Borrowed Heaven (AU,M/L,TEEN/MATURE) [COMPLETE] 11/24/04

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Borrowed Heaven (AU,M/L,TEEN/MATURE) [COMPLETE] 11/24/04

Post by Behrsgirl77 » Sat Jul 17, 2004 10:54 am

Title: Borrowed Heaven

Author: Tanya – Behrsgirl77

Rating: hmm…not sure on this one I’ll let you know…TEEN-MATURE for now.

Disclaimer: I do not own rights to Roswell or its characters. I do not own the title of the story, that belongs to a group by the name of The Corrs (album - Borrowed Heaven).

Special Thanks To:

Sarah Marie aka LittleHottie510 – My beta as well as the person who has come up with the names of the fictional characters in my story; Cassandra and Kylei ;)

A/N: This story is a little different for me to write, so let’s see the first two parts will be a narrative, explaining the past (because I didn’t want to flashback to it) and will remain a narrative.

Summary: Max Evans was the captain of the Basketball Team, the most popular and wanted male at West Roswell High, but he never took anything seriously, especially not girls. He dated them, slept with them then dumped them without a second thought. In all that time he wasn’t searching for love, so when he asked Liz Parker out he thought nothing more than having his way with her. What he found though was something he wasn’t expecting or even knew how to deal with.

Liz Parker loved Max Evans with her whole heart, but he managed to break it into a million pieces three years ago.

This is the story of finding love again in the most unexpected ways, and believing that every once in awhile we have the amazing fortune to live heaven on earth.

Feedback - I don't have many parts written to this story as I usually do before I post a fic, but feedback would make all the difference in the let me know if I should continue or not. Thanks!

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Roswell, New Mexico – 6 Months Ago

"What do you mean you're not ready? Isn’t it a little too late for that," he asked as he watched his girlfriend walk around her bedroom packing her clothing into a black duffel bag.

"Max I'm just not ready to be a mother. We both know that you wanted her more that I ever did."

"So you did this for me? You kept her for my benefit?" He was confused as to what was going through her head. She never mentioned this before, why now?

"Yes, I did. Max when I saw your face when I told you I was pregnant, I knew right then and there I couldn't do that to you. I knew that I had to keep her."

"So didn't want to keep the baby?" he questioned in sheer disbelief.

"No, I didn't. But I knew you would be a great dad and I can tell already that you are everything I hoped you would be for her," she said while hurrying around the room gathering all her belongings, never once looking him in the eye.

"Don't you love her, feel anything for her?" His anger was beginning to boil over. She hadn’t even held their daughter since she was born.

"I love her Max, but I can't be her mother. I'm sorry."

"So that's it, you're leaving?" he asked her as the anger that started in the pit of his stomach rose quickly within him, causing his voice to erupt in total rage.

"Yes, that's it. I'm leaving and I'm not coming back so you don't have to worry."

"I can't believe it, why? I mean she's so easy to love, just look at her," he said while holding is one-month-old daughter in his arms. He looked down upon her face and thought she was his world and he would do anything to protect her. She simply however just wriggled in his arms, innocently.

"Max, you don't love me and I don't love you, that's not what this was about. It was about doing the right thing and not being selfish. I'm trying really hard so just let it be, don't try and hang onto something that isn't there." He was devastated how could this be happening? No, he didn't love her she was right but they made a baby together so that meant something right?

"We made her that means something to me.” His voice was low and full of sorrow.

"Max do you love me, honestly?" He couldn't lie, this was too important.

"No I don't, but I care about you." Her back was turned and he approached her slowly, hoping there was some way he could get her to see what a big mistake she was making.

"I care about you too, but I'm not in love with you. You will love our daughter you will take care of her and you will be everything I can't or want to be."

"How can you be like that? How can you just leave her like she's nothing!" he spat out venomously.

"You’re wrong Max, and I hope that you can forgive me for leaving you with her. But she means everything to me, which is why I can't stay. I never wanted her. I don't deserve to be her mother. I'm doing both of you a favor. You'll thank me later because I know you must hate me now. I can't give her anything..."

"You can love her and you can be there for her. We don't have to be together that's not what I'm saying but you can try," he pleaded with her.

"I have tried Max, it's not working."

"Tried! When the hell have you tried? Ever since you left the hospital I have been the only one trying! She lives with me! I get up ten times in the middle of the night for her. Me! Not you! So how have you tried?" His daughter started to cry from the sound of his enraged voice.

"Stop yelling Max. I don't want her okay. I never did, that makes me a bad person I know but that's how I feel." He was fed up with the conversation. There was nothing left to be said.

She zipped her bag and threw it over her shoulder, making her way to the door without another word.

"Don't come back," he ground out through clenched teeth.

"I won't I promise. It's the only thing I can give to the both of you. Bye Max." He stood in the middle of the empty room and looked down into his beautiful daughter’s face and smiled. He knew everything would be okay because he had her.

Manhattan, New York

"What do you mean we're moving?" she asked as her fiancé ran around the room looking for his briefcase.

"I mean we're moving Liz, it's not permanent or anything but I have a project that I need to be there for."

"Why can't I stay here then? I always stay home when you leave to work onsite?" she asked while following him around the room, helping him search.

"Not this time. I want you to go with me."

"But you'll be traveling back and forth so what difference does it make?"

"Liz we're not gonna argue about this, you're going and that's it."

"Don't order me around like that! I don't appreciate it at all!" He always did that, she felt like she was nothing when he used that ordering tone with her.

"Then stop being so stubborn and start packing we leave next week." He sighed heavily tired of the same routine with her.

"Next week! You can't just drop this on me, it's not right at all!"

"Liz, I'm sorry. Look I have a lot on my mind and this project is really important. Please honey, just go pack." He turned and wrapped his arms around her as he pleaded for her to listen this once and not whine about everything.

"Okay apology accepted. So where are we going anyway?" She looked up at her fiancé with a smile on her face.

"Roswell, New Mexico." Her smile quickly became a worried frown. She felt all the blood drain from her face right before she passed out.

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A/N Hey guys! Thanks so much for the F/B! I will say that I only have half of the next chapter done so basically that means I won't be updating this until next Monday :wink:

LittleHottie510 - My Twin! LOL!! My beta...Seriously thanks so much on this one since I was so iffy :wink: Love you!!

Earth2Mama - Haha! You were first!! All those questions you will have answered in the next part! Thanks!
.Lana. - Thank you!
kay b - Hmm Is Liz the woman...You'll find out in this part! Did I say no angst?!! Hmm...I don't write that really well so I never say angst...not happy times at first but there will be later :wink: Thanks!
frenchkiss70 - Just want to thank you for always being so supportive of me :wink: I SWEAR!! You have like ESP or guess right on the money with ALOT of things lol!! hahaha!! Thanks!!
sweetbrowneyes - TIFFANY!! I have seriously been in withdrawl without your f/b lol!! I know it took me a while to get this one out. Oh and the who and the why will be answered in this and the next part :wink: Thanks!
Dreamer06 - Thanks so much! I assure you Dariana is NOT in this fic lol!! I think you're getting enough of her in STA no?! lol!! Thanks!
begonia9508- Thanks
behrlover18 - Thanks! You'll find out in the next part who the girl was :wink:
linliz68 - Thanks! Yes Max has a baby girl that's the only question I can answer lol!
roswelluver - Thanks!
con angel - Boy you just want answers out of the park! Hmm. Well I won't tell you but after this part you should be able to figure out if the girl was Liz or not :wink: Thanks!
g7silvers - Hmm I think I sent you a PM..don't remember lol! But I will tell you that they are 20 years old to be exact. You only have to wait till the next part to find out who the mother is. I will not torture you :wink: Thanks!
foreverdreamer15 - HEY YOU'RE BACK!! I have to go read the new part!! And just send me your parts when you have them done! Thanks!
limegreenli - Thanks!
Lurkers - Thanks for reading...hope you enjoy!

*****I am flashing back a couple of years in this part to answer a few of your questions*****

Chapter 1

3 Years Ago

Liz Parker was more in love than she ever thought possible. Max Evans was everything she could have ever hoped to find in another person. He was kind, caring, trustworthy and absolutely beautiful. Now… she knew he had a reputation, but she just chalked it up to rumors.

Gossip flew around West Roswell High like wildfire. Therefore despite all the warnings she received from her friends, when Max asked her out, she couldn’t turn him down.

They had been dating since the beginning of their junior year and as they neared the end of their senior, Liz was ready to take that final step.

The day before graduation, she had planned the whole night. She was going to give herself over to Max, to show him how much she loved him.

She thought it was so thoughtful and caring that he never pushed her on the subject. He always seemed happy just being with her even if they didn’t have a sexual relationship. Now though, Liz knew she didn’t want to be with anyone else for the rest of her life, Max was it for her.

The night before graduation Liz had prepared a surprise for Max. She had spent all morning getting ready for school. After class let out, she and Max were going to go back to his parents’ house. His parents wouldn’t be back home until later that evening. She went through her entire closet trying to find something special to wear.

Finally about an hour of trying clothes on, she left the house wearing a baby blue sundress that was covered with tiny white flowers. She was so happy; there was nothing that could ruin her mood, nothing.

Today she was going to give herself to her one and only true love.


Max picked her up at her house. When she got in the car he leaned in and kissed her, telling her how beautiful she looked. Liz couldn't help but blush, even though he told her that everyday. She couldn't help but feel so lucky to have found him.

They entered the halls of West Roswell High hand in hand. They met up at Michael Guerin’s locker; he was currently caught up in a lip lock with his long time girlfriend, Maria DeLuca. She also happened to be Liz’s best friend.

After a few minutes they headed in separate directions. School let out early that day, which Liz couldn’t have been happier about. That meant she would get to spend even more time with Max. He had no idea that she had it all planned. While he knew they were going back to his parents’ house after school, he had no idea what would take place.

Max walked Liz to her class. He stopped her right outside the door and leaned in to wrap his strong arms around her smaller frame. He took that moment to seal their lips and kiss her breathless. She couldn't get enough of him; he made her so happy. He pulled back and said he’d see her after last period.

Liz entered the classroom, where she overheard the class whore, Tess Harding, talking about some random guy she slept with last night. The girl was perfect in everyway that counted, to guys anyway. She had golden blonde hair, big bright blue eyes, curves where they were supposed to be and a chest any girl would kill for. But Liz Parker had something that even Tess Harding couldn’t have, Max Evans.

Liz was proud of that too, because ever since freshman year Tess had been after Max and he turned her down each and every time. That’s why she just knew that all those rumors about Max just dating girls to get into their pants were lies. He didn’t push her, so she knew she had to be special to him.

The day was nearly over and Liz couldn’t wait. She waited for Max in the hallway by his locker after last period; she looked down at her watch, he must have been running late. She was about to head outside to wait for him by his Jeep, when she heard someone arguing around the corner. She slowly turned and leaned her head to see whom it was, never expecting to be Max.

“Why not, Max?”

“Because I said so. It was a mistake. It shouldn’t have happened so just drop it.” He looked pissed and Liz was starting to worry. What were they talking about?

“It was a mistake? Which time Max? This time or the last? I just want to be sure I know because if it was last night… I didn’t hear you complaining when I was underneath you naked!” Naked…Max was naked with her? No! It couldn’t be…could it? He wouldn’t have done that, Liz thought to herself.

“Just let it go and get over it! It was all a mistake… every time!” Max said as he stormed off down the hall way in search of Liz. He was running late and figured she would be outside already. However when he rounded the corner he felt a small hand slap him across his face.

“You fucking bastard! How could you do that to me?!”

“Liz, just listen to me for a second, it’s not what you think!” He pleaded with her desperately, but it was no use, she obviously heard the whole argument, there was nothing for him to say. Except...

“I’m sorry.” He hung his head in shame.

“Sorry?! Sorry, Max?! That’s your saving grace?! How many?!” Liz thanked the heavens above that everyone had pretty much left the school so they didn’t witness their conversation.

“Liz, just let it go, alright?” He didn’t want to talk about it; he didn’t want her to know. He knew she wouldn’t forgive him and he didn’t blame her.

“No! I want to know how many there were Max!” She was fighting so hard not to breakdown and cry. She didn’t want him to think she was weak... that it affected her as deeply as it was.

“Two,” he answered in shamefully small voice.

“Two! You were with two girls while you were with me? Why?!” She didn’t want to come off as desperate but she needed to know the answer. Why would he do that to her? She thought he cared about her; she just couldn’t make herself understand.

“Because Liz, I figured you knew how I was before we got together. So if I wasn’t sleeping with you, who the hell did you think I was with?” He knew that was careless and insensitive but in the beginning when he did it, that was his excuse. Now his answer was that he was wrong and he was breaking her heart. He knew he was wrong when he slept with those girls but it didn’t matter, he never thought she would find out. He never thought he would care that she found out, but right now looking into her distraught face, he realized that he loved her and he just messed up the best thing in his life.

Why didn’t he see it sooner? Why didn’t he just go to her house last night? So many why’s, but ultimately it was his selfishness that won out. It was that same selfishness that was causing him to lose the only person he ever loved.

“Bastard! How could you? You knew that I loved you and you did it anyway. How many times?” Her emotions were coming in a steady flow, one second she was hurt and wanted to cry, the next she wanted to pounce on him and scratch his eyes out.

“It doesn’t matter. Look, I’m sorry you had to find out this way, but there is nothing I can do to change it. I wish I didn’t do it, but I did.” He looked at her and said the next thing that came to mind, because he sincerely meant it.

“Liz, I lov…”

“No! You fucking bastard, don’t you dare tell me that! Now answer my question, how many times?!” The tears sprang to her eyes before she could react. He was going to say that he loved her, but she knew that was just a ploy to get her to forgive and forget… it wasn’t going to work. She was done with it…done with him.

“Four times.” Max felt her small hand across his face once again; the burning from the first one had yet to subside. He looked away from her and then looked down at her beautiful face. She was crying and she wasn’t hiding it anymore. He hurt her and he knew she would never forgive him.

“You know what, Max? One day you’re going to turn around and I’ll be gone. And you’re going to wish you had held onto me… wish that you loved me better. Wish that you were with me and you know what I’m going to do then? Do you!?” She wanted him to answer before she continued. She wanted him to really hear her words. She wanted them to sink themselves into his soul, so one day when he was alone and thinking of her, he'd remember what he did. How he had hurt her and feel guilty.

“No Liz.” He knew she wanted an answer but he really didn’t want to hear it. She was probably right about what she was saying but there was nothing for him to say or do. He brought it all on himself.

“I’m going to tell you to go to hell! I don’t know why I wasted all this time on you, all these tears. I’ll never forgive myself for letting you into my heart and loving you…Never!” She stormed past him, leaving him to watch her small petite figure walk out of his life and his heart.

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A/N: Okay 2 things you should know...I decided to NOT make this a POV fic...So I am now venturing in uncharterd territories for myself lol! And this was not sent to the any mistakes I apologize for ahead of time.

LittleHottie510 - Even though you have half of this part in your inbox...ya know I love you still! Thanks!

Earth2Mama - I'm lucky I know you cause if I didn't you would probably throw me out the window lol!! Thanks so much for the help on this part!
TinkerbellLuvsRoswell - I'm glad you like my writing that much :oops: Yeah and Max was a jerk...but I hope to redeem him soon ;)
Sweetbrowneyes - Tiffany I know you're waiting but I tell you it *sucks* thanks for listening to my ranting lol!! haha!!
MilesToGo99 - Thanks
Alien614 -Thanks
exitingman - Hmm yeah you have lots of questions, some of which will be answered here...the rest is coming! Thanks!
NewYorker18 - Yeah I know Keri ;) *hug*
g7silvers - Max and his girlfriend were not living together; and you should get some information from this next part ;) Thanks!
Dreamer06 - OH NO! You used the "Max is a Bitch" lol! I'm in trouble now lol!
frenchkiss70 - OMG you said Max was a bastard in one of my fics! I can't believe it lol!! hahaha!! j/k!! Thanks!
con angel - OMG!! hahahaha!!! That's all I can say lol! Thanks!
begonia9508 - I know you hate Max too...but I hope I can change your mind;) Thanks!
Linliz68 - Thanks!
BelieveInTrueLove - Some answers in this part..others later! Thanks!
.Lana. - Thanks! Oh and the mother...well you'll find out in this part!
I am a dreamer - I know I know! You hate Max lol! Thanks!
'ebony - I love the Corrs!! lol!! Thanks!!
adreamer - Thanks!
foreverdreamer15 - hmm I don't know how I'm going to change your mind either but I will! Thanks!
Lurkers - Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 2

Present Day

“No, are you kidding me? Do you know what day it is? Saturday that’s right and you know how busy it is!” Maria DeLuca shouts into the phone at one of the good for nothing waitresses that is just now informing her employer that she will not be in today.

