Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 71 - Completed - 7/15/2018

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 62 - Updated - 5/30/2018

Postby RoswellFan68 » Fri Jun 01, 2018 5:29 am

Max needs to go see Beth and the twins.

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Reunion - Chapter 63 - 6/06/2018

Postby Parker1947 » Wed Jun 06, 2018 12:55 pm

“How are you doing with all this?” Diane Evans asked as Max had spent the last twenty minutes explaining the situation to his mother, and it was starting to sink into her and she was starting to grasp the reality and seriousness of the situation. “This is quite unbelievable honey.”

“Tell me about it,” Max muttered.

“But seriously how have you been dealing with it?” Diane asked.

“Just barely. It’s also why Grace is overwhelmed to say the least,” Max sighed to his mother.

“Oh god, Grace. How is she handling all this?” Diane asked as he thought of her granddaughter, the pride of her and her husband’s life along with their kids and other grandchildren. The idea she could be hurt in all this hurt her heart as she dealt with the stunning reality that her daughter in law was alive, or she had other grandchildren to add to her family.

“It hasn’t been the easiest of times for my daughter,” Max admitted. “She’s doing better than I one would expect but she’s also in denial because she doesn’t have very many crystalized memories of her mother since she was so young when we lost her from our lives, and it’s making her feel confused about how to feel. On top of the emotions of being sixteen and growing up.”

“Honey, I am sorry…” Diane fretted.

“I know Mom, I know. That is why I was hesitant to tell you or Dad because I haven’t even begun to deal with myself and I didn’t want to lay the burden on you guys.”

“We’re your parents honey,” Diane smiled. “We are with you during the good days and the bad days of you and your sister’s lives and we want to be there for you and Grace. This will change the lives of both you and your daughter.”

“I know.” Max admitted.


“Girls are you ready for dinner?” Beth asked as she arrived at the hotel room of the twin as they had spent the afternoon back at the hotel with the girls focusing on their home work from their classes back at school, and actually starting to focus on their family tree that had started this whole discovery in the first place. They still didn’t have the information they needed for the tree, but they could start the essay portion of the project. Beth had spent time in her own room doing paperwork for patients and updating charts through her computer connection, and calling the hospital to advise her colleagues on some of the more tougher patients she left.

“Almost Mom,” Alexandra nodded as she closed her book. “Where are we going for dinner?”

“There is a Mexican place near here,” Beth smiled. “I saw it on our way back here this afternoon.”

“Cool,” Carrie smiled. “Were you able to get your duties done this afternoon?”

“Yes, for now.” Beth said as they walked of the hotel room and closed it up and walked towards the restaurant.

“Are you really okay Mom?” Alexandra asked. “I know it’s been a rough day for you, being back here, and not really remembering.”

“It’s alright honey,” Beth said with a smile. “It’s a shock to the system but we will make it through.”

“What is going to happen Mom,” Carrie asked.

“Hell, if I know,” Beth admitted with a sigh as they stopped at the restaurant and went in to get something to eat.


“What are we doing here?” Elizabeth inquired of her friend as they stood in the park back in Roswell after driving in from their encounter with the spirit of Alex Whitman. “I don’t think this is what he meant by finishing it.”

“We don’t know what he meant regardless,” Grace smiled as she conveyed the obvious as even she didn’t know why they were in the park. “Maybe I just didn’t want to go home and face the reality of my life.”

“I wouldn’t want to either,” Elizabeth sighed. “I feel for you.”

“Life seems to be steamrolling out of control,” Grace admitted. “Just a few weeks ago I had a pretty quiet existence of school and working at the Crashdown and the pleasure of being with my father, and you guys, the rest of my big weird family and I was pretty confident in that life, so where did that all go.”

“You turned sixteen,” Elizabeth joked.

“I guess that is not too far from the truth,” Grace admitted. “Life can suck when you grow up.”

“It can, but regardless of what happens with your mother Grace, you still have a great life with a great father and grandparents. We’ll always be there for you.”

“I know,” Grace smiled as they walked down a familiar path. “I may bitch and moan about how complicated my life has been these last few weeks, but I do know I have been very fortunate.”

“So why are we here?” Elizabeth inquired.

“I don’t know,” Grace admitted.

“I guess we can walk around, it’s still early enough and I don’t think either of us are up for a movie,” Elizabeth remarked as she had no idea what was happening nor was she had a clue how to take control so she just let her friend take them where they were destined to go as it was a plan to have Grace unwind after a stressful string of out of control actions that had the capacity to derail her perfectly happy life.

