The King's Surrender (Slash, Z/Kh, ADULT) (Complete)

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The King's Surrender (Slash, Z/Kh, ADULT) (Complete)

Post by magikhands » Sun Jul 31, 2005 11:09 am

Winner - Round 10


Title: The King’s Surrender
Author: magikhands
Rating: Slash/ADULT * Khivar/Zan
Disclaimer: I own nothing Roswell.
Summary: There is no death of the Royals so no going to Earth cloned. This is placed on Antar; Zan is the King, Vilondra (not evil) his twin sister, Rath, Zan’s General, and Ava Zan’s bride to be…

Warning:This fic contains BDSM. You were warned!


Part 1

Zan’s head felt groggy, his eyelids heavy. He sucked in a deep breath to find that it pained him. His body felt like lead and ached. This was worse than any hangover he’d ever experienced. With much effort Zan was able to open his eyes but found he did not like what he saw. Grunting with the effort to move his body Zan got on all fours but found that his body was too stiff and sore to move further.

A loud clanking sounded and Zan felt his arms being pulled from beneath him. His struggles provide to be futile as the chains that were attached to metal bracelet around his wrists are pulled away from his body and up until he is standing supported only by the chains.

“The sleeping King awakes.”

Zan turned his head and found a man walking toward him out of the shadows.


“Yes Zan.” Khivar came to stand in front of his prisoner.

“Where am I. What are you doing?”

“You are safe.”

Zan’s head cleared enough to look around. Whatever was in his system was now dissipating quickly. He was in a room filled with shadows. Very little light shone in. He then realized that he had no clothing on. The bands around his wrists and ankles pulled taunt by chains kept him from covering his nudity. Zan tried to call upon the energy within him to free himself but nothing happened.

“Safe? Safe from what? From who?” Zan asked feeling the pricklings of fear. “What is going on Khivar?” Zan kept his head high with all the dignity he could muster considering his state of undress.

“I’m doing only what you want me to do.” Khivar answered softly.

“What? What are you talking about?” Zan felt confused by Khivar’s words.

“I’m talking about giving you what you desire most. Fulfilling your darkest fantasies.” Khivar reached out and lightly touched Zan’s cheek.

Zan flinched away from Khivar’s touch as if it burned. He should be in his room, in bed, maybe with a servant or two around him. Not here in some dungeon type room chained and at someone’s mercy.

“As your King, I command you to release me Khivar.” Zan stood straight and said with the commanding voice he’d used often when dealing as ruler of a planet.

Khivar chuckled. “I thank not.”

“You dare to disobey a direct order from your King?”

Khivar’s expression sobered and met Zan’s eyes. “I do Majesty.” Khivar broke the gaze and started walking around Zan, his eyes observing the bound body before him. “You are to wed in a months time. I have that long before I must return you so that you may provide our Kingdom with an heir. However, until then, you are mine. There will be much training to do before that time ends.”

Zan took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He concentrated, reaching for the connection that had been made long before.

“It won’t work.” Khivar said breaking Zan’s concentration. He opened his eyes to see Khivar standing in front of him once more. “Your precious connection to your General is subdued for the moment as well as your powers as you’ve already found out. You will have them back when I’m ready for you to.”

“What do you want Khivar? What is this all about?” Zan didn’t like the look of satisfaction on Khivar’s face. The fear that started in his stomach spread farther, reaching each nerve ending in his body.

Khivar sighed. “I’ve already told you but apparently you weren’t listening.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Well, I guess it will teach you to be more attentive when I speak. Now…enough talk.”

He lifted a devise in his hand and Zan closed his mouth and shook his head. That didn’t deter Khivar at all. He used his other hand and took hold of Zan’s lower jaw, forcing it open. Once it was to his liking, he placed the rubber ball deep into Zan’s mouth. Zan tried to push it out with is tongue and shake his head but Khivar was faster and strapped the device behind Zan’s head making his protests nothing more than muffled sounds.

Zan started to struggle, his fear firmly embedded. He realized he was at the mercy of a possible madman but he still had hope that Rath would come looking for him. Surely his best friend, his right hand man, would find it amiss that he was suddenly gone.

Zan felt Khivar’s hands cradle his head ceasing his movement. As soon as his eyes met Khivar’s hazel eyes Zan quickly closed them but he found it was too late. Khivar had formed the connection and Zan could feel the intruder in his mind. He tried to push the other man out but Zan could not. He could feel Khivar drilling deep into his mind, almost searching for something specific. It only caused pain when Zan fought it, the pain let Zan know what was happening was real.

“You are as strong as I thought you would be Zan.” Khivar said happily when he finally broke the connection. “You will make this quite challenging.”

Zan slumped in his bonds, tired from his exertions. He looked up and wondered why Khivar was doing this to him. Why him? Khivar had gone through the academy with himself, Rath, and Vilondra. While he and Rath went to defense courses, Vilondra went through the diplomatic courses so she had more contact with Khivar than any of them. Zan couldn’t recall having ever done anything to Khivar. So why him, and why now?

Khivar went to a corner and brought back a small bag that he set beside Zan’s feet. He reached in and took out a collar that snapped snuggly around Zan’s neck. The metal was cool against Zan’s hot and sweaty skin and before it was placed on him, he saw that it had several metal loops on it. Next Khivar pulled out a piece of leather with several straps attached to it. Khivar knelt before Zan and started encasing Zan’s flaccid cock in the material and wrapping the straps around his balls so they applied a pulling pressure to them. Zan tried to move from his grasp but his bonds held him in place. When he was finished, Khivar gave the straps an extra tug to make sure they were secured causing Zan to finally let out a whimper of pain.

“Relax. You’ll get used to it. I’ll be back soon. There are things I must attend to before we continue with your training.” Khivar turned and left the room leaving Zan alone.

Zan screamed and struggled against his bonds as Khivar walked out the door but only muffled sounds came that were ignored. After several minutes, Zan ceased his struggles panting and no closer to release. He tried again to call upon his energy but his powers were not working, as if they were blocked. His connection to Rath deep inside was still there, he could feel it but there was no way to open it. It was like someone had put a lock on it.

‘Fulfilling your darkest fantasies.’ Khivar had said. Zan’s mind churned but he knew what his captor meant only he wasn’t ready to admit it yet.


Khivar went to the next room and watched his captive struggle more against the bonds that would only release when he willed them to. His eyes roamed the muscular body that glimmered with sweat in the dim lighting. Khivar felt his cock tingle with anticipation. He was tempted to reach down, allow himself to fully harden and satisfy his need but he held off. He knew exactly how to satisfy this hard-on, he only had to be patient.

Khivar saw Zan relax and hang his head almost in defeat but he knew better. Zan would not break that easily; he never gave up without a fight. Khivar had known Zan most of his life. They went to the academy together. While Zan was being schooled to be the King of Antar, Khivar was trained in diplomacy along with Zan’s twin sister Vilondra. His father, Lorenth, was Zan’s father advisor and the position was to be passed down to Khivar. However, something happened and that was not to happen. Lorenth had died an early death, before Khivar could finish the academy. Zan’s father had filled the position of Advisor with a priest from Ava’s home planet as part of the marriage contract for Zan and Ava.

