Love Between Timelines [ M/L, Mature] A/N 9/30 [WIP]

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Love Between Timelines [ M/L, Mature] A/N 9/30 [WIP]

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1940's minips and banner made by: Dreamer<3
Egyptian minips made by: Shiesty23

Title: Love Between Timelines

Author: Dreamer_Dreaming & POM

Disclaimer: We owe nothing of Roswell--or story concept by author: Carline B. Cooney- 'Both sides of Time' Loosely based.

Rating: Teen/ some Mature

Category: Alternative Universe w/out Aliens

Pairing: CC


Story takes place in the 1940's in the beginning but mostly takes place in the ancient Egyptian times.


not good with summaries--- but main things is that Liz goes off to college--goes back in time to the ancient egyptian times, where she befriends and falls in love with the prince of Egypt Zanander. A week until his marriage to his betrothed to Princess Serephna--he must choose between the love he was destined or to the one he didn't expects.

While Liz has to figure out, if her future in her time or the past.

Written by: Dreamer_Dreaming

Chapter one: Ending the first chapter

Now looking back at her life, all her twelve years in school—she thought she had it all made. Being the all American social butterfly of her class, head cheerleader, Student body President of her graduating class as well as the Valedictorian. Graduating at the top of her class and with one of the highest scores in the State, instead of every college fighting for the next big sport athlete to go to their school, they were buzzing around her.

“Liz honey, wake up. Today is the big day. You don’t want to be late for your own graduation now, do you? Breakfast is on the table.” Her mom spoke as she came into her room, and turning up the shades to let the already bright heated sunlight into the room.

With a peck on the cheek, her mother walked out carefully securing the door behind her. Looking at the calendar, it read June 15, 1940 and circled in bright red marker—today it read, ‘Graduation’. Liz couldn’t believe the day was finally here, the day she’s been waiting for since she was five years old.

More than anything she wanted to be the first female in her family to go to college and not be tied down by getting a husband right after school ended like everyone intended her to. Like every family expected all women do, women were expected to marry after high school and only a few were even accepted into college. Liz wanted to set the mold for other girls, she wanted to show them that you don’t always have to do what is expected of everyone, but it’s what you want to do that matters the most in life.

Finally she got up from the lazy mood she was in and got up with a bounce in her step, eager to set forth a new day and ready to prove everyone wrong. Those who thought that a woman was only meant to be seen behind her husband. That’s what her speech revolved around and she prayed that people would see her in a new light. Not as the girl that turned her back on her family.

She thought ‘It’s the forties right...It’s time for a little change’ and Liz was hoping she could be the one to prove it. She changed into her best red polka dot dress, with a red bow to match. Freshened up and headed downstairs, she knew that today was going to be a good day.


Liz sat with her fellow classmates wearing her cap and gown. Liz’s hair was down and blowing in the wind as the sunlight hit her bare skin making her skin color look like milk.

At that moment Liz doesn’t know what the future holds for her but she hopes it’s filled with her dreams and accomplishments. Liz was feeling scared and excited at same time. This is the day that her life would change forever. Elizabeth Anne Parker was graduating from Roswell High.

She spent the last four years finding herself. Now she was moving on. “Liz, you’re next!” She heard her best boy friend’s voice, Alex Whitman, calling out to her to get her attention.

Alex didn’t want her to be embarrassed or make a fool of herself the last day they were in front of their classmates. Liz had plenty of shares of that. God knows that. Alex knew Liz was nervous just by her not speaking enough. She looked like she was thinking a lot just like everyone else that was just as smart as Liz was.

“Elizabeth Parker…”

Liz got up from where she was sitting. She heard her heartbeats several times and the more she got closer to the stage the sooner she felt her throat closing off on her. She was now more nervous than ever. She wasn’t nervous about getting her diploma but when next week she starts her first semester at New York University. Liz walked on stage as she took the hand of her high school principal. She smiled at the man in front of her as he spoke, “Congratulations Miss Parker.”

Liz smiled at him once more, “Thank you Principal Hans.” Liz let go his hand and waved to her friends and family. Liz felt relieved as she walked of the stage and stood next to her best girl friend, Maria Deluca.

“Liz, we did it!” Maria exclaimed with joy and tears as Alex joins them with an equally happy grin on his face as he gave both of his friends a hug.

“Congratulations Class of 1940. You did it!” Principal cheered with a gleeful voice. There was a roar of applause and cheers as the entire class including Liz, Maria, and Alex threw their caps up in the air and jumped up and down hugging each other because of their accomplishments. This was a new chapter in their lives.

“I’m going to miss you guys!” Liz cried as both happy and sad tears formed in her eyes.

Happy that they all accomplished this together and moving on with their lives. Also, sad because they would be separated across the country miles apart and would hardly get to see each other. She looks at her two best friends. Maria was going to Boston University as a music major, and Alex to Southern California University as a music major as well.

“We’re going to miss you too,” Maria cried out as Liz, Alex, and Maria stopped jumping in the air and stood still to form a group hug.

All the parents gather around taking pictures of everyone to remember this moment for the rest of their lives.

Everyone in the end headed over to Liz’s parents’ café to celebrate the joyful will be day that everyone will remember. Liz was sure of it.


After talking to Maria for over an hour on the phone—crying and laughing about old memories and swearing to call and write every chance they get. Liz finally got off to finish packing for the trip to New York; she had said her good-byes to Alex the day before. She couldn’t stop crying for the distance that was going to be between each other, but she also knew that this was something that was going to happen eventually.

Later on that night she all set to leave—her parents had just bought her a new car for her graduation present. She was going to be the first ‘Parker’ female to actually attend college. Her parents were proud of her, and also for getting into one of the top colleges in the country.

Wanting to be more independent, and mature now that she was eighteen years old, she convinced her father to allow her to drive herself to New York, Instead of taking a bus or worse having to take a cab.

Her mother was unsure of having a young woman driving by herself for days, but her father talked her into it...there it is again...a woman standing behind her husband. On the other hand Liz was going to be driving herself if they liked it or not.

Early the next morning, she was up at the crack of dawn, her mother hugging her endlessly and wouldn’t let go.

“Mom, you’re hurting me.” Liz breathed out from the crook of her mother’s neck, and tried to gasp for a breath of air.

“Nancy, you’re suffocating the child.” Her father spoke as Nancy let Liz go and Liz had to take a moment to balance her step, so she wouldn’t faint from the lack of air to her lungs.

She knew it was out of love, that’s why she didn’t mind.

