I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) [COMPLETE]

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Re: I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) cpt 63 (28/Dec/08)

Post by Janetfl » Sun Dec 28, 2008 11:44 am

Hi everyone ... I'm back after the Christmas break ... I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!! As promised here are the next 3 chapters but of course I have to say a quick thank you to all my feed backers!!!!


Thank you so much for your continued support it means a lot!!!! And thanks to all you lurkers out there that still read this story.

Right let's go .......................................................................................................

Chapter 61

Meanwhile outside the mansion ……………………………

“Zan, please wait!” said Ava, running after Zan.

“Ava, I just want to be alone right now,” Zan sighed.

Zan walked over to one of the benches in the garden and Ava came over to join him.

“Zan, I know that you’re hurting right now. I know how much you loved Liz but …”

“How can you possibly know how much I loved Liz?” spat Zan.

“Because that’s how much I’ve loved you all these years,” Ava whispered, tears starting to pool in her eyes.

“W-What?” Zan said slowly turning to look at Ava.

“Why do you think that I helped you escape Rath and Lonnie Zan? I put my life on the line to make sure you didn’t lose yours. Rath and Lonnie have been hunting me down for the last year. That’s why I couldn’t stay in one place too long, that is until I met Kal. He’s been protecting me against them all this time.”

“B-But you knew that I was waiting for someone else,” Zan replied a little confused.

“I know that, but I thought that if I showed you how loyal I was to you that you would finally realise what’s been under your nose for the past seventeen years. As soon as you saw Liz, I realised that I didn’t stand a chance. Do you know how that made me feel Zan? You might be hurting right now but I’ve been hurting for as long as I can remember.”

“W-Why didn’t you tell me Ava?”

“I thought that you would never give us a real chance until you found whatever it was you were looking for. Then when Liz came into the picture, I realised that I had lost you. It hurt for quite some time, but I had to let you go. I knew I couldn’t fight against your feelings for her, just … just like she couldn’t fight her feelings for Max.”

“B-But you still came to help her, even though you knew what it could mean.”

“I know it’s kinda funny, but I actually like Liz a lot. She was the only one who looked after me when I arrived in Roswell. Even though I looked like her worst enemy. She looked past all of that and still became my friend. I couldn’t hate her even if I tried.”

“All this time you’ve been in love with me and never said anything?”

“Would it have made a difference if I had? I think we both know the answer to that one. You see I have a theory. Do you want to hear it? You might not like it, but I think I know why you felt the way you did.”


“You see Liz told me a story when I was in Roswell. When Max finally revealed who he was to Liz he connected with her to show her that she had nothing to be afraid of. He showed her how he felt about her through his eyes. Anyway when the flashes came, he showed her the first day he attended school. He stepped off one of those big yellow buses they have and the first person he saw was Liz.”

“Yeah but that was in third grade. Are you trying to tell me that he was in love with her since then?” laughed Zan.

“No. When he saw her it was the first time he felt like this was his home. He wasn’t afraid anymore and over time that feeling eventually grew in to love, but he couldn’t have her because of his secret. That was until …”

“Until, she got shot at the Crashdown.”

“Exactly, then he had to make a decision. Does he risk everything to save her, or does he let her die? Well of course you know the answer to that one. He had to save her no matter what. He risked everything for her Zan. He risked losing the closest people to him.”

“Isabel and Michael?”

“Yes, but he thought it was worth it. He exposed himself to save her and he has paid quite a high price in doing so. He has had his heart broken because of Future Max and Tess. He got caught and tortured by the FBI. With all the torture they inflicted on him, he never broke once because all he thought about was seeing Liz again. Then they threatened her, and he caved. All of them, including the humans, have risked their lives for each other. Do you understand what I’m trying to say Zan?”

“Yes sort of. You’re telling me that the connection between the humans and the aliens is one that can’t be broken.”

“No, I’m telling you that because Max first saw Liz that day, it affected him and because of the seal …”

“It affected me too,” Zan said, finally understanding what Ava was trying to tell him.

“Yes because of how Max felt about Liz that first day, you were influenced by the seal to feel the same way but …”

“But because I had never met her, I just knew that there was someone out there and when I saw Liz ….”

“You finally felt like you were home.”

“Do you really think that all this time the seal has been influencing me, to … to feel this way?” Zan asked.

“Well what other explanation is there? I mean come on Zan, since you can remember you have felt that way and the only explanation I can think of is the seal. You’ve never given any one else a chance because, well because of the pull you felt towards Liz, which means the seal was affecting you.”

“And now it’s gone …”

“You are free to choose whoever you wish,” Ava said, satisfied that she had gotten her point across. “Don’t think for one moment Zan that I only told you this because of how I feel about you. I told you this because I want to try and help you get past the pain you feel. If you look deep into your soul I think you will come by the answer yourself.”

“I’m so sorry Ava, for what I’ve put you through all these years,” Zan said, feeling guilty at never acknowledging Ava’s existence.

“Ah hey, it’s me we’re talking about here,” she said, playfully punching him on the arm. “I’m always going to be around, no matter what.”

“Why have you? Stuck around I mean?”

“You can’t help who you fall in love with Zan. I’ve had to keep those feelings buried for years, but at least I get to be near you. Oh god, that sounds totally pathetic!”

“No, no Ava I think that sounds totally brave and romantic,” whispered Zan.

He leaned forward towards Ava when she placed her hands on his chest.

“Now is not the right time Zan. I will be here if you want me, but I don’t want to be a substitute. I want YOU to want ME because you love ME, not because you are hurting, okay?”

“Okay,” Zan said, pulling away from Ava.

He was going to do some soul searching over the next couple of days to see if her theory was correct, maybe, just maybe this might turn out better than he expected.

Just as they had finished their conversation everyone piled out of the mansion ready for training.

Zan caught sight of Liz’s pale face and guilt immediately took over his body.

“I have to go and apologise to Liz,” Zan said to Ava. “I said some pretty harsh words to her up in the bedroom.”

“Go to her Zan and mend the damage you have done. We all need to trust one another if any of us are going make it out of this alive.”

Zan ran over to Liz only to be blocked by Max.

The parents stopped to look at the exchange that was going on and decided to give them some privacy. They all got into their cars leaving Liz, Max, Zan and Ava to settle whatever the problem was.

Chapter 62

“Max I need to speak with Liz,” Zan said, with desperation in his voice.

“You’re kidding me right?” said Max.

“No, please Max, I have to apologise for upsetting her,” said Zan.

“No! Zan I know that you’re upset and I understand why, but Liz is emotionally drained at the moment and doesn’t need any more upset.”

Zan looked at Max with sincerity in his eyes.

“I promise you Max, I won’t upset her any more. I just need to speak to her for a minute. Please you have to trust me.”

Max looked at Zan for a moment and then walked over to Ava to give Zan and Liz some privacy.


Zan tentatively walked towards Liz as Max stepped to one side, his warning ringing loud in his ears. God she looked so pale. Did he do that to her? He looked into her big brown doe eyes and realised that there was slight fear in them. He was berating himself for causing it.

“Liz,” whispered Zan, as he approached her.

“Zan please not now. I can’t handle any more,” said Liz, in a defeated tone.

“I know. I-I’m so sorry Liz. I-I didn’t mean to yell at you like that I was just, I was just hurting so bad. I’ve talked things through with Ava and she’s made me understand that I was wrong to treat you that way. I’m so sorry Liz really I am. I never meant to hurt you like that.”

“You know something Zan? I’ve been through hell this past year, but nothing prepared me for that. I do care about you a great deal. Hell, you came all this way on one phone call not knowing what you were getting into and for that I will always be grateful to you. You and Ava helped me save my best friend and helped me defeat the others, but … but I’m under immense pressure and having you go off on me like that didn’t help me.”

“I know and for that I will be eternally sorry. I have discussed things with Ava and I think I’m going to be alright.”

“Well I don’t know what she said to you, but whatever it was I am happy that she has managed to put your mind at rest. I can’t go into this knowing you don’t have our backs.”

“Liz, no matter what, I will always protect any of the group with my life. To be honest ,Max is kinda my brother and I would never want anything bad to happen to either one of you.”

“Well then, apology accepted. Now let’s get over there. Those two seem to be getting cosy with one another,” laughed Liz, watching Ava hug Max.

“Yeah they do don’t they?” laughed Zan. He placed his arm around Liz’s shoulder and gave it a slight squeeze, just so she knew they were cool with one another.


“Hi Ava,” said Max.

“Hi Max. Don’t worry about Zan, we’ve had a little chat and I think he understands now.”

“I don’t know what you said Ava, but whatever it was seems to have worked,” said Max, smiling at Ava.

“We all have to trust one another if we are going to get through this. I know in my heart that Zan will be okay now. Just let he and Liz sort it out and then we can concentrate on the massive task we have ahead of us. Trust me Max, Zan won’t be a problem any longer.”

“To be honest with you Ava I don’t see Zan as a problem. If anything, I kinda understand what he’s going through … because … because …”

“Because of what Future Max made Liz do to you?” Ava finished for him.

“Exactly. It hurt so much Ava, and now I have Liz back I’m not going to let anything, or anyone get in the way of that.”

“I understand Max really I do. You know that she never stopped loving you, she just got confused because of all the changes that were happening to her.”

“I know and I played a major part in that entire ordeal, well a future version of me did. I don’t understand why the future version of me thought we needed Tess for all of this.”

“In that timeline Liz never got her powers. Now that she has them, she has given some to the other humans. They are able to protect themselves better, in the long run it has turned out for the best even though some people got hurt in the process,” said Ava, looking lovingly at Zan.

“You really do love him don’t you Ava? I know that look because it’s the one I’ve always given Liz from afar.”

“Yes, I have loved him for some time but he had to go through this to learn and grow. Who knows maybe, just maybe, he will realise that I was the right one for him all along. If he doesn’t, then I will never leave his side. I will always be there for him no matter what, as I said to him, you can’t help who you fall in love with.”

“You know something Ava, you are a remarkable woman.”

“Thanks Max,” said Ava giving Max a huge hug. “You know, finally I think I feel at home with everyone here. I’ve never had that comfort before and I would risk my life saving anyone of my family.”

“Well then I do believe that we are the honoured ones to be called your family,” said Max, giving Ava a small kiss on the cheek.


“Are we interrupting something?” asked Liz with a smile on her face and Zan’s arm around her shoulder.

“No, no I’m just giving my adopted sister a hug,” said Max, with a smile on his face while Ava just blushed. That was the first time any man had shown her any kindness, except for Zan of course.

“Adopted sister?” asked Zan. “Then that must mean that we’re adopted brothers.”

“Yeah I guess it does,” said Max, standing and shaking Zan’s out stretched hand.

“Don’t worry about a thing Max. I think all of us will have each other’s backs when the time comes.”

“I know Zan. Are you two alright now?” asked Max, looking at Liz and then Zan.

“Yeah, I think we’re going to be fine,” said Zan, “and thanks for understanding Max.”

“Well now that we’re all best buddies again, don’t you think it’s time we got this show on the road? I think our parents want to see just what kind of juice we have,” said Liz, with a smile on her face.

They all laughed and headed towards the relevant cars.

“I have to say though Max, that I think Liz is going to scare the shit outta them. Jesus she did me when I saw what she could do!” laughed Zan.

“That’s what people get when they mess with my family,” said Liz, in all seriousness which made the rest of them gulp, having no doubt about what she just said.

God help anyone who threatened her.

Liz joined Max in the jeep while everyone else got into their respective cars.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” asked Max.

“Never more so!” stated Liz.

Everyone made their way to the quarry.

Chapter 63

All of the cars pulled into the quarry and parked. Everyone got out at the same time. The parents all gathered together whilst the ‘kids’ gathered in their own group. Kal stood between them, alone.

“You know that you will have to contact the Queen mother soon. We need to let her know what happened and also to inform her of our plans,” said Kal.

“We know Kal. We will do that tomorrow but our parent’s minds have to be put at rest before we can agree on anything,” said Max, looking over to all of their parents.

“Let’s just show them what you are all capable of,” said Kal, walking towards the bottom of the quarry.

The parents and the whole pod squad followed Kal. The parents started to mutter between themselves … they were getting nervous about what was to come.

“Look at them all,” said Nancy in awe. “They seem to be all paired off into fighting teams.”

“I know,” said Diane. “I get the feeling that they are all connected in some way. Did you see the silent support they gave each other last night?”

“Funny you should mention that. Nancy and I were talking about that this morning. We don’t think they even know they are doing it,” said Jeff, watching the group before him.

“Can someone please tell me that you areall just as nervous as my wife and I are?” asked Charles.

“Well I know I am!” said Philip.

All the parents nodded in unison.

“I’m not so bad because I’ve seen some of the things that they can do, but I have a feeling even I am going to be surprised,” said Jim.

As everyone reached the bottom of the quarry all the parents weresilent.

“We should all go and sit over on those rocks and stay out of their way,” said Kal, pointing to some large boulders that would fit all of them on.

The parents and Kal went to sit on the boulders; their nerves were all on edge.

“Kal, just exactly what is it they can do?” asked Jeff, rather worried.

“It’s difficult to explain. You’ll just have to watch them.”

“Does it hurt them? I mean to use their powers, you know the … the …”

“Humans,” finished off Diane for Carol.

Carol shot Diane a sorrowful look.

“Don’t worry about it Carol, you have a right to ask those questions. We won’t take offense to them,” said Diane. “I would be asking the same question if Max was fully human as well.”

“Thank you, Diane. I’m not saying that your son is less important than ours, it’s just Max and Isabel have had their power since they were born.”

“In answer to your question Carol, no, it doesn’t hurt them. Liz would never have bestowed powers on them if they couldn’t handle it.”

“WHAT? Liz bestowed powers on everyone else?” asked Jeff.

“Yes, with the humans consent. Liz gave them the powers that they need to protect themselves. As you know, Alex nearly died because he was powerless so Liz has given them the ability to protect themselves.”

“Are you telling me that Liz is the strongest out of all of them?” asked Jeff, incredulously.

“Yes. Do you remember the images she showed you last night, the one where she was taken up in the air by the beam of light?”

“Oh I remember that. I was going to ask about that because it looked like she was in pain,” said Nancy.

“Oh no, far from it, the granilith chose her to channel its power. It will protect her until she dies of a natural death,” said Kal.

All the parents were stunned into silence until all of the guards that were at the mansion suddenly appeared before them. The parents gasped in surprise, except for Jeff.

“Lesson one in alien powers, they can teleport were ever they want to go!” laughed Jeff, repeating his daughters words, almost.

“How do you know that?” asked Nancy.

“They did it to me this morning. I had to blink several times before it registered in my brain!”

“Oh my god this is going to be interesting then,” said Diane.

The guards sat on the quarry floor with their legs crossed in front of them. They chanted something in Antarian, quietly, so the parents couldn’t hear. A protective bubble shield appeared surrounding everyone, including the guards.

“What the hell is that for?” asked Philip.

“It’s for your protection. They have excellent control over their powers but not over what their powers can create,” said Kal.


“Right everyone although I’m now designated as the King I think that we should work as a team.”

“That’s fine Maxwell and I appreciate you saying that, but in the end you have to make the decisions.”

“I will, but I want to hear what you all have to say first before I make any decision. We are stronger as a team remember?”

“He’s right. In fact I will show you just how strong we are as a team” said Liz with a smirk on her face.

“What do you mean by that Liz?” asked Kyle, getting a slight unsettling feeling in his gut.

“Just trust me on this okay. I want you all to form a V shape behind me and Max. I want you to all pair up like you did last time we practiced except Michael you will stand behind Max, along with Maria and then Zan, and Ava you stand behind Michael.”

“What the hell is this Liz?” asked Michael.

“You remember the power of the four-square?”

“Yes,” grunted Michael, “but that can’t be now that Tess is dead.”

Max shot Michael a warning look and he realised he had just put his foot in it again.

“I-I’m sorry Liz I-I didn’t mean it like that,” said Michael.

“I know. Just trust me, okay?”


“Now Isabel, you stand behind me with Alex and then Kyle and Serena stand behind Isabel.”

The group now created a V shape in pairs.

“Now I want Maria and Alex to put one hand on mine and Max’s shoulder and the other on their partner’s shoulders when I tell them to. Then the rest of you put one hand on each other’s shoulders and leave one hand free for battle.”

“I see, so we are all connected with one another. Maria and Alex being the main join and the rest of us free to use our powers,” said Serena.

“Exactly” smiled Liz “Are you ready?”

“Liz, what are you doing?” asked Max.

“We are no longer the four-square. We are now ten times stronger,” replied Liz.

“Oh I get it, because we have ten in our group who now have powers, we can channel them to become stronger,” replied Ava.

“Sort of … just watch and find out,” said Liz.

Liz closed her eyes and a bright light started to emanate from her. She started to slowly levitate in the air, earning her audible gasps from all the parents. The golden shield surrounded her and the pulsating light came, jerking her body slightly.


“What the hell is that?” asked Jeff, getting worried at the sight of his daughter jerking.

“She is calling on the power of the granilith. I think Liz is going to show you the most powerful move they have. This is going to be amazing,” said Kal, in awe, realising what Liz was doing.

“What, you mean to tell me they’ve never done this before!” shrieked Nancy.

“No one has ever done this move before because it never existed until they all got together,” said Kal, wondering just what was going to happen.

The guards started to chant louder in the hope that the shield around the parents would protect them.

As Liz slowly came back down to the ground she shot her hand out and a beam of white light headed towards the parents.

“What the hell is she doing!” screamed Carol.

“She is protecting you,” said Kal, “don’t worry.”

As the light reached the parents a golden shield surrounded them and the guards. The guards stopped chanting and lowered their shield.

“No harm will come to you now,” said Roman. “You have the protection of the granilith.”


“Everyone point their free hand towards that rock face over there,” said Liz, as the whole group walked around, still keeping the V shape, and pointing their hands towards the rock face she had indicated.

A bright light started to form around Liz again, but this time she didn’t levitate.

“Now!” shouted Liz.

Maria and Alex placed their hands on Max and Liz’s shoulder and then placed the other hand on their partner’s. Everyone else placed one hand on the shoulder of the person next to them and then shot their other hand out towards the rock face.

Every single one of them felt a power surge through their whole body. Everything felt like it was tingling.

“Now release the energy,” shouted Liz, above the hum of the power.

The whole group released their power at the same time, completely obliterating the rock face. The quarry was double its size. Liz immediately threw up a golden bubble shield to protect the group from the debris that exploded all over the quarry.

It rained down on them and their parents hard but both shields held. Once it was over Liz removed the shield from both groups.

Everyone turned to look at Liz.

“Jesus Christ Liz, what the fuck was that?” asked Michael.

“That was the power of the granilith. If we all channel it I can take on more power, therefore making us all more powerful,” said Liz as if it was nothing.

“Oh my god, I felt that running through my whole body, I’ve … I’ve never felt power like that!” said Isabel.

“This is how we can beat Khivar, but we have to stay together in order for it to work,” said Liz.

“We can do this! We can actually defeat Khivar,” said Max.

“We need more training because we have to protect one another, but yes, I believe we can actually beat Khivar,” smiled Liz.


“Well I guess they can look after one another” said Jeff, slightly frightened at what they had just witnessed.

Nobody could answer him. They just sat there looking at the devastation their so called ‘kids’ had just created.

“Oh there is a lot more to them than that. I’m sure you are just about to find out,” said Kal, pointing at the team who had now separated.

“Oh my god there’s more?” said Diane.

“Things you wouldn’t be able to dream of,” said Kal, with a slight smile on his face. Maybe this war will be over soon.


“Maria, show your mom just what you are capable of,” said Liz.

Maria winked at Liz and raised both hands in the air. Everyone took a step back and the guards raised their shield around the parents again.

Maria closed her eyes and pictured all the debris floating in the air and travelling towards the destination they had come from.

The whole group watched in awe as the debris started to float in the air and then made a small tornado shape. The tornado shape travelled along the bottom of the quarry picking up every last boulder and rock and then headed towards the blast area. Within seconds the debris fused itself together creating the rock face that had been there earlier.

All the parents remained motionless.


“Right Max, let’s see what you’ve got,” smiled Liz. “Just access the images I’ve given you and you will find out what powers you have.”

Max closed his eyes and accessed all of the images Liz had installed into his brain. When he opened his eyes his mouth fell open.

“I-I have all of that?” asked Max.

“Yes, you just didn’t know how to access it,” said Liz.

“Oh, this is going to be good!” said Kyle, clapping his hands together.

Max stepped forward and Maria stood in his place, away from what was about to happen. Liz raised her shield around them just to make sure.

Max put his arms out to the side, palms facing up and outwards. He slowly brought his hands around to meet at the front.

As Max was doing this everyone watched as an intense fire started and followed his hands to be met in the middle. There was now a semi circle of fire in front of Max. He then parted his palms and the fire split into two lines. He then clicked his thumb and finger and the fire disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

“Now that can come in handy if there are a lot of people we need to defeat,” said Max, already thinking of the practical application of his power.


“Michael your turn,” said Liz.

Michael and Max swapped places.

He looked around for a target and spotted a tree in the distance. He put his arm straight out in front and sent a blast of ice towards the bottom of the tree.

Everyone watched as the ice started eating its way up the tree trunk, along the branches and then finally small ice crystals formed on the leaves.

He then raised his hands in the air, palms facing upwards, and then brought them down in front of him. There was a sudden gust of freezing cold wind that made everyone shiver and all the frozen leaves fell from the tree and broke in to small pieces as they hit the ground.

Michael punched the air and said “Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

Everyone just laughed good naturedly at his antics.


Just as Liz was about to tell Isabel to go next, Karahna suddenly appeared before them. She walked straight towards Liz.

Everyone, except Serena, stood there with their arms out stretched ready to do battle with the strange woman dressed in gold.

“Put your arms down!” shouted Liz.

Everyone did as they were told.

“Karahna, it’s a pleasure to see you again,” said Liz, making a slight bow with her head.

“Please my child you are the Queen of Antar now. There is no need to bow to me,” said Karahna.

“W-What are you doing here?” asked Liz.

“We have a problem,” said Karahna, in a tone that Liz did not like one bit.

Both Isabel and Max exchanged glances with each other.

“T-This is Karahna our mother?" whispered Max.

Liz nodded her head.

TBC …………………………………………………………………………….. :D
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Re: I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) cpt 66 (04/Jan/09)

Post by Janetfl » Sun Jan 04, 2009 4:34 pm

Hi everyone as promised I have the next three chapters for you!!! Quick thanks to all of the people who continue to support this story ... you are amazing!!! Oh and as you can tell my story has been pruned again because it was getting a bit big! :lol:

Lourdes (LilLoucfer)
Rebel Baby

I couldn't have done this whole story without your support!!! Thank You!!!

These chapters were really hard to write and I think my brain is completely fried now!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
You will understand why when you read them.

This chapter contains dialogue from How The Other Half Lives. All credit goes to the writers and the owners of the show. No infringement is intended.

Chapter 64

As the woman in gold appeared the parents noticed the stance of their children and began to worry. They all looked ready for battle, except for Serena and Liz.

They watched as Liz said something and they all lowered their hands.

“What’s going on Kal? Who is that?” asked Diane, dreading the answer.

“That Diane is the Queen mother. Max’s, Isabel’s and Zan’s mother.”

Diane immediately stood up and started walking towards the group but Philip grabbed her arm gently. Diane spun around and looked at her husband with annoyance.

“Please Diane, I know you are worried but Max and Isabel love us. They need this private time with their Mother,” said Philip, in a gentle tone when he saw the tears forming in his wife’s eyes.

“What, what if they don’t want to come back Philip?”

“We have to trust them Diane. I don’t think that will ever happen.”

Diane looked at the woman dressed in gold and then back at her husband trying to decide what to do.

“Alright,” she whispered, sitting back down.

“Don’t worry Diane I am sure they will introduce her to you when they’re ready,” said Kal kindly.


“Come on guys let’s give them a little privacy,” said Liz, leading the team away from Karahna and towards the parents.

The whole team followed except for Max, Isabel and Zan.


Max was the first to walk towards his mother.

“H-How do I know that it’s really you?” asked Max.

“You have been awakened haven’t you?” asked Karahna.

“Y-Yes, how did you know that?”

“You have also … um … joined with your life partner?”

Max’s face went beetroot red and the tips of his infamous ears were burning.

“Y-Yes,” he stuttered.

“The answers are inside of you now Max. Liz has helped you find your true path and destiny.”

At the word destiny everyone groaned and rolled their eyes, including Zan.

“Have I said the word wrong?” asked Karahna confused. “I’ve been studying your language since we sent the pods down here, but I have to say that it’s a hard language to learn. You have so many meanings for the same words. It’s rather confusing actually,” said Karahna.

She had been learning the language because she wanted to be able to converse with her children in the language they had become accustomed to using.

Max, Isabel and Zan shared a look and burst out laughing.

“N-No,” said Max, in between laughing.

“It’s because Max has been having this whole destiny crap shoved down his throat for over a year now and well, we’re all sick of the word,” explained Isabel.

“Oh and who has been, how do you say it? Shoving this *ahem* destiny word down your throat?” Karahna asked, slightly confused.

For one she would never use the word ‘crap’ in public. A lady simply wouldn’t say such a word and secondly ‘shoved down your throat’ was a term she was unfamiliar with.

“Tess,” spat out Zan, the disgust evident in his voice.

“Tess? That is the human name for Lady Ava isn’t it?” asked Karahna.

“Yes,” said Isabel.

“Now I understand why you don’t like that word. I apologise if I have offended anyone and will not use the word in your presence again.”

“Can you show us your true form and then we can tell if you are our mother?” asked Zan.

“I – I can’t do that” said Karahna.

“Why not?” asked Max.

“I don’t want to scare the humans,” said Karahna, pointing to the parents.

“Is it really that bad?” asked Max, slightly worried. If Karahna was worried about scaring the parents then maybe he was part monster.

“No, I look similar to humans but with slight differences,” said Karahna.

“Then show us!” demanded Zan.

Karahna’s image flickered slightly and then her true form appeared.

“Oh my god!” shrieked Isabel.

Karahna looked almost human but her arms and legs were out of proportion to her torso. Her eyes were shaped like the aliens in the movies, black, large and almond shaped. Her head was larger than normal and her nose and mouth were small. Her skin had a greyish tone to it but it still looked human and her hair was normal.

“H-How come you look like that?” asked Max.

“You know how on earth the theory is that the human DNA or genes is only 1% different from that of a chimpanzee, or is it an ape? I don’t know, science wasn’t my strong point. I had my scientists do the work to engineer you. But basically we do have human genes in our DNA somewhere but we evolved into what you are looking at now. You see Antar is a fairly young planet by your earth standards. Earth has been around a lot longer.

The theory is that another alien race came to earth and abducted people, did experiments on them and created a whole new race. They then un-ceremoniously dumped us on Antar with the technology in order to survive but we were left to fend for ourselves and now we have evolved according to our surroundings. I really hope I’m making sense because as I said I’m not a scientist.”

“I know that a lot of the hieroglyphics from the ancient Egyptians had made references to the gods from the skies. P’TAH comes to mind.”

“What the hell is P’TAH asked Max?”

“You never paid attention in history class did you Max? P’TAH, Gods of Heaven came to Earth from the Celestial Disk, was the father of RA who apparently made his son the first Divine Ruler of Egypt. There is a lot of reference to gods from the skies in the Egyptian Hieroglyphics, but who’s to say it’s true,” said Isabel.

“So you’re telling us that sometime in the past, an alien race more technically advanced than ours came to earth and abducted people, conducted experiments on us and you’re the result of said experiments?” asked Max.

“That is what our culture has always believed. When we engineered you, we had to create a genetically engineered life form called the Gandarium. It was designed to bridge the DNA and RNA sequencing during third-stage amino synthesis.”

“What the hell does that mean?” asked Zan, totally confused.

“Well let’s say you want to create an alien-human hybrid. First, you get some alien cells and then you get some human cells. Normally they don’t mix very well. You need something to help bridge the differences. That’s where the Gandarium comes in.”

“So does that mean that you're slightly human or not?” asked Max.

“It means that we are more alien than human and needed the Gandarium to bridge those specific gaps in our DNA to create you.”

“I think my head is going to explode!” said Zan.

“When I heard of Khivar’s rising power, the prophecy’s words sprang into my head and I just knew that you were the ones that were going to suffer that terrible fate. So I had my scientists working around the clock in order to be able to engineer you and send you to earth.

We chose earth as the destination because of our belief’s that we originated from there. My scientists also came up with an implant that helps us cope with the Earth’s atmosphere and we have reversed the implants so that they will be effective for you. We will inject theses implants in to you before you come to Antar and you should be able to cope with our atmosphere.”

“How do these implants work?” asked Max, knowing he was going to regret the answer, or rather not understand it. It seems he had inherited his mother’s lack of science skills.

“The chip is covered with a soluble membrane and is placed in fluid. The fluid will help the chip travel along your bloodstream, directly into your heart. With the heat of your body the membrane will slowly dissolve, so by the time the chip reaches its destination it will be able to attach itself to the heart wall. The air on Antar is thin and you would suffer what your language calls Altitude or Mountain Sickness.

The chip is designed to get your body already acclimatised to the conditions on Antar. Your depth of breathing will increase, your body will produce more of your blood cells to carry the oxygen, the pressure in your pulmonary capillaries will be increased, forcing blood into parts of your lung which are NOT normally used when breathing on Earth and finally your body will produce more of a particular enzyme that causes the release of oxygen from your blood into your body tissues.”

“Are you talking about Nano-technology?” asked Max.

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about.”

“So when you said the scientists reversed the implants does that mean ….” Zan asked, getting interrupted.

“It means that the implants have the reverse affect on us. It gets rid of the excess oxygen, reduces our respiration rate and slows the pressure in our pulmonary capillaries.”

“You know what, my head is totally screwed after all that information,” said Isabel.

Chapter 65

Max walked over to his mother and captured her in a hug. Karahna was so happy to see her family again. Once Max had finished she turned towards Zan.

“My son,” she said, with her arms outstretched.

Zan took some hesitant steps and then gave his mother a hug.

“I’ve always been on my own except for Ava,” said Zan.

“Ava’s here,” said Karahna, shocked that the woman who betrayed her family was still alive. “You haven’t executed her yet?”

“No mom, Tess was the Ava you know so well and Liz executed her the other night. Ava, my Ava, is a good kind hearted soul,” said Zan.

“He’s right mother, Ava has been helping us all this time. She even helped Liz save me when I went to the summit, along with Isabel’s help,” said Max.

Karahna finally turned towards her daughter.

“Isabel, you are more beautiful than I ever imagined,” said Karahna, taking her daughter into her arms.

Max got straight to the point once their little reunion was over.

“You said there was a problem, what is it?”

“I think we should discuss this with the rest of the group,” said Karahna.

“We have our parents with us,” said Isabel.

“Your parents know about you?”

“We only told them last night and they are very worried about us going to war and to Antar,” explained Max.

“That is perfectly understandable. Why don’t we include them in the discussion then?”

The three alien hybrids shared a look and then nodded their heads.

They headed towards the group who were watching them intently especially Diane and Philip.

When the four approached you could hear the gasps of all the humans when they saw Karahna in her natural form.

“I am sorry, do I frighten you because I can switch on the image creator to change my appearance?” said Karahna.

“N-No that’s okay. It’s just you look a little like us, but totally different at the same time,” said Liz.

“I will let Max explain everything to you later,” said Karahna.

Max just gave his mother an incredulous look. How the hell was he supposed to remember all the scientific stuff she just rambled on about?

“Mother I would like you to meet our parents Diane and Philip Evans,” said Max, as they stood up to greet the newcomer.

They all shook hands.

“I have to thank you for taking such good care of the children,” said Karahna.

“T-Thank you,” said Diane, with tears in her eyes.

“Please don’t be upset. I am not here to force them to leave. They have the option to return to Earth if they so wish. We just have to make sure that another form of rule is put in place before the King abdicates his throne, otherwise there would be a mass of confusion on who actually rules the Whirlwind Galaxy,” explained Karahna.

“Mom, we’re not staying on Antar,” said Isabel.

“We have discussed this in private and we do want to return to Earth. All our family and friends are here and although our friends are coming with us, our parents will be left on Earth. We want to return home but any of you who wish to stay can do so,” explained Max.

This made the other parents slightly nervous.

They all discussed with each of their children what they wished to do and all of them agreed that they wanted to return to Earth.

“What about you Michael?” asked Max, knowing that he didn’t have any parents to keep him on Earth.

“My home is where ever Maria is,” said Michael truthfully.

Maria went over to Michael and kissed him passionately.

“This is my home and I want to stay here but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t visit your home town once in awhile space boy.”

Everyone laughed.

“Me and Ava will decide when we get to Antar,” said Zan.

“Fair enough,” said Max.

“Right, well now that’s all over let’s get on to our little problem,” said Karahna.

“It’s Khivar again, isn’t it?” asked Liz.

“Yes, we have the technology that enables us to look for any anomalies that happen and last week there was one and again last night.”

“I can tell you what the anomaly was. It was Khivar opening up a wormhole to come here and back again,” said Liz.

“We know, we have managed to place a few spies within the palace and they found out about the wormhole. Now the problem we have is that Khivar is transferring every scientist he has at his disposal to improve the stability of the wormhole so that he can transport numerous amounts of his army to Earth.”

Liz took an audible gulp.

“A-Are you saying he is going to try and invade Earth?” asked Liz.

“That’s exactly what he is planning on. Now the machine that creates the wormhole requires an extraordinary amount of power to charge it. He is currently diverting every non-essential power source into charging the machine. Our spies estimate that it will take approximately three months for the machine to be fully operational.”

“So we don’t have much time to practice our powers,” said Max.

“You have a month and then you must come to Antar. We need you there so we can start to plan a tactical offense. You have numerous armies from the other planets that have agreed to stand by your side, thanks to the prophecy, but they want proof that Liz exists.” said Karahna.

“What kind of proof?” Max asked, getting worried about Liz.

“They will want a display of her powers and yours,” said Karahna.

“Well if what we’ve just witnessed is anything to go by then I think they will be impressed,” said Jim.

“You will be even more powerful on Antar.”

“How come?” asked Liz.

“The second half of the granilith that is still on Antar is the most powerful part. Liz can tap into that power.”

“What would happen if you joined them back together?” asked Kyle.

“You would be unbeatable and I do mean unbeatable but the risk of returning the second half of the granilith back to Antar would be dangerous and it could fall into Khivar’s hands.”

“So that isn’t an option then,” said Michael, more as a statement than a question.

“I must go now but I am sending you a small amount of trusted guards to help the others in training you. They will also bring weapons with them that can help the human parents protect themselves just in case Khivar activates the wormhole. I don’t think he will but we can never be too sure. They will contact Roman and teleport directly to him.”

“Thank you,” said Max, as he gave his mother a quick hug.

The other siblings did the same and then Karahna teleported back to the pod chamber.

Although the parents didn’t want their children to go to war, they realised that they couldn’t stop them. The fate of Earth rested in their hands.

It was a very quiet journey back to the mansion.

Chapter 66

Nobody had spoken a word since they arrived at the mansion, each person dealing on their own thoughts. They were all sitting in the living room.

It was Max who broke the silence first.

“Don’t Liz.”

Liz looked at Max in shock and then remembered that he could read her mind and feel her through their connection.

“Don’t what?” asked Jeff.

Liz looked like a deer that had been caught in the headlights of a speeding car.

“She blames herself,” said Max

“WHAT! WHY?” shouted Jeff.

“If I hadn’t tried to change the future then we would have had another fourteen years before Khivar attacked the earth,” said Liz.

“Look at what happened though Liz. The human race was wiped out by that madman. At least now you have each other and you are more powerful than, what was it called?” said Diane, trying to remember everything they were shown the night before and had discussed with Kal.

“The four-square,” said Ava.

“That’s it, the four-square. As I saw it, by the images you showed us last night, you got your powers because you pushed Max away. Now in the other timeline because you were with Max you never needed them and Khivar won. Now that you have your powers and have also increased your group size, you will now make a formidable opponent to Khivar.”

No way was she going to let Liz take this all on her shoulders.

“I agree,” said Jeff, and all of the other parents nodded.

“Don’t you see that if it wasn’t for you our son would be dead now?” said Charles.

“Alex would never have been put in that position if I hadn’t changed the future,” said Liz.

“That was my fault though Liz. If I hadn’t have come back from the future then Alex would have never been in danger because Tess left.”

“Your both wrong actually,” said Kal. “If Max hadn’t come back from the future then his timeline would still exist and the earth would be destroyed by 2014. If you did not push Max away you would never have gotten your powers and again Khivar would have won in 2014.

You gained your powers and you were able to see enough into the future to stop Tess’s plan. Alright you may have brought Khivar’s wrath on earth sooner but now you are able to go to Antar and defeat him before he can do that. Fate has worked it all out for you.”

Roman entered the room and coughed to announce himself. Everyone turned to look at him.

“The other guards have arrived and we have put them up in our room. It is big enough for us all to fit in.”

“How many guards are there?” asked Kal.

“Twelve in total. The other four guards Karahna sent us are the best in hand to hand combat and are also weapons experts. They will be training you all in these subjects,” said Roman, bowing and making his exit.

“I have worked out a tough training schedule for you all. I was going to take you all away for a week before we started training but we don’t have time for that. Once we are back I will arrange it for you. Here is your itinerary,” said Kal, handing out the papers to each of the group.

“You will have to let me know what your schedules are so that I can plan a training itinerary for you that will fit around your commitments” said Kal, to the parents.

“We will all get together tonight and try to plan a time when we are all available at the same time,” said Jeff.

The other parents nodded.

“Oh my god Kal, you can’t be serious?” said Maria.

“Yeah I know what you’re talking about Maria. Kal there is no way I’m getting up at five am,” said Michael frowning.

Kal slammed his fist on the table making everyone jump and pay attention.

“You are going into war you idiots! Do you think for one moment the enemy is going to wait for you to wake up! You may not even be able to sleep for a number of days so you have to be in top physical shape in order to have your wits about you!” shouted Kal, at the top of his voice.

“You may have won the battle last night BUT that was nothing compared to what Khivar will throw at you on Antar!” shouted Kal, trying to get his point across. “You are soldiers now and you better start thinking and acting like them otherwise none of you will come out of this alive!!”

It was only after Kal’s speech that everyone realised just how much training they really had to do in order to be prepared.

“Sorry,” grumbled Michael and Maria in unison.

“It’s been a terribly long day today and I think we all need to relax a little before the training starts on Monday,” said Kal. “I will have my cook prepare us a meal and then I think we should all get an early night.”

The parents agreed to meet at the Evan’s house to discuss their schedules. They wanted to be with the kids as much as possible.

The guards also joined the guests in the feast that was laid out for them. It was rather a jovial evening considering the circumstances.

Once the dinner was over the parents left for the night and said that they would get back to Kal with their schedules. The group departed and went to their separate bedrooms.

TBC ……………………………………………………………………………. :wink:
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Re: I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) cpt 69 (13/Jan/09)

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Hi everyone I've finally got an update for you all. I am terribly sorry I'm late with this but I've had a tough couple of weeks but everything is getting sorted now ... so hopefully my updating will become regular again!!!

I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for all the people who left me feed back!!

Monica x 2
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You don't know how much your words keep me going!!! Thank you so much for supporting this story!!!

I have to say a HUGE thank you to Monica who helped me write a particular scene in the following chapters. I was finding it very difficult to finish and she came to my rescue!!!! THANK YOU MONICA!!!!

This chapter has En Vogue’s and Salt n’ Pepa’s song Whatta Man in the scene. I’m just borrowing the song for this chapter and full credit goes to the artists and song writers, no infringement is intended.

"Max's thougths"
"Liz's thougths"

Chapter 67

Outside the mansion the parents had a discussion and decided to go to the Crashdown to work out the schedules.

“Does anyone want coffee?” asked Nancy, as they walked into the Crashdown locking the door behind them.

Everyone nodded their heads.

Nancy went around the counter and switched on the coffee machine while everyone else pulled some tables and chairs together so they could have a meeting.

Jeff helped Nancy set down the coffee cups and then once the coffee was ready Nancy served everyone. They were all sitting at the table now.

“I just can’t believe all this is happening. I mean I know what we saw today at the quarry, but it’s just not sinking in,” said Carol, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Yeah and we didn’t even see what power Liz gave to Alex yet,” said Charles.

“Well I don’t even know what Kyle can do yet?” said Jim.

“Maria just freaked the hell out of me,” said Amy. “I mean it took all of my control not to pass out!”

“You freaked out! How do you think Jeff and I felt when we saw our daughter float in the air and start jerking and then sending a blast towards us?” asked Nancy.

“I’m sure it’s hard for everyone,” said Philip. “But we have to discuss what we are going to do. I don’t really want to let the kids face this, this evil a-alien without some sort of help.”

“What can we do Philip? We saw what type of powers the kids have. We don’t know what this Khivar lunatic can throw at them. Christ he had enough power to wipe out an entire planet in the other timeline. I’m not saying I don’t want to help because I do. It’s just that we’re in a very difficult situation here,” said Jeff.

All the parents nodded.

“Plus the fact that the kids think this Khivar person will want to use us against them. If we get involved and get caught then that puts the kid’s lives in danger. I’m sure all of them would not want to see us hurt in anyway, then Khivar will have the upper hand and I for one do NOT want that on my conscience,” said Nancy.

“But there must be something we can do?” said Amy.

“Trust me there isn’t,” said Jim. “I’ve known about everything for a while now and I’ve seen some of the things they can do, but I never imagined that they would be as powerful as they are.”

All the parents were about to turn on Jim for not telling them sooner but he raised his hand to stop them.

“When your son was captured by the FBI the whole group went to save him. Tess made Pierce believe something that wasn’t real and that’s how they got Max out of the white room. I was there, towards the end, when Liz finally came to me and told me the truth.

To cut a long story short we saved Max but Kyle got shot in the process and Max healed him. From that day forward I swore I would keep their secret and give them any help I possibly could, and I’ve kept that promise, so before you all start ranting at me, just keep that in mind.”

“How long have you known about this?” asked Amy.

“About a year.”


“No Amy I never told you. I kept on at the kids to tell you all but they were too afraid and can you really blame them? Look at what’s happened over the past two years. They’ve been spied on, almost shot by a mad alien hunter, chased constantly by the FBI and I am ashamed to admit that I hounded them for awhile after Max healed Liz at the Crashdown that day. Every human adult that found out their secret either wanted to hound them, study them or even kill them.”

“But we’re their parents Jim, why didn’t you tell us?” asked Diane.

“Well as I said the first year I wasn’t sure what was going on. Oh I had my suspicions, which is why I kept hounding them, but I didn’t have any evidence. It was only when Liz came to me for help, when Max got caught by the FBI that I realised the true extent of what was going on.

After the FBI, none of us trusted anyone again except for each other and you can see how that turned out. Nasedo and Tess turned out to be traitors. If I had told you all the truth you would have tried to split the group up and they all needed each other, tell me I’m wrong!” said Jim looking each parent in the eye.


“I suppose if I knew from the very beginning, I would have definitely taken Maria as far away as I could from Michael!”

“And now?”

“Now, now I wouldn’t dream of it.”

“Jeff?” said Jim, turning to look at him in the eyes.

“My gut instinct would have been to protect Liz and I’m sorry to say I would have probably called the FBI, not really realising what they would do to Max,” said Jeff honestly.

“Y-You would have done that to my son?” asked Diane in shock.

“I wouldn’t have understood Diane, which I do now. I doubt I would have let Liz explain and I certainly wouldn’t have believed the FBI would do such a thing to a young kid, alien or not, until Liz showed us what happened in the white room,” explained Jeff.

“Well it’s a good job they all kept the secret then,” said Philip.

“I-I can’t believe my son went through all of that and never told anyone,” said Diane, with tears in her eyes.

“Just remember Diane, he had all of his friends and me to support him,” said Jim.

“B-But he didn’t have the most important person in his life to support him,” whispered Diane.

“I know and I’m sorry about that but as you saw last night, through the images Liz showed us, Tess mind warped everyone into believing that she was Max’s destiny and not Liz. Liz tried to do the honourable thing by leaving so Max had space to be with Tess. It broke her heart to do it but she returned to help them and that’s the important thing,” said Jim.

“You know, I’m glad that evil bitch is dead!” shouted Diane.

All the parents looked at each other shocked and then back at Diane. In all the time that they had known the woman they had never once heard her curse.

“Well I second that,” said Carol. “She would have killed Alex if Liz hadn’t saved him.”

“I don’t think it’s productive to go down this route anymore. We know what’s happened in the past but thanks to Liz, and the new additions to the group, all that has now changed. I think the only way we can help the kids is to be there for them and train with them, so they don’t worry about us when they are on Antar,” said Philip.

“I had a thought,” said Carol. “Charles and I are long overdue for a vacation. I think we should book a couple of weeks off work and spend as much time with our kids as possible. We might not see them ever again,” she whispered, the last part.

“Oh Carol, don’t think that way. I’ve seen what these kids are capable of when they are together and if anybody can defeat Khivar, it’s them,” said Jim.

“I agree with Carol. I’m going to ask Jose to manage the Crashdown for a couple of weeks so that we can spend the time with the kids as well,” said Nancy.

“I’ll do the same with my law firm. Jesse can handle everything while I’m away,” said Philip.

“Okay, so everyone is going to take a couple of weeks off then?” asked Jim.

All the parents nodded.

“Well I will be there as often as I can. I can’t take that much time off. We don’t have enough staff to cover as it is,” said Jim.

“Well how about we get the training schedule from Kal and then you can join us when you can,” said Jeff.

“That would be fine but I also think we need to meet about once a week so we can discuss any concerns we might have without the kids being there,” said Jim.

All the parents nodded their acceptance. Everyone nominated Jim to take the schedules round to Kal and then they agreed to meet the following week to discuss their progress. They all exchanged numbers as well so all of them could be contacted in an emergency.

After everyone left for the evening Jeff and Nancy locked up the café and went upstairs to bed. It had been one hell of a day.

“Our baby is going to war Jeff,” said Nancy, once in bed.

“I know,” whispered Jeff.

“It’s just not right that they’ve all had to suffer like this. They’re supposed to be enjoying this time of their lives not fighting for it. They’re growing up way too fast.”

“I know Nance, but there is nothing that we can do about it. Now come here,” said Jeff, as he scooted his wife across the bed into his arms.

“Everything is going to be fine,” said Jeff, kissing Nancy on the forehead, although he didn’t quite believe it himself.

Chapter 68

Meanwhile back at the mansion …………………………………..

Everyone said their ‘good nights’ and broke up to go into their separate rooms.

“Max,” said Liz, turning to face him as he shut the door to their bedroom.

“Yes Liz.”

“How come your mother looks like us, but is different at the same time?” asked Liz, with a confused look on her face.

Max just stood there motionless, staring at Liz as if she had a second head.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that? Max?”

Max just shook his head.

“I was really hoping you wouldn’t ask me that question,” said Max.


Max just gave Liz an incredulous look.

“Liz I just about passed the biology test and that’s only because you helped me through all the classes. Science is my worst subject, okay so I just about passed all the tests but that was only because I could scan the information into my mind. I don’t really understand it all that well,” said Max slightly embarrassed.

Liz tried her best not to laugh. She thought he was going to tell her something awful.

“Why don’t you just tell me what you remember and I will try to work it out for myself. I am surprised that no one else asked the question to be honest.”

“Oh I think that will definitely be on Michael’s top priority list tomorrow morning,” groaned Max.

He sat on the chair opposite the bed that Liz now sat on. He couldn’t go over there just yet otherwise he would simply ravish her.

All day he had been day dreaming about Liz at some point or another. It had taken all of his will power not to take her just after they finished the V manoeuvre. He had an idea that it was the power of the granilith that increased his desire to an almost uncontrollable level.

Liz got off the bed and walked slowly towards Max. She bent down and whispered into his ear seductively.

“Oh no Max, it wasn’t the granilith. It was my desire you could feel running through your veins. I get very turned on when I do that, ever since the seal was joined, or rather we were joined,” said Liz, nipping his ear with her teeth. Max groaned.

“L-Liz you have to stop that if you want me to tell you what my mother said,” said Max, in a husky tone while placing his lips against her neck which was exposed.

“You don’t have to explain it to me Max. I can go into your head and access those specific memories. It won’t hurt you in any way,” said Liz.

“O-Okay but you have to move away from me otherwise all you will see is what I have been fantasising about all day,” said Max playfully.

“Hmmm that might be a little more interesting!” giggled Liz.

She moved away from Max and sat back down on the bed.

“Do I have your permission to enter your head?” asked Liz.

Max just nodded.

Liz closed her eyes and concentrated hard on forming a link with Max’s mind. Once she was in, she used her Memory Manipulation power to sift through Max’s memories until she found what she was looking for.

She received the images into her mind along with the conversation that Max’s mother had with him earlier that day.

Max just stared at Liz while she was accessing his mind and decided to have some fun with her. He concentrated on sending her an image of what he was fantasising about all day. He placed a beaming smile on his face as Liz’s eyes flew open in shock and her face went bright red.

“MAX!” shouted Liz through her laughter. “You are soooo naughty!”

“I just thought I would show you what you missed!” said Max laughing wiggling his eyebrows which, made Liz laugh even harder.

When Liz received another flash of the image and then felt Max’s desire, through their connection, she soon stopped laughing and looked at Max. His eyes were black and the green flame danced across them.

“Oh so you want to play,” said Liz with her head to one side, smiling. She bent down and removed her boots and socks.

Max just nodded and licked his very dry lips.

Liz flung her arm out to the side and switched on the stereo with her powers. En Vogue’s and Salt n Pepa’s, Whatta Man fills the room and Liz just smiled at Max as she stood up.

Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!
Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!
Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!
Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!

Liz starts to sway her hips, in a sexy circular motion, in time with the music. If Max wants to play then boy could she play.

I wanna take a minute or two, and give much respect to – to the man that’s made a difference in my world.

Liz gave a small nod of her head agreeing with the lyrics.

She dipped slowly to the floor her legs spread wide. She closed and opened them again and then came back up slowly, doing a rippling motion with her whole body.

So heres to the future cuz we got through the past,
I finally found somebody who can make me laugh. (ha ha ha)
You so crazy… I think I wanna have yo baby.

Liz turned her back to Max and looked over her shoulder when the last line was sung. She gave him a sexy, cheeky wink and then started swaying her hips. She grabbed her top and pulled it off in one fluid motion. She turned back around to face Max.

Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!
Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!
Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!
Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!

“Ain’t that the truth,” said Liz, eyeing Max seductively, still moving her body to the music. Max shifted uncomfortably, in his chair, trying to get his raging hard on under control.

My man is smooth like Barry, and his voice got bass.
A body like Arnold with a Denzel face. He’s smart like a doctor
With a real good rep, and when he comes home, he’s relaxed with pep.

“Aw baby your face is like Jason’s not Denzel but the rest is all true,” said Liz, to Max’s shocked face.

“I-It’s not the lyrics Liz. It’s the fact that you’re gyrating your bra covered breasts at me and I want to just rip it off your body!”

He went to stand up but Liz lifted her leg and pushed him back into the seat with her foot.

“Ah, ah baby, there’s more where that came from,” said Liz, wiggling her index finger side to side and shaking her head.

He never ran a corny line once to me yet, so I give him stuff
that he’ll never forget.

Max nodded his head at this line because Liz did give him memories that he would never forget. The shower scene popped into his head and he smiled.

He dresses like a Davadon, but even in jeans, he’s a God sent original,
the man of my dreams.

Liz nodded again still moving to the music but at the same time removing her bra and throwing it on the floor.

Max’s eyes pop out of his head! An audible groan came out of his parted lips and his breathing increased tenfold.

Yes my man says he loves me, never says he loves me not. Not to
rush me good and touch me in the right spot.

Liz reached her hand down towards her now wet core and rubbed it through her trousers, laughing at the shocked look on Max’s face.

But not this man, he’s got the right potion, baby rub it down
And make it smooth like lotion. He’s the original highway to
Heaven. From seven to seven he’s got me open like 7 eleven, and
Yes it’s me that he’s always choosin’. With him I’m never loosin’,
And he knows that my name is not Susan. He always has heavy
conversation for the mind, which means a lot to me cuz good men
are hard to find.

Liz turned around away from Max and slipped her fingers inside the waistband of her trousers and pulled them down. She was now exposing her stringed thong rear end, high in the air, right in front of Max’s face. A growl left his throat and he was on her in seconds. He cupped her firm cheeks and Liz slapped his hands away.

“No touching until I say so,” said Liz, seductively, stepping out of her trousers.

Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!
Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!
Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!
Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!

Whatta mighty, mighty good man! Know what I’m saying?
Whatta mighty, mighty good man yall! Yall don’t hear me. Now check HIM out.

Liz turned around and placed her finger on his shoulder pushing him back on to the chair while smiling.

Max’s erection was reaching painful levels and he wanted it relieved soon.

As he slammed back down into the chair Liz straddled his hips and started to gyrate her lacy clad wet core against his erection. She started to slowly undo his shirt buttons while still moving to the music. Her breasts were inches from his face and Max couldn’t hold on any longer. He captured her stiff peak in his warm mouth and rolled it with his tongue. A breathy moan left Liz’s lips and she threw her head back in ecstasy.


