I think I might pounce her any second if I do.

“Alex would you give Isabel a ride and get her the hell out of here?!” I don’t wait for a response I simply slam my bedroom door shut trying to put this event past me and focus on better things…like Max.



We left my place a few minutes ago in search of some kind of Vanilla Mocha latte or something like that. Maria is killing me with questions. I swear I can’t take it any longer.

“Maria I asked you nicely but please drop it!” She grows quiet and I think I hurt her feelings. I throw my arm around her shoulder and pull her closer.

“I’m sorry Maria. It’s just that I love Tess.” Oh no I think I just said the wrong thing because she stops dead in her tracks and looks up at me.

“You are not in love with her.” I would think she was kidding but by the look on her face I can tell she is not.

“Maria I am that’s why I’m getting married to her.” I tell her honestly.

“Bullshit Max. You don’t feel one ounce of what you feel for Liz for Tess. You can keep lying to yourself but you will just end up hurting her in the end.” I throw my hands in the air exasperatedly. She won’t quit will she?

“Maria. Look okay I’ll admit that I liked seeing Liz again but it was just that I was surprised not because I have feelings for her.” Boy that was probably the biggest lie I have ever told anyone. I wish I believed it…but I don’t.

“You are such…” Maria starts but her attention is drawn over my shoulder.

“Alex!” I turn around and see Alex and Isabel Parker walking towards us. I haven’t seen her in years she doesn’t look any different though.

“Hi Maria, Max.” Alex extends his hand and I shake it then he turns to Maria and gives her this I don’t know…look. Maria gives him a small smile like they have this private inside joke going on. I wonder what that’s all about?

“Max Evans and Maria DeLuca those are two names I haven’t thought about since high school.” Isabel smiles and then we stand in awkward silence before Alex interrupts.

“Well Isabel we really need to get going. So let’s grab your coffee and I can take you to work.” Alex and Isabel wave their goodbyes as they enter the coffee shop we are standing in front of and Maria simply stands next to me with a weird expression on her face.

“What was all that about?” I ask her somewhat confused. Then she points to Alex who has already entered the coffee shop with Isabel.

“What?” She asks barely paying attention to me.

“You know those looks you and Alex were giving each other?” She just shrugs her shoulders and evades my question like a skilled craftsman.

“I thought he was gay.” She says pulling me towards the entrance of the coffee shop. I just shake my head in disbelief. She never stops but I know she’s hiding something…but what?


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My turn!! As always, thanks for the wonderful feedback and I hope you enjoy! :D

Chapter 6


I practically skip to the front door, whistling as I undo the locks and swing it open.

“Hey Maria.” I sing as I move aside to let her pass by me.

“Someone’s in a good mood today. What’s up with you?” She questions suspiciously as she eyes me up and down.

“Nothing’s up. Do I have to have a reason to be in a good mood?” There is a reason why though. I’ve just had the best uninterrupted dream about Liz, but I’m not about to tell Maria that. I know it’s wrong to be dreaming about another woman while I’m engaged to someone else, but I can’t help it and I figure it’s better than actually going out and cheating, not that I would or anything. I’m just having a temporary relapse about my feelings for Liz. It’ll go away soon and I know it. I love Tess and that’s all there is to it.

“You do have to have a reason. Now what’s up?”

“Nothing. Can’t a guy just be happy?” My smile widens as I circle around her before heading towards the couch.

Maria appears in front of me and takes my face into her hands as she looks directly into my eyes. “Okay, what have you been smoking and why haven’t you offered me any?”

I laugh as I swipe her hands away. “Maria, I’m fine okay. I’m just in a good mood today.”

“Do I smell pot? Is there a bong hidden somewhere around here?”

“Maria!!” I groan. Her eyes narrow and I know something’s clicking inside her head. I’m in trouble now. She’s got a scary smirk on her face right now and I’m afraid of the plan I know she’s coming up with.

“This happy high you’re on has something to do with Liz, doesn’t it?”

“What? No, what are you talking about?” I protest quickly. Her smile widens and I’ve just fell into her trap. When will I ever learn?

“This has nothing to do with Liz. Why can’t I be in a good mood without it having something to do with Liz?”

She’s still smirking at me and I’m getting scared. “It’s not that you’re so happy, it’s the dopey smile, the twinkle in your eye and the fact that you just glided over to the couch.”

“I did not glide! Guys don’t glide.” I scoff.

“You did. You floated like you were on cloud nine.”

“I didn’t!”

“You did. Someone’s got Liz on the brain.” She teases. Damn that smirk of hers!!

“I…” I don’t even try and deny it because I know she’s going to find a way to wear me down and soon I’ll be telling her about my erotic dreams. It’s better to let her think what she wants to think, even though what she thinks is actually true.

“Why are you over here anyway?” I ask her, ignoring her triumphant smile. “Shouldn’t you be arguing with Michael or something?”

She lays her head on my shoulder and tries to look innocent. “Can’t I just drop by and see my best friend?”

“Not if I can’t be happy without a reason.” I grumble as I abruptly stand up, causing her to fall onto the couch.

“Okay. I need you to come somewhere with me.” She says as she follows me into the kitchen.

“Why should I? It’s my day off.” I retort.

“Max. Come on. I need to take you somewhere.” She whines.


She pauses before she answers. “Somewhere.”

I roll my eyes. “Where?”







“I’ll pay you.” She offers, and I perk up.

“How much?” I ask, crossing my arms over my chest.






I frown. “What? You can’t do that. You’re not supposed to go down on your bid.”

She glares at me and I shut my mouth. “Three. Take it or leave it.”

I sigh deeply as my shoulders slump in defeat. “Give me a few minutes to get ready.”


“Alex! I’m leaving for the day. I’ll call you later!” I yell over my shoulder as I head out of the office. I almost reach the elevator before I hear heavy footsteps behind me and I turn to see Alex charging towards me.

“Wait! Y-You can’t leave yet.” He says breathlessly.

“Why? There’s nothing for me to do right now so I’m going home.” I say before turning around. I take half a step before Alex grabs my arm and whirls me around.

“But Max hasn’t gotten here yet?”

My eyes widen and I’m suddenly alert. Max? Why would Max be coming here? I’m not scheduled to see him and Tess until a few days from now. Oh my God! He can not come here now, my hair is a mess and I look I just crawled out of the gutter. I snap myself out of my trance and try and focus on Alex. I really need to get a grip. I’m acting like a crazed maniac. “What about Max? Why’s he coming here?”

His eyes advert from mine for a second before flickering back in place. “Did I say Max? I meant Maxine. Maxine Jacobs. She’s a new client that called yesterday and she wanted to come down and meet you today. She should’ve been here ten minutes ago.” He says somewhat nervously.

I narrow my eyes suspiciously as I place my hands on my hips. “You’re lying. What’s going on? Why’s Max coming here?”

“Oh um… see the thing about that is…” His gaze shifts to something behind me. “Oh hey guys!”

I turn around, coming face to face with Max. The shock alone is enough to throw me through a loop, but add the fact that Max is looking totally mouth-watering right now and I’m about ready to pass out.

“Hey Liz. Alex.” He says. He smiles at me and my heart pounds, my head spins and I sway unsteadily as I sigh dreamily.

“Hi Max.” His smile widens and suddenly everything disappears and all I see is him. I’m just about to get totally lost in Max world when I feel something poking me in my side. I turn to see Alex grinning wildly at me and I can’t help the burning of my cheeks.

“Hey Liz.” A voice beside Max says. I hadn’t even noticed Maria and I mumble an apology for not greeting her properly.

It takes my awhile to get my bearing back before I can actually speak again. Max Evans should be banned from all work places if this is the effect he causes.

Alex sees my struggle and being the wonderful friend that he is, he excuses himself and leaves me all alone. I’m really starting to hate him right now. “Um… so what brings you by?”

