Coming for you (CC,M/L Adult) (Complete)

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Coming for you (CC,M/L Adult) (Complete)

Post by jake17 » Sun Sep 16, 2007 11:34 pm

Winner Round 12


A special thank you to Drogyn for making me this beautiful banner!
Title: Coming for you
Author: jake17
Disclaimer: I own nothing Roswell, although I'd love to have Jason for a few thousand nights
Pairings: M/L
Rating: Adult
Summary: This story takes place the night of the Gomez concert. After leaving Liz's balcony Max cannot accept what he has seen and will stop at nothing to find out the truth.
Authors notes : This my first fan fic so please please leave feedback. I may use some lines from the "end of the world" and "ask not" episodes.

Chapter 1.

Max sat quietly on the park bench. His hands clenched into fists as he stared off into space. Images of what he had seen playing over and over in his head.

Liz, his Liz lying naked in Kyles arms. Liz laughing playful looking into Kyle's eyes.

"This can't be real" he thought to himself over and over. Tears started to well in his eyes when he heard her soft voice.

"Are you...ok?" Tess slowly made her way out of the darkness


"Can I sit down?"


"Do you want me to leave?"

"yes" Max slowly stood. His mind was sharply focused on one thing, and it wasn't Tess.

"I-I mean no Tess you stay I have to go" Max quickly start to run towards his destination.

"Max where are you going?" Tess shouted

"To find out the truth" he whispered to himself

"damn!" Tess let out a disappointed sigh, her plan had not worked.

Liz stood in the shower leaning her forehead against the cold tile. Her tears endlessly streamed down her face. The reality of what had happened was hitting her hard. The picture of Max looking at her from her balcony was burned behind her eyelids. There was no escaping it. "I just need to lie down" she thought as she turned the shower off. Her skin was still damp as she slipped a white cotten night gown over her shaky body. The material stuck close to her skin stopping just below her butt leaving little to the imagination.

Max stood in her room looking directly at her bed. It was freshly made but he could still see the couple that had recently been lying in it and it filled him full with rage.

His jaw was clenched his hands curled into fists. Liz emerged from the bathroom combing her long wet hair out of her face when she saw him.


" Feeling the need to wash Kyle's sweat off your body Liz?"

Liz's eyes fell to the floor "max please don't do this, not now, I can't do this-
"Can't do what Liz? Can't look me in the eyes.?"
"Max please I-I know you want answers but I need time."
"Time for what Liz? As I see it you've wasted no time in finding your... normal boy " Isn't that what you said to me last night Liz? You wanted to be with normal boys ?"

Liz desperately tried to hold back her tears. This was all too much she never expected to have to face him tonight.
"max " Liz turned her face away from him her heart broke knowing what she was going to have to say.

Max was trying very hard to calm down, this was all a mistake and he just needed to hear her explaination so everything could be ok again.

"liz please just tell me what happened I know what I saw cannot be real, so please just tell me what really went on here."

Liz gathered up what little strength she had left and looked up into his eyes.
"Max look I'm so sorry that you had to see... us"
That last word painfully stabbed him in the heart.
"Kyle came over tonight and things got out of hand and I-we made love"
Max's heart slammed against his chest. Slowly he started circling around her looking up and down at the body he once dreamed of touching. Always knowing he would be the first... her first. That is until now.

Walking towards her Max slowly backed her up against the wall. He had his hands resting on the wall on both sides of her face. Pinning her close to his body.

"you made love?"
"Make no mistake about it Liz, you and kyle did not make love. You have to be in love to make love."
Liz looked up into his eyes pleading for and end to this horrible night. They were inches apart when Max said something that stung her hard.
"no Liz, you let Kyle fuck you"
Never in her life did Liz think she would ever hear Max speak to her this way but things were different now she hurt him. What Liz didn't know was he was going show her just how much.

