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Re: Coming for you (CC,M/L Adult) chpt 42 2/14/08

Post by jake17 » Thu Feb 14, 2008 3:42 am

angelina: hi sweetheart Im sooo sorry this took soo long..I want you to know how much I appreciate all the bumps and you missing this story...I really hope you like what I did! :D thanks so much for your support!!
Timelord31: thanks so much for you fb..Im so happy you like that last chpt! :D
Natalie36: I thought you would enjoy a little 'kick ass liz!" thanks so much for being here!! :D
raemac: Hello,, so happy you are back!! thanks for the great fb...really hope you like this part! :D
Ti88: thanks so much for the great fb..I so appreciate it! :D
begonia9508: I can't reveal everything yet but thanks so much for your wonderful fb eve! love you here! :D
Flamehair: wow sweetie thanks so much for the bump and the concern sorry this took so happy you are here!! :D I really appreciate your incredible sweet words! :D
tinie38: Hi kris so happy you like what i did ...thanks so much for the great fb ...I always breath a sigh of relief when I see your replies. :D
forever dreamer: Hi rach! wow that was so sweet that you said you don't think I could write a bad not so sure about that! :roll: but it was incredibly sweet for you to say! thanks so much for the sweet fb! love having you here!! :D
totallizfan: thanks so much really happy you liked that part! love seeing you here! :D
IheartMax: well it's three in the morning so lets just hope this makes sense! :lol: really hope you like this! got a little mushy couldn't help it you know me! :D thanks for everything you are the best!! :D
Cocogurl: I know you know I love to leave you in suspense and you stick with me anyway! you are so great! thanks for the awesome fb as always so hope you liket the next part! :D
keepsmiling7: So happy you liked riverdog and liz dialogue wasn't sure how everyone would take it..thanks so much for the sweet fb! :D
berluv32: I know max has been throught alot but don't worry dreamer here! thanks so much for catching up with my story so happy your here! :D
michelle17: thank you so happy you like this!! :D
ms_BuffyAnneSummers: Wow what an amazing reply you made me sooo happy!! please know how much I appreciate such great fb..thanks for taking the time to write it! hope you like the next part! :D
C&N214: Wow thank you for liking this so much!! I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me it means a lot ..really! :D
Michelle in Yonkers: Well all I can say is I seriously don't see Max as a coward ...they've been munipulated along the way and have gone through so much ...but for a very good reason...a reason that will be more clear as the end is revealed...thanks so much for your fb it is always appreciated. :D
futuremrsmcdreamy: thanks for the bump sorry this took so long! :D

Hello everyone !!!
I just want to apologized for being away so long!
Thank you for everyone who is still interested in this story and all you lurkers out there!!


Chapter 41.

They worked hard to get Max’s lifeless body up the steep mountain. The only sound that could be heard was Isabel quietly weeping.

“I can’t believe this is happening …I can’t believe Kivar had the power to do this to him”

She stumbled as she walked over the jagged rocks that lined the bumpy incline almost dropping Max’s leg that she was struggling to carry.

With sweat pouring from his face Michael kept looking up at Liz in confusion.

“Liz what did you mean when you said you had power …what power …what is going on?”

Liz wasn’t even aware that Michael was talking as she fought with everything inside her to keep up her connection with Max.


“Michael please can’t you see that now is not the time …he may be dying Michael don’t break her concentration.”

Isabel was shaking as tears stung her eyes. Everything seemed like it was falling apart all at once. She was sure that the loss of her brother would bring her to her knees.

Liz held onto his head as she watched intensely for any sign of life.

She could feel his slow heartbeat and his shallow breathing as if it were her own.

This gave her an idea as they finally approached the hidden secret cave.

River Dog led them in lighting several torches along the way. He guided them to a special section of the damp cave. In this section was a oval shaped space. With a shaky old hand River Dog lit six smaller torches that surrounded the small area they were in.

He pointed with his aged walking stick down to the ground where he wished Max to be placed.

Liz knelt down on the dirt covered ground and rested his head on her lap as she stroked his dark hair out of his cold face. She refused to look away not even for a second frightened that she would lose the fragile link that she was sharing with him.