“Nope,” Grace nodded. “So how was Jake?”

“Finally, you said his name.”

“Elizabeth!” Grace groaned. “Please no side comments, I am just asking a simple question.”

“I haven’t seen him since lunch time when I stopped in to drop off some school work for him.”

“So…” Grace asked.

“He’s Jake, same old same old.” Elizabeth commented. “Surprisingly chipper given his situation but I think he’s happy that the surgery will allow him some movement and freedom.”

“I wish he didn’t have to deal with this,” Grace sighed.

“He doesn’t blame you Grace, as you well know because no one does.”

“I still say they should,” Grace grunted. “It’s my fault that he’s in the situation and unable to come to school.”

“Hey, girlfriend we’re, talking about Jake here, you’ve given him the perfect excuse to play hooky and Mom and Dad, and the school can’t do anything about it until he has the mobility to be at school.

“Still he’s about to graduate.”

“It’s fine Grace so don’t dwell on it. You have other things to dwell on instead, namely your mother.”

“Please don’t remind me,” Grace said as they continued to walk, and stopped at a bench and sat down.

“Have you seen her, or her other daughters.”

“You mean my sisters?” Grace asked. “No, not since working the shift. I am not sure how to take it. I don’t remember her as I was only two years old when she vanished from my life, so how am I supposed to take this return or the fact I have two younger sisters I have never met until today.”

“It’s definitely something usually to be found in the movies?”

“My life is a movie, right now.”

“It will get better,” Elizabeth said confidently. “You will get to the bottom of all this and it will lead to a better life.”

“I hope so,” Grace said. “The last couple of weeks have been an eye opener.”


“I figured Mom would let you know,” Max was sighing as he answered the phone and heard his father on the other line. “As I told Mom, I didn’t want to let you know until I had more control of the situation or allowed Grace more time to deal with it,” he muttered into the phone. “Yes, I know it’s. No, I don’t really want to come to office. Okay, okay, I’ll meet you at your place in 30 minutes,” he sighed as he figured he owed his father a personalized talk and knew his father the consummate lawyer would want to speak to him about the legality of his wife being alive, he thought to himself. “Bye,” he said before putting his phone down and wrote a short note to his daughter to indicate he was headed over her grandparents and would home as soon as he could…

And then ten minutes later, he was in his car and headed over to his parent’s home… leaving his cell phone at home.


“What do you girls want to do?” Beth asked as she and the girls walked of the restaurant after having dinner and taking a look around to get a sense of where they are as she marveled once again how small the town seemed to be in comparison to their hometown. “Back to the hotel?”

“Can we walk around, look around.” Carrie asked. “I am curious about this place.”

“It’s getting late, so maybe we should wait until tomorrow.” Beth said quietly. “You have homework to do.”

“Mom,” Alexandra said. “If this town is your history and your past all tied into one than maybe you need to look around, walk, and see if anything more jogs your memory. We don’t have to be long, but just walk around and see if anything makes you remember and we spent all afternoon on homework. There is only so much we can in one day,” she laughed.

“Girls, I know you’re right, and maybe I am too sacred about the unknown and admire your willingness to rush into a situation, before assessing it all to death but sometimes we have to take the cautious approach. I have been dealing with this longer than the two of you have, longer than you guys have been alive.”

“We don’t want to push Mom,” Alexandra reasoned. “You should remember, if you’re destined to, at your own speed and at your own power but you have to start somewhere. You had memories earlier, you admit that, right?”

“Right?” Beth admitted.

“Then walking around can’t hurt, can it?” Carrie asked.

“Okay, okay. I know what it feels to be stir crazy and staying at the motel can do more harm than good at the moment and it will only add to your need for excitement. So, we can take a walk, and see more about this town.”

“Cool,” Carrie smiled as they began to walk.


“Feel anymore calmer?” Elizabeth as they walked in the park, and eventually sat on a bench near where everything went down with Jake a few nights before, and they enjoyed the breeze in the air.

“I am not sure,” Grace said. “At least I don’t feel like I am going crazy.”

“You were never going crazy?” Elizabeth muttered. “You’re a teenager, and our lives can become wild during this time at least according to my mother on the subject.”

“My life has been one obstacle after another the last few weeks,” Grace said. “My life was nice and calm, and then it went to hell.”

“It was to be expected as we’re getting older,” Elizabeth reasoned.

“But not to the degree of what I have experienced,” Grace said as she exchanged a look with her best friend.

