Coming for you (CC,M/L Adult) (Complete)

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Coming for you (CC,M/L,adult) chpt 32 11/25/07

Post by jake17 » Sun Nov 25, 2007 1:45 am

Flamehair: Hope you had a great holiday! yes you were right and now things are going to get very ugly :twisted: love that you are here thanks so much for your FB! :D
begonia9508: your right he should've killed her! :twisted: max is definitely regretting that decision! thanks so much for being here!! :D
forever dreamer: I have a feeling Max is going to be stronger than ever, no one touches his Liz :x love love reading your replies thank you so much for taking time to write them! :D
Natalie36: yes a yikes is definitely in order! :shock: love that you are here as always!! thank you!! :D
angelina: Just want to let you now I was just about to walk out the door for a really busy yucky day at work and I read your message about missing my story and wanting me to come back, you just turned by mood around and made me so happy! :D just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your sweet words and how much you like my little story, thank you so much!! :D
raemac: ooh you are always one step ahead of me reading my thoughts again! :wink: how do you do that? thank you so much for taking the time to be here I so appreciate it!! :D
tinie38: hope you had a great thanksgiving!! yes you are right about everything you wrote! :wink: Tess does need to die! :twisted: thanks so much for being here!! :D
Cocogurl: It's going to be bad before it gets better just to warn you but have faith in our little gang! thanks so much for your FB! love seeing you here! :D
IheartMax: no this is not good, I'm afraid for Michael too, love that you picked up on that!! and as always love that you are here!! hope you had a great holiday!! :D

hello everyone! :D just keep in mind when you read this update everything that Max has been through, hopefully you'll take everything into consideration when you are finished reading this and don't get too upset with me for his actions :shock: I had him react this way because ever since Liz begged him not to leave her he's been so conflicted about his decision. After finding out what happened he is so racked with guilt knowing that he could've prevented this his inital reaction is to lash out in anger and does something that he will deeply regret. :( Remember she is his everything and he would be lost without her. He is now tormented with with the memory of her pleading with him not to leave her and the tremendous pressure of having to save her. He is clearly not in his right mind - hopefully this makes sense to everyone.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, have a great weekend!
crossing my fingers you like this part! :D carrie

Chapter 32.

Max rose from the ground brushing off the dirt from his clothes looking around him completely confused.

'It can't be what I'm thinking...she just must be scared...Michael has her.. she's safe ...she safe with him.'

He kept repeating those words in his head as he jumped back in the jeep trying hard to convince himself that she just wanted him with her and he was feeling the effects of her emotions.

Picking up his cell he quickly called Michael just to make sure they were back at his apartment and everything was ok.

Opening it up he groaned when he saw the message 'no service' across the screen. He felt in his gut he should go back into town to check on the others but he was so close to the pod chamber he decided to just continue on. He shut off his phone in frustration knowing he was way too far out to get a signal and threw it on the seat as he drove further into the desert.

Michael, Isabel, Alex and a very shaky Maria all arrived at Michael's apartment frantically trying to come up with an answer finding it hard to come to grips with the fact that Liz was gone - kidnapped by Tess and in god knows what kind of condition.

"Try him again Maybe he turned his phone back on by now it's getting late."

Alex held his forehead sick to his stomach imagining what Liz must be going through .

"I just called Alex he must've gone to the desert...we'll never reach him out there."

"Well we have to do something...maybe we should call Valenti."

It killed Alex to just sit there helplessly waiting for Max to come back knowing how scared and alone she must be.

"There's nothing Valenti can do to help us...we need Max and we need him now."

Isabel walked over to a guilt ridden Michael who had been frozen in one spot - sitting in front of the window staring at the cars as they drove by still stunned by how real the accident looked as he ran the events over in his head thinking of a million things he could've done differently.

She placed her hand on his shoulder jarring him out of his thoughts.

"Michael you haven't said a word since we got back...we need you...what should we do?"

"I should've never left her alone...that's all he asked of me....'Michael don't let her out of her sight for a second'...if I had done that she would still be here."

His calm monotone voice scared them...Michael was usually full of emotion - loud - vocal - when he was upset you knew it...but this time he seemed crushed by what in his mind he had failed to do and his stomach twisted knowing that eventually he would have to face Max.

Maria glanced over at Michael angered at his attitude.

"Michael look at me...what's done it done...killing yourself over it is not going to help anything...anyone would have done the same in your thought you were saving Isabel's life... you need to stop this and help us think of a way to get her back."

She felt bad for yelling at him but under the circumstances there was no time to waste decisions had to be made and quickly.

"I hear what you're saying Maria but what exactly are we going to do we can't get a hold of Max and we have no idea how to find her she could be anywhere."

Michael snapped at Maria as he ran his fingers through his hair kicking over the stool in frustration.

Maria sat thinking staring off into space.

"Ok listen we have a pretty good idea that Max went to the desert to search the pod chamber...Michael you and I should go and try to catch him...there's only one road in and out if we don't see him there we should run into him on his way back...Isabel you should try and see if you can dreamwalk Liz...Alex can stay here with you and watch over you..maybe we can get some information on where she is or at least if she's ok."

Everyone looked up at Maria surprised at how level headed and calm she was being and how reasonable her plan sounded.

"Don't worry Michael it's really me...I can prove it I still own the first present you ever gave me remember the combination shampoo conditioner all in one."

He rolled his eyes at her knowing she was trying to help ...he put his arms around her giving her a small smile as he grabbed the keys and headed for the door.

He looked back at Isabel knowing that this most likely would be really upsetting for her.

"You gonna be ok Iz?"

She gave him a slight smile as she pulled a picture of Max and Liz off the refrigerator clearly worried about what she might see.

"I'll be fine Michael just bring him back...and Micheal please be careful."

"Don't worry I got her...we'll just take this nice and slow."

Alex walked her into the bedroom getting a blanket trying to make her as comfortable as possible stroking her hair doing his best to comfort her.

Michael and Maria sped out towards the desert that was now pitch black except for the stars that lit up the sky.

Maria held his hand trying to comfort him knowing how hard this was going to be and surprisingly enough Michael welcomed her affections grasping her hand tightly as he drove.

"I never got a chance to tell you...I-I was so scared when I didn't know where you were..I'm glad your"

Maria smiled squeezing his hand tight knowing how hard it was for him to express his feelings to her...and so happy he did.

"There Michael...there's the jeep pull over!"

They ran out of the jetta just in time to see Max walking down the steep hill where the pod chamber was hidden.

"Michael Maria what are you doing here...why aren't you at the apartment with Liz...I told you -

"Max wait we have something to tell you"

Maria's heart pounded knowing what this news would do to him.

Feeling a horrible sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach Max ran up to Michael needing to hear as fast as possible that it wasn't what he was fearing.

"Michael tell me what happened...where is she!"

"Max please just hear me out...I-I screwed up but if you were there -


Michael started to back up as Max got closer and closer up in his face - his eyes quickly turning black with rage.

"We were in her room was Tess Max...she tied Maria up at her house that morning..all along the whole time at my apartment was Tess pretending to be Maria..she managed to mindwarp me..she made me see Isabel down on the street in a car wreck bleeding was so real Max..I only left her for a second...I swear it was only a second."

Seeing Max start to shake with absolute fury Maria became nervous for Michael and stepped in.

"It could've happened to any of us Max..but none of that matters now..the truth is we don't know where she is but Isabel is dreamwalking her right now..Max please calm down it's not his fault Max."

Max started to pace the desert floor his fists clenched at his side looking as if he would explode at any moment.

Calmly he spoke glaring into Michael's eyes.

"I trusted you...I trusted you with her life..I asked one thing of you..don't let her out of your sight...and you couldn't even handle that."

"She knew ...she didn't want me to leave her but I convinced her she'd be safe with you..AND NOW SHE'S GONE!"

"Max -


Max started to shake his head back and forth as the last words they spoke to each other haunted his mind and pierced his heart.

- "I don't want to be away from you...I only feel safe when I'm with you"

- "tonight I'll hold you in my arms all night... I'm not going to let anything else happen to you."