Maria shrugs. “I had a few things I needed to discuss with you and since Max and I were already in the area, we just decided to drop by.”

“No we… ohhff.” Maria elbows Max in the stomach before he can get his statement out and I look at the two strangely. Max is now pouting as he rubs his chest. I can’t help but think how adorable he looks right now.

“Well, what did you need to talk about?” I ask.

Just as she opens her mouth to speak, her cell phone rings and she excuses herself to answer it. “So…” I say once we’re alone.

“So… How have you been Liz?”

“Good. And how about you?”

He scratches behind his ear, a move I know he does when he’s nervous. After four years of studying him in high school, I just know these things. “I’m good. You know, as well as I can be….” He’s cut off when the elevator chimes behind him and he turns to see Maria stepping into it.

“What the… Maria!! Where the hell are you going?!” He yells as he hurries towards the closing doors.

“I really have to go. See if Liz will give you a ride.” Before either one of us can reply, the doors close and she’s gone.

Max is now muttering to himself. I can’t really tell what he’s saying, but I know he’s pissed. “Um… Max, I was going to go get something to eat… you could join me if you want to. Or I could just take you home. It’s not a problem.” It’d be a blessing from heaven!

“Sure, that sounds like fun… I mean if you don’t mind me tagging along.”

“No, it’s fine.” He smiles and we make our way to the elevator. He places his hand on the small of my back like he did days ago when he took me home and I feel terribly giddy. I can already tell that this is going to be one of the best days of my life.

Is it possible for someone to be sexy when they eat? I swear everything this guys doing is smooth and suave and just down right sexy. Too bad he’s already taken though. Right now he telling me about the time Michael got sick when they had to dissect pigs in high school.

“I didn’t even know a person’s face could turn that shade of green. He had spilled ketchup on his shirt during lunch and he didn’t notice it until he started to freak out and he thought it was blood. It was hilarious and everyone was staring at him while he was squealing like a little girl.” He laughs.

“So what happened?” I ask, completely engrossed in his deep, laugh.

“He ran to the nearest trash can and barfed his guts out. Ever since then, he can’t stand the sight of blood, even with the smallest of cuts. He can’t handle it.”

“Awww, poor Michael.”

“Yeah poor Michael. It was funny as hell though.” He smiles.

We finish the rest of our food in a comfortable silence, occasionally throwing soft smiles across the table. “Hey Liz?”


“What are your plans for tonight?” He asks as he scratches his ear.

“Um… well, there’s a box of Ben and Jerry’s waiting for me in the freezer and a good Lifetime movie.”

“Oh… well you wouldn’t want to abandon your exciting plans to see a movie with me would you?”

Oh My God!!! He did not just ask me that?! Is he crazy! I would abandon my whole life and move to Antarctica to go out with him. Okay maybe not, but I’d definitely have a hard time making my decision.

I take several deep breaths to calm my nerves before answering. “Oh um… that… that would be great.”

He smiles and I melt like I always do. “Great. What do you say we finish up here and then we can get going?”

I’m so speechless right now that I can only nod in answer. I’m having a hard time believing this is real and my breathing is coming out in short gasps. Max seems to be oblivious to the fact that I’m suffocating over here because of him, which I thank God for.

“Ready to go?” He asks me once he pays for the check. Again I can only nod and I let him help me out of my chair. Although he’s still unaware of my little breathing problem, he seems to know that my legs are jelly and he wraps an arm around my waist to keep me steady as he escorts me out of the restaurant.

I realize that I have to drive and I coach myself back to a point of calmness before we head towards the theater. We argue over who will pay for the tickets and just as I make a good point that he paid for the food at the restaurant and I should have to pay for the movie, he steals my purse and pays for the tickets himself.

“Max, can I have my purse back now?” I whine as we stand in line for popcorn. He’s holding my purse over his head and considering how tall he is compared to me… I’m never getting that purse back.

“Not until I pay for the popcorn.” He says.


“Nope. I suggested we see a movie so I should have to pay. Now don’t argue with me and tell the lady what you want.” He says, as we make it to the front of the line. I roll my eyes at him, but the smile that threatens to form on my lips betrays my look of annoyance.

I manage to steal my purse back and slip five dollars into his pocket without him noticing as we head into the movie. Once we’re seated, Max throws his arm across the back of my chair, his hand brushing against my shoulder. I shiver slightly at the contact and he asks me if I’m cold.

“N-N… I’m fine.” I stutter. Even in the dark, I can see the gold flecks in his eyes and I turn away before I say or do something stupid.

As the movie plays on, I feel Max’s hand rubbing my arm soothingly and I lay me head on his shoulder. I feel him kiss the top of my head before he moves down to my forehead. I lift my head to find him looking intently at me. I breathe deeply before his head dips forward and he kisses me. I respond immediately, and I know I’ve just been introduced to the greatest drug, and that’s Max’s kisses.

“Liz, I’ve waited so long to do that.” He whispers huskily.

“Me too.” He smiles before descending on my lips again. He deepens the kiss and I have no intension of stopping him. He could take me right here, right now and I wouldn’t give a damn. It’s dark in here so not too many people would notice.

I moan into his mouth, melting into his hard body as his tongue swipes against mine. I want to get closer to him, but the arm rest prevents that. Max however has a solution to everything and he picks me up and plants me in his lap without ever breaking our impassioned kiss.

“Max…” I moan as his lips wander away from mine and down to my neck. All I can do is hold on to him for dear life as he nibbles and licks my heated skin.

“I love you Max.” I whisper into the darkness.

“I love you Liz… Liz… Liz… Wake up.”

My eyes pop open only to be assaulted by the bright lights of the empty movie theater. I bury my face in Max’s chest and let out a low groan.

“Liz? You okay?” Max asks. I realize I’m still laying on him and I slowly sit up, immediately missing his unique smell and his hard chest beneath my cheek.

“I’m fine.” I mutter, even though I’m not. It was only a dream and I feel the tears prick the back of my eyes. None of it was real, Max and I have never kissed and he doesn’t love me.

I can feel him looking at me and I turn to stand up. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you.” I say quietly.

He smiles reassuringly as he ushers me up the aisle and into the lobby. “It’s okay. That movie was boring. I almost fell asleep too.” He laughs.

I return his smile and we head to the car, ending a bittersweet night.


I wave as Liz pulls off after dropping me off at home before walking up the steps and pulling out my key. Tonight had been one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time. Having Liz laying against me was the greatest feeling in the world. All I could do was watch her as she slept and I wanted to stay like that forever. But that can never happen and it shouldn’t happen. In a few months, I’ll be a married man and these feeling will go away.

I notice all the lights are off as I enter the house and I finally realize how late it actually is. I sneak pass the living room and up the stairs towards the bedroom. Hopefully Tess is asleep, but I have no such luck when I find her sitting up in bed, looking right at me when I walk into the room.

“Where have you been?”

Be at Peace MJ

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A/N - Hi guys it's my turn again...I just finished this part and well I will apologize that it's not as good as the last part so sorry. Even though Tiffany loved it...I pay her to say that doesn't count LOL!!

Thanks for the GREAT feedback it's totally appreciated!!! Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 7


After I dropped Max off I jumped right into bed after getting undressed and have just been going over everything that happened tonight.

Now that was a perfect date! If only the daydream was real, now that would have made it amazing. Although I did get to lay against his warm, hot, hard body which was simply the best feeling I have ever felt thus far in my life.

He is such a great guy. I mean not only is he totally sexy but he’s funny and thoughtful. How can anyone not love the man? I wish we dated in high school I know for damn sure I would have never let him go. I wonder what would have happened if we dated, I mean would we be married? Have a house with a white picket fence and have 2.5 kids? Hmm I just I love him so much and it’s so wrong.

