Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult)Epilogue 7/14/19 Complete

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 54 6/30/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:26 am

Carolyn Yes Kyle's sniper skills did take care of that one problem and may take care of more in the future.

RoswellFan68 Both Max and Liz know that changes will take time. They also know that they won't live to see all of them take place.

Part 55

“Chief Ryden, the reason I asked you here is that I want to improve the relationship between your people and the rest of the empire.” Said Max
“Your highness. I don't see how that can happen. We have never been welcome. We have always been treated like we are unworthy of having any rights.” Said Ryden
“I understand that. I want you to tell me what I can do to make things better for you.”

Ryden looked at the young King. He had to admit he wasn't as cold as his father had been. But that didn't mean he would ever trust any of the Royals.

“The Sa'tar river. We have been barred from fishing it for nearly 100 years. Fishing has always been a way for us to make a living.”
“I will look into the reason for the ban and if possible get it lifted. Anything else?”
“Not at this time.”
“Both, Serena and Jena have stated they wouldn't be welcome if they returned to your village.”
“They won't be. I can't do anything about it. I maybe Chief but the elders are really in charge. My father being the head elder. They are stuck in the old ways.”
“You weren't exactly kind to your sister.”
“Jena, betrayed our people by marrying that soldier. Do you know how many of my people have been murdered by members of the Royal Guard? Over 500 in the last 20 years! Thousands more in the past 400 years! I can over look the reasons Serena and Tasha are barred from ever returning unless they are sent as representative of the crown. They had no say in what happened to them once they were sent to be slaves. But the elders don't care. No woman is allowed to have sex outside marriage.”
“I can't change the past. But I want things to be better in the future.”
“I will need to speak with the elders. But maybe we can work things out.”

Max nodded and they began talking about what needed to be done.


Kyle had chased after Serena. He found sitting by the lake crying. He sat down next to her and pulled her into his arms. He didn't say anything. He knew her well enough to know that she didn't like anyone to see her cry. After a few minutes she pulled back and looked at him.

“I love you Kyle.”
“I love you Rena. You are this beautiful and smart woman.”
“From the first time I saw you and Sergei, I knew the two of you were different from the other men on that ship. I did think that it would be Sergei that would come after me first. But I was happy when it was you.”
“Well Ginta really caught Sergei's eye. In fact for about two weeks they have been going at it like a couple of bunnies.”
“Uh what's a bunny?”
“Oh right. I forgot you don't know a lot about earth animals. Bunny or rabbits as they are actually called. Or I should say were. Is an animal that is kind of small with long ears, short front paws and larger thin flat feet in the back they eat mostly vegetation. Most have a kind of round white fluffy tail. They are said to have lots of sex and tons of babies. So the expression of going at it like bunnies when two people have sex a lot.”
“Ginta's race is very open about sex. Most have had at least three or four different partners before they settle down with their life mate. For her race age of adulthood as you call it is fifteen. Between fourteen and fifteen they are expected to have had their first sexual experience. Well unless they are to work in one of their temples. I don't know much about that other than it is always women and they must be pure of body.”
“Your race is different from what I understand.”
“Very. My race is of the belief that a woman has to be pure of body when she marries the first time. There are rare cases they marry a second time. Mostly it's only men that remarry. A woman only remarries if she is pregnant or has young children when her husband dies. There is no divorce with my people.”
“When you were made a slave you were exiled right?”
“Yes. Before Max bought me I was kept in a holding area. Slave auctions only happen once a month. I was sentenced less then a week after one. But as soon as I was sent to holding I had lost my right to say no. Guards there beat and forced me to have sex. Four of them repeatedly had sex with me over two days only letting me alone for up to two hours at a time.”
“That is horrible.”
“Kyle, Max never touched me or anyone else like that. Well until he met Liz. You told me you had sex before and it doesn't bother me.”
“I never treated any of the women I was with badly and never forced them either.”
“I know. You are the kindest most caring man I have ever met. I want you to make love to me.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. Kyle for the first time in my life I want to be with a man in the most intimate way. I want that man to be you. Kyle, I trust you. Jena told me that being with a man you trust and love would be very different than what happened to me in the past.”
“I just want you to be sure. Uh I know that neither of us can get sick but what about you getting pregnant?”
“I could. But I also was given birth control at my last doctor appointment a month and half ago. Most birth control here lasts six months. Though it doesn't work with everyone. Until we are together like that we won't know if it will work for me. That is why slave like Tasha was are made sterile. Tasha will never be able to have kids of her own.”
“Rena, I would love to be the mother of my children.”