He remembered watching her in agonizing pain as Kivar held her in his deathly grip and the burns that scorched her tender skin.

The pressure was unbearable as he felt his world crashing down all around him.


Suddenly Max snapped rushing up to Michael punching him square in the jaw knocking him flat on his back.


Maria ran to him holding his unconscious head in her lap.

Max jumped in the jeep and sped off in a rage back towards town.

Crazed with anger and fear for Liz he ran through all of the possibilities of what could be happening to her at this very moment.

He was now very willing to kill anyone who got in his way this time.

'I'm coming Liz...I'll get you back..please be strong...just hold on.'
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Coming for you(CC,M/L, adult) chpt 33 11/26/07

Post by jake17 » Mon Nov 26, 2007 3:28 am

Cocogurl: thanks for being here, so hoping you like the next part. :D
angelina: you are exactly right!! love that you are here!! thank you!! :D
Natalie36: love that I leave you speechless, and you don't have to be wordy I love your replies!! thanks for always being here!!
forever dreamer: hi! yes michael will be very understandiing, oh and I have to say I love angry max too :oops: very hot! :wink: thanks so much for being here love reading your replies!! :D
raemac: you are exactly right as always and yes I think I do love leaving everyone in suspense! :wink: thank you for always being here love seeing you here as always :D
begonia9508: Yes the pressure is mounting there is no telling what he'll do now! thank you so much for you always great FB! :D

Chapter 33.

"I love you"

"I love you...more than you can ever imagine."

Max cradles her face in his hands and brushes his warm lips up against hers enveloping her in a blanket of love and protection.

"back in my'll be back in my arms...I'll hold you all night long."


"Oh are we dreaming again sweetie pie"

Quickly the warm loving peaceful place from her dreams disappeared as she was slammed back into the reality of her worst nightmare.

She tried to bring her head up from her chest as sharp stabbing pains shot up through her neck making her cry out.

She went to move her arms and legs and quickly realized that she was tied to a chair.

The blindfold placed around her eyes left her in complete darkness as she sat there unable to move. Her head was pounding as her tiny body shivered from the cold damp air that surrounded her.

Alone and terrified she took deep breaths and tried to calm herself down.

'There's no way in hell I'm going to give that bitch what she wants.'

She knew Tess got off on her fear - on making her feel weak and defenseless.

Something took over her - she knew at that moment she rather die than give her the satisfaction of knowing just how terrified she really was - giving her what she wants - letting her win.

"Oh am I getting the silent treatment ...that really hurts Lizzy I was so hoping we could be friends."

She felt Tess circling her as she spoke - she could hear the echoes of her voice bouncing off the walls.

"Just sit tight Lizzy he's not ready for you yet...and you know it's probably good that your saving your voice...your going to need it when he makes you scream...sweet dreams sweatheart."

Liz heard the sound of a big metal door shut and immediately tried to squirm out of her bindings.

She felt something warm and wet across her wrists and realized it was her own blood - the ropes that tied her to the arms of the chair had begun to cut into her skin.

She tried to move her feet but her ankles were also securely fastened to the legs of the chair.

She did her best to calm down knowing that Isabel would be coming for her - she sat silently trying to pick up on any clues as to where Tess might have taken her.

Suddenly she recalled her words 'he's not ready for you yet.'

Tears started to roll down her cheeks as she started to shake uncontrollably terrified that he was coming for her again - her blood ran cold with fear of what he would do to her.

'Damn it Liz..stop...this isn't going to get you out of here any faster..think..there has to be something you can give to Isabel.'


"Michael are you ok...please Michael wake up"

Slowly he opened his eyes as the sharp pain of his jaw struck him hard reminding him of what happened.

"Where is he Maria?"

"I don't know he hit you then he took off in his jeep."

"He's probably going to Isabel come on...lets go they might need our help."

Maria looked down at him completely shocked.

"You're not mad?"

"Maria if the situation was reversed and it was you locked up somewhere at the hands of Kivar I would've done the same thing..think about it.. we could really loose her."

"Come on lets go!"


"Just relax Isabel I'm right here...just try to focus remember anything you see could be useful in finding her."

"Ok ..ok I'll try ...stay with me Alex ..promise you won't leave."

"I'll be right by your side the whole time..I promise."

Isabel rested her head on the pillow trying her hardest to relax holding the picture of Max and Liz. She placed her shaky finger over the image of Liz's face as she slowly drifted off to sleep.


Max sped down the desert road as waves of fear and despair washed over him again and again. They were Liz's emotions he knew it and it was killing him.

He punched the steeringwheel in frustration having no clue on how to save her and feeling completely helpless.


"ALEX!!! ALEX!!!"

Isabel flew up in bed sweat covering her forehead as she shook violently.

"I'm here ...Isabel it's ok.. I'm right here...what is it ..what did you see!"

She turned her trembling face towards him and lunged into his arms holding on to him for dear life.

"Oh my god Alex...this just can't be happening!"


Max slammed on his brakes spinning the jeep around sideways banging his head against the window.

Quick flashes of unbearable images rushed through his mind.

He could feel everything she was feeling - agony - terror - hopelessness.

The images were so vivid it was hard for him to hold on to his own reality.

He stumbled out of the jeep consumed with rage - feeling that his heart was being ripped from his chest.

Unable to handle her pain anymore he raised his fists up to the dark sky screaming calling him out - wanting this over once and for all.





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Coming for you(CC,M/L, adult) chpt. 34 11/29/07

Post by jake17 » Thu Nov 29, 2007 3:24 am

begonia9508:Hi! I know I did that with the whole pouring more salt on the wound thing, but I just love doing that, and I have a little more! :shock: thanks so much for being here!! :D
angelina: hello you! yes max is very angry :x you are right about everything :wink: so nice to see you here! thank you!! :D
Flamehair: hi again! thank you so much for being here!! :D
Natalie36: don't be scared I have a feeling someones going to reach her! :wink: thanks so much for being here!! :D
thetvgeneral:thanks so much for your feed back so nice to see you here!! :D
Temptation_K: hello! yes I think Max should've stayed with her too! so hoping you like the next part!! thank you so much for being here! :D
forever dreamer: you are so nice!! thanks for the sweet words! you know me too well now! :wink: hope you like the next part!! :D
tinie38: so happy your back! thank you for the great FB! :D
IheartMax: hello hello!! I love that my words reminded you of convention, such a nice complement! I love that you are here!! thank you so much! :D
Cocogurl: Wow so nice what you said about how I portrayed Max! you people are just too sweet to me!! thank you so much! :D
martine:Yes Max has had it, he's ready :wink: love as always seeing you here, thank you! :D

Chapter 34.

Max glared up at the sky - breathing hard - ready for a fight.

He was done - he knew in his heart he would do anything to save her.

He wasn't afraid to die - how could he exist without her - each breath he took would be meaningless - he would be left empty and hollow inside.

No...he would always choose to fight - fight for the one thing that made his life worth living - fight for her.

Several minutes went by... again Max felt a wave of fear and despair crash over him - again and again he could feel Kivar ripping into her soul tearing at her pure innocent heart.

Max fell to his knees holding his stomach feeling everything she was feeling.

He slammed his eyes shut trying hard to reach her desperate to know what exactly Kivar was doing to her.

Suddenly his hands came down hard on the black hard tar of the highway as a sharp pain tore through his heart...she was giving up...starting to let go.

' no....hold on!' his voice was strained pleading to her.

'Oh my!"

Finally and only for a spit second his connection was made - he could hear Kivar's manical voice all around her as she wept tied painfully to the chair.

"It was a good death...the pathetic little boy put up a good should have heard him scream for you when I tore into him... his bloody heart will make a great trophy for my collection."

As fast as it came the connection was gone and no matter what he did he couldn't get it back.

Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder.

He spun around quickly and lifted his hand up in front of him.

"Max it's just me...Michael..see it's ok"

Michael saw the look in his eyes and immediately called for Maria.