He’s getting married, he’s in love with someone else and I really need to focus on that information because it’s real and it’s true. I need to stop living in the fantasy world because I’ll be the only one to end up really hurt in the end. My heart wants to hold on tight to Max and never let go but my mind knows better. My mind knows that he would never love me enough to want to marry me.

He has a perfect fiancé; she’s beautiful, cheerful, big breasted, has bouncy blonde curls and unusually crystal blue eyes. I mean seriously who has eyes that blue? I wonder if they are contacts? I think I might have to take a better look next time. If only her breasts weren’t real, then I’d have the upper hand but that girl must have come out of the womb with those things because she had them as a freshman in high school.

God! This is just ludicrous here I am obsessing over a girl who has managed to win over the heart of the love of my life. I need to get a grip already; I need to stop fantasying about him. He’s getting married, he loves Tess and there isn’t anything I can do about it.

But it hurts so bad more so than I’d like to admit. Maybe after the wedding I’ll feel better. I mean then I’ll have to let him go right?

Yeah right Liz! Keep telling yourself that! I am so frustrated I mean I wonder if I should just tell Max how I feel and let him decide.


Decide what? That I’m a moron who’s been pining over him for too damn long? That I’m plain, boring and completely unexciting?

Or he could finally realize what a great catch I am, that he has always been in love with me he was just in denial or something.

There I go again, I really need some sleep because I have officially gone off the deep end.





What the hell am I supposed to say to her?

Let’s go over my options…

I was out with Liz who I can’t stop thinking about and even though she’s our wedding planner I can’t help but want to pin her against the wall and take her…

Nah that definitely won’t work and it is guaranteed to leave me in the doghouse for all of eternity.

I was out with a friend.

She might go for that, but that one will leave me open to a lot of questions that I’m not ready to answer. What else? Well maybe this will work…

“I was out.” I shrug my shoulders and walk around the bed and begin to get undressed. I don’t even look at her I just slip into bed preparing myself for her questions.

“Oh. Okay well goodnight Max.” She turns over and shuts off the light.


What the fuck just happened?

No questions?

No yelling?


I don’t believe it, but all I have to say is that someone up there must love me.

I settle back and lay down and I’m just simply confused. Why didn’t she ask me who I was with and why was I getting home so late?

I don’t get it at all but I’m not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. I’m so tired right now though so I guess I’ll save my thoughts about tonight for the morning.

I woke up this morning and Tess was already gone like she usually is on Saturday mornings. She goes to visit her parents who live about an hour or so away.

My thoughts drift back to last night with Liz. It was…amazing. She’s absolutely perfect and totally adorable. When she fell asleep I just watched her beautiful face I don’t know what it is about her that I’m so drawn to.

It’s making it really hard to separate my feelings for her. She is a girl I had a major crush on in high school, what am I saying? Since the first time I ever saw her big brown eyes, perfect lips, and the silkiest looking brown hair I have ever seen. I want to just run my hands through it all day while getting lost in her eyes.

That sounds really bad. I should not be even thinking about Liz the way I am. I’m getting married. I love Tess. I want to marry her. Okay I’m feeling a little better.

What the fuck am I talking about?

I’m not feeling better I’m so confused. Why do I feel these things for Liz that I shouldn’t be feeling? That was high school and it was only a crush after all. Spending time with her is what the problem is, the more time I spend with her the more I get to know her and the more conflicted I become. It should be easy Liz can be a friend nothing more; Tess is who I am going to spend the rest of my life with.

I’m now realizing how much of an asshole I’m being. I just went out on a date with a girl and I’m engaged. And regardless how much I like Liz I have an obligation to Tess. She doesn’t deserve me keeping things from her or spending time with another girl.

I need to get my shit together especially before Ma…

“Max!” Damn! I hear the front door slam and I know it’s time to be grilled. I throw myself back under the covers and pretend that I’m still sleeping, not like she would care but I can try right?

“Oh get real! I know you’re awake!” Maria plops down on the bed next to me and begins to draw the covers off my body.

“Woah! You’re wearing something under there right Max?” She asks me while winking at me and I just shake my head and roll my eyes.

“Yes I am.” I say while sitting up a little.

“Oh good because Max as sexy as you are I am your best friend and we share everything with each other, but there are certain parts of your anatomy I do not wish to be accustomed to seeing.” She says while leaning in and giving me a kiss on the cheek. I wrap my arms around her and throw her down on the bed next to me and begin to tickle the hell out of her.

I know how much she hates it and it looks like she really fixed her hair up this morning.

“Maxwell Evans! Stop it right now! You know I can’t breathe when you do that!” She yells while trying to swat me away but I don’t relent.

“Maria you’re breathing just fine if you are yelling at me.” I tickle her a few more times before letting her up.

“Damn it Max! You messed my hair up! Just remember payback is a bitch.” She says while rolling off the bed and walking over to the mirror to fix her hair. I just sit back and laugh but then I notice she is eyeing me in the mirror.

“Well Romeo I see we are in a particularly good mood this morning.” I groan inwardly and roll out of bed pulling my pants on and a T-shirt I have on the chair across the room.

“Oh no you don’t, I want details. I worked hard to get you guys together.” I turn around and throw an incredulously look at her and she quickly walks out of the room with me hot on her heels.

“Maria you have to stop whatever it is you think you are doing.” I tell her as she pulls out two coffee mugs and prepares the coffee.

“Max why are you trying to deny it?” She waves her hands in the air exasperatedly.

“Deny what?”

“That you have feelings for Liz.”

“That I…what are you talking about?” I mean I know I said I liked Liz but feelings, what kind of feelings is she talking about? I just figured it all out this morning I don’t need her opinions on what I should and shouldn’t be doing with my life.

“I don’t know why you’re still with her, when you obviously have strong feelings for Liz.” She turns around to face me crossing her arms over her chest.

“What? Maria I’m marrying Tess. I love her and I’m not going to sit here and listen to you tell me the same tired story again!” I ground out at her getting angry that she wants to argue about this again.

“You don’t have to get all defensive I’m simply stating the obvious.” Is she trying to seriously piss me off?

“Obvious? What the hell is so obvious? Because I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!” I stand up, walk around the table and stand in front of her.

“That you are in love with Liz.” She says it as if I should know this or something.

“What?! Okay you have lost your fucking mind Maria and I don’t need this bullshit!” I’m so angry with her right now I don’t even feel like being the same room with her.

“Max, would you just wake up already. I mean why do you insist on lying to yourself? You and Tess don’t belong together.” She’s not backing down from this argument too bad for her neither am I.

“Don’t belong together? I asked her to marry me and that’s a big thing Maria. And I love her! How many times and for how many years do I have to explain it to you?!”

“Oh I don’t know how about until you realize that you make no sense together! She’s annoying and whiny. God I hate whiny people.” She is so off focus right now, I wish she would stick to one topic at a time. It’s bad enough I can barely follow her mind frame half the time when she’s talking about one thing but jumping from one thought to another is confusing as hell.

“I mean she is not your type.” I roll my eyes heavenward because I know until she gets it all off her chest she will not let it rest.

“Oh really and what’s my type Oh Wise One?” I ask her sarcastically.

“Short, brown hair, beautiful, intelligent and perfect for you. Basically in a nut shell Liz!”

“Maria, look even if I think Liz is beautiful and intelligent that means nothing.” Or does it? See she has me all messed up again.

“That’s where you’re wrong, it means everything.”

“No it doesn’t. Just leave it alone Maria.” I’m so agitated at this point.



“It’s my life!”

“And I’m your friend and I won’t sit back any longer and watch you fuck it all up!”

“Fuck it up? How am I doing that?”

“By marrying someone you think you love rather than being with someone you know you love!”

You ever have an epiphany? I know I’ve never had one before so this is a first, but could it be possible? I mean could I think I’m in love with Tess? No I mean…no she’s wrong. I do love Tess. But Liz is all of those things I always knew she would be. I ache to know her better, to be with her.

