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A/N: Hey guys! Just wanted to drop off the next part, but FIRST...Spread ‘Em is coming to a close. There are only a few more parts left, and by that time Traveling Soldier will also be completed. :D Go Me! ENJOY!

Part Twenty!

Max couldn’t help but eye his sister warily as they drove towards Jesse’s office. He’d never seen her look so frazzled. Just in the way she had called him and immediately rushed to pick him up had alarmed him.

Isabel was always calm, always collected. She had always been the “ice princess”, never letting anyone or anything bother her. And to see her like this was making him want to freak out as well. He had no idea what was going on.

“Isabel...” he hedged softly.

She was staring straight ahead, hands gripping the steering wheel as they drove towards wherever the hell they were going. Max could’ve sword he heard her mumbling under her breath as she reached up to push stray wisps of her blonde hair behind her ears.

“Isabel, are you okay?”

She looked over, acknowledging him for the first time since he had gotten into the car. “I’m fine, Max. Everything’s great,” she said quickly, eyes darting back to the road. She swore loudly when a car pulled out in front of them, making them stop at a red light.

Max’s eyes were practically out of their sockets as he regarded her. “Where are we going?”

She looked at him sharply, and seemed to consider if she should tell him or not. Waving her hand in a flippant gesture, she tried her best to smile normally. “Oh, I just need to stop by Jesse’s for a second.”

Max nodded, seeing she was obviously unwilling to tell him anymore. He was even more confused, wondering what could be going on between her and Jesse that would make her act the way she was acting. As far as Max knew, they’d never even had a fight.

When Isabel spoke again it took Max but such surprise he jumped in his seat. “So how are things with Liz?”

“Liz? How do you know about Liz?”

Isabel looked at him in confusion, not understanding that Liz wasn’t supposed to be known to the world. Not that Max didn’t want to get on the highest mountain and tell everyone how amazing he felt for being lucky enough to love her and be loved by her. He just had thought it was best to keep things between them more private until everything with Tess was taken care of.

“Just something mom mentioned to me...” Isabel told him warily, obviously feeling like she was treading on a sensitive subject and probably shouldn’t have mentioned anything in the first place.

Max let out a sigh of relief, scared for a second that Jesse had told her about Liz. It bothered him that his mother had said something, but she probably hadn’t thought there would be anything wrong with his sister knowing what was going on.

“Liz is great,” Max told her finally.

He trusted Isabel, trusted that his sister would not say anything about Liz to anyone as long as he asked. And since Max wanted to talk about how much he loved Liz and how happy he was, he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity now that he had found someone who seemed genuinely interested to talk about it.

“How’d you meet her?” Isabel asked, smiling at the look on Max’s face. It’d been so long since she had seen it there and she couldn’t be happier for him. Isabel had always had a feeling that Max wasn’t completely happy with the life he led. It was nice to see that was changing.

“I pulled her over.” Max smiled at the memory of their first meeting, getting lost in his thoughts as he remembered every moment of pure bliss that had followed.

“Do you love her?” Isabel asked after a few minutes, letting Max revel in his cherished moments.

He turned to look at her, the smile so broad on his face it made Isabel join him despite herself. “Yes,” he told her.

There was no hesitancy, no doubt in the way he said it. He was complete, finally whole because of this small girl who had captured his heart. “This is where I’m supposed to be, Iz. When I’m with her...it’s all I need. There’s no where else I can imagine wanting to be.”

Isabel felt tears sting her eyes at his sweet words, but she blinked them back, not wanting to alarm him. Hearing him speak about love, about true love...it was a little too much right now. She had so much on her mind, and she’d been trying for the past two hours to get around it, to avoid it.

But as they pulled up to Jesse’s office, she knew what she had to do.

Getting out of the car, Max came around to Isabel’s side and put his arms around her. “Whatever it is, Isabel, it’s going to be okay. I’m here for you.”

She nodded as she hugged him, pulling him just a little tighter before stepping back and smoothing down her outfit in nervousness. Taking a breath, she turned to face the building, determined. She walked to the front door, her hand hovering above the doorknob for a second before it closed around the cold metal.

Max watched as she pushed open the door, trailing slightly behind her, still unsure of the situation. He was curious to find out just what was going on, and as soon as that was taken care of, he could talk to Jesse about the divorce.

But Max could tell the second they walked into the office that something was wrong. Muffled noises came from one of the closed doors in the back, and there wasn’t a secretary on duty, which normally Max wouldn’t have noticed. The only reason it stuck out was because if there wasn’t a secretary than the office probably wasn’t open, and he couldn’t understand why Jesse would come to work...

Max then took in Isabel’s frazzled appearance and definite out-of-character behavior, and Max knew something was not right.

Isabel seemed to be thinking the same thing, because she walked straight towards the door Max assumed held Jesse’s private office, and thrust it open, not even bothering to knock.

To say it came as a complete shock when he actually saw Jesse and Tess spring apart would be a major understatement.

“What the FUCK is going on here?”

This came from Isabel, who looked so furious Max could practically see the steam pouring out of her ears. But he completely understood. As he looked at the two of them, mixed looks of guilt and smug satisfaction on their faces, Max wanted nothing more than to punch Jesse straight in the face.

It actually didn’t seem like too bad of an idea, and with three purposeful strides, shocking the hell out of the older man, Max’s fist came into contact with his jaw, hard and fast, sending him flying backwards into his desk.

A picture frame of Jesse and Isabel slid off the side of the desk from the impact, the glass shattering as it landed on the floor.

“You fucking bastard,” Max spat, watching as the other man nursed his jaw.

Max looked over to where Tess stood, her haughty expression clouded by a trace of fear that Max couldn’t help but be happy about. He wanted to strangle her, but that was an urge he would not give in to.

Max stormed over to Isabel, who was staring at Jesse and Tess with a mixture of shock, pain, and pure rage in her dark eyes.

“How could you?” she asked finally, her voice low and dangerous.

Max had only seen his sister lose control once before in his life. They had been eight, and Max and Michael had taken her Barbie dolls and cut off all their hair, wanting to use them as GI Joe action figures since their own had drowned in the pond behind their house.

But the anger on that young Isabel’s face was nothing compared to the looks she was giving now. Max swore that if looks could kill, Jesse and Tess would be out of their hair.

Isabel seemed to approve of Max’s choice of action, only disliking the fact that he had gotten to throw the first punch. But she followed close behind, demanding their attention as she strode toward them. “How could you do this?” she practically yelled at him this time, but her voice still showed she was holding onto her last shred of control.

She trembled from the effort to keep herself in check, finally reaching up to slap Jesse across the face as a tear coursed down her cheek. Jesse seemed as stunned by Isabel’s lack of control as Max was, obviously having been expecting her to be calm about the fact that he’d been caught red handed.