Serena smiled and kissed Kyle passionately. They slowly undressed each other. Kyle kissed each of the scars from beatings that covered the front of Serena's body though there were far fewer than on her back. Serena noticed a few on Kyle's body most looked like they were from stabbings and what she understood as bullet wounds. She had never pushed Kyle to talk about his time in the military but from what she could tell he was lucky to be alive. When Kyle started to slowly started to push his manhood into her she bit her lip and closed her eyes fighting the memory of those first two horrible days.

“Rena, open your eyes and look at me.” Said Kyle

Serena did as she was told.

“You need to relax sweetie. You need to relax and remember that I love you. It's ok if you are a little nervous or scared. But unless you relax you will always feel uncomfortable. What happened to Tasha won't happen to you.”
“Thanks for that.”

Kyle and Serena kissed as he thrust deep into her. She let out a gasp at the quick movement. But it didn't hurt like she feared. It actually felt good. They began to slowly move in sync. Serena wrapped herself around Kyle's strong body as he pumped in and out of her. She moaned with pleasure at the feel of him inside of her. This really did feel 100 times better than what those guards had done to her. After an hour and half they both climaxed and fell to the beach and fell to sleep.


Diane took a blanket from one of her guards and walked over to the two lovers and covered them. She then left leaving two guards at the entrance to the private beach to make sure they weren't disturbed. She knew that today was the day they would finally give in to their love. She had not watch them but knew when to come and cover them. She headed back to the palace with a smile knowing that her grandson would grow up with the woman he was going to fall in love with just beginning life in Serena's womb. It would be those two that would be the ones that actually brought trust between the Antarians and Paylors that was long over due.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 55 7/1/19

Post by RoswellFan68 » Mon Jul 01, 2019 4:01 pm

I wonder how many kids Serena and Liz will have since birth control doesn't appear to work for them.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 55 7/1/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Jul 01, 2019 5:44 pm

Max will have a long time ahead to make changes. He can't change the past or previous customs.
Diane was very sympathetic to Kyle and Serena.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 55 7/1/19

Post by L-J-L 76 » Wed Jul 03, 2019 5:00 pm

So glad that Max is trying to bring everyone together. So glad that Kyle and Serena are together. Thank goodness Diane covered Kyle and Serena from the world. Wonder how many kids Liz and Serena will have since birth control doesn't work.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 55 7/1/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Jul 04, 2019 11:01 am

RoswellFan68 Good question just now many kids will Liz and Serena have? Got to wait and see.

Carolyn Max knows he can't change others customs. Diane is very sympathic to to Serena and Kyle.

L-J-L 76 Even if Diane hadn't covered them it is very unlikely anyone would have seen them. They were at a private lake on the palace grounds. We got to wait and see how many kids Serena and Liz will have.

Happy 4th

Part 56

Liz watched as Dara picked up her son when Jena brought him back. She noticed that Jena looked tired but that was expected seeing as the other woman was five months pregnant.

“Was he good for you?” asked Dara
“Yes. He and Lashasha got along really well.” Said Jena
“That is good. He has never really spent much time away from me.”

Just then Max and Ryden came out.

“Dara, we will leave in the morning for home. I have much to speak to the elders about.” Said Ryden
“Of course. Ryden, I want to speak to my sister before we leave.” Said Dara softly
“Serena is dead! You know that she can never come back!” said Ryden coldly
“Serena is still my sister and I love her. I will always love her!” said Dara
“She fucked men without being married! That is cause for exile and no contact.” Said Ryden
“Ryden, you maybe my chief and husband. But I am not going to abandon my sister.”

Liz noticed Kyle heading for his room.

“Kyle!” yelled Liz

Kyle smiled and bowed in front of Liz who just rolled her eyes.

“Kyle where is your better half?” asked Liz with a hint of humor in her voice.
“She went to check on your jar-ra my lovely Queen.” Said Kyle

It was taking everything Max had to keep a straight face. In the past couple of months Kyle and Liz had developed a sort of brother/sister type relationship.

“Will you please escort Dara to the stables so she can talk to Serena?” asked Liz
“Of course. Is the squirt coming?” asked Kyle
“Uh no. Gainer is going to spend some time with his father.” Said Dara shoving her son into Ryden's arms.

Ryden glared at his wife as she walked off with the former solider from earth.

