Well Look Who's Back! (M/L TEEN) epilogue 5/29/11

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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch 30 5/21/11

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Eve: Yes, sometimes a mother has to overstep her boundaries and remind her children that what they are doing is unacceptable, regardless of their age! :P :P :P
Carolyn: Yes, hooray for Amy and so far little Zan seems to be pretty close to the truth, it's getting the adults to pay attention, which we are all guilty of doing occasionally :roll: ...
XAF RU208: Yep, so far life is good and I'm so happy you're happy about the guinea pigs...there's more you know! :lol:
Cardinal: You are closer to the truth than you realize...of course you've had me figured out since about chapter three or so with the pm's... :lol: :lol: :lol:


Chapter: 30

The next day Max, Michael, Liz and Serena drove out to the site in the desert that Philip had purchased from the state of New Mexico. It was three acres right at the foot of the rock that housed the granolith and the Sr. Evans’ had promised the Forestry Dept. of the State of New Mexico that none of the improvements would deter from the natural environment. The contractor had agreed to meet them there at 9:00 a.m. and Zan disagreeably stayed with Diane and Isabelle. He thought it was important that he be there for Liz’s protection and Max and Michael assured him that they would take good care of her and then Liz explained that she could blast as good as Uncle Michael and Zan pouted.

Liz grabbed the little boy and held him to her and laughed.

“Zan Evans’! Don’t ever think that a stunt like that is going to work on me, ever. You will stay with your grandmother and your aunt. You will protect them if necessary and aunt Isabelle will help you if she has to. But under no circumstances do you pout…it’s not manly and it’s not handsome. Do you hear me?”

“Yes mom.” And Max had to leave the room. He couldn’t believe that Zan would try something like that…where in the hell did he ever see those actions and Michael and the rest of them stood in admiration of Liz. Boy she might be easy but a pushover? Never!

So they were there at 8:30 checking everything out and making decisions on the area and convenient access to the Granolith when a white pick up truck pulled onto the site and a very nice looking gentleman with a ball cap on his head got out.

“Good morning folks. Are you the Evans’?”

“That we are and you must be Mr. Parsons.”

“Just call me Jerry.” And he started shaking hands as introductions were made.

After the formalities had been met Jerry asked the group exactly what they were looking for and Max turned the discussion over to Liz and Serena.

“First off we are going to be doing biological testing and we want to be as far from civilization as possible. We are not doing anything that has to do with biological warfare or anything like that but we will be using some strange chemicals and therefore we felt that an underground facility would be the best way to go. We need a laboratory, a couple of rest rooms, a couple of bedrooms that we can use when we do around the clock testing and a couple of secure rooms for storing and locking serums. There has to be electricity obviously, for lighting, freezers, and refrigerators. A nice kitchen and cable for computers and also a sitting room with TV access for relaxation. Probably 7 to 10,000 square feet would be a comfortable size. We want it far enough underground in the event that if it would need to be destroyed in a hurry it would not cause any problems to the environment in any way. Is that possible?”

“Of course it’s possible, anything is possible, but it’s going to be expensive.”

Max’s turn…

“How expensive?”

“At least a couple of million, maybe more.”

“Fair enough. How soon can you start and how long will it take.”

“Well, I guess we can start digging next week but we’ll have to shore it up as we go and I need to know what you would like to use.”

“Something that will withstand ground shifts, sand storms and time in general.”

“Well then, how about steel. We’ll build you a building and measure how thick everything needs to be based on the depth of the structure. If we hit rock it would be great…we can blast and tunnel into a cave and work from there.”

“Is there anyway to ex-ray and find such a convenience?”

“I’m not sure, but I’ll check.”

“Thanks, now, as far as time.”

“Max, like I said…it’s hard to say.”

“Well, is three months doable?”

“That’s really pushing it.”

“Okay, draw up some plans and give dad a call. We’ll meet in his office and finalize the deal. In the meantime maybe I’ll make a decision on where we would truly like the structure to be built.”

“All right then. We’ll get together and make some decisions then.” With that they all got in their vehicles and drove off.

“What are you thinking Max?”

“I think we need to bring Zan out here and have him ‘think’ about this for us.”

“Now there’s a good idea. Why didn’t we bring him with us for this meeting?”
Michael wanted to know.

“Because we didn’t need his input yet and I’m certain we would have gotten it. Right now he seems to be listening to Liz more than anybody but he’s getting very pushy. None of you would recognize these changes except Serena and me but he is just a kid and doesn’t need to be in on everything.”

Then Liz stepped in, Max was talking about her son…although she had no idea what was truly going on here…

“You’ve got to lighten up Max. He’s a good kid and he’s usually right. We really need to listen to what he has to say, if he’s butting in and being non productive then we can stop him, otherwise let him alone.”

Max looked at Liz and grinned…

“Yes maam.” And Liz slapped his arm as they piled into the SUV. Max was hoping that she was starting to come around just a little…he’d take what he could get regardless of how long he had to wait.


When they got back to Roswell Serena had Michael drive her over to the Sheriff’s station to visit her John Doe’s for their daily dose. It was decided that a daily dose rather than a larger one every three days was the best way to go. When they arrived Jim had just started out of his office and smiled at the two travelers as they came in.

“Are you ready for your visit to the lock up Serena?”

“Yes Jim, as a matter of fact I am. How are they doing?”

“Quiet as church mice…they’ve been talking to each other quietly but other than that not a peep. They ate their breakfast and have been laying in their bunks watching the ceiling. No complaints.”

“Good. Shall we go then?”

“After you Jim.” Michael said as Jim led the way to the holding cell where the two men were located.

“Good morning guys, it’s time for your cocktail so to speak.” And Serena smiled. Michael went in first and stood next to the far end of the cell ready for any sudden moves and Jim was just getting ready to take his position at the door when John grabbed hold of Serena and Joe Wagner went for the hypodermic…Michael lunged for Joe and Valenti took his night stick and smacked John right across the back and the ‘skin’ was dust, leaving Serena standing there in a position of a head lock. Jim grabbed for her while Michael held Joe and Serena jabbed Joe good. No cotton swab of alcohol or anything else…just a jab and Joe settled down.

“You forget you were here before and we have pretty good memories Joe. I wouldn’t try anything like that again or you’ll end up exactly the same as your buddy. You’re going to be here for quite awhile so I would just settle down and enjoy the scenery because it isn’t going to get any better. Serena, how soon do you want to draw some blood for testing?”

“I’ll check in with Liz. I’m not sure where she wants to set up temporary facilities but we need to do something before three months. We can run tests on a cure and if we find one we’ll still need the lab to reproduce the product to send off to Antar. Maybe our friend here can carry the merchandise for us. I’m sure that, once we have the antidote, things will progress pretty fast.”

Joe Wagner just sat down and looked across at the empty bunk…that was a pretty dumb idea he thought to himself. Rath was right, they weren’t kids anymore. As a matter of fact, they were quite strong and very determined.

Jim Valenti Locked up the cell and went back to his office as Michael and Serena left the station house. Valenti had to come up with some release papers for John Doe Two. Why the hell these aliens had to be so damned contrary was beyond him. And he grabbed the tape from the camera down in the holding cell and started erasing some footage that no one needed to see. Max Evans sure brought a lot of baggage with him that’s for certain.

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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch 31 5/23/11

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Cardinal: Yeah, Max is on a mission that's for sure and little Zan is doing his best to be a kid. It's all new to him and he's dealing...although I do believe that Michael was right, they need to take him out to the stone quarry and check out his powers and give him some pointers about calling attention to himself needlessly. As for putting the lab out in the desert so close to the Cave, well, it's going to be easier for them to come and go between planets as needed and also safer.
Eve: The skins have something running through their systems and I guess blood would be as good a word as any to describe it...the skins are like protective suits that they put on and without them they are dust. And yes, Zan is extremely protective of Liz. He just found her and he doesn't want anything to happen to her.
Michelle: As for the first part of your fb...I'm going to let you and Cardinal hash that out... :lol: Now, Eagle Rock was mentioned in the beginning of the story and then they came up with the desert. They want to build close to the Granolith for easy access to it. As for the contractors, yes, they are using a contractor. The Govt. knows about them and as far as the townspeople are concerned I'm pretty sure they won't care what they're building as long as they have work and the job isn't going to be all that difficult, you'll see. I know the townspeople won't give two hoots and with Philip on their side the permits shouldn't be that big of a problem. :wink:
XAF RU208: Yeah, we lost one of the nasty little buggers but there's still one left to work on. And yes, Liz is taking this 'mom' job pretty seriously and she truly loves it.
Carolyn: Well, tomorrow is here and I hope this is edited well enough because I just woke up from a nap and if I don't get myself to bed soon I'll be up all night and asleep all day tomorrow. So, if there are any major screw ups let me know and I'll fix them. :)
Michelle: We all love little Zan, but pouting? Nah, not a good thing. He's a very smart little boy, very protective and extremely lovable and, at this point, I think Liz would blast anyone who tried to hurt him but...not pouting to get your way. Doesn't work Michelle...discuss it and reach a conclusion but no pouting...never! My oldest son just called me 'the little general' tonight on the phone and he was serious...I called him angel and we both laughed....no pouting. :wink: As for having him protect his grandmother and aunt...I think she could have been semi serious although she was playing him too. :)
Yes, they are going to learn more and more that they need to trust him and his instincts, which really aren't instincts...they're learning too. :D
Cardinal: I was going to pm her and let her know you were a "he" but you've covered it so I'll move on.
Michelle: I'm going to let you and Cardinal continue your banter, which I love by the way and I'll just move on. If, at the end of this, you guys feel that I owe you some answers let me know and we'll work on it...okay? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Chapter: 31

The next day Max and Liz took Zan out to the site where they had chosen to build the lab and told Zan what they wanted to do and asked him if he could possibly find a place in any of the area that might have a large under ground cave.

“Is this for the tests Liz?”

“Yes Zan, and for making serum to save the people on Antar. We might have to duplicate the virus if we run out of cultures and we don’t want it slipping into our ecosystem and endangering Earth people. So, if we use a cave it will be safer, but we want it underground too.”

“Okay. That cave where the Granolith is goes all the way out there…It’s all underground already.” And Zan pointed to about a mile out in the direction of the land that Philip had purchased.

“Zan, can you see if it leads to the Granolith?”

“Yeah, you can get there but you’ll have to dig a tunnel. We can blast it ourselves if you want to. It will be fun.” Zan was truly excited about blasting through the rocks…And then Zan got quiet for a minute, thought, and then said…

“Yes, we’ll all blast a tunnel and put cars in it, little cars. It will be nice. We’ll put the rocks on top of the dirt over there. It will be pretty.”

Max and Liz smiled at their son and then Liz asked Zan what she had feared…

“Zan honey, how did you know about the tests?”

“Well you and Serena talk about them a lot but you dream about them too mom. You dream about Dad too, did you know that?” Zan wanted to be as helpful as he could because he knew this was important to everyone and he wanted his dad to know that ‘mom’ thought about him, a lot.