Michael stared in wonder at the vivid pictures that were now illuminated by the bright glow of the torches that flickered against the musty walls.

“Quickly the healing stones …everyone must take one.”

River Dog spoke with authority as he tried to get Michael's attention back to the task at hand.

“Michael you will need to anchor his body…take a stone and kneel at his feet….Isabel you will be the anchor for his heart”

Isabel stood shaking with the stone in her hand trying to convince herself that what she was seeing wasn’t true - that Max still had a chance.

“Now there is no time to hesitate…please kneel here and hold the stone over his heart.”

As if someone snapped her out of a dream Isabel shook her head and took her place over his chest holding the stone lightly over his heart.

“What about Liz?”

Michael was still confused at her previous statement of having powers and the sudden position of power she seemed to have now possessed.

“The young one has been and will always be the anchor for his soul – his essence – his spirit.”

“What the hell are you talking about …has been …will always be…please what it going on….she is not one of us …how can you talk about her as if she has always been here with us.?”

“Explanations will come in time my inpatient one …right now we must heal Max before his gentle soul can fight no longer.”

“Please River Dog tell us what to do now”

Liz’s silence was making Isabel more nervous as time went by she needed to see her brother awake again.

Gently River Dog laid his shaky hand on Liz’s shoulder letting her know that it was time.

“Please concentrate it will take all of your energy to heal what the beast took physically from him …it is up to you young Michael and Isabel…you must think only positive loving thoughts …you must let the healing energy flow through you and into him…please whatever you do not break your union …the current must be continual …he needs all your love and strength now.”

“What about Liz …why are you only talking to us …what is she doing?”

Liz closed her eyes and lowered her cheek to his …her hands stroked his black hair as a peaceful loving flush of heat flowed through him…she smiled quietly as they shared memories of lifetimes they had spent together of times that no evil could ever take away.

“River Dog I don’t understand -

“She is the only one that can give to him the most important element that Kivar has tried ripped away”



River Dog raised his walking stick high into the air and lowered his head.

All at once the stars and the planets that depicted the stories of wars and destinies came to life shimmering with a brilliant light that pierced beams that crisscrossed the dark cave.

“Now concentrate everyone …give him your energy - your love - your strength…you must believe for him to believe.”

Slowly Max’s skin was beginning to be illuminated by a dim incandescent glow. Warmth started to spread throughout his body as his physical being was beginning to react to the power of the love that was radiating over him.

The torn tissue against his wrists was starting to rejuvenate and heal.
Blood rushed to the effected areas as his ligaments and tendons formed stronger and more durable than before.

It was working Max was coming back to life.

The stones the three held onto so tightly were glowing with a radiant light that was being pulled into his body…sucked in like much needed air to a drowning man…it was as if his body knew how to heal itself …it just needed the gift of the love and belief that he could only get from the people that cared about him …from his family.

“It’s working Michael look … oh my god it’s working”

Tears streamed down Isabel’s face as relief washed over her in waves.

“River Dog I still don’t understand what is going on with Liz what is she doing –

“Liz is doing what she was always meant to do …what she has done for many lifetimes …she is fulfilling her place in her destiny … as it is written in the stars so it shall continue on …their love has existed throughout time and space is endless untouchable”

“Throughout the ages evil beings have tried to harness the power of this incredible phenomenon …but as long as they continue to find each other and break through the manipulations of war and false destinies their love will remain indestructible …everlasting …eternal.”

Michael looked over at a stunned Isabel …trying hard to grasp what River Dog was trying to say.

“It was never his destiny to be with Tess …it was all a lie …they were always meant to find eachother ….to fall in love …what happened that day in the crashdown was fate…it was already written in the heavens.”

Michael and Isabel looked up at Max just in time to see the small flutter of his eyelashes.

Liz smiled devotedly as she spoke to him.

“Max” she whispered “I love you”

A single tear ran down his face and slipped onto hers as he whispered back.