“If you don’t show up here in fifteen minutes you’re fired!” Silence followed by the sound of the dial tone is all Maria is left with.

“Great! Just great!” She was now forced to do something she truly did not want, but what other choice did she have?


Max had just given his daughter a bath and was planning on spending the entire day with her. The first day in four weeks he didn’t have to tend to the diner and could just enjoy being with her. Every time he looked into his daughter's eyes he felt a sense of profound love, although she is a mere seven months old; he loved her from the first moment he saw her and would love her until his last breath.

When he brought Kylei home from the hospital, he had absolutely no idea what to do with her. He was completely overwhelmed, luckily though he had his mother there for support. Diane wouldn’t do everything for Max, No!; she would simply explain to him and show him what he needed to do, then stepped aside and let Max take care of her. She had told him from the beginning that although she loved her only granddaughter and him as well, she wouldn’t let Max off easy. She was ultimately his responsibility and he needed to be able to take of her by himself.

Max was thankful for that, not that he was any kind of expert at this point; everything was all still so new to him. Everyday he learned something not only about his daughter but about himself as well.

“Hi angel, you ready to go out with daddy?” Max cooed at his daughter who was now lying on his bed while he began dressing her. That was another thing he needed to adjust to, not only baby’s clothes but also a baby girls clothes nonetheless. Everything seemed so delicate and light, almost fragile in a sense in comparison to his own clothing.

Having Kylei was the best thing that ever happened to him. He was on the road to nowhere. He realized now that he should have taken things a lot more seriously, like sex for instance. It was just fun for him. He never thought of the consequences, until Cassandra told him that she was pregnant. Thinking back on it now his initial reaction was that he felt like the world was crashing in on him. That was a fleeting moment because almost instantaneously he was surprisingly happy.

This was his chance to turn all of the bad things he did in the past and make them positive. God knew exactly what he was doing by giving him a daughter. Lord knows he did not treat any of them with respect in the past.

He looks down upon his daughter once again now fully dressed, she reaches out a tiny fist to him and he eagerly strokes her delicate fingers. With every passing minute his love for her grows. He never thought that he could love anyone the way he loves her. He lifted her in his arms preparing to leave his room and head downstairs out through the diner.

She had changed his life so profoundly; he realized on the day she was born that he was not the same person he was three years ago. Now he was by no means a completely changed man, but having her forced him to see the error of his ways. He used girls without a second thought, he didn’t care about their feelings, they were not more important than his own self-gratification. But now...he had a daughter.

A daughter who would one day meet a man and fall in love. He would want that man to respect her because she deserved nothing less than that.

He was ashamed of the way he treated all those girls, like they were nothing. Max was especially ashamed of the way he threw away the only girl he truly felt anything for. He thought he loved her then, but he had no idea what love was and no idea how to show someone love.

Just as Max entered the hallway to make his way downstairs, his best friend runs up to him breathlessly.

“Maria what’s wrong?”

“Max please don’t kill me, please…please…please.” She wanted to kick herself for not being a better manager, what she should have done was drive to that girls house and drag her back to the diner, she thought. However she knew that wasn’t even a possibility but she would have done anything to spare Max this moment. He worked so hard and never got to spend a lot of time with his daughter. When the time came, he took over the management of the diner without even so much as a complaint.

“What Maria, would you just tell me the abbreviated version? I want to get out early today, isn’t that right pumpkin?” Max smiles at his daughter while tweaking her little nose.

“Susan called out just a few minutes ago.” Maria prepared herself for Max’s reaction. She knew he would be disappointed and wished she could have spared him that.

“Are you kidding me? Maria she’s fired!”

“I know! I already told her, but Max it’s only me and Lauren working the floor. Michael is at the grill. Jose is busting all the tables himself; I wish I could do it Max but it’s Saturday and…” Max didn’t blame her not in the least; this was just another responsibility that he had to deal with since his father’s passing. He didn’t complain though, he just did what he had to do.

“Okay! Fine. Look my mom is out for a few hours shopping. Let me call her and ask her to head back home. Can you watch her real quick while I call my mom?” He asked her while handing his daughter to her aunt.

“Yes, of course. I’ll just bring her downstairs into the playpen and wait for you in the break room.”

“Thanks.” Max leans over and places a kiss on Maria’s cheek before walking away. Over the last few years they have become really close. They were there for one another; they supported one another and saw each other through some of the most difficult times in their lives.

Maria brings her baby niece downstairs, but before placing her in the playpen takes a good look at her. She has to be the most beautiful baby; Maria thought staring into the most beautiful pair of honey colored eyes she had ever seen. Well that’s not the whole truth. There is only one other person with those eyes…Max. Kylei looked exactly like Max. You would never guess that there was another individual involved in creating her; she had her father’s hair and all his features. In other words she was absolutely stunning.

“Hey cutie pie! Yeah, it’s me auntie Ria. Now you’re going to be a good girl until daddy comes back right? Of course you are! When are you not a perfect angel huh?” Maria placed a soft kiss on Kylei’s forehead before placing her down.

Minutes later Max emerges from upstairs, completely changed. He was wearing a light gray T-shirt and jeans but has since changed into a dark blue button down collared shirt with a pair of black slacks.

“My mom is on her way, so you can go back out onto the floor and I’ll be there just as soon as she gets here.” With that Maria turns and leaves Max alone in the backroom while she makes her way back out to the front to take care of her very neglected tables.


Liz had been living in Roswell for close to five months. Even though Chris wanted her to leave with him, she had things she needed to take care of before she could move. For instance her job at the museum, she had been working there for about eight months with a team of archeologists. She loved working there, so when she had to give her two weeks notice she was upset, but she knew that staying was out of the question.

She and Chris were planning on getting married in less than five months; they have only been engaged for two. Liz met Chris oddly enough at the museum and they hit it off right from the start. He was handsome, smart and funny. She can admit that it wasn’t love at first site, but eventually she grew to love him.

Lately though as they drew closer to the wedding, he began to change. Liz couldn’t pin point what the problem was because everything seemed to be going fine. It’s just lately he was getting snippy with her, in fact if she had to narrow it down to an exact date, it would have been the day after he proposed to her. She knew he was under a great deal of stress with his business but that still didn’t give him the right to lash out at her as he had been doing. Liz began to doubt if she was doing the right thing in marrying him, she knew that deep down she was selling out, because she had thought all this time, even though it had been three years, that when the time came to get married it would be to Max.

There still isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t think about him, but as soon as she catches herself she gets angry because she knows she shouldn’t be holding onto something that never was. He never loved her he was just using her. But for what Liz thought? We didn’t sleep together so why did he keep me around? No! She berated herself, “I will not allow myself to think about him again, and I’ve spent far too long doing that. I’m happy with Chris…he makes me happy.” She says aloud to try and convince herself something her heart already knows is not the truth.

She had been driving around all day and for some reason without any preconceived notion she drove straight into town and stopped her engine in front of an all too familiar place. She sighed heavily before exiting her car; she didn’t know why she drove here to begin with.

“There is probably no one here anymore, they probably all moved away from this town.” She thought aloud, more like was hoping that when she stepped through those familiar doors the last thing she would see is…Him.


“Thanks mom, I’m sorry again.” Max felt bad that his mother had to stop what she was doing to watch Kylei but what other choice did he have? His father left the business to him and he needed to keep it running not only for his mother but for his daughter’s livelihood as well.

“Nonsense honey, you need to keep things running I can go food shopping later.” Diane picks up her granddaughter and makes her way upstairs without another word. Max watches his mother’s retreating figure then from the front of the diner he hears the sound of several plates hitting the floor at once.

“Great! "Again that will cost me a little more money.” Max muttered to himself, pushing his way through the ‘employee’s only’ door only to stop dead in his tracks at the sight before him.


Liz took a hesitate step towards the doors of the diner, she didn’t know what to expect but as she reached for the door handle she felt very unsure, should she be doing this? Why is she doing this? To prove a point that’s why, she wanted to prove to herself once and for all she could move past this, she needed to move past this in order to marry Chris.

With one last deep breath she pulled open the doors and heard the sound of the bells chiming above the entrance. She quickly scanned the room and was oddly enough disappointed that she didn’t see one familiar face. She took a seat at the nearest booth and pulled out a menu from its holder near the wall.

After a few minutes of sitting and waiting for someone to wait on her, she thought, “The service here really sucks.” No sooner did those words leave her mouth did she hear the sounds of plates crashing onto the floor. Her head snapped up and she locked eyes with her once best friend.

If that wasn’t enough seconds later a familiar raven haired man stepped from behind Maria and at that moment the menu she was holding slipped from her hands onto the table and the name that hasn’t passed her lips in over two and a half years comes tumbling forth…“Max.”

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Chapter 3

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A/N: FINALLY is all I have to say, here is the new part. I have lots of people to thank for help on this one, I lost my way but I think I found it again lol! I'm struggling with this story because it's a first for me that's not a POV. I don't have the confidence I should have with it, but hopefully I will eventually ;)

LittleHottie510 - Thanks for the brutal honesty and telling me that I can't quit and all your help! Love you! *TWIN*

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Chapter 3


He couldn’t believe it, and he probably wouldn’t have believed it if Maria wasn’t standing beside him with the same shocked expression. Why was she here? he wondered. Max knew it couldn’t be for him. He wouldn’t allow himself to be that disillusioned.

When he saw her lips move to form his name, even though he was too far away to actually hear her voice, it was as if he could hear her whisper it in his ear. It was as if her voice was carried through the air for only him to hear.

They locked eyes immediately and found themselves in a staring match. Neither one could believe their eyes. Was this real? Was she really less than ten feet away from him? he thought to himself hoping it wasn’t some kind of sick and twisted daydream. At that moment Max felt like he couldn’t breathe. He didn’t want to blink. If he did, he was afraid she would disappear.

He had dreamed, wished and prayed that one day he would see her again. At this moment it seems as though one of his prayers has finally been answered.

The sound of Maria picking up the pieces of broken glass and dumping them into the nearby trash bin brought Max out of his dazed state

Liz stared at him with wide eyes, as if she was just as surprised as both he and Maria. She couldn’t believe it when she first locked eyes with Maria. She was speechless. Then Max walked in and she didn’t know whether to run and hide or just pretend like seeing him again didn’t affect her. The latter won out. After a short staring match, she refocused her attention at the menu sitting in front of her.

“You can do this Liz. This is after all why you came here,” she mumbled to herself. She took another quick glance in his and Maria’s direction. Currently they were both bent over, picking up the broken pieces of the plates Maria had dropped earlier.

“Maria are you okay? You didn’t get hurt did you?” Max asked concerned.

“No I’m fine it’s just…” Maria doesn’t need to finish her sentence because Max completely understands.

“Yeah I know.”

“Max what is she doing here?” she hissed out. Maria and Liz used to be the best of friends. After what happened between Max and Liz, Maria was cut out of Liz’s life despite her many attempts to keep the friendship afloat.

“I don’t know but I guess it’s time to find out.” Max rises quickly and dusts off his pants. He takes not more than two steps before Maria reaches her arm out to stop his movements.


“No? Maria…”

“No Max, let me go.” He thought it over for a second, but he wanted to see her up close, to make sure she was really there. He snaked his arm out of her grip and made his way towards her table. She had her face buried in the menu at the present moment so she didn’t hear or see him approach her.

Liz was so focused on the menu she didn’t see the small argument that was taking place between Max and Maria. She also didn’t notice Max approaching her.

She wasn’t expecting to see him so soon. She thought maybe he wouldn’t even be there. Surely after high school he went to college or moved away from home, like he had always planned. Liz was sure he was probably just visiting his parents or something.

God, he looks so good, she thought. He looks the same but more mature, worn like he had lived a hard life, she wondered what happened in that short amount of time. Liz berated herself once again for even caring.

I hope he’s kicking himself, she smugly thought to herself.

“Hi Liz.” She was so startled the menu catapulted into the air landing on the bench in front of her.

“Max, um…hi.” She felt so embarrassed she didn’t want him thinking that he still affected her. In fact, she didn’t want herself thinking he still affected her! But that was a loosing battle.

She looks so beautiful, Max thought. Her hair is longer than it was in high school. Now it came about half way down her back. It still looked just as silky and smooth. Her skin was still creamy and flawless. He ached to reach out a hand and run it through her hair. He knew, however, she probably would not welcome the touch.

At this point he didn’t know what to say to her. He was standing there dumbfounded until she had cleared her throat. “So…h-how have you been?” He pushes his hands deep into the front pocket of his pants, rocking back on the heels of his feet.

“Great! I’ve been so great and you?” Ouch! That stung! He thought. He should have expected that her life would be that good. After all she was going places. He always knew she was special. It was just too bad it took him this long to figure it out.

“I’ve been good; you know just keeping busy.” The longer Liz took in his appearance the more she saw how tired he looked. As if he hadn’t slept in weeks and he looked and carried himself as if he was…stressed? From seeing me possibly, she thought. She couldn’t be causing him that much stress. There was something else. It was in his eyes, like he’s been through so much, but somehow still manages a small smile for her.

“So, what are you doing here? Are you here for a visit or something?” She didn’t think she would honestly want to know, but the longer she spent with him the more she wanted to know. Right now, though, Liz couldn’t decide if that was a good or bad thing.

“No actually I run the place and I live here with Maria and…”

“Maria? Oh so you guys are…” She didn’t believe it, it’s just crazy to think about but she didn’t think it would actually hurt, but it did. Why should she be surprised after all? He is a man whore, not enough time has gone by to change him that profoundly, she thought to herself.

“No! I mean no, she just lives here with me. It’s kind of complicated. But I mean we’re not together as in dating or anything like that,” Max quickly rushes out.

“Well I wouldn’t care if you were. That’s not what I meant. It’s your life after all.” Max thought she sounds cold and bitter. He couldn’t think about that right now he wanted to know why she was here.

“Are you here for a visit or I mean…”

“Oh I’m actually here with my fiancé. He’s a contractor. He’s working on a project here in Roswell for a few months. After he’s done, we’re going back home to get married.” Liz knew she didn’t need to go into great detail as to why she was there. She just wanted it to hurt him; she hoped it hurt him. As bad as that might sound, maybe he would feel one ounce of the pain she felt that day in the hallway.

“Oh well... Congratulations that’s really…Great news. So where is he? I mean you’re fiancé.” Max couldn’t believe it. Not only was Liz obviously very happy without him in her life, she had a fiancé and was getting married. Married, he couldn’t quite wrap his mind around that one yet.

“Chris is at work right now, he will be meeting me shortly though at home,” she said nonchalantly. Hoping it affected him, she chanced a glance up at him and she saw what she was looking for, sadness…it hurt him to know she moved on. Good!

“Right, well can I get your order then, so you can be on your way?”

“Ah yeah, let me just get a cheeseburger and fries, with a cherry coke.” She still drinks cherry cokes, at least some things haven’t changed he thought to himself.

“Coming right up. Bye Liz.”

“Bye Max.” He walked away and didn’t look back, in fact he put the order in and wasn’t going set foot back outside into the main dining area until Liz left. However, Maria had plans of her own in the works.

Maria saw how devastated Max looked after leaving Liz’s table; she could only imagine what bullshit Liz threw his way to make him feel bad. He doesn't deserve that, she thought. He’s been through so much that for Liz to hold onto a grudge for almost three years is a bit immature and she was ready to call her on it.

So when Liz’s order was up, Maria grabbed the plate and marched up to her table.

“Here you go.”

“Maria! Hi! How are you?” Maria couldn’t believe it, was she really going to pretend as if nothing happened? As if she didn’t throw away their friendship over a guy? No not even over that, but a mistake. Now that Maria has had a chance to really get to know Max, she knew he was more than meets the eye.

“Actually I’m doing just great!”

“I’m happy for you.” Liz chanced a small smile but it faded quickly when Maria took a seat in the booth across from her.

“What did you say to him?”

“Who? Max? Nothing, we just talked briefly about…”

“About what? Look Liz, I already know the game you’re trying to play, so if you were looking to come here and hurt him, congrats because you succeeded. Now I would suggest that you eat, leave and never come back. He’s so much better off without you.”

“Ha! Yeah right, that’s why he still works and lives here right Maria? He already told me about that.” Liz said sarcastically and that just boils Maria’s blood.

“Liz you seriously need to get off your high horse and take a look around. He’s happy Liz and that kills you. In fact, I think that Max is so happy with his life right now there isn’t a thing he would have changed about what happened between the two of you.”

