Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 66 Complete 2/3

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 41 1/9

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Jan 09, 2015 4:23 am

begonia9508 Michael and Liz did need to to talk. Liz is very protective of her friends. Brother bor not she won't let anyone hurt her friend.

L-J-L 76 Yes it was good Michael and Liz talked.Serena wants to go out with Kyle. But needs a little more time to deal with what Sean did to her before she is alone with a guy. Even a guy she trusts like Kyle.

saori_1902 Thanks!

keepsmiling7 I wouldn't worry about Pam pressing charges. :wink: The sheriff only needs to get Liz's side in what happened. Michael and Liz will get to know each other better. Yes the doctor appointment is a good thing.

Part 41

Liz and Serena walked out of school together and got in Nancy's car. Neither girl was really looking forward to this doctor appointment. When they arrived had to fill out a bunch of paper work. Then Liz was taken back first. The doctor came in and examined her.

"Liz how long have you been sexualy active?" Asked the doctor.
"Not long. Uh since last week."
"OK. You used protection?"
"OK Liz were done. You can get dressed and go wait with your mother."

The doctor left and Liz dressed and when to wait with her mom.

"Liz, we never talked about what set you off yesterday." Said Nancy
"Pam was going after Max. But then she brought up my father. That he left me because I was a loser."
"Liz, Richard left because he isn't a good person. He only cares about himself."
"Mom, I talked with Michael at school today."
"How did that go?"
"He's my brother."
"Do you want to get know him better?"
"Well that will have to wait until you aren't grounded."
"Right. Uh mom seeing uh Friday I am not grounded any more. Would it be OK if I go on a double date with Serena?"
"I think that will be OK. But talk to Jeff OK? He is the one that grounded you."

Liz smiled and hugged her mom. It was a short time later they were called in to the room Serena was in.

"It will be a few days before we get the test results back on Serena." Said the doctor
"Doctor from your exam did you find anything wrong with either of the girls?" Asked Nancy
"Both seem to be in good health. I have a prescription for birth control for both girls. They are to start on them after their next period."
"OK." Said Nancy
"Doctor, about how long will it take for the birth control to be effective?" Asked Serena
"I would recommend taking it for at lest thirty days before it would be effective. But it still isn't 100%. Nor is using a condom. It greatly reduces the risk of getting pregnant. But you also have to remember that it offers no protection agasist STDs of HIV."
"I understand that." Said Serena
"I'll call when I get the test results back."
"Thank you doctor. Let's go girls. You both have homework." Said Nancy

The three of them when home and found Jeff waiting for them.

"How did things go with the doctor?" asked Jeff
"Fine. We will get Serena's test results in a few days." Said Nancy
"OK. Serena go start on your homework. I need to talk to Liz." Said Jeff
"Ok dad." Said Serena

Serena headed up to her room and Liz sat down with Jeff in the living room. Jeff took Liz's hand and smiled.

"Sheriff Valenti was by this afternoon." Said Jeff
"You are very lucky there will be no charges filed against you."
"Seems Pam had a change of heart."
"I don't bye that. I think someone has something worse on her."
"You might be right. But you just got very lucky. Though I had already talked to Philip Evans, Max's father. Seeing as you have no record there was a good chance you would have gotten probation."
"That wouldn't have been bad."
"No it wouldn't. Liz, you need to keep your temper in check at work."
"I know. I am sorry. It won't happen again."
"I believe you. Now you can come back to work on Monday. You will remain grounded until Thursday."
"Ok. Uh Jeff is it ok for me to go out on a double date with Serena on Friday? I would be with Max and she would be with Kyle."
"I really should say no. But, I think it would be good for Serena to go out so yes you may go."
"Thank you Jeff."

Jeff hugged Liz and smiled.

"I love you Liz."
"Love you too Jeff."
"Now go do your homework."
"Yes sir."

Liz got up and when to her room to start her homework.

"You can't say no to either of them can you?" Asked Nancy
"It's hard."
"So what made the Troy girl change her mind?"
"I have no idea. But the girls and their friends will find out."
"Yes they will."

Nancy kissed her husband and returned to making dinner.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 42 1/10

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Jan 10, 2015 5:54 am

L-J-L 76 Liz got lucky that Pam isn't going to press any charges. We find out in this part how Serena's tests turn out. What happens on the double date we will have to wait and see.

saori_1902 Yes Liz and Jeff have a very good relationship. Even before he became her stepfather Jeff always watched out for Liz. She had been Serena's best friend before their fight.

keepsmiling7 Oh there are members of the group that know why Pam dropped the charges. Oh yes Max will help his little vixen control her temper in the future!

begonia9508 If only it was possible for Liz to press charges! Don't forget there is freedom of speech in the USA. Pam was just expressing an opinion. Very few people share or believe her.

