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Re: Little Napoleon, AU, mature, CC, pg 14, ch 30, Mar 10, 2

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mary mary: with Nicholas think of the superman movie where they sent the bad people into a different dimension. It isn't a sure thing and the worst part is if you set him to another race to deal with.

keepsmiling7: Liz is a strong woman. She fears that something is pushing her. Free will is very important to her.

Eve it is going to take a little time. Maybe half way through part two.

Natalie36: It was suggested in SciFi stories of a past generation that unwanted garbage could be sent to another dimension.

Chapter 31

Kyle took Tess to the apartment she shared with Isabel. The last he saw of the debutant, Ms. Evantide, she was standing with Whitman. Kyle still didn’t see how a man like Whitman got that lucky. Surprise, Kyle did occasionally look at the society pages of the paper. Granted it was as he was flipping through the paper, advancing to the sports pages. Kyle had seen the headlines of that Evantide woman. He remembered in school, his father saying, “Boy, the likes of her ain’t for you.” Except for her pictures with the Mr. Universe types, Kyle hadn’t followed her through the years. Kyle would always tell himself, “Bet those men couldn’t do squat in a dirty bar fight.” No, Kyle didn’t envy Mr. Universe, but that blonde standing beside the body builders wouldn’t be bad.

Now, most cops in departments of reasonable size all know each other. Kyle had been in a few bar fights backed up by Whitman as they worked their way up the promotion ladder. Remember in a fight accompanied by Kyle, in his mind you were his back-up. Whitman had guts. Kyle had never seen him back off, no matter what the odds. If Whitman grabbed them by their balls, he made them scream. One want-to-be Bruce Lee had come at Whitman’s eyes, his fingers extended. Alex damned-near chewed the fingers off the guy. It took Kyle’s father a lot of political grease to get Whitman out of “excessive force” charges. The old man stilled laughed every time he told the story. But none of this, in Kyle’s mind, put the lieutenant beside that Evantide woman.

Kyle came back to Earth. He had inherited his own blonde. She was petite and, right now, she was very vulnerable. She promised to be Kyle’s exclusively, only if he reciprocated. She had to be treated differently than Kyle did with his usual women. For the first time, Kyle found himself wanting to protect his woman. Was she his woman, yet? Kyle didn’t know. He laughed, how would Mary Lou act if she had been taken hostage? Would she stand up and confront almost certain destruction as had Tess? Kyle doubted that. Kyle was coming to grips with the idea that a strong woman could be just as vulnerable. Taking Tess on an extended basis would not lessen either’s power. Then, there was always that promise of alien love. Kyle placed Tess gently on the bed in her room and quietly closing the door, Kyle retired to the living room to await what ever happened next. There was always that promise of taking her to that all star game next week.


It wasn’t that Michael didn’t enjoy watching her body as she danced. It was that, tonight, Michael had other things on his mind. Michael stood and with one swoop he scooped her up and plopped her on the bed. Reaching under the bed, Michael took a box and opened it. It was packed with rose petals. Michael held the box high as he emptied the petals on Maria. She found herself buried in the sweet smelling flowers. Michael, in his boxers, crawled on the bed straddling her legs. Maria, dressed only in her undies was looking up at him in wonder. At one time, the little box in his hands had been marked “Jared’s.” Michael, with his powers had removed that name. Inside was a diamond that Jared never had seen. No one else had seen the diamond except for a friend of Michaels, who made the setting. It had taken a ton of coal to make this one very large crystal.


“Alex, take me to your place,” Isabel whispered.

By this time, Alex wanted to do almost anything Isabel asked. By tomorrow, Alex was assured that his desk would be besieged with complaints. The owner of the warehouse, regardless that he had dodged the city when they were trying to make him fix up the warehouse, would be crying that his valuable property had been damaged. Alex didn’t yet, know if Kyle had killed any humans that they would have to account for. Then, how did they wrap up the “handprint” murders. They knew who had done them, they knew all the reasons. He was sure that Nicholas was the one, they all agreed, would be charged with murder, had received punishment. To write this all up, he needed physical evidence. Wait a minute, this wasn’t his case. Let Little Napoleon do the dirty work. Alex would spend his evening marveling at his good fortune to be chosen for his roll in Isabel’s life.

Isabel returned from the bathroom. After several days without any sanitary facilities, she badly needed a bath and other things. For the moment, she and Alex held each other, sitting on the couch. Eventually, Isabel stood tugging at Alex’s arm, then, leading him back to his bedroom.


For the moment, Liz glared at Max. “You are right, Max. I know nothing about you. Start. What is your history?” she asked.

“It is not that easy, Elizabeth. Genetic histories are not that clear nor that valid. Remember my genetic history is something that was given to me by a third party. The old queen mother was notorious for her own agendas. I have already defeated her intensions to conquer Earth. I defeated her intention to be dominated by her after her death by dodging the control she intended by Tess. There is no telling what else she placed in Tess’s memory. As soon as Tess discovered I had given my sign away, all the commands of the queen mother were erased,” Max informed his bride to be.

Liz had found herself in the middle of a struggle and position she never had realized existed. “Max, again. I wasn’t in any of the old lady’s plans. How did I get saddled with your so-called sign?” she asked.

Max shook his head. “Liz, you learned about the sign the same time I did. When Tess announced that I had given it to my future bride, I had no idea what she was talking about. Isabel and I pieced some of the story together, but still, neither of us knows where it comes from. The longer I worked for you, the more certain I became that you would have been my choice, no matter what. I always knew that the challenge would be convincing you that I am what you would want. Michael, Isabel and even Tess have much easier tasks finding their mates than I would be allowed,” Max concluded.

“Max, you still say I have my free will. What if I decide to go to some other man, no matter what you say?” Liz asked.

“Elizabeth, I would wait. I am convinced that the Seans of the world would eventually drive you back to me,” Max explained.


Kyle had been exhausted. Administrative duties, even with the mandatory gym time, did not make an officer fit for combat. He never knew when the lady in the next room got up and again showered. Kyle never knew anything, zonked out on the couch, until the fragrance of flowers caused him to wake. Kyle’s mouth tasted sour, his hair was a mess and his clothes reeked of the scent of gunpowder. That cheap ammunition the department bought for the Thompson was the dirtiest Kyle had ever seen.

Kyle woke to the sight of those deep blue eyes, on his very own alien. Well, she said she would be his if he made some promises. “Kyle, if you want to run over to your apartment and clean up, I will have breakfast ready when you return,” she promised.

Kyle looked at his watch. He should be at work, but after last night, the department was going to have get along without him for a couple more hours. Kyle wasn’t sure how he tasted as Tess kissed him deeply. She was delicious.

Breaking off the kiss, Kyle said, “Tess I will be back in about an hour.”


Maria said, “This is all and good, but buddy, you have forgotten the most important thing? You haven’t asked me, yet. What will you do with all of this if I say no?” she asked.

Michael looked at her confused. “I don’t think you will say no,” he stated.

To anyone not knowing what was going on, they looked rather ridiculous. Michael on his knees wearing only his boxers while straddling her bare legs and Maria sitting up dressed only in her normally brief panties and a sports bra, both glaring at each other. “Look, buddy. You can’t just expect a girl to take you on for the rest of her life without you having something to offer,” Maria explained.

If Maria thought that her words explained anything, she had never been courted by an alien before. “Maria, if it is wealth you want, sell the damned ring. It is not stolen, but you may have the devil of a time selling it because it has no papers. Tell them it is synthetic. That is almost true. It is alien made. If anything, it is too perfect,” Michael stated.

“Michael,” she shouted. “How dare you think I would marry for money.” Michael had really pissed her off. Maria’s mind was now racing. What did she mean? What did Michael have to offer? He was a cop. That was a dangerous job, but so was she. No policeman kidded themselves, they could be killed at the next stop. They could be killed, walking down the street, if they were recognized by some deranged idiot. No, it was something else. Maria couldn’t, for the life of her, figure out what it was. Was she afraid that Michael would leave her like her father had left her mother? No, she did understand, when Michael said that clones had no family except for the one they formed in their relationship. Maybe it was timing. Maria was wound up from the fight against Nicholas and here was Michael asking for a lifetime decision. Was she able to shift gears that fast? She didn’t have a super alien mind; Maria had to get along with what God saw fit to give humans. Michael should have given her a warning, email or something:

From: mguerin@
to: mdeluca@ the same place
Maria, dearest:
After we kill a bunch of aliens, would you take time to decide to marry me? Love Michael.