“What? Maria, I don’t care about Max or his life. I just came here to…to…” Now that Maria confronted her Liz had no idea why she was there. Yes, she originally told herself it was to face Max and move on, but what does Maria mean by Max being so happy with his life?

“I’m sorry Liz, I didn’t quite catch that.” Maria knew she was being harsh but she knew Liz was probably ten times worse to Max, just like she knew Max took it from her.

“Look I don’t have to take this shit from you. I’m leaving.” Liz reaches for her purse and that’s when Maria notices the ring on her finger.

“So you’re getting married and you wanted to rub it in Max’s face? Did I get it right?”

“No! That’s not what this was about,” Liz hissed out, knowing full well their conversation has grabbed the attention of several patrons.

“Oh! So you didn’t tell him you were getting married?” Liz couldn’t deny it, but she didn’t want to confirm it either.

“Get out! Don’t come back here Liz. Seriously, you have a lot of nerve stepping foot in here. All you wanted to do was prove a point? Well guess what, you did. For some odd reason he still cares about you, but he’s learning that you weren’t everything. That he can live without you and be happy.” Liz was on the verge of tears, what was she thinking that she was that special that Max would be holding a torch for her or something. How naïve could she be?

Liz stood and Maria right with her, just to make sure she left quickly.

“It didn’t have to be this way Maria,” Liz said while tears she was fighting broke through.

“Be like what? You left Liz! You, not me! Not Max! You, you ran away! Now you can deal with it! Don’t expect a pity party here!”

“He cheated on me! What was I supposed to do?!” Liz was enraged now. They were at the front door and the entire place had grown silent, everyone watching their every move.

“Deal with it! Move on! Try again! It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you left. I needed you and you left. I tried to keep in contact but you didn’t call me. You didn’t even write! You were just a selfish bitch and I hope you have a miserable life. You know what? You don’t deserve Max. He’s too good for you!”

Max was in the back room when he heard Maria’s elevated voice, then before he knew it he could hear Liz’s. They were arguing and from what he could here it was about him.

Great! Just what I need today, a hot tempered Maria on my hands, he thought while making his way into the main dining area.

He approaches them just as Maria finished off with, “He’s too good for you!” He groaned inwardly. Why is she making this so complicated?

“Maria, just calm down okay.” Max reaches a hand and places it on her shoulder.

“No Max! She wants to come in here and put you down. She should then be prepared to deal with the consequences.” Max turned to see Liz crying softly. One look at her and he just melted.

Liz quickly turned on her heels and ran to her car. She didn’t think she would make it there fast enough.

When Max saw her leave, his first instinct was to go after her but that wasn’t his right anymore. She didn’t want to be near him. He turned to Maria who was now crying and he reached out both arms to embrace her.

“Shh, Maria its okay just calm down.”

“Max I’m sorry, it’s just that she hurt you and…”

“It’s okay. Why don’t you go in the back and wash up.” She just nodded into his shirt before pulling away. Luckily everyone had resumed their conversations as if nothing happened a few minutes ago.

Max stood there for a few minutes staring at the door. The door that brought Liz Parker back into his life and out of it just as quickly. “She’s probably already long gone,” he thought aloud. Making a last minute decision, he pushed through the doors.

Liz made it to her car but was crying so hard that she couldn’t drive just yet. She knew no one was coming after her, so she could sit in the car for a little while. Her head rested against the steering wheel.

It hurt so bad to hear Maria say those things to her. The sad truth was that Liz could not deny that all if it was true. She went there to hurt Max. She didn’t want to know that he was doing well; she just wanted to hear that he was miserable without her. Maria was right! The more she thought about it, Liz was on a high horse but she just fell from it…hard.

A knock on the window startled her. When she looked up she never expected to see him. Why was he here? She rolled the window down and wiped her eyes. Max bent down so he was eye level with her. Without a second thought he reached out a hand to wipe away her tears.

“Max, what are you doing here?”

“I just wanted to apologize for Maria. She didn’t mean what she said, she's just…”

“Hurt,” Liz finished for him.


“I know Max. I shouldn’t have come today.”

“No Liz! It was really good seeing you again. I just I didn’t want you to leave upset like that. I’m sorry.” He meant it too; despite the fact that she was cold to him he was so happy to see her, even if she wasn’t delivering good news.

“It’s okay Max. I’m sorry for what I said to you and how I said it.” She turned her head away from him. It broke his heart to see her cry. He knew she didn’t mean what she said, but it didn’t make it hurt any less. He understands how she feels.

“I know Liz…I know. Well I’ll let you go now. Bye Liz,” he said and without thinking about it leans into the car to place a soft kiss on her cheek. Liz turned to him and gave him a small smile.

“Bye Max.” Liz left shortly after that. What she didn’t know was that Max was still staring from his position down the street. He watched once again as the love of his life walked out of his life again.

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Chapter 4

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A/N - I'm back with a new part but before I get to that I just want to point out that you are not meant to "like" Maria in this story, that wasn't my plan, so I understand how pissed you guys are with her and I can't say it will get better! lol!

Thanks for the "heated" but GREAT f/b guys :wink:

LittleHottie510 - Thanks *twin* love you!

Gaby7tvm - Hey there! Yeah I actually like Liz alot lol! But you will understand not so much in this part but the next one how Max feels about everything that has happened as well as in further parts to come.

livia - Max is definetely not a saint at all in this story and he knows it more than anyone else.
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Chapter 4

“Maria, you’re a girl… you’re supposed to be good at these types of things.” Max says while he and Maria browse through their tenth store in the mall in search of the perfect present for his cousin, who’s coming to visit next week. It’s her twenty-first birthday and he wants to get her something special. He hasn’t seen Serena in over six months, although he talks to her on the phone every night.

They don’t get to see each other that often because she lives in Chicago with her parents. For Max, Serena epitomized everything to do right in your life. She finished high school, went to college and is working her way up the latter to becoming editor in chief of a book publishing company. Max always knew she would be doing great things in life, he hoped that for her more than anything. Her parents were, as his father would so bluntly state, “Self centered, egotistical morons who care more for themselves than their own family.”

Things between his uncle and father never went smoothly, they always disagreed on everything. When to move out, get married, start a family and his father didn’t want to be bound by someone else’s rules or beliefs on what’s right and wrong. So, although Max got to see his cousin, they were always short visits, but they always had their telephone conversations.

“Look Max, I only met the girl… what, once? How the hell am I supposed to know what she does and doesn’t like?” Maria was tired and still very irritable from yesterday’s confrontation with Liz. She just couldn’t help herself and to be honest she doesn’t even remember everything she’d shouted, but she wasn’t sorry about it. She knew Max was upset but he hasn’t said anything about it…yet.

“I know that Maria, but I mean I don’t know what to get her. I want it to be something that will make her smile and…” He knew he was whining at this point, but he was just so frustrated. Maria stopped walking and reached out her hand to him. Max turned and looked back at her and slipped his hand in hers.

“Max we need a break, so why don’t we get something to eat, then we can start looking again.” Max simply nodded and they headed towards the food court.


“Chris, come on! I just need for you to look at them with me. God! It’s our wedding but I’m the only person doing anything for it.” Liz was beyond frustrated with her fiancé, she understood that he worked hard but he hasn’t given her any input for the wedding arrangements at all. Liz picked the day, the place, the colors, the food…everything. Now, she was simply asking him to come and look at the invitations, but he wasn’t interested.

“Liz, honey look just pick whatever, I really don’t care. I have about a half hour so I wanted to spend it with you alone, not in some crowded mall.” He was not understanding at all to her needs and wants. He never has, and never would. Chris wanted to marry Liz because he cared about her and knew she would never leave him as long as he kept her happy. Besides that, his parents loved her; he loved her too… in his own way. She was his safety girl, not the one he spent his nights with but definitely the one he came home to.

“You act like you don’t give a shit if we get married in a barn or reception hall, it’s like no matter what you don’t want to have anything to do with this wedding!” Liz was furious and hurt more than anything. She always imagined that when she got married her fiancé would want to be a part of all the wedding details. Now she understood that since he was a man, he wouldn’t care too much, but all she was looking for was for him to show a little bit of interest.

“Stop whining Liz, it’s not becoming at all. Now go look at the invitations and let’s get out of here!” He raised his voice because he was tired of having the same arguments with her day in and day out about this wedding. He was beginning to think it just wasn’t worth it; the reward was maybe not worth all this aggravation.

Liz couldn’t believe it, what was his problem with her all of a sudden? She knew she was not being unreasonable about things. At first she thought she was, but now she knew it wasn’t her. “Stop yelling at me!” Liz said just as both her and Chris rounded the corner slamming straight into Max and Maria.

“Watch where the hell you’re going!” Maria shouted before she even had a chance to see who ran straight into her.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you.” Liz looked up at Maria; at the exact moment Maria recognized Liz’s voice. Max quickly spoke up before Maria had a chance.

“Hi Liz!” He didn’t realize how glad he would be to see her again, but he was. He also couldn’t hold back the smile that formed at his mouth.

“Max! Hi.” Liz said a little too enthusiastic for Chris’s liking. He cleared his throat grabbing the attention of both Liz and Max. Maria just stood by watching the small exchange between Max and Liz, and she didn’t like it one bit. She would be sure to talk to Max about that later.

“Oh, honey this is Max and Maria, we… I… they…” Max saw how uncomfortable Liz looked and decided to help her out. He held his hand out to Chris.

“We were friends back in high school; it’s nice to meet you.” Chris was a little wary. After all, this guy was just looking at his fiancé a little too friendly for his liking but decided to brush it off. Chris extended his hand shaking Max’s. Then he turned to Maria to say hello.

Maria simply stood next to Max with her arms crossed, she didn’t care who this guy was, and she saw it as another dig at Max from Liz. Max softly elbowed Maria’s side, trying to get to her to be a little friendlier than she was being at the moment.

“Yeah, nice to meet you. Look Max, can we get going? I have to meet Michael.” Max simply nodded and they bid their farewells to one another.

“You know Maria, you could have been a little friendlier and he didn’t do anything to you.” Max was upset that the time he spent with Liz was cut short because of Maria. He knew he was pathetic, but seeing her again yesterday and again today did something to him. It made him happy and he didn’t want Maria ruining it for him.

“No Max, I couldn’t because she did that on purpose. I don’t know why you’re so blind when it comes to her!” She didn’t, she never could understand Max’s obsession with Liz Parker. Even when she and Liz were friends and he would just sit in class and follow her with his eyes, she didn’t get it. He could have any girl and he did, but something changed when he started dating Liz, he became even more obsessed with her. She, to this day, still didn’t understand why he cheated on her. He obviously liked her a lot, which was no secret, but why? She figured he would never talk about it, and so far he’d held that secret.

“No she didn’t Maria.” He sighed in exasperation; he was tired of this endless conversation that had been going on since yesterday. “She was just as surprised to see me and I was to see her.” Maria simply kept walking ahead of Max after she let out a little huff.

“What is that supposed to mean, why are you so pissed off Maria? It’s been years let it go already… I have.”

“No you haven’t Max! You say you have, but I saw the look you gave her and trust me… so did her fiancé.” Max knew she was right but he didn’t care at the time, now he realized how inappropriate that was.

“Fine, Maria. Look, let’s just go, I’ll have to come back with my mom or something.” Max said while walking passed Maria.

“Good! Great!” Maria shouted after Max.


For the entire car ride home, Liz was silent. Chris really didn’t mind at all, he was just thankful he was able to dodge wedding details for another day.

Liz couldn’t get the expression on Max’s face out of her mind. She thought he looked… happy? She couldn’t understand why he would be; after all, she threw her engagement in his face. Still she couldn’t help but smile at him, she knew she shouldn’t be happy to see him but she was. He looked at her the way he did when they were dating, like she was special and important to her. No! She knew she was wrong, he was just pretending, but it still felt good to see him again.

“Are you okay Liz?” Chris asked as they pulled up to their apartment, he noticed that his fiancé has been staring out her window for the entire ride with a small smile adorning her face.

“What? Oh yeah, I’m fine; I just need to lie down for a little while. It’s been a long day.” Liz tried to cover up the far away look she knew she had on her face. She couldn’t stop thinking about Max and she knew that she needed to change that right away.

“Alright, well I’m going to head over to the site for a little while, maybe we’ll go out to dinner tonight.” Chris said as he leaned in and placed a kiss on her lips before she exited the car.

“Okay, love you.”

“Love you too Liz.” After he pulled away, Liz headed inside to take a much-needed rest.


“Mom! I’m home!” Max shouts as he and Maria enter the living room. Diane emerges from the kitchen cradling her granddaughter against her chest.

“Hi honey, Maria. How was shopping?” She asked knowing by the look on both their faces that things didn’t go well and if that wasn’t enough of an indication the fact that they were not carrying any bags was a red flag.

“It was okay, I didn’t find anything for Serena though, so I’ll have to go back.” Max said while crossing the room quickly to pluck his daughter from his mother’s arms.

“How was she?” He places a kiss on her forehead before gently laying her against his chest while rubbing her back when she started to fuss.

“She was good, as usual, but she’s been fussy, I think she missed you.” Max grew worried; he started to feel her body to make sure she wasn’t getting sick. So far she has had a few ear infections that went away fairly quickly with medication. That was; of course, only after they found out she was allergic to penicillin. She had broken out in a really bad rash all over her body and Max was panicked because he didn’t know what was wrong. When they took her to the hospital it was confirmed that she was indeed allergic and after a week the rash went away and she was able to take a different type of medicine for her infection. He hated it when she was sick or in pain, because he couldn’t help her, he couldn’t fix it and that left him paralyzed with fear. His baby was hurt and he couldn’t do anything about it but hold her until she would fall asleep, but he never left her side.

“Max she’s fine, no fever or anything. She just wants her daddy that’s all.” Max lifts Kylei up in the air so she’s hovering over him, with her yellow jumper that has little white bunnies all over it. “Are you okay sweetie? Did you miss me? I missed you pumpkin.” He smiles brightly when he looks at her, then brings her back down and places kisses all over her face. She squirms but she loves it, she nuzzles her head against his chest and bunches his T-shirt into her tiny fist. She starts making little gurgling noises, and smiling and Max knows that she’s okay, even though she can’t speak, not for a lack of trying on her part of course, when she makes certain noises it’s like he knows what she’s saying. Diane could not figure out how that was possible but he did. It was their way of communicating, unbelievable to her if she didn’t see it with her own eyes.

Maria was sitting on the couch while all of this was going on, but the second Max placed Kylei back in his arms, she rises from the couch to place a kiss on Kylei’s cheek. “Hey beautiful. You missed your daddy didn’t you? Don’t worry he missed you more.” Maria gives Max a smile after she places one last kiss on Kylei’s cheek. Kylei removes her tiny hand from her father’s chest to reach for her aunt.

“Hey there cutie pie! Did you miss me too?” Kylei gives a tiny smile and returns to burying her head in her daddy’s neck. “Well I have to go and get ready for my date with Michael.” Maria says while placing a kiss on Diane’s cheek then makes her way to her room.

“Is everything okay Max? I mean with Maria?” She sensed the tension in the room between them. She wondered what that was all about.

“Yeah…No, she’s mad at me because of Liz.”

“Liz?” Diane hadn’t heard that name for years, at least not from her son’s mouth. Max takes a seat on the couch; he figures he better get comfortable since he has yet to discuss with his mother what happened yesterday. Max places Kylei in his lap and pulls one of her toys off the coffee table. She takes it eagerly and places it in her mouth immediately.

Max begins to tell his mother everything that happened yesterday and just this afternoon, she wasn’t sure how to take the news. She knew what happened between her son and Liz, she knows that it was his fault just as much as he knows it’s his; she just doesn’t go around reminding him of that though.

“So that’s why Maria is mad at you then? She thinks you’re being light on Liz or something?” Diane understands Maria’s closeness to Max but sometimes she wonders why she holds so much animosity for a girl she used to be best friends with. She knew that Liz failed to keep contact, but she didn’t blame the girl, especially after Diane found out what her son did. She definitely didn’t approve of it, but she knows he’s not the same person he was three years ago, he’s what she likes to call, a work in progress.

“Yeah, but she’s wrong mom. I mean, I cheated on Liz twice while we were dating, I was wrong and it was completely my fault, but for some reason, it’s like Maria has forgotten that or something.” It was true Max couldn’t figure out why it seems like Maria just brushes what he did under the table, like it never happened. No matter how many times he tries to address it with her, she says it was years ago and he’s changed. She tells him that he shouldn’t hold it against himself, but he does. The reason he does, it’s because he lost Liz because of it, so he can’t forget it or pretends that it never happened. But he also can’t regret it either, he can only regret the way she found out, but not the fact that they are not together because that would mean his daughter; his world, would not exist. No, Max was not willing to give her up for anything.