"Max I think you should leave"
"Liz right now I don't care what you think"
Max slowly came close to her lips
"tell me the truth liz"
Liz could feel the goosbumps on her skin from his hot breath so close to her mouth. She looked off to the corner of her room afraid of what she would do if she looked up into his eyes. She knew she had to be strong. But she was tired and longed for the only place she belonged... with him.
"Max please I told you the truth... you need to go."
"ok liz...I'll go but first I have a question for you"
"what max"
He leaned in dangerously close.
"I'm just curious Liz did he... take his time with you?" His whispered voice sent chills up her spine.

Max ran his hand in between her legs his fingers lightly touching her soft skin. His hand rested close to her core. Close enough that he could feel the burning heat radiating from her. Heat that was brought on by him, and thats all he needed know.
Liz started to tremble her breathing became shallow. This was wrong but it was all that she wanted. For Max to take all this pain away and touch her again. But this was a different Max. A Max full of pain and need.
"did he make you feel good liz....or did he just take you."
Her eyes locked onto his as his hand slowly stroked her inner thigh barely touching her skin.
"max please" her voice trembled in search of some control.
"please what liz?"
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Coming for you(CC,m/L Adult)chapter2 9/17/07

Post by jake17 » Mon Sep 17, 2007 8:05 pm

Thank you so much for your feedback !

Allie Xie

Please know that I would never ever have Max attack Liz. I'm so sorry if I made it seem that way. That was never my intention. I'm also sorry for stopping when I did. This is my first story and I just wanted to make sure it was good enough. There are so many wonderful writers here. Oh by the way hi irene.

chapter 2.

"max" Liz brought her tiny hand down to rest on his. Stilling his movements.
She frantically searched her mind for something to say but nothing came.

"you still didn't answer my question Liz"
"did he...please you?"
Max moved his mouth up to the shell of her tiny ear. She could feel his hot breath against her skin as he whispered.
"because I just want you to know Liz...I would have"
He lowered his voice even more and slowly closed his eyes
"I would have tasted you until you came undone...over and over again"
Liz's breath quickened. She had secretly dreamed of him in this way but to hear him say the words made her ache for him.

Max knew down deep that this was wrong. He was the responsible one. He thought everything through. He had to be in control, always. But tonight he didn't care about right or wrong. He needed to take what was his. To make her want to be taken. But first he needed to get the truth.
He had never let himself really believe that they had slept together. Not her. It wasn't possible.

Max lowered his mouth to her neck and began to place soft kisses on her skin. She let out a quiet moan. Her body began to betray her as it came to life. Max was now looking down at her. He watched as her peaks stiffened against her damp night gown. Her eyes were shut as shaky puffs of air escaped from her parted lips. She was flushed and aroused and never more beautiful.

The sight of her in this state was intoxicating to Max and he soon felt his body harden. She slowly opened her eyes to find him looking directly at her.
"Liz...I need you" he growled.

She felt the last of her resistance go. She quickly brought her mouth to his parted lips and caressed his tongue. Max brought both hands up to cradle her face. He tilted her head back to deepen their kiss. And that's when he saw it.

Max jerked away from her shaking his head back and forth. He sat down on her bed. His head was in his hands as silent tears fell from his face.
"Max what's wrong?"
"You-I saw you and kyle...together" he looked up at her with pain in his eyes.
He had pulled away too fast and only caught part of the flash. But what he did see made this all very real and he started to believe that maybe he had be wrong maybe this was the truth.
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Coming for you(CC,m/L Adult)Chapter3 9/18/07

Post by jake17 » Tue Sep 18, 2007 9:51 am

Thanks again for your feedback !


chapter 3.

"why liz" his voice cracked as he choked back his tears
"how could you do this to us"
"Max please I-you don't understand" Liz was lost she couldn't tell him what happened but how could she let him suffer this way. She grew angry inside. Angry that he had come to her. If he loved her so much how could he put her in this position. How could he make her responsible for saving everyone she loved.