Isabel turned to Tess next. “You stupid bitch,” she snarled, all the anger and frustration she knew Max wanted to bestow on the smaller blonde coming out in waves. “Fucking with my brother wasn’t enough for you? You had to go behind and fuck my fiancé as well?”

Tess knew she was no match for Isabel, who was at least a foot taller than her. And the girl involuntarily shrunk back. Disliking the action, Tess straightened, defiance rolling off of her. “I was fucking him when he was just your boyfriend, too,” she replied matter-of-factly, the satisfaction in her eyes completely evident.

Isabel took a step forward, and as Tess shrunk back again, Jesse’s hand closed around Isabel’s forearm.

“Get your fucking hands off of her!” Max exploded, going to his sister’s side.

Isabel’s icy glare stared down Tess for another second before she took a step back. “You’ve been fucking this tramp all along? My brother’s wife! How could you! How could you propose to me?” she demanded, taking the diamond engagement ring off her finger and hesitating.

She didn’t know who to throw it at, the man who had made her a false promise, or the tramp who was obviously desperate for it. She finally flung the ring at the book case behind them, only slightly satisfied when the glass of his framed college degree broke, which knocked over two other items before falling over.

She continued to stare at Jesse, who turned around to assess the damage, waiting for her answer.

“Start talking, Jesse, because none of us are leaving until we know the truth.”

Jesse’s eyes flashed at her words, before he shot a look at Tess. “What do you want to know?” he asked her finally. “How long we’ve really been together?”

He didn’t wait for an answer, though Isabel nodded just the same, her arms crossing in front of her chest, all the hurt and betrayal she was feeling completely dissipating into pure hatred and anger.

“We’ve been together ever since Max and Tess came down to visit.”

Tess chose that moment to speak up. “Why do you think I suddenly became so eager to move her, Max? You didn’t think it was because I wanted to make you happy, did you?”

Max’s jaw clenched in anger. “I’d watch what you say to me, Tess.”

But she continued. “I found a real man, and I knew you’d drop everything to move here if I said so, which is why I decided that I didn’t have to stop sleeping with him. Especially because it was so much fun, going behind your back with the man who was dating your sister.”

Max took a reflexive step forward, his hands clenching into fists at his side as he tried to control himself.

She let out a laugh, before looking to Jesse. “It’s still fun. Only now the truth is out, and there’s no reason for us to hide anymore.”

Max and Isabel watched in horror as Jesse leaned down and kissed Tess in front of them. Appalled by their actions, but immediately worrying about Isabel, Max put his arm on the small of her back, wanting to comfort her.

When they pulled away, Tess turned back to Max. “Sucks to know you’ve been lied to all along doesn’t it? Bet you think it’s going to stop now...now that you have your precious little Lizzie.”

At the sound of her name from Tess’s mouth, Max’s eyes snapped to Jesse’s. There was only one way that Tess could’ve found out about her, now that he knew Jesse and Tess were sleeping together.

And if Jesse had told her, that went against client-lawyer privilege. He wasn’t allowed to say anything. It was that simple.

“How could you tell her that Jesse? I told you that in confidence, not so it could be your damned pillow talk!”

Jesse’s answer wasn’t what he expected to hear. “I didn’t have to tell her.”

Tess laughed again, the sound grating on Max’s nerves. “That’s right, Max. He didn’t have to tell me, because I already knew.”

“How the fuck would you know that?”

The smug look was back in her eyes, mixed with a look of pure delight that Max wanted to smack off her face. She crossed her arms in front of her chest, leaning back as if to prepare herself for the enjoyment she would get out of his reaction when she finally told him.

“Because there’s a lot more going on here than just a simple affair. And your precious Liz has been involved in the whole thing.”



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A/N: I love ALL of you for the FB...and I know your kinda confused/mad/whatever about everything...but you only have 2 more parts to go through before all is taken care of!! So have faith!! I have some tricks up my sleeve ;)

Ellie - there's a little scene inspired by you in here ;)


Part Twenty-One

Tess watched in satisfaction as her words hit Max directly where she had aimed. Straight to his heart. His facial expressions changed from rage that was directed at her and Jesse, to complete and utter confusion.

“What?” he asked, staring from Jesse to Tess and waiting for an explanation.

Tess just grinned, along with Jesse, who was watching Max carefully. He could tell that Max was playing right into their very hands, letting his emotions get the best of him instead of taking a second to calmly think about things and realize that Liz would never do the things they were about to say she would.

Tess had lied, cheated, betrayed him their entire lives. The tricks and lies were so many they could barely keep count. And now she was going to tell him the biggest one of all, and it was one she had no doubt he would believe.

He wanted to know the “truth” about his little Lizzie. Tess had absolutely no problem cluing him in.

“Well–,” she began.

But Jesse had other ideas, and put his hand on her arm, stopping her from saying anything just yet. “We need to start from the beginning Tess, or he won’t really understand just how badly she tricked in, and how easily he played into her hands.”

Tess smiled devilishly up at him, eyebrows lifting at the thought of what he wanted to do. He wanted to tell them everything.

“Good idea, honey,” she replied sweetly, making sure to put extra emphasis on the last part for the sake of pissing Isabel off.

But when she looked over at the other blonde, she didn’t get the desired reaction she wanted. Isabel was busy eyeing Max with concern, waiting to hear the truth about Liz just as badly as he was so she would be able to do something to help him.

God, they made her sick.

Tess had never seen such genuine people before in her life. At first she had enjoyed it, because it let Max fall for her tricks back in college. If he hadn’t been so trusting, so caring, he probably would’ve kicked her out on her ass the second he had suspicions about what she was really doing during her study hours.

But luckily, he’d not only continued to date her, but he’d actually married her, believing all along that he was never meant to find anything more than what they had together.

It wasn’t the truth. Tess knew that he had found true love in Liz, another thought that made her sick to her stomach. Not because she was harboring any feelings deep down for Max, but simply because that whole “lovey-dovey” soul mate thing made her want to puke.

True love conquers all... Tess scoffed. What a joke.

If Max thought true love was going to prevail in this situation, he was dead wrong. Because the look on his face told her that Liz had been as scared and weak as they had hoped, that she had kept her mouth shut.

Tess could only imagine what Max would say when he heard what she had to tell him. Because the second he heard it, the only thing his fragile little heart would see was that Liz was exactly the same as she had always been. Someone he thought he cared about, and this time someone he truly loved, had betrayed him.

This was going to be too much fun.

Tess watched, already getting to have her fun by telling him that Liz had been involved. Now it was Jesse’s turn, to tell them what the bigger plan beneath all of this was, how not only Max had fallen for tricks and lies, but their entire family had.

“When I met your family, I was nothing more than a kid fresh out of law school and hoping to make a difference in the world, Max. I was just like you actually, doing my part to ensure the rights of citizens remained protected.”

“You’re nothing like me...” Max practically growled, his fists clenched so tightly together he could feel his nails digging into the skin.