“I know honey; I don’t know what to tell you to do but talk to Maria about it. Maybe she thinks you’re past it and doesn’t want to keep pushing you down with it or something. I’m sorry I don’t have better advice for you, but just be honest with your feelings.” With that Diane leaned over, giving her granddaughter a quick kiss, as well as placing one on her sons’ cheek before leaving the room to finish dinner.


Liz had a very restless nap. Her mind kept wandering back to the last two days, the words, the looks and the thoughts that were running rabid through her mind. Why does he still affect me? She thought to herself. She was trying to convince herself that she had no feelings for him, but that wasn’t true and after a few minutes she knew it. Deep down she still held onto ‘what if’. What if he didn’t cheat on her? What if she never found out? Would they still be together? The scenarios were endless but the fact remained it happened and she can’t change it. She felt like she was a bad person for even thinking it, because after all she was getting married in less than five months to Chris, whom she loves. Is he her soul mate? Liz knows with all her heart the answer to that question and the answer is no.


“Alright is my baby girl ready for her bath?” Max leans in and places a kiss on his daughters belly before placing her in the tub for her bath. She loved bath time; she splashed and made funny faces when the water would hit her face. Like she couldn’t breath then she would giggle, it would warm Max’s heart to see her like that. He would laugh right along with her.

After a few minutes he went to washing her hair, he slowly placed a little shampoo on her hair and then slowly cups water in his palm to rinse it out. Meanwhile she’s kicking the water everywhere as usual. Max has to mop the floor every time after he gives her a bath, but he doesn’t mind because his daughter loves it. Just then she plops her leg into the water and a big splash of water lands right in Max’s face. She looks up and sees the water in her daddy’s face and just giggles.

“Oh you think that’s funny huh? If only you were older cause daddy would splash you right back.” He finishes giving her a bath and wraps her in a towel and takes her out to her room, gently placing her on the changing table. He pulls out her light pink pajamas, he loves her in pink because her skin has an olive tone to it and with her dark hair he thought she looked absolutely beautiful…perfect. He didn’t even want to try to imagine what she would look like when she got older; no he wanted her to be his baby forever.

“Alright let’s get downstairs so daddy can eat his dinner. Are you hungry pumpkin? I bet you are. I still don’t know how you eat that mashed up food though. I’ll have to teach you the techniques of fine eating when you’re older.” He hugs her protectively to his body and makes his way downstairs.

On his way he passes by Maria’s room, he thinks about stopping in and just making sure she was okay but decides against it.

“Oh is my angel all washed up and ready for dinner.” Diane says while finishing setting the table.

“Yes mom I’m all washed up and ready!” Max says jokingly to his mother, because he knew damn well she was talking about Kylei.

“Very funny Max. Oh Maria is going out tonight, right?”

“Yes, with Michael.” Max says while placing his daughter in her high chair pushing it next to his seat at the table so he can feed her. They serve themselves and begin to eat in silence, when Maria enters the room.

“Hey guys! I’m going to be heading out in a few minutes but I will be back early because Michael has to work in the morning.” She steps closer to the table and Max watches her closely, she seemed okay, he thought. He decided that they needed to talk when she returns later on.

“How many jobs does he have now?” Diane asks as she rises to deposit the plates in the sink to wash.

“He’s down to only two now, he had to quit the other one due to the fact that he wasn’t sleeping longer than an hour a day, and he was killing himself.” Maria said with a concerned look on her face. Max knew exactly what Maria was talking about; in fact Max is the one that convinced him to quit, a small fact that remains a secret between the both of them.

“I see, well have a good time.” Diane begins to wash the dishes without another word.

“Maria, when you get back home tonight can you stop by my room?”

“Yeah sure Max.” With that Maria turns and places a kiss on top of her nieces’ head of curls and leaves the room.

Max was busy removing his daughters bib; he lifts her up and places her in the playpen in the corner of the kitchen. They had one in every room of the house, since his mother would have to clean the house and watch her at the same time; it was the easiest thing then to have to leave her in a room by herself for very long.

“Mom, let me finish the rest.” He tries to step in and take over the washing, but his mother refuses.

“No Max it’s fine, besides I’m almost done.” He nods and heads over to the table to remove the placemats to shake them off.



“Can I ask you something?” He turns to face his mother on the other side of the counter.

“Sure of course you can, you can ask me anything, you know that.” She just smiles and turns off the water to walk around and stand in front of him.

“Why don’t you date sweetheart? I mean it’s been what, six months? Honey, you need to get back out there. You can’t stay home with your mom forever and you can’t hide behind your daughter.”

“I’m not hiding mom, I’m tired after work, playing and taking care of Kylei, it all wares me out.” He says in his defense but if he was honest that was exactly what he was doing. It has been several months, years if he counts before he and Cassandra got together that he has dated anyone.

“Alright I’m not pushing you but it might be nice that’s all I’m saying.” She says while running a hand down the side of her only child’s face.

“I know mom, I’ll think about it, but right now I’m going upstairs to relax until Maria gets home.”

“Okay, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Night mom.” He takes his daughter out of her playpen and makes his way upstairs.

He places one foot inside of his bedroom before his telephone starts ringing. He quickly makes his way around his bed to answer it.


“Hey sexy, how are you doing?” Max rolls his eyes and takes a seat on the bed placing Kylei on her back and rubbing her belly as he addresses his caller.

“Real funny, how many times do I have to tell you not to call me that? Seriously it’s getting old.”

“Yeah right Max, you know you love that name. Besides what are cousins for if not to make fun right?”

“Ha, ha, right whatever, so what’s going on? I can’t wait until you get here!” Max says enthusiastically, he cannot wait until she gets here.

“Two weeks, then you’ll be graced with my presence. I’m doing okay, you know… same shit, different day. How’s my adorable niece who looks just like me doing?” Max lies down next to his daughter while laughing into the phone at his cousin’s comment.
“Ah, no she looks like me, not you so get over it.”

“Actually Max you and I could pass for twins, except for our eye color so yes she does look like me.” Serena states, knowing what she’s saying is right. Her eyes were greener than Max’s who has a more honey-gold color to them. Other than that difference they looked identical.

“Okay I’ll give you that one, but she and I have the same eyes so I will say I have that one up on you, so she looks like me.”

“Aww your right, she’s going to be sexy just like her daddy when she grows up.” Max springs up from the headboard.

“Sexy?! No! My daughter is not going to be sexy! Beautiful, pretty and smart yes, but not sexy!”

“Oh sure daddy whatever you say.” They both laugh into the phone.

“She’s doing good Sere; she’s getting so big I can’t believe it.” He says in awe, it’s true she’s growing up so fast.

“I know, so what’s new with you Max?” That’s a loaded question, he thought. Since he keeps nothing from his cousin he decides to tell her.

“I saw Liz yesterday and then again this afternoon. She’s getting married and I met her fiancé. Maria is not happy, to say the very least.” He sighed into the phone placing the phone between his shoulder and cheek to pick up Kylei and lay her on his chest.

“Wow! I mean, after all this time she comes to town, I wonder why? I mean did she say why Max?” Serena asked genuinely concerned over her cousin’s feelings. She knew everything about Max, how many girls he’s been with and when, she even knew when Max was cheating on Liz, and although she seriously advised him against it, she knew she couldn’t change his mind at the time. Now though, Max has grown up and learned to own up to his responsibilities and his mistakes.

“She said that her fiancé was here for work, he’s a contractor or something. Anyway she came in and asked how I was, and when I asked her she told me she was great and that she was getting married. Married Sere, I still can’t believe it, you know? It’s like this is all a dream. I know I shouldn’t even think about her, but I do.” He knew he was acting desperate but he couldn’t help it, it’s like now that she’s back he doesn’t want her to leave again because maybe this time it would be forever.

“I know Max, I know you do. And I’m sorry things turned out like they did, but you are past that. You fucked up really bad and she hasn’t forgiven you and to be honest, because you know I always am with you; you don’t deserve it Max. She doesn’t know you now, she doesn’t know about your life, just like you don’t know about hers. How long is she here for?” Serena was always honest with Max, she held nothing back. If it hurt him she was sorry but if it was the truth then he needed to hear it.

“I don’t know, probably not long. She’ll be gone again Sere and what if she never comes back?” His voice begins to shake from the emotion he’s feeling.

“Max, maybe you need to let her go for good. I know you don’t want to, but what are you going to say to her? Sometimes you have to let go no matter how hard it might be. If she wants to talk, she knows where to find you. And unfortunately, that’s the way it has to be because even if you found her and you apologized, if she’s not ready to hear it, it won’t matter to her. She has to want it; she has to want to know why you did what you did. And the only advice I can give you for that one is be honest, even if it hurts her, she deserves the truth. Even if it’s just to say that you were a horny bastard.” She says seriously to him.

“What if…”

“No Max, it’s not up to you anymore, there can be no more what ifs for you. I’m sorry but that’s the way it is. The what ifs lie with Liz now. I hope she does though Max, I really do.”

“Thanks. Look I have to get going I have to get this one to bed and then have my oh so fun conversation with Maria.”

“Okay goodnight Max.”

“Night Sere, I love you.”

“Love you too.” Max hung up the phone and looked down to see his daughter sleeping soundly on his chest, he decides to leave her there for a little while just gently rubbing his hands through her soft curls down her back and up again. He had a lot to think about before Maria got home.

The main thing that he needed to realize though was as hard as it might be that he is finally going to have to give up, and for Max that wasn’t easy. He didn’t just give up on things when they got hard, but his cousin was right and he knew it. It was time to finally let her go and just pray that one day she would return, but he couldn’t hold out for that any longer. He needed to live his life, not only for himself but for his daughter as well.

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Chapter 5

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A/N: Here's the next part. I know you all have lots of questions, but as some of you know from reading my others stories, things aren't always as they seem I like to keep you all guessing otherwise what would be the fun in it? lol!!

Thanks for the f/b keeps me writing!

con angel


This part has not been forgive me for any errors, I'll come back and fix them later :wink:

Chapter 5

Maria finished her date with Michael pretty early. They went for dinner and then back to his place to watch a movie, which he fell asleep during. Maria couldn’t be angry with him, after all he was working two jobs so that they could afford to move out together in a few months. She quickly turned everything off, locked up and headed back home.

When she got home it appeared that everyone was asleep but she knew better, Max wanted to talk and he wouldn’t miss the opportunity. She had an early shift in the morning so she knew she had to get to bed soon if she had any intention of getting up and being semi civil to the customers.

After changing she knocks lightly on his door she then hears, “Come in!” she enters his room and sees him laying on his bed watching television in a white T-shirt and black shorts. Maria often wondered sometimes if Max really knew how he looked, she knew that he knew he wasn’t ugly not in the slightest but did he know how amazing he looked? Funny thing was he wasn’t cocky about it, he knew girls liked him for the way he looked but he wasn’t an arrogant asshole about it. She respected him for that.

“Hey, how was your night?” He raised himself up to lean against his headboard and motioned for Maria to sit next to him. She plopped down right next to him; “It was okay,” she didn’t know what to say so she waited for him.

“Maria, look I know you are mad about Liz, but you shouldn’t take it out on her it’s not her fault. I messed up Maria, me not her.” Max tried to explain as clearly and as non-confrontational as possible, he didn’t want to argue with her about this.

“Max, she chose not to stick around, she chose to stop talking to me, how can it not be her fault?” Maria was aggravated with the whole situation, she wished Liz never stepped foot into the diner that afternoon. Max sighed heavily before raising himself off the bed to pace in front of her. He didn’t understand why she was always making things difficult when the subject of Liz came up and he told her as much.

“I’m not trying to make things more difficult for you Max, but yeah you messed up but that was three years ago. She needs to get over it already and then she has the nerve to just…just flaunt her fiancé in your face! That’s wrong.” Max couldn’t take much more, he is thankful that Maria is on his side, but that won’t make him excuse himself for what he did to cause the situation between him and Liz. He moved across the room to the computer chair and plopped down in it; dragging his hands down his face to prepare for what is going to be a long discussion.

“First of all she didn’t flaunt him, we ran into them at the mall, don’t change it around. And incase you forgot, I slept with two girls while I was dating her. Two. Do you know what that means? I mean do you realize what I did? Sometimes I have to wonder if maybe you don’t know the whole story or something because you just up and forgave me like it was nothing.” Maria scoots down to the edge of the bed to face him.

“Max, I know you slept with two girls, I don’t know who they were but I know you did what you did. I don’t know why I just forgave you for doing that to my best friend, I shouldn’t but then I got to know you and realized you are so much more than the sex you had and the cheater you were. You have been with me through the most difficult time in my life, more so than Michael and that’s not his fault, but I just feel like I need to stand up for you and be there for you the way you are for me.” She says to him with tears in her eyes, and Max can understand what she’s saying but she needs to understand, he still doesn’t think that she fully understands what he did to Liz.

“I know Maria and I appreciate that, you have helped me so much with everything that has happened in the past couple of years and you are so great with Kylei and that whole situation, but Liz loved me and I cheated on her. I was selfish and too self-absorbed to realize that I loved her back, and I never got the chance to tell her that, I’ll always regret it. I wanted to tell her the day she found out; when I saw the pained look on her face, but I knew it was too late. I would never get to tell her that again, and all because I needed to have sex. I should have waited for her, but I didn’t, she did and I didn’t, so what kind of a person does that make me?” Max said with a deflated sigh, he was just so tired of running over all the things he could have changed, and how if he knew then what he knows now he would have just broken up with Liz instead of causing her all that pain.

“You are too hard on yourself, you were a teenage boy Max, and everyone knows they only think with one part of their anatomy…” She tried to defend him once again as if he was a saint or something.

“No Maria, that’s not it. I didn’t care while I was doing it at all. I never thought about Liz or her feelings, yes I prayed that she never found out but that was it. Please stop making excuses for me; I just feel worse when you do.” He says while standing up to sit next to her on the bed. She leans her head onto his shoulder before she speaks again.

“I know I shouldn’t but you are different Max, I would have to say that I noticed it immediately after Liz left, so I have to wonder if it wasn’t a good thing that you did what you did, because maybe you would have never changed if you didn’t.” Max understood exactly what she meant, but that doesn’t make the guilt weigh any lighter on his shoulders or his heart.

“I think about that a lot too Maria, but I know with everything I am she was the one for me and I have to live the rest of my life knowing that. It tears me up inside when I think about how my life turned out because even though I finally realized I love her, I have Kylei and I wouldn’t trade her for anything in this world.” He says while running his hands up and down Maria’s back. He really didn’t want to discuss it anymore, he was just tired but he had wanted Maria to understand where he’s coming from.

“Maria you need to cut her some slack…no you need to cut her a lot of slack. If you’re mad at her for leaving and not talking to you fine. But don’t take out what I did to her on her. It’s not right and you need to leave it alone already.” Max tells her hoping that she will understand that he doesn’t want to argue about it but he won’t sit by and let Maria trample all over Liz and her feelings.

“I’ll drop it for now Max, I need to get some sleep.” She leans up and places a kiss on his cheek and gives him a hug goodnight.

After she left, Max had time to run over everything in his head again that happened but the one thing that is now forever printed in his mind is that Liz…is getting…married. But most importantly he has lost any chance he ever may have had with her forever.

“Ha!” Max says aloud to himself, he knew he never had her and that she was too good for him. However, that didn’t make it hurt any less.

Across Town – One Week Later

As Liz finished packing for her flight back to New York this afternoon, she wondered if maybe she wasn’t doing the right thing. Just leaving…again. She talked to Chris after the incident at the mall and they both thought it would be best if she went back home and waited until he returned after his business in Roswell was complete.

Liz didn’t tell him how she knew Max and Maria, instead she made up an excuse that he was under a lot of pressure and that she could get more of the wedding arrangements resolved by herself. Chris naturally agreed and bought her a plane ticket the next day.

“Liz are you done yet, we need to get going if you’re going to make your flight?” Chris asks her impatiently, he couldn’t wait until she got on that plane, then he could move along with his plans for tonight and a certain local girl. He didn’t want to be involved at all with the wedding plans and often wondered by he was getting married in the first place. When thoughts like that would invade his mind he quickly pushed them away, he loved Liz she is a great girl and would make a fantastic mother, so who says you can’t have a little something on the side to keep your bed warm?

