Enslaved (SERIES, AU, M/M, ADULT) 1/1 [COMPLETE]

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Enslaved (SERIES, AU, M/M, ADULT) 1/1 [COMPLETE]

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Title: Enslaved

Author: Alison

Genre: M/M

Summary: Maria DeLuca is out for revenge and when Michael Guerin signs up as a volunteer for “Slave For A Day” charity auction, she knows she’s found the perfect way to exact retribution. But will she get more than she bargained for?

Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.

Rating: Adult

A/N: For nibbles2 who has been patiently waiting for some candy lovin’ from me for a long time. Plus, I’ve never written a one shot, so I thought I’d give it a go.

This is a series based around one event but they all look at the different effects this event has on the four couples.

The Series in Order:
Enslaved (Candy)
Slaving Away (Stargazer)
Enslave Me (Dreamer)
Slavery (Lamptrimmer)
Enslavement (CC)
Beautiful Banner by DreamerLaure. She rocks my socks.
Day One: Auction Day
Maria DeLuca hated Michael Guerin.

No, hate wasn’t a strong enough word. She detested him. She despised him with every ounce of her being. The very sound of his name was enough to kill any good mood she might have been previously experiencing. Which is why when she heard that he was putting himself up for auction as a slave for a day in the name of charity, she knew that she had to win him. Oh the embarrassing things she could make him do, all in the name of charity...

His fraternity was hosting an auction in which certain, well known members would be put up for sale as a slave for a day to raise money for prostate cancer. The winner of the slave would have the power to make their slave do anything between the hours of 9 am and midnight. Well, not anything. Owners of the aforementioned slaves were not allowed to force their slave to do anything sexual or dangerous, which suited Maria just fine. There was no way known she would ever want his hands on her in a sexual way, so forcing Michael to have sex with her was completely out of the equation. And as for danger, she’d rather see Michael embarrassed than in danger of losing his life. She’d much rather have the pleasant satisfaction of knowing that he’d be mortified for the rest of his life by the memory of this day, rather than watching him dodge trucks out on the freeway. Though the idea of watching him get hit by a truck was highly tempting, she wanted him to cringe and burn with mortification just like she had been doing for the past four years. Oh yes, Michael Guerin was going to rue the day that he ever heard the name, Maria DeLuca.

Maria felt a slight twinge of unease about abusing a charity event just to enact some petty revenge, but she quickly dismissed it. Michael Guerin had it coming and this was just a more direct route. Besides, it was a win-win situation for all. The charity received money and she got her revenge. Michael would be the only one not benefitting from it, but Maria suspected that she wouldn’t lose sleep over that.

In fact her anger only grew as she watched him smirking like the smug ass he was up on that stage, like he knew that he would get the highest bid. She could only imagine that smug grin turning into a look of horror and mortification as he beheld all the things she would put him through...

“Stop grinning like a maniac,” hissed Liz as she elbowed her friend. “You’re creeping everyone out. Little kids are crying because of you.”

“Nice,” snorted Maria. “I just love some good hyperbole.”

“So, does Michael know that you’ll be bidding to the death on him, or are you going to let him figure that out when the auction starts? Because I think, considering how awful his life will be when you buy him, you probably should have given him a warning.”

“Why are you here again?” queried Maria, her eyes firmly trained on the shaggy haired fratboy on the stage.

Liz’s blush went unnoticed by Maria. “I’m here to make sure you don’t send yourself broke in your stupid vendetta against Michael.” She paused and glanced at the ground. “Plus... I kinda promised Max that I’d bid on him.”

Maria’s head snapped around to pin Liz with a stare. “Say what?”

Liz shrugged. “I don’t know... we were talking in Biology and he asked me to bid on him. He said he’d pay me back and that he’d rather spend the day with me than Mindy Horcroft.”

Both girls surreptitiously looked behind them at the bouncy bitch three rows back eyeing Max off like a piece of meat.