“Okay I will allow you that,” Elizabeth said. “I don’t know you could have prevented anything that has happened, except maybe Jake’s accident and even then, that was a pure fluke.”

“Which I allowed to happen with my reckless actions,” Grace moaned.

“Let’s not get into this again as no one blames you. Only you blame you,” Elizabeth reasoned.

“I know, I know,” Grace nodded with a sigh. “I just wished I could have fought back in the beginning, and a lot of this could have been prevented.”

And just then a scream rang out in the park, which got both girls attention and they looked at each other with a fright, and then looked around anxiously.

“What the hell was that?” Elizabeth asked.

“I have no idea,” Elizabeth said. “Let us find out.”


Moments before the faithful scream, not far from where Grace and Elizabeth were sitting and talking. Sue Adams was also in the park as she was coming home from a bad date when she decided to take a walk in the park before heading home and crossing out Dave’s name out of her diary, when she spotted something as she walked. A beeping sound, so she looked around to make sure she wasn’t being followed, turning back when she felt reassured and she continued to walk and then she was…

Grabbed from behind…

“You say anything, I will kill you.” Came the mincing threat but before he could stop her, she let out a high pitch scream that was heard for mile or, so it seemed. “Bitch, stop or I will kill,” came the voice as a sharp knife came up to her throat and she shut her mouth…

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 63 - Updated - 6/06/2018

Postby keepsmiling7 » Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:10 pm

Max is really struggling with his feeling right now.
I'm glad he's taking to his parents, but very soon he needs to confront Liz, and the twins.
Oh dear........a little walk through the park and danger jumps right out.
Besides the cliff hanger that is.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 63 - Updated - 6/06/2018

Postby Roswelllostcause » Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:48 pm

Why do I get the feeling that Grace and Elizabeth are about to find themselves in a lot more trouble.
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 63 - Updated - 6/06/2018

Postby RoswellFan68 » Wed Jun 06, 2018 4:52 pm

Hopefully Sue, Grace, Elizabeth, Beth/Liz and the twins will be save but I have a feeling something bad will happen.

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Reunion - Chapter 64 - 6/09/2018

Postby Parker1947 » Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:25 pm

Sue was struggling with her attacker, and was determined to not give in and allow the mad man to hurt her or do worse but she felt her strength as the person holding her was putting more pressure on her, and dragging her behind the bushes. Fearful for herself, tears were coming down her face, “Please no, no.... no…”

“Shut up bitch,” the voice said.

“Stop…” she tried to reach her phone, but the man brought trapped her mouth with his hand as now Sue had real fear for the situation and herself… as the mad man saw her reaching for her phone, and he knocked it on the ground not realizing as it fell it started to dial Grace’s number.

“Grace, you better stop the struggle, or I will kill you,” came the voice as the struggle continued and it made Sue’s blood go cold at the thought that he though she was someone else, her best friend. This man was after Grace, she thought. Oh god, he thinks I am Grace? What am I going to do?

The scream had gotten Grace and Elizabeth up on their feet and searching their vicinity for the sound but coming up with nothing, and just then they heard her phone ring, and Grace saw that it was Sue’s name that came on the display. “Hey, it’s Sue.”

“Take it, and I’ll continue to look,” Elizabeth offered as she went for some bushes to look for the source of the scream, and looked back at her friend’s whose face had turned blank and then pale. “What?”

“It’s Sue…” Grace muttered.

“What about Sue?” Elizabeth asked.

“Someone… I heard… some man has Sue, but he thinks he has me!” Grace said quietly as she thought of her best friend. Sue was a fellow brunette while Elizabeth’s hair tended to be more blondish although it’s getting darker as she aged, but she was still a dirty blonde at the moment while Sue was taller than Grace, but a brunette with long hair after deciding recently to let her hair grow. “Oh god.”

“What the hell,” Elizabeth came running over to Grace. “Where is she?”

“I don’t know,” Grace said quietly. “The man didn’t know I can hear him,” she said as she indicated the phone now on mute. “But I can hear a struggle, it’s like Sue is trying to fight him off. But she’s losing, and he called her by my name.”

“Why would he be after you?”

“I don’t know,” Grace whispered.

“Give me the phone,” Elizabeth said as she snatched the phone from her friend. The instinct that came to the daughter of an alien soldier and second in command rose within her, and she turned off the mute, and could hear the commotion on the other end, wordlessly she looked at her friend with fear. She turned it back on mute.

“What are we going to do?” Grace whispered again. Afraid to be too loud.