Part 42

Liz walked into Serena's room Friday afternoon. She let out a laugh. Serena's room looked like a tornado had hit it.

"This is not funny Parker! I have no idea what to wear on this date!"
"Rena, relax will you? Wear that light green scoop neck blouse with your black knee length skirt, and black heels."
"Thanks Liz."
"Don't be so nervous. This is Kyle. You know the guy you made out with when we were snowed in?"
"Yeah I know."
"Did you get the test results back?"
"Uh yeah."
"So are you OK?"
"Yes. Sean didn't give me anything."
"Good. There is one thing. How did you get Pam to drop the assault charges?"
"I have no idea what you are talking about."
"Don't lie to me."
"Uh Liz, it really wasn't me. But I know who it was."
"Isabel. She did a little digging and got some big dirt on Pam. I have no idea what. But I know that that it is big."
"Got to remember to talk to her."
"Yeah sure. Isabel will just bring out the ice princess to not answer the question."
"Oh not if she wants a little loving from our faviort bass playing computer geek."
"Liz that is playing dirty."
"I know."

Both girls laughed and when back to getting ready for there dates.


Max pulled up in front of Liz and Serena's house with Kyle .

"Kyle Mr. Kent is going to ask you a lot of questions. He is being very protective of both the girls."
"Well after what Rena when through I don't blame him. Do you know how your sister got Pam to drop the charges against Liz?"
"Oh yeah. She told Pam that she would make it so she would never have another date again."
"Remind me to stay on your sister's good side!"
"Will do man."

Max and Kyle rang the bell and waited for someone to answer the door. It opened a minute later with a smiling Nancy Kent there.

"Come on in boys. Relax Jeff had an emergency at the Crashdown." Said Nancy

Kyle and Max both let out a sigh of relief and took a seat on the sofa to wait for the girls.

"Girls the boys are here!" Yelled Nancy from the bottom of the stairs.
"Be right down mom." Yelled Liz

Five minutes later the girls came down the stairs. Both Max and Kyle broke into big grins at seeing them. Max handed Liz a gift bag that had strawberry scented body wash in it.

"Thank you Max. I love it." Said Liz
"I just love when you smell of strawberries. It's very sexy." Said Max

Liz lend in and gave him a kiss.

Serena took the gift bag from Kyle and pulled out a bottle of bubble bath.

"Thank you Kyle. This is great."
"I thought maybe it would help you relax after a rough day or something."

Serena pulled into a hug.

"Boy have them home by eleven." Said Nancy
"Not a problem." Said Max

The four of them headed out to dinner.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 43 1/11

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L-J-L 76 Serena was just nervous. Yes Lizbwas there to help her get ready for the date. Yes Isabel has some very good dirt on Pam Troy that she will let out if Pam pressed charges against Liz. Max knows what Isabel has, Kyle only has an idea. Yes the boys get out of being questioned by Jeff this time!

begonia9508 Oh yes the boys brought their girls gifts! Any girl would want to go out with sweet guys like that!

Part 43

They arrived at the restaurant five minutes after leaving the house. Max and Kyle helped the girls from the car. They walked in and were shown to a table by the hostess. They picked up the menus and looked them over.

"What looks good to you Liz?" Asked Max
"I think I will go with the Shrimp Alfredo, with the Caesar salad." Said Liz
"I have to have the manicotti and toss salad." Said Serena
"Cool. I'm having the spaghetti and meatballs." Said Kyle
"I'll go with the chicken parmesan." Said Max
"I'll give you a taste of mine for a taste of yours." Said Liz
"Anything you want honey." Said Max

They placed their orders and started on the bread sticks on the table. They had each ordered a coke to drink.

"Rena, have you gotten the tests back from the doctor?" Asked Kyle
"Yeah. I'm clean."
"Glad to hear Serena." Said Max
"Thanks." Said Serena
"Max so tell me what does your sister have on Pam Troy?" Asked Liz

Max let out a small laugh.