To be with her?

No that’s wrong. Maria has me thinking all wrong again.

“Maria I love you but if you can’t handle the fact that Tess and I are getting married then maybe we shouldn’t talk about this anymore.”

“That’s fine you can stop talking about it, but let me ask you Max. What did you tell Tess last night when you got home from being out with Liz all day?” I pin her with a scowling stare. She knows me too well.

“I told her that I was out.” No sense in lying right?

“Out. Interesting did you tell her with whom you spent the day out with?” Oh she is itching for me to explode.

“No! All right she didn’t even act like she gave a shit! Does that make you feel better?” I shout out at her.

“Yes it does because I know that she doesn’t deserve you Max, why don’t you see it? And it’s not hard to see the way Liz looks at you.” All my anger deflates at Maria’s declaration.

“Looks at me? How does she look at me?” Am I missing something here?

“She likes you Max…a lot. And she does not look at you with friendly eyes.” She says to me traces of anger erased from her voice.

“Well then how does she look at me?” I ask her my curiosity now piqued.

“Like she wants to have you for her next meal.” What? No she doesn’t. Does she? I mean have I been that oblivious? I’m so lost in my thoughts I don’t notice Maria come to stand in front of me and frame my face with her hands.

“It’s okay Max. I know you weren’t looking for it, but it’s true I know it’s true. You have feelings for Liz and I know you think those feelings are wrong, but don’t you think it’s worse to lie to yourself and to Tess about something you don’t feel anymore? I’m not denying that you love Tess in your own way but Max can you look me in the eye and tell me that you are still in love with Tess?” She asks me that question. The question I have been avoiding asking myself for a while now, but Maria knows me and she knows when I’m lying so to attempt would only be futile.

“No I…I love Tess but I’m not in love with her and if I’m honest I haven’t been for a long time. I’ve been wrong Maria, so wrong.” I look into her big green eyes, knowing that no matter what she will be there for me.

“What should I do?” I whisper out softly.

“Be honest with yourself, Tess and Liz. I know it won’t be easy but you need to decide what you want. No matter what happens Max I’m here and I’m not going anywhere.” She tells me and wraps her arms around my neck giving me a hug, which I return gratefully.

I know what I need to do now. I need to stop hiding behind my fear of rejection and put myself out there and finally be honest about the fact that I Max Evans, am in love with Liz Parker.

My life has just gotten seriously complicated and I just hope that my heart survives it.


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My turn! Tanya told me it didn't suck so if it does blame her. :wink:

Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 8


It’s not until about ten this morning that Alex decides to come to work. He shuffles through the door with a goofy smile plastered on his face and I glare hard at him as he walks by. I don’t even bother to ask him where he’s been. I’m not in a good mood today which is in great contrast to the high I was on last night when Max and I went to the movies. I guess that’s the problem. I’m in love with an engaged man and he doesn’t even think of me as more than a friend to him.

“Hey Liz.” Alex greets me as he plops on my desk. He’s got this annoying smirk on his face and I just want to slap him so hard right now.

“Whatever.” I grumble in response. Yes, little Miss Lizzie Parker can be a bitch when she wants to. And right now I don’t feel like being bothered by anyone.

But then again, I close my eyes and remember Max’s hard chest beneath my cheek, his spicy scent and his strong arm wrapped around me. It’s enough to send me into ecstasy and I know that sounds crazy, but that’s how much I love him. Just one touch from him and I’ll go crazy.

But then with that thought comes the impending sadness. He’s never been mine, and he never will be. He’s engaged to HER and he loves HER. And I don’t want to see him and be reminded of that. But then if I don’t see him, I feel like I’m going to explode.

I’m broken out of my thoughts when I feel Alex shaking my shoulder. “Liz? What’s the matter?”

I shake my hand and resume the work I was doing before he came in. “Nothing.” I mumble. “I need you to call Thompson’s Hall on Avondale to confirm the Harrison’s reception.” Alex eyes my strangely but I give him the say-one-word-to-me-and-I’ll-kick-your-ass look. He gets the point and slides over to his own desk.

After day of grumbling and snapping at everyone, I start to feel guilty for taking all of my anger and frustration out them. I decide I need a break and I head off into the bathroom. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I shake my head. I look pathetic and it all comes back to Max Evans. Why couldn’t I love a guy that wasn’t engaged and totally in love with his fiancée? Why couldn’t he be a complete jerk that repulses me to no end? It’s not fair.

“Liz?” I practically jump out of my skin at Alex’s voice and I whirl around to see him walking into the bathroom.

“What are you doing in here? This is the woman’s bathroom.” I say as I wipe my eyes. I hadn’t noticed I was crying until now.

“Obviously.” He grumbles, eyeing the nice flowers, pictures and comfy couch on the other end of the room. “How come the men’s room isn’t this nice? Ours smell like ass and we’re lucky if we get the hard tissue that hurts when you wipe!” I fight to stop the twitching of my lips as a smile threatens to show. “Ha!! I see that smile! You can’t hide it from me.” He says.

I collapse onto the couch and bury my face in the cushions. “Go away.” I mumble into the pillows.

“No can do. Not until you tell me why you’ve been biting my head off all day.” He plops down next to me and pulls my head into his lap. “Tell me what’s bothering you.” He says sincerely.

I sigh and curl against him. “I’ll give you one guess.”

It doesn’t take him long to figure it out and he strokes my hair comfortingly. “What happened between you two last night? I called you but you weren’t home.”

“That’s because Max and I went out to eat and then he asked me to go to the movies with him.” I’m waiting for Alex to explode with questions right now, but when he doesn’t I look at him in confusion. “What? Why aren’t you surprised about this?”

“Liz, can you be that blind?” Again, I stare at him in confusion. “Lizzie, Max likes you. I mean he really likes you.”

“I know that Alex. He wants to be my friend.” I say miserably.

Alex bursts into laughter and again I’m left looking at him like he’s grown a second head. “No. The guy adores you, Liz. He wants to be more than a friend to you. It’s all there when he looks at you. He has the hots for you.”

Does he? Is it possible that Max Evans, love of my life, could actually have feelings for me too? No… no it couldn’t be. Could it?

I sit up and regard him with a careful stare. “Alex, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” I say. I figure that if I stay in denial, it’ll hurt less when I find out Alex has just mistaken his observations. “Max is in love with Tess. They’re engaged for God’s sake.”

Alex shakes his head. “Liz, have you watched those two together? There’s nothing there. No sparks, no fireworks, no nothing. And besides, if he cared about Tess as much as you and he think he does, do you think he would have asked you to go out with him?”

Okay, he has a point there. Max was a little close to me all night, not that I minded in the slightest. But maybe he’s just affectionate that way.

“I bet you anything that Max and Tess won’t last until their wedding day. He’s too much in love with you.”

Why is Alex doing this to me? This can’t be true. Max doesn’t have feelings for me. He only thinks of me as a friend. He was probably just bored and wanted to see a movie last night. There was nothing else to it.

But even as that thought crosses my mind, I can’t help but think that Alex may be right.

Alex and I head back into the office and as soon as we do, I hear a loud call at the door.

“Alex!” I turn to see Isabel brushing right past me and heading towards Alex’s desk.

“Hey Iz.” He greets as a bright smile forms on his lips. “What’s up?” I raise an eyebrow as Isabel gives him a hug and kisses his cheek. His smile widens and I roll my eyes. Alex has had a crush on Isabel for awhile now and I really don’t know what he sees in her.

“I’ve got a surprise for you.” She sings. “Close your eyes.” He does as he’s told and she backs out of the office, once again breezing right pass me.

“Alex, what the hell is this?” I hiss once Isabel is gone.

“What? We hung out for breakfast and we talked a little…”

“How could you do this to me?”

“What am I doing?”

“You’re supposed to be my best friend.” I whine.