“Maybe not now,” Jesse agreed, sitting back against the desk and crossing his arms as he stared at them. “But I once was. That was before I realized there was something better than doing for others. I could worry about myself. It all started shortly after I met your father, after he took me under his wing. After I met you, Isabel.”

Isabel’s jaw seemed to tighten but she didn’t say anything, refusing to take his bait and show any kind of reaction.

“Your father is a kind, man. I admire him...but there’s one problem that he has, something you all seem to share. The old man is way too trusting for his own good.”

Jesse looked over at the picture frames that had been knocked over when Isabel had thrown her ring, and noticed one that remained standing. He walked over to it, picking it up and looking at the photo inside.

“He trusted me. Got closer to me once I started courting you, Isabel. And for a while I was content to thrive under his guidance,” he paused, staring at Isabel while he said his next words. “But I grew bored with that idea...just like I became bored with all of it.”

“You bastard,” she breathed finally, her eyes pinning him with a cold stare.

How had she loved this man? How had she trusted him and let him into their lives and family when the entire time he was plotting and scheming beneath the surface, using them all. All these questions spun round and round in her mind as she listened to him talk, listened to him reveal the nasty plan they had been concocting the entire time.

“So, when did Tess come into the equation?”

Max asked, wanting to know if her part in this whole thing was recent or if this had somehow been set up from the very beginning. He couldn’t believe how surreal this all was. It was like a soap opera, the lives of all the characters so tangled and twisted that nothing seemed to make sense anymore.

But this wasn’t a TV show. This was his life, and the woman he had brought into their family had not only been betraying him, but she had been working to betray them all, and he needed to know for how long it had been going on.

“Well, you know I met her when you came to visit, she convinced you to move. We continued our affair under your noises, and then at some point we just got to talking. Pillow talk, mostly,” he said with a smirk, “and Tess made me realize the opportunities I had right at my fingertips. Opportunities I did not plan to let slip away.”

“What are you talking about?” Isabel asked, and Max agreed with her confusion.

Tess smiled as she watched them, the looks on confusion on their faces simply priceless to her. They were in for the shock of their lives when they found out the truth, found out what was about to happen to the company Max and Isabel’s father had built from the ground up.

It had taken a lot of work, keeping up appearances. That diamond ring that Jesse had purchased for Isabel had been only one of the weapons of deceit they had used. Half the time Tess wanted to scream because she still found herself married to Max instead of out in the open with Jesse.

But it seemed like the wait was finally over.

Max and Isabel were finally going to know the truth. Isabel would be heartbroken, the family would be heartbroken, and Max...well, he’d be alone again, believing lies about the best thing that had ever happened to him.

It was all just so tragic.

Leaning back, Tess prepared herself for it, sending one last smile at Jesse as he moved to reveal the entire thing.

But before the words could even come out of his mouth, a shrill ringing broke through the tension in the room.

Max fished around in his pocket, feeling the vibrations against his leg as he realized he had forgotten to turn his cell phone on just vibrate. He took it out, flipping open the cover before pressing the talk button.


A voice came on the other line, but Tess couldn’t make it out. She watched in curiosity as Max’s frown deepened. He listened to whoever was on the other line, replying at all the appropriate moments.

“Where are you going?”

Tess watched as Max looked up to his sister, mouthing a word Tess could easily make out. ‘Liz”. She wondered for a second why the little bitch would be calling him now, but didn’t get too worried when she saw the look on Max’s face.

“You’re going to meet him?”

Tess could tell he was trying to keep the angry tone out of his voice for the sake of appearances, but she caught it none the less, positively gleeful at the turn of events. She couldn’t wait to find out what was going on between them.

“Fine,” he said finally. “I’ll see you later.”

He hung up the phone, shoving it back in his pocket before turning to address all of them. He looked angrier than Tess had ever seen, and for a split second, Tess wondered if they were pushing him too far.

But the damage had been done, and they couldn’t go back now.

“That was Liz,” he stated angrily. “She said she’s going to meet up with her exboyfriend Kyle Valenti, a guy I was pretty convinced she wanted nothing to do with until now.”

Tess absorbed this information, definitely not having been expecting it. She had no idea that Liz and Kyle had any connection to each other, but there had to be a way this could be used to their advantage.

“Now, I want to know what the fuck you guys know about Liz, and I want to know RIGHT. NOW.” he shouted.

Tess decided it was her turn to speak, since she was the one who wanted to deliver the news. “Liz was working with us, Max. She was sent to seduce you, to make you fall in love with her so you would not only distracted by what was going on right under your nose, but also to get you to divorce me.”

She watched as he visibly took a step back, shaking his head in disbelief. “That’s not possible,” he said shakily, sending a pleading look at Isabel.

His sister watched on in shock, not even able to move because she had no idea what to say or do to help. She was angry, pissed at this girl she didn’t even know for coming into her brother’s life and hurting him again.

Max just couldn’t believe it. “Why?” he asked finally, wanting to know the truth behind all of this.

Jesse just smiled. “Why do you think we’ve hidden this for so long, only to reveal it now. What do you think is happening right this very moment, has probably already happened?”

Tess and Jesse watched in satisfaction as the realization crossed their faces. “The merger...” Isabel whispered, sharing a look of dread with her brother.

“We have to go now, Isabel. We have to stop them.”

Tess just laughed. “You’re going to be too late. You probably already are. Don’t you get it Max. We’ve won, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

Max just stared at her, a look of pure venom in his eyes. “Tess, you’re not going to get away with this. If it’s the last thing I do, I swear I’ll make you pay for what you’ve done to me and my family.”

Turning to Isabel, he put his hand on the small of her back and moved to lead her out of the door. But she stopped for a second, turning to the mess she had created before walking over and picking up the ring off the floor.

“I should at least get something out of this, right Jesse?” she asked, holding the ring up for him to see before walking back to Max. “Hopefully this is worth something.”

Slipping it into her pocket, she followed Max out of the door, leaving a slightly shocked Jesse and Tess behind, as they headed to save their family.



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A/N: Just a couple of things before we start...though some of you are anxious and might skip over my little schpiel (is that how you spell that? My room mates and I were trying to figure it out, and we thought it was slang, but then my one room mate comes out of left field with "it's yiddish!" And we're all like what? and she told me it's spelt Spiel and just pronounced the way I spelt it first.) This wasn't meant to be in the Author's Note...but I decided to throw it in there. Anyways! Moving ON.

I got a LiveJournal!! woooo...it's very exciting. Of course sad at the same time, because I have no friends. Here's the link:xmycockx. Ignore the username...it's my nickname because no one can pronounce my last name :roll: So Be my friend!!

Second note! Awards!! hehe! I'm SO happy and honored and SHOCKED. Seriously...it's crazy and I love you all SO much for thinking of me. :D

And Lastly, DON'T HATE ME. Remember my sleeve? The One with the Tricks?? :D I'm gonna try to get the last part out soon! I'm working on it right now!! Be Happy! And you'll ALL love the Epilogue. I love you all! Thanks SO much for reading!!