"Well thanks to you she knows Pam is a bottle blond. But that isn't what she used. You remember when Pam left school last year?" Asked Max
"Yeah." Said Liz
"She left because she was pregnant. She when to stay with an aunt to have the baby. Her parents wouldn't let her have an abortion." Said Max
"Does Isabel know who the father of the baby is?" Asked Serena
"Not really. Just that Pam was sleeping with a couple different college guys at the time. Don't even know if Pam knows who the father is." Said Max
"So where is the baby now? It's not here in Roswell." Said Liz
"Pam's aunt is raising the baby. Isabel told Pam that she would tell every guy in school, and every other school within ten miles of Roswell that she had a kid." Said Max
"How did she find this out?" Asked Serena
"Isabel isn't known as the Ice Princess of West Roswell for nothing." Said Kyle
"OK so let me make sure I understand this. Isabel told Pam that she would reveal her secret unless she dropped the assault charges against me?" Asked Liz
"Yeah." Said Max
"So glad she is on my side!" Said Liz
"Yeah you don't want to cross Isabel Evans!" Said Serena

The others laughed knowing that it was true. Isabel could be your best friend or your worst enemy. Their dinner arrived and each couple shared part of their dinner with their partner. After eating and paying their bills each couple left to take a walk alone agreeing to meet back at the jeep in an hour.


Kyle walked down Oak with an arm around Serena's waist. She had leaned her head against his shoulder as they walked. She felt so safe with Kyle.

"You don't mind if I call you that do you?"
"Never Kyle. I like having a nickname only you call me."
"Great. Red, how is the therapy going?"
"I just started. But it's not as bad as I thought it might be. My therapist is really good. She just let's me go at my own pace."
"That's good."
"Kyle, I want you to know I do want to be with you one day. I just need time to deal with everything."
"Red, I will never rush you. I can't wait until you are ready. I want you to feel comfortable with me."
"Kyle, you have been the one person outside of my family I have never feared would hurt me. I know Max won't hurt me. But it has always been a different feeling I got from him."
"Max is a good guy. Good for Liz."
"Yeah I know."
"Rena, do you think that next week the two of us could goout alone?"
"Let me think about it. I won't say no but I'm not saying yes either."

Kyle gave Serena a kiss and they headed down the street.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 44 1/12

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saori_1902 Thanks!

L-J-L 76 Yes Pam has a kid. Weather Isabel uses that information or not is yet to be seen. We find out where Max and Liz when off to in this part.

Part 44

Max pulled Liz close as they walked down the street. He loved how this small woman fit so well in his arms. They didn't talk. They just walked in silence. Liz snuggled closer to Max as they walked.

"Cold?" Asked Max
"A little."

Max pulled away and took off his jacket wrapping it around Liz.

"Max you didn't have to do that! Now you will be cold." Said Liz
"My beautiful vixen my mom would kick my ass if I let my girl friend freeze."
"But Max, I don't want you to be cold."
"I will be OK. Besides it's almost time to meet Kyle and Serena back at the car."
"OK. But as soon as we get back to the car you are taking your jacket back."
"Max uh my parents won't be home tomorrow afternoon. So I was thinking that maybe you could come over and study biology with me."
"Biology? Or do you want me to study your biology?"
"I was thinking I would study yours and you mine."
"Liz Parker, you are such a vixen."
"Yeah and you love it."
"I love you."
"Love you too."

Max and Liz headed back to the jeep to meet the others.


Pam and Tess watched the happy couple walk off together.

"I still can't believe that Max would rather go out with that dork." Said Tess
"Oh I will get Max Evans in bed with me. I promise you that! One round of sex with me and he will never go back to that bitch." Said Pam
"Why did you let her off the hook for beating you up?"
"Isabel Evans said she will tell every guy the real reason I was in Ohio last year."
"How did she find out? I am the only one who you told."
"She had to over hear or something. I know you wouldn't say anything to her."
"Of course not! Why would I give someone like Isabel something like that to use!"
"Don't worry, I will find away to destroy Liz Parker and have Max Evans!"
"I want to screw him too!"
"Don't worry Tessie you will get a chance at him."

The two girls walked off not noticing they were being watched.

"Like hell they are going to come between Evans and my sister!" Said Michael
"Michael don't worry, between you, me, Isabel and Alex, Kyle and Serena those two bimbos won't get any where near Liz and Max." Said Maria
"Maria do you know what Isabel has on Troy?"
"Only the rumors. That one of the college guys she was seeing knocked her up and she when to stay with her aunt to have the baby."
"Could that really be true?"
"Knowing Pam yeah. You see her parents don't believe in abortion. So they would have forced Pam to have the baby. Weather or not the aunt is taking care of the baby if it's true or not I don't know."
"Would love to find out."
"Pam won't tell us."
"True but I think we can get it out of her stupid sidekick."
"I like the way you think Guerin."
"Thanks pixie."