This angered Khivar and vowed that he would regain the position meant for him. Unfortunately, Zan’s father too died a little too soon leaving Zan to rule shortly after they all graduated. The same advisor from Ava’s planet was still in place but he was severely ill and had little time left. It was rumored that Vilondra would take his place and wed Rath. Khivar had just about lost all hope until he stumbled upon information that would help him achieve his goal. Khivar had a unique power to get into a person’s subconscious and see many of their secrets. He used it very little and out of curiosity tried Zan before giving up all hope.

That’s when Khivar found a way to retrieve the position that should have been his. He knew Zan’s deepest desires and knew exactly how to do it. He had bided his time and now he had one month to complete his plan.

“I may not rule Antar…but I will rule its King.” Khivar said softly, his finger tracing Zan’s body on the screen before him.

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Chapter 2

Post by magikhands » Tue Aug 02, 2005 10:14 pm


Khivar entered the room and stood before Zan. He saw the determination and willful resistance still burning bright in Zan’s beautiful amber eyes. He also saw the anger and confusion that soared through his King. Khivar knew Zan had never been treated such as this in his entire life as everyone always rushed to do his bidding, with the exception of Rath and Vilondra. The two that knew him best and were the only ones to ever disagree with him.

Khivar reached up and cradled Zan’s head like before. The connection was easy and immediate. He maneuvered his way through Zan’s mind, retracing and re-enforcing what he’d done before but then dug a little deeper, probing and drawing out what was already there buried deep within Zan’s subconscious. Zan gave a whimper behind his gag when Khivar finally broke the connection. Khivar wondered if it was relief or regret.

Khivar took a step back. “You will not have to worry about your soon to be bride while you are gone. Rath and Vilondra are making sure she is well occupied in your absence.”

Khivar waved a hand over one of the walls and a picture replaced the brick. It showed Ava, his bride-to-be riding his General, Rath. The sight was not as shocking as it should have been. Zan had seen the looks between the two and had a suspicion of something between them. Zan knew his marriage to Ava was purely for political reasons though they liked each other and enjoyed the other’s company. Zan had learned early a King didn’t marry for love but it sometimes came from being together for so long.

What was surprising to Zan was when Vilondra made her presence known by crawling on the bed with the two and kneeling behind Ava. Zan watched as his sister reached around and fondled Ava’s breasts as she continued riding Rath. Zan could no longer watch and turned his head from it.

“And if you are wondering if Rath will come looking…the answer is no. I’ve made sure you left behind a nice note to your loved ones explaining you needed time to yourself before you married.”

Zan shook his head. “Oh, you don’t think they will believe it? Well, they have. It was written in a hand that matches your own and…let’s just say that they can still contact you when the need arises. Through me of course.”

Zan tried to say something but the gag muffled his words.

“Don’t worry Zan. You will be way to busy to worry about those responsibilities. Thank of it as a small vacation. Now, shall we continue with your training?”

Khivar put one hand on Zan’s shoulder and pressed down while his other hand was held out. The pressure on Zan’s shoulder caused him to kneel and the chains moved with his body but kept his arms pulled taut and away from his body. Khivar looked down at his kneeling King and smiled.

“You look good on your knees.” He commented while pulling his pants down freeing his aching dick. He saw Zan’s eyes widen and tried to move away but Khivar took his head in his hands. Using his powers, he loosened the gag and removed it.

“Take it into your mouth Zan.” Khivar ordered. Zan shook his head afraid to open his mouth but his eyes were glued to the growing dick that twitched before him.

Khivar gently entered Zan’s mind and found several paths that he’d opened blocked again. “You are strong willed indeed but I will prevail in the end. We will have a connection greater than that you have with Rath. Now take me in your mouth.” Khivar ordered.

Zan tried to fight it but his body obeyed though his mind protested. His mouth opened and leaned forward.

“Do to me what you enjoy having done to you.” Khivar ran a hand through Zan’s silky dark hair.

Zan closed his eyes but his tongue began to move around the long shaft that was in his mouth. He slowly pulled it in and out of his mouth, giving it long slow sucks as he lavished attention upon Khivar’s dick.

Zan closed off his rational mind to what he was doing but something deeper inside of him thoroughly enjoyed it. It came closer to the surface in his mind, begging to be released from its tight prison but Zan pushed it back as far as he could. No, he wasn’t ready for that knowledge. He wasn’t ready to admit it even to himself.

It wasn’t long before Zan’s mouth was filled with Khivar’s creamy cum and he eagerly swallowed it. He also didn’t release Khivar’s cock until it was sucked clean from any left over juices. Almost reluctantly Zan pulled away and looked down to the floor.

“What are you doing to me?” Zan almost wept. Khivar couldn’t see the closed eyes and pained look on Zan’s face.

“I have done nothing to you. I’m merely drawing out the real Zan that you buried many years ago and refuse to acknowledge.”

“No. This is not me. I can’t want…” Zan shook his head, a sob stopping the rest of his sentence.

Khivar kneeled and lifted Zan’s chin with his fingertips. “Yes you do. You just have to let it go and you’ll be free.”

Zan’s pain faded and the resistant gleam returned. “No. I will not embrace it. I am Ruler of Antar and will not submit to anyone.”

“The same stubborn Zan.” Khivar sighed but inside he was ecstatic. Zan had enjoyed sucking his cock, enjoyed being ruled over. Yes, Zan, King of Antar was always in control. All of his life he’d had control over just about everything in his life, but what he craved more than anything was to submit. To have someone else take control for a while. And Khivar is just the man to give it to him.

Khivar picked up the ballgag and replaced it into Zan’s mouth, securing it tightly. Zan did not protest this time. A small sign of acceptance Zan didn’t realize he gave. Khivar stopped and admired Zan’s lips parted widely by the ball and how they curl over the edges of the rubber. He once more felt the familiar tingle in his groin and bit back a groan. He was finding that there were many things about Zan that turned him on and looked forward to finding more.

Khivar stood and raised his hand. The chains pulled so Zan was once more standing. Zan’s head fell back and Khivar could see how tired he was. Soon he would let Zan lie down and rest…but not before Khivar was ready.

“I can give you pleasure like you’ve never experienced.” Khivar walked to Zan’s back and stepped close to him. He knew Zan felt him because his body stiffened and this pleased Khivar. He reached out and laid a hand on his captive’s back for the first time. He could feel the muscles twitch beneath his touch. His hands slid down letting the ripple of muscle caress his palms until they rested on Zan’s firm ass cheeks. Zan flinched but other than that there was no protest to his actions.

“Your body is so fit and firm. Perfect.” Khivar whispered more to himself than Zan.

Khivar began to explore Zan’s body with his hands circling his captive touching every spot he could reach. He watched as Zan’s body began to react to his touch, from the goose bumps rising on his skin to the heaving of his chest. Khivar bent his head and licked a nipple. He heard the gasp from his captive and knew that he would have fun making use of that particular sensitive area. Khivar’s mouth joined his hands in teasing and torturing Zan’s body, inciting whimpers and small moans from his new toy.