My man gives real lovin’, that’s why I call him killa. He’s not a
wam bam, thank-you-maam, he’s a thrilla. He takes his time,
and does everything right. Knocks me out with one shot for
the rest of the night. He’s a real smooth brotha, never in a
rush. And he gives me goose pimples with every single touch

Their connection roared to life; want and need evident in their shared feelings. Max moved his ministrations to her soft neck kissing, biting and sucking it.

Cuz he’s a real man. A lover, and a fighter, and hell knock
another out. Don’t take him for a sucka, cuz its not what he’s
about. Every time I need him, he always got my back. Never dis-
respectful, cuz his momma taught him that.

Liz reached her hand down and dissolved Max’s clothes with her powers.

“I thought you said no touching, Liz, until you say so!” said Max, in between the kisses he was giving her neck.

“I say so NOW MAX!” said Liz, lifting herself slightly and slamming down on Max’s throbbing manhood.

Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!
Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!
Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!
Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!

Liz shot her hand out again and used her powers to switch off the stereo. She didn’t want anything disturbing this moment.

Max was completely shocked at Liz’s behaviour. Hell if he’d known she was a little minx then he would have joined with her a long time ago.

Liz’s thrusts became more frenzied as she was reaching her climax. Max grabbed hold of her hips and helped her tired movements with his strong arms. He could feel she was close and so was he. A slight film of sweat now covered both their bodies and Liz’s hair was stuck to her shoulders.

She arched her back even further to allow Max to enter her more deeply. Her walls began to flutter around Max’s hard shaft and he removed his hand from her hip and skilfully played with her clit, bringing her over the edge.

“Maaaaax!” screamed Liz as her orgasm ripped through her entire body.

“Liiiiiiiz!” hissed Max, as he spilled his seed inside her.

Liz rested her head against Max’s shoulder as they both tried to get their breathing under control.

“My god Liz I never knew you could be such a, such a, little minx,” said Max, between breaths.

Liz just giggled. “Yeah Max you do that to me. You bring out my wild side!”

“Well I’m a very, very lucky man,” said Max.

Liz yawned and Max lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed. He placed her down while he pulled back the comforter. She slid between the sheets and immediately felt the pull of sleep. Max slipped in beside her and scooted her over so he was spooning her.

“I love you Liz,” said Max into her hair.

“I-I love you too Max,” said Liz, as she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 69

When Liz woke up the next morning she knew that Max wasn’t in bed.

“Good morning sleepy head! How are you this fine morning?”

“I feel rather refreshed after that wonderful sleep! Thank you for asking.”

“I’m making you some breakfast. I’ve got coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, cereal and toast … how does that sound?”

“It sounds perfect Max. I’m just going to jump in the shower and I’ll come down.”

“I love you Liz.”

“I love you too Max.”

Liz finally dragged her body out of the bed and went into the bathroom. She did her morning business and brushed her teeth. She switched on the shower and waited for the water to heat up.


Max was downstairs preparing Liz’s breakfast when Michael walked in.

“Good morning Maxwell,” growled out Michael. He wasn’t the best person to be around in the mornings, in fact he was insufferable.

“Morning,” said Max, with a cheerful voice.

“God how can you be so freaking chipper in the morning?” asked Michael. “Oh my god you and Liz have done the dirty deed.”

“WHAT?” asked Max, spinning around to look at Michael. He tried his best to put a neutral look on his face.

“I SAID you and Liz have done the dirty deed!”

“What on earth makes you think that?” asked Max, worried.

“Max, come on, I’ve known you for a long time now and YOU are never this cheerful in the morning – NEVER!” said Michael, studying Max’s face closely. Oh he was good at putting on the ‘stone face’ as Michael liked to call it but he knew the signs to look out for.

And there it was! Whenever Max was trying to hide something about Liz his left eye would twitch slightly, and how did Michael know this? He had watched Max pining after Liz for years. everytime he mentioned her name his left eye would twitch.

“HA I KNEW IT!!!” shouted Michael.

“Keep your voice down Michael,” said Max, his whole face and ears tinged with a red hue.

“Well, well, here’s me thinking that I would be the first one to pop my cherry and you beat me to it you dirty dog’” laughed Michael.

“It’s not like that Michael,” said Max, getting slightly angry.

“Maxwell, chill would ya I was only joking.”

“Liz and I love one another and … and …”

“And WHAT Max?” asked Michael, realising there was something more going on.

“She’s my Queen.”

“Well duh, I know that Max, but there’s something more to this, isn’t there?” said Michael, narrowing his eyes.

“It’s personal Michael,” said Max, through gritted teeth.

“Spill it Maxwell. I’m not going to say anything. I promise,” said Michael, realising that Max was having a hard time telling him what was on his mind.

“Oh god, I can’t believe I’m telling you of all people,” Max rolled his eyes.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well for one thing, this is VERY personal and also I’m not sure how you are going to react to this.”

“Seriously Max just tell me what’s going on and I will try to help,” Michael was getting concerned now.

Max turned away from Michael and continued to prepare breakfast. There was no way he could actually face Michael while telling him such personal details.

“Well yes, Liz and I are in a sexual relationship, but there is a problem. When we had sex we bonded and now, now we’re not going to be able to stop until an heir is produced.”

Max stood there waiting for the fireworks to start but none came. He slowly turned around to face Michael. Michael just stood there shocked.

“A-Are you telling’ me that you have to have a child otherwise you won’t be able to stop having sex with Liz?” asked Michael, incredulously.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. God Michael, I love Liz with all my heart but we’re both too young to have any children yet. If we don’t, it will just get worse. I haven’t told this to Liz yet and I’ve been blocking this particular feeling from her, but every day the desire to take her just gets stronger. I’m afraid that when the time comes, I’m not going to be able to control myself no matter who’s around.”

“It’s THAT bad? Are you telling me that we could be in the midst of a battle, or even in front of the parents, and you wouldn’t be able to control yourself?”

Max just nodded.

“Michael when we did that manoeuvre yesterday, you know the one where she fed us the power of the granilith?”


“That made the feeling grow more intense. Believe me when I say that it took all of my reserve not to take her right there. I mean, what the hell can we do about it?” asked Max.

“I don’t know Max, but maybe you should have a private talk with Karahna and ask her to explain it to you. There might be a way to get out of having to produce an heir.”

“Why does my life always have to be so fucked up?”

“I don’t know Max. None of us have had it easy but you seem to have the brunt of it all thrown at you, since we found out who we really are. I mean that whole Future Max thingy, Liz pretending to sleep with Kyle and then not to mention the T woman!”

Max was just standing there staring off into space.

“Max, MAX!” shouted Michael.

“Sorry Michael but I’ve got to go and see Liz,” said Max, walking out of the kitchen.

“I’m not letting this breakfast go to waste,” said Michael, munching on the toast that Max had just prepared.


Liz stepped into the shower and sighed as the hot water relaxed her exhausted muscles. She had been on the go constantly for the past couple of weeks. Now it was time for her to kick back and relax. She closed her eyes and put her face under the jet stream of water, it stung her skin a little but it was waking her up.

She turned around, grabbed her scrubbing puff and put a good dollop of shower gel on it. She lathered up her body; in no time her skin was laced with bubbly white foam running down the valley of her supple breasts, creating an erotic sensation as the foam snaked past her flat stomach and to her lower anatomy. Using her powers at the same time she removed any unwanted hair. As she worked the puff back up her legs she started to get an unrelenting ache between her legs.

“Oh god not again,” she groan aloud. Her nether lips began to hum.

Now although Liz couldn’t get enough of Max, these uncontrollable urges would be a problem on Antar. She just wasn’t sure there was any way out of it and she didn’t want to think about that possibility just yet. So she decided to try something.

Daring herself, Liz slowly glided her hands over her torso until they reached her breasts. She gently cupped them and started to roll her nipples between her thumb and finger. She let out a gentle moan at the sensations her hands were causing to her body. She then ran one hand down to her lower regions and began to stroke her clit in a circular motion.

While she was doing this she had visions of Max in her mind. She glided her finger around her wet folds before dipping two fingers inside herself. She continued her ministrations on her breast at the same time. She had never done this sort of thing before and was amazed that she could feel this way just doing it herself. Pushing her hips down onto her fingers she increased the pleasure tenfold. She started to pump her fingers faster and with each thrust, her fingers found her g-spot. In no time, she could feel her fingers coated with her slick essence.


Max watched intently as Liz started to run her hands over her body in a sensual way, which started turning Max on. His arousal was pushing hard against his trousers. God, he was so horny right now, watching her ride her own fingers as if no one was in the room. He was shocked at first when he saw Liz’s fingers dipping into her core but when she threw her head back and moaned out his name his breath caught in the back of his throat.

“Maaax,” she purred, as she continued her movements.


Liz jumped at the sound of his voice and turned around after ripping her fingers out of her body. She felt totally embarrassed about being caught in that position and she felt the burning sensation rise in her face as she blushed. She looked so endearing with the shower spraying droplets of water on her radiant body as she looked flushed.

Max’s eyes darkened with desire and he started to take off his clothes. Once he was completely naked he walked towards Liz and lifted her chin so she looked at him.

“Don’t ever feel embarrassed about doing that in front of me Liz. I want to see you do it. Every part of you is incredibly beautiful and watching you like that just took my breath away.”

He switched off the shower and scooped Liz into his arms. He couldn’t fight this any longer and he didn’t want to. He placed Liz gently on her feet and ran his hands over her body, drying her in the process. He gently grabbed her hand and walked her towards the full length mirror.

Liz had a look of confusion on her face as he turned her towards it.


"I want to watch us both pleasuring you Liz. We’ll do it together." Max tenderly kissed her neck and cupped her breasts. He tweaked her nipples between his fingers and gently squeezed them. Liz moved her hand down her body and started to stoke herself again. Flicking her swollen bud before gently using her forefinger to rub the way she loved to be rubbed.

Max followed her movement with his hand and as Liz inserted her fingers into herself he concentrated on her swollen nub, never once taking his eyes from the mirror.

Liz’s breathing became hard as with every thrust she was flicking her g-spot. She was so close.

“Look at yourself Liz, please. It’s a beautiful sight to behold,” Max said, seductively into her ear as he pulled her flush against his rock hard body and arousal.

Liz continued to ride her fingers and as her orgasm grew, max slipped his fingers inside of her matching Liz’s fingers thrust for thrust.

"Ah yes," Liz moaned, tilting her head back and meeting his eager lips as they passionately kissed. Liz squeezed her hot wet walls around their fingers as her hips bucked.

Max’s eyes flashed to the mirror and the sight of her juices running over his fingers, as he pumped them inside her, gave birth to a burning desire that could never be quenched of its thirst.

His hardness was at full force. His eyes flashed a dark green and he pulled their fingers out of her tight passage, spun her around before lifting her up and impaling her with his hard arousal.

Liz screamed his name as she felt him fill her, his pulsating manhood pushing through her over soaked channel and her legs wrapped around his waist, while he cupped her ass, holding her firmly around him before pumping into her.

"Fuck Max, that feels good."

She grabbed hold of his shoulders while he slid in and out of her.

"Look at the mirror," he growled fiercely and she did.

They both could see that his shaft was covered in her glistening juices because she was so turned on. Just as she was about to climax Max lifted Liz off of him and spun her around to face the bed. He bent her over, grabbed her hips and slammed back in to her.

Liz placed her hands on the bed for support as Max pounded inside her. She watched in the mirror and could see that Max was getting close to his orgasm. She marvelled at the movement of his muscles as he continued his fast, hard rhythm.

She reached down and started to gently squeeze and flick her swollen nub.

“God Max I’m … I’m.”

“I know,” growled Max.

“Maaax,” screamed Liz.

“Fuck, Liiiiz” hissed Max, as he spilled his seed inside her.

He bent over Liz and placed gentle kisses on her back before he removed himself. They both collapsed on the bed trying to catch their breaths. Max turned to face Liz and kissed her passionately on the lips.

“God Liz that was …”

“Naughty but nice?” giggled Liz.

“I had other words in mind but those ones will do,” said Max, with a huge grin on his face.

“Come on, let’s get showered and then we can get some breakfast. Do you know what we’re doing today?”

“I think today is all about resting before the training starts tomorrow.”

“Well let’s get going then!” said Liz, walking towards the shower.

They showered, got dressed together and headed downstairs. When they reached the kitchen the whole gang were sitting at the table and they all turned to look at Max and Liz with smiles on their faces.

“Chica, you and I are going to have a little talk today,” winked Maria.

“Oh my god Max they all know.”

“Well we weren’t exactly quiet Liz.” Max looked at Liz and smiled.

They were both blushing when Kal walked into the kitchen.

“Tomorrow we start the training and you still have a week left of school. What I suggest is that you spend the rest of the day by the pool relaxing and Julia will take care of all your needs. You won’t have to lift a finger today.”

“Now that does sound good!” said Michael.

“We’ll have to go home and get something to wear,” said Liz.

“Don’t worry Chica. We all went to get clothing while you and Max were *ahem* busy. I picked up some of your clothes and Michael picked up Max’s. So we’re all set to go!” said Maria, clapping her hands.

“Then what are we all waiting for!” shouted Kyle.

TBC …………………………………………………............ Next chapters they will be going to Antar!! :wink:
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Hi everyone I finally have another three chapters for you and I am typing more as we speak. I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who left feed back and bumps!!!!

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Thank you so much for your kind feed back and bumps!!! It really does mean a lot and I am sorry it took me so long to update!!!

Chapter 70

It was a very hot summer’s morning; everyone gathered by the pool and decided that they would do a little sun bathing before going for a swim. As they lay on the sun lounges, Julia came out carrying a tray full of ice cold glasses of sparkling apple juice. She walked around the group handing each of them a glass.

“Do you require anything else?” asked Julia.

“Um, well I missed breakfast this morning so I am a little hungry,” said Liz.

The whole group nodded in agreement.

“Okay, so what would you all like to eat? Maybe the chef can make some steak and red onion sandwiches for you?”

“That would be perfect, thank you!” said Liz, with a smile on her face.

“I’ll get him to cook it for you,” said Julia, turning away from the group and heading towards the kitchen.

“Hey guys I’ve just had a thought.”

“Don’t strain that tiny brain of yours Kyle,” laughed Michael.

Kyle just glared at him.

“If we’re going to be practicing our powers here then what do we do about the serving staff?” asked Kyle.

“You don’t need to worry about that. I have them on retainer. They are only called in when we need them. You will have most of the morning and afternoon to practice. They will only be here when we need lunch and dinner,” replied Kal, as he stepped out by the pool.

“Oh well that’s alright then!” said Kyle, smiling and patting his stomach. “I could get used to having my meals cooked for me.”

Everyone just groaned and rolled their eyes at Kyle’s comment.

“Hey, if you’d been eating my father’s food for the past eight years you would know what I’m talking about!” said Kyle.

“What’s wrong with my cooking son?” asked Jim.

Kyle jumped in shock as he heard his father’s voice and then turned a slight shade of pink.

“Dad I didn’t know you were here. I, um, I...”

Jim just started laughing along with the rest of the group as he listened to his son stuttering.

“Sorry Kyle, I forgot to mention that your father had arrived!” said Kal, with a smile on his face.

That remark made the group laugh even harder.

“Alright, alright, laugh it up!” said Kyle, in a huff. He got off his sun lounger, and ran to the pool.

“WATCH OUT!” shouted Liz, as she fumbled to get off her lounger. She knew what Kyle was about to do. She ran into the living room through the sliding doors.

Just as she shut the doors Kyle dive bombed into the pool thoroughly soaking the group, including Kal and Jim.

Liz took in the sight of her friends completely soaked. Their hair was plastered to their faces and Jim’s uniform was clinging to him.

“KYLE!” shouted Jim, through gritted teeth.

Liz was laughing so hard behind the door that she didn’t notice Max had teleported behind her. He scooped her up into his arms and teleported outside right next to the pool edge.

“MAX DON’T YOU DARE!” shouted Liz.

“Oh Liz you should never dare me!” said Max, as he threw a screaming Liz into the pool. She came up coughing and spluttering.

“Oh you are going to pay for that Max!” shouted Liz, holding out her hand and then pulling it back towards her.

Max felt a tug and then found himself flying through the air, only to splash down into the pool next to Liz, again soaking the group. This caused absolute mayhem as all of the guys picked up their girls and threw them into the water. The guys all dived in and then it turned into a massive play fight with splashing, dunking, chasing and laughter.

Julia walked out with a tray of sandwiches for the group and placed it on the table for when they were ready to eat.

“THANKS JULIA,” shouted Liz, over the noise of laughter and splashing.

“You’re welcome!” shouted Julia, as she headed back inside the mansion, laughing at their antics.

“GRUB UP!” shouted Liz.

Everyone froze for a second and then all tried to exit the pool at the same time. Liz just teleported next to the sandwiches and took one.

“Hey that’s cheating!” said Zan.

Liz just laughed and then took a seat by the table, followed by the rest of the team. Jim explained that once they finished school in a week, the parents were going to take the first two weeks of Summer Vacation off work so they could train and be with them before they left for Antar.”

“What all of them are?” asked Alex.

“Yes, they have all decided to take the time off. Unfortunately Kyle, you know I can’t do that because we are understaffed as it is but I will be spending all my spare time here with you,” said Jim, feeling a little guilty that he would be the only one without his parent around.

“Dad, it is okay I understand. I know you will be here when you can and that’s fine by me,” Kyle said smiling reassuringly at his father.

“On that note I better be getting back to the office. Can somebody assist me please?” asked Jim, pointing to his soaked clothes.

Zan laughed, stood up and used his powers to dry the sheriff’s uniform.

“Thanks Zan,” said Jim, smiling and then turned to leave. “Listen guys, I know that there is nothing that we can do to help you when you go but please be careful. I – I couldn’t stand it if anything happened to you kids!”

“We’ll be careful Jim, don’t worry!” said Liz.

Jim left to go back to the station.The rest of the group spent the day relaxing in the sun and playing games in the pool. By the evening they were all exhausted and went to bed because they knew it was an early start in the morning.

Chapter 71

Five am, all the alarm clocks started to ring and buzz in each of the rooms of the mansion. The royal guards had already been up an hour to get everything ready for the training sessions.

Kal went around each room and knocked loudly on the doors to insure the occupants were awake.

“COME ON RISE AND SHINE,” shouted Kal, through each door. He laughed when he heard some audible groans and even some profanities shouted through the closed doors. Oh yes this training schedule hadn’t come soon enough.

Kal watched, at the bottom of the stairs, as each pair came out of their rooms dressed in clothes ready for exercising. They all stood huddled together in front of Kal awaiting his instructions.

“This will be your training schedule for this week only. Once you have finished school, the training will become more intense. We will practice your powers every morning and then in the afternoons you will learn hand to hand combat from the guards. Is that clear!” said Kal.

He got a few mumbled responses.

“I SAID IS THAT CLEAR!” shouted Kal, at the top of his lungs making everyone jump awake!

“YES SIR!” they all shouted in unison.

“You know Max you could just command him to stop shouting at us!” whispered Michael, in Max’s ear.

“Yeah, but what good would that do us Michael? We need to train in order to be prepared, so I’m just going to suck it up and get on with it,” said Max.

Michael mumbled something under his breath which Max didn’t quite catch.

“The guards will be running with you every morning. We can’t risk losing any of you. They will be there for your protection. There are still skins out there and we don’t know what Khivar is planning. I trust that meets with your approval?” said Kal, looking at Max.

“Whatever you think is necessary Kal. I told you that you would be in charge of the training schedule and I meant it.”

“Well I can see that you are already going to make a better King this time around!” said Kal, smiling.

“I want each of you with your partners. Roman and two other guards will be running with Max and Liz. Nathan will do the same for Zan and Ava. The other pairs will have two guards protecting them. Now let’s MOVE OUT!” shouted Kal.

They all ran out of the mansion and went their separate ways when they reached the gates. Max and Liz decided to run in the woods at the back of the estate, while Zan and Ava decided to run in the park. The rest of the group split into pairs and decided to run around the block in different directions.

They ran for an hour as instructed and then they all returned to the mansion. They changed their shoes and then headed straight for the gym. Kal had worked out a regime of cardiovascular exercises and pumping some serious iron, even for the girls. They all needed to improve their stamina and strength.

Once the half hour session finished in the gym the pairs went up to their rooms, showered, changed and then met in the kitchen to have breakfast before they had to leave for school.

“Shit man, I haven’t done exercise like that for years. I’m gonna be feeling it in the morning,” complained Michael.

“I think we’re all going to be aching in the morning!” said Liz, rubbing one of her calf muscles.

“Oh I don’t know. I found it rather refreshing!” beamed Isabel.

“To be honest it doesn’t affect me because this is just like training before a big game!” smiled Kyle.

“Oh shut up!” snapped Maria. She wasn’t at her best in the mornings, well not getting up that early anyway.

“ Zan, Ava and Serena will be practicing their powers while the rest of you are at school. Once the school term is over, all of you will be training most of the day and that will include the parents as well. I have arranged for them to have some hand to hand combat training. We can never be too careful,” said Kal.

“On that note we’d better get going otherwise we’re going to be late for school,” said Max, picking up his back pack.

Alex, Isabel, Michael, Maria and Kyle got into the SUV while Liz and Max decided to go in the jeep.

“We’ll see you there,” smiled Liz.

The group made their way to school.

“Max I just had a thought, how are we going to explain Tess’s disappearance?”

“Shit, I didn’t think about that. Why don’t you give the sheriff a call and see if he can figure anything out?”

Liz got out her mobile phone and called a number she now knew off by heart.

“Ava, we need you at the school.”

“What, why?” asked Ava.

“You need to look like Tess and then we can arrange for her to leave school to go somewhere else.”

“That might be a little hard considering Ed Harding no longer exists,” said Ava.

“Tut, do I have to think of everything you guys. Get one of the guards to shape shift into Ed Harding so that we can arrange for you to go to another school and then of course you will just disappear.”

“That will take time. Are you telling me that I have to go to school with you guys for a week? What if they ask me questions about stuff? I’m not going to be able to answer them.”

“We’ll work that one out later. Maybe we use telepathic communication to give you the answers or something.”

“Oh god alright then I will teleport straight over there but I’m not happy about this.”

“I know Ava but once the guard has sorted out the transfer you can probably leave. Anyway I am going to phone the others so they know what’s going on. I don’t want your ass to be blasted before you set foot in school,” laughed Liz.

“Okay I will see you at the doors,” said Ava, hanging up the phone.

Liz phoned the rest of the group in the SUV and told them what was happening. They were all a bit shocked that they hadn’t thought about it either but agreed with the plan that Liz had come up with.

As Liz and Max pulled into a parking space at school they saw Ava or rather Tess walking up.

“Jeeze don’t you find that a bit creepy Liz?” asked Max, watching the blonde curly haired bomb shell walking towards them with a smile on her face.

“Well at least she has warmer eyes than Tess ever did,” whispered Liz, as Ava approached them.

The SUV pulled up into the parking space next to the jeep and everyone got out. It was Kyle’s reaction that was the strongest though.

“Holy crap!” said Kyle, jumping back slightly. “I know it’s not really her but … but I can’t help thinking about what she was going to do to us all.”

“It’s all over now Kyle. There’s nothing to worry about and this is Ava not Tess just remember that,” whispered Liz.

“Hi guys. Ed phoned the school to make an appointment with the principle to let him know that we are moving again but he said that I have to stay in school until the term has finished. In other words you guys owe me big time,” Ava growled out the last part of the sentence.

“Sorry Tess but it’s the only thing I could come up with in such a short space of time,” said Liz, apologetically.

“I’ve never been to school but I have got scanning power which means I can flick through a book and store the information in my mind within seconds.”

“I think we can all do that!” said Liz.

“If they ask me something I don’t know then I will just send out a message to you all!” said Ava with a smile on her face. “It’s only for one week anyway but like I said you guys owe me big time.”

So this is how the last week of school worked out. In the morning they all did their usual exercise routine. After school they would practice their powers at the mansion and sometimes the quarry. They were constantly on the go for one week solid and by the end of each day the group was so tired that they all retired to bed early to start the routine all over again.

One of the guards morphed into Ed Harding and visited the principle at the school. He informed him that he was taking Tess out of school altogether. The military was going to provide home schooling for her because his job required him to constantly move. The principle insisted that with only one week to go Tess really should stay and finish off the term to which Mr Harding had agreed.

One thing the group did notice though was the amount of gossip going around the school about the love triangle involving Liz, Tess and Max. One minute Max was with Liz, then Tess and now back with Liz again.

Tess told everyone that she was leaving school because her father had to move due to his job again. She also told them that although she had been chasing Max he only ever had eyes for one girl and that was Liz.

After Tess spread the word, the gossip soon calmed down and they were yesterday’s news. Nobody ever suspected that this Tess wasn’t the real one. The group also had a meeting with the parents to let them know the story as well and they agreed to back the kid’s up.

Chapter 72

It was the first day of the school holidays and Kal had an intense training schedule worked out for the kids. They were back up at five am exercising. By nine am the parents had arrived at the mansion, the kids had already eaten breakfast and were ready to start the next section of training. Everyone gathered in the kitchen to await more instructions.

“You all should practice your powers next. The parents can learn how to shoot the new weapons the guards brought. After lunch you will be learning hand to hand combat. After that I will have Julia and the chef prepare dinner for us all. I hope that is satisfactory to you all,” said Kal.

“That will be fine,” replied Max and the parents also nodded their agreement.

“I think we should keep the training in house at the moment. We don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to ourselves so you should all go to the back of the estate.”

“I think that would be very wise,” said Philip.

The whole group went out to the back of the estate. The kids went to the far end of the estate to practice their powers so that they were a safe distance away from their parents.

The guard gathered the parents into a group and showed them how to arm and disarm the laser gun safely before he set up some canned targets for them to shoot. Amy was the first to step forward to try out the new weapon. When she held it in her hand she was very surprised at how light it was. It looked as if it was made from plastic.

“Hey what’s this made out of because it’s really light?” asked Amy.

“It’s a material that is used regularly on our planet. It can mould into almost any shape, any size but is extremely light and incredibly strong. In our language it’s called Tickock. Now just aim and shoot at the target but remember to switch the safety back on once you have finished.”

Amy lifted the gun and aimed it at one of the targets. She gently squeezed the trigger. A blue laser beam shot out of the gun and disintegrated one of the targets.

“Um that’s some serious fire power there,” said Amy, looking at the guard.

“Believe me, you will need it if Khivar does come for you.”

Amy turned around and fired at the rest of the targets, hitting every one. The parents just looked at her in shock.

“What? My daddy taught me to shoot since I was like eight!” said Amy.

“Well I’m glad you’re on our side,” said Philip laughing.

The parents took turns to fire their guns at the targets being careful to put the safety back on once they were finished. Most of the parents did really well except for Diane and Carole. Neither of them had ever held a gun, let alone fired one. So it was decided that they should have extra tuition while the others just got on with shooting selected targets.

