Closer (CC, Mature) (Complete)

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Closer (CC, Mature) (Complete)

Post by Itzstacie » Tue Sep 16, 2003 10:34 am

Winner - Round 4



AUTHOR: Itzstacie
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own anything. If I did things would have never turned out like they did.
RATING: MATURE- M/L M/M K/S I/J (I’m sorry as much as I love Alex, he just didn’t play into this, but doesn't mean he's not going to make an apperance).

SUMMARY: Three years after 4AAAB Max starts hearing voices in his head, thinking its his son he sets off to find him, leaving everything and everyone behind, but what happens two years later when he comes back to Roswell to find his life changed more than he thought. (Graduation didnt happen like it did on the show, so Liz does NOT have visions of the future)

Giving Credit to Faith for my lovely banner.


And the morning light was breaking
Slowly movin' across the bed
He gets up without her wakin'
To the voices in his head

Through the shadows in the hallway
To the room they painted blue
And on the inside he is frightened
At a loss for what to do

Until he opens up his eyes
And the angels all look down

Even closer than this life
Closer than your faith
Closer than the things that you hold dearly
And in vain
Closer than this life
Falling through again
Giving more than anything
That you could hope to win

And he knows his life is changing
It's never easy letting go
For the first time you are mortal
As the child before you grows
And he wonders at the sight
Of the joy that they have found

Even closer than this life
Closer than your faith
Closer than the things that you hold dearly
And in vain
Closer than this life
Falling through again
Giving more than anything
That you could hope to win

And what would you intend to find?
Solitude? Your peace of mind?
Holding out for something less
Than touching the hand of God?

Even closer than this life
Closer than this faith
Closer than the things that you hold dearly
And in vain
Closer than this life
Falling through again
Giving more than anything
That you could hope to win

Closer than this life
Closer finally
Living for the only thing
You ever made complete
Oh, for the one thing
That you both did perfectly

The gentle breeze blew thru the open window, like a soft lullaby gently humming thru the night. The first signs of daylight threatening to break thru the horizon; it cascaded off the desert like a golden sheet slowly creeping its way to cover the souls that lay sleeping peacefully thru the night.

He stood staring out the window, lost deep in thought as he silently cursed the sun for daring to rise, for when it finally beat the darkness of the night and shined down on the small town, he would no longer be there. The voices in his head wouldn’t leave him alone, they plagued his mind waking and sleeping.

For three years he lived a normal life, until a couple of months ago when he first heard the soft pleas in his head. He tried to ignore them, pass them off as his own guilt for giving up his son that they were just a haunting whisper of his own guilt.

He heard a soft whimper and glanced towards the bed he stared at the sleeping beauty watching her wiggling under the covers trying to get warmer. He slowly walked and pulled the covers up, pausing for a minute before running his fingers thru her long brown hair for the last time.

He could see her smile thru the silhouette of daybreak when he brushed a loose piece off her sleeping forehead. His fiancée, his beautiful fiancée, she had been his since the day he saved her life, since the day they showed each other their souls.

She stuck by him thru everything, vowing to always be there for him. He remembered saying those same words to her but now, now he had to leave her in hopes that when she woke she would understand.

He gently leaned forward to kiss her forehead fighting the tears that wanted to escape “I’m sorry’ he whispered as he pressed his lips to her forehead ‘I will always love you’ he told her one last time. Standing up he took the letter out of his jacket and placed it by the bedside.

Quietly he walked out of the house, getting into the convertible he took one last look at the house he lived in for the last six months and closed his eyes for a moment trying to seep in every last memory he could.

He pulled out and turned driving towards the highway leaving his life behind with one purpose.

To find his son.

Song 'Closer' by Better Than Ezra

Part 1

Liz opened her eyes to feel the soft breeze of the desert sky flowing thru the windows, she smiled Max always opened it in the middle of the night, he loved the feel of the night winds that blew across the town.

She noticed his side already empty; he liked to do that sometimes get up before her just to surprise her with breakfast in bed. They had started living here four months after Brody handed over the UFO Center to Max, one day Brody just walked in and said that he was leaving Roswell.

He didn’t want any money since he was a multimillionaire already, he handed over the keys and the title said his goodbyes and left, about a month later Max made Michael a partner of the center.

Both of them running it while finishing up school, It was kind of cool to them both already owning a business and neither out of high school yet only had a month to go .

After graduation Liz started to attend the local university with Isabel who was already a student there, they were the only two out of all of them to go to college, she worked part-time in her parent’s restaurant on her days off.

Both of their parents didn’t say anything to them about living together both just mumbled something about being adults and they couldn’t stop them if they wanted to and since they were already engaged they didn’t see how it would make much of a difference.

The ringing of the telephone brought Liz out of her daydream reaching over across the bed she picked it up ‘Hello’ she answered.

‘Morning Liz is my brother around’ Isabel asked from the other end, ‘hold on he’s probably in the kitchen I just woke up’ she answered. ‘Sorry’ Isabel offered thinking she woke her up ‘don’t be I was already awake when you called’.

Liz got up and walked up front into the kitchen “Max’ she called out looking around the front, walking to the window she peeked out side to see his car gone ‘he’s not here Iz, he must have already headed to the center it was his turn to open’ she smiled saying.

‘Okay thanks I’ll try him there’ she said ‘is there anything wrong’ Liz asked walking back to the bedroom ‘NO, no just wanted to talk to him about our parents anniversary party’ Isabel told her ‘how’s that going’ Liz asked walking to the closet and picking out a pair of jeans.

‘It’s going great they don’t know a thing, they are going to be so surprised’ Isabel said getting excited ‘that’s great, well I hate to cut you off but I need to get to work ill catch you later’ she said ‘okay Liz ill talk to you then’ Isabel said hanging up.

Liz hung up the phone feeling in a good mood, her and Isabel had gotten really close especially after Maria took off to Los Angeles to pursue her singing career. Being the only two girls left in the I know an alien club they bonded over the years.

Isabel was still happily married to Jesse a hot shot lawyer that worked for her father, it took a long time for Jesse to relax around the rest of them, the first year it was a bumpy ride for Isabel and Jesse he had a hard time getting past the fact that Isabel lied to him about her origins.

He finally came around and realized that they were still all the same people and it didn’t make him love Isabel any less.

Liz sat at her vanity brushing her hair, putting the brush down she piled it on top of her head and moved her hair from side to side think its time for a hair cut she said to herself, letting it fall back down she picked up brush and brushed it again pulling it into a pony tail.

She heard the horn beeping and cursed silently damn Kyle was early, he was picking her up to bring her to work since he currently had her car in the shop.

Kyle managed to buy out the auto shop from his boss and bought the business to blooming success, opening another one up in Albuquerque.

He moved out of his father’s house and bought a nice two- bedroom home for himself, he pulled away slightly from the rest of them. Tess mind warping him really messed him up for a while, he couldn’t get past feeling guilty of carrying Alex’s dead body.

He would still attend meetings if they had them and would help out every now and then, but he pretty much stayed to himself with the exception of Liz. He tried to live a normal life as much as he could to be honest he felt like an outsider Max had Liz, Isabel had Jesse and even thou Michael wasn’t Maria anymore they still were in love with each other.

Liz hurried up and put on her jeans, throwing her shoes on she grabbed her jacket and ran out the door missing the white envelope with the simple words LIZ sitting on it.

Jumping in the passenger side ‘you’re early’ she told him, he smiled ‘sorry I have to get to the shop early this morning and make sure Brian is working on some girls car, she threatened me if she didn’t have it back by tomorrow’ he said smiling.

Liz just smiled and lightly punched him on the arm ‘thanks again Kyle for fixing it’ she said. ‘That’s what I do’ just said as he drove down the street.

‘So how’s the wedding plans coming’ Liz asked looking at him Jim got engaged to Amy about four months ago after he gotten his job back as sheriff, Kyle and Maria both liked to blow a gasket when they found out. ‘It’s going, don’t remind me please’ he said rolling his eyes.

Liz just laughed ‘come on it can’t be that bad’ ‘please you’re not going to have Maria Deluca as a stepsister that’s scary enough’ he said teasing. Pulling up to the Crashdown she turned to him ‘Well at least you can tell everyone you are related to someone famous’.

‘Yeah yeah get out of my car, I’ll try and get your car finished today’ he told her waiting for her to step out ‘thanks Kyle see you later’ she said getting out and running into the Crashdown.

Twenty minutes later a pissed off Michael came walking in the front doors ‘Liz where the hell is Max, I had to get out of bed because he never showed to open up this morning’. Liz turned and looked at Michael ‘what do you mean he never showed’ ‘did I stutter the first time, he never showed now where he is’ Michael asked.

Liz just shook her head ‘I don’t know he was gone when I got up this morning’ ‘well when you see our fearless leader let him know I am pissed at him’ he said turning to walk back out leaving Liz to wonder where the hell Max was.

Part 2

Max drove down the highway glancing at the map in his hand, checking his markings on the direction he was going.

The sun already beating down on him, using his free hand he wiped away the sweat that was already forming on his forehead.

His mind flashed back to a week ago when he and his father were sitting in a boat on one of their father son fishing trips.

Max sat there starting at his rod for what seemed like forever until his father broke him out of his thought. ‘Max is something wrong’ Phillip asked him noticing how his son looked broken about something.

‘No everything’s fine’ Max said at first trying to find the right words to start. Three years ago he asked his father to help him give up his son, now he had to ask him to try and help him find him.

‘Dad I need your help’ Max said slowly looking up at his father ‘What is it Max’ he asked putting his own rod down and turning his attention to his son.

‘I need you to help me find my son’ Max said as he watched his father’s face grow with confusion ‘What...Why Max’ was all he could get out.

‘I think my son is in danger’ Max started but Phillip cut him off ‘No son he is safe, I trust the lawyer we gave him to, he would make sure he was safe’.

‘I know, I know you did but I keep hearing these voices, I can’t explain it please don’t ask me too, I just’ Max said pausing ‘I just need to find him’.

Phillip thought for a moment then sighed ‘okay Max okay I will get you the information that I have’ he said as he tried to read the emotions playing on his sons face.

‘What does Liz say about this’ Phillip asked after a couple of minutes, he noticed immediately how Max’s eyes looked down and then diverted to the water ‘Max you did talk to Liz about this’ he asked.

Max picked up his pole avoiding the question ‘Max you can’t leave without talking to her about it’ Phillip told him. Max blew out his breath and lied ‘I will, just promise me you won’t say anything until I can’ Max asked looking up at his father.

Phillip studied his son for a moment before giving in ‘okay Max’ he answered, the rest of the fishing trip was done in silence with idle chit chat about work, etc.

Max broke out of his daydream and picked up the paper with the name and address written on it, shoving it in his jacket he turned onto the interstate heading back to the place where he thought he would never go again New York.

Kyle pulled up and turned off the engine ‘your car will be ready in the morning’ he said as he turned to face Liz. He noticed she seemed to be preoccupied by staring out of the window ‘Liz’ he said reaching over and touching her shoulder causing her jump.

‘Sorry’ she said putting her hand on the door handle ‘thanks Kyle’ she said as she opened the door. “Liz is everything okay’ he asked looking concerned at her ‘yes, just a little tired’ she lied. Kyle knew better ‘I’m sure he’s just off doing something to surprise you’ he tried to reassure her.

‘I’m sure your right’ she agreed, she didn’t want to admit she was getting worried she tired calling Max on his cell phone several times but never got an answer.

He never showed up to work today and a very pissed off Michael had to close ‘I’ll pick you in the morning to bring you to the shop’ Kyle told her watching her step out, she turned towards him ‘Thanks’ she said shutting the door. Kyle watched her until she got inside.

Liz walked in and put her keys down, an uneasy feeling started in her stomach and she begun to look around the house, walking into the bedroom she glanced around the room out of the corner of her eye she spied the envelope sitting there on her nightstand with her name on it.

With a shaky hand she grabbed it and climbed onto her bed, tucking her legs underneath her she opened the letter and begun to read it.


By the time you read this, I will be gone. I can not express how sorry I am to do this to you. I will be the first to admit I am a coward I can not look you in the eyes and tell you I have to leave. I am afraid to look you in the eyes and tell you everything I have to say.

I’ve tried to put the past behind me and move forward, but I cant, my son is calling me, he needs me and I have to find him. For months now he has plagued my thoughts. I couldn’t tell you, I didn’t know how to tell you.

I wont ask you to wait for me I can’t ask you to sacrifice anymore of you life than you have. I know you would have if I asked I know you would have helped me and stood by me as you done so many times in the past.

This is why I haven’t said anything because I cant do it, you have already given up so much because of me its not fair to you to drag you back into this search. As much as it kills me I want you to move on, I want you to find someone who can give you the life you deserve.

I was born into this life and not matter what I do I cant escape it, I cant pretend to live a normal life knowing my son is out there possibly in danger. The voices, the voices inside my head won’t let it rest Liz; I have to do this I have to find him.

I know I don’t deserve forgiveness especially after this, I can only hope that deep down you can understand why I have to do this.

My heart can only hope that one day you will forgive me, I love you; I always have and always will.


Liz clutched the tear stained letter to her chest, after everything she had done for him how could he do this to her, to them. After a few minutes she shook her head to clear the tears ‘no’ she said to herself, she wasn’t going to do this; she was going to be strong.

She wasn’t going to let him the get the best of her; he stomped on her heart for the last time. She gathered her thoughts and reached for the phone, picking it up she called Michael.
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Part 3

‘Something must be wrong, something must have happened’ Isabel yelled pacing back and forth across the floor. Isabel, Michael, Jesse and Kyle came over after Liz had called Michael.

Jesse sat there in silence, while Kyle sat with his arm around Liz Michael standing in front of the fire place in his protective stance with his arms folded over his chest.

“This is not like him’ Isabel yelled ‘this is just like him’ Michael yelled having hearing enough of Isabel’s rants. Isabel ignored him ‘why would he just take off without telling any of us’

‘Isabel stop’ Michael yelled louder ‘we all know Max is capable of something like this, its not the first time. He doesn’t think he just acts and doesn’t care what we think’.

‘Something must of happened, he wouldn’t just leave Liz like this’ Isabel said sitting down ‘WELL HE DID’ Michael roared causing everyone in the room to jump. ‘Stop defending him, he screwed up big time this time’ he said a little softer.

Isabel brought her hands up to her face wiping away the tears, Jesse brought his arm up and put it around his wife’s shoulder ‘Isabel honey, I have to agree with Michael’ Isabel pushed his arm away ‘you don’t know him, you don’t what its been like’ she yelled.

‘ENOUGH’ Kyle yelled ‘can we please not turn this into a alien debate’ he said lowering his voice Isabel looked at him, then glanced at Liz and Michael ‘what are we going to do, find him?’ she asked. Michael ran his hand thru his head ‘we aren’t going to do anything, he made his bed let him lie in it for once’ he said.

‘Liz I’m so sorry’ Isabel said turning to face her ‘what do you want to do’ she asked. All heads turned and looked at Liz, she hadn’t said much from when they first got there. Gave them the basics of the letter, then sat back trying to decide if she wanted to scream or cry.

As much as she tried to hate Max she couldn’t, she loved him she had for a long time and now he just ripped her heart out and stomped on it, she was so confused.

As she sat there looking back at the others she felt her stomach starting to turn, getting a sickening feeling in her stomach she covered her mouth yelling ‘oh god’ and took off towards the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later, Liz looked up from the toilet to see the other four just standing there staring at her. Kyle was the first to move, helping her to her feet ‘oh god I’m sorry I thought that was only suppose to happen in the mornings’ she said trying to ease the tension in the room.

Isabel looked at her ‘oh my god Liz are you pregnant’ she asked getting the second shock of the night. As they eased their way back into the living room Liz nodded ‘yes, yes I am’ she said.

‘Does, did Max know’ Isabel asked her eyes getting big of course not she thought he wouldn’t have done this if he did. To confirm her thoughts ‘No I didn't get a chance to tell him’ Liz said as Kyle handed her a glass of water ‘thanks’ she said looking up at him.

He sat down next to her and took her hand ‘no problem’ he said ‘How’ The first words out of Michaels mouth cause Kyle to give a him a you got to be kidding me look ‘Well Michael normally when a man and woman have sex, and the man eja-‘ ‘that’s not what I meant’ Michael said cutting him off. “How far along are you’ he asked clarifying himself.

‘About a month’ Liz answered talking a sip of water ‘I just found out a couple of days ago, im pretty sure it’s a month’ she said. ‘Well we have to find him now more than ever, he has to know so he can come back home’ she said.

‘No Isabel’ Liz said standing up ‘he made the decision to leave I’m not going to be the reason for him to come running back’ tucking a strand of hair behind her ear ‘he left to find his son, if he comes home and something happens to his son I could never live with myself’ she said.

“He has a right to know’ Isabel yelled ‘really’ Liz yelled getting angry’ the way I see it he doesn’t deserve to know jack shit, he left me not the other way around’. ‘Okay ladies’ Kyle said standing up and stepping in between the two women squaring off ‘lets not do this please, it’s late’.

Jesse stood up and took hold of Isabel ‘we don’t need to start fighting among ourselves, no one here is the bad guy, we all can talk about this like adults’ turning Isabel to face him ‘Isabel its Liz decision to tell him or not’ ‘but’ Isabel tried to cut him off’ but nothing Jesse is right’ Michael cut her off.

Jesse looked at Michael in disbelief Michael Guerin was actually agreeing with him ‘thank you Michael’ Michael just shrugged his shoulders ‘lets just go home; go on like always’ he said heading towards the door. Isabel grabbed Liz ‘im sorry he did this’ Liz pulled back ‘it’s not your fault, It’s his promise me you wont try and contact him and tell him’. She asked.

Isabel nodded her head agreeing she didn’t like it, but she agreed ‘Ill call you tomorrow’ she said turning to follow Jesse out of the door. Kyle was the last to leave standing by the door ‘are you going to be okay, I can stay’ he told her.

‘I’ll be fine Kyle’ Liz said reassuring him and at the same time trying to reassure herself, closing the door ‘well be fine’ she whispered leaning against the door and placing her hands on her lower stomach.

Around two in the morning Jess woke up to find Isabel not in bed, getting up he walked into the living room to find her sitting on the couch with a picture in her hand. “Isabel what are you doing’ he asked startling her ‘Jesse you scared me’ she said clutching the picture closer to her chest.

‘What are you doing up honey’ ‘Isabel you promised you wouldn’t do this’ Jesse told her ‘I know, it’s just I have to know Jesse, I have to know whey he left’ ‘if you do this, you can’t tell him about Liz it’s not our secret to tell’ he said ‘I wont’ she said looking up at him ‘I promise’.

‘I just want to note, I think it’s a bad idea’ he said getting up and placing a kiss on her temple ‘noted’ she said smiling waiting for him to walk out of the room. Leaning back she took hold of the picture ‘okay little brother, you have some explaining to do’.

She placed her fingers on his picture and closed her eyes slipping into his dream plane, she found him to easily it was almost as if he was expecting her.

He had his back to her as she walked towards him ‘why did you do it Max’ she asked. “You wouldn’t understand’ he said refusing to turn and face her.

Coming up beside him ‘try me’ she said ‘this isn’t you Max, I know you better than any of them’ she pleaded, she didn’t want to hate him, and she wanted to believe his reasons were good.

When he didn’t answer she continued ‘we all would have helped you Max, all you had to do was ask, Did you even think about what this would do to us, what this did to Liz’ she yelled.

‘I didn’t want to drag everyone back into this Isabel, you all have been living a normal life for the last couple of years, you got what you wanted its wasn’t fair to drag you all back in it’ he said ‘it wasn’t your decision to make Max, you have to stop doing this’ she yelled.

‘Stop thinking you know what’s best for everyone’ she paused for a minute ‘you have no idea what you have done’ she said looking at him. Max looked up at her for the first time since she entered his head ‘what do you mean’ he said.

Isabel stood there looking at him, she opened her mouth then closed it again its not our secret to tell Isabel, the words Jesse spoke popped into her head, turning away from him ‘nothing, Max you just hurt everyone especially Liz’ she said.

He heard her whisper ‘you have no idea what you have done’ again. “I know I screwed up, I know I lost Liz, I have to do this now Isabel, I have to find him’ he said turning his back on her again.

Isabel stood there looking at him for a few minutes, turning to leave she glanced back once more ‘you lost more than you’ve realized’ she said before disappearing.

Part 4

3 months later

Her footsteps made their way up the gravel path, fresh flowers in one hand a tissue in the other. She knew she should be home resting but something told her to come.

The last three months so much had happened, telling her parents she was pregnant, telling his parents. She remembered how Isabel sat there holding her hand as she told his parents how he just left without saying a word.

Diane cried and Phillip got angry Max lied to him told him he would tell the others what he was planning. At first Isabel had been furious that her father knew what he was planning and didn’t tell them.

When she saw that her father felt bad and told them that he swore Max told him he would tell them, she quickly hugged him crying how sorry she was for blaming him.

Phillip and Diane immediately offered their home to Liz suggesting she lived there since both of the kids were out of the house and that they had the room. Saying it might be easier too since her parents still didn’t know that Max was an alien.

Liz told them she would think about it, Diane told her over and over that she would love to have her there, and it would not be a burden at all to either her or Phillip. Liz had a feeling she missed being able to mother someone.

Her parents were so nice about it, they wanted her to move back immediately above the Crash Down, Liz sat them down and explained that the Evans had more room and she couldn’t stay in the house anymore to many memories haunted her there.

Jeff was so angry at Max vowing that if ever saw him again he would personally run him right back out of town. After a long two days of talking to Isabel and Michael she finally talked them into letting her tell her parents the truth.

Making it clear that none of them knew what was going to happen with this baby since this time around it wasn’t two half-hybrids; it was a half-hybrid and a human technically.

Even thou she developed some sort of powers years ago they had yet to surface again since the incident at Winnaman. Isabel was the first to agree, and finally after a lot of convincing Michael finally caved making it clear he wasn’t happy about it.

Liz out a little laugh remembering how her parents just stared at her like she was crazy and had the nerve to ask her if she was taking drugs, after a couple of days talking to the Evans and Valenti’s they believed if they were scared or angry they didn’t show it just went on like everything was normal.

As she came to a stop she worked her way down till she was kneeling being four months pregnant was not easy, the morning sickness finally stopped or as Kyle called it afternoon sickness because that’s when she got sick the most.

She placed the fresh flowers next to the ones that were already there Isabel she thought immediately. Evan after all this time Isabel still visited once a week always making sure there were fresh flowers.

Suddenly Liz felt guilty, what kind of friend was she, she hadn’t been here in months and Isabel came once a week.

As she traced the outline of his name ‘I’m sorry’ she spoke softly, she closed her eyes for a moment imagining him standing there looking at her with his pretty blue eyes and his big goofy grin.

“I guess I haven’t been a very good friend have I’ she said ‘so much has happened but you probably already know that’ She felt the first sign of that familiar glistening in her eyes as the first tears formed to fall ‘I miss you so much’.

Liz felt the baby become active and moving around she brought her hands to her stomach ‘its okay’s’ she said as she thought the baby could fell her sadness. She looked back at the tombstone ‘Do you know I am having a girl, Isabel told me’.

She wiped the tears from her face ‘she misses you still, she doesn’t talk much about it anymore but I know she does’ ‘she comes here once a week, but im sure you know that too. I want to tell you I decided on a name’ pausing for a moment ‘what do you think about Alexis’ she said.

Just then a gentle breeze blew, not a big one but enough to make her hair sway Liz closed her eyes and smiled ‘I guess you like it’.

‘I wish you were here, I could always depend on you, you always knew how to make me feel better. I wish I could fell you wrap your arms around me and tell me everything will be okay, cause honestly I don’t know if they will be anymore’.

Another gentle breeze came thru ‘thank you’ she smiled feeling a little better. She sat there in silence for a while just remembering all the crazy things they used to do.

She heard a soft voice behind her ‘Do you think he thinks we forgot about him’ bringing her out of her daydream. Liz turned and smiled ‘Maria’ coming face to face with her best friend.

Part 5

Max sat down outside a little café sipping his coffee and going over his notes, setting the cup down he ran a hand over his tired eyes dammit he thought looking at the papers spread out that were sitting in front of him. The answers were sitting in front of him, he just knew it but couldn’t see it. He let his mind blank out recalling how he wound up here in Los Angeles, California.

3 months earlier

Max pulled up and stopped in front of the large glass building, stepping out and looking around he couldn’t help but get an eerie feeling.

He looked up and could see the familiar building he stood only years ago at the top looking down at the city, a city he came to with Tess.

Tess from the moment she walked into his life it spiraled downward, everything went wrong the lies, the deceit. He couldn’t help but wonder how their lives would have been easier if she never came. He and Liz would have never split in the first place. Alex would still be alive, Alex she murdered him and didn’t even give it a second thought.

Sure she came back and sacrificed herself but was justice really done, did killing herself make up for taking his life. That year was the worst, starting to give into his alien side. The memories of his own planet were those just mind warps too. Pictures planted in head, god how did he ever give in like that.

‘I can’t believe I ever cared about you’ ‘well you did and that was not a mind warp’ those words popped in his head, it was true he knew why, she was there when everyone else left him.

The guilt still haunted him, they left because he pushed them away, and it was his fault. He was the one that pushed Michael, Isabel and Liz. Liz who was he ever going to be able to make things right with her again.

He hurt her over and over, he knew he blew it big time; she almost left him when he went to Los Angeles, and she should have left him. Why not he almost left the planet without even telling her goodbye, was it fate that stepped in and stopped that ship from working, was some part of a plan, a plan of something bigger to come.

He shook his head and pushed all the thoughts aside, he left to find his son he had to concentrate on that, he would deal with everything else later.

Walking into the building he looked at the paper in his hand, stepping into the elevator he pushed the tenth floor. Stepping out he made his way down the hall looking for the room number.

Opening the door he noticed an older red hair lady sitting behind a desk with several closed doors around her. Walking up the secretary seemed oblivious to him standing there she was steady typing something behind a computer screen?

Clearing his throat caught her attention she looked up ‘May I help you’ she said peering over the computer screen ‘Yes maam I’m here to see Mr. Roberts’ she looked him up and down raising an eyebrow ‘do you have an appointment’ she asked.

Max immediately knew this wasn’t going to be easy ‘no maam I don’t but Mr. Roberts and my father went to law school together, my father told me I should look him up if I ever came this way’.

The secretary chuckled a little ‘nice try young man but seeing that Mr., Roberts looks only about two years older than you, I don’t see how they could of went to school together’ Max stood there dumbfounded.

Just then a door opened a blonde hair man stepped out dressed in a black suit, he immediately saw Max standing there ‘Is everything okay Delores’ he asked. Delores shook her head yes ‘this gentleman says you went to school with his father’ she said motioning towards Max.

The young man looked questionably at Max guessing him to be about his age ‘you must mean my father John Roberts Sr.’ ‘senior’ Max asked ‘yes he retired three years ago I recently opened his office back up’.

Max looked at him ‘is there anyway I can speak to him, I really need his help’ John raised an eyebrow ‘why don’t you come into my office and well talk’ Max nodded and followed him in. John turned to his secretary ‘Delores let me know when my next appointment arrives’.

Leaving the door cracked open he motioned for Max to sit while taking his seat at his desk ‘I handle all my fathers affairs now, maybe I can help you’ he started. Max questioned whether or not to talk to him or insist talking to his father.

Sensing he wouldn’t win the second one ‘three years ago your father helped mine with an adoption case’ ‘that’s odd’ John said cutting him off. Max looked at him ‘what is’ John picked up a pen and started flipping it in his hand ‘this office or when my father was in charge doesn’t handle adoption cases’.

Max looked at him confused ‘This is a criminal law office Mr.-‘ pausing for a minute ‘Max, Max Evans’ he answered ‘Well Mr. Evans as I was saying before this is a criminal law office, it couldn’t have been my father’.

Max started growing agitated ‘my father gave me his name, your father did it as a favor to mine, couldn’t you look thru your files or something’ “ I assure you Mr. Evans I have been thru every file in here there has never been an adoption case file, I would have seen it’ John told him.

‘Is there anyway I could speak to your father, please it’s really important’ Max pleaded before he could answer a knock was heard on the door ‘I’m sorry Mr. Roberts your next appointment is here’ Delores told him peaking her head in.

John stood up ‘Thank you Delores’ turning to Max ‘I’m sorry but my father is out of the country for a while’ Max stood up and headed for the door ‘thank you for your time’ he told him. John nodded his head ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t be of any help, then turned and led his appointment into his office closing the door.

Delores watched Max walked towards the door looking defeated, for some reason her heart went out to him ‘Sir’ she whispered before he could get clearly out, Max stopped and looked back at her.

Delores glanced at her bosses door then hurried to walk over ‘I couldn’t help to overhear you’ Max looked at her questionably ‘I can help you’ I worked for John Sr also’.

Max’s face lit up ‘really’ she asked she put her finger to her lips hushing him ‘not here’ slipping him a piece of paper ‘meet me here at eight I will tell you what I know’ she said ‘thank you’ Max said turning to walk out.

At seven forty-five Max sat down inside the café the woman told him to meet her at. Eight-ten Max started to get worried that she wasn’t going to show up. Just when he was about to give up he saw he walk in. She spotted him and made her way over ‘sorry not as young as I used to be’ she said sitting down.

‘Doesn’t show’ he said motioning for a waitress, she smiled and thanked him. He waited while she ordered a cup of coffee. She did a quick glance around and then leaned closer ‘I remember Mr. Roberts talking to your father, he had a Blonde women with him’ Max nodded ‘my mother’.

“It was suppose to be a confidential case, and your parents made it clear that he was to go where he could be safe, but they never said why’ she said ‘Do you know who he was given to’ Max asked.

She shook her head ‘About four days later he brought me the file and told me to destroy everything’ Confusion raised in his head ‘why’ he had to ask. ‘I don’t know, but I couldn’t help but read the files before destroying them, the weird thing is Mr. Roberts retired a week later’.

‘How is that weird’ Max asked ‘You don’t understand Mr. Roberts loved his job, and was still young enough to keep working for at least another 10 years’ she paused for a moment ‘from what I heard he came into a lot of money suddenly’ she said.

As she took a sip of coffee he asked ‘can you tell me what the files said’ she nodded ‘the baby was adopted by a couple in Los Angeles California, they apparently couldn’t have children, and an agent for her father handled all the details’.

“But they didn’t give a name’ Max questioned she shook her head no’ the agent claimed that her father was very big and famous and didn’t want it to get out that they had adopted’.

Max couldn’t help but feel he was back to square one grasping at straws he had to ask ‘is there any name that you can remember seeing maybe the agents’? She seemed to think about it for a moment trying to recall ‘there were no names only initials C.L. on a couple of pieces of paper’ she said.

‘I’m sorry I don’t remember anything more’ she started ‘no, no you helped me more than you know, at least I have a starting point now’ Max told her.

‘I really have to go know, this old woman needs her beauty sleep’ she teased Max stood up and helped her up ‘thank you again for helping me’ she nodded her head ‘good luck finding your son’ she said shocking him ‘how did you know’ she smiled ‘its in your eyes son, the eyes are the windows to souls, they never lie’ she said patting him on his arm.

Max came out of his daydream and sighed, picking up the papers again with all his notes written on it he glanced down at it. He tried racking his brain again like he’s done for the last three months, pushing the papers aside he propped his arm on the table resting his chin in it.

Out of the corner of his eyes he stared at the initials, finally dawning on him why didn’t I see it before he thought.

Part 6

“God I missed this’ Maria said as she leaned back and brought the spoon to her mouth ‘I know, nothing like a pint of ice cream to take away your problems’ Liz said sitting across from her.

Maria watched Liz for a few minutes she had to admit was kind of weird seeing her best friend pregnant, she smiled little Liz Parker with a round belly.

‘So how are you doing’ she asked as she studied Liz ‘I’m fine’ Liz answered a little too quickly ‘come on Liz, it’s me I know you better than anyone’ Maria countered.

Liz dropped the spoon into the container standing up she ran her hands thru her head ‘I don’t know, hurt, confused, angry, misled take your pick’ she said sitting down on a chair ‘you know what I think’ Maria said ‘I’m sure your going to tell me’ Liz mumbled underneath her breath.

‘You need to just walk away Liz, move with your life. Ever since you found out about Max your life is like one big roller coaster with all these ups and downs and never stopping’ Maria said looking at her ‘just get him out of your life’.

Liz looked at her ‘it’s a little late for that’ she pointed to her stomach ‘be kind of hard being I am carrying his child’ ‘and yet he left’ Maria pointed out. ‘Maria he didn’t know okay and besides I could never do that to him’ she said.

‘Why do you always do that’ Maria asked ‘do what’ Liz asked ‘defend him, you always do it you wont deal with the fact that he hurt you, and might I remind you its not the first time’ Maria argued.

‘I have done my fair share Maria, remember the whole Future Max thing, and the two times I did actually walk away’ Liz said ‘and you ran right back to him’ Maria said.

‘And so what if you hurt him, that just gives him the okay to trample on your heart whenever he sees fit’ she said as she set the container down and stood up ‘face facts Liz, he left without saying anything, he dragging the past back up when he told you he put that part of his life behind him, and then he didn’t even have the balls to tell you to your face’ Maria told her.

Before Liz could reply the door flew open “Liz where the hell have-‘Michael stopped short ‘Maria’ he said looking at her. He felt a lump forming in his throat looking at her, she was as beautiful as he remembered, her hair was a little longer but those green eyes still held that spitfire he loved so much about her.

“Michael’ she said not knowing what else to say, not that she could form a word right now, standing there looking at him with his black slacks and his white button down shirt, he cut his hair and instead of the wildness it was combed back.

Liz sat there smiling for a few minutes looking at the both of them Maria was still in it no matter how far she ran to get away. “Did you need something Michael’ she said breaking the silence ‘huh’ was all Michael could say as he continued to stare at Maria.

‘I take it you came barging in for a reason’ she said. Clearing his head he came back to reality ‘yea right call Isabel she driving me crazy, she said your not answering your cell phone and she’s panicking’ he said as he glanced back at Maria.

‘Oh sorry I forgot I turned it off when I went to the cemetery’ she said getting up and hunting for her phone. Well call her before she blows a gasket, I need to get back to the center’ he said ‘nice to see you Maria’ turning to leave before he got to the door ‘Hey Michael’ he heard Maria call him.

Turning to face her ‘you cleaned up real nice space boy’ she said smiling; Michael smiled and nodded his head ‘not so bad yourself’ he said then left.

Liz let out a laugh as Maria turned to look at her ‘what’s so funny’ she asked ‘and you tell me my life is a roller coaster’. “That ride stopped a long time ago’ Maria said sitting down ‘keep telling yourself that’ Liz said as she smiled.

“Anyways were talking about you not me’ she said changing the subject. Maria’s face lit up suddenly ‘oh I got it, the perfect solution, I should have thought about this sooner, why didn’t I think’ ‘Maria you’re babbling’ Liz said cutting her off.

‘Huh, oh yeah right but Liz listen to me, come to LA with me’ Maria said ‘What’ Liz asked getting confused ‘you and the baby come live with me LA’ “Maria’ Liz tried to cut her off but she wouldn’t listen ‘No listen Liz you don't belong here you are to good to be stuck in this town’ she said.

“Maria no’ Liz tried to protest but Maria keep going ‘Liz it’s the perfect escape for you’ Liz stood up and grabbed Maria by the arms ‘Maria will you listen to me’ she said. Maria finally stopped talking ‘as much as I would love to, I can’t okay you seem to keep forgetting.

The baby I’m carrying is from an alien, I have no idea what going to happen I have to stay here in case something goes wrong’ ‘Liz’ Maria tired to cut her off ‘Maria no okay I am staying’ ‘why so Max came come back, grovel at your feet and you take him back’ Maria said.

Liz let go of her and walked away ‘that’s not going to happen’ she argued then turning to her ‘can we please just drop this right now I don’t want to talk about it anymore’ she was starting to get upset.

Maria came over and hugged her ‘I’m sorry Liz I just don’t like seeing you hurting’ Liz hugged her back, just then the baby started moving Liz smiled and grabbed Maria’s hand putting it on her stomach.

“That is just so cool’ Maria smiled as she felt the little thumps underneath her hands, she knelt down and put her cheek against her stomach ‘Hello Alexis’ she said smiling, she pulled back and looked at Liz ‘Alex would be so proud’ she said getting teary.

Shaking away the tears Maria stood up ‘okay I have to go, my mother is forcing me to have dinner with Jim and the son from hell’ she said grabbing her purse’.

‘Maria be nice’ Liz said giving her a look, Maria gave her one of her hundred watt grins ‘hey babe it’s me, I’m always nice’ said giving her quick hug. Liz just shook her head as she watched Maria leave leaving her to herself and her thoughts.

Liz laid down on the bed thinking about the things Maria told her, should she really just pick up and leave. Maria was right she seemed to always defend him whenever someone tired to point out the things he did wrong.

She would be the first to admit she was not innocent when it came to her and Max, she hurt him just as much, she pushed him away but Maria was right, it didn’t give him the right to hurt her whenever he wanted. Was this ever going to be easy with him, and what about when he did come back he would one day, could she just put it aside as she did before and just take him back.

Would she able to move on with the acceptance of him just being a part of her life for their daughter’s sake, could she just settle for being friends, could he. Once Max finds out about having a daughter he would never give up on her, it killed him to give away his son and now he is back out there looking for him.

And what would happen when he finds him, would he just make sure he’s okay and come back home leaving him where he is, would he bring his son back here. And if he did and she just happened to take him back, could she raise someone that would be a painful constant reminder to her.

It’s not the child’s fault, but could she be strong enough to push the hatred she had for his mother far enough down to raise him without thinking about his mother every time she looked at him.

Liz groaned dam Maria she was right with everything she had said, since when did Maria become so smart. Liz brought her hands to her stomach, she had a lot to think about. She started thinking about her baby, she would be here soon.

She made a decision it was time to stop thinking about what ifs and start concentrating on her and her daughter, and maybe they could help each other to grow up. .

Part 7

Max drove to the familiar house, looking over his notes once more as he felt his blood start to boil. What the hell did Cal Langley think he was doing and more importantly what the hell was he doing with his son.

Max walked up the front door and pounded on it, it took a minute before the door opened then slammed back in his face ‘I don’t have time to deal with you again’ he heard an angry voice yell from behind it.

Max didn’t waste anytime using his powers and barging into the house. Cal was standing on the stairs with his arms crossed across his chest with a smug look on his face ‘Where is my son’ Max demanded walking up.

“Sorry kid not going to work this time’ Cal said as he raised his hand and blasted sending Max flying backwards. Max put his hand on his chest as he rolled over and braced himself up on his knees and hand, feeling like his chest was on fire he started coughing trying to get the burning sensation out of his lungs. Looking up he wheezed out ‘I am giving you an order, take me to my son’.

Cal started laughing Max looked at him crazy as he managed to stand back on his feet, Cal stopped laughing and walked up to Max grabbing him by the shirt collar ‘told you doesn’t work anymore’.

Max eye’s darted back and forth looking at the crazy shape shifting alien ‘you are encoded to follow a direct order’ he yelled out. Cal started pushing Max backwards towards the door ‘not anymore’ he said staring him straight in the eyes.

He shoved Max outside causing him to fall backwards ‘leave or I will make your life a living hell’ he said slamming the door shut ‘and don’t think I don’t mean it’ he heard as he picked himself up off his feet.

Max laid staring at the ceiling remembering how he got here in this cold dark cell. How long have I been here he thought trying to remember? Has it been days, months he tried to think when he had stopped counting.

He came here to find his son knowing it wouldn’t be easy but he got a lot more than he bargained for, he didn’t think Cal would be serious when he said he would make his life a living hell.

‘I told you go home’ Cal said ‘and I told you I want my son’ Max replied.

He remembered each and every word he and Cal spoke since coming to him. Only finding out bits here and there, he still had no idea where his son was. He needed to find him now more than ever.

When he gave his son up he thought he was giving him a chance to grow up living a normal life. No one knew that would never be able to happen, another one of Tess’s lies why had he kept trying to believe her.

‘My son is human, what are you doing with him’ Max yelled holding his stomach. Cal made no attempts at being peaceful every time Max showed up in his face but he was determined he was going to find his son or die trying. ‘Is that what you believe, is that what she told you’ Cal laughed ‘you are more stupid that I thought’.

Max’s eyes diverted to the door when he heard the slot open, three times a day the slot opened and a tray was shoved in, they would demand the empty one when the new one was shoved in. He would try to get them to talk, but no one would ever answer. Only Cal would come every now and then, hatred showing on his face each and every time.

“Are you ready to give up and go home’ he would ask ‘not without my son’ would be his reply. He was determined to hold firm. The two times he did agree, he got out only to be thrown right back in this room. You would think he would have learned and tried something else, come up with another plan.

But the things he did manage to get out of Cal, he was determined even more to find his son. He would play this little game as long as he had to, even if it meant spending the rest of his life in this room.

‘They will come looking for me, you can’t keep me here forever’ he told Cal ‘your free to go anytime you want, you’re the one keeping yourself here’ the shape shifter said leaning against the wall. “Why wont you tell me where my son is’ ‘why must you find him, you haven’t made any attempts in four years’.

Max got up and walked over to the door shoving the tray out ‘how long have I been here’ he asked hoping one of these days someone would answer him ‘fo- four months’ he heard a soft voice whisper. He quickly dropped to his knees peering thru the slot ‘wait please don’t go’ he yelled as he saw the person begin to walk away.

He could hear the footsteps stopping and he listened closely ash he heard her whisper ‘I have to, he’ll kill me if catches me talking to you’. He heard the foot steps continue on their way, whoever this person was just may be the ticket he needed he would have to work on her.

‘Explain something’ Max asked sliding down against the wall ‘I don’t have to explain anything ‘ Cal said staring at him ‘why isn’t the encoding working’ he asked looking up at him ‘was wondering when you were going to ask about that’ he said smiling.

Max didn’t say anything just looked up at him waiting for an answer ‘let’s just say four years ago I found my loop hole’ he said smirking ‘what loophole’ he asked ‘think about it, it’ll come to you’ Cal said walking out of the door.

Max picked up the tray and walked back over to the bed, trying to piece together all the clues. Every time he would come he would only leave Max with more confusion. He wished Isabel would dream walk him again, she hadn’t been back since the last time. He hoped one of them would try and find him, but somehow he knew they wouldn’t.

“Please my son is calling me, he needs me’ he begged ‘your son is fine’ he would say ‘why wont you let me see for myself’ ‘you would only interfere’ he would say ‘interfere in what’ Max asked ‘his mission’ Cal would state.

‘Don’t you think my friends and family won’t try and find me ‘he said ‘why would they you picked up and left’ Cal stated. ‘They are moving on with their lives, not even missing you especially that girlfriend of yours’ ‘How do you know that’ Max asked ‘told you before, it’s my job to know’ he said grinning.

‘Did you do something to them, to Liz’ he demanded, Cal only laughed out loud ‘I only watch, you’re the one who did something to her’ he said. Turning to leave ‘should have just gone home kid, going to have a nice surprise when you get back’.

‘What are you talking about’ he asked ‘don’t want to ruin it’ Cal said walking out, Max stared at the door after he left what the hell was he talking about ‘daddy help me’ he heard in his head. Max grabbed his head as he heard the voice call out to him, ARGHH he screamed slamming his fist into the wall he was slowly going crazy he thought.