Part Twenty-Two

Kyle Valenti had lived in Roswell, New Mexico his entire life. Son of the Roswell Sheriff, he had always sworn that he would make his own path, and avoid law enforcement. But like his father, and grandfather before him, he too had gotten the badge.

He’d made his way up the ladder among the other deputies in the department due to his familiarity with the whole system, but people would always assume his father had played favorites. That had never been the case.

Jim Valenti was a man of the law, and he followed all the rules, working Kyle harder than many of the others just to prove that point.

But that all changed the day Max Evans came into town.

There was something about the old Roswell native who had left their small town to start a life in the big city, even Kyle could admit that. Even just meeting him once, Kyle could see the genuine nature Max had that simply drew others to him.

It was a quality his rough around the edges younger brother could’ve learned to adopt just a little more. Those two were as different as night and day. And while Kyle had a buried sense of admiration for the older officer, no one would’ve been able to tell by watching them interact.

And it all came down to two women.

Tess Harding had nearly knocked him over the first time he laid eyes on her, her piercing blue gaze, shiny blonde curls, and porcelain skin a deadly combination. She strutted into the Roswell PD building, looking for someone, and appearing disappointed, when Kyle had decided to make his move.

They laughed, flirted, and followed it up with a quickie in the store room before she announced she’d been looking for her husband and needed to get back. It was a fling, a one time wham-bam-thank you Mam, and that was all there was supposed to be to it.

But Kyle had already fallen hard, and couldn’t help but drive himself crazy with thinking about her. They had a few other moments of passion, and Kyle had all but convinced himself there had been something between them.

Which lead him back to Liz, his long-time girlfriend. They’d met around town, Roswell being as small as it was, and had dated for while. Liz was beautiful, there was no denying that, but Tess had been something completely different. Tess had been exciting.

And Liz had gotten dropped like yesterday’s news.

But when Kyle had found out that Tess wasn’t interested, it had also been around the time that a call came in about a red convertible speeding down the highway. He had called Liz that night, knowing he had made a mistake, before she got in an accident.

And then to his surprise, Max Evans shows up at the scene. It all unfolded right before his eyes really, Tess cheating on Max, Max and Liz meeting after she and Kyle had broken up...and one thing was perfectly clear. Max Evans had everything, and he was going down if it was the last thing Kyle did. He would find a way to make him lose it all.

He’d been patient, for the most part, only giving in once and calling Liz and getting her to meet with him where he pretty much told her everything. But she was unrelenting, and all but squashed his hopes that Max Evans would be the envious one someday.

That was, until he got a call from Tess Harding last night.

She told him she needed him to watch Max, see if anything interesting happened, especially where Liz was concerned. How Tess even knew Liz was a mystery to him, but he didn’t question it, especially when she told him that she’d make it worth his while if he helped her. So he’d waited for Max to show up, and just watched.

And watching the other man walk into work today had definitely put a smile on his face, because Max Evans looked like he’d been run over with a bus, only to have it back up and go over him again.

He spent the better part of the morning staring at his desk and ignoring the phone. Kyle watched him with interest, waiting to see what was happening between either him or Liz, when Max had finally given him what he wanted.

After about the fifth call, he finally picked up the phone, his voice sounding weary and strained as he talked.


There was a pause, and Max’s jaw tightened visibly as the other person spoke.

“What do you want, Liz?”

Kyle sat up straighter, this being the conversation he had been waiting for. He did his best to scoot his chair inconspicuously closer in the direction of Max’s desk, catching every single word.

“Look, Liz...there’s just nothing left to say. I thought I could trust you, I thought I could love you but...”

He took a deep breath.

“I was wrong. You proved me wrong.”

Kyle nearly toppled out of his seat, but gripped the edge of the desk for support. He watched as Max’s fist clenched at his mouth, before reaching up to rub his eyes.

“I have to go. Goodbye, Liz.”

He pulled the receiver away from his ear, staring almost longingly at it before softly cradling it. Palms spread flat against the desk, he simply stared down at the files before him, not taking in anything.

For the first time since Kyle had actually started this plan, he felt bad. Seeing Max look so...destroyed. He had obviously really loved Liz, loved her in a way that Kyle himself had never been able to do. And now Kyle had helped to ruin the happiness they could’ve had.

Before he could really dwell on those thoughts, Kyle rose from his desk, walking to the back room and pulling out a small phone. He dialed a number, and waited.

When someone picked up, Kyle spoke quickly desperate to get out of the office. “We need to talk. I’ve got what you wanted.”

He listened carefully as directions were given. “Fine. I’ll see you in ten.”


“Tell me everything,” her soft voice commanded.

Kyle leaned more fully into the leather chair, enjoying the feel of her hands as she ran them across his chest.

Miniskirt hiked around her hips as she straddled him, Kyle was afforded one of the best views of his life, her cleavage directly in line with his eyes.

He leaned forward, kissing a sensitive spot on her neck, before softly pushing her away, holding her at arms length.

“I don’t think so, Tess.” He shook his finger at her, tapping her on the nose before his hand trailed seductively down her front. “You want to know what I know. And I’ll tell you. But first, I think I have some needs that should be taken care of before I start doing you any favors.”

Tess smiled wickedly, reaching between their bodies to unfasten his pants as she fused their mouths together. Kyle wanted to get something out of it, fine. She’d come to far to risk not knowing anything important. And a private phone call between Max and Liz was definitely what she considered important.

She had to make sure everything was going according to plan.

Once he was free from the confines of his pants, she raised her hips, pushing her panties aside as she slid on top of him.

Their coupling was hard and fast, and when it was over, she lay panting against him for only a moment before climbing off of him. Standing with her hands on her hips as he redid his slacks, she pinned him with a look that told him she meant business.

He had gotten what he wanted, and now she wanted to know what he knew.

He stood, coming up to her and trailing his hand down the side of her face. “It’s over between them, baby,” he whispered in her ear. “You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Tess smiled, pulling away as he leaned in to kiss her and grabbing her purse. “Thanks, babe,” she said simply before walking out the door and leaving a slightly stunned and put-out Kyle behind her.

Everything was going exactly according to plan and since she had nothing to worry about, she decided to head home.


Tess was shocked to find Max’s car outside their house when she pulled into the driveway. He hadn’t been there since the day he had asked her for a divorce, and quite frankly Tess had liked it that way. With him out of her hair, Jesse had been free to stop by whenever he wanted.

However one side of her didn’t mind. Now knowing that things were running smoothly and Max and Liz were indeed over, Tess decided she could use a little fun.

Walking into the house, Tess found Max, as expected, rummaging through drawers in the bedroom and gathering together all the last of his things. She wondered, with no real genuine concern, where he would be living now that Liz’s house was out of the equation.

