Specimen (AU T/K Adult) (Complete)

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Specimen (AU T/K Adult) (Complete)

Post by greywolf » Wed Sep 12, 2007 12:20 pm

Winner Round 12



Title: Specimen
Author: Greywolf
Banner by Frenchdreamer
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or any of the characters. I’m just using them for fiction purposes. Please don't sue.
Rating: ADULT
Category: AU with aliens T/K
Authors Note: This starts about 1998
Summary: Well...this is kind of experimental. My first fic with Tess and Kyle as the main characters. Wish me luck.

Hour 21 Day 3645 The Facility, 120 feet underground, 28.2 nautical miles northwest of Roswell, New Mexico

The computer that monitored the chamber gave the specimen’s weight as 51.7 kilos, its height as 160.2 centimeters, and its temperature at 37.2 degrees Celsius. It didn’t list an age…which would have been difficult to define in any event. Technically speaking, the specimen had never been born at all, rather it had been artificially created some years ago…how many exactly no one knew. Certainly no earlier than 1947, though. What the computer did track was the time since the ‘activation’ of the specimen although a fairer description might be the time of its captivity. That particular clock would turn to three thousand six hundred and forty-six days just before noon.

But if you were in the chamber looking at the specimen, …or even one of the two people in the teams that continuously monitored it from the control room, you might think that the specimen was a perfectly normal fifteen or sixteen year old blonde haired blue-eyed girl sitting at a desk talking to a computer screen…normal that is except for being stark naked. Of course the people on the teams didn’t think that,…they knew better.

The screen showed a chess board…the white pieces nearest the specimen.

“White Queen’s knight to Queen’s Bishop three…,” said the specimen.

The computer screen showed the move and the small speaker quickly responded, “Black pawn to King’s Bishop four…”

Mate in 27 moves,’ thought the specimen. ‘Too bad…no ice cream tonight.’ The opponent, the specimen knew, was a computer…that’s how it was possible to predict the 27 moves. Years ago they’d actually played against her…whoever was monitoring her. They’d never won, but it was impossible to predict just how quickly they might lose because their performance was so variable. Sometimes they made incredibly stupid plays, and they would lose much sooner than the specimen would have believed. The ice cream was the reward for winning in 25 moves or less, the reward given to the specimen for showing its captors the extent of its mental capabilities...the treat for cooperating.

Of course, she knew she could beat the computer in 21 moves if she had wanted to…even now. It was a side of her that they didn’t know…despite all the testing they’d done on her …despite the blood and tissue samples they would take and the examinations they would do when they rendered her unconscious every month or so. She was determined to not let them know everything.

There really wasn’t much she could do about her captivity, if there had been she’d have done it long ago. But she could at least do that much to mess with their little intelligence and mental tests.

Sometimes a captive must content themselves with even the littlest of victories. So she’d go without the ice cream tonight, just to keep them a little bit in the dark about how capable she was at thinking ahead.

“White pawn to white queen’s four,” said Tess. ‘You screw with me…I screw with you,’ she thought.

1400 Day 3646 The Facility conference room, 30 feet underground, 28.2 nautical miles northwest of Roswell ,New Mexico

He was the new guy….the fourth and most recent of a series of Congressional oversight representatives. The Facility was funded with ‘black world’ dollars, dollars that never appeared as a line item of the federal budget. But even so, Congressional Committees needed to approve these funds, and even politicians wanted SOME assurance that the money wasn’t just lining the pockets of the contractor that ran the facility. James Bartelson gave them this, but he gave them something far more important…plausible deniability.

Bartelson had been selected precisely because he had a certain…shall we say…pragmatism. Black world money had flowed to contractors by the billions over the years, and it had flowed to them for results…not for good intentions. It was understood that such contractors would play a little fast and loose with the rules, the actual extent of the lawbreaking limited only by the value of the prize that was being sought. Black world projects were so secret that no mention was ever made of them other than in secure conference rooms such as this one, buried deep under the ground and secure from the prying eyes and ears of foreign agencies…and even domestic law enforcement. Bartelson’s predecessor was now retired, but he’d made a comment a week ago as they’d been sitting together having coffee in a small coffeehouse in Reston Virginia. He’d known Bartelson had been going west for the quarterly assessment…to Area 51 first,…and then the Facility. He remembered the comment the man had made….that New Mexico reminded him of the Brazilian proverb…that Brazil was the land of the future…and always would be. And indeed, this was one of the oldest of the black world projects…dating back almost to the time of the Manhattan Project. But this far….despite a black world investment that stood in the billions of dollars, the project hadn’t produced a damn thing. He’d come from Area 51….they’d gotten all sorts of things from the reverse engineering of the remnants of the crashed spacecraft over the years…stealth technology…integrated circuits…other advanced electronics…the wealth of information in that treasure trove was only beginning to be exploited. But this project was almost as old, and had cost nearly as much, and thus far had delivered….nothing. And yet Bartelson knew that ALL of his predecessors had given the project their highest marks….despite the lack of results. He was awaiting the briefing eagerly, wondering what could possibly justify all of that expenditure…all of that hope. As the screen lit up in the conference room, he became quickly skeptical.