Michael and Maria walked off to come up with a plan to bring Pam and Tess down for good.


Max and Kyle walked the girls to the door smiling.

"I had a good time tonight Kyle." Said Serena
"Me to Red. So you working tomorrow?" Asked Kyle
"Yeah. Stop in I work the afternoon shift. I'll buy you a coke and a piece of pie."
"I would love that."

Kyle leaned in and gave Serena a soft sweet kiss.

"Tonight was nice Max."
"Yeah even better because the neither Tess or Pam crashed our date."
"Yeah that was great."

Max leaned down and kissed Liz. He tried to keep it softband sweet. But Liz had other ideas. It became heated in a hurry.

"Yo Liz if you want to see moon doggie again we better get inside." Yelled Serena
"Right." Said Liz breaking the kiss.
"Goodnight sweetheart. I love you." Said Max
"Night Max. Love you."

Both girls headed in and the boys headed home.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 45 1/13

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begonia9508 Eve, Pam and Tess aren't happy unless they make someone else unhappy. Yes there are a lot of guys out there, but for some reason they have their eyes set on a guy that is already taken!

L-J-L 76 Oh yes those four are perfect for each other. Pam and Tess are going to try and cause trouble for Max and Liz. Max and Liz getting together to "study" will prove to be interesting!

saori_1902 Oh yes it should be very interesting! :lol:

Part 45

After saying goodnight to Nancy the girls when up to Liz's room to talk about their dates after they when their separate ways.

"So Rena what happened after you and Kyle when for your walk together?" Asked Liz as she started to change for bed.
"We talked. He kissed me."
"Is that all?"
"Well he asked me out again."
"Are you going?"
"I want to. But I am scared."
"Rena, Kyle will never hurt you. You know that."
"My heart tells me that Liz. But my head tells me that he is a guy. That guys only want one thing."
"Honey, you need to listen to your heart. Kyle is a sweet and caring guy. Think about it. Kyle was the one person who never turned on you. He will wait until you are ready."
"I know all this! The thing is I want to know what it feels like to make love. I have seen you after you were with Max. You looked so happy and at peace with your choice."
"Rena, I felt amazing after being with Max. Yes the first time it was a little painful. But it also was the most amazing thing I ever felt. You will know when the time is right to give yourself to Kyle or whoever it might be."
"It won't be the same for me. Sean stole my choice for my first time from me."
"That is true. But it will still be special. Rena, just let things take there natural course. If you are ment to be with Kyle then it will happen."
"Thanks Liz. You know this is what I missed the most. Just talking with you."
"I missed it too."
"So where did you and Max go?"
"Just for a walk. We talked."
"Just talked?"
"Rena! I will not have sex in the backseat of a car!"
"You have no problem flirting in front of people."
"Flirting is one thing."
"OK. So when are you seeing Max again?"
"Uh he is coming over to study tomorrow."
"Let me guess while dad and Nancy are out and I am dealing with the crazy alien people."

Liz blushed knowing that Serena was right.

"Dad will skin Max alive if he knew you were having sex. Then talk Nancy into sending both of us to some all girl boarding school on the other side of the country."
"I know."
"Just be careful."
"I will Rena."


Max walked into his house to find his mom waiting.

"Hi honey. How was your date?"
"Good. Liz and I had a good time. I think Kyle andvSerena did too."
"That's good. How is Serena doing?"
"She is doing as well as can be expected. She started therapy."
"That's good."
"Yeah, but she still needs time to heal."
"Kyle won't push her will he?"
"No. He will take things as slow as Serena wants."
"That's good."
"Max, next Sunday invite Liz to dinner."
"I mean it Maxwell."
"Fine. I'll ask her tomorrow. I'm going over to her house to study."
"Ok honey."
"Night mom. Love you."
"Love you Max."

Max gave Diane a kiss and headed up to bed.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 46 1/14

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begonia9508 Yes Max has no choice but to ask Liz to dinner! Liz has met Diane before just not as Max's girlfriend!

L-J-L 76 Liz and Serena are rebuilding their friendship. Liz is friends with Isabel so she has met the Evans before. Just not as Max's girlfriend! We get a look at the "study session" today.

saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 46

Liz smiled when she opened the door the afternoon after her second date with Max. He stood on the porch with his backpack over one shoulder.