Liz blushed, a very bright pink, and Max grabbed his son up and hugged him…

“That’s enough Zan. Are you ready to go?”

“Sure Dad, but why?

“I think it’s time.” Then Max added…”Do you read everybody’s thought’s Zan?I don’t mean like we did on Antar…that was different.”

“I can, but I try not to. Sometimes it’s hard when they’re about me or you though. I want to know what people think of us.” His innocence was going to be difficult to deal with so Max had to be careful how he approached this.

“Can you turn it off?”

“Yeah, but why would I?” Zan saw no reason to stop reading thoughts, he found out what he needed to know that way.

“Because it’s an invasion of privacy Zan, do you understand what that means?”

“Yes, I think…it’s like when you invaded the palace and took it back. Right?”

“Well, sort of. It’s when you go somewhere uninvited…like being in people’s minds when they don’t know about it. When I invaded the palace I was taking back something that belonged to me that someone else had taken from me. But if you take people’s thoughts from them you can’t give them back and that’s an invasion also only on a more personal level. Let’s make a deal okay?”

“What kind of a deal?”

“I’m going to ask you to stop reading people’s thoughts unless I specifically ask you to. If we are in danger and I need to know what the enemy is thinking then I’ll ask you to let me know what they are thinking but please…do not invade peoples private thoughts when they are none of your business even if those thoughts are about you. It’s just not nice and it’s especially not nice when you tell other people what those thoughts are. It can make people dislike you Zan. They won’t want to be around you and so far everyone likes you …let’s keep it that way, okay? I know that you are experiencing a whole new type of life here than you are used to and all of this is going to take time but this is very important.”

“Okay dad…but I don’t know why it would hurt anybody. Everybody loves everybody.”

“Yeah, they do, but if you keep it up they won’t be loving you very much…trust me, you really need to stop it.”

Zan was a little confused by what his dad had just said but he would think about it some more and then ask him some questions if he couldn’t figure it out for himself. He couldn’t always feel these things but since his trip to Earth in the Granolith he was learning all kinds of new things, like the purple bubble. That was nice because he could keep the noise away from mom while she slept.


Cal Langley heard from Greer after Langley’s message about Wagner and John and Greer wanted to know what was going to be done about them. Langley pulled no punches…

“The queen wanted to blast them but Max talked her into incarcerating them. They are currently locked in a cell in Roswell. They are going to be used as subjects to test the serum and then to send it to Antar, They will take the serum with them and give it to the people. Their scientists will be waiting for it. Why do you ask?”

“I just wanted to know what you had in mind for them if anything and I also was curious to see if they were going to be coming back to the community. John’s “wife” was curious if she was ever going to see him again.”

About that time Cal’s assistant handed him his private phone…

“Hold on one minute Greer, I have to take this.”

“Your majesty!” Max didn’t even bother this time…

“Hey Cal, Valenti had to eliminate John. He and Wagner pulled some stupid shit and tried to escape by holding Serena hostage. Valenti smacked him a good one in the back and that was it. We still have Joe Wagner and he seems resigned to the fact that Liz is going to be poking holes in him and we got the site for the lab, it looks good. We’re going to build it inside of a cave. If we have to disintegrate it, it shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish although Liz and Serena are both certain that nothing is going to go wrong. So everything looks good. Thought you should know about John though. Too bad really, all he wanted to do was go home and we were going to send him. I’m beginning to think that none of these people trust anyone enough to ask questions.”

Cal laughed…

“Yeah Max, I see your point. How’s the young prince?”

“He’s adjusting, apparently he’s developing many powers. I had to have a little talk with him today and I think he understands, at least I hope. This life style is all new to him and he’s trying to adjust to being a kid since he’s always lived in an adult world, I don’t think it’s as easy as I thought it was going to be. Michael and I are going to take him out to the rock quarry soon and see just what he’s capable of and explain to him that he needs to keep these things to himself.”

“He’s never had this much attention from other people before Max…he’s comfortable. That’s a good thing. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Yeah Cal, later.”

Cal got back on the phone with Greer…

“Hey, you’re going to have to tell John’s “wife” not expect him home fella. He had to be eliminated. Tried to show his strength and it didn’t work. You have to explain to your congregation there that they are not dealing with teen-agers anymore. These kids have grown up and they’ve grown into some pretty big bad asses, you can’t push them anymore, they don’t mess around. What has the majority decided?”

“It’s unanimous…we are staying here. If we harvest new husks as we have been we can live a long and peaceful life. If there’s nothing to go back to why bother?”

“Well, I hope you mean that because if you try anything I don’t think you’ll be needing new husks buddy.”

“I understand. Thank you Cal. We’ll talk some time.”

“Yeah. Take it easy and stay put. You’ve managed sixty years and it isn’t going to get any better.”

And they hung up.


Liz, Max and Zan got back to the city just in time for some dinner at Senor Chow’s. Zan had never used chop sticks before and he thought they were quite unique and insisted on playing with them before their meal ever showed up to their table. Liz was too busy talking to Max to notice how bored the child was and Max was really surprised that Zan wasn’t minding his manners.

“Zan, please don’t play with the chop sticks and just sit here and act like a gentleman. We are in a public place and it’s not polite to play with the place settings. Okay?”

Max hid a smirk when Zan’s little eyes started to water…

“Zan sweetie, what’s so interesting about the chop sticks?”

“I don’t know how the food is going to stay on these things.” And Zan looked at Max for some help as Liz giggled…She reached over and kissed Zan on the head and told him that it would make more sense when they got their food and then she told him he could have regular utensils if he wanted them.

Zan looked at his dad and wondered if he had done something wrong that they would take his sticks away and since he couldn’t read their thoughts he was suddenly very uncomfortable and tears started to run down his little cheeks…He looked at Max for some help.

“Hey buddy, why are you upset. You’re okay here, if you can’t get your food to stay on the sticks you can have a fork…Zan, it’s no big deal. Come on, you can look into our thoughts, it’s okay. Now what do you say?”

Zan looked at his parents and really didn’t know what to say…he had never been in trouble before and he thought he was and frankly he was surprised that he was.

“I don’t know what to say dad.” And he truly meant it…

“Zan, it’s okay…you didn’t do anything wrong. Have you turned on your power?”

“No, I don’t want to get into trouble. But I don’t know what I did?”

Now Liz felt like a piece of shit and Max picked up on it.

“Zan, you’re not in trouble buddy. It’s okay to wonder about how things work. Why do you think you’re in trouble.”

“Because you asked me about the sticks.”

Liz just looked at him and then she had a thought.

“Zan, is it more comfortable for you to read our thoughts than it is to talk about things you don’t understand?”

“Yes. I can tell what to do that way.”

Liz looked at Max and had the most helpless feeling come over her than she had ever had in her life. They certainly didn’t need Zan going around reading people’s minds but they had to give him some leeway here too. The poor kid is so confused that he’s going to be a wreck if they don’t take care of this.

Max picked up on it immediately.

“Zan, we’re going to have to find some kind of a solution here buddy…you’ve got to be confused right now, and I think the Granolith has opened a wealth of powers to you in order to help you cope with this new life here on earth, but I also think it might have given you some of them too soon. What I said earlier about you reading peoples thoughts is true, but apparently it also helps you cope so we’re going to have to work on this some. I’m not saying it’s okay to look into peoples minds but if you have a question then I think you should ask mom or me and we can tell you to check it out if we can’t explain it to your liking. What do you think…it’s a start anyway. Open it up and take a look and see what you think.”

Liz was almost in tears now but Max continued…

They had to find some way to help Zan adjust to this new life. He was doing so well…if it was up to her she’d just let him read away but there definitely were some things she’d rather he didn’t see.

Max looked at his son and didn’t know what to do, yeah people on Antar communicated using telepathy but he had never done that with Zan. They always spoke English although Zan could speak several dialects of Antarian as well. He wasn’t dumb that’s for sure and had always grasped things quite well. This was all new to Max as well as Zan and to say that Liz was overwhelmed was an understatement. Using telepathy was sending thoughts to someone’s mind, not deliberately bouncing around in their heads. This was frustrating to say the least.

Zan just sat and looked around the restaurant and swung his feet under his chair as he waited for his food. He couldn’t even check out what people were thinking because his dad might find out. Boy this sucked…a new word he learned from Uncle Michael and he was pretty sure he used it right! He was trying very hard not to cry and at the same time not to upset his mom and dad…yeah, this sucked.

And Liz Parker sat and wondered how she was going to help her ‘son’ cope with this problem and to stay the happy little boy she loved. All Max wanted to do was to make them all happy.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch 32 5/24/11

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Eve: Yes, you're right...Liz is very embarrassed that Zan is telling Max about her dreams. We can't, after all, control what we dream about and it seems poor Liz is fighting a losing battle with herself over Max and her future. Yes, there are caves under the big rock that houses the Granolith...more or that soon.
Carolyn: I like the 'marshmallow steam roller' too. You can imagine my poor son's ears when I got finished venting over the latest news about my grandson's back. Little General was kind on his part, very kind. :roll:
As for blasting the rocks, Zan is really looking forward to that. :D
rar1942: Do you use all of these electronic devices as target practice? My husband used targets but I'll bet he would have enjoyed the old electronic stuff too. We have to take ours to the city dump and pay so much an item for it's disposal. I try to take very good care of my appliances... :wink: :wink: :wink:


Chapter: 32

Back at the Evans’ home Serena was working on a slide in her bedroom where Max had provided her with a card table and a microscope that he procured from his closet and she was extremely surprised at the cell structure she was reading. It was Liz’s cheek cell sample and although it definitely was human there were some anomalies and she wasn’t quite sure how to categorize them. She would wait until Liz got back and ask her if she was aware of these differences. She was sure it had something to do with Max healing her so many years ago, she was totally aware of Liz’s powers but did not know that it had changed her physical makeup as well. This was truly interesting.

Then she took one of the Petrie dishes that she had removed from the dry ice earlier; they were keeping all items contained in dry ice for the time being. They had two chests set up, one for discarded experiments and one for ongoing. She checked to make sure the culture had totally thawed before disturbing anything and then swabbed some of it onto a clean slide and had a look at the progress with, she checked the label, Max’s blood and although the virus showed some deterioration it was not totally disappearing. Then she wondered, had Max healed Zan completely…it was something they needed to check out. Zan could possibly still be infected and carrying the disease, God, she didn’t even want to have those thoughts but it needed to be verified. She reached over and looked for the sample Liz had taken from Zan and made a swab on another slide and had a look. It wasn’t giving her a complete picture of what she needed…she would have to do a culture instead and that would take days. She could only pray that the child was not still sick.


At the Jim Valenti house Amy was busy baking pies and Maria was in the living room playing Alex’s old guitar that she kept in her room as Michael knocked on the front door. Jim, who was reading the paper, got up and answered it since he was enjoying the music and didn’t want Maria to stop and Amy was busy also… he smiled when he saw Michael’s big body blocking the view to the road.

“Come in Michael, it’s so good of you to come over. Is everything alright?”