“Ever since she had this huge three thousand dollar shopping binge, she’s had all her credit cards cut up by daddy, so now she’s on her debit card which has a limit of $200 on it. So Max figures that the most he’ll have to spend is about $210, but I made him set a limit just in case he has another rabid admirer.”

“What’s his limit?”


“$500 just to avoid the likes of Mindy? Must be nice to have money.” Maria gave Liz a speculative once over, her eyes glinting wickedly. “Or maybe it’s $500 to ensure a whole day with Liz Parker.”

“Shut up, that’s so not true,” scoffed Liz, just as Isabel and Tess reached them and sat down next to them.

“What’s not true?” asked Tess as she opened her handbag and searched for her compact mirror. She needed to look her sexiest whilst betting on Kyle.

“Max wants to bone Liz,” replied Maria casually.

“MARIA!” protested Liz, her face turning the colour of a radish underneath her hands.

“It’s ok Liz,” soothed Isabel. “If you’re worried about me, I already knew that. And frankly, you’d be about ten steps up from the skanks he’s previously dated.”

“You mean it’s true?” Liz asked, completely flabbergasted by the admission from Isabel.

Isabel shrugged. “Well yeah... he wants you so bad. He’s been asking me about where you like to hang out and what food you like to eat and stuff.”

“What did you tell him?” laughed Maria, enjoying the looked of horrified embarrassment tinged with pleasure that was etched across Liz’s face.

“I told him that I didn’t follow Liz around with a pencil and paper documenting everything she ate or drank. I told him to find out for himself,” huffed Isabel, shaking her head in remembered irritation. “What am I? Her mother? And why do people come to me with this stuff? I don’t care and I certainly don’t give off the impression that I do. Sort out your own goddamn love life.”

The three girls exchanged amused glances as Isabel received a text message and became distracted.

Maria leaned in close to Isabel and said quietly, “You know, Isabel, deep down I think you’re just a big softie.”

“Negative,” denied Isabel as she began to text back a response to the message she’d just received, her thumb moving quickly and nimbly over the keypad. “I am as cold as ice and hard as stone.”

“I know why little Miss Stalker over there is here,” said Maria, gesturing to Tess, who didn’t even protest at the label she’d been given. It was a well known fact that Tess Harding wanted Kyle Valenti and had done everything in her power to make it happen. “But why are you here?”

Isabel shifted slightly in her seat, a flicker of irritation crossing her face as she hit the send button. “Alex Whitman is the only one of my brother’s friends who will not hit on me. So I’m going to buy him and make him notice me.”

Maria pursed her lips in thought. “So basically you’re bidding on him because your ego is wounded and you can’t stand to not have every single guy fawning all over you.”

Isabel nodded. “Basically, yeah.”

Maria sniggered, shaking her head in disbelief. “You’re so awesome, Isabel. Seriously.”

“Will Max find it weird?” asked Tess.

“Why would he find it weird?” asked Isabel.

Tess shrugged. “I thought older brothers were meant to be all protective of their younger siblings and meddle in their love lives.”

“God, that is such a myth,” scoffed Isabel. “No brother is going to threaten every guy you bring home. They honestly don’t give a shit. Besides, Max knows I would kick his ass from here to kingdom come if he ever tried anything.”

“I reckon you could take him too,” said Tess speculatively, as she perused Max on the makeshift stage who was shifting uncomfortably.

“She could not,” defended Liz, blushing once more as three amused gazes turned her way. “Oh shut up you guys!”

“We didn’t say anything,” replied Maria lightly, chuckling under her breath.

Her breath caught in her throat as the MC made his way up onto the stage and began introducing the auction. Everything depended on her winning this auction. She needed to crush Michael Guerin’s spirit just as he’d done to her all those years ago. It was payback time.
“Why are you so embarrassed?” asked Maria, looking at Liz’s face which was still red and flushed from winning Max over half an hour ago. “It’s not like Max thinks you’re a creepy stalker who would bid $300 on him just to have him as a slave, he asked you to bid that much money on him. It’s not like it’s out of the blue.”

“I know that, but now everyone else thinks I’m a crazy person. Nobody else went for that much money. I can’t believe that Tara Gilbert would be willing to spend that much money just to have Max for a day.”