“Isn’t there some function where we can find Sue via her phone?” Elizabeth asked mainly to herself as she muttered to herself. “Oh, here it is. Putting Sue’s name into the phone and waiting for the results, which came up almost right away.

“She’s here in the park?” Elizabeth asked incredulous.

“Where?” Grace asked.

“50 feet away,” Elizabeth muttered as she indicated a direction silently to her friend as they rushed off…


“Dad, we could have talked about this tomorrow at the office,” Max said as he arrived at his parent’s home. “I don’t have any more than what I told Mom earlier this evening,” he said wearily to both his parents in the living room.

“Well you talked to your mother, and not me.” Phillip said as he focused on his son and could sense the wear on his son. Like the weight of the world was on his shoulders, and he didn’t know what was going to happen.

“Still…” Max sighed. “What do you want to know?”

“Son, this is big news.” Phillip asked.

“It is,” Max allowed. “I still haven’t dealt with it, really, or let it sink in but it’s becoming more of a reality with each hour, and day.

“How is Grace handling it?” Phillip asked as Diane sat and watched.

“As well as you can expect, or not well at all. She has the misfortune of dealing with a lot at the moment, and not the least the news about her mother.”

“It’s a lot for anyone. But when you’re sixteen.”

“I know,” Max nodded.

“Son if Liz is alive?” Phillip asked.

“Then my wife is alive, and I suppose Mom told you, two other children were born away from Roswell.”

“Twin girls?” Phillip asked.

“Yes. Alexandra and Caroline,” Max nodded.

“The coincidence is eerie,” Diane commented from the sidelines of the names. “Almost like fate was telling Liz this was home.”

“Yet fate had to wait almost fourteen years,” Max muttered.

“Life works in mysterious ways,” Phillip commented. “Son, I am sorry for thinking of this like a lawyer. But you never had Liz declared legally in the eyes of the court, right?”

“No,” Max shook his head. “There was never any need too. We thought she was dead. Her estate, as little as it was, given we were both still in school at the time of her death transferred to me. And the financial part of her estate went into a trust fund for Grace when it comes time for university because I never was in any need for the money given I was on my way to my own career, and it was only a small bequest given that she was still in medical school and only being paid a small amount at the time of her death. Over time, it’s grown into more of a sum but not at the time.”

“So, she wouldn’t have to do much to reclaim her life?” Diane asked her husband.

“Some paperwork most likely, although the government might have some questions given that her estate was closed off thirteen years ago. So, to say she’s back and ready to take back her life, they might have some questions. I need to look at Liz’s file again in the morning at the office.”

“That is if she wants her life back,” Max sighed.

“What is that son,” Diane asked.

“Mom, as I told you. She’s led a new life for nearly fourteen years. She’s raised the girls thinking she was alone, and she is under a new name. What if she wants to be recognized in that new life here in Roswell, and not want her old one back.”

“I wouldn’t think Liz would want that,” Diane said supportively to her son.

“She’s a new woman. She has a new life,” Max insisted.

“You never know,” Phillip smiled. “You have to take that chance I am afraid.”

“I don’t want that for my daughter. Grace has been under too much pressure to have a mother who doesn’t recognize her, and won’t claim her.”

“I think Grace can handle it,” Phillip said of his granddaughter. “She’s proven to be very tough, and able to handle what comes up so far in her life.”

“You have no idea,” Max thought as he thought of his daughter, or he would have to get used to the idea of her little girl being his eldest daughter as he thought of the twins that were born without his knowledge, and growing up to be teenagers away from him and their sister.

“Maybe you should call Grace and invite her over and we can have desert. I made some brownies earlier, and we can have them with some ice cream. She should know we will still be there for her, regardless s of what she’s going through,” Diane asked her son.

“She’s still out with Elizabeth,” Max said as he checked his pocket for his phone. “Damn it, I forgot my phone at home. I rather just let her have her night with her friend, and we can do it another time.”


“Did you hear the scream?” Carrie inquired of her sister as they stood in the park taking in the atmosphere as their mother stepped away to take a phone call from Serena who was checking in on her friend’s progress and therefore the twins sat on a bench. “It seems close.”

“I thought I was imagining it myself,” Alexandra said as she looked around the park. “This is a new place for us, so I didn’t know.”

“It sure sounded real,” Carrie asked as they surveyed the proximity to them, and yet found nothing.

“I know,” Alexandra said as she took a breath as an image popped near the corner of her eye and she had to adjust her eye sight to see whether she was seeing the right person. It was the vision she had been talking to when she first came to town.

