Coming for you (CC,M/L Adult) (Complete)

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Coming for you (CC,M/L Adult) chpt 23. 11/3/07

Post by jake17 » Sat Nov 03, 2007 8:51 am

Well everyone I've been pruned
I saw that my responses for the replies for chtp. 21. are gone. If anyone who gave me FB for that update didn't get a chance to read it I want you to know that I did write them and I so appreciate everyone's FB and your continued support ! :D

begonia9508: I know that this is not like Max but think of what she did to him! :twisted: thank you for your great FB !! :D
Natalie36: yes Max is very angry! :x thank you for always being here! :D
angelina: thank you so much for liking that update!! :D you're right max is not a killer! :wink:
Flamehair: thank you for liking that part about the connection bringing him back! and thank you for your great FB as always! :D
martine: hmmm what you wrote it's like you can read my mind ! :wink:
thank you love reading your FB! :D
IheartMax: love love what you wrote as always!! :D thank you for your funny FB! :D
Temptation_K: love your idea of locking her in a room with maria !!! :lol:
thank you for coming back !! :D

Chapter 23.

Tess looked up at Max her icy blue eyes wide with fear. Her powers had been temporarily drained thanks to Liz's quick thinking. She sat there defenseless before him terrified of a Max she did not recognize.

"How could you Tess?"

She started to speak but he quickly raised his hand coming near her. His usually warm amber eyes were now black as night seething with hatred.

"Don't speak I wouldn't believe anything that came from your conniving insidious mouth anyway."

"You want to know what death feels like so have it surrounding you...I think you need to feel it Tess first hand...I mean if you insist on making others go through should really know what it is like."

Tess quickly stood from the bench backing up as he approached her rapidly.

"Where do you think your going Tess...aren't you enjoying our little talk?"

"Oh that's right I forgot you're not happy unless you're the one playing the mind games...making the rules...ruining peoples lives."

"I think I've been more than patient with you Tess"

"M-Max...w-what are you going to do?"

Tess stammered as she backed herself up against a tree. She looked all around her for a place to escape but he was just too close. In a desperate move she tried to run past him but was quickly caught by his strong hands and thrown backwards.

He held her there his hand fisting her shirt forcefully pinning her hard so she was unable to move.

Tess gathered up what little strength she had left and with a shaky voice started to beg for empathy.

"M-Max please listen to me you don't understand I had no choice -


Max yelled in a mindless rage - his voice echoing throughout the empty park.

"It was your choice to make a deal with was your choice try and trick me into having a life with you - a life built on lies and deceit!"

"It was your choice to hurt an innocent girl over and over again...but this time you went to far Tess"

He spoke at her through clenched teeth fuming still seeing Liz in his mind struggling to speak dying in agonizing pain.

Suddenly his voice became very calm. He came very close to her as he tightened his grip pushing her back painfully harder against the ragged tree.

"I can't help thinking Tess if you are willing to go that actually have me go through the torture of watching her die right in front of me...what else are you capable of... what else are you willing to do to get what you want."

"Would you actually go as far as to really hurt Liz...because at this point Tess I think you would...and I think you know I can't let that happen."

He raised his hand and placed it up against her heart - his mind racing remembering all the pain she had put Liz through.

Tess glared at him racked with anger recongnizing just how much he loved Liz...before she died she wanted him to know that no matter what he would never get to live his life with that pathetic human.

"Kill me if you want Max but it won't change what is going to happen...your precious Liz will suffer unimaginable pain and torture for eternity."

"Kivar is well aware that she is the only thing that is keeping you from going back and saving his thrown...I made sure of that."

"He has an exceptional distaste for humans especially ones that get in his way...if he treats his own people like slaves what do you think he's going to do with a lowly human."

"Go ahead and kill me Max but know won't change the fact that you will never end up with that stupid bitch!"

A red glow started to pulsate from his hand as he pressed it harder up against her heart.

"Go to hell you evil bitch!" Max shook hearing her words wanting to tear her apart.


Just at that moment Maria's car came racing up behing them - an extremely frantic Liz come running to his side.




Hearing Liz's peas Max snapped out of his fury and was startled at what he was actually about to do. He quickly released her just in time. Tess went falling to the ground grasping the grass in pain.

Hearing her voice - her sweet innocent voice was all it took to break the destructive path that would surely have led him to a place from which he could never return.

He fell to his knees exhausted by the hell he had been through that night.

Liz ran to him wrapping her arms around him whispering words of comfort and understanding. She glanced up and watched as Tess quickly disappeared.

"Oh my god Liz...I'm sorry...I'm so sorry." He could barely look at her ashamed that he could loose control like that...not even realizing that he was capable of such violence.

"It's ok's ok come on let's get out of here." she helped him into Maria's car and drove to Michael's as he stared out the window completely emotionally drained.

When they arrived at Michael's he was surprised to find no one there.

"I asked if we could be alone here tonight...after a very spirited discussion...we all agreed that I would be the only one that could help that's why I went looking for you alone."

Max sat on the couch staring off into space.

"Liz I came so close to killing her...what does that say about me?"

She sat next to him turning his face to look at her.

"It means you love me..and you'd do anything to protect me."

"I feel so lost Liz...I don't know what to do anymore...I can't escape the feeling of loosing you...and it's killing me." he whispered painfully to her.

"I'm right here Max and I"m very much alive."

She took his hand and held it over her heart so he could feel it beating.

"Can you feel it Max...can you feel me." his eyes moved up to hers as he felt her heat beat faster and faster just from the touch of his hand.

"liz" he breathed out before taking her mouth for a fiery passionate kiss.

He needed to feel her - to taste her - to make him forget.

He pulled her shirt over her head and deepened their kiss as he searched for the peace that he could only find buried deep inside her.

They quickly stood and undressed pulling recklessly at each others clothes desperate to feel skin.

Max ravaged her mouth and neck with his warm tongue as he felt all the pain an anguish leaving him only to be replaced by love and solace.

His mind was telling him to take it slow to be gentle but his body burned for her - his actions were feverish and hurried as he pushed her up against the wall.

She laced her fingers through his hair as he lavished her body with his mouth moving quickly down to her breasts.

He was breathing so hard as he pulled each hard peak into his mouth licking and kissing her at a fiery pace - never getting enough always needing more of her.

He buried himself between her legs making her cry out as he grabbed her thighs opening her further up to him wanting desperately to savor every inch of her.

"oh god...max...p-please don't stop"

She felt her knees start to buckle as she pulled him in closer feeling the incredible tremors rise through her body throwing her over the edge.

He stood turning her to face the wall putting his muscular body flush up against hers making him moan out her name loudly as his hard arousal came into contact with her soft skin.

He raised her arms out on either side of them putting her palms flat against the wall interlocking their fingers.

He began to thrust inside her making them moan together each time going deeper and deeper.

He quickly began to loose control his movements becoming more frantic as he let himself go shaking repeating her name over and over.

They slid to the floor holding each other tightly as she whispered breathlessly in his ear.