Tess leaned in the doorway, watching him as he threw things into two duffel bags. He hadn’t noticed her yet, had obviously been so preoccupied with getting his stuff and getting out of there that he hadn’t even heard her come into the house.

She decided to make her presence known. “You know, of all the memories I’ll have from this house, I gotta tell you this is going to be one of my faves.”

Max spun around at the sound of her voice, and Tess folded her arms against her chest, her mouth turned up in a smirk. Fury flashed through his eyes at her words and her presence.

“The feeling is mutual Tess, you can be sure of that,” he spat in reply.

He glared at her only for a second longer before continuing with his packing. He had hoped she wouldn’t even come by the house while he was there, wanting to get in and out without even speaking to her. But of course his luck in the past had proven he would be anything but fortunate where Tess was concerned.

She continued to watch him, wanting to get a rise out of him and knowing the best way to. “Where will you go, Max? Now that you don’t have your lover’s arms to run to?” she taunted mercilessly, watching as his fists clenched around a pair of socks.

He tried his hardest not to reply, to continue what he was doing and just get out of there, but if Tess wanted to play games than he was more than willing to play games. She wanted to get him mad, well, then he would fucking get mad.

“What the fuck are you doing, Tess?” he shouted at her.

Tess took a step back, shocked that he had actually risen to her challenge. All the times before that she had made life hell for him, and he’d been the epitome of control. But Tess knew he had been driven to his breaking point.

“We’re alone, Tess. Just you and me. You’ve ruined my fucking life and I’d like nothing more than to grab a hold of your neck and choke you to death. So, I think it would be a good idea if you didn’t give me a reason to break the control I’m desperately holding on to right now!”

His voice rose with every word as he stepped toward her. And Tess visibly cowered away from him for the first time since she’d known him. A fact that she didn’t like it one bit.

Max on the other hand was enjoying himself. All the pent up feelings of frustration and anger from the past few days poured out of him, and he found himself telling her exactly how he felt about her for the first time, even more so than when he’d asked for a divorce.

“What the fuck did I ever do to you, Tess?” he demanded, throwing his hands up in frustration and letting out a yell. “I gave you fucking everything, I made the most of a relationship I didn’t even fully have my heart in and you’ve done nothing but fuck with me the entire time.”

“Why did you stay with me to begin with? There were plenty of other guys out there, plenty of assholes who would be deserving of a cold-hearted bitch like you, but no! You chose me. You chose to make my life a living hell, and I want to fucking know WHY!?”

There was nothing about the demand for the truth that came from him wanting to be able to make things better between them, or because he needed to know what he had done wrong. Because for the first time Max knew that her decisions had nothing to do with there being something wrong with him.

Whatever answer she was about to give him, would put the blame on his shoulders, but Max had already accepted the truth. She was the bad person in this situation. He had been nothing but giving and caring to a person who did nothing to deserve it, and Karma worked both ways.

Her answer couldn’t even shock him anymore, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to hear it. He wanted another reason to hate her. Another thing that would fan the flames of anger and fury that were working within him, pushing him to make sure she paid for every moment she had made his life a living hell.

Tess seemed to have regained her bitchy and cold exterior at his last words, because she flipped her head back haughtily, staring him in the face as she answered.

“You want to know why, Max? I’ll tell you! Because you just made it so fucking easy. Every lie, every trick, every affair, all right under your nose, and even when you knew, you never said anything. It was easy, and it was fun. That’s why!”

Max took another step forward. That was it. He’d had it. It was time to make her pay.



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A/N: Hey Guys! Wow...so the end is finally here. I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for this more than anything, and like I said my sleeves are now “trick-less” because I’ve emptied them into this part. Did that make sense? :D

Gah...there’s so much I want to say! First of all, thank you all SO much for sticking with this story. Thanks for leaving me feedback and supporting it throughout the entire long journey! I know I wasn’t always the most frequent updater, but you guys were always patient and awesome about it. Secondly, those nominations...wow, I’m still totally honored and shocked. Ask Sarah and Raychel, I’m always smiling when it’s brought up, because I didn’t start this or anything really hoping for it to be noticed that way. The fact that it has been...wow. :D Thank you all so much. Thirdly, I’m ending the poll when I post the Epilogue, which will have some fun stuff for all of you ;), and it looks like the winner is going to be “Something Worth Leaving Behind”. I’m excited to post that for you guys! It might be a week or two before it’s actually posted, because I need to get some planning done, and work on it a little, before I actually start. I hope you all read it and enjoy it.

Anyways, here’s the conclusion! The last part, the scene we’ve been waiting for. I love you all!!

PS: This is dedicated to SarahMarie (LittleHottie510) because I Love Her So So Much!

Part Twenty-Three

His control had finally broken. Every horrible feeling he’d ever had for Tess had pushed its way to the service. And Max was tired of holding them in.

This fight had been the last straw. And as hard as he had tried to control it, he couldn’t anymore. She’d done everything she possible could to try and destroy his life, and he was done letting the bitch have all the control.

He got close to her, something that was making his skin crawl and his finger itch to reach out and wrap around that neck of hers, but he kept his emotions in check.

Waiting until he was face to face with her, so close she could probably feel his short intakes of breath as he tried to hold on, he lifted his hand slowly, bringing it up to her head and watching as she eyed it warily.

“What are you doing, Max?” she asked, unable to hide the tremor in her voice.

Max took a deep breath before pulling his hand away and taking a step back, satisfied for now with the fact that he had at least scared her.

“Nothing I’d like to do, Tess, I can promise you that.” He stepped back, watching as she visibly relaxed. “Come to my dad’s house at 7 tonight, Tess. And don’t be late.”

He took one last look around the room, before zipping the two duffel bags up and hauling them off the bed.

“Why?” Tess demanded, watching him carefully.

“Divorce papers,” he explained. “I’m not trusting you with something as important as that, so they’re going to be signed by both of us in front of my lawyer.”

He walked by her bags in hand, slightly disappointed at the fact that he didn’t knock into her as the bags swung by. He stopped and turned to her when he was out at the doorway.

“And just in case you were wondering, it’s not Jesse, so you’ll have to take care of that before you come.”

Leaving Tess speechless, Max walked out of the house ready to get home and get Tess out of his life for good.


It was hard to tell if he was even breathing. The suspense that this moment had created finally drawing to a close. No, he definitely wasn’t breathing. He wouldn’t until this was all taken care of. After everything that had happened, this would be his one moment to finally take some of it back.

Max waited patiently, staring around his father’s large office when he heard someone call his name. She was here.

He waited for her to be brought to the room, knowing it wouldn’t be long before everything between them was settled.

His father walked in, escorting Tess, who had a haughty look on her face, like she was trying to appear calm and collected in a situation that should definitely be making her uncomfortable. She wanted everyone to think she was in control, but even she knew it was a lot different than that.

“Tess, it’s a pleasure as always.” Max tried to keep the sneer out of his voice, but ended up not being able to help it.