“Wouldn’t you?” asked Maria pointedly.

“Totally beside the point,” muttered Liz defensively.

“I’m happy that Kyle was relatively cheap,” sighed Tess happily. “One hundred and twenty for a whole day of his undivided attention. What an investment.”

“Oh yeah, paying someone to pay attention to you, that’s not creepily pathetic,” snorted Isabel.

“I like to think of it more as a down payment for our marriage, because after spending a day with me he’ll know that we belong together. And must I remind you that you bought Alex Whitman for the same reason?” Tess snapped haughtily.

Isabel huffed angrily, reminded of the bidding war she’d had. “I can’t believe he went for one hundred and fifty. Who the hell was that chick I was bidding against anyway?”

“His ex, Leanna,” replied Maria, not at all surprised that Leanna wasn’t on Isabel’s radar despite the fact that she lived down the hall from her in their first year at college.

Isabel rolled her eyes. “What a loser. Move on bitch, that boat has sailed.”

Maria snorted and then felt her heart begin to race as Michael stepped to the front of the stage and was introduced to the crowd, inciting a large cheer.

Maria leant forward in her seat, and Isabel began to massage her tense shoulders.

“Get your game face on slugger,” she whispered. “Courtney’s here, so bidding is bound to get fierce.”

Liz watched Isabel egg Maria on with confusion. “Isabel, he’s like a brother to you. Don’t you care that Maria’s going to torment and humiliate him if she wins?”

“You’d think so, but no. I don’t really care at all. Besides, he must have done something really awful to have pissed Maria off so much, so I figure he’s probably got it coming.”

“Twenty!” cried Courtney, looking at Michael with a lusty look in her eyes.

“You don’t know what happened either?” Tess whispered as the bidding began.

“Fifty bucks!” yelled Maria, drawing the attention of everyone in the crowd.

“Fifty from the lady in the seventies dress,” cried the MC. “Do I hear any higher?”

Isabel shook her head. “No, I figure it must have happened sometime in sophomore year of high school, because before then Maria thought he was nice.”

“Seventy!” yelled Courtney, turning her head to glare at Maria, whose eyes were fixed on Michael on the stage.

“Seriously?” snorted Liz. “Nice? She thinks he’s the devil.”

“She didn’t always.”

“Eighty!” Maria cried, absolutely determined to win Michael at any cost. She couldn’t let this golden opportunity slip by her.

The bidding was fast and furious and quickly neared Max’s record amount. Maria was so focussed on the bidding, she failed to notice the look of hope on Michael’s face as he stared at her.

“Three hundred!” cried Courtney in one last bid attempt to win Michael Guerin for her own.

Maria recognised the last ditch desperation in her eyes and smirked with glee. “Three hundred and fifty!”

The auctioneer looked between Maria and Courtney waiting to see if Courtney would up the bid. When she didn’t, he said, “Three hundred and fifty. Going once. Going twice...”

Maria watched with her breath caught in her throat as Courtney struggled internally with losing the bid or going broke. Eventually, Courtney’s practical side won out, but not without a venomous glare sent Maria’s way.

“Sold! To the lady in red!”

Maria grinned in triumph as the crowd erupted into cheers. She patted Liz on the head and said over the top of the crowd. “There you go, now everyone’s going to think that I’m the biggest stalker here.”

Being that Michael was the last auctionee of the day, the auction quickly wrapped up after Maria won. Maria stood up and stretched, gesturing to the car park of the college grounds. She was relieved when the other girls stood up, indicating that they wanted to leave too. She’d had enough excitement for one day. Besides, she had things to get in order for Michael’s day of humiliation.

She was so deep in thought that she completely missed Michael’s appearance in front of her until he spoke her name.


Maria felt her heart race as Michael pulled her stiff form into a hug.

“Thank you for saving me from Courtney,” he replied gratefully, smiling at that lopsided grin that made all the girls melt for him.