After another kiss, and hug, Liz’s mother headed inside trying to hold back her tears. The time has come for her little girl to be all grown up. It was at this time that her father took her to the front of the cafe to see her off.

“Liz, you know how much we are proud of you and in addition to the car, we wanted you to have this.” She looked at her father with wide eyes as he gave her five hundred dollars. She tried to find her voice.

“Daddy...I-I c-ca-”She struggled to get the words out but her father spoke above her, therefore cutting her off.

“I know it’s a lot of money but your mother and I want you to have it. You don’t have to spend it right away...just save it for an emergency.” Liz knew better than to argue with her father, mainly because she knew he wouldn’t take it back if she refused to take it.

And Liz had been offered a full scholarship to New York University with a major in Biology, with full room and board included. So, she knew that her father wanted to pay for something but there was nothing left to pay for except for the money he’s offering now.

Liz nodded smiling and hugged him.

“I love you Daddy.” He hugged her tighter at the mention of that, every time he looked at her he saw a little girl, five years old with pig tails, and wanting him to give her a piggy back ride.

With one more hug she was off with her father waving goodbye in the distance but even five blocks away from her home, and the ‘Parker Cafe’ she could still see him in the rear view mirror.

As she crossed the state border she whispered - “Good-bye Roswell”.


Hours upon hours of continuous driving and still on the highway of I-94, Liz’s car suddenly came to a stop. It completely turned itself off. Liz looked around the car as her hair fell down her face as she looked if there was any gas, but just her luck there wasn’t any gas. Liz had forgotten to fill up her gas when she was in Lake Michigan. Furthermore, she didn’t know what to do. She wasn’t sure if she should spend the night in her car or if she should go looking for a pay phone around here in this area.

She huffed as she slumped in the seat. Liz unbuckled her seat beat and climbed out of the car. She looked around the area and begun walking to the nearest pay phone. Liz at that moment didn’t know if she will make it to New York on time now. She was nearly driving for two days and two nights. She was just looking forward to starting her new school even though it scared the heck out of her. She just needed to make it there on time.

Liz was starting to hear some sounds. It was middle of the night. Liz just hoped she would make it through this walk alive and not dead. Liz’s parents would not be too happy to find their own daughter killed by God knows what.

A bright light scanned over Liz’s eyes and caught her attention. The light seem to be in a direction of somewhere in the forest or someone trying to get someone’s attention and she happened to be the person that had just noticed.

“Is someone there? Excuse but my car broke down, can you help me?” Liz called out as she walked into the forest as she gets near the bright light.

“Hello? Anyone out there?” She heard the echo sound of her voice. Liz walked further into the light when she suddenly was sucked into this huge vortex.

“AHHHHHHHH” She was gone in thin air, like she never existed in this world.

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Hey guys...chapter 2 is coming soon!! :)

Just wanted to drop off the banner for this story

1940's Minips by Dreamer<3 & Egyptian minips by: Shiesty23


Entire banner made by: Dreamer<3

Thank you so much!! :D

<3 Erica aka POM


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A/N: Hey all readers & is the next installment to this story!! I go by a lot of names...but am widely known as POM, I am the co-author of this story--and the person who will be writing all the egyptian chapters :P , I will try and bring all the main roswell characters out in egyptian time--but I hope you will all enjoy the next chapter!! :D

Thank you for the feed back!! It's not expected but greatly appreciated!!

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Chapter 2: Sound the drums—the announcement is made

“No, this is my life! I will not have you decide my fate for me. It’s up to the Gods...not you. How am I supposed to marry someone I don’t love?” Zan shouted at his father, the almighty Pharaoh of Egypt.

His father gave him a sharp glance as he continued to rant around the room, denying his future to the princess and his future queen—a woman he knew nothing about.

“It’s not about love, son, but power. The only way I can pass the throne to you is only when you marry Princess Serephna. It has been promised even before your birth, our borders will be bound with your marriage. You will have everything...we will have everything.” His father spoke in a harsh tone at his son’s stubbornness.

When will his father see that Zan’s foolish pride was nothing but his own? He acted the same way when his father was the almighty Pharaoh and all he wanted was love, and to be loved in return.

But soon enough his way was not to be and he was forced to marry. Love didn’t come at once, but within time they learned to love each other. He knew that his son would learn to love his betrothed the same way.

“But father—“ Zan hadn’t spoken more than a few words of his argument when his father cut him off and rose slowly from his throne.

“Zander, I will not hear anything more—you are my son and the prince of Egypt, you will do what is expected. You will marry Princess Serephna in the next two full moons; the gods have ordained it and it will happen. Accept your destiny son—there is no way out of this arrangement.” Zan kept his head down to keep from screaming at his father denying that he would be doing such a thing.

“What of love?” Zan asked as his father started to stalk his way out of the room.

“What of it?” His father asked him—but didn’t even turn around to address him.

“Am I to live without it for all my days?” Zan tried to keep his voice strong in hopes that he would come across strong and mature. Neither of which he felt at that moment.

“Love turns men into fools—fools are men who cannot live without it. It’s blind and will drunken you, which is not what you need. It will weaken you to your very core. I will not have a fool for a son and the country will not have a fool as a ruler.” Zan watched as his father spun on his heels and stared at him with a cold gleam in his eyes, he wanted this discussion to be over with.

“I’d rather be a blind fool in love than, a blind man of power, without love.” Zan bit out which even surprised himself at his own words. No man has ever spoken back to him, not even his son. Zan could see the surprised look in his father’s eyes and knew that he was taken aback.

He didn’t reply, but only stared at Zan for a few more seconds and walked out of the room with several guards following him.

He made his way through the secret rooms, out the palace, and stopped when he got to the court yard, and that’s where his mother found him hours later.

She steadily walked up behind him, while he sensed her there—he didn’t say anything but continued to look at the sky.

He still didn’t speak when she made herself comfortable next to him and took his hand in hers, but still didn’t say a word.

It was Zan that broke the uncomfortable silence, but the harsh tone still lingered in his voice. He knew that his father had sent his mother to talk to him. They were his parents, he knew their routines.

“Whatever you have to say, please don’t. I’m sure whatever father asked you to reason me into isn’t what I want to hear.” He then let go of his mother’s hand, stood up and started pacing in even steps. All the while his mother looked at him with sadness in her eyes.

“Zander please, we only want what’s best for you. You may not love her now, but in time you will grow to love her.” Zan kept with his rapid walking steadily back and forth never once looking at his mother. He knew what was expected of him, but does not know if he can ask that of himself.

