Coming for you (CC,M/L Adult) (Complete)

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Chapter 16.

Liz strolled through the tiny market swinging her basket back and forth behind her back daydreaming about her afternoon in the meadow with Max. She blushed at the bold words she had spoken. She was amazed at how she was able to be so daring so uninhibited with him. The edge of her mouth curled upwards and she closed her eyes remembering the intense pleasure he had given her so many times. Liz smiled to herself knowing that soon she would be feeling that pleasure again. She was holding a bunch of strawberries in her hand remembering their night in the desert when she felt him behind her. His hands reached around her tiny waist and rested across her flat tummy pulling her close to him.

"hey you feel like strawberry shortcake tonight because-

her body stiffened and her eyes widened as she felt the strangers hot breath as he spoke calmly in her ear.

"Don't scream liz...don't even try to move...because if you do you'll be dead before he even has time to look over here...that's a good I have plans for Max-plans that don't include you."
Tears started to roll down her cheeks as his grip tightened around her waist. The red juice from the berries began to drip down onto her dress as she clutched them tight in her tiny hands trying to keep herself from crying out.
"I heard you were a very smart Liz be smart...stay away from him or I promise....that pretty little face of yours won't stay pretty for very long.
In an instant she was released and he was gone.

Liz whipped around dropping the strawberries all over the floor finding no one there. Quickly she scanned the store looking for Max. He was talking to the clerk when he saw her. Seeing the terror in her eyes he immediately ran to her.

"Liz...what is it...what wrong?" He looked down at her dress seeing the red stains splattered all around the bottom. "oh my god...are you hurt...

"no-no I'm not hurt t-there was someone...I-I thought it was you" She was pale and shaking still feeling the intruders arms around her.

"what are you talking about Liz what happen....we're the only ones here."

"max just please get me out of here...please get me back to the cabin."

"let's go" he desperately wanted to know what happened praying that it had nothing to do with his dreams but he could clearly see how shook up she was and got her out of there.

Leaving the food behind he quickly helped her into the jeep and headed off to the cabin. He held her hand tight as they drove back he kept looking at her trying to read her thoughts. Liz stared blindly out into space. She was surprised at how she had let herself forget about the constant danger that always surrounded her when she was with him. She knew that no matter what was happening that there was no turning back now she loved him and she could never let him go.

"Here liz sit...I'll get you some tea"

He led her into a small den that was off the kitchen to a flowered sofa and placed a light blanket around her trembling shoulders. After putting the teakettle on the stove he took a chair from the kitchen and put in directly in front of her. He took her hands in his. He was getting more worried by the minute when she wouldn't even look at him. He gently raised her chin up so he could look into her watery eyes.

"liz please tell me what happened" he was doing everything he could to remain calm.

"I was just standing there... looking at the strawberries...a-and someone put their arms around me a-and I thought it was you max...I thought it was you..."

She looked down at her lap as a single tear slipped down her cheek. He brought his hand up and gently wiped it away keeping his hand there he gently stroked her face as he tried to comfort her.

"It's ok liz please go on...your safe now I need to know exactly what happened." His voice was almost at a whisper as to not upset her anymore than she already was.

"He told me not to move...not to scream" she suddenly broke down in tears shaking uncontrollably. He moved next to her on the couch and wrapped his arms around her. He held her close seething inside knowing that someone had done this to her.

"oh my god liz are you hurt...did he...touch you liz-

"no-no I-he didn't hurt me"

"liz please I know this is hard but did he say anything else...did you see him at all?"

"n-no I didn't see him but he told me...
She closed her eyes tight trying to hold back her tears.

"what...liz what did he say" he looked down into her terrified face.

"he told me to stay away from you...he told me he had plans for you...plans that didn't include me...and then well he sort of threatened me." She was reluctant to tell him exactly what was said knowing how much it would upset him.

He held her as she quietly cried while anger and rage swelled in his gut. How could this happen with him not ten feet from her. He was furious at himself for failing to protect her. The thought that some stranger had their hands on her touching her scaring her like this it was almost too much for him to bear. He remembered his nightmares and the condition she was she cried out to him to save her. What if the dreams were some kind of premonition or warning.

Suddenly the loud whistle of the kettle jarred him out of his thoughts. He jumped up and reached for his cell phone.

"max who are you calling?"

"Michael...this is getting out of control" he closed the phone and looked up at her realizing what he had just said.

"what do you mean ...this is getting out of control...did something else there something your not telling me max?"

"liz I-I've been having these dreams about you...more like nightmares actually a-and I didn't say anything because I didn't want to scare you for nothing but -

"so you've been having these nightmares about me and you decided it was better not to tell me....max what were you thinking?"

She began to pace the room her mind clearly forming a million questions for him.

"max what exactly did you dream....and how long have you been having these dreams...and -

"liz please I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about the nightmares but I really need to call Michael...I can't let anything else happen to you we have to fiqure out what's going on."

He was extremely upset now and dialed Michael's number several times messing up on each try. "Damn it!" he threw the phone across the room and sat down on the hard kitchen chair with his head in his hands. Tears started to stream down his hidden face.
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It killed her to see him so upset and worried for her and she knew she would have to be strong for him - for the both of them. She walked over to him and knelt down wrapping her arms around his neck.

"max it's ok...whatever it is it's ok...we'll fight it together...all of us like we always do...look at me."

He hesitated for several seconds embarrassed at having her see him this way. Finally he looked up at her as he wiped his tears with the back of his hand. He couldn't stop thinking that none of this would even be happening to her if it wasn't for him. He kept thinking that he should have done something sooner. That he should have watched her more carefully - protected her. The image of her from his dreams was haunting him. He kept thinking he would die if anything ever happened to her.

"I love you max...I can handle anything if it means being with you"


He took her face in his hands and slowly leaned in to kiss her softly.

Max knocked quietly on the bathroom door wanting to give her privacy.

"It's ok max come in" She was lying in a large white old fashion bathtub filled with bubbles. Her hair was wet and loose sticking to the golden skin on her neck and shoulders. Her eyes were closed and she seemed a little more relaxed.