“I love you”
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Re: Coming for you (CC,M/L Adult) chpt 43 3/21/08

Post by jake17 » Fri Mar 21, 2008 7:54 pm

angelina: let's get one thing straight angelina you could never bore me ..I love that you are impatient for more...I so appreciate your support for my little story!! thank you so much!! I hope you are doing well! :D
Natalie36: :lol: yes Nalatie I agree ,,they need to know when to shut up! :lol: love your fb as always thanks for sticking with this for so long!! :D
keepsmiling7: I just love what you wrote ...Liz being the key...that's it my whole point ..your awesome! thanks so much for your amazing fb I so appreciate it! :D
Flamehair: so happy to see you here too sweetie!!! :D thank you so much for liking how I just took it upon myself to change they're destiny :wink: I like it much better this way! love so much that you are here thank you!!! :D
IheartMax: hello you! :wink: I know how you feel I don't think I could write a story without love conquering all ... love as always seeing you here!! thank you so much for everything! :D
forever dreamer: wow what a fb thank you so much, and I think you understand what that means to me Rachael :wink: asking why I couldn't have been the writer that just made my day! thank you so much!! :D
tinie38: hi kris that you like that part hope you enjoy the next and I think you know by now that I look for you all the time ..I so appreciate you being here after all this time! thank you! :D
Cocogurl: Wow I just love that you thought that what I wrote was really romantic ... means so much to me!!! I wish I had a love like that too! thank you so much for your very sweet fb!! :D
aussietrueblue: Thanks so much for thinking that was sweet and wanting more ...I so appreciate it!! :D
begonia9508: EVE!!! :D :D I made your day!!! wow!!! I love that I made you happy :D :D I always make you so upset I think you made my day by what you wrote! :wink: thanks so much eve!! :D
Timelord31: thank you so much for reading this ...thanks for the fb!! :D
raemac: so so happy you are STILL here with me!! thanks so much for your sweet fb.. and yes I agree with you about Michael ! thanks so much raemac!! :D
true bohemian: wow this is long IM so grateful you decided to start reading it thanks so much for letting me know ..i hope I don't diappoint!! thanks so much!! :D
totallizfan: ok so you did it again ..made me come back :wink: ...hope you like it that you are here but I think you already know that. :D
futuremrsmcdreamy: love the bump!! thank you so much for wanting more!!! hope you enjoy it! :D

Thank you everyone for staying with this story for so's my first one so it means so much to me that you are all still here! thanks to everyone above and to all the lurkers out there!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!!
I also would like to thank Drogyn so much for being so kind and making me a beautiful banner for my story!
Carrie :D

Chapter 43.

Isabel looked over at Michael in astonishment as River Dog lowered his head and waved them to the front of the cave leaving Max and Liz alone.

Michael put his arm around a very shaky Isabel to attempt to calm her down.

“You know I was the one who told him to save her from the beginning…It’s a good thing everyone always listens to me”

Isabel laughed through her tears as they followed River Dog.

“Yes Michael …we all know it’s been your laid back easy going nature that has gotten us through this whole ordeal.”

“Tell me about it …you’d all be lost without me”

Max could hear Isabel's laughter fading away as he began to wake up.

Slowly the image of Liz crystallized through his blurry eyes.

“Liz …w-what happened”

His throat was raw and every muscle felt tender as he attempted to sit up.

“Max please ….I’m here you’ve got to rest …you’ve been through so much”

Fragmented pieces of his horrific nightmare started to solidify behind his eyelids. He slowly sat up with Liz’s help and rested his head against the cool wall of the cave.

“Oh my god Liz what did I do…I’m so sorry”

He looked down at his healed unmarked wrists in confusion clearly remembering how he cut through his skin and watched as his blood rose over this arm.

“Max …it wasn’t you …it’s was Kivar … he was controlling your mind it wasn’t –

“Liz oh my god I would never leave you ..I would never put your through –

“Max look at me”

Liz’s voice held a certain amount of authority as she pulled his hands away from his face forcing him to look into her determined eyes.

“It was Kivar and I know that this must have been beyond horrible for you to go through but you’ve got to be strong …you’ve got to focus on what’s real …he preys on our weakness Max …and Max neither of us can afford to be weak now.”

His eyes widened at the strong urgent tone in her voice.

Max looked back down at his wrists and touched his heart with a look of confusion.