“When I married your father, I did not love him. I loved another but I had a responsibility to my family, to my culture, and to myself to keep that spirit alive. And he was the same way, we both wanted out of the marriage...but we did what we had to do.” Zan steadily raised his eyes to his mother’s and looked at her with new and knowing eyes to what she was lecturing him about.
But how could he just turn a blind eye to what he thought was true since he was a young boy, that his true love was out there...that there was someone for everyone in the world.

Then again, he wasn’t five years old. He was a man still holding on to the same foolish dreams, dreams that people in the village think are a young girl’s fantasies. It’s time he faced being a man, and faced his responsibilities.

“Dear son, I know this seems like we’re walking into the underworld but who knows, you may like her. You may even love her but you never know unless you meet her.” He nods knowing that what his mother speaks is the truth. How does he know when he’s never even set his eyes on this princess?

Zan watched his mother as she steadily walked so gracefully as if it looked like she was floating, like some beautiful creature sent from the god’s themselves.


For the rest of the afternoon, he was wondering about what he must do, it’s his responsibility to uphold the Egyptian ruling not only for the pride of his father but for his people as well.

All during his studies he still could not break his train of thought, and his young teacher knew that.

“What may I ask bothers the young prince today?” Zan bolted up right as if caught doing something wrong. Once he saw the amused look on his teacher’s face his appearance sobered once more.

Zan wondered if he should bare his heart to this man and thought that there was no harm to come of it, so with another moment dragged on, he opened his mouth and started to speak.

“Do you believe in true love...?” Zan asked with curiosity in gleaming in his eyes, full of hope that maybe someone didn’t consider just him to be a fool.

“Ah, that’s what it is...the young prince is in love.” With a smirk on his face, and laughter in his voice, Zander on the other hand didn’t find him amusing. He simply wanted the question answered.

“No, I’m just asking. Are you supposed to be a fool if love claims you?” He watched as his teacher took the matter in all seriousness mainly because the young prince was so content in getting his answer.

Finally after several moments and taking a breath, Zan watched as he finally turned to address him, “A fool in love is still a fool. Love is supposed to make you better; it’s the very essence for which we live for. Every man is a fool, even the most powerful creatures. Love, laughter, power and drive is what sets us apart from the animals. All of which make every pharaoh the men that so many people look up to.”

“It’s what every God wishes to bestow, yearns to feel, aches to touch. You see, Zander, every man is able to fall in love, it’s what we do best. Fall in love, bed them, and then marry. It’s a pattern that men follow, and some men have true love and mature from it.
While others stay immature, their greed to find new loves, new women, and stay fools for the rest of their days, until Anubis claims their soul and takes them to the underworld.”
Zan heard his words, and understood him. More than anything he wanted to be mature and to find love on his own terms, but knowing his father, the almighty ruler of Egypt, Zan knew that a different situation was going to take place.

“I’ve prayed to Qetesh since I was ten years of age hoping that my betrothed will be my true love. But now that my wedding is in the next two full moons, it scares me—more to an extreme that I never knew possible.”

Zan watched as his teacher crossed the room and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s time to become a man, young prince and with that come a handful of life with it, pray to Ka—the god of vital force of life, he will help you face your path...and destiny.”

With that Zan watched as the teacher left the room, leaving the young prince to his thoughts.

The thoughts almost devoured his mind over and over; thoughts of what his father expects and his mother’s guidance and with all honestly he had no clue to what he should do.

Over the next several days Zan was still lost to what he should do. Should he follow the steps of his ancestors, the pride and family? Or should he follow his heart and the path, his conscience was screaming at him to take.

The high priest of the royal family always said that he had a strong head on his shoulders, and would face many lovers in his life but will never come face to face with true love. Zan is young and determined to prove not only him, but the entire royal family wrong.

The first and only meeting of the betrothed had Zan more nervous than he ever imagined himself to be. Only after her guards left the room, did Princess Serephna turn around and she is more gorgeous and radiant than his father gives her credit for.

She smiled at Zan, and he smiled back—her coy attitude towards him, showed that maybe a love between them was possible in the long run.

But Zan was expecting something more...sparks, magic, something that indicated that indeed, a true love match was made.

They did end up talking about various things, and found that they had quite a few things in common, but someone standing on the outside looking in could see that they both wanted more.

But only accepted the truths in their fates.

Zan’s thoughts were interrupted by the guards yelling and running,
“Intruder...Intruder!!” and his own personal guards held him back as he could only catch a glimpse of the person, a woman trying to get away.

Zan had a feeling...a deep feeling that there was something strange about this intruder and he was determined to find out.

He only hoped his father could grant him permission to see this person, he was always overprotected in that sense.

With now only a week until his wedding Zan was more motivated to find his destiny, and what path the gods were heading him towards. He only hoped to do his father proud.


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Chapter three:

In a dark lonely place, on a hard, cold, rocky floor, Liz laid there unconscious of where she was. Little did she know she was in Egypt, ancient Egypt, where houses were brick walls that only had one room, and the rich would have more than one room. Some of the clothing was a little under dressed. People around here were very comfortable in wearing very little clothes around their bodies.

As Liz laid there on the rocky, cold floor, voices were coming her way as she begun to come around and looked up at the ceiling of the rocky palace. “Look over there, some odd looking creature.” One of the guards said to the other guard as he pointed out to where Liz was laying. Two of the guards were coming in Liz direction. Liz sat up and looked at the two men coming her way, looking directly in their eyes. She knew she should be scared and she was, very scared.

Before Liz could get up and save herself, one of the guards grabbed her by the hair. “Ahhh!” Liz screamed out of pain and it was extremely painful being pulled by the hair.

Liz didn’t know why the guards were hurting her. She had no clue why they were being so physical with her. “How did you get here?” the other guard asked her, the one not pulling on her hair.

Liz couldn’t remember how she got to be inside of where she was, but she was here and there is no changing that. All Liz remembered was that she broke down on the road and was stuck into this force of gravity. “Answer me!” the guard yelled at her, the one that questioned her. He came up to her and slapped her hard right across the face.

Liz was now crying, she cried in pain from her hair that was being pulled by one of the guards and she cried for being slapped. Liz has never been hit in all her years alive. Liz’s father never raised his hand on her nor her mother when Liz was ever being bad as a child. A simple punishment always worked for Liz. And the fact that she really hadn't had any boyfriends that would also lay a finger on her, if they have her father would have their heads.