"I brought you a towel...if there's anything else you need I'll be right outside the door."

She brought her hand out from the water and stopped him. "max please stay here...I don't want to be alone."

"sure ...anything you want liz"

"so ....did you get a hold of Michael?'

"yeah...and Maria overheard everything so-

"so we should be expecting a very overemotional Maria here tomorrow" she giggled as she blew the bubbles off her tiny hand.

"yeah...I think that's a given"

"Michael seems to think -

"max we only have one more night alone together...can we forget about all this just for tonight...can you just hold me...I know nothing will happen to me if I'm in your arms."

She slowly stood from the steamy bath as the soapy bubbles slid down her body. He wrapped the large cotten towel around her and carried her tired small frame to the bedroom.

He placed her down on the multicolored braided rug and started to light a few of the candles on the nightstand.

He turned to her wanting to take care of her wanting to make all of this disappear.

He removed the towel and carefully started to dry her soft skin. She loved how careful and respectful he always was with her. He would never touch her in an intimate way unless he was sure that it was what she wanted. He wanted her to know that he was perfectly happy to just sleep next to her holding her.

He reached in the antique chest and pulled out one of his tee shirts. He carefully pulled it over her head and pulled back the fluffy comforter helping her into the large sleigh bed. Undressing to his boxers he climbed into bed and took her into his arms.

She laid her head on his chest as her heavy eyelids started to close.

"I'm sorry max I'm so sleepy" she whispered as she snuggled closer to him.

"shh...sleep now...I've got you liz...I won't let you go"

When he was sure she was asleep he raised his hand over them. Suddenly a bright green shield appeared surrounding them - protecting them.

He looked around the room cautiously "I won't let anything happen to you liz, I promise."

He kissed the top of her head and pulled her in tighter.

"I love you" he whispered as she slept peacefully in his arms.

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Chapter 17.

The gentle breeze of the wind drifted through the old cabin making the aged wood creak and groan. The curtains flowed up and down softly caressing the antique furniture. Liz held him tight as she watched the shadows of the big willow tree dance against the wall of the bedroom.

After many hours Max had reluctantly fallen asleep from sheer exhaustion. She could hear the steady beat of his heart as she closed her eyes trying her best not to be frightened. She wanted to be strong for him but the truth was she was scared. She didn't possess the powers that he did and she felt completely defenseless against this unknown hostile presence.

What worried her more than anything is that she had a growing instinctive feeling that this was not Tess. The immense power that came off of him was beyond description. She knew that they had never faced something so dangerous before. She worried that they were no match for him especially now since they did not have the help of Nasedo.

'why...why did she have to come here?' She thought to herself as she silently remembered the days before Tess, before Agent Pierce, before his revealed destiny.

She longed for the days when her biggest problem was finding a way to run into him in the hallway or wondering if he was going to show up at the crashdown pretending to be hungry just so he could see her. She reminisced thinking of how her body would react with just the touch of his leg up against hers under the biology table. How his nervous shy smile would melt her heart.

She slowly opened her eyes as she began to seek out the comfort she so desperately needed. She gazed at the impressive muscles covering his arm as she gently ran her soft fingers over his skin. She wondered how someone could possess so much strength yet be so gentle and sensitive at the same time. She was sure that no one on this earth or beyond was as wonderful as her Max.

Her curious movements began to turn into something more as she started to feel the heat from deep within her rise. She looked down at the outline of the sheet as it clung to his hard thighs. She began to gently graze the side of his hip coming closer and closer to his increasingly hard arousal recalling how it felt to have him moving inside her-hovering above her. Her desire for him was becoming more evident by the second as her breathing rapidly increased. She lifted her eyes up to look at his beautiful face and was startled to find him looking back at her.

"max...h-how long have you been awake"

"long enough" he breathed out as he lifted her up to him.

"m-max" she moaned as he pressed her up against him showing her exactly what her gestures were doing to him.

He shook at the intensity of his need for her.

He seized her mouth roughly capturing her tougue. He groaned against her lips as he lifted her tee shirt up off her bottom finally feeling the skin he so desperately hungered for.

Her eyes darkened at his aggressive actions. She loved how she could incite such unabashed emotions from an always in-control reserved Max.

He quickly removed his boxers and lifted her up so they were now sitting up on their knees facing each other. He eased her tee shirt up over her head and continued his assault on her mouth sweeping his tongue along side hers again and again. His hands roamed down her back cupping her bottom pushing her firmly against him. He groaned as he felt her body react. His heart raced realizing just how ready she was for him. He reached up and touched her cheek and looked deeply into her eyes as he shocked and excited her all at once.

"liz...please...turn around" his breathless request sent chills up her spine.

Her eyes widened as she tentatively moved to face away from him.

Quickly he was up against her eager body. His hands caressed her breasts as his mouth clung to her neck kissing, licking, nibbling as he began to worship her beautiful body.

He brought one hand down to rest between her legs. Her head was now back against his shoulder as she prepared for the pleasure that awaited her.

She waited patiently for him to stoke her but he just rested his fingers against her burning core. He began to gently slide the tip of his finger back and forth lightly grazing the hardened peak of her breast evoking throaty moans from her parted lips.

She trembled needing so badly for him to stroke her- to make her scream.

"m-max please" she begged desperate for his touch.

"relax liz...just let go" he whispered in her ear as he applied more pressure to her most sensitive spot.

Very slowly she started to feel the delicious tremors building inside her. She tried to move his hand craving more but he held her tight preventing her.

Suddenly she began to arch her back as she trembled uncontrollably. Her sweet spasms left her flinching up against him crying out his name as he continued to elicit the most inexplicable pleasure from her.

She leaned forward placing her hands on the bed trying to regain her strength when she felt his fingers coming around to rest on her hips. She swallowed hard feeling his presence behind her. Tilting her head to the side she looked back catching his eyes. Her dark hair spilled down her back and shoulder as she silently told him what he needed to know.