"Hey." Said Liz
"Hey." Said Max
"Come on in. You know my plans don't include our books."
"I know. But I couldn't very well tell my parents I was going to my girlfriend's house to have sex with her now could I?"
"And if your parents come home wouldn't be better to have my books laying around?"
"They won't be home for hours. They had to drive up to Santa Fe. My mom wanted to go to this art fair there this weekend."
"So they will be back late?"
"Yeah. Serena is working until seven."
"Then it's just you and me Miss Parker?"
"Why yes Mr. Evans."

Max grinned and pulled her into his arms. He leaned down and took her lips in his. The kiss was deep and passionate.

"Let's take this up to my room." Said Liz
"Sounds good to me sexy."

Liz lead the way upstairs to her bedroom. Once there Max dropped his backpack on the floor and Liz shut the door. Max kicked off his shoes then pushed Liz againsted the door. They made short work of most of their clothes. They stood before each other in only their underwear. Max lifted Liz off the floor. She wrapped her legs around him as they kissed. Max carried her to her bed placed her in the center. He laid on top of her slowly moving down her body. He smiled when he heard the moans come from her throat. He unhooked her bra and started to kneed her left breast as he took his mouth to the right one. He switched after a few minutes. Then slowly kissed a line down to the top of her panties. He slipped a finger into the panties and into her hot core.

"God Max that feels so good!"

Max didn't speak. He removed his finger and hooked both his thumbs into the waistband of the soaking wet panties. Liz lifted her hips as Max pulled them from her body. He tossed them to the floor. He gently pushed her legs apart and lifted them over her shoulders. He pushed two fingers into her and placed his face near her hot core. He pumped the fingers in and out causing her to moan with pleasure. Once her jucies were flowing he placed his mouth to her and started to suck. Max felt Liz's hips buck trying to increase the feeling he was giving her. Max pulled away and move back to her lips. That was when Liz grabbed him and rolled them over so she was now on top. She reached for his boxers pulling them off. Max watched as she took his crock in her hand and started to pump it. He let out a groan at the movement. Then to his surprise Liz lowed her mouth over him slowly taking it into her mouth. He hissed at the feel of her warm mouth around his manhood. She started to suck on him while rubbing her tong over him.

"Shit Liz that feels so good."

It was only seconds later Liz felt Max's salty seed pour into her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could before needing to come up for air. Max gently pulled her up to his mouth and kissed her deeply tasting himself on her lips.

"Damn baby that felt good." Said Max

Max rolled them back over and when back to work on his beautiful little vixen. It didn't take long before Max could feel his groin becoming painfully hard again.

"Baby I need you." Said Max
"How do you need me?" Asked Liz huskly
"I need to be inside you. I need to feel you around me."
"Then taken me lover."

Max grinned grabbed a condom rolled it on and plunged himself deep into her. Liz let a groan as their bodies joined together. Their love making started slow and sweet. But soon both felt the need to increase the pace. As Max pounds harder into this small woman he could see nothing but love in her eyes. They hit their climax together calling out each others name. Max fell to the bed next to Liz breathing hard.

"Is it me or is this getting better each time?" Asked Max
"It's not just you. That was amazing."

Max gently reach over and pushed a few sweat soaked strands of hair from her face. He had a hard time believing still that she loved him the way she did.

"Yeah Max?"
"Uh next Sunday my mom wants you to come to dinner."
"Isn't it a little early for dinner with the parents?"
"You know my mom."
"Yeah. I do. I'll come, but I would love a real date too."
"Anything you want my lovely vixen."

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 47 1/15

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L-J-L 76 Max and Liz did make it to Liz's bedroom before undressing! :lol: Yes that was one hot "study session"! :lol:

begonia9508 Oh yes Max and Liz are very naughty! And who knows when they will have all that time alone again!

saori_1902 Yes it was very ineresting!

keepsmiling7 Things are moving fast for Max and Liz. But let's not forget they kissed then made love before their first date! Yes Liz has to go to dinner with Max's parents that is serious.

Part 47

Serena placed a Will Smith burger and orbit rings in front of the balding over weight middle age man in a faded X-files shirt.

"Can I get you anything else?" Asked Serena
"I'm good. I do have a question. Ever see an alien?"
"Can't say that I have. But then again I could have and not known it. I have heard stories of shape shifters. Aliens that can make themselves look like anyone. So who knows? There could be an alien here and neither of us would know it."
"Just let me know if you need anything else."

Serena walked off to join Maria at the counter.

"Your dad hates when we mess with the tourist." Said Maria
"Yeah I know. But it is so much fun. Oh and the tips are so much bigger."
"I agree with that. Serena, we got to keep an eye on the trampy two."
"They still trying to steal Maxie from Lizzie?"
"Yeah. Isabel got Pam off Liz this time. But we might not be that lucky next time."
"No kidding. Revealing that Pam has a baby won't be enough to stop her. We need to do more digging."
"Serena, I got a feeling that Pam and Tess know more about what happened to you at Tommie Hanson's party then they have let on."
"What do you mean?"
"Well I happen to know Sean said that you wouldn't be worth fucking. That you were nothing but a cold bitch."
"Yet something changed his mind."
"Is there any reason Pam or Tess would hate you?"
"Well I did put green hair dye in Tess's shampoo back in with grade."
"That was you! Man that girl sheerked so load and high only dogs could hear her. Why did you do it?"
"She was the one that stole Liz's science project. But Liz couldn't prove it. I did it for revenge. Maria even when Liz and I weren't talking I did still care about her."p
"I know. Rena, you made a mistake. You got lucky that Liz is such a forgiving person."
"I know."


Max laid in bed with Liz wrapped in his arms. She had dozed off after their second round of love making of the afternoon. He loved watching her sleep. She looked so sweet and innocent. But he knew that she had this side that only he got to see. Sure she flirted in front of people. But he also knew that she would only let someone she really cared about see her sexy side. He leaned down and started to kiss her neck.

"Max stop." She mumbled
"Sweetheart I think we should get dressed. I don't know about you but I am hungry."
"Hungry? I guess we should find you something to eat."
"Liz, I need food. Not that you don't taste good."
"Ok, you go take a shower and I will go put a frozen pizza in the oven."
"We could take a shower together."
"Uh no. We will do more then shower and I am not on birth control yet. I can't start it for a couple more weeks."
"Yeah I guess you're right. Condoms wouldn't work well in there will they?"
"No lover they won't."

Liz kissed Max grabbed her robe and when to put the pizza in the oven. Liz returned to her room as Max came out of the bathroom wearing only his jeans. Liz couldn't help but grin at the sight of Max's bare chest. Max chuckled.

"Can't get enough of see me without my shirt can you darling?"
"Any girl would get turned on by seeing you like this."
"Well, I don't think my mom or Isabel would agree with you."
"I would hope not."
"Go cool off you little vixen."

Liz ran her over his chest and grabbed her clothes then headed to the bathroom. Max finished dressing grabbed his bag and headed downstairs. He pulled a few of his book out leaving them open on the coffee table in the living room in case Liz's parents came home. Then when to check on the pizza and grab a soda. He was just pulling the pizza from the oven when Serena walked in.

"Hey Max."
"Hi Rena."
"So where is my sister?"
"Taking a shower."
"So you two worked up a sweat studying?"

Max blushed at the comment. Serena let out a laugh.

"Relax Max, I won't ever say a word about what you and Liz were really doing."
"Hey Rena. Want some pizza?" Asked Liz
"Sure. There is something we need to talk about anyway."

While the three of them ate Serena told Max and Liz what Maria told her about Pam and Tess. They decided to bring in the others to come up with the perfect plan to bring the two school tramps down for good.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 47 1/15

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Part 48

After Max left Liz and Serena curled up together in front of the TV to watch a movie.

"So Liz what did you want to watch?"
"How about Swimfan?"
"Wouldn't you rather watch that with Max?"
"It's not scary! Besides why would I want to watch him drool over Shiri Appleby?"
"What about Erika Christianson?"
"He isn't into blonds."
"You know Shiri looks a lot like you."
"No way."
"Yes she does."
"Whatever you say."
"So you think Jesse Bradford is hot?"
"Not as hot as Max."
"Max would be cuter if his ears didn't stick out so much."
"Don't talk about my man's ears! They are cute!"
"You really are in love."
"Yeah I am."
"I can just see you with a couple kids they would have your eyes and Max's big ears."

Liz threw a pillow at Serena who just started to laugh. Nancy peeked in at the two girls and smiled. It was good to see them getting along again.

"Hi girls." Said Nancy
"Hi mom. Where is Jeff?" Asked Liz
"He's at the Crashdown. Eddie got hurt and can't work for a while."
"Is it bad?" Asked Serena
"He broke his leg. But we are short a cook for a while."
"Mom let me make a call. I think I know someone who might want a job." Said Liz
"Call them."

Liz pick up her cell and found the West Roswell Phone book. She looked up the number she wanted and filed. She also saved it in her phone. She waited for him to answer.

"Hey Michael? It's Liz. I was wondering are you looking for a job? Oh and can you cook?"
"Liz slow down. What are you talking about?"
"OK one of the cooks at the Crashdown broke his leg and can't work."
"Yeah I need a job and can cook."
"Great if I can get it for you do you want an interview?"
"Yeah that would be great Liz."
"Let me talk to my stepdad ok and I'll call you back."
"Ok. Thanks for thinking of me."

Liz hung up and when to see her mom.

"Mom can I borrow the car? I want to go talk to Jeff about something."
"Ok honey. Drive carefully."
"I will. Rena you want to ride with me?"
"Hey why not?" Said Serena

Ten minutes later Liz parked in the back employees parking lot of the Crashdown. Then both her and Serena walked in through the back door. Liz saw Jeff cleaning the grill after plating up some orders.

"Jeff?" Asked Liz
"Liz, hi honey. You know you can't work until Monday."
"I know. I am sorry about the fight. Mom told me about Eddie."
"Yeah unless I can find someone it's going to be hard around here for a while."
"That is what I wanted to talk to you about. I know someone who needs a job."
"Your boyfriend?"
"Uh no. I have seen him try to cook. Let's just say a hockey team could use his burgers as pucks."

Jeff let out a chuckle. Knowing the way Diane Evans cooked he wasn't too surprised.

"Ok honey who is it?"
"Michael Guerin."
"He's that kid with the spiked hair right?"
"Yeah. He's also my brother."
"Linda Guerin's boy?"
"Tell him be here at ten tomorrow."
"Thanks Jeff."
"Liz, I love you as much as Serena. If Richard ever shows up it will be your choice to see him or not. But if you want a relationship with your brother then I have no problem with it."

Jeff pulled Liz into a hug and gave her a kiss.

"Can I join this love fest?" Asked Serena
"Get over here Gummy bear." Said Jeff
"Uh dad mind not telling anyone else that nickname? Oh and Parker, you tell anyone that nickname and I tell something you don't want out." Said Serena
"Trust me Rena, I will never say a word."

Serena smiled knowing Liz was just as embarrassed as she was by that nickname.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 49 1/17

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L-J-L 76 Liz wants to get to know Michael. But getting the job will be up to Michael, all Liz did was get his foot in the door. Not very many people know Jeff's nickname for Serena.

begonia9508 Yes Liz does want to help her friends. Michael does need the money. When Liz and Serena join forces they are not to be messed with!

keepsmiling7 All Michael has to do is pass the interview and the job is his. Having the girls watch "Swimfan" I thought would be a little funny.

Part 49

Michael walked into the Crashed just before ten the next morning. He saw Jeff Kent behind the counter. Taking a deep breath he walked up to him. He passed Serena who gave him a smile.

"Hello Mr. Kent?"
"Hi Michael right?"
"Yes sir."
"Let's sit down and talk."
"You want anything to drink?"
"A coke would be great."
"Serena will you bring Michael a coke?"
"Sure dad." Said Serena

Michael sat in the back booth with Jeff. Serena dropped off the coke and when back to checking on her tables. Maria was taking an order from a couple of boys from school. Serena took a deep breath as she walked over to check on the guy dressed as a Klingon from Star Trek.

"Can I get you anything else?" Asked Serena
"Just my bill human." He answered gruffly
"Right. Here you go. Have a nice visit."

Serena placed the bill non the table and left.

"You really seem to get the weird ones don't you?" Asked Maria
"So what is he dressed as?"
"A Klingon. From Star Trek."
"How do you keep these things straight?"
"My dad is a Trekkie. I have seen every episode of every Star Trek show ever made more then once. I have also been dragged to all the movies."
"So what did Liz do with the whole day off yesterday?"
"She had Max over and they studied biology together."
"Uh yeah each others biology that is."
"Damn! Liz wasn't kidding when she told Isabel and me before school started that she was going to lose her virginity to Max."
"Oh that happened when we were snowed in the cabin."
"Did you walk in on them or something?"
"Liz isn't exactly quite. She deffintly can't have sex with our parents home."
"Oh yeah. Liz might seems quite and shy to a lot of people. But she isn't really like that."
"Oh I know that."
"So how abou Moon doggie?"
"Max? Well he is no where near as loud as Liz."
"So what would your dad do if he caught them?"
"There are a few all girl boarding schools he has looked into."
"East coast?"
"Yep, and he would ship me out with her."
"Well the way he sees it if his never get in trouble ever stepdaughter is having sex, then what is his messed up daughter doing? Maria, I haven't been the same person I was before my mom died."
"Rena, you should have come to someone when Pam threatened you."
"Yeah but I can't change the past."
"True. So will he give Michael a chance?"
"Yeah. If nothing else for Liz."
"He really cares about Liz doesn't he?"
"Yeah. My dad loves her. He had been friends with her dad once. He never approved of what Richard Parker did to Liz or Michael. He only cared about himself."
"How do you know that?"
"He was in town when we were like nine. He visited my dad. But never asked about either of his kids."
"No kidding. I hope he never tries to get back into Liz's life."

Neither girl noticed the man sitting in a corner booth listening to them. He got up paid and left. He was going to see his little girl.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 50 1/18

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begonia9508 Eve why do you think that Richard is going to cause trouble? :lol: It is not a good thing that he has shown up!

keepsmiling7 Oh yes there is trouble a head! Big trouble!

saori_1902 What he wants can't be anything good!

L-J-L 76 Richard is nothing but trouble and he wants to get his hands on Liz!

Part 50

Liz was putting her books in locker before school Monday when she felt strong arms wrap around her and soft kisses a long her neck. She smiled and leaned into him.

"Miss Parker, Mr. Evans break it up!" Said Mr. Foster the school principal

Max and Liz pulled apart blushing.

"Sorry Mr. Foster." Said Liz
"Yeah sorry sir." Said Max
"Just remember this is a school not make out point."
"You mean Buckley point." Said Liz
"Does it really matter Miss Parker? You and Mr. Evans need to be hands off while on school grounds is that clear?"
"We will Mr. Foster." Said Max

Mr. Foster walked off and Liz turned to find her friends giggling at them.

"Gee nice to see you guy enjoying yourselves." Said Liz
"You know we love you and Moon doggie." Said Serena
"Rena, watch it or that nickname you don't want out might slip out." Said Liz
"OK got it." Said Serena
"Babe do I get to learn this nickname?" Asked Kyle
"Not if I can help it. It's something my dad likes to call me." Said Serena
"It can't be that bad." Said Isabel
"It kinda is." Said Liz
"Hey sis." Said Michael
"Hey Michael. So uh did you get the job?"
"Yep start this afternoon."
"Cool. I'm back at work today. I got a week off after my takedown of slut number one."
"Wish I had seen that. I mean no offence Liz, but you are a bit smaller then Pam." Said Alex
"Size isn't everything. Don't forget Pam is top heavy." Said Kyle

Just then the bell rang and they all headed to class.


Pam walked up to Max in the quad during lunch. Liz was sitting almost on his lap. She narrowed her eyes as she got to him and started to run her hand down his cheek.

"Max how about you and I go out Friday?" Asked Pam
"Pam, I don't want to go out with you. Besides I have a girlfriend. You know Liz?" Said Max
"Come on Max. A guy like you needs a real woman like me. Parker wouldn't know what to do with a dick between her legs."

Max grabbed Pam's hand pulled her close and spoke so only she could hear him.

"Pamela Troy, leave me the fuck alone or everyone will know about your kid. It was a boy right? Was it Doug Shallow or was it Grant Sorenson that knocked you up? You would have been fifteen when you got pregnant right?"
"You aren't that mean Max. Everyone knows you are the nicest guy in school."
"Want to try me? I love Liz Parker! I have loved her from the moment I saw her back in kindergarten! If you and your bimbo friend Tess don't stop harassing me I will bring you down."

Pam let out a scream and stormed off. Liz leaned over and kissed Max quickly before anyone could see outside the group at the table.

"Why can't that bimbo take a hint that Maxie boy is taken?" Asked Serena
"Uh Rena can you not call me Maxie boy? That sounds like something you girls would use." Said Max
"Watch it lover. Or you might not get laid for a while." Said Liz
"I want to see how long you would last Vixen." Said Max
"Can you two cut it out? It is sickening watching you nearly jumping each other." Said Isabel

Both Max and Liz blushed bright red.

"I think it's time that we teach Pam and Tess to stay away from Max for good." Said Serena
"So do we leak Pam's secret?" Asked Alex
"I don't know. But do we have anything on Tess?" Asked Liz
"I know something that might help you."

They all turned to see a freshman girl standing near by.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to over hear or but in."
"What is your name?" Asked Liz
"Jennifer Carson. Tommie Hanson is my cousin."
"Sit down and tell us what you know." Said Kyle

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