"Maria I have to drive Max back to my apartment...something's really wrong..I don't want him out here us there I'll try to reach Isabel when we get closer to town maybe she knows something by now."

They drove in silence as Max stared off watching the yellow line in the road speed by in a blur.

Finally he began to speak - his voice was calm and quiet - his heart broken.

"She thinks I'm dead."


"I made a connection with her...only for a moment."

"What did you see?"

"He had her tied to a chair...there was blood... I could see blood but I don't know how bad she's hurt."

"oh my god"

"I couldn't see her face...her head was down and her hair had fallen over her eyes...I couldn't see her eyes....

His voice started to trail off as he relived the horrible scene in his mind.

"Max...what do you mean she thinks you're dead!"

"I heard him...Kivar...he was all around her...he told her that he killed me...she believes him Michael and she's giving up...I can't reach her anymore...I don't know what to do."

"Max listen to me there is something we can do...snap out of this you're playing right into his hands ....he wants you he can manipulate you into doing what ever he wants...he needs her alive...he's not going to kill her Max."

"But Michael how am I -

"We need to get to Isabel ...she can dreamwalk Liz and tell her you're alive..maybe we can figure out where he's keeping her."

"Max ...we'll get her back."

Max looked back at Michael silently thanking him for standing by him.

"Oh god Michael ....I can't believe I hit -

"Please let's not have a know I understand."

He looked back at Michael realizing he was going to need all of them to get through this.

Max walked into the bedroom to find Isabel sleeping in Alex's arms.

"She's exhausted Max...she just fell asleep."

Alex whispered as he carefully slipped her out of his arms and placed a blanket over her leading Max back out into the kitchen so they could talk.

"What happened Alex...was she able to reach her...tell me did she talk to her?"

"Max give him a chance"

Michael quietly spoke as he held a very worried Maria in his arms.

"I'm sorry's just that we're running out of time."

"you're right max"

Just then a soft voice came from the bedroom.

Isabel was standing in the doorway with her hand stretched out to Max

"Come on Max...I'm going to need your help."

"You've seen her too...haven't you."

"He's gone for now we need to go to her ....before it's too late."

Max followed her into the bedroom shutting the door behind him.

"What do you mean...we need to go to her."

"She's too distraught to see me Max...she's fallen under his spell...she won't respond to me at all....she needs you Max...she'll hear you...only you can wake her - release her."

"Time is running out Max we have to take my hands...if we concentrate I think I can take you to her."

"Max you have to listen to me now....once I get you there I won't be strong enough to keep us both with's up to you have to be strong...pull her out of his control...make her hear you."

She held his hands and closed her eyes trying hard to harness the power to bring him through with her.

Suddenly Max felt everything change all around him - the air was heavy and thick with a musty damp odor - it was dark and hard for him to see.

He felt Isabel squeeze his hand as a signal that she was fading away and it had worked.

He strainded to see his surroundings trying to let his eyes adjust to the darkness.

Slowly he could see a form coming into focus in front of him.

She was almost unrecognizable - covered in blood her hair was matted down dirty hanging in front of her face.

Her head was down and she was trembling as she moaned softly to herself.

He remembered his nightmare - it had come true - he felt as if his heart had been ripped from his chest - this was too high of a price to pay for loving him - he felt responsible for all of this - for all of her suffering.

He slowly walked towards her afraid that any noise would scare her.

He knelt down in front of her and gently pulled her hair away from her eyes.

He softly whispered to her...praying that Isabel was right...that somehow she would hear him - hear how much he loved her and she would find her way back to him.

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Coming for you(CC,M/L,adult) chpt 35 12/2/07

Post by jake17 » Sun Dec 02, 2007 7:52 pm

Flamehair: Thank you so much!! don't worry I have faith in max! :D
angelina: You are always so sweet thank you so much!! I like to think Liz would always hear her max!! :D
forever dreamer: thank you so much! I'm so happy you liked that part! yes he is very evil and I don't think your going to like him any better after this part! :twisted: :wink:
IheartMax: Hello you!! thank you for everything you said!! :D I love love reading your replies! :wink:
begonia9508: I don't think you are going to like me any better after you read the next part! :roll: :shock: Sorry it's just the way it's turning out! really! :wink: thank you for always being here even though I drive you crazy!!! :D
raemac: Please don't fall off the cliff I need you for your great FB!! :lol:
yes Liz is really having a hard time! damn kivar! :twisted:
tinie38: I don't see either of them giving up! :wink: thank you for always being here! :D
Natalie36: sorry sorry but I'm back! :D hope you like the next part! :shock: thank you for being here!! :D
Cocogurl: you too I'm sorry I left you in suspense, again! love that you are here! :D

Chapter 35.


There was no response. Her eyes were red and swollen and he could see the streaks that her endless tears had made down her dirty face. Eyes half opened she stared off into nothing lost - defeated.

"Liz..please can you hear me."

Again he tried this time she flinched just a little but it was enough to let him know that something had gotten through.

Black all she could see was darkness.

Locked in the vision of picturing kivar in her mind hurting him tearing into the beautiful heart that she loved so much. She couldn't imagine a life without him - she wanted to give up - she had already felt dead inside - her soul ripped in half.

Just then through the darkness she saw a pinpoint of light so small she had to strain her tired eyes to focus on it. It became wider and wider so bright that it hurt her eyes to look at it. It was warm full of love and it felt safe. Was she dying she thought to herself - was this it - heaven maybe this was the tunnel everyone talks about. Then she saw him.

The light began to fade as the details of the dark room began to come into focus. She felt the warm soothing hands of her love on her cold cheeks as she looked into his beautiful eyes.

A sigh escaped her when she realized she was dreaming again. Just one of the thousands of dreams of him coming to rescue her. Another dream where his is alive and safe with his unselfish heart that beats only for her. She figured it was her mind not being able to let him go - refusing to believe that she would never see him again.

"Liz...I love you...I love you so much...please come back to me."

A small smile appeared on her face as she listened to his voice. Tears welled up in her eyes as she heard what must have been the memory of him talking to her - one of the endless times he showered her with words of his endless devotion and love for her. What was left of her heart broke a little more with every word that he spoke.

'She thinks she's dreaming...god she's crying I'm putting her through more pain'

"Liz I'm alive ....I am in this room with you...please believe me you are not dreaming!"

He placed his hands more securely around her face and looked into her eyes determined to find her. Suddenly he had an idea - maybe he could create another place in his mind and pull her into it just for a few moments. If she felt safe enough she might open herself up to it - even if she thought it was a dream at first at least he could reach her.

He took a deep breath as the reflection in his eyes started to show the warm flame of a fire glowing bright. He tried to picture every detail. The blue plaid blanket that rested on the reddish brown dirt of the desert floor. The white roses that spilled out of the basket of food he had prepared for her. The star filled sky that lit up the heavens in a beautiful display that seemed like it was put on just for them.

He concentrated even harder as sweat began to form on his forehead. This was the hard part.

"Come with me Liz...come with me back to the desert."

Again she began to see a pinpoint of bright light coming towards her fading out the room and the vision of him. A hand - she could see a hand reaching out to her - it was him. Not knowing whether this was a dream or heaven her resistance was breaking down and she decided that anything would be better than the feeling of being lost in that horrible room.

She could hear him like he was a million miles away calling out to her.

"Come take my hand"

She sighed with exhaustion "My hands...I'm tied to this chair..I can't take your hand Max." Her voice was weak and she felt crazy thinking she was so far gone that she was now talking to a hallucination.

"Trust me Liz...just try..give me your hand..have faith in me."

She breathed out surprised as she brought one arm up from the chair staring at it in disbelief. She could see her silver bracelet hanging from her perfumed wrist - her skin was clean and smelled of vanilla her nails were shinny from her clear nail polish.

Just then she started to feel the pain disappear the emptiness drifting away. She stood from the chair with ease looking down at herself. Gone was the blood stained ripped dirty nightgown. She was dressed in the beautiful white sundress she had worn that night - their night in the desert.