"Don't worry Max I'll always be here with you..I'll always be yours."
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Coming for you (CC,M/L Adult) chpt. 24 11/5/07

Post by jake17 » Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:57 pm

raemac: thank you so much for always coming back and your great FB! :D
angelina: always love seeing you here so happy you are liking the updates!! :D
martine: so happy always to read your FB! :D I so hope you like the next update!! :shock: :D
begonia9508: love that your back! :D love your FB great idea on what to do about Tess, I love it!
tinie38: I think you're right about Max! :wink: thank you so much for being here!! :D
Natalie36: Yes Max is close to going over the edge I agree! :shock: thank you so much for always being here!! :D
Cocogurl: Wow you are so nice!! :D I agree with you about Max! :wink: thank you for your sweet FB! :D
Timelord31: thank you for enjoying my updates so happy you're back! :D
IHeartMax: God you have no idea how happy you make me with you sweet and funny FB all the time!! :D really thank you so much! :D
Temptation_K: I know how you feel I always have to write those parts alone :lol: :wink: love love your FB thank you !! :D

Chapter 24.

Max sat up in bed watching liz as she peacefully slept.

Her long dark eyelashes fluttered against her silky skin. He wondered if she was dreaming - dreaming about a better life one that wasn't filled with fear and pain.

He rubbed his blood shot eyes roughly and ran his fingers through his hair. He was unable to sleep fearful of what was waiting for him in the dark corners of his nightmares - where Kivar always seemed to lurk.

Max carefully walked to the living room making sure not to wake Liz. He flicked on the light and was startled when a shoe came flying out of nowhere and hit him in the leg.

"Dude do ya mind...trying to sleep here" Michael mumbled half asleep looking at Max with one eye open obviously bothered by the bright light.

"Oh my god Michael you scared the hell out of me...when did you get here?" Max quickly shut off the light holding on to the wall for support trying to calm his heart down.

"About an hour ago...I really didn't feel right about leaving you two alone move considering I was able to come in here without you even noticing."

Max slumped down into the chair by the couch staring blankly at a spot on the floor.

"So should I even the bitch history?" Michael punched his pillow trying to get the right shape to fit his neck comfortably as he turned to his side to face Max.

Max just glanced up at him with a worried look that told Michael all he needed to know.

"I fucking knew it...let me guess Liz got to you just in time and you caved...tell me Max what's more important working through your delicate feelings about what needs to be done or having one less enemy to deal with."

"You shouldn't have let her go alone to find me wasn't safe." Max tried hard to ignore the dig that was thrown at him.

"Look I tried but she insisted on stopping you..and I knew that as soon as you saw her you finally got the balls to do what you should've done a long time ago and it all goes to hell when you see the all mighty self righteous Liz!"

"You think I should've killed Tess a long time ago Michael?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Max stood as he quickly started to loose his patience.

"Look all I'm saying is now we probably have a bigger problem to deal with!" Michael stood up getting in Max's face as he began to loose his temper.

"You should've came to me and Isabel Max...we should be making these decisions's always been the three of us...that is until you decided to change all that!"

"Michael lower your voice she'll hear you!" He clenched his teeth as he whispered loudly fuming at Michael.

They were both very close to throwing a punch when a soft voice came from the hallway.

"It's ok Max...I'm awake."

"Liz -

"Max I need you to drive me's after midnight...I don't think anything's going to happen tonight....I'll be ok"

"No" Max shook his head glaring at Michael.

"Max...I really think -

"Look Liz you can't go home I can't protect you there...I have no idea who's coming after us next...I don't even know what to do if..w-when that happens!"

Max rubbed the back of his neck as he felt the pressure building inside him.

"Max I have to -

"Liz just stay here with Michael...he'll take you to school tomorrow...make sure you are with them all day and go to work after that...lots of people will be there so you should be ok till I can get there...just make sure you're never alone."

Max grabbed his jacket as he quickly put his sneakers on.

"Michael watch her at school...after that you and Isabel go to the crashdown...I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Yes Sir!" Michael sarcastically saluted him completely pissed off that once again Max was leaving them out of his plans.

"Max wait where are you going?!" Liz looked down the hall of the apartment building but he was already gone.

She turned back to go into the apartment and found herself face to face with Michael.

They glared at each other for a few seconds both not willing to back down.

Finally Michael stepped aside and watched as she disappeared into the bedroom.

Max drove into the dark night as images of the people he loved flooded his mind. He felt as if everything was closing in on him.

Time was running out and he needed answers - he needed help.

He griped the steering wheel agitated - confused.

He felt like the weight of the world was on his shoulders and it was starting to wear heavily on him. His body ached and his head was pounding. He felt responsible for everyone and everything and he had no idea what he was going to do.

He found himself driving to the one person that knew about them from the beginning...the one person that knew how to help them back then...maybe he would have some idea how to help them now...he was driving to see River Dog.

No one at the reservation seemed to know where River Dog could be found. He decided to try and find the cave where they had saved Michael - the cave that held the secrets of his planet left by Nasedo.

He walked through the dark woods with only a flashlight to guide his way trying desperately to remember where the cave was.

Max had walked for a long time he was tired and he was beginning to question his decision.

'How can I fight am I going to protect Liz...I am no king...god am I responsible for all those people? I can't be a part of his deceitful plan...but what about Liz....

Too many thoughts were swirling through his mind. His eyes started to close as his worn legs moved him stumbling up the steep hill.

Suddenly his body gave out as he fell on the hard rocky ground. He threw his fashlight down feeling completely frustrated and defeated. It was at that moment he saw a dim flickering light in the distance.

His hand slid across the cold smooth wall of the cave as he walked cautiously towards the flame.

"River Dog" he breathed out

He was standing by the section of the cave that was covered with the symbols from his planet.

"I've been waiting for you Max"

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Coming for you (CC,M/L,Adult) chpt 25. 11/8/07

Post by jake17 » Thu Nov 08, 2007 9:47 am

angelina: thank you!! :D I'm so happy you like my last update!! love seeing you here! :D
Timelord31: so hoping you like the next update! :shock: thank you for your FB! :D
Natatie36: always happy to see you here!! :D
trulov: Hi! don't worry Michael is definitely Michael but that would've been a really good idea! :wink: thank you for your FB! :D
Temptation_K: thank you as always for your very sweet FB! :) really really hoping you like the next update :shock:
tinie38: thank you for always coming back! :D this next part will explain river dog, I hope you like it! :shock:
raemac: thank you! I agree with everything you wrote but I don't think max had a choice, so happy to see you back! :D
martine: I swear you are somehow reading my mind, don't worry this time Liz listens to max, love seeing you here, thank you so much!! :D

Ok everyone I am holding my breath that you will like the next
part! :shock:

Chapter 25.

"I've been waiting for you Max"

"What do you mean you've been waiting for me?" Max was cautious for a moment worried that maybe this was some trick from Kivar not knowing what to believe anymore.

Max began to raise his hand to protect himself when River Dog started to speak.

"I know what you fear Max...and it is not me" he stood with his weary aged eyes locked on Max.

Max lowered his hand deciding to trust the old man recognizing that if it was Kivar he would have revealed himself by now.

"You say you Know what I you know how to help me?"

"Many years ago when the man had first come here to write these strange symbols he told me the story of a terrible war."