“I don’t know…” Liz cried out.

This time, it was the other guard turned to slapped Liz; the one was pulling her hair, hard. The guard raised his hand in the air and slapped Liz harder than her first hit.

“AH…” Liz cried harder than before. She didn’t understand what she did wrong. She was somewhere she didn’t know where she was and it seemed like the guards didn’t believe her. Liz felt blood coming out of her nose but she had to ignore it at the moment because her life was at stake.

“LIAR!” the guard stated to her, the one holding her hair in his hands, he pulled it harder leaving some pieces of hair in his bare hands.

“Do you know what we do to people who lie? We cut their tongue off.”

Liz looked at them scared for her life now. Were they really going to cut off her tongue or were they just threatening her? But the fact was she wasn’t lying at all, she was telling the truth and they happened to not believe her because she was a woman. What was their problem? Did the women lie to men a lot around here?

The guard looked at the other guard, “What should we do with her?”

“Let’s throw her in the cell” the guard said with a smile, “until we notify the pharaoh”

“Good idea” the guard grabbed Liz’s by the hair and threw her in the cell hard. They locked the door behind them.

Liz looked at the guards' backs as they walked away from her. She didn’t kknow why they were being so hard on her or disbelieved her for that fact. She walked into this unknown place, now all she has to do is call home and let her parents know she's in trouble. But where was the nearest pay phone around here? It looked to her that the nearest pay phone could be miles away.

Liz sat on the floor crying her eyes out. She wanted to go home. She wanted to see her mother and father again. She wanted to see Alex and Maria again and tell everyone what happened to her so they could never hurt her again. She would explain to them she was sorry, she didn’t need to go to New York University. She would be happy not going to college, if that means seeing the people she loved again.

Liz brought her legs together and hugged them. She rested her head on them as she cried. The sun shined brightly through her rocky window.

Liz had finally fallen asleep on hard floor after she had been crying for over an hour. As she slept there, the door of the cell opened. She opened her eyes and looked at the two guards that had hurt her before. Immediately they grabbed her without any warning.

Once the guards reached the pharaoh, they had pushed Liz hard, where she fallen to the floor, leaving a cut on her head to bleed.

The Pharaoh looked down at Liz like she was this bug that needed to be killed as he just sat there. She was not from around here. He would have killed almost anything that wasn’t dressed in a custom way or act like his people would normally do. Just looked at her, she was wearing these funny clothing that hugged her perfectly. Oh and what are those on her feet.

Liz looked up at the Pharaoh, scared for her life. She looked at him for help, she had hope he could save her from this horrible nightmare and not bring her more terror from it.

“Who are you?” the pharaoh spoke to Liz directly.

Liz normally would get up off of the floor as any respected woman would have in front of a man with higher power or any man. But Liz was scared to move or even breathe. She was afraid the pharaoh guards would beat her again; she had the mark on her face to prove it.

“Liz…Liz Parker” Liz spoke to the pharaoh. Liz’s voice was cracking from all the screaming and crying she did for the past hour or so.

The pharaoh looked at her oddly now, more than ever. He had never heard of that name before. But what he doesn’t understand is where this odd looking creature came from. Just looking at her, she has milk soft skin, her hair is almost as dark as his son, and what kind of clothes was she wearing?

“How did you get in my palace?” He asked Liz firmly.

Liz looked at him carefully. What would he do to her or his guards if she tells him she didn’t know how she got here? Liz was scared to answer him.

“I don’t know” Liz spoke out after a long period of moment.

“See…she been lying pharaoh.” one of the guards said. The Pharaoh gave Liz a dirty look and waved his hand away and the guards grabbed her. Both guards one on each side, dragged Liz off of the floor, “NO! Please somebody help me!” Liz screamed at the top of her lungs. She was trying to save herself. Liz didn’t want to die. She didn’t do anything wrong. She was innocent. But no one believed her.

“Don’t make me hurt you.” One of the guards said trying to force Liz to move her feet but she wouldn’t. She was very stubborn and very much like any modern woman of her times. “No…I don’t want to die. Please believe me. I’m telling you the truth. I don’t know how I got here.” Liz cried out loud to the guards as tears were forming in her eyes.

The guard on her left let go of Liz is arm. He took out his weapon that was a spear that was made out of metal to beat Liz with it for being so stubborn. Liz saw this and her eyes widened. She looked at the other guard and stomped on his toes hard. The guard that was holding her right arm cried out of pain and he let go of her arm. She managed to escape from the two guards.

“Get her!” the one that was in pain said to the other guard.

Liz ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She didn’t look back. She very terrified of this place she was at. She didn’t know people could be so cruel to one another without a care in the world.

Liz ran outside of the palace where she was faced with people that didn’t look like her. She saw the looks but she didn’t care, her life was at stake. Liz’s hair flew back in the wind as she kept running. “Stop her!”

Liz looked from behind her as she ran and saw the guard at her tail. She kept running as the guard stopped and pointed out his arrow out. He aimed and got her right in the leg. Liz cried in pain as she dragged her feet, but she didn’t stop running. Liz made a left turn and hid from the guard. She hid under a table as the guard rushed past to go look for her.

Liz sat there as she rested her back against the brick wall. Liz’s hair was dirty, her face full of dirt along with her clothes. Liz looked at her wound, she was bleeding and she had nothing on her to aid herself.

Liz looked at the arrow some more, before being able to stop the bleeding, she would have to take the arrow out. Liz looked around to see any doctor. But she doubted there were any. She was far away home.

Liz closed her eyes as she pulled out the arrow herself. “Ah!” She ached in pain. This was one bad day for her or one bad dream. She didn’t know if she was awake or not. She hoped it was a dream and soon she would wake up in her car thanking God it was just a dream.

Liz lifts the jean of her left leg to see how bad it was. She was bleeding. She was bleeding a lot and fast. She looked at herself. She was wearing a long sleeves shirt. Liz pulled on one of them and ripped the sleeves off. She goes to the other one and ripped that one too. She then tied them on her injured leg to stop the bleeding.

Liz was so exhausted. She had quite a day. She didn’t know if it was really a dream or not. But Liz sure would like to sleep on it and wake up in her car heading to New York. Liz laid her body on the floor as she took a nap, maybe when she wakes up this horrible dream will be over.



Chapter 4: The God's are Against me

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A/N: Well everyone I'm back with the next chapter--I know it's been a while but RL has been really harsh on the past few weeks--and I'm just trying my best to keep my head up, not look back and get back into the rythem of things :)

It's not that long...sorry, I did my best :)

I really hope you like the next chapter. <3

Thanks for all the feedback!! It's not expected but greatly appreciated :D







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On with the show :wink: Enjoy!!