In the meantime Kal got the kids to use the woods at the back of the mansion, which was part of his private property, to practice their powers. He split them into two groups and pitted the guards against them so they could get used to being attacked and defend themselves. On a few occasions some of the kids got injured which Max, Zan or Liz had to heal but nothing too serious.

They broke for lunch and then got back to the training. The group was split into two again with a mixture of parents and kids. Roman and five other guards trained one group whilst Nathan and the other five guards trained the rest.

They learnt special Antarian manoeuvres so that if they came in contact with some of the aliens they would be able to defend themselves without using their powers. They were also given some form of martial arts training, called Ju-Jitsu and this was how the rest of the day was spent.

For the first two weeks of training the parents became better at shooting, Ju-Jitsu and hand to hand combat. They sat and watched their children training and were amazed by the different powers each of them possessed. By the end of the month the parents started to believe that the kids might actually be able to pull this off because they worked well as a group and on a separate basis.

It had been a hard month for all of the families but the parents were proud of the children for taking on such an enormous responsibility. They knew that the time for them to leave was coming close, so they decided to have a meeting at the Crashdown.

“In a couple of days the kids will be gone and we won’t know what is happening to them,” said Diane sadly.

“I’m sure they will find some way to communicate with us,” said Jim, knowing that they wouldn’t want the parents to worry about them too much.

“I think we should throw them a little going away party before they leave. Let’s give them something happy to remember,” said Nancy, with tears in her eyes.

“I think that is a wonderful idea Nancy,” said Philip.

Just as they were about to discuss the fine details of the arrangement they were disturbed by the jingle of the door bell.

All the parents turned to look who it was and saw Max, who looked like he'd ran for miles.

“Shit, mother just turned up and said we had to leave now. We need you to meet us at the pod chamber in about twenty minutes. I will come back to show you the way, after I've informed everyone else,” said Max, leaving the Crashdown.

“Oh my god, we’re not going to be able to do anything for them before they leave!” said Nancy, openly crying now.

“Shush, it’s okay sweetie, they will come back to us. I know that Max will protect Liz to the best of his ability,” said Jeff, cuddling his wife.

“I wonder why Karahna turned up early to get the kids?” asked Philip, getting a slightly uneasy feeling.

“Maybe Khivar has managed to power up that damn machine too quickly,” said Charles.

“Well let’s get ready for when Max gets back,” said Jim.

They quickly put their dishes in the kitchen, put on their coats, locked the front door of the Crashdown and waited for Max outside.

Max pulled up outside the Crashdown in the jeep.

“Where’s Liz, Max?” asked Jeff.

“Everyone is meeting us at the pod chamber. They sent me to show you the way. Come on we don’t have much time!” said Max.

All of the parents jumped into their cars and followed the jeep out to the pod chamber.

“Does anyone have their weapons on them?” asked Philip.

“I have,” said Amy, when the rest of the group shook their heads.

“Good, take the safety off,” said Philip.

“Why, what’s wrong?” asked Diane.

“I don’t know. I just have a bad feeling about this. I mean, why isn’t Liz with Max?”

“Well because they are all meeting us at the pod chamber,” said Diane.

They watched as Max pulled over onto the side of the road and got out of the jeep. He came up to the driver’s side window.

“That’s the pod chamber up there. You will finally see where I was born,” said Max, smiling at his mother.

“Oh my, this should be interesting,” said Diane.

Philip started to doubt his gut instinct and got out with the rest of the group.


Meanwhile at the mansion …………………………………….

Everyone was sitting down to dinner when Karahna suddenly appeared.

“What the ….” shouted Michael, raising his arm ready to blast the intruder.

“Jesus you scared the living shit out of us!” shouted Kyle.

“Listen we don’t’ have much time. We believe Khivar has managed to get the wormhole operational but it’s extremely unstable. We believe he can only send a couple of people through at one time. We know he has used it in the last hour but we aren’t sure why,” said Karahna.

“How will we know where to look for him?” asked Liz.

“I don’t think Khivar is here. I think it’s someone else.” said Karahna.

“Who?” asked Max.


The parents got out of the SUV and headed towards were Max was standing.

“Where is the rest of the group?” asked Philip.

“They are in the pod chamber ready to transport,” said Max, pressing something on his wrist.

All of a sudden a big black swirling hole appeared before the parents and Philip started to panic.

“Who the hell are you!” shouted Philip.

Amy raised her gun but didn’t want to fire without Philip’s permission. She wasn’t sure what was going on.

“Philip what the hell is going on!” screamed Amy, pointing the gun towards Max.

“That’s not Max. They are trying to trick us!” shouted Philip.

“How do you know?” screamed Amy, panicking.

“I just realised that Max would have teleported us straight here instead of driving, shoot him Amy!” screamed Philip.

Just as Amy was about to shoot the intruder, there was a sudden gust of wind and she was sent flying through the air, and landed on the ground.

A bright light surrounded the intruder as he changed his appearance. At the same time about ten guards came out of the wormhole carrying weapons and pointing them at the parents.

“I suggest you co-operate. You will be given a special chip that will help you breathe on our planet. If you don’t have it then you will get sick and die so the choice is yours,” said the changeling.

“Nasedo!” spat out Jim. “I thought you were dead?”

“Thanks to one of Tess’s little mind warps; I am very much alive and well. We knew this time would come and had a backup plan if anything should go wrong and you are it!” smiled Nasedo.

Each of the parents got injected with a clear liquid.

“What the hell are you giving us!” shouted Jeff.

“We are implanting the chip that will help you breathe on our planet. Khivar doesn’t want you dead, just yet,” Nasedo smirked. “Guards!”

The guards rounded up the parents and walked them into the wormhole.


Meanwhile at the Evan’s residence ……….

“Nope they’re not here either,” said Max.

“How about the Crashdown? I know they’ve been holding meetings there,” said Liz.

“Okay here’s what we are going to do. Michael and Maria, you teleport to the Crashdown, Isabel and Alex go to the Whitman’s, Zan and Ava you search the quarry and Liz and I will go to the pod chamber to see if we can find them. Now go!” shouted Max.

“Hey what about the rest of us?” asked Kyle.

“Kyle see if your dad is at the station and let him know what’s going on, take Serena with you. Go now!” instructed Max.

“Wait!” shouted Maria.

“What? Maria you have to get going now!” shouted Max.

Maria just pointed at Liz. Her eye’s had gone white and she was as stiff as a board.

“She’s having one of those vision thingies!” said Kyle.

Liz’s eyes turned back to their normal colour but her face turned a deathly shade of white.

“We’re too late,” she whispered.

“What do you mean we’re too late?” asked Kyle.

“Nasedo has taken them,” said Liz, with tears coming down her face.

“What do you mean NASEDO’S taken them? HE’S DEAD!” shouted Michael.

“No, no he’s not. Tess just made you believe that. He’s taken them captive. All of them,” sobbed Liz.

“SHIT,” shouted Max.

They all teleported to the pod chamber where Liz said she had seen Nasedo in her vision and as they appeared they could see the wormhole closing.

"Well I guess it's time to go to Antar," said Kyle.

TBC .....................................................................................................................
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Re: I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) Cpt 75 (5/Feb/09)

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Hi everyone I have another three chapters for you!!!! I know I can't believe it myself!! :shock: Just a quick thanks to everyone who left feed back:


Thank you so much for your continued support! :D

Chapter 73

As the parents walked through the other side of the wormhole they felt the change in the atmosphere. It was damp but rather hot and they found themselves starting to sweat, as well as having slight difficulty in breathing.

“The chips in your bodies will be activated shortly and you will find breathing easier. For now just take short, sharp breaths,” said Nasedo.

Once their bodies became acclimatised to the atmosphere they immediately started to look around. They were in some type of enclosure with white walls and a light mist surrounding them. There were two red moons in the sky, the ground was covered in some sort of red dust or sand and there was a mountain range in the back ground.

It was only when they turned around, they noticed a magnificent white dome shaped building. It looked as if it was made out of shiny plastic but they assumed this was a new material specific to this planet.

“Wow, what the hell is that?” whispered Amy.

One of the guards said something in a foreign language and started to nudge Amy with his gun.

“Hey stop doing that!” shouted Amy.

The guard grew angrier and started to push Amy with his hand.

“Hey!” she shouted again, getting ready to thump this vile creature.

Nasedo said something to the guard in Antarian and he immediately stopped the pushing.

“He wants you to all start moving. He didn’t realise you couldn’t understand our language. Now if you will all follow me I have someone that is very anxious to meet you,” smiled Nasedo.

“Why do I get the feeling we are not going to like this?” whispered Diane.

As they approached the building they noticed two guards dressed in a black and red uniform that had a strange symbol on the front, also in red, but what shocked them the most was how the guards looked. They were your stereotypical looking aliens, large heads, black almond eyes, greyish green skin, long arms and legs with strange hands.

The guards stood to one side to allow access to the building when they saw Nasedo. The clear plastic looking dome opened up and revealed a rather long white entrance hall. Again it looked like it was made out of shiny plastic and there were several doors on each side of the corridor but when they looked up towards the ceiling it was painted with different pictures which looked like they depicted the history of Antar. It was also covered with gold leaf at the top of the dome shape. In short it was nothing but spectacular.

Diane gasped as she noticed one of the paintings and pointed to it.

“Look at that,” said Diane in shock.

All of the parents followed were Diane's finger was pointing and quite a few of them also gasped in surprise. In front of them was a painting which bore a resemblance to Max, Isabel, Tess and Michael all slain and covered in blood.

“My god, look at how bad Max is in that picture. It looks like he got the worst of it,” whispered Diane, horrified at the bloody sight before her.

“Oh my god, is this what they’re going to face when they come here?” whispered Philip.

Just as Jim was about to say something, they were all pushed forward by the guards again. They walked the expanse of the corridor and came to two massive doors with a strange V symbol on it, and another two guards in black and red uniforms standing either side.

The guards took one look at the group, waved a hand over a panel and a silver handprint appeared as the door opened.

As they walked inside of the room they noticed a man with jet black hair and cold blue eyes sitting on a very ornate looking throne. There were white columns running along the length of the room and a red carpet ran straight up the middle. As they walked along the carpet the parents noticed the wicked smile of the man sitting on the throne.

He started rattling something off in a different language and the guards came to such an abrupt halt that some of the parents bumped into them. The guards crossed one arm across their chests and then brought it straight down to the side. They then got down on one knee and bowed.

The dark haired man then started speaking again but the parents could not understand what he was saying. Nasedo then spoke back to the man and a guard went scurrying out of the room. A few seconds later he re-emerged with something in his hands.

Nasedo took the objects out of the guard’s hands and started to hand them out to the parents.

“Put this in your ear and place the other piece on your clothing below your mouth.”

“What the hell is it?” asked Jim, getting slightly concerned.

“It’s a translating device. You will be able to understand and speak our language with it on,” explained Nasedo.

Each of the parents did as they were told and placed the devices were appropriate. As soon as the dark haired man spoke the parents looked at him in shock when they understood what he was saying.

“Good evening. My name is Khivar and you will be permanent guests here at the palace until I see fit.”

“Permanent guests, don’t you mean prisoners?” scoffed Amy, shocked when she heard what she said coming out in a different language.

“My, you are a feisty one,” said Khivar, raising his eyebrows slightly. “I like a woman with a bit of fire in her belly.”

“Yeah well sorry but I don’t do cross breading with scum like you,” spat out Amy.


She received a hard back hand from one of the guards which made her head whip around. Jim went to move forward to attack the guard when another one grabbed him from behind and held him in place.

“You will have respect for our Lord and Master you piece of vermin!” shouted the guard, as blood came out of Amy’s split lip.

All the parents looked at one another and a silent agreement passed between them. No more goading the enemy into attacking them otherwise they would never get out of here alive.

“Yes you are quite right my dear. You are my prisoners and you will be treated as such. I just wanted to see what kept our Royal misfits on that puny little planet and not return home. I thought you would have to be something special but obviously I was wrong. You will not be put in the dungeons with the rest of the prisoners. You will be locked into one of the rooms in the palace. I need to keep you close by just in case,” smiled Khivar.

With a wave of his hand the guards escorted the parents out of the throne room and took them to one of the doors in the corridor. They were pushed inside the room that was going to be their prison cell for the remainder of their stay.

“You should be put with the rest of the vermin,” spat out one of the guards. “I don’t know why he is treating you differently, but if I had my way you would be down in the filthy cells were you belong!”

With that the guards exited the room and waved a hand over the panel and the door slid closed quietly. The parents looked around the stark white room and took in their surroundings.

The room had sofas and chairs made out of some sort of material which actually looked quite comfortable. Off to the side were a number of doors which Amy started to walk towards. When she reached one of the doors it opened automatically and she could see a large king sized bed in the middle of the room.

“Well it looks like this is where we will be sleeping,” said Amy.

As the parents investigated the rooms they found two bathrooms, six bedrooms and what looked like a dining room. Once they had finished looking around the place they all came and sat down on the sofas. They were as expected, really rather comfortable.

The parents removed the translation devices and set them down on the table in the middle of the room.

“Amy, why the hell did you antagonise him? Are you trying to get us all killed?” asked Jim.

“No, but I won’t let someone or something like that talk to me that way!” shouted Amy.

“The only problem with that Amy is, that you could have gotten us all killed,” said Jim.

“I’m sorry but the man just got under my skin,” said Amy, looking sheepish.

“I wonder why he has put us here and not in a cell?” wondered Diane out loud, trying to change the subject.

“I think he wants to have us close just in case our kids attack. He wants to use us as protection or bait,” replied Jim.

“I think we need to try and find a way out of here,” said Charles.

“I don’t think that is going to be possible. I’ve seen Max wave his hand and a silver handprint has appeared, but I know only the aliens can open that door,” said Jim.

“We can’t just sit here and wait to be rescued!” said Philip.

“We can’t get out of here unless we overthrow one of the guards but I think that is going to be hard considering they have powers. What I’m trying to say is, let’s not jump the gun here. Let’s wait for an opportunity and then use it,” replied Jim.

“I think that is a good idea. You know what, I am so tired I am just going to lay down on one of the beds,” said Diane yawning.

“I think we could all do with a rest,” said Nancy.

The group of parents split up and went into their rooms.

Chapter 74

Max noticed something on the desert ground and went to take a look at what it was.

When he got closer he realised it was one of the weapons that the guards had supplied to their parents.

“Well they definitely were here,” said Max, holding the Laser gun up for everyone to see.

“So he has taken them then. I swear if that bitch wasn’t dead already I would kill her right now!” shouted Maria, in frustration.

“Liz took care of Tess. Now we need to take care of Nasedo and then Khivar,” gritted out Michael.

“Liz and I will contact mother to make arrangements for our journey. Zan, Ava you teleport back to the mansion, gather the guards, Kal and meet us back here. Explain to Kal everything that has happened. Maria, Michael you teleport to Liz’s house and Amy’s house and find the weapons, plus pack a few clothes for yourselves and Liz. Isabel, Alex you go to the Whitman’s and Evan’s house and do the same. Kyle and Serena go and pack a few essentials like torches, batteries, water, etc and then I want you all to meet us back here. Liz and I will be in the pod chamber,” instructed Max.

The group disappeared to carry out the given instructions as Max and Liz teleported outside the pod chamber. He waved his hand over the rock surface and the silver handprint appeared, opening the door.

Max and Liz stepped inside and closed the door behind them. They teleported straight into the granilith chamber.

“Max, that bastard has our parents. What the hell are we going to do now? He knows that we are going to want to rescue them as soon as we arrive on Antar. He is counting on it. That way we will be unprepared for the war,” said Liz.

“Then we don’t give him what he wants,” replied Max.

“What do you mean by that?” asked Liz, slightly concerned.

“I mean that we go ahead with our plans. We meet with the leaders of the other planets, prove our powers and then plan a strategic battle.”

“But that will take time that our parents don’t have. What if he’s already torturing them now?” said Liz.

“It’s the only way we can get them out alive Liz. If we go charging in there none of us would survive, including our parents. We have to look at this objectively, if we don’t we might as well just give up now,” said Max.

Liz just nodded her head.

Max placed his hand on the granilith to try and activate it but it wouldn’t work for him.

“Now that’s strange. I remembered that it always activated for me. I hold the seal and therefore it should work,” said Max, slightly confused.

“Oh that’s my fault. I changed the granilith so it didn’t act upon your instructions. Just in case you tried to activate it before I had dealt with Tess and Nicholas,” Liz said sheepishly.

“Oh right, so can you change it back now?”


Liz placed her hand on the granilith and called for Karahna. She also changed the granilith so Max could now operate it.

“There, it’s done. Your mother should be here shortly,” said Liz, with a smile on her face.

Just as she finished the sentence the ground of the pod chamber started to rumble.

“Here she comes,” said Liz, as a figure emerged from the granilith.

“Hello mother,” said Max, embracing her.

“Hello Max. I take it you didn’t call me here for a chat. What happened with Khivar? Was it him who came to earth via the wormhole?”

“No, it was Nasedo. He tricked our parents into coming out to the pod chamber and then led them through the wormhole. We arrived just as the wormhole was closing, so we are coming to Antar now. I have sent the rest of the group to get supplies and round up the guards. They should be here soon,” said Max.

“I have arranged an emergency meeting with the leaders of each of the planets. They are very excited about your arrival, although a few of them still haven’t forgiven you for the summit,” said Karahna.

“If they want to win this war, they will have to get past that, won’t they?” said Liz.

“They don’t believe you are strong enough to lead an offense against Khivar because you’re half human.”

“I am sure that I can change their minds,” said Liz smiling.

“I will go back and start making the arrangements for your arrival. We’ve had your rooms ready for the last month, just in case you decided to come early, but we still have a few things to arrange.”

“We are just waiting for our friends to arrive and then we will be with you,” said Max.

“I’ll see you on the other side,” said Karahna, as she disappeared into the granilith.

“This is it Liz. I am finally going home to fight one hell of a war,” said Max, looking nervous.

“Yes that’s true but you have all of us here to help you and you didn’t have that before,” said Liz, smiling confidently.

“I couldn’t do this without you Liz. You are my rock. You are the one who gives me the strength to do this.”

“I love you too Max,” said Liz, placing a passionate kiss on his lips.

Max let out an involuntary moan as she deepened the kiss. When they finally broke apart both of them were breathing heavily.

“Liz, you’ve got to stop doing that otherwise I’m not going to be able to control myself.”

“I know Max. I just wanted to let you know how much I love you. We might not get a chance once we get to Antar.”

“Oh I will make time for that,” smiled Max.

The door to the pod chamber slid open and the rest of the group, including the guards and Kal, joined them in the granilith chamber.

“This is it guys. This is what we have spent our whole lives dreaming about and dreading at the same time,” said Max.

“I’m really nervous about going home,” said Isabel.

“It isn’t home to me anymore. Earth is my home,” said Michael.

Maria just smiled and kissed him gently on the lips.

“What happens now Max?” asked Ava.

“We call mother back and get those implants done before we leave,” said Max, putting his hand on the granilith and calling for Karahna.

The ground started to shake again but instead of Karahna a funny looking man came through instead. He had some sort of injection gun with him. As soon as he saw Max he immediately dropped to his knees and bowed his head.

He said something in Antarian to which Roman replied. The guard nodded his head, took a funny looking back pack off his shoulders and pulled out some odd looking devises.

“These are translation devises. You put this bit in your ear and this bit on your clothing near your throat,” instructed Roman.

The guard handed out all of the devises to the humans and then set about injecting them. Once his task was completed he asked, in Antarian, if he could be excused and to everyone’s surprise they could understand what he was saying. It was kind of weird hearing some foreign language in one ear while in the other the American translation was heard.

Max said that he could be excused and again was surprised when he heard it spoken in Antarian. It was going to take some getting used to.

The guard again bowed towards Max and then Liz before walking back through the granilith.

“I guess there’s nothing stopping us now,” said Serena.

“Come on let’s go,” said Max.

He placed his hand on the granilith and left it there until everyone except Liz had walked through it.

“God I’ve messed everything up Liz. Our parents are stuck on Antar with that fiend and now I’ve dragged all of you into this mess,” said Max.

“You haven’t dragged us into anything. We are coming willingly. We want to fight along side you and I know that we will get through this together,” said Liz, gently squeezing his hand.

“Come on let’s go,” she whispered, as she pulled him through the granilith.

Chapter 75

Travelling via the granilith was not easy. The pain that they endured was excruciating. They felt as if their bodies were being stretched and pulled in different directions at the same time. When the granilith finally spat them out, they rolled around on the floor trying to get rid of the pain in their bodies.

“Don’t worry, the pain only lasts a few seconds,” said Michael.

“Yeah that hurt like hell!” huffed Maria. “Someone could have warned us!”

The pain finally subsided and Max and Liz were helped off the floor by Alex and Isabel.

“Man, I never want to go through that too many times,” said Kyle.

“Yeah me neither,” said Alex.

The door to the chamber opened and in walked Karahna with a tall lanky looking man who had bright red hair.

“I believe you know Larek,” said Karahna.

“Max, I finally meet you in person,” smiled Larek, giving his old friend a hug .“God I’ve missed you.”

Max searched his memories and found out that him and Larek had been very close friends back in the good old days.

“Larek, it’s so good to see you again after all these years, you haven’t changed a bit!”

“I know we age differently here!” smiled Larek.

“Larek, I would like to introduce you to Zan, Ava, Serena and Kal,” said Max, introducing the rest of the gang that Larek hadn’t met yet.

“It’s nice to meet you all,” said Larek, shaking the men’s hands and kissing the ladies on each cheek.

“You always were a charmer,” laughed Max, at his antics. “You know Liz, right?”

“How could I forget Liz? I’ve seen her enough times to know who she is Max,” said Larek, bowing to the new Queen of Antar.

“Oh please Larek don’t do that. It makes me feel uncomfortable. We are all equals here,” said Liz.

“Oh I know that but there’s nothing wrong with being a gentleman is there?”

“No, I suppose not,” said Liz, blushing as Larek kissed her hand.

“Now that all of the introductions have been made, we have a sizable banquet in your honour,” said Karahna.

“Oh you shouldn’t have gone to all that trouble. We don’t want to put extra pressure on your resources,” said Max.

“We’re fine Max, besides if we hadn’t done this the helpers would not have been very happy.”


“Well yes, they aren’t servants really. We all pull our weight around here but those that have less skills than the rest of us have taken up the roles of looking after everyone. You know making sure there is a meal on the table, tidying up, etc.”

“So you have your own small community here?”

“Oh I wouldn’t exactly call it small Max. You will see shortly,” said Karahna smiling.

“Follow me please,” said Karahna, as she walked out of the door along with Larek. He excused himself and went off in a different direction.

The group followed Karahna down a long corridor. It looked like a maze of tunnels ahead of them but they were clearly signposted. This place was huge.

“So are we on Antar?” asked Maria.

“Yes of course you are,” smiled Karahna.

“I was just wondering how you have managed to stay here, underground, without Khivar finding you.”

“Antar is quite a large planet and we are far from the capital were Khivar is based. On a few occasions he has found our hiding places and we’ve moved but what Khivar doesn’t realise is, that there is a whole town underneath his kingdom. Zan’s great grandfather started to build it when he was young because he believed in the prophecy and thought it was coming during his time. Obviously it skipped a few generations but the underground complex was completed by the time Zan’s father came to the throne.”

“Oh wow this is really impressive,” said Liz.

“The main dining hall is just down there,” said Karahna, pointing down one of the many corridors. “I am going to show you to your rooms first. You can freshen up and we have provided suitable clothing for you."

Karahna stopped at a door that had the V symbol on it.

“This is the private quarters for Royalty,” said Karahna, pushing some buttons on the panel next to the door. “I want each of you to place your hand on this scanner and it will programme the door to only open for your group. That way you are guaranteed total privacy. Even I won’t be able to access the area. We have a communication device on this door, if we want to get hold of you we can.”

Once everyone finished scanning their hands, Karahna pressed a few more buttons and the door would now only open for the group. Max placed his hand on the panel and the door opened to reveal another small corridor.

“The room at the end with the double doors is Max and Liz’s, the rest of you have the rooms to the side. There are two bedrooms to each room so those of you who aren’t couples will still be alright to share a room. Now I will leave you to get refreshed and changed. I will be back shortly.”

The whole group split and went into their rooms. Michael and Maria took the room next to Max’s and Ava and Zan took the one to the right, purely so they could provide protection if necessary. The rest of the group took the other rooms.

Max and Liz entered their room and gasped at the sheer scale of it. It was massive. They stood in what could only be described as a circular Library come living room. As they looked around they could see that the walls were separated by doors and each door led to a separate room. They were currently standing on a platform which had five sets of stairwells all leading from the doors down to the living room, which was on a slightly lower level. There were three comfortable looking sofas that moulded to the shape of the room and in the middle was a massive glass coffee table.

Max and Liz walked along the platform and entered the first room they came to which turned out to be a fully stocked bathroom. There was a shower, bath, toilet, sinks and it was covered in what looked like Italian gold and black marble.

“God Max this is beautiful,” said Liz, in awe.

“I know. Come on let’s look around a little more and then we will get ready.”

They investigated the other four rooms and found two bedrooms with en-suit bathrooms, a dining room and a game room.

“How can we have a dining room but no kitchen?” asked Liz, a little confused.

“I think we will be brought our food Liz.”


They finished looking around the different rooms and went back to the master bedroom which had a massive four poster bed in the middle, wardrobes that surrounded the room, a table and chairs and of course a vanity desk.

Liz went to the right of the room and looked inside one of the wardrobes.

“Well I guessed the right one then!” she said, as she looked at all of the wonderful clothes before her.

Max did the same on the other side of the room and found his clothes as well.

“I’m just going to hop in the shower Max. I won’t take long.”

Liz took a quick shower, followed by Max, and then they set about choosing which outfits they would wear for the banquet.

“Jeeze Liz, every single one of these shirts is see through!” said Max, totally mortified.

“Oh goody!” smiled Liz. “Now I get to look at your gorgeous body all night!”

“Yeah you and about a hundred other people!” said Max.

“I don’t like the sound of that!”

Max chose one of the white see through shirts and put it on. It was surprisingly soft but warm to the touch. He then chose a pair of what looked like black combat pants and then a thick tunic with a green V sign on the front.

“Liz I look like a total dork!” said Max, as he turned around to show Liz what he was wearing. When he looked at Liz he was frozen to the spot and his eyes were bulging out of his head.

She looked positively stunning. She had on an emerald green dress which reached down to the floor and had a slight train to it. The dress was covered with tiny emerald green crystals that made the dress hang perfectly off her figure. There was a deep V in the back of the dress to the point that it almost showed off her butt cheeks.

Max let out a low whistle.

“Liz, you look stunning.”

“So do you Max,” said Liz smiling, as she could see his strong muscular arms through his shirt.

“I look ridiculous!” pouted Max.

“No you don’t, besides this is what everyone must wear around here.”

“Do you think they would mind if I put my own clothes back on?”

“ I think they would Max. They have gone to all the trouble of providing clothes in every possible size to ensure that we could wear something special tonight.”

“Fine,” Max rolled his eyes.

“Come on let’s go,” said Liz, already walking out of the bedroom. She was so excited to see more of this amazing place.

As they stepped out of their room they could see that everyone else had been waiting for them.

“Sorry guys I just really didn’t want to wear this stupid outfit!” said Max.

“Huh you didn’t, how do you think I feel!” growled out Michael, who had almost the same outfit on as Max but his had a royal blue V symbol on the chest.

All the men seemed to grumble about how revealing their outfit was while the women were positively pleased by the amount of wonderful dresses they had to choose from.

“The first thing I’m going to do when I take the throne back, is ban all Antarians from wearing this stupid uniform,” promised Max.

They all headed towards the door and it was Liz that put her hand on the panel to be scanned. The door opened to reveal Karahna waiting patiently for them.

“It’s time!”

“Time for what?” asked Michael.

“Time for you to meet the leaders of the other planets and prove to them that you are back for good,” smiled Karahna.

TBC ............................................................................................
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Re: I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) Cpt 78 (9/Feb/09)

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Hi everyone unfortunately this story is coming to an end ... possibly another six or so chapters and it will be finished. I just want to thank all of you who have supported me on a regular basis through this story.

A HUGE thank you to those people who left feed back for me:


I hope you have all enjoyed this story as much as I have in writing it ... like I said only a few more chapters to go!!

Chapter 76

“Couldn’t you have least given me a couple of days before meeting with these people?” asked a very nervous Max.

“Why wait? We have been waiting for this moment for a very long time Max. Everyone is anxious to meet you. They want to know if you are strong enough to lead the war against Khivar!”

Max muttered something under his breath that his mother couldn’t hear.

As they walked closer to the main dining hall, Liz could feel Max’s anxiety increase. She gently grabbed his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze as well as sending him calming thoughts and feelings through their connection.

They could hear raised voices as they approached the doors, but as soon as Karahna opened them the room fell silent. As Max and Liz came in behind Karahna; you could hear everyone taking in a deep breath at the sight of the reborn King and his new Queen.

“May I introduce you to the real King of Antar, my son Max Evans formally known as Zan, his wife and Queen Liz Parker,” said Karahna, in her most regal voice.

Since Larek was the head of the council he was the first to welcome the King home.

“King Zan of Antar, I am Larek ruler of the planet Zion. My people and I welcome you home and pledge our allegiance to your cause,” he said as he crossed one arm across his chest and then lowered it to his side.

“I need more proof before I pledge my allegiance to take down Khivar!” Sero huffed. “Plus what about the granilith have you finally brought it home?”

“The granilith is safe were it is at the moment and it won’t be returned until Khivar is defeated,” said Max confidently.


“We are not going to get very far if you all start making demands and shouting before we’ve even been properly introduced,” said Liz calmly.

“You’re just a puny little earthling. How dare you address me in that way,” Sero sneered, his rage building inside at this insolent piece of trash.

“Excuse me?” said Max, in a warning tone, his fists clenching in anger. Liz gently grabbed his arm to let him know that she could handle this.

“Really? I’m just a puny earthling am I? Well we will just have to see about that won’t we?” said Liz, in a calm tone, smiling. “Now I am the chosen Queen of Antar and I have yet to earn your respect. I understand that, but I will not be spoken to or belittled in the manner to which you have just done. I will treat you with respect sir, but I also expect it in return.”

The rest of the council started to murmur after Liz’s little speech and she wondered if she had gone too far with the confrontation. The last thing that they needed was to alienate the aliens that were going to help them fight this terrible war.

“Well let’s have proof that you are who you say you are!” said Sero.

“Fine, what kind of demonstration would you like?”

This question caused the other leaders to come forward and surround Max and Liz.

“First, how about you show us the seal?” said Kathana.

Max closed his eyes and concentrated, so did Liz. A vision of the V constellation shot out of Max’s and Liz’s heads and joined to form one vision in front of the leaders.

This caused them to start chattering amongst themselves trying to work out what other tests they could give these new arrivals. They had to be sure that this man and woman that stood before them could fulfil the prophecy and overthrow Khivar; otherwise he would make sure THEY paid the price once the war was over.

“Are there any other questions or issues?” asked Max, getting slightly annoyed with these people.

“We would like a demonstration of your powers,” said Hanar. “It’s not that we don’t trust you. It’s because we need to make sure that you are strong enough to go up against Khivar. We can’t afford to offer our assistance to you if you’re not powerful enough. Khivar would make us suffer terribly once it was over.”

“I can understand your reasons for wanting proof of our capabilities but we won’t be alone, all of us have powers,” said Max, pointing his arm around the rest of the group who had stood quiet through the confrontation.

“A-All of you have powers? Even the humans?” asked Sero.

“Even the humans. We are a team and we don’t do anything as big as this without each other. So I think if you want a demonstration then we will all do one for you.”

Liz stood on tiptoe and whispered something into Max’s ear and he just nodded.

“Is there anywhere safe that we can go to show you these powers?”

“We have a training room that you can use,” said Karahna.

“No that won’t do we will have to go top side to show you and it would have to be a pretty secluded place,” said Max.

“I can get that arranged for you tomorrow morning,” said Karahna.

“Fine, then we will give you a demonstration in the morning,” said Max.

“Well now that’s sorted out let me have the honour of introducing myself and the rest of my colleagues here. My name is Kathana and I rule Teloris, this is Sero from Kellaris and finally Hanar from Bavok.”

Each leader bowed their heads slightly when they were introduced. After all Max had actually proved that he was the true King of Antar because he possessed the seal. They just weren’t sure that they could trust him to be strong enough to lead the war against Khivar. They supposed their questions would be answered tomorrow.

The whole group and the leaders sat around the dining table and a very sizable feast was laid out before them. There were all sorts of different kinds of meat. Some tasted like the meat on earth, chicken, beef, pork, etc but others just had an unusual taste to them, they weren’t necessarily horrible, just strange to the taste buds.

They were served some sort of semi-thick drink which tasted like sweetened lemons. Apparently it was classed as what earthlings would call alcohol but it didn’t have the same effect, it was more calming than dizzy inducing.

The conversation was kept light with the leaders asking for different stories of the earthlings and hybrids lives on earth.

The group were then told a brief history of Antar for the last fifty odd years. They found out that Antar’s time matched that of earth so there had been fifty years of war between the planets and that is why they were desperate for the war to end.

It had dwindled down resources to the absolute minimum needed to survive but there didn’t seem to be any let up by Khivar. He was determined to rule the whole galaxy in the long run. He was just biding his time until they needed his help and then he could demand what he wanted.

This began to please the group because they realised that Khivar would be older than he was when he took over the throne so they stand a good chance of winning. It was Sero who explained to them that although they are very similar to humans, they age completely different to earthlings.

When they are young they age and grow just like humans do but once they reach the age of twenty one the aging process slows right down and they have a life span of around 320-400 years. That’s why they only ever mate with life partners so that the planets don’t get over run by a massive population. Apparently once someone was bonded in the true sense, in other words, they had mated then those partners would never choose another.

Liz and Max realised just how close they had come to losing everything. If Tess had got her way and got impregnated with Max’s child there would have been no way that they could have been together. Max gave a slight shudder at the thought of it.

Once the meal was finally over everyone decided to retire for the evening, they had a long day ahead of them tomorrow.

Chapter 77

The following morning at the Palace…

There was an incessant knocking on his door that was slowly rousing him out of his deep sleep. Whoever it was will suffer his wrath for waking him at such a ridiculous hour. As the knocking got louder Khivar threw of his covers and stormed towards the door, putting on his regal bed robe in the process.

He swung open the double doors with such force that they almost closed back in on him.

“WHAT!” screamed Khivar.

The lowly servant fell to his knees immediately and begged his forgiveness for waking him but he had some important information to tell him.

Khivar was about to blast the insolent fool until he heard what the servant was mumbling.

“What was that? Speak up I can’t hear you. You’re mumbling!”

“Lord Khivar we have word that Zan has arrived here on Antar!”

“Already? How did he manage that? I thought he would have to travel here via one of the space cruisers that crashed so long ago. He can’t have used the granilith, unless …” Khivar’s anger started to bubble to the surface.

“That bitch has been hiding it from me for years!” screamed Khivar, through gritted teeth.

As his anger reached boiling point he sent a blast of red energy towards the messenger that had brought him the bad news. You could hear his screams resounding off the walls of the palace, as Khivar carried on his torturous beam, until the servant eventually died. Khivar sent one last blast towards the intruder and he disintegrated into dust.

The guards that were standing by his door started to shake in fear, wondering if they would be next. Khivar was known not to be merciful if he had received news he wasn’t happy with and the return of Zan was enough to send his temper sky rocketing.

“Serves him right for bringing me this kind of news,” spat out Khivar.

“Guards, bring the lowly humans to me once I am dressed.”

He slammed the double doors shut and the guards breathed a sigh of relief, glad that they would live to fight another day. They had to admit though that the thought of Zan being back on Antar was a good one.

There was dissention amongst the ranks of his military. They had been fighting this war too long without any of the benefits that were promised to them. Yes they had food and drink on their tables but little else. When the war first started they were promised riches beyond their wildest dreams, then it turned to, as soon as the war is over they could be ensured a wealthy, healthy life but of course the war had been going on a lot longer than anyone ever expected.

Fifty years of fighting the same battles over and over again without any clear winner was starting to dishearten the men. Why should they back a man that can’t even gain additional power to stop the war completely? How long would they have to go on fighting this war and losing the people they loved in the process? Half of them can’t even remember why they went against Zan in the first place.

Okay he was trying to change things too fast but to all intenseand purposes he was doing it for the good of his people and not to gain extra power over any one particular race. The only reason Khivar managed to persuade so many people into backing him was because he promised that he would be ruling the galaxy within five years and that would guarantee them a rich and wealthy life on whatever planet they wished to reside on. Plus it would mean that they controlled all of the trading routes and they could line their own pockets with a vast wealth. Now look at them, barely existing at all.

No, now was a time for change and with Zan back to fight the war Khivar might just find himself quite a few men short. There were real loyalists towards Khivar just like there is in any society but there were more men who would gladly lay down their arms so they could have a peaceful life, they really didn’t care about riches anymore.

What fools they had been for even trusting him to begin with. What would happen to them when Zan did return? Would they be executed for all the war crimes they had committed? Khivar had ordered them to do pretty despicable things to the prisoners even when they hadn’t had a proper trial, in fact Khivar stopped the trials and now they would be killed guilty or not.

There used to be rumours about how Khivar had used his mind control on all of his followers but that was nigh on impossible. It would take a great deal of power to exert a mind control over all of his followers and no man was that powerful unless he had the granilith behind him, which is what his men had believed until recently.

There was a leak from one of the camps and the word had spread, after the summit, that Khivar NEVER had possession of the granilith. Apparently it was sent to where ever Zan had ended up. Khivar had never openly denied or acknowledge that he had the granilith he just let the people believe what they wanted to believe. That omission alone was enough to cause unrest within his army.

Another set of guards came to relieve the ones that had been standing guard all night. They passed the message on about Khivar wanting to see the humans once he was ready and then they walked away talking quietly to one another.

“So what are we going to do now that Zan is back?”

“I don’t know but I have heard rumours that he’s brought a formidable force with him in order to completely defeat Khivar.”

“I don’t think I would like to be on the wrong side in this particular fight.”

“Yeah me neither. How many men do you know of, that want out? Maybe we can gather enough men to leave and swear our allegiance to Zan.”

“Yeah but what’s to stop him from just arresting us and holding us as prisoners? What if he won’t forgive us for our sins? I don’t know what I want to do anymore to be honest.”


Diane shot up in her bed when she heard the most blood curdling scream, coming from somewhere outside the room that was now their prison cell. She turned to her husband and shook him awake.

As soon as Philip heard the noise he too shot up out of bed and put on his clothes to go and investigate where the noise was coming from. It was so loud that he thought it might be one of the other parents being tortured or something.

He ran out of the room at almost the same time as the rest of the men. They all glanced at one another with a sigh of relief, until they heard the screaming continue … and then nothing. Total quiet.

By the time the screaming had finally stopped the women had thrown on some clothes as well and dared to venture out of the bedrooms to see what was going on.

“What the hell was that?” asked Amy, shaking slightly with fear.

“It sounds like whoever was doing the screaming is no longer around,” said Jim.

“Oh my god you don’t think they killed him do you?” asked Diane.

Philip turned to look at his wife and realised that she might not be coping so well with that kind of news. She didn’t have a bad bone in her body and to hear someone being tortured like that would have shaken her to her very core.

Nobody wanted to respond to Diane because that would be admitting possibly their own fate on this god forsaken planet.

“If they can do that to one of their own, what chance do we have?” asked Nancy.

Just as Philip was about to answer her question the door to the room slid open and numerous armed guards entered.

Philip pointed to the communication devices and one of the guards nodded his head. He gathered the devices and handed them out to all of the parents.

“Khivar wants to see you in his dining chambers immediately.”

There was nothing they could do at the moment. They just had to go along with whatever this madman wanted until they could break free, or be rescued. So resigned to the fact that they were stuck here for awhile they decided not to push the guards. They were led down the corridor to another room which they hadn’t been to before. As the door slid open they could hear voices in the distance and they followed the guards into the room.

“I want to know how the hell they did it. The granilith must have been returned somehow or it never left here in the first place!” screamed Khivar, at one of the generals around the meeting table.

He stopped his ranting as soon as he noticed the lowly humans. A wicked smile came across his face.

“Ah so glad you could join us! I want to know how come Zan has been able to travel to Antar so quickly and I believe you hold the answers.”

The parents looked at each other in confusion but it was Jim that spoke up for the group.

“I am sorry but we have no idea what you are talking about.”


“We don’t know anything about a granilith and we don’t know how Zan got here so quickly.”

“That’s a lie. That little fire fox over there had one of our weapons. That means that you must have received a visit from someone on this planet. If they didn’t use the granilith then how did they travel to earth to give you those weapons?” Khivar sensed that one or all of them were lying but the truth was that they had heard of the granilith but had never seen it.

“All I can tell you is that we have heard our children discussing the granilith but we have no idea where it’s located or how it works,” said Jim trying to placate the man.

“Is that your final answer on the matter?” asked Khivar, through gritted teeth.

“That is the only answer we can give you.”

Khivar sent a blast of red energy and it hit Amy square in the chest. She went flying backwards and hit the wall with a resounding thud.

Jim ran towards Khivar wanting to kill the bastard for hurting Amy but the guards gave him a quick punch to the stomach with the butt of their rifles. They rained a few blows on him until he submitted under the severe beating.

“Guards, put them with the rest of the vermin. I will deal with them later.”

The guards had to carry Jim and Amy out of the room while the rest of the parents walked down to the dungeons. When they went through the door their hearts sank at the sight before them. There were mothers, children and men all under nourished and filthy. They had scars all over their bodies and no life in their eyes but what got the parents the most was the foul stench from each of the cells. They could also clearly hear the ranting of someone who had obviously been driven insane by the torture they’d had to endure.

Diane bent over immediately and vomited, Nancy started to balk and the men placed their hands over their noses and mouths so they didn’t have the same reaction as Diane had.

The guards shoved the parents up to an unoccupied cell that had four tiny beds in. They threw Amy and Jim on the floor and pushed the remaining prisoners into the cell. They locked the door and left them.

The women immediately picked up Amy from the floor and put her on one of the beds. The men did the same for Jim.

They could see something gross scurrying across the cell floor and one of the women shuddered at the thought of what they could be.

“How the hell are we going to get out of this?” asked Nancy.


Liz jumped up in her bed screaming Amy’s name and scaring the shit out of Max.

“Jesus Liz, what’s wrong?” asked a very concerned Max.

“Oh my god Max, he’s hurt Amy and Jim.”

“What, who has? Khivar?” Max still wasn’t quite with it yet after being woken up so abruptly.

“We have to help them Max. They’re all so scared right now. He’s got them in some sort of cell. Oh god Max it was awful.”

“What exactly has he done to them?” asked Max, getting angrier by the minute.

“He’s blasted Amy and she has a horrific burn on her chest. She’s finding it hard to breathe and Jim they’ve beaten him almost to death!” cried Liz.

“That’s it! I’m not taking any more of his shit!” shouted Max, as he got out of bed.

They both quickly showered, got dressed and then used the intercom to call an emergency meeting with the rest of the group. When everyone was ready they all gathered in Max and Liz’s living room.

Chapter 78

He looked at everyone in the room and could tell they were getting nervous. He and Liz stepped out of their bedroom and they greeted everyone with a brief nod.

“I’m not quite sure how to say this, so I’m just going to tell you what’s going on. Liz woke up screaming this morning because she had a vision. Maria I am terribly sorry but your mother was injured this morning by Khivar.”

“Injured, what do you mean by injured? Just exactly what has he done to her?” asked Maria, her anxiety rising with every second.

Max looked over to Liz and she took over the explanation.

“I’m so sorry but Khivar blasted her this morning. I’m not sure why he did, it only came to me in a brief flash but she is definitely injured.”

“How bad? Is she going to make it?” asked Maria, with tears in her eyes.

Michael immediately engulfed her in a comforting hug whilst Liz carried on her explanation.

“Well she has a terrible burn mark on her chest and they haven’t treated her so far so I can’t honestly answer that unless I get another flash but that’s not all…”

Everyone’s worried gaze shot up to look at Liz. Who else had he hurt?

“Kyle, I’m so sorry but the guards beat your dad because he tried to get to Khivar when he hurt Amy. He is alive and is in a slightly better condition than Amy but we have to get to them as soon as possible.”

Serena sat down next to Kyle and gave him a small reassuring hug.

“I swear I’m going to kill that bastard!!” screamed Maria. She had started to think of Jim as more of a father figure since he knew about their secret and had been helping them all this time. Not to mention the fact that he was spending a lot of time with Amy.

“I am going to call an emergency meeting with the other leaders in a minute. We are going to show them what we can do and then we are going to work all day and night to get a battle plan ready. We are going to war as soon as we are ready. There’s no more time to sit on the sidelines. We have to fight and we have to rescue our parents!” said Max.

“I’ll be working right beside you Max. I will help you get a plan organised along with the rest of the leaders. The sooner we get this over and done with the sooner we can all get back to our normal lives,” said Michael.

“I think I speak for the whole group when I say that we are all ready for this Max. We can’t let any of your parents be injured, we have to attack soon,” said Zan.

Everyone nodded their consent that Max was making the right decision. He immediately got on the intercom and called an emergency meeting with the other leaders.

“Once we have given the leaders a demonstration of our powers I think Michael, Zan and I will be busy planning the attack. I want all of you to look after one another. We don’t know if Khivar has any spies planted in this facility and I don’t want anything happening to any of you,” said Max.

“Max we will cover each others back don’t worry. You just concentrate on getting a plan sorted out quickly so we can save our parents,” said Liz.

“I’m going with you!” said Kyle.

“What?” Max asked.

“I said I am going with you, when you do the planning. I want to be there,” said Kyle.

“Yeah me too,” said Alex.

“Alright then, five heads are better than one but that will leave the girls unprotected,” said Max.

The girls rolled their eyes.

“I would hardly call us unprotected Max considering we all have powers and we all know how to use them,” said Isabel.

“Yeah I know I’m sorry, I just don’t want to leave you on your own that is all,” said Max.

“Max, just go and have your meeting but keep us informed about what is going on,” said Liz.

Max nodded and gave Liz a passionate kiss on the lips.

“I’ll be with you every step of the way Max, even if I’m not there in person!” whispered Liz.

Max understood what she meant. If he needed her then all he had to do was open up their connection and she would do whatever she could to help him.

The men left for the meeting and the girls were just about to start asking Liz some questions when the buzzer on the intercom went off.

Liz got up and pressed the button.


“Some food has been prepared for you all. It will be served in the main dining hall,” said the disembodied voice through the intercom.

“What about food for the men?” asked Liz, remembering that they hadn’t eaten yet.

“They have requested their food in the meeting room.”

“Okay thank you. We will be out shortly,” said Liz. “Come on girls let’s go and get something to eat. We have to keep our strength up. We don’t know when, or if we will get a chance again.”

When the group of girls made their way to the dining room, they bumped into Karahna.

“Good morning mother,” said Isabel, giving her mother a quick hug.

“Good morning Isabel, how are you all this morning?”

“We are coping alright at the moment but Maria and Kyle had a bit of shocking news this morning.”

“I know, I’ve just seen Max and he explained to me what’s happened. I am terribly sorry about your mother Maria.”

“Thank you, but I am sure that we will get to her before anything else happens,” said Maria with more confidence than she actually felt.

“These are private quarters here so you will not be disturbed. Everyone that serves in this section is a true Zan loyalist and they have been with us for quite some time so they can be trusted,” said Karahna.

“We were just on our way to the dining room would you like to come with us?” asked Liz.

“Actually yes, I would like to join you. Maybe we could all get to know each other a little better,” replied Karahna.

The girls spent over an hour in the dining hall discussing all different types of topics, from the war, stories from their childhood and what they were hoping for the future. After breakfast was finished Karahna pulled Liz to one side and said that she needed to speak with Liz privately.

The girls said that they would meet up with Liz in Isabel’s room once she was ready.

Karahna walked Liz towards the granilith chamber.

“I am sorry to pull you away from your friends but this is for your eyes only and you can’t tell anyone about it.”

“What? I can’t even tell Max?” asked Liz surprised.

“Especially Max.”

“I don’t know if I can do that. I promised him that I would never lie to him again,” said Liz.

“Well you won’t really be telling a lie. You just won’t be telling him anything. You will understand why after I’ve shown you what you need to see.”

“Alright then but I’m not making any promises,” stated Liz firmly. She really didn’t want to be keeping things from Max.

Karahna stepped into the granilith chamber with Liz and instructed her to place her hand on it. Liz did as she was told and as she did her mind was invaded by images that she would never forget.

Liz gasped and fell to the floor after the granilith had finished sending her the images.

“Why? Why did you show me this?” cried Liz.

“I want you to be prepared.”

“Can I stop any of it from happening?”

“Maybe some of it, depending on the choices you make.”

“Why was I given this responsibility?”

“You are the only one that can live with the burden of the powers that were bestowed upon you,” explained Karahna.

“I can’t. I just can’t do this,” cried Liz.

“You have to Liz. It’s our only hope but it has to be done at the last minute. If you don’t do this you have seen what WILL happen.”

“Then I guess I have no other choice,” replied Liz, rather solemnly.

TBC …………………………………………………………………………….
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Re: I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) Cpt 81 (21/Feb/09)

Post by Janetfl » Fri Feb 20, 2009 9:13 pm

Hi everyone!! :D So sorry it took me so long to do another update but I was a very naughty girl and decided to make a fanfic video to go with this story ... which kind of distracted me a bit. So my apologies for being late.

Of course I have to give my usual thanks to all you wonderful people who have been very supportive of me through this whole story:

L-J-L 76
Carolyn/Monica/Lena & cjsl8ne/Paper :
Thank you so much for looking at the video and leaving feed back. It meant a lot to me since it was my first try at doing a video.

Okay now I know you wanted me to post the final few chapters in one go but I thought it would be best to get the next chapters up here since I was getting a few bumps! :lol: :lol:

A huge thank you goes out to Monica and Carrie. Monica checked the first half of these chapters and Carrie checked the whole thing for me. I was having one of my stupid doubting sessions again. Any mistakes are purely mine and there might be a few since it's 3.23am here. :roll:

Chapter 79

Karahna assisted Liz to walk out of the granilith chamber because she was still in a slightly catatonic state. The images were still sifting through her mind and she knew what she had to do to save them all. If she didn’t do what was expected of her then they would all die anyway. This was going to hurt Max most of all though and that thought alone almost killed her.

“Liz you have to snap out of this. You will be meeting the others in a moment and they will want to know what is wrong.”

“I-I know that but it’s just a little hard to deal with right now. I don’t have much of a choice in this matter and I don’t like it one bit. We are a team after all.”

“Yes, but you saw what Khivar has planned. We need to avoid that at all costs otherwise none of the rebellion will survive.”

“I know,” whispered Liz.

Liz shoved all of the disturbing images to the back of her mind. If she was going to be able to pull this off she had to be bright and alert. She just hoped she could save as many of them as possible.

“Come on Karahna we have a war to lead!” said Liz, with new determination.

“I’m so sorry Liz,” said Karahna, with a tear in her eye. She knew what Liz was going to have to sacrifice and it didn’t please her one bit.

“No apologies necessary, this has to be done. There is no room for error and I will not let my family, friends or followers down. They have suffered enough at the hands of this mad man!”

Karahna was amazed by this small woman’s strength. Yes, the king had chosen wisely. She broke away from Liz so she could start organising her troops ready for a speech from their beloved King and Queen.

As Liz approached Isabel’s room she heard the men’s voices from inside as well. They seemed to be having a heated discussion. As Liz opened the door all eyes fell on her.

Max immediately stormed over to Liz.

“God Liz were the hell have you been. We’ve been waiting for you for over an hour. What did my mother have to tell you that she couldn’t say in front of the others?” Max’s eyes bored into Liz’s waiting for a response.

Liz held Max’s intense gaze and replied …

“She just wanted to show me something, Max, that’s all.”

“For over an hour?” Max asked suspiciously.

“Well we kind of got chatting and the time just slipped away from us. I’m really sorry if I worried you in any way,” said Liz, in the hope that he would just drop the subject.

Max engulfed Liz into a hug and kissed the top of her hair.

“I thought something had happened to you.”

“Well it hasn’t. I’m fine Max. Now did you come here to let us know that it was time to show them what we are made of?” smiled Liz.

“Yeah, they have transport heading this way that will pick us up and take us to where we need to go.”

“Will we be travelling above ground?” asked Liz, worrying about the danger.

“No there is a whole system of underground tunnels down here that can take us directly to the site.”

“Well let’s get a move on then. The quicker we do this, the quicker we can plan a strategic attack. I think that you should allow me to be there when you are discussing the plans though Max, my powers maybe able to help you make the right decisions.”

“That’s a good idea Liz. To be honest we need all the help we can get.”

“Don’t worry I’ll make sure you look good,” whispered Liz, in Max’s ear. She just playfully winked and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Max just laughed at her antics and they all left the room to walk to the designated pick up point. When they arrived they were met by the leaders of the other planets and also introduced to each of their second in command.

They looked at the human hybrids with a strange curiosity wondering if they were the real deal or not. Well they would soon find out if it was true.

The transporter pulled up and the door hissed as it opened. It looked like a white SUV but without the tyres. It was actually hovering above the floor. The group looked at one another in slight shock. Okay yes, some of them were part alien but they never envisioned something like this. It was almost like they were in a movie or something.

They all got into the transporter including Karahna who had just made it before it was about to depart.

Everyone sat in silence for the duration of the journey. The tension was so tight that you could cut the air with a knife. Nobody really believed that this small group of humans could do what they had tried to do for the last fifty years, bring down the mighty Khivar.

It took the transporter an hour to get to the secret destination where the pod squad would prove their worth. They all stepped off the transporter and made their way to a sliding door. When it opened the pod squad were shocked at what they saw.

No longer was this a planet of beauty. The earth was stained with years upon years of spilled blood, death, destruction and war. There was not an ounce of plant life visible for miles. All they could see was red dust everywhere and a few mountain ranges that surrounded the area. There were two large suns beating its rays on to the dried dirt.

Looking at their faces Sero decided to speak up.

“Yes this was once a beautiful planet but after fifty years of Khivar’s rule it’s been turned into an almost barren planet. There’s not much food left, people are dying from starvation as well as new diseases that have arisen during the war.

The atmosphere has also been affected which makes the sun’s rays more harmful to our plant life and general living conditions. You won’t see many people outside after a certain time of day because the heat gets almost unbearable. Most of our planets are like this. He has all but destroyed a whole civilization. This is why it is important for us to know that you are the real deal, so to speak. The only thing that can repair the damage to the five planets is the granilith.”

The pod squad just nodded. There were no words to describe the sadness they felt for the atrocities these people had to face, for fifty years no less.

“My god he would have done this to earth as well!” said Maria.

“Now you know why it’s important that we defeat him,” said Liz, with a new understanding of her purpose on Antar.

“Because if we don’t the fate of all the planets here will be bestowed on earth as well,” Max finished off for Liz.

“Come on let’s go,” said Liz, even more determined now, than ever.

They walked out into the barren landscape while the others sat around on some large boulders. There were also scorch marks on the mountains where the beams of Khivar’s ships had struck.

“That bastard is going down,”

She was currently blocking Max so that he couldn’t see what she had to do.

Max knew something was wrong when she had started to block him and he was getting more nervous by the second. He knew his mother had something to do with it and he was going to find out what it was. He was angry because they had agreed not to keep any secrets between them. He also knew that this had to be something big if she was blocking him.

Once everyone was a safe distance away from the leaders and second in commands they all looked towards Max and Liz for instructions.

“What do you guys think we should show them first?” asked Max.

Everyone just shrugged their shoulders. There was so much to show them that they didn’t know where to start.

“Okay let’s go with the elemental attacks first,” said Liz.

“I think you should show them your powers first Liz. It is you who they doubt the most,” said Serena, being able to feel the emotions around her.

“I know, but after today they won’t doubt any of us. So let’s show them what we can do as a team first.”

Meanwhile over by the boulders………

“Oh god no, we have a traitor in our camp!” said Karahna, as Khivar’s men teleported into the mountain range.

“No this is a test,” said Sero.

“What? You mean you told Khivar where to find them?” shouted Karahna.

“This way we will know if they are capable or not and also I have won favour with Khivar if they lose,” smiled Sero.

“I can’t believe you! They will never trust you after this!” said Karahna.

“I don’t think they will win anyway, so what’s the difference.”

“LOOK OUT!” screamed Kathana. She didn’t want the King to go after her planet if he ever came out of this battle alive.

Chapter 80

On hearing the scream, Liz immediately raised a golden bubble shield around the group and shot out her hand to put a protective wall around the other leaders.

She turned to look at what the problem was and saw around a hundred aliens standing behind them.

“Okay well it looks like we’ve got a welcoming committee.”

“Who the hell betrayed us?” said Michael.

“It doesn’t matter now who it was. We can deal with them later. We have a more pressing matter to deal with,” said Liz. “Cover me!”

Everyone surrounded Liz in a circle and once the shield had been dropped they used their powers to alternitely shield themselves and then blast the oncoming enemy.

“Liz, they’re getting closer!” shouted Max, unable to read what Liz was planning because she was still blocking him.

A bright white light surrounded Liz and she raised her arms in the air.


Michael was continually freezing the enemy while Maria had her shield up. She would then send blast after blast at all the frozen bodies, obliterating them into tiny pieces, when Michael had his shield up.

The enemy kept on firing red balls of energy at them but for now the shields were holding, although they could feel their powers weakening already.

“Liz there’s too many of them. We should do the V formation!” shouted Maria, over the hum of the power that was currently being transferred into Liz.

“You’ll be fine just trust me! We can’t show them that manoeuvre yet!” replied Liz.

Maria concentrated her energy towards the ground and in her mind pictured the ground cracking open the way it does when there’s an earthquake. The ground started to rumble and cracked right below where the enemy stood. As the ground started to separate some of the guards started to run while others got swallowed by the gaping hole.

She pulled up lava balls and shot them towards the advancing enemy. As each one hit, the lava clung to its intended victim, setting them on fire and instantly disintegrating them.

Michael started to use his Energy Sourcing power to pull solar energy from the two suns and then convert it so they could boost their powers. Michael placed his arm on Maria and fed her some of the energy.

Once they reached full power again they restarted their assault on the enemy.


Since Liz was in the centre of the circle Max was left to raise his own shield and fire off blasts at the enemy.

He then had an idea and started pooling his energy into the palm of his hand. He shot out a line of fire and moved his arm in a semi-circle to catch as many of Khivar’s men in the raging inferno.

As each one was engulfed into the fire they started flailing their arms around trying to beat the fire out as it slowly burned away their skin. You could hear the screams resonating around the mountain range until they eventually collapsed from the pain. It was not a pretty sight or sound.


Alex concentrated on forming a fairly large tornado at the back of the enemy lines. He pulled the tornado towards himself so that it sucked some of the men up inside its violent swirling motion. He flicked his wrist sending it back towards the rock face. The men swirling inside the vortex smacked against the rock, crushing their bodies and bones into an unrecognisable pulp.

Alex saw Michael using his energy sourcing power and did the same for him and Isabel.

Once they were at full power again Isabel decided to use her water power and surrounded several men in a cube of water effectively drowning them. She did this a few times and then once Alex used his wind powers to blow some of the red dust in to the enemy’s eyes Isabel fired off blasts of blue electrical balls. When they hit the targets the blue electricity would dance around their bodies until they exploded into large flakes of ash.


Ava closed her eyes and concentrated real hard on envisioning a great ball of fire coming from behind the guards. As she did the fire ball engulfed some of the men and she could see them running around, screaming in agony.

The air smelt acrid with the burning flesh of their victims. Ava covered Zan with her shield while he built up a ball of orange electrical energy. He fired at the approaching enemy and took out five with one blast.

There were red, blue, orange, green, white and many other coloured balls of electrical energy flying everywhere, bouncing off shields and also hitting some of the targets.


When Kyle searched the images that Liz had installed into his brain he realised that he had a new power which should be rather helpful in a situation like this. He closed his eyes and pooled his energy towards his brain. He then forced the energy forward out of his head. An invisible wave of psychic energy was released from his mind and headed toward the oncoming attack.

As the wave hit each of the men they fell to the ground grasping their heads in agony.

Everyone stopped for a moment looking at Kyle with mild amusement.

“What?” he asked everyone, looking slightly confused.

They had only ever seen one other person able to do that and that person was Liz.

“Psychic weapon, it creates psychic energy that can harm them mentally but not physically. They won’t be fit to fight a war for the rest of their lives. Apparently Liz slipped that one in without telling me,” said Kyle, in explanation as he shrugged his shoulders.

The group returned to their fighting while shaking their heads. They wondered what else Liz hadn’t been telling them.

Serena didn’t possess many powers but she could still send out hellish blasts. She had honed her powers since she was young. She continually did this while also raising her shield to protect herself and Kyle from the oncoming blasts of red energy balls.


The group started to feel tired and considerably weakened. Even though Michael and Alex were using their energy sourcing power they couldn’t displace it quick enough to charge the other members of their team without leaving one of them exposed.

“Liz, whatever you’re going to do, you have to do it soon!” said Serena, sensing everyone’s drain of power.

“Okay V formation!” shouted Liz.

The group moved into their places behind Max and Liz waiting for the instruction to place their hand on each others’ shoulder but the order never came. They continued to fight the enemy wondering what Liz was going to do next.

All of a sudden the air shifted and the hairs on the back of their arms stood on end. They could feel the electricity building in the air and a sudden rise in the wind had their hair whipping around their faces.

The sky turned dark as night. The black storm clouds gathered, cutting out the sun’s rays. Most of the group jumped when they heard the clap of thunder from above.

Liz brought down her arms, spread her fingers and the lightening that was coming from the sky split into five electrical bolts all hitting their intended targets. She did the same with the other arm and took out five more guards. You could see them jerk as the bolt entered their bodies completely annihilating them.

As she moved around to get the remaining guards in her path she also concentrated on sending a massive Psionic blast to all of the evil presences that she could feel. She kept on shooting the lightning bolts into the bodies of the guards until the blast finally reached them. Simultaneously, they all fell to their knees clutching their heads in complete agony before they all started to explode in front of everyone.

A sudden silence came over the area as dust and ash of over fifty dead men floated through the air.

“Jesus Liz, I’ve never seen anything like that before!” said Michael.

“I know but I’m more powerful here. Back on earth I could only produce a single bolt unless I was surrounding someone with the lightening. Here I can separate them and kill numerous at a time!”

“Um, I meant the simultaneous psionic blast you’ve just produced,” said Michael, still in shock.

“What I want to know is how the hell did they know we were going to be here and why did Khivar only send a few men?” asked Zan.

“He underestimated our powers and thought that would be enough men to kill us all off. He doesn’t realise just how powerful we are,” replied Liz. She suddenly spun around and sent an invisible blast of energy towards the leaders.

The whole group on instinct turned around and raised their hands ready for another attack but what they saw shocked them. Liz had Sero held up against the rock face and he was struggling to get free.

“Liz, what the hell are you doing?” asked Max.

“I’m making sure the traitor doesn’t get away,” stated Liz.

“You mean it was him who told Khivar that we were here?” asked Ava.

“Yeah and I’m going to find out why!” said Liz, storming over towards the leaders but not before she waved her hand in the air causing the storm clouds to dissipate.

Chapter 81

As Liz approached Sero the rest of the leaders fell to one knee to show their sign of respect for Liz’s new position as the Queen of Antar. No one would dare go against her now. Hell they wouldn’t go against any one of them now.

They knew that if Max still had the granilith then there would be no stopping his power but they sensed that the young man’s time on earth had changed the arrogance of King Zan to a more open minded King. They could tell that by the way the team operated with one another.

Sero was incensed that she had the audacity to block his escape and then realised how ridiculous that idea was. He’d just turned them over to Khivar, thinking that they would fail, when in fact they succeeded in totally destroying the small army that Khivar had sent. They were outnumbered nine to one and yet still succeeded.

He hadn’t expected ten people, some of them human, to be able to take down the mighty Emperor’s men within the blink of an eye.

As Liz approached he looked at the green flame that was dancing in her eyes and he almost had a heart attack when he saw that. Not once in his life time had he seen anything like it. He had heard the rumours that the granilith only bestowed the powers to those who were truly worthy and the green flame was a warning to anyone who would cross the chosen ones paths.

He now understood how much trouble he was really in. If she could make the fire dance in her eyes she could destroy him without a second thought.

“So Sero, you were the one who turned us over to Khivar’s men, except he made a fatal error in his judgement. He didn’t realise just how strong we are. Now he knows it’s going to make it more difficult for us to ambush him. We had the advantage and you took it away from us,” said Liz, with fury laced through her voice.

“I-I w-wanted to p-prove that you were capable of defeating him,” stuttered Sero.

Liz raised her hand and slowly closed her fingers into a loose fist. As she did this, Sero felt his Larynx being slowly squeezed and the air to his lungs constricted. His face turned a funny red and then purple shade.

“What’s wrong Sero, cat got your tongue?” said Liz, her eyes turning black and the green flames growing in intensity.

“Liz,” Max whispered, into her ear. He was starting to get slightly worried about how she was acting. He actually believed that she would kill Sero if he didn’t respond to her correctly.

Liz squeezed her fist a little tighter and choking noises started to come from Sero as his eyes started to bulge.

“LIZ,” shouted Max, getting really worried now.

What Max did not understand was that something inside of Liz had just snapped. She didn’t understand why but she felt the need to protect her family with such force that this was nothing compared to what she was actually capable of.

“He will betray us Max,” said Liz, in a stoic tone.

The calmness of her voice frightened Max and the rest of the group as Sero struggled to take in air. Liz released her choke hold on him and turned towards the group.

“What happened to show no mercy Max?” asked Liz, her eyes still shining brightly.

“This isn’t what we do though Liz. What’s gotten into you lately? You’re really starting to scare me. He hasn’t physically attacked us Liz and yet you didn’t bat an eyelid in attacking him.”

“He will betray us. He will join forces with Khivar and that will make our fight more difficult. He needs to be removed from the equation Max.”


“Guys I think its best that we go back inside. I know Liz put a force field up but we don’t know whether Khivar is going to send more men and if the force field will hold. We have to get out of here. Let’s save the talk until we get back,” said Michael, realising that this situation was getting out of control.

Liz flicked her hand towards Sero and released him from the invisible binds. He fell to the floor in a heap before managing to pick himself up and dust himself off.

He went down on one knee and bowed his head.

“Your majesty this was a test to prove that you could take on Khivar. I now swear my allegiance to your cause.”

Liz just scoffed and walked over to the man. She bent down and whispered into his ear.

“You’re lucky my husband has a kind heart Sero for I would not have been so lenient with you. If I had my way you would be dead right now. If you betray me, I can guarantee that you will suffer a fate far worse than death. Is that understood?”

Sero took an audible gulp and didn’t doubt for one minute that she meant what she said.

“I swear to you that will not happen.”


Liz moved away from the ugly fat man before her and walked calmly towards the invisible door that they had come through. Karahna waved her hand and the doors slid open.

The rest of the group had overheard what Liz had whispered and were terrified that something was wrong with Liz. Never in their wildest dreams did they think she would ever willingly threaten another life.

As Karahna and Liz stepped into the travel tunnel and headed towards the transport Liz smiled at Karahna.

“How did I do?”

“You scared me half to death. I really thought you were going to do it!”

“Ah, but when I was close to him I got a flash of the future and he won’t betray us now,” said Liz, with a smile on her face.

“You know your group think you’ve gone completely crazy,” said Karahna.

“Let me worry about them. You just deal with your side of things and we should be able to pull this off.”

“LIZ!” Max ran towards his mother and his future wife with a look of complete confusion on his face. “WHAT the hell was that back there? You actually threatened his life!”

“I know that Max but I was just doing what was necessary to complete our mission. We have no room for weak links.”

“You are really starting to worry me now. This is not you. You are the kindest, sweetest person I know. What’s gotten in to you lately?” asked Max, staring at his mother knowing that something she had said or done to Liz this morning had greatly affected her.

“She’s being what she’s supposed to be Max. She’s being a strong Queen which is what we all need right now. There must be no room for doubt in their minds. Liz made a very difficult decision today, one that went against every fibre of her being but she made the right one. Sero will no longer be a problem to you.”

Max just stared at his mother in disbelief. What the hell had she told Liz to make her think and act this way?

TBC …………………………………………………………………………….. Not long to go now I promise!! :lol: :lol:
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Re: I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) Cpt 84 (19/Mar/09)

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Hi everyone only another three, maybe less chapters to go and then the epilogue. Thank you so much for sticking so long with this story. A HUGE thank you to everyone who left me feedback.

Wow thanks so much for all the encouragement and bumps you wonderful people!!!!!

This chapter is dedicated to Ginger and DaleStateShorty who gave me the inspiration to write again for this story. I have to say that I was a little stumped on one particular chapter.

To my wonderful friend Monica who helped me out with a section of the love scene because I just couldn't get past it. If it wasn't for Monica you wouldn't be getting an update today!!!!!! THANK YOU MONICA.

Chapter 82

Max was staring at Liz intensely as the transporter took them back towards the base. Sero was so nervous to be sitting in such close proximity to the woman who had almost taken his life this morning.

He was absolutely terrified that she would carry out her threat and that seemed worse than what Khivar could or would ever do to him. He knew that Liz had the power to do whatever she wanted to his puny little body. Okay Khivar could torture him or kill him with one of his blasts but it was her eyes that had scared him the most, along with the calm tone used when she threatened him.

No this was one woman he wasn’t prepared to go up against. He also believed that the group were strong enough to take down Khivar and that thought alone should be enough to frighten anyone. He was wondering what would happen to him after the war was over. Would Liz do him for treason or would she forgive his little slip just this once. He certainly hoped it was the latter. He would prove to her that he was worthy of her mercy.

Nobody else talked for the rest of the journey. They were taking time to reflect on the events that had happened over the last couple of days. They had fought two battles and managed to survive relatively unscathed but even with Liz’s powers they would still be outnumbered. Khivar had a lot of men willing to fight on his side and they also believed that he had spies somewhere hidden within the rebellion camps.

As the transporter reached the base everyone stepped out and headed quietly to their rooms except Max.

“We need a meeting within the next few hours. Tomorrow we go after Khivar. There’s no more time to lose. We still don’t know where they are holding our parents.”

“We do now Max. That’s why I almost missed the transportation this morning. I had received news that your parents were being held in the palace near Khivar’s room but since they wouldn’t tell Khivar where the granilith was hidden he put them with the rest of the prison population. Unfortunately they are being held captive in the Palaces dungeons ready for torture or even public execution.”

“No he wouldn’t do that. He wants to keep them close by because he will use them as a bargaining chip against us. If he gets rid of them then he will have nothing to hold over us. I am sure he is going to want to make us suffer and what better way than to threaten our parents,” explained Liz.

“We need to know exactly where they are being held. Do we have the blueprints for the palace?”

“Yes we obtained a copy of them prior to your arrival. Khivar has made quite a few changes to the Palace so we had to sneak a copy of the amended blue prints out.”

“I think we should all rest for now so that we can build up our energy before we do anything else. We need to get some food, have a small sleep and then we will be able to plan a strategy ready for tomorrow. Is everyone agreed?” asked Max.

Everyone nodded their consent and the pod squad walked to their private quarters as the leaders and Karahna left to go and gather their armies, ready for the upcoming battle. They all had to be prepared. This was not going to be an easy fight.

As Max and Liz entered their room Max gently grabbed Liz by the arm to stop her from going any further.

“Liz I know you’re hiding something from me. You’ve been blocking me ever since you had that talk with my mother. What did she say to you? Why are you hiding things from me again? We promised each other that there would be no more secrets. Remember how it ripped us all apart the last time,” he said in a pleading tone.

There was no way he was going to let her get away with it this time. He had spent too much time apart from her over the last year because of her lies. Hell he’d almost gone into Tess’s arms because of it. That thought made him visibly shiver.

“Max, I just want to go and have a sleep. I am really tired,” said Liz.

Max looked at Liz with concern on his face.

“Liz you’re really very pale are you feeling alright,” Max asked, as he gently held her arm and led her towards the bedroom.

“I’m fine Max I just need to rest for a little while. I think using all of that power this afternoon drained me.”

“Why don’t you just pull more from the granilith?”

“I have enough power Max it’s just that I’m very tired and need to rest,” insisted Liz.

Max scooped up Liz into his arms and placed her gently in the bed. He put the comforter around her small body and left the room to allow Liz to sleep.

He started to pace around the living room wondering just what was wrong with Liz. He had never seen her act in a violent way before. She had even given Tess the chance to redeem herself by having her powers removed instead of fighting to the death. How she acted today with Sero was really starting to worry him.

He decided to go and find his mother to see if she knew anything about her strange behaviour.

As he was walking through the maze of tunnels he saw a young woman walking towards him.

“Excuse me could you tell me where my mother is I’m …”

The young woman looked at her King with wide eyes. Did he really think she didn’t know who he was? She immediately bowed her head in respect and answered him.

“Yes your majesty I know who you are. Your mother is currently in her private quarters. Would you like me to take you there?”

“Yes please.”

“This way your majesty,” said the young woman, walking towards Karahna’s room.

“What is your name?”

“Alexia, your majesty.”

“Please, just call me Max okay.”

“Um, certainly M-Max,” said Alexia, not quite believing that the King was asking her to call him by his first name.

She led him towards another set of doors at the end of the tunnel which she stopped outside of. She pressed her long greyish finger on the communication button and announced his arrival. Karahna opened the door and waved her son into her private chambers. She thanked the young woman and then closed the doors.

“Max, what can I do for you?”

“I need someone to check over Liz. She’s been acting a little strange today and she is feeling very tired all of a sudden. When I left her just now she was very pale. She’s sleeping at the moment. If Liz is sick, I don’t want her going into battle tomorrow.”

“She used a lot of power today with the psionic blast that she did. Although she can pull the power from the granilith it doesn’t mean she won’t get exhausted Max. She probably just needs a little rest but if you are that worried about her then I will get one of the doctors to look her over.”

“There is one other question I wanted to ask you.”

“And that would be?”

“What did you say to Liz this morning because ever since that meeting with you she’s been acting differently? She’s been blocking our connection and I know she wouldn’t try and hide something from me unless it was very important.”

“Max I don’t know what you are talking about. I invited Liz to my private quarters so I could get to know her a little better. After all, she is the new Queen and I hardly know anything about her. We just had a little informal chat … sort of mother, daughter bonding time. How do you call it on earth … ah yes a girly night in or something?”

Max was a little unsure whether or not he should believe his mother but why would she lie to him? What could she have possibly said to Liz to make her act in the strange way she did this morning?

“You didn’t insult her or tell her she wasn’t good enough did you?”

“Of course not Max, how could you even think that? She is probably the strongest woman I have ever met and is definitely worthy of the title Queen.”

“And you are sure you didn’t say anything that would upset her or make her think that she has to hide something from me?”

“No Max, I have no idea what you are talking about. Look if you are this worried about Liz maybe you should ask her what’s going on.”

“I have tried to ask her, she just says that nothing is wrong but if that’s the case then why is she blocking me?”

“That’s only something she can answer Max, not me. Go and talk to her once she has regained her strength. That’s all I can suggest really.”

“Fine,” said Max, leaving his mothers private quarters. He didn’t know what to believe any more. Right now though he had to concentrate on the impending battle and put his personal problems aside. That is what was expected of him and that is what needed to be done.

He went back to the Royal quarters and went to check on Liz. She was still sleeping peacefully. He went back out into the corridor and buzzed Michael’s room.

“Yo,” said Michael, through the intercom.

“Michael I need to speak to you,” said Max. He could hear the groan from the other side of the door.

The door slid open and Michael was standing there looking a little tired.

“Man I was just having that rest you insisted upon and now you want to wake me up. What’s so important that it can’t wait until we have rested?”

“We are attacking tomorrow. We need everyone to know what their roles are. We also need to include the group on the attack plan but we will do that once it’s finalised with the leaders.”

“Fine. Give me a minute to get dressed and I’ll be with you.”

“Thanks Michael.”

Max entered his room and talked to his mother over the intercom, requesting another meeting with the leaders. He explained to her that he wanted to go over the final battle plans and she agreed.

Chapter 83

Liz slowly woke up and showered before she went to find the others. Once she was finished she took a quick look around her quarters and realised that Max wasn’t there. She had no idea how long she had been asleep so she left the room and went to Maria’s.

She found a note on the door saying that they had left to go to the dining room and would meet her there if she woke up in time. She wondered why nobody had awoken her to go and have her meal. She was positively famished.

As she entered the dining room everyone turned around to look at who had entered the room. Liz blushed slightly and apologised for arriving late. Max immediately felt her discomfort and went over to Liz.

“Don’t worry about being late Liz. How are you feeling now?” he asked her, in a gentle voice.

“I feel a lot better now Max. I guess I was just a little tired after this morning. I would like something to eat though,” whispered Liz.

Max gave a slight chuckle and led her towards the serving table. There was a mixture of different foods that she didn’t even recognise. She looked at Max wondering which one she should eat.

“Try that one,” he said pointing to a casserole looking dish. “It tastes a lot like beef stew and over there is some sort of vegetable that tastes a lot like potatoes.”

Liz grabbed a plate and piled a generous helping of the funny vegetable and stew on it. She then took her seat next to Max and started tucking into her food. Max was watching her carefully to see if she still showed any signs of fatigue or illness but the way she was shovelling the food into her mouth he realised that she was just incredibly hungry right now.

He turned and continued his conversation with Michael. When everyone had finished eating they all retired to the sitting room and had a special drink. It tasted of a mixture of mango juice and very strong rum. Although Max’s mother assured their guests that there was no alcohol in the drink.

All the leaders continued their conversations with Max and Michael getting ready for the battle tomorrow morning. Liz moved over towards Isabel, asked what was going on and had she missed anything.

Isabel explained that they already had a plan of attack which had been worked out between them all. Everyone had agreed to the plan and thought it was the best action to take. She told Liz that Max was going to go over the plans with her later.

“Why didn’t any of you wake me for such an important discussion?” asked Liz.

“Liz, you were so exhausted after this morning and you looked so pale that we all thought it would be more important for you to get some rest. You are the most powerful one out of all of us and we can’t afford for you to be tired, or not on the ball so to speak. We know you have never let us down before and we know you won’t now but we just wanted you to rest.”

“Oh alright and you said Max will fill me in later?”

“Yes once he’s gotten rid of the others he will take you to the war room and explain everything to you. He wasn’t trying to keep you out of the loop Liz he just wanted you to rest because he knows how hard it’s going to be tomorrow.”

“I know that Isabel. I wasn’t being funny about it or anything. I was just wondering why nobody woke me up but I must admit that I do feel better for having that rest and that wonderful meal,” smiled Liz.

“Well I’m glad you’re alright Liz,” said Isabel, smiling.

Liz went over to the table to pour herself another drink when Max came behind her and slipped his strong arms around her waist.

“So do you want to know what we have planned for tomorrow?” he whispered, in her ear.

“Of course I do Max,” she said turning in his arms to look at him.

“Come on then let’s get out of here and I will show you what we’ve come up with.”

Max took Liz to the war room to show her the strategic movements that they had all come up with. It left the pod squad entering the Palace to rescue the parents. Liz realised that she didn’t have anything to worry about. Everything was going according to the plan.

She had been worried that the strategy they had come up with would not match what she needed to do but she said a silent prayer of thanks when Max told her what had been decided. This would work perfectly.

Max went over the plans with Liz for a second time just so that it was imprinted onto her brain. He did not want her to get injured in the battle. In fact he really didn’t want her in the battle in the first place but knew he had no choice. He had to protect her by any means necessary. By the time he had finished going over the plans twice with Liz it was really late in the evening and he was starting to feel tired.

“Come on Liz lets go back and get some rest before the big day tomorrow.”

“Yeah I’m pretty tired now too.”

“Liz, why are you still blocking me? What did my mother say to you to make you do that to me? We promised no more secrets Liz.”

“I know that Max. I’m not blocking you because I have something to hide. I am blocking you because I don’t want to cloud your judgement with my doubts or fears. That is the last thing you need right now.”

“Liz, it is okay to be scared in fact I’m terrified. We don’t know what we are really going to face tomorrow. Yes we have a big army behind us, now that all of the leaders have agreed to support us but Khivar is far better at strategies then I could ever be right now. I’ve had help from everyone that has fought him and I know some of his manoeuvres but I am sure he has some tricks up his sleeve.”

“I am sure you have done everything you possibly can. The reason the others have never won a battle against him is because they never fought him together. They were always bickering about who was going to rule the galaxy and fighting amongst themselves. Now they have put their differences aside to fight alongside you. That in itself is incredible Max. You have brought them together to fight one goal instead of what they each personally want. Tomorrow you make your stand as the true leader of this planet and you are going to win.”

Max couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. It almost brought him to tears thinking of the loyalty she had towards him. It didn’t matter if she was hiding her feelings from him. She probably wanted him to concentrate on the matter at hand instead of worrying about her and for that he truly loved her.

He gently grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the Royal chambers. He couldn’t believe the unwavering loyalty that Liz had for him. After everything that had happened over the last year. God he even kissed Tess in front of her. That must have been like a stab to the heart considering she didn’t really sleep with Kyle.

He knew in his heart that she had never betrayed him but his head seemed to rule, all through last year, or was it Tess’s influence. No he couldn’t blame her when it was his own fault. He had been so nasty to Liz sometimes that it hurt him to his very core now. He now understood that she was suffering even more than he was and he couldn’t believe that a future version of him could have come up with such a ridiculous idea.

“Tomorrow you have to address the people, don’t you?” asked Liz

“Yes but I have no clue as to what I’m going to say to them Liz. I’m so nervous right now. I’ve never had to do a public speech before, let alone in front of thousands of people.”

“Just say what’s in your heart Max and you will be fine,” replied Liz.

Max thought it rather ironic that he had spent most of his human life in hiding and now he had to face his people, give them an inspirational speech and lead them into battle, which he had no idea if they were going to win or not.

Liz sensed his doubts and sent him waves of confidence.

“You will be fine Max I promise.”

“If you keep that up I won’t be,” laughed Max, as a naughty image of Liz entered his brain.

“Just trying to relax you Max,” purred Liz, playfully.

Max scooped Liz off her feet into his strong muscular arms.

“Max!” screamed Liz, playfully hitting him on the shoulder.


“You’re tired, you need your sleep. We have a big day tomorrow,” smiled Liz.

“Haven’t I ever told you that we don’t need sleep?”

Liz started to come back with a retort but was cut off by Max pressing his lips against hers in a searing kiss. As he brushed his tongue along her bottom lip she opened her mouth to allow him to taste her.

As he placed is tongue inside her mouth, Liz gently sucked on it which drove Max wild. Their tongues started to duel for control once the sexual desire started to flow through their connection. Liz opened up to Max but still kept a part of herself blocked so he couldn’t see what was going to happen tomorrow.

Max finally broke the kiss when he needed air and also because he couldn’t see where he was going.

“M-Max put me do…”

“Liz, don’t even try it. I don’t care if anyone sees me carrying you to our bed chamber!” Max whispered, into Liz’s ear as he showed her what he had in mind. Her breathing became erratic as her heart beat increased.

With her head thrown back and her eyes closed, Liz let a small moan escape her parted lips. She could feel every single movement Max was bestowing on her body as the images slowly flashed by. It was so intense that it brought her to climax without Max really laying a finger on her.

“Max … oh god MAXXXXXXXX!” screamed Liz, as an intense orgasm washed over her.

“I’ve always wanted to do that to you Liz. Ever since that first time in AP Bio where I touched your hand and I almost brought you to completion. Do you remember that Liz?” whispered Max, in a husky voice.

“I could never forget it Max,” purred Liz.

As Max approached the door to the rooms Liz placed her hand on the scanning panel. The doors slid open and Max walked straight towards their bedroom. He half expected Maria to come out of her room, she normally interrupted everyone at the wrong moment but it seemed they were all getting some rest.

Max used his powers to open the door, carried Liz straight to the bedroom and placed her gently on the bed. He waved a hand over her clothes and dissolved them.

“Max!” shrieked Liz. “You’re in some sort of hurry aren’t you?”

Max opened his side of the connection fully and all his feelings were literally like a tidal wave for Liz. His fear of losing everyone he loves, his pride at her loyalty and strength, his love for her, but the strongest feeling making itself known was the utter desire he had for her at this moment.

She could feel his awe as he roamed his eyes across her incredible body.

“Max … um … aren’t you a little over dressed?” said Liz, as she waved her hand over his clothes, using her powers to dissolve them.

He stood there in all his glory, from his handsome face, down to his rock hard chest and abs, his glorious muscular thighs but of course the one feature that was standing out, or rather up at this particular moment was his massive, throbbing cock.

Max threw his head back as Liz encased his manhood with her wet, warm mouth. She gently grabbed his shaft with one hand and his balls with the other and set to a rhythm that they could both enjoy.

As she slowly moved her mouth upwards she flicked her tongue around it’s head and then sucked him deep into her mouth again. She matched her hand movements with her mouth and continued to pleasure him.

Max was enjoying the attention that she was bestowing upon him but he didn’t want things to end before they’d even started so he gently lifted her head away from him and bent down to seal her lips in a passionate kiss.

He slowly leaned forward which pushed Liz’s back into the bed but left her legs over the side. He broke away from the heated kiss and went down on his knees. He gently moved his hands up her legs, marvelling at the silky softness of her skin beneath his fingers. She was so beautiful and she was his.

As his hands moved higher up her legs he followed them with gentle nibbles and kisses. He could smell her essence as he kissed higher up her leg and when he finally reach the spot he’d been waiting for, he could already see that she was more than ready for him. He could see the juices on her wet folds; he licked right along her passage and lapped her juices like the thirsty man he was.

No matter how many times he did this to Liz he realised he would never get bored of her taste; it was slightly sweet but musky too. When Liz moaned out his name he inserted two fingers into her hot core and started to slowly pump in a rhythmic action and used his thumb to gently rub and circle her clit.

Liz loved the sensations that Max was causing to her body but she needed more.

“Max, please!”

As he heard her breathless whisper he removed his fingers and flipped Liz over, raised her knees onto the bed and impaled her from behind. He started off with a slow rhythm at first, getting faster as Liz’s moans became more intense.

Thrust after thrust, her slickness eased in his rigid shaft and they could practically hear the sound of their lovemaking as he pulled in and out.

Liz moaned and tilted her head back when she was driven harder by him. He began to build up an intense hunger and suddenly was ravishing her body everywhere. Her breasts bounced wildly in match with his vicious ramming into her body, it wasn’t enough….he needed to ride her in every position that came to mind

Upset at the loss of his hard arousal inside her, Liz was about to protest until he flipped her around, lay her down and lifted her legs around his waist so they were in a wheel barrow position before plunging into her moist depths again. God he could see himself disappearing inside her. This was the deepest he had been inside Liz and he could see her juices glistening on his hard shaft as he pulled out and then rammed back inside.

Over and over, he guided her hips up and down, riding her to extreme heights. Liz shut her eyes and panted loudly in pleasure, each ripple of orgasm ripping through her body.

“Yes…harder.” She raked her nails over his arms.

Max held himself from climaxing and threw her legs over on his shoulders, changing the angle of penetration. He went in deeper and slower now.

Liz’s moaning drove him wild and he soon picked up the pace, the sound of their bodies slapping together. Jesus, how long could he hold on? He wanted to shoot his load inside her, on her, fuck he wanted to fill her womb with his seed, that’s how bad he was.

The thought of it made him primal with lust, hot baking desire to give in, to covet. A film of sweat covered their bodies as the thrusts intensified. Max just couldn’t control himself anymore and wanted to lose himself inside of Liz.

Just as he was about to climax he lifted Liz with his strong arms and slammed both of their bodies against the wall. She moved her hips in time with his and she felt her walls tightening around his thick manhood. Her eyes turned black and a hunger like she had never felt before came over her.

She dug her nails hard into his shoulders and then raked them down his back. This caused Max slight pain but he was too high to notice it. As he felt her walls tightening around his cock his eyes turned black and he bit down on Liz’s neck and suckled it like it would provide him life force.

“Maxxx!” screamed Liz, as the most intense orgasm she had ever felt ripped through her body.

“Lizzz” moaned Max, as he spilled his seed inside her.

They stood there like that for what seem like hours but in fact were only minutes, while they both got their breathing under control. Max pulled out of Liz and carried her to the bed. He lay her gently down and looked at her flushed face. She looked totally ravished but simply beautiful.

He could tell that she was already sleepy so he got in bed beside her. Scooped her into the spooning position and wrapped his strong arms around her. They both fell into a blissful sleep.

Chapter 84

The following morning Max and Liz woke up in the same position they had fallen asleep in. Liz slowly turned around to look at Max. Today was the big day, the final battle, and she knew now that what she was about to do was the right thing.

She gently kissed Max on the lips and a small smile appeared on his lips.

“Good morning gorgeous. Last night was just incredible,” said Max, in a groggy voice.

“Hmmm I know,” whispered Liz, kissing Max gently all over his face.

“If you keep that up we’ll be having another round now,” said Max, finally opening his eyes.

He looked at Liz with a look of horror on his face.

“Max, what’s wrong?” asked Liz, terrified by the look on his face.

She saw him raise his hand to her neck.

“God, did I do that to you last night?” he asked his tone remorseful. “Liz I’m so sorry I never meant to hurt you.”

“Max, what are you talking about?” she asked him, as she raised her hand to where he was pointing.

As she touched the sensitive skin on her neck she nearly jumped in the air with the pain that it caused her. She rolled off the bed and looked at her neck in the mirror. Her eyes were wide with shock.

“Jesus Max, we got a little carried away last night,” said Liz, laughing and putting her hand over the bruised area of her neck. A light glow emitted from her hand and the bruise and bite mark disappeared.

Max turned on his back to look at Liz but soon shot out of the bed when he felt the pain shoot through him.

“SHIT!” shouted Max.

Liz spun around to see what had happened.

“Max, what’s wrong?”

“Liz, take a look at my back please? When I turned over to look at you I got a pain shooting through it.”

As Max turned around he heard Liz gasp.

“Oh my god Max, I’m so sorry,” said Liz, more as a cry than statement.

“What?” asked Max confused.

“Look at your back in the mirror Max.”

Max did as he was instructed and couldn’t believe the scratch marks running down his back.

“It looks like a freaking panther attacked me or something.”

“I think both of us got a little carried away last night.”

“I don’t know what it was Liz but I had an urge, no a need, to possess you, own you, to mark you as mine and mine alone. That’s why I did that … that thing on your neck,” said Max rather embarrassed about the whole thing.

“Max, it’s okay. I felt the same way, which is why those scratches are so vicious. I’m so sorry Max,” said Liz, waving her now glowing hand across his back and healing the broken skin.

“It’s funny how neither of us felt that last night though,” said Max, more in wonderment than anything else.

“Well it’s a good job we can both heal each other. I’m going to jump in the shower and get ready. We have a long trip ahead of us,” said Liz, as she walked towards the bathroom.

“I think I’ll join you,” said Max, with an impish smile on his face.

“Max, do you think that’s such a good idea?”

“Definitely!” shouted Max, as he chased Liz into the bathroom.

Liz started running the water in the shower as Max went about his daily business. Max stepped into the shower while Liz took care of her bladder and then she stepped into the shower with him.

He started to shampoo her hair and the moans that were coming out of her mouth made him start to grow hard.

“Liz, I keep telling you if you keep that up we are going to have another problem,” said Max, pushing his semi hard penis into her back.

“Sorry Max I will behave,” laughed Liz, as he continued to wash her body with shower gel.

She returned the favour and washed him from head to toe and then they both rinsed and got out of the shower.

When they reached the bedroom there was new sets of battle clothes laid out for both of them. They looked around the room to see if anyone was there but there was no one in sight.

“Well it looks like we’ve had maid service,” said Liz.

“Oh crap, it’s those freaking see through shirts again,” whined Max.

“Hey, I love you in those things. I can see your muscles ripple when you fight and I have to say that it’s rather sexy,” said Liz, smacking Max’s naked rear end.

“Hey behave!” shouted Max, whipping her hard with his towel.

“Ow Max!” shrieked Liz, she quickly took the panties off the bed and put them on.

Neither of them could believe how relaxed they felt considering they were going to war soon. They dressed in the Antarian uniform, put the communicators on and went to meet the rest of the group who were waiting in the corridor for them.

“So this is it,” said Michael, steeling his nerves.

“This is it,” said Max, firmly.

“The final battle,” stated Liz.

TBC …………………………………………………………………………………
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Re: I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) Cpt 87 (31/Mar/09)

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Hi everyone!!! Well these are the final chapters and then the epilogue will follow shortly. Thank you to all of you who left feedback for me.

Okay now because this was my first ever fic and I've received so much support for it I want to dedicate these final chapters to EVERYONE who has left feed back at some point during the story.

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But of course a special thank you goes out to the people who gave regular feedback all through the story. You wonderful people kept me going with this. SO THANK YOU. If I've missed anyone out then I apologise!

A special thank you has to go out to Carrie for persuading me to write and post this fic in the first place. To Monica who always helped me out when I got totally stuck and to Lena for proof reading these final chapters. Thank you everyone!!!

Right enough of that .. on with the show ....................................................

Chapter 85

Max placed his hand on the scanner and the doors slid open. The group all left the safety of their chambers and an eerie silence had come across the whole base. Karahna came around the corner dressed in the same battle clothes that the girls from the group were in.

“Mother?” questioned Max.

“What? You didn’t think I was going to let you go into battle without me did you?”

“But …”

“I am rather powerful Max. I always have been. I can’t heal but my blasts will kill someone first hit. I think I could be useful to you.”

Even Liz didn’t like the sound of this so she spoke her mind.

“I’m sorry Karahna but I tend to agree with Max here. I mean what happens if all of us get killed? They are going to need you here at the base to carry on. You have been leading these people for so long now and to be left without you would turn everything to chaos, plus you protect the granilith. Can you really trust someone else to do that?”

“But that’s not going to happen,” said Karahna, looking directly at Liz.

“I just don’t want you to take that risk. What if we all fail?” said Liz, pointedly. She knew what Karahna was thinking but what if she didn’t or couldn’t pull it off? Then the granilith could fall into the wrong hands.

“I have every faith in all of you,” said Karahna, her mind made up.

“Mom, please stay here at the base,” begged Max.

“No. I know what I’m doing. I’ve been doing this a lot longer than you have. Most of the people at the base will be joining the battle. They’ve waited a long time for this day. We are leaving the people we trust to guard the granilith with their lives. I owe Khivar for killing my husband and family. If you think for one minute that I’m staying behind, you can think again.”

“Now I know where Max gets his determination from,” smiled Liz.

“What do you mean he killed your husband?” asked Max.

“Your father was murdered Max. I know you have your memories back but I never told you what happened to him. Khivar killed him, poisoned him actually, so he could get you on the throne. He knew that you wanted to make a lot of changes and fast. He also knew that this would cause unrest between the people.”

“Before your father died he wanted you to marry Ava to cement the peace treaty between her planet and ours. That is why he was so insistent on you marrying her. Once you were engaged, Khivar killed your father, used Ava to gain entrance into the palace and murdered you all.”

The whole group stood motionless as Karahna’s words soaked in to their minds. A look of shock passed through the whole group.

“Are you telling us that all of Khivar’s plans were pre-meditated? That it wasn’t just Ava betraying us that caused all of this but Khivar had planned it all along, killing my father in the process?” asked Max.

“That is exactly what I’m telling you Max. Khivar was and still is a very power hungry man. He wanted the granilith so that he could rule the galaxy. I am sure he would have used it as a weapon if he could of. That’s why I sent half of it with you and took the other half to a secret location. Khivar has never known that part of it was still here,” said Karahna, with a smile on her face.

“Then I think it’s about time we show Khivar just what all of our people are made of,” said Max, with more determination now than he’d ever had.

“Let’s get this show on the road. Most of the army moved out last night and have been strategically placed around the palace. Sero and Hannar have their spaceships which we hope Khivar can’t see due to the new frequency the cloaking device uses. Kathana has her troops stationed around the palace also and we are all in constant communication. Even if we lose it, everyone knows the battle plan so no matter what happens things should go according to plan.”

Karahna led the way to one of the transportation ships that flew so low that it would never be picked up on Khivar’s radar. This is what the group would be travelling in. It was going to take them a long time to get to their destination. They wouldn’t make it to the palace before night fall.

As they stepped inside the transporter they noticed that food and drinks were available for the duration of the journey, plus a small compact toilet was also provided. They all settled down in the comfortable seats as the transporter took off.

Liz began to get more nervous as their journey continued. She was worried about all of the parents and wondered what state they would be in when it finally came time to rescue them.

The granilith had shown her what could happen, if they made certain bad choices during the war. Each and every one of them ended in disaster, the total annihilation of all her friends and family and eventually Earth. The only way to defeat Khivar would be to follow the path the granilith had suggested.

All the images that she witnessed via the granilith came back to haunt her. She knew what one mistake could lead to. She started to get a little restless after an hour, so she stood up and helped herself to something to eat and drink.

After she had sat down with her food, the rest of the group decided to eat and drink as well. As their backs were turned towards Liz she looked at each one of them and decided who she could trust the most to carry out her wishes.

Once she had decided on the two main people to help her, she settled down and ate her meal.

After everyone had completed their meal and drinks, a few used the toilet facilities and then they all settled down for some sleep in the reclining chairs.


Liz felt someone tapping her arm gently and she could hear a voice in the distance. After a few seconds she realised someone was trying to wake her and she opened her eyes.

“Liz we’re almost there,” said Max, smiling at her.

“Wow how long have I been asleep?” asked Liz, looking around the group who seemed wide awake.

“We’ve not long woken up either Liz. We just thought that we should leave you a little while longer. You looked so peaceful that none of us had the heart to wake you,” whispered Max.

“Oh okay,” said Liz stretching.

Max handed Liz a drink, which she finished in one go and then she went to use the toilet. She splashed some cold water on her face to wake herself up and then rejoined the group.

“The combined number of ships that Hannar and Sero have should be enough to outnumber Khivar. We are hoping that they will keep the battle in the air and not concentrate on the ground,” said Karahna.

“I will make sure that there is a force field above where we are fighting but I don’t know how far I can stretch it and who it will cover,” stated Liz.

“We might not have to do that at all. It really depends on whether Hannar and Sero can keep them busy up there,” said Karahna, pointing upwards.

There was a funny beep that came out of nowhere and then a voice that announced that they had arrived at one of the bases set up near the palace.

As the transporter came to a stop the group were already by the door, their nerves getting to them. As the door opened they all gasped at the sight before them.

“Jesus, this used to be a beautiful planet, what the hell has he done to it?” asked Max.

“Khivar never anticipated the war for power to go on for this long. He thought that we would just all accept him as the new king. Hell they won’t even allow him that title so he eventually called himself the Emperor of Antar. This is the damage done by all of the weapons on the ships. He has tipped the eco system over the edge and slowly the planet is dying.”

“So even if we win, this is what we have to face?” asked Max.

“No Max. This is why Khivar is so desperate to get his hands on the granilith. It’s the only thing powerful enough to change the five planets back to their former glory. Without it the eco-system will eventually collapse and all the planets will become un-inhabitable.”

“So that’s why he tries to conquer Earth in the future,” stated Liz.

“He does what in the future?” asked Karahna.

“Nothing,” said Liz, as she stepped outside into the warm air along with the rest of the group.

“Fortunately you’ve come during our, what on earth you would call, summer period. That means that it’s this warm during the night and even hotter during the day. If you had come during our winter period it would be literally freezing here, hardly the ideal conditions to do battle in.”

“How come it’s so warm?” asked Kyle.

“Our atmosphere is similar to Earth’s so what you would call your ozone layer has been drastically damaged by the toxins in the weapons and of course because of the eco-system. The rest of the planets are in the same sort of predicament.”

“So it’s imperative we win then, otherwise we all know what will happen in the future,” said Liz.

“Wow you’ve seen that far into the future? You must have been very powerful before you received the granilith’s power in order to see that far ahead,” said Karahna, in awe.

“No not powerful, just forewarned.”

Liz was thinking about Future Max at this point. Maybe this is why Khivar attacked Earth in the future. It had nothing to do with hunting the royal four. It was for survival purposes only, although she doubted that was his only motive.

“Hey where is Kal? We haven’t seen him since we came to Antar,” asked Zan.

“He’s here. He has been doing some covert operations. Kal will make himself known when it is necessary.”

“And the guards?” asked Michael.

“They are here also. Roman and Nathan will both be leading the troops under your instruction.”

“Right so everything is covered then,” said Max.

“Come on let’s go and see Roman and Nathan first,” said Karahna.

They were so busy making sure that all aspects of the plan were covered they didn’t notice a pair of eyes and ears taking in all of the information.

Chapter 86

As the group walked towards Roman’s and Nathan’s camouflaged tent, the three aliens started to get nervous knots in their stomachs. This is what they were born into and yet their human counterparts chose to fight with them.

At this moment in time they couldn’t be more proud of the people that they had let into their lives.

When they reached the tent Max, Michael, Isabel, Ava and Zan all entered, while the rest of the group waited outside. They wanted to show their support for the aliens but didn’t want to interfere with their authority.

When Max reached the guards he held out his hand to Roman first. Roman just looked at his hand and then shook his head.

“We don’t touch royalty, it is forbidden,” said Roman, in explanation.

“We are going into battle together. Do you think that those old customs matter right at this moment?” said Max, raising one eyebrow in amusement.

Roman looked at his king and then back towards his hand. He grabbed it in a firm handshake and then Max turned to Nathan and did the same thing.

“So what time do you want to start the ambush?” asked Max.

“I’d say in a few hours. There is a guard changeover at around three am so I suggest that we attack before then. It will mean that the guards who have been on duty all day will be tired and more likely to make mistakes,” offered Roman.

“Fine, give the instructions to the rest of the troops. Roman, I trust your judgement completely so if anything should go wrong I want you to lead the troops into battle.”

“Certainly your majesty, it would be an honour but I’m hoping that doesn’t happen.”

“Yeah, me too Roman, me too,” agreed Max.

They all settled down to go over the plan one more time.


Meanwhile at the Palace…

Khivar was enjoying the final stages of his opulent meal.

When his people were starving, begging and fighting for food, he sat in his palace with a food supply that could probably feed the whole population for about three days.

Just as he was about to take a bite of his dessert, a knock came at the door of his chambers.

“I’m eating. Whoever it is go away! I never like to be disturbed when I’m eating!” screamed Khivar.

“I have some important news for you Emperor!” shouted the voice.

“Enter!” growled Khivar, not happy at all that his wonderful meal had now been spoiled.

Khivar raised his hand at the intruder ready to blast him, until he realised who it was.

“Oh it’s you. I know you would never disturb my dining unless it was important, spit it out so I can get back to my meal,” said Khivar, lowering his hand.

“My lord, they are here!” Nasedo rushed out.

Khivar froze for a second trying to comprehend his meaning.

“Yes I know that!! The last person who told me that met an untimely ending!”

“Not just him my lord, he has brought the humans with him and I hate to tell you this but they have managed to gather quite a substantial army to fight with.”

“WHAT! HOW?” shouted Khivar, as he banged his fist on the table, rattling the glasses and cutlery with the force.

“I’m afraid that the other leaders have decided to fight against you,” said Nasedo.

“Oh they have, have they? Were my orders carried out?”

“Yes my lord the secret bases were set up and the men have been there the past two days.”

“So now we ambush the ambushers. I can’t believe that they have been this stupid,” laughed Khivar.

“My lord, I don’t think it will be as easy as you expect. They maybe outnumbered but they have a lot of fire power.”

“Yes but my men are at top physical peak. They have trained their whole lives for this battle. Their men will be weak, undernourished and probably less powerful. I don’t fear how this battle is going to end.”

Nasedo couldn’t believe how he was receiving the news. He expected Khivar to, at the very least, be concerned about the amount of army they had amassed in such a short space of time, but he just sat there with a smile on his face.

Nasedo wasn’t foolish enough to think that way though. He knew how these people desperately wanted to break free of his reign and although they might be weaker in one area they were much stronger in another, the will to win their freedom.

“Besides I have another plan. Something that will bring Zan to his knees,” Khivar smiled, as the thought skipped through his mind.


As Kyle, Alex, Maria, Serena and Liz all sat outside the tent chatting about the upcoming battle. Liz suddenly paused in the middle of her conversation.

Maria looked around the group and then back at Liz.

“Liz, are you alright?”

“No Maria, I’m not alright something bad is going to happen, I can feel it.”

“I’m going to warn the others, I’ve seen enough to trust Liz’s instincts from now on,” said Alex.

Kyle jumped up and raised his hand. He kept his eyes peeled for any possible attack.

“Liz, you’re making me nervous here. What sort of feelings do you have? How bad?” asked Kyle, getting more worried by the look on Liz’s face.

“I don’t know it’s kind of like the whole energy around me has shifted. I can’t really explain…”

Liz was cut off as she felt someone’s hand wrap around her upper body pinning her hands to her sides. She felt the cold, hard edge of a knife pressing into her throat.

“Move and I’ll slit your throat,” whispered the man, in her ear.

“Khivar?” whispered Liz.

As Liz said his name some of Khivar’s guard’s teleported to his location and created a circle around the Emperor and his victim, in order to protect him from any possible attack.

Kyle wanted to blast the figure but couldn’t get a clear shot without possibly harming Liz, so he did the next best thing ….

“MAX!!! GET YOUR BUTT OUT HERE NOW!!!” shouted Kyle.

Max heard the commotion just as he saw Alex walk into the tent.

“What the hell is going on out there?”

“Liz had this really bad feeling and I assume something is wrong and that’s why Kyle is shouting!” said Alex, slightly out of breath after running to the tent.


Max charged through everyone practically knocking them over and ran outside to see what was going on.

He froze to the spot when he saw the glint of the blade pushed against Liz’s neck. His heart began to bang against his chest and the anger that was coursing through his veins was reaching new heights.

How dare anyone go after his Liz! He raised his arm ready to fire and so did the rest of the group that had now gathered around Max.

“Khivar,” spat out Max. “Let her go!”

“Oh you think it’s going to be that easy?” said Khivar, in a mocking tone.

He pushed the blade further into Liz’s neck and she cried out in pain as the blade pierced her skin.

Max froze with fear as he watched a small trail of blood seeping out of the fresh wound and down Liz’s fine porcelain neck. He was terrified as well as being extremely angry.

“I think this is going to be my insurance Zan!” laughed Khivar.