That would have prepared her. “Michael do we know each other well enough to consider marriage?” she asked.

“Maria, search your mind. What do you think we were making love for? Every time you put on your dance, every time I held your naked body, I was giving of myself. Look up what you know of me; it is almost all I know of myself. I even know about the time you lied on your police application. You said you had never tried drugs. Andy Sanchez that time when you were 15 back behind the ball field, he gave you a drag of pot and you gagged for an hour,” Michael related.

Maria shook her head, It wasn’t that she deliberately lied. The incident was so unpleasant and the fact that her opinion of the handsome Sanchez kid was so tarnished, Maria had completely forgotten that time. Next thing Michael would probably do would be to tell her about the time she lost her virginity and how that episode went. Maybe, Michael did know all about her. “Michael let me up. I need to use the bathroom. We will talk more when I get back,” Maria said.

Lighting a cigar, stoking a pipe, cleaning your glasses were all delaying tactics as you collected your thoughts. Now, in an intimate setting, needing to pee could be added. None of these actions left room for hurry. What would she say when she returned? If Maria wasn’t careful she could bust everything. Maria had no knowledge of the granolith or its controls on its people. She had no knowledge of how keen Michael was about making her his forever wife.

When she returned, Maria did not have a chance to talk. That was good because in her frame of mind, with that of fear of commitment, she would have said the wrong thing. “Maria, even your friend, José, saw that we belong together. I think what he said about making babies had more into it than just that. Maria, you told me that you wanted romance, flowers and a whopper ring. I offered you more than that. I tried to give you comfort when Nicholas bruised your soul. I tried to show you that even though I value your independence, I want to be where ever needed when you take a hit,” Michael whispered.

Maria had gone over to and taken her housecoat off the door where she had hung it early this morning or was it yesterday morning, time was becoming confused. Now wrapped in it, she sat before Michael still in his boxers. “Michael, I guess I never thought it would happen to me.” Maria was now playing with the box containing the ring. “This thing really take a ton of coal to make?” she mused.

“Yeah, but I had several failures before I figured it out.” Michael took another box out of the pocket of his pants thrown carelessly on the floor. He opened it and showed Maria two diamond ear rings. “I had to buy these so I could see the structure of a diamond. I will take them back if you don’t want them,” he said a bit sadly. The granolith had guided him in the end, but he was only a confident to the king, Michael wasn’t that sure that the granolith was really with him.

Maria’s hand quickly darted out grabbing the boxed set of earrings. “No, we aren’t taking them back. We aren’t selling that ring you gave me, either. We are going to have to get a more utilitarian ring for me to wear to work. Can you imagine the damage I would do if I hit a perp wearing that rock? I would take his whole face off,” Maria declared.

Maria’s brief panties and Michael’s boxers came off at the same time. Maria did not have time to remove anything else. Soon, they were enthralled in Human/alien sex. Michael thought, when they took time to rest, there was still that very expensive box of chocolates under the bed.


Angelo Rivera, the manager of Alex’s apartment complex got his thrills watching his tenants. There was that dude in building “A” 101 who was a health nut. He worked out on the machine in his apartment, Angelo had called on him once to advise him to oil the exercise machine, it was making too much noise for others at 2:00 in the morning. Yeah, he had a squeeze he brought home a couple times a week. He would strip her right there in the living room before the window. You couldn’t see her when he went down to the floor, but a good imagination usually filled in the details. There was that truck driver in building “C” 205. He would start his weekend with a broad on one arm and a double six pack in the other. Many times, Angelo had to pound on the door, cautioning them to keep it down. Where did that guy find those women, who were all screamers? Maybe, he did have a dick over a foot long. Angelo went home to his Maria-Lynn. She always wondered why he had so much hot passion.

Then, there was that cop fellow. Having a cop car parked in the lot reserved for tenants was always a plus. Thieves thought twice before they chose Angelo’s apartments to rob. There were plenty of flop houses down the street, much easier and safer than a place where a cop lived. Alex was a friendly fellow. He always took time to help Angelo when he had a problem, involving city hall. Alex always knew the right office to visit to straighten out anything. The curtains in Alex’s place were pulled, but Angelo was sure that he had never seen Alex with a dame like the one he brought home that night. That lady spelled money, that lady spelled class. Was that geeky lieutenant really in her league? If so, then there was a lot more in him, than Angelo, the people expert, had discovered.

Alex had a nice apartment, but it was smaller and more efficient than the one Isabel shared with Tess. When the pressure on his libido was lessened, Isabel knew that there was a lot of substance to Alex. That was what she, now, needed. Isabel was going to have to take a lot more responsibility within the alien community. In this short time, she had changed so much. Isabel had always been very intelligent. The years running with the jet setters, had allowed her to appear shallow. That was all over and she didn’t miss it a bit. The feelings from the granolith impressed on her that it was only a matter of time until, Alex pressed his suit of being her lover for life.

Isabel was prepared for the trip back to Roswell, meeting the Whitmans, a visit to his pastor, informing her folks and settling down to married life. That was what she wanted, now. Isabel Whitman with all those titles you could chase her name by, wanted a family including children and social position. Isabel had had social position before, but it was not the position where she was looked up to and allowed to play the grand dame of a neighborhood. To reach the level of grand dame, she needed to earn a lot of respect. The respect she wanted was the dutiful wife of a police detective. Well, if things went well, there would be captain’s wife and maybe, someday, commissioner’s wife. The granolith had given her many dreams.


Kyle returned to Tess, dressed in clean uniform, freshly shaven and not the trace of gunpowder stink even his hair. As he sat down to a breakfast of eggs, bacon and sausages, Kyle spoke, “Tess, there is an all star game this week.” Then, Kyle proceeded to tell her how all star teams were formed and what they were showing in a special game like this. Kyle wrote down a list of the favored players. He was surprised that Tess listened so closely and nodded that she would study up on the players on the Internet. Shucks, Mary-Lou would just hang on his arm until the game was over and then, whine to get back to her apartment so they could fuck the rest of the night.

Kyle could see that this was going to be a new experience. Well Tess had promised him a new experience in that while with her, he wouldn’t be looking at all the other women. A woman with a mind, Kyle wasn’t sure he had ever realized that women had minds. Usually conversation with women, for Kyle, was more simply negotiations to fuck. The main topic was her place or his.
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Re: Little Napoleon, AU, mature, CC, pg 15, ch 31, Mar 18, 2

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mary mary

Chapter 32

Max and Liz parted company as usual, both returning to their own apartments. For Max, there was nothing to do but summon the patience that an alien king needed to fulfill his destiny. Liz was still dizzy from the implications of what she was facing. Liz had always been independent. That was something that Liz did not intend to give up. No, not for any promises would she chance to lose her personal freedom. These promises, she was not sure she even wanted.

For Liz, this night promised to be anything, but peace and calm. Sometimes dreams are very personal, you feel and do exactly what is in the dream. Other times, dreams are almost like third person experiences. You see yourself and even think of shouting warnings to yourself as a bystander. The dreams about being queen the other night were the first type. Liz felt like she was queen and she announced herself queen as she was supposed to. This night, like Ebenezer Scrooge in the “Christmas Carol” by Dickens, Liz saw herself as a teenager. Josie Gowen was his name. Liz was opening her front door. She looked down at herself, her jeans were dirty and torn. Her blouse was torn and she could feel that she had some place, lost her bra. As soon as the door was opened, the lights went on.

“Young lady, just where have you been? her mother cried.

“I was just out, mama,” Liz replied.

“Out, out where?” again her mother cried.

“Josie and I went driving in the moon light, mama,” Liz stated.

“And, where is Josie?” her mother questioned.