“A naked teenage girl…talking to a computer? For that we are paying a quarter billion a year? Hell, for $500 a night I can go to Juarez and get a naked teenage girl that will do a hell of a lot more for than play with a computer,” Bartelson said skeptically. In fact that wasn’t just rhetoric. He had plans to take a day off and spend it in Juarez… before boarding the plane in El Paso to fly back to Washington DC. His trips too were funded with ‘black world’ money. His predecessor had told him that visiting the fleshpots along the border was just one of the perks of his new job.

“Except this specimen isn’t human…or at least not entirely human. Mr. Bartelson,” said Doctor Higby, “….you’ve just come from Area-51. Most of the aliens died on impact. But one was caught…..pilfering items from the wreckage. But he wasn’t like the others….wasn’t even a carbon-based life form. He was completely synthetic…a designed artificial entity….and silicon based. He had amazing powers…some of which he managed to hide from us. We…interrogated him for two years before he escaped…hid out on some Indian Reservation. Fortunately one of our agents got a tip from one of the villagers….traded him a case of whiskey for helping us set the creature up. We recovered him and continued our interrogations. It took a long time…the creature was quite….resilient. We worked on it for thirty-eight years before it…broke. But eventually we wore it down…it did break… and led us to a chamber he had created. The creature you see before you is an alien-human hybrid. We believe the silicon based creature…the Indians called him Nasedo…we believe this Nasedo created this creature….that he was trying to adapt alien DNA to be viable on this planet. We found four incubation pods, but we believe this was the only experiment he had time to do before he was recaptured. The other three pods were empty. At first we believed that he had captured some Earth child and infected her but after we got a look at her cells….well it appears that she is artificial as well…only carbon based. She’s something like a chimera…she has a complete coding of human DNA…but in a part of the DNA called the ‘nonsense strand DNA,’ she also has a rather large amount of DNA that is clearly of alien origin…related to that in the bodies of the crewmen who were killed. She is a Terrestrial-Extraterrestrial Synthesis Specimen….”


“We don’t let people call her that. It anthropomorphises her. We don’t want her keepers to ever believe…even for a moment…that she is human…or tame…or even docile.”

Doctor Higby knew that wasn’t exactly the truth. In fact he slipped up himself. But still…familiarity bred contempt, and it was easier to keep people vigilant if they didn’t start to think about Tess as a human being. Because Tess was dangerous…incredibly dangerous…exactly how dangerous they were not really sure.

“She seems docile enough.”

“Yes…yes she does. I’m sure she seemed that way to the first four people that had contact with her after she was awakened nine years ago. The ones she brutally slaughtered. She appeared about six years old then.”
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Nine years ago

1200 Day 0001 The Facility, 40 feet underground, 28.2 nautical miles northwest of Roswell ,New Mexico

The specimen was wheeled in to a standard BL-4 level bioconfinement facility immediately after its removal from the pod in the holding area on level four.

Dr. Hauptman was the leader of the team of four selected to examine it. They had been surprised to find that the specimen’s heart had started to beat once the seal of the pod was broken and more surprised still that it began spontaneous breathing. They rushed to get it strapped to the table. Dr Hauptman looked at the heavy leather straps that secured it…the same straps used to secure the orangutans they had used for practice. There was little question the specimen would be adequately secured. Orangutans have extreme strength, and despite their struggles, none of the practice specimens had come close to getting a limb free.

The purpose of the vivisection was to derive as much information as possible from the specimen in a limited time. The creature had been in stasis for at least forty years. They needed to get in to the body as quickly as possible with cameras running to learn as much as possible about the creatures anatomy and physiology. No telling how quickly the specimen might deteriorate to the point of worthlessness.

“Do you want any anesthesia at all?”

“Of course not. Who knows what anesthesia might do to it. Just give it oxygen…keep it going as long as you can.”

“Doctor…what lab do you want drawn,” asked the technician.