“Yes! I’m just about done give me five more minutes.”

“Okay, I just don’t want to be late.”

“I know you don’t. I’ll be right there.” God! Sometimes he was just so infuriating for her to deal with. Always rushing her, like there is some big emergency he was headed off to or something.

Forty-five minutes later Liz is seated on a plane bound for New York and a part of her felt guilty, she knew she shouldn’t she did nothing wrong after all. But Max was so sincere to her, he wasn’t spiteful he just seemed generally concerned that she was upset with what happened between her and Maria. As Liz leans back in her chair to get more comfortable, she also remembers that he looked happy to see her.

“No.” She chastised herself for even thinking about him, she couldn’t wait to get out of this town and move on with her life. Max Evans is the past, a closed chapter in her life and one she doesn’t think she will be reopening anytime soon.

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A/N I know I have kept you guys waiting, but I have been trying to finish up Second Time Around, which I will most likely be done with it later today, which means I'll have more time for this one :wink:


frenchkiss70 - Don't worry again you are not meant to like her :wink:


extingman - You will actually get some answers in here about Max's behavior after Liz left. More needs to be explained but that comes later.

Thanks for the great F/B guys, I really appreciate it.

Chapter 6

Today was the day of Serena’s arrival; Max and his mother worked diligently the week before to get everything ready for her. He was nervous to see her again, although he talks to her everyday seeing her again after a little over six months is a big deal. He loved her like a sister and her opinion about him and how he was with Kylei, everything was important to him and he took it very seriously.

“Max would you please calm down? You’re going to wear a hole in the rug.” Diane says while putting away the last of the groceries that she got while she was at the market. Max couldn’t keep himself still. After a vigorous hour of trying to find something for Kylei to wear he had to begin the task of dressing himself. He finally pinned it down to a pair of dark blue faded jeans, and black T-shirt. When he heard his mother tell him to stop his pacing, he went over and picked Kylei up from the floor and placed her in his lap.

“So pumpkin you ready to see aunt Serena? I know she can’t wait so see you.” He says while playing with one of the two pigtails she has on her head. She was wearing a lavender cotton dress with tiny butterflies on it. Her hair was separated down the middle and matching lavender ribbon held her two tiny pigtails together. Max looked down at her while she played with his T-shirt and thought she is just so adorable, granted his opinion was biased but she really was. Kylei looks up into her father’s eyes and smiles at him. Max tightened his grip on her just a tiny bit more, he loved her more than words could ever express. He just hoped that he wouldn’t fail her, wouldn’t let her down because he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he did.

He didn’t think he was off to such a great start with her, after all he couldn’t keep her mother in the picture long enough to even see her crawl, sit up for the first time or talk which she was well on her way to doing. These are the reasons why he was afraid of what Serena would think when she sees him with Kylei. She could be really blunt and brutal, not because she was trying to be mean but because sometimes people needed to hear the truth good or bad, because as she says, “That’s life and it’s not perfect and it doesn’t come in a neat little box.”

Maria, on the other hand, was not sharing in the enthusiasm over Serena’s arrival. She hadn’t gone downstairs just yet; she really wished she didn’t have to be here while Serena was. It’s not that Maria didn’t like her, in fact Serena was really easy to get along with, no that’s not what Maria’s problem was.

Her problem was the fact that she hated that Max regarded Serena’s advice more and valued her opinion on things more so than he did Maria’s. Yes, that was Maria’s problem and that is also why she is seriously contemplating making her grand exit via Max’s bedroom fire escape this very moment. Just as she made her way across the hall a voice stops her, “Hey, where are you going?” Maria turns around when she hears Max’s concerned voice.

“Nowhere, I was actually just going to see if you were in your room, but I guess I was wrong.” She tries to hide the obviousness of the situation with a smile. Max couldn’t figure her out sometimes so he wasn’t about to start now.

“Sere’s going to be here soon, you want to come downstairs now?” Maria just nods and realizes she can’t hide out forever. Together they walked downstairs into the living room to find Kylei standing up against the coffee table banging one of her toys against it. Both Maria and Max turn to each other and laugh.

“Max, oh Maria, I’m glad you came down.” Diane says while exiting the kitchen to find them staring at her granddaughter’s loud childish banter.

“Did you need something?” Max walks over to stand in front of his mother.

“Yes, can you take out the roast from the oven for me?” She asks while turning around to re-enter the kitchen with Max following closely behind her.

“Hey sweetie, what are you doing? Huh? You can’t wait to talk can you? Daddy’s going to be so happy when you finally do.” Maria coos to her niece. Now although she is not biologically related to Kylei, Maria still considers her to be her aunt. Kylei stops banging long enough to look up at Maria and give her a smile. Maria thought she was so beautiful and knew that she would be a heartbreaker just like her father. Maria ran a hand down her back gently steadying Kylei’s steps while she walked around the coffee table.

The sound of the doorbell brought Kylei to her knees crawling to the front door. Before Maria had a chance to spring up from the couch Max was running to the front door, scooping up Kylei in his arms and opening the door.



Serena’s face lights up as soon as sees Max’s face and she lunges at him, both of them embracing with a wiggling Kylei in between. They break apart smiling and Serena looks down at her niece squirming in her father’s arms.

“Oh my God Max! She’s so beautiful.” Max proudly hoists his daughter higher against his chest so she can face Serena. Serena reaches out for Kylei, who shyly buries her head in her father’s neck and bunches the front of his T-shirt with her tiny fingers.

“Thank you Sere, she’s just a little shy with people she doesn’t know that well. She likes to watch people but that doesn’t mean she’s leaping into their arms.” Max says trying to ease his cousin’s mind since his daughter is currently clinging to him for dear life. Max gently pries her little fists off of his shirt and nuzzles her cheek gently with his nose to get her to look up. When she finally does, she gives him a shy smile then turns and looks at Serena while tilting her head sideways and eyes opened brightly.
“Hey there angel, you are such a cutie!” Serena says while smiling brightly at her. That’s it, that’s all it takes for Kylei to giggle back at Serena. They are all still standing in the doorway, when Max’s mother walks in.

“Serena, honey! It’s so good to see you. Come in, come in. Max, why are you two still standing in the doorway?” Max just smirked and looked a Serena, who gave him a quick wink and walks past him into the living room.

“Hi Aunt Diane, how are you?” Serena asks while she places a kiss on Diane’s cheek and giving her a big hug.

“I’m good you know same as usual.” Serena knew exactly what her aunt meant. It’s been a hard year for her without her husband; she could only imagine what it must be like. However, Serena was happy that Diane still had Max and now Kylei to keep her company.

“That’s good to hear.” Serena turns and sees Maria standing near the couch looking everywhere but at her. Serena didn’t dislike Maria, it’s just something about her that didn’t sit well whenever she was with Max. She just shrugged it off and decided to be her usual gracious self, “Hi Maria, how are you doing?” Maria’s eyes snapped up and she just smiled and said that she was doing fine and that it was good to see her again.

“Okay, enough with the chit chat I have dinner ready and it’s going to get cold if we don’t hurry up.” Diane ushers everyone into the kitchen. Max places Kylei in her highchair and takes a seat beside her. “Maria, will Michael be joining us?”

Maria looks up and says, “Michael will be here but he is running late so he said to start without him.” Diane just nods as she dishes out the food.

“Mom, Kyle will be over but he said just for dessert you know how much he loves your brownie cheesecake.” Max smiles mischievously at his mother, knowing damn well that he had no idea if that’s what his mother made. A boy can wish can’t he?

“You sneak, I swear Maxwell Evans one day I’m going to get one over on you, now how did you find out?” His mother asks wanting to know how Max found out, she had the cake in the fridge that was out in the garage.

“I didn’t, I was just taking a guess and now I know so score one for Max!” Both Serena and Maria just laugh and shake their heads. Diane can’t hold back any longer and she joins in the mirth. Kylei didn’t want to feel left out so she just starts laughing and banging her spoon against her tray.

After dinner, sure enough Michael shows up at the same time as Kyle. Now Serena and Kyle have never met each other. Kyle moved to town a few months ago alone. Max didn’t know his story but didn’t think it was his business to ask either. They hung out sometimes when they both weren’t working. Kyle found a job at the auto body shop in town and comes in for lunch daily.

“Hey Kyle, Mike glad you guys could make it.” Max says while letting them in the house.

“Sorry we’re late, you know that damn traffic.” Kyle says pushing past Max and taping him on the back; Max just turns around and shakes his head disbelievingly at Kyle.

“What traffic? It’s Roswell not New York, you know population sixty-thousand not three million.” Max says while letting Michael in and closing the door behind him.

“Yeah y-” Kyle started but when he saw this girl, probably the most beautiful girl he has ever seen his words get stuck in his throat. Max turns to see why Kyle stopped talking and he sees the exchange between Kyle and his cousin. Max clears his throat to introduce them, “Kyle this is my cousin Serena, Serena this is Kyle and Michael you’ve met before.”

Serena seems to have lost her cool for minute but quickly regains it and strides confidently in front of Kyle extending her hand, which Kyle happily accepts.


“Hi.” Then Serena turns, “Michael it’s good to see you again.” She says with a smile which Michael returns, “You too. So how long are you staying for?” He asks while taking a seat on one of the couches.

“Actually I’m staying the whole summer.” Kyle was really happy about that news, though he tried to hide it. He was suddenly really glad he moved to Roswell after all. Moments later Diane walks into the living room with Kylei followed by Maria.

“Michael, Kyle so glad you boys could make it.”

“Ah there’s my namesake.” Kyle says while approaching Diane to grab hold of Kylei.

“Kyle she is not your namesake, now get over it. She’s a girl, in case you didn’t notice, and besides I named her before I met you.” Max says defending himself and his daughter; he knows it’s just playful banter coming from Kyle.

“Hey their cutie pie, Uncle Kyle is here to save you from daddy.” He says while hoisting her up on his chest and tickling her sides, until she squirmed. Max just throws his arms in the air in defeat; he knew once Kyle got started there was no stopping him.

“Is everyone ready for dessert?” A chorus of, “yes’s!” were said and everyone piled back into the kitchen.

Later after Diane went to bed, everyone was still piled downstairs in the living room watching a movie. Kylei was on the floor next to Max playing with some of her toys, but has since grown restless so Max places her in his lap with her blanket and stuffed pink lamb. You could leave the house without food or diapers but you could not leave the house without her blanky and lamb. Maria watched carefully from across the room as Serena slowly slide down the side of the couch to sit next to Max and reach out her hand to run her fingers through Kylei’s hair. Serena desperately wanted to hold her, but she didn’t want to frighten her. Max saw the longing in his cousin’s eyes, so taking once more glance down at his daughter, her turned and said, “Take her, she’s sleeping and she’ll never know the difference.” Max lifts his daughter gently and Serena slowly extends her arms to cradle her tiny figure. Once she was safely in Serena’s arms, she quickly ran her hands down her tiny arms and through her soft curly hair. She was sad that she missed so much already, both her and Max didn’t have a lot of family that’s why it was so important to her to come this summer.

“She’s just so precious Max; you are doing such a great job with her. She’s so smart and funny and cute.” Serena says in awe of her cousin, he really has come a long way, she thought.

“Thank you Sere, that means a lot.” Max smiles at her and then turns his gaze back to the screen.

Maria has seen the entire exchange and she is fuming at this point, she can’t concentrate on the movie any longer. No matter how many times Maria tells Max what a great job he’s doing, she never gets the smiles, the happiness that dances in his eyes when Serena says it. Michael notices Maria glaring at Serena, and nudges her side a bit, and looks at her quizzically. “I don’t really feel good; I think I’m going to head off to bed now.” Michael was disappointed he hasn’t really gotten a chance to see Maria all week, so he asks her if she wants to stay at his place. “Yeah you know what I’d like that Michael, let me just grab some things for tonight and I’ll be right back down.”

After Maria and Michael leave, Kyle leaves shortly thereafter, very reluctantly of course. Max promised that she would be in the diner tomorrow when he came in so he could gawk at his cousin longer. Kyle just laughed and let himself out.

“Sere, why don’t we take her upstairs and we can talk outside?”

“Sure Max.” Max turns off the television and Serena makes her way upstairs to Kylei’s room, Max following shortly thereafter.

After putting Kylei down they make their way out to Max’s balcony. “So Max, how are you doing?” Max makes himself comfortable on one of the lounge chairs; Serena sitting directly across from him.

“I’m good, you know.”

“You miss her don’t you?”

He couldn’t hide it, “Is it that obvious?” Max asks while ducking his head.

“Max you have to move on, move past this. It was years ago and I know what seeing her again must feel like but she’s moved on. I mean Max you haven’t dated anyone in a long time, that’s not healthy.” Max knew she was right but that didn’t mean he wanted to admit it.

“I know, don’t you think I know that Sere? It’s just… seeing her again, it brought everything back to me. It’s funny you know?” Serena turned to Max and looked at him quizzically, now either he has lost it or well hell she didn’t know.

“No I don’t.”

Max rises from the chair and walks over to the ladder and looks up at the night sky and says, “I am sitting here pinning away for a girl I let go without a second thought, when back then she was probably doing the same thing while we were together. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking getting together with her, it was a mistake I knew it then and I know it now.” Max sighed heavily and turned to face his cousin. “I knew I would fuck it up, it was only a matter of time. I slept around, the whole school knew this, so did she but she took a chance on me and I proved her right.” Max knew feeling sorry for himself was not what he needed to do right now, but it felt pretty good to do it; sometimes he just had to let it all out.

“Max don’t be so hard on yourself, I mean you did start having sex when you were what? Fifteen and you didn’t stop not until…” Serena ended her sentence abruptly, but that didn’t matter, not to Max because he knew when he stopped…right after Liz left.

After that he was only with one other person, Cassandra, but there were circumstances behind them even being together in the first place, circumstances only few people knew about. It wasn’t a time he wanted to go back to and think about ever again. The memories are too painful, so he decided to call it a night and try and get some rest.

Tomorrow had to be a better day he thought.

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Chapter 7

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***Please forgive me because this part has not been to the beta, she's away and well I didn't want to leave you guys hanging any longer***

This part takes place like is says 4 hours ago from the last's the same day just keep that in mind, I'm sure you guys could have figured that out :wink:

Chapter 7

Four Hours Ago

“Damn it!” Liz leans over and searches inside of her carryon for her purse, she thought she placed it in her bag before leaving for the airport, but she checks once…twice…three times and nothing. She hadn’t needed it until now because she was carrying everything she needed in her hands.

“I could just call Chris and tell him to mail it to me,” she thought aloud. She was frustrated and torn, should she get off the plane or stay on? Not taking another second she decides to get off. However exiting the plane isn’t as easy as getting on. She has to wait while they remove her luggage, which consisted of only one suitcase. Then she had to go through security once again. As soon as she was through with all of that, she needed to get a ride back to Roswell, which was only about twenty minutes.

But without a purse that would prove to be quite the challenge. She figured she’d get a cab to take her back to the house and hopefully Chris went straight back if not she didn’t want to think about it. She knew she couldn’t pay the cab fare until she got her purse, so she hoped that she made the right decision in getting off the plane.

About a half hour later she pulls up in front of the house and the lights are on, “Thank God,” she thought. She tells the cab driver she’ll be right back with the money. Liz then runs up the front stairs and finds that when she reaches to ring the doorbell, the door is ajar. She walks in and calls for Chris, but he doesn’t answer.

She can hear music playing, “Maybe that’s why he can’t hear me,” she thought aloud. Liz enters the living room and it’s empty, but then she realizes the music isn’t coming from there, it’s coming from the bedroom. She walks up to the staircase and looks up, then calls for him again, to no avail. Deciding she better hurry her ass up if she doesn’t want the cabby calling the police for stiffing him, she runs up the steps and gets to their bedroom door.

Liz reaches out her hand to grab the doorknob and then she hears it. It's the sound of a woman, laughing? No! It can’t be…not again. She thought. The overwhelming fear of what she might find behind the door settled in her stomach…and her heart. She turns the knob, only to find her worst nightmare come true.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Liz’s yells that causes Chris who is currently lying on his back while a blonde woman, who has her back turned, is sitting above him.

“Shit! Liz! What are you doing here?” Chris says, while removing the blonde from his lap and scooting off the bed, with only a sheet to cover his waist. He approaches her quickly but Liz backs away just as quick. She will not cry, not again she won’t allow herself to do it.

“Why? Why would you do this to me…to us!” She yelled as her anger outshines her pain. Chris has no excuse, he was caught and the only thing he could do now was apologize.