He grabs me and pulls me into a hug. “You are. But you know how much I like her. I’m telling you that she’s just jealous of you. Besides, the only reason she’s hanging out with me because she thinks I’m gay.” He glares at me as I stifle a giggle. “Liz, that’s not funny. Now please don’t mess this up for me.” He gives me the puppy dog eyes and I give in instantly. Damn my soft heart and love for dogs!!

“Besides, all she needs is a real man to give her a good lay and she’ll be just as nice as they come.” He says as he flexes his muscles. I scoff and roll my eyes. This is going to be good.

“Alex.” Isabel says as she makes her way back into the office with a man trailing behind her. He looks to be about my age and my height. He looks at Alex and he smiles mischievously. “Alex, this is François. François this is Alex.”

Alex looks a little confused, but he reaches out to shake François’ hand anyway. “Hello.”

“Alex, I found you a date.” Isabel says gleefully. She pushes the two together and I’m just about to burst into laughter.

“Hey. Isabel, you didn’t tell me how hot this one was. Damn! How about you and I go somewhere more private?” François says.

Alex’s eyes widen and mine tear up from the vast amount of laughter that I’m struggling to hold in. “Um… I think there’s been a mix up…”

“Me too. How is that we haven’t cross each other’s paths before?” He reaches up to stroke Alex’s cheek but Alex jumps away in horror.

“Look man. I’m not gay.” He says with wide eyes as François advances towards him.

“I can make you gay. Really gay.” He replies huskily.

“I’m NOT gay!!” Alex screeches as he bolts from the office, leaving me in tears on the floor as I crack up laughing.


I causally stroll down the street, having nothing better to do after work. I don’t really want to go home right now and I’d just rather not deal with the conflicting feelings I have for Tess and Liz.

Okay, so I’ve come to the conclusion that I am indeed in love with Liz. I don’t know how this could happen. I mean, I had feelings for her all through high school but I would have thought that they would go away in the years that I haven’t seen her. But they seem to have come back even stronger than they used to be.

But what about Tess? I can’t just dump her. We’ve been together for so long and I don’t even know if Liz feels the same for me. Maybe this is just a passing thing only because I haven’t seen Liz in so long. Maybe it will go away. It will go away. Right?

I’m just about to turn around to go home when I spot the object of my affection coming out of a restaurant across the street. It looks like she’s alone and I’m mesmerized at how beautiful she looks. Without thinking, I cross the street and “accidentally” bump into her, and catch her in my arms before she falls to the ground.

“Max.” Am I hearing things or did she sigh my name. I shake my head to clear my thoughts and set her firmly on her feet.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you.” Big lie. How could I not notice her?

“It’s okay. At least you caught me before I could fall on my ass.” She laughs.

“So… where are you coming from?” I ask causally.

She gestures towards the restaurant. “I didn’t feel like cooking so I just decided to eat out.” She says. I nod, her silky hair shining in the late sun catching my eye. “Where are you headed?” She asks me.

It takes me awhile to figure out she asks me a question. “Oh, um… no where. I’m just out for a walk.”

“Oh.” We stand in an uncomfortable silence for a few moments before she speaks up again. “Well did you want to hang out or something? I mean if you didn’t have anything else to do... it’s perfectly fine if you do… or if you just don’t want to. I understand…”

She’s so cute when she rambles. “I’d love to Liz. You have any place in mind?”

She smiles and nods shyly and at that moment I’d follow her anywhere.

About fifteen minutes later, Liz pulls off the main road and drives down a dirt road. I have a fleeting thought that she might be taking me into the woods to have her evil way with me and I couldn’t dream of anything better. We are a little ways from the city in this little secluded park type area. We get out of her car and she slides her tiny hand into mine and leads me towards a fallen tree which is not too far away from a small creek.

“What is this place?” I ask her as we settle against the tree.

“I like to call it my special place. I always come here when I want to be alone.” She smiles at me and I want her so bad that I’m going to explode if I don’t have her.

Our conversation is kept simple and when she’s not paying attention, I manage to scoot a little closer to her. I can smell her sweet scent and my head spins with desire.

It’s now dark and she’s even more gorgeous in the moon light. I tell her so without thinking and she blushes wildly.

“Thank you.” She whispers shyly. She’s quiet as she turns and looks towards the creek, but my eyes refuse to leave her.

“What?” She says when she sees me staring.

I shrug and move closer. “You’re just… beautiful.” I expect her to blush and giggle and murmur a shy “thank you,” but she doesn’t. Her eyes drop to my lips before she moves closer and kisses me. I don’t even get a chance to enjoy the feel of her lips on mine because as soon as we touch, she pulls away.

“I’m sorry.” She whispers as she scoots away slightly.

“Yeah. Me too.” I mumble. I’m not in the least bit sorry though. This is so wrong. I know it is. I’m in engaged for goodness sake. Damn it!

That doesn’t seem to make a difference because my body has a mind of its own and I’m kissing her again before I can stop myself.

Her lips are soft against mine and I wrap an arm around her waist to get closer. This is wrong. This is wrong! Even as I repeat it in my mind, I deepen the kiss, nibbling on her sweet lips. It seems like I’ve waited for this day for a long time and now that it’s here, I’m in total bliss.

Liz suddenly pulls away as if she’d just been burnt. We’re both panting heavily and she ducks her head as her face reddens.

“Um… we should get going.” She says. Without another word, she stands and makes her way back to the car.

Now, I’ve managed to complicate things yet again.

Be at Peace MJ

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- My turn again...Thanks for the great FB Tiffany and I appreciate it so much and are glad you guys are enjoying this!

Chapter 9


I am a terrible, horrible and lowlife person. How could I kiss him? How? I mean I knew it was wrong at the time but it felt like I needed to at that moment. When he told me I was beautiful something inside me cracked.

I have waited my whole life for Max Evans to so much as notice me and to find out he thinks I’m beautiful is like a dream come true. I couldn’t let the moment pass me by…no matter how wrong it was, I just couldn’t stop myself.

His lips were perfect, soft and warm. Everything I thought they would be. I know that I would have let things get too far if I hadn’t pulled away but that’s not what is really bothering me. No what’s bothering me is that I let Max kiss me and I shouldn’t have. He’s getting married, he’s in love and it’s not with me. I’m sure he did it in the heat of the moment, we were just caught up and maybe he was just curious or whatever.

Regardless of all that though I need to keep myself in check around him, I have a meeting in a few days with him and Tess and I need to stay in control. Yet I can’t stop thinking about it that is why I am currently laying in the dark under the covers trying to fall asleep.

“Lizzie!” Oh man! Why oh why did I give him a key?! I roll over on the bed and bury my head under the covers, pretending to be asleep hoping that he will walk in the room and see that I’m asleep and leave.

No such luck though, he already turned on the light and is currently bouncing on the bed.

“I’m up! Would you stop jumping up and down already?!” I am so irritated right now. I’m upset, hurt and completely confused and all Alex is going to do is make me even more confused.

“Hey what crawled up your ass and died?” I roll my eyes; he really needs to stop with those one-liners.

“Nothing. Look I’m tired and I have a busy week coming up so could you just leave me be?” I know I’m being a bitch right now, but I can’t handle one more emotion right now.

“O-okay! Well I see someone didn’t get laid tonight.” Excuse me did he say what I think he said?

“What?!” I throw the covers off me and jump out of bed to pace in front of him. What kind of person does he think I am?

“Oh come off it Liz, you know you want Max and he wants you just as much.” He says to me like it’s common knowledge or something. I mean yes I want Max but that doesn’t mean that he wants me or would ever.

“First of all he is getting married!” I yell at him at this point. The severity of what could have happened tonight is working on my conscious full time right now.

“Detail Liz that is a minor detail.”