Max stood quietly "I just can't believe that's all you have to say to me Liz."
"It doesn't make any sense" he turned walking towards her window. Looking up he saw the spot where he first kissed her. He remembered how he felt that night. How everything he had ever wanted was in his arms. He never thought in a million years that the girl he had always watched in the shadows always dreamed about would have these feelings for him. He remembered how she trembled with anticipation as he laced his fingers through her hair. How he sank into her and tasted her for the first time. He knew at that moment she felt the same way as he did and he melted into her arms. But it was all a lie.

He lifted the window and started to leave.
"Max wait" liz had no idea what to say to him but watching him leave this way was pure torture.
Max turned to look at her and whispered "I thought you loved me Liz"
Tears formed in her eyes. She did love him, so much that she would do anything for him that she would do this. She remembered furture Max and their dance. He depended on her, Max depended on her. "Oh god, Max wait" but he was gone.

Liz slowly opened her eyes as the morning sun peaked through her window. It took a moment for everything to hit her. She felt sick and her head was pounding. Her world was completely different now.

Max was not at school. She really didn't expect him to be. She sat through her classes one by one not hearing a word any of her teachers had said. She held her books close to her chest as she walked down the hallway. She glanced up at the eraser room and decided being here was a mistake and she made her way home.

She stood alone in the crashdown leaning up against the counter holding the mop in her hands going over the same spot over and over again. Her shift had been long and she ended up with all the cleaning to do alone. Which was fine. She had grown tired of making conversation pretending to be ok. She watched as the thick material from the mop circled the floor. She stared at the designs that the soapy water made. Lost in her own thoughts. She never heard him come in.

"I think that spot is clean now Liz"
Her eyes widened as she looked up at him. "Max"
"You should really keep that door locked when your down here alone Liz"
"Right... um yeah I guess I just forgot" She put the mop down and made her way to the door locking it. She took her time not knowing what his intentions were tonight. Once again he had manage to come to her when she least expected him to leaving her totally on edge. She turned to him not knowing what she would have to deal with his anger or worse more of his questions.

She shuddered as he caught her in his arms. He pressed her tight against his hard chest. "liz I just need to be sure"
before she could stop him his lips came crashing down on hers. Liz gasped as he held the sides of her arms tight. He opened his mouth and slid his tongue against hers. She heard a deep groan coming from him, and it made her dizzy.

It was at that moment when the flashes began.
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Coming for you(CCm/LAdult) chapter4 9/18/07

Post by jake17 » Tue Sep 18, 2007 11:22 pm

Thank you so much everyone, I just hope you like where this is going.
I really appreciate your feedback. You made me smile today.


chapter 4.

The flashes came strong and quick.
Max continued to hold her tight. What he was seeing was making his heart race.
After a few seconds Max broke their kiss. He cradled her face in his hands, and rested his forehead against hers. He looked at her roaming from her soft lips to her deep brown eyes back and forth.
The pain and tension that once marked his face was gone and relief washed over him in waves. A small smile swept across his face.

"I love you Liz" his words echoed off the walls of the diner and into her heart.
Slowly her lips curled into a smile as she gazed into his amber eyes and then it hit her.
She failed, she failed them all.
Everything she did was for nothing and now what would happen would be her fault. Pain surged through her body. She needed him and because she couldn't walk away she was going to be the reason for everyone's pain and suffering.

"I c-can't do this Max"
"God...I don't know what to do anymore"
She ran towards the backdoor and up the stairs.
"LIZ WAIT !" he shouted.
he looked up at her pleading out of breath "liz just stop for a minute"
She stood at the top of the stairs holding on to the railing for support. He could see that she was crying now and it broke his heart.

"max I can't turn you away again...I-just please you-
"Liz listen to me I need to talk to you" he calmly climbed the stairs until he was one step below her. Looking up at her he took her by the hand, and led her to her bedroom.