He whispered softly as he lifted his sensitive loving eyes at her.

“It was you”

Liz cupped his cheek and smiled as she moved closer to him. She wanted to tell him for so long but her fears held her back and now that he knew she was at a loss as to what to say.

“You …you healed me… I felt you …inside”

Max took her hand and held it over his heart. She moved her thumb over his lips and leaned in to gently kiss him. Sparks of electricity flowed through them as their lips touched – a warm calming sensation started to rise within them as she spoke.

“We all healed you Max…River Dog brought us to the cave and Michael and Isabel used the healing stones –

“But it was you …it was you who… found me”

“Yes Max …I will always find you when you are lost.”

“How are you feeling brave one”

“River Dog”

Max looked up at the weary old Man.

“Thank you”

“It is not me you should be thanking …she was quite the warrior our little one…I think she would’ve taken him on herself if it came down to it…you have her to thank for your life.”

Max looked back at her and pulled her in to his chest needing to feel close to her …needing to let her know how much she was loved.

“You two rest …he will come again and this time you will both need to be ready”

“What about Michael and Isabel?”

“They went back to find your friends one connected to you is safe right now …you must remain together until we can figure out our next move.”

River Dog left a basket by their feet and pulled his coat close together as he looked out the entrance of the cave.

“I have left supplies for you …food and blankets …you should be fine until morning …he will not strike again tonight”

Liz moved her head away from Max’s chest and sat up looking worried.

“How do you know…how do you know he won’t come back tonight?”

“What he did …to Max…it look tremendous strength and power to direct his mind his heart into doing something so destructive…I can’t imagine it was a simple task to take command over such a strong and gentle soul as yours Max…he must be very drained… he's going to need time to recover …he will return there is no uncertainty about that... but not tonight.”

“So our friends they will come back here?”

“Yes little one…you must be exhausted using your powers for the first time …I suggest you rest…I will return for you at dawn”

Max stood up steadying himself with his hands against the walls as he watched River Dog leave. Suddenly he felt the welcomed warmth of a fire at his back and quickly turned around not believing his eyes.

Liz sat against the wall and staring into the flames just as shocked as he was.


She looked down at her hand in amazement.

“Yeah didn’t know I could do it either …but then I thought of you and how you needed to be warm and it just happened …

Her voice trailed off as she wrapped her arms around her knees and gazed into the fire.

Max pulled a blanket from the basket and wrapped it around the both of them as he sat beside her.

“I don’t know what to say Liz …how is this possible”

“When you healed me …your power …I don’t know …something changed me”

“How long have you known”

“Suspected is more like it …I could feel this energy flowing through me sometimes but I didn’t trust it …I didn’t understand…but when you were …

“Liz -

“When you were dying …I don’t know I just knew I could heal you …there was no question in my mind …something inside me just took had to live and I was going to do whatever it took to make that happen”

She gazed up at him hesitating for a moment as she watched how the orange flames made his eyes glow with the most beautiful color she had ever seen.

“My heart belongs to you Max …I think it always has...I think that's where this power is coming from...It's part of the love you have given to me...that very special part of you”

Max breathlessly took her face in his hands and caressed her soft lips releasing a soft moan from deep within him. Over and over they kissed deeply and passionately as if nothing else in the world existed but them.

They felt safe and protected in the dark cave and for the moment. A calm peace enveloped the two lovers as the held each other tight in the quiet woods.

They were completely unaware of the energy that passed between them and all around them …a beautiful power made from the purest form of love...the love of soulmates ...the all consuming selfless love that very few people is unique - special and extrememly rare.

This remarkable power born from the stars above would link their souls and their hearts making them stronger than they could ever imagine.
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Re: Coming for you (CC,M/L Adult) chpt 44 4/15/08

Post by jake17 » Mon Apr 14, 2008 7:14 pm

Cocogurl: I'm so happy you thought that was that you are always here ...thank you so much! :D
Angelina: hello meant so much that you thought that chpt was beautiful are so wonderful thank you so much! :D
forever dreamer; you know what Rachael I think I'd do the same with my Max but Id make him do it without his shirt on :lol: love that you are here as always...thanks so much! :D
Natalie36: Hello Natalie well I can't put it off any longer ...the big battle is here more update and it's all going to be over one way or another. thanks so much for sticking around for so long ..means the world to me! :D
IheartMax: hey you..well it's coming the end ..hope you like what Im planning ..thanks so much for all you amazing funny fb...this story wouldn't be the same without your hysterical fb! :D
keepsmiling7: thank you for your sweet fb...means so much...hope you like this next part! :D
Timelord31: thanks so much for sticking with this as long as you did ..i so appreciate it! :D
paper: IM so happy you found this too ...and my whole point is the love so the fact that you feel it makes me very happy! thanks so much! :D
Flamehair: thank you sweetie ..I hope you enjoy this part ...I love that you are here! :D

Hello Everyone:
It's killing me to say this but the end of my story is coming soon .. :( it was my first and means so much to me. When I finish I will personally thank everyone who was so incredibly supportive and stuck with this for so long but for now ...I want to send out a simple thanks to everyone and all my lurkers ..without all of you I never would've had the courage to continue to write.
Carrie :D

Just a little note because I think Im confusing everyone:
Max is Kivar's only threat... he is the only one that standings in his way of ruling Antar forever...
He went after Liz and would go after the others to weaken Max ... Max is the only one he cares about destroying.. and Max is well aware of this.

Chapter 44.

As they held each other throughout the night the walls depicting the history of the King and his people started to glow brightly.

It was as if the power of centuries of battles of good and evil fought so long ago where coming to life.

The strength of incredible courage and boundless love through the ages were coming to life all around them as they peacefully slept …they did not know but they would not be fighting this battle alone.

The love that they had shared had been shared throughout time. The eternal bond and devotion was born under the bright star that lit the blue grasses of Antar since the beginning and would continue through the end of time.

As dawn approached the dark rock of the cave Max slowly opened his eyes and smiled looking down at her sweet face that was nestled against his chest. He felt that the battle was growing near …that this time was going to be the one to end it all. He was not afraid a part of him needed this to be over …one way or another.

More than anything he wanted her to be safe …it was all that drifted through his mind. She had gone through so much for him …sacrificed so much …the pain and suffering had to end and if it took his life to end it that was a price he was more than willing to pay.

Liz started to stir against him as she opened her eyes and smiled feeling that she was just where she was supposed to be his arms ..always in his arms.

“Well this looks very cozy…and here I was worried sick!”

“Hi Maria”

“Max smiled helping Liz up and bringing her in for a tight hug”

“So tonight’s the big showdown …the war to end all wars …the ultimate death match …good verses evil …last man standing …


“Sorry just thought I’d lighten the mood a little”

“Your awfully quiet space boy everything ok”

“No this plan sucks!”

Max looked up confused towards Michael.

“What plan”

“Riverdog’s plan …apparently this is not our fight something to do with you and Liz and destiny”

“Can I just add that I’m getting just a little sick and tired of that freaking word”

“Your not the only one Isabel”

“This is bullshit …we are not leaving you two alone no matter what the old dude with the walking stick says”

Liz pulled a sweater over her head and tied her hair back in a ponytail…dreading what she was going to have to say next.

“It’s not safe you guys …this is our fight…if he sees you here he’ll go after you first …he knows our weakness …you have to stay back here at the reservation.”

Max lowered his head knowing he had his own plan …a plan that would insure Liz’s safety …he couldn’t help staring at her knowing this may be the last day they would ever spend together again. The pain in his heart was too much to bear but he knew saving her was the only thing that mattered.

“Max are you ok?”

“I’m fine just tired …Liz is right we have to fight him alone tonight …we can’t take the risk of anyone else getting hurt.”

“I’m liking that plan…if anyone’s wondering”


“Ok … shutting up now”


They spent the first part of the day with their families …not knowing how this was all going to end they felt the need to say all the things they’ve always wanted to say but always thought there would be plenty of time.

Standing in Riverdog’s living room they quietly looked around at each other knowing that his might be the end …that they could possibly never see each other again.

The time is growing near …you must say your goodbye’s and head toward the rocks…he’ll be coming soon you must prepare.

Maria lunged toward Liz with tears in her eyes.