“So far, I think. They started breaking ground and digging where Zan said to and it looks like he was right. Max is thrilled about it. Since it’s going to be housed in a cave they’re going for a couple of prefabs. All they have to do is bring in a large generator, take some surveys to put in some leach lines for the bathrooms and such; they’ll be running underground utilities, they think they can tunnel through the rock with some pipe and just leach out into the desert. I hope so. I would hate to have to use porta potties and a disposal service. That would just be the pits…you know what I mean. It should only take a month to six weeks since the prefabs will be housed in the cave, so yeah, things are looking pretty good. Sorry about that incident back at the jail. We should have that other one out of your hair before long. I just got back from giving him his daily dose of whatever it is Serena cooked up. She said ‘to hell with being nice’, I think Liz is teaching her some bad habits. We tried to tell her they were dangerous and to be careful but I guess they aren’t like that on Antar. All species are trying to get along and live happy lives and this was a total surprise to her to say the least. Serena did up the dosage on the drug. She said she could guarantee, at least 99.9 %, that this will stave his powers and keep him stationary. Anyway, how’s it goin’ here?”

Jim Valenti looked at Michael Guerin and could hardly believe it. He had never heard the man utter so many sentences together at one time in his life.

“We’re doing good Michael. The new baby seems to be taking up a lot of every body’s time, by choice of course, and the regular day to day things. Maria’s in the living room if you want to go in.”

“Yeah, thanks Jim, need to know if she wants to set up another tour. Europe this time.”

“Ah…what do you think about it?”

“None of my business really. If she wants to do it I’ll get someone to set everything up from here. It’s her choice.”

“Are you two trying to work out your problems?”

Michael looked Jim right in the eye and smiled as he said…

“Jim, I don’t have a problem. I’m going to live my life the way I want to. Maria doesn’t have a problem either. I’ve made concessions since we were teenagers. I’m not saying she has to make any, I’m just saying I’m moving on with my life. I love her but I’m not really thrilled about her life style. So she’s free to do what she wants Jim, and so am I.”

“Hmm, I see…and Michael, for what it’s worth, I agree with you son. I just hope she comes to her senses before it’s too late.”

“It’s her choice Jim. I need to talk some business with her, I’ll see you later.”

And Michael headed on into the living room where some very pretty sounds were coming from.

“Hey M’ria.”

“Michael. How nice. Come sit down.” And Maria put the guitar on the couch next to her as Michael took the big over stuffed chair.

“What brings you over?” Maria continued…

“I got a call from your label, they have an opening for a European tour next month and want to know if you’re interested.”

Maria took a breath in and held it for a second or two and then looked at Michael with wet eyes…she was and she wasn’t, both for many reasons. She was enjoying her time in Roswell, to her surprise, and she wasn’t sure if she was ready to start rehearsing another show so soon nor was she ready to leave Roswell just yet.

“I don’t know Michael, what do you think?”

“Well, I’m not in this picture Maria. I’ve been searching the net and the trade papers for a manager for you and I’m certainly not going to Europe again, any time soon anyway, so whatever you decide I’ll let them know.”

Maria wanted to cry.

“Michael, you can’t do this!”

“Yes Maria, I can do this and I am doing this. I told you how it is. Whether you believe me or not is up to you but I am not living this life any more. I don’t need this hype to make me happy Maria. If you do then go for it…I’ll call them back and tell them to expect your call, I’ll also tell them to delete my number from their files that I no longer manage you.”

“No Michael, we’re a team…a good team.”

“We were a team Maria…now we’re not. It’s very simple really, just say it out loud to yourself and maybe you’ll believe it…’Michael is no longer a part of this life.’ You noticed I didn’t say “My Life” but rather “This Life”. There is a difference Maria. I’m not saying I don’t want you in my life…but it’s going to be our life not your life. I’m making my own way and your very welcome to come along…as a matter of fact I hope you choose to come along but I sure as hell am not going to force you. It has to be your decision. But I hope you understand, that if I meet someone that I enjoy being with I will pursue a relationship with that person, make no mistake. I love you Maria but I’m not waiting for you anymore.”

And Michael Guerin got up, walked over and kissed her on the cheek and left.
Maria DeLuca sat there holding a pillow to her chest looking stunned. Michael had told her this before but she was hoping that their time apart would change his mind. Apparently she was wrong and then she noticed her mother standing in the doorway leading to the kitchen…

“Maria honey…I’m not taking sides here but I think you’d better think long and hard about this. He’s not going to change his mind, I can tell.”

“Oh mom, if I quit doing this what will I do?”

“Well Maria, I can think of a lot of things but you need to think of them yourself. I can’t plant thoughts and ideas in your head, now get it out of the sand and open your eyes girl. The best thing that ever happened to you just walked out that door and you need to decide what you want.”


When Max, Liz and Zan got back to the Evans’ home Serena immediately called Liz into her room and showed her what she had discovered and Liz sat there and studied the slide for a minute and then Serena handed her the slide she had prepared for Liz. Liz just sat there and shook her head. She decided to take Max’s microscope apart and have a look. She had checked her own blood many times at Bio Labs as she started developing more and more powers to see if there were any significant changes in her biological makeup and so far none had shown up. Serena sat and watched in amazement at the young woman in front of her. Soon she had the alcohol out and was cleaning away. Then she looked up at Serena who was still standing behind her watching…

“It’s time for some industrial sized equipment Serena. This is just a little more than a toy and we need to see things in a much better light. Let’s label these and store them. We can give Zan this microscope to play with some day but we need to head over to Medi-Chem with Michael and see if they have some old equipment they would like to sell us.”

“Okay Liz…but what do you think really.”

“Really Serena, I’m trying not to. He can’t be sick, he just can’t be and if he is we will fix it. Just like we’re going to fix Antar. Now let’s find Michael.”

Both young women headed out the door when they heard Zan yell…’UNCLE MICHAEL’ and that was all it took. The living room and ‘hot wheels’.


“Hey Liz…what’s up?”

“We need to go over to Medi-Chem for a minute can you go with us?”

“Sure, anything wrong?”

Michael had known Liz for a long time and the look on her face wasn’t expressing any joy that was for damned sure.

“No, not really, I need to buy a larger microscope and if I order one through the internet it’s going to take at least a week, maybe a couple of days if they’re in stock. Max’s is good for school projects but not what we’re dealing with.”

“Okay…Hey Zan, buddy, we’ll be back in a little while. Maybe your dad can play with you.”

“Okay Uncle Michael but hurry, dad doesn’t make good sounds when he plays.”

“Alright, I won’t be long.” And Michael laughed as they headed out the front door.

“Max doesn’t make ‘good sounds’?” Liz was puzzled…

“Nope…no ‘vrrooooms’, no ‘splats’, no ‘bams’ nothing…he just sets up his cars and runs the track, all very serious like his life depended on it just like he does everything.”

Serena and Liz both laughed outright…they did hear strange noises coming from the living room but hadn’t realized just how important they were in making the game realistic. Maybe Max could teach Zan to play chess. That might work better for father and son.

When Michael and the two young doctors arrived at the lab they were greeted with open arms as always and Mike, as the guys called him, told Fly what they needed and he nodded and took them right to the supply section of the building and told the inventory clerk what they wanted…the clerk checked his books and found that there were actually four scopes on premises not in use and showed Liz and Serena the equipment in question. They chose the most powerful, which of course was the most expensive and it also had never been out of the box. The inventory clerk then called accounting and told them what was going on down in supply and they of course were shocked until they were told who was there. After finding the correct item in their inventory logs they came up with the price of the scope, Liz wrote out a check and they were on their way with a written receipt for the item and Liz and Serena had their first piece of equipment for their research lab. A very nice piece of equipment it was too.

When they got back to the Evans household Max and Zan were laying on opposite sides of a Chess board and Liz smiled…she was beginning to wonder if Zan had turned off his power as his father had asked. She was sure he had…hadn’t he?

“Well, it looks like you found a quiet game Zan…are you enjoying it?”

“Dad said he thought I’d enjoy this, I think it’s because he enjoys this better than hot wheels, but yeah…it’s fun.”

Liz giggled…

“What did you guys go to Medi-Chem for…Zan told me that it looked important.”

“Well, it is important to have the right equipment to do a good job so we thought we might make our first purchase. We managed to get a very good, brand spanking new microscope. Still in the box, at cost. Here’s the bill…you owe me Max.”

Max grinned. “I’ll get you a check as soon as we’re done here.”

“Fair enough. And I need to draw some more samples from all of you when you’re finished. It will probably take us that long to set this up.”

Max noticed how quiet Serena was and he knew something was up. Michael didn’t know the woman as well as Max did so he most likely hadn’t picked up on how deep this conversation really was and the Chess Game went on.


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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch 33 5/25/11

Post by mary mary » Wed May 25, 2011 2:39 am

Eve: Thank you, I’m sure Michael and Maria will come to some sort of resolution before too long.

You’re welcome…the cucumber thing is really easy to do.
As for the pouting…I didn’t mean to suggest that the child had no say in the matter. Far from it, just that pouting wasn’t a way to voice your opinion. (standing around with a scowl on your face because you didn't get your own way...or making a long face hoping someone would take pity on you and give in type pouting.)I know personally, that my kids have convinced me to come around to their way of thinking more times than not just by giving their point of view…even my grandkids for that matter and we are worlds apart. :lol:
“Okay Uncle Michael but hurry, dad doesn’t make good sounds when he plays.”

“Alright, I won’t be long.” And Michael laughed as they headed out the front door.

“Max doesn’t make ‘good sounds’?” Liz was puzzled…

“Nope…no ‘vrrooooms’, no ‘splats’, no ‘bams’ nothing…he just sets up his cars and runs the track, all very serious like his life depended on it just like he does everything.”
When my boys were younger they made the most god-awful noises when playing that I sometimes wanted to scream and my neighbor, who had only girls (4) asked me how I put up with it…my answer, they’re boys! I also had a daughter who was sworn to secrecy when she got them to play Barbie’s with her. They moved Barbie around in their trucks along with Major Matt Mason, he was a military figure, no Ken allowed on the scene. Great memories.

Carolyn: Yes, why is it the worst words are the easiest to remember? :)

Cardinal: Serena found a problem with Liz’s blood and then looked at Zan’s in comparison and found a problem…Back when Zan made the comment about little Angela having the answer they weren’t that familiar with Zan’s acquired powers yet and as for Zan outing Liz, well, you’re right there. That’s not a good thing for Liz…but maybe Max needs that extra little encouragement, how about it? Yes?

You are certainly right about the toys…the kid has enough to last through more Christmases than I care to count…and yes he’s ratting out his dad too. As far as the samples and the virus…just keep on reading.

Chapter: 33

As soon as Serena and Liz had the new microscope set up they pulled Liz’s slide back out and had another look and then did a finger stick and made another one with fresh blood. Sure enough something wasn’t quite right, the cells were human but something was going on and then Liz pulled one of the Petrie dishes from the ice chest and took a smidgen on a stick and smeared it on a slide and took a look without any solution and examined that.