“Minor? He’s fucking getting married! He’s in love with Tess! They are going to live happily fucking ever after! Max and Tess! Not Max and me! What don’t you understand?!” I rake my hands through my hair in frustration. Why is he making my life harder and how could he say something like that to me? I mean pushing everything else to the side, cheating is wrong no matter which way you slice it.

“What the fuck is your problem? I figured you would be happy that I’m helping you…”

“Helping me? You are making my life a living hell Alex! Don’t you get it?”

“No I don’t. Liz you’re so happy when you’re with him, what’s wrong with that? I mean he’ll probably dump her soon so it will be all set.” He says to me with a big smile and gleam in his eye. Is he drunk? He must be.

“No it’s not all set. Do you know where I was tonight Alex?” He starts to ponder the question for a second then shakes his head.

“I was with Max. Yes that’s right I just so happen to run into him and we spent the rest of the day together. And then…” I can’t even say it. I’m happy as hell that it happened but I’m breaking inside because I know he’s not mine…he’ll never be mine.

“What Liz? What happened?” I look up at Alex with tears in my eyes, why doesn’t he understand? He’s usually really good at understanding me but when it comes to this whole Max thing he’s like on a different planet.

“I…we…I kissed him…and he kissed me back.” I rush out quickly. Saying it out loud makes it so much more real.

“That’s great!” That’s it I can’t take it anymore!

“Alex look obviously you don’t understand what I’m saying and if you do, you are just choosing to ignore the truth. And for me right now where I am emotionally that is just not working for me. I love you Alex but right now I need to be alone.” I say flatly. I am emotionally and physically drained.

“So that’s it? You’re just going to give up?”

“Give up? Give up what Alex?” I sit down on the bed next to him hoping that he will just leave so we don’t end up saying things we regret.

“On Max, on being happy. I don’t understand you Liz. You complain that you are miserable but now you have a real chance at love and you are walking away.”

“What other choice do I have? Pursue an engaged man?”

“He doesn’t love her.”

“You know what Alex you keep telling me that but if he doesn’t they why the fuck is he marrying her?”

“He probably doesn’t think that you care about him or are in love with him. So you should just tell him.”

“Tell him? Are you crazy?!” I think he has been hanging around Isabel for too long.

“You are such a coward Liz. You finally stand up to your sister after how many years? And for the so called love of your life you just give up without a fight.” He shakes his head disappointedly at me.

“Without a fight? What am I fighting for? He doesn’t love me Alex! And it hurts so bad and I hate myself for even taking this damn job but I can’t back away from it. So I will watch Max marry Tess and I will let him go.” I can’t stop the tears that slip from the corners of my eyes. My heart is breaking by the second and I can’t stop the pain from rushing through my body.

“I don’t know if he loves you Liz, but he feels something for you I know he does. The looks he gives you and…”

“I don’t give a shit! This conversation ends now! And unless we are talking about the wedding I don’t want to discuss Max Evans ever again!”

“Whatever you want Liz. Come talk to me when you’re ready to stop hiding.” He gets up off the bed and walks out of my house without another word.

I feel so lost right now and the one person I need I just let walk out the door because I’m too scared to face the fact that I am letting Max go without a fight. But how do I know there is something worth fighting for?

I throw myself back into bed under the covers praying for sleep to take over soon.



Liz just pulled away and I really don’t want to head inside the house. I know Tess is home her car is in the driveway. I know it’s terrible but I know that once I walk through this door I will have to let all my thoughts of Liz fly out the window.

When we kissed tonight it was perfect. She tasted so sweet, her lips were so soft and it just felt so right. If I knew what kissing her was like I would have done it much sooner.

It’s wrong. I made a commitment to Tess and I do love her. It’s just that whenever Liz is around I loose all rational thought. I can’t do that to her, she does mean a lot to me and we have been through a lot together. With one final deep breath I place the key in the door and open it.

“Hi sweetie!” She smiles brightly at me from the couch.

“Hi, what are you up to?” I shrug out of my jacket and take a seat next to her on the couch and place a kiss on her cheek.

“Nothing, just looking through some catalogues of flowers. Liz says that I really need to decide what I want so she can be sure to be able to get whatever I want.” I just nod and lean over and grab the remote to turn on the television.

All my thoughts are now of Liz. I need to stop! I wish I had an off button I could push to use on myself. I flip through the channels and it is not helping me at all.

“Hey I’m headed to bed want to come with?” I ask her as I stand up.

“No…I have a headache and besides I’m kind of hungry so I’m going to stay up.” I bend down and kiss her forehead.

“Okay goodnight.”

“Night.” She doesn’t even look up at me. I wonder what’s going on with her? Lately she has had a headache and barely looks me in the eye. I should be the one that can’t after all I’m the one that kissed another girl tonight.

After getting undressed I lay with the covers half covering my body and I think about…that’s right Liz. I can’t get her off my mind. I wonder what it would be like to lay with her next to me…to fall asleep holding her…to make love to her.

What am I thinking?! Bad thoughts! That’s what it is; I need to find a way to stop this insanity. I got it! I’ll just avoid her until the wedding is over and then I’ll never see her again. I can do that right?

I hope to hell so otherwise this is going to get ugly really fast. I do have such strong feelings and I love her, how can anyone not but I can’t do that to Tess. I just can’t throw away my friendship and our relationship based on feelings that I have that are not even reciprocated.

That’s it I’ll just avoid Liz and everything will be great! I can finally get some sleep.



“So Liz I guess that’s it for us right?” Maria has been in my office all morning and to be honest I can’t stop my head from spinning. We went over everything for her wedding; she’s very detail oriented which is usually great. But she’s anal as well, so that is not a good combination. She has changed her mind on the damn wedding cake twelve times; I was about ready to tell her to bake the fucking thing herself. Thankfully she made a decision, which I’m sure she’ll call me tomorrow and change her mind. Right now though I don’t care so long as she stops talking.

“Yes that’s it.” I say closing my laptop and I make a motion to stand but Maria is not moving.

Why is she not moving? Please tell me she didn’t change her mind in the last ten seconds.

“You know Liz I’ve been meaning to ask you what you do with your free time?” Why does she care? I answer her question anyway.

“I usually work, but when I’m not working I like to take day trips to different places. It’s sad to say I’ve lived in Roswell all my life but haven’t seen half of it.”

“Oh really like what kinds of places?” Again why does she care? Maybe if I answer all her questions she’ll go away. I know I’m being mean again, but it’s been two days since I’ve seen Max, since our kiss and I’m in withdrawal and having his best friend sitting here is making it hard not to think about him.

“Like different parks, and monuments and…”

“What kind of monuments?”

“Well one of my favorites is the White Sands National Monument.”

“What’s that?”

“Well it’s basically a desert within a desert it’s absolutely beautiful and just…”

“What are you doing today?” Boy someone ought to teach her about focusing on one subject at a time.

“Besides sitting here with you?”


“I’m actually heading home and…” I really could use some sleep since it’s not even nine yet she has been here for far too long.

“You know that monument sounds really interesting.”


“Yes. In fact I know someone that would love to go.”


“Max.” Oh no! Not her too! I mean I haven’t talked to Alex since our disagreement and now I have Maria on my back.

“You know he and Tess would probably love…”

“No. No. No silly girl I mean you and Max. Yes that’s perfect in fact let me call him right now.” What?! No she can’t…

“No! I mean wouldn’t he want to go with his fiancé?”

“Nonsense that girl is busy with the wedding and whatever else and I know for a fact Max is alone today.” She and Alex must be drinking from the same glass or something. Why does everyone feel the need to torture me?

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

“Come on Liz I mean he would love to go and why not? It’s not big deal.” Right! Ha! No big deal if I decide to pull over on the side of the road and have my wicked way with him. Oh shit! My mind is once again back in Maxland. I really…

“That’s great! Yes okay meet me here in like twenty minutes.” I hear Maria snap her phone shut. What just happened? I mean I know I lost focus for a second but surely she couldn’t have had a telephone conversation in that time right?