Zan closed his eyes and Khivar could see the fight within Zan as he tried to detach from his body however every time it looked as if he succeeded Khivar would bite or twist a nipple bringing Zan back to reality. Khivar finally reached down and cupped Zan’s bound cock. He felt it pressing tight against the restraint and Zan groaned when Khivar touched him. He reached further down and pulled gently on his balls that were tight and ready for release but Khivar knew Zan would not receive any relief.

Khivar released Zan and retrieved something from one of the dark corners. Zan was unable to see what since he approached from behind. Khivar gently caressed Zan’s ass. He felt it clench shut as he spread the firm cheeks and Zan thrust his hips forward trying to keep Khivar away from him. Khivar merely chuckled at his failed attempts.

“You’ll like this if you’ll just relax and let it happen.” Khivar whispered in his ear.

Zan responded with a shake of his head and a whimper. Not being deterred Khivar made sure there was plenty of lubricant on the toy he brought over.

“We’ll start small…just until you get the feel of it.”

Khivar slowly slid the anal plug into Zan’s body. Zan let out a cry and his body tensed.

“Relax…it will go in better. Take some deep breaths.” Khivar instructed pausing long enough to get Zan to do just as he was told before Khivar finished inserting the plug completely in. He clipped the straps together around Zan’s waist so that it stayed in place. He reached up and ran his hands through his captive’s hair.

“That’s it.” He soothed Zan knowing that at least one tear ran from his eyes.

Once Zan calmed Khivar pressed his body against Zan’s back. His own cock was hard and throbbing once again in need of an orgasm. He pressed his cock still contained in his pants against Zan’s ass and rubbed it against him. Zan gave a groan and thrust his hips back so that there was better contact despite the discomfort the plug may now provide. Khivar closed his eyes and placed his hands on Zan’s hips to hold him close. He felt his heart pound in his chest as his own breath became as rapid as Zan’s.

Reluctantly, Khivar pulled away knowing that being in Zan’s presence much longer would cause him to lose his control and give it to Zan. Khivar left the room without a word or even a glance back. As he closed the door he heard Zan cry out in frustration. He leaned against the door closing his eyes and tried to get his breathing under control. He felt the connection he was building with Zan flare to life as he felt the light sense of frustration behind his own.

“It’s begun.” Khivar pushed from the door and walked upstairs.

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Part 3

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Despite all the crap RL is throwing at me and my muse is down, I still managed to get another part together....


During the first week of Zan’s training Khivar kept him bound constantly, giving him no chance of escape or relief from his stiff and sore muscles. If anything, Khivar made sure Zan experienced a little pain here and there. He kept the upper hand the entire time, letting Zan eat, drink, and rest only when he allowed it. He continued his torturous ministrations to Zan’s body but never gave him relief. Along with everything else, Zan received a shot every day to keep his abilities suppressed.

Khivar also slowly prepared Zan’s ass with different size plugs and even a dildo or two. Zan became accustomed to his role that first week and gave little physical resistance though it still shone strongly in his eyes.

Each visit to Zan began with Khivar connecting to him, burrowing deeper, embedding himself into Zan’s mind. As the days went by, Khivar felt their bond grow stronger and stronger. He knew Zan was fighting it still because he would have to retrace some of his paths occasionally to reopen the way. Zan was also refusing to acknowledge that he felt Khivar within him. Khivar had yet to push that angle knowing he still had some time to work on it.

Because of Zan’s acceptance to his position, Khivar decided to allow Zan one hour of freedom each day that second week. One the first day, he took all restraints from Zan’s body except for the belt preventing Zan from coming to a full erection. Zan looked up from the bed and stared at Khivar expecting him to order him someplace else.

“You have one hour Zan. There is a pitcher of water here if you would care to wash up again.” Khivar said as he bent and took a manacle from the bed’s leg and placed it on Zan’s ankle. “Enjoy it while you have it.” Khivar said as he walked out of the room.

Zan sat there perplexed for a time suddenly feeling odd. He had long ago lost track of time in his little cell, unsure of how many meals he even ate in a days time or even if it were day or night. He first tested his limbs, stretching the sore and stiff muscles. Slowly he sat up and looked around. The chain attached to his ankle was only about three feet long but it was enough for him to get up and walk a little so he could move his legs. They felt rubbery and weak from being bound for the long periods he was.

Zan sat heavily back down on the bed, his head fall into his hands. It was hurting from fighting the connection Khivar was building. He could feel the other man inside his head even when he wasn’t in the same room. Zan spent much of his time trying to close the pathways Khivar was making inside his mind; it kept his mind occupied, keeping it from thinking about his predictiment. It had taken Rath and him many years to build the connection they had. Zan was stunned at how easily it could be shut down.

Zan opened his eyes and looked to the table where a bowl of water and a cloth sat. There was also a glass of water next to it. His eyes wandered lower to the floor. He didn’t know why he bothered looking but a small glint caught his eye. Bending forward for a closer look he found that is was a small, thin piece of metal pushed against the wall. It was so small it was apparently overlooked. Zan got down on his hands and knees and reached out to retrieve it. He sat back on the floor, the cold concrete making contact with his naked butt but he didn’t notice it as hope surged through him. He sat and gingerly ran his fingers over it.

He looked down at the shackle that was on his ankle. There was a small hole for a key. Zan brought his foot up closer. Before looking back down, Zan looked around the room assuring himself that he was alone. With great care Zan began his work using the small piece of metal on the lock of the shackle.

Zan didn’t know how long he’d been working at it or how long he had left of his hour of freedom but he sighed relief when he finally heard the click as it unlocked and it fell from him. He and Rath had always had use of their powers to unlock anything that blocked their way but Zan had recalled reading a book that described how to do it manually. He was now glad for the knowledge.

Zan stood and looked around the room but found no clothing for him to wear. Deciding to find something elsewhere he moved to the door. Taking a deep breath he placed his hand on the door but paused in his action of opening it. Something at the back of his mind was calling out to him. He wasn’t sure what it was or why he was bothering to try and decipher it when he needed to leave this place. Shaking his head and pushing the feeling away, Zan grasped the handle and turned it, a little surprised to find it unlocked. Zan yanked open the door and took one step out before stopping abruptly.

Khivar blocked his escape. They were near the same height but Zan could practically feel his body shrink back. After briefly meeting Khivar’s eyes Zan quickly bowed his head, this action completely confusing Zan. He couldn’t believe the reaction his body was having to this man. He had never cowered or bowed to anyone. He was King of Antar and was taught to never be below another person.

“Did you not think I wouldn’t know what you were doing?” Khivar asked taking a step forward into the room while Zan took a step back. Inwardly the display pleased him. “I’ve been working day after day on our connection, even if you deny it, I can feel you. I can sense your thoughts and your emotions. There is nothing you can do that I won’t know about.”

Zan listened to Khivar’s words and knew they were true. He’d ignored and blocked what he could of Khivar but that feeling he’d gotten before he opened the door was Khivar telling him not to. Zan wanted to apologize and plead for mercy knowing punishment for trying to escape was coming but his pride stopped him, his lips pressed tightly together and his head still bowed.