The vision was staring at Alexandra, and pointing to the left of Alexandra and her sister but without saying any words…

“I am seeing things,” she whispered to herself of seeing her name sake.

“What?” Carrie asked.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I tried to tell you,” Alexandra muttered. “Before this place, I wouldn’t have believed it myself.”

“Try telling me?” Carrie offered as their mother was continuing her call, turning her back to the twins.

“There is this person I keep seeing, or it’s just the second time I have but it seems to be developing into a pattern.”

“Why don’t I see him?”

“He’s dead,” Alexandra said softly to the shock of her sister. “He says he’s the person who I got my name from, someone named Alexander Whitman.”

“The man Mom knew as a teenager?” Carrie asked. “You can’t be serious.”

“Completely!” Alexandra muttered. “He was over there,” she said pointing across from their bench, and he was pointing to your left.”

“What do you mean?” Carrie asked. “What does he want?”

“He was silent,” Alexandra muttered. “Which is very annoying,” she thought. “How am I supposed to do anything if I don’t know what to do?”

“It’s a message.”

“I would assume so,” Alexandra nodded. “I just don’t know how to read it,” as they continued to stroll around the immediate surroundings, and then they heard commotion behind a bush, and she silence her sister with a quiet “Hush.”


“You better stop bitch,” the attacker growled as Sue tried to get the upper hand as she tried to fight back as she could see her phone had light up moments before and she prayed someone could figure out that something was odd going on.

“They told me to get rid of you, but I am going to have some fun before I do.” Came the snarled and Sue feared the worst behind his words, but then when her eyes closed in fear, mere seconds later a blast was felt and his knife against Sue’s throat went flying, and he incredulous looked and saw two females. “What the hell!”

“Let her go,” came the voices as the tension in the park got incredibly thick.

“Like hell I will,” the mad man spat. “She gets me a million dollars.”

“You have the wrong girl jackass,” came one of the girls as the attacker tried to strengthen his grasp on his victim as Sue found with the arrival of the voices who she had identified to be Grace and Elizabeth, that she found new life and she went back to fighting for dear life or squirming to try to get of the grasp he had on her.

“Says who?” the man asked.

“Says me, Grace Evans!” Grace said with command in her voice as Elizabeth stood by her. “Let my friend go, you have the wrong girl if you’re after Grace Evans.”

“No, I have her picture.”

“It’s dark out jackass,” came Elizabeth in response. “You let my friend go or we’ll call the police as she had her hand on her phone, and on the button to call direct dial her grandfather at the department and made it obvious to the attacker.

“No…” the attacker said as he took a good glance at Grace and his head started to throb. “Damn….” he said as his hands reached Sue’s throat and started to squeeze as he realized he was dead if his boss got whiff of his mistake.

“No!” Elizabeth yelled when they saw in horror as the attacker was going to Plan B, and was trying to strangle Sue. Elizabeth had her hands up and was about to blast away, hell with the consequences when there was a blast from behind them and the mad man fell over, and Sue went flying until she landed on the ground, unconscious…

“That wasn’t me,” Elizabeth said.

“Nor me,” Grace whispered as they ran to their friend as unknown to them the attacker woken up and was now going for the knife and while Grace knelt down to check on Sue, and relieved to feel a pulse and know they weren’t too late

“It was me,” came a voice…

Grace and Elizabeth looked up startled and even more so Grace as she recognized the two younger girls. “You?” she asked.

“Yes,” Alexandra nodded.

“Damn” Elizabeth whispered as she saw Sue’s eyes starting to open, “Hey” she said softly.

“Hey,” she struggled to say as her throat was slightly sore.

“He….no….” came a shout as Carrie’s eyes widened when the attacker her sister had just subdued came to his feet, and knifed Grace…. “Grace…”

But it was too late, the sixteen-year-old fell the ground with blood spilling to the grass and screams from three uninjured females filled the air…

“Grace,” Elizabeth screamed and to the man who had knifed her friend, without any care for any observers to the scene, she blasted him until he was unconscious.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 64 - Updated - 6/09/2018

Postby keepsmiling7 » Sat Jun 09, 2018 2:59 pm

The attacker had Sue and Grace mixed up........
But help appeared from no where!
Glad the twins were close by.....
But Max, this is not a good time to not have your telephone.
I'm thinking maybe we're getting ready to have a good reunion of sorts.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 64 - Updated - 6/09/2018

Postby Roswelllostcause » Sat Jun 09, 2018 3:01 pm

Oh man these events are so not good. But in a way if Liz comes upon the scene as one of the twins is healing Grace then her memory might come fully back. Hurry back!
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 64 - Updated - 6/09/2018

Postby RoswellFan68 » Sat Jun 09, 2018 4:49 pm

I hope Carrie or Alex inherited their father's healing ability. We know that Grace didn't. I guess Khivar is still around causing trouble (hiring a hit-man to take out Max's daughter).