“Well Liz I have to get going.” Going? Well maybe I just misunderstood her.

“Okay Maria, I’ll talk to you next week then.”

“Yes next week. Have a great day!” She says while practically running out of my office.



So I get the strangest call from Maria saying she was at Liz’s office but her car wouldn’t start and she needed a ride. I’m just about to the office and I’m getting nervous.

I don’t know what for because I’m not going inside the building so I won’t have to see Liz. I have managed to stay away for two days and…what the hell? Where is Maria or her car for that matter?

Damn it! There goes the plan right out the fucking window. I park my car and make my way up to Liz’s office. Deep breaths Max…deep breaths.

“Hi Max, what are you doing here?” She looks so good today. Her hair is loose just the way I love it and she has on a cute light blue sundress, she’s surprised to see me that much I can tell, but dare I hope she also looks happy.

“I…Maria called me and said her car wouldn’t start but I didn’t see her outside.” She smiles shyly and ducks her head.

“Oh, well yeah I don’t know she didn’t say anything to me about it when she left a few minutes ago.”

“Oh.” I should leave. I really should…but I don’t want to.

“So did everything go okay?”

“Yeah looks like everything is all set.”

“Good…that’s good.” Alright Max get your shit together and either leave or find something to talk about.

“Max?” She looks up at me and nibbles on her lower lip. How I want to kiss her soft lips again and swipe my tongue against hers holding her body against mine and…

“Uhm yeah?”

“What are you doing today?”

“Nothing why?”

“Have you ever heard of the White Sands National Monument?”

“Yeah I have. I have actually wanted to go there since I heard about it a few months ago and well Tess won’t sit in the car longer than an hour before complaining.” She just laughs and I can’t help but smile. She melts my heart.

“I was actually headed there today, right now…I mean after I stop off at home and maybe you want to join me?” Fuck yeah! Get a grip Evans; you can’t let her know you are jumping off the ceiling at this point.

“Sure, yeah that sounds great.” She backs up into her office and gathers a few papers and her laptop before we make our way downstairs.

“You want to just follow me and we can take one car?”

“Sounds good.” I know that by doing this…accepting her offer I’m going to walk down a road I shouldn’t but everything in my heart, body and soul tell me it’s the right thing to do, so how can I ignore it?



What the fuck am I doing?

I am supposed to be staying away but no! Maria just had to mention that he was alone today and that he would enjoy going to White Sands. Then when I saw him I was surprised but pleasantly. I know what I’m doing is wrong and I know that I can never go back, but when I’m with him it just feels so right, so how can I ignore it?

We make it to White Sands in about three and a half hours. We stopped and ate on the way there and we talked about everything; high school, college, any and everything. We have so much in common but not too much that it makes things boring. We are the perfect combination.

“Liz this is so amazing.” His entire face is lit up. From where we are standing you get a perfect view of the desert.

“It’s like a desert in a desert, I just…it’s so beautiful and I didn’t know it existed.”

“I know.” I say to him but I’m not referring to the white sand and exotic plants, no I’m saying it about him. He is everything I ever wanted and right now as much as I know I might regret this I need to kiss him.

I reach out my hand to him and he looks down into my eyes, I see the recognition he knows what’s coming and I wait…and wait to see him back down. For him to turn me away but he doesn’t.

I step closer to him I can feel his body heat radiating off him in waves, I can feel his breath on my face as I inch closer and closer and then our lips meet. The kiss is soft and tender. We are reacquainting ourselves with one another. I feel his one arm wrap around my waist bringing me flush with his hard body and the other snake around my neck helping to deepen our kiss.

He tentatively slides his tongue across my lower lip and I can’t help but revel in the feel of it…of him. I grant him access and soon our tongues, lips and hands are tangled up in one another. A few minutes later we break away panting for air and he rests his forehead against mine.

“Maybe we should go?” He says breathlessly to me and I simply nod since I know my voice would fail me now.

I would have thought that the car ride home would have been awkward but it’s not, we continue with normal conversation as if nothing happened. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing just yet. All I know is I don’t want to end my time with him, not now…not yet.

“Do you mind if we don’t head right back? I’m a little hungry and I was thinking we could pick up some Mexican and take a drive.”

“That’s fine I’m getting hungry anyway.”

After we pick up the food, which by the way Max was practically drooling over. I had to just ask him why and he said that Tess hated Mexican and so the only time he had it was when he was out with Michael and lately with the wedding Maria had him busy with things to do so it had been a while. I just smiled at how cute he was about it.

I take a drive out my special place since it’s only about ten minutes from where we got the food. I park the car and make my way to the back grabbing my blanket from the trunk. I always have it with me for when I come out here.

Max helps me lay the blanket out and then we proceed to eat in comfortable silence until we’re done.

“I’m stuffed!” I say pushing the food away from me.

“Light weight!” He says and I throw my balled up napkin at him.

“Your messing with fire Parker.”

“Oh yeah?” I tease.

“Yeah.” He teases back.

“Well maybe I like fire.” Am I flirting with him? I do believe I am…and if I do say so myself I’m damn good at it!

“Hmm maybe I do too.” He says in a low whisper and I don’t take too much notice at what he’s doing because I’m clearing up the containers of food and placing them back in the bags to throw away.

“Yeah?” I say and before I know it his lips are on mine and I lay back. He lies down on top of me and drags his lips back and forth across mine. Demanding entrance that I grant willingly. He pulls his lips away only to latch them onto the sensitive flesh on my neck and up to my ear to nibble at the soft skin and then covers my lips with his.

He brings his hands to my sides and rolls us over so I’m on top of him. Our bodies are heating up and we begin to glide against one another in a delicious friction that has me dizzy. Our lips crash against one another again and his hands run up my back and down to my waist.

I can’t take much more of this, I need him…I want him and I can’t stop.

“Liz…” He whispers out as we come up for air. We lock eyes for a few seconds the only sounds are the blood pumping in our ears, our hearts thumping against one another and our ragged breathes. I can’t wait any longer.

I lean back down and kiss him hard he groans and I grind my body into his as he licks a trail from my lips to my neck and back again, each time he dips his tongue in my mouth causing small moans to finally make their way from the back of my throat to the open air.

“Max…oh…Max…” I moan louder I feel like I’m going to explode soon.

“Liz…ah…” I quickly stand up and reach out my hand to him. He looks ravished and confused, which I totally understand, but hopefully with my next words he’ll understand.

“Let’s go to my place.”

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My turn! Sorry if it sucks. It's the best I could do with a cold. Thanks for the great feedback. You guys rock! :D

Chapter 10


I’m going to hell.

As soon as Max and I reached my place, I pounced on him, completely unable to control myself and by the way Max was touching me, I’m pretty sure he was feeling the same.

I’ve never been so out of control with a man in my life. Not that there has been many to be out of control with. But still, Max is engaged for goodness sake! I’m planning his wedding!!

I probably shouldn’t have offered him the many glasses of champagne either. Getting him drunk probably wasn’t the best solution to this situation. That only made things worse.

I’m totally going to hell.

I took advantage of him! What the hell was I thinking? I lure him into my web, drug him, and then practically maul him while his loving fiancée is probably waiting, worrying about him at home.

But is it wrong that I don’t care right now? I know I should be considerate about Tess’ feelings and respect that they are engaged. But I don’t think Max would have kissed me if he didn’t feel at least a small amount of sparks between us, right? I mean, the way that man uses his tongue, his lips, his large hands… it makes me shiver just thinking about it. I’m still trying to calm myself down from the high his drugging kisses provided. It makes no sense how magnificent this man is. And I’m stealing him from another woman.

Damn, I’m going to hell.