Khivar closed the door and the sound of the lock clicking filled the silence. Khivar stepped forward and took hold of Zan’s shoulders with his hands. The touch was heavy making Zan flinch. Khivar ignored his response and turned him around then pushed him back toward the bed without a word.

Zan went where Khivar led. As much as his mind protested the movement, his feet obeyed. Khivar stopped him at the end of the bed so he was next to the footboard facing the headboard. He lifted one of Zan’s arms and attached it to the shackle hanging from the bedpost. He lifted Zan’s other arm and found some resistance.

“You know I have to punish you Zan.” Khivar whispered near Zan’s ear. The statement sent shivers through Zan’s body and the resistance was gone from his body as he accepted his fate.

Khivar bent and shackled his ankles to the bottom of the posts so they were a little wider than shoulder width. Khivar’s touch left Zan’s body and he turned to see what was happening. Zan felt a hard slap on his ass cheek making him jump. He could feel the burn from the power behind the slap.

“Eyes forward.” Khivar commanded. No longer was the soft silkiness in his voice.

Zan knew Khivar was angry with him for trying to leave and did as he was told but bit his lip to keep from protesting. Khivar climbed on the bed and replaced the ball gag. Zan had thought he’d gotten accustomed to it but having had the freedom from it for some time showed him that his jaws ached when he opened them wide enough for the ball to fit. Khivar cradled Zan’s head in his hands and locked gazes. He took his time strengthening the connection and clearing out those pathways Zan had managed to cloud. Khivar blocked his impressiveness at Zan’s strong will and how even after a week he still fought it.

Next came a blindfold. Khivar rarely used this telling Zan that he wanted to see his eyes and complete expression to all he was doing.

“I really wish you hadn’t tried to leave Zan.” Khivar said as he reached out and played with one of Zan’s nipples. They were a very sensitive spot for Zan and Khivar loved driving him wild with his torment on them but today he had a different intent. Today it was about punishment. Zan had to learn that disobedience brought consequences.

When Zan’s nipple was erect Khivar placed a nipple clamp upon it. Zan flinched upon its placement and Khivar could see that he was biting on the rubber ball to keep from crying out. Khivar reached over and tweaked the other nipple that immediately rose with the attention. Another clamp was placed on it and this time Zan did let a whimper of discomfort escape. Khivar ignored his captive and attached the chain dangling on each clamp to the rings on the gag’s strap. This made Zan bow his head and if he were to lift his head fully or let his head fall back it would pull on his nipples.

Khivar got off the bed and stood behind Zan. “I had hoped that you understood your position by now. I thought you would see there was no escape until I said. I even tried to stop you from opening the door but you ignored me…the connection I’ve worked hard at establishing.”

The entire time Khivar was speaking he had gently lubed a dildo and was slowly inserting it into Zan’s ass. It was one of large size and noticed how still Zan had become. Once it was fully inserted Khivar secured the three straps attached to around Zan’s waist to keep it in place.

“I’m disappointed Zan. I thought you were smart but you still keep resisting me. You try to leave before you are ready so you give me no choice but to punish you.” Khivar paused a moment and Zan could feel the heat from his body move closer. “This will hurt you more than me.” He whispered into Zan’s ear.

Zan tried to give a gentle shake of his head so that the chains wouldn’t pull on his nipples and tried to speak that sounded almost like a beg but before he could finish the sound he felt a sharp sting to his right ass cheek. The surprise and pain made his body jerk against his bonds and his head jerked up hard causing him more pain. Before he had a chance to groan another sharp sting landed on his left cheek causing his body to react the same as the first one.

Over and over the smacks came in rapid succession until Zan was crying and whimpering. His ass was burning from the paddle that hit him and his knees felt as if they would buckle from the pain shooting through his body. However, despite the pain and humiliation of being paddled like a schoolboy, Zan felt his cock harden and press against its tight restraint. He could feel it throbbing with need and it seemed to swell larger the longer the punishment continued. On top of the painful pleasure shooting through him Zan felt with each slap of the paddle the dildo, secured in his ass, shift causing more pleasure to ripple in his groin.

Somewhere deep in Zan’s mind as it battled the pain and desire flooding his body, he felt something burst open like a dam finally breaking. All at once his mind opened completely and the connection Khivar had been working on blossomed, becoming a life all it’s own. His mental resistance finally broke down as too many sensations attacked him at once.

Zan screamed then felt the blackness overcome him.


Zan stirred and groaned in pain as the ache in his arms became stronger. He opened his eyes but was met with the same darkness as before. The brush of his eyelashes on material reminded him that he was still blindfolded.. As his body regained its strength despite its quite protests Zan placed his weight back on his legs instead of his the belt around his waist that had claimed much of his weight along with his arms but he was not able to move much. The memory of what had happened rushed back. He’d tried to escape and Khivar had punished him by tying him to the bed posts and spanking him.

Zan shifted his weight and could feel that his ass was still painful and possibly red from his paddling. He was thankful the nipple clamps were gone, giving him a small amount of relief and allowing him to move his head freely.

When Zan fully woke he soon realized that something in his mind was different. There was another presence within. His first hope was that Rath’s connection had been restored but that soon fell when he didn’t feel Rath’s essence. No, this was someone else…Zan gave a small groaned when he realized it was Khivar. He could feel the man’s essence deeply within his mind. There was no closing off pathways, no resisting the presences, or pushing away the feeling. The connection had been sprung open wide and there was no closing it.

Suddenly a caressing began making Zan shiver. It wasn’t a physical touch of hands on his body, but one that occurred inside his soul. It didn’t cover just one area but it slowly spread through his system, touching every nerve in his body. Zan felt desire rise inside along with his frustration. He’d been molested and tortured by Khivar physically and now mentally without an ounce of release. His body ached with pain and displeasure along with longing and need. Zan whimpered to the empty room begging for relief but no answer came.

‘Stop…please…Goddess, stop.’ Zan begged silently through the new connection. He could sense a chuckle from Khivar as the tease intensified briefly before backing off. Zan sighed and relaxed thankful for the reprieve but he knew more was to come. He knew Khivar was not completely happy yet with just the connection opened. Zan knew what Khivar wanted but Zan didn’t know if he was brave enough to allow himself the freedom.

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Part 4

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BelevnDreamsToo wrote:I'll be joining you in hell, I guess!! But won't we all have such a hot time!!!
Image Oh yeah we would.

Just a friendly warning: this next chapter contains content meant for adult viewing.

Part 4

Zan was kept bound for nearly two days like he was. His only relief from them was when a servant came in to feed and take care of his needs. During the other times Khivar took full advantage of the intense connection making sure to torment Zan as much as possible until he pleaded for release. Only then did Khivar back off for a time.

Khivar entered the room and kneeled on the bed in front of Zan. He sat there without saying a word knowing that Zan felt him coming to him long before he was physically near. He reached up and released the gag then the blindfold. His hand softly caressed Zan’s cheek.

“You’ve learned your lesson, haven’t you Zan?”