“You don’t have to do this Liz …please you’ve got your whole life ahead of you …think about what you are about to do!”

“Maria I love you but …my life is with Max …there is nothing to think about …I will live or die by his side is the way it was meant to be …please understand”

She ran and hugged her telling her how much their friendship has meant to her and how much she loved her.

Liz felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up with surprise.

“I know I’m not the warmest person and I’ve given you a hard time but I want you to know I’m glad it was you …that it was you he saved that day”

Liz smiled through her tears and opened up her arm pulling in Isabel to hug her too.

Alex just stared at the ground.

“You never really believed this day would come did you Alex” Liz whispered towards him

“I still refuse to believe it…this night will come and go and tomorrow we’ll all be sitting around making fun of Michael’s hair like we always do”


Liz reluctantly let Maria and Isabel go and knelt down in front of Alex forcing him to look at her.

“Well of course I don’t doubt your brilliant mind for a second but just in case pigs start to fly and hell freezes over and I don’t come back …I need you to know that I love you and I wouldn’t give up one second of the time we’ve spent together.”

Alex grabbed onto Liz almost knocking her down and whispered through his tears that he loved her too.

Maria collapsed onto the couch with her hands in her hands crying hysterically.

“We should go”

Max quietly spoke as he made his way towards Isabel.

“No ..I can’t let you go Max …I can’t let you go!”

“Michael pulled her away from her tight grip and put his hand around Max’s neck.”

“Thank you for being my family Max …Thank you –

“I know ..I know Michael ..and I love you too”

Before pulling away from Isabel Max held her face in his hands wiping the tears from her face.

“Nothing can ever separate us …I’ll always be with you no matter where you are …there is no end to love…you will always be my sister.”

“Alex Maria…thank you for …well for everything”

“Just bring her back to us Max”

Alex whispered with his back turned unable to look at them any longer.

“I am sorry but it is time …you must make your way back to the pods now... back to where it all began”

Max held his hand out for Liz and she took it without hesitation or fear.

The group stood with they’re arms wrapped around each other as they watched the Jetta disappear into the night.

Max watched as the drug he put in her drink slowly started to take affect…her eyes became very heavy as the need to sleep started to take over her body.

Panic covered her shocked face realizing what he had done ...and knowing he could not destroy Kivar alone...her last thoughts were of desperation knowing that this may be the last time she would see her soulmate again. With slurred speech she begged him not to go but it was too late his mind was made up she was going to live no matter what the cost.

“Maax…wwhat did you do …noooo …you need me ..please…pleeease ..I love you…

He clutched the steering wheel as tears burned his could he be bitter about the life he was given he thought to himself ...he had known perfect love from the most beautiful heart that ever existed and for that he was eternally grateful could he possibly ask for more.

As he pulled over he cradled her in his arms and placed her along the back seat pulling a blanket over her tiny body...she has lost her ability to speak but she was still aware and stared into his eyes through her dark lashes that were barely open. Her lips trembled as she tried to memorize every beautiful feature of his young face ..from the curve of his soft mouth to his sensitive loving eyes.

“I love you too Liz …but I can’t let you die for me”

His voice cracked as he spoke what could very well be his last words to her.

“You are everything that's good and pure in this world …you are going to do amazing things with your life …my heart and my soul will forever belong to you …no matter what happens you need to know that the word love doesn’t even come close to what I feel for you…I will always be yours Liz…till the end of time."

He softly held his lips to hers as a tear ran down his face and onto her cheek before she drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly a loud roar blasted through the sky.

Max caressed her cheek with his thumb just needing to touch her one more time. He swallowed hard and took a deep breath knowing it was time. Taking one last look at her he closed the car door and raised his face to the heavens.

A gust of wind swirled around him blowing his hair across his face as he made his way to the top of the large rock.

Max stood tall as he reached the peak of the mountain.

He was ready for the fight of his life …he was not afraid for he had known true love and it filled him with a quiet sense of peace and strength that he knew would carry him through anything …

through death itself.
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Re: Coming for you (CC,M/L Adult) chpt 45 6/4/08 ~Complete~

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MaxLizDreamer: Kivar needs Max ...he has no use for Liz. He'll use her against him if she's there.. Thank you for your sweet words! :D
Keepsmiling7: thanks so much for your fb! Hope you enjoy this last part :( . :D
Ythaler: Hi Yatie thank you for wanting more of this :D
Ms_BuffyAnnSummers: thank so much for wanting more! :D
Lizzie_Parker17: Whoa little rough on Max :wink: Hope you like this .. thanks so much for being here. :D

I just want to thank a few people who have been so incredibly nice to me. You've been with me since the beginning...since September when for some crazy reason I managed to find the courage to start this. You will never know just how much I appreciate the fact you've stayed with my little story for almost nine months. Thank you so much. :D

Raemac and Martine: I really appreciate all the amazing complements about my writing...thank you so much for being so wonderful to me. :D

totallizfan, Temptation_K and Timelord31:I've loved loved your fb's .. always so sweet and supportive! thank you so much! :D

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Also just to clear up any confusion.. Kivar needs Max to come back to Antar to stop a revolution that is uprising against him. He wants Max to come back because the people trusted who he was because he was a kind ruler who cared about his people. Kivar wants him to calm everyone and convince them that the uprising needs to end. Kivar cannot force Max to do this. If he refuses to go Kivar will kill Max. He wants to ensure that he will forever be the ruler over Antar.

In the past kivar has used Liz to get to Max. That is why Max drugged Liz. Liz is his biggest weakness and he wants to keep Liz safe at all cost. He knows that if Kivar kills him he will have no need for Liz or the rest of them and they will be safe.

Of course he will try and fight Kivar but he is willing to die to ensure that everyone he loves will be ok.

Chapter 45.

Max looked up at the black Sky that was beautifully illuminated with thousands of radiant stars that scattered into night.

As he stood on the highest peak of the large pointed mountain that seemed to reach up to the heavens themselves he suddenly realized just how amazing it all was.

He took a deep breath as he gazed out across the vast desert. All at once he was filled with a profound appreciation for everything. For ending up where he did. For the loving family that saved him and Isabel and raised him as their own.

For Michael and Isabel who were always by his side making him feel like he was never really alone in this world. For the friends that he had made …friends that would do anything for him... that had risked their lives for him.

Most of all he felt an infinite sense of gratitude for fate giving him a chance to love and be loved by the most beautiful soul he had ever known. He could not ask for more than her heart that she so selflessly had given to him.

Through uncertainty, pain and unimaginable fear she never wavered… never left his side ..never doubted her love for him. Her extraordinary kindness and devotion filled him with the knowledge that whatever would happen now could never be strong enough to destroy that.

He would hold her close to him forever deep in his heart along with the soul they both shared. He knew inside that there was no evil powerful enough to take that away from him.

The cool breeze of the desolate land tossed his hair around as he moved his eyes to the car below. The sounds from above were increasingly getting louder and louder.

Kivar was coming.

He smiled knowing he had done the right thing by keeping her safe. She had too much to offer this world… a light as bright as hers deserve to shine for as long as possible.

He mouthed the words ‘I love you’ as he slowly raised his eyes towards the sky to finally meet his destiny.

Just then he heard the thunderous roar again. This time it was so loud it brought him to his knee. He held his hands over his ears trying to block out the hideous screeching of a psychotic madman that had come to claim his prize.

Jagged bolts of light zig zagged above his head and across the sky. Dirt and debris began to swirl from the desert floor rising higher and higher breaking off pieces of rock and anything else that happened to be in it’s path.

Max fell on both knees as the turbulent wind picked up. The booming echos of his sinister screams came crashing …rolling down towards Max. It was deafening as he clenched his eyes shut and lowered his head to the ground below.

He took a deep breath and pushed against the powerful gust of wind that was funneling around him.

Straining his muscles he forced his face up towards the sky.


Max yelled against the powerful force that was desperately trying to keep him down.


Suddenly an explosion of energy violently tossed Max like a rag doll backwards slamming his head against the hard surface of the mountain.

He quickly forced himself back onto his knees. His clothes were torn and shredded from the broken pieces of rocks that were crashing down all around him. His chest was sliced with stinging cuts that were sending trickles of blood down his shaky legs.