Written by: Erica aka POM

Chapter 4: The God’s are against me

After meeting his betrothed, Zan thought it would be okay to marry without love but hopeful that it would come with time and patience.

But one glimpse of the intruder that came with a flash into the palace and breezed into his life. made the hope that he had given up on come back into his life.

Father...he had to speak to his father.

Once word had gotten out that the girl had escaped the palace, his father sent out a reward to the people of the village for anyone who caught her.

The guards search high and low and even told the people of the village that if they were to find her they would be given the reward for helping their pharaoh put away a very vindictive criminal.

News spread fast and the villiage then searched too, but no one could find this mystery girl.

Zan’s father was already in a rage, and not finding the girl didn’t help him much.

“What do you mean you can’t find her; you are the best royal guards in Egypt and you cannot find a mere girl!! Be gone with you all!” Zan’s father roared and the echo could be heard from the other side of the palace.

Zan walked into the room to find his father pacing around frantically, this he has not seen him this way. Worry started to form in Zander, but that didn’t change his mind in what he wanted and had to do.

“Father?” Zan spoke up as he continued to enter the room.

His father didn’t speak, but just merely stopped his motions to give his son permission to address him.

Zan found it a lot harder to find his voice, but after a few attempts he was able to get the words out.

“What if I found her?” This indeed did grab his father’s attention, but he was lost in his own thought to notice what he meant.

“Found who?”

“Found the girl that escaped?” With all the guards a king could have. The best in the region of Egypt and yet they couldn’t not find a mere girl, he knew his son would attempt to do the same.
“What are you suggesting Zander?” Was all the pharaoh could ask, he knew that nothing good would come from this. But he had to let him find out for himself, and he was hesitant to hear the answer.

“If I find the girl—She is mine.” Zan stood strong against his father, knowing that he was examining the situation as well as him.

“And what good would come of that? What if she doesn’t want to be someone’s possession? Then what’s to become of her?” These were all questions that Zan has been trying to answer in his head, but couldn’t get himself to answer.

“That will not matter, for I will be her master and she will obey to me.” It was much easier for him to say the words than believing in them.

He heard his uncle tell several of his servant maids that once he forced them to bed him. Never did he ever imagine those very same words coming out of his mouth.

With a heavy sigh from his father—he didn’t doubt that his son could accomplish a soldier’s task, but feared of the outcome of it all.

“Very well, son, if you find the missing girl—she is yours.” Zander tried with all his might not to smile as he bowed slightly and staggered out of the room.

He didn’t smile until he rounded the corner and slumped against the wall, in almost disbelief that he was able to stand against the one man everyone feared, but also looked up to.

“My, my, what has my beloved cousin done now to make his smile as wide as the gods themselves?” Zan spun around and almost knocked down the princess standing before him.

“Isabella, what are you doing here?” He looked at her standing there with her hands on her hips, and with a slight frown upon her lips.

“What now, a family member can’t visit her favorite cousin? I had to pry Michael away from his wife; you know Maria is with child. Due any day now, he’s only staying a couple days.

We heard from our uncle that you are betrothed to Serephna, we are much happy for you.” Isabella cried as she rushed her arms around Zander, but he didn’t share in her enthusiasm.

“Dear cousin, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you happy? You’re finally going to put the second generation of royals on top? You should be rejoicing.” Her smile always did still the air around him, but he did wish that she wouldn’t bring up his betrothed again.

Even though he was happy to see his family, which he was and didn’t get to see them often because they lived two regions over the Nile River—and it was a full day’s travel.

He wanted to find the girl—but knew he wouldn’t get a chance until nightfall.

“I am happier to see you, how long has it been? At least twelve full moons ago? My you blossom more and more into a woman everyday. No sooner, you will be betrothed.” His words made her obviously blush. His intention was to keep the conversation on her and not his betrothal.

“Why don’t we go find Michael—and see how he feels about almost being a father?” And with that they descended through the palace to find his best friend, and eager to get his opinion on the issue at hand.


“You want to do what?” Michael looked at him more eager now than before, trying to convince him otherwise had not worked but he was hoping that his friend would snap out of his daydream.

“Michael, you don’t realize that if I don’t—someone else will get to her, and I can’t bear to see her put through torture or anything of that sort. I’m her only hope.”

Zander chose to ignore his friends’ words against his plan to save this girl that all of sudden walked into his life, and he hadn’t even seen her face or knew her name even. But none of that meant anything to him. He had a feeling sent from the god’s that this girl was special; he just didn’t know how to make everyone else know that as well.

“If you’re worried what my father is going to say don’t, save your breath—I told him already. He thinks I’m going to possess her, but you know as well as me that I’m not capable of such a thing. I never have been the demanding kind—well not really.” Michael smirked at Zan’s words mainly because they were true, never in all his years on this great land, has he heard his cousin raise his voice at a female, or demand anything of them. Like he’s seen his father and uncle do all the time.

“Alright dear cousin, I get that much, but why must we go now?” Zan lead Michael through the many passage halls and secret gateways in the palace until they were finally outside.

“In the early morning sun—when Ra shines my time is over. I have to find her before the villagers do, they will stone her. All for what? A petty reward that my father will pay in full. No, I will not hear of it—I will find her tonight; I have to.” Zan made sure to speak fully of his mind on this subject, they both knew that he was betrothed and could not steer his father from that sense of the argument, but Zan only hoped to help her out, and save her from her fate that lied before her.

And that was death. One death that she did nothing to commend, but he knew deep within his bones that the gods would lead him in the right direction and towards this mystery girl that seemed to capture his heart.

Zan took this time to pray to the gods, mumbling under his breath almost not to be heard but only by Thoth, the god of wisdom to help guide him along the way as they made it out onto the streets of their city.

“Where do we start Zander?” With wondering eyes looking back and forth, he continued to pray for wisdom in this task, closed his eyes and concentrated, and turned north.

“This way.” was all he said before he started walking, but never once opening his eyes.

Michael followed behind him—not saying a word, eager to see what his cousin was to come upon.

Not only could Zan feel the guides of Wisdom, but of love as well. The deep burning inside his soul was hard to contain, and as he kept walking; he kept praying to both Throth and Qetesh the Goddess of Love.

Michael had never seen someone more motivated to finding someone as he saw his cousin just now, only moving with the God’s instructions—was something that blew him away.