“Get four tubes for SMA-24, CBC, Serology, and just freeze one for DNA analysis later.”

Tess felt the pain as the large needle went in to her femoral vein near her groin…her eyes fluttering open as she woke. She was looking up at a bright light…the surgical light, and in it’s reflector she saw her body stretched out before her. The men on either side were dressed in orange protective suits, their faces clearly visible through the faceshields.

“And we’ll need some bone marrow….take some from her iliac crest…”

She knew no words, but as thehuge needlewas plunged into the side of her pelvis she tried to scream…the oxygen mask choking it off. The man administering the oxygen noticed the change in the breathing pattern and looked down. She pleaded to him with her eyes to make it stop…please make it stop.

“Well….I’ll be damned…I think it’s waking up…”

“Probably just some sort of an agonal breathing….don’t worry about it…,” said Hauptman.

Hauptman grabbed the scalpel and with a single smooth stroke, opened the specimen’s abdomen from the xiphoid to the pubis, “Keep the camera’s rolling, we want pictures…lots and lots of pictures. Interior anatomy looks much like human…”

“Doctor Hauptman…I really think it’s waking up…”

“That doesn’t matter….science is far more important than the discomfort of a specimen…”

The incision through her abdomen had been like a streak of fire…but the real pain began when Hauptman began manipulating her intestines….pulling them to the side to give room to examine her kidneys…her ovaries..her uterus. She cried silent tears…unable to scream…unable to pull her hands from their restraints….

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1410 Day 3646 The Facility conference room, 30 feet underground, 28.2 nautical miles northwest of Roswell ,New Mexico

“This is the film taken that day,”said Dr. Higby, as he started the videotape. The monitor showed four men in orange protective suits, starting the autopsy of what appeared to be a six year old girl. Shortly after the incision opened her abdomen…while one of the men was digging around in her abdomen, Bartelson saw the girl’s hands move….straining with futility against the wrist restraints. But the movements were not futile for long…as a yellowish glow enveloped the sturdy yellow straps and they changed before his eyes. The small hands soon slipped from the restraints and pointed upwards…toward the men and the camera…then the video stopped abruptly.

“At this point,” said Higby, “the four men…and the cameras…were hurled up to the top of the vivisection room. They were crushed into the ceiling…smashed beyond recognition. But here comes the interesting part…from a camera off to the side.”

Bartelson saw the girl’s hands reach to her abdomen…grope briefly for the hanging loops of intestine at her side…and then clumsily put the intestines back in the abdomen. The same yellowish glow came from each end of the incision…and the incision gradually brought itself back together…the skin slowly appearing to heal itself. In the background the alarms were ringing in the room…there were shouts and the approach of loud footsteps…

Nine years ago

Tess was horrified as her hands found the moist warm intestines…she didn’t understand this…not any of it. There was such a….wrongness…about it all. She had never used her hands before and she was clumsy and uncoordinated as she pulled the hanging loops of bowel slowly back into her abdomen..her body racked by the pain from the incision. But in her mind she could feel not just the pain but the wrongness of her body where the sharpness of the scalpel had separated it. She started at the ends of the incision and squeezed with her mind…willing the edges into opposition and even at the microscopic level she pushed…willing the cells to rejoin…manipulating the molecules to restore them to wholeness. The agony made the minutes seem like hours…using powers she didn’t know she had…and had yet to learn to really control. But in the end she lay exhausted but whole….a streak on the midline of her abdomen the only indication of the horror she had endured…and soon even that would fade.

She lay there….her tiny body exhausted…her mind reeling with the horror she had endured. She had been alive for almost twenty-five minutes when the attack came.
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1418 Day 3646 The Facility conference room, 30 feet underground, 28.2 nautical miles northwest of Roswell, New Mexico

“Now you see why they’ve kept funding us,” said Higby. “That regeneration is what this is all about. The specimen HEALED itself. You saw the intestines hanging out…the peritoneum open. If that would have been you or I …even if we’d somehow managed to get everything in and close the wound we would have been dead within 48 hours of peritonitis. That chamber she’s in…it’s entirely depleted uranium lined. The stuff decays over time giving off Radon gas. She’s inhaled enough in the last nine years to cause any number of lung cancers…but she doesn’t get them. Locked in that specimen is the secret to a life free of infectious disease…of cancer. Do you realize what that means?”