“I need to get home to my family. Ryden, tell our siblings I love them.” Said Jena
“Why should I lie to them? They all know you only care about Trina.” Said Ryden
“She isn't lying. She does love all of her brothers and sisters. Even you Chief. Though from what I see of you I have no idea why. You are nothing but a jackass.” Said Liz
“I don't care if you are the Queen. I will not stand for any woman to talk to me like that.” Said Ryden
“Chief, my wife is a loud to speak her mind any way she likes.” Said Max
“Of course. Forgive me your highness.”
“Whatever. Max, I am going to go lay down. Jena, will you remind Zane, of my appointment at the med center in the morning so I need him to come an hour early.” Said Liz gently
“Of course. I am sure that it will go well.” Said Jena with a wink.

Liz had to wonder just how much Jena really knew about what was going on in the palace.


Dara followed Kyle quietly. She wasn't sure what to think of the man.

“Serena talks about you sometimes.” Said Kyle
“She hate me?” asked Dara
“No. In fact she misses you.”
“I miss her.”
“You know she never wanted what happened to her.”
“I know. Serena hated a lot of our customs calling them old fashioned. Some I agree on. But she would never have had sex with anyone she didn't have feelings for.”
“Unless your father forced her to marry someone.”

They reached the stable and could see Serena grooming one of the jar-ras while talking softly to her. Kyle couldn't understand what Serena was saying but it was clear Dara could.

“How long before she gives birth?” asked Dara

Serena looked to see her sister standing with Kyle.

“I'm going to leave you to talk.” Said Kyle
“Kyle, I will see you in my room.” Said Serena

He nodded and headed off. Serena put the soft brush down on the shelf taking a bottle of oil down. She handed it to her sister.

“You do remember how to rub that on her stomach right?” asked Serena
“Yes. I may not have done much with the jar-ras as you. But I do remember how to care for pregnant ones.” Said Dara

Serena nodded and watched her sister kneel down and pour some oil on her hands then started to rub it on gently. Serena at the same time was feeding the animal a root vegetable not much different than a carrot.

“She has about two months before the foals will be born.” Said Serena
“She's having two? Isn't that dangerous?” asked Dara
“Spring Breeze is young and healthy. This is also her first time to give birth. She will be fine.”
“This is the one you cursed the then prince out over!”
“Yeah. She likes him. Heck she likes most people. In fact I only have seen her throw one person. Kivar's daughter Tess. She took to Queen Liz the moment they met.”
“I met that bitch Tess once a couple years ago. She and her father stopped by the village. He was looking for a guide to take him hunting for ding'reds (game hens).”
“Let me guess no men would take him.”
“You are right. Tess was going to stay in the village. None of the women wanted her anywhere near us. He left angry.”
“You are not happy with Ryden are you?”
“No I am not. Rena, you know that I am trapped in this marriage. My son needs me. If things are going to change I got to be there for my son. Teach him that there are other ways.”
“Ryden, won't change. I know that, you know that and Jena knows that. He will do what the elders want.”
“He is just like our father. Cold, and uncaring. He maybe here for this meeting. But he has no plans to improve the relationship between our people and the Antarians. He disowned Jena. Called her a traitor for falling in love.”
“Zane is a good man. He loves Jena"
“I saw she is happy.”
“She really is.”
“Kyle makes you happy. I can see that.”
“He is the first man that I feel comfortable with.”
“You have slept with him.”
“Yes. It was the most amazing feeling I ever had.”
“I am happy for you. Ryden only has sex with me to try and get me pregnant. He wants a large family.”
“Are you pregnant now?”
“Not that I know of. He decided last week it was time to try again. But it took me more than two years to get pregnant the first time with Gainer.”
“Dr. Kara told me that sometimes with our race it gets easier after the first one.”
“I wouldn't know.”
“Dara, I know that you are worried about me. You don't need too. I have finally let my anger go. I no longer have to stay here. I was offered this job helping to care for the medical needs of the jar-ras. I have met a man that knows what I went through and loves me. I am ok.”
“I can see that you are happy.”
“Dar, I love you. But my life is here. There is nothing in that village for me. Not that Ryden and the elders will let me.”
“I understand that. Kyle is a lucky man to have you in his life dear sister.”
“I am the lucky one. Come on I will help you get back to the palace.”

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 56 7/4/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Jul 05, 2019 12:56 pm

Lots of babies are on the way......
Should be an exciting time as new life is building.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 56 7/4/19

Post by RoswellFan68 » Fri Jul 05, 2019 2:32 pm

I glad Max let Liz speak her mind but she probably should have been more diplomatic when she called him an asshole.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 56 7/4/19

Post by L-J-L 76 » Fri Jul 05, 2019 7:43 pm

Ryden is a major asshole. I hate the way he treats his wife and women. Love the brother and sister relationship Liz and Kyle have. Someone needs to teach Ryden a lesson on how to be a good husband. Love the way Liz told Ryden off. So glad Liz speaks her mind. Like how Kyle and Dara have a chance to talk before seeing Serena. Love how Serena and Dara spend time together to have a chance to talk and get to know what each other have been up to. Please come back with more really soon?

