The Third Cherie Memorial Award for Fanfiction

This is the gallery for the winners of the fanfic awards to show off their fics, and their banners!

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The Third Cherie Memorial Award for Fanfiction

Post by Kath7 » Mon Dec 17, 2007 6:59 pm

This prize is awarded, by the admins and mods of Roswell Fanatics, to an author who has made a significant contribution to the world of fic writing, whether through quantity, quality, or having written ground-breaking or influential fics. You don't have to have written ten million fics to win this award, but you do have to have written fics that got people talking and that moved the world of Roswell Fanfiction writing forward.


Congratulations to the winner for Round 11: Midwest Max (our unanimous choice)

Midwest Max (Karen) started posting at Fanatics later then most, but she has been a Roswell fanfic writer far longer than she's been here. I first encountered her writing at another Roswell site, "Roswell Desert Skies", and was thrilled when she decided to make Fanatics her eventual fanfiction home.

The first story I read by Karen was the Searching for Liz Parker series. To that point I knew her mostly for her Ground Zero fics (Lost and Found and One True Thing are the two I had heard of). I think that few would disagree that Karen is the definitive writer of the pairing of Max and Maria, and, as most of you know, I am not really a reader of UC. But when I first noticed a fic at Fanatics, by her, that was Dreamer, I jumped right in and was totally captivated.

Karen is, above all, an excellent writer, one who tells a spellbinding story. Which is what makes her fairly unique in our fandom - she is a writer first, and a shipper second (I don't know if she'd agree with this assessment, but it's how I view her fics). And, yet, she keeps everyone completely in canon character. She writes the story as it should be told, not as shipperdom dictates, and she captivates us all. It is a gift.

I enjoyed the Liz Parker series so much, I actually decided to read GZ UC for the first time when she posted My Beloved Wife. I know that for many, Karen's writing was their first taste of UC, and they read her because they trusted her to be respectful of what came before, and she was. Karen's fics are grounded in canon, which is what makes her UC fics enjoyable and accessible for all, even the most ardent CCer. The Beloved series was a revelation to me, and I am actually saving the final two for when I can really sit down and savour them.

Who knew that the best was yet to come? And, yet, it was, in the form of the groundbreaking and enthralling Son series. Karen took one of the plot twists most Dreamers despise above all others (Tess and Max's baby) and turned it into a saga that keeps her readers begging for more. She also created two of the most beloved Original/Supporting characters in Roswell fanfiction in the forms of Nate and Alyssa. She is presently writing a "prequel" to the series, Chasing the Son, which tells the tale of the search for Nate.

So, for these, and many other reasons, congratulations to Midwest Max, the winner of the Third Cherie Memorial Award for Fanfiction. Please find a link to all of Karen's fics below:

Midwest Max's Masterpieces

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