Her heart started to come alive again when she tentatively placed her hand in his.

Relief washed over her body as she felt his warm protective arms as they wrapped around her pulling her through into the memory he had created for her.

Slowly the light began to fade away and was replaced by the warm glow of the fire that burned up into the star filled sky.

Amazed how real it all felt she looked up into the sparkling stars as her lungs were filled with the fresh desert air.


She looked down to see him staring at her - he looked just as he did that night. She felt a sharp pain in her heart knowing that this wasn't real that he was dead and soon she'd be pulled back into the hell of being seperated from him forever.

She gasped as he caught a tear that had fallen from her cheek.

Liz looked down at the ground feeling the pain of seeing his face again knowing it wasn't real.

"Liz please..I know you've been through so much but you have to listen to me...I don't know how much time I have."

"You're not real" she quietly spoke

"Liz I'm alive...he lied to you...I am here with you now..please believe me."

She looked into his eyes confused not willing to let her heart believe what she so desperately wanted to be true.

He could see that she was afraid to really let herself believe what he was telling her.

"Liz please I don't have much time...Isabel dreamedwalked you and was able to bring me through with her...I promise you I am real...I am not dead Liz it was all a lie."

"No...I've been through this a million times and now I'm going crazy. I've dreamed of you here and on my balcony and at the cabin..this is just more torture. I can't do this anymore I have to let you go...let myself go."

He could feel the air beginning to change - he was loosing her. She has to believe in order to keep the connection.

"Do you ever feel this in one of those other dreams Liz"

Leaning down lacing his fingers through her hair holding her face he gently brushed his lips against hers. Her eyes slowly closed as she melted into his kiss. Slowly he parted her lips deepening their kiss making her fall into his arms. They both went down to their knees holding each other as he continued to caress her lips - her tongue - her mouth until she was breathless.

Slowly he pulled away as he stroked her hair lost in her beautiful eyes.

"'s really you...oh my god"

She threw her arms around him and sobbed tears of relief and joy into his chest as he rocked her back and forth relieved that he was finally able to reach her.

"He told me were ...and I felt...god I thought I would never see you again."

"Liz I can't imagine how hard this is on you and I'm so sorry about everything but I need to get you out of you have any idea where you are?"

She struggled between the shock of knowing now that he was alive and realizing she had to redirect her thoughts on helping him find out where she was. Her brain knew that she had to think fast so she could help him but all her heart wanted to do was curl up in his arms and stay safe and warm in front of the fire wrapped up in their beautiful memory together.

She touched his cheek as she looked over ever inch of his face to memorize him. From the color of his warm golden amber eyes to the smooth curves of his lips. She felt as if it had been months since she had felt his touch - it felt like home to her.

He reached up and held her hand close to him while trying to get her to realize it might be their only chance of getting her out.

"Liz please do you know how far they took you from your house."

Liz shook her head trying to concentrate.

"Not far...I could hear the noise from the town fading away..but we didn't drive for long maybe fortyfive minutes...I must be close just outside of town."

"Can you think of anything else...please Liz"

"I remember when she was dragging me in here...I couldn't see the first room because my eyes were blindfolded but I could hear her voice echoing off the it was a large area with high ceilings."

She sat thinking for a minute her eyes closed.

"Oh and there was this a chemical smell...I knew it from somewhere like I recognized it before but I can't remember where...and the room they have me in has a metal door with old graffiti on it...where ever I am it's been abandoned for a long time."

"Liz did he ...hurt you...are you in a lot of pain...I saw so much blood."

"My wrists and ankles are cut pretty badly...and when Tess first dragged me out of the crashdown I struggled and she hit me hard across the forehead ..I know there's a gash there...and...

She was hesitant to tell him the rest not wanting to worry him more.

"What Liz ...I need to know"

"Kivar...he ..kept making these small cuts before he told me about you..with his stomach and my thighs." her voice was whispered not really wanting to reveal just how many times he had torn into her flesh.

Max clenched his teeth horrified at the pain she must be in...enraged that he had even touched her.

"It was nothing compared to the pain of thinking that I had lost you forever Max."

He held her close remembering what it was like when Tess made him think that she was gone.

"I'm sorry I can't be more help to you...but that's really all I can remember...I was blindfolded most of the time."

He lifted her chin so he could look into her eyes.

"You did great Liz ...I promise you I will get you out of just have to swear to me that you won't give up...because...

"What Max"

"Because then I'd have to find out what's beyond this life and search for you there."


He placed her hand over his chest so she could feel his heart.

"Do you feel heart it beats because of you....I breath because of you..I live to be with be near touch you...there is no me without you."

"Max" she breathed out as their lips once again found each other and they both drifted into a world that was made just for them.

Suddenly they both felt fragments of their dream starting to break switching back and forth from their peaceful desert night and the damp dark room where she was being held.

She looked down and to her horror was once again tied to the chair - the pain rushing back like a thousand daggers stabbing her over and over.

"NOOOO... she cried out helplessly pulling at her restraints trying desperately to reach him.


She looked up to see him reaching out to her as he faded in and out. Tears streamed down his face while Isabel stood behind him resting her hands on his shoulders reluctantly pulling him back.


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Coming for you(CC,M/L,Adult) chpt 36 12/10/07

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raemac: thank you so much for your FB! don't worry Max is very determined now!! :D
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begonia9508: I know very bad,, I think you are going to like me again after reading this next part,,, at least I hope so!! thank you for being here! :D
Temptation_K: Max is ready don't worry, it won't be long now! :wink: thank you so much for being here!!! :D
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martine: thank you for the sweet FB!! :D I hope you enjoy the next part!! :D

Chapter 36.

Max opened his eyes finding himself back in Michael's bedroom shaking as his tears fell from his face.

"Oh my god" his voice was strained as the image of Liz begging for him not to leave was burned behind his eyes.

Isabel wrapped her arms around him as her heart broke for them both.

"I'm so sorry Max..we had to go Tess was coming back"

Michael heard voices coming from his bedroom and opened the door.

"Well..did it work do you know where she is?"

Maria and Alex stood outside praying that they had some answers knowing the longer this went on the worse Liz's chances were to be rescued.

"No" Max's voice was empty as he looked up at Michael wiping his tears away.

"I know exactly where she is Max" Isabel looked at him wanting so badly to end his pain.


"That smell I will never forget that smell...don't you remember the night of the rave...the night the sheriff took Alex and Liz during the big heat wave...she's at the old soap factory Max."

Max ran his fingers through his hair now recalling the same odor.

"Oh my god Isabel your right...come on we have to!"

He jumped off the bed going right for his keys and coat.

"Max wait...we need a plan...we just can't go down there...he might see us and hurt her more."

Isabel glared at Michael looking for his support knowing that Max was not thinking straight.

"I have a plan...I'll tell you in the jeep we have to stop at the house first...come on we don't have much time!"

He turned towards Maria and Alex as he was about to run out the door.

"Alex I need you to go on your computer and pull up the layout of the factory...I know if I can see the floor plan I can figure out what room they have her in."

"No problem Max I have my lap top..I can do it on the way."

"Ok but we are dropping you off at my can't come with us..I don't want anything to happen to you."

"That's fine with me...I'm ok not being attacked by evil aliens today."

"Maria go to her house ...get her clothes and anything you think she might need and meet us back can pick up Alex along the way...don'y worry I'll bring her back to you."

They raced to his house as fast as they could sitting in silence waiting to hear Max's plan.

Getting what he needed Max jumped back into the jeep holding a small backpack in his hands. Alex gave him the information they needed and quickly got out of the jeep.

"Thanks Michael go...head towards the factory we don't have much time."

"I know you're under a lot of pressure Max but -

"Ok listen when we get there Michael and I are going to climb to the roof...I can see a way in where we shouldn't get noticed...they won't be expecting us to come in that way."

"They shouldn't be expecting us at all right Max?" Isabel looked up at Max clearly frightened at the thought of going up against Kivar.

"No they shouldn't but I'm not taking any chances."

"What do you want me to do Max?"