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 56 7/4/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Jul 06, 2019 7:06 am

Carolyn Yes lots of babies on the way! If you only knew just how many! :lol:

RoswellFan68 Liz actually called him a jackass. Maybe she could have been more diplomatic. But she was not raised to be a dipomat and only started on that path about a year ago. Besides don't forget she is pregnant so part of it with the hormones she is experiencing.

L-J-L 76 Ryden is an asshole. He is not going to change and will treat women just as he was taught. They are only there to be mothers basicly, and to take care of men. Srena and Dara had a good relationship growing up so it was good they got to spend time together.

Part 57

Isabel and Alex watched as the two sisters headed back to the palace. They had been out taking a walk. They were going slow with their building relationship. Both were ok with that.

“Those two will be ok right?” asked Alex
“They are sisters Alex. Both of them according to my mother will have important rolls once things settle down.” Said Isabel
“I don't understand.”
“Liz, was always destined to come here and become Queen. You were always meant to become an advisor. Serena, was born a lost soul. She had to leave her people to find who she really is. Dara will find herself in the next few years. She is the true leader her people need. Ryden is not going to make the changes needed to move that village forward.”
“Isabel, my understanding is that paylors don't believe women can lead.”
“Actually most of the other tribes have started to move some women into leadership rolls.”
“Why hasn't theirs then?”
“Ryden was molded to be chief by Serena and Dara's father. Their father was disappointed that he had two daughters and no son.”
“My Uncle wanted to remarry after my Aunt died. But Dara was pass the age that would let him. Dara was to the age that she could teach Serena what she needed to know.” Said Tasha from the bench she was on looking at the stars.
“How old was that?” asked Alex
“Thirteen. Serena was nine. The thing is had Aunt Lashasha died three weeks earlier their father could have married again. Aunt Lashasha died a week after Dara's birthday. Not that either of them would have been happy about it. Uncle Draygon would have married a girl around sixteen. He would have wanted a wife young enough to give him a high chance at the son he wanted.” Said Tasha
“Tasha, are you feeling ok?” asked Isabel
“I am a little soar Princess. But I was told I would most likely always have some pain.” Said Tasha
“Why don't you let my brother see if there is something he can do to help you?” asked Isabel
“He has offered. But I am not ready to let a man any man touch me the way the King would have to in order to heal me.”
“You do know my brother would never do anything to hurt you. He thinks of you as family and so do I.” said Isabel
“Princess, I am not part of your family.” Said Tasha
“Family is not always blood. Family is sometimes the people you choose to be part of it.” Said Alex

Tasha nodded her understanding.


Liz laid curled up in Max's arms after they had made love. She always felt safe in his arms. Safe was something she hadn't felt since before her parents had died.

“Liz, is everything ok?” asked Max
“Yeah. Well I am worried about Dara.”
“She is unhappy isn't she?”
“Yeah. I mean she loves her son. But she is in a marriage not of her own choosing.”
“We can't change others customs. I get the feeling that Ryden doesn't want to change things.”
“Dara told me that he doesn't. She wants to see things change.”
“There are many that don't want things to change. But it needs to happen.”
“Just remember we need to go slow.”
“I remember. Making changes the only thing I need to go slow at?”
“Well seeing as you already got me pregnant I think we can go faster at somethings.”

Max kissed Liz and before long they were making love again.


Serena laid in Kyle's arms. This felt so right. They were laying naked in her bed. After Max had set her free, Serena room was moved to the paid staff wing. As a slave the room she had shared with Ginta had been in the lower levels of the palace. The room had been small barely big enough to hold two small beds, a closest and small dresser. This room was bigger, not a lot but it was just hers. Instead of a bed that she barely fit on, the one in this room fit both her and Kyle comfortably. She could feel Kyle gently brushing his fingers over her scared back. Max had offered to removed the scars. But Serena had decided to keep them for now. She had told Max that it was a reminder of her past. That it was important to remember the past. He smiled and told her that she can change her mind at any time. She closed her eyes feeling loved and safe in Kyle's strong arms.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 57 7/6/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Jul 06, 2019 8:36 am

Max feels the strong feeling to "go slow" with changes, but it is difficult to sit by and watch big problems that should be corrected.

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