Maria pushed Michael off of her and narrowed her eyes at him. “Oh I wouldn’t thank me. You’re going to wish Courtney had won by the time I’m through with you.”

She stalked off, an evil grin on her face as Michael’s smile slid off his face as he wondered what he’d gotten himself into.

Day Two: Slave Day
“Rise and shine, Mikey G!” chirped Maria, stalking into his room and wrenching open his blinds so that the sunlight streamed right onto his face, blinding him.

“Who let you in my room?” Michael groaned, throwing an arm up over his face to shield his retinas from the sunlight.

“Max did. Isn’t he a sweetheart?” she asked, training her eyes to look anywhere other than at the bare chest stretched out so temptingly in front of her. She absolutely hated that despite the mass amounts of alcohol and greasy foods he consumed, he still managed to stay so ripped.

Michael groaned once more as Maria ripped the sheets from his body. “Oh yeah, he’s a real peach.”

Maria nodded and leant against the windowsill, contemplating the first order of business for Michael today. He was going to absolutely hate it. And that’s why she loved it so much.

“Doesn’t my day of servitude start in an hour?” Michael pointed out once his bleary eyes allowed him to focus on the clock on his bedside table.

Maria shrugged. “Well yes, but we need to be somewhere by that time, so you need to get up, get dressed and come with me.”

Michael wearily pushed himself up, rubbing at his eyes and self consciously running a hand over his hair, wondering if he looked half as awful as he felt.

He stood up slowly and made his way over to his closet to pick out some clothes for the day, as he reached for a pair of jeans, Maria’s hand on his arm halted him.

“Don’t worry about clothes, I’ve got your outfit right here,” she smirked, a devilish twinkle in her eye as she reached into her back pack and pulled out his clothes for the day.

“What is that?” Michael asked staring at the offending garment in her hands with disbelief.

“It’s your skirt, a la Britney Spears circa Hit Me Baby One More Time,” grinned Maria displaying the matching shirt.

“I am not wearing that,” scowled Michael, a look of complete and abject horror stamped on his face.

“Oh, I’m sorry slave, I didn’t know that you had a say in the matter. Put it on, I want to get out of here in ten minutes. I have things planned.” Maria thrust the objects in his hands and strode out of the room with a malicious grin stretching her lips. Michael stared down at the garments in his hands and groaned in misery. He should have known that Maria hadn’t bought him so that they could mend bridges. He had the feeling that he was going to be in for a miserable day.
Michael groaned and tugged at his skirt as an old woman passed him by, checking out his ass. “Is there a reason we’re at the mall or did you just want to make my humiliation available to as many people as possible?”

“There’s a reason,” replied Maria enigmatically. “Have you heard about that competition at the mall where people dress up as Britney Spears and sing one of her songs up on stage and the best person wins tickets to go see her live?”

“Oh no...” Michael whispered, completely aghast.

“Oh yes...” smirked Maria, nearly bursting into hysterical fits of glee. “I entered you a week ago in preparation.”

“But...” he sputtered. “I don’t even know the words! To any of her songs!”

Maria shrugged. “It’s ok, they have a teleprompter. It’s kinda like karaoke.”

Michael glanced around him at the masses of prepubescent girls dressed identically to him, gaggles of twenty-something woman and one man wearing a full length red catsuit practicing his erotic dance routine.

He trudged along behind Maria as she strode over to one of the organisers, reminding himself that this was all for charity.

“Hi, I’m here to check Michael Guerin in,” she said so sweetly, that if Michael was just meeting her he would never have guessed that she was an evil bitch from hell.

The organiser flicked through her papers quickly, not even looking twice at Michael and his strange mode of dress. “Ah yes, he’s number 22 and he’ll be singing... ‘I’m a slave for you’. Take this, have a seat over there and good luck.”

Michael threw Maria an incredulous look when he heard what he was singing. She merely smiled and wandered over to the competitors seats.

“You should be thankful,” she told him, glib amusement practically rolling off of her in waves. “It was a toss up between this one and ‘I’m not a girl, not yet a woman’. In the end ‘I’m a slave for you’ won out, purely due to how fitting it was because you are my slave.”