That was the last time he spoke to Cal, it had been a while since he had been here.


Michael strolled thru the park he wasn’t sure why, he never took walks but tonight it was cool out the stars were shining brightly in the night sky.

He heard the soft music of a guitar being played, walking closer he spotted Maria sitting here by herself playing. He stood there listening to her, he missed her playing he had her CDS but it wasn’t the same as listening in person.

Maria sat there playing and singing to herself, she was in the process of writing a new song. She stopped and let her fingers rest against the strings. God what was she still doing here, her mother was married two weeks again and she was still here.

She missed her big comfy apartment in LA, she missed the thrill of being in a recording studio, but she had missed Roswell to, she missed Liz, her friends, family. La fit her but Roswell fit her too.

When she left she never thought about looking back but now that she was here, what was it about this small town that sucked you in. She laughed at herself she knew what it was, or should she say who it was.

Michael, plain and simple she thought being away from him would help her get over him, but being here seeing him she knew she never would. They had gone on a couple of dates since she came back they would just talk half the night away.

He changed a lot, he was a better person she could see that he was different, but a good different. She jumped when she heard a rustling from behind her. Turning she saw him ‘God Michael you scared the crap out of me’.
He walked forward ‘sorry’ he said coming to stand next to her.

‘What are you doing out here ‘she asked ‘Just walking’ he said then pointed to the seat next to her. Maria scooted over ‘you’ he asked sitting down next to her ‘just working on a new song’ she said looking at him.

‘So I heard, thought you would have been back in LA about now’ he said. She raised her eyebrow at him ‘sometimes things change’ she said ‘sometimes they do’ he said looking back at her.

‘So you want me to go back’ she asked ‘doesn’t matter what I want, not my decision to make’ he said looking up at the sky. Maria watched him for a few minutes ‘matters to me’ she said ‘what do you want me to do Michael’ she asked.

His cell phone ringing stopped him from answering, he grabbed it ‘hello’ he said answering it ‘okay be there in a minute’ he said hanging up and standing up, he put his hand out for Maria ‘Liz is in labor’ he said.
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Part 8

Michael and Maria pull up to the Evans house to see Isabel’s car and Kyle’s truck already there. “Looks like the gangs all here” Michael said, he looked over at Maria and saw a slight sadden expression on her face.

‘Well what’s left of us’ Maria smiled ‘I know what you meant, nice to know I am still considered part of the group’.

Michael stepped out and ran to the other side opening the door, she looked up when he extended his hand, he smiled at her ‘thanks’ she said as they walked forward.

‘You will always be part of this group, part of me’ he said as they got closer to the door, “Michael’ Maria begin, but he turned and put his hand up ‘later, lets focus on Liz right now’ he said. ‘Okay, but me and you space boy will finish this later’ she said, he shook his head ‘promise’

Diane opened the door and was relieved to see them, she had been going nuts, not sure what to do and Liz seemed to be in so much pain. She and Liz had been sitting in the kitchen talking about what Liz was going to do after the baby was born.

She thought Liz might want to leave and go home; they had been talking about turning Max’s old room into a nursery. Liz wasn’t really to sure; when she first moved in she jumped taking Isabel’s old room.

A couple of times she would creep into his, but she would be met with flashes and images of the past, of times when they were growing up. She tried to stay away from that room as much as she could.

Liz told Diane she would think about it, the truth was she didn’t want to have to deal with that room if she could help it.

Liz had got up to get a drink of water when the contractions started hitting her hard and fast. She dropped the glass when she felt the warm rush of liquid pool out from underneath her.

Diane immediately jumped up and led Liz to the back; once she got her lying down she quickly called Isabel. Kyle had gotten there first he had stopped by to talk to Liz about something. A frantic Diane met him at the door; he made his way to the back and called Michael and her parents.

Maria took of running to the back, she ran in the room to see Kyle sitting there holding Liz’s hand, Isabel was in front of her trying to calm Liz down.

‘God it hurts’ Liz screamed out crying, Kyle looked up at Maria helplessly she immediately went to the other side and grabbed Liz’s other hand.

Isabel was trying to stay calm herself, everything looked okay, she knew Liz was hurting but she didn’t know what to do, Liz had to have this baby natural and there was no way around it. Couldn’t risk the usage of drugs or hospitals.

Her head shot up when she heard Liz calling for Max ‘Cant take it, I need him’ she cried out. Isabel shook her head ‘Liz, look at me’ she called to her. Liz had her eyes closed as another contraction hit.

She was shaking as Maria tried to press a cool rag to her head ‘Liz look at me’ Isabel said a little louder this time, her heart broke when she was met by drenched brown eyes.

‘You don’t need Max, you can do this Liz’ she started trying to calm her down ‘Liz you are the strongest person I know, you can do this and you don’t need him, you’re a fighter I know you will get thru this’ she said.

Placing a hand on her knee ‘Me, Maria, Kyle, Michael, our parents we are all here, we are not going anywhere, we all are going to help you get thru this’ Isabel said.

Liz stared straight at Isabel for the first time in her life she could actually see the way Isabel truly cared about her and could trust her completely with her life. They had gotten close over the years, but there was always something there that made either of them just hold back a little.

Isabel could see Liz calming down ‘just focus straight ahead on me Liz, I’m not going to let anything happen to you or my niece’ she said ‘same goes for me’ Michael said from the doorway. ‘Me too’ Kyle added.

Maria looked at the four of them with tears in her eyes, she could see the closeness they now all held for each other and suddenly she felt very homesick. She glanced up at Michael and he gave her a smile ‘goes for you too’ he said looking at her.

Michael looked down at Liz to see she had relaxed a bit more, in the beginning he had such doubts about her, was so pissed at Max for exposing them, but as he pushed all that away. Because of Liz he had found the one person he would always love, Maria.

He never thought he was worthy of having her, he wasn’t supposed to be happy but Maria changed his life. Liz did to, he admitted to her once that he loved her too, but not like he loved Maria, he felt more of a brotherly type of love.

When Max left he made a point to watch out for Liz, make sure she was safe. He made a promise that no harm would come to her; he was going to protect her even if he had to protect her from Max Evans himself.

‘Okay Liz, next contraction I want you to push’ Isabel said ‘I’m so scared’ Liz whispered ‘its too early and she’s coming to fast’.

Maria pushed her hair back off her forehead ‘Liz this could all be normal, this isn’t a normal pregnancy sweetie’ ‘your going to do fine’ Kyle said as he just sat there holding her hand.

Truth was he was scared as much as her but it wasn’t what her fears were; he was just to scared to move he didn’t want to be on the other end. He might faint, so he decided this end was much safer and if Liz broke his hand by the way she was squeezing it. It was better than having to watch a baby come out, he could just stay up here and close his eyes.

Out front Jeff jumped up from the couch for the seventh time hearing his daughter crying in the back. Nancy stood up and grabbed his arm stopping him.

; She is going to be fine’ Diane said looking at them ‘she’s in good hands’. Jeff sat back down nervously tapping his leg, it was killing him to hear his daughter crying out, he turned and looked at Nancy ‘I don’t remember you screaming like this’.

Nancy just shook her head no; she was just as frazzled as the rest. She was scared something was going to go wrong, she wanted to be in the back with her baby girl. She knew Liz was in good hands, but her motherly instincts were winning she wanted to be the one back there comforting her daughter.

Diane got up and went to the kitchen bringing back four cups of coffee, she figured they might be here for a while ‘I hate hearing her in so much pain’ Nancy said picking up a cup.

‘I know’ Diane said ‘I hate that it has to be this way, but we cant risk it taking her to the hospital, we don’t know anything about what’s going to happen’ she could see she wasn’t helping, was only making them more nervous.

“I know Isabel, she will not let anything happen to Liz or the baby’ she said sitting down.

Jeff leaned his head back, he knew his daughter was in safe, he remembered watching these kids grow up over the years. He watched as they all bonded, he always knew there was something special about their friendships.

He remembered how surprised he was when he saw how they all broke apart after Alex died, he didn’t understand then, he thought they would be closer after that but it was just the opposite.

Then like magic there they were again back together. When Max left this last time he observed how Michael became guarded over Liz, like he was protecting her. Now that he knew the truth, it opened his eyes up more.

Some of the pieces came together and he understood and a part of him prided in the satisfaction knowing that Michael would make sure his daughter and granddaughter stayed safe.

‘Okay Liz that’s it your doing great’ Isabel couched Liz just needed to push. During the last ten minutes Maria made Michael switch places with her, as much as she loved Liz she valued her hand. Liz was squeezing it so tight she was sure she would break a finger.

“What do you need me to do’ she asked standing beside Isabel ‘just have the blanket ready to wrap her in, and get her cleaned up’ she said.

Liz bit down hard on her bottom lip as felt the beginnings of the contraction start, but something was different she was expecting an intense amount of pain as she had earlier.

She lessened her grip on both Michael and Kyle as they both looked at her. Kyle could see confusion written all over her face ‘what’s wrong Liz’ he asked getting worried.

She shook her head ‘I don’t know, its different I can feel the contraction starting but I don’t feel the pain, its almost as if-‘ she cut herself off ‘no that’s impossible’ she said.

They all looked at her ‘What’? ‘Here comes another one’ Liz started “Liz push’ Isabel screamed. Liz sucked in her breath and held it for two minutes pushing forwarded with all her might.

She let out her breath and tried to grasp what she was feeling, it was like a soft hum in her body that would pick up and slow down ‘I think she’s doing something’ Liz said “It’s like she knows its time to come out, and she’s healing me on the way’.

They all looked at her ‘How is that possible’ Maria said, four heads turned and looked at her not saying anything ‘never mind, alien baby enough said’ she said putting her hands up.

‘Another one’ Liz said and repeated her actions ‘that’s it Liz’ Isabel smiled ‘I can see the head’.

Back in the living room Phillip got up answering the door to see the Jim standing there ‘Sheriff, come on in’ he said motioning him in.

“Thanks Phillip’ Jim said patting him on the shoulder, walking into the living room ‘Diane, Jeff, Nancy’ he said nodding his head. “Kyle called me said I might want to stop by and meet a special little lady’.

‘Any minute now’ Diane smiled, Jim noticed Phillip looking at him, he knew they were hoping on some answers about Max, he shook his head no ‘nothing new yet, sorry’ Phillip nodded his head before he could respond they heard the cries of their granddaughter taking her first breath of the world.

‘She’s so beautiful’ Maria said as she cover her up and brought her over to clean her up while Isabel finished with Liz.

Michael got up and walked over to peek over Maria’s shoulder. He saw two little eyes staring back at him and all he could do was smile.

Kyle stayed seated next to Liz wiping her forehead ‘you did good Parker, proud of you’ he said smiling. Liz smiled weekly feeling exhausted ‘thank you’ she said, turning her head ‘all of you’.

Maria came up and placed the little bundle in the crook of Liz’s arm ‘here’s your mommy’ she said bending down and kissing the top of her head.

Liz smiled and stared down at the angel that was staring back at her, her little eyes closed shut as Liz traced a finger down her check and taking her small hand placing it in hers.

She started to doze off as the others were heading up front, she opened her eyes to see Isabel standing there watching ‘come hold your niece’ Liz said holding out a hand to her. Isabel smiled and walked over sitting down next to Liz.

Liz reached up and placed Alexis into Isabel’s arms, Isabel felt the first signs of tears in her eyes as she watched her niece sleeping.

‘Thank you Isabel for everything’ Liz said ‘I know this is hard for you with Ma-‘ Isabel cut her off ‘Let’s not talk about him, I meant what I said before Liz I’m on your side’.

Liz smiled ‘that means more to me than you will ever know Isabel’. Isabel just smiled ‘I know’ she saw Liz’s eyes flutter shut ‘is it okay if I take her up front, I know there is very four anxious grandparents waiting to meet their granddaughter’ she asked. Liz shook her head yes as she let the sleep take over.

Isabel walked out front beaming with joy, she saw everyone standing and waiting ‘Mom, Dad’ she said turning her head “Nancy, Jeff, Sheriff’ ‘I would like you to meet Alexis Michelle Evans’ she said grinning.

Part 9

6 months later

Liz sat at one of the many tables studying for her next class, she had a break in-between classes and decided to get use out of her free time going over everything again.

‘There you are’ she heard as someone sat down besides her, looking up she noticed Maria sitting there next to her. Motherly instincts kicking in “Maria, what are you doing here is Lexi okay’ she started panicking.

“Liz, Lexi is fine, I just needed to talk to you’ Maria told her ‘Talk? What so important that you had to come clear across town and track me down’ she said raising her eyebrow at her “It’s important’ she said.

“Where is my daughter, your suppose to be watching her’ Liz asked. ‘Relax don’t get upset, she is with Michael he took her to the park’. Liz let out a breath, she had to admit Michael was the last one she ever thought would ease in a baby being around.

But Lexi had managed to wrap Michael around her little finger, he actually bonded with her. She laughed when she remembered the first time she freaked Michael out. It seemed that little Alexis had more than the healing power.

She was about four months old and Michael was sitting next to her, while she was in the playpen when inside his mind he heard her demanding a bottle, he jumped clear off the couch. It explained why she was such a quiet child and hardly ever cried.

In the beginning Liz had a hard time dealing with the aftermath of being a single mother, she felt like she was going to lose it several times, but her friends were always there to pick her up.

She moved in with Kyle after Lexi was born, after he kept insisting that he had the room and there were no romantic gestures about it, just two friends being roommates and splitting the cost.

“Liz, Liz are you even listening to me’ Maria yelled waving her hand in front of Liz’s face bringing her out of her daydream.

“I’m sorry Maria what did you say’ she said looking at her ‘Michael asked me to marry him’ she yelled excited. ‘Oh my, that’s great Maria’ Liz smiled. She couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealously towards Maria, on instinct her hand rose to the chain on her neck.

Maria noticed her toying with it ‘I’m so sorry Liz, I didn’t think’ Liz put up her hand stopping her ‘Maria don’t, I am fine that part of my life is over with, this is good news you are finally getting what you deserve. You and Michael deserve to be happy’.

‘What about you’ Maria asked, she hated seeing Liz like this sure she put up a good front but underneath Maria knew she was still hurting about Max ‘What about me, I am happy Maria I have my daughter, my family, my friends’.

‘What about love’ Maria asked ‘I have love, every time I look in my daughters eyes, I see it. I can’t and won’t deny that she was made out of love’ Liz said.

‘Is it enough, I know you still love Max, you can try and hide it all you want but I know part of you is hoping he will come back and he will you know’ she said.

“I wont deny that I still love Max, I always will, but that chapter in my life is closed I cant go down that road again’ Liz said “have you thought about what you are going to do when he comes back, I mean with Lexi’ she asked.

‘I won’t deny him seeing her, he is her father. I know how important family is to him, I mean he’s out there looking for his son, I know how hard it was for him to give him up’ Liz said.

‘But it was okay for him to run out on you’ Maria asked ‘so your saying you forgive him’?

‘NO, that’s not what I’m saying, me and Max are done. All I am saying is I understand why he did it, doesn’t mean I accept it’ ‘What’s the difference Liz, you say you understand and your mad but then you say your done’

“I never said I wasn’t mad Maria’ she sighed ‘Look okay just listen then we are done talking about this. Maria nodded her head ‘If Max’ Maria cut her off ‘When’ “Maria’ Maria put up her hands ‘If or when Max comes back he is going to find out a bout Lexi and I know how much its going to hurt him to know that he wasn’t here’.

‘Well he deserves it’ Maria said coldly Liz just looked at her ‘I know he does, to me right now that is payback enough’ Maria shook her head ‘don’t use Lexi like that Liz’.

“That’s not what I meant you know it’ she said getting angry ‘I’m talking about the guilt he is going to feel that is enough for me’ Liz said.

‘Liz’ Maria started, but Liz cut her off “Maria no more, you came to tell me about you and Michael, have you set a date yet’?

Maria sighed ‘we are thinking six months, we want Lexi to be the flower girl, she will be walking by then’ “Oh Maria that is just so great’ “And of course you will be my maid of honor wont you’ Liz looked at her like she was crazy ‘Are you kidding I wouldn’t have it any other way’ she said hugging her.

Maria hugged her back, noticing something out of the corner of her eye ‘cute brunette checking you out at ten o’clock’. Liz pulled back and followed Maria’s line of vision, quickly turning her head back ‘Oh that’s Steve’.

‘OH? Is that all your going to say he’s cute’ Maria said checking him out again ‘He’s in my psy class, he’s asked me out a couple of times, but I said no’ Liz said.

‘What Liz go for it he’s cute’ “Maria I don’t have time for cute, my life is too full right now to worry about dates, besides there’s just something about him I don’t know’ ‘something Czechoslovakian?’ she asked “No I don’t think its that, he just seems a little to weird to me’

‘Well you won’t know until you go out with him’ “Maria” “Liz we are talking about one date, not a life commitment, you deserve to go out and have fun’ Maria said

‘Oh Maria’ Liz said putting her head in her hands, she loved that girl but sometimes she just wanted to kick her. Maria got up to leave ‘Just think about it, what harm could it do’ she said leaving Liz to sit and wonder.


Max sat in his hotel room, where he had been for the last three months he was getting closer he knew it. He was surprised that he had little trouble this time around.

He had help this time so it wasn’t like he was actually out there doing the digging, sooner or later something had to come up.

He let his mind replay the events that happened three months ago, when he finally walked out of that room for good.

Max sat up as the door slide open watching Cal walk in ‘got to hand it to you Max, your are one stubborn kid’ he said as he leaned against the wall.

Max drew up his knees resting his arms on his knee caps ‘not planning on backing down anytime soon’ he said looking at Cal ‘Don’t have too, your out of here’ Cal said.

‘What are you talking about’ “we’ve played this game to long, I have better things to do then to worry about you’ Cal lit his cigar ‘you want to look for your kid go ahead look for him you wont find him’.

Max stood up and walked over ‘what did you do him’ he yelled Cal raised his hand and sent Max backwards ‘I didn’t do anything to him’

‘It’s him isn’t it, he’s the one you have to listen to now’ When Cal didn’t say anything ‘Why he doesn’t carry the royal seal I do’ Max said.

He started walking towards Cal again ‘answer me’ when Cal raised his hand, Max stopped and started pacing back and forth across the floor ‘when I died and Michael became king that was your loop hole wasn’t it?’

“Michael only thinks he was king’ Cal said ‘The seal was transferred to him’ Max said “The seal only made Michael acting king, until the seal could be transferred’ Cal said crossing his arms.

‘Transferred to who Zan? He human why would it be transferred to him’ Max sat back down trying to figure this all out ‘Why do you keep insisting he’s human’ Cal asked.

“Because that’s why Khivar rejected him on Antar, Tess said he was one hundred percent human, she escaped because of it’ Max said looking up at him. Cal just smirked ‘looks like she played him too’ “Why’ ‘guess you’ll never know’.

‘Zan is not king, I am I carry the seal I took it back from Michael’ Max said looking at him Cal didn’t answer just walked towards the door ‘I’m only going to say this one more time Go home Max there is nothing here for you’.

‘Your letting me go just like that’? He asked “I told you im not wasting my time on you anymore, just go home’ he said.

Max leaned back ‘I cant he keeps calling me he needs me’ Cal turned to look at him from the door ‘what makes you think its him calling out to you’ “Who else could it be’ Cal just raised his eyebrow and walked out leaving the door open ‘Go Home Max’ he said walking down the hallway.

An hour later Max was still sitting there trying to process everything “Max what are you still doing here, this is your chance go’ she said looking down at him.

‘Did you do what I asked’ she diverted her eyes to the floor ‘yes’, ‘and’ he asked. “Are you really going to make me repeat what he said’ she asked looking up at him ‘that bad huh’ he asked.

‘Well what did you expect you ran out on all of them’ she said. He stood up ‘I know I know I knew they would be upset but I had to try’ She looked at him like he was crazy ‘upset is an understatement’.

‘What did he say’ he asked when she didn’t answer ‘Serena’ he called her name. Serena blew out her breath and threw her arms up ‘okay, his words exactly’ she closed her eyes ‘tell that asshole that if he thinks I would lift one finger to help his sorry ass after what he did, then he is stupider than I thought’ she looked at him ‘that it?’ he said.

Shaking her head no ‘Tell his royal highness that if ever shows one hair back in town, I will personally blast his ass right back to the Mexican boarder’ she opened her eyes ‘satisfied?’ she asked.

“Ouch guess I deserve that’ he said shaking his head ‘what about my sister’ she shook her head no’ both numbers have been changed’ she glanced out the door ‘I have to get back before he notices I’m gone’.

‘Meet me tonight’ he said looking at her ‘I’ll try, why don’t you just go home’ she said “I cant’ he simply said, Serena opened her mouth to say something then closed it thinking twice about it ‘what’ he asked.

‘Why did you do it’ she asked ‘I mean I know you want to find your son but is all this worth it, whey did you leave everyone you loved behind’ she asked.

“Meet me tonight and I’ll explain’ he said, she shook her head yes and walked out.

Max got up and walked over to the sink, turning on the cold water he washed his face. Looking up at him self in the mirror he started to think about what Serena said, was this all worth it.

Should he just go home and try to make things right with everyone, it was going to be hard knowing he screwed up everything he had going good for him. He had yet to call anyone, knowing it be useless to try anything over the phone, he would just have to wait till he got home. Letting his mind wonder again.

Around 11:30 Max heard a knock at the door to his hotel room, carefully peeking out the window he saw Serena and opened the door ‘Where you followed’ he asked ‘No I don’t think so’ she said.

‘Were you able to find out anything more’ he asked taking a seat at one of the chairs. “I heard him talking on the phone to someone, he kept saying Mason is to be watched at all times’ she said sitting down.

“Mason? Who’s that’ he asked she just looked at him ‘who else could it be’ Max nodded his head ‘so his name is Mason now’ he said looking down. “It appears so’ she said ‘look go home, I will keep trying to find him for you, when I do I will contact you’.

He just looked at her ‘you aren’t doing any good here Max, you cant make a move without him knowing it, I am taking a chance each time I come here that he is going to find out’ “why are you helping me’ he asked.

‘Because for you to do what you did, and you believe your son is calling you, there must be a reason for it, I would like to think that if it was me and I had a child out there, that someone would help me when all others have turned their back on me’

‘I deserved what has happened to me’ he said rubbing his hands over his face. “You told me you were going to tell me what happened’ she said.

Max sighed ‘Growing up I wanted nothing more than just to have a normal life’ “but you had that’ she cut him off ‘Let me finish please’ he said she just nodded her head.

‘Isabel wanted it to I believe, she wanted acceptance more than anything, Michael wanted to know why we were here, where we came from

It was always just the three of us sticking together, doing our best to hide in the shadows. I changed all that when I healed Liz. I’ve always loved her from the first time I saw her, I tried to stay away from her but when I saw how she saw me

She knew who- what I was and she still wanted me, I became selfish and drug her in I couldn’t let her go. Like a chain reaction everything started happened another person was drugged in, then another, and so on. When Tess came everything started falling apart but she had the answers to what we were looking for.

When one of our friends were killed I wouldn’t let myself see the truth, I denied that we had anything to do with it, I shut everyone out causing a hugh rift between everyone. Just the thought that he was killed because of who we were, I couldn’t live that I didn’t want to believe.

It was like suddenly the roles were reversed I wanted to know more about our alien side, while Michael wanted to embrace his human side. Liz hurt me and I was to blinded by that hurt to see the truth, to have faith in our love and see the pain she was in.

She got hurt the most out of all of it, I promised her that I would always be her friend and at the first sign of trouble I turned my back on her and shunned her away.

After Tess came back with my son and I gave him up things went back to normal, everything was going good we were living normal lives like we all wanted’.

‘I don’t understand why you would give all that up, she clearly still loved you if she took you back after everything that happened’ Serena said.

‘When the voices started, I knew it wasn’t over it made me see that my life would never be normal no matter how much I pretended to be. I couldn’t bring anyone back into it, I couldn’t ask them to give up there lives especially Liz.

They all have been thru to much because of me, I couldn’t do it again’

‘But don’t you think you should have at least given them the chance to decide’ Serena asked looking at him.

‘Walking away from Liz was the hardest thing I had to do, she deserved to live a life that is free from all of this, she had already given up so much because of me namely Harvard it was her dream to go there and she gave it up to stay with me. She started going to the local university it wasn’t right for me to ask her to give that up too to come with me’ he said.

“What happens when you find him, are you going to take him with you’ she asked ‘I don’t know, if he really does have powers after all he needs to be with me, I gave him up because I believed he was fully human, I thought he would have a chance to grow up away from all of this’ he said.

‘Why didn’t any of you check his blood or something’ she said trying to understand ‘I guess I didn’t think about it at the time, the FBI was breathing down our necks, Tess said he was human and at the time I had no choice but to trust her’ he said.

Serena stood up ‘well I’ll keep working on it, when I find out something I’ll let you know, until then if you are not going to go home then please just lay low’.

Max walked Serena to the door ‘thank you Serena’ he said, she smiled ‘well find him I promise’ she said then left.

The ringing of the phone brought Max out of his daydream ‘hello’ he said picking it up. “Max its me, I think I found him’ Serena said ‘Where’ was all he said ‘not over the phone, look Cal is leaving next week to start production for his new movie, I think that will be the best time to move’

‘I can’t wait that long Serena’ he said ‘Max you waited this long, you can wait another week that’s the best move, stay put and don’t move until I contact you again’ she said before hanging up.

Part 10

Six months later

Max glanced in the rearview mirror, something that became a habit since he started this road trip back home yesterday with Serina and his son in tow. His mind conflicted with so many emotions, the biggest being confusion mixed with a heavy burden of guilt.

Guilt mixed with a bit of anticipation of what was going to happen, he was going home to face the people he left behind when he acted on an impulse.

His quest, if that’s what you called it, that left him with more unanswered questions. A quest is supposed to help you find yourself, or something that you are looking for.

Sure he found his son that part of the quest was over, but it only set forth the motions of another one to follow, this one only led him on a wild goose chase for almost two years of his life.

It wasn’t his son calling out to him, after he found him and watched him for almost five months before any approaches were made, his son seemed to be well taken care off and was living what looked like a normal life.

Max stared ahead at the open stretch of highway his head and his heart raging a never-ending battle inside. The head being the logical side of things, working things out that’s what it’s suppose to do. After every thing that happened was it wrong to for him to feel some small part of solitude, was it wrong to feel a joy of happiness. He had his son back.

Fate- there was that word again, did it step in again, play that part in a role that seems to shape the future of things. His son being the first step in things unsure of to come, finding out his son wasn’t human and making the decision to take him with him, he couldn’t deny that it filled a part of him that was empty that was missing.

But now there was a bigger part of him missing the other side of this inner battle, his heart. How can such a powerful tool be the easiest thing to break? How do you function when your head and your heart wont agree?

How do you know which one to choose, if you choose your head you take the chance of missing things that your heart knows, you do what you think is the right thing to do.

What if your heart is the right one to choose, you jump and go for what you want causing different events to happen ignoring the out come of what could happen.

So could he blame his head for taking that side, for leaving and not telling anyone but with a simple letter because he thought it was the right thing to do, or should he blame his heart for knowing that it wasn’t fair to the others, for knowing that they were better off the way they were.

The only thing that they both agreed on were the damage he had done, both knowing and feeling the pain he inflicted on his self.

The closer he got to home, the worse the guilt was, how was he ever going to make things right. Was there even a way to do that? Would standing in the middle of the street letting them line up and take punches at him make things better, maybe for Michael but what about the rest.

Isabel he knew would forgive him time she was his sister. It wasn’t the first time he done this, in time she would come to understand why he did what he did. It just wasn’t going to be easy, with her or anyone for that fact.

He only hoped in time he could heal the damage that was done, it was his power right? He had the power to heal, if only he could wave his hand and make it that easy. His thoughts turned to Liz out of all them she was going to be the hardest, a wave of his hand, wasn’t going to cut it this time, he crossed the line.

“Max, I think we better stop soon’ Serina said breaking him out of his thoughts, he shook his head trying to clear his mind ‘why’ he said glancing at her.

“We’ve been in the car for six hours now, I don’t know about this guy back here, but if we don’t stop soon your going to have a nice puddle in your front seat’ she said smiling.

He glanced in the back then looked at her, catching on to what she was saying ‘oh, um okay next thing we see, I promise’ he said turning back to the highway.

She noticed the far off look in his eyes ‘you okay’ she asked. Max shrugged his shoulders then rubbed his two-day-old stubble on his face ‘I guess, just thinking’ he said.

‘Are you nervous’ she asked ‘about going home’? He shook his head ‘yes and no’ she looked over at him ‘I am because I don’t know what I’m going home to, and no because I suspect to be on everyone’s hate list for a while’.

She put her hand on his shoulder, tempting to give him some sort of comfort. The friendship she formed with him over the last year was something she never dreamed possible, she grew up with only her mother and at the age of fifteen her mother died and she lived on the streets.

By fate or chance which ever you happen to choose, she winded up getting a small part in one of Cal’s films as an extra on one of his movies, since then he seemed to take a liking to her and she had been with him ever since.

“Well at least you said your mother seemed to be happy about your coming home’ she said. Max shook his head in agreement, his mother was happy all right, but she was also hiding something from him. He thought back to the conversation he had with her a couple of days ago.

Diane had been busy baby-sitting Lexi, while Liz was out shopping getting things for her first birthday coming up in a few days. Isabel and Jesse had come over to visit, Isabel was busy playing with Lexi tickling her and making her laugh when the phone rang.

Diane got up answering ‘hello’ and was met with silence; she tried a couple of more times each with the same response, nothing. She was just about to hang up when she hear the soft whisper ‘Mom’?

Her eyes filled with tears ‘Max’ she whispered, ‘yes mom’ he said trying to control his emotions, hearing her voice after so long hit him hard ‘Oh Max, where are you honey’ she cried out. Isabel stopped cold when she heard her mother talking.

Her heart started pounding in her chest, she looked over at Jess and he nodded his head. She got up and went to her mother placing a hand on her shoulder for support.

‘In LA mom’ he said with a shaky voice ‘are, are you okay, do you need money’ she asked placing her free hand over her daughters giving it a gentle squeeze.

‘I’m okay, I – I don’t need anything ‘ he said before pausing ‘I – I’m coming home in a few days’ he said.

“Oh thank god’ his mother said letting out a breath of air she was holding. Jess had taken over Isabel’s place and was ticking Lexi when she let out a loud squeal Diane looked at Isabel when she heard him ask ‘who was that laughing’, Isabel shook her head no at her mother.

Isabel knew she wanted to tell him, but she held onto her promise and would make sure her mother would do the same, Diane closed her eyes and gathered her courage ‘its’ just someone, I am babysitting’ she said.

Max smiled a little at that thought ‘since when do you baby-sit’ he asked. Diane just sighed ‘Max just- just come home okay’ was all she said.

‘I am mom, and I have a surprise too’ he said glancing at Mason. Diane looked at Lexi and couldn’t help it ‘oh, well you have one here too’ she said.

After hanging up she grabbed and hugged her daughter, ‘he’s come home Isabel, he’s coming home’ she cried. Isabel hugged her back trying to be strong for her mother, in the inside she was slowly losing it; she looked over at Jesse and Lexi ‘I have to tell Liz’.

Liz pulled up to Michael and Maria’s, shaking her head as she was getting out. Maria was surely going to drive her nuts, she insisted on having Lexi’s party at her house. She wanted to show off her new home that she and Michael had bought.

After they spent a week away on their honeymoon, they were back and Maria was back in her gibberish self-going on and on about what happened while they were gone. The trip did them good and you could actually see the love they had for each other.

She looked up to see Michael rushing out to help her, ‘please get in there and stop her before I become a widower’ he said moving to the trunk to pick up bags.

Liz looked at him as she grabbed one of the bags ‘what did she do this time’ ‘she had me cleaning the ceiling fans’ he shook his head ‘Liz! Ceiling fans, who the hell is going to care about dust on there’ he said. Liz just laughed and went inside.

She saw Maria sitting down at the coffee table with pictures spread all over the place ‘Maria what are you doing’ she asked setting the bag down.

“Trying to get these all in this photo album, they have been sitting in a box for forever’ she said. Liz sat down next to her ‘thought you were cleaning’ she said. Maria looked at her and smiled ‘I am, I am organizing’ she said.

Liz laughed out loud ‘Maria noone is going to care whether pictures are in a photo album or not’ “I care’ Maria said looking at her then turning back to the book.

Liz picked up some and glanced thru them, they were some that were taken back in high school, she smiled and ran her finger over Alex’s picture. She changed her ways ever since her first visit to his grave. She and Maria started going once a week and just sit and talk like he was still there with him.

‘Sooo, how did your date go last night’ Maria asked raising an eyebrow. She had taken Maria’s advice and went out with him, six months later here she was still seeing him. She wasn’t in love with him and they had yet to go beyond kissing.

He made her feel alive, it was something she had been missing and didn’t realize it. He turned out to be a really sweet guy, always sending her flowers or just doing little things for her here and there.

‘Um it was nice’ Liz said blushing a little ‘what happened’ Maria asked ‘what makes you think something happened’ Liz asked ‘I know you, you’re hiding something’.

‘Oh um he’ she wasn’t sure how to say this ‘he us asked metomarryhim’ she said really fast ‘WHAT” Maria screamed, before she could say anything else Michael walked in hearing the last parts of the conversation ‘you cant do it Liz’ he said.

Liz looked up at him in disbelief ‘excuse me’ she said starting to get defensive ‘the answer is no, you cant do it’ he said. “MICHAEL” Maria screamed.

Liz stood up ‘whether I do or I don’t is my decision Michael’ she said angrily ‘Liz’ he cut her off ‘dating him is one thing, but you cant marry him. What about Lexi did you think about her, you cant hide her powers if your living under the same roof with him’ he said.

‘I know that Michael’ she started but stopped when she saw Isabel pull up in a hurry with Lexi out the window.

Isabel got out and reached in the back with shaking hands to undo Lexi’s car seat. Before she grabbed her up Lexi put her hands on Isabel’s cheeks and looked in her eyes like she was trying to read them.

Isabel stared at her while Lexi just smiled and planted a kiss on her nose while gently stroking her cheek like she knew what was going on.

Isabel smiled and pulled her out hugging her as she made her way in ‘we need to talk’ she said moving past Michael.

She placed Lexi on the floor and sat down nervously wringing her hands together. The other three looked at her noticing her uneasy posture, she looked like she was going to become unhinged.

“What happened’ Michael asked crossing his arms, Liz walked to the other side of the room bracing herself. She a sinking feeling in the bottom of her stomach, somehow she knew she just needed Isabel to confirm it.

‘Today at the house’ she started ‘when Jesse and I were there’ she looked dead at Liz ‘Max called, he’s uh oh god’ she said bringing her hands to her head. ‘Just spit it out Isabel’ Michael said getting impatient.

‘He’s coming home’ she said Maria brought her hand to her mouth ‘oh god, when’ she asked. “In a couple of days’ she said shaking her head trying to clear the tears that wanted to fall.

Michael just walked out of the room not saying anything; Maria got up and moves towards Liz who just sat down looking white as a ghost feeling like a ton of bricks just landed on her chest.

If that wasn’t enough to make her go crazy, her daughter decided to speak her first words ‘dada’.

The three of them turned to see Lexi standing there holding on to the coffee table with one hand, while a picture of Max was in her other.
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Part 11

Max pulled up and shut off the car staring at the house in front of him that he hadn’t seen in close to two years.

‘Looks like someone has kept it up’ Serena said noticing the cut grass, Max just nodded his head from the outside it looked the same but on the inside he knew it wouldn’t be, she wouldn’t be here.

“Come on’ Serena said stepping out and helping Mason out. The walked inside the old musky scent of a house that had been locked up for too long filled his senses.

He closed his eyes praying for any sense of her presence still lingering here. He knew she wasn’t there long before he came home, it didn’t make the pain any less. He walked around everything still there in its place, but her.

“I’ll show you to your rooms’ he said walking back to Serena and Mason. He told his self he couldn’t break down right now, he had his son to think about, and it wasn’t just him anymore.

After Serena went in hers, he brought Mason to the other one. Sitting down on the bed ‘I’m sorry I don’t have any toys or kids stuff, but we'll change all that soon’ he said.

Mason came and sat down next to him ‘It’s okay I don’t need anything’ he grabbed his fathers hand ‘Things will work out in the end dad, Just don’t lose your faith’ he said.

Max looked at his son, studying him. He took in every inch of his features over the months but each time he looked at him he learned something new, he had the same dark hair as him, the way it curled just a little in the back, the way the bangs fell across the forehead those were all his.

The eyes were solely his mothers, the same clear icy blue that she had. That was the only thing he had from here, his personality was nothing like hers. He looked at the world with such innocence, trying to absorb everything and anything he could.

‘I wish I had your confidence’ Max said, “you do just have to find it again, you lost it but it’s in here’ Mason said bringing his hand to cover Max’s heart.

‘How do you know all this’ he asked, Mason just smiled ‘she told me’ Max just nodded his head.

When he first started talking to Mason, Mason would tell him about the dreams he would have of a little girl with brown hair and eyes that always seemed to sparkle like gold.

He didn’t know her name nor much about her, they would play sometimes other times she would tell him about her mother who was broken and needed fixing.

“She’s here you know’ Mason said breaking Max’s thoughts ‘here’ he asked. He never considered that this was someone Mason had never met; he always thought it was someone who Mason had met during his life someone he remembered and dreamt about.

Mason shook his head ‘she’s close, I can feel her’ he said. Max looked at him with confusion waiting for him to say something else. Mason just shrugged his shoulders ‘we’ll find her soon’ he said. He looked around the room a little more ‘I’m hungry’ he said looking back at Max.

Max stood up ‘okay we’ll have to go into town, I don’t have anything here’.

‘Where else do we need to stop’ Steve said driving the car. He, Maria, Liz and Lexi had been out shopping and took Lexi to the park for a little while.

“I need to stop and pick something up for Michael at the store’ Maria said from the back seat. Pulling into the parking lot “I’ll stay with Lexi, why you run in’ he said.

‘I’ll come with you, I need to get something for Kyle’ Liz said getting out of the car. As Liz and Maria went in the store he looked back at Lexi ‘I bet you want to get out, don’t you’ he said smiling, she just smiled at him.

Steve got out and went around getting her, leaning against the hood of the car he set her down in front of him and handed her toy.

Max, Serena and Mason walked down the sidewalk, Max scanned the streets looking for any signs of them. His eyes roaming as he passed the shops to his side. He looked down when Mason stopped walking “Mason’ he asked.

‘That’s her, that’s her’ he yelled taking off running “MASON” Max screamed taking off after him.

Lexi was sitting there playing when she saw the little boy she knew from her dreams run up and stop a few feet in front of her. She smiled up at him, and then she brought her eyes up to the two people who had just run up beside him.

Max ran after Mason watching as he stopped in front of a little girl wearing a pink jumper, pink tennis shoes and her hair up in pigtails, next to her was a man leaning against the car.

He glanced down when he got closer and stopped dead in his tracks, she looked just like Liz.

Steve looked at the three people standing there in confusion until he felt Lexi pulling on his jeans, he bent down and picker her up.

Lexi hugged his neck never taking her eyes of Max, Steve glanced from Lexi to Max then back to Lexi ‘sweetie what’s wrong’ he asked as Lexi gripped him harder.

Max stared hard at the little girl in front of him, her eyes locked on him, no not her eyes, his eyes, his eyes were staring back at him with such intensity.

The sounds of everyday life slowly fading from around him as the only sound he heard was the heavy beating of his heart pounding in his chest.

He took a step forward and another not sure of what he was seeing in front of him. Then he heard it the sound of laughter filter in his head. He would know that laugh anywhere, it was coming closer and closer than he saw her standing there looking more beautiful than he ever remembered.

Liz walked out of the store laughing at something Maria said, she stopped when she saw Lexi clinging to Steve for dear life. Her eyes followed her daughter’s line of vision, dropping the bags to the ground “Max’ she whispered.

The world stopped moving she was sure of it, she knew this was coming but she still wasn’t prepared for it. Her eyes shifted and noticed a woman standing there looking confused, her hands holding something. No not something someone her mind registered.

She looked down and felt herself sway backwards when she met his clear blue eyes, blue eyes that were locked on her. She looked away she couldn’t handle this not now, she looked at Max who was till standing there frozen staring at her.

She glanced at Lexi then back to Max, she followed his line of vision as he looked back and forth between the two of them.

She had to get out of there and now, stumbling over to she grabbed Lexi from Steve’s arms and rand to the car yelling ‘We. We have to go NOW’.

Max watched as she snatched the little girl and ran, it clicked in his mind she was leaving. No he couldn’t let her leave, taking a step forward “Liz’ he managed to get his voice to work.

He found himself stumbling backwards by Maria’s right hook planting itself on his lower lip. He brought his hand up to his lip to feel the trickles of blood already forming. “Stay away from them’ Maria screamed out.

He brought his attention back to the car as he heard Liz screaming ‘NOW MARIA’. His feet felt like they were rooted to the cement unable to move as he watched the car peel out and drive off.

Serena walked up and put her hand on his shoulder “Max’ she said as she heard him whisper “Liz’.

He didn’t remember dropping Serena off or driving to his parent’s house. His mind kept repeating what happened earlier like an old movie playing over and over. Liz, a man, and child, Liz was there with a man, and a child. She moved on, she started her life over. He lost her, he lost her, it kept repeating.

He got out of the car helping Mason out, one foot in front of the other he walked up to the door. His body moving but his brain playing the movie over and over.

Diane opened the door to see her son standing there with a blank expression on his face ‘Oh God Max’ she yelled as she threw her arms around him.

He couldn’t move his arms, he didn’t know how his legs were functioning the only thing registering, Liz moved on and had a child.

Diane pulled back and studied his face ‘Max honey what is it and what happened to your lip’ she said getting worried that he hadn’t said anything yet.

She noticed movement from behind him looking down she saw him ‘oh Max you found him’ she said bringing her hands to her mouth and looking at the boy.

Mason clutched his fathers pants trying to bring him out of his trance, he had not said a word since the lady left with the little girl from his dreams.

“Daddy’ he called out yanking on his jeans again, Max slowly brought his eyes down to his son then back up to his mother who was standing there.

‘ Mason’ he forced his voice to work ‘your grandson’. Diane bent down to study him better ‘Hello Mason, I am very pleased to meet you’ she said letting the tears fall. “Hi’ he said still standing behind his father.

Diane stood back up “Max honey come inside’ she said leading him in the house. They walked in only to have Max freeze in the middle of the room. His eyes frozen on the pictures in front of him, pictures of the little girl he saw with Liz ‘Mom’ he pleaded out as his he felt his body start to shake.

Diane saw what he was looking at and looked down at Mason ‘I bet you would like some juice, come with me’ she said leading him out of the living room real fast.

Max stared at the pictures in front of him, she looked just like Liz. No, not all the way his eyes stared back. Liz, his eyes, Liz, his eyes, repeated in his mind as the realization hit him hard.

He heard his mother walk back in keeping his back to her ‘she’s mine isn’t she’ he whispered out knowing what the answer was already.

Diane started walking forward ‘Yes Max, she’s yours’ she said. She stopped and stood unable to move when she watched her son break down in front of her.

Her full grown son who always seemed in control growing up, so hidden, so guarded in front of her was now on his hands and knees crying out in anguish.

“Oh god what have I done’ he cried out when he heard his mother, his knees gave out on him completely he couldn’t stand anymore, His whole body collapsed his hand and knees barely holding him up in that position.

He felt his mother drop down beside him and wrap her arms around him, he didn’t know how to move, his whole body shaking uncontrollably, so he clung to her for dear life as the river ran down his face repeating ‘what have I done’.

Part 12

‘Liz’ Maria called after her as Liz ran into the house and straight to her room “Liz dammit talk to me’ she yelled ignoring Kyle who was getting up.

‘What happened’ he asked looking at Steve and Lexi coming in the door “Liz open the door please’ Maria pleaded.

Sighing Maria walked back into the living room and slumped down on the couch, Kyle noticed her knuckle wasn’t as white anymore ‘will someone tell me what the hell is going on and what happened to your hand Maria’ Kyle yelled.

‘Max Evans is what happened’ Maria said looking at him, ‘what did that son of a’ he stopped noticing Lexi was still in the room ‘what happened’ he asked calming his self down.

“My fist met his mouth’ Maria said rubbing her knuckles, Kyle smiled ‘way to go Guerin’

They both looked up when they heard Steve ‘Evans? Was that Lexi’s father’ he asked.
Maria nodded her head and got back up walking back to the door Liz was locked behind.

‘Liz please open the door’ she asked ‘Maria just leave me alone’ she yelled thru the door.
‘No now open the door or I will call Michael or Isabel and have them open it for me’ she said glancing back over her shoulder to make sure Steve didn’t hear her.

After a few minutes Maria smiled when she heard the unlocking of the lock, walking in she saw Liz laying back down on the bed facing her back to her. She walked over and sat down next to her on the bed.

‘God Maria did you see them, I knew he was coming home, I knew it but…but seeing him standing there it was like a slap in the face’ Liz cried.

‘Liz, I know this is hard for you seeing Max’

Liz cut her off ‘I wasn’t talking about Max, Maria I was talking about his son, god I wasn’t expecting it be that hard seeing him, and the woman Maria, wasn’t his son enough he had to bring back a woman too’ she cried.

Maria put her arms around Liz hugging her “Liz I am in no way defending Max, but even I know he isn’t that stupid, I am sure its nothing’.

‘How do you know Maria’ Liz snapped at her, her emotions running high ‘Whoa calm down, I’m not the enemy here. All I am saying Liz, is Max is a lot of things but to openly flaunt a relationship if there is one, that’s something he wouldn't do’

Liz didn’t answer she just let lose the tears she wanted to fall since seeing them standing there, Maria just held her letting her cry ‘you know Liz, none of us would hold it against you if you change your mind about Lexi getting to know Max’.

Liz pulled back and wiped her face ‘I can’t do that Maria, as much as it kills me I cant do that to my daughter’.

Isabel ran into her parent’s house with Jesse following behind her, she stopped shocked with what she saw in front of her, her brother on the floor with her mother gently rocking him back and forth like a baby.

“Mom’ she questioned unsure of what to do, as much as she hated her brother and was rightfully going to let him know that, it couldn’t stop her heart from breaking seeing him like that so open and vulnerable.

Diane looked behind her ‘Just give us a minute please, could you go check on Mason please’ “Mason’ Isabel asked questionably ‘in the kitchen, your nephew’ was all Diane said.

Isabel started to walk into the kitchen and turned back to her mother ‘nephew’ Diane just nodded her head in the direction of the kitchen.

Isabel slowly walked in the kitchen and gasped when she saw a little blue eye boy sitting there looking lost. She looked back at Jesse who had followed her into the kitchen, he pushed her slightly ‘go talk to him’ he said.

Isabel looked back at Mason ‘what… what do I say’ she said, she was at a lost for words. Her heart thumping loudly in her chest, she wasn’t prepared for all the emotions that rushed forward at once.

‘Start by introducing yourself’ Jesse whispered in her ear and nudged her again. Isabel walked slowly to the table with her hands shaking wildly, grabbing them she willed them to stop but they made no effort.

Mason watched her as she sat down across from him, he wasn’t sure what to say right now he was confused at what was going on with his father in the other room, he didn’t mean to but he had snuck back in to see what was taking so long and stared wide eyed as he watched his father break down.

‘Hi…I’m…Isabel’ she managed to get out and then smiled at him ‘Hey’ he said looking down at his glass, Isabel looked at him then turned her head back to Jesse, he just nodded his head for her keep going.

‘Um, I’m your Aunt...Max is my brother’ she said turning her head back to him, he glanced up at her and seemed to relax some, he smiled back at her. He gaze traveled over to Jesse and Isabel noticed ‘that’s Jesse my husband, your uncle’ she said.

Mason looked back up to see Jesse smile at him, he smiled back at him and looked back down at his glass. “So… how old are you’ Isabel asked, she knew it was a stupid question but she really didn’t know what to say.

‘Five’ he answered ‘Wow…five’ she said glancing back at Jesse then back to him ‘you’… be…be starting school this year’ she said. Mason just nodded his head ‘are you excited about that’ she asked.

Mason again just nodded his head ‘Is my daddy okay’ he asked, Isabel opened and closed her mouth not knowing what to say, thanking god silently when her mother walked in “Isabel honey, your brother is asking for you’ she said.

Isabel closed her eyes for a minute and blew out her breath; she nodded her head and got up. Walking back into the living room she saw her brother sitting on the couch with his hands in his head, she could see he his shoulders still shaking some.

She sat down across from him and waited, he looked up at her his eyes swollen and red, she wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to get thru this, the last time she saw him like this was when she found him outside after finding out his son couldn’t survive here on earth, or so they thought.

“Why...didn’t…you…tell…me’? Was all he asked, that didn’t take her fury long to surface ‘tell you, tell you’ she said ‘when would you have liked me to do that Max, when you called to check in, when you would write, which you did neither of’ she yelled.

“You could have Dream walked me’ he said snapping at her “would it of have made a difference’ she snapped back.

Max looked at her ‘you know it would have’ ‘so your saying you would have gave up trying to find your son if you knew about Liz’ Isabel snapped back making sure he knew exactly what she was referring to.

“No…Yes… I don’t know’ Max said defeated, if he had done something differently would his son be sitting in the other room right now, would he have met Serena if he had stayed, she was the one to find Mason after all.

Max leaned back against the coach and closed his eyes ‘your right, I’m sorry I snapped at you, you have every reason to hate me right now’.

Isabel sighed ‘I don’t hate you Max, angry at you yes, disappointed in you yes, will it take me a long time to forgive you yes, but I don’t hate you’.

He opened his eyes and looked back at her ‘do…do… you think she would let me see her’ he asked hoping she would say yes. Isabel looked at Jesse then back to him ‘Liz is not that cruel, yes she will let you see her’.

Max let out the breath he seemed to be holding ‘I saw them today, she was with someone, is she…’ he closed his eyes again ‘is she married’ he asked.

Isabel shook her head ‘Max you’re my brother and I love you but don’t ask me anything about Liz I wont answer it, a lot of things have changed and I wont betray her like that’

She continued on ‘you can ask me anything you want about Lexi and I will answer it’.

Max opened his eyes back up and looked at her, “Lexi’ “Yes Alexis Michelle Evans’ your daughter’ it just dawned on him he didn’t even know his own daughters name, he felt like he wanted to throw up, he was that disgusted with his self.

Swallowing the bile he felt rising up ‘Alexis, after Alex’? Isabel nodded her head ‘Michelle is after Michael’ Max’s expression turned to surprise ‘Michael’ Isabel nodded her head again ‘like I said Max a lot of things have changed’

Max just nodded his head ‘when was she born’ he asked glancing at the photos that were sitting on the mantle ‘she turns one in two days’ Isabel said.

Max’s eyes started to tear up at the realization he had missed a whole year of his daughter’s life. Isabel couldn’t be there anymore, it was killing her to see her brother like this and she hated herself because deep down she knew he did it to his self.

‘I’ll talk to Liz and see if I can set something up so you can see Lexi, but don’t expect it to be soon Max’ she said picking up her things. “Thank you’ was all Max said as he leaned back against the couch closing his eyes and letting a tear fall down his face.

Maria stayed locked up with Liz for that last hour and half just hugging her and letting Liz cry, she knew it wasn’t just about what happened today. It was about everything that had happened, Liz held it all in, barely showing how much pain she was in.

So Maria just held her comforting her letting her get it all out, she seemed to be quieting down and Maria knew she was going to put her front back on the minute Liz sat back up.

‘I have to go talk to Steve’ she said getting up and walking to the mirror, she quickly brushed her hair and stared at her red swollen eyes and red nose in the mirror “great’ she said throwing her arms up ‘I look like Rudolph’.

Maria smiled ‘under the circumstances its okay, actually I think Rudolph’s nose was little brighter. Liz couldn’t help but let a small laugh, ‘there’s my girl’ Maria said getting up and walking towards her.

“Thank you Maria’ Liz said grabbing her and throwing her arms around her ‘Its what I’m here for’ she said.

Max walked in to see Serena sitting there in the living room, he could tell she was worried about what happened earlier, he didn’t say a word to her and she didn’t press the issue.

‘Hey’ he smiled weakly as he and Mason came in, she smiled up at him whispering ‘hey’ she noticed his defeated look, the way his hair was tousled all over the place, the tears streaks clearly visible on his face.

She watched Mason walk off towards his bedroom before asking ‘so that was Liz’ she asked referring to the woman she saw earlier. Max just nodded his head ‘and the blonde with the great aim’ she said.

‘That would be Maria’ he said, ‘How did it go at your parents’ He shrugged his shoulders ‘my father wasn’t home, my mother was glad to see Mason, and I managed to learn for the second time in my life I am a terrible father’.

Serena creased her brows ‘I’m sure that’s not true’ Max let out a snort ‘I missed five years of my son’s life, and today I learned I missed out a year of my daughters, a daughter I didn’t even knew I had until today’.

Serena’s eyes widen ‘the little girl today’ Max nodded his head ‘that would be the one’ ‘Max I’m so sorr-‘ he cut her off ‘don’t feel sorry for me, I brought this all on myself’ he said mentally kicking his self.

Liz walked back out into the living room to see Steve still sitting there next to Kyle; Lexi was sleeping quietly in Kyle’s lap. Kyle looked up ‘she just fell asleep about ten minutes ago’.

Liz bent down and pushed the hair back on her daughter’s forehead leaning down she placed a soft kiss there.

She looked at Kyle and he just nodded his head ‘I’ll just go…go put her in bed’ he said genteelly getting up.

Liz waited till he was out of the room then turning to Steve “I’m sorry about freaking out earlier’ he just nodded his head ‘It’s understandable’.

“It was just I wasn’t expecting to see him, I mean I knew he was coming home and I just didn’t… didn’t’ he cut her off ‘Liz its okay I understand’ he said getting up and putting his arms around him.

She let him hold her for a few minutes, she closed her eyes and leaned her head against his chest, she let herself feel safe just for a few minutes, she knew her next decision was going to change everything and right now she didn’t care she just wanted to make sure Max Evans couldn’t hurt her again.

She pulled back and looked at Steve.

Maria walked in the living room and stopped short when she heard Liz tell Steve ‘the answer to his question was yes she would marry him.

Maria mouth’s opened and closed, she just shook her head knowing all to well that Liz was doing the running this time, she was acting on a impulse and in the end Maria knew it would do nothing but lead to disaster.

She glanced back and thought about going to get Kyle, but then she thought about it no she was going to need Michael and Isabel as well to fix this before Liz did something they all knew she would wind up regretting.

Max walked down the stairs to the UFO Center, ready for whatever Michael was going to say or do. He had Serena drop him off while she took Mason to pick up some basic things for him.

Looking around he spotted him over by one of the stands talking to a customer, if Michael knew he was there didn’t show.

Max walked closer ‘Michael’ Michael turned ready to assist another customer, his face changed to show nothing when he saw Max. Michael just stared at him for a few seconds then walked off not saying anything.

For an hour, that’s how it went Michael completely ignoring that Max was there, not even acknowledging him. Max finally walked up he couldn’t’ take it anymore anything was better than this.

Grabbing Michael and turning him to face him ‘Just hit me already and get it over with’ Max said staring at him, Michael just raised his eyebrow at him and shrugged himself out of Max’s hand and turned to leave. Max held firm ‘no, hit me, scream at me, do whatever you have to do to get it out of your system’.

Michael looked down to where Max was holding on to his arm then brought his eyes back up Max looking at him with cold eyes ‘Michael do something, anything, I know I deserve it okay, I fucked up I know that, this silence thing is not you so give it up already and beat the crap out of me already’.

Michael once again shrugged Max off of him not saying anything and turned to leave, Max caught him by the sleeve ‘Michael’ that’s all it took Michael lost his control ‘AGHHH’ he yelled grabbing Max by his shirt and slamming him hard against the wall.

‘The only reason why you are not a pile of dust right now is because for some insane reason Liz wants that little girl to know her father, so you better listen and listen good Maxwell, if you hurt one strand of hair on that little girl I swear to you what they did you to in the white room will seem like nothing compared to what I will do to you’ Michael said in cold harsh voice.

He slammed Max back once more and stormed out of the Center leaving Max bending over resting with his hands on his knees and eyes closed.

Part 13

“Who the hell are you’ Isabel asked crossing her arms and straitening her back to glare at the woman who answered the door.

Serena raised her eyebrow at the tall blonde standing before her; she swore if looks could kill she would truly be dead at this moment.

‘Serena’ she answered nervously, trying to make sure she wasn’t going to be flattened by this six-foot blonde that practically had queen bitch tattooed on her forehead.

“Where’s my brother’ Isabel sneered pushing past her and walking into the house. Serena closed the door and sighed before turning around and entering the living room “he’s in the shower’.

Isabel raised her eyebrow and sat down crossing her legs, keeping her arms crossed over her chest ‘are you his replacement’ she asked getting her point across. Maria had filled her in last night when she had to rush over to a frantic Maria.

Serena looked at her shocked ‘What!’ she shook her head ‘no just a friend’ she sat down opposite of her ‘probably his only one, he seems to be lacking in the department lately’.

Isabel uncrossed her legs and sat up some ‘it’s his own fault’ she said frosty, Serena put up her hands in defeat ‘I know that, you know that, he even knows that, you know it wasn’t exactly peaches and cream for him either’ she said taking the chance that Isabel would lighten up some.

‘What’s that suppose to mean’ Isabel asked uncrossing her arms and resting her elbows on her knees.

Serena blew out her breath and pulled her back away from her face resting her elbows on her knees ‘Look I really shouldn’t be the one telling you about this, but I just hate seeing him so broken right now’.

She looked up when Isabel didn’t say anything, sighing ‘Did you know Mason has powers’ “What’ Isabel sitting up straight ‘Tess told us she was human’ ‘well apparently she lied’ Serena said. Isabel just shook her head, they had been sucked in by another lie, how did they let that girl manipulate them so much.

‘There’s more too, I wont say everything but I need to say this, Isabel he is going to need your help’ Isabel started to protest but Serena put up her hand ‘I know he doesn’t deserve it okay, but unless you want to see your nephew and niece in danger than I suggest you start rethinking things’.

Isabel looked at her ‘what are you talking about’ ‘Cal Langley’ Serena said, she watched Isabel’s eyes widen ‘what does he have to do with this’ he’s the one who had Mason’ Serena said getting up.

Before they could say anything else Max walked into the living room, he looked back and forth between the two women standing there before heading over to his sister.

Isabel looked up at her brother, he still had dark circles under his eyes, and he looked pale. She guessed he didn’t sleep last night, much less ate “You called. I’m here what do you want Max’ she said looking at him.

Max sat down next to her and wiped his face ‘you can say no if you want to, but I was wondering if you’ he paused scared to ask, scared of being told no ‘if you could help me buy something for Lexi’s birthday tomorrow’.

Isabel looked at him for a few minutes ‘I know I’m not welcome there, so I wont try and crash her party or anything, but I would like to start trying to make it up to her for not being there’ he asked.

‘I’m…I’m not sure what she likes’ he said turning his head towards her, Isabel thought about it for a minute, he really did seem sincere in wanting to try, but would Liz flip out about it, she shook her head no Liz wouldn’t do that she wanted Lexi to spend time with Max ‘I can do that’ she said looking at him.

Max smiled at her ‘thank you’ he said, ‘when would you like to go’ she asked ‘how about now’ he asked getting up.

“Liz are you okay’ Kyle asked coming into her room, she looked up at him ‘I wish people would stop asking me that’ she said.

‘We are just worried about you, that is all’ he said sitting down next to her, she sat up and scooted back on the bed ‘I know’ she smiled weakly.

‘About last night’ he said ‘Kyle please it’s fine, and I understand why Steve backed out and he was right I jumped into the decision not thinking to clearly’ she said.

‘I just want you to be happy Liz’ Kyle said looking down at his hands, she scooted closer and put her hand on his ‘I am Kyle, I just… I don’t know when I saw Max and them yesterday, I just wanted to protect myself, it hurt and I thought marrying Steve would be away to prevent that from happening again’.

Kyle place his hand over hers ‘Liz you have four people who will make sure that doesn’t happen again and I am not going to lie to you, so help me Max Evans better hope he doesn’t cross my path anytime soon right now, alien powers or not I am going to kick his ass’.

Liz pulled back “Kyle violence doesn’t solve anything’ ‘well I know that, but it will make me feel better’ he said raising his lips into a small smile. She just shook her head ‘come on, we have things to do before tomorrow’.


Isabel and Max walked around the mall searching for something he could get Lexi. ‘So Mason is um…special’ Isabel asked as they walked. Max looked over at her ‘yes, he is’ understanding what she was talking about ‘what about Lexi’ he asked.

Isabel shook her head ‘she takes after you’ Max just looked at her, he tried to hide the joy that his heart was pumping now ‘how do you know, I mean we didn’t know until we were… you know’ he said.

Isabel looked around and motioned to the table to sit down ‘during delivery she kind of healed Liz while she was being born’ Max’s eyes widen ‘wow, that’s um…great’ ‘she also can speak to you with her mind’ Isabel whispered.

Max shook his head ‘that’s not surprising, we did that to remember’ he asked, she nodded her head ‘I don’t know if it will go away when she gets older, but right now she’s very good at it, she likes to drive Michael up the wall sometimes’ she said smiling. Max nodded his head ‘Michael...huh’.

Isabel put her hand on his shoulder ‘Max, I’m trying here, I don’t want to fight with you, its too late to go back and change the damage that has already been done, all you can do now is focus on your son and daughter, they are the ones who need you right now’.

Max brought his hand up and wiped his mouth and chin ‘I know, I just don’t know what to say to make things better, I want to talk to Liz’ Isabel started shaking her head no ‘Iz, I know she’s not ready to see me yet, I am willing to let her come to me’.

“She’s trying Max, she even agreed to let me take Lexi tomorrow after her party to come meet you’ his heart started pounding ‘she…she is’ he asked looking over at her, Isabel just nodded her head.


Kyle walked into the Crash Down after dropping Liz off at Maria and Michael’s so she could finish setting up. “Hey Kyle where’s my granddaughter’ Jeff asked looking up from behind the counter.

He plopped down in the stool ‘she’s with her mother’ he said, ‘what brings you buy’ Jeff asked stepping up to him.

‘Liz said to tell you to make sure you don’t forget to bring the serving spoons tomorrow’ Jeff nodded his head ‘I wont, do you want anything’ he asked pointing back towards the kitchen.

Kyle smiled ‘when don’t I, I take some Saturn rings and a coke’ he said. Jeff nodded his head and walked back to the kitchen. Kyle turned and started looking at the people in the diner; he stopped his movements when he landed on a pretty brunette.

She was sitting with a little boy; he couldn’t see his face with his back turned towards him. He smiled when she looked up and met his eyes, her green eyes sucked him right in.

He decided he was going to introduce his self, what could it hurt it was the first woman he felt attracted to in a long time.

Serena decided to take Mason to get something to eat while Max and Isabel were out looking for something for Lexi, she remembered passing by this place a couple of times while she had been out.

Sitting in the booth and ordering for her and Mason, they both sat down and started talking about what else Mason thought he might want, when she glanced up she was awestruck by a pair of blue eyes.

She noticed him looking at her and she quickly blushed looking down at her plate, she looked out the corner of her eye and noticed he was making his way over to her. She shook her head trying to fight the butterflies in her stomach ‘your not a school girl, get a grip’ she told herself.

“Hello there’ Kyle asked as he stopped by the table, he glanced at the boy and got the feeling he knew him but couldn’t place it, those eyes were so familiar.

‘Hi’ Serena said as she looked up Kyle didn’t waist anytime jumping into questions ‘I haven’t seen you here before, are you new’ he asked. Serena shook her head ‘yes’.

“Well you picked a good place to eat, this is the best restaurant in town’ he said pointing around, Serena raised her eyebrows and smiled ‘a little overbearing if you ask me’ she said.

Kyle looked around and grabbed a chair, pulling it up he sat down at the end of the booth ‘you don’t mind do you’ he asked. She smiled and shook her head no ‘I don’t want to get you in trouble are anything with your husband’.

‘Oh I don’t have a husband’ ‘boyfriend?’ ‘No as single as they come’ she said smiling, Kyle smiled bigger sticking his hand out “Kyle’ he said, Serena took his hand “Serena’

‘This is Mason’ Serena said pointing to him, Kyle looked over at him ‘hi’ he said trying to place this little boy. Mason just said hi back and returned to picking at his lunch. ‘Are you staying long’ he asked.

‘For a couple of months I think, of course anything can happen and I could wind up staying longer’ she said playfully ‘well by then all means at least let me show you around town, maybe all our fine establishments can persuade you to stay longer’ he teased back.

‘Sounds good to me’ Serena said smiling as she grabbed a pen to write the phone number down. Kyle just took it and shoved it in his pocket not looking at it ‘tomorrow night sound good’ he asked, ‘tomorrow is great’ she said.

Kyle stood up ‘until then’ he said smiling as he walked back over to the counter ‘Make that to go please’ he said. Jeff just smiled shaking his head turning to grab a take out bag.

The Next Day

Liz stood there smiling watching Lexi and Michael, she would take some cake in her hands and then proceed to try and feed Michael, he just sat there letting her do it.

“Hard to believe that is Michael’ Maria said coming to stand next to her, Liz nodded her head ‘I know what you mean, who knew Michael would be so good with kids’ she said.

Maria smiled ‘I did’ Liz just looked her ‘don’t ask I just know okay’ she said. Liz laughed ‘okay’.

Maria patted her shoulder and walked over to her husband and bent down in time for Lexi to shove a piece in her mouth.

Diane walked over to Liz “Liz honey you did a wonderful job’ she said hugging her ‘thank you for coming, I know this must be hard for you right now’ she said.

Diane just shook her head ‘there is no need to be sorry, I know Max would have liked to be here, but he knew it would cause problems so he agreed to stay away’.

Liz sighed ‘Mrs. Evans’ “Diane please’ ‘right Diane, I want you to know I don’t plan on keeping Lexi from seeing him, right now I just cant face him’ she said hoping she would understand.

“Liz, its okay I know how hard this is for you, and trust me he’s paying for it, I have never seen Max break down like he did the day before, to see my own son fall apart like that I hope I never have to see him like that again’ she said.

Isabel had told her about walking in on him and their mother the other day, and she couldn’t help but feel bad for him, she herself had seen Max cry before, but even she wasn’t prepared for what Isabel told her.

‘Anyways, that’s part of the reason why I came over here’ Diane asked with a hopeful heart ‘I was wondering if I could take Lexi for a little while tonight, so Max could meet her’.

‘Oh um’ Liz started but Isabel had walked up and cut her off ‘I am already doing that’ she said coming to the rescue, Diane looked back and forth between the two women ‘you are’ she asked.

Isabel nodded her head ‘yes I already talked to Liz, now come on let’s go open presents’ she said pulling Liz towards the table.

As they opened presents everyone laughed at how Isabel seemed to wipe out the clothing department at children’s store, Lexi was sure to have enough clothes to get thru two years.

“Jesse haven’t you learned by now not to give my daughter a credit card’ Phillip laughed as he slapped him on the back of his shoulder ‘trust me I am learning’ he said smiling.

Liz continued to sit there and let Lexi try and open her presents, a couple of time Liz had to stop her and help her when she saw her daughter was about to use her powers to get the bow off a couple of presents.

Maria had gotten her a jewelry box, insisting that a girl was never to young to start collection jewelry. Kyle had gotten her hobbyhorse that she had fallen in love with, when he took her to the store one time.

As everyone was getting up and starting to split up Michael put up his hands ‘wait there’s one more’ Liz looked at Maria and she just shrugged her shoulders as Michael disappeared in the house.

A few minutes later he came back out with a large flat looking package ‘Michael’ Liz asked raising her eyebrows ‘just open it’ he said stepping back towards Maria.

Liz opened the package to reveal a painting and you could hear everyone gasp, Liz felt the tears building up ‘Michael its beautiful’ she said. One night when he was babysitting Lexi she was leaning over a footstool with her head lying on top of her hands as she rested herself on the cushion.

Michael thought it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, Lexi half standing half laying with her long eyelashes fanned across her sleeping face, he had hurried and took a picture of it and later painted that same picture capturing all her beauty and innocence in the painting.

“Michael thank you so much’ Liz said hugging him, he just shrugged his shoulders trying to play it off ‘just a painting’ he said stepping back. Maria turned and put her arms around his neck ‘I am very proud of you space boy’ she said kissing him.

About an hour later, Liz had changed Lexi’s clothes into a little jumper and then started to put her hair back up in pigtails after she had given her a bath. Her stomach was doing flip-flops as she was getting her ready.

She looked at her daughter ‘your going to meet your daddy, I know he is going to love you’ she said. Lexi just looked up at her ‘I know he’s made some mistakes, but he does have a good heart, you don’t have to be afraid of him’ she said as she pulled the hair up on the other side wrapping it up in the pony tail holder.

“Liz” Isabel asked coming into the room ‘almost ready’ Liz said as she made sure the pony tails were even ‘are you sure your okay with this’ Isabel asked as she came over and tweaked Lexi’s nose causing her to giggle.

Liz finished putting her shoes on and stood up picking her up “Yes I’m sure’ ‘Don’t worry I wont leave them alone’ Isabel said, Liz looked back at her as they walked out of the room ‘I’m not worried Isabel I know he would never do anything to hurt her’.

Isabel just nodded her head in agreement ‘I know, I just want you to know that I am going to be there anyways’ Liz just smiled ‘thanks’.

She kissed her daughter on the forehead and handed her over to Isabel, Lexi wrapped her arms around Isabel as they walked out ‘come on princess, I know someone who is very anxious to meet you’.

Part 14

Max paced back and forth in his living room, his stomach doing a massive amount of flip-flopping, he was sure he was going to throw up from the anxiety of meeting Lexi.

He hadn’t been this nervous when Mason first made contact with him, he was surprised in the way that he did it and more surprised that Mason knew he was but he wasn’t nervous to the point where his palms were sweating and his stomach was doing a circus act inside him.

He sat on the park bench as he had did for the last five months just watching him, everyday at two his nanny brought him to the park to play in the sandbox.

He sat waiting glancing at his watch, they would be coming in five minutes, and each time he came he took a bench closer and closer to the sandbox, just to be near him.

They came like they always did, his nanny sitting down on a bench directly in front of the sand box pulling out a book to read, Mason directly running to the sand box. This day was different Mason only played for about five minutes before standing up and started straight at him.

Max sat up straighter watching his son walk closer to him, Mason never broke his eye contact as he walked straight up to him. He was frozen not knowing what to say, so they stayed like that for which seemed like forever.

Mason finally broke the eye contact and Max watched him as he pulled something out of his shorts pocket, he could hear his nanny calling for him, he glanced back over his shoulder once then turned back to Max.

He just smiled and put something in Max’s hand and turned running back over to his nanny, Max watched as she said something to him, and they both left the park.

Max looked down at his hands and his heartbeat picked up three speeds, sitting there in his hand was the little toy spaceship, they had given him that day when he said goodbye to him.

The shutting of car doors brought him out of his daydream, running his hand thru his hair once he walked over to the door.

Isabel stood there with Lexi attached to her neck, she picked her head up when she saw him open the door, and they just stared at each other.

‘As much as I love her, she does get heavy you know’ Isabel said trying to make her point, Max shook his head ‘so…sorry’ he said stepping back to let them in.

Lexi’s eyes stayed on him as they walked into the living room watching his every move. Isabel tried to put her down, but she shook her head no and gripped Isabel tighter.

Max watched as Isabel just turned her around and sat her in her lap, with her back leaning against her chest. Isabel bent down and whispered in her ear ‘do you know who that is’, Lexi looked at Max then back at Isabel, she just shook her head yes.

“Do you want to sit by him’ she whispered again, and Lexi shook her head no. Isabel looked up at Max ‘she’s uh just nervous’ Max just nodded his head ‘its okay’ he said looking back at Lexi.

She looked at him and he smiled nervously at her, she just looked at him then back up to Isabel ‘uce’ she said, Isabel nodded her head and went to her diaper bag, dragging out a cup ‘do you have some juice or something’ she asked holding the cup out to her brother.

Max stood up ‘I think they have some apple juice’ he watched Lexi’s eyes get wider as he slowly walked over and took the cup from Isabel. Walking to the kitchen he stopped and turned back ‘um does she like it plain’ he asked scratching the back of his head.

Isabel smiled and shook her head no ‘just a drop’ she said, he turned and walked to the kitchen. Once he was out she turned and looked at Lexi ‘you doing okay’ she asked her.

Yes she heard, and Isabel smiled at her ‘its okay to go to him’ she encouraged her, Max walked back in and put his hand out that held the cup, Lexi looked at Isabel then Max and slowly took the cup of his hand.

Max felt a shiver run down his back when her small hand brushed his, in fear of frightening her he stepped back and sat back down opposite of them. “Just let her come to you Max, it might take her a while’ Isabel said.

Max just nodded his head ‘she’s so beautiful, she looks just like her mother’ he said as he felt his eyes tearing up ‘she has your eyes’ Isabel said,

“So why did Cal have Mason’ Isabel asked scooting back some, she wanted to know what was going on and what Serena meant yesterday.

Max sat back and brought his ankle to rest on his opposite knee ‘he said he was protecting him’ ‘from what’ she asked starting to get a little worried ‘I don’t know, he wasn’t to keen to provide me with information’ he said shaking his head.

He looked at Lexi then leaned his head back against the couch ‘I should have just listened to him and came home’ he said closing his eyes. ‘Did he know about Lexi’ she asked glancing down at her, Max opened his eyes and looked back down at her.

Both stopped and watched as Lexi crawled down off of Isabel and wobbled a little ways off from her and sat down in the middle of the floor.

Isabel smiled and looked at her brother, she knew what Lexi was doing eventually she would wind up in her brothers lap, just at her own pace.

She cleared her throat the get his attention, he snapped his head back in her direction and wiped his palms on his jeans ‘um…if he did he didn’t say anything, he probably did that’s why he kept insisting I went home and stopped looking’.

‘Why didn’t I just listen to him’ he said saying it more to himself, ‘you wouldn’t have found Mason if you did’ she said pushing a strand of hair out of her face ‘maybe- maybe not, its too late to change any of that now’.

‘Max I have to ask why did you just leave without telling anyone, the only thing you left was a letter, Max what were thinking’.

‘I thought about that a hundred times, even more now that I’m back, I was going to you know, it was just every time I got around to it my mind would replay every bad thing that happened in the past.

I just didn’t want to see any of you dragged back into the past’ he said, Isabel sat up some ‘but that’s exactly what you did Max, you think Mason being here doesn’t account for that’

Putting her hand to stop him from saying anything ‘We all know Mason is innocent in this Max, I don’t hold anything against him and I never would, but know what my first thoughts were when I first saw him’.

‘Tess’ he whispered nodding his head ‘Isabel he is nothing like her…’ he stopped when he saw Lexi moving out of the corner of his eyes.

His heart picked up speed as he watched her wobble over beside him; she tried climbing up on the couch next to him, stopping and staring up at him when she couldn’t do it.

Max looked at Isabel and she nodded her head, he turned and reached out with shaking hands gently picking her up and placing her on the seat next to him.

Lexi turned and leaned back against the armrest with her cup in her hand, her feet touching his thigh as she drank from her cup and continued to stare at him.

He clasped his hands together in front of him, trying to ease the want of picking her up and holding her, he was so scared he was going to scare her if he did or said anything to her.

Isabel’s talking brought his attention back to her ‘I know he’s nothing like her, even I could tell that by the small encounter I had with him, but that still doesn’t change the fact that he is hers, did you even think about how everyone would feel seeing him and not to mention you look pretty cozy with a certain brunette living here.

Max’s eyes widen ‘No… Serena is just a friend’ ‘So you both say’ Isabel said raising her eyebrow “Isabel I love Liz…I am going to do everything in my power to win her back’.

Dawning on him the other day ‘oh god does…does she think I am with Serena’ he asked. Isabel just looked down at the floor, not answering him but her actions answered his question.

He leaned back against the couch pinching his eyes closed with his hand, letting it rest on the bridge of his nose, feeling movement beside him caused his eyes to pop open, his hands frozen in mid air as he watched his daughter climb onto his lap.

His heart thumping loudly in his chest he let her do whatever she wanted. Lexi crawled onto his lap sitting on her knees she held herself up placing her small hands on his chest as she continued to stare at him.

He closed his eyes breathing in her scent as she traced his face with her fingers, over his eyes, down his nose, across his cheeks like she was trying to memorize everything about his face.

Isabel sat back and couldn’t help the tear that rolled down her cheek, she was memorized watching Lexi and Max, and she could see her brother’s body slightly trembling as Lexi brushed her fingers across his forehead.

Max opened his eyes back up when he felt her head lay in the crook of his neck and her hands rested on his shoulders, he glanced at Isabel and she smiled. He let his hand fall slowly placing it on the back of her head; he let his fingers run thru one of the pony tails, feeling how soft it was.

His other hand slowly slid around her back until he was holding her completely, he closed his eyes and breathed in and out heavily as his tears ran down his cheek as he held his daughter for the first time.

He lessened his grip on her when she pulled back and looked at him, he looked at her thru watery eyes as she brought her hand up and brushed his tears away, she smiled at him and he felt his heart racing more when she leaned in and kissed his check while hearing in his mind don’t cry daddy.

“Lexi’ he whispered out as he pulled her back to him, holding onto her. He looked up Isabel ‘thank you’ he whispered. Isabel just nodded her head and stood up walking out of the room to give them some privacy.
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Chapter 15

“So what do you like for breakfast’ Max asked as he and Mason walked thru the store doing some grocery shopping ‘waffles’ Mason answered. Max raised his eyebrow ‘waffles’ ‘yes you know, yellow, round, you stick them in a toaster’ Mason said.

‘Or in our case a wave of the hand’ he said smiling, Max just laughed ‘waffles it is ‘ as they headed for the frozen food section.

Liz stood looking at the ice cream keeping one hand on Lexi in the cart as she held the door open with the other one. “Dada’ she heard and felt Lexi starting to move.

Liz looked at her then looked over her shoulder not seeing anything ‘Dada’ she said again and tried to stand up, Liz blew out her breath and pushed her back down sitting ‘no Lexi, daddy’s not here’.

Max was getting closer to the aisle, he shivered when he felt the tickling sensation on the back of his neck, thinking it was the coolness of the aisle he shook it off and continued to walk.

Rounding the corner he froze, pulse picking up heart pounding, there a few feet in front of him Liz and his daughter.

Liz looked up directly meeting his eyes, her mind telling her bolt, her feet staying firmly rooted to their place, she looked back down at her daughter ‘dada’ Lexi said nodding her head once and smiling.

‘Liz’ his mind whispered out, unsure what to do move forward or turn around, the gentle sound of his daughters voice willed his feet to move forward.

Liz stood pulse racing watching him get closer and closer, she glanced down willing her mind his son, his son, not hers, his chanted over and over in her mind as she stared at Mason.

He stopped a few inches from her cart, both stared at each other, their eyes silently holding a conversation between each other ‘Dada’ Lexi said raising her arms bringing them both out of their trance.

Max looked down at Lexi then back to Liz ‘Can…can I’ he asked with a shaky voice motioning to Lexi.

Liz nodded her head slowly then watched as he turned and gently lifted Lexi out of the cart.

Max smiled and wrapped Lexi in his arms before kissing her forehead; she wrapped her arms around his neck giving him a hug. Sifting her to his side when he felt movement on his other side, he brought his other hand down griping a smaller one in his.

Mason watched Liz remembering her from the other day, he let his eyes shift back and forth between his father and this woman, he could feel the confusion of emotions radiating off her towards him.

‘This is Mason’ Max said bringing his eyes down to him then back to hers, Liz stood there biting the bottom of her lip, sticking her hands in her back pockets she forced her voice to work ‘hello’.

“Mason this is Liz’ he said then bending down he set Lexi in front of him, glancing once at Liz as she closed her eyes and nodded her head.

‘This is Lexi’ he said ‘I know’ Mason said as he smiled at the little girl, Liz’s eyes snapped open at his words and watched as her daughter raised her hand and touched Mason’s cheek.

The small gasp cause Max to stand back up and look at her ‘uh…it seems’ unsure how to say it ‘it seems they have been dream walking each other’.

Liz’s eyes widen ‘wh… how?’ she asked in confusion, Max shrugged his shoulders ‘I don’t know they have been doing it for a while now’ she just shook her head slightly.

“Liz’ he started taking a step forward, his heart racing, him mind racing on where to begin, on what to say ‘thank you’ he said shoving his hands into his pockets at chickening out on what he really wanted to say.

‘For what’ she asked crossing her arms ‘for letting me see Lexi’ sighing she turned her focus back to her cart ‘I would never stop you from seeing her’ making a bold move he took his hand out of his pocket and touched her arm ‘I know, I know you wouldn’t’.

Liz closed her eyes the moment he touched her, provoking feelings she tried so hard to cast away, she couldn’t help feeling the warmth underneath his fingertips, she allowed herself to bask in the feeling for a just a moment.

He watched her face and could see she was battling with herself ‘Liz about what happened’ that was the undoing she stepped back removing herself from his touch ‘Max not now’ she said as she felt her eyes starting to water ‘I cant deal with this right now’

‘When’ it flew out of his mouth before he had a chance to stop his self, Liz put up her hands ‘I don’t know, I…I just need more time’ she said running her fingers thru her hair.

“Okay’ he said softly as he turned around and picked Lexi back up, placing her back in the basket making sure she was strapped in he bent down and kissed the top of her head ‘I’ll see you later sweetheart’ he told her.

“Mason’ he called out to him as he grabbed his cart ‘Bye Liz’ he told her softly as started to walk off hearing the calling of his name by his daughter did a tap dance on his heart, he stopped and turned around “Liz’.

She looked up at him ‘could I have her for a little while tomorrow’ he asked, she nodded her head ‘I’ll see what I can do’ she said as she placed her hand on Lexi’s back rubbing small circles trying to soother her. “Thank you’ he said as he took one last look, sighing heavily he turned back around and disappeared around the corner.

‘So guess what yours truly is doing tonight’ Kyle asked as he walked into the kitchen, Liz looked up at him seeing him dressed in a nice pair of jeans and button down shirt.

‘Hmm’ she said ‘I have a date with a babe’ Liz looked at Lexi and rolled her eyes causing Lexi to giggle, Kyle came up and bent down kissing her cheek ‘you are a babe too’. Liz shook her head ‘Kyle my daughter is too young to be called a babe’.

Kyle smiled ‘never to young, just think when she gets older’ ‘trying not to’ Liz said ‘so who’s the women’ she asked placing her elbow on the table propping her chin up in her hand.

‘Meet her yesterday, she’s new in town, her name is Serena and being the nice guy I am offered to show her around town’ he said wiggling his eyebrows.

‘I think she has a kid thou, when I meet her she was with a little boy, brown hair, blue eyes’ Liz’s eyes widen ‘Uh.Kyle’ ‘but that’s okay, I can deal with kids I mean I’m used to it’ he kept going on missing Liz’s face.

“Kyle’ she said a little louder this time, he heard her this time and turned to face her ‘what’ he asked. Liz bit her lip trying to figure out how to say this ‘um this kid, did he look familiar to you’ she asked.

Kyle raised his eyebrow in confusion ‘I thought he did, but I didn’t pay much attention to him’ Liz shook her head ‘Kyle that was Mason, Max’s son, the girl Serena she came back with him’.

Kyle looked at her then shaking his head ‘dammit’ he yelled pounding his fist on the countertop ‘KYLE” Liz yelled motioning to a startled Lexi, he quickly went over “sorry sweetie’ he said kissing the top of her head.

Sulking down into a chair ‘why me’ he said ‘what is it with me and women’, ignoring the sympathy look from’ Liz ‘I swear to god I think that alien hybrid was sent here just to make my life miserable’.

‘Kyle’ Liz started but he cut her off ‘I’m serious, every woman I get interested in, here he comes and swoops them right up, I should just walk around with a sign on my back, ladies bypass me, do not stop, do not collect two hundred dollars go directly to Max Evans’.

Liz couldn’t help but smile at the way Kyle was carrying on, ‘If it makes you feel better, Isabel told me they are not involved’ Kyle just looked at her then shook her head ‘she probably lays awake at night pondering the ways to get him to notice her’.

‘You really liked her didn’t you’ Liz asked getting up and picking up Lexi’s plate, Kyle sighed ‘I don’t’ know, she was just the first person I felt attracted to in a long time, Roswell does have its limitations’.

Liz walked up and put her hand on his shoulder ‘so go out with her then’ Kyle turned to look at her ‘your not serious are you’ he asked, Liz sighed and nodded her head ‘just because we are not together doesn’t mean the rest of you should stay away’.

Kyle stood up and looked at her “Liz the only reason I have not hunted Evans down like the dog he is, is because of that little brown haired beauty right over there, so if I have to make nice and pretend so that little girl is happy then so be it, but don’t think I wouldn’t jump on him the minute I could if she wasn’t around’.

‘Have I told you lately how much you mean to me’ Liz said hugging him ‘well the feelings are mutual’ he said pulling away ‘so are you going to go’ she asked, he turned when he got to the door ‘I have to go consult a fat little bald man first’ he said walking out.

Liz just smiled walking to lift Lexi out of her highchair, the slamming of the door made her jump “LIZ” she heard Maria screaming, she glanced down at Lexi ‘I think this is bug mommy day’ Lexi just smiled ‘Ria’ she said.

“Liz, where are you’ Maria screamed walking into the kitchen ‘there you are, I need a favor’ she said walking up to her, she placed her hands on Lexi’s cheeks ‘hello there my little chica’ Lexi smiled then wiggled wanting to be put down.

Liz set her down then sat back at the table ‘what’s up’ she said, Maria came and flopped down across from her ‘Michael, he’s driving me nuts’, Liz raised her eyebrows ‘what about him’.

‘He’s been brooding ever since you know who came back to town, I need to borrow Lexi for a while’ she said. Liz just looked at her ‘your joking right’ Maria waved her hand ‘no I’m serious, he needs some serious Lexi time so he can get in a good mood, she always does it’.

‘When do you want her’ she asked ‘I’ll take her for the night, then drop her off tomorrow evening’ Maria said, Liz shook her head ‘no, I told Max he could see her tomorrow’.

‘Okay then I’ll keep her over night, and Max can pick her from Michael tomorrow at the center’ she said. Liz looked at her ‘I thought you wanted to put Michael in a good mood, not set off world war three’.

“Michael wont do anything, if Lexi is there’ she said then putting her hands together ‘Please Liz, Please you know when she’s around he cant resist her charms’ Liz rolled her eyes ‘fine, fine but you are telling him that Max is coming to get her tomorrow’.

Maria squealed ‘okay but I wont tell him until he’s getting ready to leave for the center in the morning’ Liz just shook her head and walked out of the kitchen to get Lexi’s things ready.

Chapter 16

‘So were did you grow up’ Kyle asked as he sat across the table from Serena, after much consulting he finally decided to go ahead and keep his date with her.

‘In California, my mother died when I was younger and I pretty much lived on the streets until I got a part as an extra in one of Cal’s movies, after that he pretty much took care of me’ she said looking up at him.

She had to admit she was beginning to let herself relax a little bit more, she had been a nervous wreck when she found out from Max who Kyle was.

“Hey’ she said walking in the door with Mason to see Max sitting there, he looked up ‘hey how did the shopping go’.

‘It went good we managed to buy a few outfits and some new shoes, then I took him over to eat at the Crash Down it looked like an interesting place’.

She didn’t miss the haunted look that passed over his face ‘Uh… yes it is, I used to go there all time as a teenager’ he said shaking his head.

“Oh is that where you met-‘ he shook his head yes before she finished ‘her parents own it’ he said leaning back against the couch.

‘Oh I’m sorry, I hope it was okay I took Mason there’ she said, he shook his head ‘it’s fine’ he said.

‘I did manage to make a date for tonight’ she smiled, he raised his eyebrows ‘really, that’s great who is the lucky guy’ Serena sat down on the opposite couch ‘Kyle’ she said smiling.

Max frowned ‘Kyle...Kyle Valenti?’ he asked, she noticed his face ‘I guess I didn’t get his last name, do you know him’.

Max shook his head ‘yes he’s uh… a good guy’ Serena raised her eyebrows ‘you don’t sound so sure’. He just shook his head ‘yea I’m sure, he and Liz are roommates’.

Serena just formed her mouth in a shape of a o ‘well I can cancel it’ she said getting up, Max jumped up ‘no, no don’t do that, Kyle is a really great guy, I mean it you should go’

‘You sure’ she asked, ‘yeah I’m sure, you’ll be in good hands’ he said.

‘Ah so your movie star’ Kyle said smiling breaking her out of her thoughts, she smiled and shook her head ‘no, just a peon in the background’ she said. “Well it’s a shame you should be up in front’ he said causing her to blush.

‘What about you, have you always lived here’ she asked changing the subject, Kyle nodded his head ‘yep born and raised’ he said. ‘and you own your auto shop, that’s really good’ she said ‘actually two’ he said smiling.

‘Wow, impressed’ she said teasing, “I try’ he said smiling, then he turned serious he thought about this earlier and wasn’t going to bring it up, but as they say curiosity killed the cat so he was jumping in with all fours.

‘I have to ask, how did you get involved with Evans’ he said, Serena sighed what a way to kill the mood she thought ‘It’s not what you think, he needed help I helped him’ she said.

‘Evans actually asked for help, that’s a new one’ he commented, she shook her head ‘can we please not talk about Max, I know all you are mad at him right now, I like you and I would hate for this to turn badly’.

‘You like me’ he asked as he started grinning, Serena blushed ‘well yeah I like what I see so far’ she said. Kyle reached across the table and took her hand ‘okay no more Evans talk, I just don’t want to see Liz get hurt again’ he said looking at her, she squeezed his hand ‘I know’ she said.

The Next Morning

Michael sat at his desk with Lexi sitting on top of it; he pulled out the container inside the paper bag that Maria had given him this morning before they left.

Right after she told him that Max would be picking up Lexi, he was less than thrilled about the idea and made it well known to her.

He looked at Lexi and she was curiously looking at the container, he opened it up and looked at her ‘what do you think’ he asked raising his eyebrow.

Lexi leaned on her hand and peeked over his arm at the bowl, she looked up at him crinkled up her nose sticking out her tongue Blah! Michael laughed ‘I agree’ and tossed the container in the trashcan.

He opened his desk drawer and pulled out a box of donuts ‘this is why we stay prepared, I love your aunt Maria but sometimes her cooking is dangerous to me’ he said breaking off a small piece and handing it her.

Lexi just smiled and shook her head like she was agreeing and took a bite of the donut.

Max walked down the stairs to the center readying his self to face Michael; he hadn’t seen him since that last time when Michael slammed him against the wall.

He could see Michael and Lexi in the office talking, he could see his daughter’s excitement when Michael talked to her, making it very clear that the two of them had a bond.

It made his heart yearn for that, he hoped that he could have that closeness with his daughter that Michael had with her, it was a blatant realization of just how much he missed and how much he screwed up.

He stood a little out of way and watched the two of them, cursing his self because he had no right to feel jealous which is what he was feeling and he knew it. He was the one that left leaving the others no choice but to cling to each other.

As he watched the two of them, he started realizing just how much had changed since he was gone, the way Michael was smiling breaking off pieces of food and giving it to her or the faces he was making causing her to laugh, maybe it was time for him to stop worrying so much and begin living the life he wanted.

The others were doing it, why couldn’t he, maybe it was time to stop trying to be two people at once and just concentrate on being Max Evans, the man who had two beautiful children that wanted to know him and a woman who had loved him once.

Lexi raised her eyebrow and turned her head towards the door ‘dada’ she said smiling, Michael looked up at then turned his direction to where hers were, groaning when he was Max standing there.

Be nice he heard and looked back at her ‘easier said then done little one’ wiping his hands he stood up ‘Maxwell.'

Max walked in the office ‘Michael’ he said nodding his head ‘I didn’t have time to feed her this morning, so she’ll be ready in a few minutes’ Michael said. “It’s okay I can wait’ Max said walking over and bending down to kiss the top of her head.

Lexi smiled up at him and tried to feed him some of her donut, Max smiled and shook his head ‘no thank you sweetie, you eat it’. Max looked at Michael out of the corner of his eye then proceeded to pull something out of his jacket.

Michael watched as Max pulled some papers handing them to Michael ‘here’ Michael raised his eyebrow as he took the papers from him, unfolding them he scanned his eyes over them looking back up ‘your giving me your share of the center?’.

Max nodded his head ‘it’s the right thing to do, you are the one who held this place open the last two years’.

Michael looked back at the papers in his hand, then he looked at Lexi ‘what are you going to do’ he asked, Max shrugged his shoulders ‘I’ll find something’ he said shoving his hands in his pocket.

Michael sat quiet for a moment thinking, he looked at Lexi again then sighed as he folded the papers back and gave it back to Max ‘can’t do that’ he said. Max looked at him confused as he pulled his hand back out and took the papers back ‘Michael?’.

‘You have two kids to support, you cant afford to not be without a job. Keep your half of this business, but you better start making an effort Max no more of this running off bullsh-stuff’ he said glancing at Lexi who was staring at him with her big amber eyes wide open.

‘Are you sure’ Max asked in confusion as he put the papers back in his jacket, Michael shook his head ‘Yes, but I mean it Max starting tomorrow you better put this place on one of your top priority places’.

‘I promise, I will and thank you’ Max said ‘your promises don’t mean jack to me right now, prove it and I will start believing you’ Michael said he pulled out a wipe and started cleaning Lexi’s face.

Max just nodded his head as he watched, when Michael threw the wipe away and pulled out another one to clean her hands ‘you’ve changed Michael’ Michael looked up at him ‘for the better, smarter’ Max said.

Michael sighed ‘not smarter, just grew up Max’ he said then turned his attention back to Lexi ‘you ready’ he asked, she smiled and shook her head yes holding her arms up for Michael to pick her up.

Max waited and watched, Michael walked over and gave Lexi a kiss before handing her to Max, she held out her arms to him and took her from Michael, as Michael turned to get her diaper bag Max looked down and stared into his daughter’s eyes.

Looking back up when Michael handed him the bag, he slung it over his shoulder ‘I think its time for me to do the same’ Michael crossed his arms over his chest ‘what’ ‘to grow up’ he glanced once at Lexi then back to Michael ‘can you help me to do that’ he asked.

‘We’ll see Maxwell, we’ll see’ was all he said as he turned and sat back down at the desk and started looking over the books.


‘Are you sure you want to do this sir’ the boy asked as he nervously walked the corridors.

Blazing blue eyes turned sharply at him ‘Yes I am sure and do not underestimate me again’ he barked.

“Yes-s...sir’ the young boy said ‘the transportation will be ready next week, when do you wish to leave’.

The taller man stopped and stood confident ‘as soon as it is ready’ grinning wicked like the Cheshire cat ‘they are never going to know what hit them’.

Part 17

A week later

“I’m sorry I really don’t have any toys’ Isabel said walking in from the kitchen and standing in the doorway ‘I only have a few of Lexi’s things, for when she comes to stay here’

She volunteered to watch Mason on her free days, so Serena could look for a job. Max had kept his word so far with Michael and started taking interest in the Center again, staying sometimes from open to close.

Mason glanced up at her and shrugged his shoulders ‘it’s okay I really don’t play with a lot of toys’ he said. She looked at him for a minute; she realized she didn’t know a thing about her nephew.

“What do you like to do’ she asked leaning against the doorframe, ‘I like to draw and my nana took me the park everyday’ he said then turned his head staring at the wall, Isabel remembered Max telling her that he had a nanny.

“Would you like to go to our park, its not all that great but I can take you’ she asked ‘maybe later’ he smiled. She watched him for a few minutes trying to rack her brain for something to do to make him feel a little more comfortable.

‘Do you want to go pick Lexi up to come spend some time with you’ she asked standing from the doorway, she watched his smile fade as he shook his head ‘ no, that’s okay’.

She walked into the living room some ‘are you sure, cause I don’t mind’ he glanced down at the floor ‘I’m sure’ he let a small sigh out ‘I don’t think her mother likes me very much’ he barely whispered, she still heard it making her heart squeeze with guilt.

‘Liz...she doesn’t hate you’ she said sitting down next to him ‘I know what she feels when she looks at me, what you all feel’ he said staring down at the carpet.

‘What…what we feel?’ Isabel asked looking at him ‘you think of her’ he whispered ‘ I don’t even know who she was’.

Isabel was silent as she really looked at him for the first time; Mason was more scared of them than they were of him. The guilt begun to build up on her insides, as it sunk in this little boy in front of her couldn’t help whom his mother was, he was only with her for a short amount of time.

They had no right to judge him based on where he came from, as she studied him she could see more and more of Max in him, the kind hearted soul, that same look that seemed like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Slowly she reached a shaky hand towards his wrapping it around his smaller one, ‘your right’ she started, he looked up at her thru glistening eyes ‘You can’t help who your parents are, and I’m sorry I judged you like that, but if you let me I would like to try and get to know you’ she asked.

He nodded his head slowly ‘I would like that’ he stated putting a small smile on, Isabel scooted closer and put her arms around him, when he turned and hugged her back ‘everything is going to be okay Mason’.


Serena stared hard at the help wanted sign sitting in the Crash Down window, she had seen it a couple of days ago but made no attempt to go in.

She was becoming desperate she had been all over town looking for something, and with no luck she found her self standing back in front of the restaurant.

She blew out her breath pulling the door open and walked in holding the sign, she glanced around the restaurant spying Liz behind the counter her first thought was to turn around and run.

Liz looked up when she heard the bell go off, she recognized the girl immediately standing there looking nervous.

‘You can sit anywhere, someone will be with you shortly’ she told her, she decided she should at least make an effort, Kyle seemed to really like her telling her she was really nice once you got to know her.

Serena walked to the counter and sat down on the bar stools ‘thank you’, Liz put down the rag she was using and walked over to her ‘what can I get you’ she asked.

Serena looked down at the sign, then back up to Liz ‘you know, uh never mind I should uh just go’ she said getting up. Liz noticed the sign in her hands ‘are you looking for a job’ she asked curiously.

Serena nodded her head ‘Yes, I thought it was time to get my own place, Max has been nice letting me stay at his house, but I would feel better in my own’.

She couldn’t help but see the haunted look that passed over Liz’s face, she immediately felt like an ass for saying his name ‘you know what I’m sure something will come up soon, sorry to bother you’.

Liz bit her bottom lip watching her turn around to leave, she closed her eyes briefly then opened them back up ‘do you have any experience’ she asked.

Serena stopped and turned back around ‘a little, I worked as one for a couple of months’ she said nervously. ‘The hours are sometimes long’ Liz told her as Serena walked back over to the counter.

‘I don’t mind’ she said sitting back down, Liz smiled for the first time in her presence ‘when can you start’ she asked. Serena looked up at her ‘your hiring me’ she asked.

Liz shook her head ‘you’ll be on a trial basis for a week, after that if there are no problems you will be hired on full time’ she said. Serena smiled ‘thank you, this really means a lot to me’.

Liz just nodded her head ‘It’s not a problem, besides you already had one good reference’ said not missing the red tint of Serena’s cheeks when she said that ‘Kyle’ she whispered shaking her head.

‘Yes he seems to think very highly of you’ Liz smiled, ‘the feelings are mutual’ Serena said in agreement. ‘How about you come back tomorrow at nine and we will go from there’.

Serena stood up ‘I will see you in the morning’ she started turning to leave, when she got to the door she turned back ‘Liz thank you again and I hope that in time we can become good friends’.

Liz smiled weakly and nodded her head slowly as a past memory came flooring its way into her mind all of a sudden she didn’t feel so good.

Chapter 18

Max knocked on his sister’s door to pick Mason up after his shift, thankful for it to be over with. Michael and he were still on thin ice; the tension at the center was still there.

He envied Michael who seemed to have his life in control and in order, he clearly showed every day just how much he had matured over the time he was away. Michael was married, keeping a business successful and clearly stepped in where he was absent.

“Hey come on in’ Isabel said answering the door, Max followed her into the living room ‘so how did it go’.

He glanced around the living room looking for Mason ‘he’s in the kitchen finishing up dinner, I wasn’t sure how long you were going to be so I fed him’ she said closing the door.

‘Thanks’ he said heading off to the kitchen “Max, wait’ she wearily, he stopped and turned around to look at her ‘sit please’ she asked motioning towards the couch.

He creased his brows in confusion looking at her ‘please’ she insisted, he walked over and sat down as she came over and sat down next to him.

‘What’s going on Iz’ he asked ‘did something happen with Mason today’ he asked looking back towards the kitchen, Isabel shook her head ‘no nothing like that’?

She took his hand into hers and raised her eyes to meet his confused ones ‘Max I just wanted to say I owe you an apology ‘for what’ he asked staring back at her.

She lowered her head “Max have you talked to mason about Tess’ he shook his head ‘not really’ she looked back up at him ‘Max you need to talk to him and explain to him how she was’.

‘Isabel where is this coming from, did he ask about her’ he asked looking at her, Isabel shook her head ‘I got a real eye-opener today and I wanted to apologize for my behavior towards Mason’

“What happened’ he inquired ‘Max, Mason can feel other peoples emotions’ she said looking at him ‘I didn’t know’ he sighed rubbing his hands over his eyes ‘why didn’t he say something’.

Isabel shrugged her shoulders ‘I don’t know, maybe he didn’t want to worry you, maybe he figured you were going thru enough’ he glanced over to the kitchen ‘I still should have sensed something, I sensed some feelings from Lexi’ she shook her head ‘maybe he is blocking you’.

She stood up ‘talk to him Max please’ Max stood up shaking his head yes before turning to walk in the kitchen.

‘Where are we going’ Mason asked looking out at the passing desert, as they drove down the highway.

Max glanced at him ‘I want to show you something’ he said turning his head back to the road.

After several more miles Max cut the engine and sat in silence looking up at the familiar rock formation, glancing over at his son who was staring out at the desert ‘come on’ he motioned as he opened the door.

Both silently made their way up the slope Mason looked at the rocks as they stopped high up on it. He watched in amazement as his father waved his hand and a silver handprint appeared.

Max glanced down at Mason then placed his hand on the print, stepping and pulling Mason back some as the wall slid open.

As they walked in he stood off to the side a little as he watched Mason examine the four pods sitting there, he looked at them as they sat there unmoved still illuminating in a soft glow, it had been to long since the last time he was here.

The cave looked the same except for the dust and cobwebs that doubled since the last time he was here.

‘What is this place’ Mason asked as his hand skimmed over one of the pods, he jumped back a little when he was hit with a flash of four children sleeping quietly inside.

Max watched as his son’s eyes got big and turned to look at him ‘what was that’ he asked. Max walked over to him ‘what did you see’ he said bending down to his level.

‘Four children, they were sleeping’ Mason answered confused, Max walked over to the wall and sat down motioning for Mason to come to him.

Mason walked over and sat down facing his father ‘this is where I was born’ Max said looking at him, ‘who are the others’ Mason asked looking back at the pods, Max stood up and walked back over to the pods.

‘This one was mine’ he said pointing to it ‘this one was your Aunt Isabel’s, this one was Michael’s’, and this one was’ pausing for a moment ‘your mothers’ he said turning to look back at him.

He watched as Mason got up and came over to hers and traced his fingers over it, a flash of a little blonde girl appeared in front of him, sadly he looked down at the floor ‘why does everyone hate her so much’.

Max closed his eyes for a minute, and then opened them as he walked back over towards the wall ‘please don’t lie to me’ Mason asked turning to face him.

Max nodded his head and sighed ‘Your mother did some things that weren’t good, she lied to a lot of people and she hurt someone that we all cared about’ he answered hoping that was enough.

‘How’ he asked, Max studied him for a few minutes fighting with his self on the inside to tell him the truth or not, how would Mason act knowing his mother killed someone.

‘How’ Mason asked again studying his father, he could feel the confliction that was going on inside his father, Max raised his eyes to meet his son’s ‘she killed someone’ he whispered out.

Mason closed his eyes and shook his head no, like he was trying not to believe it, but he could feel from his fathers emotions what he said was true. His heart starting to beat a little faster, he didn’t want to believe his mother was this horrible person that everyone seemed to think she was.

“Why’ he asked walking back towards his father, Max continued to look him in the eyes ‘your mother wasn’t raised like us, she was raised by someone who brought her up to believe some things’

‘Why wasn’t she with you’ he asked ‘she didn’t come out of the pod at the same time as we did, when we came out we were scared and confused, Michael and Isabel were walking out of the cave, I didn’t want to be left alone so I followed them, over the time I forgot about her, I didn’t remember she was still there’.

Mason turned back towards the pod; his whispered words pierced thru his father’s heart ‘you left her like you left me’.

Max quickly scampered on his knees over to his son reaching out to him only to have his son shrug him off.

Max dropped his head for a moment pushing the tears back that were quickly forming lifting his head back up ‘Mason please look at me’ he pleaded ‘please’.

Mason slowly wiped his eyes and turned to look at him ‘I had to let her go’ Max said ‘she made me believe you would die if you stayed here, I felt it when I connected with her’ his eyes begging him to understand as he tried to reach out to him again.

He dropped his hands to the ground when Mason stepped out of his reach ‘then why didn’t you go with us’ he asked keeping his back to him.

Max wiped his watery eyes as his heart took a tighter hold on him than before ‘they were going to kill me, I was scared I didn’t want to die, our protector made a deal with them; they would let you two live and they would kill me. I had to stay alive so I could come for you’.

“BUT YOU DIDN’T’ Mason yelled out battling between hurt and anger, Max tried to reach for him again to hold him ‘DON’T’ Mason yelled putting his hand up.

Max’s body started to tremble ‘Mason I tired to find you, I swear I did. I did everything I could to get to you’ he sobbed out ‘you have to believe me, if I knew she lied I would have kept her here’

Mason wiped his running nose on his sleeve then swatted at his eyes trying to see clearly he slowly turned around ‘But she came back, she brought me back, she must have had some good in her right’ he pleaded.

Max studied his eyes watching as they silently begged with him to confirm that his mother wasn’t pure evil. Max slowly nodded his head ‘yes she brought you back, she sacrificed her life to save yours’.

Mason closed his eyes for a moment knowing that his mother had some good in her, opening them back up ‘but then you left me again’ he said hard clenching his jaw.

Max took a deep breath and let it out ‘I thought you were fully human, I wanted to keep you safe’ Mason cut him off ‘you could have kept me safe, you didn’t want me so you gave me away’ his body starting to tremble violently as the tears soared down his face.

“I never wanted to give you away, I thought I was doing the right thing, I thought I was keeping you safe. There were people looking for you, people who would hurt you if they found you.

I didn’t know, I swear I didn’t know Mason’ he pleaded out. Mason hugged his body trying to get under control ‘why now whey did you come for me now’ he asked.

“I thought you were in trouble, I was hearing a voice I thought it was yours’ Max whispered out ‘Once I found you and knew you were okay, I couldn’t leave. I thought I could just watch, but then you came up to me and handed me the toy I gave you’.

Mason looked at him ‘I knew who you were the first day I saw you, I didn’t know how I did, I just remembered’. He looked back down at the ground ‘I told my nana that day, but she didn’t believe me, she told me I was just wishing it’.

‘When you told me that you wanted to come with me it was a dream come true for me’ Max said smiling lightly as he looked at him.

‘After you healed her, when that man stabbed her she told me she believed me and that it was better for me to be with you, you could protect me better’ Mason whispered out.

‘I promise you Mason I will’ he said reaching out for him one more time, Mason took a step towards him then stopped he brought his eyes back up to his fathers ‘then why did you bring me here, where they all hate me’.

‘They don’t hate you Mason, they don’t know you, they just remember you’ll see they-‘‘BUT I’M NOT HER’ he cried out his body trembling all over ‘I’m not her’.

Max did hesitate this time he quickly grabbed Mason into his arms cradling him ‘I know Mason, I know’ he said his own tears falling to mix in with his son’s.

The two stayed that way Max-holding Mason rocking him as his son’s cries and shaking died down till he was sleeping securely in his father’s arms.


Liz answered to find Isabel standing at the door ‘hey what’s up’ she said stepping back to let her in; Isabel walked in and headed towards the living room.

“I need to talk to you, do you have a minute’ she asked sitting on the couch, Liz came over and sat down ‘I have a few minutes’.

Isabel blew out her breath before speaking ‘Liz, I think you and Max should talk’ Liz’s face hardened ‘why would I want to do that’ standing up ‘did he send you over here to ask for him’ she said getting angry.

Isabel quickly stood up ‘no I’m not here for Max’ Liz folded her arms ‘then why are you suddenly taking his side’ she stated ‘Liz, I’m not taking his side; I told you I’m not doing this for him’.

‘Then for whom’ she asked ‘Mason’ Isabel said nervously “Mason’ Liz asked walking to the other side of the room ‘Liz please hear me out’ Isabel pleaded. Liz pushed her hair back behind her ear ‘fine’.

Isabel walked over to her “Liz, Mason can feel our emotions, he can feel how we all look at him’ Liz’s eyes widen ‘he…what’ she asked shaking her head.

‘He knows we all think about Tess when we see him, he can feel all our hatred for her and he thinks we hate him’ she whispered out. “I don’t hate him Isabel’ Liz said walking back towards the couch.

Isabel followed her “I know you don’t blame him exactly, but we all see Tess when we look at him’ “I can’t help that ‘Liz said looking at her.

“I know that, and I’m not telling you how to fee Liz, I’m asking that you remember he is Max’s son too, and get to know him’ she said.

Liz looked up at her ‘he’s Lexi’s half brother Liz, with you and Max walking on eggshells around each other, it can’t be good for her either’ Isabel stated.

When Liz didn’t answer her she placed her hand on her arm ‘Liz, Lexi is smart she knows something is not right’.

Liz sighed and closed her eyes, was she really ready to do this, to talk to him. Placing her head in her hands she searched inside for the courage, she knew Isabel was right but she didn’t know if she was strong enough to do it.

Isabel could see she was silently battling with herself ‘Liz we both know Lexi is a good judge of character, and she took to Mason fast and easy that has to say something right’. Liz sighed ‘I know in my heart your right; I just have to convince my head’.


‘Do you wish to proceed sir’ he asked looking up at his commander ‘not yet, I will let you know’ he answered.

“As you wish sir’ he stated then stepped back the man walked forward ‘I want you to show me around, I want to know every thing. There can be no mistakes this time’ he said walking towards the younger one.

As they walked out ‘has there been any new developments since last I spoke to you’ the younger man turned to look up ‘no sir they are all still there and still seem divided’.

The taller one stopped and turned ‘there can be no seeming, I want you to make sure’ he yelled out. ‘I will check’ he answered quickly ‘you do that’ as the younger quickly started walking off ‘and Nicholas if things go wrong this time, it will be your head instead that I will cut off’.

Nicholas shook his head understanding ‘we won’t fail this time’.

Chapter 19

Two weeks later

‘So what do you two kids want to do today’ Isabel asked walking in from the kitchen, Mason looked up from the book he was reading to Lexi ‘this is fine’ he said smiling.

Over the last two weeks she made it a point to get to know him better, and he visibly relaxed more around her, he was beginning to smile and laugh more around her.

Isabel stood and watched the two of them smiling when Mason deepened his voice little pig little pig let me in Lexi put her hands over her mouth and her eyes got big, Mason would look at her then smile softening his voice and bringing it up a notch not by the hair of my chimney-chin-chin.

Isabel had to stifle a laugh when Lexi hit the book ‘bad’ she yelled slapping at the wolf in the book. She walked over and picked Lexi up putting her in her lap as she sat next to Mason.

He stopped and looked up at her, she nodded her head for him to continue he shook his head then I’ll huff Isabel sucked in her breath and Lexi copied and I’ll puff they sucked in again and I’ll blow your house down Isabel blew out her breath shaking her head, Lexi copied and started laughing.

Across Town

‘So do you want to do something tonight’ Kyle asked leaning over the counter taking her hand in his. “Oh I can’t I promised Max I would watch Mason tonight’ Serena frowned saying.

‘Well can’t Isabel watch him’ he asked rubbing his thumb over the back of her hand, Liz walked by just as Serena answered ‘no, Jesse is taking Isabel out to dinner plus she’s been watching the both of them today, and their parents are going to some kind of business thing, so leaves only me’.

‘To do what?’ Liz asked walking up to the counter, she and Serena had started to form a small friendship over the last two weeks both avoided the subject of Max as much as possible.

Kyle turned his head ‘To watch Mason, I wanted to take Serena out to dinner but she has baby-sitting duties’ then looked back at Serena like a lost puppy, Liz bit on her bottom lip for a minute ‘I’ll watch him’, two heads snapped back towards, she was sure one of them had to give themselves whiplash with the way they jerked their heads.

‘You will’ they both asked at the same time, Liz shrugged her shoulders ‘why not, I’m not doing anything tonight’ ‘you sure about this’ Kyle asked, Liz rolled her eyes ‘yes I’m sure, now get out of here we have customers to attend to’.

‘Okay, okay I’m going’ he turned to Serena ‘I’ll see you later’ he said smiling then turning to leave. Serena watched him leave then turned to Liz ‘Liz, thank you I am sure Max will be happy to know that you are taking the time to get to know Mason’.

Liz looked at her ‘I’m not doing this for Max’ she said turning to walk to the back.

Liz walked upstairs to the apartment, walking in she noticed her mother sitting there folding laundry, she looked up ‘Liz honey is everything okay’; she shook her head ‘yes I just need to make a quick phone call in private’.

Nancy looked at her ‘okay honey’ turning back to her task at hand, Liz proceeded to her old bedroom she walked over and stared out her window for a minute at the old lounge chair sitting there ‘you think they would have gotten rid of that by now’ she said to herself shaking her head.

Walking over to the bed she sat down and picked up the phone, she thought for a minute if she was really sure about doing this. Just as she was about to hang up she heard “UFO Center’ she couldn’t stop the little flutter from happening when she heard his voice.

“Max’ she said willing her heart to stop the racing marathon it started, Max pulled the phone away and looked at it for a second, bringing it back up to his ear ‘Liz’ he asked wanting to make sure his ears weren’t playing tricks on him.

‘Yeah…um…I…’ pausing for a moment ‘I wanted to tell you to uh pick Mason up from my house’. He brought his other hand up resting it on the back of his neck ‘your…house’ was all he could get out with this brain suddenly playing twenty questions.

“Yea, I told…well that is Kyle wanted to take Serena out and she said she couldn’t go, I didn’t have any plans tonight so I told her to go ahead and go’ she said then realizing that maybe Max didn’t want that ‘I mean if that’s okay with you’ she asked.

He was silent for a moment thinking, then smiling at the idea of being able to see Lexi tonight ‘no, no that’s fine and uh thank you’ he said. ‘Do you have any idea what time you will be picking him up’ she asked a little too quickly.

His smile faltering a little ‘no, I’m not sure with the convention coming up still have a lot to do around here’. Hearing how his tone seemed to change, she calmed down some ‘okay sorry, I didn’t mean it to sound like it would be a problem, I was just wondering if I should have him take a bath and get ready for bed’.

‘Oh’ he said quickly changing his demeanor ‘Uh…I guess that would be okay if it’s not to much trouble, I will try and hurry up’ she stood up ‘okay well then I guess I will see you later then’ she said. ‘Okay and Liz thank you’ he said before hanging up.

Liz drove back to the Crash Down several hours later with both Mason and Lexi, she glanced in the rearview mirror and watched Lexi and Mason silently playing in the back seat, she smiled and turned her gaze back to the road.

She thought to herself this was definitely a good idea and this was just what she needed this as much as Mason did, it broke her heart to find out that he thought she hated him.
She could never hate him, she didn’t blame him for his parents, and they were the ones who screwed up.

She didn’t think he would come with her at first, he just stood there staring at her for a few minutes then nodded his head walking up to her. She smiled down at him and shot Isabel a glance that was standing there smiling her self.

“I’m not one for cooking, so I thought we could eat here’ she said pulling up. ‘This is fine, Serena took me here a couple of times’ Mason said reaching over to help Lexi out of her seat.

Walking in she directed them to a booth “Lizzie what are you doing back here’ her father asked walking up to them, he bent down and picked Lexi up when she put her arms up.

‘Dad this is Mason’ she said gesturing to him, Jeff nodded and extended his hand ‘Nice you meet you, I’m Lizzie’s father Mr. Parker’ he said. ‘Hi’ Mason replied shyly reaching up and shaking his hand real quick.

Liz sat down across from Mason; Lexi started wiggling so Jeff put her down next to Liz. She immediately crawled on top of the table ‘Lexi be careful’ Jeff said reaching for her, she batted his hands away and crawled down the other side sitting next to Mason.

Jeff just smiled and shook his head ‘well what can I get you guys’ he said taking an order pad out of his back pocket ‘what would you like’ Liz asked looking at Mason. ‘Hamburger’ Mason answered ‘gotcha’ Jeff said ‘what would you like to drink’ Mason looked at Liz for a second ‘um…cherry coke’ he said, Liz laughed out laugh, her father looked at her funny but she just waved her him off.

Before getting to far he heard the bell go off looking up to see Michael and Maria walking in, he quickly walked over and took their order knowing they would sit with Liz.

‘Liz’ Maria yelled pulling Michael behind her ‘didn’t you like get off an hour ago’ she said pushing her over to sit down. Michael crossed his arms and raised his eyebrow looking curiously at Mason then to Liz.

‘I did and now we are having dinner’ she simply stated raising her eyebrow back at Michael ‘shouldn’t you be across the street’ she asked. Michael shrugged his shoulders before sitting down next to Lexi, straightening his back as Lexi crawled on his lap ‘It’s under control’ he said.

Liz glanced at mason and could tell he was nervously looking at everything but them but kept sneaking peeks at Michael from the corner of his eye ‘So’ Maria said popping her elbow up on the table and placing her chin in her hand. ‘Mason this is Maria and Michael’.

Michael looked over at him and nodded his head grunting out a ‘hey’ Maria smiled ‘nice to see you again’ she said. Liz looked at him curiously ‘you okay’ she asked. He nodded his head then looked at Maria then back to her ‘she won’t give me a fat lip too will she’ he quietly asked.

Michael couldn’t help but laugh ‘sorry’ he said when Liz and Maria both glared at him, she turned to him ‘no sweetie and I’m sorry you had to see that’ ‘It’s okay’ he said looking back down at the table.

Jeff walked back over and place the food down ‘make sure you run up and see your mother before you leave, you know she will want to see Lexi’ ‘okay’ Liz nodded her head.

Lexi picked up a French fry and started nibbling on it, sticking her tongue out she reached for the bottle of Tabasco sauce. Michael went to grab it for her but Mason beat him to it ‘so...rr...y’ he said when Michael looked at him.

‘No problem’ he said pulling his hand back, they watched as Mason poured a little on Lexi’s food then drowned his own food in it. ‘I swear one of these days I am going to buy stock in that stuff’ Maria said laughing ‘Maria’ Liz said shaking her head smiling.

‘Come on Liz, you have to admit they pretty much keep those guys in business’ Michael leaned over to Mason ‘not our fault if their taste buds suck’ Mason laughed out loud for the first time being with Liz.

“Right sweetheart’ he said looking at Lexi, she just shook her head yes nibbling on her French fry again. Michael put her on the opposite side of him so he could eat; she looked up at him then across him to Mason.

She stood up and pulled his hands away from the table pushing him back she crawled over him and sat down next to Mason sticking her tongue out at Michael “Alexis’ Liz called out surprised what Lexi looked at her mother, Liz just shook her head and took a sip of her drink.

Everyone sat in silence for a few minutes before Maria opened her mouth ‘So Mason, how do you like it here so far’ Liz turned her head glaring at her ‘Maria’ she looked at her ‘What just asking a simple question’ she said.

‘It’s okay I guess….different’ he answered ‘I bet, big change from New York’ he looked up at her in confusion ‘New York’. “Maria he was living in LA’ she said looking at her ‘LA’ Michael asked beating Maria to it.

‘Isn’t that where-‘ ‘Yes’ Liz said cutting him off and giving him a drop it look, she didn’t want to discuss Max in front of Mason. Maria leaned over and whispered in her ear ‘me and you talk later’ she said.

Lexi looked at Michael “Bad’ she said and then blew out her breath causing Mason to laugh again. The other three looked at him curiously, he stopped laughing and smiled ‘I…uh read Three Little Pigs to her today’ he said taking a sip of his drink.

Maria and Liz busted out laughing; Michael raised his eyebrow looking at Lexi “I am not a Wolf’ he argued.


Serena finished putting on her shoes and walked into the living room to wait for Kyle, she grabbed her cell phone and answered, her color turning a deathly white when she heard his voice.

‘I take you off the street, gave you a home and this is how you repay me’, Serena closed her eyes she was suspecting this but didn’t think he would find out so soon, straightening her shoulders ‘I did the right thing’ she simply said.

‘You signed their death warrant’ he said getting angry, Serena sat her shaking knees down on the sofa ‘what are you talking about, he’s with his father, and he is safe’.

‘I had him near me for reason’ he yelled out ‘I will be down there shortly to collect, after a small detour, and Serena you better pray that boy is still there when I get there’.

Before she could say anything she heard the slamming of the phone, she clicked hers off and tossed it on the side, putting her head in her hands she wondered what he meant by that.

The knocking of the door brought her attention back, standing and walking to open it, Kyle was on the other side his smile faltering when he saw her paleness ‘Are you okay’ he asked burrowing his brows.

She shook her head trying to clear the thoughts , she looked up and plastered a fake smile ‘never better’ he stared for a minute then gestured to the car ‘okay, so are you ready’, she stared for a minute looking back at her cell phone on the couch ‘yes let’s go’ she said walking out and closing the door.


Max walked up knocking on the door stepping back some he waited for Liz to open the door, it was around ten a lot later than he thought he would be. ‘Hey’ he whispered when she opened the door.

“Hi’ she said standing back to let him in, walking in he turned his head back towards her ‘sorry I am later than I thought I would be’. Liz just nodded her head ‘it’s okay, they fell asleep a couple of hours ago’.

They both stood there in silence stealing glances at one another ‘so I’ll just’ she started ‘yeah’ he said shaking his head, walking back to her bedroom she noticed Mason wasn’t alone like she left him.

Lexi was sleeping next to him on the bed, she smiled and stared at the both of them for a few minutes, Max came up behind her and watched with her ‘they always look so peaceful when they are sleeping’ she whispered ‘I still sometimes just sit there and watch her’.

Max nodded his head ‘I know I have been doing it since we have been back, sometimes I find it hard to believe he’s actually there’ Liz bit her bottom lip and nodded folding her arms while she stepped out of the way.

Max walked over to the other side bending down he brushed Lexi’s hair back to kiss her on her forehead. He stared at her for a few minutes until his heart starting hurting knowing he couldn’t stay to be there when she woke up.

He stood up walking to the other side to pick Mason up, Mason moaned in protest as Max took his arms placing them over his shoulders, hooking his arms underneath Mason’s legs making sure his head was resting in the crook of his neck.

Liz followed them out opening the door for them, he turned to look at her ‘thank you again’ he whispered. ‘It’s no problem’ she said as she grabbed a bag sitting on the counter ‘I’ll help you get him in the car’.

She followed him outside opening the car door to the back seat, Max laid Mason gently on the seat, turning to face Liz she handed him the bag. Max looked at her in confusion as he took the bag.

Blushing a little ‘Um I figured you wouldn’t have time to fix you anything, and we had some leftovers from the Crash Down so… you know’ she said pointing to the bag. He smiled and opened the bag checking to see what was inside ‘thank you, you didn’t have to’ he said.

“I know, I wanted to’ she simply said, Max nodded his head standing there, not wanting to move he wanted to freeze this moment where they both were standing here and they weren’t yelling or jumping at the chance to get away from each other.

Closing his eyes for a second, he opened them back up ‘well I better’ he said pointing to the car, she nodded her head ‘right’ and turned to head back in. After a few steps she turned ‘Max’ she called.

Max stopped and looked at her from his open car door, ‘can you…do you think maybe we could talk tomorrow’ she asked. His face lit up ‘Yes’ he said a little too quickly, controlling his racing heart ‘sure; uh…should I call you’ he asked.

‘No, how about just come here for say nine’ she said, he shook his head yes ‘okay’ he whispered out, they stared at each other for a few minutes, he nodded his head again and got in the car, she watched them drive off before going inside.
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Chapter 20

Liz glanced at the clock eight forty-five, fifteen more minutes. She pulled on her shoes fighting with her nerves, she was the one who initiated it why was she suddenly feeling like she was going on a blind date.

This is Max she told herself, shouldn’t be any nervousness, but then again her stomach always did flip-flops when he looked at her.

If he never said the words I love you again it wouldn’t matter because it showed in his eyes. With every glance, stare it was there. She shook her head no it wasn’t going to work this time, it wouldn’t be enough this time around.

This talk was going to be about new beginnings, it was going to be about putting the past behind them and starting new as friends. That’s all it could be, her heart just couldn’t trust him not to break it again.

She had to be strong and push the love she had for him down, she would only offer friendship for the sake of her sanity. They could do this; they could be just friends for Mason’s and Lexi’s sake. Couldn’t they? The knocking on the door broke her train of thoughts.

Max stood on the other side his body trembling slightly, they were going to finally talk and he was scared as hell. He looked down when he felt his son’s hand slip into his ‘it will be okay dad’ he said looking up at him ‘thank you’ he said giving him a weak smile.

He looked up when Liz answered the door it must be a crime for someone to be that beautiful still he thought, she smiled at him like she was reading his mind. ‘Come on in, I just have to put her shoes on’ she said stepping back.

‘Hi Mason’ she greeted as he followed his father in ‘hi’ he replied shyly and smiled up at her. They walked into the living room ‘dada’ Lexi immediately said putting her arms up.

Max walked over and scooped her up kissing her forehead, Liz walked over and put Lexi’s shoes in his hand ‘have fun’ she said playfully teasing.

He looked at her raising his eyebrow for a minute then put Lexi down proceeding to put her shoes on, which turned out to be a much bigger task than he thought. He would move to put the shoe on and she would kick and wiggle her foot making it difficult.

He looked back at Liz over his shoulder ‘could have warned me’ he said smiling when he managed to finally put one shoe on. She laughed ‘much funnier this way’ she said tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

He smiled and looked back at Lexi whispering ‘come on sweetie, help daddy out here please’ picking up her other foot. She laughed and kicked her other foot no shoe, ‘the faster you put the shoe on the faster you can play with Mason’ he said smiling.

That did it; she put her foot still and let him slip the other one on. After gathering everything they drove to drop Mason and Lexi off at Isabel’s.

‘I…uh…thank you again for watching Mason last night’ he said glancing at her while they drove down the highway. ‘I didn’t mind, Lexi is fond of him and they seem to be really good together’ she said glancing back at him.

‘I know, thank you for giving him a chance’ he said looking at her, Liz sighed and turned away looking out the window ‘my problem isn’t with your son’. The comment jabbed at his heart he looked at her for a few minutes then turned looking back to the road.

Pulling up both sat in silence staring out at the old rock quarry, Max leaned his head back against the headrest closing his eyes trying to fight off the itch in his body to reach out and touch her.

‘So how did you end up in LA’ she asked breaking the silence, his eyes opened looking at her ‘when I was in New York I found out that is where he went, turned out an old friend adopted him’ he said sighing.

‘Langley’ Liz asked he looked at her ‘Isabel told me’ she said before he could ask, he nodded his head ‘the one and only’ he said opening the car door to get out.

‘Why did Langley want Mason, I thought he didn’t want anything to do with you’ she said opening hers and walking around to the other side. ‘At first I thought it was to get back at me’ he said looking out over the cliffs.

‘Now you don’t’ she asked causing his him to turn his head back ‘I’m not sure, he wasn’t forthcoming with the information’ he said rubbing his eyes. “Okay so why didn’t you just order him, I thought you told me he had to follow your orders’ she asked.

‘Not anymore, it seems when I died he was no longer encoded to me’ he said looking up at her. Liz closed her eyes for a moment not wanting to remember how much it hurt when she thought he died.

He watched her for a few minutes, then he could see the wheels start turning in her head, she was going to try and figure this out, he smiled a little remembering how much he loved that about her ‘so who does he have to listen to now Michael’ she asked.

He shook his head ‘I don’t think so, I think he has to listen to Mason’ she looked at him confused for a minute ‘but I thought the seal went to Michael when you died’ she asked.

‘It did but Cal said something about Michael just being the acting king, I think it would have went to Mason sooner or later he said ‘I guess that makes sense on why Cal would want him’ she said looking out over the quarry.

‘I suppose, like I said he wasn’t too happy with me being there, and he wasn’t big on sharing answers’ he said shoving his hands in his pockets. “Maybe if you trusted us we’ve could have helped’ she stated.

‘Liz I-‘ he started but she cut him off ‘you what Max, your sorry? I don’t want to hear it, you couldn’t trust any of us, but you could bring in a complete stranger to help you’ she spat out, she couldn’t help it had been festering to long.

‘It wasn’t like that, Cal kept me locked up in a cell when I wouldn’t leave, Serena would bring me food over time she started helping me’ he said looking down, she looked at him for a minute almost feeling sorry for him, almost ‘you should have called Max’ she said turning away from him.

‘Liz, I know there is no excuse for what I did, and I am truly sorry about how I did it, after what happened I am not sorry for not wanting to keep all of you safe’ ‘did you even think that maybe none of it would have happened if we had been with you’ she said getting angry.

‘None of you deserved to have your lives brought back into it’ he started ‘but It was okay for you to have mine destroyed’ she said the tears starting to form, he brought his eyes up to meet hers ‘because that’s what you did Max, you broke my heart again, you not only left me but you left our daughter’.

‘Liz if I had known, If you had told me’ what was he going to say, he would have brought her with him, he would have stayed, he really didn’t know, sighing he changed his direction ‘I cant change what happened, all I can say is I’m sorry and I do regret not being there for you and her’ he said running his hand thru his hair.

“Max when are you going to finally learn that whether you want it or not, we are all apart of this, you keep acting like its your problem alone’ she sighed ‘you cant keep going on making all the decisions, stop choosing for us we have minds too’.

He looked at her, crossing his arms over his chest ‘what about you, you do it too’ he stated. She raised her eyebrow towards him ‘let’s start with where was my choice when you ran away from me at the cave’ he asked.

She shook her head ‘you know why I did it, I told you’ that’s just it you told me to follow my destiny even thou I told you it didn’t matter to me, you took that choice away from me’.

He started pacing back and forth ‘you ran away from when I needed you the most, what I told you that night in van was the truth, but it didn’t matter you still ran’. He looked up at her brinking on the edge of tears.

Liz bit her bottom lip before speaking ‘I thought I was doing the right thing, you belonged with Tess’ “I belonged with you’ he said cutting her off and looking at her.

‘Did you even care that I woke up in the middle of the night screaming from nightmares’ his bottom lip quivered slightly as the memories seeped forth ‘I was tortured Liz, I was sixteen years old and tortured, the one person I needed the most turned her back on me and left’ he choked out.

‘I know and I am sorry that I left, but I couldn’t deal with Tess, I never liked her from the first time we saw her. She scared me and then to find out that she was your wife in another life it was just too much’ she said looking up at him.

‘I guess there are a lot of things we are both sorry for’ he said shoving his hands in his pockets.

‘Why are you bringing this up now anyways, that was a long time ago Max’ she said folding her arms ‘because we need to talk about it, we never do it’ he said looking at her thru glistening eyes.

‘All that was in the past Max there is nothing we can do to change that’ she said looking down at the ground. ‘I know but this our chance, to get everything out, to deal with pent up issues’ he said.

‘This is our chance Liz, out here with no one to interfere, no one to give their influence. Out here right here right now, this is about us, Max and Liz’.

She shook her head ‘that’s just it Max, how can we deal with just us when it’s always been about somebody else, every problem has always been about someone else’

‘It will never be just about me and you, there is Lexi and Mason now, and don’t you see this is your chance to change Max. You have a chance now to get to know your children; you have a second chance with Mason. I know how you felt when you had to give him up’ she said looking at him.

‘No you don’t know how it was for me, so don’t tell me you know’ he shook his head ‘ Yes a part of it was due to the FBI but a part of me felt like I had to choose Liz, choose between my son and the rest of you’. Her mouth tightened ‘how dare you, don’t turn this around on us, we never told you to choose’ she shouted.

‘Didn’t you, none of you came right out and said it, but trust me I heard. Whether it was Michael and Isabel telling me to stop worrying about the past or with your remarks here and there’ he said.

Liz was furious ‘I helped you, god I got arrested helping you, I lied to my parents all for you’ ‘you also made it know that you weren’t happy about it either’ he spat out.

‘What in the hell are you talking about, I did every thing I could to help you’ she said ‘I never once said I wasn’t happy about you trying to find your son. “Every time I mention him it reminded you, does that ring a bell’ he stated looking at her.

‘I have every right to feel that way, you betrayed me with her’ Liz said turning away from him, a short high pitched laugh made its way out ‘for someone who loved me so much and wanted no one else but me, you sure turned around running fast enough giving into her’.

‘It wasn’t like that and you know it’ he spat out ‘I begged you repeatedly to tell me it wasn’t true, you pretended to sleep with Kyle and you lied each and every time, my heart could only take so much, I-‘.

She cut him off ‘How do you think I felt, do you actually think I enjoyed doing what I did’ she pushed her hair back behind her ear ‘God Max I was seventeen years old, to have the one person that I would ever love tell me to make him fall out of love with me.

‘It killed me to do that, I begged him to go to someone else, then to sit back and watch you…watch you go to her, I never wished so much in my life that you would have just let me die that day I was shot’.

‘It’s what you wanted wasn’t it, that was the plan right to go to her’ his voice rising ‘YOU TOLD ME TOO’ she yelled running her hands thru her hair, he shook his head ‘Right the whole myself coming back from the future thing’ he snorted ‘ I have to admit my future self must have been really stupid’.

Liz just stared at him heart pounding in her chest ‘I loved you since the third grade Liz, how in the hell did my future self think that I would ever fall out of love with you’. Liz looked down towards the ground whispering ‘I had to try’.

‘The only thing that accomplished was smashing my heart, but it never stopped me from loving you’. She looked up at him ‘loving me? You turned around and slept with Tess, how does that constitute as loving me’.

‘SHE WAS THERE” he yelled, when he saw her flinch back some he lowered his voice ‘I was hurt, confused, alone, Jesus I was just a teenager, I may be alien Liz, but I’m also human I hurt just as much’ sighing he continued on.

‘Everything was just so messed up back then, so much to deal with, Isabel wanting to run off Michael always hounding to step up and be a leader, the skins, the dupes’ he met her eyes ‘Alex’s death’.

‘Don’t even go there, you have no right to speak about him, you turned your back on me when I needed your help’ she cried her eyes turning cold ‘I asked you to always be my friend, you told me you would and then you turned your back on me making me choose between you and Alex’.

‘What you did wasn’t safe, you could have been killed, and you shouldn’t have done it by yourself’ he started but she cut him off screaming ‘WHAT THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO, YOU DIDN’T WANT TO HEAR IT, YOU DIDN’T WANT TO BELIEVE-‘ ‘‘I WAS SACRED OKAY’ he yelled back.

‘I was so scared to think that we had something to do it with’ he swiped his hands over his eyes ‘When I found out we did and it was Tess that killed him, I felt like it killed me too, I wanted so badly to kill her right then and there, to know that I had to let her go in order to save my son, I will never forgive my self for that’.

‘You did what you had to Max, I never hated you for wanting to save your son’ she said sitting down on one of the rocks. “I know a part of you, just like the rest of them blame me for his death’.

Shaking his head he leaned back against the car ‘a part of me blames me for that, I was so blinded by jealously and hurt that I couldn’t see what was happening and the worst part of it is a part of me back then just didn’t care.

I didn’t want to see because that meant that it was true, that underneath this skin was nothing but the monster everyone believed we were’.

‘Your not a monster Max, I saw your soul I would know’ she said softly ‘and don’t you think I blame myself too’ he looked up at her to see a tear rolling down her cheek, he wanted to instantly reach up and wipe it away.

‘If I hadn’t done that, Alex would have still been alive, she would have left town and he would still be here’ she cried. He didn’t care this time he took her and pulled her to him, not caring if she tried to push him away.

He wrapped his arms around her waist tightly holding her, she laid her head on his chest missing the warmth of his arms, it was time to stop the hurting and start mending things. ‘I love you’ he whispered out, he hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but he could tell she heard it the way her body tensed in his arms.

‘Max’ she said pushing back some, he looked down at her ‘sorry I shouldn’t have said that’ she looked away ‘no you shouldn’t have’. He closed his eyes for a minute after all the crying they did today he didn’t think there was anything left but there they were forming in his eyes.

He kept his eyes closed, he had to ask he had to know if there was the smallest of chance that she would let him back in her life “Liz I have know do you still love me’ his voice pleaded softly with hers, she looked away ‘it doesn’t matter if I do or don’t, we can’t go back’.

He opened his eyes back up ‘Do you think we can try and start over, I want to be a better person Liz, I want to be a good father, I want to be that man that you can trust again, but I need your help, I’m trying but I don’t know where to start, I don’t know how to fix things’.

She pushed back out of his arms “Max this isn’t something you can fix overnight, I may still love you but I don’t trust you’ she said. ‘Right now all I can offer you is friendship’ he nodded his head and reached out to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear ‘okay’ he whispered.

The ringing of his cell phone brought the conversation to an end ‘Hello’ he answered to find a frantic Jesse on the other end ‘What, Jesse slow down I can’t understand you’.

He looked at Liz his face paling when he heard ‘their gone, the house is ransacked, I can’t find them anywhere Isabel, Mason and Lexi are gone’.

Chapter 21

She squinted against the blinding light trying to remember what happened, bringing her hand up to her head she groaned against the pounding she felt.

Letting her eyes slowly open and close adjusting to the light, she tried to sit up. The pounding intensified causing her to lay her head back down, she felt like she had been drugged or hit over the head.

Bringing her hand to the back of her head she felt the lump letting her know it was the second guess. As her view begun to clear somewhat she looked around to see was in an unfamiliar room.

Pushing against the pulsating throb of her head she slowly dragged herself to a sitting position, looking down at herself thanking god silently she was still wearing her same clothes, the blinding reality of what happened hit her hard and she jumped out of the bed ignoring the protest of her head.

Staggering over to the door she tried opening it only to find it locked, she tried using her powers only to learn they weren’t working, panicking she looked around the room noticing a window as she staggered over to it.

‘No, no no’ she cried out as she tried to pry the window open, she stopped trying to force it open. Concentrating on trying to get rid of the pounding and returning her heartbeat back to normal she looked out noticing the desert stretching out before her.

She walked back to the center ‘think Isabel’ she whispered to herself ‘what happened’. She remembered Max and Liz dropping the kids off, she remembered sitting down to watch a movie with them.

A knock yes that was it, there was a knock at the door, she remembered getting up to answer it, after that it was blank, the kids, oh god the kids she thought please let them be okay.

She paced back and forth; she had to get to the others to tell them what happened. Dream walking she thought then stopped one she didn’t have a picture and even if she could get in without one she had no idea where she was or who had her.

She walked back over to the door tears started streaming down her face as she pulled, twisted at the doorknob begging and pleading it to open. She pounded on it in hopes that someone would hear, after being rewarded with only silence she turned and slid her back down the door pulling her knees in close to her chest.

Resting her head on her knees she closed her eyes and prayed that Mason and Lexi were okay, Max and Liz trusted her with them and she would never forgive herself if something happened to them.


Max pulled the car up to a screeching halt, Liz jumping out before it came to a complete stop, she tore past Maria and Michael stopping short in her tracks at the room before her.

Furniture was overturned, lamps were broken, and it looked like a battle zone. Max ran in behind her surveying the room he looked at the others.

Maria grabbed hold of Michael when she seen him starting to advance on Max with his fist closed ‘Michael please’ she pleaded with him, he stepped back and folded his arms across his chest tightly to keep the urge to beat the living hell out of Max.

Kyle watched and when Michael stepped back, he took matters in his own hands. Walking straight up to Max he balled his fist back and hit him square in the jaw ‘you bastard this is your entire fault’ he yelled.

The punch caused Max to fall back to his knees, bringing his hand up to check his lip, Kyle brought his fist back to repeat his actions, the mangled sobs of Liz brought him to a halt. He turned to see her kneeling on her knees picking up Lexi’s shoe that lay in the middle of the floor.

Kyle ran to her dropping on his knees ‘Liz don’t fall apart on me now please’ he said grabbing her ‘Lexi needs you to be strong’ “Liz’ Max whispered as he made his way over, Kyle looked up glaring at him ‘stay away from her you bastard or I swear to god I will kill you myself’.

Max stopped in his tracks looking guilty at the others, Maria stood in the corner whispering quietly to Michael, Serena stood looking lost closer to the kitchen. Jesse was sitting in a chair with his head in his hands.

Max walked over and knelt down ‘Jesse’ he called to him, Jesse looked up at him with red eyes ‘find my wife Max’ he pleaded Max shook his head ‘I promise I will bring them all home’.

He looked at the destroyed room before turning back to Jesse ‘can you tell me anything’ he asked. Jesse shook his head ‘no this is how I found it when I came home; I tried her cell phone she’s not answering’.

Max stood up walking around touching things, trying to get a flash or a clue to what happened ‘Kyle have you called your father’ he asked. Kyle turned his head away from him ‘I’m not telling you shit’. Max grew frustrated ‘Look I know-‘‘NO you look’ Kyle cut him off ‘If wasn’t for you and your high horse none of this would of happened’.

“Fine I don’t have time to sit here and argue’ Max said walking towards the door. Serena ran and caught up him ‘where are you going’ she asked grabbing his arm; he turned and looked at her ‘to find my children and sister’.


Waking up Mason looked around the room immediately sensing something was not right, he looked to see Lexi sleeping next to him on the bed.

Touching her cheek he whispered for her to wake up, smiling when he saw her brown eyes looking back at him ‘Come on’ he said helping her off the bed. Taking her hand he walked over to the door finding it locked he looked around the room.

There were no windows or other doors, he could feel how scared Lexi; not wanting to show his own fears he pushed his down and led her back over to the bed.

“Daddy will come for us soon’ he said as he picked her up and put her back on the bed ‘home’ she said looking up at him as her tears started to fall. Mason scooted back on the bed and pulled her close, smoothing down her hair ‘shh done cry, well go home soon’ he whispered.

Looking around again he tried to find something to occupy their minds, he looked down at her ‘I know your scared, I am to a little. My nanny used to sing to me sometimes at night when I was afraid’ she looked up at him sniffling a little ‘do you want me to sing to you’ he asked, she nodded her head yes.

‘Okay, come on let’s lay back down’ he made sure she was laying comfortably before laying down next to her, he started to sing softly to her ‘Somewhere out there, Beneath the pale moonlight, Someone's thinking of me, And loving me tonight. Somewhere out there, someone’s saying a prayer, that we'll find one another, in that big somewhere out there.

Serena yanked him back ‘you cant leave like this’ he looked at her ‘their right this is all my fault’ Max started, she cut him off losing her patience ‘will you get off your self pity kick’ she looked at the others ‘all of you are bunch of whackos you know that’.

The others looked at her like she was crazy, Maria stepped forward furious ‘where the hell do you get off thinking you know anything about us’. Serena turned and looked at her ‘I’ve been here long enough to know you people are in need of serious mental help’.

Pointing to Max ‘you being the worst, you are always on this self centered kick always thinking you have to do everything yourself’ pointing her fingers to the others ‘and the rest of you couldn’t even put aside your own differences to notice how uncomfortable and how scared a five year old boy was around you.

A child who was innocent and had his whole world changed in the matter of days’ ‘Serena’ Kyle tried to talk to her, she turned and glared at him ‘don’t Serena me, I sat there and watched. I saw how all of you were to blinded by being angry at Max for leaving, did any of you stop once and think about how this affected a child and you’ she pointed back to Max.

‘Did you even think about what your actions would have caused’ Max went to cut her off but Liz beat him to it ‘she’s right’ she said wiping her yes and standing up “Liz’ Maria walked over to her, Liz put up her hands up ‘we all acted badly towards Mason, we let our hatred for Tess blind us into seeing that Mason was an innocent child in all this’.

‘Fine we acknowledged it, but that’s not going to help us find them’ Michael said walking towards the door. “Michael’ Maria called out to him, when he reached the door handle Max placed his hand on his shoulder ‘Michael please don’t go’ he pleaded.

Michael looked at his shoulder where Max’s hand was then looked back up at him ‘I need you, I know now that I cant keep doing things by myself’ he looked at the others ‘we will find them and bring them home safely because when were together as a group we can conquer anything’.

‘Couldn’t have thought about that a couple years ago’ Michael mumbled out as he walked back to where Maria and Liz were. ‘What do we do first’ Kyle asked wrapping an arm around Liz’s shoulder to comfort her.

Max looked at each one then hardening his face ‘first we are going to bring our family home, then we are going to wipe out every damm alien on this planet and universe if I have to, to make sure Mason and Lexi grow up living a normal life’.

‘Now that I would like to see’ some one said coming in from the kitchen ‘YOU’ Max yelled as he headed towards him.

Cal raised his hand and sent him backwards; Michael raised his hand preparing to blast him. Cal looked at him smirking ‘don’t even try it Blondie’ he stated.

“Where are they’ Max demanded as he got back up, ‘I don’t have them, I came to clean up your mess and to ensure the heir is brought back home safely’. Cal advanced on Max ‘I told you to leave him alone, but just like always your majesty your to selfish’.

‘Do you know where they are’ Liz asked walking closer to her ‘yeah I know where they are sweet cheeks’ he said looking her up and down. Michael walked over and pulled Liz behind him ‘where are they’ he demanded.

“You go waltzing in there without a plan and your good as dead, as much as I would love to see that, I need you to get them out’ Cal said ‘How do you know where they are’ Maria asked ‘you humans ask to many questions’ he said ignoring her and walking over to Serena.

‘When this is over, you and me have some unfinished business’ Serena squared her shoulders and faced off to him ‘cut the crap Cal, just tell us what you know, I am not scared of you and I know you have to listen to Mason now. So you better help us because I’m sure he won’t be to happy if something happens to any one of us’ she said.

He stood staring at her for a few minutes, both unwilling to back down ‘Either help us or get the hell out’ Michael yelled. Cal looked at them ‘your favorite alien has them and its not some monkey suit this time, he’s here on Earth and he’s planning to bring all of you back to Antar’.

‘What enemy’ Serena asked looking at Max, he didn’t answer looking straight at Cal ‘how do you know’ he asked. Cal walked back over towards the kitchen ‘because I’ve had someone watching his little sidekick’.

Max started walking towards him ‘why didn’t you warn us’ Michael grabbed his arm before Cal could do anything. “I’m not here to answer your questions, I’m here to get them back and you need all the help you can’t get’.

He walked out of the room for a moment, returning he looked at them ‘it’s time to bring the royal four together and show them what you are made of’.

As the familiar person walked up and stood beside him the others got wide eyed ‘Tess’ Kyle gasped out heading towards her, Liz grabbed his arm ‘that’s not Tess’ she turned and looked at her ‘Hello Ava’.

Chapter 22

“Ava’ Kyle asked blinking at the woman standing next to Cal, he closed his eyes for a minute then opened them back up, his brain was having a hard time registering that she wasn’t Tess.

“She looks just like her’ Kyle said shaking his head as he stared and started backing away some, ‘if ya like I can give ya a picture’ she said smirking at Kyle.

“Ava how have you been’ Liz spoke up trying to ease the tension in the room ‘was doing pretty good until baldy over here came and snatched me out of my house’ she said.

Max looked at Cal ‘you kidnapped her?’ he asked stepping forward, Cal shrugged him off ‘you needed a fourth you got one, you want to get your kid back your going to need her’

Max clenched his jaw ‘you bastard why didn’t you warn any of us, I had a right to know my son wasn’t completely human’ ‘And what would you have done, took him earlier. You were being watched’ Cal told him.

‘We could have been prepared, you knew this would happen and yet you said nothing’ Max yelled ‘because of you my children and sister are in trouble’ Cal stared back at him ‘in case you forgot I don’t owe you jack shit, you destroyed my life’.

Before Max could respond Liz’s angry voice yelled out ‘will all of you stop with the blame game’ she looked at Cal ‘your job is to protect them not to be some stupid producer, you had no right to keep anything from them. Your people trusted you to keep them safe ALL OF THEM’.

Kyle grabbed her arm talking low in her ear ‘Liz I don’t think it’s wise to piss off the little bald alien’.


Isabel stood up when she heard the door handle being fooled with; quickly looking around she grabbed the lamp off the table and ran to the door.

Sucking in and holding her breath she stood behind it as the door slowly opened, she didn’t give the intruder time for anything she brought the lamp down crashing it on top of his head.

The impact knocked him out and landed on the floor with a loud thump, she stood trying to catch her breath for a few minutes before bending down to check him. Her hands trembled violently as she checked for a pulse.

He was just knocked out, she reached to turn him over sensing a familiarity about his body her eyes got wide when she saw who it was ‘Nicholas’ she whispered out. She jumped to her feet and bolted out of the now opened door only to collide head on with a hard body.

He grabbed her by the arms and she was immediately hit with a flashyou will always be mine She shrieked back “Khivar’ he yanked her back up against him ‘I told you, you would always be mine’.

“Let me go’ she demanded as she started to struggle against him ‘never’ he said grasping her harder. He glanced over at the knocked out Nicholas ‘I warned him you were going to be feisty’.

"I am not Vilandra, let me go' she stated trying to get away.

He looked back at her while he ran his hand up and down her arm ‘you will always be Vilandra, with my help you will remember’ he ran his fingers over her cheek causing her to cringe. “I want to see the children, what have you done to them’ she stated trying to shake off his advances.

“You will see them when I say’ he said his eyes turning darker as he let them travel up and down her body. She started squirming in his arms trying to get away ‘please’ she pleaded ‘their just children, let them go and…and… I’ll…do what…what you want’ she stuttered out.

He brought his eyes resting them on her lips ‘anything’ he asked, she closed her eyes and slowly nodded her head. “Kiss me and I’ll let you see them’ he ordered. Her eyes opened wide, suddenly feeling like she wanted to vomit.

She swallowed hard and bent her head forward intending to give him a quick kiss and get it over with, he had other plans pressing his lips hard to hers he wrapped both arms around her waist keeping her there.

He nipped at her bottom lip, wincing she opened her mouth and he made his move, he slipped his tongue in and she was immediately hit with a flash.

She was standing out on a terrace overlooking the city, the feeling of confusion overwhelming her. She felt torn between her love for her brother and the love of a man she knew he hated ‘Vilandra’ he whispered out.

She turned and there he was standing before her, how did he get here. If they caught him he would be killed ‘what are you doing here’ she whispered as she took his hand and led him out of view.

“I had to see you’ he whispered, she shook her head ‘you can’t be here, if Zan sees you’ she feared looking around to make sure no one was there. “I can’t stand to be without you’ he said cupping her cheek.

She closed her eyes and leaned into his hand ‘I am to marry another’ she said ‘you don’t love him’ he said bringing his other arm around her waist drawing him in. She pushed back ‘Please Khivar you need to go, I could not bear it if Zan caught you’ she pleaded.

He kissed her softly on the lips ‘I will go, tell your brother I am willing to make peace for your sake, for the sake of us. I love you Vilandra’.

Isabel pushed him back ‘no, no’ she said shaking her head, he looked at her ‘I told you would remember’. He pulled her closed ‘with my help you can remember everything’ She struggled against him ‘no… it’s not real… it’s not real your putting it in my head’ she cried out.

“I assure you it is all real’ he said staring her straight in the eyes his jaw clenched. ‘Come now, I told you I would let you see the children’ he held her by the arm walking her down a hallway.

He stopped in front of a door; placing his hand over the door handle he unlocked it using his powers. Pushing it open Isabel saw the both of them sitting on the bed, she started towards them.

He snatched her back ‘you’ve seen them now let’s go’ he ordered as he started to close the door. Isabel struggled against him until she broke free his grasp ‘NO” she yelled as she pushed her way back into the room.

Khivar grabbed her by the hair yanking her back ‘ahhhhhh’ she cried out bringing her hands to her to where he had her, ‘Your hurting her’ Mason yelled as he jumped off the bed and headed towards them ‘MASON…. ARGH…NO’ she yelled at him to stay back.

‘Let her go’ he yelled as he kicked him in the leg, Khivar kept one hand gripping Isabel’s wrist with his other he picked Mason up and threw him back towards the bed, he hit the corner of the table before falling the floor.

Isabel screamed when she noticed the thick red substance flowing from his head ‘you bastard’ she yelled as she started struggling with everything in her to get out of his hold.

Lexi looked wide eyed at the scene playing out before her, she was scared and didn’t understand what was going on, she watched as this mean man fought with her aunt, she watched as he picked her brother up and threw him across the room.

Another man walked in holding his head and started yelling at the other man, she looked down at Mason he looked like he was sleeping his head was dripping blood on the floor. She stole another glance at her aunt before quietly slipping off the bed and kneeling next to Mason.

She poked him with her fingers, when he didn’t move she tried shaking him a little, getting no response she started trembling. She ran her little fingers over where the cut was. She looked at the other three again, her aunt was still fighting, and she placed her hand over Mason’s head and closed her eyes.

“I should kill you, you bitch’ Nicholas yelled, Khivar grabbed him by the collar with one hand ‘you lay one hand on her and I will turn you inside out’ he told him. He glanced over at Mason ‘What the-‘he started as he watched a light glow coming from Lexi’s hand.

He yanked Isabel around to face him ‘Who is she’ he demanded ‘go to hell’ she told him. Khivar glared at Nicholas ‘who is she, why does she have powers’ he yelled. Nicholas shrank back ‘I don’t know, she must be one of theirs’.

“Why wasn’t I informed of this’ he demanded ‘I…I didn’t know, you told me to follow Zan, he left I followed him’ he told him ‘You apparently haven’t been doing your job, he has been back for a couple of weeks now, I’ll deal with you later’ he barked out.

He looked back at Isabel ‘Is she yours’ he asked ‘I won’t tell you’ she yelled, He stared at her for a minute his face hard, then the corners of his mouth turned up slyly ‘Nicholas find out’ he said keeping his eyes strained on Isabel.

Isabel’s eyes darted back and forth with fear trying to read him, she looked at Nicholas and he smirked before walking over to Lexi. Realizing what he was going to do she started to pull at her arm, hitting Khivar to break free.

Nicholas bent down and placed his hand on Lexi’s shaking head as he started to probe she let out a high-pitched scream. “HE’S HURTING HER, STOP IT…. STOP IT’ Isabel cried out, she brought her free hand up and slapped Khivar in the face her nails catching his across the cheek.

Khivar growled as he caught her hand, holding them both with one hand he brought his other hand up wiping his cheek he saw the dark red substance on his fingers. “Your going to wish you never did that’ he said his voice deep and harsh, he tightened his fist and hit her causing her to fall limp in his arms.

Nicholas stood back up ignoring the screaming girl ‘She’s Zan’s, looks like he mated with that human girl’ he said ‘Excellent’ Khivar smirked he looked at Lexi ‘bring her to Devin have him inject her, no telling what else she can do’.

He picked up Isabel and threw her over his shoulder and walked out. Nicholas walked back over as Lexi tried to scramble away, Mason was still knocked out she tried to crawl under the bed but he caught her.

Picking her up kicking and screaming he proceeded to walk out mommyyyyyyy, daddyyyyyyyy her mind screamed out.


Max and Liz both grabbed the sides of their heads when they heard their daughters screams inside theirs ‘ARGHH’ Max screamed sinking to his knees “LEXIIIIIIII’ Liz screamed as Kyle caught her before falling completely to the floor.

“Liz…. Liz’ Kyle called out to her ‘what the hell is going on’ he screamed looking at the others. They stood there not knowing what to do; Maria started shaking as she watched the tears falling down both of their faces.

“Maxwell’ Michael walked over to him helping him stand up. Max closed his eyes trying to get his heart to slow down, he not only heard but felt his daughter’s fear, and whatever they were doing to her scared the hell out of him.

The screaming stopped inside his head but the memory was already etched in his brain, he pushed Michael away and staggered over to Liz. Ignoring Kyle’s protest he grabbed her by the shoulders.

She looked up at him with tears flowing down her face ‘Their hurting her Max, their hurting our baby’ she cried out, he brought his eyes to meet hers ‘I swear to you Liz I will bring them home, and I will kill that bastard with my own two hands’.

He brought his arms around her pulling her to him comforting her to try and stop both of their trembling bodies, “one of you want to tell the rest of us what just happened’ Michael asked walking back over to Maria.

‘Give them a minute Michael look at them they cant stop shaking’ Maria cried out, Serena walked over and placed her hand on Max’s shoulder, he looked up at her thru his blurry vision ‘Max can you tell us what just happened’.

Max nodded his head ‘Lexi…she…she was calling’ he started to choke out, he closed his eyes trying to get the words out ‘she was calling out to us…they are hurting her’ he stumbled out.

“Oh God’ Maria gasped as Michael put his arm around her shoulder bringing her close to him. He kissed her forehead once, and then let go.

Maria saw the fire flare in his eyes as he stalked over to Cal, he tightened his jaw and stared down the shape shifter ‘you better start talking now, or I swear I will kill you’ he stated.

Cal stared back at him for a minute, and then looked around the room ‘well then where do you want to start’.

Chapter 23

Mason woke up to Lexi whimpering on the bed above him, jumping up he felt stronger, like something that was there before was no longer there.

They would be back he knew it, so he had to act quickly to get him and Lexi out of there as fast as possible. He looked at Lexi laying there she was sleeping but it was a restless sleep she kept whimpering and her little body trembled.

He grew angry when he saw the marks on her arms; they did to her what they did to him. ‘Lexi come on wake up please’ he shook her gently smiling when her big brown eyes looked up into his.

She scampered up as if she tried to get away from him, ‘sh it’s me Lexi’ his smile faltered as he tried to reassure her, he moved closer to her ‘it’s me’ he told her again, when she relaxed some he scooted closer to her.

He reached out and touched her face ‘what did they do to you’ he asked, she started shaking and he wrapped his arm around her to calm her down ‘Lexi look at me’ he stated.

She brought her teary eyes up to his and he connected with her.

Khivar fighting with Isabel

Khivar throwing him.

Lexi healing him

Nicholas invading her mind

Nicholas holding her arms while someone stuck needles in her.

Nicholas carrying her back to the room.

Mason shook his head breaking the connection, he pulled her close ‘I promise you I wont let them hurt you again’ he vowed.

She sniffed and whispered ‘mommy’, Mason got off the bed ‘Lexi we are going to get out of here’ he said looking at the door.

He leaned in close to her ear ‘I have my powers back, we are going to go home’ he said, ‘come on I need you to walk, can you do that’ he asked. She slowly nodded her head and climbed off the bed.

‘Take my hand’ he said extending to her again, she took his hand and the two of them walked over to the door.


‘Start with what you know’ Michael said walking back and crossing his arms over his chest.

‘I told you Khivar is here in the flesh’ Cal said, he looked at the others ‘Nicholas won’t be hard to defeat, Ava can easily get inside his mind, and you can take him out just like the other skins’.

‘You’re looking at about twenty to thirty skins, tougher than the ones you’ve come across; this is people from Khivar’s personal army’.

“What about Khivar himself’ Max asked as stepped away from Liz, pure fury was running thru his veins, this was going to end with either Khivar or both of them dead by the end of it.

Cal looked at him ‘he is going to be the toughest to defeat, you will need Isabel and you will have to draw on each others powers’.

‘When you say draw you mean combine right’ Serena asked catching on to what he was saying, he shook his head ‘yes since Michael is the strongest, they will need to pour their energy into Michael’s’.

‘And then I just blast him right’ Michael said ‘you have to wait for the right moment’ Cal said ‘How will I know when that will be’ Michael said getting agitated ‘I can’t tell you’. Michael started to argue ‘I can’t tell you because I don’t know, you are the only one who will know when the time is right’ he said.

‘This is the game plan, we go in and get Isabel first without her none of stand a chance if we run into Khivar first’ Cal said.

“No’ Max stated firmly ‘we are going after my children first, I don’t want them in there any longer’ he looked around at the others for agreement. Michael nodded his head ‘the children first’ he stated.

Max looked at Kyle, Serena, Maria ‘I wont ask you to stay behind, no more running, the choice is yours to come or stay behind, I just want you know that we need you’ his eyes looked directly into Liz’s ‘I need you’.

Serena nodded her head ‘you know I’m there’ she said, Maria looked at Michael ‘where ever you go space boy I go’ she said, Michael just smiled a little and walked over kissing her forehead.

Kyle looked at everyone ‘well you know me, always up for an alien rumble’. Max nodded his head ‘then all agreed’ everyone shook their head; he turned to Jesse ‘Jesse I know you will want to be where Isabel is, but I need you to stay behind’.

Jesse looked up at him ‘I am going with you, I want my wife back’ he argued, Max put his hand on his shoulder ‘I know you do, and we will bring her back I promise you. I need you here to make sure the kids stay safe when they bring them back’.

“Please Jesse I am trusting you with my children’s lives, I don’t know what is going to happen but I need someone to stay behind and make sure nothing happens to them’.

Jesse slowly nodded his head in agreement ‘fine just bring her back Max, bring her back’ he said. Max nodded his head ‘I will’.

Cal looked at everyone shaking his head in disbelief, these stupid hybrids were going to get these humans killed he kept thinking ‘They should stay here’ he said pointing his finger at Maria, Kyle and Liz. Maria opened her mouth but Max beat her to it ‘they are coming with us, they are apart of this too’.

“It’s dangerous, we have no use for them’ he said, Max tightened his jaw ‘I said they are coming with us, they are my family and they go where we go’ he stated staring Cal down.

Cal just shrugged his shoulders ‘their funeral not mine, lets get a move on then’ he said walking out of the door.

After everyone walked out, Max stopped before they reached the door turning to Liz
‘Promise me something’ he said looking down in her eyes ‘promise me that no matter what happens, once we get Lexi and Mason you take them out of there’ he asked.

Liz stared in his eyes ‘what about you’ she whispered out, he shook his head ‘don’t worry about me please, just get them out of there’ he said softly.

‘I…I promise’ she whispered back, her heart thumping loudly in her chest, the thought of knowing what he was going to do, and might not come back scared her to death. Her mind thinking a mile a minute, she trusted him but didn’t trust him all at the same time and she was hurt by his actions of what he did in the past, but when it came down to the bottom line even with all this faults, she still loved him and couldn’t bear it if something happened to him.

With the possibility that this could be the last time she would see him alive, she grabbed his arm when he started walking away ‘Max’ he turned back and looked down at where her hand held his arm.

He looked at her ‘I…Max…I’ she couldn’t get the words out, he seemed to know what she was going to say, he pulled her close to him resting his forehead on hers ‘I know’ he whispered.

Liz pulled back ‘Max I want you to promise me something too’ she said looking up at him, he slowly nodded his head ‘promise me you will come back, come back to Mason, Lexi…and me’ she said.

He swallowed hard and looked at her ‘Liz…’ he started but she cut him off ‘I don’t want to think about the past anymore Max, we cant change what happened but we change the future, and I want my future to be with you…’ she stated ‘with you and our children’.

His eyes filled with tears ‘ours’ he whispered looking at her, his heart swelled at the possibility that she looked at his son like that, reading his mind ‘yes ours, Mason is more yours than he could ever be of hers and I am sorry that I made him feel like he was not important’.

‘Because he is, he is a lot like you and I would be honored to have him a part of my life’ she said, she looked down at the ground ‘that is if you’ she didn’t have time to finish the question as Max wrapped his arms around her and brought his lips down on hers.


Isabel woke up to find Khivar standing over her staring at her; she panicked and sat up as he sat down next to her.

He grabbed her arms ‘why do you make me hurt you so’ he said looking at her ‘let me go’ she demanded.

‘No you are coming with me, I will make you remember’ he stated gripping her arms tighter ‘please your hurting me’ she begged.

‘If only you would stop fighting me, I can help you remember what we had together’ he said ‘no, no you used me, you used me to kill my brother, my family’ she said remembering what Michael had told her long ago.

‘You were never meant to be harmed’ he said, she grew angry ‘but it’s suppose to be okay that you wanted to kill my family’ she looked away from him ‘please just let me go, I will never love you’.

He grew angry and pulled her to him ‘you will love me again’ he took her chin and forcefully pulled it facing her ‘you will remember, and I know just what to do’ he said before he descended on her.

Part 24

“So you and Max’ Maria asked sitting next to Liz in the back seat of Kyle’s SUV, Liz sighed ‘Maria don’t please’ she said.

‘What all I am saying is you looked pretty cozy back there with him’ she said looking at her ‘It’s not what you think’ Liz said looking out the window ‘Then by all means, please explain’ Maria said shifting in her seat.

‘I’d rather not’ she sighed, ‘nope talk to me babe, what’s going on with you two’ Maria said ‘are you together or not’ she asked.

‘I don’t know, when I think about him I remember how much he hurt me, but during the whole time tonight listening to them talk about what we are going to do, I couldn’t help but think what if this is the last time I would see him alive, did I really want things to end like that between us’ Liz said looking back at her.

‘Liz you can think like that, we are all going to come out of this okay, and what happens when you see I’m right, your giving him a sense of false hope that you are going to take him back’.

‘Maybe I am going to take him back’ Liz said tucking a strand of hair behind her head ‘I’ll admit Liz, I’m not a big fan of Max’s right now, but you cant give him hope if your not sure, you and I both know he’s holding on to that and that right there is enough to make him fight harder’.

‘He should fight hard for his kids not for me’ she said ‘Liz you know he will do whatever he has to, to get those kids back. Right now they are the only thing he’s got going in his life that’s good, all I am saying is that when we get out of this you are going to be the first person he runs back to’.

‘Let me ask you this’ she said looking at her ‘do you still love him’ Liz sighed ‘it was never a question if I love him or not, of course I do. I don’t know if I could trust him not to break my heart again’.

Maria just looked at her ‘well that can go both ways you know, you and Max have the biggest communication problem , you both just act’ Liz looked at her ‘hmm If I remember I’m not the only one’.

‘Well we aren’t talking about me right now, and besides if I told Michael he would have made me stay behind and I want to help’ she said ‘I agree I still don’t think its good for you to be here what if something happens to you or the’ ‘its not, and don’t go opening your mouth until we get back home’ Maria said looking at her.

‘Now back to you, you know this isn’t just about Max now he’s a package deal, can you really get past the fact that Mason is Tess’s because you have to be sure for his sake too’.

‘I already got passed that Maria, that doesn’t matter to me anymore, he is more Max’s than hers, and yes before you ask I want to be a part of his life, Lexi already adores him and he has proven time and time again he feels the same about her’.

‘He couldn’t help who his parents were and I am not going to blame him, he is a really sweet boy and so much more like Max that I can see him for him and not an offspring of that bitch’ Liz said.

‘As long as you are going to be happy Liz’ ‘I’ll be the first to admit Max and I still have a lot of growing up to do, I want to do it together. I know its not going to be easy, but when has it ever been with us, but I love him enough to try’ she said looking at her.

‘That’s all I wanted to know’ Maria smiled.

Kyle glanced at Serena then quickly turned back towards the road, she looked at him ‘What’ she asked, Kyle looked back at her smiling ‘mental ward huh’.

She smiled ‘well I wouldn’t break out those straight jackets just yet, but a couple of turns on the couch couldn’t help’. ‘Were really not that bad, only half the time’ he joked.

She just looked at him ‘okay maybe more than half’ he teased ‘so would you be interested in getting together with a lunatic after this’ he smiled. Serena just smiled ‘we’ll see’.

Mason put his ear to the door trying to listen for footsteps, when met with silence he put his hand over the doorknob unlocking it.

He stepped out in the hallway and walked down it, peeking around the corner he spotted two skins walking his way.

He pushed Lexi back up against the wall and closed his eyes concentrating on making them invisible. When the two skins walked right by them, he dropped the mind warp and quickly grabbed Lexi’s hand dragging her around the corner.

They hid the cars down a ways ‘someone needs to stay and keep one of the cars ready to go with the kids’ Max said looking at the others.

‘I’ll stay’ Serena volunteered, ‘thank you’ Max said looking at the others ‘everyone ready’ he asked.

Maria walked up to Michael and put her arms around him ‘make sure you come back to me’ she whispered, Michael pulled her close kissing the top of her head ‘I will’ he said.

While Kyle walked over to talk to Serena, Max walked up to Liz tucking a strand of hair behind her ear he cupped her cheek ‘This may be the last time I get to say this to you’ he looked her in the eyes.

‘I love you, I’ve always loved you, whatever happens remember that please’ she stared up at him ‘I love you’ she whispered before leaning in and kissing him, he pulled back and rested his forehead on hers ‘ even death wont keep me from you, I will always come for you’ he said.

She closed her eyes for a minute before pulling back and sliding her hand into his ‘let’s go get our children and Isabel’ she said.

Walking closer they ducked behind some rocks looking over the place ‘four of them out front’ Michael said looking at the door.

“No problem’ Ava said, ‘wait here until we take them out’ Max said looking back, they nodded their heads, Max looked at Ava ‘ready’ he asked, she nodded her head.

Ava closed her eyes beginning the mind warp on the four skins in front of them, Max and Michael quickly took out the two closets to them.

The other two skins started backing up when they noticed the other two turned into a pile of dust in front of them. They stood back to back with hands outstretched preparing to blast when they could see something.

Max and Michael stood directly in front of both of them, not being able to get to their seals, “Now’ Cal shouted as Ava dropped the warp.

Both skins too surprised to react as Michael and Max threw punches hitting them in the jaw knocking them off balance. Max brought his fist down again destroying the husk as Michael brought his foot down on the other one.

Max looked back at the others ‘let’s go’ he said heading inside.

The pounding on the door halted Khivars movements, growling he stood up and stride to the door ready to kill whoever was behind the door.

Isabel closed her eyes, trying to get her body to stop trembling and thanking god he got interrupted before he could rape her.

‘This better be important’ he bellowed out as he flung the door open, Nicholas looked at him ‘the others are here’ he said ‘perfect’ Khivar grinned and walked back over to Isabel yanking her up ‘time to go home’ he said dragging her out of the room.

“Split up and start looking Cal and Ava go with Liz, Kyle and Maria, start that way Michael and I will take this way’ Max said pointing in the opposite direction.

They headed off searching room by room, Liz opened a door and could feel her essence in the room, seeing the room empty she started to panic ‘they were in here’ she yelled running back out of the room.

‘LIZ LOOK OUT’ Maria yelled as a skin turned the corner, Kyle jumped on her pushing her down before the blast could hit her.

Cal quickly put up his hand blasting the skin, Liz laid there for a few minutes catching her breath ‘thank you’ ‘don’t mention it’ Kyle said standing up and helping her up.

‘The kids were held in this room’ she said looking at the others ‘let’s keep going this way, we will find them’ Ava said walking up to her.

They proceeded down the hallway Lexi pulled on his hand ‘mommy’ she said tugging his hand, Mason looked back at her ‘I am taking you to mommy’ he started to say then stopped, he could feel them all around him.

“Come on’ he said turning back around and running back the other way, turning the corner he spotted them running their way.

“Lexi’ Liz screamed out running and dropping to her knees and gripping her in a hug, she quickly extended one arm and dragged Mason closer to her circling her arm around him to hug him too.

‘Mommy’ Lexi said hugging her tightly ‘are you okay’ she asked pulling back and looking at both of them ‘mean man hurt’ Lexi said shaking a little. Liz’s bit down on her lip hard.

‘They drugged us’ Mason said looking at her ‘oh god’ Liz said holding on to both of them ‘they wore off of me, I was able to get out of the room’ he said, Liz brought her hand up and cupped his cheek ‘thank you for taking care of her’ she said.

“Are you sure your okay’ she asked looking at Mason ‘I am now’ he said. ‘Were going after the others’ Ava said looking at them ‘they are going to need me’ she said. Liz nodded her head ‘well get them out’ she said.

Cal looked at her ‘I’m not leaving him until he’s safely out of here’ he said looking at Mason. Liz glared at him for a minute then turned and whispered in Mason’s ear.

Mason pulled back and stared at the bald alien ‘you will go with Ava and help them, you will not come back until all four of them are safe, Do you understand’ he said.

Cal glared at him ‘yes sir’ he looked at Ava ‘let’s go’.

Max and Michael proceeded down the halls picking skins off one by one, Michael grabbed one by the collar ‘where are they’ he demanded.

The skin just looked at him ‘not telling you’ Michael looked at Max ‘just kill him, well find them on our own’ Max said knowing they weren’t going to get anywhere with him.

Michael put up his hand and blasted him, shaking the dust off they continued to run down the hallway.

The others started making their way back down the hallway, rounding the corner they stopped when Nicholas was standing there with his arms folded waiting for them.

Liz pushed the children behind her as Nicholas stared her down ‘you don’t think you really are getting out of here alive’ he smirked as he came closer.

Liz watched as Kyle started to sneak up on him, Nicholas put his hand up and sent Kyle backwards after spying him out of the corner of his eye, looking back at Liz ‘such a shame too because I would love to see the look on your face when you watch your mighty king leave this world’.

Her eyes widen ‘what are you talking about’ she said taking a step back and pushing the children further back, he took a step closer ‘I guess I can let you in seeing you going to be dead in a few minutes.

Your precious hybrids are walking right into a trap, they wanted to know where they came from well the are going to find out’ Nicholas said putting his hand up.

‘NOOOO’ Mason shouted as he stepped in front of Liz and put up his hand sending Nicholas back, he was stunned to see Mason had his powers back before he could do anything Kyle came down on him hard turning him into dust.

Liz quickly bent down “Mason, Lexi go with Maria, stay with her until I come for you’ she looked at Maria ‘take them out of here please, I have to warn them’ she said quickly hugging both Mason and Lexi.

She took off down the corridor ‘Liz’ Kyle yelled running after her ‘I have to tell them’ she screamed as she picked up speed praying her legs would take her fast enough.

Max and Michael ran down the corridor after Khivar after spotting him dragging Isabel around a corner, two skins jumped out in front of them sending blasts, Max didn’t have time to get his shield up before one of them hit Michael in the arm.

‘ARGHH” Michael yelled falling to the floor, Max grabbed Michaels other hand and raised his own killing the two skins who were advancing on them, afterwards he bent down quickly ‘let me heal it’ he said.

Michael shrugged him off ‘no going to need all the power we can get, save it’ he said grinding his teeth to shake off the pain. Max looked down and ripped a piece of his shirt tying it around Michaels arm ‘come on’ he said helping him up.

They made their way out back in time to see Isabel struggling against Khivar; he had his hand up opening the wormhole. “ISABELL” Max screamed as he ran forward.

Ava and Cal stumbled out after them, walking up to Michael they watched as Khivar looked at them ‘ready to go home’ he smirked, a few more minutes and they would ready to transport.

‘Let her go’ Max yelled as the rest of them caught up with him, Khivar raised his hand and sent a blast towards them ‘come and get her’ he taunted.

Max pulled up his shield and blocked him, Michael raised his hand ‘I can’t get a clear shot’ he yelled Khivar had Isabel shielding him.

‘I’ve waited for this day for a long time’ Khivar said looking at them ‘let’s go home shall we’ he said pushing Isabel into the wormhole, he looked back at Max and them and stepped into the wormhole disappearing.

Max looked at Michael his heart thumping loudly in his chest, this was it, a decision had to be made ‘I’m with you’ Michael said both understanding there was no choice they were going after her.

Kyle ran after Liz ‘Liz stop’ he said trying to catch up to her ‘I have to help them’ she screamed as kept running.

She bolted out of the door just in time to see Max stepping in the wormhole, Kyle grabbed her by the waist ‘MAXXXXX’ she screamed.

He looked back at her his eyes meeting her teary ones, his heart breaking at the thought of what he was getting ready to do. He just stared at her his eyes telling her he would be back.

Kyle watched with an open mouth as Max looked at him, Kyle nodded his head understanding what was happening, he watched as Max stepped inside the worm hole and it closed up.

‘NOOOOOOOOO’ Liz cried out as she fought out of his grasp, Kyle let her go to stun to do anything else but watch her run and fall to her knees on the ground where the portal once was.

Chapter 25

Kyle glanced over at Liz as they both drove back to town; she had her head pressed up against the window and her eyes closed.

Trying to process what happened, he still couldn’t believe it even thou he saw it with his own eyes, they were gone...all of them.

Kyle turned back to the long dark road, watching the town get closer and closer, he wanted to make sure Liz was okay, of course she’s not you stupid idiot he thought.

Looking at Liz again, his voice spoke low ‘they had to do it right, I mean they couldn’t just let him take Isabel right?’ he asked.

Liz opened her eyes and turned her head slowly to him ‘right’ she whispered out, turning back to the window she sighed heavily, her heart breaking. The day she feared the most had finally come.

They were home, not by choice but they were still home, she wondered what was going to happen. The questions played over and over in her mind, would they stay there, would Khivar win, would they come back.

What about their parents, she was going to have to go there and tell them that their children were gone. Her heart breaking for them as well, how was she going to tell them?

They pulled up to the driveway; Kyle cut the engine and both sat in silence. Kyle glanced up the house dreading going inside to tell the rest what happened.

‘Are you going to be okay’ Kyle asked resting his head back against the head rest and looking at her, Liz nodded her head ‘I guess I have to be’ she whispered out.

“Might as well get this over with’ she said getting out of the car and walking up the sidewalk.

Liz and Kyle walked into the living room, immediately Maria and Serena sensed something wrong, after Kyle slowly closed the door and kept his eyes trained on the floor not meeting either one in the eye.

Liz walked by both of them heading straight for Mason and Lexi, taking their hands she walked to the back not saying anything yet.

Maria stood up shaking “Kyle’ Kyle looked up at her with a frown on his face ‘Kyle where is Michael’ she asked when he didn’t answer she walked over to him ‘where is my husband’.

Kyle glanced at Serena then back to Maria ‘their gone’ he said shaking his head, ‘what do you mean they are gone, where are they’ Maria said walking closer to him.

‘Daddy bye-bye?’ Lexi asked once inside the room, Liz looked at her then at Mason and slowly nodded her head, Mason sat down against the wall ‘I can’t feel him anymore’ he whispered out.

Cont in next post
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Liz walked over and sat down next to Mason, putting her arms out she gestured for Lexi to come sit. Once Lexi was sitting her lap, she slid an arm around Mason and drew him closer.

He rested his head on her shoulder as she closed her eyes for a moment ‘Khivar set a trap for them’ she began ‘he took your Aunt Isabel to Antar, your dad, Michael, Ava and Cal went after her’.

Mason looked up at her ‘will they come back’ he slowly asked, Liz looked down at him ‘I don’t want to lie, I don’t know but we have to have faith they will. If I know your dad nothing will stop him from coming for you’ she said.

‘For you too’ Mason pointed out, Liz smiled ‘me too’ she whispered, she looked down at Lexi who was resting her head on her other shoulder ‘he loves you, you know’ Mason said taking her hand ‘I can feel it when he looks at you’.

Liz nodded her head “I know’, she stared at their hands for a moment thinking, biting on her bottom lip she looked at Mason ‘I would like it if you came and lived with me’ she said.

Mason looked at her wide-eyed ‘you…would’ he asked shocked, she nodded her head ‘the decision is yours or course; you can stay with Serena or your grandparents if you want’.

Mason looked at the floor for a moment then looked back at her ‘Liz’ he said, when she looked at him ‘I would like to live with you’ he said.

Liz smiled and hugged him tighter ‘I would like that too’ she said, and then looked at Lexi ‘what do you think about Mason coming to live with us’ she asked.

Lexi smiled and jumped off of her and threw her arms around him hugging him Mason hugged her back smiling.

Lexi pulled back and placed both of her hands on her mothers face be happy mommy, daddy will come home she told her. Liz took her hands in hers ‘I am baby’ she looked down at Mason ‘I am’ she whispered.

Liz walked back out to the living room walking straight to Maria, taking Kyle’s place who currently had his arms around Maria holding her, Maria rested her head on Liz’s shoulder ‘I cant believe this, I cant believe they are really gone’ she cried out.

Liz hugged her tighter ‘they will come back, we have to keep telling ourselves that’ Maria pulled back and looked at her ‘Liz what am I going to do, I’m going to have this baby alone, I’m so scared’.

Liz put her hands on Maria’s shoulders ‘you are not going to be alone Maria, you have me and Kyle we will help you thru this’.

Serena walked over to her ‘I know we don’t know each other very well, but I will be here too if you like’ Maria smiled up at her weakly ‘thank you’.

Maria leaned her head back against the couch ‘God I just cant believe this’ she said again, Liz leaned back next to her ‘we just have to take it one day at a time, one way or another they will come back’ she told her, telling herself inside in the process.


‘Come one stop fidgeting’ Liz said as she tied Mason’s tie around his neck, ‘why do I have to wear this again’ he said looking down ‘its annoying’.

Liz smiled ‘because you only graduate from kindergarten once, you should look nice’ she said making sure it was straight.

Mason rolled his eyes ‘please it’s their way of telling you they have your butt for the next twelve years’ he said tugging at the tie.

“Mason’ Liz said surprised, she batted his hands away and straightened the tie again ‘what you know I’m right’ he said smiling.

Liz laughed ‘well you are but school can be fun, it prepares you for what you will need to know when you step out into the real world’ she said, giving him the once over ‘go find your jacket’ she said.

Liz moved back into the old house she and Max shared, it was easier then to have Mason move in where they were with Kyle. Serena moved in with Maria to help her until the baby was born and stayed afterwards to help her take care of her.

Everyone went on with life like normal as much as they could, she remembered the Evans were devastated when they learned Max, Michael and Isabel were gone. At first they insisted on taking Mason, but Mason politely told them that he wanted to stay with Liz and his sister.

Liz winded up dropping out of college taking over the museum for the time being with Maria’s help. Seven months later little Jordan Guerin came with a head full of hair and her mother’s eyes.

Liz walked to the door when she heard Maria knocking; opening it she pushed past Liz holding Jordan’s carrier. Setting it on the floor she plopped down on the sofa next to her.

‘So are we ready to go yet’ Maria asked smiling, Lexi came walking up holding her shoes for her mother to put them on ‘almost’ Liz said.

‘MOM I cant find my jacket’ they heard Mason shout from the back, Maria watched as Liz’s smile grew bigger ‘girlfriend if that smiles keeps getting bigger every time he calls you that your face is going to freeze’ she said.

‘I cant help it’ she said ‘it makes my heart jump every time he says it, I never expected in a million years he would want to call me that’, Maria shook her head ‘Liz you’re the only mother he has ever know of course he’s going to call you that’.

‘What about his adopted mother’ she said ‘that was a nanny that wasn’t a mother’ Maria said looking at her ‘Cal hired her to look after Mason for the sole purpose of knowing where he was, not to become a family to him’.

Liz looked at her ‘I know, do you think Max will mind’ Maria looked at her like she was crazy ‘your kidding right, he’s going to be shouting from the rooftops how happy he is’ she said.

Liz laughed as she got up to go help Mason ‘well I just want to be there to see the look on Michael’s face when he discovers he’s a father’ Maria shook her head ‘you might have to send out the hounds to find my body’.

‘Michael won’t be mad, he’s going to be ecstatic, look how he was with Lexi, Jordan is going to have her daddy wrapped around her little fingers’ Liz said, Maria smiled ‘I know, now go so we can get a move on’.

Liz and Maria met up with Kyle, Serena, Jim, Amy, her parents and the Evans out front of the school, Lexi immediately jumping into Kyle’s arms.

“Oh I can’t believe my grandson is already graduating kindergarten, we missed this with Max and Isabel’ Diane cried as she hugged Mason.

‘Diane don’t embarrass him’ Phillip said pulling his wife back, ‘Go ahead to your class’ Liz said as they entered the building.

Once inside they sat down Lexi sat between Diane and her mother, waiting for the ceremony to begin. Liz glanced around Kyle was getting the camcorder ready; Serena was sitting next to him.

Her parents were sitting holding hands; Jim and Amy were sitting next to them. Maria was sitting next to Phillip who was holding Diane’s hand. Liz closed her eyes I wish you could be here, I know you would be proud she silently told herself.

After the principal talked and the kids sung a few songs, they were getting ready to walk across stage and get their certificates. Liz smiled and got the camera ready as Mason’s turn was coming up.

Standing up to get a better shot, she watched as Mason started walking then stop dead in his tracks and looked at her with a mixture of shock and fear, she motioned for him to keep walking as she started to make her way up to him.

The others gasped and Diane covered her mouth when Lexi sat up “daddy’s home’ she said smiling causing Liz's knees to weaken.

Chapter 26

Liz stared at her daughter with her heart pounding in her chest; she didn’t say what she thought she did. Did she, how did Lexi know that he was back, It had to be a misunderstanding on her part, Lexi was just saying what she wished.

She glanced back at Mason who had made his way across the stage and stood with the rest of his classmates shifting nervously from one foot to the other. His eyes pleading with her to come get him.

Liz noticed several eyes were starting to look at her still standing there, not wanting to draw any more attention she quickly motioned to Mason five more minutes then sat down next to Lexi.

Maria leaned over “Liz we have to go, we have to go now’ Liz looked down at her daughter “Lexi’ she looked up at her ‘are you sure’ Lexi nodded her head, ‘Oh God’ Diane whispered ‘what about Isabel, Michael’ she said.

Lexi closed her eyes then opened them and shook her head yes “Liz’ Maria said again getting anxious ‘Maria we cant all just up and leave in the middle of this it would look to funny and we have no idea where to go’ she said.

Phillip leaned over ‘Liz you and Maria go, we’ll take the kids’ Liz glanced around debating what to do, she wanted to get up and leave but where was she suppose to go, they had no idea where and how they got back.

Kyle finally leaned over ‘come on Liz, you’re supposed to be the smart one’ he glanced around making sure no one was listening ‘if you were an alien where would you land, the desert, where else would be big enough’ he asked looking straight at her.

Maria smacked him upside his head then whispered ‘we know in the desert dumb ass, but where we can’t just drive around and ask if anyone has seen a spaceship parked somewhere’.

Kyle shook his head ‘start at the obvious, hello…where would you go if you were them, they know where the first place we would look at is’ he said staring at them.

Maria and Liz flew down the stretch of highway; eyes frantically scanning the desert ‘please, oh please’ Maria whispered over and over praying Lexi was right.

Liz kept her eyes opened wide willing her heart to slow down, she could hear it pounding loudly inside her chest over Maria’s silent prays, she glanced over and noticed her friends trembling body as she twisted and turned her head looking out the window.

She reached over and grabbed her hand squeezing it gently, Maria looked at her ‘how can you be so calm, their home, God Liz their really home’ she said. ‘Maria breathe’ she said

Maria looked at Liz while Liz looked back at her; she calmed her breathing down until she noticed something out of the corner of her eye as Liz flew past.

‘LIZ STOP’ she screamed, ‘turn around, turn around’ Maria screamed, Liz slammed on the brakes jerking the car till it skidded around facing the opposite direction ‘THERE, THERE’ Maria screamed as she saw the three figures stopped on the side of the road.

Liz’s eyes widened when she was Michael and Isabel who appeared to be holding Max up.

Maria jumped out of the car before Liz came to a complete stop ‘Michael…. Michael’ she yelled running to him, Liz left the car running and ran up behind Maria, Max appeared to be slipping in and out of it’.

‘Oh God what happened’ Liz yelled “Max’ she called to him as she cupped his face with her hands, Maria clung to Michael ‘Michael, oh god Michael’ she kept saying.

‘Maria’ he tried calling her, smiling slightly at his wife’s clutching fingers ‘Maria’ he said again trying to hold Max up and pry his wife’s fingers off of him so he wouldn’t lose Max.

‘Help me get him to the car’ Isabel said trying to balance her weight, Liz pushed Michael out of the way and threw her arm around Max’s waist helping Isabel drag him to the car.

The settled him in the back seat Liz immediately climbing in and drawing him closer to her, tears running down her face. She took a look at all of them they had clearly been thru hell.

‘Max’ she whispered as she ran a finger over a cut on his face, she pushed his bangs back across his forehead, his eyes fluttered open for a brief moment ‘Liz’ he whispered clinging to her before his eyelids drew heavy closing again.

She brushed her lips against his temple ‘your home now’ she whispered, she looked over at Isabel who looked just as bad ‘what happened’ she asked. “Can we just go home now’ she cried weakly before looking out the window.

‘It’s over, Khivar is dead’ Michael said before he closed his eyes and rested his head back against the seat, Maria looked over at him ‘dead’ she asked.

Liz looked back at Max for a minute then looked at Isabel, she took her other arm and brought it around Isabel’s shoulder pulling her close to her, Isabel looked at her tears streaming down her face and laid her head on her shoulder.

Maria reached over and entwined her fingers with her husbands, before pressing the gas the five of them drove back to town in silence.

By the time they got to the house Max was awake but he was still drained and needed help getting out of the car

Michael stepped out of the car heading inside ‘Wait Michael’ Maria said grabbing on to his arm. Liz gave her a sympathy look as she helped Isabel walk Max towards the house.

‘Maria’ Michael sighed “I have to tell you something’ she said nervously, ‘Maria I was chained to a wall, tortured for months, I watched my best friend almost get his head chopped off’ “Michael’ Isabel screamed.

He look guilty at Isabel then at Liz when she gasp looking at Max with her eyes filling up with tears, ‘I’m sorry’ he said “It’s just…its just we’ve been to hell and all I want is just to go home, take a shower, climb in bed and hold my wife’ he said.

‘I know’ Maria said ‘but you really need to know this’.

“What Maria, please can’t-‘YOU’RE A FATHER’ she blurted out cutting him off.

Michael’s eyes widen and staggered back a few steps, he shook his head ‘I’m a what’ he asked’.

‘You have a daughter she said looking at him, with tears rolling down her cheeks.

‘A daughter’ he repeated blinking rapidly trying to process what he just heard. ‘Yes her name is Jordan’. He stood there unmoving staring at her in silence ‘Michael say something please’ she pleaded.

He took three quick strides and pulled her to him planting his lips on hers.

They walked thru the door, Diane and Phillip immediately taking Max and Isabel in their arms ‘oh honey what did they do to you’ she cried.

‘Where’s Jesse’ Isabel asked, Phillip looked at her ‘he’s flying back as we speak, he was on a business trip, tonight we want you to come home with us’ he said.

Isabel nodded her head clinging to her father as he wrapped his arm around her ‘I am so glad you kids are home’ he whispered.

Max released his mother and immediately sought out Liz’s hand grabbing onto it. His eyes searched the room looking for the two little people he desperately wanted to hold.

Serena walked in holding a little bundle in her arms; she smiled at Max then turned to Michael who was sitting down looking pale trying to process the idea of being a father.

“I think someone wants to meet you’ she said walking closer, Michael looked at Maria then back to Serena as she placed Jordan in his arms.

He lowered his head trying to hide the tear that escaped his eye, Jordan looked up at him causing Michael to let a quiet sob out, she stared up into his eyes then her eyelids fluttered closed relaxing in his arms.

Mason stood in the background holding Lexi’s hand; he could feel the emotions rolling off of everyone. Joy, happiness, he could feel the pain and heartbreak of his father, Isabel and Michael and it paralyzed him from moving. He stood there shaking his head trying to get rid of the unwanted tears.

The crowds shifted and he saw his father’s eyes meet him; he felt a rush of love flow thru him as he extracted himself from Liz and walked over to them, dropping to his knees in front of both of them he pulled them both to him wrapping his arms around them.

Liz watched him as he picked them both up without saying anything and walked towards the back with them. She turned to look at the others all silently sitting there, Phillip and Diane had their arms around Isabel holding her.

Michael was sitting between Amy and Maria gently rocking his daughter as Maria cried, he brought his arm around her shoulder dragging her to him and kissing her temple.

Kyle and Serena were whispering in the corner, she knew what everyone was thinking. It was the same thing she was they wanted to know what happened, where the others were, was this over or just the beginning.

It was Jim who spoke up first ‘I know we all have questions, its nothing that cant be answered tomorrow, why don’t we all just go home for tonight and be thankful that they are back with us’.

The others nodded their heads, one by one Liz told them goodnight hugging Maria once before she left. Isabel was the last to leave with her parents, Liz threw her arms around her hugging her tight ‘I am glad you are home’ Liz told her. Isabel hugged her back “so am I’.

She pulled back and wanted to say something but she second guessed it, “what’ Liz asked looking at her ‘nothing’ she said. Liz watched her for a second then Isabel smiled at her ‘I am just glad to be home’.

After they left Liz walked back to the bedrooms, she found them on Mason’s bed sleeping. Lexi laid in the crook of Max’s right arm her head on his shoulder and her hand across his chest on top of Mason’s hand, Mason laid on the left in the same pattern, Max’s arms wrapped around both of them securely holding them to him.

Liz let out the breathe she seemed to be holding since she found them out in the desert, this time when the tears filled she let them fall as leaned against the doorframe watching the three of them.

She wiped her cheeks with the back of her hand then quietly made her way over to them, pulling up the covers making sure they were all secure, she studied Max’s face as he seemed to be sleeping peacefully, in the car when he was sleeping against her shoulders she could hear him whimpering every now and then and seeming restless.

So different from what he was now, he looked content laying there with his children in his arms, his chest rising and falling in a soft easy manner. She leaned over and placed a feathered kiss on the top of his forehead.

When she pulled back she gasped softly when her eyes met his intense gaze, they stayed like that for few minutes lost in each other’s eyes, as he was about to say something she gently placed her fingers on his lips ‘go to sleep’ she insisted.

His eyes darted back and forth trying to say what he wanted, she smiled softly ‘I’ll be here when you wake up’ she reassured him.

He watched her movements as she bent forward breathing in her scent as she kissed Lexi’s forehead then moving repeating her actions on Mason.

Mason stirred tightening his grip on his father ‘night mom’ he mumbled before settling back in his fathers embrace.

Max’s eyes widen causing Liz to smile bigger ‘shh, in the morning’ she said, and then slowly brought her hands up to cup his cheek.

Max leaned into her hand closing his eyes, he opened them back when she pulled back, and walked towards the door she heard him whisper ‘I love you’.

She turned and looked back at him ‘I love you too’ she said before disappearing in the hallway.

Chapter 27

Max woke to find a pair of big brown eyes looking up at him, Lexi was in her same position as the night before but now she was propped up on her elbow just watching him sleep.

‘Morning sweetheart’ he smiled then turned his head yawning, he gave a little squeeze to make sure she was really there, all those months of being in a dark cold cell made him reevaluate his life, what was important to him the most and he came to the decision it was time to stop looking over his shoulder all the time, it was time to stop running.

When this was over he was going to go home and concentrate on his children, they were the most important thing in the world to him, and they were going to come first before anything else, even Liz.

He loved her, he wanted her but he could live with just being friends if that’s what she wanted, he would settle for that, it was time to put the past behind him and start focusing on the future, he already missed too much of his children’s lives and he didn’t want to miss anymore.

His brows creased in confusion when he saw her frown, ‘what’s wrong’ he asked, Lexi looked at him then brought her tiny hand touching his face running her fingers along the cut.

He took her hand in his kissing her little fingertips ‘it’s okay, I can fix it’ he said, before he could bring his hand up Lexi beat him to it, he stared at her feeling the warm tickling sensation running over his cheek.

She pulled back admiring her work ‘thank you’ he whispered looking at her, when she continue to just stare, he sat up pulling her up with him ‘let’s go find your brother and mother’ he said.

Lexi wrapped her arms around his neck as they walked down the hallway, stepping into the kitchen Liz was standing there across from Mason who was eating breakfast.

‘So do you still want to go with grandpa today’ she asked, he looked up at her ‘yes’ he shrugged his shoulders ‘I figured the grown-ups would want to talk today’ he said.

Liz raised her eyebrow ‘Mason it’s alright if you want to spend the day with your dad, talking can wait’ she said ‘no that’s okay, I want to go with grandpa’ he said.

Max stood there for a few minutes just watching Liz and his son interacting, he thought for sure his heart was going to burst from happiness, he didn’t fail to notice that she had been living here, and with his son no less.

He knew she would have taken care of him, it was the thing he loved most about her, no matter what the situation called for she did what was best for people. Mason spotted them out of the corner of his eye when Lexi started wiggling to get down.

Liz looked up when Lexi made her way in and started to climb up on the chair next to Mason, she looked over at Max ‘morning’ she said smiling watching him lean against the door frame.

‘Morning’ he said shoving his hands in the front of his pockets, ‘would you like something’ she asked as she placed a plate in front of Lexi. ‘Coffee’ he asked suddenly feeling like a stranger inside his own house.

He walked over and ruffled Mason’s hair, before taking a seat next to him on the other side, Liz placed a cup of coffee and reached for the Tabasco’s sauce on the table and handed it to him ‘thanks’ he said.

They all sat in silence none of them sure what to say, Max noticed Mason’s nervousness as he studied him, before he could ask what was wrong, Mason stood up ‘I am going to go take my bath’ he said walking out of the room.

Liz watched him leave then looked back over at Max who was just staring at where his son retreated too. She broke his thoughts when she told Lexi to hurry up and finish.

‘My dad is taking Mason today’ he asked turning his eyes back to her, Liz smiled ‘No’ she said shaking her head ‘Oh, I thought I heard Mason say something about my dad’ he said.

Liz wiped Lexi's mouth ‘no, my Dad is taking them, he is doing something for Mason, sort of a graduation present’ she said. Max looked at her surprised ‘he calls him grandpa’ he asked.

Liz smiled ‘yes he does’ Max looked down at his coffee and cleared his throat ‘ huh’ he asked the question he had been wanting to since last night.

Liz looked up at him ‘are you okay with that’ he looked up quickly at her ‘am I okay with that, do you have any idea how happy that made me in that moment’ he said gently taking the risk and placing his hand over hers.

“Liz thank you, for everything. You didn’t have to take Mason… to know that he’s been with you this entire time, I can’t describe how that makes me feel. And the fact that he calls you mom, it’s like my dreams are finally starting to come true’ he said.

Liz smiled ‘you deserve your dreams too Max; I’ve always told you that’. He just nodded his head then changed the subject ‘I guess we can talk after we drop them off’ he said.

She nodded her head ‘yes I already talked to Maria, they were going to meet us at the Crash Down after she manages to pry Jordan from Michael so she could bring her to her mother’.

Max smiled ‘Michael a father, I still can’t fathom that one’ Liz creased her brows ‘why, Michael was wonderful with Lexi’ she said. Max quickly shook his head ‘no, its not that…it’s just seeing this softer side of him it’s hard to take in some times’ he said.

‘Well I think he will be a great father’ she said getting up and bringing her cup to sink, she noticed the haunted look pass on his face ‘and so will you’ she said stopping his train of thoughts from going where she knew they would.

He just looked at her and nodded his head, turning back to watch Lexi finish her glass of milk, she looked up at him with her white mustache and he smiled reaching over to wipe it off.

‘I am going to go check on Mason’ she said leaving the two of them in the kitchen.

When Lexi was finished he helped her down and put the plates in the sink, walking to the back he stopped when he heard the whispering coming from his son's room

Mason sat on the bed cross-legged as she looked thru his closet for his jacket ‘so I guess you’ll be leaving’ he asked looking up at her.

Liz turned and looked at him confused, ‘What…No’ she said ‘why do you want me to go’ she asked, his eyes widened ‘NO” he said quickly then glanced at the floor ‘it’s just you know, now that my dad is back’.

Liz looked at him and gently ran her hand thru his hair ‘I’m not going anywhere Mason’ she said. “Good’ he mumbled ‘because if you did I want…I would want to go with you’ he whispered.

Liz was stunned into silence; she didn’t know what to say to him. She looked into the sadness of his blue eyes for the longest time “Mason are you happy your dad’s home’ she had to ask as she made her way over to the bed.

Over the months she had gotten to know him, and he expressed on several occasions that he wished his father were home, but now that he was he didn’t seem to pleased with it.

He quickly shook his head ‘yea…It’s just’ he left the sentence hanging, she scooted closer to him ‘It’s just what, Mason you know you can talk to me’.

This time when he looked up at her he had the first signs of tears sitting on his eyelashes ‘Its just I’m scared, he’s going to leave, he always leaves’ Liz wrapped her arms around him and he seemed to let loose a waterfall ‘I don’t want to be alone again’ he cried.

Max's heart tightened in his chest he quickly walked backwards turning around and going into the living room before his son could sense he was there.

Liz walked in to find him leaning back against the couch with his eyes closed “Max’ she said coming closer, he looked up at her ‘I am never going to get this right am I’ he asked.

She sat down next to him ‘You heard’, he nodded his head as he ran his hands over his face ‘you know I wouldn’t blame you if you did’ he said, she crossed her arms ‘did what’.

‘Leave, if you wanted to move out and take Mason with you’ ‘Max I am not taking your son away from you’ she said “I don’t plan on moving out, unless that is if you want me to’ she countered.

“No, no I don’t’ he said turning to face her; he took her hand ‘I want nothing more than to be a family with you Liz, I love you I never stopped’. She brushed a strand of hair back on his forehead ‘I want that too, I also want us to go slow, I can’t just jump into a relationship with you’.

She pulled her hand back ‘I would like to stay here, I can move my stuff in with Lexi’, he shook his head ‘No, you stay in the bedroom, I can sleep on the couch I don’t mind’ he said.

She stared at him for a minute ‘okay, so well just be like roommates for now, getting to know each other’ he plastered a smile on ‘yeah…roommates’ he said.

Liz stood up ‘okay now that’s settled, I need to give Lexi a bath’ Max jumped up ‘can I’ he asked, she rose her eyebrow at him ‘you want to give her a bath’; he smiled ‘yes I have already missed out on so much’.

‘Max it’s just a bath’ she laughed ‘I know, I just…’ she nodded her head ‘okay’ she said.

Max led Lexi into the bathroom and started the water, standing up he grabbed a towel out of the cabinet, Liz walked by on her way to Mason’s room ‘Max no bubbles; she’ll be in there forever’.

‘Okay’ he said as he turned around, he gulped when he looked down and his daughter was standing there holding the bottle of bubbles and looking up at him with her eyes big and round, her bottom lip pouting out some.

He peeked out of the bathroom door checking to see where Liz was then back to his daughter, ‘Your mother is going to make me an alien shish kabob’ he groaned as he took the bottle from Lexi and undid the top.

Chapter 28

After dropping Mason and Lexi off at her parents they made their way over to Michael and Maria’s.

Walking in “Sorry we would have been here sooner but someone didn’t listen to instructions giving Lexi a bath’ Liz said eyeing Max.

Michael smiled shaking his head ‘she gave you the eyes' Max smiled shaking his head, and then quickly lost it when he saw Liz glaring at him.

Maria quickly grabbed Liz’s hand heading towards the kitchen ‘we’ll just check on lunch’ she said pulling Liz behind her.

Once inside Liz leaned against the counter ‘so how was Michael last night’ Maria looked up from the fridge ‘I couldn’t pry Jordan from him, he fell asleep holding her on his chest last night’.

Liz smiled ‘see I told you he would be happy’ ‘happy is an understatement, I have never in my life seen Michael Guerin giddy, I seriously thought he was going to blast my mother this morning when she tried to take her’ Liz busted out laughing.

She laughed harder when she said ‘my mother told him if he didn’t release the baby she was going to show him the real meaning of anal probing’.

Maria turned on the stove then turned back to Liz looking serious ‘Liz I have to admit I’m actually scared to know what happened, I mean I don’t understand this time thing either how is it possible for them to be there three months and gone ten months here’

Liz walked over and wrapped her arms around her ‘I don’t know Maria, and to tell you the truth I am scared also’.

Max and Michael sat down on the couch ‘so how does it feel to be a father’ Max asked, Michael looked at him ‘I don’t think there is a word to describe how I am feeling’ he paused for a minute.

‘When I used to hold Lexi and just sit there rocking her, I remember how much I envied and hated you all at the same time, you had everything I ever wanted. A family, you belonged to something...someone. I would get so pissed because you had it all and didn’t even know it’.

Max looked down at the ground ‘trust me I beat myself up everyday, I screwed up and I know it, I don’t know how to make things right but I am going to do everything I can to make up for it. At least Jordan doesn’t have to be scared of her father’.

‘Your kids aren’t scared of you’.

Max cut him off ‘My son thinks I am going to abandoned him and my daughter barely knows me, I am so scared I am going to lose both of them, I don’t think I could survive it Michael, I want so badly to fix things but I don’t know where to start’.

‘It starts with growing up Maxwell, we don’t have anything holding us back anymore, we are home where we should be and its time to start focusing on that and leave the past behind us’.

Max stared up at Michael amazed at how much Michael had truly changed ‘Michael’ he turned to look at him ‘I don’t know if I ever told you, and I know I don’t say it enough…thank you for everything…for taking care of Lexi…for being there for Liz and everyone else… especially for everything that happened up there…I know how hard it was for you do to what you did…I…thank you for saving my life’ he said.

Michael clasped his hand on his shoulder ‘enough said Max, you would have done the same thing’ he said knowingly, Max nodded his head before he could say anything else Maria and Liz walked back into the room.

As they sat down ‘Is Isabel coming’ Liz asked, Michael and Max shared a look that didn’t pass by either one of them ‘what’ they asked.

Max leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees, clearing his throat ‘Isabel wanted to be alone to tell Jesse what happened, she just…they just need to be alone right now’.

Michael leaned back against the couch ‘we were in hell, but she dealt with Satan his self’ he sighed, “Oh god, what happened up there’ Maria said taking Michaels’ hand.

Max looked at Michael then scratched his eyebrow ‘when we first got there, they were waiting, there were too many of them to fight.

Michael, Cal and I were thrown into a cell immediately; we didn’t know where they took Ava or Isabel. We were there about a week if I had to guess before someone finally came in’.

Michael picked up ‘they didn’t say anything and I tried to use my powers, but we all were too weak to begin with, when I tried to blast one of them, they turned and’ he squeezed Maria’s hand unable to finish.

‘What, tell me’ Maria demanded ‘they beat him’ Max spoke up ‘oh God’ Maria cried ‘I…I tried to heal him, but my powers wouldn’t work’ his shoulders started to tremble Liz scooted closer to him taking his hand in hers, he looked up at her ‘I don’t know if was from being weak or what, they left some water and something that I guess was food and left’.

‘A couple of more weeks went by; they would come in beat one of us, and then leave. Finally Khivar showed his face saying the people were demanding justice, that he told them when Tess came back to Earth to talk peace I killed her without showing any remorse’.

‘He said no one would ever know the truth, he was planning on telling them that we brought Ava back to try and pass her off as the true queen so they wouldn’t know I killed her’.

‘But you didn’t’ Maria interrupted, Michael squeezed her hand ‘we know that, but they didn’t, they would think we were trying to smuggle in an imposter to take over the throne’.

‘I demanded to know where Isabel was, he said’ Max choked on his words trying hard to fight back the bile that was rising ‘he said that she was fitting in nicely in the palace and in his bed’.

‘Oh god he raped her’ Liz yelled out ‘she pretended to remember what her life was like with him, that she cared for him, he told her that as long as she played her part no harm would come to us, she didn’t know what he was doing, she didn’t know that they were torturing us’ Max said.

He brought his head down and quickly swiped at his eyes, knowing what his sister had to do was worse than the endless punches and kicks that he received.

Maria looked at Liz the tears flowing down both of their faces ‘please tell me this is all over with’ Maria begged, Michael brought his arm around her shoulder drawing her closer to him ‘it is’ he whispered.

‘What…. how did you escape’ Liz asked ‘one night there was a lot of noise and the door to cell was blasted open there were several soldiers that told us if we wanted to live to come with them, that’s when all hell broke loose’ Michael said.

We followed them out and that’s when they told us that Larek was in charge and he was there to help us’ Max said ‘Larek’ Liz’s eyes widened, he nodded his head in agreement.

Max nodded his head ‘Larek managed to get Ava out, when Khivar discovered what was going on he ordered for his men to come kill us right there, before they could carry out his orders several other soldiers turned and killed them before they could kill us, they had been secretly working against Khivar’.

“When we caught up with Larek and Ava, he informed us that an alliance on our side was in process of storming the castle as we spoke and that Khivar had escaped taking Isabel in an underground passageway’.

‘We went after them, Khivar had opened a portal and was getting ready to go thru it with Isabel, by then our powers were barely working, we managed to pick off a couple of them. Cal sent a blast towards Khivar it wasn’t enough to kill him but it was enough for him to lose his grip on Isabel and she took off running back towards us’.

Khivar sent one towards her but Cal jumped in front of her taking the blast his self, I ran towards him killing two more soldiers in the process, when I looked back two of the guards forced Max on his knees they had a sword positioned above his head’ Michael rubbed his face with his hands trying to recall what happened.

‘Cal yelled at me to get back to Max, I raised my hand and killed the closet one to Max, the other one turned and hit Ava.’ Max cleared his throat again and took over ‘I crawled over to her, I healed her best I could, and she grabbed my hand and told me to grab Isabel’s.

I grabbed hers and then she grabbed Michael’s Cal screamed now and that’s when I sent a blast towards Khivar, it killed him before he could jump thru the portal.’ Michael shuddered a little ‘I never felt that much power in my life’.

He looked up at Liz ‘I understand now what the power of the royal four meant, I don’t know if we could have killed him without Ava being there’.

Liz bit down on her bottom lip thinking about her next question ‘so everything we were told about Tess being critical to you was true, if Tess would have stayed it would have been her’ she said trying not to let the disappointment in voice show.

‘Max squeezed her hand ‘no’ Liz looked up at him confused ‘but he just said’ he cut her off ‘I don’t think Tess belonged with us from the beginning’.

“I don’t understand’ she said, he stared into her eyes battling against the emotions his body was throwing against him, he knew the truth and it would hurt her. The truth may just destroy what little faith she had left in him. He wanted to be alone when he told her this part; he wanted to be able to reassure her that it didn’t change anything.

Michael came to the rescue ‘maybe we can finish this later, I am tired and really don’t feel like talking about it anymore’.

‘But Michael’ Maria started to protest, Michael leaned over and cut her off kissing her ‘please Maria no more right now’ Maria shook her head ‘okay no more right now, but at least tell us is Ava and Cal dead’.

Michael looked down ‘Cal is…Ava is still on Antar’

Chapter 29

As they drove in the opposite direction of the Crash Down Liz looked over at Max ‘where are we going’.

Max glanced at her ‘somewhere we can talk’ ‘we don’t have to…I understand Max I know it has to be hard for all of you’ she said.

‘It’s not that, there is something I have to tell you and I want us to be alone when I do’ he said as he turned back towards the road.

Liz bit her bottom lip staring at him for a few minutes, and then let her gaze drift back out the window to watch the passing desert.

Max drove a little further out then turned off the road onto the desert, driving a back a little he stopped the car and sat there for a few minutes. Liz studied him not saying anything his quick movement startled her when he reached behind them and grabbed a blanket ‘let’s go sit out there’ he motioned.

She followed him and waited as he laid the blanket down and sat down; sitting down next to him she leaned back on her hands and stared up at the desert sky.

‘Liz’ Max called her breaking her train of thoughts she looked at him and could see he was fighting with something.

‘Max what’s going on’ she asked getting worried was he going to tell her he had to go back, was he going to take Mason with him and leave. He studied her dark brown eyes for a moment before speaking.

‘There’s something I have to tell you, but before I do…I want you to know that it doesn’t change anything, it doesn’t change the way I feel’.

Her heart picked up speed waiting for him to drop this bomb shell on her ‘It’s about Ava’ her eyes widened, suddenly she didn’t know if she wanted to listen, she didn’t want to hear what he was going to say.

Max stared out in front of him ‘when we were up there…when I healed her and we were connected it was like opening a floodgate’.

He looked over at Liz as she stared down at her shoes ‘When we were growing up I always wondered why we couldn’t remember anything, all those memory retrievals Tess taught me…nothing would trigger anything, I mean I got a few vague memories here and there but I think it was more of her planting them inside me.

‘When the four of us Michael, Isabel, Ava and I when we connected…everything’ he paused closing his eyes for a minute ‘why is this so hard to tell you’ he whispered.

She slowly drew her eyes up to his face ‘it was suppose to be her’ she whispered, he opened his eyes and met hers, slowly he nodded his head, she closed her eyes and let out a ragged sigh.

‘Oh god’ she shakily whispered out, all of a sudden her body was trembling and couldn’t get to stop, she tightly wrapped her arms around her body drawing her knees up she wiped her cheek on the denim of her jeans.

‘I remember everything’ he started ‘we all do… but I want you to know it doesn’t change things Liz’ he slowly took his hand and placed it under her chin turning her head to look at him “Up there on that planet, its my past, down here...down here Liz is my future and I want my future to be with you, Mason and Lexi’ his eyes pleading with hers to believe him.

‘Max’ she sighed out and turned her eyes from him ‘how can you say that, what about your people, your planet, they counted on you’ she sadly replied.

He quickly scampered to his knees in front of her ‘I did what I was suppose to…Khivar is dead, the people of Antar are free…my destiny was fulfilled and now I choose to live my life how I want’ he said.

“And what is that’ she whispered looking up into the depths of his eyes, she cursed silently when a tear escaped and rolled down her cheek.

He reached up cupping her cheek wiping away the trail with the pads of his thumb ‘to be with you’ he said looking straight into her eyes.

She closed her eyes for a moment and leaned into his cheek, she wanted so desperately to trust his words. She believed with ever fiber in of her being that he loved her, but loving her and being with her were two different things. He spoke the words but his actions time and time again showed different.

‘I want to believe you’ she said honestly as she pulled his hand away, he sat back facing her ‘Liz I know I have a lot to make up, a lot to prove…if it takes me to my last breathe of air I will prove to you that I am different…to show you its okay to trust me again.

When I was locked in that cell I spent so many nights thinking about how much I screwed up…and I know there is no excuse for what I have done. I can say I’m sorry over and over, but I know that doesn’t prove anything’.

With a shaky hand he reached out and took hold of her hand ‘I can tell you that I’m not the same man that left this planet… I realized that I had to change…I had to grow up’.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts, the realization that he might actually never be able to make this up to her was hitting him hard, his body hurt from being tortured but the way his heart was hurting was no comparison.

He looked back into her eyes ‘I’m ready to do that’ he whispered softly ‘I’m ready to be what you need me to be…I ‘m ready to be a father, a husband’

Her widening eyes and quick gasp made him pause for a minute; he placed a finger on her lips asking her to let him finish.

‘I know you’re not ready and I am willing to wait…its time I waited for you Liz Parker’.

‘What if I never am’ she said, he closed his eyes as her words stung hard ‘then I’ll take what you can offer…if its friendship then its enough…I...I wont push’.

She stared down at there entwined hands taking in everything he was saying, she looked back up when he continued ‘Before the shooting I had so many dreams of telling you the truth but my fear of you seeing me as a monster scared me away, so I would just watch.

When you smiled or laughed at something Maria or Alex would say, it brightened up my whole day, just to see you happy made my entire existence so much easier to bear.

After I healed you and you didn’t run away, I couldn’t believe that you could love me the way you did, and I got so caught up in the fact that you saw the real me and still loved me’.

‘Max’ she started he cut her off ‘There are a lot of mistakes and regrets along the way…things that we can no longer make up for. Saying sorry doesn’t remove the damage that has been made along the way’.

He inched closer to her and placed his hands on her shoulders ‘There is one thing I have never apologized for’ he waited until her eyes met his ‘Liz Parker you are an amazing woman…your strength and courage is stronger than an entire planet of soldiers, you accepted me and loved me unconditionally…you opened your heart and took my son in when you had every right to turn and look the other way.

You have stood by us and helped us more times than I can count, and I Max Evans took you for granted and that is what I am sorry for the most.

I know my words may not mean much, but I swear to you right here…right now I will never take you for granted again’.

She just stared at him not really sure what to say, he openly bared his heart to her and she didn’t have a word to say, she gently leaned forward and pressed her lips to his. It caught him off guard and by the time it registered in his brain she pulled back.

He stared blinking at her as she slipped her hands in his ‘I can’t make promises to you, when I’m not sure myself, but I can promise you that I will take in everything that you have told me.

I know I want my future to be with you and I know that I love you, but I can’t open myself up to you fully yet again, too much has happened for me not to have doubts’

She watched as his gaze drifted downwards and he slowly nodded his head, she reached up and putting her fingers under his chin she slowly brought his face back up ‘I am not giving up on us, I am just giving us the opportunity to go slow and learn from each other again’.

He let out a breath he seemed to be holding ‘thank you’ he choked out as he wrapped his arms around her, only when his face was buried in the depths of her long hair did he let the tears finally flow.
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Chapter 30

‘I know it seems like forever since I was here last’ she said as set the flowers down and kneeled next to the familiar tombstone.

‘I didn’t forget you’ she whispered softly ‘I was away…I went home to my’ she paused and pushed a strand of hair back ‘to my planet’.

‘I finally found the answers…and now I wish more than anything that I hadn’t’ she sat back so she was sitting cross-legged as she spoke to him ‘for the first time I am glad you are not here’ she said as a tear escaped ‘because then you couldn’t see the person I have become.

You told me once that my heart was my heart and my soul was my soul…I have finally seen my soul and I don’t want it…I don’t want to be who I am’ she cried.

‘I am so ashamed Alex...I am so ashamed at what I have done, of who I was’ she sobbed out ‘I know you said I shouldn’t blame myself but I do, I hurt everyone around me’.

The first signs of rain started sprinkling down, the cold soft water mixing with the warm water of her cheeks ‘I always thought I was this person who knew what she wanted and where she was headed… now I don’t know anything anymore’.

‘I hurt Jesse I told him what happened, he said it was going to be okay but I could see the hurt in his eyes, I don’t know if it will ever be okay…he said that we can get past it, maybe he can but I don’t know if I will be able to.

I cheated on my husband no matter how you look at it, I slept with Khivar thinking he wouldn’t hurt the others if I did, I repeated past actions by sleeping with the enemy.

I’m the reason we were killed before, I wanted so badly to believe him when he said he wanted peace that I let him into the palace, I handed my brother and betrothed right over to him.'

The rain fell harder against her, her calm cool perfect appearance now replaced with blonde hair sticking to her forehead, clothes clinging to her body, her black mascara running down her flawless face, she squinted against the stinging of her eyes as the tears were now coming down like a waterfall.

'And then there is you… god I let that bitch into our group, because she was like us and I didn’t want to be the only one, she didn’t even belong with us it was suppose to be Ava… and I’ she let out a loud choked sob ‘I convinced everyone to give Tess a chance and she…she killed you’.

Everything else drifted away in the background as she lay down on the grass, her body trembling from the cold rain and the piercing pain in her heart, she continued to sob praying that she could somehow become invisible.

Michael stared out the window watching the rain fall down, his emotions in turmoil, he could feel the distress of one and the other holding on to a shred of hope, and ever since they connected together they could feel each other more.

He felt guilty his two best friends were fighting for control of their lives and this time around he had everything, a wife, a daughter, for once he didn’t have to fight for something.

His gaze drifted to tiny figure sleeping a few feet away in her crib, he knew he was being ridiculous but he couldn’t help it, he needed to be near her afraid that his life was a dream.

His whole life was always about finding out whom he was, where he belonged, he lived with enormous amount of abuse from Hank, and he made him believe that he was unworthy of love.

Maria walked up behind him placing her chin on his shoulder ‘Michael come to bed’ she whispered, he glanced at her ‘I will in a minute’. ‘She will still be here in the morning you know’ she smiled.

Michael smiled and kissed her forehead, drawing an arm around her waist he pulled her closer to him, Maria studied him for a minute tucking her head underneath his chin ‘Michael what’s wrong’ she asked.

‘Too many people in my head’ he mumbled resting his chin on top of her head, she pulled back and looked at him raising an eyebrow ‘what’s that suppose to mean’ she asked.

‘Nothing…just forget it’ he said leaning in and kissing her forehead, “Michael please don’t start pulling away from me again’ she pleaded.

He looked at her and sighed ‘fine…when the four of us combined our energy it awakened us, we remember everything about our past lives…I remember being engaged to Isabel’.

Maria’s eyes widened and she started to pull away, he pulled her back ‘it doesn’t mean anything Maria…I am just saying I remember, we can feel each others emotions now and Max and Isabel are giving me a headache.

‘So you remember being in love with her’ she said as her bottom lip started trembling, he looked down at her ‘I remember being engaed to her, it wasn’t about love. I also remember I knew what she was doing behind my back, but I didn’t care’ he said.

She looked at him in confusion ‘I was too caught up in battle tactics, and being a general to care’ he said ‘What about now’ she asked ‘things are different now, but not in that way.

Isabel is more like a sister to me now and Max is like a brother, I don’t see him as a king any more than he sees me as his second in command now.

They both are hurting and I feel guilty because I’m not’ he said ‘You deserve to be happy to’ she said. “I look at Jordan and I think things like this don’t happen to me, for the first time in my life I am completely happy. I have you, I have a daughter, me…Michael Guerin has a daughter.

I actually created this beautiful tiny little being of perfection and It’s like I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, keep waiting to wake up and find out that it was all a dream’ he said.

Maria wiped a tear away then leaned up and kissed him softly on the lips ‘come to bed space boy…I will show you just how real all this is’ she said as she took his hand and led him out of the room.

Chapter 31

Two weeks later

Everyone gathered at the Evans for a celebration of their homecoming, Liz stood in the background leaning against the doorframe, some celebration she thought, and the parents must have lost their minds insisting on this.

She looked around the crowded room, more like a masquerade ball she thought, why couldn’t the parents just let it go, of course she knew they were just happy to have them home she was too, but couldn’t they see that they were all struggling with inner demons.

This was the last thing they needed right now, Isabel was a walking mess, always on the verge of crying, her perfect domineer replaced with bloodshot eyes, wrinkling clothes, messy hair.

Michael was a ball of guilt, always looking for someone to come along and rip his perfect life apart, he couldn’t relax enough to actually enjoy what he had and realize that he could actually be happy without any worries.

Max was walking around on eggshells, to scared to say or do something in fear of sending her running the other way, he was desperately trying to piece his life back together, Mason was making it harder, everything he tried Mason rebuffed.

Lexi was the only one that seemed to be stable in his life; she was too young to understand everything that happened, right now all she knew was her father was back in her life and that was good enough for her.

She was always watching him with innocent eyes, always wanting to be near him. Liz remembered waking up several times to find Lexi gone from her bed and curled up in her father’s arms on the couch.

She sighed and closed her eyes resting her head back against the doorframe ‘what’s wrong’ she heard Maria ask.

Liz opened her eyes and just shrugged her shoulders, ‘nothing just tired’ she lied, Maria raised her eyebrow ‘Liz when are you going to learn you can’t lie to me, I know you too well’.

Liz just rolled her eyes ‘It’s really nothing, I just don’t understand why the parents wanted to do this’ ‘Maybe this is what they need’ Maria whispered ‘maybe having something normal will help them’.

Liz blew out her breath, ‘I know I just don’t see how this one day will help anything, I mean look at them’ she said ‘I think this is a good thing, it’s just what they needed’ Maria said.

Liz raised her eyebrow ‘a good thing, look at them Maria’ when Maria rolled her eyes, Liz whispered louder ‘no Maria just look at them’ Maria sighed and turned to look at the others.

Michael was sitting on the couch with Jordan in his lap, tracing his fingers over her tiny frame; Isabel was standing looking out the sliding glass door with her arms wrapped around her body just staring out into space.

Max was sitting there talking quietly to Mason; it looked like Max was trying to explain something but Mason just kept glaring at him. Maria raised her eyebrow ‘what’s going on with Mason, if looks could kill I think Max would be dust right now’ Liz ran her hands thru her hair and motioned her to follow her.

Kyle walked up and placed his hand on Isabel’s elbow startling her ‘come with me’ he said as he opened up the sliding glass door, she looked at him confused ‘just come’ he said guiding her out of the house.

Once in the backyard he sat down on the bench while she stayed standing, she looked at him in confusion waiting for him to say something ‘we’re friends right’ he stated more than asked, she blinked in surprise not what she was expecting, she nodded her head yes.

‘Good friends I like to think’ he said ‘yes’ she said creasing her brows, trying to figure out what he was getting at ‘okay so as your good friend, I’m telling you to stop doing this…stop blaming yourself’ he said.

‘Kyle’ she sighed clearly not wanting to do this, he put up his hands ‘I’m not finished, what happened up there you had no control over it, you did what you had to do…stop doing this to yourself’.

“Don’t’ she warned, he cut her off again ‘you may be alien Isabel, but your human too and everyone is entitled to make mistakes…that includes you too. If you want to blame someone, blame that bastard that manipulated you’ he said.

Isabel blinked rapidly trying to fight back the tears, she didn’t want to cry anymore, and she was so tired of crying. Kyle stood up and placed his hand on her arm ‘Isabel you did what you had to do, Khivar played on your emotions towards your brother and Michael. No one is blaming you…so why do you’ he asked.

She let out a sob ‘I betrayed everyone, my husband’ Kyle didn’t let her finish ‘your husband is a great guy; he’s stronger than you think’.

She stared at him thru teary eyes as he continued ‘have I ever steered you wrong before’ he said ‘wasn’t I the one who told you to tell him the truth, that he wouldn’t run. He didn’t and he’s not going to now’.

She put her head down ‘I wouldn’t blame him’ she whispered ‘I cheated on him; I don’t deserve his love…anyone’s’ she trailed off.

His voice carried a little louder ‘will you listen to yourself…you didn’t cheat on him, and what do you mean you don’t deserve to be loved…you of all people deserve it’.

‘Everyone that has loved me has gotten hurt or killed’ she yelled ‘I haven’t’ he said looking straight in her eyes. Her eyes widen ‘Kyle’ she started.

‘Just hear me out before you start zapping me’ he said, she nodded her head and he took a couple of steps back just in case she felt the need to let loose some energy.

‘It’s not like that’ he said, she creased her brows looking at him ‘okay so maybe at one time it was’ she opened her mouth but he spoke up ‘I never said anything because I knew you didn’t feel that way’ he said.

She lowered her head feeling worse than she did before, it was shocking and upsetting to learn that he had these feelings towards her, another person added on the hurt list, he seemed to be reading her mind ‘I’m not hurt Isabel’ he said.

She turned and sat down on the bench, he came and sat down beside her ‘I didn’t tell you to make you feel bad, I just wanted to make a point’ he said, ‘Jesse is good for you…he is what you need if you let him be there’ he said.

She leaned forward placing her head in her hands ‘Isabel’ he said softly making her look up at him ‘please don’t let this consume you, your heart is to precious to be turned into something stone…let your friends and family help you thru this’.

Isabel closed her eyes for a minute letting everything he said sink in, the understanding slowly crept up on her, she knew he was right and it was time to start putting the past where it belonged.

Standing up she sniffed and held her head up, using her hand she swiped her hand over herself, smoothing out the wrinkles of her clothes, her pale tear stained face replaced with makeup, her hair pulled back nice and straight.

Kyle smiled up at her, standing up she threw her arms around him ‘thank you’ she whispered pulling him into a tight hug.

Diane stared out the window her hand holding her heart; she smiled when she saw her daughter magically transform herself back to her original self, she was grateful that whatever Kyle had said to her seemed to work.

She glanced back at her other child, her smile faltering some now if only he could get his life back in order, she sighed and walked back over to her husband.

Maria and Liz walked into the kitchen, Liz slumped down in one of the chairs, rubbing her eyes ‘he’s refusing to give Max a chance, the harder Max tries the harder Mason pushes him away’.

Maria creased her brows ‘why, I thought things were okay between them’ Liz pulled a ponytail holder out of her pocket and proceeded to pull her hair up ‘I think he’s scared to let him get close’ ‘well can you blame him’ Maria said.

‘No…no I can’t’ Liz admitted ‘Max has a lot to make up for’ she started but they were both quickly to their feet running to the front at the sounds of Mason screaming voice.

‘Stop okay...just stop, you can’t make up in one week what you have been gone five years for’ his icy blue eyes stared hard at him ‘you gave me away…it was you, your choice alone’.

“Mason’ Max tried pleading with him, ‘no I don’t want to hear it anymore, I don’t want to hear I’m doesn’t do any good, IT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING’ Mason shouted then ran outside leaving everyone else to stand their with eyes wide and mouths opened.

When the initial shock wore off, Max got up and headed towards the door ‘let me talk to him’ Liz said gently putting a hand on his shoulder, he looked up at her she could clearly see right into his soul and every fiber of its being was screaming for help.

He slowly nodded his head and turned to walk, she tugged on his arm stopping him, leaning in she whispered ‘it will just take time’ she told him, he sighed and walked over dropping next to Lexi.

Liz walked out to find Mason crouched down in the corner of the yard ‘that wasn’t very nice’ she said squatting down next to him ‘I don’t care’ he said coldly.

‘He’s trying Mason, he just wants to be a part of your life’ she said, he turned and looked at her ‘maybe I don’t want that’ he stated, she looked at him ‘I don’t think you mean that’.

He just looked at her ‘I know you want him here Mason, just talk to him…tell him what you want’ she said, ‘he wont listen, he never does’ he said. Liz bit on her lip he did seem to have a point there, but it did seem like he was changing the last couple of times they talked he did actually sit there and just listen.

‘I think you might be surprised’ she said, he raised his eyebrow at her ‘just give him a chance…for me’ she added, he closed his eyes and nodded his head. Liz smiled and leaned over kissing the top of his head ‘I love you’ she said getting up.

Max walked outside, cursing at the way his body betrayed him, he couldn’t stop the trembling, why the hell was he so nervous about talking to his six year old son.

“Mason’ he said sitting down on the bench, Mason didn’t look at him ‘I’m sorry I yelled at you’ he said keeping his vision trained on the fence. Max cocked his head to the side ‘it’s okay I know I deserve it, I shouldn’t have pushed’ he said.

They sat in silence for a while the pounding of his heart broke him out of it before it could drive him crazy ‘tell me what to do Mason, I’m trying to make things right’ he pleaded with his son.

‘Just stop trying so hard dad, you can’t make up for the past…just be there now’ he said looking at his father ‘stop worrying if you are going to make the wrong move, or say the wrong thing…you cant be perfect and I’m not expecting you to be’ he said.

‘Okay’ Max whispered looking down at his hands, his heart leaped for joy when he felt a pair of small arms wrapping around his neck, he wrapped his own around his son and just held on.

Chapter 32

‘Got everything’ Max asked as he looked around the front room one more time making sure they hadn’t forgot anything.

Mason shook his head pulling his back pack up on his shoulder ‘why cant grandpa come with us, or Mike, or Kyle’ he asked, Max looked at him ‘because I just want it to be you and I’

Mason nodded his head, a part of him was happy it was just going to be the two of them on this camping trip the other half was unsure, he was feeling waves of nervousness between him and his father it was almost enough to make him sick.

He could feel that his father really wanted this despite the other emotions, he wanted this time together to get to know each other, things had been so thick with tension lately you could cut it a knife.

This weekend was about new beginnings, and he prayed and hoped that maybe, just maybe they both could lay their fears to rest.

A couple of hours later they were setting up camp at Frazier woods, Max was presently trying to get a fire started while Mason was busy unpacking the hotdogs they would be cooking.

He glanced up from duffle bag ‘I don’t know why you just don’t wiggle your finger and start it’ he said getting impatient, he was hungry and by the looks of it they would be waiting until sunrise at the rate his father was going.

Max looked up surprised ‘because we have to blend in, look normal we cant go around using our gifts, just because it’s convenient.

Mason rolled his eyes dropping the bag ‘dad look around, there is no around for miles, who is going to snitch a bird’.

Max open and closed his mouth watching as his son raised his eyebrow at him daring him to challenge him, Max glanced around the woods then back at Mason ‘okay maybe this one time’ he said as he turned and used his powers to start the fire.

Half a pack of hotdogs later, Max stretched and leaned back resting with his hands behind his head staring up at the night sky.

He shuddered for a moment, and then shook the feeling off it was time to forget what happened up there, no one was going to come for them anymore.

He noticed Mason kept glancing at him out of the corner of his eye, he sat up resting his arms on his knees ‘you want to ask me something’ he said.

Mason turned and looked at him for a second, then stared back at the fire ‘Mason its okay, you can ask me anything, I don’t want there to be any more secrets’.

Mason bit on his bottom lip thinking about whether or not he wanted to bring this up, Max studied him nibbling on his lip a habit he clearly picked up from Liz, he hid his smile while waiting.

Mason turned and looked at him, his eyes danced back and forth as he softly asked ‘will you tell me about my mother’

He noticed how his father suddenly tensed up at the mention of her, putting his head back down ‘never mind… you don’t have to’ he said.

Max wiped his eyes then looked at him ‘no it’s okay…uh what do you want to know about her’ he said.

Mason shrugged his shoulders turning his eyes away ‘did you think she was pretty’ he asked.

Max stared at the fire before them, at first Mason didn’t think he was going to answer him but then he heard his father ‘yes she was pretty’ he answered honestly.

‘I have her eyes’ he said looking at him, Max nodded his head ‘yes you do’ he said agreeing ‘does that make you sad’ Mason asked studying his father, Max looked at him surprised ‘no’ he said staring at him.

Mason nodded his head and started picking at the edge of his sleeping bag ‘do you think things would have been different if she was with you like Isabel and Michael were, do you think you would have loved her instead’.

Max was taken back by the question, he wasn’t really sure how to answer that all his life he had loved Liz, never thought about loving another woman, when Tess first came to town it literally scared him the way he reacted towards her.

Would he have grown to love Tess if she was with them from the start, no he thought if anything he would have thought about her the same way he thought about Michael, he would have felt a need to protect her but he didn’t think he could ever be with her that way?

‘To be honest, I have loved Liz as long as I can remember, I don’t think your mom being here would have ever changed that’ Max said honestly.

Mason looked up at him ‘how did you know she was the one…I mean if mom had been here’ he stopped leaving the sentence hanging.

‘I don’t know, I just remember the first time I saw her I knew’ he said, ‘when was that’ Mason asked curiously, Max smiled letting his mind wander back, ‘It was the first day your aunt Isabel and I went to school.

I remember I was scared and nervous, I didn’t know what to think everything was so new to me, Isabel was happy and excited about going, when we stepped off the school bus Isabel grabbed my hand to drag me along, but that’s when I saw her.

The instant I saw her all my fears went away, and somehow I knew it would be okay, she was like my own personal angel sent to me’ Max got a far away look on his face as his smile got bigger thinking about the way he was mesmerized about her.

Mason shoved him playfully on his shoulder ‘that’s pretty sappy dad’ he said laughing, Max turned and looked at him ‘well just wait, you’ll understand one day’.

Mason turned serious again ‘do you think she loved me’ he asked, ‘I’m sure some part of her did’ he knew those words might possibly hurt him, but he told Mason he would be honest with him and no matter what he intended to keep that promise.

Mason put his head down nodding his head, “Mason where is all this coming from’ Max asked, Mason raised his head ‘I just want to know what is so bad about me that people keep leaving me’.

Max’s heart slammed in his chest realizing the extent of the pain he caused his son, he quickly scampered over to him ‘Mason look at me’ his son’s eyes looked up into his and Max could see he was fighting back tears his small body trembling.

‘Nothing...I mean nothing is wrong with you, don’t ever think that’ he said, he pulled Mason into his lap ‘please believe me when I say I never wanted to leave you son, I never wanted to give you up’

‘It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, and it tore my heart out to know that I had to do it. I didn’t want to but I had to keep you safe… if there was any chance that I knew you would be safe with me I would have kept you’.

Mason sniffed and slowly nodded his head ‘I swear to you Mason, you have me, you have Liz and Lexi we are not going anywhere you will never be alone again’.

Max could feel his son’s trembles lessen as he held him on his lap ‘I am so sorry’ Max whispered to him ‘I wish I could take all the pain away’ he said.

They sat that way for a while; Max slowly rocking him in his lap as Mason just laid there listening to the sounds of his fathers heart beat.

‘Everyone wants a miracle, I lost you twice and each time you have come back to me, I wont lose you again, you are my miracle Mason’ Max said softly staring into his son’s blue eyes.

Mason’s eyes filled with tears knowing every word his father said was truly what he felt, he could feel the truth behind them, he threw his arms around him ‘I love you dad’ he cried ‘thank you for coming for me’.

Max hugged him harder his sons heartfelt words reached him deep inside, he pulled back and cupped Mason’s cheeks ‘I will always come for you, no matter where I am… what I am doing, I will come for you’ he said.

He pulled him back towards him ‘I love you too Mason’ he whispered as his own tears fell to mix in with his sons.


Maria walked in the front room looking for Michael she spotted him with Lexi on his lap in the rocking chair, they decided to keep her over night since Liz had to work and Max took Mason out for the weekend.

He hadn’t really spent a lot of time with her since he gotten back, everything was so hectic trying to get back into the routine of things, and the discovery of being a father took up a lot of his time, he spent every moment he could with Jordan.

Maria walked up to Michael ‘can you hold Jordan for a minute, I need to take care of something’ ‘Sure’ he said reaching his free hand out for her, Lexi looked at him then at Jordan then back to Michael, she grabbed his arm and brought it back down before he could take the baby.

Lexi pouted out her bottom lip looking at Michael then turned and glared at Maria ‘my Ike’ she said wrapping her arms around Michael’s neck, Maria raised her eyebrow and bit the inside of her mouth from laughing, Michael smiled ‘I can hold the both of you’ he said.

“NO’ she said making sure her body sprawled out across his lap so he didn’t have any room on there, Michael shook his head chuckling ‘I think someone is a little jealous’ ‘you think’ Maria said breaking out in laughter.

Maria turned towards Lexi ‘no he’s my Mike’ she said pointing at him; Lexi narrowed her eyes ‘my Ike’ she said pointing to herself.

They went back and forth a couple of times; Michael couldn’t help laughing at Maria arguing with a two year old. Maria had to stop before she peed on herself, it was to funny to see Lexi getting all protective and jealous like that over Michael of all people ‘all right little one you win this time, but for the record one last time he is my Mike’ and she turned away, when her back was turned Lexi stuck out her tongue at her ‘my Ike’ she said whispering it this time.

‘Okay little one no need to get violent, there is enough of me to go around’ he said as he started rocking in the chair. She looked up at him and gave him the famous look, he tried to hide his smile ‘not going to work this time, you have to share’ he said playing with the strands of her pigtail.

Chapter 33

‘So how are things with prince charming’ Maria asked as she sat down next to her on the couch.

‘Fine’ Liz answered not giving anymore than that, she was tired of discussing her life with everyone, it seemed everyone was waiting for him or her to announce they were back together and getting married.

She liked the way things were, well most of it, they were living together and he had kept his word not pushing her for anything more than what she was willing to give. They had fallen into a routine and she liked it.

They both got up with the kids in the morning, they took turns making breakfast, Max and Michael had taken back over the center, when he got home they would all eat dinner together, Max had taken over giving Lexi a bath it became a nightly ritual he would bath her, dress her for bed then read a story to her.

He would then go spend about thirty minutes with Mason doing whatever Mason wanted in his room, either reading or playing a game. Then he would go to bed on the couch, and didn’t complain once.

She had to admit sometimes she just wanted to yank him in the bedroom with her to fall asleep with his arms around her like he used to. Even thou he was right there in the next room it wasn’t the same and sometimes she found herself laying awake arguing with herself.

What made it her more frustrated was that she knew he was waiting on her to make the first move, she knew what he wanted, and she was constantly trying to do things where she wasn’t left alone with him on purpose so she wouldn’t give into temptation; she knew she was avoiding him.

Her heart and head were fighting a battle both desperately trying to pull out ahead, her heart was scared, frightened of giving it to him again, opening herself to that vulnerability again, she just wouldn’t survive another heartbreak.

Her head was making her dream of the possibilities they could have, she could finally become his wife, and they could be a family.

‘Just fine…no secret rendezvous after the kids are asleep, no stolen kisses, no declaring eternal love’ Maria smiled, Liz rolled her eyes ‘Mariaaa’ she whined ‘stop okay…it’s not like that, things are fine, he’s there because its convenient for the kids…there’s nothing going on between us’.

‘Convenient’ Maria raised her eyebrow ‘a drug store at the corner is convenient, what you two are doing is playing house’ Maria said rolling her eyes.

‘I give you another week before you crack’ Maria said teasing her, Liz crossed her arms and glared at her ‘ will not’ ‘will too’ Maria said cutting her off ‘you cant tell me he’s not getting to you, that every time he looks at you the way he does…you know you just want to glue your lips together’.

She had to admit she had her there; those damn eyes of his sucked her in every time. She cold feel every time they were on her, she knew he was watching her every moment she could feel the tickle on the back of neck, and every time it sent shivers up and down her arms.

‘Okay so maybe he is…but I’m not ready to do anything about it…my heart wouldn’t survive it Maria’ she sighed ‘who said anything about your heart, just use him for the sex’ she said grinning.

Liz’s eyes widened ‘oh come on Liz…you’re a woman, he’s a man’ she groaned Maria was making matter worse, she knew exactly what to say to get to her. If she had to see him one more time in his boxers and nothing else she was going to self-combust.

She was so sexually frustrated to top everything else off, she no longer knew what hot relaxing showers were, everyone of them were cold. It was like he knew he was an Adonis and he taunted her with it.

‘I am so not discussing this with you’ she said quickly closing the subject, she heard someone pounding on the door and thank god for the interruption.

‘What the hell’ Maria said getting up to answer the door, she opened and Kyle pushed past her ‘oh thank god…I need your help’ he said coming to stand in front of Liz.

She jumped up thinking something was wrong ‘Kyle calm down, what is it…did something happen’ she asked frantic.

Kyle waited until he caught his breath ‘well it depends on what Serena’s answer is going to be’.

Liz creased her brow ‘Kyle what is going on’, he motioned for her to sit down, Maria came back in and crossed her arms ‘just because we are related doesn’t give you the right to barge into my house you overgrown barbarian’.

‘Go sniff some Cedar oil…I need to talk to Liz’ he said, Liz bit on her lip from laughing out loud, she could see Maria was getting ready to explode ‘Maria kids are napping remember’.

‘Fine’ Maria said thru gritted teeth ‘I wont say anything but’ she walked over and slapped him upside his head and sat down in the chair.

Kyle rubbed his head ‘oh why did I have to get you as a step sister…out of all the women in Roswell my father just had to choose your mother’.

Before things got out of hand ‘Kyle you said you needed my help’ Liz said breaking the two of them up. He nodded his head ‘yea can I practice on you’ Liz leaned back further on the couch ‘practice what’ she said raising her eyebrow.

Kyle blew out his breath and started playing with his hands ‘I want to…I am going…here’ he said reaching into his pocket and pulled out a little black box.

Liz eyes got wide ‘oh my god… are you asking Liz to marry you’ Maria busted out standing up outraged ‘no you blonde ditz, it’s for Serena’ he said shaking his head.

Liz smiled and hugged him ‘ok Kyle that’s great…I am so happy for you’ he hugged her back ‘thank you’.

“I’m really nervous…do you think she would say yes’ he said, ‘if she had half a brain she wouldn’t’ Maria mumbled ‘Maria’ Liz said she turned back to Kyle ‘of course she is going to say yes’ Kyle smiled then turned towards Maria and stuck his tongue out.

‘So childish’ she said ‘I know you are but what am I’ he teased ‘oh my god…listen to you two, even Mason and Lexi don’t act like this’ Liz said shaking her head.

‘Back to the question at hand please’ she said ‘what do you need my help with’ she said, he turned back to face her ‘okay I just want to make sure I say the right thing…so can I practice on you and tell me if everything sounds okay’ he said.

“I guess’ she said pushing a strand back behind her ear and leaning forward resting her elbow on her knees. She straightened up when he got down on one knee kneeling in front of her as he took the box back from her.

Who knew that such a simple favor would turn into something that would be the talk of the dinner table for months to follow?

Kyle never imagined that when he asked for Liz’s help that it would leave one woman sitting with her mouth dropped emabarrssed, another who had fallen out of her chair onto her butt laughing, and a very pissed off two year old with one hand on her hip and the other stretched out in front of her screaming ‘my daddies’ resulting in one grown man yelping like a wounded animal.

Part 34

‘Why can’t we come’ Mason asked as he shoved his clothes into his backpack, Max poked his head up from under Mason’s bed ‘because it’s for grown ups’ he said before kneeling back down to look for Mason’s shoe underneath his bed.

‘Well I am more grown up then most of you’ Mason said zipping his bag closed, Max popped his head back up ‘well that’s true…but you still can’t come’ he said leaning back down.

‘Why can’t you put your shoes in your….ah hah’ he said laying flat on his stomach and digging the shoe out.

‘Its not fair’ Mason said ‘I don’t want to be stuck with the babies’ Max stood up and dusted off his jeans ‘Lexi is not a baby and I thought you liked spending time with your sister’ he asked handing Mason the shoe.

‘I do’ Mason groaned slipping his shoe on ‘besides I think your grandpa Jeff is taking just you to see the fireworks’.

‘You guys ready’ Liz asked walking in holding Lexi, Max looked up and walked over holding his hands out, Lexi went immediately to him, he kissed the top of her head ‘almost he’s complaining’ he said glancing back towards Mason.

Liz smiled ‘you’ll have fun I promise’ she said walking up and picking up his bag ‘I guess’ he mumbled as he took her hand letting her lead him out of the room.

After dropping the kids off they headed towards Kyle house, he was having a party this year inviting everyone he could think of. He went all out with decorating even down to the little party hats.

‘Nice Party Kyle’ Liz said walking up to the rest of the group.

‘Well it’s no Enigma, but it’ll do’ he said. ‘Enigma, what’s that’ Serena asked. ‘You have never heard of Enigma’ he asked ‘Hello LA girl’ she said shaking her head.

‘It’s a big party they have every year the only way to attend is to find it by the clues they leave around town’ Liz said.

‘Sounds exciting, any of you ever find it’ she asked, “Well’ Liz started ‘not all of us’.

Serena looked at everyone ‘who’ she asked smiling, Maria threw her hands up ‘yours truly’ she said taking a bow ‘thank you thank you’ she said laughing.

‘Really’ Serena asked ‘yep’ Maria said ‘it was everything they said it is and more’ ‘Hey you weren’t the only one’ Max said speaking up.

Serena’s eyes grew wide ‘you…no way’ she said shaking her head, ‘it’s true’ he said ‘I don’t believe you’ she teased.

‘Mariaaaa…tell her’ he said getting defensive, Maria laughed ‘okay…okay he was there with me’ she said. ‘That is so weird’ Serena said ‘I would have never thought you were the partying type’.

‘I know how to party’ he argued ‘why does everyone think I don’t’ he said crossing his arms ‘okay Romeo don’t get your boxers in a twist’ Kyle said laughing ‘I can vouch for you…Max Evans knows how to have a good time, cant hold a drop of liquor but he makes for a good laugh’.

Everyone started laughing ‘what about you’ Serena asked raising her eyebrow, Liz broke out laughing harder ‘he just turns into a barf fest’ she said ‘so I wouldn’t let him drink to much’.

‘Unless you want him going thru your underwear drawer’ Maria laughed remembering when Liz told her about that ‘what’ Serena asked, Liz just shook her head ‘it’s a long story’ ‘please tell’ Serena said ‘I need all the dirt on him I can get’ she laughed.

‘To make a long story short, in high school Maria entered me in a blind date contest and I won, when I tried to escape the radio station that was broadcasting it, I came home to find Max and Kyle going thru my underwear drawer’ Liz said.

‘I wasn't going thru you drawers’ Max objected ‘no you were just making parking meters sparkler’ Liz smiled. ‘I have to admit the night was kind of exciting, Maria and Alex got to sing’.

‘Alex’ Maria whispered, Serena saw the others glance at each other notcing their smiles disappear ‘well why didn’t you and Michael go to Enigma’ she asked hoping to change the subject.

‘Michael got drunk and I had to work’ Liz said ‘ahh so you swapped boyfriends for the night’ she teased ‘something like that’ Liz smiled ‘while they were out tearing up the town I was taking care of a drunk alien’.

Maria knitted her brows and looked at Michael ‘I thought you said you were okay’, he shrugged his shoulders ‘I lied’ he said ‘it was no big deal, I wanted you have a night off from all the chaos’.

‘Thank you’ Maria smiled and leaned over kissing him ‘like I said no big deal…besides I can say I got to spend the night in Liz Parkers bed’ he said smiling and winking at Liz. Max’s eyes got big ‘What’ he said looking like he was getting ready to pounce.

Liz placed her hands on his chest ‘relax I slept on the couch’ she smiled, he looked down at her hand touching his chest then slowly back up to her eyes ‘that’s my brother for you’ Isabel teased walking up ‘always so protective’.

‘Iz, Jesse so glad you guys could come’ Serena smiled ‘wouldn’t miss it for anything’ Isabel said hugging her, ‘thank you for having us’ Jesse said shaking hands with Kyle.

‘Always’ Kyle said, he looked around the room ‘my dad and Amy should be coming soon’ he said.

‘Well let’s go mingle’ Isabel said grabbing Jesse and Max’s hand walking off, Max looked back helpless at Liz she just smiled and shook her head.

Two hours later everyone was laughing and joking around, enjoying being with their friends forgetting about the past year.

‘So moon doggie are you going to leave your gidget all alone over there’ Maria asked walking up and throwing her arm around Max’s shoulder.

‘Huh’ he asked looking at her confused, she shook her head ‘it’s almost midnight get over there so you can kiss her’ she said.

He shook his head ‘I don’t think…’ she cut him off ‘trust me, just get over there’ she said pushing him towards Liz.

He looked back at Maria and she pointed her finger directing him to go, he turned and walked over towards Liz ‘Hey’ he said scratching his head nervously.

She smiled up at him ‘hey’ ‘are you having fun’ he asked, she shook her head ‘good…I’m glad’ he said.

‘What about you’ she said ‘I’m good’ he said, they stood quietly for a few minutes before Liz looked up and saw Maria giving her two thumbs up, she smiled and shook her head glancing at Max out of the corner of her eye.

‘So Mr. Evans’ she said teasing ‘what is your new years resolution’, he looked up at her ‘to have more faith in the people around me’ he said seriously ‘and to let a certain brown haired girl know everyday how much I love her’ he said smiling at her.

‘Good choice’ she said leaning against the door frame and staring out at their friends.

‘So Miss Parker, tell me what is your new years resolution’ he asked leaning back against the wall.

Liz looked up at him smiling ‘well my first one is to let go of the past and live for the now’ he scooted a little closer to her staring her in the eyes ‘is that so’ he said.

‘Everyone get ready’ Isabel yelled excitedly.

Liz moved a little closer taking his drink out of his hand, Max watched her as she set it down next to her and then turned back to him.

‘There is one more’ she whispered, ‘there is’ he asked his heart picking up speed, she nodded her head, he watched her carefully as she picked up his hand and placed it on her waist, turning him towards her she placed his other hand on the other side.

He leaned in a little closer to her, both gravating towards each other.


‘My second one is to kiss an alien king’ she whispered bringing her head closer to his.


‘Would a former king work’ he asked bringing his lips mere inches from hers, feeling the warmth of his breath on hers ‘I think so’ she whispered.

1…HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone shouted.

Their lips touched softly at first, Max pulled back a little staring into her eyes, he noticed how darkened they were, he closed his eyes and went in for the kill, he pulled her closer while his lips reacquainted hers, the softness of them, the fullness.

Liz couldn’t help the moan that escaped her, everyone around them was popping fireworks, laughing and celebrating the New Year. She had her own fireworks going off behind her eyes and she was no where near ready to see them end.

Her hands snaked around his neck bringing him closer to her until there was no room between them.

Maria watched the exchange and nudged Michael with her elbow, he looked at the two of them and shrugged his shoulders ‘it’s about time’ he said.

Liz and Max finally broke apart, resting his forehead against hers trying to get his breathing back under control ‘wow’ he whispered out.

‘I know what you mean’ she smiled leaving her hands wrapped around his neck ‘I missed that’ he said breathlessly.

‘Me too’ she said she pulled back and looked into his eyes ‘Happy New Year Max’ she said.

‘Happy New Year Liz’ he whispered back leaning back down
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Chapter 35

Hearts pounding lips fusing, hands nervously caressing as they stumbled blindly to the back bedroom.

Only when he realized where they were did he tear his lips away ‘Liz’ he called out breathlessly?

She stared up at him, her chest heaving, her eyes dark with desire; she wanted this every cell in her body was calling out to him.

She kept her eyes locked on his as she took a step back watching the heightened emotions playing out across his face, she could see he was nervous and scared to make a move.

Taking the decision out of his hands she brought her hands up to her shirt, she watched as his eyes followed her movements as she slowly undid each button, one by one watching his eyes turn darker his breathing becoming harder with each button.

She slid the shirt off her shoulders as he sucked in his breath slowly she walked to his trembling body, placing her hands on the buttons of his shirt.

‘Do you want me Max’ she whispered passionately looking into his eyes ‘more than life itself’ he whispered out, she smiled seductively leaning up to his lips ‘then take me’ she said.

It was all he needed he swooped down capturing her lips with his as he bent down picking her up, walking to the bed he placed her gently down following her never breaking the kiss.

His hands ran up and down her arms, reaching the bra strap he broke the kiss and stared at her ‘are you sure’ he asked, she nodded her head indicting yes and guided her hands into his hair pulling his head back down.

‘You are so beautiful’ he whispered as he slowly slid the strap off her shoulder as his lips chased his hand along her shoulder.

Her hands reached for his shirt ‘take this off’ she said tugging on it, he pulled back resting on his elbows giving her access, she undid his buttons caressing his chest with her fingertips as she went.

His body felt on fire, every inch she touch fueled it more, sitting up some she followed him slowly slipping it from his shoulders.

He tossed it on the floor with hers and guided her back down ‘I love you Liz’ he said as he bent back down taking her lips.

‘I love you too’ she said moving her lips to his neck ‘I never stopped’.

His heart soared at her words, his soul called out to hers, begging to rejoin his to make him whole again.

As the night worn on that’s what exactly happened, two lost souls found their way back to each other, joining, completing, and becoming one again.

Max woke up in sweat suddenly the next morning he wasn’t sure if it was the sudden rush of panic that washed over him or the shrill of the phone ringing.

He quickly picked up the phone to a distraught Jeff Parker ‘Max you have to come quickly…the hospital’ he yelled.

Fear instantly swept up blinding him making it hard to understand everything ‘Lexi…car…oh god…I tried to stop her’ pieces of the conversation crept into his brain.

The realization hit him that something happened caused him to slam the phone down and shake Liz, she moaned and slowly opened her eyes squinting at him trying to clear her foggy mind.

‘We have to get to the hospital now, something’s happened’ he yelled jumping up to find his jeans.

The tone in his voice instantly cleared her mind ‘what happened’ she yelled panicking. ‘Your dad called something happened with Lexi’ he said.

On the way to the hospital he called the others telling them to get to the hospital, ‘I don’t know Michael…just go’ he yelled cutting the phone off.

He slid his hand over into Liz’s who was currently starring out of the window trying hard not to cry ‘she’s going to be fine’ he whispered.

They ran into the emergency room to see Jeff pacing back and forth when he looked up spotting them he stopped dead in his tracks.

The devastated look on his face made both of their knees buckle ‘Daddy’ Liz yelled frantically.

Jeff took her hands in his ‘baby I’m so sorry, I yelled to her but she didn’t stop…she didn’t stop’ he cried out.

‘Mr. Parker please’ Max pleaded, Jeff looked at him ‘this morning we were on our way to the park, I told her to wait for me but she…she just ran out and this car…it came out of nowhere, no one had time to react’ he cried.

‘Oh God, where is she’ Liz cried ‘where is my daughter’.

‘There were too many people, I didn’t know what to’ he sob ‘I didn’t know…the ambulance showed up I don’t know who called’.

Max’s mind went into overdrive he knew what Jeff was talking about, he didn’t blame him for not calling him first, and he did the right thing, now they just had to deal with covering up so they didn’t get exposed.

‘Where’s Mason’ he asked looking around for him, Jeff shook his head ‘Nancy’s with him at home, he was shaken up he wanted to heal her but there were too many people gathered around’.

Max nodded his head ‘MAX’ he heard his sister yell as she ran in followed by Jesse, Maria and Michael.

‘Lexi was hit by a car’ he said as his sister wrapped her arms around him.

‘WHAT” Maria yelled ‘how the hell did that happen’ she screamed

Max shook his head telling her to be quiet, glancing at Liz and her father who were standing there clinging to each other.

After he recalled what Jeff told them, she ran over to Liz and pulled her into an embrace ‘I’m so sorry Liz’ she said.

Liz just clung to her, her body shaking ‘how is she’ Maria asked. Jeff looked up at her ‘they took her upstairs, she wasn’t…she wasn’t consciences’ he cried sinking into a chair burying his head into his hands.

Max snapped when he heard she wasn’t awake; he took off thru the doors looking for her.

“Max what are doing’ Michael said as he ran after him and grabbed his arm, Max looked back at him his eyes hardened ‘get off me, I am going to heal my daughter’ he shrugged his hand off and started to walk towards the back.

‘Max’ Michael yelled running up to him ‘you can’t, there are too many people’ ‘I don’t care’ Max said his voice starting to crack.

‘Max I know you want too…I wish I could do it but think about the risk, if you go in there healing her…think about the attention it will bring we can’t afford it’ Michael said.

Max let a ragged sigh ‘I have to do something…she’s just…just…its killing me to picture her small body just laying there’ he stuttered out.

Michael placed his hand on his shoulder ‘I know its killing me too, once they get her in a room then you can work your magic…Liz needs you right now, go to her’ he said.

‘I’m sorry’ Max cried out, he couldn’t hold the tears back anymore, the thought of his daughter laying in that hospital bed and being helpless to do anything right now was torture.

Michael threw an arm around him fighting back his own tears, he didn’t care that they were two grown men standing in the middle of a hospital clinging to each other, he and Max had been thru to much not to comfort him when his friend needed it.

Max pulled back sniffing and wiping his eyes ‘I didn’t mean to do that’ he said, Michael nodded his head ‘its okay’ he said patting him on the back ‘lets go back to the others’ he said.

Max nodded his head and followed Michael back to the waiting room, they walked in to see Maria sitting next to Liz with her arm around her, Max walked straight over to her and dropped to his knees in front of her taking her hands in his ‘I’m so sorry…I’m so sorry I cant do anything right now’ he cried.

Liz blinked a couple of times trying to get her own tears under control ‘don’t…she’s going to be okay’ she said reassuring herself in the process ‘they will move her to a room, and you can heal her then we will take her home’ she said.

Max nodded his head as he wrapped his arms around her waist and drew her to him ‘yes we will take her home’ he said. Liz pulled back quickly ‘oh god her blood, they have her blood’ she stated frantically.

Isabel reached over and placed her hand on her shoulder to calm her down ‘we’ll take care of it’.

Before they could say anything more the doctor walked in, Max stood up and helped Liz stand placing a hand on her back for support, ‘Mr. Evans…Mrs. Evans we have the tests back from her cat scan and x-rays, while there is no internal bleeding, she suffered a broken arm and there was some head trauma… I hate to tell you this and with her being so young’ ‘Just spit it out already’ Michael said annoyed.

‘She’s in a coma right now’

‘Oh God’ Liz cried out as she felt her knees weaken, Max gripped her harder to keep her from falling his own legs fighting to stand, as the doctor continued the world around her faded away, she was having trouble breathing.

‘Can we see her’ Max said his voice shaking.

‘I can only allow her parents in for right now’ the doctor said ‘What…Why’ Michael exploded ‘I’m sorry sir, its procedure’ ‘Screw procedure’ Michael yelled. Maria walked up and placed an arm on his shoulder ‘Michael’ she whispered.

“Michael please’ Max repeated just looking at him begging him not to cause a scene. ‘Fine’ Michael said and stormed off to the other side of the room.

Max slid his hand into Liz’s ‘lets go get our daughter’ he said, he looked back at the others nodding his head giving them the indication they were walking out of here tonight.

The others watched them leave; Maria walked over and wrapped her arms around Michael who was trying his best to put on a strong front.

She knew this was affecting him just as must, he and Lexi had their own little special bond in some way that no one would ever touch ‘she’s going to be okay’ she said trying to reassure him.

He closed his eyes then shook it off almost like he was trying to deny what was happening, he looked hard at Isabel ‘we have a job to do, lets go’ he said walking towards the door.

Isabel looked at Jesse and he nodded his head then she looked at the heart broken Maria, she sighed heavily getting up, Michael was closing himself off she could feel it.

She walked off as Jesse walked up and put an arm around Maria, they both watched helplessly as their spouses walked off to take care of the blood.

The low faint beeping sounds of the monitor were all you could hear thru the deathly quiet room.

Max squeezed Liz’s hand as they made their way to their daughter, Liz picked up her small fingers holding them in hers as she bent over kissing her forehead.

She pulled back and buried her head in Max’s neck crying softly, he rubbed her back in circular motions as he kissed the top of her head ‘can you watch the door’ he asked, she looked up at him and slowly nodded her head.

She dragged herself over to the door to peer out the little window, glancing once back at Max and her daughter.

Max bent down pushing a strand back on Lexi’s head ‘Hi pumpkin, its daddy’ he said.

The tears started swelling up and falling as he looked down at her small form lying there.

He bent over and placed a kissed on her forehead ‘I’m going to make things better…daddy’s going to take the hurt away’ he whispered to her and his hand ran up and down her body.

‘I’m going to make your booboos go away, then your going to open those pretty brown eyes and look at me…then we go home okay, well go home with mommy and Mason’ he said.

He shook his head clearing his tears and placed his hand on her chest trying to form a connection.

He could only form a small one enough to heal her broken arm and some of the bruises that formed; she had a cast already on her small arm so they wouldn’t know it was already healed.

Liz watched out of the window on the door when she heard a mangled sob she turned quickly around.

Max was bending over Lexi sobbing loudly ‘open your eyes baby…please open your eyes’ he pleaded.

Liz quickly ran back over to the bed, as Max looked up with total devastation on his face ‘I can’t get all the way in’ he cried.

Chapter 36

‘Isabel’ Max said suddenly standing up, Liz looked up at him while her hand stroked Lexi’s knuckles.

‘Max I-‘ she didn’t get a chance to finish he cut her off ‘we need Isabel she can dream walk her’ he raced for the door ignoring the calls from Liz to come back.

His mind raced with thoughts of his daughter, she was the only thing on his mind, he wasn’t letting this go, and he wasn’t going to rest until he saw her eyes looking back at him.

He ran down the hallway ignoring the nurses who shouted to stop running, bursting thru the waiting room doors he scanned the lobby, Maria stood up ‘Where’s Isabel’ he asked.

‘She’s taking care of something’ she said giving him a look ‘I need to find her…now’ he said turning back around ‘Wait what happened, did she wake up’ she hollered after him.

He didn’t answer just took of running towards the lab, spotting them coming out he caught up and grabbed Isabel’s arm ‘come with me, I need you’ he pleaded as he started dragging her down the hall.

‘Max’ Isabel said stumbling after him, ‘Max stop’ she said pulling back the other way, ‘No time I need you to do your thing’ he said tugging on her arm.

She let him led her into the room, Maria and Jesse had snuck in and were standing quietly on the side. Michael walked in behind them ‘someone want to tell me what’s going on’ he said.

‘I can’t get in’ Max said he turned to Isabel ‘dream walk her’ he said, Isabel looked at him ‘Max I don’t know if it will work’ she said, he looked at her his eyes shimmering with tears ‘please’ he whispered.

Isabel looked at Liz who was standing there still holding Lexi’s hand, she looked down at Lexi’s sleeping form then back to Max ‘okay’ she said.

Liz leaned over and kissed the top of Lexi’s head then slowly moved out of the way to let Isabel closer to her, Maria came up and put her arm around her comforting her.

Isabel pulled up a chair and sat down next to Lexi placing her hand on her arm she let her mind blank out and her eyes close.

She found herself in a sea of mist, walking blindly she started searching for a clearing, she could hear Lexi ‘come and find me’ she said giggling.

‘Lexi’ she called out as she walked on, her hand outstretched, the mist swirled around her become thicker ‘Lexi where are you’ she yelled she could her laughing again ‘you found me’ she heard.

Isabel couldn’t see anything she turned her head looking for her ‘where are you, I can’t see you’ she said.

‘Again’ Lexi said laughing louder, Isabel turned around in circles, she could hear Lexi clear as day but she couldn’t see her ‘Lexi please I can’t find you’ she said panicking ‘everyone is so worried about you, mommy, daddy, Mason, everyone please where are you’ she called out.

The fog was becoming thicker, surrounding her, washing over her like a tidal wave, she could hear Lexi ‘1…2…3 ready or not here I come’ she sung.

“Sweetheart please answer me, its Izzy’ she cried out, she felt herself draining she wasn’t going to last much more, she could feel something starting to push her out, she started running blindly into the thick mass.

‘I see youuu’ Lexi laughed, Isabel felt herself disappearing from the dream plane, in the last second she heard another voice ‘you found me’.

Isabel opened her eyes trying to catch her breath, her heart racing and pounding at the same time, she looked over at Lexi “Isabel what is it…. what did you see’ Liz asked worried.

Isabel put her head down tears starting to form ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t find her’ she said. ‘No’ Liz said covering her mouth ‘try again’ Max stated, Isabel shook her head ‘Max’ ‘No try again’ he said.

Jesse walked over and put his hand on his wife’s shoulder ‘Max come on, she cant’ he said. Max turned away his back facing everyone, his fist clenching to his side, he closed his eyes and evened out his breath, turning he stalked back to the bed.

Placing his hand on her stomach he tired to form a connection again, beads of sweat started forming on his forehead as he concentrated harder. The energy draining out of him caused him to fall to his knees but he kept going, kept pushing.

“Michael do something’ Maria ordered as she held Liz who was terrified at the way Max was behaving, Michael quickly strode over pinning his arms he wrapped his own around Max’s chest and yanked him back.

‘Noooo’ Max yelled fighting against him, Michael pinned him down to the floor ‘so help me Max if you don’t stop I will blast your ass right here’ he yelled.

Max stopped fighting and closed his eyes silently whimpering on the cold hospital floor trying to get his breathing back under control.

When it seemed he was done Michael stood up and dusted his jeans off he turned to Isabel ‘did you see anything at all’ he asked.

Isabel shook her head no ‘I could hear her but I couldn’t find her’ she paused for a minute ‘there was something else too’ she said the others looked at her ‘I heard or at least I think I heard’ she started but stopped when she saw Max getting back up.

‘What Isabel’ Liz asked, she turned back to face Liz ‘it sounded like she was playing a game…hide and seek…right before I was faded I thought I heard someone else with her’.

Liz gasped ‘who’ she said, Isabel lowered her head ‘I don’t know’ ‘oh god do you think this is something else’ Maria said looking at everyone.

Everyone turned and looked at Max who was just standing there not saying anything, suddenly he walked towards the bed and stared at his daughter, Michael stepped forward ready to pull him off again.

The others gasped and watched frozen as he bent over unhooking the monitor ‘Max what are you doing’ she screamed as he continued to take the IV out, taking the heart monitor off.

He picked up her small body cradling it close to his ‘I’m taking her home’ was all he said before walking out of the door.

‘Oh my god he’s lost his mind’ Maria shouted grabbing onto a shell shocked Liz ‘come on’ she yelled dragging her.

Max walked down the hall the nurse at the station stood up ‘sir what are you doing’ she stated, Max ignored her instead pulled Lexi closer to his body and kept walking. The nurse quickly picked up the phone calling out for help.

As he made his way to the elevator the doors opened her doctor looked wide eyed at him standing there ‘Mr. Evans what are you doing, you can’t take her out of here’ he said.

‘I’m taking her home’ he said staring at him, “Mr. Evans you can’t do that, it’s against procedure’ ‘I don’t care about your damn procedures, I am taking her home’ he stated louder this time.

The others caught up with him to see him arguing with the doctor, Liz was to shocked to say anything, her mouth frozen to move, the doctor looked at her ‘Mrs. Evans please’ he said.

‘Move out of my way’ Max demanded harshly, Liz looked at Max then brought her teary eyes to Michael, she was to devastated to say anything ‘it’s Parker and get it right’ Maria stated.

The doctor looked confused ‘her last name is Parker, not Evans’ he didn’t get a chance before Max demanded again ‘move out my way’ he said forcefully.

‘I’d do what he said’ Michael said walking up next to him, Max might have lost his mind but he was trusting his judgment so he stood by his side, the father away from the hospital and needles the better.

The doctor tried again to reason with him, Max’s eyes narrowed ‘what can you do for my daughter here that I can’t do at home, do you have some miracle drug that’s going to make her wake up’ he said.

The doctor didn’t say anything, all he could do was stare at this crazy person in front of him ‘didn’t think so’ Max said ‘Now move out of my way before I move you myself’ he threatened.

The doctor sighed and stepped to the side, Max walked into the elevator waiting for the others to follow the doctor tried one last attempt ‘Mr. Evans I think you are making a mistake, this is illegal I can have security arrest you’ he said.

Max turned and looked at the doctor staring hard at him ‘arrest me then’ he said as the elevator door closed shut.

Chapter 37

Michael came in the room as Max was laying Lexi down in her bed ‘okay I called Kyle he is picking Mason up and bringing him home’ ‘thank you’ Liz whispered teary eyed from across the room.

‘For the record he’s pissed no one called him’ he said looking at Max ‘he’ll get over it’ Maria said walking up and sitting next to Liz.

Maria looked at everyone ‘um guys I think we need to talk about what Isabel said’ Liz looked up and sighed ‘maybe it’s Mason, you know playing with her’.

Isabel looked up ‘I don’t think so, it didn’t sound like a child’s voice’ Liz’s eyes widen as she got up and sat on the opposite side of the bed from Max taking Lexi’s hand in hers.

She studied Max who hadn’t said a word just sat there staring at their daughter, Liz reached over and touched his shoulder, and he jumped startled then looked at everyone in the room.

He brought his gaze back to Liz his face filled with regret ‘I’m sorry’ he said he looked back at his daughter ‘I just had to get her out of there’ he said.

She didn’t have time to reply a throat clearing caused everyone to turn his or her heads. Jim was standing in the doorway, Liz looked up and her eyes widened ‘Sheriff what are you doing here’ she asked glancing at everyone.

He tipped his hat and looked at everyone ‘wanted to come check on Alexis, I got a call from the hospital saying a crazy man threatened doctors and walked out of the hospital with his daughter’ he said as he winked at Maria.

Max sighed and got up walking towards him he lowered his head and stuck his arms out in front of him ‘I’m ready’ he said, Jim looked at him then smiled and shook his head ‘put your hands down Max, I’m not arresting you’ he said.

Max looked up surprised as Jim continued ‘if you took her out of there, I know you have a good reason, everything is taken care of you don’t have to worry about the hospital’ he said.

Max let out his breath ‘thank you’ he said, Jim just nodded his head ‘next time thou no threatening doctors please’ ‘it was only one’ Maria said correcting him ‘one, fifteen don’t care just be more careful next time please’ he said.

‘Yes sir’ Liz said walking up and hugging him ‘no problem, I need to get back to the office, I just wanted to stop by and let you know what was going on’ he walked over and bent down kissing Lexi on her forehead.

Liz watched him and felt her eyes tearing up again ‘I know she’s not technically my granddaughter, but she feels like one to me. I’m pulling for you guys’ he said. They followed him out of the room to where Kyle and Serena were standing.

After Jim left Liz turned to Kyle ‘thank you Kyle for bringing Mason here’ she said ‘Mmm-hmm’ he said nodding his head, she could tell by the way he was standing with his arms crossed he was trying to control his emotions.

Liz tucked a stand of hair behind her head ‘Kyle I’m sorry for not calling’ she said quietly, Kyle glared at Maria then turned back ‘I can understand why you didn’t or Max for that matter’ he pointed to the rest ‘but the rest of you’ he started

Maria threw her arms up ‘get over it already’ she said coming to stand in front of him ready to face off ‘no I will not…I’ve been there since the beginning, I may not be her father but…dammit Maria’ he said his voice rising.

Liz quickly jumped in between them ‘your right’ she said ‘your right someone should have called you, your just as important to her as the rest’ she said then turned towards Maria ‘don’t start please, one person going off the wall is enough for one day’ she said.

Maria quickly relaxed her stance ‘I’m sorry Liz’ she said then turned to Kyle ‘I’m sorry okay…things were kind of hectic with a certain alien on the rampage we just didn’t have time’ she said.

Kyle nodded his head his lips forming a small smile, Maria stared at him ‘are you smirking at me’ she said. Kyle just laughed ‘Maria Guerin actually saying I’m sorry for something mark this day down in the history books’.

Maria huffed ‘I don’t believe you’ she said her arms moving wildly in the air, she opened her mouth to say something else, but instead she turned around ‘MEN’ she shouted storming off to the back.

Liz turned her attention to Mason who was standing in the hallway motionless, she walked up and knelt beside him ‘Mason’ she called to him softly and her heart shattered as he turned to her with a devastated expression, tears falling down his face, he quickly threw his arms around her neck clutching her ‘I’m sorry…I tried’ he hiccupped out.

‘Hey, hey’ Liz said pulling back and cupping his cheeks ‘its okay, I understand’ she said looking at him, he sniffed and brought his eyes down ‘Mason look at me’ she urged, he brought his eyes slowly back to up hers blinking rapidly against the tears.

‘She’s going to be okay’ Liz assured him ‘were going to bring her back’ she said ‘I want to thank you, you know’.

He looked at her confused ‘for what’ he said ‘for dream walking her and making sure she wasn’t scared’ she said. He pulled back out of her grasp ‘it wasn’t me’ he said, Liz looked at him ‘what…yes it was you were playing hide and seek with her’ she said.

‘It wasn’t me’ he said again more demanding this time ‘I tried but I couldn’t get in’ he said. Liz stood up and quickly grabbed his hand bringing him into the bedroom ‘it wasn’t him…it wasn’t Mason with her’ she said.

Max stood up and walked swiftly kneeling in front of him ‘are you sure’ he said, Mason shook his head ‘I’m telling you dad it wasn’t me’ he yelled. Max wrapped his arms around him ‘okay…okay I believe you’ he said.

He pulled back and noticed Mason staring over his shoulder at Lexi ‘come on’ he said softly taking his hand and leading him towards the bed, the others watched as Mason stared at her then put his hands on her chest.

He healed the rest of the cuts and bruises on her then turned to look at everyone else ‘we can get her back’ he said sure of himself, Max knelt down and looked him in the eye ‘how’ he said studying his son.

‘If we combine our energy’ he said ‘all of us’ indicating the humans too. ‘What do we do’ Serena asked, Mason looked at her ‘join hands and then I’ll do the rest’ he said.

Everyone looked at each other then moved into formation taking a hand, Liz stood on one side holding Lexi’s hand and Maria’s in the other, they formed a semi circle around her ending with Max holding Mason’s hand.

Mason placed his free hand on Lexi ‘close your eyes and let your minds blank out except for Lexi, keep your thoughts on her’ he said.

Mason watched and waited until everyone closed their eyes and their breathing evened out ‘once inside stay together’ he said, Mason let out his breath and closed his eyes.

The fog surrounded them making it difficult to see anything ‘everyone here’ Mason asked. Everyone sounded off, ‘this is what I faced before’ Isabel said ‘I couldn’t see anything but this’.

‘We’ll find her’ Mason said Lexi’s voice filtered around them ‘higherrr’ she yelled laughing.

Liz gasped and started looking around ‘Lexi…where are you’ she yelled, she started to run but Mason grabbed her hand ‘stay together’ he said.

She closed her eyes and shook her head ‘sorry’ she said, Max walked up and put his arm around her ‘it’s okay’.

He turned and looked at Mason ‘what do we do’ he said leaving things in son’s hands, Mason started looking around the fog, start walking and concentrating on her, we should be able to feel when we are closer’ he said.

They started walking hearing Lexi’s laughter getting louder ‘Lexi’ Liz called out again ‘it’s mommy baby, where are you’ she yelled. They were met with laughter again; they continued to walk on blindly thru the fog.

Finally they came up to clearing and tried to step forward but was blocked by something, Mason touched it then turned to Michael ‘give me your hand’ he said, Michael walked up and took Mason’s hand ‘send a blast towards it’ he said.

‘What, we don’t know what that thing is’ he said, Mason just shook his head ‘trust me please, just do it’ Michael shook his head then stretched his hand outward at the same time Mason closed his eyes.

They watched as the blast hit the barrier and cracked making spider like lines up and down the barrier, Mason pushed the barrier and it shattered in front of them, he looked at Michael with an I told you so look and walked forward.

They found themselves in a small patch of woods, ‘Lexiiii’ Liz called out hoping she would answer ‘mommy’ she heard her voice and gasped, and Liz turned around in circles looking for her.

Isabel spotted her in the distance ‘over there’ she shouted and watched as Max and Liz took off running towards her, ‘mommy, daddy’ Lexi shouted excitedly as her parents dropped in front of her both hugging her.

‘Oh god Lexi…I was so worried’ Liz cried hugging her, she pulled back and smoothed her hair back ‘baby you need to wake up…you need to come back to us’ she cried.

Lexi looked back and forth between the two ‘I was lost’ she said ‘I couldn’t find you’ she started. Max kissed her forehead ‘we here…were going to bring you home’ he said.

Liz looked around the surroundings then back to her daughter ‘Lexi, honey was somebody with you’ she said. Her eyes widen when Lexi shook her head ‘yes I was lost, but he found me…he said he was going to stay with me until you came for me’.

Max stood up and turned looking for someone preparing to fight if it came down to it, Michael and Isabel walked up beside him ready to join in, he brought his eyes back to Lexi ‘who was it baby’ he asked.

Lexi brought her eyes up to him, her brown eyes wide and gleaming, her mouth smiling ‘my angel’

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Chapter 38

Liz stumbled back some wide-eyed staring at Lexi almost instantly her heart begun to pound and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up.

‘Took you guys long enough’ their heads snapped to the direction of the voice, all gasping as the saw the familiar tall skinny figure leaning against a tree.

‘Alex’ Maria choked out before taking off running into his direction, he held his arms opens and she flew into them ‘oh god…your real…I can feel you’ she cried out ‘I can really feel you’.

‘Of course you can feel me, were on a different plane of existence’ he said smiling, he pulled back and dropped his arms instantly replacing Maria with Liz who clung to him ‘is it really you’ she whispered to him’.

He stroked her hair ‘it’s me’ he whispered wrapping his arm back around her, ‘how… I don’t understand’ she cried.

‘I had to make sure my namesake was safe’ he smiled ‘I didn’t want her to as you say go into the light’ he laughed ‘she couldn’t find her way so instead I came to wait with her’ he looked over at the others ‘I’m glad you finally decided to show up, one more time of playing airplane I think I would have hurled’.

He shook his head and grinned ‘who knew angels could get sick’ ‘is that…is that what you are’ Liz asked, he looked at her ‘what else would I be’ he said.

‘Now I cant stay to much longer…I really had to pull some strings to come here’ he said he turned towards the group keeping one arm around Liz and the other around Maria ‘I wanted to say some things’.

He let go of the girls and walked toward Michael, Michael stood his eyes widening a bit when Alex put his hand on his shoulder ‘if I would have known that Guerin and Deluca were going to create an offspring I would have wished to stay alive just to see that one’ he said smiling.

Michael rose his eyebrow at him ‘I know we never were close, but I want to thank you for taking care of her, for loving her. Maria deserves something good and special in her life and you are it’ Alex told him.

Alex grabbed him and hugged him making Michael stiffen with surprise, his eyes nearly bulged out, and he reached around and quickly patted Alex on the back releasing him quickly. ‘Don’t worry I wont tell anyone you hug guys’ he said smiling and turned towards Kyle?

‘Valenti’ he said walking up to him, Kyle threw up his arms ‘no hugging Whitman’ Alex laughed and put his hand on his shoulder ‘and here I thought we always had a special bond’.

‘Singing is one thing, touchy feely is another’ Kyle said smiling, ‘Kyle I just want to say thank you to you too. For being there for Liz stepping in and taking care of the both of them’ he said, he glanced at Serena ‘you made a good choice Kyle don’t let her get away’.

He directed his attention to Serena ‘I know we don’t know each other but I know what you did, thank you for helping Max, for making him come home’ he said, ‘your welcome’ Serena said amazed at what was going on around her.

Alex went to walk away but quickly turned and grabbed Kyle hugging him stunning Kyle ‘I’m glad to have known you Kyle’ he said releasing him and walking around, Serena walked up and slipped her hand into Kyle’s and smiled when she seen him turn his head and quickly wipe his eyes.

Alex walked towards Max noticing Mason hiding behind his legs, Mason watched him with his heart beating fast, Alex smiled at Max then knelt down to Mason’s level. Mason gripped his father’s leg harder in fear of what he was going to say to him.

This was the man that his mother killed, what could he possibly have to say to him, he should hate him, his mother was the reason he was no longer alive. “It’s nice to finally meet you Mason’ he said.

Mason’s eyes widen as Alex continued ‘I’ve been watching you for a very long time now, I want to tell you how brave I think you are, and how special you are’.

‘I know how wonderful your heart is and what a blessing you are to be in someone’s life, the way you are with Lexi I knew I made the right decision when I set your father out to find you and bring you back where you belonged’.

The others gasped, as Max looked down ‘that...that was you’ he said shocked. Alex stood up facing him ‘yes…I’m sorry I had to do it the way I did…I watched over him and I knew he didn’t belong where he was, I didn’t think you would run off by yourself but once you did, I knew I had to let you take the course you did.

You seemed to loose sight of things and you had to realize and figure out on your own what was most important to you, of course minus the whole planet jumping bit I had nothing to do with that’ he smiled.

He smiled down at Mason than looked back at Max ‘I’ve watched you turn into the person you were meant to be, I don’t know if I ever told you how much it meant to me when I found out you healed Liz, I consider it the greatest honor in having known you.

‘The honor is mine’ Max said feeling his eyes glisten ‘Max one more thing you have a son, a daughter and a woman who would move heaven and earth for you, don’t forget that, what you have is rare and hard to find…be happy Max you’ve earned it’.

They exchanged a hug then Alex turned towards a trembling Isabel, she had tears running down her eyes and she was hugging herself, he met her gaze and opened his arms she came running ‘Isabel, my sweet Isabel don’t cry’ he said hugging her tighter.

Isabel clung to him her fists twisting the back of his shirt gripping him; she continued to sob unable to form words right at the moment. He pulled back and raised her chin making her eyes meet his ‘I’ve been watching you Isabel, I’ve heard every word you said, it breaks my heart to think you still feel like your responsible’.

He ran his hand over her cheek wiping at her tears ‘I told you before it wasn’t your fault…let it go Isabel’ he whispered ‘I. I’m…sor.ry’ she sobbed out as she turned her head away from him not wanting him to see her break down like this.

‘Hey’ he said turning her head back to his ‘you have nothing to be sorry about’ he held her for a minute then pulled back looking at her.

‘Isabel I don’t have any regrets…please don’t make me yours’ he said softly.

‘I love you Alex’ she yelled out ‘back then I should have told you…I should have let you known’ she said. His eyes lit up ‘you didn’t have to; I knew you did…but now you have to move forward Isabel that was in the past’.

‘You have a great husband who loves you, don’t be afraid to let him Isabel its time to be happy’ he leant forward kissing her softly on the lips then pulled her to him once more holding her for a few minutes he looked at then cocked a grin ‘besides I’m still holding you to name your first born son after me’.

Isabel out a laughing sob ‘we already have Alexis’ she said teasing, he had already started walking back towards Maria and Liz who were standing there holding each other, he turned back to Isabel ‘you can never have to many Alex’s’ he said smiling.

He turned his head back ‘my girls’ he said holding out his arms once more, they let go of each other and held onto to him ‘Thank you for never giving up on me, I knew you wouldn’t let me down’ he whispered.

He felt Maria stiffen a little, he knew she was remembering how she had turned against Liz too when things got out of control ‘It was okay Maria…I know you got a little skeptical there and its all right, in the end you pulled thru like I knew you would’.

‘I’m sorry Alex’ she said ‘no more I’m sorrys, if there is anything that I have learned from being dead it is that life is not easy, you have to constantly work at it. If your life were perfect then it wouldn’t be worth living, you wouldn’t be able to grow and learn from your heartaches and mistakes’.

“There really isn’t anything that I can tell the two of you that you don’t already know, I cant express what it meant to have you two in my life, just know that I will always be watching over you. I may not be there physically but I’m still there’ he said smiling.

‘Your both going to be fine, and I know I don’t have to worry about you, it makes everything so much easier knowing that you two are in good hands, I know Max and Michael will never let anything happen to you’.

He hugged them each once more than pulled away ‘don’t ever let them forget how special you are and how lucky they are to have you love them’. ‘We won’t’ Max said walking up and placing his hands on the back of Liz’s shoulders.

‘Alex thank you for keeping Lexi safe I’ll never forget it’ Max said ‘wouldn’t have it any other way, she’s too precious to be taken away from where she belongs’ Alex said smiling.

He bent down to Lexi’s level ‘I’ll be watching you’ he said as he bent down and kissed her forehead. Standing up “Time for me to go’ he said stepping back, ‘live your life guys its time to stop looking over your shoulders, you don’t have to live in fear anymore’.

Michael wrapped an arm around Maria holding her as she cried; Max brought his hands down and pulled Liz to him while his other arm snaked around Isabel as she buried her head in his shoulders.

Together they watched Alex shimmer away until there was nothing there, everyone still stunned for words stood there until Max let go of Isabel and Liz, bending down he picked up Lexi and looked at everyone ‘let’s go home’.

Chapter 39

Seven teary eyed people slowly opened their eyes to look at each other, ‘did that just really happen?’ Maria asked her body trembling slightly.

Liz looked down to see her daughter’s beautiful eyes looking back up at her smiling ‘yeah it did’ she whispered pushing a strand of hair back on her head.

Max kneeled forward ‘hey sweetheart, how are you feeling’ he asked, she looked over at him ‘hungry’ she said and her tummy rumbled just to prove her point.

Everyone let out a laugh still mixed with his or her tears ‘okay’ Max said ‘just let daddy take one more look okay then well get you something to eat’. Lexi nodded her head while Max scanned her making sure everything was okay, afterwards he stood up as Liz picked her up.

Everyone started leaving the room; Max placed his hand on Mason’s shoulder holding him back. Liz glanced back at them and Max nodded his head indicating they would be there in a minute.

Once they were alone Max led Mason back to the bed they both sat down ‘how are you feeling’ he asked, Mason shrugged his shoulders ‘I feel fine’ he said, Max turned and faced him ‘thank you Mason, if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have gotten her back’ he said.

‘Yes you would have’ Mason said ‘not as quick, what you did none of us will ever forget, I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you’ Max said. ‘You are’ Mason asked his eyes widening a bit, Max nodded his head ‘Alex was right when he said you were special, you are, you are very special to me, to Liz, I never want you to forget how much we love you and how much it means to us that you are here’.

Mason just nodded his head, Max leant forward drawing his arms around him, Mason let him hug him for a few minutes before pulling back ‘so that was really Alex’ he asked.

Max smiled ‘that was Alex’ Mason shook his head ‘it’s so weird even after everything mo- Tess did he didn’t have one mean thing to say, I thought he would hate me’ he said.

‘Alex has no reason to hate you, you are not responsible for what Tess did’ Max told him ‘I know, it was just strange that he knew who I was and that he had been watching me’.

‘I am glad he did, I never really believed in God and all that but after what happened here today, it has changed my outlook on things, I am glad to know that Alex is your guardian angel along with Lexi’s, I know he will do everything in his power to keep both of you safe and I will never forget him’ Max said.

Mason just looked up at him and smiled ‘come on lets go eat’ he said standing up and putting his hand out, Max smiled and took his hand.

In the other room Lexi just finished eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich; she got up walking into the living to see Michael sitting quietly on the chair staring out in front in him.

She walked up and tapped him on his knee bringing him out of his daydream, he smiled down at her and put his arms out helping her climb up in his lap, she rested on her knees and looked at him tilting her head to side she asked ‘what’s wrong my Ike’.

He smiled and shook his head ‘nothing sweetheart’ he pecked her nose and pushed her hair back, Lexi raised her eyebrow at him then put her hand on his face ‘I okay my Ike, see all better’ she said smiling.

Michael nodded his head ‘I see, and I’m glad’, the others walked in and Maria raised her eyebrow at the two of them, walking over she saw Lexi turn and give her a look, Maria chuckled and turned towards Liz ‘you know I thought my biggest concern would be constantly fighting evil aliens when it came to being with Michael, who would have known my biggest competition would be with a two and half year old’.

Liz just laughed and walked over picking Lexi up ‘come on sweetie before you give your Aunt Maria a major complex’.

Five months later

Max pulled up to his parents house cutting the engine ‘I think my mother bought you something, so we might be here a little longer’ he said, Liz eyes widened ‘your mom didn’t have to do that’ she said getting out of the car.

Max looked in the rear view mirror and winked at the kids, they just smiled back as Mason helped Lexi out of her car seat.

As they walked into the house ‘why is everything so dark in here’ Liz asked coming into the living room.

‘SUPRISEEE’ everyone yelled, flipping on the lights Liz stood there stunned with her mouth wide opened, the house was decorated with balloons and banners all over the place.

‘Happy Birthday Chica’ Maria yelled running up and hugging her, ‘oh my god I cant believe you guys did this’ Liz exclaimed, she looked back at Max ‘you knew about this’ he just smiled ‘it was his idea, happy birthday honey’ Diane said walking up and hugging her.

‘I…oh my I don’t know what to say…thank you’ she said looking at everyone. She walked around hugging everyone then walked back to Max putting her arms around his neck she drew his face down pressing her lips to his ‘thank you’ she said smiling ‘your welcome’ he whispered bringing his mouth back down towards hers.

Before he could complete his mission, Lexi ran up tugging on her jeans ‘presents…. presents’ she shouted excitedly. Max looked down and laughed ‘you act like its your birthday’ he said swooping down and tossing her over his shoulder, he held his free hand out to Liz ‘you heard the lady, lets go open presents’ he said wigging his eyebrows.

Opening her last gift she thanked everyone once more and moved to get up, Mason looked at Max and he smiled nodding his head ‘wait’ he said putting his hands up ‘there’s one more’ he told her.

Liz sat back down and watched as Mason walked over to Phillip, he nodded his head at something and got up leaving the room, walking back in he handed the envelope to Mason and put a hand on his shoulder giving it a slight squeeze.

Mason blew out his breath and walked back over to Liz, his heart started picking up speed by his nervousness, when he first told his father what he wanted to do, they were both bursting with joy, now that he was standing here, and his mind was going a mile a minute, what if she didn’t want it.

Liz looked at him confused as she took the envelope from his shaking hand; she noticed how everyone seemed to quiet down and now they were all looking at her. ‘Thank you’ she told him and proceeded to open the envelope.

Her eyes immediately started glistening when she saw the contents of the envelope, written across the top in dark bold papers where the words ‘Adoption’ underneath it had child’s name: Mason Andrew Evans.

She was to stunned to notice anything else besides that part, she brought her teary eyes up to Mason ‘you are already a mother to me in here’ he said putting her hand over his heart ‘now I want to make it legal for the rest of the world to know’.

Liz let out a choked sob and threw her arms around him hugging him ‘I can’t tell you how much this means to me, I would be honored to’ she whispered. She heard someone sniffing and she pulled back to see Max standing before holding a pen in his hand ‘all you have to do is sign’ he said staring at her.

Her hand trembled as she reached for the pen, she looked down at the papers noticing Max’s signature already there, her brows creased when she noticed by the mothers name it had Elizabeth Anne Evans, she brought her eyes back up ‘It says-’ was all she could get out.

Max knelt down in front of her, setting the papers on the side of her he took her hands into his, ‘I know we haven’t brought this subject up since everything happened, but when it comes to you and I trying to form a plan, I usually botch it up somehow.

So I am throwing all that out the window and asking you, if you will have me, I want to marry you right here…right now in front of all our friends and family’ he said as his heart pounding ferociously in his chest.

Liz opened and closed her mouth a few times her mind in overdrive, she had to many shocks in one day, she stared at him tears streaming down her face seeing nothing but love and devotion staring back at her ‘what do you say Elizabeth Parker will you marry me’ he asked.

Chapter 40

Liz looked around the room nervously then bringing her gaze back to his ‘rig…right now’ she whispered out.

Max smiled and started rubbing circles softly across her knuckles ‘right now’ he said ‘that is if your answer is yes, all you would have to do is get dressed’.

“Dressed’ she repeated her mind going a mile a minute, she felt like she was going to pass out, she had way to many surprises today, she gazed at everyone who was standing there waiting for her answer.

‘Your serious aren’t you’ she asked looking back at him, he reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear ‘very…Liz you are the only woman I have ever loved, you make my heart, my soul, my life complete, I want to show the world that dreams really can come true…and marrying you would be mine’.

Liz stared at him with tears glistening in her eyes, she released her hand and brought it up cupping his check, and he closed his eyes against the feel of her hand ‘yes’ she whispered out.

His eyes popped open grinning ‘can you say that again’ he asked, she let out a laugh throwing her arms around his neck ‘yes, yes I’ll marry you’ she yelled.

He wrapped his arms around her holding her tightly letting out the breath he was holding ‘I cant tell you how happy you made me’ he whispered against her, she pulled back and smiled ‘I love you’ she replied ‘I love you’ he said leaning in and giving her a full fledge kiss right there in front of everyone.

Maria rolled her eyes and walked up tapping him on the shoulder ‘okay enough of the PDA’s we have work to do’ she said smiling and pulling him back.

Everyone split up into two rooms getting dressed, Liz stood there in the room staring at her wedding dress hanging on the back of the door ‘I cant believe you guys did all this’ she said.

Isabel shook her head ‘it was all Max’s idea, when he came to me last week for help I thought he was nuts when he told us what he wanted to do, Liz looked at her ‘a week, you got all this done in a week’.

Isabel just smiled ‘hey it’s me remember, I asked Maria to help’ Maria laughed ‘more like demanded, I thought she was bad for her wedding’, the three of them broke out into laughter ‘guys thank you’ Liz said hugging them.

Isabel pulled back and looked at her “Liz I am going to be honest with you’ Liz looked at her weary as Isabel walked over and grabbed the dress from the back of the door.

‘I wouldn’t have done it, if I honestly thought my brother hadn’t changed. After he took off the way he did I was so furious at him’. ‘We all were’ Maria said as Liz slowly nodded her head.

‘It wasn’t really the fact that he left to find his son, it was because he hurt you and it frightened and pissed me off all at the same time’ Isabel said.

Liz looked at her confused but didn’t say anything ‘when he left all I could think about was what if this was the final straw, what if what he done drove you away for good’.

Isabel laid the dress down and turned to look at her ‘in that instant I hated him because if you left him it meant you weren’t only leaving him you were leaving me too’. Liz’s eyes widened at her confession “Isabel I-‘ ‘for the longest time it was just Max, Michael and I and you both know that I didn’t exactly take to the idea of letting either of you in’.

She motioned Maria to come join her and Liz ‘I know I never really showed it or said it but the both of you are the closet things I will ever have to best friends or sisters for that matter’.

Liz and Maria looked at each other with stunned expressions at the once ice princess speech ‘when we got closer after Max left, I promised myself that when he came back I wouldn’t let him get that chance again to drive you away’.

‘I knew he would try and get you back the minute he got in town, I told myself that until he proved his self and deserved your forgiveness that I wouldn’t help him, I wouldn’t let him have the chance to worm his way back in your life’.

Isabel knelt down in front of her ‘I truly believe he has learned I believe he finally realizes what is most important and that he has changed. You Liz Parker are the best thing that has ever happened to any of us.

You brought us trust, love, and’ she smiled and reached over grabbing Maria’s hand ‘friendship that holds a greater bond than anything else in the world, thank you for giving us a reason to exist’ she finished with tears in her eyes.

Liz was stunned speechless, the tears she tried to hold back now fell down her cheeks, she looked at Maria who was in the same state, she couldn’t form words so she did the only thing she could she threw her arms around Isabel and hugger her.

Maria blinked rapidly ‘oh my God for the first time in my life I can’t think of anything to say’ the other two laughed as Liz pulled back and grabbed her in a three way hug.

The moment was broken when Lexi came running in ‘mommy…. pretty Lexi’ she said happily twirling around in her dress. Liz looked over at her, she was wearing a white dress with a little pink bow on it, soft curls flowed freely down her back ‘yes very pretty’ she said smiling.

‘Liz come on baby you need to get dressed, Max is already sweating bullets outside in his tux’ Nancy said walking up and picking up her dress ‘their dressed already’ she screamed jumping up.

Diane laughed ‘I think he’s a little anxious’ they helped Liz into her dress and the mothers stood back watching in awe as Isabel used her powers to complete their hair and makeup.

‘That is just so amazing’ Nancy said wide-eyed, Isabel smiled and waved her hand over her face ‘real time consumer too’ she teased. The four women stared at Liz who was staring at herself in the mirror, her stomach feeling like a million butterflies were flying around.

Maria walked up ‘relax its just Max’ she said smiling ‘just Max’ Liz said blowing out her breath, she looked at herself one more time then turned smiling ‘okay I’m ready’ she said.

‘Liz you look beautiful’ Nancy said running her hand up and down her arm ‘I can’t believe my baby girl is finally getting married’ ‘momm’ Liz said getting embarrassed ‘in case you forgot I am mother now, haven’t been a baby in a long time, I have children of my own now’.

Diane smiled bigger and let her tears fall at Liz’s words, walking up she hugged her ‘Thank you for loving my son’ she whispered, Liz hugged her tighter ‘thank you for finding him’ she whispered back knowing Diane knew what she meant.

‘Come on girl lets go knock some alien socks off’ Maria said taking her by the arm, the others laughed and followed her out.

Michael watched with an amused look at Max pacing and sweating up a storm, putting his hand on his shoulder ‘relax man, its just Liz’.

Max looked at him ‘do you know how long I have dreamt of this moment’ he said nervously. He glanced at the sliding glass door then back at Michael ‘this is really happening isn’t it; she’s really going to walk down that aisle and marry me’.

Michael looked down at Mason as he rolled his eyes causing Mason to break out in laughter, Max looked down at his son ‘what’s so funny’ Mason just shook his head ‘nothing dad’.

Max looked at the both of them funny then turned his direction to his daughter’s voice who was running up ‘daddy, daddy look pretty Lexi’ she said.

Max smiled and bent down picking her up ‘yes you are baby’ he said kissing her temple, ‘mommy pretty too’ she exclaimed, Max’s smile got bigger ‘mommy’s always pretty’ he said glancing towards the doors hoping to get a glimpse of her.

Placing her back down, he knelt down ‘did grandma help you get dressed’ he asked as he straightened out her dress, she nodded her head then looked at Michael ‘look my Ike’ she said twirling around.

Michael laughed and came over ‘very pretty’ he said, glancing over he saw Maria nodding her head, giving Lexi a quick kiss ‘go sit with your grandma so you don’t get your pretty dress dirty’.

Lexi nodded her head and headed over towards Kyle; he smiled and picked her up putting him in his lap. ‘Their ready’ Michael said putting his hand on Max’s shoulder and leading him back towards the front.

Isabel glanced at Liz to see her whispering to her father; leaning over to Maria she smiled ‘do you think her heart could stand one more surprise today’ Maria cocked her eyebrow at her ‘what surprise’.

Isabel smiled bigger ‘that’s she going to be aunt’ Liz turned and looked at them when Maria squealed ‘what’s going on’ she asked, Maria just smiled at her ‘I’ll tell you later, right now there is something else happening that has been a long time coming ’ she said winking at Isabel.

Max stood up front squeezing his hands open and closed trying to get them to stop trembling; he kept his eyes glued to the house waiting to see her.

She stepped forward and he felt his heart starting to hammer in his chest, everything else faded away from him and all he saw was her, his angel, the one that owned every piece of him body and soul.

Liz stood next to him listening to him recite his vows, she let her tears flow freely knowing that he meant every word of them, she could see clearly every ounce of love pouring from his eyes.

After everyone hugged and congratulated them, Liz pulled Phillip and Mason aside and signed the adoption papers, Mason threw his arms around her as Liz hugged him back just as hard ‘thank you for giving me the best birthday present ever’ she whispered.

He pulled back and kissed her then took off towards Lexi, she watched as he helped her with a piece of cake, she smiled when she felt two strong arms wrap around her from the back.

‘They really are amazing huh’ he asked watching his two children interact, she leaned back against him ‘they are going to do great things’ she said, he bent down nuzzling his nose in her neck ‘come dance with me’ he whispered.

They swayed slowly in the back yard just enjoying the feeling of being in each others arms, Liz rested her head on his chest listening to the calming heart beat, and he rested his head on top of her with his eyes closed drinking in the moment.

‘Now this is the way it’s supposed to be’ he whispered bringing her closer to him, she looked up at him and kissed him softly on the lips, then looked around at everyone talking and dancing happily.

She looked up to see a shooting star fly thru the night sky, smiling she looked back at Max ‘I think heaven agrees’ she said, he looked up to see the v constellation shining brightly smiling he looked back ‘not just heaven’ he said leaning in and kissing her.

The end.