“It’s MAX! I can tell you this now Khivar, if you lay one finger on Liz I will hunt you down and rip off your head with my bare hands!!”

Khivar just laughed and then teleported himself and Liz to the palace.

As Khivar and Liz disappeared, Max let out all of his pent up anger. An animalistic roar left the back of his throat and a massive ball of flames shot out of his hand. The guards raised their shields but the power behind the flames cut through, instantly setting fire to all of Khivar’s guards.

You could hear their terrifying screams, from far away, as their flesh burned. Finally the screaming stopped and the burnt crisp bodies fell to the floor.

Max’s eyes had turned black and his alien side totally took over. He felt no remorse for killing the guards who had betrayed him and his crown.

“Khivar wants a war, he’s got one! Roman, Nathan start the attack!” shouted Max.

“Yes your majesty!” the muffled reply came from inside the tent.

This was it, the final battle and for some strange reason a kind of calm settled over Max and he began to focus.

“Max, what are we going to do about Liz?” asked Kyle.

“Liz can defend herself for now, but we are heading straight to the palace!”

Roman and Nathan came out of tent and headed towards the group.

“The order has been given your majesty, the attack has begun.”

Roman and Nathan took their place on either side of Max. Their job was to protect him at all costs as they started to walk towards the palace. The rest of the group followed behind, keeping their eyes open for any enemies.


Meanwhile, above Antar’s atmosphere…

Sero and Hannar had been waiting for the command to start the attack and they’d just received it.

They immediately de-cloaked the attack ships and prepared for battle.


Meanwhile back at the Palace …

As Khivar teleported back into his chambers, two guards immediately took hold of a struggling Liz.

“Put her on the bed,” instructed Khivar.

The guards did as requested and placed chains around her arms and legs to secure her.

“Get the prisoners and bring them in here. Then I want about thirty of my top trained guards in here and about ten of the weaker ones stationed outside the door. I want the group to come into this room!” commanded Khivar.

The guards nodded their heads and raised one arm across their chests in salute. They left Khivar’s private chambers to go and carry out the orders.

“You see my dear, I knew that when we took your parents you would have no option but to come here to rescue them. I have set a little trap for our little group,” Khivar sneered.

“It’s not going to work Khivar and I myself will have the pleasure of killing you!” spat out Liz.

Khivar balled up a tight fist and launched it towards Liz face; the force behind it was ruthless. Strands of her delicate, chocolate hair was whipped across her face and over her split lip, where blood escaped from the cracked wound.

“Oh yes, I can see how all your powers have come in handy here. I’m more powerful here than I was on earth, so your puny little friends are no match for me. I’m going to kill them all slowly in front of you, including your parents but I will save the best until last.

I’m going to take you as my own in front of Max, while he watches on helplessly and it will end in a terrible agonising death for you. Then I will torture him until he gives me the location of the granilith and then he will die!” Khivar shouted.


The war had begun. You could see a multitude of colours light up the sky, like fireworks.

Khivar’s men had come out of hiding and had surrounded their enemies firing off blast after blast. Some used their mental skills to turn their enemies against each other but there were too many of them.

It wasn’t just the different armies they had to fight but also the general population. It seemed that with Zan’s return the people of Antar had finally found their courage to stand up to Khivar and his men.

After all, a lot of their families had been tortured and killed because they spoke out against him.

There were screams of pain as some people got blasted or thrown through the air only to be disintegrated mid-flight. Weapons were being fired and many men slain.

The sandy ground was stained with the blood of fallen men. The foul stench of burning flesh and blood was ripe in the air.

The pod squad had formed the V formation so that they could be protected from all sides. They had been fighting their way towards the palace for over an hour now. Their powers were slowly depleting, even though they had tried to store as much energy as they could.

“Max, we need to get to an abundant power source soon or we are not going to have any juice left!” shouted Michael, over the screams and blast noises.

“The only abundant power source is close to the palace,” stated Roman, “and we have to get there first!”

“MAX!” shouted Michael, again after not receiving a response.

What nobody had realised was that Max was communicating with Liz to find out if she was alright. When Liz responded and told him Khivar’s plan he was fuming.

Khivar had threatened to rape Liz in front of him and then cause her a slow death while he watched. As all sorts of images flew through his mind of what Khivar was going to do to Liz he just lost it.

All of a sudden the air around the pod squad shifted and they could feel what could only be described as an electrical charge all around them. For a split second they thought that Liz had escaped and was using her weather control powers but when Max came to an abrupt halt, almost causing the rest of the group to smack in to him, they realised that something was wrong with Max.

They looked around in slight confusion and Michael was about to ask Max what the hell he thought he was doing when he saw green energy flowing through Max’s veins.

“Man he’s going to blow a gasket!!!” shouted Michael.

The rest of the group continued to fight against the advancing guards, using their wide range of power abilities.

“MAX! We have to keep moving!” shouted Zan, firing off more blasts and raising his shield when they were returned.

The rest of the group started to feel the draining of their powers and new that if they didn’t get to a power source soon, or Liz for that matter, this war was going to be over quicker than it started.

They all jumped as the loud crackling green energy shot out of Max’s hands. He slowly spread his arms outwards so the beams took out a good proportion of their enemy.

As each body was hit with the green energy; it blew a hole right through them, killing instantly.

Max could feel the power leaving his body and he knew he was going to be drained after this but he couldn’t stop the disturbing images, of Liz being tortured and killed, running through his mind. He was remembering what Pierce had done to him and knew Khivar would be ten times worse.

The power increased, his heart beat faster and sweat started to drip down his face. His hands and arms were shaking with the force running through them. The rest of the group continued to fire on the enemy but stopped as soon as Max fell to his knees and they were plunged into darkness again.

Isabel was the first to run to her brother to see if he was alright. She was slightly scared at the look in his eyes when she made him look at her. His eyes were black but the green flame was dancing inside of them.

She knew then, that something had happened to upset him. He was angry, well that wasn’t even a strong enough word for what she could see in her brother’s eyes right at that moment.

It was pure hatred and it scared her.

“Michael something is wrong!”

Michael came over to Isabel and looked at Max. He took in an audible breath when he saw Max’s face. Only one word slipped from his lips.

“Liz?” whispered Michael.

The guards that were surrounding the pod squad continued to fire off blasts and using their powers to keep them away from the group until they were able to get back into the fighting stance.

“Michael, he is scaring me,” whispered Isabel.

“Oh my God, does that mean Liz is dead?” shrieked Maria, when she looked at Max’s face.

“No it can’t be true, tell me it’s not true!” shouted Kyle, whilst shaking Max.

He was in such a catatonic state that nobody was getting through to him.

The only thing he could see was the body of his beloved drawn and quartered.

Zan walked over to Max and gave him a hard smack across the face. Max turned to look at him, finally.

“Man you have to snap out of it bro, otherwise we ain’t gonna be able to help no one!”

Max shook his head to clear the very disturbing images that flashed through his mind. He wasn’t sure if it was his own imagination conjuring up the awful visions or if it was Liz sending them via their connection.

He stood up with the help of Zan and Kyle, wiped the sweat off his forehead and said….

“I can’t lose her again. I won’t lose her again! We need to get to the palace right away!”

This was drastically changing the plan and the rest of the group didn’t like it one bit.

“Max we have to stick to the plan,” said Michael.

Max grabbed Michael by his shirt and pulled him towards himelf so Michael's face was only an inch away from his own.

“Would you want Maria to be raped, drawn and quartered by that mad man?” asked Max, through gritted teeth.

Michael gulped at the thought of it and shook his head.

“No Max I wouldn’t,” said Michael, in a gentle tone hoping to calm his king down.

Max released Michael.

“Then we teleport to the palace now and leave the guards to fight out here. Once we’ve taken care of Khivar then the war will be over anyway!”


Above Antar’s atmosphere …

It wasn’t an easy battle. Sero and Hannar had lost quite a few ships but they were still holding strong against Khivar’s attack.

They were in the middle of sharp manoeuvres to avoid the photon torpedo’s that where currently being fired at them. As they were about to be hit, the ship shook and a loud explosion was heard.

When they looked to their right they were so relieved to find more ships de-cloaking. Kathana had been holding out on them. She had sent her ships later than the rest so they could surround the enemy.

It was a smart, strategic manoeuvre and her ships started to fire on the enemy.


Meanwhile back at the palace ….

Liz could feel how exhausted Max was and she started to worry that they wouldn’t be able to pull this off. She knew the plan and wasn’t expecting him to come for quite a while. Now with her powers she could have easily taken out Khivar but the granilith had shown her that, that was not the way.

So she just lay on the bed and watched as Khivar barked orders at the thirty guards that had gathered in his private chambers.

“We have the protection around the palace?” asked Khivar.

“It is just being done, my lord.”

“Good, so they won’t be able to teleport directly inside the palace?”

“No my lord, they will have to fight their way in.”

“Excellent,” smiled Khiva,r “bring in the serum and the parents.”

Liz heard the instruction and a sudden fear ripped through her body. Surely he couldn’t have gotten his hands on that?

She tried to contact Max telepathically, to warn him but whatever it was that they were using to block the teleportation, was also blocking her communication with Max. Oh she did not like the way this was going.

Chapter 87

As the pod squad teleported into the palace they were knocked back by some sort of force field.

They came crashing down to the ground and all moaned out in pain as they hit the hard, yet sandy surface.

They stood up and brushed themselves off.

“What the f…” said Kyle, as Khivar’s guards suddenly teleport around them, aiming their laser weapons at the group.

“I guess it’s over before it even started,” whispered Serena.

The guards made the group move towards the white dome that was surrounded by a strange mist. As they came closer to the front of the dome they could see two guards standing to attention.

They allowed their entry into the building and were forced to go straight ahead. They were tempted to use their powers but unfortunately there were too many guns trained on them for that. One move and they would open fire on all them.

They walked down the long white corridor but Max suddenly stopped and looked up. When the rest of the group followed his line of vision they could see the picture of their death, frozen in time, via the painting on the ceiling.

“A constant reminder that you are now the fallen king,” came the disembodied voice.

Max lowered his head to find Khivar standing right in front of him.

“Well, well Max, we finally meet,” smiled Khivar. “I have been waiting for this moment for over fifty years now. I can’t tell you how much of a thorn in my side you’ve been. This war would have been over years ago if the rebel forces hadn’t believed in your return. Even when you weren’t here you still gave them hope but today, today that hope will be destroyed and I will become the ultimate ruler of the galaxy.”

“You’re sick and twisted do you know that? There’s not a chance in hell that you will be on my throne by the end of this Khivar.”

Khivar just laughed.

“Oh really and how do you suppose you are going to accomplish that?”

Max raised his hand to send a blast towards Khivar but nothing happened.

“What the hell?” Max said, looking at his hand.

“Trithium Amplification Generators are placed all around the palace. You have no powers here,” sneered Khivar.

“Neither do you,” said Kyle.

“No I don’t, but I have weapons. Now follow me,” said Khivar, turning towards the end of the corridor and walking off at a brisk pace.

The guards nudged the group in the back with their guns and they started to follow Khivar. As they walked through the double doors the sight that met them was not a pretty one.


Maria was the first to cry out when she saw the state of her mother. She was chained to the wall, like the rest of the parents but she had a black, singed blast mark on her front. Her burnt flesh, that was once her breasts, was exposed and the group looked away out of respect for Amy.

Kyle was the second one to notice the state his father was in. Beaten was an understatement. His face was hardly recognisable and his body was hanging limp from the chains.

“Liz!” croaked Max, as his sight turned towards the bed.

He could see the bruise on her face and the blood leaking from the split in her lip. He could feel his heart beat increase as the anger surged through his veins.

“Guards release her!” instructed Khivar, “and bring her here.”

The guards released the chains around Liz’s arms and legs, pulled her upright and dragged her to Khivar.

“I told you that if you laid a finger on her I would kill you,” Max said, in what could only be described as a calm tone but it frightened the group. They knew that Max had gone to a new level in the anger stakes.

“What are you going to do about it Max? As far as I can see you don’t have much of a choice here. You are surrounded by my men, who are aiming weapons at you and your parents. I really think you should reconsider speaking to me in that manner.”

Khivar was taken by surprise as the wind was suddenly knocked out of him. Max had just snapped and charged at Khivar, rugby tackle style. It happened so quick that the guards didn’t react until Max had Khivar on the floor and was pounding his face with his fists.

“MAX!” Liz screamed, as she saw one of the guards point his weapon at Max’s back.

Although Max did register Liz’s call for him, he was too wrapped up in his anger to stop beating Khivar. He wanted him dead by his own bare hands.

Liz ran and jumped to cover Max, just as one of the guards released a laser blast towards him. It hit her square in the shoulder and the smell of burning flesh filled the room. Liz hit the floor with a resounding thud and was unconscious.

“NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed Max, when he realised what Liz had done.

He made his way towards Liz but two of the guards stopped him.

“Move and we will kill you!” shouted one of the guards, pointing his gun at Max’s head.

“Just for that little display of heroism your girl here is going to suffer for it. Guards shoot her again, this time in the head!” shouted Khivar.

Max struggled against the guards that were now surrounding him. He punched them with a force he never knew he possessed but it wasn’t enough for him to get to Liz on time. One of the guards pointed a gun at Liz’s head and fired.

“Noooooooooo!!!” screamed Max, but then stopped suddenly. He was looking towards Liz with awe in his eyes.

Surrounding her was this bright green shield that protected her from the blast, but that wasn’t the odd thing about it.

What was really strange was where the shield actually came from. There were two little hand prints glowing through Liz’s stomach and out of those hands came the green shield.

“Yes!” shouted Khivar, as he finally realised what was happening.

“Max, what the hell?” asked Michael.

“Liz is pregnant Michael, with my children!” Max said happily, only to realise that this wasn’t the time to be celebrating.

Take them all down to the dungeons except her!” shouted Khivar.

“NO!” shouted Max, as he tried to fight against the guards again. He didn’t want Khivar getting his hands on Liz or his children.

The guards released the parents from their chains and led them and the rest of the gang out of the chamber towards the dungeons. Two of the guards had to carry an unconscious Max along with the rest of the group, after knocking him out with the butt of their guns.

As they were continually pushed down the long corridors towards the dungeons Maria was starting to get very nervous.

“Michael what are we going to do. Max is unconscious, my mom is very bad and so is Jim, we can’t use our powers. How the hell are we going to get out of here and finish this war?”

“I don’t know right now Maria. To be honest I’m just as lost as you are. We are going to have to find a way of getting out of the dungeons and then rescue Liz.”

All of a sudden Maria just froze until one of the guards ran straight into her, not expecting her to stop so abruptly. Once the guard shoved her in the back with his gun she soon carried on moving.

“What was that all about?” asked Michael.

“Nothing,” said Maria, smiling.

Zan whispered something to the parents and then to the rest of the group. All of a sudden he shouted “ON THE GROUND!!!!”

Everyone fell to the floor and covered their heads. A bright white light came streaming through the corridor and instantly disintegrated the guards. Then all the Trithium Amplification Generators started to explode one by one.

Zan quickly got up and started to heal Max. Once Max was fully recovered they both set about healing Amy and Jim.

“Max come on, we have to go now!” shouted Zan.

“What about Liz?” Max asked, as he started walking back towards the chamber they had just left.

“Max, she will be alright. We have to get going now! She said that she will meet us outside. That was her that got rid of the guards for us but she wants us to release all of the other prisoners as well so come on we’ve gotta go!”

Max was in two minds whether to go for Liz or do as she had asked. This is what she meant by she would hold him back, that he would always go and rescue her. He had to trust that she was able to do this otherwise she would be angry.

Refusing to listen to his gut instinct this time, he turned and followed the parents back to the dungeons to release the prisoners from their cells. Once inside, the foul stench was enough to make them sick but they set about opening all the cells with their powers. It didn’t take them long without any guards to worry about and they made their way towards the exit.

“Liz said she would meet us just over there on the hill,” pointed Zan.

“Come on then let’s go. I want to make sure that she has managed to escape!” shouted Max.

“Hey, the one thing I don’t understand is how come Liz could use her powers and we couldn’t?” asked Kyle.

“I think maybe because she has the power of the granilith inside of her. I don’t think that power can be taken away by any technology,” replied Zan.

The battle was still raging as they left the compound of the palace and they all stood in the V formation to make sure that they were covered from every angle. The parents and prisoners had picked up the guns that the guards had left behind after exploding into ash.

As they were making their way towards where Liz was supposed to be, there was a sudden rumbling and the ground began to shake.

“What the hell?” said Max.

“Run!!” shouted Michael, as he saw a massive crack appear in the ground.

“It looks like an earthquake!” shouted Isabel.

As they continued to run away from the ever growing crack, Max suddenly received an image from Liz. He stopped abruptly and Michael did the same when he saw the look on Max’s face. He was white and he looked terrified.

“Max what’s going on?”

“No she can’t do this! She’s pregnant with my children! I can’t live without her!” rambled Max.

He suddenly turned around and started to run back to the palace that was until Michael and Zan grabbed his arms and held him back.

“Let go of me! Don’t you understand what she is doing!” screamed Max.

“What the hell are you talking about Max?” asked Alex, getting concerned for Liz’s safety.

There was a sudden flash of light in the dark sky and there, hovering above the palace, was the completed granilith.

“What the fuck!” shouted Michael.

“Let go of me before it’s too late!” screamed Max, which only made Zan and Michael hold on even tighter.

They knew that something big was about to happen and they didn’t want Max to get caught up in it.

All of a sudden, a golden bubble shield covered the palace and the surrounding parameter wall. A beam of white light shot out of the bottom of the floating granilith. As the light hit the palace it exploded with such force that the ground shook violently. A big mushroom cloud shot up into the air, as though an atom bomb had been dropped, but the shield contained the shockwave blast.

“LIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!” screamed Max, as he felt the connection he had with Liz ripped from his body.

He fell to his knees.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” he broke down into heart wrenching sobs and bent over double with the pain of losing his one and only love.

She had not only sacrificed herself for the galaxy and Earth but she had sacrificed his children as well. He was sure if she knew she was pregnant, she would never have gone through with the destructive act.

Once the raging inferno had died down inside the bubble shield, a bright light was emitted from the granilith and it spread out in a circle, like the shockwave from a bomb.

Everyone was knocked off their feet and fell to the ground, as what seem like a wall of warm air hit each and every one of them. What shocked them the most was the fact that they didn’t land on hard sandy ground anymore, they landed on soft plush grass, they could hear streams starting to flow and as they looked to where Khivar’s palace had once been, there stood a magnificent marble structure that looked fit for a king.

TBC ………………………………………. Epilogue to follow. All will be explained.
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Re: I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) Epilogue (02/April/

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Well it's finally ended!!! OMG thank you so much everyone for all your support. I also know that there has been quite a few lurkers out there reading this ... so I have to say thank you to all of you as well!!!!

A quick thanks to the people who have left me feed back!!


I just wanted to say that this Epilogue was written especially for Jessah (DaleStateShorty) who is due to go into hospital soon so I thought she deserved the ending before she went. GOOD LUCK JESSAH!

Here comes the very last part .......................... :wink:


“Dean, Jessica!! Get down here now or you’re going to be late for school!” shouted Max, as he walked towards the play pen and picked up little baby Ethan. He gave him a kiss on the forehead and wished his son a very good morning.

“Now mommy is having a rest today because she’s very tired, so Daddy is going to stay at home and play with you all day!” he smiled, as Ethan held out his little chubby hands and grabbed his chin.

“Da, Da!”

“Oh my god, you said Da, Da. Well done little buddy!” said Max, beaming with pride.

“Of course he said Da, Da. You’re his favourite!”

Max turned and looked at his beautiful wife.

“What are you doing up already? This was your day to rest, that’s why I’m not working today.”

“Well maybe if you didn’t scream so loud, at the bottom of the stairs, I might still be asleep.”

“You know what day it is today, don’t you?”

“Of course Max, how could I forget?”

“Well go back to bed and I’ll bring you your breakfast. While you’re up there get the kids to come down would you, otherwise they aren’t going to have enough time to eat breakfast before the school bus arrives.”

“Sure Max,” she said, as she gave him a peck on the lips.

As he watched his pregnant wife walk or rather waddle up the stairs, he started remembering why this day was so special.


After the warm blast wave hit him, he was knocked to the ground. He never wanted to get up ever again. What was the point of his existence without her? He just wanted to curl up and die. Not only had he lost her but he had also lost his children.

He was sure that if Liz knew she was pregnant, she would never have gone through with it. He knew she was no longer alive because their connection had been severed right after the explosion.

Why didn’t Zan and Michael let him go to her? Why did they hold him back?

The more he thought about her sacrifice the angrier he became. He should have trusted his gut instinct and gone back to get her instead of freeing the prisoners! How could he ever live with himself now?

As flashes of her burned and crushed body entered his brain, tears spilled from his eyes and a guttural roar of pure pain and agony left his lips.

“WHY!” roared Max.

What shocked everyone the most was the fact that Jeff was the first to walk up to Max and place a hand on his shoulder.

“I don’t blame you for her death Max, far from it. I’m not happy that she sacrificed her own life to save all of us but I know in my heart that you did everything you could to protect her. Jesus Max, you gave us another two years with our baby girl. She would have been shot in the Crashdown that day, if you hadn’t saved her. For those extra two years, I can never repay you. You will always be welcome in my home any day,” said Jeff, his voice cracking with all the emotions that were running through him.

“It’s true Max; we can never repay you for giving us those extra years with our daughter. I’m so sorry that she has been taken away from us,” whispered Nancy.

Although she was completely heartbroken at losing Liz she never wanted Max to believe that she blamed him for it.

All this forgiveness was turning Max’s stomach.

“D-don’t y-you understand? This is my entire fault! All I had to do was go back for her, my gut was telling me to but my head told me to trust her!!! I’m not fit to be a human being let alone a king!”

Diane cried out as she saw the broken look in his eyes.

“No Max, don’t say that! The only fault here lies at Khivar’s feet!”

Max couldn’t take it any longer. He felt physically sick. He stood up and ran as fast as his legs would carry him.

Zan went to chase him but was held back by Michael.

“He’s gotta work this out on his own Zan. He’s lost the one and only person that ever made his life worth living and now she’s gone … along with his children, how would you feel?”

“I just want him to know that we’re here for him,” said Zan.

“He knows that man. He just needs time,” replied Michael.

His lungs were starting to burn with the exertion but he didn’t care. He had to keep going, running away. The pain was too much to bear. As his muscles started to cramp; he fell to the floor and just let the tears run freely.

How the hell was he supposed to go back to Earth now? She was his only reason for ever wanting to stay there and yet he didn’t belong on Antar either. As the uncontrollable sobs wracked his body he felt a small hand on his shoulder.


No it couldn’t be? It was just a figment of his imagination. His want for her to be alive was too great and his mind was playing tricks on him. He didn’t dare look up.


She felt real but then he couldn’t feel the connection. He couldn’t stand this much longer.

“Liz?” his voice was hoarse with emotion. “Please, please let this be real. I-I can’t stand it if it’s not real.”

“Max, look at me. I’m real, I’m here and I’m alive,” said Liz, through her tears.

She took an audible gasp when she saw the pain etched across his beautiful face. He collapsed into her arms and sobbed.

“You’re real, y-you’re actually real?” asked Max, as he wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned his head against her stomach. The connection he felt towards his children sprang to life and the image of the twins entered his head. They were sending calming feelings to their father. They could already sense his sadness and despair.

Max stood up slowly and finally looked in to those beautiful brown doe eyes.

He placed his hand gently on her cheek, as if she would break under his touch, or disappear.

“Max, I’m here and I’m not going anywhere, okay? I’m safe Max.”


“The granolith. When the white beam hit the palace, it transferred me to the inside of the granolith where I would be protected from the blast. Now that Antar and the rest of the planets have been returned to their former glory, it will take the granolith years to recharge. We can still use it to teleport to earth, as I have sent the second part back. It’s the only way to guarantee that nobody ever abuses its power.”

Max stood up and brought his lips crashing down on Liz’s. He forced his tongue in to her mouth feeling the need to taste her, to finally know that this was real and not his imagination. When Liz returned the kiss just as passionately Max pulled back, cupped her face with his hands and looked directly into her eyes.

“Marry me Liz. I don’t want to spend another day without you by my side, as my wife, the mother of my children.”

“Yes,” said Liz, smiling.

“Yes?” asked Max shocked, after everything she’d been through she still wanted him for him.

“Yes Max, I will marry you!”


She walked up the stairs and found the kids in their rooms.

“Good morning Dean, how are you this morning?”

“I’m okay mom.”

“How’s school?”

“It’s okay but I’m finding it hard.”

“Hard because you have to hide who you really are?” asked Liz.

“Hard because sometimes I want to use my powers but I know the risks.”

“Well your dad needs you downstairs now. You’re going to be late for the school bus.”

Dean got up off his bed and kissed his mom’s belly.

“Hi little sis we’ll see you soon,” Dean whispered, as the little hand print glowed. “I love you Mom.”

“I love you too Dean. Try and have a good day at school today.”

“I’ll try, don’t worry about Jessica Mom, I’ll go and get her. You go back to bed and rest.”

“Thank you honey, send her in for a kiss good morning though would you?”

“Of course!”

Dean left the room and went to get his sister. Liz went back to the bedroom and got back into her comfortable bed. As she pulled the comforter over her body, Jessica entered the room.

“Good morning Mom, I suppose she is due any day now?”

“Yes sweetie she is.”

“I can’t wait to have a little sister,” said Jessica, kissing her Mom on the cheek.

“Go or you won’t have time for breakfast.”

“Bye Mom, take care, love you!”

“I love you too.”

Jessica and Dean walked down the stairs to find a very frustrated Max.

“How come your mother is the only person that can get you to do as you are told?”

Dean and Jessica just looked at one another and smiled.

“Sorry Dad,” they said in unison.

“Cereal,” was all Max said, pointing at the now full bowls but smiling when his back was turned.

Max was just making some toast when he heard the chairs scrape across the kitchen floor.

“DAD!” shouted Dean.

Max spun around to see a dark hooded figure raising a lethal looking weapon towards his kids.

Liz had heard Dean’s shout and was running, as best as her pregnant state would allow, down the stairs.

“Dean what’s wrong,” she shouted, as she got to the bottom of the stairs.

She saw a hooded figure rising what could only be described as some sort of laser gun towards Jessica and Dean.

They grabbed hands and used their combined power to blast the intruder, followed closely by Max’s blast. The intruder flew through the air and then exploded into a pile of ash as his back hit the wall.

“What the heck was that Dad?” asked Dean.

“It was a Skin. I don’t understand why he needed a weapon instead of using his powers. I think it might be wise to contact Zan and see if he knows anything ...”

Max never got to finish his sentence as his dupe suddenly appeared scarred and dripping with blood.

“L-Liz w-we need y-your help …” said Zan, before collapsing on the floor.


Link to the sequel Earth- The Ultimate Battle
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