It’s barely one in the morning now and a shirtless Max is passed out beside me, mumbling softly in his sleep. I don’t want to move for fear of waking him, so I turn my head and watch his serene features. He’s gorgeous and even though I’m going to hell, at least I got to spend one night with him. Even though we did nothing but some heavy, and I mean heavy making out, it’s more than I can ever hope for.

My eyes roam his broad shoulders and down his chest. He’s lying on his back and I gently lift myself up on my elbow to admire his beauty. He’s beautifully tanned, his firm chest rising and falling gently with his peaceful breathing. The sheets prevent me from exploring any further, but I bite my lip in an attempt to surpass a moan as I remember his hard member pressed against my stomach through his boxers and his brawny thighs tangling with my slender ones.

He shifts beside me, his head rolling to face me and I still until he settles down. “Liz…” My eyes shoot to his face, fully expecting him to be awake and staring at me. But I find that he’s still sleeping peacefully. His mouth moves slightly as if he was trying to say more, and I wonder what he’s dreaming about.

Is he dreaming of me? He must be if he called out for me. I wonder if he’s ever done that with Tess and I clinch my fists in wrongful jealousy. I know this is totally wrong; I’m lying in bed, half naked with an engaged man, but it feels so right to be with him. It’s like this is how it should have been, but maybe that’s just my wishful thinking. I’ve loved Max for so long and now to have him right here has my heart soaring.

Again, Max murmurs something, his words coming out unintelligibly as he shifts. My eyes widen as he rolls on his side, one heavy arm wrapping around my waist as his powerful thigh swings over mine, pinning me to the mattress. He nuzzles his face in the crook of my neck and I stay perfectly still until he settles down.

I can’t help the dopey smile from forming on my lips as I drop a kiss on his forehead. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be smothered this man. He’s heaven sent.

I finally start to drift off with the thought that I at least had one night with the man of my dreams.


I awake with a start, feeling something shifting underneath me. The first thing I notice is the pounding in my head and I involuntarily let out a small groan. What the hell happened last night?

I feel small fingers brushing back my hair, gently massaging my scalp soothingly and I nuzzle closer to the warm body.

“Max? Are you awake?” a sweet voice sounds above me.

This must be one hell of a hangover! Tess sounds a hell of a lot like Liz. What I wouldn’t give to be lying next to Liz right now. That would be a true blessing.

“Hmmm?” I groan. I just want to get back to sleep and finish that dream I was having about Liz.

“Max, are you up?” My eyes pop open only to shut again with the intense light. Oh God! That is Liz. Thank you God! I will be in church this Sunday.

I slowly ease my eyes open and I find myself lying in an unfamiliar bed with Liz practically trapped underneath me. She’s got nothing but her bra on and from the feel of my knee lying against her center, she has on underwear.

Then that means last night wasn’t a dream. Liz and I we…it was real. I suddenly realize that I’m still practically lying on top of her, probably crushing her.

“Sorry.” I mumble as I roll over, bringing my hand to my head. How much did I drink last night?

“It’s okay. I was quite comfortable actually.” She says with a slight blush.

I give her a weak smile before I throw my arm around my eyes. I feel like crap. I had no idea I drunk so much last night.

“So… do you remember anything that happened last night?” She asks me. I roll over to face her before I nod slowly. “Um so… do… do you regret it?”

Honestly, I can’t say that I do. I mean I regret that I just cheated on my fiancée, but what I shared with Liz last night was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before in all my years with Tess. Does that make me a bad person? I’m in love with someone other than my fiancée.

“Do you regret it?” I return.

“Um… well you are engaged Max.” She says hesitantly.

That’s all I need to hear. She thinks this was a mistake. And maybe it was. Maybe she just doesn’t feel the same way about me as I do for her. But I could have sworn last night…

“Oh my God!!” Liz shrieks suddenly as she sits up. “I’m supposed to meet with you and Tess in like fifteen minutes! What the hell are we going to do?!” She wails.

Shit. Shit. Shit!

“Okay Liz, just calm down.” I grab her shoulders and give her a slight shake. “Um… uh… okay we’ll just forget this ever happened okay. Everything’s going to be okay.” Damn it’s hard to concentrate when she’s just sitting there in a bra.

“We’ll just get dressed and then you can take me to Maria’s and I’ll say that I just fell asleep watching TV over there. She’ll buy that. It happens all the time.”

Her eyes wide, she takes a few deep breaths to calm herself. “Okay. Okay… that’s good. This just never happened. We’ll just go on like it never happened.” She says and it sounds as if she’s saying it to reassure herself.

Our excuse worked out well, but pretending nothing happened between Liz and I was a little harder than we expected.

Besides the stolen glances and the desire to jump Liz any second, I can’t stand Tess hanging on my side. I know it sounds bad and it’s never been a problem before, but it just doesn’t feel right.

“So what colors did you decide for the wedding?” Liz asks.

“We haven’t decided yet. But I was thinking something like a lilac color, but I’m not sure.” Tess answers. “What do you think Max?”

“Um… oh whatever you want is fine with me.” I answer somewhat smoothly. Liz glances at me, but quickly looks away. She doesn’t even look nervous like I thought she would in front of Tess.

“Men!” Tess mumbles, causing Liz to smile.

“Okay, so the hall is reserved for July 12 right?”

“Yes July 12.” Tess answers as she smiles at me. I feel like the lowest part of scum right now.

“So everything else is set. I’ll call the church and make sure everything’s going smoothly and then all that’s left is to pick out your flowers and get the dresses.”

“Thank you so much Liz. You’ve been wonderful.” Tess says as we stand to leave.

“No problem. I’m just doing my job.” She smiles softly at me, but again she doesn’t hold my gaze. Tess is pulling me out of the office before I know it and I can’t really decide if I’m happy about that or not.


“Liz! Babe! Where the hell were you last night?!” Alex calls as he catches up with me. I shove my purse strap higher on my shoulder and continue towards the elevator. I just want to get home, take a nice long bath and forget about this whole day.

“I was out.” I retort. I’m still mad at him for what he said to me yesterday. But maybe he was right though. Maybe Max and Tess aren’t that much in love if Max was willing to come back to my place with me.

“With Max perhaps?” He says with a knowing smile.

“I thought you weren’t talking to me.” I say.

“Yeah, well. I saw something this morning that kind of changed that.” He says as we step into the elevator. “Max slept over?”

What?! How the hell did he know about that? “How did you know that?” I demand.

“I was out of food this morning so I thought I’d come by and eat up yours. I went to see if you were awake and I found you cuddled up with Max.” His smile on his face is so big; I just want to rip his lips off.

“God! Alex I fucked up. We made out and it went a little too far.” I wail pitifully. “The man’s getting married in four months! And then I go and do something like this.”

“Liz, this isn’t all on you. Somehow, Max had to have made the decision to get to your house in the first place. Obviously he wanted to be there as much as you wanted him there. Shouldn’t that send a few red flags going off in both of your heads?!”

“Yeah. We should stop this right now before we go too far. He’s in love with Tess and I can’t come in and screw up their happiness.” I counter.

“Well, Max seems to be doing that on his own. I’m sure he’s had to lie to Tess a couple of times. Starting off that’s a big no-no. You can’t deny that.”

Damn. He has a point, but I still can’t do it. Last night was like a dream, but that’s as far as it’ll go. I’m going to have to stay as far away from Max as possible. And as soon as these weddings are over, I don’t have to see him at all.

“Alex, just leave it alone okay.” I plead as the elevator doors open and we step into the lobby. “We don’t belong together and that’s that.”

“Who doesn’t belong together?” Isabel questions as she suddenly appears in front of us. She’s the last person I want to see right now.

“Max and Liz.” Alex answers. “They’re soul mates, but they’re too hard headed to see it.”

“Oh.” Her brow furrows and I wonder what’s going on in that head of hers. I don’t bother to stick around and find out because I say my goodbyes and take off, hoping to get at least a few moments of peace.

Be at Peace MJ