Zan’s eyes were downcast. He nodded.

“What was that Pet?”

“Yes Sir.” Zan answered knowing what Khivar wanted. His voice was scratchy from dryness.

“Very good. Now tell me…what was this lesson you learned?”

“I will not leave here until you wish it.” Zan answered still looking down. He’d been King long enough to know how those that were subservient were to act. It felt strange to surrender control yet…it felt natural for him somehow.

“Correct my Pet.” Khivar smiled pleased.

He got up from the bed and released Zan’s bonds with a wave of his hand. Easily he caught the man in his arms and pulled him close. Zan didn’t fight or resist the hold letting Khivar do as he pleased.

Khivar laid Zan upon the bed knowing how fatigued and sore he was. He reached down and placed the shackle back on his ankle. Khivar knew Zan would not try and escape again but saw it as a symbol of his possession of the mighty King.

“Rest. Then we’ll get you cleaned up and continue with your training.” Khivar whispered, brushing the hair from Zan’s face.

Zan simply closed his eyes and curled his body. Inside, his resistance was nearly gone, only a spark left, which Zan knew was what Khivar wanted. He felt the comfort sent through the connection he could no longer close and felt soothed by it.


The week progressed with Zan learning more of what was expected of him. He called Khivar ‘Sir’ and he was not to speak until he was given permission to. Zan ate, slept, and bathed when he was told to without argument. He was not bound in any way except for the shackle to his ankle and the pouch that still held his dick and balls tightly. He only pleaded for relief when Khivar’s teasing to his body got to be too much. He was the perfect slave.

Four days after Khivar released Zan from his bonds of the bed he felt as if he was losing Zan. That spark of life was fading in those beautiful amber eyes. Khivar knew he had to change his tactics. He knew Zan’s willingness to submit was true but there was a desire Khivar was missing. Something not even the connection he’d built was letting through.

Khivar laid in the middle of his bed in his own bedchamber. He closed his eyes and focused. He pushed out the thoughts of the letter he’d received from Rath earlier and the fact that his time was running shorter than he expected. Khivar let go of his mind and felt only Zan. He was sleeping and a peace settled over him. Gently he pressed deep into Zan’s mind. He knew his Pet shifted, feeling him inside, but not waking. Burrowing deep into Zan’s subconscious Khivar found just what he was looking for.

He opened his eyes and rose from the bed.

“Hmmm. Interesting.” Khivar wondered how he missed this. He left his room to prepare.


Zan heard the door open then close. It was Khivar, the constant presence in his head. Zan rose from the bed and immediately kneeled on the floor, arms behind his back, and head down. The submissive pose.

“I’ve learned something today.” Khivar said tilting Zan’s head up. “You are content being my slave, submitting to my will but…” His hand brushed Zan’s cheek then ran through Zan’s hair. Making a fist, his hand took hold of some hair tightly so he could pull his head back more. “I’ve given you days of freedom. You’ve been perfect in your behavior. You’ve not tried to escape. But there is a gloom over you. You are not truly happy, are you?”

Zan paused only a moment before answering. “No Sir.”

Khivar dropped down to his knees in front of Zan releasing his hair. His stormy eyes met with Zan’s.

“Touch me.” Khivar demanded allowing Zan an action withheld from him. During the two weeks of Zan’s captivity, Khivar had refused him the pleasure of orgasm or the ability to touch another person.

Zan didn’t move. The command was unexpected and it took his mind several seconds to process the words. During his times alone as he lay in bed Zan would often wonder how Khivar’s skin felt. If Khivar would sigh at his touch. If he tasted musky or salty. His imagination took flight as he let scenes play out in his mind.

Khivar’s fingers tightened in Zan’s hair and pulled his head further back. “Touch me.”

This time Zan didn’t hesitate. He reached out with a trembling hand and lightly touched Khivar’s bare chest. The skin was smooth and warm beneath his fingertips. He could feel the skin develop bumps and within the connection he felt a change. Khivar desired him, this he knew, but this desire grew wider, consuming. His own skin tingled, his nerves on end.

“Do what you want.” Khivar’s husky voice commanded, his hands slip to Zan’s shoulders.

Zan swallowed hard the lump that had formed in his throat. Nervously he let his fingers trail down Khivar’s chest brushing over a nipple and over hard abs. A shiver ran through his body as the emotions intensified. Zan had never dreamed that he’d be able to unlock the feelings he’d trapped deep inside.

Zan slid his hands further down over Khivar’s pants until one cupped the hard bulge that pressed against the soft material. He gave it a gentle squeeze and heard Khivar’s gasp.

“Go ahead.” Khivar urged knowing what Zan wanted.

Needing no more encouragement, Zan dipped his head and let his tongue flick over one of Khivar’s nipples. Feeling Khivar’s pleasure Zan relaxed a little and let his hands begin their exploration of the body that knelt before him. His fingers brushed along the defined muscles along his chest and arms while his lips left kisses on the places his hands had yet to touch. Zan felt Khivar’s heart beat faster beneath his hands, a pounding that matched his own.

Khivar sighed sensing Zan’s delight and the pleasure that ran through his own body. He could feel the spark light within Zan again. He felt a rush of emotions coming from the other man. Emotions that sparked his own yearning.

“You please me, my Pet.” Khivar struggled to keep his voice level. “You’ve opened up, allowing me to do as I please to your body, to command you to do my bidding. However, I’ve learned that there is more you want.”

Khivar used his hands to cup Zan’s face and lifted it so their eyes met. “You crave more. Don’t you?”

Zan’s eyes lowered, his target Khivar’s chest. “Yes Sir.”

“You aspire to submit to me, to allow me control over your body, over your personal life. But no matter how much I take from you and order you to do things to me, you require more. You hunger to do more. You crave to feel me respond to you. To allow you to give me complete pleasure.”

Zan kept his eyes diverted and said nothing. He knew Khivar was aware of his emotions as they flowed freely through their connection. Zan was surprised when Khivar’s lips crashed down on his. The kiss was hard and filled with lust. Zan couldn’t stop his body from responding, his mouth opening wide allowing Khivar’s tongue to dive in and tangle.

When Khivar finally pulled away his chest heaved as his breath came out in pants. “What do you want my Pet?” He asked.

“To please you completely.” Zan answered breathless.

“Do you realize what you are asking? What that entitles?”

“Yes Sir, I do.”

Khivar looked at Zan and delved deep within the connection. He could feel Zan’s anxiety, desperation, and desire. This was Khivar’s ultimate goal. He was just a short time away from completely possess the King of Antar. His thumbs softly caressed Zan’s face.

Khivar released Zan and rose. Zan’s eyes followed until they settled on the clothed hardness in front of his face. Without a word he left the room. Zan slowly stood and waited. He could sense Khivar’s anxiety but little else. While Zan was an open book to Khivar, Zan could only sense Khivar’s emotions. The connection Khivar had opened was not completely two way the way it was with Rath.

Zan didn’t have to wait long for Khivar to return with a bag that he sat upon the bed along with another small bag of water.