Liz hung her head, “I don’t know mama.”

“How did you get home?” her mother asked.

“I don’t exactly know, mama. I was walking along the old road and old man Peterson drove by and offered me a ride,” Liz said.

Rolf Peterson had been tending his still. Even in times like these, there are still several old timers who brewed for themselves and others of like thinking. Not having that blue stamp on the bottle made the crystal liquid taste so much better. Peterson didn’t think twice before stopping for that Parker girl he saw walking along the forest road. She was a mess. Alone like that must mean that something had happened to her. Peterson was a “Moonshiner,” but he also was a member of the community. He wasn’t about to leave a woman or girl to walk all the way back into town, looking like she did. Jeff ought to take a switch to that girl. The Parkers were good people; that girl ought not to be behaving like that.

“But, Mama he asked me to the prom,” Liz cried. The view she saw of herself was a couple years older. She was now a senior and had suffered several years of shame for something she had never done. Everyone at school assumed that she had slept with Josie and he had made up that ridiculous story about being abducted.

“Liz Parker, there is only one reason, rich boys like him would ask you out. We tried to warn you, the way you and Josie were carrying on, would ruin your reputation. You coming back with your clothes all ripped and him claiming he was abducted by aliens; nice boys don’t want anything to do with you. That rich boy will take you to the prom and then, he will make you put out. He knows you already did it with Josie and he just wants a piece of you himself,” her mother ranted.

“Mama, it won’t be like that. He is a nice boy. He would treat me right. Mama, I have saved the money for my dress. Mama, I want to go to the prom,” Liz pleaded.

The dream faded for a while; then, Liz saw herself at college. “You drove all the way down here to take me out to dinner. Most boys would want something. All you do is say you enjoy my company. When you took me to the prom, mama said all you wanted was to get me to a motel room. At the prom and the parties afterward, you never tried anything. What does a man like you want from the likes of me?” Liz questioned.

There was another fade. “Look, I am sorry. I slept with Sean the other night. I don’t know why, but it happened. You have always been so good to me. I don’t want to lie to you, but I am not the girl I used to be. I don’t know how I feel about Sean.

There was another fade. Liz was graduated and she was living with the man, Sean. “Yes, I am so glad to see you. I think Sean and I are okay together. He has a cousin who joined the police department. You ought to meet her. She is a pip. She worked her way through college as a stripper. A nicer girl you never saw. She just does not have any issues about her body. Sean took me to one of her shows. I could never do that. Men were putting money in her g-string. I am not sure I even let Sean touch me like that. The owner, where she works is a big Hispanic man. She says he treats her like his daughter. I would never let my daughter dance like she does. There is a big Anglo ‘dude’ who watches over her at all times. He threw one man out of the club for getting too fresh with her. She stopped by and was talking to me about joining the police. I still don’t know what I want to do. What little Sean makes, is not enough for us to live on. Sean wants me to go to work. We haven’t talked about marriage, yet. Look, as much as I look forward to seeing you, it is probably a mistake. I am trying to make a go of it with Sean. I am putting my application into the department tomorrow. Sean finds out I am meeting someone, he can be difficult. This probably should be good bye.

From this, the dream relived itself a couple times. Then, Liz woke to the sound of her alarm. Liz shook her head. The dream didn’t dissolve like most dreams did. It stayed with her. That rich boy and man, who were they? Was it the same person? The person had an uncanny likeness to detective Max Evans. Liz was sure that she had never met Evans until that day she requisitioned him from the detective squad of Whitman’s. This morning Liz felt like she had know Max all of his life. She felt like she had grown up with him.

As Liz was drinking her coffee, she thought. The dream last night was a mixture of reality and fiction. Liz was sure she did not have any relationship with boy or man named, Max Evans. Liz hadn’t gone to her prom. Her mother had been right. In the small town, where they lived, the story of her being out all night with Josie grew like wildfire. Josie’s claim that, he had been abducted by aliens didn’t help either of them. To this day, Liz had no idea of whether she had gone to the woods with Josie because she was willing to loose her virginity or not. As it was, Josie had disappeared and Liz had returned in a disheveled condition. Her mother was right about the other thing, also. Boys who called on Liz Parker made it clear up front. Before they invested a movie or meal in Liz Parker, they wanted assurances that the evening would end with her in their beds. Until she met Sean her last few weeks in college, Liz had remained a virgin. She thought Sean was the real thing and it wasn’t until she had completed her rookie training with the department, that Liz had the strength to drive Sean and his demands from her bed. She found out about the sex tape on the Internet after Sean was long gone.

Liz had only one question. How was she supposed to face Detective Max Evans when she got to her office this morning?


If anyone had known where the mysterious cave had been located and if anyone had been attending the granolith last night, they would have heard several changes in its continued hum. The granolith knew many things, but who had created it and why it had been created were not any of them. Led by the old woman, the royals were not listening at all. She had never understood about the granolith. The old king had been willing, as were his ancestors, to abide by the guidance given by the ancient machine. The old man had learned that the machine could warp time and take peeks at possible futures. That is why it made decisions like it did. Following its decisions usually led to the most favorable outcomes. As the old man weakened, the queen took over. The weakness also allowed the despot to start his procession to destroy the royal family. The queen ignored the granolith. She made her own decisions. She was angry when it was said that the granolith warned the royal family was endangered. She knew that the royal family would last forever.

There was no problem when the granolith decided it would go to the new world where the queen was to send her clones. She wouldn’t miss that damned thing at all. The granolith concentrated only on the three royal clones. There should have been adult supervision to help the clones grow up. The adults on the ship had been captured by the reigning military on the new planet. This was before the granolith had even set itself up. It scrambled to find homes for the three infants it housed. They would have to be raised by humans. The first real glitch happened when the fourth clone was brought to Earth. The granolith knew that the commands of the queen mother, had been countermanded by the despot. It was not in the granolith’s best interest for Nicholas to succeed. It scrambled to find a queen for the now adult king. It decided that the queen should be human. The machine scanned thousands of possibilities. It finally decided that the human, Elizabeth Parker, was the best choice for the king and the future. The machine cut its timing very close. The night that Max and Liz had gone after Nicholas was the night that the granolith had placed in Liz the king’s royal sign. No one, especially Liz, realized she had received the sign. Only the one sent to seduce Max recognized it. That was just before Max met the fourth clone, Tess. The granolith would not waste Tess. It wouldn’t let Nicholas waste her either. Nicholas knew almost nothing about the granolith. It was only later after the despot had succeeded in taking power that Kivar learned of this machine. From stories, it almost seemed to be a fable, something that perpetuated the power of the king. The granolith took the fourth clone under its protection. It would find uses for her. She, now, could clean herself of all Kivar’s commands and, also, what was left of the old queen’s instructions. It would be for Isabel to make new instructions for Tess.

The future had gone well and Nicholas was imprisoned. The other three clones were finding suitable mates on their own; well, the granolith continually nudged them along a bit. The queen had been the most important and she would be the most difficult. Humans, in this time needed to know each other; that was the purpose for what they called dating. The granolith did not change past history. It could create a fantasy and place this in the dreams of the intended queen. She would experience everything that was intended, but in fantasy, there would be a presence she would feel of a boy/man who deeply cared for her. That would be the first step.


Of course, Little Napoleon arrived at the office first. Her future was the least certain and she had nothing to hold her to her apartment. Kyle was next. He had a future, he believed and the sooner he built confidence in his little alien, the sooner the future would be the present. Alex arrived next, but he had had a rough night. Not rough as in unpleasant, rather rough in that he spent a lot of time making love to Isabel. In the future she would watch and care for Alex better; but now, she wanted to remove her past of many men with her love for the one. Michael and Maria were late enough that even Big Jim noticed the time on the card of their time clock.

When Max arrived, he found the lieutenant busy filling out her report on Nicholas. “Max, are you sure he will never show up again?” she asked.

“I don’t know. We don’t even know where we sent him. It is just far, far, away,” Max replied.

“Well, I am stating that he was definitely the murderer and he escaped, we think he fled the country,” Liz stated.