Tess rolled her eyes. “Let’s just get this over with, Max.”

Max’s lips curled into a smile and he shot her a look before turning around. “Okay, Tess. You asked for it.”

It was a comment made under his breath, but Max knew he had said it loud enough for her to hear. And he caught the look of confused suspicion cross her face as he turned back around, papers in hand.

“Before we sign these, there’s one thing missing.” Max walked to the doorway. “Mr. Whitman!” he called, his voice echoing slightly.

Tess watched as a man in a suit walked into the room, small glasses adorning his face and a briefcase under one arm. He was a tall, lanky man with curly brown hair and brown eyes, that she could’ve sworn had a smile in the though his facial features remained passive.

“Mr. Evans,” Mr. Whitman said with a nod, walking to the other side of the table where Tess was currently seated in one of the plush chairs.

He set his briefcase down, and then extended his hand. Tess leaned forward to grasp it. “You must be Mrs. Evans,” the lawyer said, then shaking his head, “or should I call you Ms. Harding?”

“Ms. Harding,” she informed him curtly. “If you don’t mind.”

Sitting back in the chair and opening the briefcase, he offered her a smile. “Well, Ms. Harding, it’s a pleasure.”

Her head snapped up at his choice of words, but neither Max nor the lawyer had seemed to make any kind of reaction to it. Figuring she was just being silly, she sat back and waited, rather impatiently.

Max was first to sign, before the papers were handed to Tess and she rifled through them, before signing her own name with a flourish.

“We’re done here, then?” she said, standing up and straightening her pants. “I’d like to be getting home, now.”

There was a pause, before Mr. Whitman and Max shared a look. “We’re done with the divorce, Tess. But there’s just a few other things that need to be cleared up.”

Tess scoffed impatiently. “I wasn’t aware you and I had any other business to attend to Max. It’s plain and simple. We’re divorced, we go about our lives.”

“Oh, I’d say we have some unfinished business, Tess.” A voice came from the door.

Tess’s head snapped in the direction of the door, noticing Isabel for the first time, standing with her arms crossed and flanked by both of her parents. They walked into the room and all pretense that Tess had been maintaining as far as control went, flew out the window.

“What’s going on here?” she demanded.

Mr. Evans cleared his throat and addressed her. “Well, Tessa, we just have a little issue to sort out. But before we get started, we have someone else who needs to be involved.”

Isabel shot Tess a smirk before walking out of the room. A second later, the doorbell sounded, and Isabel could vaguely be heard greeting someone. Tess waited to see who else would be joining the party.

It was the last person she expected.


Jesse looked as confused as Tess did, though she didn’t know if that was a good thing or bad thing. Confusion meant he wasn’t in on the scam, but she would’ve liked to know what the hell was going on.

“What the hell is going on?” Jesse voiced. “Tess, what the hell are you doing here?”

“I was wondering the same thing,” she shot back, eyeing Max carefully. “I’d really like to find out,” she said pointedly.

“Well, here’s the deal.” Mr. Evans came to stand in front of Tess and Jesse, while Mrs. Evans remained at the door. Isabel had joined Max’s side near Mr. Whitman.

“Jesse, you think you’re hear to discuss the merger of our two companies and our impending partnership.” Jesse nodded, and waited for Mr. Evans to continue. “I’m here to tell you, that there is no merger. It was cancelled yesterday.”

“What!?” Jesse shouted. “You-you can’t do that! The merger had already been signed!”

“Oh, it was possible, Jesse. See, first of all, the merger was never signed. You were only made to think that. And even if it had been, the second any judge saw this letter,” he said, holding his hand out to Mr. Whitman who handed him a slip of paper, “they would immediately declare the merger impossible.”

Handing the letter over, everyone watched as Jesse’s eyes skimmed down the page. When he was done, it slipped to the floor, where Tess picked it up and read it.

“Disbarred?” she questioned, her tone strained. “This can’t be possible.”

Jesse who had seemed to be in shock, came to life at her comment. “You’re right! It’s not possible. On what grounds could I have been disbarred?”

“I can answer that,” Max spoke up.

“Oh really?”

Max simply nodded. “Breach of contract. Information about Liz was confidential, and it slipped, meaning there’s only one person who could’ve said something about it. You. At least, that’s what any judge would say.”

Jesse was speechless. “This is impossible.”

Tess on the other hand, seemed to have a different reaction. “This is ridiculous! Come on, Jesse. We’re going to my house, and then we’ll straighten this whole mess out.”

Max spoke up again, this time with a slight laugh. “Well, actually Tess, there’s one more thing.”

Tess practically snarled when she addressed him. “What else could you possibly have to say?”

“There’s a little matter of the home that’s in question. See, I purchased that house you’re currently living in, and as of...ten minutes ago, I’m the sole owner.”

Tess just stared, the words registering, but her mind having difficulty wrapping around what he was telling her.

“And see...I have a problem with you living in my home, especially when it’s going to be going up for sale.”

“S-Sale?” Tess sputtered, mouth agape in shock. Max simply nodded. “But-but where are you gonna go? Unless you decide to live off Isabel or your parents where do you have to live? How can you sell it?”

Max let out a laugh, as everyone watched on with avid interest. “Well, see Tess, there’s one thing I haven’t told you.”

Everyone watched as the door on the other side of the room opposite of where Mrs. Evans was standing swung open.

“What the hell is she doing here?”

Liz smiled as she walked to Max, looping her arm around his waist and curling into his side. “It’s nice to see you too, Tess.”

Max smiled down at her, leaning in to give her a kiss. He pulled away, staring at her for another moment before turning back to Tess.

“She’s here because I asked her to come, just in case you needed any proof as to the fact that I do have somewhere to stay,” Max told her simply. “Oh yeah, and she’s here so I can rub it in your face that your evil little plan didn’t work.”

“You told him,” Tess said after a moment, realization dawning on her. It had all been a setup.

Another voice chimed in, this one having been quiet for a while. “Actually, we told Isabel, who told Max, who thought up this entire brilliant plan.”

Jesse finally seemed to have regained his speaking abilities, because he spoke up at that. “And just who the hell are you?” he snapped, shock at what was happening being replaced with anger.

‘Mr. Whitman’ smiled, before extending his hand. “I’m Alexander Charles Whitman, at your service sir. I was just unable to resist joining in on the fun of bringing you two down, especially since I’m best friends with that chick over there.” He jerked his thumb at Liz, taking off his glasses and tossing them on the table. “Damn those things were killing my eyes.”

Liz stifled a laugh at the looks on Jesse and Tess’s faces. They seemed to be still trying to register what was actually happening to them. Liz decided they might need a little help.

“I don’t want either of you to hurt yourselves, so I’ll clear all this up for you. Save your brains the trouble.” She shot smirks at both of them before telling them everything. “It started with you two blackmailing me, which I’ll admit, had me going for a second there. But then, unlike you, I decided to use my better judgment, called my dear friend Alex here, and together we went to Isabel.”