“Bend over my Pet.” He put his hand on Zan’s back and pushed him forward. Zan did as he was told. He knew what needed to be done but he felt unsure of how Khivar was to proceed with it. The strong opening of Zan’s mind was an unexpected surprise.

“It’s alright.” Khivar soothed him, his hand caressing small circles on the small of Zan’s back. “This process will allow me to cleanse your system.”

Zan felt Khivar withdraw the toy that had been in his ass. A small whimper escaped as he suddenly felt empty. Zan had gotten used to the feel of something within him most of the time and every time it was removed he felt a barrenness he didn’t like. He didn’t see the smile that played on Khivar’s lips when he heard the noise made with the withdrawl.

Zan sucked in a breath of air when something else was inserted in place of the toy. It was cold and the abruptness of its entrance surprised him. Then he felt warmth seep slowly into his body as warm water filled his stomach. It soon became so full that he was cramping and gave a low groan.

“Hold it within you.” Khivar ordered but not harshly.

Zan squeezed his eyes shut and concentrated on clasping his hole as tight as he could to hold the liquid in despite the pain it was causing.

“Stand straight.”

Zan didn’t want to move but he knew by not doing as Khivar said would ruin his chance at what was to come. Slowly Zan straightened, the cramping intensified as his body shifted to allow more fluid inside.

Khivar left the hose inside Zan for the moment as he walked around front and finally released the bound cock. Zan gasped in surprise at the sudden release as his cock sprung straight out no longer bound tight against his body. The relief of pressure upon its hardness was so strong that he nearly forgot about he hose in his ass and let go long enough to allow some fluid run down his leg before he tightened his muscles back up and felt more fluid flow in replacing what was lost.

“Good boy.” Khivar encouraged seeing what Zan had done.

Khivar turned and retrieved a wet washcloth and began gently washing Zan’s hard cock and balls. The gentleness of his touch had Zan moaning as he physically restrained himself from bucking his hips. Since Khivar brought him here, Zan had not orgasmed once during all the teasing and sensual play Khivar performed on his body. Now the ache of climax strengthened driving Zan nearly mad with longing.

“Your desire is almost overwhelming to me.” Khivar whispered near Zan’s ear before nipping at his neck. His hand slid down and took hold of Zan’s hardness giving it a squeeze. Zan’s whimper was one of need and urgency.

Khivar let go and pulled the hose from Zan’s ass. Zan tightly clenched and held everything in, waiting for further instructions.


Zan was led to the toilet that was near the bed and was instructed to sit. It was difficult and he felt some liquid seep from him as he sat on the seat.

‘Please…’ Zan pleaded within their connection. It came through as a whisper not wanting to displease Khivar.

Khivar reached out and stroked Zan’s hair. “Release it.”

Zan did so and let the contents from his body flow out. He gave a loud sigh of relief. He’d never felt anything quite like that sensation before. It was erotic despite being laced with pain. Zan stood while Khivar finished cleaning his body before leading him back to the bed.

“Choose.” Khivar said sending two images to Zan’s mind.

Zan blushed, his eyes lowering.

“What is it?” Khivar asked when Zan didn’t answer. “What do you want? You can tell me.” He assured Zan.

Hesitantly Zan sent an image to Khivar who smiled. “Are you sure?”

Zan nodded.

Khivar reached out and stroked Zan affectionately. Then went around the room and gathered the materials he’d need. He then proceeded to bind Zan as he’d seen in his vision. Khivar secured Zan’s wrists together behind his back then took pieces of leather and bound his arms above and below his elbows so that they pulled his shoulders back almost painfully. Khivar moved so they could kiss. It was one full of heat and caused Zan’s body to sizzle with hunger.

Khivar reluctantly pulled back and replaced the gag he’d removed earlier. His hands slid down the front of Zan’s body and watched fascinated by the twitch of Zan’s cock, as it grew stiffer, jutting straight out. He reached down and tenderly stroked it. Satisfaction settled in when Zan moaned and his hips jerked forward before he could stop himself.

“Lie down my Pet.”

Zan took a deep breath through his nose and moved to the bed. He felt nervous but anticipated the pleasure he was sure to follow. Khivar had given him two choices. One of being unbound and free to touch and the other of being tied to the bed. The second image had sent his blood rushing, heating his body but the vision Khivar had sent was not quite how he wanted it. So he sent an image of how he had fantasized of giving himself to Khivar.This was his choice and he knew Khivar would not criticize him for it.

Zan lay upon the bed on his stomach. He turned his head to the side and found that his arms pulled back they were uncomfortable but he said nothing. He felt shackles being placed on his ankles then his legs pulled wide apart. This position made his hips flatten to the bed so he lay fully on his erection.

Next came a steel collar around Zan’s neck. The click of the metal sounded loud in the silent room followed by the sounds of clanking chains as the two that were attached to the collar were secured to the headboard.

Khivar stepped back and looked at his work. Zan was beautiful lying there bound to the bed, his movements limited. He could feel Zan’s uneasiness but also his arousal. This was new to Zan…in fact it was new to Khivar. He’d never acted out any of his fantasies until he’d taken Zan. Before that, he’d hid them as deep as Zan had.

Khivar moved forward and knelt between Zan’s spread legs. Using his hands he gently spread Zan’s ass so he could see the puckered hole that awaited his entrance. He took a finger and gently teased the opening causing Zan to moan and writhe against the bed. Khivar knew how close Zan was to release but he also knew Zan would not climax until he allowed it.

Khivar settled the tip of his hard dick at Zan’s opening but stopped. “Last chance my Pet. Is this truly what you want?”

‘Yes Sir.’ Zan answered along with a verbal moan and his hips trying to buck up against the flesh that lay upon it.

Without hesitation Khivar slipped into Zan using his powers to make it a smooth process. It was a tight fit, as he knew it would be with Zan’s position and never having anything but toys in him.

It was Khivar’s turn to moan and take deep breaths to stop his own climax as the tightness surrounded him fully. He rested, letting Zan adjust to his intrusion while relishing in the pleasure his spasming muscles were creating against his flesh.

Khivar waited only a short time before he began moving. Shifting his weight slightly, he moved his thickness nearly out before thrusting back in. Khivar closed his eyes and enjoyed feeling Zan through their connection and with the physical contact. He knew that with each thrust Zan’s body slid against the bed enough so that his hard cock rubbed against the sheet, driving him wild with need.

Khivar could not control his own desire as Zan’s bombarded him along with the sight of his body beneath him.

“Zan!” Khivar cried out as his climax rocked him to his soul.

Hearing his name, not ‘Pet’, sent tremors through Zan’s body and granted him permission to finally have his release. Zan gave a muffled cry as the intense orgasm engulfed his body. He felt a bright, heat blast through his mind as his seed shot from him. The emotions flooding his senses were overwhelming as they rushed in and his connection to Khivar exploded. Unprepared for what was happening Zan went limp and cried.

Khivar slumped upon Zan unable to hold his weight any longer as his mind opened and fully connected with the man that lay beneath him. He knew he was heavy and needed to move but his body wouldn’t as it recovered. Khivar had tried to prepare himself and to pull out of Zan and roll over but he was too late. He had recalled falling to his knees the first time their connection had been breached because of the intense emotions that flooded him. These were just as powerful.