He tried fruitlessly to gather his power. He raised his hand upwards in a valiant effort to strike out at him.

Again he was brutally thrown backwards to the ground.

The ferocious funnel suddenly engulfed him - circling him. It was virtually stripping the oxygen from his lungs.

Soon Max was holding his chest gasping for air.

A sadistic growl filled the air.


Max was laboring to breath as he painfully pulled his upper body up. He was still gripping his bare chest as the last bit of air was squeezed from his lungs.


As his few last strangled precious breaths of air left his body Max collapsed onto the ground.

Suddenly the clouds of dust and dirt started to dissipate leaving Max a view of the demon that had so viciously tormented him all this time.

He looked very much like an ordinary man…tall and strong but solid in form. Kivar had the capabilities of shape shifting into anything… a misty fog or a concrete copy of a human. He wanted Max to hear his last words from the powerful King that his warped maniacal brain thought himself to be.

He had nothing to fear. Max was close to death… barely hanging on.

Holding on to his last moment of life Max looked up at him with half opened eyes and smiled.

Everything was calm and quiet now as the two advisories faced each other. One standing tall and victorious …the other fallen, lifeless and defeated.

“You smile boy? Tell me what happiness could you possibly find so close to the foul taste of your demise? I defeated the mighty king…the all-powerful righteous ruler of Antar. I extinguished your power… your rule forever!”

Max gasped for air as he struggled to speak.

“Yes… but you forgot about… one thing…

His hoarse quiet whisper rose up to the Kivar making him sadistically chuckle.

“And what would that be you pathetic boy…

Max’s eyes softened with a warm amber glow as he shifted his gaze past kivar.

“My Queen”

Shock and disbelief washed over Kivar’s face as he quickly turned only to be jolted by a powerful thrust of pure white energy against his chest.


Kivar’s human form arched backward as Liz more forcefully pushed her hand harder upon his chest and concentrated.

Suddenly the sky above was filled with a warm luminous blinding light.

Liz shook as she fell to her knees taking Kivar down with her.


Miraculously a rush of air filled his chest.

Spirits of the ones that had come and gone before them surrounded the two soul mates.


Max slowly nodded as he pulled his battered body towards her. His crushed bones and loss of blood should have killed him by now but with his will to live and the help from above he managed to reach her.

Liz grabbed onto his hand. Immediately the connection sent a glaring white light through all three of them.

A bright red fire exploded deep inside Kivar’s chest desinigrating his body into a powdery black ash.

Breathlessly they rushed into each others arms. Slowly Liz helped him up so they were standing leaning into each other on the high peak that hid the place where he was born.

“How? Liz how did you know ….

“River Dog. He told me that only the strength of our love could defeat him... that we had to fight him together. He said our love was born from the angels above that it was pure and timeless and that Kivar's power would crumble and he would fall if we stood together as one”

Max took her face in his hands and leaned his forehead against hers. He looked her over in complete astonishment and love at her incredible strength and courage.

“You risked your life Liz.. you could’ve been killed …why..

She smiled as she pulled him closer to her wrapping her arms around his back.

“Don’t you know Max…

“I would protect you with my life… just like you would for me…I’ll always come for you…

He pulled her in close holding her tight. He sighed with relief as he laced his fingers through her hair and felt her heart beat with his.

He whispered in her ear as he breathed her in.

"We really did it didn't we... it's over's really over"

Liz smiled against his neck as tears of happiness filled her eyes.

"It's over Max"

In the distance they could hear Alex Maria Isabel and Michael rejoicing.

River Dog rested his stick against the wall of the cave as the illuminated symbols faded back to black.

He closed his tired eyes and rested against the cool wall. ‘They are safe… their journey is now complete…peace will fill their days’

Once again the sky above was calm bathing the two lovers in a blanket of bright stars. A gently breeze blew her hair all around them as they embraced high on the peak of the mountain.

Max slowly brushed the stray hairs from her face and slowly captured her lips.

He pulled back slightly needing to say the words that would echo throughout time and space just as those who came before them.

“I love you”

~ The End ~
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