“Serena, look at this?”

Serena took Liz’s chair and Liz stood behind as Serena looked into the microscope and examined the slide Liz had put on the table. It was similar to what was on Liz’s slide and the two women looked at each other in shock.


“I don’t know?”

About that time Max came into Serena’s room and looked at the two ‘scientists’. That’s what they were now, not Serena and Liz but scientists and Max could tell by their facial expressions that something was wrong.

“Okay, I know you two well enough to know that something is drastically wrong.”

“Max, Liz’s blood cells are carrying signs of the virus as is Zan’s. We don’t know how or why. Your blood is offering some disruption in the growth of the cultures but it isn’t stopping it totally. Michael, Isabelle and I have absolutely no affect on it at all. The only two we haven’t tested are Ava and Angela and I’m not sure that Kyle will consent to us taking a sample from Angela.”

Max looked terrified…

“What do you mean Zan and Liz have the virus. Liz is human and Zan was healed according to the scientists on Antar. This can’t be. No. I won’t believe this.” Max was on the verge of a total breakdown…

“You have to believe it Max…the slides aren’t lying. None of the rest of you are infected yet. Maybe Zan and I need to be isolated. Quarantined so to speak. We need to be put into a sterile room away from everybody until we isolate this thing. It has to be done Max. Take us to the Granolith Chamber and keep us there until the lab is built.”


“What do you mean NO? Max, we can’t be running around breathing on people. We don’t know how the hell this thing is spread…we just know that it is. Maybe I caught it from Zan while sleeping with him.”

“If you caught it from Zan why didn’t I?”

“Because you’re a healer Max…maybe you’re immune. Hell, I don’t know…I do know that if you’re immune that your blood should provide us with a cure and it isn’t. Call Cal….have him bring Harvik here. We need to test him or, maybe that slime did something to infect me. But he may have some answers. In the meantime Serena needs to get a sample of Ava and Angela’s blood. Don’t do a venal puncture on the baby Serena, just prick her heel and let it drip. It won’t hurt her that way. Do it while she’s feeding.

“Okay Liz…but in the meantime why don’t you join Zan and have him bubble you two up for the time being.”

“Great, all we need is for one of the neighbors to come calling and get a load of us in a purple cloud.” Liz was on the verge of tears, not for herself but for little Zan, she just couldn’t wrap herself around the fact that he could be sick.

“I had Isabelle pick up some text books for me this morning while we were at the building site…how about you sit quietly in your room and have some “alone” time and do some tutoring. That way we can kill two birds with one stone so to speak.”

Liz frowned at that statement and Max looked sheepish as hell…

“Sorry, bad example. I didn’t mean that and you know it.” Max added…

“Yeah, I know but it kinda’ suits the situation, doesn’t it?” Liz quipped.

“No, it doesn’t, not when we’re talking about the two people I love most in this world that’s for sure. And I’m not going to apologize for saying that Liz, not under the circumstances. Taking things slow is not going to work for me right now. Just know I’m a part of this and I just need you to accept it.”

“Go Max…I’ll talk to Kyle. I’m sure he’ll be reasonable when I explain how important this is to our world as well as yours. I really do think Harvik has something to do with my participation in this whole damned thing…I don’t think Zan is a carrier.”

Liz ignored Max’s statement for the time being…she really didn’t know how to react when all she wanted was no reaction at all.

“God I hope you’re right. I’ll call Cal on our way over to Ava’s.”

“Good, now hurry. I’ll get Zan upstairs with the books and Michael can drive you over there. Good luck.”

“Thanks Liz, you’ll find that Zan is a quick study.”

“I never doubted it for a minute.” Liz smiled as Serena and Max left.


Liz went out to the back yard and found Michael and Zan playing a game of one on one with the basketball and she wanted to cry, all of the emotions that could describe how she felt all rolled up into tears. Heart wrenching fear, guilt for not finding a cure for this horrendous disease, love. Love for this child, his father, their extended family. All of the people that would suffer if she couldn’t find an answer and soon. She looked on with love…the love she felt for Michael, who turned out to be one of her best friends, ranked right up there with Maria and Isabelle and her heart clenched in her chest. She gathered her thoughts and put them where they belonged, locked up where she kept most of her emotions, wiped her eyes and grabbed the basketball as it bounced toward her.

“Michael, Zan…we need to talk for a minute.”

And the tall man and small boy made their way over to where she stood on the patio.

“Hey guys, I have some bad news.” And Michael took his stance, the protective one that he was not aware that other people recognized, and Liz began.

“Zan honey, you and I have this virus bug in our systems. It is not making us ill but we might make other people ill so we have to go to our room and stay there away from everyone but your daddy. It seems he’s the only one that is not susceptible because of his healing abilities. We are going to be quarantined so to speak until Aunt Serena and I can come up with a cure.”

Michael got a sick look on his face and he turned white. “NO!” He thought, this can’t be happening….Liz picked up on it immediately.

“Michael, we are going to be fine. We are this close…” and she held up her thumb and index finger to indicate a silly millimeter “ to finding a solution to this problem so please don’t worry. Zan can bubble us and we’ll study for his placement exams for school. How about that Zan?”

“Mom, did I make you sick?”

“Zan, sweetheart, no. I think maybe I might have picked this up at the lab where I work. Your daddy is calling Mr. Langley to ask the gentleman that I worked with to see if he might have done something. We’ll see. It doesn’t matter Zan, we’re going to find an answer honest. We can’t worry about how, we can only work on fixing it.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure Zan. Now come with me honey. And Michael, maybe you should take another shower.”

“No Liz, I don’t think that’s necessary. If I didn’t have it yesterday and I don’t have it today. I don’t think the quarantine is necessary myself but you would know more about that than I would.”

“It’s just a precaution Michael…I’m not saying we’re going to infect the world but we need to be careful. Quarantine is the only thing we can come up with right now. I may have passed it back to Zan for all we know. He was clean when he left Antar…maybe I’m the carrier.”

“Well then, go on up and study and I’ll make sure Izzy and Diane stay clear until Max gets back.”

“Thank you Michael. Where did they go anyway?”

“Shopping, where else?” And they both laughed.

Liz and Zan headed upstairs to Zan’s room and started sorting through various library books. Liz decided to start with first grade level reading and Zan rolled his eyes at her…she laughed.

Liz would sterilize the books before returning them to the library…no need to quarantine themselves if they were going to be returning contaminated books to the library for thousands of others to handle.


Max put his cell on speaker as he drove over to the old Valenti house and Serena sat and listened as he talked to their old protector…

“Your majesty! To what do I owe the honor?”

“Cal, I swear, if I didn’t like you so much I’d blow you to hell. We need Harvik here. Zan and Liz both have the virus and Liz thinks maybe Harvik has something to do with it because Zan was clean when we left Antar. I healed him when he first came down with it and now it’s back. Liz thinks she may have re-infected him. I haven’t tried healing them yet but we need Harvik here for some answers.”

“We’ll be there today Max. How are things going with the plans.”

“We took Zan out to the site and asked him if he could find any underground caves and he found a nice large one for us. We’re going to excavate an entrance and blast our way through, set up a couple of prefabs, bring in all the necessary plumbing and utilities that are needed and we figure we’ll be up and running in about 6 weeks or so. Using the cave and a prefab is going to save a mountain of time and we’ll be able to maintain an even temperature without using any energy for it. It’s a win win situation Cal. I’m so proud of everybody and their input. The ideas have been a God send.”

“Great Max. I think I’ll come with the ‘scum bag’ this time.”

And Max and Serena laughed…Cal remembered what Liz had called the alien before she knew he was an alien and he grinned.

“Fair enough Cal. I had to reprimand Zan for reading everyone’s mind the other day but I think I’ll have him lock onto Harvik and find out what in the hell the man has done besides pass on this hideous disease to an entire planet.”

“Good idea Max. Where are you now?”

“Sitting out in front of Ava and Kyle’s house. Ava and Angela are the only two we haven’t tested yet and we’re not real sure how Kyle is going to take to us doing a blood test on his daughter.”

“Just explain to him that it could mean the difference between life and death and I’m sure he’ll be more than willing to comply Max.”

“Will do. Liz suggested a little puncture in the babies heel while she’s feeding and she shouldn’t feel a thing.”

“Well, if anyone knows she should. I’ll talk to you in a couple of hours Max. They’re readying the plane as we speak. You know Max, if this keeps up I think I’ll buy up the property all around me and install my own landing strip.”

“Ah hell Cal, this will all be over soon and then you can get back to living a normal life again, well normal for you anyway. Just think how boring it will be without all of my turmoil.”

“Yeah…peace and quiet, how will I survive?”

And both men laughed as well as Serena.

“Well, I’ve got to go convince a daddy that I need his baby’s blood Cal. Talk to you later.”


And they rung off.


“Come on John, we’re taking a trip. I hope you enjoy it because we’re going to find some answers to some questions that are hanging loose out there. Get your happy face on because it may not last once the questions are answered.”

“What do you mean Cal? Where are we going?”

“Roswell big fella, Roswell, New Mexico.”

And with that Cal Langley and his two huge travel companions and one little nurse for John Harvik headed to the Limousine that was waiting in his driveway and then they were off.


Kyle opened the door for his old friend and Serena and looked a little puzzled to find only the two of them…

“Hey Max…I thought there would be more of you, no one else on the horizon?”

“No Kyle, just us. Are Ava and Angela here?”

“Yeah, yeah…come in, sit. Sit.” And Kyle went down the hall toward the nursery to find Ava who was changing the baby.

“Ava, Max and Serena are here. By the look on Max’s face I think it might be important.”

Ava smiled at her husband and picked up the sweet little thing wearing just a diaper and a little pink shirt and followed Kyle to the living room. Max smiled at the young woman and then his eyes rested on the baby and his look grew very soft and his smile grew wider.

“Ava, I hate to ask you this but we need some blood samples from all of you.”

“By all of us you mean all three of us?”

Serena looked at the young woman and smiled…

“Yes. Since Max healed Kyle we should take his as well as yours’ and the baby’s.”

Neither Max nor Serena were going to tell the young couple of Zan and Liz’s condition.

“I don’t want to hurt her.” Ava said…

“I won’t hurt her at all Ava, trust me. Just get a bottle and feed her and I’ll do a little prick in her heel and massage some blood into a sterile jar. It won’t take much. I’ll do a venal puncture on you and Kyle and I won’t hurt you either.”

Ava smiled and nodded to Kyle. She realized the importance of these tests and would do anything to help Antar…she would do anything to help anyone if it was in her power and Serena returned her smile in understanding.

God how they hoped this was the answer. It was their last hope of finding a quick answer…otherwise they could spend years looking and they didn’t have years.

After the samples were all taken Ava put little Angela in her crib and grabbed the baby monitor and stuck it in her pocket and joined her guests and Kyle in the living room for a quiet visit. This was the first time Ava had a chance to really talk to either Max or Serena about her home planet and she was very curious to find out more about it. Max and Serena were more than happy to answer all of her questions and add any information they had in addition to Ava’s inquiries and a couple of hours later they headed back to the Evans’ home.