Slowly Khivar’s body was released from the paralyzing effects and rolled away from Zan reluctantly. He felt the same emptiness Zan had felt upon removal of the toy from his ass. Khivar suddenly felt incomplete without the contact with Zan.

With a wave of his hand all bindings on Zan were released while he gently removed the gag before pulling the weeping Zan into his embrace. His hands caressed his back as they settled on the bed.

“It’s going to be alright. It will take a few moments to let the connection calm itself.” He said soothingly.

Khivar had known since starting this that Zan was a sensitive soul. Being raised around the Palace and his observations, he knew Zan was sometimes ruled by his emotions. It had been a blessing when Zan surrendered to him that their connection was not completed. That amount of stress would have been too much on him. That was one reason it took Zan and Rath years to build connection. Zan could only handle so much before he overloaded. Only time would tell if this would work.

“Never let go.” Zan wept into Khivar’s chest. “Keep me forever.”

“Never. Now sleep. It will be better when you wake. Our time is nearly over.” Khivar urged as he too closed his eyes.

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Hi guys. Sorry it took so long to get this chapter out but my muse was busy elsewhere for a time. I will say that the ending is a bit different than you may think it would go but from the beginning I've had this in mind.'s the conclusion to 'The King's Surrender'Image

Part 5 - Conclusion

“Am I really that much of a complete, selfish ass?” Zan asked looking out over the city.

“I wouldn’t put it quite that way.” Rath chuckled good-naturely at his friend.

“I’m serious Rath. Was I so centered on myself that I didn’t see what was right in front of my face. You and Ava…the situation with Khivar.” Zan looked down and shook his head. “I thought I had things under…”

“Control?” Rath asked when Zan paused. He’d known Zan all of his life and knew exactly what a control freak his friend was.

“Yeah.” Zan grunted then shifted on the stone he sat, closing his eyes, and biting his bottom lip before he let out a slow breath. He heard Rath snort in amusement. Zan opened his eyes.

“A toy, huh?” Rath boldly asked. He laughed at Zan’s flushed face. “Well?”

Zan’s cheeks burned but he knew he could hide little through their connection, especially now.

“It vibrates randomly. You never know when it will activate so it takes you by surprise.”

Rath rubbed his fingers on his chin and smirked. “Hmmmm…I just might have to get one of those.”

They sat in silence as the sky darkened and lights flared to life in the city below them. Nature’s sounds filled the air with welcome. In the distance was the sound of the waterfall nearby.

“Are you sure you are alright with everything? I mean with me?” Rath asked breaking the silence.

“Yes.” Zan nodded his head and met Rath’s gaze. “Ava and I will get married tomorrow morning. I like her. She’ll be the perfect Queen for Antar. You and Vilondra will marry in a month’s time.” Zan paused and looked away. “I know you love Ava. I feel it here.” He tapped his head. “I will not stop her from being with you and my sister. She loves both of you in return. But Rath…just as Vilondra will bear your heirs, Ava HAS to bear mine and mine alone.” His voice was soft and he projected his understanding to their unique situation.

“Of course.” Rath said smiling, thinking of the children his beautiful wife will carry.

Silence fell over the two men again as the sky darkened to black. The red moon rose in the distant and Zan shifted again, this time letting a small moan escape.

“Zan.” Rath chided as his body grew rigid. He had to take a deep breath as Zan’s yearning filled his mind.

“Sorry.” Zan muttered shifting on his seat again. Even after a week of having the two connections open, he sometimes had trouble keeping control over them, Emotions would seep through one or the other from time to time. His was having a difficult time focusing on which needed to be shuttered.

“Rath, why didn’t you come looking for me when our connection was blocked?” He finally asked. “In all of our years, I’ve never blocked you. Weren’t you concerned?”

Rath sighed knowing he’d have to answer for his actions. “At first, yes. I went crazy when I couldn’t feel you. I felt…empty and cold. I didn’t like how that felt. Vilondra had a time calming me down. But just when I thought of calling out the Army in search of you I got a visit from Khivar.”

“Khivar? He came and saw you?”

Rath nodded. “He brought me a note in your writing.”

“And that wasn’t suspicious?” Zan asked concerned. What if it had turned out different? What if Khivar had meant him harm?

“Of course but I asked him questions. Vilondra had told me that she’d noticed him hanging around more, watching you and as I spoke to him, I could…I don’t know how to put it, but sense something within. As if he knew where you were. I knew you’d never use anyone else to tell me something.”

“And you let him go?” Zan held back from a lecture wanting to know what Rath did though the words were on the tip of his tongue.

“Yes but had one of my men follow him. When I found out where he went I knew he had you and I knew he meant you no harm.”

“But how did you know?”

Rath shook his head. “I just knew deep inside. If you were dead, I would have felt it. I could still feel you…your essence but I couldn’t connect. Then…things seeped through even though we were blocked. Feelings really. They were confusing but every time I was in contact with Khivar, I would sense the same from him.”

“But if you hadn’t gotten those feelings?” Zan asked.

“He’d be dead.” Rath’s voice was cold and hard. His head bowed. “I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you with my actions. I shall accept any punishment you deem fit.”

“No…just tell me how I didn’t know about you and Ava? What you have for her, surely I would have felt it before now.”

“I learned long ago how to block you, well, not actually block you, but push aside some of what you send out.. Your emotions are sometimes overwhelming. In doing so I can block some of my own thoughts. It’s easy once you get used to it.”

“Hmmph. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to blocking things.”

“This thing with Khviar…” Rath started when silence fell over them. “Does it make you happy?” He found out exactly the type of relationship Zan and Khivar had the day before. As he was inspecting the new recruits Rath had felt Zan cry out within their connection. He raced to Zan’s quarters and busted through the door, his energy crackling and ready. He was sure he’d find an enemy somehow torturing his King. What he did find was a bound Zan lying on the bed and Khivar standing over him with a whip in hand.

Just when Rath was to blast Khivar Zan stopped him. For Zan, it was an embarrassing episode and it took him several tries to explain their relationship. Rath was very open-minded and accepted it. Who was he to judge his King’s fetishes when he was sleeping with the soon-to-be-Queen.

Zan stared out into the darkness, over the city. His city. “It does.” He turned toward Rath. “What Khivar and I have fills a void I’ve felt all of my life. He loves me, as I do him. You know that emotions through these connections can’t be forged. I just hope we can all make this work.”

“Of course we can.” Rath put his arm around Zan’s shoulder.

Zan shifted again. This time a whimper escaped after sucking in a gasp of breath. Rath winced and shifted as his dick hardened against the material of his pants.

“You need to go and get that taken care of.” Rath said standing and adjusting himself again as another flood of desire hit him.

“Wait. We were supposed to spend the night together. You know, for old times sake.”

Rath reached down and took hold of Zan’s hand and pulled him up. “We’ll have plenty of time for that. Just because you are getting married to my lover doesn’t mean you are going anywhere.” Rath chuckled. “Besides, I’m getting so much leakage from you that I must go and find my future bride and receive some relief from your tortures.”