Michael groaned and sank his head into his hands, wondering how long one day could possibly be. He just wanted it to be over already.

He sat through about fifteen abysmal renditions of Britney’s songs, with only a couple that possessed any level of talent before his number was called. Maria sat up sharply in her seat as he dragged himself over the edge of the stage, grasping into her bag for her video camera.

“Helloooooo YouTube,” she snickered as Michael made his way up onto the stage.

She could see how mortifying this was for Michael, and she relished every single moment of it. From his very first line of “All you people look at me like I’m a little girl,” to the laughter from the audience, and jeers from his competitors.

She had to admit though, he was handling it very well. A little bit too well, if truth be told. She was hoping that the embarrassment would be almost be too much for him, but he seemed to be getting more and more into it the longer he was up there.

When he winked at an old lady in the front row, Maria scowled. He wasn’t there to have fun. He was there to humiliate himself.

This was not working out the way she had planned.
“So where to next?” asked Michael jovially. He was so relieved at having survived that competition that it had put him in high spirits. Something that aggravated and infuriated Maria to no end.

“We’re going to the Parsino’s,” she replied curtly, her spirits revived when she saw him go pale.

“The one on campus?” he gulped, looking down at his skirt, knee high socks and exposed abdomen with horror. It was one thing to go to a mall full of strangers wearing this crap, but entirely another to be in a room full of his peers.

She smiled wickedly at his fear. “That’s the one.”

Parsino’s was the busiest diner on campus, thanks to their famous coffee. Everyone who was anyone at their college went there and going during lunch hour was guaranteed to have maximum embarrassment potential for him.

Maria parked the car and got out and Michael trudged dutifully behind her, sneaking quick glances at her butt and wishing that people weren’t staring quite so hard at him.

He entered the diner and tried to ignore all the wolf whistles and cat calls made to him.

“Hey Guerin, you fucking gorgeous man, you! Come sit on my lap and we’ll talk about the first thing that pops up!”

Michael shook his head in disbelief at Paulie’s exclamation. “Maybe later, Paulie.”

Maria pulled Michael aside from the large crowd that were ordering and pointed to a small wiry freshman who was standing off to the side with his coffee, staring off into space.

“You’re going to go over there to him, but this is what I want you to say...”

Maria stood on her tiptoes and whispered into his ear.

“No way,” declared Michael adamantly, staring down at her, rage building in him. He didn’t sign up for this.

Maria shrugged. “You play, you pay, Mikey G. Now off you go.”

Michael grit his teeth and exhaled angrily as he practically stormed over to the young guy. It would have been an intimidating sight for the poor guy, but the Britney Spears ensemble made it slightly more insane than scary.

“Hi,” coughed Michael uncomfortably, scratching the back of his bare leg and wondering if homicide was justifiable in situations like these. He knew a girl who could do with a good killing.

“Hello...?” replied the guy, looking at Michael uncomfortably. Michael could feel the weight of everyone’s stares on him and he sincerely wished for a black hole he could hurl his body into.

Michael sighed and prepared to recite the lines Maria had made him remember. “I’m new in town, and you look like the kind of guy who could show a girl like me a good time. So how about it stud? Can I have your number?”

There was a moment of stunned silence from everyone in the diner and Michael had to remind himself that it was for charity once again.

“Umm... no,” said the young guy before walking away. His swift retreat was all it took for the entire diner to burst into hysterical laughter.

“Can we go now?” Michael hissed when he returned to Maria’s side.

“In a sec,” she smiled, enjoying the mortification in his eyes. “I’m gonna get a coffee. You want something?”

Michael simply glared at her in response.

“I’ll take that as a no,” she laughed.
Maria waited for Michael to unlock the door to his room, then swanned in as if she owned the place. Or at least it seemed that way to Michael.

“Get changed into something clean,” she ordered as she perched herself on his desk. “I’m taking you somewhere and you need to look somewhat decent to gain entry.”

Michael almost sighed in relief at the thought of dressing in something other than a skirt. Grabbing a pair of jeans and a t shirt, he practically fled into his ensuite bathroom in case she changed her mind.

“And we’re going somewhere else so that you can embarrass and humiliate me again?” he asked as he whipped off the skirt, shirt and socks combo that had been the bane of his existence all morning. Well, that and Maria.

“Naturally,” she replied.

Michael opened the door to the bathroom, zipping up his jeans as he walked out. “You know, other people make their slaves clean their house or hang out with them.”

Maria studied her nails in boredom. “Your point?”

Michael clenched his jaw in anger and frustration as he slid his t shirt over his head. “Why can’t we do that instead of running all over the city to embarrass the fuck out of me?”

“Simply put; because I hate you.”

That was it. Michael had had it. He had had enough of Maria and her unjustified hatred of himself. “Just what the hell is your problem?”

“My problem? My problem? You seriously don’t remember? Oh, of course you don’t! I bet you barely remember the girls you’ve fucked, so why the hell would you remember something as insignificant as a drunken make out session?”

Maria gasped as Michael stepped into her personal space, forcing her back into the wall, his hands braced either side of her head and his face in close to hers.

“You think I don’t remember?” he whispered fiercely, his hot breath mingling with hers. “You think I don’t remember the feel of your body pressed against mine? You think I’ve forgotten the taste of your mouth? You think that the memory doesn’t keep me up at night?”

Maria’s breath hitched in her throat as he pulled her body flush up against his. She swallowed sharply and tried to remember how to breathe as his warmth seeped into her skin and scalded her. He was too close. Far too tempting.

He moved in even closer, his head drawing nearer and his eyes focussed solely on her mouth. He was going to kiss her, Maria realised with a sudden burst of insight. And the worst part was that she wanted him to. Her eyelids fluttered shut as she felt his breath gently dancing across her lips. He was so near.

“You’re wrong,” he whispered before pulling away. Maria’s eyes snapped open, feeling the all too familiar sting of rejection as he once again toyed with her.

Fury filled her eyes and her voice had to be forced through gritted teeth. “You didn’t care that night and you don’t care now. You’re all about the game. You like to toy with people.”

“You can believe that if it makes you feel better,” he replied coldly, his eyes never leaving hers, his body never moving out of her personal space.

It didn’t make her feel better. In fact this entire conversation she was having was just dredging up old wounds. Ones that she thought she’d moved on from and gotten past. She felt that she was in over her head with this and she wished with all her heart that she’d never heard of either the slave auction or Michael Guerin.

“It’s easy to believe when it’s the truth,” she replied haughtily. “You led me on and then went and fucked Tegan Anderson.”

“I did not!” he objected angrily. “She spread that rumour because I turned her down.”

She snorted derisively, her fury making her feel like crying. “Oh, as if! The minute you found out I was an inexperienced virgin you dropped me like a hot potato and went off to find some other slut to fuck.”

Michael ran his hands down his face angrily before turning back to face her. “God I feel like a complete fucking pussy for admitting this out loud to you of all people, but I didn’t want just a quick fuck in some stranger’s bathroom with you. I’d liked you for ages and I wasn’t going to take your virginity at a kegger while we were both drunk. I tried to explain that to you but you were so pissed off you left before I had the chance. And then when I tried to find you the next day you were making out with that fucking loser Billy. I knew I’d lost my chance.”

“Why should I believe that?” asked Maria somewhat breathlessly, her breath hitching in her throat as Michael moved in closer again.

“Because it’s the truth,” he said softly. “I’ve never met anyone who makes me feel half of what you make me feel. God knows why, I mean you’re completely fucking nuts, insanely vindictive and you’re like the queen of holding grudges-”

“Is that supposed to make me like you?” snapped Maria, interrupting him.

“What I’m saying is that I know you, Maria DeLuca. I know who you are and I like you. Flaws and all.”

Maria blinked at the roughly whispered admission, her heart thumping in her chest so loudly she was sure that he could hear it. She tried to find words, but failed miserably. For once in her life, Maria DeLuca was rendered speechless.