Unable to contol his need any longer he began to thrust inside her. He brought his head down and slammed his eyes shut. The feeling of her dripping warmth surrounding him was more than he could take. He groaned her name as he continued to drive into her again and again.
She was in heaven feeling the depth of him this way.

He placed his hand on her stomach gently raising her up to rest against him. He never once broke his rhythm as he rocked slowly inside her.

"max...oh my feel so good"

Her breathless words provoked him to please her more as he brought one hand up to tease her hard peak. He gently stroked her heat heightening her pleasure pushing her close the edge once again.

His lips brushed up against her ear as his husky voice began to speak.

" sweet liz...come for me"

Hearing his sultry voice was all it took to send her flying

He squeezed his eyes shut as he felt her fluttering all around him.

Max finally surrendered as he cried out her name endlessly

He wrapped his arms tightly around her holding her close as his whole body shook from the hard pounding of his heart.

"god liz...what you do to me"

His shaky voice made her smile softly up against his heaving chest. She silently wished she could stay in his arms forever.
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Chapter 18.

A bright orange light peeked through the trees and into the window engulfing the two lovers as they laid together in eachothers arms. Max slowly opened his eyes staying perfectly still not wanting to break their embrace. He sighed deeply knowing that soon Michael and Maria would be here and the precious time they had alone together was about to run out. He breathed her in and melted from her sent of strawberries and vanilla that always seemed to envelop her.

Not wanting to be undressed when they arrived Max carefully slid to the side placing Liz off his chest and onto the mattress somehow managing not to wake her. He sat up against the headboard and vigorously rubbed his eyes thinking coffee was definitely a necessity at this point.

While his eyes were closed he began to hear an eerie voice that called out to him.

"Zan" his wicked tone boomed through Max's head in an unexplainable distressing way.

'not again' he thought to himself as he reluctantly opened his eyes realizing he had once again been pulled into another nightmare.

Upon opening his eyes he found himself in a dark dingy room. He was sitting in a hard metal chair with a large steel table in front of him.

"ZAN!" the strange voice called out to him once again louder this time as if to sound even more intimidating.

"My name is not's Max" he tried to be strong remembering what this monster had done to Liz he refused to let him know just how frightened he really was.

"Whatever you say...Max...we have some unfinished business"

"I don't even know who you are...the only thing I know is that you like to scare innocent girls and give people nightmares...pretty cowardly if you ask me...why don't you show yourself"

"That really isn't necessary Zan you know who I am...we have an interesting history back on Antar."

"Kivar" max lowered his voice in disgust.

"Very good there are some issues we need to discuss"

"Listen I am not who you think I am...I am not Zan...I am human and I remember nothing from that other life."

"Oh I beg to are very much Zan regardless of what weak worthless human DNA is poisoning your body...and you and me have a score to settle."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"The war that irrupted between us tore the people of Antar apart"

"You are not listening to me...that was not me...I know nothing of this Zan...I have nothing to do with your war...this is the only life I know."

Max's voice started to rise as anger and fustration took over his fear.

"Listen Zan it really doesn't matter to me what you believe to be true...the people of my planet are organizing...there are talks of a revolution and I intend to make sure that doesn't happen."

"What do you want from me...what do I have to do with any of this"

Max got up from the chair and started to pace the desolate room looking up at the ceiling as he spoke to the menacing voice.

"You have everything to do with see the people they remember their pathetic spineless king...and they will listen to you...and I intend for you to tell them exactly what they need to hear so this rebellion is extinguished."

"You see we're going to form a little fake alliance so they will fall in line and behave like the slaves they were meant to be."

"I will not tolerate a revolt under my rein as King."

"What the hell makes you think that I will do anything to help you"

"Well Max lets just say that I have been observing you and I'm pretty confident that I will have your full cooperation in this matter."

"And what makes you think that"

"Hmmm...well lets just say that the nightmares you've been having are a friendly warning of what could happen to your precious little Liz if you don't come back with me and settle this situation."

"Five days have five days to figure out exactly how much that insignificant human means to you...after that I get to have some fun making her scream."


"FIVE DAYS!" Kivar's powerful voice bellowed through his skull.

His eyes flew open as Max instantaneously found himself back in his bed.

Immediately he looked over for Liz but she was no where to be found. He grabbed his jeans quickly pulling them on as he frantically searched for her.


His blood ran cold with terror as he ran into every empty room. Tears started to form in his eyes as he pushed open the front door running directly into Michael.

"Dude what the hell is wrong with you -


"You mean the Liz that's sitting on the dock over there talking to Maria?"

Max fell to the ground with relief his tears falling down his cheeks as his heart pounded in his chest making it difficult for him to breath.

"Max what the hell is going on"

"I-I'm in trouble Michael...and I have no idea what I'm going to do"

"Look Maxwell It can't be all that bad we've handled Tess before -

"It's not Tess's not Tess this time."

Max sat on the ground shaking his arms were tightly wrapped around his knees as he watched Liz giggling innocently with Maria.

"Well then what -

"Kivar's Kivar"

Michael's eyes widened as he leaned up against the cabin for support not knowing what to say.

"Hey Max good to see you!" a smiling Alex strolled up to them with an arm full of groceries.

"Alex...what are you doing here?" Max looked up at him as he quickly wiped his tears from his face.

"Well I heard we were in dangerous peril again...and I thought to myself what's more exciting studying for a history test or saving my best friends from a mysterious evil force...besides I brought food...can't fight the evil on an empty stomach"

"Alex!" Liz came running obviously excited and thrilled to see her friend.

She looked radiant as she flung herself into his arms hugging him tight.

"Alex what are you doing here." she smiled brightly at him.

"I'm here to save you of course...why does everyone keep asking me that?"

"And do I see food in those bags...I'm starving!"

"Well lets go little lady show me to your kitchen"

"You coming spaceboy" Maria glared at Michael "You are helping you know that right?" her eyebrows were raised as she waited for an answer.

"Yeah...I"ll be in Maria just give me a minute"

"okay" she looked at him sideways confused as to why she didn't get a sarcastic answer from him.