Bartelson slowly nodded. He realized, alright. He was from Washington DC, and he understood the politics of the place. He’d seen the arrogance of power and the power of seniority. Politicians that rigged the rules for the incumbents….that considered themselves the new aristocracy. People who used their political clout to cling to power...geriatric Senators like Strom Thurman and Robert Byrd who wanted to rule forever, geriatric Supreme Court and Appeals Court judges with lifetime appointments…. politicians who had so rigged the system that challengers had no chance…they’d all support this, no matter what it cost…if they could keep living and keep ruling.

“So why this…the depleted uranium…the nakedness…”

“Let me explain how Nasedo escaped the first time. After we caught him we kept him drugged so he couldn’t use his powers…couldn’t shapeshift…couldn’t manipulate matter….or so we thought. We had him up here..on this level. We though we had him secure but….well, he apparently became somewhat resistant to the drugs…or maybe a technician got careless. He got hold of several pounds of cellulose..”


“In this case, his shirt and trousers, and he got hold of some protein…”


“Yeah…a hamburger, actually. Somehow he manipulated the nitrogen in the meat with the starch in the cellulose to make nitrostarch…they used to make hand grenades out of that. Even in his weakened state he was able to trigger it with a small blast from his hand….blew out the side of the holding area…killed two men. Then he took off. Once we recaptured him we held him in a cage made of depleted uranium….it was the only thing strong and dense enough that he couldn’t manipulate it. We held him in that until we finally got him to tell us where the pod chamber was.”

“Where is he now?”

“Well…he couldn’t be killed….at least not without blowing him up or something…but eventually we found a way to…well…to extinguish him. Everything needs oxygen…even that creature it turned out.”

“So that’s why the depleted uranium chamber….so she can’t manipulate anything?”

“Yes…the specimen gets only the food that it needs for each meal. We watch it eat…we watch it defecate. We watch it drink, we watch it urinate, we watch it shower…we give it no chance to secrete away anything it might be able to use to make into a weapon. It has that LCD screen and a thin foam pad to sleep on, but nothing else....at least not until the last four years when it gets one tampon at a time… not even a second one until we see the first one disposed of. We were fooled once, and it cost Doctor Hauptman and the others their lives. We will not be fooled again.

We had assumed that since it wasn’t silicon based like Nasedo it wouldn’t have powers like Nasedo did, and we were partially right…it can’t shapeshift. But we were horribly wrong in other ways….this one is far more dangerous…as you’ll see when you watch this next tape..”

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Nine years ago…

The five guards had rushed to the robing room and quickly struggled into the protective suits. They had practiced this only once…six months ago… and it hadn’t gone particularly well then.

The precautions had been much less with the recaptured alien. Nasedo had been silicon based, and it was very unlikely that he could communicate diseases or otherwise infect carbon-based life…but this creature…they didn’t know. Had she been created as a Trojan Horse? A typhoid Mary? Nasedo was no longer a threat…but what of his creation?

They had been warned that contact with the creature was to be regarded as deadly...as contagious as someone with Ebola virus, Rabies, or other deadly contagious diseases. They needed to confine it to the BL-4 area where every thing it touched…every drop of her blood, urine, swear, saliva…everything about her could be contained and then incinerated in the 3000 degree furnace that even the air in the BL-4 lab must pass through before being exhausted to the outside.

And the guards had been warned…all of the personnel had…that if they became contaminated they too were expendable…that they too would be reduced to the sterile fine ash that was all that was left of anything that entered that incinerator. And in truth, their protective suits and avoiding contamination were their greatest worries. They’d seen pictures of the small alien in its pod. It looked weak…almost helpless. Five big men could surely handle it.

"Just please don’t let one of us get contaminated.." said the leader. The sentiment brought nods from the other four men as well, as they picked up their TASERS and Trank guns to rush into the autopsy room.

She had lain there for only a few seconds after the abdomen closed…just long enough to realize that the pain was subsiding…just long enough to start to believe that she really wouldn’t die. That’s when the door opened up and the five men came in. She heard two quick pops as the things that two of the men were carrying fired….startled to see the twin darts come at her trailing the fine wires. As the barbs buried themselves in her flesh, the electricity started. Two darts in her chest and abdomen, two more in her back…..pulse after pulse of 50,000 volts came from each device, and since they weren’t synchronized her muscles thrashed in spasm trying to respond to the shocks coming from both parts of her body simultaneously. Her body was wracked by spasms and her sphincters opened...urine puddling beneath her on the floor, but no feces…she was twenty-five minutes old and was yet to have her first meal.