"I need you to be ready at the front take this blanket ...when we bring her out I'm going to need help...I know she's badly hurt I can feel it..have the jeep running so we can get out of here as fast as possible...from looking at these plans I know exactly where they have her...don't worry this won't take long."

"Michael when we find her I want you to go after Tess ....leave Kivar to me."

"What exactly do you mean when you say go after her" he eyed Max wondering if her would finally let him end her.

"Do whatever you have to you'll need this."

Max handed him the device that disables their powers.

"If you feel for a second that she's mindwarping you use it....we'll lose our power too so only do it if your sure."

Michael slipped it into his pocket surprised at the command Max was taking - he had no doubt or fear just an intense determination to save his love - his Liz.

Soon they spotted the run down factory off in the distance.

"Ok Michael don't get too close I don't want them to hear the engine...go to the side of the small building near the factory,,we can hide the jeep there."

"Ok Iz you know what to do when you hear us coming help me with Liz and then get in the jeep and get us the hell out of ok sis?"

"I'm good Max ...go get her!"

He smiled looking up at her and Michael feeling so lucky that he had this family that was willing to risk everything for him.

"Max I think I see a way to get on the roof over there come on!"

They quietly made their way to around the side of the ladder that led to the roof and ran across the flat tar surface to a latch they spotted off in the corner.

Max pointed down and to the left indicating where the room was where they were keeping Liz.

He mouthed the words make sure you get Tess out of the way to Michael as he lifted the handle to the small door.

Michael nodded following him into the dark hole that was only lit by a tiny light Max was emitting from his hand. They moved down through a tunnel that appeared to be there to service any faulty electrical wires that ran the machines. This gave Max an idea.

He turned to Michael pointing down into the large vent that was covered by a grated door. Inside they could see Tess's blonde hair. She was standing down and to the right of them. He then pointed to a large set of wires that hung directly over her head...he showed Michael his hand that was already starting to glow as the heat he was going to use started to form in his palm.

Michael understood the plan. Max was going to burn the wires that hung over Tess's head causing smoke to pour down all around her so they could catch her off guard to prevent her from mindwarping them.

Sparks started to fly all around them as tiny flames started to appear around the bulk of where the wires all met. Just as Max had planned smoke started to come down toward Tess letting them jump down from the ceiling staying completely undetected.

Michael made his way straight for Tess.

Just then she spotted them - with an evil grin she scrunched her eyebrows together and began to concentrate.



Max didn't have time to waste worring about her well being all he cared about was Liz - the girl that took his breath away - the girl that taught him what it was to love and to be loved - the girl that had possession of his very soul.

Tess widened her eyes as she heard Max's command never believing he would ever have the guts to have her actually killed.

"You stupid bitch don't you know you never had a chance with him"

Michael smiled at Tess as he raised his hand and with one burst of energy sent her flying into the opposite concrete wall. He quickly ran over to her making sure that she was dead. He looked down at her as blood trickled from her nose and mouth.

"Michael I found the room help me with the door!"

They both stood there side by side with their hands raised sending the door against the inside of the room.

When all the smoke cleared he could see a small figure slumped over in a chair.. looking completely lifeless.


Max ran over to her while Michael nervously watched the door.

"LIZ...can you hear me... I'm here ...I'm here baby"

His heart started to race when he saw the tiny flutter of her eyelashes.

"She's alive me!"

They carefully used their powers to release her from her ropes.

He took her in his arms as he whispered words of love in her ear letting her know she was safe now that he had finally come for her.

"Where's Kivar Max?"

"I don't know but I'm not staying here to find out lets get the hell out of here!"

They ran through the building towards the door yelling for Isabel to get ready.

The light from outside hit Liz's face made her moan in pain as Max quickly took the blanket from Isabel and protectively wrapped it around her shielding her from the bright sun.

They drove away from her prison kicking up dust and rocks in their wake.

They never heard the evil laughter that was coming from above.

He held her tight in his arms telling Isabel to drive faster so he could get her home and heal her.

"I have you now's's ok"

He whispered softly in her ear hoping she could hear him.

"I love you Liz...god I love you so much"
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Coming for you(CC,M/L,adult) chpt 37. 12/14/07

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Timelord: Thank you so much for your comment!! yes the bitch is dead! :D
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IHeartMax: Hey you again! :D I can't believe you wrote that..I almost had Michael say that after he killed her soooo funny! "ding dong the witch is dead!" You are reading my mind now! :wink: No evil laughter is never good! thank you so much for being here you know I love reading your FB and always seeing you here! :D
tinie38: Thank you tinie,,,do you believe it's been over three months and you were the first to reply to my story...thanks for sticking around for soo long!! :D

I just want to take the time to thank all the people above for being sooo sweet with your feed back. I can't tell you how great it has been to read your always kind and sometimes hysterical replies. I so appreciate all the effort...really!!I have saved every reply they have all meant so much to me! :D
And to all the lurkers out there thank you, thank you for sticking with me for so long! I so appreciate you all too so much!! :D

Oh and Tess is really dead...really not coming back...I promise!! :D

Chapter 37.

Michael banged on the door yelling at Maria to open it ...letting her know very loudly that they did it ..they rescued Liz.

Alex rose from the couch shaking - his eyes were wide as he looked at his best friend.

"Oh my god...what the hell did he do to her Max?"

Maria's mouth fell open as she wiped the tears from her eyes. She felt half relieved that they had her and half horrified at her condition.

"It's ok Alex ...Max will heal her and she'll be fine...right Max you can fix her right?"

Michael went to Maria wrapping his arms around her trying to calm her down.

Max held Liz tighter in his arms pulling the blanket higher around her face trying to shield her from everyone's concerned faces.

"Look I understand everyone's worried for her but I have her now and I will take care of her..I-I just need to be alone with her just for tonight ..I hope everyone understands"

"Max I get it ..really I do ...but there is no way I'm leaving you alone with Kivar still out there"

" didn't kill him you didn't send him back to your stupid planet..Max what if he comes after her again...she is never going to be safe."

"Maria...Kivar wasn't there Max didn't have a choice..besides there is one less person we have to worry about now."

Maria looked at Isabel in disbelief.

"Please please tell me you are talking about the yellow haired whore...please tell me she's dead and out of our lives for good."

"Michael did it ...Max gave the command and Michael took care of her..well at least that's the story I've heard all the way home."

Alex walked over to them looking extemely upset.

"Don't get me wrong...really I'm thrilled that the seducing bimbo from hell is gone but I'm really confused about one thing."

He ran his fingers through his hair wondering if he should even bring up the obvious.

"I'm sorry I just don't get it ...all three of you were in that place and you killed Tess rescued Liz and Kivar just never showed up?"

"This seems very suspicious to me ...why would he go through all that much trouble to kidnap Liz and torture her just to let you walk out the door with her?"

They all looked at each other agreeing with him but not knowing what to do about it.

"You're right Alex but we have to deal with what we know and what we know is that Liz is safe and with me...but I really have to heal her now she's in so much pain and she's suffered for too long."

Max held her up to his chest still refusing to let anyone near her.

"Ok listen you guys can go home I'll stay here outside the door..there is no way I'm leaving you Max"

"I'm not leaving either"

Isabel stood firmly with her arms crossed in front of her.

"We'll Maria since we don't have any super alien power I suggest that we let our hero's of the day stay here and protect her while we head home and get some much needed rest"

Maria nodded reluctantly at Alex and after kissing Michael on the cheek and giving one more glance to Liz headed out the door.

Michael grabbed two lawn chairs from the closet and a blanket and ushered Isabel out the door.

Finally they were alone again...he was afraid to let her go ...afraid to remove her from the warmth of his chest. She seemed so frail so scared and in so much pain.

He walked over to the bed and carefully laid her down.

He cringed as he heard the soft moans coming from her every time she moved a certain way or the air hit her open wounds.

"It's ok Liz I've got you now...I'm going to heal you and take all you pain away."

He whispered softly to her as he very gently started to pull the filthy gown from her broken body.