Max and Michael watched as Maria, Alex and Liz made their way into the cabin. Just then Liz came bouncing back out the door and leaned down to kiss Max on the cheek.

"good morning you...did you sleep as good as I did?" she winked at him as her beautiful smile took over her face.

"Y-Yeah great liz...I'll be in soon you should go and show them where everything is."

"ok sure...I love you" she whispered in his ear softly before she jumped up and joined her friends inside.

Max looked down at the ground completely drained.

"I can't let anything happen to her Michael...she means everything to me."
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Chapter 19.

Everyone sat around the kitchen table laughing and joking eating their lunch except for a very somber Max. He looked around at all of his friends as they cheerfully enjoyed eachothers company. He thought to himself how lucky they were to have found them. How they could trust them with their secret - with their lives. They had risked their lives for them so many times without regard for their own safety.

He hated the fact that he couldn't just be normal that his life would always bring such danger to the people that he loved. He felt responsible for them. He knew that if anything happened to any of them it would be his fault and that was something that he couldn't even bear to think about.

He was despondent feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders when he looked over at Liz. She was staring at him with obvious concern. She reached her hand out to take his as she tried to comfort him.

He waited until they were finished with their meal before deciding he had put it off long enough. They had to come up with a plan of action and they had to do it now.

"Look everyone we need to talk" His serious tone caused a hushed silence to take over the group.

Feeling the need to break the silence Maria stood and started to clear the table as she let out a big sigh.

"Oh no, he's got that 'we're all going to die' look on his face - girlfriend can we at least go for a swim in that cool lake before we face the end of the world - again."

Maria's face fell as Michael gave her a stern look making it clear that this was not the time to joke.

"Sorry Max...I just's Tess ...all we have to do is straighten her slutty vengeful ass out and it's all chocolate cake and tobasco sauce for everyone...well for some of us anyway."

Max looked at the ground not knowing how to even start.
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"Max what's going on...your making me nervous and not that - Isabel's wearing that red dress again - good kind of nervous." Alex started pacing the floor running his fingers through his hair trying to prepare himself for the worst.

"Max you know who it was in the market yesterday with me don't you."
Liz walked over to him putting her hand on his shoulder.

"Enough!" Michael's patience had worn out "What the hell did Kivar say Max...what does he want!"

"Michael" Max gritted his teeth in anger knowing that somehow he could have found a better way to break the news to Liz.

"Kivar?" Liz sat down crossing her arms in front of her as the threats she remembered so clearly ran through her mind and the depraved voice still echoed in her ear.

She knew now that she would have to tell him what Kivar had said to her. Her heart pounded knowing there was no one that could protect her from him. He was no human like Agent Pierce or a hybrid like Tess. He was an evil alien that had managed to kill them all in their past life and taken over their entire planet. What chance could they possibly have against him.

"Liz please I-I'll figure something out ...there has to be a way to deal with this....I won't let anything happen to you I promise." He put his arms around her as she snuggled into his warm chest.

They sat for hours after Max had filled them in on exactly what Kivar had told him and all the nightmares that he had had about Liz. They tossed around ideas but nothing seemed to work.

"Listen Max I can't even begin to suggest what you should do about the whole saving the enslaved people of Antar situation but I think we all can agree on one thing....we can't leave Liz alone for one second."
Alex stared out the window in fear for his friend.

"You know not to blow your whole 'babysitting Liz' idea out of the water Alex but Max was ten feet away from her in that store when she was practically attacked by that beast...what makes you think she'll be safe with one of us protecting her." Maria nervously scrubbed the same mug several times not knowing what else to do.

"Max we're screwed...even if you do what he asks you to do there is no way he's just going to let you go...what the hell are we going to do!"
Michael punched the wall in frustration.

"You know there's something I can't quite figure out"

Liz bit her bottom lip as she concentrated on her thoughts.

"How exactly did Kivar find you?"

"What do you mean Liz?"

"Well...he knows all about us...he knows how we feel about eachother...that's how he knew to put those nightmares in your head...and that's why he threatened me...he knows your weakness...doesn't it seem a little strange that all this happened right after Tess tried to pull us apart by mindwarping me?"

"What are you saying Liz?" a very impatient Michael chimed in.

"She's saying that Kivar had help...she's saying that Kivar had help from Tess."

A small smile came over Max's face as he shook his head amazed at how smart she was - amazed at her.

"Well that's it lets go put the fear of god into that blonde scanky whore."
Maria snapped as she threw the dishtowel on the counter and headed towards the door.

"Wait Maria we don't know anything for sure yet." Liz smiled at how Maria would just fly off the handle not even considering the danger, 'no wonder they were so attracted to eachother' she thought to herself.

"Liz is right we have to go about this the right way...we need to know what Tess knows without her realizing what we are suspecting." Max rubbed his chin as he stared at the floor in deep thought.

"And how exactly do we manage that one of those psychic networks on TV?"
Michael sarcastically barked at him.

"We don't need to....all we need is Isabel" Liz lifted up Max's chin forcing him to look at her. "If Isabel can dreamwalk Tess maybe we can find out what she's been up to...or who she's been conspiring with."

"Did I ever tell you how much I admire your mind?" Max pulled her onto his lap as he began to caress her back affectionately.

"That's not my mind Max" she whispered in his ear.

"Ok before our two love birds go into heat again how about we call Isabel and get this plan into motion." Michael snapped in frustration.

"It's called affection Michael and it's quite common among humans should try it sometime." Maria retorted elbowing him in his ribs.

"Max do you know when Isabel is coming back from your grandparents house?"

"Sometime tonight Liz but I don't want to call her...I'm not sure what her reaction will be and I don't want my parents getting suspicious...besides we have to do this at night when Tess is asleep."

"You know all this sounds good but there's one thing I don't understand" Alex interjected.

"What possible reason would Tess have for aligning herself with Kivar...I mean didn't he kill her too in your past life...why would she help him?"

"I'm not sure Alex...maybe he offered her a deal" Max held Liz tighter.

"What kind of deal....I mean what could she possibly want so bad that she'd make an alliance with someone as ruthless as Kivar?"