The electricity coursed through her mind as well as her body and she silently begged them to stop…silent because she was twenty-five minutes old…and had yet to learn her first word. But as the agony gripped her she reached out with her mind trying to tell…trying to show the men the pain they were causing…and as her mind linked with theirs they experienced feedback that let them know exactly what she was going through. Both men holding the TASERS fell to the ground, their own bodies convulsing in synchrony with hers…
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As he saw the two TASER carrying guards go into convulsions the team leader panicked. The tranquilizer guns had been intended to immobilize Nasedo who weighed almost 200 pounds. But using a firearm risked a bullet going through the creature and through the wall of the containment facility…possibly spreading whatever the creature might have to the whole world. The trank guns were neater…cleaner…there would be less blood spatter. They were less than 20 feet from Tess when they fired…

Telazole is an agent used to immobilize animals. It was really only approved for dogs and cats but it was widely used as an animal tranquilizer for everything from Chihuahuas to bull elephants. It is a dissociative anesthesthetic…similar to ketamine and PCP. It causes wild hallucinations in humans…and apparently alien-human hybrids as well.

As her convulsing flesh finally shook itself free of the TASER darts, Tess saw the open door looming before her. She tried to run for it….but she was only twenty-six minutes old..barely able to crawl at that point with her muscles still aching from the convulsions… But crawl she did…until the guns went “thwat” and her back sprouted two darts that injected her with Telazole.

Telazole had never been approved for use in humans…although it had been tested in them briefly. While it would work…immobilizing them after a short interval, that interval was the problem… in that it tended to stimulate vivid and frightening hallucinations before the anesthesia and immobility would occur. Perhaps it did that in dogs and cats too….there was really no way to tell…but the human subjects it was tested on made it clear that it would never be acceptable for human use. As the darts squeezed out their contents into her bloodstream it took only six or eight seconds for the drug to get to the frantically beating heart of the little girl and only a few more seconds to be pumped up to her brain. The drug was designed to quickly pass the blood-brain barrier and it did that. The hallucinations started almost immediately.

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Post by greywolf » Sun Sep 16, 2007 11:16 pm

Dissociative anesthesia is more often used in children than in adults, due mainly to the scary hallucinations. Hallucinations are generally distortions of past bad experiences and since most children have had few bad experiences to hallucinate about, it generally bothers them less. Now Tess had only been alive for 27 minutes….she certainly was a child. On the other hand, she’d been practically disemboweled for about five minutes….definitely a ‘10’ on the bad experience scale. By the time the Telazole hit her that was about a ‘14’….and that’s pretty much the nightmare that went mindwarping out to the five guards. Of course there was a big difference…at least at first her hands had been tied, unable to pull the mask off her face to scream. The five men had no such restraints….

Doctor Higby continued showing the video to Bartelson as the five guards who had pulled off their protective gear and rolled around on the floor of the room screaming were eventually subdued by even more guards…but only after the specimen was totally unconscious from the Telazole that had been injected into it.

“Three of the guards never did become coherent again. Here’s one of the two who did…he’s heavily sedated of course.”
  • The picture showed another BL-4 containment room, the interrogator and an assistant in protective suits questioning the leader of the guards who had entered the containment room with the specimen…it didn’t look like the man had slept, eaten, or shaved for a week.

    “So Arthur…tell us again about what happened when you went in to that room?

    The captive’s eyes bulged with fear and they seemed to dart quickly to all corners of the room. He strained at the leather straps that held him…a thin streak of froth in the corner of his mouth. The interrogator looked at the assistant and shook his head. The assistant injected another 12 mg of pentothal and ran the IV to flush it into the man’s system. That seemed to calm him and the interrogator repeated the question and was rewarded this time by some quasi-coherent speech.

    “We thought we had it… the TASERS took it down…but then Juan and Ricky were down…we went for the trank guns and Jimmy missed…I think Ricky bumped him when he fired. But I got a hit…so did Bob….then…then…then…”

    “Then what, Arthur. Tell us what happened then…..”

    The man began to shake violently…more specks of foam coming from his mouth as he hyperventilated…they wanted those memories..and he desperately did not want to look at them…but another 12 mg of drug calmed him…and finally the words came out…

    “I felt it happen…the blade slide in just under my sternum….I felt it go through…it felt like fire as they pulled it all the way down …. I felt the hands go in then…I could feel them pulling my guts out…I wanted to scream but the mask…Finally I tore it off…but they wouldn’t quit…the hands wouldn’t quite…THE HANDS…THE HANDS…”

    The man seemed about ready to pull his arms out of the straps…they were digging in to his wrists…ripping the skin where he was held. The interrogator looked up at the screen and shook his head. He looked to his assistant..