Just then he looked down, and saw a small trail of blood on the dirt road. Only stopping for a second to get a closer look, but then realizing that Zander was still walking. Running to catch up to him only for him to stop abruptly.

“Zander, what is it?” Michael was quick with fright as he witnessed his cousin get on his hands and knees on the cool desert sand.

“Here she lies—she is under here.” Zan reached to grab her hand, “Michael, help me.”

As Zander took her in his arms carrying her safely, “Princess you’re alright...I’ve got you now.” He whispered in her ear.

Her eyes shot open and the look of fear appeared on her face.

‘Great, now what will the god’s throw at me?’ was all Zander could think at the moment.


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Hey Everyone! Sorry if this took so long. My computer broke down and then my beta didn’t responded, and then I got sick. So I hope this makes up for my absent. :lol:


Thanks you all for your feedbacks, I hope my next chapter wills answers your questions. I hope you all enjoy it. :P :wink:

Chapter 5: Terror of a Stranger

Liz slept throughout the day as everyone in village was looking high and low for her. She didn’t realize she was that important to the pharaoh. She just sat under the table in an old alley, that no-one seemed to pass by as much, asleep. Liz was leaning against the old brick building; she had her arms crossed to her chest, and had her head resting on one side of her shoulders. She was exhausted from the event of her day.

Liz was in dream land. She dreamt about her first day entering New York University and how happy she would be. She dreamt about her roommate and how her personality would be like as they share this one dorm together. Liz’s roommate would be a lot like her two best friends, Alex and Maria. She would have Maria’s taste in fashions and Alex’s sense of music. But right now, that dream could never come true.

She was in a far away place where she didn’t know if she will ever see home again. It appears like a lost reality of her dreams. Liz had no clue how she got here, but surely she will find out sooner or later, if that would cost her, her life.

Furthermore, darkness falls as the camels begun to moan out of hunger and thirst for their owners to assist them. However, footsteps begin to move about. Every step gets closer and closer as Liz is unaware of what was really going on around her. The footsteps got louder and much closer. It made a echoing sound that animals would watch through the night to make sure they weren’t being attack by anything bigger than them.

Suddenly, Liz felt someone had held her in theirs arms as she heard the stranger speak, “Princess you’re alright...I’ve got you now.” He whispered in her ear.

Liz’s eyes shot open as she looked at the stranger in his eyes. She saw those eyes before. They were the eyes of a pharaoh, the one that wanted to sentence her to death. She was now in a sticky situation. Liz was being held by a stranger that could kill her in that very moment. Liz’s expressed took over her face as horrible images ran across her mind.

How was this stranger going to kill her? Was he going to use his bare hands? Was he going to use his arrows like the guards did? Was he going to get the pharaoh and have him kill her himself? Whatever it was, Liz was scared of any of the images in her head that could come true. Perhaps it could? But what was Liz going to do?

She was far away from home without her friends and family to turn for help. What could a lonely, single girl ever do to find help?

Liz opens her mouth and started to scream at the top of her lungs, “AHHHHHHHHHH!” She tries to wrestle away from the person that was holding her in his arms, but he held onto her tighter like he was afraid to let her go.

Liz grew very angry from the ones that had hurt her. The guards, the pharaoh, and now here was another person that was going to step on her like she didn’t matter at all. Liz raised her left hand in the air and made a fist with it. When Liz was doing it, she saw the guards in her head that pulled her hair, slapped her, and shot some arrows at her that caused her leg to bleed.

Liz punches him right in the eyes causing him to drop her hard on the ground. She had to admit to herself that it did hurt, right in the ribs. Liz landed on her back as she watch the shocked face of the stranger, yet she didn’t care about sticking around to watch his expression change. It wasn’t like Liz to use violence as the answer; she was raised better than that. But Liz was just so scared she didn’t know how to react to the stranger. It was her only option right now.

Liz then turns on her stomach and started to crawl for dear life. She wanted more than anything to get away from the stranger and his friend before they could kill her. Liz dogged her fingers into the sandy dirt, and used her one good leg and dragged her bad leg away from the strangers.

Liz’s leg, the one she was dragging, was now hurting more now than when it was first shot at. She didn’t know what it was causing the pain to be so painful, but she didn’t have time to think about that right now. She was trying to save her life.

Liz turn her head back as she saw the stranger’s friend assisted him, and here was her chance to get away. Liz held her hands on the sandy dirt as she lifted her lower body up from the ground. She stood there completely up and started to run as fast as she could from the two strangers.

On the other hand, as soon as she started to run the two strangers targeted her. She ran through the night, dragging her bad leg around the village. Liz ran to the corner, she ran to the next alley, she ran where she thought she could be safe. All Liz wanted to do is be safe again and go home. But, she knew that would not happen, well not today that is.

When Liz thought she was not being chase any longer she stopped in front of a river. Liz was breathing hard and she was sweating a lot from all the running she had did. The moonlight made a reflection in the water as it glowed beautifully.

Liz walked slowly to the river, and she kneeled down on her knees as she ran her left hand into the water. She looked like a swan. Liz glowed accurately with the moonlight. Her skin look milky white, her eyes shine like ruby jewels, and her hair shine as fresh as chocolate. Indeed, she was breath taking.

Liz now putted both her hands in the water. She cupped them together and brought it to her mouth so she could taste the water. Liz was very thirsty and hasn’t had any water since she arrive here. She had been running here and there that it was tiring to her.

Liz then grabbed some water and ran it against her face so she could clean herself off. She felt dirty, smelly, and disgusted with herself. She needed some place to clean off but she didn’t think there are any places like that around here.

The moment Liz was done cleaning herself off, she glanced at the stars. The stars were so bright and beautiful out here. They looked like you could catch one in your hands and wish upon a wish. Liz knew exactly what she would wish for. She would wish to get out of here and go home.

Liz was afraid she will be faced with the people that were chasing her. She was also afraid to see those guards and the pharaoh. She was afraid of people here and how they do things.

It’s like they don’t care about human kind, they don’t care if you’re a man or a woman. If you have disobeyed, then death will be the punishment. Liz didn’t want to be faced with that punishment. She didn’t want to be violated and bruised. Liz just wanted to live. She wanted to die at an old age with her soul mate in her arms. Just like everyone else. Was that a crime?

Liz for a moment wondered what her mother was doing. What her father was doing. Did they miss her? Did they even notice her gone?