"What she's always wanted Alex" Liz whispered as she closed her eyes feeling the familiar pain of all that Tess had put her through.

"Max...she wants Max"
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Chapter 20.

The gang had decided to meet up at Michael's apartment to fill Isabel in on the task ahead of her. Also to make arrangements to make sure that a least one of them was with Liz at all times. Everyone had left the rustic cabin except for Max and Liz who stayed to clean.

After making the place appear that they had never even been there they made their way to the jeep. Liz stopped to look back. She gazed at the lake, the meadow, and the window belonging to the bedroom where he had taken her to heaven and back.

"What is it Liz?" he questioned as he slipped his arm lovingly around her.

"It's just ...I can't believe how incredibly happy you have made me." she gazed up at him with her deep soulful eyes. "Never in my life would I have ever imagined I would feel such love...such...pleasure." her eyes fell to the ground embarrassed by her honesty.

Max backed her up against the jeep and took her into his arms. His soft amber eyes washed over her beautiful face just taking her in. He reached up and cradled her face in his hands tilting her up to kiss her tenderly.

He marveled how just a simple kiss could leave him breathless.

"Liz every second with you is like a dream to me...a dream so incredible that nothing in my wildest imagination could ever conceive of anything so's like magic when I'm with you."

"And when you talk of the word... pales in comparison to how I feel when I am...with you...touching you...feeling your body as you come apart all around me...knowing that I am the one making you loose control."

He lowered his voice as he revealed how much she affected him.

"Liz what you do to me...I could stay inside you forever"

"max" her breath quickened as she slowly grazed over the muscles of his strong arms - her eyes darkened in response to his heated words.

In a bold move she reached for the button of his jeans indicating just what she needed from him.

"liz ...we should really get to Michael's -

His eyes started to close as he felt her hands move under his tee shirt lightly touching the hills and valleys of the muscles that covered his tight stomach.

He found himself powerless against her advances as she slid onto the hood of the jeep and slowly raised her skirt high above her creamy thighs.

His pulse raced as he watched her slowly unbutton her shirt revealing to his surprise her bare breasts that rose and fell under her heaving chest.

She licked her lips as he moved towards her. Her sandals slipped off her dainty feet as she wrapped her legs around his waist bringing him closer - always closer.

She slowly laid back against the jeep arching her back in anticipation of his touch that always made her feel as if she were on fire.

He gazed down at the trembling seductive vision that laid before him.

Her bold moves had once again left him completely flustered and burning up inside.

Max pulled his shirt from his body making her gasp at the sight of his rippling muscles.

He brought his hand down and gently caressed her cheek lost in her eyes that gazed at him with an unspoken look that begged for his touch.

Max slowly took his time sliding his fingers down the line of her jaw stopping to run his thumb over her parted lips.

Her breathing was ragged now as she helplessly waited for him to continue his slow torturous caresses.

He lightly skimmed the trembling flesh between her breasts making a blazing trail down to her quivering stomach.

"max...please touch me" she pleaded

"I am touching you" he whispered teasingly


"you mean...touch this" he bent down and gently licked the hard peak of her breast pulling it into his mouth as he bathed it with his soft tongue.

"oh...god yes max"

" this" he growled as he quickly pulled her panties down and off her legs ravaging her heat with his tongue making her whimper and moan.

"max...please take me now" she groaned desperate to have him inside.

"not...yet" he rasped as his hot breath seared the inside of her thigh.

He was drunk with the sweet taste of her. He was relentless never slowing down as he felt her pulsating again and again against his scorching mouth taking all she had to give and still needing more.

Finally she managed to pull him up to face her as she pulled his jeans and boxers down his thighs and cried out as he grasped her bottom drawing him into her again and again.

They stared intensely at each other as he held her to him with one hand on her back and the other hand on her bottom. Her cries increasingly grew louder as he began to thrust deeper and deeper inside her.

Max latched onto her neck slowly moving his tongue across her burning skin as he moved his fingers lightly grazing her heat over and over again.

Liz looked up at the night sky as the light from the stars blurred under the haze of the tremors that racked her body.

Suddenly he felt himself shudder as the fervent spasms started to radiate throughout him as he gave into the rapture that coursed through every cell of his being.

He held her close to him shaking as he stared deeply into her eyes fully aware that he would be forever captured under the inescapable spell that she had cast over him that would claim his heart forever.
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Isabel stood with her hands firmly on her hips obviously very upset.

"Will someone please tell me what is going on...I've just spent the last two days looking at about a hundred pictures of my grandparents waving at nobody on their trip to the Grand Canon. I've got a huge test to study for and I still haven't even unpacked yet."

"What is so urgent that I had to rush right over here...and where is Max and Liz anyway?"

"That's what I'd like to know" Michael sighed as he slumped down onto the couch.

"Do I need to draw you a picture Michael?" Maria raised her eyebrows "They are not going to be alone again for god knows how long they are probably just -

"Fantastic I rush right over here summoned by our leader who is as we speak -

"Hello Iz" Max quickly walked through the door as he avoided eye contact with the group.

"Hi Isabel" Liz softly spoke as she joined Max sitting on the stool next to him.

"So glad you could join us...I mean it's not like we're in a life and death situation here." Michael slammed the door shut before scanning the hall making sure no one else was there.

We had to stay and clean up Michael I told you that before you left."

"Hmmm tell me liz did the 'cleaning' leave you satisfied?" Maria smiled widely loving how she could read her friend like a book.

"Maria!" Liz put her head down and covered her eyes wishing the floor would open up and swallow her.

"Look everyone we don't have much time we need to tell Isabel what's going on"

Max pulled his chair to face her and started from the beginning,

Isabel sat on the couch and stared off into space in shock.

"So let me get this straight - Kivar is after Liz and Max and you all think Tess is involved somehow and you want me to dreamwalk her and find out what she knows."

"I was better off looking at the endless pictures of grandma and grandpa's vacation."

She let out a big sigh as she clutched her pillow to her chest.