She followed him into her room and walked over to the window and opened it, she needed air.
A cool breeze made the soft sheers flow all around her as her hair sprayed across her face. She kicked off her sneakers to relieve her aching feet, and undid the knot of her apron letting it fall from her tiny waist.
His eyes followed her every move.
She turned to finally face him and leaned up against the window sill.
"ok max.. I'm listening"

He swallowed hard and tried to prepare himself for her reaction to what he was about to say.

"Liz something happened to you....something that wasn't real" god he thought to himself how can I tell her this.
" wasn't real... max what are you talking about?"
He stumbled trying to find the right words.

"ok did you notice I wasn't in school today?"
Liz raised her eyebrows and nodded " of course max I was so worried"
"I'm sorry I worried you Liz"
"I didn't go because someone came to see me this morning"
"who max"
Liz let out a tired sigh and looked at the ground. This was not what she wanted to hear.
"Liz, she wanted to talk about you"
"what about me"
" She wanted to know if-if I was ok that she understood me not wanting to talk last night but if I needed her now that...that she was there."
liz looked up at him "what do you mean you saw her last night Max?"

" After I left here after seeing you and..anyway I couldn't go home so I went to the park to sit and think and she was there Liz."
"tess was at the park?"
"Don't you see Liz, how did she know?"
Max walked closer to her "how did she know about what happened last night? she said she understood me not wanting to talk...last night. Liz I just left your house there was no time for anyone to have told her."
"Liz's eyes widened in disbelief"
"It was that moment Liz that I remembered what she could do and what she is capable of."
"but max"
"liz I grabbed her arm I needed to know, I saw her Liz."
"you saw her?"
"I saw her standing outside your balcony, and across the street... she mind warped you Liz"
"what" Liz turned away from him. Looking out the window into the darkness she searched for answers. How could Tess do this. It was so real... he was so real. The wedding the dance none of that ever happened. She was so confused, so lost.
How could she put her through all this pain. How could anyone be that evil.

He walked up slowly behind her placing his hands on her waist his voice lowered. "I'm so sorry Liz"

"Max this can't be right you-he was so ...the things he said to me... things about us"
"I know Liz... when I kissed you tonight I saw it all but it wasn't real." he moved closer to her to try to ease her pain. "she wanted me to turn to her, she was waiting for me... and she wanted to hurt you."

Max held her close up against his body trying to make her feel safe.
"Liz you were so must've been horrible for you."

"I'm so sorry for everything that I did, and oh god the things I said to you. Liz can you forgive me?"
He painfully remembered his harsh words " I should have had faith in you... in us, the way you did with me."

Liz continued to stare into the night stunned unable to move.
She was numb. "not real" she thought to herself.
Her silence made Max feel that maybe this time she had been pushed too far. That everything she had been through was evidence that being with him was only going to lead to more pain. He thought she had enough for one night and started to move his hands from her waist.

"liz maybe I should just go" he made his way towards the door already missing the way her body felt beneath his hands.

She was missing that feeling too. "max wait" she looked into his eyes with desperate need.

Liz would not be alone tonight.
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Coming for you(CC,M/L Adult)chapter 5

Post by jake17 » Thu Sep 20, 2007 2:09 pm

L-J-L76: You are cracking me up with all your questions :lol: thank you so much :)
tinie38: You were the first to reply to my story and because of you I had the courage to continue :D thank you !
Flamehair: :) thank you for coming back, yes it was evil tess :twisted:
Angelina: thank you so much for you comment :)
begonia: YES tess is a bitch :twisted: not to worry ! thank you for reading on :D
Allie Xie: No, liz did not want to be alone :oops: thanks for reading on :)
kay_b: thank you for liking this ! :)

Chapter 5

He stopped looking back at her, his hand resting on the doorknob.