    “Sedate him…that’s all we are going to get from him…”
The screen went blank.

Bartelson looked at Higby and asked, “Did you ever figure out exactly what did happen?”

“We interrogated the two who were coherent for two more weeks…as near as we could tell the specimen projected memories at them…warped their minds permanently.”

“How are they now?”

“Now? Apparently you don’t understand. The specimen is quarantined. Did you ever see the movie ‘Species’?

“I am not much into Science Fiction…”

“Well the plot is simple. SETI gets tricked into making DNA for an alien-human hybrid. It spreads….trying to take over the world. Nasedo…well, in all fairness, I guess he had reason to dislike Dr Hauptman…dislike us all, I suppose. This specimen is that creature’s creation. It can never be allowed to escape…anything that might possibly have been contaminated by it…well, we can’t let that escape either. There is an extensive safety protocol. Everything about that specimen…every lab test…every needle…every specimen of blood or urine or…or anything that breaks the quarantine…it goes into the furnace…3000 degrees…to destroy every trace of the DNA. We can’t afford to take a chance.”

“You…you burned those five men alive?”

“Burned alive? Goodness no, Mr. Bartelson….what kind of people do you think we are? Bob and Arthur were euthanized before we cremated them…the other three…well, I doubt they even knew what was happening. They were pretty far gone anyway”
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Post by greywolf » Tue Sep 18, 2007 3:35 pm

The video showed what if you hadn't known any better would have appeared to be a naked six year old girl lying slightly head up on a table of gray metal, her wrists and ankles secured to it by manacles of the same metal. It was immobile...except for slow breathing...fed emulsified food through a tube in its nose. There were two attendants present, both in BL-4 protective gear. Periodically one would take a blood specimen...or administer an injection...or use the house to flush the urine or feces into the trough that drained into the bucket at the end of the table. Periodically the bucket would be replaced by a fresh one...the other taken to where its contents would be incinerated.

"We kept it drugged for that year," said Higby...never let it wake up once. Anytime it showed signs of becoming conscious, ...well we hit it with the drugs again. We couldn't afford to let it become conscious with people nearby. The ability to control other people's thoughts....do you have any idea what a tool that would be...if we could somehow control it? In practical terms, it might be even more useful that regeneration.

Can you imagine the appropriations we could get...if we could just warp the mind of the appropriations committee to provide the funding?" chuckled Higby. A human being wouldn't have survived it. Pneumonia...infected sores...a human would have died long before the year was up. The regenerative abilities of this specimen are truly amazing. We didn't learn much that year...that came later...but we got safe quarters built for it. The specimen is now over a hundred feet deeper than here...and almost a mile and a half away. The tunnel here is the only way in...the only way out...and it has multiple turns. The room it is kept in is entirely lined with depleted uranium...as is the tunnel leading to here. And its quarters has a fail-safe...a pocket sized nuclear device...only a half kiloton or so...but if the computer ever senses that the room is empty...that somehow it has escaped...well, the fireball will convert everything withing 100 yards into a plasma. It won't be pleasant...even here...but that creature will be obliterated long before it can get away. In the meantime, it is monitored 24 hours a day...seven days a week. We can put it to sleep with gas when we need to send someone in to take samples from it...we can communicate with it through the computer screen...but it can't hurt anyone while we study it."

"Yeah, but how do you tell when or if you can ever take it out of quarantine? How could you ever use its mind control abilities...if it doesn't cooperate? Would it ever cooperate?"

"The protocol...well the protocol will never let us take this PARTICULAR specimen out of isolation. The rules require us to monitor it for an entire life cycle, watching for evidence of infectivity. Besides...we think this one is playing games with us. Its current testing shows it to be of high normal intelligence. The early testing was off chart...almost genius. We think perhaps the trauma of the initial handling of the creature may have made it more hostile...as if it were not already hostile enough to begin with. But there is a way.......a way that we might get results in....oh....twenty years or less..."