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Reunion - Chapter 65 - 6/13/2018

Postby Parker1947 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:48 am

Beth was concluding her call with Serena when the night’s sky filled with an unimaginable trio of screams coming from nearby, turning around she saw that her daughters were no longer there, and concern immediately filled her body as she wondered where Alexandra and Carrie could have gone too in a strange town. “Oh god, Alexandra…Caroline, where are you?” she called three times in quick succession.

“Girls” she cried…

Alexandra was staring down at her fallen sister. Carrie frozen by her side, while Elizabeth immediately moved towards her friend, “Grace…grace…” she said quietly.

In a quiet motion, Sue got up and was heart broken to see her friend on the ground, eyes closed, and she wasn’t even sure she was still breathing. “Is she breathing” she croaked in her sore voice.

“Barely,” Elizabeth said as she checked as she reached for her phone and struggled for her brain to tell her what to do. “I need to call her father.”

“Should we be taking the knife out,” Sue asked quietly.

“They say never take it out, so we need to leave it in until the authorities can handle it,” Alexandra said a small voice as she had read up on medical procedures in her mother’s textbooks and as the daughter of a doctor and fascinated with all knowledge even if she didn’t think she would end up in the medical field. “We don’t know if the blood will be out of control.”

“She’s right,” Sue said not sure who the strangers were, and how they knew Elizabeth or her fallen friend. “We don’t have the capacity to stop the bleeding.”

“You have no idea how right you are,” Elizabeth muttered softly as she sat next to her friend. “Grace is the one with the real healing ability in this family,” she said as she reached her phone, and dialed the Evans household. “Damn, no one is home at her house,” as she looked over at the attacker. “Anyone have any rope?”

“I have a cord or something in my purse, I was picking it up for my brother as he has a project to do or something,” Sue whispered as she looked over at her attacker. “What are you going to do?”

“Restrain him,” Elizabeth swore. “He’s still unconscious,” as she took the rope out of the bag and went to work at tying him up. “There, he’s not going anywhere.”

“We have to call 911,” Sue offered.

“Oh god,” Carrie said as she woke to the reality of what they saw on the ground and the fact the sister they didn’t even know could be dying before their very eyes.

“Alexandra, Caroline... Girls” came a scream from behind them.

“God it’s Mom,” whispered Carrie out loud. “I forgot we vanished on her.”

“Call 911,” Sue said more adamantly as she quietly got up from her sitting position and looked at Elizabeth. “Call 911.”

“We can’t,” Elizabeth said quietly.

“Why the hell not,” Sue asked as she stared at her best friend as her voice started to recover from the attack.

“Because…because…” Elizabeth said as she wasn’t sure how to explain the fact they were alien human hybrids and not completely human.

“Mom’s a doctor,” Alexandra said. “She can help,” she said and that shut down her dreaded conversation. “Mom…we’re over here,” she shouted.

“Whoa, who are they?” Sue asked as she now fully concentrated on the twins and there was something in their looks that made them familiar to her.

“They are Grace’s sisters.”

“Isn’t Grace an only child?” Sue asked, confused by her knowledge of her friend’s home life and she always believed Grace to only have her father after her mother died when she was a toddler.

“No,” Elizabeth said as she said simply “Her mother seems to be alive.”

“Holy crap…” she said as Beth came running at the sound of her daughter’s voice and stopped short when she saw the calamity in motion. “Oh my god, what happened” as she focused on the twins first then looked to Elizabeth and then to Sue, and then “What is going on” when she spotted Grace on the ground… “What on earth happened”

“You have to help her Mom,” Alexandra pleaded as she took her mother’s hand. “Please you have to help her.”

“It’s Grace, isn’t it?” Beth asked the twins for confirmation.

“Yes,” Carrie nodded.

“What happened to her,” Beth said as she moved to the girl, and checked her pulse. “Have you called 911.”

“Apparently, they can’t,” Sue muttered.

“Why the hell not?” Beth asked as she looked at Elizabeth. “You look familiar, do I know you?”