Liz really didn’t know, but surely she missed them greatly. Liz remembers the last conversation she had with her parents. Well her father did more of the talking, her mother just suffocated. Liz knew it was out of love, she knew her mother would miss her so. After all she was their only child.

When Liz left the house he father gave her some money for if there was an emergency. But in the situation she was in now, she didn’t think that they would take her money. They might think she was too rich to stay here in a place like here.

Moreover, where was she? Liz wondered to herself. She knew she was in some place where there wasn’t any electricity. Some place where there weren’t any cars, or running water.

Liz got off her knees and sat on her butt, looking down in the water.

She was so deep in her thought that she didn’t hear any of the animals moving about. They made every step noticeable, even if they weren’t trying to. Yet, Liz hasn’t even notice one.

Liz was now thinking about Maria and Alex. How they were going to the same school together and Liz was not. Liz missed them so much. She could always count on her two best friends. Alex would make her laugh and Maria would always comfort her with some girl talk. That’s how her two best friends always made her forget about her problems, whatever the problems were. They always knew exactly what to say.

There was a smile appearing on Liz’s face. It made her smile just thinking about her two favorite people in the world. God She wished she could talk to them.

Nevertheless, Liz lost track of her thoughts and she forgot where she was. She had forgotten about everything.

Liz turned her body around as she sees a pair of feet. She traveled up the feet to the legs, she then looks at his body and up to his face. It was the stranger, the one that held her in his arms. The one she punched right in the eyes to escape.

She looked in the back where his friend stood. Ok now she was in trouble. Just when she thought she was safe again, they show up.

Liz got up from where she was sitting and stood up. She remembered the pain of her leg and how much it hurt. Liz walked slowly to the stranger as her bones begun to shake.

Liz looked at him in the eyes and begin to cried, “Please sir, have mercy upon your soul. I mean no harm. I am just a girl that has no clue how she got here? Please don’t hurt me” She choked up as she pleaded with him. Liz’s eyes were now pink and puffy.

Liz was scared yes, but she didn’t want to run anymore. She was tired of running and if she did. She surely would pass out.

“I mean no harm” She repeated once again.

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Okay, thank you everyone for there warm thoughts... and just to let everyone know I'm okay. It took a lot out of me to write this chapter--It's not that long...but I'm sure I'll make up for it in Ch.8 :wink:

Here you go... the next Chapter-- I hope you all enjoy.

<3 POM


Chapter 6: I have to find her

This was suppose to be an easy mission, get the girl and bring her safely to the palace, but never in a million stars that heaven the sky did he think she was going to think so cruelly of him.

“Zander, don’t you think you should put her down?” He almost didn’t hear his cousin’s worries, because he was so caught up in trying to calm down the girl.

It didn’t work, she screamed at the top of her lungs fighting to break free from his grasp.

With full force her fist made contact with his eye, causing him to fly back and releasing the girl at once.

Michael was at his side at once, trying to get a better look at the wound but Zander shrugged him off.

“Where did she go?” He tried to clear his vision, everything was in double.

“Forget about the girl! The girl is gone. We have to take care of the eye, now come on back into the palace before someone finds us.” Michael struggles to get him up and off the ground, and succeeds only to be shoved hard in the chest.

“No. I’m not giving up, we have to find her! If we don’t, my dad’s going to find her and kill her. I can’t let that happen. You can go as you please, dear cousin, but I’m staying with or without your help.”

“How are you supposed to find her? It’s pitch black out here. The moon isn’t even out, how are you suppose to find your way?” Zan hesitated for a moment before replying, he knew that what his cousin was telling him was true.

But he still had to try, she was still out there alone and injured. He wouldn’t leave her to her own death sentence. He couldn’t, he just didn’t have it in him. This girl had something that all the temptresses and princesses of the Egyptian countries just didn’t have.

He didn’t know what it was just yet, but he was very eager and very determined to find out, just why he was so drawn to this stranger. And why he felt compelled to help her.

Zan knew that the more time he pondered on what needed to be done, the more time it gave the girl to escape. Zan knew what was out there—and it would only be a matter of time before the heat got to her, and she would be dead for sure.

That image weakened him, and he didn’t know if it was a message from the gods to be aware of what was at stake or if it was just his mind wreaking havoc on his heart.

Turning to back to Michael, his poor confused cousin was still waiting for a reply.

“I have to continue on, Chrons will help guide the way—the bright moonlight will appear as I will demand it.” Michael looked at Zan and shook his head in disapproval.

But Zan paid no attention to him, closed his eyes and graciously prayed to Chrons the god of the moon.

Michael looked in amazement at how the instant that his cousin closed his eyes, the moonlight gave way from the clouds and shown even more brightly over the town, as if Ra has awoken from his nightly slumber himself.

Zan moved almost as if in a trance, swiftly throughout the town, praying to the gods for guidance.

Michael couldn’t grasp just how come his cousin’s connection to the gods was so strong. Not once in all his twenty three years did he witness a bond so strong, so powerful, that the gods themselves bowed down to the prince’s commands.

Zan and Michael moved aimlessly through out the town, until they reached the end of the city that Zan’s father ruled. A river separated the enemy territory that lay on the other side.

Michael pulled Zan back from stepping to the river, therefore breaking his connection.

“We can’t go any further—“ Zan looked up at the sky, as the moonlight was so took him a few moments to see.

He took in his surroundings and he knew that Michael was right. He knew that he couldn’t risk their lives by crossing the river and heading into the red land territory.

“Maybe we should call it a night? She is nowhere to be found. If she went any further, we cannot help her...Zander you know this.”

Zan gave Michael a stern look, and knew that the words he was saying was the truth, but deep down inside of him he knew that he could not just give up.

Zan took a moment to regain his thoughts and rubbed his hands over his face and into his dark ravened hair.
He was tired, exhausted, and worn out. But he knew she was all these plus more.

Looking around once more, he saw something...a figure hunched down near the river bend. That was something he didn’t see before, maybe he wasn’t looking.

“No wait...cousin look...” Michaels gaze followed in the direction his cousin was looking and low and behold was the girl they were looking for.

As they walked closer to her—Zan could see just how terrified she was, his heart fell to the ground. He wanted more than anything to pick her up off the ground and hold her against him, and tell her that everything will be alright.

But that couldn’t be farther from what was happening; she was terrified of him.

Zan seemed to be frozen in the place he was in. Only a few feet away from her and he couldn’t move. Zan saw her reflection in the river, and the smile that mesmerized her face.

Zan thought to himself and wished he was the reason that made her blush and smile so broadly.