“That is probably the best we are going to do,” Max mused. “Remember the lunch we had at your friend’s place? Well, you said I could choose the next one and pay for it, as would be my custom. If the world is not attacked, first, I am inviting you to lunch today,” Max finished.

Liz laughed. “Yes, we didn’t have a lot of free time the last few weeks. If we are not fighting off a world attack, then I accept the lunch date.” Liz said it that way before thinking dating is what is done for future lovers to learn about each other. Well, she had fallen into that one. She did like Max and did not want to hurt him. She just wasn’t sure that he was the man she wanted to marry. Max said the Seans, she might choose to date, would eventually drive her to him. That bothered her a lot, especially after the dreams last night.

It was later in the lady’s room where Maria was laughing. “Hey, Liz, I heard from my aunt the other night. Her son, Sean has been having problems. She says he is going to a sex clinic. Seems after you ran him off, his performance has suffered. Well, Chica, that seems to be payback for you,” Maria informed her.

Liz didn’t laugh. She thought, Max promised that Sean would have dysfunction until after their royal wedding. Then that meant, the sex movie had been scrubbed from the Internet, also. Liz knew how hard that was to do. No human could do it. No matter how many sites you closed down, there always would be someone with the movie on their hard drive and some day, they would reinstall it back on the Internet. Max had promised her that it was gone forever. Did Liz really believe him?


Kyle had bought his tickets for the all-star game. When he picked Tess up, he was breathless. Standing in the doorway, waiting for him, her dress was almost transparent. Kyle was speechless for some time. “Kyle, don’t worry, to everyone else, I am wearing a blue cotton dress. You are the only one who can see me as you do. That is one of the perks of dating an alien. You will see that I am not like other girls,” Tess informed him.

Other girls, other girls, had Kyle dated other girls? Had Kyle slept with other girls? Had Kyle fucked, other girls? Kyle’s mind was in a whirl. He did know for certain that he would always be happiest when he had this woman on his arm.


Maria had spent most of her time showing off her engagement ring. She showed it to everyone whether they wanted to see it or not. She even showed it to the whore who was awaiting booking by vice. The business lady did say that it was a pretty ring and she wished Maria a lot of happiness. The diamond was half a carat. The setting was very plain, but very strong. No way was Maria going to loose this ring.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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Re: Little Napoleon, AU, mature, CC, pg 15, ch 32, Mar 24, 2

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begonia9508; The dreams show that even though there wasn't anyone to help Liz in reality that, now, she would always have someone who stood beside her.

keepsmiling7: Liz has been very independent, but she wants something more that she doesn't know how to get. Some belief in destiny won't cut it. she wants to really fall in love. After Sean this will be hard.

mary mary: The queen mother was what was wrong with the royals. Like most deposed monarchies, they were running to excess. Normally the Antarian royals allowed the granolith to guide them.

Chapter 33

It was 12:00 noon. Max knocked softly on the opened office door even though his desk was included within Little Napoleon’s office. Liz looked up and Max was standing there his coat over his arm. “It’s lunch time, Liz, if you can break away,” he quietly said.

Liz had worked all morning on that damned report. There was so much that could not be said and so much else that no one who wasn’t there would believe. She had whipped it into something that she could almost believe. Her normal self started to say, “Max, I want to work on this report some more, go ahead; I will catch something later.” Liz had made a promise to Max. She shouldn’t break that promise. Max had been more than helpful on this case, as soon as he and Guerin decided to give it their full attention. Liz heard the more rational part of herself say, “Sure thing, Max. Let me freshen up in the lady’s room and I will meet you out front.” She did take extra time to adjust her hair and that was not normal. Liz, either, in and out of her office had that wind blown look, which was what she accepted. She took time to touch up her lipstick and carefully looked at her face to see if it needed any additional attention.

When Liz got down to the front door, Max was waiting for her and parked in the no parking zone was a black Jaguar. Max held the door for her and as they took off, she marveled at the restrained power of the vehicle. Liz couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like in a highspeed chase in one of these. Then that rational part, which delighted in ruining all her daydreams said, “This thing costs more than two years of your salary.” That was enough for her to just lean back and enjoy Max’s driving. On one side of Metropolis, there were mountains. Leading up to these mountains were a series of hills. Max showed, that with the Jag, he was a master driver. Quickly, they were back in the hills and pulling into a restaurant, that Liz didn’t even know existed. Max turned his keys over to valet parking and held the door as she got out.

They entered the restaurant and were greeted by a man in a formal suit. “Good noon to you Mr. Evans,” he said.

“Good noon to you, Randolph,” Max answered. Then he said, “Randolph, this is my lieutenant, Elizabeth Parker. If she ever comes alone, with friends or on a date, please show her every courtesy that you do me.”

The man who obviously was named Randolph took Liz’s hand briefly and answered Max, “Of course sir, just have her ask for me.”

They were led to a table for two. Liz noticed that even though there were many patrons in the restaurant, it was arranged so that no one table intruded upon any others. “Max, is this where the quality comes for lunch?” Liz asked.

“I don’t know about quality, if we arrived in uniform, about half of these people would quickly leave cash on their tables and head out the back door,” Max said with a smile. “I don’t know if they have warrants out on them at the moment, but the things they are involved in could not pass close inspection.

“Leave cash on the table. In my experience, those running out the back usually don’t think of their checks,” Liz said.

Max gave a broad grin. “Liz, the people who own this place are very good friends and very, very bad enemies. Most of the patrons would be much more afraid of them than they would be of the police,” he explained.

“Max, are they part of the Mob!” Liz exclaimed. “Is it safe for us to be eating here. I don’t want to get compromised in some sort of investigation.”

“No, Liz, the owners are not part of any criminal activity. There may be members of organized crime eating here, but they are even more careful about their conduct. If they were to cross the owners, they would have the most to lose,” Max stated.

Liz was still concerned. “Who are the people who own this place?” she asked.

“Liz, it is hard to explain. They are people who make presidents, who support and topple dictators. If someone was to bother us here or to bring us harm because we were here, you would see how high their power runs. Big Jim knows about these people, but he doesn’t know where they are to be found. He does know what they can do,” Max finished.

The next surprise was when Liz was handed a menu. The menu was carefully printed in four languages, English, Spanish, French and Italian. It carefully described the meal and gave a total nutritional value to each meal. What surprised Liz was that there were no prices printed beside each item. “Max if I don’t know what each thing cost, how do I know what I can order?” She asked.

“It doesn’t matter, Liz. Order what seems interesting. Try something you are comfortable with or try something new. I will take care of the price,” Max stated.

The food, the atmosphere of the restaurant and the way the staff all were so directed to her pleasure, Liz dreaded to go back to reality. She knew that she and Max had to go over the report and see if it was believable. Liz never thought she would be in a position to worry about being believed. Usually, she wrote detailed and very factual reports. She had never had any report not be supported. This was so different; the more factual she was the weaker her report sounded. Maybe that was why Liz dreaded to return to reality. Max signaled the waiter and the waiter came over to their table. Max set five ten dollar bills on the table. That wasn’t so bad, Liz thought. They had a very fine dinner and for the atmosphere and cuisine, $50 wasn’t that bad. Max held her chair as she stood up. They walked to the front of the restaurant and Max stopped at the desk. Liz almost fainted as he took several hundred-dollar bills and gave them to the lady manning the desk. “My compliments to everyone, it was fine, especially since I wanted to introduce my guest,” Max stated.

The lady didn’t look at the bills, she scooped them up and deposited them in the desk drawer. “It was our pleasure, Mr. Evans.” Then, the lady turned to face Liz, “It was a pleasure to have you, Miss Parker, or should I say Lieutenant Parker? I hope we shall see you again.”

Liz almost choked. The amount of money she saw being exchanged and the attitude of everyone truly made this an imaginary place. She tried to smile and nod her thanks. Liz was just hoping she didn’t trip or something. At the door, Liz saw the black car waiting for them. Sometime in a movie, probably an English movie, she remembered the police officers being chauffeured in Jaguar cars. “Max, I almost don’t want to get back to the office after this,” Liz whispered.