"I don't want to be alone tonight"
"c-can you stay here...with me max"

"sure" he nodded "of course" he looked around her room nervously.
Max slid his jacket off and neatly folded it and laid it on her desk. He looked over at the chair in the corner of her room, and then up at her.
"this will do just fine" he smiled.
Kicking off his shoes he made his way towards the chair. Just then she reached out to him and put her hand in his. "max"

He froze.
"you came back" she said softly
he turned around to look at her. "what Liz?"
Liz touched her hand to her forehead contemplating her thoughts.
"Last night...after seeing us you came back for me...why?"

A slight smile appeared on his face. How could she still not know he thought to himself.

"Liz ...don't you understand by now what you are to me? You are the one Liz. I could never be with anyone else"
"I couldn't just let you go, I love you -
It was at that point Liz interupted "But what about Tess and your destiny-I mean what we saw that day in the pod chamber." with tired eyes she struggled to looked at him. "you have this whole other life-a life that has nothing to do with me. Max what if you start to remember that life-her"

Max walked over to her staring at her forcing her to keep eye contact. she stiffened when she heard the intensity of his voice.

"You think I could get over you?...or something?...because I can't. I don't care about my destiny or my planet or anything else...all I care about is you. So just know this...I'll always come back for you Liz."

"max" her voice barely audible

He rapidly approached her unable to restrain his feelings any longer. He captured her in his arms and siezed her mouth. He stroked her tongue over and over only easing up to lightly tug on her bottom lip. Without thought only desire he reached up and firmly grasped her bottom pushing her flush against his hardened body. Liz gasped with surprise feeling his need for her for the first time.

Suddenly his senses had drifted back to him and he pulled back. He walked to the other side of her room desperately trying to get himself under control.

This was the last thing in the world that she needed, and after all this she trusted him to just be there and keep her safe and he practically mauled her he thought to himself.

He nervously scratched behind his ear hoping that he didn't push her too far. Shoving his hands in his pockets he timidly looked up at her.
"I'm sorry"

Liz calmly turned and made her way towards the door.
"liz please-I didn't mean to-
Max stopped as he watched her lean over and turn her light off.

The soft light from the moon filtered through her windows and lit her beautiful features as she began to speak.
"I believe you mean what you least for tonight...and that's enough for right now"

She reached behind her and pulled her pontytail out releasing her long dark hair shaking it loose as it cascaded all around her small shoulders.
"max...I need you...I need you to take me away from all this"

She felt herself blush as she gazed at him.
"max... make love to me"
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Post by jake17 » Sun Sep 23, 2007 12:10 am

IheartMax: thank you so much !!!!!! :D
tinie38: thank you ! yes there are no more doubts :)
Flamehair: thank you so much, I got those lines from the episode "ask not" I just rearranged them a little. :)
Allie Xie: I love that whole speech he gives her too ! It's one of the best I think, he's so intense. It kills me everytime I see it. :)

chapter 6.

"max...make love to me"

Max stood motionless staring at her overwhelmed with emotion.
The sound of his heartbeat pounded in his ears.
He slowly began to move pulling his hands out of his pockets he walked over to her. Looking down into her beautiful eyes he reached up to cup
her cheek in his large hand.
Swallowing hard he finally managed to speak
"liz you know I love you... you don't have to do this."

With a mixture of innocence and lust that only Liz Parker could possess she said the following words.
"max...I am tired of worrying about the past a-and what will happen in the future... what we have is right now... and max right now I need to feel your hands touching me...I need to feel you close to me...I want to feel you...inside me"

His eyes widened and his breathing became erratic, he buried both hands in her hair and with a passionate fury he desended on her mouth. He tilted her head back to taste her deepening their kiss even further only to pull back to seductively run his tongue ever so slowly and gently against hers giving her a glimpse of what was to come.

Their kisses became feverish filled with endless nights of pain and longing. Finally they were together safe and protected in eachothers arms. No one would ever come between them again.

He moved from her lips to her graceful neck needing to have more of her. He couldn't get enough of her, the taste of her skin was addictive.