eight and a half years ago
  • The first two months were barely a memory. For just a few minutes each day...before the next injection of drugs, she would struggle back to consciousness. She kept her eyes closed and tried fruitlessly to dissolve the heavy metal of the manacles. It was time totally wasted. Eventually she had realized that. But after three months she'd finally had the idea...to use that thirty seconds or so from the time she was injected until they took effect to manipulate the molecules of the drugs she had been injected with. It was difficult...her bloodstream moved the molecules so fast...but each time she got a little better. Already she was detoxifying enough of the drug so she was conscious almost two hours each day. She had to be careful...keeping her eyes closed...not moving...not letting any of these creatures feel her mind in theirs. She needed information now. She would endure the pain of the metal table pressing in to her...endure the tube in her nose...the manacles...endure as long as it took to find these creatures weaknesses...to find her way to freedom. It didn't matter who these creatures were or why they were treating her this way...she would survive...and one day she would be free. As she heard the door open and the technicians come in she didn't understand any English...or any language at all. But as they took her blood samples...thinking her unconscious...she kept her eyes closed...didn't move...just listening to their language...words that she hoped someday to understand. They did this every week...and she'd be very sick for a day after it happened. They had done it many times before.

    "So we are just injecting the specimen to test it's ability to resist disease?"

    "Yeah, this week it's anthrax. Next week it's smallpox, then Ebola. It's already had Dengue, plague, and rabies. It gets sick...sometimes as sick as hell...but within 24 hours the alien DNA pulls it through.
    It's the damndest thing you ever saw.. put a tourniquet on its arm...this needs to go in the vein."
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eight years ago

Tess awoke from the drugged sleep to find that much had changed. To begin with…she was not restrained. She was lying on her back curled into what she would one day learn was the fetal position. Her limbs were unrestrained and she felt more comfortable than she had ever felt on the hard metal table. She listened carefully for the sound of the attendants whose noisy respirators and clumsy movements in the protective suits made their whereabouts easy to discern…even with her eyes closed.

But there were no sounds in the room…none that is except for the soft sound of the air coming through the ventilators and the noise of her own soft breathing as she continued to feign unconsciousness. Tess waited for two hours…about the time she believed she would have slept had she not been able to detoxify some of the drugs that had been placed into her IVs,…and only then did she start to show signs of gradual return to consciousness. Even so, she expected at any moment to be attacked again and rendered unconscious. But it didn’t happen. Instead she looked with wonder at her new environment.

The first thing she noticed was that she was not chained to the table. She was on a platform elevated a half meter above the floor. The platform itself was of the same metal that had been used to build the table…she could feel the density of it…knew how well it resisted her powers of molecular manipulation. But overlying it was a pad of light foam…perhaps 5 mm thick, covering the entire surface of the 2 meter square elevated platform. It was the softest material she’d ever encountered…almost comfortable…at least compared to the vivisection table, the concrete floor, and the other table she’d been on for the last year. Although perhaps that wasn’t saying much. After all, she’d only been alive for about a year…during which time she’d been conscious for less that 800 hours.

During that 72 hours she had never really learned to walk, and despite her recuperative powers, a year being drugged and chained to a table had done little to assist her body in learning the skills of even a one year old. So she pushed and rolled herself to the side of the platform and only just managed to keep her face from smashing in to the floor if as she slid off. It took several hours to find the coordination to crawl but before the day was done she was able to walk unsteadily. It was then that her explorations could start in earnest.

The room was made entirely of the dull grey metal…entirely that was except for the pad on the platform and an LCD computer screen. The screen was itself on a small table and a chair of the same dull grey metal sat before it with its own thin pad of the same lightweight foam. As she approached the LCD screen it suddenly lit up showing a chessboard. The speaker by the computer droned mechanically, “White pawn to king’s bishop four..” Tess of course had no idea what the words meant..but on the screen the computer moved the pawn forward two spaces…

As the computer played a game of chess with itself in the background, Tess explored the limits of her new world. The chamber was almost five meters wide by six meters long, the ceiling over three meters above the floor. It was dominated by desk with the computer screen, and then by the raised platform where she had awakened. There was a door at one end that couldn’t be opened from the inside, and a small window beside it. In the other end of the room were two fixtures…fixtures she would later learn were a commode and a bidet. Neither had obvious external controls, but both would activate …the commode flushing as she moved away from it, and the bidet turning on any time she touched it. In the other corner on that end of the room was an area where the floor seemed recessed for several inches, and she found that if she stepped in that area body temperature water would shower down through small holes in the grey metal ceiling and disappear through similar holes along the bottom of the recessed area.

Tess was fascinated by the shower and stood in it…letting the water wash over her. As she did so the LCD screen changed, the screen becoming a collage of pictures of her in the shower as she would look from each corner of the room. Tess kept her eyes away from the lenses in each corner…she’d already noticed them, but the message was nonetheless clear…she was being watched.

