The one that had it all(AA, TEEN) COMPLETE

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The one that had it all(AA, TEEN) COMPLETE

Post by Human-traffic-accident » Sun Jun 03, 2007 2:14 pm

Title: The one that had it all
Author: Human-traffic-accident
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or its characters.
Authors note: This is a sequal to my other fic 'One last goodbye'
But you don't really need to read that to under stand this.

Dear Liz,

I never really got round to thanking you, because if you had never slept with Kyle me and Max wouldn't be where we are today. He would still be madly in love with you, and i would still be the local miss fit.

The love of your life chose me, Max loves me, We have been together since we left earth, he didn't even care when he found out that it was me who killed Alex, so I win, Liz i have the only thing that you ever really wanted.

But the problem is I never could beat you and even though your millions of miles away your still winning, cause i'm lay here next to my husband, with my son in the next room and all i can think about is you.
Because he dreams about you, and he wispers your name in his sleep, In his mind your both still 17 and i don't exist, your together and i'm not there

You liz Parker still own the only thing i have ever wanted. My husband wispers your name when he sleeps, my husband loves you. So I envy you, I'm the queen of antar i should envy no-one, but you, you never would let me win.

Your the one who has it all, only your never gonna know it.

Her majesty the Queen of Antar,

Tess layed down her diary and wispered goodnight to her husband, "Liz" he wispered back. A single tear rolled down tess's cheak, and she let herself drift to sleep.


Mean while back on earth Liz parker smiled in her sleep.

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