"Look Izzy right now this the only move we have,"

"We need to know as much as possible about Kivar if we are going to have any chance against him...he's coming after liz Isabel we have to do something."

Max did his best to get across the seriousness of the situation.

"I know five days...we have five days to solve this ...I remember Max."
she looked away in disbelief that once again their lives where being threatened.

"ok...of course I'll do it...but I can't make any promises...this is Tess we're dealing with...what if she can sense me there?"

"Iz I know you've dreamwalked people in the past and remained hidden from them."
he slyly looked over at Alex remembering how she dreamwalked him so she could find out what he had told Tolpolski and he had no idea she was even there.

"She glared at Max knowing what he was saying and threatened him with a deadly look to make sure he didn't consider revealing that informaton to Alex.

"I need a picture...did anyone think of that?" she looked around the room silently hoping they hadn't. Isabel was very cautious of Tess ever since she put those very disturbing images in her mind about her and Michael. This was not something she was confident about doing especially now that she was involved with Kivar.

"Here Isabel will this work?" Alex handed her a class photo that was taken when their biology teacher had won an award for teacher of the year.

"Yeah this will do ...but I don't trust her...If I don't come back in fifteen minutes someone better wake me up."

"I'll be right here Isabel...I"ll watch the clock...don't worry you can count on me."

Alex put a pillow under her head and a blanket over her as she laid down on the couch.

Liz turned the lights off and looked at Max

"I hope this works" she whispered softly in his ear.

He kissed the top of her head as he held her tight against his chest.

They all held their breath watching Isabel fall into a deep sleep as she held her fingers over Tess's smiling face.

A very dreadful feeling started to overcome Isabel as she began to fluctuate between her warm energy and Tess's dark consciousness. She found herself in the corner of a dimly lit room. She started to hear what could only be described as the sound of a wounded animal.

She began to feel a heaviness that filled her with dread and despair. Isabel did her best to guard herself from these strange feelings. She kept reminding herself that she was just there to observe - that she was safe.

The sounds became increasingly louder as she began to make out a small form that was huddled in the other corner of the room. It was Tess she could see that now but it was not the Tess that she knew. This Tess was terrified shaking crying. Her arms were wrapped protectively around her knees.

"What's the problem Tess...not happy with the choices you have made...isn't that a shame." a loud ghastly voice bellowed through the air.

Isabel quickly backed herself into the corner crouching down trying to hide in the dark terrified even though she knew she could not be seen.

"Kivar please...have mercy on me." she whispered choking back her tears.

"Were you not the one who told me that you could seduce Zan into falling in love with you and convince him to return back to Antar?"

"Sorry Tess I'm not seeing a palace in your future."

"Face it you were defeated by a lowly human...even with your powers you could not succeed in pulling them apart."

"A mousy little waitress managed to foil your does that make you feel Tess?"

"You are pathetic, but not entirely worthless to me yet"

"I would listen very carefully to what I am about to say to you Tess... you have one last chance...if you fail you will be banished forever to a place worse than any nightmare you could imagine."

"Zan and Liz have a very strong hold on each other...this human very sound of it repulses me."

"As appalling as it is his greatest weakness...we must set out to break this human...and I have a feeling I have given you enough motivation to take on this task."

"It's you or her Tess...your could live out the rest of your life on this despicable planet or be banished to a fate worse than you can imagine."

"Don't worry you won't be alone if you fail...I'll make sure your little Liz will be there to keep you company for eternity."

Suddenly Isabel was jarred awake. She sat up quickly shaking, sweating as tears welled up in her eyes.

A deep pain filled her heart as she looked over at her brother and the girl he so desperately loved.

Alex rushed to her side wrapping his arms around her.

"Iz what did you see... what happened"

Isabel looked at Liz as her tears fell from her eyes.

"Isabel please....tell me" fearing the worst Max became impatient needing to know just how precarious their situation was.

Isabel was speechless - how could she tell him what Kivar had planned for Liz.

Max's voice cracked as he choked back his tears feeling the connection with his sister.

Seeing it in her eyes he knew that his love was in much more danger then he could ever imagine.

He knelt down in front of her and grasped her face with his hands forcing her to look at him frantic with agony at the very thought that the only person that made his life worth living could be taken away from him.

"Iz what did you see!"
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Coming for you (CC,M/L, Adult) chpt 21. 10/31/07

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Chapter 21.

Isabel looked into her brothers' eyes with deep compassion as she searched aimlessly for the right words to convey to him just how dire their situation was.

Maria and Alex put their arms supportively around Liz as they listened intently to what Isabel had to say.

"S-She is were right Max she made some kind of agreement with him...I didn't get the whole story but I guess her plan was to....ummm -

Isabel averted her eyes from Max and Liz feeling uncomfortable revealing the next part to them not wanting to hurt Liz anymore than was necessary.

"It's ok Isabel we know what she's been doing with Max...please don't stop we need to know everything." Liz spoke softly as she held onto Maria's hand bracing herself for the rest.

"Her plan was to seduce you make you fall in love with her so she could bring you back to Kivar what he needed and having you for herself"

"Iz how did you find this out...what happened in her dream?"

"It wasn't exactly a dream Max I believe this is how Kivar communicates with her....while she's asleep."

"You saw him!" Michael ran over to her already gearing up for a fight.

"No - no...I heard him...his hideous voice was all around her...I couldn't tell if he was here on earth but it sure seemed like it...I could feel his presence everywhere."

"It was horrible...I never felt such power...he's so strong strong...

her voice trailed off as she took a sip from a cup of tea that Alex had made her to help calm her.

"I know your upset Izzy but please....

"Ok...I-I was in a dark dismal room that I didn't recognize and Tess was crouched down in the corner...she was petrified."

"Poor heart just bleeds for her"

"Maria please not now!" Michael barked at her as he listened intently to Isabel's words.

"I don't know why he needs Tess to trick you into this...I don't get it Max if he's as powerful as we think he is why doesn't he just force you to go back?"

"I have no idea Iz...but if I don't think of something fast god knows what he'll do to Liz."