“Fuck you! I don’t want to hear you’re sorry, I have been told that one too many times in my life to realize when someone means it or not and you don’t! So don’t bother with the petty excuses!” She was fuming at this point, her hands were in fists and so far she hasn’t had a good look at the girl on her fiancés bed, but moments later the girl makes a mistake and moves, giving Liz a perfect look at her face.

“You fucking asshole!” Then she does something she never thought she would, she swung her arm back and her tiny fist connected with his jaw; hard. “Fuck Liz! What the hell?!” Chris growled out at her but she didn’t care, she couldn’t believe it, twice in one lifetime, one girl managed to weasel her way into Liz’s life.

“Liz you need to calm down and take it easy…” She slapped his face right where she punched him seconds ago. “Damn it! Would you stop already?!” Chris knew that if he didn’t back away she would keep swinging all night. She was pissed and he never knew this side of her before, she always took what he gave but this time he knew he’d met his match.

“No! I will not stop! You fucked her…her of all people! God! I can’t believe it!” Liz runs her hands through her hair in frustration. She just couldn’t believe the kind of luck she had, it was the worst kind, because the girl currently lying naked under the sheets was none other than Tess Harding.

Anger runs through her veins and she was defenseless to stop it, she sidestepped Chris and he made a grab for her, but she got away. Liz stands face to face with the one person on this earth who she’s never even talked to but managed to ruin her life twice in one lifetime. “You bitch! One wasn’t enough for you! You had to take them both!” Liz yelled with great force causing Tess to scoot closer to the headboard in fear of what the petite girl in front of her might do, she gathered the sheets around her naked form but that didn’t deter Liz. She was out for blood this time and she wasn’t leaving until she said everything she needed to say, and then she would walk out that door forever and not look back.

“Why? You could have any guy! Hell you did have any guy you wanted but why?! Why…?!” Tess didn’t know what to say; to be quite honest she had no idea what Liz was even talking about. Yes she was sleeping with her fiancé but what was she talking about “both,” that’s the part that made no sense.

“Liz, look I’m sor…” Wrong choice of words for the small blonde because that just made Liz’s anger boil over. She starts yelling and punching her fists into the edge of the bed. “No! I don’t want to hear that bullshit Tess! Why Max?” She stopped mid rant and she couldn’t figure out why she was thinking about Max right now, she should be more focused on the current fact that it was her fiancé in bed with this tramp.

Liz didn’t let the thought of Max take over for too long. She just stared at the blonde and thought she’s not worth it, she’s a whore always has been always will be but Chris, he was supposed to love her…for real this time. She was supposed to be married and live happily ever after, but that was a lie…it was all lies.

Liz turns to Chris who is standing near the bedroom door rubbing his sore jaw, and thinks to herself what did she ever see in him? Yes he was handsome and treated her good while they dated, but that means nothing compared to the way he treated her after he asked her to marry him. Rage pumped through her body.

“Why asshole?! Why ask me to marry you? What the fuck was the point?! You were sleeping around the whole time weren’t you?” She marched up to him and he looked away at first and then looked her in the eyes and she knew it, she should have known any guy who says they’ll wait for you is a damn liar! She fell for it again, God how stupid could she be, she thought.

“Liz, I don’t know what to say to make this right…”

“Right! Are you kidding me? There is no making this right Chris, you slept with her and who knows who else and I’m supposed to do just what? Suck it up and deal? No, sorry that’s not going to happen. I may have been stupid enough to believe you when you told me you loved me and wanted to spend the rest of your life with me, but I’m not that stupid as to believe that you feel bad about what you did and that you ever really gave a shit about me!” Liz was trying so hard at this point to fight back the tears, she would not let him see her cry, no matter what she would make it through this and not cry in front of him.

“I hate you!” She took the last bit of fight she had left in her and raised her hands in front of her face and removed her engagement ring and threw it in his face, Chris flinched but didn’t stop her. The game was over, he should have never even gotten as far as he did with her, he was never serious, yes he cared at least he thought he did, but in reality he didn’t.

Liz tore through the house grabbing her purse that was sitting on the dining room table, she failed to see it when she first entered the house, and rushed out the door into the waiting cab.

The cab driver saw how upset this petite girl looked so when she hopped in the backseat he decided to just drive for a few minutes and give her a chance to tell him where she wanted to go.

Liz sat in the backseat and held back her tears, she didn’t want to cry over him, he didn’t deserve it and she knew it now. He never deserved everything she was willing to give to him and to think she was going to marry him, “God I was a fool!” She yells out loud startling the driver slightly, “Sorry,” she says to the driver when she sees him flinch at her words.

“Where can I take you miss?” He didn’t want to rush her but he really wanted to get home to his family, he had been working since very early this morning and it was just about ten now. He felt bad, the girl looked really upset but what else could he do?

Giving the driver her destination, Liz leans back against the seat praying she’s not making another bad decision. She didn’t know why she asked the driver to take her there, she shouldn’t want to go there but it was the only place she could think of right now. It’s the only thing that did make sense in her messed up life.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” Max grumbles under his breathe and slides out of bed, he had just fallen asleep when his daughter decides it’s time to wake up again. She’s been really cranky and just not acting like herself these last few days. Even though he knew she wasn’t sick, his mother mentioned something about the fact that she might be teething.

He didn’t want everyone waking up so he quickly enters her room and lifts her from the crib to cradle her in his arms against his chest. “What’s wrong with my baby girl huh?” He says while running his hand up and down her back to help soothe her. She quiets down quickly and he checks to see if she’s running a fever, but she’s not. Sometimes she just wants him in the middle of the night, whether it’s a bad dream or that she just misses him. He couldn’t complain, he loved it, he loved the attention his daughter gave him and he was sure to give her just as much if not more.

Max was so exhausted it was only about ten but he needs to get up at about five to get the diner ready for the morning rush at six and so if he didn’t get to sleep soon he would be worthless tomorrow. Kylei falls back asleep and Max places her back in her crib and covers her up then leans down and places a kiss on her cheek, “I love you.”

A few minutes later he is finally getting back into a comfortable position, he closes his now extremely heavy lids and falls asleep.

After paying the cab driver Liz exits and stands there long after he leaves just staring at the building in front of her trying to decide if she made the right decision. “I guess it’s too late for that,” she mumbles to herself. She leans over and grabs her suitcase and carryon and decides it’s now or never. Liz walks around the side of the building and stares up at the metal latter, one that she used to love to climb up because it would bring her to the love of her life. The irony of the entire situation and her feelings is that she said she would never come back, never that’s what she told herself over and over again, and here she is staring at fate once again for bringing her back in his path but she was defenseless to stop it from happening.

She knew she couldn’t climb the metal rings carrying anything more than her purse, so she decides to leave it in the alley and come back for it in a minute. She takes a deep breath and lets it out raggedly and begins the short climb.

What would happen when she reached the top? Would he be there? Was he sleeping? Would he not want to see her? No, she thought he wouldn’t mind seeing her that much she knew, but what was she going to say? She had a million questions running through her head all of which she had no answer for. She felt lost and confused, this is the last person she needs to be seeking comfort in but it’s the only person in the world she could think of being with at that moment.

In that bedroom everything that happened with Chris and Tess, it was Max who invaded her thoughts, funny thing was she wasn’t thinking back to what he did to her, she was thinking about that afternoon in the diner and then outside, his face…his words and most of all his sincerity. She missed that in her life and it’s funny that he of all people is the one to bring it back into her life.

She reached the top and climbed over the ledge and saw that all the lights where out, “Maybe this was a mistake I should go.” She turns to walk away but just then she sees his face, the moonlight shining through his window casting a bluish light against his sleeping form, and she thought he never looked more beautiful to her. That thought only reinforced her choice to come here was the right one. Taking a few silent steps she bends down and lightly taps the window.

At first Max doesn’t hear the light tapping but then seconds later he is stirring in his sleep from the sound. He sits up slowly looking around the room, then brushes the sleepiness from his eyes and tries to adjust them to the darkness once again. Then he hears it again and turns towards the window and sees a figure leaning near the window.

Thinking it was Maria he gets up and lifts up the window, Liz moves back a little when she sees him approaches. Her heart in her throat, thinking maybe she was wrong after all.

“Maria…can we do this…Liz?” He thinks he must be dreaming because there is no way she is at his window right now.

“Hi Max.” She didn’t know what else to say, he looked so confused.

“W-what are you doing here?” She nibbles on her bottom lip not realizing that she didn’t prepare an answer for that question. She tucks her hair back behind her ears and looks into his eyes, but that was the biggest mistake she could have made because she saw it…the concern in his eyes. He cared, he wasn’t faking it, and he truly looked worried.

“I…I didn’t have anywhere else to go…can I…can I stay here?” Max didn’t know what to say, was she serious? Or was this some kind of sick joke to make him pay for all his fuck ups? He hoped it wasn’t, not that he didn’t deserve it but he didn’t think he would be able to handle it. So without another thought other than to find out what’s wrong and what would cause her to come to him…him of all people, he steps back and tells her to come in.

They now stand in awkward silence; Liz can’t help her eyes wandering on his muscular torso. He was only wearing a pair of boxers so it didn’t leave much to her imagination. Max noticed her staring and felt a little giddy, he knew he shouldn’t but at least she wasn’t totally repulsed by him, but decided to put on a shirt and a pair of sweatpants.

Liz hadn’t moved the entire time or said a word for that matter and Max was getting worried. She just stood by the open window wringing her hands together.


“My suitcase is downstairs in the…alley…would you mind?” She asks him quickly, she doesn’t want him to ask the questions right now. She is about two seconds away from letting it all go and she is hoping to make it until he goes back to sleep for that.

“Oh sure, I’ll be right back, have a seat and could you close the window for me?” Liz just nods and watches as he walks out his bedroom door. She closes the window and takes off her jacket, then slowly walks around the room there isn’t much light, but she knows his bedroom by heart and from the looks of it, he didn’t change it much.

Five minutes later he walks back into the room carrying her suitcase and carryon. On his way downstairs to get her things, he couldn’t help but wonder why she had her suitcase with her, did something happen between her and her fiancé? He didn’t want to push her so he just places the bags down and closes the door as quietly as possible, trying not to wake everyone else up.

She was still standing and so he wasn’t sure if maybe she changed her mind, so he asked her if she wanted to sit.

“Sure, yeah sorry I’m just a little out of it I guess.” She says in such a small voice he has to strain to hear her. She slowly walks over to his desk chair and takes a seat, and because he can’t take a moment longer of walking and talking in the dark he turns on the light.

They both wince at the bright light but slowly both their eyes adjust and that’s when he sees her, really sees her. He rushes over to her side and kneels down next to her, not knowing if she would welcome the touch or not but Max decides to place a hand on her knee.

“Liz…God what happened?” Max knows she’s holding it all in, waiting to do it alone to cry in pain alone, but he won’t let her he did once and has decided if he ever had the chance again he would never let her go through any pain alone.

Liz took in a sharp breath at the sound of Max’s pure concern and she looked in his eyes and started to speak, “I…Chris…he…he c-cheated o-on m…” She didn’t make it any further the pain, anger and total frustration began to suffocate her and she let it go. Heavy broken sobs consumed her tiny body and she felt like she would break in two if she didn’t stop, but she couldn’t it hurt too much.

The moment she broke down, Max rose and lifts her off the chair placing her at the foot of the bed, then proceeded to remove her shoes and told her to scoot back and lay down. Through her tears she did as he asked and then he walked around the bed to pull the covers up over her, he didn’t know what to say or do.

Max had wanted to hold her, and tell her everything would be okay, but he couldn’t. It wasn’t his place and he didn’t know if everything would be okay or not, he doesn’t know what she’s going through, but the one thing he does know is that he feels sick, and it’s taking every ounce of strength not to become physically ill at the moment.

Chris cheated on her and she’s so hurt, and in so much pain because of what he did, but that’s when Max realizes that she has been through this shit twice, he doesn’t even know how she can look at him right now. Hell he wouldn’t be able to, but after he pulls the covers up and turns to switch off the light and go into Kylei’s room to sleep, Liz grabs hold of his hand.


“Yeah?” Max’s heart was in his throat what could she want to say, that she hates him that she can’t stand him that she wishes she never met him because…

“Don’t leave me…just…stay.” He has to blink a few times because he must have heard her wrong, she wants him to stay with her…in the same bed…together…no he definitely heard wrong so he asks her just to make sure that it is indeed what she meant, but this time she doesn’t say a word, she simply slides over and pulls back the sheets to make room for him.

Without another word he turns off the light and slides into bed next to the love of his life.

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A/N - Okay I literally just finished this part like fifteen minutes ago. I have been having a horrible week so I hope this part doesn't suck that bad. Also it has not been betad either so please forgive the damn mistakes I know I made! LOL

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Chapter 8

The next morning Kylei awakes with a small whimper, anyone else not used to it could have missed it, but not Max. Liz stirs gently but doesn’t wake up, Max slowly turns and sees Liz lying next to him and realizes last night wasn’t a dream after all. He thought for sure when he opened his eyes, she would be gone, but to his surprise she was still asleep and looking more beautiful than he had ever seen. As quietly as possible he rises from the bed and takes a look at his alarm clock, which now reads, five. He didn’t need to be up for another hour but it didn’t look like Kylei was going to give him a break today. He didn’t want her waking up Liz, so he quickly makes his way into his daughter’s room.

“What’s the matter princess? Are you hungry?” He picks his daughter up and cradles her in his arms and makes his way out the door to grab a bottle downstairs in the kitchen. He returns a few minutes later with bottle in hand. He decides to change her diaper and clothes since he would be bringing her downstairs with him this morning.

Liz had woken up at the first whimper of a baby that she heard. She was confused to say the least but decided it was best if she pretended that she hadn’t woken. Besides that she didn’t know what to say to Max, she knows coming here was a mistake but last night he was the only person on her mind. Quite ironic that she would seek comfort from the first person to break her heart in the same fashion as her once fiancé did.

She felt awkward and hoped that she could just get her bags and leave, but as luck turns out Max awoke first, so now she couldn’t leave without saying anything. It would have been easier she thought, because last night she didn’t hold any animosity towards him at all, he was there to help her, comfort her, but that changes when the sun rises and she realizes that she hates him for doing what he did to her, more so probably than what Chris did.

Maybe because she half expected it from Chris, maybe there were signs that she just refused to see, either way this situation didn’t leave her broken, not in the least. Yes she is upset and hurt because she was lied to again, but deep down the thing that frightened her most was that she wasn’t as nearly upset about Chris’s actions as she was with Max’s. That revelation right there scared the hell out of her.

Liz decided to see what all the commotion was in the next room over, so she tiptoed to the open doorway and looked in. What she saw was even more confusing then her feelings a few minutes ago, it was Max…and a baby?

Whose baby? Surely not his right? If that is the case she can’t quite wrap her mind around that one. She steps back into the shadows and crawls back into bed feeling as if she was kicked in the gut once more. Liz chided herself because she didn’t even know who the baby was and for that matter if it were Max’s then she wouldn’t care. At least that’s what she told herself and she pulled the covers back up to her neck and pretended to sleep once again.

“Are you all better now pumpkin? Daddy changed your diaper, fed you and even put on your pretty jeans and shirt, so does that mean you are going to give daddy a break today? I have a lot of work to do and I need you to be a good girl for your aunt Serena. She loves you pumpkin so give her a chance.” He whispers to his daughter and she simply looks into his eyes and gurgles out a few incoherent words and smiles at him. Max thought she was so close to saying those two treasured words; ‘da da’ and he couldn’t wait for it.

He decided instead of going downstairs early, that he would just sit outside for a few minutes to just think. He places Kylei back in her crib with her blanky and lamb and then reentered his bedroom and grabbed his clothes from the closet and changed quickly in the bathroom.

When Max climbed outside his window onto his balcony he drew in a deep breathe. It was going to be a beautiful day he knew it was even though the sun had not risen as of yet. He takes a seat on one of the two chairs he has outside, leans back and closes his eyes for a few minutes, until he hears a sound coming from his left.

“Liz, I didn’t…I didn’t wake you did I?” Max quickly rises from the chair. Liz is standing at the window not quite sure what she should do or say for that matter. He walks over and reaches his hand out to her, without a second thought Liz places her hand in his. Max with great ease helps her out the window and watches her closely as she makes her way over to the chair opposite the one he just vacated.

“So, did you sleep okay?” Max asked her nervously, because although she may have come to him last night seeking comfort he knew that did not mean all is forgiven or forgotten for that matter. It was a moment of weakness, but definitely not a means of reconciliation or so he believed.