“Not since I was a baby,” Elizabeth muttered. “The name is Elizabeth Guerin.”

“I should have known as you’re the picture of your parents and especially your mother.”

“As I have been told,” Elizabeth said as Beth took the pulse and relieved to see one, but it was growing faint and taking stock of the injury and horrified to see how serious it was and with Grace unconscious, there was no telling how badly it was impacting on the teenager. “Why aren’t you calling the authorities.”

“It’s complicated,” Elizabeth said as she looked at the twins and it suddenly dawned on her that if these were Grace’s sisters, and Uncle Max were the father than they would be also alien human hybrids and it was evident that their mother didn’t think anything suspicious about calling in the authorities. “We have tried her father, and he’s not home.”

“I don’t care. She needs hospital care,” Beth insisted as she checked the wound and suspected the worst and hoped for the best but knew that in this environment it was best to keep the knife in despite the severity of the wound. They would have to be very careful with how she was moved. “Any of you girls have anything in your purse I can use to try to control the bleeding?”

“We tried her father,” Elizabeth said as she checked her bag, as well as Sue to see if they had anything. “I have some tape, but nothing gauzing. You, Sue.”

“No,” Sue shook her head. “The rope is all I had.”

“You keep saying that,” Beth said. “I need to know why we can’t call the police.”

“It’s because she’s special,” Alexandra admitted as she guiltily looked at her sister, and then back to her mother and knew if she and Carrie were special and unique than their older sister must be to especially since they heard their father was like them. “And I guess they don’t know what going to the hospital would mean.”

“How special can she be,” Beth asked. “She was in the hospital just a few weeks ago, and everything worked out fine.”

“Because she’s an alien human hybrid,” Elizabeth announced. “She’s not like a regular human and we have to be careful with how she’s treated.”

“What on earth,” Beth looked stunned at the teenage. “What in the hell does that mean?”

“It means she exhibits at times, just like she is right now.” Elizabeth said carefully as she pointed to the green energy that was starting to come out of Grace’s finger’s as her condition became more critical.

“Holy hell,” Beth whispered as Alexandra and Carrie looked at the confirmation of what of what was turning out to be a family trait. “I don’t understand.”

“I know you don’t,” Elizabeth whispered as Sue was looking at all this with stunned silence as she remembered back to the attack, and how they had subdued him and the knife prior to that and now her friend wasn’t looking that normal.

“We’ll deal with this when we have to,” Beth said as she processed it as she put her doctor hat on. “Call the authorities. She needs medical care immediately regardless of it means for her status. Alexandra, let me have your sweater.”

Alexandra immediately took off her sweater and passed it to her mother. Beth took it and yanked a large section off, and took the tape from Elizabeth and pressed down on the wound, while keeping the knife in, taped as much as she could so that they could move her and hope that they didn’t do too much damage.

“Okay,” Elizabeth swore as she dialed her grandfather’s number and waited the eternity it felt until her grandfather came on the line. “Grandpa.”


Ten minutes later, Jim Valenti walked onto the scene and he immediately looked at the fallen teenager and then looked at his granddaughter. “Why on earth are you and your friends making your parents exploits look tame,” he swore. “What is going on here Elizabeth?”

“I am sorry Grandpa,” Elizabeth said looking as young as her age told her she was, at fifteen years old she always felt older than she was but at moments like this, she was cruelly slapped on the face about the realities of growing up.

“You better be,” Jim muttered as he looked at Grace on the ground. “How long has been she been down.”

“Fifteen minutes, give or take.” Elizabeth said. “She hasn’t regained consciousness, and I tried Uncle Max, but he’s not home.”

“Damn it,” he muttered yet again and noticed Beth taking a hold of the situation. “I’ve called the paramedics and they should be here any moment. How is she doing?” he asked Beth. “I know this has to be hard for you.”

“I am not even thinking about that,” Beth admitted. “Did you know that she’s special.”

“You know?” Jim asked.

“Some of it. Apparently, there is a lot more at play here than I know, but Grace was exhibiting some green glow that has now subsided. But it was apparent something was odd.”

“It’s odd, alright.”

“Grandpa, we have a present for you.” Elizabeth said with a crack of a smile. “Look over there.”

Jim looked over with shock and raced over the unconscious individual. “Do you want to explain what happened here?”

“He grabbed Sue, and was going to attack her like rape her or even worse.” Elizabeth admitted to the wide eyes of the adults on scene. We came and rescued the situation, as she didn’t want to acknowledge that she and the twins had something to do with the bastard reaching the level of unconsciousness he was in at the moment given all the legal trouble she was already in, only just Jake’s escapade.

“Is that true Sue,” Jim asked.

“Yes,” Sue nodded as she tried to grasp all this wealth of sudden information and she wasn’t even processing it yet. “They saved my life.”

“You said you tried to reach Max?” Jim asked as he could hear the sirens to indicate the ambulance was to be there shortly.

“No answer at his house,” Elizabeth sighed.

“Did you try his cellphone?” Jim asked and saw the eyes of his granddaughter. “You didn’t think about it.”

“No,” Elizabeth admitted.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” as he dialed Max’s cell phone and got his voice mail. “Max, this is Jim Valenti. It’s imperative that you call me immediately. ‘1999’. “Call your parents and see if you can get them to meet us at the hospital.”

“Why did you cite 1999?” Beth asked as she checked the pulse of Grace again.

“It’s a code word. It’s when this all started,” Jim admitted as in came the gurney. “Knife wound, close to the spine.”

“It’s pretty damn close,” the lead paramedic indicated.

“Oh god,” Elizabeth and Sue whispered in unison. “I am going with her,” Elizabeth demanded.

“No,” Jim shook his head. “You and Sue are coming with me because I notice the bruises on Sue’s throat, and she needs to be checked over by a doctor.”

“I am completely fine Sherriff Valenti, it was more of a scare more than anything” Sue tried saying but was shut down. “Do I really have to call my parents.”

“Yes,” Jim nodded. “They will have to green light if any hospital treatment is needed and plus they need to know what happened to you.”

“God!” Sue groaned as Beth was supervising as the paramedics managed to put Grace on her stomach as they moved her to onto a stretcher and strapped her down and put an oxygen mask for the transport while checking the wound to make sure it was compacted and would not move as Elizabeth and Sue had tears coming down their face as they were witnessing this all. And the twins too as they saw their older sister being medically attended to.

“I am going with them. I can supervise as I am a doctor,” she told the paramedics. “And I am also her mother,” she stated out loud for the first time and it made an impact.

“Fine,” the paramedic nodded. “Let’s go, time is against us.”

“Beth, you don’t have to worry about the twins as I’ll meet you at the hospital. Go….be with Grace.”

“Thank you Sherriff Valenti.”

“Call me Jim,” he smiled as the scene moved out and vacated the scene which left the Sheriff alone with four terrified teenagers.

“You four, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. I’ll leave that to your parents,” Jim muttered to Elizabeth and when he focused on the twins, he said “and I don’t have the jurisdiction with you two unless you did something to warrant my attention.”

“No,” the girls said in unison even though it was a lie.

“Good,” Sheriff as he didn’t believe the unison No for a moment but knew he had to deal with that lie at another time. “So, before we go, I have to get my deputy out here to get our friend over there. Do you want to tell me how he became unconscious?”

“You probably don’t want to know Grandpa,” Elizabeth said. “You known unnecessary paperwork.”

“God you’re a Guerin, through and through,” Jim muttered to Elizabeth. “Make yourself useful, call your parents.”

“Sure Grandpa!” Elizabeth nodded as she dialed the home phone number, and waited the moments until her mother came on the phone. “Mom!”

“Sheriff Valenti,” Sue piped in as her friend stood with her phone away from her ears to stop her mother’s screaming, before returning to the conversation while Sue talked approach the Sheriff.

“Yes Ms. Adams,” Sheriff asked.

“When the man grabbed me. He didn’t know it was me.”

“What do you mean?” Jim asked.

“He thought I was Grace and while he was still under that belief that I was Grace, well, he said that ‘he was supposed to get rid of her, but first he was going to enjoy himself, but in the end, and whatever he going to do to Grace, it would get him a million dollars.”

“Fu&k!” Jim swore as he heard deputy arrive.

“And in the mayhem that occurred once Grace and Elizabeth came into the situation; the knife was knocked to the ground and we didn’t see him go for it until it was too late as he stabbed Grace.”

“How did the knife get knocked away?” Jim asked as he instructed Sue to stop talking and turned to instruct his deputy to take in the suspect. “I want him in holding on charges of assault. He isn’t to be released on any form of bail unless I sign off on it.”

“Grandpa,” Elizabeth said as she came into the situation and went quiet for a few minutes as the deputy took away the suspect. “Mom says she’ll meet us at the hospital.”

“Fine,” Jim nodded and took that as a sign to get to the hospital. “Grab your stuff, and let’s go.”

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