“I told her everything. And while some of it was hard to hear, I think a part of her knew we were telling the truth. We asked her to tell Max, and to do what needed to be done. Everything pretty much fell into place after that, though we did get lucky with the whole Kyle thing,” she said up to Max, who nodded in agreement.

Tess, who had assumed she had used Kyle in this situation, couldn’t help but wonder what that meant.

“I went to go see him,” Liz explained. “He called me, spouting all the usual bullshit, only this time there was some truth to it. He told me about the girl he had cheated on me with. A girl named Tess, coincidence, I think not. So, Max here gets a “call” from me saying I’m going to see this Kyle Valenti right in front of you, you end up calling him to keep an eye on things, and he hears a fake conversation between Max and I.”

“It was a good plan,” Max chimed in.

“Well, you were a great actor,” Liz smiled up at him, stepping on tiptoes to give him a quick kiss.

“You thought you had everything covered, didn’t you Tess?” Isabel said, speaking up for the first time in a while. “Thought that everything was going your way, but the truth was you were the one being played the whole time. You and Jesse. The merger was cancelled the second Liz came to me. All that was left was for you guys to be caught in the act, and to admit the entire thing on tape.”

Holding up a black recorder, Isabel hit the play button and the sounds of their office confrontation filled the room.

“Game over. You lose.”

“There’s no merger, Jesse. Tess, you got nothing out of our divorce because you’re too dumb to even really read the paper and see what it says. Jesse’s out of work...” Max listed, shaking his head in mock sympathy.

“Wonder how long she’ll stay with you, Jesse? Now that you have nothing to offer and she’s even more desperate than she was to begin with.” Isabel got the greatest satisfaction in seeing this all play out.

After everything that she had found out about him, after the things that he had done. Putting him in his place felt better than ever. Isabel had been hurt, that was too be expected, but she figured she knew deep down that Jesse wasn’t really “the one” for her, and it made it a little easier. It might take time, but Isabel knew she would love again, knew she would give those twinkling brown eyes belonging to a certain “lawyer” and second glance.

Max and Liz just watched in satisfaction and Jesse and Tess were torn down before their eyes. They hadn’t won. Liz’s honesty, and their love had saved the entire family and ruined Tess and Jesse’s evil plot. Now, they had nothing to worry about, and could spend the rest of their lives just being happy and in love.

Finally, unable to take anymore bad news, Tess and Jesse stormed from the house. And Mr. Evans came up to put his arm around Max’s shoulder, smiling at him and the girl in his arms, who had saved their family.

“I think this calls for some champagne,” he decided, clapping Max on the back before heading with his wife to the kitchen to pick out a bottle.

Isabel came over to Max and Liz, hugging both of them and turning to Alex, who she, blushing furiously, shook hands with. Max and Liz smiled, before Liz hugged Alex and Max shook his hand, pulling him into a manly hug as well.

Everything had worked out. They were together. And everything seemed to go in slow motion as Max leaned down to take Liz’s lips fully, the way he’d been wanting to since this entire ordeal began. It was sweet, soft, and slow, completely opposite from the way she had come speeding into his life.

But then Max had already noticed how nothing was the same as it had been in the beginning, especially because for the first time in his life, he was happy.

<center>The End!</center>

Epilogue To Follow


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Hi Guys! I'm back with the epilogue! This is it...the end. :cry: This has been a very LONG and TWISTED road getting this fic completed. I swear it took on a life of it's own!! I couldn't even stop it. Thanks to all of you who read and left FB, and even those of you who lurked. I love you all!!

Look out for my next fic, which will either be: Something Worth Leaving Behind or Not Your Average Superman. Since the voting is so close, I'm going to just start looking at both of them and see which one comes out. Both of them will be completed though, it's just a matter of which I can plan and actually get out!

I also may have a 6-part fic, posted in between the time it takes me to start my next fic. It's based on the song We Are by Ana Johnsson. It's from the POVs of Max, Liz, Isabel, Kyle, Michael, and Maria on the events from Cry Your Name to Departure. So, look out for that one too. Check my Author's page for updates. Thanks guys!!



It had been a few months since the big scene at his father’s house, but for some reason it still put a smile on Max’s face.

That was the day that everything in his life had simply fallen into place. Tess had been taken care of, left with nothing after the years of pain she put him through during their marriage.

Jesse had been disbarred, and publicly shamed in the law community in Roswell. The news of his despicable plans surfaced throughout his fathers’ friends and colleagues, and Jesse had been unable to look anyone in the eye. He had finally been forced to leave town.

It hadn’t come as a shock to anyone, when Tess had chosen not to follow him as he made his hasty departure. Obviously thinking her reputation had been spared, she had searched for her newest victim, but news of lascivious deeds soon spread, and after a rather public and embarrassing display, Tess had found herself disowned by her father, and left with nothing.

The only satisfaction Max could get where Kyle was concerned, was the fact that the officer had been forced to watch Max continue to receive promotions, and listen to phone calls he made to Liz, expressing his complete satisfaction with his new life just loud enough to be over heard.

Max was also happy to say that his sister was doing great.

Max had known immediately that Isabel would be okay, even with everything that had happened between her and Jesse. Max took comfort in the knowledge that while Isabel had loved Jesse in her own way, the truth of his actions had successfully squashed all those feelings.

He didn’t know if it was just the way Isabel dealt with things, or if it had to do with the fact that a certain Alex Whitman had been there for her since that day in the study, hanging around her and making her smile, making her see the beautiful possibilities her life still held, even in the light of betrayal and hurt.

He had grown close to the other man, him being such close friends to Liz. Max had always done what he could to make sure Alex was invited over and included in their lives.

It all made him deliriously happy, and it was only the beginning.

Curled up in his arms, staring at him with those devilish dark eyes, was Liz. Her nude form conforming to every inch of his own body, melding them together, making them one.

It had been that way since the moment the truth had come out. He had been almost unable to let her leave his sight, simply finding it hard to believe that she was truly there, truly in love with him.

It was a wonderful truth he found himself accepting more and more with each passing day.

She was trailing her fingertips softly over the hard expanse of his chest, her eyes drinking in his muscular form. Every now and then he could’ve sworn he could see her beautiful eyes falling on her ring finger, admiring the beautiful diamond ring that now adorned it.

He didn’t think that she could believe it was all really happening either. And she continued to glance down at her ring, a gorgeous smile breaking out across her face each time, reassuring herself that it was true.

In a short time she would be Mrs. Maxwell Phillip Evans.

He caught her eyes, gazes smoldering as they stared at each other. Each look made his heart swell just a little more, and Max knew right then and there that he would give anything to be lucky enough to stare into her eyes forever.

That loving gaze turned heated as Max became aware of what that implied. He would spend the rest of his life staring into her eyes, kissing her, touching her, simply loving her in every way he could.