Michael carefully gauged her reaction as he tilted his head in closer to hers. “I’m going to kiss you now.”

Maria pulled in a shaky breath at his whisper. “O-ok.”

Her eyes closed as she felt the first brush of his lips against hers, so soft that she couldn’t tell if he had actually kissed her. But then she felt it again. That teasing pressure against her mouth again and again, making her feel weak. She couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe while he kept up this torture, the fleeting contact driving her insane with lust.

Just when she was about to take matters into her own hands, his mouth crashed down on her swiftly, taking her by surprise. He kissed her roughly and urgently and she met him with equal ferocity. Their hands raced over each other’s bodies, eager to touch and feel and discover what had changed in the four years since they’d last been at liberty to touch like this.

Her hands raised of their own accord and began to pull his shirt up, breaking their kiss only momentarily so that she could tug it over his head.

They scrambled to get each other’s clothes off, their heavy pants and moans the only thing breaking the silence.

Stumbling backwards in a vain attempt to locate the bed, Michael ungracefully fell into his desk chair. He was pleasantly surprised when Maria followed him down and perched herself in all her naked glory on his lap, grinding her hips against his.

His eyes just about rolled back in his head at the sensation.

“Condom,” she whispered in his ear before taking the lobe between her teeth and biting down gently.

“Right,” he said, his voice breaking a little. Propelling the chair backwards, he was able to reach his bedside table where his stash was. He ripped the foil package open and swiftly rolled the latex down his length.

Maria then took him in hand, kissed him and positioned him at her entrance, keeping her eyes locked on his face.

He gasped as she lowered herself down onto him. The feeling of her around him was indescribable.

She began to rise slowly, his hands going to her hips to help her as she moved up and down over him. The moved together for what seemed to be an eternity, not in any hurry to rush to the final culmination. They both wanted to enjoy the feeling of being joined so intimately for as long as they could.

But soon Maria could feel that familiar tightness in her abdomen and her movements became more urgent as she strained against him.

“Oh god, fuck me,” she moaned into his neck.

“Yes master,” he quipped with a breathless chuckle as he helped her slide up and down on his cock.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god...” Maria moaned, tilting her head back, allowing Michael to kiss her neck as unbelievable pleasure coursed through her.

Sliding a hand down between their bodies, Michael gently rubbed her clit, causing her to fall over the edge, taking him with her.

She collapsed onto him in a shuddering heap, unable to hold herself up. Michael sighed in deep satisfaction and let his hands idly roam across Maria’s skin. He couldn’t believe he was able to touch her in this way, especially when he thought he’d blown his chances with her so completely four years ago.

He didn’t care that he’d had to wait four years for this, or that he’d had to watch her date a total pig fucker for a year and a half after that fateful night that went so wrong. It was all worth it for this moment.

Because he finally had his Maria.
“You know, this technically makes you a gigolo, right?” she murmured as he kissed his way down her jaw.

“Huh?” he grunted, far too preoccupied with the smooth skin of her neck to worry about what she was saying.

Grasping his head, she moved his head around till his eyes connected with hers. “You just had sex for money. You’re a whore.”

“What does that say about you?” he chuckled, biting her softly on the shoulder. “You’re the desperate one that’s paying for a bit of my disco stick.”

She pouted as he pointed that out. “Whatever. If you were really a gigolo, you’d starve.”

“Are you implying that I’m bad in bed?” he asked indignantly.

Maria shrugged. “Your words, not mine.”

“Oh that’s it,” he declared, grasping her in his arms and leaping out of the chair. “Now you’re going to get it.”

Maria squealed at the sudden motion and quickly found herself flat on her back, with a very naked and very sexy looking slave between her thighs.

She giggled as she looked at the clock. She still had ten more hours in which to order Michael around in. This was going to be good.
The End

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Re: Enslaved (SERIES, AU, M/M, ADULT) 1/1 [COMPLETE]

Post by Itzstacie » Mon Jul 11, 2011 10:44 am