Michael soon broke his thoughts, “ I didn’t come all this way so you could make goo goo eyes, and not even talk to her.” With a gentle shove in her direction, Zan was merely inches away from her, and it only took several minutes for her to notice.

The happy glimpse in her eyes faded away, as the scared girl returned and was soon standing in front of him. She was shaking so horribly bad, and it took all the gods’ strength not to reach out and take her in his arms.

Her voice was shaken as she spoke to him, “Please sir, have mercy upon your soul. I mean no harm. I am just a girl that has no clue how she got here? Please don’t hurt me”

‘Hurt her, how could he ever do that.’ Zan thought to himself as he looked at this young woman standing before him. Never had he imagined such a beautiful creature existed, and he wanted to silence her and make her tears into smiles of joy and laughter.

But again she spoke, “I mean no harm”

Zan’s eyes softened at the mere sight of her, and her pleas—he gently took her hand in his own and spoke almost in a whisper.

“I’m not going to hurt you, I promise. You must have me confused with my father. I am Zander, Prince of Egypt. ” Zan still couldn’t break his eyes away from her own, but found his voice once more.

“I mean no harm...I just want to help you. I can get you a clean bed to sleep in, a change of clothes, some food, and a doctor to take a look at that wound. If you come back with will no longer be in danger—I will be your protector from this day forward.” Zan’s eyes looked hopeful, and wished to the gods above that she would believe him.

“If you do not come with me, I can assure you that my father’s guards will find you—and kill you at a moments notice, but I will not let that happen. My cousin and I will make sure you are safe. My father has given me one night to find you, and if I did then you are my responsibility. He will call off the search and forget that anything has ever happened.

Please princess, you must believe me.” Zan looked deeply into her eyes and wiped away some of the tears that were still on her cheeks, he didn’t like to see her cry.

Those few minutes felt like a lifetime before she spoke, and to him it felt like the heavens above had lifted him up and fate had taken its place.


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A/N: Sorry took so long. Our Beta finally got around to it. So here it is. Enjoy!

Chapter 7: The Kindness of A Stranger

Liz stood there looking at the stranger as he appeared at her sight. Liz wasn’t sure what she should do. Should she run and hope she runs long enough to get her back home? Or was this a dream? That someone had to pinch her, and just maybe she would wake up. But somehow Liz knew it wasn’t a dream and it was certainly wasn’t a fairy tale. It was a nightmare from hell far away from reality.

Liz looked up at the stranger as the hot and steamy tears were rushing down her cheeks. Liz was scared what this stranger might do or say that can cause her so much pain. Anything was possible. Anything could have happened to her by now. Just looking at her damaged wound, her messed up hair, and her ripped clothes was proof enough. So yes, life and death was at stake here.

At that very moment all Liz’s fears and worries were nowhere to be found in her. Every fear she had was completely washed away. It was like she had never ever felt scared or worried at all. Liz looked down at the hands of the stranger. She saw how beautiful they were, how they were so soft against her hands, and in that moment, she almost forgot where she was. Liz then looked back up at the stranger to meet his eyes. His eyes were filled with kindness, love, and compassion that showed her there couldn’t be any hatred in him, not even an inch of it.

“I’m not going to hurt you, I promise. You must have me confused with my father. I am Zander, Prince of Egypt.” The stranger said trying to reassure her.

“I mean no harm...I just want to help you. I can get you a clean bed to sleep in, a change of clothes, some food, and a doctor to take a look at that wound. If you come back with will no longer be in danger—I will be your protector from this day forward.” Zander spoke again and Liz looked at him. She met his eyes and saw how they had a pleading hope in them.

Protector? Liz questioned herself. Why would anyone like himself want to protect her?

“If you do not come with me, I can assure you that my father’s guards will find you—and kill you at a moments notice, but I will not let that happen. My cousin and I will make sure you are safe. My father has given me one night to find you, and if I did then you are my responsibility. He will call off the search and forget that anything has ever happened.”

Liz sobbed hard at the thought of someone hurting her again. She just wanted to go home and hide in her parents’ arms. What was wrong with these people and why did they see her as a threat? Why?

“Please princess, you must believe me.” Zander pleaded with her again as she wiped away her tears that were running down her face like a shot gun. Liz felt Zander’s bare hands touch her face and wipe away the tears that she had missed.

Liz’s heart stopped when he did that. It made him seem perfect in her eyes.

However, Liz wasn’t sure if she should trust him or not, even with those amber eyes. She had the choice to try and survive on her own or put her trust in someone else. If she did go with the Prince Zander, would she be protected like he promised? But if she stayed would she get hurt as well?

Liz didn’t know what to do, so the only idea she had was listening to her heart. Liz did this many times whenever she was confused or lost, kind of like now. So Liz stood there, closed her eyes and listened to her heart. She needed the answer about which way she needed to go.

Liz listened to how her heart was telling her how kind and gentle this man was, and his words were true and simple. Liz opened her eyes and looked at the prince. She was no longer crying but her eyes were still pink and puffy from the tears.

“Promise?” Liz asked him. She just wanted to be sure. Zander nodded and smiled, “I promise!” He held out his hand in front of Liz for her to take it.

Liz stared at it for a moment before taking his hand. Liz felt Zander rubbing his thumb on the back of her hand. As he did this, it surprised her that it was actually soothing her. It was comforting her for some strange reason, and made her relax completely.


Liz entered the terrifying palace once again. She looked at every space she saw in sight. She just wanted to make sure she had enough knowledge to escape this place, just in case Zander was lying to her or was fooled by his father.

Liz’s attention wasn’t fully focused on Zander. So when he picked her up in his arms, she gasped in surprise. He just startled her and she was taken off guard. “Are you alright? I just don’t think you should be walking any longer. Let’s get this wound taken care of.” Zander insisted.

He carried her to a private room, where Liz could be alone and enjoy her space. The King or the guards wouldn’t be able to hurt her because she was protected by the prince. Zander gently placed her on the bed as he went to look at the wound closely. The wound was wrapped in a ripped material that was removed from a piece of clothing.

He slowly unwrapped the material as he looked at the wound more closely. He saw that the wound wasn’t bleeding any longer but had dried blood on it. He also saw what was stopping the blood; there was a bloody piece of wood in it. Zander turned to Liz and asked her, “Who did this to you?” He was worried, but sound more furious then worried.


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Hello all readers and Lukers alike, Just wanted to let you know that I'm almost done with the next chapter and will be back after the weekend hopefully to update.

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