This action startled her awake as she began to cry from the many injuries Kivar had given her.

Her swollen red eyes started to open as a fuzzy image of Max appeared before her.


He could barely make out what she was trying to say as her trembling forcibly shook the tears from her face.

"Shh it's me I'm here...just look into my eyes baby ...this shouldn't take long."

"Y-You came for me saved me....

Max sat trying hard to concentrate - he took several deep breaths and raised his hand over her skin. A soft white light started to glow from his palm and fingers as he furrowed his brows working on the deeper wounds first. He went over every torn ligament every ripped muscle fiber and inflammed tissue.

Warm loving memories flooded them both as their never ending connection bonded them serving as a bridge for Max's healing energy to flow. He tried very hard to hold his emotions in to keep what she had gone through at a distance but the pain was too great and his love for her too immense his tears started to run down his face and spill onto her skin causing tiny sparks of light to bounce off of her.

Slowly her skin started to regenerate and close until there was not even a mark left on her.

He came close to her ear as he placed a warm blanket over her.

"Liz I'm going to run a bath for you...I'll only be a second."

Liz jumped grabbing for him terrified at the thought of being left alone.

She started to cry again as he picked her up and held her close.

Liz closed her eyes sighing as she felt the warm water run over her skin. Max gently bathed her as she laid in the soapy water looking at him not wanting to take her eyes off of him for a second.

He lifted her arm to wash her wrist - it was filthy from the ropes and although the pain was gone just having him hold her that way immediately brought back the image of her being tied to the chair and the punishment that came with each struggle.

Tears came down her face as she started to sob uncontrollably.

"Liz oh my god I'm so sorry I shouldn't have held your arm that way."

She shook her head no as if to say it wasn't his fault but this did not make him feel any better.

He started to realize that the physical wounds were nothing compared to the emotional wounds she had sustained. How could he fix that - how could he ever make her feel safe again.
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Coming for you(CC,M/L,Adult) chpt 38 12/19/07

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Timelord31: thank for the feedback! :D I know Kivar needs to go! :twisted:
angelina: I can't get over how incredibly nice you are, and I'm so happy you love my story..I'm thinking you will really love Max after this update! I really want you to know how much I appreciate all the wonderful things you say about my little Max and Liz romance. :D
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Natalie36: Without giving away anything there is a reason why it happen so smoothly :shock: ..don't worry all will be revealed just not yet! You are all too smart for me I can't get anything past any of you! :P thanks for being here!! :D
tinie38: time does fly Kris and I'm so happy you've been here since the beginning! thank you!! :D
Temptation_K: Yes Max is going to have a big showdown with Kivar but not yet! thank you so much for being here!!! :D
IheartMax: Hello !!!! Love that line!! We are so hopeless!! in the best way! :wink: thank you so much for always being so kind to me!! :D
futuremrsmdreamy: Wow so nice!!! thank you I so appreciate the fb!! :D

Hello everyone! I just wanted to say that I know this chapter is a little short but I put Liz through so much I just wanted a chapter where nothing tramatic happens. It just felt right to end it where I did...I hope no one minds.
Thank you again for all the kind words and for still sticking with my little story!
carrie :D

Chapter 38

Liz trembled and looked up at Max with tears streaming down her face.

"Please Max take me out of here and hold me...I need to feel your arms around me"

The pain on Max's face was evident as his heart broke looking down at her so scared so fragile.

"I promise I'll be quick Liz...I have to wash will feel so much better after...I don't want any evidence of that place on you."

She tentatively shook her head yes as she looked straight ahead knowing he only had her best interest in mind.

He gently took a pitcher of hot water and poured it over her matted hair. With great care he gently eased the shampoo through her long dark locks trying his best to sooth her by gently massaging her scalp.

Liz brought her head back and closed her eyes as she felt the hot water flow over her head rinsing her hair.

He gently leaned her back against the tub and soaped up a soft washcloth and slowly started to clean her filthy skin. He started with her beautiful face as he wiped the dirt and dried blood from her forehead and cheeks. He was very careful not to put any unnecessary pressure on her skin so as not to remind her of her horrible experience.

Slowly he made his way down her delicate neck as she helped him by moving her head from side to side feeling her muscles finally starting to relax.

He swept the washcloth over her tiny shoulders and across her collarbone watching as she slowly unclenched her fists and opened her eyes to gaze at him.

He leaned her foreword resting her on his chest as he squeezed the cloth sending a stream of hot water down her back. He ran the soapy towel in circles down her back and around her bottom taking great care to be as gentle as possible.

He rinsed the washcloth ridding it of the dirty water and rubbed the soap into it as the clean bubbles poured from the soft material.

With tenderness and love he began to very gently move the cloth over her breasts releasing a relaxing moan from her. She tilted her head to face him and placed her hand to rest over his.

A lone tear fell from her eye as she felt his gentle touch fill her heart. When she was locked in her hell she had thought she would never feel his loving hands on her again. To feel him again was pure heaven.

No one could ever replace the special way he touched her - it was as if he poured out his heart with every caress - every stroke to her skin. She had painfully missed the way he cherished her body making her feel as if she was incredibly special and loved.

His soft warm honey eyes stared into her letting her know that he would always be there to take care of her - that she would want for nothing - that she was the only thing that mattered to him.

Tenderly he moved down to her small stomach circling her skin with gentle movements.

He leaned over the tub more as he carefully lifted one thigh resting it against his waist not wanting her to use her strengh to hold herself up.

He softly glided the soapy water up the inside of her thigh and between her legs then repeated the same with the other leg.

Once again he took the pitcher of clean hot water and gently rinsed her soft skin making her sink a little further down into the tub from the incredible love and care he was giving her.

Easing her legs back into the tub he raised each foot as he massaged the soapy water washing each toe not wanting to miss one inch of her perfect skin.

With his strong arms he lifted her out of the tub and cradled her in his arms holding her close to his chest as he wrapped a large towel around he small body.

She sank into him feeling his beautiful heart as it beat against her ear. To her this was the most soothing sound she had ever heard.

He eased her down underneath a large fluffy warm comforter as he stripped his wet clothes off and slipped under the blanket getting as close to her as possible.

They laid facing each other not wanting to take their eyes off the others needing to believe that this was real - that they were together again.

He wanted to lay with her naked to feel every part of her warm skin against his - he needed his soul to feel complete again- to feel whole.

Max wrapped his arms around her as their legs intertwined. A tear of relief and happiness fell from his eye as he felt her soft breasts up against his chest and her beautiful pure heart beating in rhythm with his.

He held her closer running his hands through her hair drying her raven locks wanting her to be warm and comfortable.

Max felt a shiver run through him as he felt her soft core resting against his arousal.

There was no place on earth he would rather be at this moment - he had everything he ever wanted safe in his arms - he felt finally at peace.

He placed gentle tender kisses on her eyelids - her cheeks and finally her soft lips.

He whispered against her mouth as he stared into her tired innocent eyes.

"I love you so much Liz...when we were apart it was as if I couldn't was as if my heart had stopped beating....there is one thing I know for sure now....I don't want to be in a world without you."

She brought her hand up to cup his cheek as she memorized every handsome feature of his beautiful face.

"No matter what happens Max you will live in my heart.. my soul...there isn't a force strong enough that could tear your love away from me."

She looked down away from his eyes so he couldn't see her fear and the tears that swelled up in her.

"Max I heard.. I know...Kivar is still out there ...and as long as he -

"Shh baby you've been through enough tonight.....just're safe in my now....we will deal with the future tomorrow"

He lifted her chin up and kissed her gently parting her soft lips breathing her in.