“I can’t get over how sweet she is, it’s so hard to believe that she’s Tess’ double.” Serena commented.

“She grew up in the sewers of New York with a couple of psychopaths, it’s a wonder isn’t it? And Tess was truly a sad case as well but she didn’t turn out quite as well as Ava. Nasedo had her mind so full of nonsense and she believed every word of it. She was so convinced that she would be the queen if she only delivered us back to Antar with the heir. Well, she managed to get me there but I escaped with the rebels and she wasn’t so lucky. I’m just glad we were able to save Zan. It wasn’t a picnic Serena. You were lucky in the fact that you qualified for higher learning by Antar’s standards.”

“Yes Max, I guess I was. Well, let’s get in there and see if we can come up with some sort of explanation for all of this…that Limo parked out front tells me that we have some company.”

By the time Max and Serena got back to the Evans’ Diane, Philip and Isabelle had all arrived back home as well and were in the kitchen talking to Cal Langley while Michael stood guard over one John Harvik in the living room. Max had to chuckle, they were actually treating John as a prisoner.

“Hey Michael, guard duty I see.”

“Yep, and if we didn’t need some answers I’d gladly blow his ass to hell.”

“Well, I think we’ll get some…we’ll leave him alone with Zan for a while and we’ll know everything we want then you can blow his ass to hell if you want to.” Max was feeling the same way…but not Serena.

“No Max…” And John looked relieved, “I’m going to shoot him up with the virus and let him die with what he started, only an accelerated version.” And John Harvik looked terrified. Serena looked at the man and smiled…’good you lousy bastard’, a new word she learned, ‘suffer’ she thought to herself.

Max walked out to the kitchen and shook Cal’s hand and his two guards as well and smiled at the rest of the folks around the table.

“Did you get what you needed Max?” Diane asked…

“Yeah mom, Ava and Kyle were more than willing to help and Angela is just a real little sweetheart. She’s so tiny and so beautiful. It’s hard to remember Zan being that small, they just grow so fast.”

“That they do. How long do Liz and Zan have to stay in quarantine Max?” Isabelle wanted to know…she was anxious about the whole matter.

“I’m going to work some magic on them as soon as I have some answers from numb nuts in the living room…maybe he’ll shed some light on this.” And the ladies in the kitchen started giggling…

Max turned a little pink and said “Sorry.” And they all agreed it was alright.

Max turned and walked toward the hallway when his mom stopped him…

“Max, I hope this works out…I know how much it means to you.”

“Thanks mom. We’ll be right back down. It’s just a precautionary measure and I’ll have Zan pull his little bubble routine and you can all talk to them until we get finished with John, then I’ll see if I can heal them.”

“Why don’t you heal them first Max?”

“Because I want John to be scared shitless…Serena just told him that she was going to infect him with an injection when we were done with him so he might already be in a state of needing clean pants.”

And they all laughed…

When Max got to Zan’s room the door was open and he and Liz were encased in a little purple cocoon reading a book all snuggled up to each other and Max’s heart ached…he wanted to be a part of that scene so badly but he knew he had some serious work to do when this was all over before anything like that would ever happen.

Liz looked up first and saw Max watching them and smiled, then she tapped Zan on the arm and pointed to his dad. Zan dropped the bubble immediately.

“What’s up dad…Mom made me start at first grade, I think we should have started higher and worked our way down to where I knew something but she wouldn’t let me.”

Max chuckled…

“Well sometime it’s just easier to do what they ask than it is to fight it. Zan, Cal Langley is here from California and he has John Harvik with him. He’s the man that made the virus that is killing everyone on Antar. He used to work with Liz and we think that maybe he’s the cause of her having this disease. We want you to open your mind reading powers, sit in on our meeting with him and let us know if he’s telling us the truth or not and what he’s actually thinking. Okay?”

“Okay dad, but what about the bubble…do we need it?”

“Can you make one that will allow everyone to see and hear what is going on?

“Sure, I can make one they can’t even see if you want me to. Hey dad, why can’t you heal us like you healed me on Antar?”

“I’m going to try Zan, but we need some more samples before I do that. Apparently the disease is not going to take your life the way it is doing to the people on Antar and we think it has something to do with the fact that I healed you.”

“You didn’t heal Liz.”

“Yes Zan, I did, a long time ago…when I lived here.”

“Oh…so maybe it’s you that’s the answer.”

“I’m part of it Zan, not all of it. We’ll use me if we have no other way to go but we would rather have a total cure rather than just something that will put it in remission. Do you understand?”

“Yeah…let’s go mom.” Zan was sure Angela was the answer but he already told them that and they didn’t care so he kept quiet this time. He wrapped a bubble around Liz and him as they left the bedroom and Max asked Liz how Zan did with the text books.

“I think he’s testing way beyond third grade Max…possibly fifth.”

“Wow, that’s not so good. I want him to find kids his own age to make friends with…not be an outcast because he’s too little.”

“We’ll work it out Max, but I think he’ll always be ahead. He soaks up knowledge like a little sponge and keep in mind, he has never had the chance to be a little boy so don’t expect him to start acting like one now. I think that needs more work than anything.”

Max smiled, she’s probably right.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L lang.) ch 34 5/26/11

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Michelle: Thanks, as for Harvik, well I think his fear is very satisfying to everyone right now... :)
Carolyn: the results should forthcoming and those dolls were something weren't they? :wink:
Michelle: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: so right!
Eve: Yes, it's an Earth virus but Liz wasn't the one who engineered the virus, Harvik was and when he couldn't come up with a cure he used Liz to try and find one. She really had no idea what she was working on and just how important it was.
Cardinal: Hey, I was thinking the same thing, boy could I have used that in my history classes. I hated that subject... :wink: All this other stuff is being addressed very soon...we are on the count down here.


Chapter: 34

When they got to the living room it was full of people and Max just shook his head…

“Alright, we need room here folks. John, Serena, Liz and Zan will be the main characters. Mom, do you have your camcorder?”

“Sure Max, great idea.” And Diane excused herself and came back a few minutes later with tripod and all. Max smiled as his mother sat things up and then they were ready to proceed.

Serena started asking questions of John first, regarding the making of the virus and compared what he said to the notes on his computer…so far so good then they got to the part where Liz contacted the disease and John got this terrified look on his face and denied knowing anything about it.

Zan looked at his dad and shook his head, the man was lying and John took his first really good look at the child and realized that this was the prince.

“Zan says you’re lying John and he knows…tell us how Liz contacted the disease. We need to know.” It would really help to know exactly how the disease is contacted.

“I shot some virus into the box of rubber gloves on her lab table. She probably washed her hands so clean that the pores never closed. She always scrubbed really good before putting her gloves on to start tests. She contacted it over a period of time.”

“Why did you single her out?” Max was furious but wanted answers.

“Because Khivar told me to. He said she was the queen and to get rid of her.”

Then Liz suddenly got furious, so far she had been maintaining a little decorum…

“The queen of what you dumb shit. I’m the daughter of a diner owner in a small town in New Mexico…What. In. The. Hell. Makes. You. Think. I’m. A. Queen? Don’t you have an ounce of sense in that head of yours?”

“You’re the queen because the king chose you. It’s that simple. You are the queen of Antar whether you like it or not.”

“No…Tess was the queen.”

“No Dr Parker, Tess was never the queen, the king chose you.”

Then Zan pulled on Liz’s shirt…

“Is Tess the blond?”

“Yes sweetie…she’s the blond.”

“Then she’s not the queen, she’s the…”

and Zan thought for a minute, he heard his dad’s guard say the word once…what was it?

“Yes, she’s the incubator. That’s what she was.”

And everyone in the room gasped…including John who understood transference probably better than any of them.

Liz grabbed Zan to her lap and looked at John…

“I am nobody’s queen! Get that straight. I don’t want to be a queen.”

“But mom, you are because dad’s the king. We won’t be up there anymore but you’ll always be the queen because dad wants you to be.”

Liz looked at Max and she was fuming…Max grinned and shrugged his shoulders as he crossed his arms over his chest. No sense in lying about it, Zan was right and there wasn’t a hell of a lot he could do about it now. The di was cast, Liz was his queen and he almost laughed. The irony of it all…and the incubator…good word Zan, great word! A five dollar word and Zan smiled at his dad…when he opened his powers it encompassed everyone.

“Well Max, what do you want to do with him now?” Cal inquired.

“We were going to wait and send the vaccine back to Antar with him but I think there’s no need to wait. I can send a message to the House on Extra Terrestrial Activities and let them know he’s on his way. We’ll inform them as to who he is and what he has done. I will also let them know that we have made some progress with our experiments and to expect more news in about eight weeks Earth time. The new facility should be ready in 6 weeks and we should have additional news by eight weeks. If we don’t find a cure we will send a serum to put the disease in remission until we do find a cure. Hopefully that will buy us some time.”

“Sounds good Max. Do you want to take off for the desert now or do you want to wait until morning.”

“There’s always the Tumbleweed. I hate to do that to you Cal but mom’s overloaded here as you can see, so I guess it’ll have to do. I’ll be up around 7:00 a.m. so anytime after 8:00 should be good. Come for breakfast.”

“We’ll do that Max. See you in the morning.” And then Cal couldn’t resist…he looked in at Liz and Zan and then he grinned, big and wide…he couldn’t resist, being the irritating alien that he was he just had to say it…

“Good night your Majesty and your highness. Sleep tight.” Liz gave him a glare that would have sent shivers down any normal man’s spine and Cal Langley laughed as he exited the front door along with John Harvik surrounded by two guards and one small nurse.

Max looked over at his son who was still on Liz’s lap and grinned.

“Are you two ready for some healing?” Max was starting to be very comfortable around his queen, very comfortable indeed.

Max could tell Liz was cleaning up her language before speaking and he grinned wider and then she couldn’t hold it any longer, she was about to bust…

“Go to hell Max.” And Max laughed as Zan looked at his mother and frowned…

“She’s just upset dad, she doesn’t mean it.” And Liz looked at her son… she was suddenly starting to believe this bullshit about transference…

“Zan, turn off the mind reading ‘stuff’ right now.” Liz all but barked out and Zan grinned too because he knew she meant shit.

Zan dropped the protective bubble and Max entered their safety zone and proceeded to find his way through all of the corrupted cells in the boys body and killed them off as he went and then he turned to Liz. He chose Zan first because of his size and knew that it wouldn’t wear him out as fast as an adult was going to, not that Liz was that much bigger than Zan.

Then he turned to Zan and said …

“Go on Zan…find Serena and ask her to check you out.”

“Okay dad. You be careful with mom, she’s upset.” Max smiled at his son,

“I know…now go.”

Max looked down at Liz and smiled….

“Come on Liz, your turn.”

“Bullshit Max, you just want to get your damned hands on me.”

“Oh Liz, you have no idea…but I promise I’ll just heal you and when you’re ready for more we’ll talk about it. Now come on.”