River Dog sat on a large rock to ease his tired bones - he took a deep breath and began his tale.

"He told me of a Royal familly that ruled over a vast kindom in an ancient world - a world where the seas were thick with red colored waves that crashed against a rocky ridge of mountains. A world where many moons hung high over violet clouds against a green shaded sky."

Max widened his eyes remembering his dream - the dream that Tess controlled - a dream of a life he could not escape from.

River Dog took an oval shaped rock out of his pocket and placed it into a hole on the wall near where the v-shaped symbol was located. It clicked into place and a storyboard appeared lit up by tiny white lights. There were pictures that told of a very bloody tale filled of lies and betrayal - of despair and imprisonment.

"He told of a wise and humble king who ruled with love and empathy...a king who cared for his people and treated them with dignity and respect."

"The people loved this king and in return were very loyal - they would protect their king with everything they had - with their lives."

He raised his hand pointing to each picture and it's depiction of his words.

"This king had one very critical flaw - his blind trust - his unrelenting faith that ulimately good resided in everyone...this flaw proved to be fatal."

"A dark force betrayed him and ulimately destroyed this peaceful world and their devoted king forever enslaving them in a prison ruled by fear and pain."

"Kivar" Max breathed out as his eyes filled with tears thinking how horrible it must be there how weak he must've been to let his people fall under such a tyrant.

"Yes Max...Kivar"

"The people were brave and they fought with their hearts to the bloody end...this planet is now under the mighty hand of a ruler who will stop at nothing to keep his reign of terror over his people forever under his control."

"This is terrible...but what can I do can I possibly fight him." his voice was filled with despair he felt completely helpless.

River Dog stood and walked slowly over to Max. He placed his shaky hands upon his shoulders and spoke carefully.

"Max there is something you need to understand or you will be forever haunted by a past that holds nothing for you."

"You are not this king I speak are not Zan."

"The decisions that were made by this king are not you own - you cannot carry the burden of mistakes you did not make."

"Now you must listen carefully to what I have to tell you"

"I said you were not the king and although this is true you do hold the power of Antar in your hands - the essence that flowed through King Zan resides in you - the power to heal - to bring forth life."

"Although Kivar holds great strength he will never possess the true power of Antar only you have this gift."

"Kivar's power comes from dark black forces - forces not easily controlled...your power comes from the light- it is pure - it is good."

"I felt his presence back when the man was here...Kivar knew of this plan to create a new Zan...he came for you then and failed but I always knew that one day he would return."

"I remember that night and the dark destructive energy that filled the sky."

"I have been seeing that energy again Max...I've been waiting for you to come so I could tell you that you have the power to fight has been inside you all this time."

River Dog removed the oval rock from it's place in the wall and gave it to Max.

"Take this...when the time comes you will know what to must be brave must believe in the purity and strength of your power - you must believe in yourself...fear and doubt is what Kivar will use against you - you must always remember that."

School was next to impossible for Liz between dealing with Michael's attitude and the constant worry about where Max was - it was almost unbearable. Remembering how serious Max had sounded she decided to listen to him and follow his plan but she still worried.

The crashdown was crazy busy and it was way past closing before they were able to get everyone out so she could start to clean. She started her nightly task of lifting the chairs onto the tables so she could wash the floor. She lifted up one of the chairs only to have if carefully taken out of her hands.

"Hey" Michael gently put the chair onto the table giving Liz a small smile.

"Hey...what's up"

"We really haven't talked all day" Michael lowered his voice trying not to wake Isabel who was slumped down in one of the booths.

"No...not since last night" Liz was hesitant not really knowing where Michael was going with this.

"Look Liz I didn't mean what I said...and if I hurt your feelings I'm sorry...I was mad at Max not you...he should be letting us in on everything..this is dangerous - Kivar is dangerous and he needs us...even if he doesn't think so."

"Thank you Michael" she started to think that maybe Michael had a point and that Max would be safer with Michael and Isabel by his side.

"Just wanted you to know"

"Ok" she smiled knowing that deep inside he did love her like a sister and would do anything to always protect her.

She had shut down the main lights so all that remained on were the soft glow of the low lights that hung over the counter. A refection in the window caught her eye. She looked over and saw Max on the other side of the glass staring back at her.

He looked completely different to her. Gone were the worried tired eyes that had taken over his young face. He looked strong and calm.

He placed his hand on the glass and at once a connection was made between them. His warm amber eyes were full of love as he gazed deep into her soul.

She felt the air escape her lungs as he filled her with imagines - imagines that only they could share.

Her voice was reduced to a whisper as she refused to break the incredible connection between them.

"Michael, Isabel he's back"

"Max is here"
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Coming for you (CC,M/L,Adult) chpt 26 11/9/07

Post by jake17 » Sat Nov 10, 2007 1:22 am

begonia9508: thank you so much for your kind words!! so happy when I see you here!! :D oh and yes max is very confident now! :wink:
raemac: Hi!! so happy you liked their connection I hope you still like it after reading the next part! :wink: :oops: oh and River Dog feels that Max has the power to defeat kivar because he has King Zans essence in him-the true power of Antar-the power to heal. This makes him stronger than kivar. i hope that makes sense. love that your back! :D
angelina: thank you for your great FB! :D and liz definitely forgives him! :wink:
Temptation_K: Well Max is going to take command just not with kivar, not yet anyway! :wink: thanks for the great FB!! :D
forever dreamer: Love love when I get replies like you!! :D so happy you like this! you made my day with your very sweet words thank you so much!! :D
tinie38: thank you for liking this part, yes I think Max is in a much better mood! :wink: :oops:
Timelord: thanks for coming back again!! :D
IheartMax I miss you :( please come back! I need your funny great FB it keeps me inspired! :D
Martine I know its only been one update but I miss you too! :( :D

ok I know what some of you will be thinking and I want you to know that this is not kivar in the next part. This is all Max! :oops: oh lord help me. ok so Max is feeling very good about who he is and where he stands now I guess that is the reason for my next part. I promise he will fight kivar and it will be intense but I had this in my head and I just had to get it out.
I hope it's not too much. Please let me know what you think. Have a nice weekend everyone! :D

Chapter 26.

"Max is here"

A strange energy filled the air as the temperature in the room started to rise. Michael looked up at the windows as they started to fog with the increase of heat that was radiating throughout the diner.

"What the hell"

Suddenly Max caught his eye - his mouth fell open at the sight before him

Max was staring intensely up at liz - he was breathing hard and glaring at her as if she was his prey that he had been stalking.

A luminous white light started to appear from his hand as he put his forehead against the glass. It seemed as though he was trying to convey something to her.

"max" Liz let out a quiet moan as she whispered his name.

"Isabel...wake up we gotta go" Michael spoke in her ear as he gently shook her awake.

"W-What's going on?" she squinted her eyes as she looked around confused.

"I"ll explain in the car...I think Max is fine we'll find out what happened later...come on let's go out the back door" he lifted her arm quickly moving her towards the back door not willing to wait for her to figure out what was happening.

Max lifted his hand from the glass leaving a perfect outline etched in the window.

He slowly moved towards the door his eyes never for a second leaving hers.

He waved his hand in front of the lock. A red glowing light appeared as the door opened wide.

He walked through and lifted his hand. The door slammed shut as the shades slid down the windows blocking the world out.

Her eyes widened as she gazed up at him - he was almost unrecognizable. Gone was the insecure boy full of doubt and anguish. He stood tall and confident. His handsome features seemed more defined more evident with every deep breath he took.

The strength and power that coursed through him was undeniable - his mind was focused and clear - there was nothing vague about his intensions with her tonight.

The lights started to flicker all around them as the temperature continued to climb.

The dishes and the glasses started to shake on the shelves as he walked closer towards her.

He stopped when he was about a foot from her and raised his hand again.

Suddenly the bulbs from the lights over the counter began to burst one by one. A loud electrical zapping sound crackled all around them. Tiny flames exploded in each outlet sending the appliances flying across the floor.

The water pipe from above burst filling the room up with steam that hovered around them in a thick white mist.

They stood there breathless covered in sweat from the scorching heat that left the room sweltering.

He swallowed hard as he started to concentrate again his hand once again glowing with a brilliant white light.

Liz grabbed onto the counter for support as his energy rushed through her.

She felt the ties of her apron start to come undone and was shocked when it fell to the floor.

A tingling warm sensation started to wash over her - inside her.

She lowered her head and took a deep breath in a futile attempt to gain some control over the situation.

" me...let me love you"

She quickly lifted her head back up to look into his darkened eyes once more. She was completely stunned from hearing his voice whispering in her mind.

"It's ok liz...I've got you...let me come inside...I want to make you -

"m-max...oh god" Liz slammed her eyes shut and threw her head back.

A smile swept across his face as he stood there listening to her whimpering with pleasure knowing that she was now completely at his mercy.

Slowly one by one the snaps on her uniform came undone leaving it to eventually fall to the floor.

Beads of sweat started to drip down between her breasts covering her bra as that too came apart and fell to the ground.

She was trembling now as the front of her dark hair clung all around her face and the tips lightly touched the arch of her low back.

He was painfully aroused by how she was responding to him - he lifted his shirt off and threw it on the ground as he focused in on her more.

She leaned against the counter to keep her shaky body from falling to the ground.

He moved in so he was nearly inches from her - but still not touching her.

Slowly her drenched panties came off her slender legs. She clenched the counter harder as her thighs fell apart leaving her panting with need.

He came in even closer covering her hand with his and lifting the other so it hovered over her searing skin.

She could feel his breath against her parted lips as he stared down at her beautiful face.

"liz...can you feel me"


He moved his hand over her breasts while a prism of colors illuminated her moist skin.

"I said...can you...feel me"

"y-yes" she moaned out again as she shook against the counter.

"no...not good enough...don't worry I'll get you there"

He brought his hand down to rest just inches above her burning wet core. The light emitting from his hand fluctuated from a brilliant white to a fiery bright red.

"look at your eyes liz"

Slowly she opened her eyes as his hand started to vibrate over her.

"now liz can you...feel me"

"y-yes oh god...max" she stared back at him teetering on the edge of ecstasy.

He reached up suddenly and grabbed the back of her head clenching her hair in his hand gently pulling her head back. He pulled one of her trembling hard peaks into his mouth as his hand vibrated harder over her.

"now liz...let me hear you come for me"

"oh god...oh my god max...don't stop p-please...oh god"

She screamed inside his mind over and over begging and pleading for him to never stop. He held her close to him smiling to himself as he felt her helplessly pulsate against him.

Slowly she opened her eyes to look at him with complete surprise.

"I want you"

He lifted her off the ground and into his strong arms laying her across the counter.

Quickly he removed his clothes and moved over her to rest between her legs.

"max how -

"shh...I want to make you come apart again"

She shuttered at his passionate words as he drove inside her again and again. He lifted her thigh as he thrusted deeper while moving his tongue over every inch of her.

Once again she began to fall over and over into an abyss of rapture with him soon to follow.

He collapsed against her with his face buried in her neck exhausted trying desperately to catch his breath - wanting always to remember this night forever.
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Coming for you(CC,M/L,Adult) chpt 27 11/11/07

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pookie76: Hi!! happy to see you here, glad you enjoyed that part!! thank you for your FB!! :D
forever dreamer: thank you so much again for your sweet words!! thanks for coming back!! :D
begonia9805: I know the crashdown, I thought of that and the noise but i had to write it anyway! :lol: thank you for liking this and always coming back!! :D
raemac: love love love your very funny reply! :D I knew you would write something great I couldn't wait to read it! thanks for being here! :D
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Timelord31: thank you for being here and your sweet feed back! :D
L-J-L76: ok here it goes: yes max will tell the others everything, he will be able to fight kivar although it won't be easy, I can't say if he will win yet but everyone knows me by now and how I write so I leave it at that, oh and no Liz will not get pregnant we are just going to assume she went on the pill a long time ago for other reasons. Love seeing you here again I missed you!! thank you for your great feed back as always! :D
Natalie36: thank you for liking that part! love as always seeing you here! :D
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ok we are just going to assume that Liz's parents are very heavy sleepers. I hope you are up for one more steamy part, I think my title is starting to take on a whole other meaning. :oops: I promise this story will continue the dark force is getting closer and everything's about to get very scary! :shock: :twisted:

Chapter 27.

Max held her tightly in his strong arms placing affectionate kisses slong the side of her neck

Liz stared up at him completely astonished by the intensity of the pleasure that was still coursing through her body.

"Max...what were you able to....umm go into my ...mind like that?"

Liz blushed remembering how helpless she was - how he was able to make her come apart without even touching her - remembering the heated words he whispered - her body was coming alive again just thinking about it.

He looked down at her smiling as he pulled a stray hair away from her flushed wide-eyed face.

"Your trembling are you cold?"

His husky voice was still reeking havoc on her excited shaky body.

" Max not cold...I think it will be days before my temperature reaches anything close to cold." Liz smiled up at him brighty

He pulled a tablecloth from inside the counter and covered her gently as he looked over the new designed diner.

"Wow...did I really do all this?"

He got up from the counter and started to put his clothes on as Liz sat up and wrapped the cloth around her body.

"It was worth it" she whispered looking over at him and then down at the ground becoming bashful at her obvious enjoyment of her new confident Max.

"I'm so happy you think so" he walked over and put his arms around her as he kissed the top of her head.

"Listen I better get you upstairs before your father wakes up and finds us here."

"I think that's a good idea...I hate to see the look on his face if he finds me like this."

She started to slide off the counter when he took her in his strong arms and carried her upstairs.

"Wow I could get used to this" she whispered as she held onto his broad shoulders.

He placed her carefully on her bed and made his way towards the door.

"Max I can't go to sleep like this I really need a shower."

"Oh..okay..why don't you go shower and I'll go down and clean shouldn't take me too long..I only wrecked the entire place."

They both quietly laughed trying hard not to wake her parents.

"Okay Max...I'll be right out...and I don't care if we do get caught you are definitely sleeping here tonight you can talk to Michael in the morning."

"Liz don't worry I'm not going anywhere." he smiled as he watched her drop the tablecloth to the floor and slowly walk into the bathroom.

'Wow' he thought to himself as he made his way back down the stairs desperately fighting the urge to run back and join her in the shower.

He looked over the diner and decided to start with the electrical damage first. As he waved his hand in front of the outlets a loud buzzing sound was heard. The wires began to twist and mold themselves back into place.

He raised his hand up to the ceiling making the steam disappear as he melted the two halves together.

He then made his way to the storage room to look for bulbs to replace the shattered ones above the counter until something stopped him dead in his tracks.

Liz stood in the shower sighing as the cool water hit her still warm body. She ran the soap over her skin remembering how each part that he concentrated on would start to painfully ache in the most amazing way.

Max held onto the doorway of the storage room for support.

He could still feel her - feel everything she was feeling.

He closed his eyes and swallowed hard as she ran her fingers over her hard peaks and through her wet heat.

His body hardened as he felt her teasing herself prolonging her pleasure for as long as she possibly could.

She bit her lip trying to stifle her moans as she pictured him running his tongue over her - kissing and licking every inch of her body.

Max was breathing hard shaking realizing what she was doing - knowing she was thinking of him - loving the fact that she couldn't help herself.

Finally Liz could take no more and allowed herself to go flying over the edge. She gripped the shelf in the shower as she pictured him lavishing his tongue over her most senstive spot over and over again.

'Liz' Max groaned to himself as he felt her orgasm hit her. He decided to clean as fast as he could not wanting to be away from her any longer than necessary.

Liz slipped a tiny cotton nightgown over herself and eased under the warm covers smiling feeling completely content.

She closed her eyes as her tired head sank into the pillow.

Suddenly the wind started to pick up outside.

A strange noise came screaming down from the sky as a gust of air whipped through the trees and up to her balcony knocking her candles over.

A black thick mist started to pour through the crack of her open window.

Higher and higher the dark mist swirled around like a small tornado until it was floating up to the ceiling hovering over her.

A distorted devilish face slowly started to form in the mist. A large wide mouth began to develop as razor sharp teeth started to from. Two vicious bright red eyes glared down at her as it pulsated like it was breathing growing more and more solid and stronger by the second.

Sensing that he was there but too tired to open her eyes she smiled and whispered aloud.

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Coming for you(CC.M/L,adult) chpt 28 11/13/07

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begonia9805: Thank you for liking that last part and for always being here!! :D
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tinie38:I know hold on it's going to get a little crazy, thanks for always being here!! :D

ok we are just going to assume that Liz's parents have a very serious sleep disorder that render them unable to wake during any kind of noise accept the sound of their own alarm clock. :wink: :D

oh and I know I don't describe Kivar as looking very "alien" but I was thinking since he can appear to them in any form, he would want to look like something that would be very intimidating and scary. God I hope that makes sense to everyone!
Thanks again for reading my little story!! :D carrie

Chapter 28.


At that moment long boney fingers started to emerge from the long black sleeves that now covered the arms of the hooded dark creature.

He reached his clawed shaky hand to hover over her tiny body.

A web of red light shot down from his fingertips and into her chest taking the air from her lungs - wrenching her muscles painfully against his dark energy.


His depraved voice sliced through the air and into her ears as her worst fears were realized.

Her eyes flew open as she was helplessly lifted off the bed and into the air.

Her arms and legs were left dangling down as he continued to pull her up towards him.

She was completely defenseless - paralyzed unable to move or speak.

Liz was in agony as her heart was being inundated with feelings of despair and hopelessness.

The savage force reached into her mind controlling her thoughts edging her to abandon all her strength and will to survive.

She heard his evil laughter ringing in her ears as she closed her eyes letting her head fall back as she desperately tried to reach him.

What Kivar didn't know was that although he could control her mind and body he could never capture her soul - her soul would always belong to Max.

Their connection was indestructible - everlasting - forever

Max felt his blood turn cold as he raised his eyes towards the ceiling. He listening for a moment carefully - again he felt a wave of fear rush through him.

'Liz!' it was her fear - it was disconnected and came in terrifying waves but he felt it.

He took off for the stairs and was completely taken aback when he ran right into her.

"Oh my god Liz...are you ok...I felt -

He panicked holding her arms looking over every inch of her with concern.

"Max I'm fine...actually I'm starving ....lets go somewhere...I really don't want to wake mom and dad."

He stared at her completely confused - her hair was dry and she was dressed.

"Liz is everything alright?"

He hesitated still feeling the disjointed emotions of terror washing over him.

"I'm fine ....come on let's go"

She tried to turn him towards the door when he abruptly stopped and stared into her brown eyes.

"What a second didn't you want me to fix the water pipe that Michael broke when him and Maria got into that fight tonight?"

"Umm well yeah could do that later...I really have to eat something now Max"

He watched as her eyes began to fluctuate from soft brown to cold icy blue.


Rage exploded inside him as he grabbed her and threw her down the stairs.

Tess went flying down the steps and landed against the heavy metal door rendering her unconscious.

Max burst through the bedroom door with a mighty force that melted the hinges right off the frame.

His eyes widened in horror at the sight of Liz's limp body that was suspended painfully in the air.

He raised his hand defiantly up towards the ruthless beast filling her room with a blinding white light that shot out her windows and into the dark sky.


Kivar cringed at the light and shifted his hovering barbaric form till he was towering over Max.

"You think you scare me little boy...I have lived a thousand lifetimes...fought a thousand battles...I have power you couldn't even begin to grasp"

"I could take her life with my will alone...she could be lost to you forever...look at her Max...she 's barely hanging on...she doesn't even know you're here...and believe me no matter what she has told you she knows in her pathetic human heart that you could never be strong enough to save her from me."


Max looked over at Liz as she hovered in the air writhing in agonizing pain...what if he couldn't save could he possibly survive in this world without her...did she still believe in him.

Suddenly he noticed her tiny hand starting to move - she was reaching out to him - she knew he was there - she could feel him - she still had faith in him.

Max held his ground under the wrath of the malicious force - he stood tall remembering River Dog's words.

'you must be brave max - you must believe in yourself - you must believe in the purity and strength of your power - fear and doubt is what Kivar will use against you.'

Max cleared his mind of all uncertainty as he closed his eyes and concentrated.

He became very still and calm feeling the full strengh of his power starting to rise within him - filling every cell - coursing through every fiber of his being.

Suddenly he opened his eyes and looked up at Kivar.

The beautiful amber color was gone his eyes were glowing with a luminous light that pierced through Kivar's spell.

He held his hand high in the air - it shook with the force of the power of a distant King - of the secrets of a far away planet that was hidden deep in his soul.


Kivar jolted back releasing her from his deathly grip.

Liz fell to the bed moaning painfully.

His solid form quickly began to dissipate back into a black sweeping mist.

It swirled all around them in a fast whipping pace knocking everything off her walls and shelves.

The dark cloud raised itself in front of Max for a split second holding his gaze letting him know that this was far from over.

In an instant he flew back through her window and straight up to the sky screaming ferociously up at the heavens.

Quickly Max scooped her up in his arms and pulled her close to his chest.

He rocked her back and forth and whispered tenderly in her ear.

"He's gone...he's gone"

"I've got you liz...I've got you now"

"I promise I'll never let you go"
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Coming for you(CC,M/L,Adult) chpt 29. 11/15/07

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raemac: yes that was close! thank you so much for your FB I really appreciate it! So hoping you like the next part! :D
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IheartMax: god he is sexy isn't he !! Just wanted to let you know you made my day with you very sweet reply! thank you so much I really appreciate you taking the time to be so nice! :D

ok everyone I'm going to take you on a journey. It's going to start off a little sad and end up...well where my mind usually takes you. :wink:
I hope so much you all like the next part! :D Carrie

Chapter 29.

Max eased her battered body onto the bed and placed a warm blanket over her.

"Liz are you ok...are you hurt?" he whispered softly to her.

She looked up to the ceiling with vacant eyes painfully shivering.

"Liz...please tell me are you in pain?"

She slowly eased her swollen eyes closed as tears streamed down her pale face.

He felt a sharp pain in his heart as he watched her tears roll down her cheeks one by one into her soft hair.

He laid on the bed next to her and held her close.

"Listen Liz I have to get you out of here...I have to talk to Michael and the others...but I promise I won't leave you alone...just try to relax...when we get to Michael's I'm going to look you over."

He carefully wrapped her in the blanket and carried her down the stairs.

Reaching the bottom of the steps he cautiously looked around for Tess but she was nowhere to be found.

He gently placed her in one of the booths and started a letter to her parents.

Mom and Dad,

Maria needed help with her biology mid term
before school so I left early, If you need me
call my cell.

love, Liz

He taped it to the inside of the door and waved his hand in front of it making Liz's hand writing appear.

He carefully put her in the jeep and took off to Michael's.

He grew more concerned by the second watching her wince over every bump that he tried so hard to miss.

He was even more concerned by her silence - she had not spoken a word since Kivar released her - she just stared blankly out the window watching the street lights fly by.

A half asleep Michael answered the door ready to kill who ever woke him up at this ungodly hour.

"This better be -

Michael was stunned when he saw Liz cradled in Max's arms

"Oh my god what happened?"

"Can I put her in your bed Michael I think she's hurt."

"Yeah of course...Max who did this"

Liz buried her face in Max's chest not wanting to even hear his name - she held onto Max for dear life - as if she was afraid that any distance from him would leave her vulnerable to being captured under his evil spell again.

Max shook his head back and forth as if to signal to Michael that he didn't want to talk about it in front of Liz.

Michael nodded with understanding and mouthed the word Tess.

Max hesitated for a moment and shook his head no as he silently spoke back Kivar.

Michael's eyes widened as he looked back at an obvious shaken Liz.

"Is there anything I can do?" he whispered softly

"No I have to see if she's ok...I just need some time alone with her."

"When she falls asleep we need to talk...I'm really going to need you and Isabel...I have so much to tell you."

Michael sighed with relief that finally Max was going to let them in...that they were going to fight this together.

"You need to call Maria Alex and Isabel for me ....I left a note for Liz's parents that she was with Maria...and I want everyone one goes to school today."

He turned to walk into the bedroom and stopped looking back at Michael.

"Hey...look about before...I didn't mean to shut you and Isabel out...I just had to work some things out for myself...I'm sorry if -

"Dude it's ok I get it... just take care of her...we'll be here if you need us."

Max nodded feeling the strength of his family realizing that he needed them just as much as they needed him.

Max carefully laid her on the bed and placed a pillow under her head.

She squinted at the light in the room as if it was too much for her eyes.

Max quickly shut the light off and lit a small candle by the bed.

"Liz I need to see if you're's're safe now I'm not going anywhere and Michael's right outside the door."

She nodded slowly as she let him unfold her tightly clenched arms that she had protectively placed in front of her.

"I have to take off your nightgown Liz...I have to see's ok I promise I won't hurt you."

His voice was soothing filled with concern and love.

"Liz you're shaking...are you cold?"

He quickly raised his hand in the air as a warm breeze flowed into the room and all around her.

"Is that better?"

She nodded tentatively raising her arms in the air.

He carefully lifted the small gown from her weak body and placed it at the end of the bed.

"Oh my god" his whispered voice was filled with fury at the sight of what Kivar had actually done to her.

Her small stomach was covered with burns - her skin looked raw and blistered.

"Liz why didn't you tell me..oh my god I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry."

she winced in pain as the air hit her tender skin.

She moved her head to face away from him as she tried to hide her feelings.

"I-It's ok Liz...I'm going to take care of this...I'll take care of you... just lie still."

His voice cracked as he tried desperately to get a hold of his emotions - he had to be strong for her - she had to know that he was in control of the situation - that he could protect her.

"Liz you have to look at me"

Max gently turned her chin to face him and was confused when it seemed like it was so hard for her to even look him in the eyes.

"Liz please you're scaring me...why won't you look at me?"

She looked away and started to cry quietly.

"Max I'm so ashamed I was so close to giving up...I've never felt anything so felt like I was lost...lost in a black hole and I would never find my way back..I wanted to be strong...strong for you Max...but you felt so far away...and it hurt -

Her voice broke into a thousand painful tears as she sobbed feeling as if she let him down.

He was overwhelmed by her unwavering devotion to him...he couldn't believe after everything she had been through...her concern was for him.

"Liz you were strong...and I felt you...god Liz I will always feel you."

He leaned down and kissed her gently as he wiped away her tears.

"You are the reason I was able to fight him...I saw you reaching for gave me the strength to keep going."

"Please don't cry...please let me take away your pain."

She turned and gazed into his warm eyes. She took a deep breath and tried to relax as much as she could.

He stared deep into her eyes as he placed his hand over her injured skin.

His hand started to glow with an incandescent light that radiated throughout her body.

His heart began to race - he quickly became breathless as he felt their connection pierce the very depth of his soul.
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Flashes flickered between the both of them - memories of their night alone together in the desert filled their minds.

She let out a soft moan as she relived him loving her gently under the bright stars.

A light sheen of sweat developed on his face as the images of her bare form lying in front of the fire filled his heart and ignited his desires.

Her love for him was so pure so untainted it overwhelmed him as he focused harder.

Quickly his strong energy started to flutter throughout her body making her feel as if she was drifting through the clouds safe and protected.

His affect on her was immediate as a peaceful calmness overcame her relieving her of all her pain and suffering.

She sighed as she felt his warm energy washing over her in soft caressing waves.

Healed were the torn muscles and pulled ligaments - the burns and blisters - her skin was once again flawless and beautiful.

He continually replaced her fear and pain with the feeling of his eternal all consuming love for her.

Feeling satisfied that she was ok he removed his hand and leaned back trying to catch his breath.

Liz took several deep breaths amazed at how he could reach her - how incredibly beautiful his heart was - how he was able to take all of Kivar's malicious energy away and leave her feeling loved and whole again.

Immediately she felt the loss of him.

She needed to be connected with him again - she never wanted that feeling to end - she had been through too much tonight and she needed more - more of Max.

She raised her hand to touch his cheek and whispered longingly to him.

"Max I need you..please ....make love to me."

He looked up at her with surprise as he gazed into her eyes that were now bright with desire and need.


"please Max"

He quickly removed his clothes and captured her mouth needing so badly to taste her - to feel her - to love her.

Very gently he moved his hand across her delicate neck barely grazing her soft skin with his fingertips.

Slowly taking his time he moved down to her collarbone then further to her breast as she arched into his hand desperately needing more - always more.

"Max" she breathed out as she covered his hand leading him to where she needing him the most.

"God Max can you feel what you do to much I want you."

"Liz" he groaned as he ran his fingers through her wet core.

Her body trembled as he began to move his mouth down her body tasting her soft skin.

She laced her fingers through his dark hair as he ran his tongue over her hard peak again and again - pulling sucking caressing her.

"Oh god ...oh my god Max" her shaky whispered voice made him melt inside.

Knowing she was close and wanting desperately to taste her he quickly released her and brought his eager mouth down to her burning heat.

He ran his tongue inside her making her throw her head back - her breath was coming out in short pants as she tried to hold back her screams.

He raised his hands up to gently caress her breasts as he continued to stroke her with his soft tongue.

She reached above her and grabbed onto the headboard as she uncontrollably moved against his beautiful mouth.

Suddenly he stopped and gazed up at her.

"Liz look at me" his husky sultry voice sent chills up her spine.

She gasped as he captured her most senstive spot in his lips and sucked it into his warm mouth.

He watched her as she began to shake hard whimpering with pleasure.

He gently kissed his way up her heated body and stared deeply into her eyes.

His chest was heaving against hers as he felt his passion for her burning him up inside.

"I love you Liz...I will always love you"

He gently began to move inside her as he tenderly kissed her soft lips.

Soon they were flying over the edge while shimmering rays of color swirled all around them illuminating the dark night sky.
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Coming for you(CC,M/L,Adult) chpt 30 11/18/07

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Natalie36: yours was the first reply I saw before I went to work and you just made my day! :D thank you so much!!
Temptation_K: thanks for coming back! the fight is getting closer don't worry! thanks for your great FB!! :D
angelina: thank you!! love as always seeing you here! :D
Flamehair: love what you said !! It was what I had in my mind when I wrote that chpt! thank you, I'm happy you refound my story too!!! :D
forever dreamer: I know I forgot all about Michael! :shock: oh well I don't think Michael being outside the door would've held me back from Max either! :lol: thanks for being here and your great FB!!
IheartMax: yikes sorry about you reading that steamy part at work! :lol: It's hard for me to keep them apart especially when she so desperately needed to be healed! :wink: love love seeing you here! thanks so much! :D
tine38 thanks so much for being here! so happy you like that last part, yes Max is finally going to let everyone help him! :D
begonia9508: I'm so happy you thought my Kivar was scary! Max will tell Michael everything soon I think he just wanted to hurry and heal Liz first! Oh and he definitely doesn't care about protecting Tess! thanks for being here!! :D
paper: Hi! so happy to see you here! I don't even know what to say, your reply was so great I loved it!! I was laughing my head off! thank you for reading my whole story and thinking it's exciting and for that awesomely clever FB!! :D
Timelord31: Always nice to see you here! thank you!! :D

Chapter 30.

Max held her in his arms until he was positive she was asleep. He carefully slipped away leaving the room to talk to Michael.

Coming out of the room he found everyone sitting anxiously on the couch.

Maria was the first to approach Max.

"Max is she ok...did Kivar hurt her?"

"I think Liz is just fine now Maria...right Max?"

Michael gave Max a little wink yawning letting him know how tired he was from his lack of sleep.

"Well can I see her Max?"

Maria went over to the door to the bedroom and was quickly stopped.

"She's sleeping...she had a rough night I think we should let her rest right now"

"Besides I need to talk to you all about what has been going on...I'm going to need all of your help"

Max filled them in on what happened the prevous night and especially Tess' part in it.

They were all stunned but they were especially scared for Liz.

Isabel approached Max trying to be as delicate as she could.

"Max what are you going to do seems to me Liz is still in can't be with her every second...especially since it seems he can just materialize anywhere."

"First we have to find Tess...Michael you may have been right about letting her go...she's getting too dangerous...I was able to see through her mind warp this time but I feel like she's getting desperate...god knows what she'll do save herself from him."

Alex got up and paced the room nervously.

"Max do you think she'll actually try to hurt Liz..or worse?"

"I don't know Alex..but we can't take any chances we have to find her."

"Max what are you planning on doing once you do find her?"

Michael questioned him wondering if he was willing to do what needed to be done.

"I've been thinking about Brody's device Liz used on drained her of her powers for a long time after she was exposed to it... maybe we can find a way to manipulate it to strip her of her powers permantely...if we did that she would be harmless...if that doesn't work...well we'll just deal with that when the time comes...first we need to find her."

"Hey everyone"

Just then Liz came walking out of the bedroom with Michael's blanket wrapped around her.

"Liz what are you doing hardly got any sleep and you really need you rest."

Max quickly put his arm around her and led her to the chair putting the blanket more securely around her.

"I don't really want to be in there alone Max...not after last night...I don't want to be alone at all anymore."

Liz stared down at the floor as her memory of last night played in her head.

"Well not to worry because we are not leaving you for a second...we'll figure something out...maybe you can tell your parents that you have to stay with me...I think it's time Amy went on one of her aroma therapy seminars."

Maria wrapped her arm around Liz trying to comfort her.

"Actually I think that's a great idea... you need to stay here where either me or Michael can look after you."

Max knelt beside her stroking her hair affectionately.

"What about school and work Max...I don't even have any clothes here."

"We'll figure it out Liz...we'll get someone to cover your shifts at the crashdown...we'll just tell your parents you have a big science project and you don't have the time to work...and as far as school goes I'll just write you a note I just need a sample of your dads handwriting I'm sure there's an invoice or something I can use...I 'm not taking any more chances with you after last night."

"No problem we'll handle everything...your dad told me that they had to pick up your cousin at the airport this and Michael will take you home you can get everything you need and call your parents from there."

Maria grabbed her keys and started walking towards the door.

"Ok it's settled then Michael and Maria will take you home to get your stuff and the rest of us will go look for Tess...Alex Isabel I want you to go back to school I don't think she'll show up after last night but you never know...I'll look around town for anyone sees her don't go near her just call me...remember she's dangerous..let me handle her."

This was all moving too fast for Liz and the thought of being away from Max terrified her. Something didn't feel right to her and she couldn't explain why.

"Max wait a minute can I just talk to you in the bedroom for a second."

"Yeah sure Liz..come on"

As soon as they were inside away from everyone Liz buried herself in his chest and softly began to cry.

"Max please can you be the one to take me back home....I don't want to be away from you...I only feel safe when I'm with you."

He could see how distraught she was and pulled her closer holding her tight. He whispered to her rubbing her back as he tried to calm her fears.

"Liz I have to find her I think she's his only physical connection to this long as she's out there your not safe and I can't live with'll be fine with Michael you know he'd do anything to protect you."

She slowly nodded into his chest as he gently wiped away her tears.

"Liz I promise you I'll be back as soon as I can...and tonight I'll hold you in my arms all night...I'm not going let anything else happen to you." He whispered softy in her ear.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and an overanxious Maria was now pulling Liz out of his protective arms.

"I think we should leave now Liz...I don't want to have you out there any longer than you need to be."


Max walked over to him lowering his voice so no one could hear.

"When I get back I need to talk to you and Isabel about River Dog."

"River Dog?'

"When I get back...and Michael...don't let her out of your sight for a second."

"Maxwell don't worry I'll bring her back to know I will."

Before she knew what was happening Liz was ushered out the door and away from Max.


She turned in the hall and ran back to him kissing him gently on the lips.

"I love you" she whispered as the others looked away feeling her pain.

"I love you Liz... more than you could imagine"

He cradled her face in his hands and looked deep into her eyes.

"Liz you look like you're never going to see me again...don't worry...I promise you tonight you will be back safe in my arms"

Liz kept looking back at him as Maria took her by the hand quickly leading her down the hallway of the apartment building.

Liz sat in the back seat of the jetta and stared out the window she couldn't shake the sinking feeling that something just wasn't right.

She wrapped her arms protectively around herself as she felt the distance between her and max growing wider and wider by the second.
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Coming for you (CC,M/L,adult) chpt 31 11/21/07

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Chapter 31.

Max drove through town searching all her usual haunts.

He couldn't get Liz's words out of his head wondering now if it wasn't just her fears that were making her so insistent about not being separated from him.

Still he knew he had a job to do and pushed aside his feelings knowing he had to be strong. Thinking she would be somewhere far away from all of them he decided to go to the desert to search the pod chamber.

Isabel and Alex searched the school with no luck and decided to go wait for everyone back at Michael's.

Meanwhile Maria Liz and Michael arrived at the crashdown cautiously on guard for anything suspicious.

Liz quickly made the call to her parents about staying with Maria and the all important science project that would be taking up all her time and preventing her from working.

She started to pack some clothes and necessities that she would be needing wondering how long her parents would continue to buy these excuses for her sudden disappearances.

"Michael I have to change can you please wait outside the door?"

"Sorry Liz... I'll turn my back Max told me not to leave you for a second and that's exactly what I intend to do."

"Michael the girl needs some privacy I'm right here believe me you'll know if something happens."

Maria started to push Michael towards the door but was unsuccessful as he planted his feet firmly on the ground.

"Maria look I'm responsible for her and I'm not -

Suddenly they heard the loud sound of tires screeching outside - they all looked towards her window just in time to see what looked like Isabel's car crash into a telephone pole.

They ran outside her balcony in horror realizing that in fact it was Alex and Isabel.

Shards of glass where scattered all over the road as the broken pole cracked in half and began teetering over her car.

Alex was screaming for help as he tried unsuccessfully to open the door that was jammed from the car being completely wrapped around the pole. They could see a glimpse of Isabel slumped over the steering wheel unconscious with blood dripping down her forehead. It seemed as if it was only moments before they would be crushed by the pole that was edging its way towards the hood of the car.


Michael screamed her name alerting Alex to all of them watching from above.


Alex continued to slam his shoulder against the door in a futile attempt to get her free.

"Michael go...we'll call Max and meet you down stairs"

Maria yelled down to Alex to hold on that Michael was on his way.

Michael looked back down at Isabel and the pole that was now falling onto the car and ran down the stairs as fast as he could.

"Maria give me the phone I have to call Max...we have to get him here!"

Maria stood with folded arms smirking at Liz in a very unsettling way.

"Maria what's wrong with you...we have to hurry!"

Tears started to form in her eyes as she watched Maria slowly metamorphosis into Tess.

"Someone should really tell you to listen to that little voice in your head Liz"

Liz shook from a combination of anger and fear as Tess started to mimic her.

"Oh Max please please don't leave me I'm so helpless!"

"Guess your stupid connection isn't as strong as you thought.....awwww Lizzy are you going to cry?....because I think I'd really enjoy that."


"Oh Maria is just fine should really be more worried about yourself right now little miss's about to get very uncomfortable for you."

In a last desperate attempt to fight back Liz picked up a vase from her desk and threw it at Tess. She pictured Max in her mind concentrating hard trying to reach him.

With a wave of her hand the vase went crashing into the wall.

"Oh you wanna play rough...fine with me."

At that moment Liz's world started to fade to black - she desperately tried to hold on to the vision of Max in her head as she fell to her knees - she whispered his name as her head hit the floor and the picture of her love slowly began to blur into nothingness.

Michael ran into the street turning the corner to find the normal flow of traffic coming down main street.

The realization of what had happened slammed into his chest like a ton of bricks he looked up at her balcony and screamed her name knowing full well that it was too late - she was gone.

Two by two he raced up the steps pleading that she would still be there but all he found was an empty room and an obvious sign of a struggle.

He ran ouside her balcony frantically searching up and down the streets but there was nothing - nothing but people making their way through town on a beautiful ordinary day.

He collapsed down on her bed with his head in his hands not being able to grasp what had just happened.

Suddenly something ocurred to him if that was Tess than where the hell was Maria.

Michael took off back outside seeing that the Jetta was gone he quickly dialed Isablel's phone remembering Max's words.

"Michael don't let her out of your sight for a second"

"Michael...Michael are you there?" her voice snapped him out of his thoughts

"Isabel I'm at the crashdown you have to come get me right away."

"Michael what happened.. where is Liz.. are you alright?"

"NO nothing is alright it was Tess...Maria was Tess and there was an accident but it wasn't real now Liz is gone and I have no idea where Maria is!"

Michael was talking so fast he started hyperventilating thinking that this was all his fault and his mistakes may cause Liz and Maria their lives.

"Michael you're not making any sense don't move we'll be right there!"

Alex and Isabel rushed to the crashdown to find a broken Michael sitting on the ground with his face in his hands shaking fiercely.

"Michael hurry get in we've been trying to get a hold of Max but where ever his is he must not have service with his cell...we have an idea of where to find Maria but we have to go now!"

They sped down the road to Maria's house getting there in record time.

Michael jumped out of the car not even giving Alex a chance to stop the car.


He ran from room to room screaming her name trying every door until he came to the basement where he heard the faint sounds of a struggle.

With one thrust of his powers the sealed door flew open and huddled in the corner behind some boxes he found Maria bound and gagged looking haggered and very angry.

He held her in his arms as Alex and Isabel looked on out of breath and relieved.

After removing her bindings she immediately started to ask the question - the question that in her heart she already knew the answer to.

" she with you..Michael please tell me she's with you!"

They all looked down in silence - all thinking the same thing - Max - how were they going to tell Max.

He drove further and further out into the desert filled with anger thinking of all that Tess had put them through - he was more determined than ever to put an end to all this for once and for all.

'I just need to find her' he thought to himself as he gripped the steering wheel.

Suddenly a strong force hit his chest - it felt as if the air had been sucked out of his lungs as a sharp pain struck his heart.

He slammed on his brakes spinning the jeep around kicking up a huge cloud of dirt and rocks in his wake.

He fell out of the jeep holding his chest trying to catch his breath as the dust from the road swirled all around him.

He sat on the ground staring down the desolate road that seemed to go on forever repeating the same name over and over again.