Liz sat staring at him, with uncertainty lingering behind her eyes; she wasn’t sure how to answer that simple question. Did she sleep okay? Yes, never better. She had only dreamt about what it would be like to sleep next to him but she couldn’t say that. She was still angry and hurt by Max, so instead she said, “It was okay,” and left it at that. They sat in silence a few minutes longer when Max couldn’t help but tell her how sorry he was for what happened last night with Chris.

“It’s okay Max; I mean I should have suspected something when he fed me his line.” She said sarcastically to him, thinking Max would know exactly what “line” she was referring to. But of course he didn’t, he couldn’t really concentrate on anything except how beautiful she looked. He remembered lying next to her last night just watching her sleep peacefully, he listened to her breathing, memorized her face in the dark and wished with all his heart he could have reached out and held her, but it wasn’t his place. Max knew he had no right to even wish for that to happen, but he did with all his heart and wished the day would come when he would get the chance to have that with Liz.

“What line?” Max asked because after all he truly did not know what she was referring to at the moment.

Liz leaned back into the chair with a melodramatic sigh and says, “You know the one where the guy tells the gullible girl that it’s okay if they don’t sleep together because he would wait for her?” Liz finished angrily running her hands through her hair and not believing that he made her say it. She rips herself from the chair and begins pacing in front of him.

“I don’t know why I bother, why I even tried because love is a joke, one big cruel joke that life if playing on me.” She finished flatly.

“Liz, please don’t think that, I know how hard it must be…” She didn’t let him finish that sentence; her anger and hurt feelings took the conversation over.

“You know? Max how the hell do you know how hard it must be to have your heart broken? You never loved anyone, especially me so don’t sit there and pretend like you give a shit how I’m feeling and how bad I just…” Just what? She couldn’t finish that sentence, mainly because she was going to say that she wished she’d never met him. It would be easy to say but it wasn’t true, even though he may have not cared about her she loved him and the feeling of being with him greatly outweighs never even knowing him. So no she couldn’t say that aloud, she wasn’t that cruel.

“What? Finish the sentence Liz. That you never dated me? I wish that too.” Max said honestly to her, but didn’t have the courage to look her in the eyes when he said that instead he focused on anything but her.

Liz’s head snapped up at him when he said that, it’s like he knew how she felt, but how is that possible? He doesn’t care she needed to remember that. He was one of the reasons she is terrified to even be with a man and why she has never been. She would not feel guilty about thinking that but she couldn’t help the voice in the back of her head telling her that just looking at his face downcast that he truly meant every single word he says to her.

“No Max, no matter what I’ll never regret that. I should and I’m angry that I’m not because I told myself over and over that I would be angry forever, but it doesn’t make a difference does it?” She asks him taking her seat across from him once again. Her nerves calming down enough to reach out and touch his chin lightly to bring his focus back on her.

At first contact Max felt a jolt go through his body, she was touching him and her fingertips where so delicate he wanted to reach out and grab her hand, but he resisted instead he gave in and looked her in the eyes. She was looking for something he knew it, she was looking for his honesty and he gave it. He looked at her and he knew that she could read his eyes like no other, and at that moment he let her see the guilt, the hurt, and even the love he had for her shine through, even though he knew she would not recognize the love. He knew in his heart it was true and real, therefore he could live with her never knowing. She deserved to be happy and he realized that it would never be with him.

When their eyes connected Liz sucked in a ragged breathe at all the emotions she saw play across his eyes that was one thing that Liz knew she had above everyone else. She had spent many hours studying the inner workings of Max Evans, she knew every facial expression and just by looking in his eyes, not just a quick glance here and there, but by focusing at all the emotions swimming behind them, she could tell if he was happy, sad, angry just about any and every emotion would emanate through his eyes to her.

Except for the one she was now seeing. It wasn’t familiar to her at all; she didn’t know what to think. His eyes bore into hers and it took her breath away, she was speechless and also confused. The moment however was broken by the sounds of a baby crying.

Max quickly excused himself and Liz was still trying to sort out what just happened between them. Was it even something or was it just a fleeting moment over what could have been? She didn’t have much time to wonder about that because minutes later Max arrived back at the window except this time he was carrying something in his arms.

When Max heard his daughters first cries he immediately went to her, wishing to not wake the entire house, because after all his daughter had a good set of lungs on her. He placed her in her bouncy seat that she loved so much to sit in while he was working; because she could watch her daddy from it without straining to see which way he walked.

Lifting the chair with one arm and walking into his own bedroom, he placed her seat outside the window and took in a deep breathe because this was the moment he had been dreading, he didn’t want to hurt Liz more, but he thought it shouldn’t affect her because she obviously has no feelings for him. So the fact he has a child should not change anything right?

Why was Max taking care of this baby? Is it his sister or something? Liz couldn’t figure it out and she didn’t want to ask, so she just let her questions fall at the waist side for now. Max places Kylei on the small table he has on the balcony and removes her from the seat and holds her against his chest.

He gently bounced her in his arms trying to get her to settle down. “Shh, it’s okay.” He then places a kiss on the crown of her head and turns to Liz. He knows she’s confused so no time like the present to tell her, but before he gets to say anything Kylei and Liz lock eyes. Max watches the exchange between his daughter and Liz and he’s amazed.

Liz saw the beautiful little girl and couldn’t believe how much she looked like Max, but when the girl looked at Liz, she couldn’t help but smile. Kylei smiled at Liz and then buried her head in her father’s chest. Liz couldn’t resist she stepped closer and ran her hands down Kylei’s arms and noticed how soft they were.

“Max, she’s so beautiful.” Liz said in an awed voice and expression adorning her face. Max didn’t know what to feel he knew at this moment though he was biting back his tears. He swallowed thickly before he spoke, “Thank you Liz.” Liz looked up at him and smiled. But now she needed to know for sure if her suspicions were right.

“Is she…” Liz realized too late it’s not her business and she shouldn’t care. However, Max answered the question already knowing what it was going to be.

“Yes,” Then he hoisted her a little higher against his chest and waited a moment until his daughter saw Liz again before saying, “Liz, I’d like you to meet Kylei, my daughter.” Liz sucked in deep breathe and wasn’t sure how to react, when she saw the little girl she had a feeling after all they did look alike. But she was not prepared to hear it, however Kylei didn’t allow for the awkward moment to linger.

When Kylei got another glance of this new girl she never saw before she was interested and wanted to get closer. Max felt his daughter shift in his arms and do the most unexpected thing, she reached out one hand to Liz. Max realized she wanted to touch her, he quickly looks down at Liz to see if it was okay or not and Liz simply nodded her okay.

Max stepped closer to Liz and leaned Kylei in so she could do whatever it is she wanted to do. Kylei saw she was now closer to this new person and reached out her tiny arm to touch Liz’s hair. She thought it was soft, softer than her daddy’s and grandma’s, so she decided to explore, she ran her hand down the side of Liz’s face then touched her nose and then her lips. Making Liz giggle a bit, thereby making both Max and Kylei laugh.

Kylei pulled away when she was done with her exploration. “You all done sweetheart, anything you would like to touch?” Max asks his daughter jokingly then looking at Liz to see what her expression was. The only thing he saw was a smile, probably one of the biggest he had ever seen from her.

“Wow! I mean she’s so precious Max, I just…it’s hard to see you with a baby, but I don’t know it just…” Liz wasn’t sure what she was trying to say. She had never been exposed to babies in the past, she was an only child and didn’t have any nieces and nephews that she saw, so she awed by the experience of having Max’s daughter want to touch her.

Max’s daughter, she couldn’t wrap her mind around that one either. She wondered where the mother was, and then she felt guilty. What if she was on her way over or something and she would see her there with her boyfriend or…Max wasn’t married right? She didn’t see a ring but that didn’t mean anything right? She had a million questions running through her head but decided to save them for later.

“What Liz?” Max wanted her to finish that sentence; he wanted to know how she felt. Did she think he was too much of a failure to have a child? Liz just shook her head trying to remove herself from her thoughts to answer Max.

“It just seems right, I don’t know it’s hard to explain but I mean I just met her and well I haven’t seen you in years but just seeing you with her this morning and now…” Shit! Liz knew she gave away too much information but it was too late.

“You were up? I was sure you were still asleep I guess I wasn’t as quick as I thought huh?” He smiled at her realizing her obvious embarrassment. Liz just smiled gratefully at him for not questioning her, “It’s just its amazing.” And for Liz it was amazing, she never thought Max was even remotely responsible enough to take care of himself, after all he spent most of his life chasing skirts so to see him older caring for a child, his child the ultimate responsibility, Liz didn’t know what to think about that just yet.

“Thank you Liz, you could have said a lot of things so just…thank you.” Liz could hear the raw emotions in his voice. She chanced a look up at him and they were standing so close to one another and she wanted for a reason she could not fathom at this point, to touch him to feel him surround her it was a strong pull but she fought the urge and backed away a few steps.

Max saw it, it was just a moment but it was there, she wanted something from him, but what? He knew asking her was pointless since she would probably be leaving and then he would surely never see her again. So he let it go.

“Max!” The sound of Serena’s voice reverberated through Max’s bedroom and shortly thereafter his cousin was sticking her head outside looking for him. When Serena entered her niece’s bedroom and saw that she was no longer in her crib she walked across to her cousin’s room and saw that too was empty but the window was open. She saw the quick exchange between Max and Liz and didn’t want to interrupt the moment, but it didn’t seem like either of them was going to be speaking anytime soon and unfortunately things needed to get done.

Both Max and Liz were broken from their thoughts at the sound of Serena yelling for Max. The second Serena saw Liz for whatever reason she was not surprised. Those two had something special just boiling underneath the surface but neither of them knew what to do about it. There was a lot of hurt and pain caused by her cousin; she just hoped Liz was the person that Max made her out to be. Because if she was, then she knew that somehow things would work out for the better, not necessarily saying that they would get together but just that the pain and guilt would finally come to an end.

“Serena, hey!” Max placed his daughter in her chair and walked over to the window to greet his cousin who was already climbing outside. Liz saw Serena and didn’t know what to do; she hadn’t seen her in years. Liz always thought she was a very beautiful girl and had always wondered if it was just the Evans’ gene that made beautiful children and now with seeing Kylei she knew for a fact, it was a guarantee that any and all children would have amazingly perfect features.

“Hi Liz, how are you? It’s a surprise to see you.” Serena greeted Liz with a warm hug that was just Serena’s way. If she liked you that’s how she greeted you, Liz wrapped one arm around the tall girl and told her she was fine and that she wasn’t expecting to still be here this morning.

Max stood back and watched the exchange between Liz and his cousin. He loved Serena more than words could express, she knew how to just make things right in the world without great effort, or what seemed without great effort. She treated Liz with respect and total honestly, she was blunt and Max knew that the questions would start momentarily.

“So what are you doing here?” Max stood back and shook his head, because he knew it was coming. Luckily Liz knew Serena as well so she was expecting as much. “I had a bad night and I needed somewhere to go, so I came here.” Liz figured lying would get her nowhere because she wasn’t really good at it.

“Well that’s great! How about some breakfast then?” What? Both Max and Liz looked at one another not believing that she only had one question and accepted the evasive answer Liz gave and was ready to move on. They both smiled at one another and shrugged their shoulders.

“Sure that would be great.” Liz said honestly. She felt at ease with the way the whole situation was turning out.

“Oh there is my precious niece; Liz isn’t she the most beautiful baby you have ever seen in your entire life?” Serena rushed over to Kylei’s side and lifted her from the seat, much to her surprise Kylei didn’t fuss at all at first, but then seconds later she was looking for her daddy.

Liz noticed Kylei’s slight mood change; she was content in her seat chewing on some miscellaneous rubber ring with tiny Minney Mouse’s on it. When Serena lifted her she looked a little timid, but eased for a few seconds before she started squirming and looking for Max. Who was right by Serena’s side the moment he saw his daughters facial expression change. Liz watched the whole scene take place and she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, Serena looked a little upset and Max just lifted his daughter in his arms and held her over his head making her giggle out loud and her entire face light up. It was a great moment, one that she knew she wouldn’t forget and would take with her.

“Okay well Max your mom is looking for you and then she said you needed to open up shop.” Serena said again not wanting to interrupt the moment but she knew her aunt would be upstairs any second and thought it would be better for Max and Liz to finish up what they needed in private.

Max pulls Kylei back to his chest and then grabbed her seat placing her inside and strapping her in preparing to take her downstairs.

“I’ll be downstairs, see you guys in a few.” Serena leans down and places a kiss on Kylei’s forehead and leaves.

“Okay Sere, we’ll be right down.” Max calls out to his cousin then looks over to Liz to see if she was still okay. He saw it again, it was another moment it was in her eyes and he saw something, but what was it? The need to ask her was growing by the second but he knew he couldn’t so he made his way carrying his daughter to the window with Liz following right behind him.

When Max and Liz emerged with Kylei downstairs, Diane was shocked to say the least. What was Liz Parker doing with her son this early in the morning? Surely she didn’t just arrive did she? She didn’t want to speculate and figured she could just ask her son later, right now they had a diner they needed to open for business.

“Morning Mom.” Max walked over to his mom and saw the question in her eyes but was thankful that she seems to be suppressing them for the moment. “Hi sweetheart, and there is my precious granddaughter.” Max had placed his daughters seat on top of the counter and Diane leans in and kisses her on her chubby cheeks and tickles her feet just they way Kylei loves.

“Hi Mrs. Evans.” Liz says shyly and Diane looks up from her granddaughter at the girl that her son was in love with. She knew without a doubt that regardless of what her son said and didn’t say, this petite brunette standing before her was the love of her son’s life. She wished things would have turned out different for them, but that was the past and there is no point in dwelling on it she thought to herself.

“Hello Liz, it’s a nice surprise to see you here. Are you hungry? I’m sure you are? Would you like your usual?” Diane knew Liz for years, long before she dated her son.

Liz was always in here watching her son. She couldn’t figure out why Max didn’t date Liz sooner, it was weird he changed the summer before his freshman year. Both her and her husband tried to find out what happened but he wouldn’t talk about it with anyone, well anyone except for Serena. Diane knew that Max told Serena everything and that nothing was too personal between them, she was very happy about that. She knew her son needed someone to talk to if he couldn’t come to his mother or father, and Serena was a very responsible young woman who Max looked up to and values her opinion sometimes more so then her own.

“Yes Mrs. Ev…”

“Liz, please call me Diane, I think we have known each other long enough to get rid of the formality don’t you?” Diane asked as she placed her hand over Liz’s on top of the counter.

“Yes Diane that sounds great. Do you need any help or…”

“Nonsense, why don’t you have a seat at one of the booths and as soon as Michael arrives we’ll get breakfast served.” They both smile at one another before Liz turns to take a seat at one of the booths closest to the back room as possible. She didn’t want to be out in the open. Max just watched her movements, she was hesitant but then saw his cousin come from the back room and take a seat across from her in the booth. He then looked down at his daughter and realized she couldn’t stay on the counter; he lifted her along with the seat and brought her over to the booth.

“Serena, would you mind watching her for a little while, I would just have my mom do it, but since we are down one waitress I have to pitch in?” He places the seat on top of the table between the two girls.

“Of course Max, not a problem I’m sure Liz wouldn’t mind, would you Liz?” Serena looks at Liz who has a small smile on her face and shakes her head saying that it would be fine. Max saw her smile and he couldn’t help himself he smiled right along with her, he then found himself staring at her and excused himself.

The moment did not miss the attention of his cousin and mother or Liz for that matter. Max walked into the back room to grab some supplies they needed up front, all the while trying not to think about Liz. Which was at this point impossible. He didn’t know what he was dreading more, her staying or leaving.

Max was only in the back for a few minutes before Michael walked in the backdoor. “Hey Maxwell, what’s going on?” Max looked up at him from his position on the floor opening a box of straws.

“Hey Michael it’s going, ready for the rush?” Max asked him jokingly because Michael was the only cook they had and some days it was just so crazy for him. He knew how hard Michael worked, he and Michael have been friends since the fifth grade, but with Michael working so much, he wanted out of Roswell, they didn’t get a lot of time to hang out. Not that Max did either with his daughter but he missed hanging out with the guys once in a while. So he was grateful that Kyle came along when he did, Kyle will come over and just hang out with him and Kylei. Max thought that Kyle would get upset or just not understand that because he had a daughter, he couldn’t just pick up and go.

Kyle wasn’t like that though, he was understanding and he and Max’s friendship was growing by the day. Kyle understood Max’s situation, his mother too had left when he was three and it had been him and his father after that. So he understood perfectly what an important thing it was for Max to spend as much time with his daughter as possible.