"Liz I have to touch you" he said with an intense urgency
Her eyes fluttered open as he grabbed the lapels of her uniform, one by one opening the snaps. As her garment fell to the floor he gazed upon her in utter amazement. "you are so beautiful liz'
"no I'm not" she said with a hint of embarrassment
he tilted her chin up to meet his eyes "yes Liz you are" his eyes were dark with passion.

With a wave of his hand the clasp of her bra came apart. He slowly pulled the straps from her shoulders discarding it on the floor. He quickly took one of her quivering peaks into his mouth. A long drawn out moan escaped from her urging him on. While tasting her he reached over and lighly grazed over her other breast sending her close to the edge. He kissed and nibbled and touched her over and over. She held on to the back of his neck grasping at his dark locks her moans rising through the air.

Slowly he started to kneel to the floor his lips never leaving her flawless skin. He stopped suddenly and looked up at her as if needing her permission. She looked down at him panting her eyes wide. Sensing it was ok to continue he hooked her panties in his fingers and slowly brought them down her slender legs. His head was spinning as he closed his eyes and gently kissed the inside of her thigh. He held his breath when he finally reached his destination tasting her for the first time. Liz's head went back against the wall her breath caught in her throat. "oh my god...max"

He kissed her as if he was kissing her mouth. Stroking her most sensitive spot over and over so slowly with his tongue. Within seconds he brought her over the edge. She called out his name over and over
trembling under his hands. He quickly took her in his arms and laid her gently down on her bed.
He pulled his shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. Her eyes roamed over his muscular chest down to his rippled stomach. She was at his mercy.

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chapter 7.


"I need to see...all of you"

Max looked down his eyes drifted away from her embarrassed by her request. He slowly started to unbutton his cargo pants easing them down to the floor. He stood before her only in his boxers unable to move any further.

Liz sensing his hesitation sat up on her knees on the edge of the bed. She licked her lips and bit her bottom lip as she reached up holding his boxers in her tiny hands her eyes locked onto his. She gently pulled them down slowly past his hard muscular thighs. Her eyes drifted over him in complete fascintation. She watched as his chest rose and fell breathlessly under her lustful glare. His skin glistened with the most delicious sweat. Warm sensations coursed through her by just the sight of him.

She pressed her lips to his magnificant chest slowly running her hands over his sculptured arms.

Max fought for control having her touch him this way shook him down to his very core.

She slowly licked his firm tight stomach watching as he clenched his jaw moaning quietly. She moved lower desperately needing to taste him. She wanted to please him the way that he had pleased her.

Finally she enveloped him. Between the scorching heat of her mouth and the coolness of her soft long strains of hair that grazed his hard thighs Max almost fell to his knees. His head fell back as she listened to him moan her name over and over again his hoarse tones echoed into the night.

Feeling that he could not hold on much longer he gently laid her back onto her bed. He slowly came to rest in between her thighs kissing and worshipping her body all the way. Liz whimpered in response "max please... I need you inside me."
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He placed his forehead against hers and whispered "liz look at me"
Their eyes locked as he carefully began to move inside her. They both let out a passionate cry. They were shaking overwhelmed by the feeling of complete ecstasy.

"are you ok" he whispered breathlessly.
She silently nodded unable to speak. He started to increase his movements. A loud moan escaped from liz. "please max...oh god...faster"
He feverishly attacked her neck, lightly touching her hard peaks moving faster and faster inside her while unimaginable pleasure ripped through them.
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Chapter 8

An orange reddish glow streamed into Liz's room, dawn was approaching and soon he would have to leave her.

Max and Liz laid together peacefully. Liz was on her side facing him her head rested on his hard chest her leg lying over his strong thigh. Max was on his back his arm protectively placed around her.

He stayed awake all night refusing to sleep afraid that he would somehow wake to find that this was all a dream. He was happy for the first time in his life. The fear that always surrounded him was gone. Chased away by the only girl he ever loved, the only girl he ever could love.