“Of course, you do, lieutenant. There is always that unknown murderer, that mysterious abduction, maybe, even a flaming man with no meth. Liz that is why police work is exciting. You never know what will happen next,” Max droned on.

Liz thought, I have just had the most spectacular experience in my life, and he acts like it is just an everyday event. I don’t want it to be everyday. I want to remember this lunch as the most magical meal I ever had.

Max drove into the lot where the officers kept their personal cars if they didn’t have a take-home cruiser. He expertly parked the Jag and opened her door offering her a hand. “Thank you lieutenant for the pleasure of your company. I hope we will want to do this again, sometime,” Max said.

“Do you eat like that everyday, Max?” Liz asked.

Max laughed, “Don’t I wish. No, Liz, I usually have some sort of take out when I am with Michael. He always wants double cheese burgers. Normally, we eat in some park if the weather is good. If we eat in the cruiser, Michael’s burgers with onions stink me out. Also, if we stay in the car, something goes down and we seldom get to finish a meal. No, lieutenant I have to thank you for joining me in a nice comfortable meal.”

The rest of the afternoon was spent in polishing Liz’s report. The memory of lunch remained strong in her mind the rest of the day.


When they arrived at the game, Tess found they were sitting courtside near the coaches table. Tess took out her opera glasses and a small notebook. Kyle looked at the pages she was turning to and saw biographies for all the team. She also, had the biographies for the two coaches. This was very different for Kyle. If he had been with his drinking buddies, they would have been slamming the different players. Tess asked questions, but they all seemed to be about the strengths. Kyle shrugged, he guessed it was all in the prospective of a fan.

One time when he leaned over to say something, she held her hand up. He waited and then, she said, “Did you hear that? The coach is going to bench number 56. He just said the guy has been goofing off all week. Well, goofing off isn’t quite what he said.”

Kyle saw the coach talking to one of his assistants, but he didn’t hear what he said. This woman must have super hearing. It was not human to hear anything in all the noise. Kyle shook his head; what did he expect? His date never claimed to be human.

The whole time he was with Tess, Kyle was looking at the almost transparent dress and could feel himself getting hard. He kept looking around to see if the other fans were ogling her, but Tess had told him that everyone else only saw her in a blue cotton dress. Only when Tess brought his attention back to the game did Kyle’s mind get off of her sexiness. He had once asked that detective lieutenant if he could imagine a woman to give up all other women for. Whitman said he could and Kyle thought what a fool. Now, Kyle was starting to understand what Whitman meant.

Suddenly, Tess pulled at Kyle’s sleve. “Kyle, player number 88 just slammed his elbow into player 37’s back. Isn’t that illegal?” she asked.

“Sure is, but the referee didn’t see it. That is part of the game, playing hide and seek doing illegal things without the ref catching you,” Kyle responded.

Tess turned to him, “That is like life with humans. Doing things and not getting caught by the police. Kyle, please remember that I am not that easy to fool. Please don’t try. If we are together, always be truthful even if you make a mistake.”

It was the way she said it. They were not together, yet. Kyle was willing to bet that in the game of life, Tess didn’t play games or tolerate betrayal, very well.

After the game, Kyle suggested they stop for drinks before he took her home. “That is fine, Kyle. Please remember that I don’t tolerate alcohol, very well,” Tess reminded him.

“What happens, Tess? If you were to pass out, I would gently carry you home,” Kyle stated.

“That isn’t what might happen. I could start sparking and set the entire place on fire. I could, also, badly hurt you. I wouldn’t want that to happen,” Tess explained.

Somewhere in his mind had been growing, get her drunk then you can enjoy all the alien sex you want. It was the way she looked at him, almost as if she was reading his mind. Then, Kyle remembered the battle they all had with the aliens. There had been a heck of a lot of lightening striking around that place. Tess might look like a sweet, vulnerable little lady, but something in Kyle said she could be very dangerous. Play the game fairly and she had promised him things he could barely imagine. Kyle decided he wasn’t about to take a chance. She promised she could be all that he would ever want.

As they sat, Kyle with a beer and Tess with an orange juice, Tess was asking Kyle about the different players. Tess would make a wonderful sports announcer. Nothing about the game had she missed. Kyle’s drinking buddies would miss over half of the plays. Tess kept Kyle on his toes as they discussed the evening. At the door of the apartment where Isabel and Tess lived (of course, Isabel wasn’t home being with Whitman tonight,) Kyle held Tess in his arms. Their kiss was long and deep. Kyle saw things that were beyond any imagination as Tess showed him the wonders of the universe. As they parted, Tess whispered, “Kyle, I like Italian and Chinese dinners.”

Kyle was sure that this was an invitation for their next date.


Alex and Isabel were talking. “Alex, you have to understand that there is a big difference between having sex and really making love, like we do,” Isabel explained to him.

“Izzy, you have to remember that to me making love is all I ever wanted. I haven’t had all the experience that you have had,” Alex stated.

“Alex, if my past gets in the way of our love, then all I can do is damn it. I thought that the sex would teach me more about humans. Now, I am not wanting to learn about people, only about the man who is to be my true lover,” Isabel stated.

“Won’t you someday, miss the excitement of new loves. I once read about the desire for man or woman to want to see many different lovers. The writer said that this was proof that men were not meant to be monogamous animals,” Alex said with authority.

“Alex, I can only tell you how I feel. I don’t care about any past things. I want children, home and a man who will always stay by me. I would never have found that in my former life. This is the life I want to find with you,” Isabel said.


Maria and Michael had been making love almost from the first of their relationship. That first night or morning didn’t count. You shouldn’t expect anything after working almost 30 hours straight. After that time Maria entertained Michael as she used to do at her job as a stripper. Stripping didn’t matter to Michael, neither did any other lovers, she might have had. Maria had assured Michael that she had never done it for money. Michael just shrugged. What she did before she met him didn’t concern him. What she did in the future, he would contemplate. He did want a strong and secure relationship like the other clones were finding. Remember the only family he would have was the one he made now.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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Re: Little Napoleon, AU, mature, CC, pg 15, ch 33, April 1,

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begonia9508: Peter sellers' movies always had the police being driven around in a Jag sedan.

Mary mary: We will come back to the restaurant again in part 2

keepsmiling7: the owners will keep getting more mysterious

Natalie36: There is still something that is in the way of Michael and Maria. That will wait for the next part to be resolved.

Chapter 34

It was early in the morning when Big Jim walked into Little Napoleon’s office. In his hand, he held the final draft of the silver handprint murders, investigation. “Lieutenant, this the way you want to end it?” he asked.

“Chief, we don’t have any physical evidence about Nicholas. The aliens say that they have no idea where they sent him. The alien body count is way high, again with no physical evidence. Evans states that he is unsure that Nicholas could be killed. Seems he is some very strange type of alien. Since the aliens have no idea of where they sent him, we need to leave this part of the investigation. I used the eye witness accounts of some of his killings, including Maria’s and mine, to place the blame on him. I asked several aliens if he could ever come back? The only answers I could get were, ‘It’s a big universe.’ I thought if we say that Nicholas fled the country, we would cover our own asses in case he does return. You might want to get on that network of yours and let them know that Nicholas, the silver handprint killer has escaped,” Liz informed the chief.

“Carry on Lieutenant, I think old man Richards will be the only one who might raise any hell. The stupid bastard made us take that son of his and he wouldn’t let us train him right. Course now, it is our fault letting the little shit get himself into trouble. He is going to be wanting someone’s head for not having an arrest,” Jim explained.

“Chief, give him mine. Tell him that it was Evans and myself who lost him. I don’t know how much I can take, but paired with Evans, even Richardson may have to back down,” Liz offered.

As usual, there was no emotion shown in the chief’s face. “You sure that your getting close with Evans won’t poison your rabbi?” Jim asked.

For the first time since she had joined the Metropolitan Police Force, Liz called the chief by his first name. “Jim, believe me, I took what was offered and made the best with it. I never purposely courted anyone to gain favor with the department. If I have a rabbi, they are someone I don’t know about. I just have this feeling that paired with Evans, Richardson might find me difficult to move. If he wants to see me, then I will show him his son’s record. I would wish to spare him, but if he wants to take me down, I won’t go easily,” Liz declared.

Liz heard Jim say as he walked down the hall, “I guess the king and queen of a place, far, far away would trump a simple city councilman.

“Hey, Liz, I need a favor,” The captain did not usually need anything from the rank and file of the office. Kyle had an idea and Liz was the only one to arrange it.

“Hey captain, what can I do for you?” Liz asked. She was a little hesitant, but after all, he was her captain.

“You know that Italian friend of yours? He runs that restaurant called Luigi’s. Do you think he could do a favor for me? Especially, if you asked him to?” Kyle asked.

“Maybe, remember we try not to put too much on him. He has been very good to the plain clothes detectives,” Liz admonished.

“Liz, tell him I am not asking for a free lunch. I want something special,” Kyle tried to explain.

Liz could ask Luigi, but she hopped Kyle wasn’t asking too much. That was many times the trouble, citizens doing something special for police officers and some officers taking unfair advantage of the offer and ruining it for everyone. “Kyle, what do you want?” this time she asked with a little trepidation.

“Liz, I got this new girl, see. I want to do things real nice for her. Liz, she is just different from the others. You know her; she is the secretary of that UFO lecturer, Isabel Eventide. You know, the one we rescued from those alien nuts. She is different from the others. I want this to last a long time,” Kyle stated.

Kyle was like a little boy confessing his first love before his parents. Liz could almost imagine Kyle drawing circles in the dirt with his shoe as he tried to blurt out his request. It was hard to get him to come to what he wanted. “Come to the point, Captain,” Liz told him.

“Well, it is like this, my girl likes Italian food. I want to do something extra special. Do you think Luigi could whip up some original dinner? You know, something that is really Italian, not Italian American stuff. Tell him I will pay. I am not asking for something free, just special,” Kyle concluded.

If the captain hadn’t been so serious, she might have laughed. Maybe, the picture of the little boy wasn’t that far off. It was beginning to sound like Kyle was in love. This might be the first love, for a horn dog like him.


In the ensuing weeks Isabel did make a trip with Alex to Roswell. She met his parents and the pastor of his church. That their geeky son had found a love and she was such a charming person, endeared Isabel to their hearts. Isabel’s parents were now living again in Roswell. Isabel and Max had been adopted. They had both, in their own way, been difficult children. Isabel’s attitude while in high school had appalled the Evanses. Neither Philip nor Diane were raised that way. Diane knew nothing about Isabel and Max before they had found them that day so long ago on the desert. Diane had always been sure that, in some way, they had been molested before they were deserted. That business with the football player, while in high school and the brashness he had in publishing the conquest of Isabel, had disturbed both Diane and Philip. The shrink who had started with Max and Isabel had given up on the children. She didn’t think the actions of Isabel were what she would choose, but Isabel had chosen her life style and the shrink couldn’t find compelling reasons to interfere. It was the parents who needed help. Max was still reclusive. The first thing any father would want to know was, did Max have any trouble with his sexual identity? Both from stories Isabel told on her brother and finally confessions from Max, the shrink thought that Max knew what and who he was. The shrink did say that she felt Max wasn’t truly forthcoming in all he told her.

While Isabel had been screwing her way across the country, there had never been a desire to let her parents get too close to her lovers. Now, here she was with a nice young man, a man who had a respectable position in society and even Philip thought, a boy with a future. Suddenly what her parents thought about someone mattered to Isabel.

Isabel also brought back the news that Max was deeply involved with a woman. No, he wasn’t ready to bring her to meet his parents, but he doubted that he would ever break up with this lady. The real fun was in meeting the preacher at the church where Alex had grown up. It was a small Independent Methodist church and, in this case, it was truly independent. It was associated with none of the several conventions of other Methodists. Brother Bob Suffani had started this church as a bible study among friends. They were mostly professionals and they discussed the various doctrines they had all grown up with.

Brother Bob had degrees in theology as well as in physical plant management. He had been brought to Roswell to oversee the shut down of the air force’s military base. Walker Army Air Force Base had been a flight training center during the second great war. After the war, it had gone through various stages of bomber development and its closeness to Holloman Air Force base near the White Sands involved Walker in testing of nucular weapons carried by bombers. Walker Air Force Base had a colorful history, including being a supposed stop for UFO evidence. All good things must come to an end, so they did to Walker. June 30, 1967 it was closed and Bob Suffani aided in bringing the Roswell International Air Center to Roswell. It was called International, though many of the international flights made brief landings on some of the almost deserted ranches and down loaded their narcotic cargo, before gassing up at the air center.

Bob had always been a religious man, though his church work was interrupted many times as he moved about the country. In Roswell he met with a few families who weren’t currently attending any church and they grew into a small congregation of, maybe, one hundred if he was lucky. Bob’s church became more of a Bible teaching church than dedicating itself to any one doctrine. That is where Alex grew up.

One thing many religions all have in common is the care of their youth as they embark upon the road to matrimony. It is probably good that they do take some part in this as way too many parents shirk it off to the schools and we know what the schools do to sex and marriage. “Brother Bob, I would like you to meet my fiancée, Isabel Evantide,” Alex began.

Brother Bob took her hand and felt a tingling in his arm. Miss Evantide, I am so pleased to meet you,” he said.

“My legal name is Evans,” Isabel stated. “The Evantide was a name I used to stage. I am known as a lecturer concerning UFOs.”

Still holding her hand, Brother Bob turned to Alex, “Would you mind if Isabel and I had a private talk for a few minutes?” he asked.

Alex felt an anger building up. He had worried how his family and friends would take to Isabel, especially about her past. Before he could say anything, Isabel turned to him, “It’s all right, Alex. Brother Bob needs to ask me things and I am afraid he might be reluctant to do this in front of you. I don’t mind.”

Alex frowned, but he did turn and left the room. “Now, ask away,” Isabel said to Brother Bob.

“Isabel,” Bob started. “I am assuming that you are the Isabel who was adopted by Philip and Diane Evans, along with your brother, several years ago,” bob finished.

“Yes,” Isabel said quietly.

“You conducted quite a path through the tabloids as Ms. Evantide,” Bob stated.

“Yes, maybe unfortunately,” Isabel sighed.

“Miss, you can be married by anyone, but before I conduct such a marriage I want assurance that you have some dedication to Alex. He is a boy I have watched grow into a man. I have a lot of affection for him, as well as I do for his folks,” Bob said.

“That part of my life is over. I, now, have responsibilities along with my brother and my association with Alex has been especially rewarding. He has been there for me in at least two life and death situations. I have cultivated a love for him, both philosophically and physically. I want children and I want to raise them in a safe and responsible environment. The love I have and want from Alex has nothing to do with anything from my former life,” Isabel finished.

“What about your religious life?” Brother Bob asked.

“I am afraid that the Evanses had enough trouble just getting us through puberty. They didn’t have much time for religious education. I want to embrace what ever Alex believes. With him as a guide, we will bring up our children with the same,” Isabel finished.

Brother Bob wasn’t a bigot and he preached forgiveness in his sermons. Isabel seemed very sincere. He could find no reason to not marry and accept Isabel and Alex as close friends in Christ. They couldn’t be any worse than so many that Brother Bob saw change through the years. Isabel had seen it all. She was willing to turn her back on the world for one man, Alex Whitman. Bob had seen Alex grow up and he never doubted his dedication to life. Talk with the parents, a dozen books on sex and the Bible and they would be ready to set the date.


This was Kyle’s second date. He had never been nervous before. Yes, many dates went bad, but before, Kyle could only think, “There will be a better one tomorrow.” Now Kyle was sensing something of finality, “Screw this one up buddy, and it will fall off before you ever get a chance for any woman half as good.”

Again, when the door opened, Kyle lost his breath. Tess was dressed in a dress that almost touched the floor. As she moved, the dress seemed to open and close showing magnificent legs. By the time they had arrived at Luigi’s, Kyle decided that much of the sexiness he saw in the dress was more in his mind. If Tess remained perfectly still, the fabric of the dress covered her very modestly. Liz had told Kyle that he was to take Tess to the house around back, behind the restaurant. It was a Sunday evening and the main restaurant was closed. They catered to the Catholic crowd coming from early mass and then, later, to the more lazy Catholics among the Baptist, Methodist and others who took mama to lunch after services. No one had that much energy for going out Sunday evening. That was family time for Luigi and family. Kyle had no idea what Liz had set up for him.

The smells within the home already had Kyle salivating. They were seated on a comfortable couch in what, Kyle was sure, was the family living room. Luigi introduced them to his three children, his bambini or as he quickly corrected himself bambinos for English. By this time, a trim lady came from the kitchen and smiling at the couple, she announced that supper was ready.

Seated around the table, Kyle was at first surprised as someone grabbed his hand and Kyle felt Tess taking the other one. Seated in a circle, Luigi offered a prayer. The prayer was in Italian and Kyle understood none of it. He did catch the last sentence in English, “Lord, bless and make this couple fruitful, bringing up their children in your name.”

Everyone dropped hands and made the sign of the cross. Kyle and Tess included.

In the restaurant, food was 50% vision. The chefs were very clever how they presented each plate. Here food was about fellowship. Luigi regaled the couple with stories about first why he gave plain clothes officers free meals. It was way before the time when Big Jim had transferred to Metropolis police. One waiter had been shot and was bleeding on the floor. Luigi was backed up against the wall, the crazed eyes of his assailant seen through the holes in his mask. The man was demanding money and Luigi was not able to explain that they didn’t keep that much cash on hand. Luigi knew the plain-closed officer who walked in. He was surprised when he pulled a flask from his coat pocket and taking a long swig, he shouted, “Hey, you crazy WOP, what do I do to get service?”

The minute the shotgun was pointed in a neutral direction, the old detective fired one shot from his S&W chief’s special. The dying thief let slip his shotgun through his hands as Luigi jumped away. The detective sat at a table as he pointed to the phone. “Luigi, call it in and do you have some food that will tide me over? Internal affairs is a bitch after a shooting, even one as obviously needed as this one. They will probably grill me until midnight. From then on, Luigi gave a free lunch to any plain-clothes detective who came in. The police had protected him and he felt he was giving something back to the community.

There were other less stressful stories about a business man who tried to pickup Sergeant DeLuca thinking she was a working girl. He put his arm around the sergeant and the next thing he knew, he was trying to swallow the front end of her Glock as she shook out her handcuffs and yelled for Luigi to call Vice. Getting bested by the curvaceous woman was not enough, he found himself getting arrested and having to wait for the paddy wagon while the lady of his attention, sat finishing her salad. Kyle saw the children smile and he guessed they had heard the story many times before. It still made laughs around a table set up for a favored policeman.

The evening was fun. That is all Kyle could think of. When he prepared to leave, he asked Luigi what he owed. Luigi waved him off. “When you and the lady come back and sit your many bambinos down for lunch after services or on Mother’s Day, then I will let you pay. I will also remind you that I haven’t told any stories about the Lothario of the detectives and his many loves.”

Kyle was surprised that Tess got a case of the giggles. Tess knew all about Kyle, but it was funny to see him squirm when Luigi got too close to home. For the first time in his life, Kyle worried about what a woman or girl thought of him. There were things of his past he would have preferred to remain buried.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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Re: Little Napoleon, AU, mature, CC, pg 16, ch 34, April 7,

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Stories by Ken


mary mary


Chapter 35

Liz had no idea of what Big Jim told counselor Richardson. She took responsibility for what they did in not bringing back a body for the counselor to spit on. Evans, knew what she was going to do and he had told her to make sure that she included his name in the decision. Liz had no idea of why he told her that, but the parting words of Big Jim were that a king and queen from a place far, far away would trump a simple counselor. Liz was willing to stand up alone, but knowing that Max was standing beside her was very comforting. Is that what being queen would be like, having a secure knowledge that she would never be alone? Those memories of standing alone in the cold while all the rest of the detectives would laugh and chatter in a group; the comfort of that group had been denied her so many times. Somehow, Liz was getting the feeling that being queen would mean that there would be more than just Max standing with her.


No matter how big the department, the gossip ran at light speed. The announcement that Lieutenant Whitman would soon be married to Isabel Evantide spread like wildfire. Once again, the men of the department all wondered how in the hell did that geeky lieutenant manage to get himself paired with the love of the tabloids? Someway, the rumor got started that the geeky lieutenant had a dick twelve inches long. That was so unfair, Alex was not given credit for the fact of his personality and bravery in protecting his girl, counted for so much. Once the rumor got started, some of the secretaries were in a pout that they had never noticed his endowment and made a play for him when he was available. Liz couldn’t help but be happy for the lieutenant. She knew that many of his men didn’t like her, but the lieutenant always came through. Liz was aware that pressure from an unknown source was usually on her side. At least the lieutenant did not make it personal with her. Big Jim went to the wedding as a representative of the department. Being in Roswell gave Big Jim time to stoke a few fires of his own. Of course, Max was there, supporting his sister.

Epiphany was a word that Kyle probably had never used. Faced with this word he would say, “Epiphany, my ass. The only truth I know, I learned the night my mother picked up and left. Women are not trustworthy.”

Searching his memory, he couldn’t even remember her given name. His father had only referred to her as that woman. It wasn’t that Kyle hated women. It was much simpler than that. It wasn’t that Kyle had an identity crises about who he was. Kyle made it perfectly clear in the rude statement, he said so many times, no matter how inappropriate it was, “Men are for drinking and women are for fucking.”

Now, strange things were happening. His usual stable, of carefree weekend companions, were being ignored. Kyle was coming to terms that now he had a friend. That friend was a woman and Kyle had never slept with her once. When attending a game with his boisterous drinking buddies, usually the game was to see how close they could come to getting thrown out. Going to a game with Tess, Kyle had to struggle to keep up his part of being a knowledgeable sports fan. Discussing the game might go far into the night and even into clandestine calls made during his workday. Kyle was enjoying the games much more than usual.

True, there was the promise that when he established trust with her, the physical love would be far and beyond the love he could get from any other woman. Kyle, the man who never trusted any woman, was now placing trust in a promise that might be delivered sometime in the future. This time of celibacy was not as painful as he imagined it would be. Kyle was looking forward to the companionship of Tess in things he did.

There was that fatal night when the kiss at her door, lingered far past his expectations. Isabel, now married, had moved out and was living in a house she shared with Alex. Tess was the sole resident of their apartment. The door, that Kyle had just unlocked swung open and Tess literally dragged him into the place. Kyle was experiencing sex in Three D. Not only did he have the normal male emotions of the pleasure of a beautiful woman in his arms, but he also felt her emotions as to everything he did to her.

Kyle had absolutely no idea of when they became undressed. From Tess, he detected a warm emotion of being held in the arms of a man she had grown to trust. From himself, he felt the pleasure of pulling her close and the here to fore forbidden touches in which he engaged. It wasn’t until they had passed the peak of their emotions that Kyle noticed that they were slowly spinning in the air without any support. When he did notice it, there was no surprise. Kyle felt the descending as they slowly became engulfed in the sheets and blankets of what he considered their bed. Kyle was in love. That had never happened before. In his mind he heard, “Lieutenant, can you imagine one woman whom you would give up all others for? Yes, captain, I think I could.” That answer became echoes through his mind that whole night.


Maria made the four hour drive from Metropolis to Roswell. She had an important announcement to make to her only relative. Well there was Sean and his family, but to Maria they were just trouble. Amy DeLuca partially usurped much of Maria’s excitement when the first thing Amy said was, “Maria, Jim Valenti had invited me to come to Metropolis to live with him. He proposed we get married and, of course, I accepted.”

Maria answered, “That is great, Mom. You both have histories, so, make sure you understand what you are doing.”

Amy frowned a bit. “Of course, we have histories. We also have practice so what we make will be that much better,” she stated.

Amy gushed like she was sixteen-years-old. Maybe, the first time with DeLuca she had been under so much pressure that she wasn’t allowed to express that much joy, the rushed marriage, the infant Maria and everything. Throughout her life, Amy had been in bed with many men. Married or single, none of the men inspired trust in the young hippy. As Maria grew up, she felt that it was all in the type of men her mother attracted. Thinking of her own life spent with men of convenience from that first time under the bleachers at a high school football game to men she met in college, she hadn’t done that much better. Maria never slept with any of the men who watched her dance at José’s. Those men paid dearly to touch her body and to ogle her movements. That was all they got, Maria would not go any further with any of them. There were only a few fellows in the police force who really knew of the true body of DeLuca and they were all smart enough to never reveal what it was like.

At first, it was a challenge. She had told Liz that she intended to have that burly detective between her legs. Working so close with Michael and enduring the assaults of Nicholas, which Michael strove to make right, the first thing she knew, she was in love with him. It was unlike anything she had experienced before. That was when Amy saw the ring on Maria’s finger.

The first thing in Amy’s mind, “Was Maria pregnant?” That was unfair, but Amy had never had any indication that Maria had a true sweetheart. “Amy was still young enough that Maria could have asked the same question of her. Amy was careful how she asked, “Who is the young man?”

“He is a man I met at work. He is a detective on the Metropolis Police Force,” Maria explained.

“Well, at least, he isn’t one of those horrid men you met working at that place you worked for during and after college,” Amy petulantly stated.

“Mom, that place, as you call it, allowed me to finish college without any student loans. I showed my body to men for money. That is all I did. The only lust was what was in their minds. They paid me money to fill it. A touch, at a hundred dollars a shot, is all I allowed. I was also able to get a good job in the Metropolitan Police Department,” Maria explained. She had done what she thought was necessary, like she had seen Amy do. Maria just wished her mother wasn’t so critical.

“Yes, a good job with the vice police, tempting men,” Her mother returned.

“Mom, isn’t that what women always do? Isn’t tempting men our fate? We keep going until we find someone who sees beyond what we offer in temptation. We find, like you did, someone who wants us for more than just sex. We find a love with whom we can grow old,” Maria reasoned.

“Are you sure about this young man?” Amy sighed.

“Yes, mom, I am. He is an orphan and he wants a family as much as I do. We both believe we offer what the other one wants,” Maria finished.

Amy and Jim did get married. It was a very quiet ceremony. The witnesses were their children, Maria and Kyle. Maria called Kyle. “Hey do you want to ride down to Roswell with me?” she asked.

Now, Kyle was aware that the road to Roswell was full of almost nothing. There really wasn’t that much different from that cow to the left of the hill, to the one right beside the fence. “Yeah, sure. Company will make the trip easier,” Kyle answered.

When Maria stopped at the address Kyle had given her, she saw that it was at the apartment of Isabel and Tess. Isabel wasn’t there much any more but Kyle was waiting for Maria. Tess walked Kyle down to the car. “Now, you two behave and give my best to the chief and Amy,” was her parting statement.

The wedding was in the late afternoon, so Maria and Kyle had booked rooms at one of the better motels. They were having dinner at the restaurant when Maria started talking. They both were in a mood for reminiscing. “Did you ever think in school, we would almost end up as brother and sister?” Maria asked.

“Not hardly, did you ever think what it would be like now, if we had ever dated and, you know, made it together?” Kyle responded.

“Oh my god, Kyle. I can see a tabloid story now. My romantic night with my brother,” Maria made a face as she said it.

“Its not like we are really related to each other,” Kyle stated.

“It still would be difficult, Christmas and Thanksgiving sitting around the table with the brother I had been in bed with,” Maria said.

“So, there is no chance of a nightcap in my room after dinner?” Kyle asked with a wicked expression.

“Kyle!” Maria exclaimed. “This ring was not found in a cereal box. I take wearing it seriously,” Maria finished.

“Settle down, Maria, I was just teasing. I have way too much to lose from Tess to ever go again to another woman. Alien love is all it is said to be and more. If I even thought of dropping my pants in front of another woman, I am sure Tess would know. I have heard threats made by Isabel about her former lovers. I think aliens make great friends and very dangerous enemies,” Kyle mused.

Maria got serious for a minute. “Kyle, did you ever think we are being directed by some other force? Look, Liz is proclaimed the queen, I am in love with Michael, Alex, the geek, is head over heels with the love of Isabel and you can barely stand to be away from Tess. Isn’t this too perfect or something?” Maria wondered.

“You mean like divine guidance?” Kyle asked.

“No,” Maria said. “I would think divine guidance would be more subtle. Maybe, this has something to do with the aliens. Max told Liz that he doesn’t really understand who gave her the sign of being queen. I think that is why she is procrastinating about taking their romance further. Liz wants to remain pretty independent. Max patiently told her that he would wait as long as it took. He was convinced that, eventually, she would see that he was what she wanted. He said he already was in love with her.” It was good to talk with Kyle. There were several things happening to all of them that were bothering Maria, that included her mother’s relatively sudden marriage to the chief, Big Jim.
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Re: Little Napoleon, AU, mature, CC, pg 16, ch 35, April 14,

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mary mary




Chapter 36

Big Jim now married, he was looking at retiring and running for commissioner. Kyle now married, his wild days behind him, began to think of his future. The old man on the police commission board still had a lot of grease, but big Jim was further from day by day police business. The first party Tess threw with the Mayor’s wife for charity showed Kyle that police politics was where his future lay. “Isabel, this is the first time I can assure that Kyle is favorably seen by the politicians. I need some help to make sure it comes off,” Tess explained.

Isabel had some ideas of her own that she wanted to get off the ground. “The mayor’s wife wants to do something for the homeless. Let’s talk her into narrowing this a bit and throw a party to benefit homeless women and children,” Isabel suggested.

It was a different Teresa who approached Eleanor Sanchez, wife of the current mayor. “Mrs. Sanchez, I am Teresa Valenti, wife of police captain, Kyle Valenti and daughter-in-law to Commissioner Jim Valenti. Since I have just joined the police family, I would like to begin by hosting a charity party for homeless women and children. I understand that this is near to one of your causes about the homeless. Isabel Whitman, formally Isabel Evantide, has agreed to help me. We would appreciate it if you could see clear to give us your support,” Tess said.

Eleanor Sanchez had been discussing with many of her friends about doing something for the homeless. Here was this freshly wed wife of a police captain who was asking to host a party for this cause, and Eleanor knew, of course, who Isabel Evantide was.


It would be years later when she was explaining to her own daughter that Maria would wonder why they waited so long to get married. She and Michael had attended enough receptions and bought enough wedding gifts that they should have made some decision much earlier. Maria refused to play any blame game. She didn’t know which of them were dragging their feet.


Liz didn’t know if she was trapped or emancipated. That Max told her that he would patiently wait until she decided that she wanted him, bothered her. Liz consented to continue to date Max, but she avoided his bed. She pestered him over and over about the sign of the king. That night, they had been in that gunfight, he said was the first time he knew about the sign. If Liz hadn’t been already given the sign, he would have been captivated by Tess. Tess would have taken him to Nicholas and Nicholas would have impressed Max into the service of Kivar. Max stated that he didn’t think that Nicholas could have led a rebellion against Earth, but the road to failure would have been paved by many deaths.

All right, Liz had saved the world. Who had given her this sign that was so important and why didn’t either Max or Isabel know anything about it. Some how, they had learned a lot in the weeks that they pursued the investigation of Nicholas? Who was teaching them? If Liz was so important; then, someone should give her the same information. Effectively, Liz was dating Max, but she wasn’t sleeping with him. Max made it clear that if Liz wanted, she could date others. Max would always protect and support her in anything she did. She was and always would be, the Queen.

The end

Little Napoleon, pt 2

watch for part two.

With all their good intentions, Michael and Maria haven’t taken the last step. Liz is plagued with insecurities about marrying anyone after Sean. She is also worrying that her marriage would be arranged by something. Liz doesn’t know or understand the granolith yet.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
JKR 1981-2001
History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
JJR 1975-