Isabel put the tea down and walked over to the window holding the blanket tightly around her shoulders as she stared into the darkness.

"What is it...did he say something about Liz?" Max stood looking at her reflection in the window feeling her distress.

"He said if Tess fails he would banish her for eternity to someplace horrible...and that she wouldn't be alone...I think no matter what you do Max that's what he intends to do to Liz...even if you do what he asks...I don't think he's letting either one of you go."

"Max what if he can't force you to go...what if you have to agree to do this by your own free will...maybe that's why he can't just take you back..maybe that's why he needs to manipulate you into willingly returning to Antar to stop this so called revolution."

"Liz If that's true than why can he do what he wants with you and Tess?"
Isabel held her head feeling very drained.

"Maybe Kivar is in fear of being overthrown - losing his power - he needs Max to talk to his people convince them...what if using Max is the only option he has left...why else would he go through all this trouble unless he really needed you seems like he'll go to any length to accomplish this - using Tess - threatening to take me away."

"Max he needs you... and if he needs you that means you have power over him...we just have to figure out how to use that to our advantage."

"And not get...what did she say?...oh yeah banished in the mean time."
Alex shook his head realizing that normally he'd be beating his father at monopoly right now instead of trying to fight an evil alien mastermind.

Liz grabbed Max's hand as she glanced up at the clock.

"Oh my god Max it's so late my parents are going to wonder why I'm not back from Maria's by now... I have to get home."

"Ok we have to go but before we do we all have to agree on something...Tess cannot know that we are on to one treats her any different...act as normal as you can around her"

They all nodded in agreement as they left Michael's apartment.

"Max are you coming home after you drop Liz off?"

"Iz I'm not letting her out of my sight ....tell mom I'm staying at Michael's tonight."

Max waited on her balcony until they were sure her parents were asleep. He slipped under the covers with her holding her tight covering her once again with his protective glowing shield.

As dawn approached Liz gently woke him whispering in his ear - stroking his dark hair.

"Max my parents are going to be awake soon you have to go...don't worry in a few hours we'll be in school surrounded by people...I'll be fine Max."

"It's killing me to leave you liz...I'm going to be sick with worry until I see you again."

"I don't want you to go either but we can't get caught right's ok I promise I'll be fine"

"Ok but please be careful" he kissed her tenderly as he made his way quietly down her ladder.

Max had a terrible time in school unable to concentrate on anything but Liz. He was in constant worry for her. They had it down to a science when Max had to seperate from her Michael or Isabel would be right there to watch over her. Alex and Maria also kept busy keeping the group informed of every move Tess was making.

After school Liz was very busy working at the crashdown. Brody was out of town leaving Max stuck at the UFO museum for the night. Fortunately Michael was working the grill that night and just to be extra safe Isabel thought it would be a good idea to study quietly at one of the booths located in the corner of the diner. Ironically Alex had the very same idea and decided to join her. Of course Maria was right by Liz's side cracking jokes all night endlessly questioning her about what sex was like with an alien king.

In the back of her mind she knew of the danger she was in but she couldn't help feeling blessed looking around her at all the people that cared so much for her. She would even catch Michael following her in the back when she had to get something out of the storage room - never leaving her alone for a minute.

It was closing time at the crashdown when Max called. He told her even though they were closed he still had about an hours worth of work he had to finish before he could leave. He knew Michael and Isabel must be tired and told Liz that when she finished cleaning to come over and stay with him so he could look after her.

As Liz put her coat on she saw out of the corner of her eye Michael whispering something into Maria's ear. Liz smiled to herself as she caught the words - 'my apartment' and 'I'll keep you warm' coming from an unusally affectionate Michael.

She looked away hearing kissing noises coming from the back room.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow." she yelled as she reached for her keys.

"Liz wait we'll walk you across the the street Michael muttered back between kisses."

"I'll be fine Michael I think I can manage to cross the street by myself...just don't forget to lock up ok?"

"Yeah ok but don't tell Max I left you alone!"

"Ok you have fun you two!"

The inside of the museum was dark except for a small light coming form Brody's office where Max was working filing endless newspaper clippings of alien abductions. He smiled to himself remembering Brody telling him of how he thought that aliens were trying to make contact. 'god if he only knew he had one right here working for him' he thought to himself.

His heart skipped a beat when he heard the sound of the door as it creaked open knowing he would be able to see his sweet Liz again.

"Liz I'm back here" he yelled as he lifted a large box over his head onto the high shelf.

"m-max...p-please help -

Max whipped his head around in horror as he saw Liz fall to the ground as she cried holding her chest making the most gut wrenching painful sounds.

He ran to her as she clutched her chest. Blood trickled down between her small fingers as she laid in his arms. Her breathing was shallow as her attempt to speak was hindered by the gurgling sound of blood filling up her lungs.

"It h-hurts m-max...

Her eyes closed as her head fell back against his chest her hand slipping away revealing a large hand print that was burned into her delicate skin.

"NO! OH MY GOD LIZ NO!!!!!!!"

Max held her close crying over her limp body his tears fell endlessly on her face. He placed his hand over the wound and watched in anguish as he failed to heal her.

"Bring her to the pod chamber and agree to come with me and she will be is her only chance to live Max" the dreadful voice echoed against the walls.

Max held her to him his lips touching her cheek as her face was bathed in his tears. He was broken - his heart shattered all he could do was scream her name in sheer agony.

Suddenly a luminous green light shimmered throughout the room. Tess went flying across the floor slamming into the wall her eyes widened as she shook her head dazed and completely shocked.

Standing in the doorway of the office was Liz holding the alien device Brody had gotten years ago that when activated rendered their alien powers useless - mindwarping being one of them.

Max looked down at his empty arms and back up at Liz. The illusion had been broken but Max was left completely devastated from his horrifying experience.

Liz walked over to Tess as she held her throbbing head.

She knelt down bringing her mouth close to her ear.

"How does it feel to be powerless bitch!"

"I think you should leave now before he realizes what you have done"

Tess slowly limped away in pain feeling in her gut that her time had finally run out.
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Chapter 22.

Liz closed her eyes and leaned up against the wall still tightly clutching Brody's device in her hand. She finally relaxed her fingers deactivating it slipping it into her pocket.

She quickly ran over to Max her heart breaking at the sight of him.

Max was sitting on the ground - sweat covered his tear stained face making the ends of his dark hair stick to his skin. His eyes were swollen and red as he held his shaky hands in front of him obviously still seeing the image of her blood that only a few seconds before had been dripping down his wrists.

Liz sat in front of him painfully concerned for him.

"Max look at's ok...I'm ok...please Max"

The sound of her words hung in the air like a distant memory. His lips were trembling as the tears of his broken heart slipped off his face one by one.

"Max please look at me!" She gently pulled his arms away and cradled his face in her tiny hands trying to force him to see her.

His eyes were glazed over locked in an excruciating loop of witnessing her die over and over again. He was unresponsive to her desperate pleas as every second that passed by left her panicking that he would never come out of this paralyzed state.

Frantically she searched her mind for a way to release him from his torment.

Suddenly it came to her - if she could make a connection with him creating a flash maybe she could jolt him back to her.

Her big brown eyes filled with tears as she slowly moved in gently bringing her soft lips to his.

Liz felt her eyes close as a brilliant warm white light flooded her mind.

The flashes were flowing between them as their souls connected filling their hearts with the beautiful memories that would forever bound them together.


-the all consuming passion that filled their hearts as he moved in to kiss her for the first time under the bright stars on her balcony-


-max nervously holding her in his arms as they danced lost in her penetrating dark eyes-


-his shaky hand as it caressed her cheek in the discarded van--"Whether I die tomorrow or fifty years from now my destiny is the's you...I want to be with you Liz...I love you."-
-"I love you"-

Abruptly Max opened his eyes wide as he gasped for air. His eyes came sharply into focus as he laced his fingers through her raven hair looking over every inch of her making sure she was ok.

"Liz oh my god... your alive...your ok...are you ok?"

His words were flying so fast out of his mouth - he was unable to contain his elation that his love - his liz was alive and back in his arms.

He pulled her in tight hugging the air out of her lungs afraid to let go - afraid he was dreaming.

Liz sighed with deep relief as she held on to him for dear life.

"Oh my god Liz...y-you...

He pulled back and kissed her mouth - her eyelids - her bright smiling cheeks as he breathed her in needing to feel that this was real - that she was real.

"I thought I lost you..look at you...your ok...your perfect...your beautiful Liz...I love you...I love you so much!"

He pulled her back into his arms embracing her once again squeezing his eyes shut never wanting to let her go.

"Liz what happened...oh my god w-what was that?" he whispered in her ear as he stroked her long hair needing to constantly be touching her.

She hesitated for a moment nervous for his reaction.

Her voice lowered as she spoke her name into his ear.

"Tess was Tess"

Max stiffened in her arms she could feel his energy start to change from joyfully light to very dark and heavy. He was shaking finding it hard to control the fury that raged through his body.

"She mindwarped me..she made me think you were dying ...that you were -

the words were too painful for him to speak out loud.

"But how...why did it stop...where did she go?"

"I walked in on the whole thing - I saw what she was doing to you...and then I remembered you telling me about this -

she reached in her pocket and pulled out the alien artifact.

He took it in his hands struck by how ingenious it was for Liz to even think of using it especially under the circumstances.

"You stopped her...god liz how did you...what did she do?"

"Well after being slammed up against the wall by the power of the mindwarp being broken...I told her to leave...I was so worried about you..and I just wanted her out of here."

"Thank you Liz...for...well thank you"

He was so upset he had a hard time forming a thought he just held her tightly silently letting her know how much it meant to him - how she saved him.

He was eerily quiet as they walked to the jeep.

"Max where are we parents-

"Michael's ...I need you to call your parents tell them something...anything you can't go home tonight."

"Max why are we going to Michael's ...please talk to me...are you worried about Kivar?"

Max started the jeep and sped to Michael's grasping the steering wheel so hard that his knuckles were pure white.

"Max please talk to me...what are you thinking?" Liz had never seen him this way and it made her very uneasy.

"Kivar said I had five days...but just to be safe I'm leaving you with Michael."

"What do you mean your leaving me with Michael...where are you going?"

He remained silent for the rest of the ride. Liz grew more apprehensive by the minute watching him as he clenched his jaw and stared straight ahead avoiding eye contact with her.

When they arrived at Michael's he quickly took her hand and led her up to his apartment.

"Not a good time Max" Michael whispered as he began to shut the door looking back hoping Maria did not see who was there.

Max slid his foot in the door opening it and pushed past Michael leading Liz into the dark apartment.

"Who is it Michael?" a very disheveled Maria came stumbling out of the darkness.

"Perfect!" Michael threw his hands up in the air shaking his head in frustration.

"Liz what's wrong?" Maria immediately recongnizing that Liz was very upset.

"Listen I need you to watch over Liz...I'll be back soon." Max's determined voice trailed off as he ran down the stairs to the jeep.

"Max...what the hell-

"Liz what happened where is he going?" Michael's frustration had turned into concern not ever seeing Max that angry in his life.

"He's going to find Tess...please you have to go and stop him...I'm so afraid of what he's going to do." liz pleaded for his help

"What the hell did she do this time?"

"I don't have time to explain...please Michael I need your help."

At this point Liz grabbed his keys and was pushing him out the door.

"I really don't see what the problem is...if you ask me it's about time she paid for all the bullshit she put you two through...she deserves whatever she gets."

"The problem is Michael Max is not a killer...he's not thinking clearly right now...if he hurts her...or will destroy him...we have to stop him."

Max slammed on his brakes as he pulled to the side of the road seeing Tess sitting on the very same park bench that she found him on the night of the Gomez concert.

He slowly stepped out of the jeep and loomed over her repulsed by the very sight of her.

He felt an explosion of fury ignite throughout him as he remembered feeling Liz's lifeless body in his arms.

"Well isn't this ironic...we're right back to the beginning...actually in your case Tess...the end."
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