“I’m always ready but if that girl comes in asking for all her pancakes to be the same size I will not be responsible for my actions.” Michael says looking at Max seriously and then they both double over in laughter.

“Alright, well I know my mom has some orders already, so I’ll see you in a few.” Michael just nods and puts on his apron. Max lifts the box of straws and some napkins as well and makes his way back to the front. Then he remembers, if Michael is here that means…oh no!

Maria strolls in the front door after unlocking it, she let Michael out in the back and parked out in front of the diner. She made her way to the doors and unlocked them and stepped inside. But what she saw pissed her off to say the least. What was she doing here? Maria muttered to herself. This was coming to an end today if this was the last thing she did.

She saw Liz sitting in the last booth in the far back corner, with Serena and Kylei. Maria was fuming so she storms up to Liz. “What the hell are you doing back here?” Maria roared causing both Liz and Serena to jump back a bit from the harshness of her words.

“Maria, calm down I was just…”

“I don’t really care what it was Liz, I told you to never come back here ever!” Serena was just about to say something but saw her cousin storm through the back room fuming.

“Maria! First of all you will not talk to Liz that way there is no reason for it! Secondly, this is my diner and therefore you have no right ordering someone not to be here, that would be my job!” Max comes to stand between Maria and Liz, who was still seated.

“But Max! God! I don’t get you at all!” Maria yells but Max doesn’t back down.

“Maria, back room now!” Max doesn’t give her a chance to say another word. She knows damn well he has put his foot down and he is boiling over with anger at this point, so pushing him would not be in Maria’s best interests right now. Without another word she turns and follows behind Max.

“It’s okay Liz, don’t even pay any attention to her.” Serena reaches out to Liz who looks shaken up by the whole situation.

“I shouldn’t have come here, it was a bad idea.”

“No! Liz you are welcome here, it’s Maria that’s having a hard time but Max will fix it don’t worry, and if not I’ll pounce on her a few times for you.” Serena says trying to lighten the mood because Liz looks so upset. At that comment though Liz locks eyes with the girl and because Liz knows Serena she knows she was definitely half serious.

After a few seconds they both lean back as laughter over what Serena just said settles in. Liz might have to take her up on the offer, she thought silently to herself.

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A/N - Now that STA is at an end, the last part will be posted on Sunday, I will have more time to write this and Behind Her Eyes. This part has not been forgive my mistakes I just finished it.

Thank you guys for your AWESOME F/B...I swear that is the thing that keeps me writing...this story is coming along just not as quick as I would like it to but I have this weekend free because the next few weeks are busy as hell! So I will work my ass off in getting more parts done!

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Chapter 9

Max was livid that this point, he couldn’t believe what Maria had said to Liz. He was through being nice about what he needed to say to Maria, she needed to understand once and for all, she does not control him.

Once they both made it into the back room, Max paced the floor once, twice in front of Maria. Maria knew better than to say anything before Max had a chance to say what he wanted to say.

“I don’t believe you! Where do you get off talking to her like that?!” Max yelled, he couldn’t help it, he knew that everyone in the diner could hear but at this point he didn’t care.

Michael who was only a few feet away, stopped his movements to see what was going on; however by the time he made it to the doorway where both Max and Maria were standing, Maria had already started talking, so he waited to hear what was going on between them.

“Max look I’m sorry, but how long are you going to pine away for the girl? I mean come on, it’s getting pathetic, and it’s been three years! She’s not going to turn around and suddenly remember that she loves you!” Max couldn’t believe what she was saying to him. She knew how he felt about Liz, how he knew how bad of a mistake he made when he broke her heart. Maria knew exactly why Max wanted her there, so what Max couldn’t figure out was why she was doing everything in her power to mess up everything. Then it hit him like a ton of bricks.

“Pathetic?! You are one to talk Maria!” Max stops right in front of her crossing his arms and finally figuring out the big picture here.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Maria looks at him as if she has no idea what he’s just figured out. She couldn’t let him think anything, not here, not with Michael in the next room.

“You know exactly what I mean, don’t play stupid Maria because you’re not.” Maria didn’t know what to say, she knew at that moment Max suspected something. The only problem was, she didn’t know what he suspected and could only hope that he didn’t air his thoughts aloud just yet, maybe, she was hoping he would wait until later.

Liz was in the main dining area sitting with Serena and Kylei; she could clearly hear what both Max and Maria were arguing about, even though she tried to ignore it. Both Serena and Mrs. Evans too tried to ignore it, but it was blatantly obvious that they couldn’t.

When Liz heard Maria saying those things to Max, she knew right then and there, she was the one that was going to have to face Maria. Obviously, she is still guilt tripping Max over his actions, but shouldn’t she be the one to judge Max? Shouldn’t she be the one reprimanding him of his actions towards her? Shouldn’t she be the one to decide if she still loved Max or not?

Still loved Max or not? Where did that come from she thought? No, she doesn’t love him and never will again but that doesn’t mean that maybe they couldn’t be friends right? She was even more confused then she was this morning, but she knew her and Maria needed to talk without a doubt.

“Serena, please excuse me but I need to talk to Maria.” Liz went to scoot out of the booth, but was stopped by Serena’s hand on her arm.

“Liz, maybe you should just let them…” Liz shook her head, “No I’m the one that needs to set things straight with Maria, there is no reason why Max has to defend me to her.” Serena wasn’t sure what to say at this point, she knew the girl was right but that didn’t mean it wasn’t about to get real ugly real soon.

The diner was quickly filling up with customers and because Serena had Kylei, she couldn’t walk around and take the orders, so Diane was doing all of that for now, but she wouldn’t be able to keep it up for much longer. Diane hoped that they settled what they needed to settle soon otherwise she would be forced to interrupt and she didn’t like the idea of having to do that.

She had her suspicions about Maria, but based on the conversation with her son, Max has figured it out. She wondered where they would go from here, because she knew what Max’s feelings towards Liz were, that’s why he was so adamant to defend her to Maria.

Diane took a quick look up from the order book in her hands, where she just scribbled down the order for the two gentlemen sitting in a booth across from Liz and Serena, and noticed that Liz was no longer seated and was making her way into the back room. Dear Lord, she thought to herself, please don’t let it get any louder.

Max was surprised to see Liz enter the back room and stand behind Maria. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but he saw the look of determination on Liz’s face and was not about to get in the way of whatever it is she needed to do. So he stepped back, but refused to leave the room until he was asked to.

Meanwhile, Michael had overheard the entire conversation, and couldn’t quite figure out exactly what it is that Max was referring to when he said that Maria knew exactly what he meant? He knew he wasn’t around as much as he should have been, but he worked long hard hours just so he and Maria could move out of this town, someplace better. He wanted to give her everything he thought she deserved, and by doing so it allowed Max and Maria to grow closer. But he knew without a doubt in his mind that nothing would ever happen between them, which would be impossible considering Max is still hung up on Liz Parker a girl he dated back in high school and hasn’t seen in three years. What Michael confused him even more from the conversation is that obviously Maria was talking about someone, but it couldn’t be Liz right? Because she…

“Liz!” Maria turned around completely terrified that Liz overheard the conversation they just had. She didn’t want the whole world figuring it out before she had a chance to prepare Michael or Max for that matter.

“Max, could you please give us a few minutes?” Liz asked without tearing her eyes away from Maria. Max simply nodded and told her that if she needed him to just call.

Maria was growing more nervous by the minute, because she knew that if they had this conversation that Michael would overhear it and she already knew he had to have heard what her and Max were just talking about. She didn’t even want to think about the questions Michael would be asking her, so instead she put all her energy towards her once best friend standing before her.

“What do you want?” Maria spat out angrily. Liz was taken aback by Maria’s demeanor. After all she still couldn’t understand why Maria had such ill feelings towards her, they were best friends at one point weren’t they? Liz just needed to confront Maria and get to the bottom of all the animosity she was obviously holding against her.

“Look Maria, I don’t want to argue with you but we need to get the record straight, because obviously you’re pissed off at me for whatever it is I did to you.” Liz said in the most non-confrontational voice she could muster up, but Maria didn’t care how Liz approached the subject.

“That’s sweet Liz, you want to solve the problem well sorry but you are three years too late. So I don’t think there is anything for us to discuss.” Maria places her arms on her hips for emphasis. That however did not deter Liz. She and Maria would have it out right here right now if it was the last thing she did.

“Let me ask you something Maria, you were at one point my best friend right?” Maria did not answer the question, just simply stared at Liz like she was her worst enemy. Liz continued, not really expecting an answer.

“Yet you befriended Max and it appears you just forgave him for what he did to me. Your best friend.” There was a ting of hurt laced in Liz’s words she tried to keep her emotions at bay but it still hurt that the girl standing before her at one point knew everything about her life, every dream and every fear and now she’s a complete stranger.

“No Liz, you were my best friend but you left, you bailed when things got tough.”

“Tough! He cheated on me and I was in love with him do you know how bad I felt?!” Liz couldn’t contain her emotions, not anymore, not when Maria was telling her that she should have just gotten over what Max did to her. What right did she have? She didn’t know the pain she went through and continues to deal with up until this very day.

“Come off it Liz, that was high school, that was three years ago! You can’t honestly tell me that you are still hung up on that? I mean seriously you and Max are like stubborn mules, it’s over and done, move on!” Liz was shocked and appalled, who was this girl standing before her? It couldn’t be Maria…it just couldn’t be.

“Excuse me but where the hell do you get off making decisions about my feelings?”

“When you left, you didn’t give shit about my feelings. I needed you! And you weren’t there!” Maria couldn’t contain the tears that were threatening to fall. Liz could tell immediately that Maria was hurt by her leaving, and she had no doubt that Maria really needed her but that does not justify Maria jumping down her throat. No Liz knew there was something else beyond the surface that she had yet to pick up on, but she was close she could feel it.

“You’re right Maria I left. I didn’t call or write and for that I am truly sorry but you knew why I needed to leave, you knew how I felt I told you right after it happened. So why do you treat me like I’m nothing? And what... your best friends with him now or something?!” Liz’s anger spiraled out of control at that point. She couldn’t believe it, how could Maria just take Max’s side over hers? It didn’t make any sense that someone you were best friends with since second grade ends up having no consideration for your feelings at all.

“I mean how do you think that makes me feel?” Liz sighed in defeat, this conversation was going nowhere and she knew that at the end, nothing would be resolved between her and Maria. It was useless Maria was stubborn after all.

“How it makes you feel? How about me? Yes Max and I are friends, he was there for me and I was there for him when he needed someone! While you were off being self righteous he was suffering and he needed someone and you are just pissed off that it wasn’t you!” Maria roared at the much more petite girl standing in front of her. At this moment she was furious. Liz didn’t deserve Max, she never did and never will, Maria thought to herself.

“Self righteous! Excuse me but did your boyfriend fuck two girls while he was dating you!? No! I don’t think so! You knew that I loved him; you knew what I had planned that day! And I was devastated beyond words, but I’m past that and I don’t really care what happened or didn’t happen. I am sorry that things had to turn out this way, but it doesn’t matter because I’m leaving tomorrow and I’m never coming back.” Liz finished walking past Maria and walked towards the staircase leading upstairs to Max’s apartment.

Even though Max had left the backroom, that didn’t stop him from eavesdropping on the conversation, he knew it was wrong but he just had to find out what was going on, and he knew that Maria wouldn’t tell him since it had to do with Liz. And he knew that Liz probably wouldn’t tell him because she had no obligation to do so. He just wanted to know if he could get any indication on what Liz was thinking.

When he heard Liz raise her voice, he was a little shocked. He had only heard her yell once…and that was at him. Maria intimidates most people, but he was surprised that Liz stood her ground and said what she wanted to say. What piqued Max’s attention was when Liz mentioned what she had planned for that day? What did she have planned?

Trying to figure it out now would only prove to be a futile attempt since he could never guess what Liz had planned the afternoon she overheard his conversation with a girl he had slept with the night before, so many years ago.

Even though that got his mind racing her last words to Maria about her leaving and never coming back hit a chord in his heart, this was really it. She was leaving for good, there would be no second chance there would be no reconciliation, and he had to learn to live without her in his life. He had been doing just that for years, so it shouldn’t be that difficult right? Wrong, Max thought he lived everyday from the day she left trying to figure out why he did what he did, and till this very day he doesn’t have a good enough excuse. Maybe it was for the best, at least he got to see her one last time, that would have to be enough to last him the rest of his life.

Michael on the other hand, was very interested in why Maria was so upset with Liz. He knew that Maria was angry with Liz for leaving, but to hold that much animosity for the girl made no sense, they were best friends. In fact Michael tried to talk to Maria about Liz a few times, but every time he brought it up Maria would bite his head off, so he figured it was something she was still dealing with. He knew he wouldn’t get any answers so he busied himself with getting the orders he had in front of him done. He will just have to have a talk with Maria and maybe even Max later on.

Liz didn’t even make it to the third step before Maria’s voice broke out once again.

“That’s what you said last time, but you’re here aren’t you?” She asks Liz with sheer sarcasm dripping from her voice. Liz spun around and descended the steps to take a stand back in front of Maria.

“Yes I am but something happened and I’m not discussing it with you, I don’t owe you anything!” Liz spun around to leave once again, needing to get out of the room before she exploded. Maria wasn’t going to let her off that easy though.

“But you told Max right?” Liz stopped dead in her tracks. How the hell did Maria know, there was no time for her to figure that out? She was speechless; Maria took that opportunity and ran with it.

“See you’re such a hypocrite you are chastising me for sticking with him but here you are divulging your secret to him and he was the one that broke your heart?! You make no sense and you want to know why we are close? I was here for him when his father died, I was here when…”

“Maria that’s enough I think it’s time you get to work.” Max quickly interrupted that conversation. It was one thing for Maria to tell Liz about his father but talking about him and Cassandra was something that he wanted to keep to himself. And if it had come up between him and Liz then he would tell her, but it didn’t need to be broadcasted to all of the customers.

“Fine, but I just want to say for the record I can’t wait until she leaves!” Maria screeches out before storming out into the main dining area. Max turns to Liz and can see the distraught look on her face. Thinking that it had everything to do with Maria, he quickly apologizes for her behavior, but that’s not what’s on Liz’s mind at the moment.

“I’m sorry Max, your father…I’m sorry.” She looks up at him with sadness and remorse in her words and etched across her face. Without hesitation he steps closer to her and lifts his arms and wraps them around her, bringing her tiny frame against him. He runs his hands through her hair, still so soft and perfect just like he remembered it was.

“It’s okay Liz, it was a while ago and…I just…I can’t really talk about it right now.” She looked up into his face, she saw the sadness in his eyes and she couldn’t help but lift her hand to his cheek and caress him gently. She knew that gesture would help to soothe him in the past, she wondered if it still worked.

With the first touch of her soft hand on his face, Max’s heart began to race. He reveled in the touch, hoping it wouldn’t be the last time he felt it. She was amazing was all he could think, after everything she is still here for him. He loved her more at that moment, more than he ever thought possible. He couldn’t tell her though; she would surely turn and leave, so he simply held her tighter.

Liz felt like she was where she belonged…in Max’s arms. But it wasn’t right and she knew it, she needed to leave, she could not get attached. Slowly she slid her hand away from his face and stepped back, breathing a sigh of relief when Max didn’t fight her on it.

“I have to go Max, thank you for everything but I shouldn’t be here.” She turned and walked up the stairs. Max knew he needed to say something otherwise she would leave and he would never see her again, right now that was just not an option. He knew he had no right to request anything of her but he had to try.

“Stay.” Liz stopped when she reached the top step and she heard his voice. She thought she was hearing things but she slowly turned around and looked down at his face. He was serious.


“Please, I…It’s Serena’s birthday tomorrow and…can you just stay and then you can leave and never come back.” He looked away not wanting to see the look on her face; would she be angry that he was even asking her to stay? Would she even want to stay? Liz hadn’t answered and Max simply nodded his head, turned to walk out into the front of the diner.

“I…I’ll stay, but then I have to leave.” Max stopped and tried to wipe the smile off his face before turning around.

“Thank you Liz. I know it will mean a lot to Serena…” And to me, he added silently.

“Sure. I’ll be upstairs I have to call my parents, so I’ll be down later.”

“Okay Liz.” She turned and continued up the stairs, needing to get away from him as soon as possible.

When she finally made it back into his room she quickly closed the door and sank down to the floor crying. She was angry at herself because as hard as she was trying to fight her feelings for him, she knew the longer she stayed the harder it would be to fight those feelings she still had for him. She hated that he still affected her but most of all she hated the fact that she still loved him.

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