And the feel of her beautiful body tucked against him served as a wonderful reminder of just what one of those ways would be.

Max leaned down, taking her lips in a sweet kiss and she reached up to meet him. He was painfully aware of the way her body pressed against him, and he could not help dragging her atop his body, arms wrapping around her lower back as he held her close.

He could feel the heat of her sex as it was brought dangerously close to the place he desperately wanted it to be. He could feel his own hardness throbbing with the need to be buried inside her.

But he held himself steady, knowing that she was probably tired from their last rounds of blissfully mind-numbing lovemaking.

But it was as if she sensed his thoughts, and pulling away from his lips, she began to place soft kisses against the tender skin of his neck, trailing her tongue lightly, nipping at his skin as she made her way to his ear before softly whispering.

“Take me, Max...”

She pleaded with him, recognizing his need for it mirror her own, but she also sensed his reluctance to exhaust her due to his insatiable appetite that he held for her.

The truth was, she needed him just as much. She wanted him to claim her just as fiercely as he wished to. And it was a fact she was intent on proving to him.

Lifting her hips before he could even protest, Liz positioned herself, feeling the tip of him graze softly against her most sensitive parts, before she sunk fully onto his length.

A low moan tore from her throat, combined with the deep groan that came from his own. She would never tire of that feeling, never stop marveling at the amazing way it felt to have him fully sheathed inside of her.

“Liiiz...” he hissed softly as she slowly rocked her hips against him.

He reached out blindly, eyes closed from the feel of her body surrounding him, and grabbed hold of her hips. He thrust his hips up jerkily, pulling her body down as he did and forcing himself even deeper inside of her.

“Max!” she cried out, throwing her head back and digging her nails into his thighs as she rode him.

Body arched away from him, Max’s gaze traveled hungrily over her. He took in everything as she rocked against him, one of his hands snaking up from her hips to roughly palm the swell of her breast.

She pressed herself more fully into his touch, breathy moans coming from her lips that were driving him wild. Head propped up only slightly, he continued to watch her, feeling himself swell inside of her at her next actions.

Panting, wet strands of hair clinging to the sides of her face, Liz brought one hand up from his chiseled thigh trailing it past her breasts, down her trim tummy, to her center, seeking out the spot they both knew drove her wild.

She continued to impale herself on him, using her other hand as leverage as she met his eager upward thrusts.

Max’s jaw clenched with effort as he moved in time with her. He pushed away the hair against her face, eyes widening when Liz turned her hot and eager mouth towards his fingers as they gently pushed the strands away.

“God, Liz...” he groaned huskily, and Liz watched as his eyes darkened as she sucked two of his long fingers into her mouth, tongue swirling around the tips as she released them with a slight pop.

The hand that had trailed between them, came up to grab his wrist, bringing his hand back to the spot she had been previously working. Max immediately understood, pressing soft circles against her pleasure point, feeling her body begin to clench. She leaned forward slightly, bracing her hands against his chest as her eyes lids drooped feeling him hit a new spot deep within her.

Bucking against him with abandon, Max drove inside of her, hitting the spot deep within her body that could immediately send her over the edge.

The sound of his name as it tore from her lips in a scream of pleasure was almost enough to send him over the edge with her.

But Max wasn’t done with her yet.

She continued to move against him, movements slowing as she rode out the last vestiges of her orgasm. But Liz had no idea there were more to come. She had been playing with fire when she had first sunk onto him. Max knew she wanted to prove he couldn’t exhaust her, but he now had every intention of proving her wrong.

He flipped them over almost expertly, lifting her hips and grabbing the nearest pillow, settling it underneath her. Angling her hips upward, Max thrust with renewed vigor as he knelt between her, hands pushing her thighs open as he exposed her to his hungry eyes.

Liz’s hands clutched desperately at the sheets, head turning to the side to stifle a scream. She was completely open to him, legs spread wide as he drove inside of her.

She watched, barely able to keep her eyes open at the intense feelings of pleasure he was evoking within her. She felt the tightening low in belly begin all over again, and Liz knew she was about to experience another electrifying climax.

As her entire body shook with the force of it, her throat corded with the urge to scream, because the sound was stopped the second Max sealed their mouths together, lips crashing into each other, tongues dueling for dominance.

Her second orgasm sent him flying over the edge, and with a roar of pleasure, the harsh sound muffled only by Liz’s mouth, he tumbled into ecstacy right after her.

They lay panting for several moments after, a light sheen of sweat coating their sated bodies as they rest against each other.

After a few moments, Max rolled from the bed, and when Liz asked where he was going he only responded with a mysterious, “It’s a surprise...”

He walked to the kitchen, opening the fridge and taking a quick swig of water from a nearby bottle before he reached for what he had come for.

Heading back to the room, he expected to find Liz on the bed where he had last left her, but was surprised to find the room empty. “Liz?” he called out.

He turned around, and what he saw made his breath catch in his throat. There stood Liz, gloriously naked and beautiful, her smokey eyes hidden by a pair of Aviator specs. She adorned a cute navy blue cop hat as well, but neither of those things were what really caught his attention.

She walked towards him, slowly, seductively a pair of handcuffs twirling around her finger. She watched in delight as he swallowed rapidly in anticipation and desire. He reached out to her, but Liz quickly batted his hands away.

“Turn around,” she ordered simply, running her hands up and down his well-defined arms as he easily complied.

“What’s going on Liz?” he asked huskily, the feel of her naked body pressed against his back causing his body to immediately come alive.

“You’re not the only one with some surprises...” she whispered in his ear, nipping at the delicate skin before placing hot opened mouth kisses against the sensitive part of his neck.

His body instinctively pushed back against her, and Liz’s hands continued to run up and down the length of his chest and abs. Finally, she grabbed his arms, placing his open palms flat against the surface of the wall before nudging his legs apart slightly so he was standing exactly the way she wanted. It was like the first night they had been together only this time she was in control, and there was only one thing left for him to do.

”I need you to do one thing for me,” she purred sexily in his ear, causing shivers to race up his spine.

Max took a steadying breath, the sensations she was making him feel almost sending him over the edge right there. “Y-yeah?” he stammered softly, barely able to form a coherent thought with the way her hands caused his skin to tingle. .

Liz reached for one of his hand, removing it from the wall and bringing it between their bodies. Trailing it slowly from the valley of her breasts, down her trim tummy, it came to rest right between her legs. Max didn’t move, didn’t even breathe though he knew exactly what they both wanted. He waited for her to say it, waiting for the moment when he would seek out her silky depths once again.

And finally, she spoke, her breath hot on his ear as she whispered one final plea.

“Put your hands where I can’t see ‘em”.


That's it! It's the end. I hope you enjoyed. Thank you all So much!! :D Oh yeah, I have a Music Video I made for the "We Are" fic, and if anyone wants to see it just PM me. :D BYE!!


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