So Liz turned her face toward Max and when he pressed his hands on her temples the flashes started. She didn’t want flashes, she didn’t want to remember those feelings from so long ago…not that she ever forgot them. Then she reached up, took hold of Max’s wrists, and removed his hands from her head slowly and looked at him….

“Turn off the flashes Max. I know you can… Michael can control his and I know damned well you can control yours so turn them off and get down to business.”

Max looked at her very innocently, like he hadn’t done a thing and put his hands back on her head and started the process. He started reaching out to every contaminated cell he could find and killed them, one by one. He didn’t know how he was destroying the cells but he was. He supposed that it was mind control of sorts, something like the power to change the molecular structure only he was blasting the molecules instead of changing them. It was making more sense the harder he worked and in about five minutes Liz was germ free and Max was exhausted. Liz left the living room and came back with a damp wash cloth and a glass of water and handed both items to Max. He took what he could get at this point and smiled his thanks. And then Liz said, kind of sheepishly…

“Thanks, why didn’t you do it earlier?”

“I wanted to talk to John first. Maybe he knew of a better way and wasn’t sharing but Zan would have known if he was holding back on us. It would have been better to have a live subject to use a cure on rather than a Petrie dish but since he didn’t have a cure we went this way. I had to make all of you believe me when I quarantined you…that it was the only way. Now you can go get some dinner with the rest of the family.”

“What about you? Aren’t you hungry?”

“A little but I’ll wait until my metabolism works itself out. Feeling a little woozy…it’ll pass.”

“Okay then. Rest easy.”

And Liz left to join the rest of the family in the dining room whcih was starting to overflow into the kitchen.

Tomorrow they would start working on more tests and see what they could come up with after the interview with John Harvik. Tomorrow would be interesting all around. Sending John back might not be such a good idea but only time would tell.


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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L lang.) ch 35 5/26/11

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Cardinal: I agree, they need to do something really awful to the man, but it's their decision! :lol:
Eve:Yeah, she sorta lost it there for a minute didn't she? :wink:
Natalie36: Welcome aboard, I'm so happy you are enjoying this. :)
Carolyn: Yep, the nasty old piece of crap that started all of this so many years ago... :roll:
And this happened before the transference.
Not necessarily...Zan overheard one of his daddy's guards say that to someone after they had the democracy set up...Apparently the man knew that Max had no feelings for Tess other than the fact she was the one that gave birth to Zan. Max didn't know about the transference either.

I had a whole lot of responses written up and when I tried to post I lost it all so let's hope this works...otherwise you're all going to get a "thank you" and that's it! :roll:


Chapter: 35

The next morning right at 8:00 a.m. the front doorbell rang and Max was there in a flash. There stood Cal and his entire entourage and Max grinned. None of them looked any worse for wear from staying at the Tumbleweed and Cal slapped him on the shoulder as he passed him. You may think it’s alright but know that you owe for this. And Max laughed. He and Cal were starting to get along pretty well for being enemies, at least that’s what Nasedo had told him when they first found out about the other protector…that Cal wanted nothing to do with them.

Max and Michael had prepared quite a breakfast for everyone and then Cal asked…

“Where are the royals?”

“God Cal, I wish you wouldn’t, she’s not dealing with this very well.”

“Sure she is. She’ll never have to hold court or anything but I would think that she would be honored.”

“Well, she’s not thrilled about the whole idea and honor is the farthest thing from her mind when she thinks about this. But to answer your question they’re probably still asleep. When Zan gets riled up over something, and he was riled about John infecting his mother, it’s hard to calm him down, even if did cure them. He’s pissed at me too for making them stay in quarantine all day yesterday. He didn’t think it was necessary to go to such extremes and maybe he’s right but it worked.”

“Where’s their room?” Cal wanted to know.

Max raised an eyebrow and pointed up the stairs with the spatula he was holding and Cal grinned…

“What are you going to do Cal?”

“Wake them up of course.”

Max looked at the man and grinned as he thought to himself…fine if you can get past that purple cocoon Zan wields…

“Go ahead Cal…knock yourself out.”

And Cal Langley wondered why Max was suddenly so agreeable. Michael just raised an eyebrow and kept adding ingredients to the omelet he had going.

When Cal got to the top of the stairs only one door was closed so he immediately went to that one and figured it had to be the right one.

When he looked inside he couldn’t believe his eyes. Two dark heads, one pillow and one female hand holding a child’s body to hers, both people sound asleep under the protection of a purple bubble. Cal Langley suddenly felt warmth in his soul for the first time in his life and he smiled. He quietly closed the door, though the Lord knows why…no one would have heard it if he had slammed it shut. And he made his way back down the stairs.

“Well Max, it looks like the prince is quite content with his mother that’s for sure.”

“Yes he is Cal…quite content. Liz told him he could call her mom until I find him a new one but I don’t think he’ll change his mind.”

“I don’t think dad will either if you want my opinion.”

“Amen to that.” And Cal looked over to see Michael grin as he added some butter to the potatoes that were browning quite nicely in a very large skillet.

After everyone had been fed and Zan and Liz made it downstairs Max wanted to know if Zan wanted to ride out to the desert with him and Michael.

“Is mom going?”

Liz looked over at her son and said…

“Not today Zan. Serena and I have a lot of work to do in Serena’s room. Why don’t you go with your dad this morning. You haven’t had a chance to spend any time with him for quite a while now.”

“Okay.” And that’s all Zan needed to make his way out the door with everyone else. Max almost went over and kissed Liz on the head before exiting the kitchen and had to catch himself. It just seemed like the most natural thing to do and he wondered why. He shook those thoughts out of his head as he made his way to Liz’s SUV, made sure Zan was buckled up and they took off with the black limo following right behind.


Over on the other end of town Maria DeLuca was playing her guitar in her bedroom with a blank music sheet in front of her and as she thought the words and wrote them down the music seemed to write itself and she smiled. For the first time in a very long time she had a genuine smile on her face and she felt truly happy. Michael was right! It was time to get off the roller coaster and do something that had some meaning for a change. She was a wealthy woman and Michael was just as wealthy. They did love each other and it was ridiculous to play the media game any longer. They could live quite comfortably and she could write her own music and if no one wanted to buy her songs she would record them herself on her own label. This was going to be wonderful and she couldn’t wait to tell Michael.

Maria dialed Michael’s cell and it went directly to voice mail so she tried the Evans’ house…Isabelle answered …

“Hi Izzy, it’s Maria, is Michael there?”

“No Maria, he and Max just left for the Granolith. How are you?”

“I’m fine and you?”

“Great actually. It’s been so good to see Max and to meet Zan. He is so cute and so smart.”

“Yes he is Isabelle, we spent some time together in Texas and although I was in and out most of the time I did enjoy what little time we had together. Did he tell you about my luggage full of excrement?”

“No, I don’t think he did, someone might have mentioned it though…I know I’ve got to watch my language around him because he takes things literally.”

“He certainly does. Will you tell Michael to call me when he gets back Iz…we need to talk.”

“Sure Maria. They may be gone quite awhile but I certainly will give him the message.”

“Thanks Iz. Talk to you later.” And the two old friends rung off.


When Max and the rest of the group arrived at the cave Michael pulled in and parked in his usual spot and the limo was right behind. Max led the way up the incline to the stone and put his hand out and rolled the huge boulder back to allow entrance. Soon they were all inside and Max pointed to the pods and chose the lower right to crawl through and there it was in all of it’s glory. The Granolith…Max took the crystal from the pocket of his cargo pants and powered the machine up and then he took another crystal and inserted it into the back side of the great tower and a keyboard of sorts appeared. Max typed in a message and the machine came to a sudden roar and then grew silent. He looked at John Harvik and nodded.

“They are expecting you now. We’ll boot it up and get it ready for you.”

“I don’t think I want to go.” John said.

“Well John, it’s too late now buddy…you just put your hand right there on the side of the glass and hold steady. You’ll be transported in no time. It will take about a week Earth time to teleport you across the galaxy but you won’t remember a thing. When you wake up you will be greeted by your fellow Antarians and they’ll take care of you. I told them to expect a message from us in about eight weeks Earth time if not sooner so we’re all set.”

“No, I really don’t want to go.”

Michael stepped forward…

“Get your ass over there John or I’ll do it for you. I think you’re safer up there than you are down here. Max did you bring the serum containing the virus?”

Michael was bluffing now, there was no serum, they wouldn’t take that kind of a chance but John didn’t need to know that.

“Yep…right here in my pocket with the crystals. You have your choice John, Antar or the virus, what’s it going to be?”

And John Harvik stepped up to the Granolith and put his hand on it as instructed; the machine transported him to the inside immediately and then he started to disappear. The Granolith never left the chamber but Harvik was gone.

“Well Max, I guess that takes care of him now where’s this chest I bought?”

Michael looked at Max and wondered what in the hell Cal was talking about as Max went to the dark side of the cave and motioned Michael to come and help him.

The two men lifted this huge trunk and brought it over to the light so Cal could see its’ contents. When they opened the lid it was like a scene from “Pirates of the Caribbean” and Cal Langley smiled.

“Your majesty…are you sure about this?”

“Positive Cal. It’s yours, bought and paid for.”

Then Michael looked at the jewels and all of the other artifacts and looked at Max in awe…

“Maxwell, what is this?”

“It’s mine Michael. I didn’t steal it, it belonged to the royals. I left most of it on Antar for the people to put in museums but I brought back enough to bankroll a lab and maybe an education for Zan and me. Cal has been more than generous with me I think. Right Cal?”

“Max, this ‘stuff’ is worth far more than I could ever pay you. It will guarantee a very comfortable life for the young prince and pay for a lot more than an education. Max, you need to take something out for your queen as well as something for Zan to give to his bride someday. Isabelle and Michael each deserve something as well. Take your time and choose. Zan, you may choose your own piece if you wish. I’ll tell you what I think Isabelle should have but it’s your choice Max.”

Max looked at Cal for a minute and then said…

“You choose Isabelle’s Cal. You know more about this stuff than I do.”

Cal was so happy to see that Max had brought the princess’ tiara that she had worn to her first ball. He reached in and gingerly took it from it’s resting place, carefully packed in a see through container.

“Here Max…she wore this to her first ball. Tell her and let her have it.”

“Thank you Cal, I know she’ll love it.”

And then Zan reached in and chose a very beautiful ring with a center stone of a gorgeous clear color and Cal smiled. Cal knew it was the ring that Max would have given his bride had he ever married on Antar. He and Ava never were actually wed to each other.

“Very good choice Zan. Let your daddy keep it for you until the time is right. That stone is the equivalent of a diamond on Earth and the stones on the sides are of the purest onyx known to man. That isn’t what it’s called on Antar but that’s what it would be called here on Earth.”

“Are you going to choose something Max?”

“I don’t think I want anything Cal.”

“Then let me give you something.” Cal reached in and came out with one of the most beautiful rings Max had ever seen. It had an extremely large stone in the center surrounded by smaller stones of the same color and Cal smiled.

“This was your mother’s ring Max. Take it and give it to your loved one some day.” And Max held his hand out to take the ring. This trunk contained a mountain of Max’s history but Cal was the one that lived it not Max and Max was glad for the gesture.

Then Cal looked at Michael.

“Michael, you were a part of this family too, you choose something for your loved one as well.” Michael shook his head no…he really didn’t feel that he should but Cal insisted.

“Please Michael, take something for your chosen as well. You are the last of the royals and they really need represented. Should anyone from Antar ever come again they will know they are among the mighty king who brought down the tyrant who practically ruined a world. It’s only right.”

Michael stood and looked at the trunk for what seemed like forever and then he spotted just the ring Maria would like. Just on this side of being gaudy but still with class and he picked it up and looked at it and smiled.

“Maria will love that Michael.” Max said with a grin.

“Yeah, I know…but only if she comes to terms with what I proposed. I’m not running around the world anymore.”

Cal and Max smiled at each other…they knew there would be a compromise in there somewhere and then Cal closed up the trunk and had his two burly side kicks pick it up and carry it down the hill to the limo.

“Do you want to see where we’re going to build?” Max asked.

“I’m assuming it’s fairly close to here, right?”

Then Zan spoke up.

“It’s going to be right there. There is a big cave under the ground and it’s going to be very nice.”

Cal looked at the young boy who was the image of his daddy and smiled…

“I’m sure it will my young prince, I’m sure it will. Well, we need to get back to L.A. before it’s so late that I have to spend another night in the Tumbleweed Inn. You two take care of your families and let me know if you need anything.”

“We will Cal and thank you for everything you’ve done for us. We couldn’t have been half as successful without you.”

“I know your majesty…now goodbye.”

Max shook his head and waved to the bald headed man and his group and they were off.

“Dad, why does that man call me the prince and you his majesty?”

“Zan, it’s a long story and someday I’ll tell it to you but not just yet. I don’t want to spoil the moment okay? You know how you said that Liz was the queen…well it has something to do with that.”

“What’s that mean dad?”

“Ah, patience Zan…patience.” And Max rubbed his son’s head as they headed toward Liz’s SUV.

“You know Mike, I think I need to buy a car.”

“Well if that’s what you want to do let’s go take a look.” And so they went car shopping.


Back at the Evans’ house Liz and Serena were busy with more cultures and more blood samples. Ava, Kyle and Angela all tested negative for the virus, which they were sure they would and then they started with bits of virus from the Petrie dishes and while Serena was out in the kitchen getting some water out of the fridge Liz could hardly contain herself. Little Angela’s blood sample was literally wiping out the virus cells completely. Maybe it was because she’s so young and it’s so pure , or a hybrid/human mix Liz thought. At this point she didn’t care. Zan was right! One vial would make enough serum to cure a planet and Liz was beside herself. When Serena came in she could see the look on Liz’s face she ran to the microscope as Liz vacated her chair and Serena was just as speechless as Liz. She picked up the jar and read the name…Angela and she shook her head. Possibly if Liz and Max had a child it would work just as well but Serena kept that to herself.

“Do you know what this means?”

“I certainly do. We need to draw a vial of that babies blood and freeze it while she’s still so young. It’s the only thing I can think of.” Liz answered. Serena had thoughts of her own but it didn’t make much difference at this period in time, this worked.

“Yes, that too, but we need to get that lab set up and figure out how to manufacture enough serum to send to Antar and send it fast. I’m taking the first batch back myself with the notes Liz but I’m coming back. I think I prefer Earth to Antar.”

“I figured you would. It’s a great place Serena and when you meet the right person you’re alien status won’t matter one damned bit. None of us ever had any trouble accepting the pod squad and I don’t think anyone would ever have any problem with you. And in the time that Max has been gone the government has accepted them as well…you know, they hatched from those pods in the pod chamber.”

“I vaguely remember someone saying that.”

“Yeah, those pods you crawled through to get out of the Granolith Chamber, remember Max explained that to you in Texas…that’s where the royals were stored until their birth as six year olds.”

“Six year olds?”

“Yep. Your queen, Max’s mom, had human DNA mixed with Alien DNA and incubated the clones in those pods. There were eight but three of the New York four were annihilated and Kyle married the fourth, Ava. Tess was one of the New Mexico four but she hatched much later than Michael, Max and Isabelle and Nasedo took her away and raised her. He was a really horrible, shape shifting, psychopath. No wonder Tess was so screwed up. She really could be very nice, but she had a plan. Had her mind made up she was the queen of Antar and nothing was going to get in her way to achieve her goals. She could mind warp an entire room and make them see things that weren’t happening… she could even mind warp miles away. Something to admire really. Ava can do it too but she never does…not that I’m aware of anyway. Ava is like the mirror image of Tess but an entirely different personality altogether. We all love her.”

“Damn, you guys must have really had some rough times then?”

“Yeah, we did. Someday I’ll tell you about some of the hell we were put through. Max was actually tortured by the special unit of the FBI and we had to rescue him. Michael killed the leader of the special unit and Max ordered Nasedo to take his place back in Washington. Then Isabelle killed a congresswoman that was actually a skin and we went to her funeral in Copper Summit, Arizona and damned near got killed ourselves. One of the skins saved our necks that day but then the skins retaliated and came to Roswell seeking revenge and the Granolith. Courtney, the one that saved us in Copper Summit actually chose to kill herself rather than give us up. If the truth be known she was in love with Michael, I think. Then Tess mind warped the skins into believing they were on fire and they all disintegrated right before their eyes. It wasn’t easy Serena.”

“Well what happened between you and Max?”


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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L lang.) ch 36 5/27/11

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Well, I had this thing all edited and when I hit “submit” it lost the entire thing so here goes again…

Sorry about the good part…you may want to grab a stone, get ready! :lol: :lol: :lol:
As for taking something from the treasure chest, I don’t think Max really wanted any of it but he listened to Cal’s thoughts on the subject and had to agree with him to some extent. And, yes, I’m glad Harvik is gone as well and I think Serena has found a home. She is very well liked and likes everyone she has met, so she’s prepared to stay.

Eve: Grab a stone honey and get behind Cardinal… :D

Michelle: You get to throw the third stone Michelle… :D

Yes, I thought it was nice of Cal to give them something as a remembrance. As for Michael and Isabelle, well they really didn’t know Max was walking into a trap. They probably would have tried to convince him to stay had they known…maybe they’d have gone with him, I doubt it though.

As for Michael, well he always struck me as and egotistical, rude, over bearing lunk! He never thought about his actions, never took responsibility for his actions and just bull dozed his way through life. I can easily forgive his lack of social graces, he was never taught any, but the writers portrayed him as a very literate individual so he was just rude. Happy now that you’ve got me started. :) :roll: :wink:

Remember when I said:
“Possibly if Liz and Max had a child it would work just as well but Serena kept that to herself.”
Serena thinks it’s the human/hybrid mix in the blood that is doing it…also, Max healed Kyle when Jim accidentally shot him so he has that in his blood stream also.

As far as Max fighting dirty, well, he is a little sneaky I’ll say that for him. He’s older now and kind of knows his way around getting what he wants too. He can’t use cute like Zan but he can sure use Zan! :wink:

Rar 1942: Get your stones ready! :D

Carolyn: You’ve got to get in line too Carolyn. :lol:

Natalie 36: I hope so too. :)

XAF RU208: So glad you’re back with us and I hope they do too. :)

Smac: Maybe you need a stone too? :D


Chapter: 36

“Well what happened between you and Max?”

“Actually, he got horny!!!” And Serena got this horrified look on her face as Liz started to giggle uncontrollably and after she calmed down she said…

“No Serena, that will have to wait for another day … I think Max needs to be told first. He’s never really known why I quit seeing him. Now let’s get this stuff all put away and tell everyone the good news. Now that we know what we need it’s going to be a breeze. Did you buy a swimsuit?”

“Yeah, as a matter of fact I did. What do you have in mind.”

“I think a picnic and some swimming sounds good. Let me give Maria and Ava a call and see if they’re game for the park and some fun. What do you think?”

“I think that’s a swell idea.”

And so the two young doctors checked the dry ice supply, made sure everything was locked up and headed out to the kitchen where Diane was just getting ready to cook dinner.

“Diane, does a picnic in the park sound like fun?” Liz asked with a great big smile.

“A picnic sounds great and I’m assuming that those smiles on your faces mean something good happened back there in that makeshift lab of yours.”

“Yes it did. And as soon as Max gets back we’ll break the news to everyone at the same time. Now, let’s see what Amy, Maria and Ava think of the idea before we go breaking out all kinds of ‘stuff’” and everyone in the kitchen laughed.

“Liz, call your parents too.”

“Oh that’s a given Diane. Dad can bring the burgers.” And then Diane really laughed.

“You know he doesn’t have to bring anything don’t you?”

“I know but look at the group you’ve been feeding here for the past week…no it’s our turn.”

“Oh honey, I haven’t footed the bill…Max and Michael have been adding to the pantry all week.”

“Well then it’s my turn…via my dad.” Diane just shook her head and smiled.

“Okay Liz. Anything else.”

And about that time Zan came running into the house lickety split…

“Mom! Grandma! Serena! Come see dad’s new car.” And he took off as fast as he came in.

All the women in the kitchen stood there dumb struck and then they took off as fast as Zan.

There, sitting in Diane Evans’ driveway, was one of the most beautiful Cadillac Escalades the women had ever seen and Liz just stood there and grinned. She wouldn’t be afraid to bet any money at all that Zan Evans had something to do with this choice because it just wasn’t Max’s style at all and she grinned wider.

Max looked over at her and said…

“Shut up.” And she laughed out loud.

“Does it have the DVD player in it Max?” she asked through a giggle…

“It will be installed tomorrow smart ass.” He whispered into her ear and she shivered in reaction to Max’s breath on her neck and then she looked over at Zan and smiled as she said…

“You did good honey.” And Michael cracked up, he knew it wasn’t Max’s first choice either and no one understood the inside joke but Michael.


Liz made all of her phone calls and everyone was pleased as punch for the picnic idea. They knew that Liz and Serena must have some pretty good news if they wanted all of them together and they weren’t holed up in that back bedroom but Liz and Serena decided that Max and Michael would be the only ones they would tell right now and it worked out fine.

Liz told her dad to bring enough burgers to give everyone at least one, and she would take care of the rest of the meat, she figured at least 15 unless someone else wanted to bring a guest…Then she grabbed her purse and headed on out to her vehicle.

“Can I go mom. I haven’t seen you all day.”

“Sure Zan, come on, go tell your daddy and grandma that you’re going with me okay.”

“Okay.” And when Zan came back out of the house he had his daddy with him and Max pointed to his vehicle. Liz just shook her head, turned off her engine and crawled into the front seat of the Escalade along with Max. The first thing that came to her mind was…good God, a person could live in this thing, it’s huge and Max just smiled.

“Buckle up Zan, you’ll have to suffer without entertainment today buddy. Tomorrow we’ll have the DVD player installed and then we’ll stop at the Block Buster and see if they have any overstocked kids stuff for sale, how’s that?”

“Great dad…” and Liz looked in the back seat and said…

“Cool dad…try it Zan, when something is fine or great it’s COOL!”

Zan grinned at his mother…

“Cool.” And Liz nodded and Max shook his head at the both of them, then Liz piped up …

“Max, he needs to know these things when he goes to school. We don’t want our son to be out of it do we?”

Max looked at her and grinned. The grin he knew would set her pants on fire and then he shrugged…

“I guess.” Liz shivered almost the entire trip to the market…damn,damn,damn,


At the market Zan immediately found cut up chickens in the meat section and looked at Liz and said…

“Can I make chicken. Does grandma have enough bottles of everything?”

“Do you remember what bottles you need Zan.”

“Yeah, I do. And dad and uncle Michael can cook it for us.”

“Okay, if you want to fix chicken then we’ll buy chicken but we need a couple of tri tip too. Is that okay with you?”

“Yeah, that sounds good. What else are we going to have?”

“Well, let’s just go over to the deli and see what they have. Why not make this easy on ourselves. Amy is bringing desert but we’ll buy some ice cream cones too. We can get some dry ice for them…we can always use more dry ice.” And Zan was practically dancing around the super market and Max and Liz were trying to control themselves watching him. Max was in heaven and Liz, well she was doing her best to fight those feelings.

Liz couldn’t believe the price of spices…she had never bought so many at one time before and it was a fortune. By the time they got to the check out stand she was glad that Max had come with her…this was one major grocery order…almost everything they bought was high dollar merchandise and she just hoped that Diane didn’t get upset with them. (No worries there, Diane was grateful for the reprieve.)

Liz had the box boy put all of the napkins, utensils, paper plates, sodas, chips, cups, bottles of water and everything else that didn’t need any preparation or refrigeration in separate bags. They bought an ice chest and ice to put the sodas and Iced tea and various other beverages in and they just left that stuff in the Escalade when they got back to the house. They still had 4 huge bags of groceries to carry in and of course Mr. Zan Evans insisted on carrying his chicken and spices, he needed to get busy so his mom and dad gave him the bag with the meat and Liz threw the spices in on top of the packages of chicken and Zan took off. Max whistled and Zan immediately slowed to a steady walk and Liz giggled. It seemed that the boy had a habit of taking off and knew what the whistle meant.

Diane took one look at the groceries and then asked…

“What am I bringing to the party you two?”

“Just yourself madam…just yourself. Now you sit down over there and talk to us while we put this stuff away. Oh, and Zan needs a bowl to start fixing the chicken. I didn’t know we were going to have chicken but he learned to make it in Texas and now he’s an expert.” Liz told her.

“My God, what all did you buy?”

“Everything that we might need and everything we do need and everything’s already prepared except for the meat. I’ve had the deli’s 3 bean salad before and it tastes just like mine so why make it…I’ve also discovered it doesn’t cost anymore to buy it made than it does to make your own. We drove through Kentucky Fried and got their cole slaw too…why mess with perfection? Then there’s the pasta salad that I know we all liked as teenagers so it’s there as well, and potato salad, baked beans plus anything else that looked good.”

Diane sat and watched Liz and Max put things away and then she got a good look at the serious face on one Zan Evans and she almost had to leave the room…he was just too funny. You would have thought he was performing major surgery the way he eyed that chicken and all of those bottles of spices.

“My God Liz, I have spices.”

“I know but he wanted to be sure he had everything the recipe called for. If he forgets how it all goes together I’ll just log onto the food network and print him out another recipe. Oh…and, we can’t talk to him while he’s concentrating, he’ll lose his place.”

“Oh, then we best not make too much noise.”

And Zan just kept working on his spice mixture and his chicken…let them talk, it was going to be good he knew it. And mom and dad bought 5 bottles of Tabasco too, so that was going to make it really good.

Liz got out the tri tip and a couple of zip locks and started to rub the meat down with her favorite rub and then put the roasts in the zip locks to set up and stuck them in the refrigerator. She preferred the meat to sit overnight but this was going to be fine. With all of the other stuff they would be eating leftovers for a week and that was fine too. It would give her a chance to do some sight seeing. Well a chance to see what there was to see in Roswell along with Isabelle and Serena and anyone else that wanted to go. She was starting to really enjoy herself and her surroundings and life was good.

When Max was certain he was no longer needed in the kitchen he headed for the garage and got out a couple of ice chests and took them out to the side yard to clean them out and then wondered if they were big enough to hold everything….He went back in and asked Liz what she thought.

“Max, if we can’t get all of the containers in there we’ll just put the food in Zip Locks. It won’t take as much room that way.”

“Okay…they’re cleaned and ready whenever the junior chef is.” They all laughed and about that time Isabelle came in from her visit with Ava and wanted to know what she could do to help and Diane looked at her and grinned…

“As soon as Zan has the chicken prepared we’re good to go. He learned to make chicken in Texas but don’t talk to him. He loses his place.”

“Oh, okay then. Let me go put a bathing suit on under my jeans, grab a towel and I’m good to go too. Kyle, Ava and the baby will meet us at the park. Ava wants to make sure Angela’s tummy is full so she’ll be pleasant during Ava’s meal, she said she can only hope,” and Diane laughed.

And then all the women took off to get bathing suits.


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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L lang.) epilogue 5/29/11

Post by mary mary » Sun May 29, 2011 2:52 am

Cardinal: I don't know about replacing "Bob", I kind of had a classic convertible in mind myself. One of those with a 354 under the hood that when you stepped on the gas it actually threw you back in your seat. :lol: :lol: :lol: Now that's a car!!! :roll: Or, maybe a Chrysler Sebring rag top...that's nice too.
Michelle: Before I get into the gloves let me tell you about a bar-b-que place in Griffith Park right off the I-5 headed So. It's right across the street from the picnic tables in the park down there where you live and this bar-b-que place has been there since the 1930's. It's just a little red shack type place that the front wall folds down half way to make a counter type thing and you order right from the street. I haven't been there in a few years but trust me it's worth the drive over to check it out. Also, take time to go to the Huntington Library down there. It's old also but awesome. That should take care of today's food lesson! :)

As for cloning more Maxes, well, I'm not so sure that the world could handle more than one. At least with sheep you can sheer them and make coats...I can't bring myself to tell you what I think we should do with Max!!! :oops: :oops: :lol: :P
Carolyn: You caught that did you? I thought it was kind of clever myself...As for the vehicle, let's just say it's going to come in quite handy.
Eve: Nice car huh? :D Yes, I think little people are nice too...although I'm not so sure lovely would describe me, my son calls me "the little general" with good reason. I tend to get a little loud when he rattles my chain, which I think he likes to do.
Natalie36: Thank you.
XAF RU208: I agree...Zan's chicken is going to be wonderful and as far as the trucks and large SUV's are concerned, we have a lot of them here as well. As a matter of fact, when we first moved to this town back in 74 the only job I could find was at a chevy car dealership, we were the number one dealership in truck sales for that year. I live in cattle country, but inside the city limits. Too old to be traipsing around in 'them thar hills'... :roll:
Michelle: It's all about the food and the entertainment! As for Shiri's resume', well it says on one of the websites that she's 5' 3" but she never looked that tall to me. As for Jason, the same Wikipedia dictionary says that he's 5' 11" and he doesn't look that tall to me either, but I guess he could be.

Well, as you all can see from the rest of the update, this is it. I want to thank all of you for the enjoyable fb. It was as much fun as the story was for me. I wish all of you well and God bless til next time.[/b]



The picnic in the park was a great success and everyone made sure to compliment Zan on his chicken, which surprised all of them because it was quite tasty, and Zan was very pleased…He was also quite taken with little Angela and as he watched her sleep in her little stroller he smiled. His baby sister was going to have dark hair and dark eyes in the not too distant future, he already knew this and she was going to be the apple of her daddy’s eye and Zan didn’t mind one bit because he felt the same way. She was going to be the first of a few brothers and sisters and it was going to be fun being the big brother.

Oh, and Zan’s baby sister would not be conceived via a test tube either, much to the joy of her mommy and daddy! And he was going to go to school in Texas and that was going to be a lot of fun because his daddy was going to go to Texas A & M and they would be doing homework together.

Uncle Michael and Aunt Maria were going to move to Austin, Texas because of Aunt Maria’s music but she wasn’t going to travel anymore. Uncle Michael finally convinced her to settle down and they were going to have two little ones soon just like his mommy and daddy. Aunt Isabelle and Uncle Jesse were going to have twins next year and grandma and grandpa Evans were going to go stay with Aunt Isabelle for a while.

Antar was germ free for the time being and the world council decided that John Harvik could best serve his world by working as a lab technician in their research and development department of health. That way they could keep a very close eye on all of his activities, he was a very good biologist so they decided not to execute him for his brothers’ crimes.. John did meet a lovely Antarian female and they married and were very happy. John never did have the political aspirations that his brother had and he chose to keep the anagram rather than using Khivar’s name. It just left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth to even think it let alone say it.

The Canadian Antarians remained in Canada, harvested their husks and managed to stay relatively happy since any chance of the life Khivar had promised them was long gone.

Serena took the serum and the necessary notes back to Antar with her and returned to the lab in the desert. She worked on cures for many children’s diseases and had a separate area of the lab for cancer research. Max had made sure that the money Cal Langley had provided was well invested and provided all the latest research equipment Serena needed for her studies and as her projects grew so did her facilities and her fame. She and the contractor, Jerry Parsons, became very well acquainted with each other and after some length of time they too became an item which pleased Liz to no end. She just knew Serena would find someone on earth to love her and for her to love back and the research center became quite successful and well known, although only a select few knew about the tunnel. The center was recognized the world over and Dr. Serena Parsons’ name became as famous as Doctor Parker/Evans who worked in collaboration with Serena on many projects.

Back in Hollywood, Ca. one Cal Langley sat on his patio and smiled one of the biggest smiles he had ever smiled, a truly genuine smile too as he smoked his very expensive cigars. He possessed the Crown Jewels of Antar and the young prince would be one of the wealthiest men in the universe when the time was right.

Oh, not that he wanted him back on Antar, he would never wish that on anyone, but he would be wealthy and recognized for who he was, as would his father before him. The man who, at the age of 18 went to war and liberated his people. He would write the story himself. And a simple little brunette beauty who worshiped that young man would become his queen and the mother of his children. It would make a great movie some day…who knows, it could be the tale of the universe.
The End.

Yes, it’s the end… We could go on with the young prince going back to Antar for a visit, taking his brothers and sisters along for the ride. We could have an invasion from another planet on Antar and have the need for Max to go save his other world again, or we could let the poor people lead dull, mundane lives in happiness and leave all of the angst for everyone else, who are smarter than me, to write about it…which I’m inclined to do right now. You all have marvelous ideas and I will cut and paste them to a note book for later reference when my mind starts to wander again.
Thank you everyone
Signed: Fluffy

Watch for “The DEA Meets the Highway Patrol” coming to the A/U no aliens. No kids but Max and Liz are still at odds with each other![/b]


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.