“But she’s with Ava tonight.”

Rath smirked. “I know.” He pat Zan on the shoulder. “I’ll come and get you in the morning. Sleep well. If he allows it anyway.” Rath chuckled as he walked away. “Oh, and I promise not to wear her out.” He called over his shoulder.

Zan stood there, mouth open, and eyes wide. Rath, his friend, just left him to fuck his sister and Ava, the woman he was going to marry the next morning. Zan ran a hand through his hair.

“What has my life become?” He groaned into the darkness.

‘Come, my Pet.’

Zan’s already hard and bound cock twitched against his pants. He moaned as the vibration in his ass spasmed. His feet began walking back to the passage that would take him to his room.

Upon closing the door to his room, Zan was commanded to undress and lie on his stomach upon the bed. He obeyed with out protest. A blindfold was placed over his eyes and a gag in his mouth. He felt his arms and legs being tied to the posts of the bed. His heart pounded harder as his sense of touch, smell, and hearing enhanced. Zan received a swat on the ass as he tried to shift his hips slightly hoping to make lying on his hardness more comfortable.

“It’s time for your punishment.” Khivar’s voice whispered, the breath tickling Zan’s ear. “Tell me why.”

Zan took a deep breath as he fought to keep control of the desire shooting through his body. His muscles were tight with anticipation. He ached for touch…Khivar’s touch. He was delirious with need. He dared not move, as he knew it would result in another swat and prolonged punishment.

‘Lack of control Sir.’ Zan said through their connection. Khivar liked it that way. One couldn’t lie when he spoke through the connection. Khivar wanted only truth.

“Yes, my Pet. You let your control slip yesterday and you called upon Rath. And earlier, while you with Rath, I could feel your control slipping again.”

Zan turned his head away in shame. He knew apologizing would lead him nowhere. He was a strong man. He had always had control of things, or at least he thought he did. But since Khivar, his control had loosened. Khivar made him feel emotions he never dreamt he’d ever feel.

“Tell me…” Khivar said quietly. “Did Rath leave to fuck your bride?”

The words incited Zan as a picture of Rath thrusting deep into Ava’s small body flashed in his mind. Khivar was sending the image knowing that he was attracted to Ava and his desire rose as he watched scenes of his Commander and Bride having sex.

“And I’m sure your sister is having fun joining them while you are bound here and under my complete control.”

A shiver ran through Zan and he gasped as raw need rocked him. He let out a muffled whimper. Khivar chuckled, feeling his own desire raise a notch. He had to concentrate hard to keep his own needs blocked from Zan for the time.

With a surprising swiftness. Zan felt the whip lash across his ass cheeks. He cried out and his body trembled as another quickly followed the first.

“Block it from Rath.” Khivar ordered as another lash from the whip landed. He could feel Zan fighting for control and it pleased him to know that Zan would grow stronger with focused concentration. He knew that Zan and Rath’s connection was strong but Zan needed to learn to focus and control. Khivar felt for Rath since Zan’s return. He knew Zan’s yearnings and desires seeped into Rath, causing him to turn to the women that filled his bed.

Zan desperately reached for restraint and after several more lashes he was able to gain control. When Khivar stopped, the room fell silent except for their gasping breaths.

Zan flinched when Khivar’s cool hand ran over his swollen, burning ass.

“Take the pain but leave the marks…for now.” Khivar ordered.

After several moments Zan was able to release his healing energy and do as he was commanded. He let out a breath and let his body relax but not his mind.

“Very good, my Pet.” Khivar brushed Zan’s hair back from his face. He leaned down and kissed Zan’s cheek then removed the blindfold. “Beautiful.” His knuckles swept across the skin his lips had just been.

Khivar removed the gag and the bindings that held Zan. He helped Zan turn to his back. He lightly let his hand drift over Zan’s chest, letting his fingertips slide over each ripple of muscle, and watching his chest heave as his breath came out in pants. His hand slid further down until the cupped the leather that restrained Zan’s hard cock. Zan moaned at the mere touch. Zan had not cum since leaving Khivar’s hide-a-way five days before.

The leather suddenly released allowing Zan’s dick to spring straight out, hard and ready. Zan gasped in surprise and in relief. The vibrating toy was removed and placed to the side.

“A wedding gift.” Khivar said as he lowered his head and took Zan into his mouth.

“Aaahhh…” Zan groaned as he took hold of the urge to release his load at first touch.

Khivar reached down, cupped Zan’s balls and gave them a gentle tug. This caused Zan to arch his back, his hands grabbing the sheets tightly. His body felt like fire, sizzling from Khivar’s hot, wet mouth.

‘Let go my Pet.’ Khivar finally allowed when he felt Zan at his breaking point.

Zan cried out as he finally came, his load squirting forcefully down Khivar’s throat. His body trembled in response to the intensity of the orgasm, too weak to do much else.

When Khivar drank down every last drop of cum, he crawled up Zan’s exhausted body and took him within his arms. Their smooth sweat slicked bodies pressed together. Khivar’s connection was wide open and his feelings of desire, want, passion…and love filled Zan.

“My love.” Khivar whispered, feeling complete and loved in return. For the first time of his life he felt content, as if he’d finally found his place in life. But he had one doubt. When Zan married and bore children with his bride, would he still be needed?

Zan turned and snuggled into his lover’s body. He felt Khivar’s uncertainty and it tore at his heart to think that he’d not done enough to project how much he needed Khivar. Zan tightened his arms around his lover and pulled him as close as he could.

“Mine…forever.” He murmured into Khivar’s ear and let the feeling flow into Khivar’s soul. He felt Khivar’s body relax at the assurance.

“Tomorrow will be a great day.” Zan said looking up at Khivar. “Antar will receive a Queen…and their King will finally have the Advisors worthy of the position.”

Khivar looked confused at Zan’s statement. He knew that when the King married, he would announce what Advisor would serve him. It was a long-standing tradition for Antarian Royalty.


Zan nodded. “I shall have two. Vilondra will be my diplomat. She will help with Antar’s trade of commerce. And you will be my Battle Advisor. My Chief of Arms. It was your specialty, was it not in school?”

Khivar nodded slowly as the words sank in. “You are serious?”

Zan laughed. “I’m always serious when it comes to me doing my duty as King. My people always come before myself. Remember that.” Zan let his hand slide up Khivar’s body until it rested over the pounding heart. “But also remember that you are one of my people.” Zan’s lips twitched into a smirk, his eyes gleaming deviously.

Acting boldly, Zan kissed Khivar. It was one of deep passion and intimacy. One of bonded lovers.

“Love me Khivar.” Zan pleaded when he reluctantly pulled away. He didn’t care if his own body found relief; his only concern was feeling Khivar within him, physically and mentally. It was the only thing on his mind as he kissed his lover’s chest and nipped at Khivar’s erect nipples.

“Always, my King.” Khivar answered as he slipped swiftly into Zan’s body. He closed his eyes in satisfaction as the warm, tightness surrounded him and Zan’s sigh of contentment filled his ears.

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