After five minutes or so the warm water stopped being sprayed through the holes in the ceiling and there came instead a blast of warm dry air. Her body quickly dried, leaving only her blond hair still damp and trying to curl. Tess went and sat down in front of the screen and the chess game resumed…the start of a language lesson no doubt. Tess parroted the words as the computer said them, trying to sort through their meaning..and shortly it became clear. After watching four games of the computer playing itself she started speaking the words for the moves that she wanted it to make…within six more games she was winning. “White Queen takes black rook – check…mate in two moves…” It was, she would later decide, a mistake to show them that much about her….but not her only one.

The second mistake was when she went back to the elevated platform and laid out upon it…relishing its feel. By normal standards it wasn’t soft at all…but it was the softest thing she’d ever felt. Apparently it was for her comfort when she slept. It was low molecular weight…mainly air…but what solid substance there was to it lent itself to easy molecular manipulation. She put her hand on it and willed it to change shape…curious as to what she could make of it. The change in the room was immediate…as the buzzer sounded angrily. She heard the click in the ceiling of the solenoid…the hiss of the gas….not really understanding. That’s when unconsciousness took her. She woke up on the floor an hour later…still in the room…still where she’d fallen. But the foam mat was gone. ‘They removed it while I was out…’ She looked quickly at the chair…the other mat was still there. The message was clear…if she tried to manipulate the mat she’d lose it as well. But even that gave her some hope. They were trying to teach her a lesson…not seriously worried about her being able to do something with the flimsy mat, which was mostly air bubbles anyway. They’d eventually give her the mat back…and she’d immediately manipulate it again…and lose it again. She’d do that three times…trying to convince them she was stupid enough that she didn’t understand before at last stopping her breaking of the rules. Oh, she’d pay attention to the screen…she’d learn their language lessons…learn everything she could about her captors…she just wouldn’t let them know how much she really did know.

Yes, she’d only been alive for one year..and conscious for only a small fraction of that, but already Tess was making plans to let them deceive themselves about her capabilities. She didn’t yet know English…and it would take her six months of watching and listening to the computer to learn it, but she knew what she thought…even if she couldn’t put that thought into words yet. In fact, she thought of life pretty much as a chess game…and she planned on checkmating these people…however long it took.

‘You screw with me, and I’ll screw with you,’ she thought…or at least that’s what she would have thought if she’d known the words…
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It was six weeks before they returned the pad….six weeks during which she slept on the hard surface of the platform during her sleep periods with nothing but the hard grey metal underneath her. She wasn’t cold…the chamber was kept at 25 degrees Celsius and she didn’t really miss it…she’d only had the luxury of it for that first awakening. The object was to show her who was boss…to make crystal clear that they were in charge. And the lesson would have that effect, although not exactly as her captors had planned. Because in that six weeks she did learn…not just chess, but the other learning programs they showed her as well. She tried to hold back…not wanting them to really understand her capabilities…but the exuberance of youth is very hard to contain and at that point Tess had been alive only a little over a year. So in the six weeks she went through her lessons….went through the learning programs…and even holding back…she was approaching a fourth grade learning level. It would turn out to be enough….enough to save her life.

The plan was a simple one. She’d formulated it soon after she’d awakened to find the mat gone. She’d noticed the injection site on her thigh…what her captors had done had been obvious. The gas would put her to sleep…they would enter through the door and give her an injection to keep her asleep while they ran their tests and took away the mat. She couldn’t manipulate the grey metal…she’d sat for hours at the desk pushing at it with her mind. The stuff had huge mass…she’d tried even at the sub atomic level….knocking a few parts off the center of it…but that seemed a zero sum game. Although she could do that, the parts were just picked up by the centers of other atoms. After hours of trying she realized that all she was doing was trading atoms with 238 pieces in their center for atoms with 235 or 239 pieces…and they were still too massive to manipulate any further. But the plan she formulated to escape, seemed like a good one. She could use her powers to hold molecules of air together around her head in a sort of flexible sack. She could breathe and rebreathe that air…without allowing the gas from the vents to mix in to it. If the gas wasn’t on for too long…or if her captors came quickly…she would have air enough. They had to open the door to enter and once the door was open…she shuddered as she remembered her first awakening…the pain…the terror of seeing death all around her…and even when she’d gone inside the minds of the other men….sharing her terror with them…her mind still recoiled at the way they had hated and feared her. But she’d do what she had to…to whoever came…because more than anything else…she wanted to be free…

The day came finally as she heard the click of the solenoid and she formed the invisible barrier to fend off the gas. She pretended to breathe it for only a few seconds…and then slid to the grey metal floor.