"Tonight is ours"

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Coming for you(CC,M/L,adult) chpt 39 12/29/07

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tinie38: Thank you so much for saying you would stay with this till the end that would mean so much to me! Thank you for the sweet fb! I hope you had a great holiday Kris! :D
Cocogurl: I love that I made you want to cry!!and omg I'd love to have Max for myself too!! thanks so much for being here! :D
begonia9508: OH I'm soo happy you liked that update!! That was so great what you said thank you!! thank you for being here!! :D
angelina: You are so so sweet always wanting me to come back! I love seeing you here and I'm so happy that you like my story! Sorry I was away so long! I hope you like this next part! :D
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martine: Thank you for the great complement! Wouldn't it be amazing if it wasn't a fairy tale...if there was really a guy out there like that? I guess I just have to settle for Max being real in my dreams :( . I always love that you are here thank you so much!! :D
Natalie36: Wow thank you so much! It means so much to me that you feel that way!! Love seeing you here I hope you know that! :D
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Chapter 39.

Liz turned into his chest sighing as she felt his arm tighten around her shoulder. She felt as if it had been so long since he had held her - since she could hear his sweet heart beating against her ear.

It was the first real sleep either of them had in a long time.

Max looked up at the clock on Michael's nightstand not believing he had actually slept.

"What time is it?" Liz whispered into the darkness feeling him move beneath her.

"Three o'clock..did I wake you?"

"No I've been awake for a little while just...

Her voice trailed off as she grazed her fingers across the muscles of his arm amazed at how someone so loving and caring could be so strong and protective at the same time.

"Just what?"

Max ran his hand affectionately through her hair after kissing the top of her head so thankful to have her lying in his arms.

"Just listening"

"Listening to what?"

"Your beautiful's been so long since we've...we've...

Max pulled her up to him and cradled her face in his hands as he looked into her eyes.

"I know what you mean"

"I feel like I was there for so long Max and I can't help still feeling him around me...I just can't help worring that you are in danger ....I can't be without you Max...if anything were to happen to you I'd just -

"Shhh I'm here ...I'm so sorry that you still can feel him...I wish so much I could take all your pain away - all your fears"

Max felt the pain in her heart and it killed him that he didn't have the power to heal those wounds too.

He shuddered as the strength that he so bravely gathered during her rescue and the walls he put up to be able to block out her pain so he could heal her were beginning to fade and crumble.

Fatigue had taken over and the reality of the damage that was done to her had seeped into his soul. All at once his emotion came flooding in as he realized how close he was to actually loosing her forever.

"Liz you have no idea how hard it was when I was pulled away from you - from our memory in the see you crying out for terrified in so much pain. You were begging me not to leave you there and I couldn't..I mean I had to I had no choice -

Just then Max turned his head as his hands fell from her face so he could cover his. He felt his throat close up as he tried unsuccessfully to choke back his tears.

"Max oh my god..I'm so sorry I said that to you...I remember now begging you not to leave me...I knew you couldn't stay..I'm so sorry I said that"

Max sat up in bed bringing her up with him wrapping his arms around her waist as he rested his head against her chest needing to feel her breathing needing to believe that she was alive. He tried to desperately bury his feelings of guilt for all that she had gone through. He tried so hard to erase the image of her in that chair helpless and alone.

She could feel his tears hitting her skin as she held him close and it broke her heart.

"Please don't Liz...don't apologize for anything...what you went through...I know how you felt because I went through it when Pierce had me in the white room. Just the thought that you went through that hell because of me ...all because of me ...I will never forgive my -

"Max please stop...I made the choice ...I made the decision to be with you knowing what could happen..knowing the risks...

"Max there is something that you just don't seem to understand...

"I love you and I would go through a lifetime of uncertainty and danger if it meant that I could be with you...if I could have these precious moments alone with you"

Her eyes closed as she felt him move her legs around to straddle him.

Her breath caught in her throat as she felt his mouth move over her breast - gently running his tongue over her as he rasped against her skin.

"I love you Liz..I will always love you...

She threw her head back letting out a shaky moan as he lifted her onto him not being able to wait one more second to feel her again - to feel safe inside her.

"Liz" he cried out as he felt her warm walls envelope him.

He cupped her bottom with one hand and gathered her long raven hair with his other hand gently holding on to the back of her neck.

Suddenly she looked down at him breathing hard stilling her movements so they could connect - become one.

Slowly he lifted his head as his warm honey eyes stared into her.

The connection was made - they both trembled as their love for each other pierced their souls. They saw how they both suffered - how they both cried for each other and the unbelievable relief and happiness they felt when they were finally reunited.

They were one heart.. one soul... in love connected forever.

Max let out a shaky breath as their visions began to dissipate and he was once again left staring into her deep brown eyes.

"You are so beautiful beautiful...

He moved his hand from the back of her neck and slowly began to lightly touch her skin leaving a trail of sparkling silver flashes of light.

He touched her as if she was sacred - divine - something to be cherished - he was in complete awe of her.

Max grazed his hand across her delicate shoulder over her collarbone and down between her breasts as she began to move above him. She wanted to feel the pleasure of all of him as she rose and fell slowly letting her head fall back as she was taken over by the incredible sensations of his tender caresses.

He gently began to kiss her neck down to her shoulder and over her collarbone following the trail of flickering light left by his fingertips.

He closed his eyes as he listened to her moan while he lightly brushed his hand over her stomach moving further down to where she needed him most.

He whispered to her in between his heated kisses against her glowing skin.

"Liz sweet Liz...what you do to me...

He breathed out shaking feeling her as she moved faster and faster over him as he stroked her barely touching her. His only thought - his only need - to give her pleasure - always to pleasure her.

"Max ..oh Max"

She cried out as he took her hard peak into his mouth. Liz was unable to control her movements any longer. She rested against him panting holding onto his shoulders.

Max took control cupping her bottom with both hands as his passion for her took over. He moved inside her thrusting deeper and deeper till he was too left unable to move crying out her name as he finally let himself go.

They laid in each others arms holding on tight afraid to let go...never before feeling closer... more in love.

His reason for living was back in his arms and as his gentle soul eased her to sleep the pounding heart of a man bent on revenge beat hard inside his chest.
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Re: Coming for you (CC,M/L Adult) chpt 40 1/10/08

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Chapter 40.

Max stirred restlessly in his sleep - visions of Liz calling out to him filled his troubled mind.

Images of her bloody and crying out to him tore at his heart.

He mumbled in his sleep ..."Liz...Liz I"m coming hold on ...don't let go!"

Liz opened her sleepy eyes awakened by her lovers cries for her.

"Max I'm right here...please wake up's ok ...I'm ok!"

"NO!" Max screamed as he flew up in bed looking frantically all around for her.

Liz sat up wrapping her arms around him holding him close to her chest as she tried to calm his racing heart.

"Max was just a dream...just a bad dream..I'm fine"

He looked down into her face as his eyes wandered over every beautiful feature from her bright loving eyes to her soft pink lips.

"LIz ...I-I'm sorry..did I wake you"

Max tried to hide his nightmare from her not wanting to put any unnecessary fear or stress on her...she had been through so much the last thing he wanted was to burden her with the knowledge of the unending dreams that plagued him night after night.

"It doesn't matter ...Max are you ok -

"I'm fine Liz really it was nothing ...are you you need anything?"

"Max I'm fine ...except that I'm worried about you are you -

"Worried about should be thinking about yourself...everything that you've been through..I'm the last thing you should be thinking of ...listen you try and go back to sleep ..I'm going to go check on Michael and Isabel I'll be right back"

Max quickly pulled the blankets over Liz and kissed her forehead before making his way into the kitchen.

"Max wait are you -

He pretended not to hear her as he rushed out into the living room grabbing his jeans and tee shirt. After quickly dressing he began to pace nervously.

He knew that they were far from safe and he couldn't bear the thought of the possibility of her falling into the grips of Kivar once more.

Max felt the pressure eating away at his guts. He held his stomach obsessed with the thought of killing him - destroying the monster that hurt his Liz - his girl.

He couldn't just wait for Kivar to strike ...Alex was right her rescue went far too easy...Max knew that it was all part of his plan for something bigger - but what and how was he going to stop him. He felt like the weight of the world was on his shoulders - Liz ...his family..his friends ...even the innocent people of a far away world that he had never even known..he felt as if everyone's life depended on the choices he would make.

He sat on the couch and mindlessly switched the tv on. His eyes flew up at the image on the screen. It was a movie - a love story. There were two people standing at the alter taking their vows - starting their life together. His mind began to wander he started to picture his Liz standing dressed in white looking beautiful as she gazed into his eyes. The people watching from the seats were no longer strangers but all the people he knew and cared about. As the newly wedded couple shared their first kiss as husband and wife pain struck his tender heart.

"She deserves that ... she deserves someone that can make all her dreams come true ...not someone who only brings her pain and suffering."

Tears formed in his eyes as the reality of everything she had gone through pierced his soul.

Slowly feelings of hopelessness and despair started to wash over him.

"How could I have done this to her ...I knew ...I knew the danger I was putting her in and I selfishly stayed with her anyway...what kind of person am I ...I shouldv'e never let her get involved with me to begin with ...oh my god what have I done"

Max spoke softly to himself grasping at his hair feeling the torment washing through his veins like ice cold water. He started to rock back and forth as his rage for Kivar was now quickly being replaced with disgust and hatred for himself.

He felt a cold shiver up his spine as blackness started to envelop him. His eyes were fixed on a small hole in the wall where a picture once hung. He felt himself starting to drift further and further away from reality his only thoughts were how happy and safe everyone would be if he wasn't around.

Max closed his eyes picturing a happy LIz laughing and having fun with her friends Maria and Alex and a boyfriend she should be with. Mabye some innocent jock on the football team. Someone that would take her to school dances and give her his class ring. He pictured a life where her biggest worry was if she had enough time to study for her exams.

"She could have all this ...she could be happy's me's me that's standing in the way of all of it...I'm keeping her from the safe normal life she should be having."

Max whispered out loud his gut wrenching admission as he rose and made his way to the kitchen drawer.

His tear stained face was strained with guilt and self loathing.

"It needs to end ...I can free her ...I can make all her pain disappear"

Slowly he opened the drawer and stared at the large butcher knife.

"End it Max ...for Liz it for her....if you really love her ....if you really care about her you will give her back her life ..the life she was suppose to have...a life free from worry and fear ...a life ..without you"

The words he heard echoing in his mind made everything seem so clear - so simple.

"She will mourn you but in time she will move on and find love and happiness ..the kind of happiness you can never give her... you are the only thing standing in the way Max her ...release her ...let her go.. let go.... if you love her will just let go."

Max picked up the knife and sat back down on the couch.

He was despondent - lost deep in a dark hole - only seeing one option.

As the blade cut into his skin he felt almost relieved.

Max watched as his blood spilled onto the worn fabric of the old couch.

He felt the pressure begin to drift away.

Deeper and deeper he sliced into his skin as he watched in his minds eye her fading slowing away from him.

"I love you Liz you can be -



A horrified Michael and Isabel stood at the front door stunned by the sight of Max slumped over the arm of the couch with blood pouring from his wrist.




Michael watched helplessly as Kivar hovered over Max manipulating his mind controlling his actions - willing him to give up - to let go - to die.

His evil laughter bounced off the walls as Max slowly opened his eyes.

His speech was slurred and lifeless.

"It'ss ok MMichael ...sshe's going to be ok nnow LLiz is going -

Max took one deep breath before passing out and falling back onto the couch the knife falling to his feet.

"What do you think of your king now...he lays here dying and from his own hand no less...sacrificing himself for love ...what a pathetic excuse for the ruler of a kindom ... to have such a weakness as a selfless soul give up everything for the happiness - the love of a lowly human."

Kivar reached over Max with his long sharp claws. He hovered over his innocent pure heart curling his nails ready to strike.

"Now be a good boy Max and stay still while I claim my trophy"

Michael raised his hand in a desperate attempt to save the brother he loved so dearly when he suddenly saw Max begin to move.

Slowly Max started to stir as he heard her soft voice gently calling out to him.

In the darkest corners of his mind where the feelings of horrible loneliness and inconsolable loss rests she found him.

For only a true love - a true soul mate can reach that place where you relinguish your will to live - where you abandon all hope.

Her love for him - the love they have for each other would prove to be stronger than any evil that could possibly exsist.

This was something Kivar could never hope to understand.
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Chapter 41.

Isabel stood in the corner of the room mesmerized by the deep spell Liz was in.

As soon as Liz felt her enter the room she held her hand out needing her to stay still and quiet while she attempted to reach Max.

Liz was jarred from her sleep by his overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and sadness - she knew immediately who it was - who was controlling him.

She tried to get up and run to hm but Kivar also felt her presence there. He had her pinned to the headboard barely able to move or speak but he could not control her heart. She used every bit of energy she had to call out to Max.

He was teetering on the edge of giving up being forever lost in the abyss of nothingness when he heard her faint voice off in the distance.

"Max ...this is not you...kivar is controlling your thoughts cannot give up ...please you have to listen to me there isn't much time ...please try to talk to me ..please Max I love you so much ...I need to know that you hear me"

A strained whispered voice began to fill her head as he tried his best to answer her pleas.

"It's so cold ...and I am so tired ..tired of hurting everyone ..I'm not strong enough"

"But you are Max are strong enough ..I am with you always.. use me ..use my strength..we can do this together ...our power our love is just have to believe ...believe in us in us."

"Max now in your right pocket ..take it out now ..time is running out ..please I will help can do are not alone will never be alone."

Michael stood throwing one useless blast after another at Kivar while he chuckled already celebrating his victory. Completely oblivious to the fact that Michael was distracting him buying Max time seeing that he was trying to fight back.

Still with his eyes closed Max slowly reached his bloodied hand into the right pocket pulling out the stone that River Dog had given him weeks ago in the cave.

Isabel stood in wonder as she watched Liz mimic his moves reaching down by her side and grasping the phantom rock slowly raising it over her head. She was giving him her strength guiding him in her minds eye. With the power of her love and her undying conviction to never give up on him she connected to him and he was able to follow her movements.

Drained of all strength and energy still unconscious and stumped down on the couch while dangerously loosing blood he began to move. With a shaky hand he held the rock over above him. A blinding emerald light shot out in all directions immediately bringing Michael to his knees.

A deafening scream was heard causing Michael and Isabel to hold their hands over their ears tightly as Liz sat on the bed sweating and shaking.

She fell forward onto the bed released from his grip on her she crawled to the door to find Max lying on the floor beside the couch. Kivar was no where to be found.

"Michael help me he's lost a lot of blood get me something to wrap around his wrists...we have to leave now he's barely hanging on!"

"Leave where ...I can't heal him"

"No but River Dog can...get the jeep ...Isabel please help me"

Isabel stood in shock at her brothers her mind he already looked dead ...he was pale and lifeless...she was paralyzed with grief and fear.

"Isabel if you want your brother to live you need to help me now!"

Liz's startling words jarred her back and she began following Liz's intructions doing all she couild to help.

Soon they were speeding through the desert as fast as the jeep would take them.

Max laid across the back seat wrapped in a blanket with his head in Liz's lap.

She never stopped whispering to him the whole way continually speaking to him words of love and reasuring him that nothing would ever seperate them as held his bandages tight and stroked his hair.

"You have to hold on Max..I refuse to go through life without you...i'm not going to let you give up have to stay with me have to try."

He still had not woken up and everyones fears grew worse as they approached the reservation.

They called out to River Dog but he was already there stepping out of the shadows. He looked over Max with his tired old eyes and spoke softly.

"There isn't much you have the healing stones?"

Michael nodded handing them over and nervously stepping aside.

"Get him to the cave ..I'll do what I can..but there is much damage ...I can't promise -

"You will heal him ..he will have me and I have power you don't know about ...come on I need all of your help with the physical wounds ... but only I can mend his soul... don't even speak of failing ...I will not lose him ...that will never happen ... now do we all understand!"

Liz stared directly into River Dogs eyes as she spoke with unwavering faith and conviction.

He looked down at her realizing that the stars had been right all along ...he nodded with respect for her and the powers she possessed as he held his walking stick in the direction of the cave.

"Your time has come little one let's get to work"
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