He laid there trying very hard to convince himself that he somehow had to find the strength to go home. His head told him that his parents would wonder about his behavior the last few days and staying out all night would only bring about more suspicions. But his heart and his body was telling him something completely different.

Liz slowly started to move, her soft hand went further across his chest as she changed positions turning over onto her stomach. The sheet that had been covering her had slid off her petite frame during her movements. Max burned with desire as his eyes drifted across her golden skin.

The soft glow of the sunrise lit up her face.
Her long dark eye lashes slowly started to flutter open. Giving him a sultry smile she whispered "hi"
"god liz you are even more beautiful in the morning" his husky voice was enough to make her come alive. Her eyes darkened with need.

He shuddered realizing how badly she wanted him.
He reached out to tuck her silky hair behind her ear and began to touch her.
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He sensually grazed his fingers across her curves over her shoulders down the arch of her low back and finally stopping to caress her firm bottom. She was helplessly writhing under his skillful hand.

Suddenly she turned over panting she whispered "max please touch me"
His eyes grew wild he began to give her the sweetest torture moving his mouth over her hard peaks pulling, gently sucking and licking over and over as his hand drifted ever so slowly down onto her stomach. He stilled his movement loving how she squirmed with need to have him touch her. "max please" she panted.

Having an intense need to watch her come undone he slowly moved his hand down lower finally reaching her core. She let out a loud groan as he began to explore her running his fingers through her over and over stopping occasionally to stroke her most sensitive spot.
He watched her as her eyes slammed shut and her body started to shake with intense pleasure. Max had never seen anything more exquisite than watching liz parker come apart in his arms.

He reached for her face and passionately kissed her "god I love you liz"
"I love you" she breathed out as her tremors slowly subsided.

The day was difficult for them to say the least. It was saturday and Liz had a double shift at the crashdown. Max was also very busy at the UFO museum with a convention in town.

She was constantly getting her orders wrong and knocking things over. She found it impossible not to think of Max. How it felt having his hands touching her kissing her. She was counting the minutes till they could be together again.

Max was not doing any better he tried pointlessly to concentrate on the many tasks that he was responsible for that day but his mind kept drifting back to her. He kept thinking of how warm she felt and how sweet her skin tasted. Only six more hours till he could hear her voice again. He kept glancing at his watch waiting.

Lying in bed that night they spoke of missing eachother. Laughing about how all day it was impossible not to stop thinking of eachother. They made plans for the next night. Now that Liz's parents were back from their trip being alone was going to be harder. They decided to go to the desert. Max talked of lighting a fire and how romantic it would be to lie under the stars. At last they were together...really together with nothing standing in their way. Max laid back in his bed completely content he pulled the covers up to his waist and slowly drifted off to sleep. He never noticed the dark shadow standing outside his window.

Tess waited patiently for Max to fall asleep. Anger seethed through her body as she recalled the affectionate words that Max had whispered to Liz.
She placed her hand against the cool glass of his window. She clenched her eyes shut and began to concentrate.

Suddenly visions of another world started to appear to Max in his dreams.
Standing high on a cliff he looked down into a crimson sea watching as the waves crashed onto the rocks below. Violet clouds were scattered across a pale green sky. The air was thick with mist. A strange feeling overpowered him. He had been here before. He looked around desperately trying to figure out why he knew this place. Suddenly he realized where he was. A horrible unsettling sensation coursed through him.

And then he felt her. Standing behind him she wrapped her arms around his waist pressing her body against his. He could feel her breasts on his back as her chest rose and fell as she spoke...her hands moving lower touching him...stroking him.
"soon Max...soon"

Max jolted up in bed shaking his shirt soaked with sweat. His chest was heaving as he attempted to catch his breath.

'no' he said to himself 'please no'

A confident smirk ran over her face as she moved away from his window.

'relax max...I'm only getting started'
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"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare