The Fourth (AU, K/T, CC ADULT) (Complete)

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Thank you all for the feedback, it so makes my day and keeps my muse a talking! *g*

- Thanks, I'm glad you are enjoying it!
Rowedog- Thanks, and they will be searching for Serena.
Flamehair- Thanks, and how can I say no to the puppy-eyes?!
alizaleven- Thanks!
Fehrbaby- Thanks! *hugs*

Here's the next scene- and for some reason, Max/Liz and Alex/Isabel were wanting some major screen time... *g*


~ 60 ~

"What do you mean she just left?" Isabel questioned, her voice rising sharply.

"It was an honest mistake," Max sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck. "And I don't blame her for wanting to know, to find our daughter-"

"Oh," she gasped. "So, it's all about you and your daughter. What about me? Your sister?"

"Isabel," Liz began and Isabel shook her head in response.

"Don't you see," she whispered, tears threatening to fall. "It's starting all over again- history is repeating itself."

"What's starting?" Max questioned, his brow knit in confusion.

"That's the point!" Isabel groaned. "You didn't realize it in your past life and you don't see it now." She shook her head and turned abruptly away.

Liz and Max both turned to Alex, who was starting at them with disbelief. "Let me recap for you," he stated as he squared his shoulders. "Vilondra was forced into an engagement to Rath for their people, because it was a good PR. Rath did love her to an extent, as did she- but, he was always at Zan's side. And if he wasn't preoccupied with some aspect of the war, he was with Ava. But, did Zan notice any of this? No."

"But-" Max began to protest and Alex shot him a glare of annoyance.

"There is no need to make amends to me," he quipped. "It's not me you need to speak with." He paused, glancing to where Isabel ran off to. "Vilondra was hurt, lonely, and she was at the palace for PR reasons only. Zan didn't trust her with any aspect of the war and he no longer confided in her. She yearned for someone to speak with her, to ask of her opinion, to show her that she was loved, that she was needed. That she was apart of something bigger."

Alex paused once more as Max stared at him in confusion. "I didn't know."

"Khivar knew," Alex continued. "He played Vilondra like she was a puppet on a string. She did as he asked because she was blinded by a fools love. She didn't realize he didn't love her until the moment he killed her. She was betrayed by everyone she knew- and she feels the guilt-"

"Why would she feel guilty?" Max questioned. "She's not to blame for Khivar's actions. He's a monster."

"She let him in the night you died," he replied. "She blames everyone's death on her foolish actions of love- but, I disagree. I blame you."

Max paled, nodding. "I see."

"Just something to think about," Alex added as he turned away, following after Isabel.

"He's right," Max sighed, burying his head into hands and Liz immediately wrapped her arms around him.

"Maybe he is, maybe he isn't," Liz whispered as she kissed his brow. "You can't change the past, but you can change your future- you have learned much in this somewhat human form of yours and you will make amends for your actions in your past. It'll just take time."

Max looked up to her and smiled. "Have I told you lately that I love you?"

Liz blushed, dying to hear those words from him. "Not lately." She whispered. "What about Ava?"

"She's in the past," he whispered as he cupped her face in his hand. "It's always been you."

Liz blinked back tears of joy, "I love you."

"As I love you," Max smiled, leaning in to kiss her.


Isabel blinked up at the sky, the stars where just staring to peak out of the darkness. She sighed as she suddenly felt Alex's presence and stepped back into his warm embrace.

"I thought you'd be here," he whispered as he wrapped his arms around her and held her close.

"Thank you," she whispered as she turned to him, brushing her lips against his neck. "For whatever you might have said back there."

"They needed a wakeup call," Alex shrugged as Isabel chuckled in response.

"My knight in shining armor," she grinned, kissing him softly. "I don't know what I'd do without you- I fear I would have fallen for his evil tricks again."

"No," he protested, shaking his head. "You're stronger. Vilondra wouldn't have stood up to Zan- but you, Isabel Evans, would. You speak your mind, you feel from your heart. You are the woman of my dreams-"

"Literally," Isabel smiled, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him once more. "I wish you could come with us to Antar."

"So, do I." He whispered. "I'll be there in spirit and I'll be waiting here for you-"

"Oh, Alex." She sighed. "Don't ever change."

"I wasn't planning on it," Alex chuckled as they kissed once more, underneath the stars.


Tess collapsed on the bed, feeling drained from everything. She curled up onto her side and flinched slightly as Kyle trailed his fingers over her back. She knew he only wanted to help, but she couldn't think straight when he was near- it was too easy to forget.

"I just need some time, alone." Tess whispered as she glanced back at Kyle. "Please."

Kyle sighed heavily, "if that's what you want."

"No," she sniffed. "But, it's what I need at the moment."

Kyle nodded, pushing back his own emotions. All he wanted to do was wrap his arms around her and make her feel complete once more. He leaned in and kissed her brow. "I'll send you something to eat." He stated as he forced himself to take a step back from the bed, knowing she needed this time. "I'll be with Michael if you need me."

Tess smiled, tears welling up in her eyes, realizing how lucky she was to have him in her life. "Thank you."

"Love you," he added softly as he reached out and squeezed her hand.

"Love you more," she smiled as he offered her a small grin and then turned to leave. "Oh, and can you have them send up some Tiyna juice?"

Kyle paused, looking back at her with an amused glance. "Sure," he chuckled as he opened the door and left her alone.

The silence was deafening and suddenly she wanted him to return. She rolled over and looked up at the ceiling, her mind racing with thoughts of her daughter, of the past events that lead up to her death, and for the fight that they still had ahead of them.


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Thank you, katydid, thetvgeneral, and Fehrbaby for the feedback, it means a lot to me.



Tess jerked up as there was a knock at the door and she immediately scrambled off the bed. "Yes?" She called out as she glanced down at her clothes, realizing that she looked like shit in her tattered jeans and blue sweater and nothing like the queen she was suppose to be.

The door opened slightly and a young woman peered in at her. "I have a dinner tray for your majesty," she explained as she held up the tray for her to see.

"Oh," Tess smiled, realizing it must be the tray that Kyle said he would send up to her. She smile fondly and waved her in. "Please come in," Tess stated as she entered and she couldn't help but stare at her, she felt vaguely familiar to her. But she couldn't place where she'd seen her before and she did not recognize her from her previous visit. "And please, call me Tess."

"Tess?" She repeated as she looked up from the tray, her brows knit in confusion. "If that is what you wish." She mused as she placed the tray of food on the small end table.

"Yes," Tess nodded as she glanced over her, she was a very pretty woman, perhaps in her early twenties, she would guess. "What's your name?" Tess questioned after a silent pause.

"Leja," she replied as she busied herself by pouring a bright red juice from a jug into a goblet and Tess knew that it was the Tiyna juice she requested earlier.

"Leja," Tess repeated, smiling at her. "It's very pretty, exotic."

Leja blinked, staring up at her. "What is exotic?" She questioned.

"Um," she paused as she tried to think of the definition. "Intriguingly unusual or different, from another part of the world-" Tess giggled. "How true is that?"

Leja smiled. "Thank you, your majes- Tess."

Tess grinned, feeling at ease with her presence. She couldn't help but wonder if this woman could be her daughter- could it even be possible? "Have you always worked at the palace?" She inquired, needing to know more about her.

"Oh, no." Leja replied with a shake of her head, her dark tendrils bouncing with the movement, the color reminding her of Zan's and her eyes-

"Stop it." Tess scolded herself as Leja stared at her in confusion.

"I am sorry?" She offered as she placed the jug back down on the table.

"Oh, it's nothing," Tess stammered as she crossed over to her, realizing the young woman was slightly taller then her. "Do you have family at the palace?" She found herself questioning as she took the goblet of juice and sipped at it.

"No," Leja sighed as she glanced away. "My parents were killed years ago- there were so many orphans that they didn't know what to do with most of us. So, they sent me here to work."

"That's terrible," Tess gasped, staring at her with concern. "I'm so sorry." She added as she realized there was no way that she could be her daughter, it was only wishful thinking.

"You should be," she grumbled, paling slightly as she realized what she had said. "I am sorry, I should not have-"

Tess blinked at her, suddenly feeling a wave of sadness she did not expect. "No, it's okay- I'll have to get used to it- not everyone is happy that we've returned."

"It is not that," she sighed. "It is that you did not return when we expected you to- our people are strong and they fought every battle with everything they had. But, they gave up hope once the time for your return passed by. They gave up- they lost their faith."

"You seem to have extensive knowledge of the state of affairs," Tess commented and Leja shrugged in response.

"I was the first in my class," she stated softly. "When I came here, they knew of my schooling and they allowed me to continue on in my studies. Ares and I were the only students for the scholars to teach."

"Ares?" Tess gasped, smiling. "I can't even imagine."

"We've been close ever since," she added as she glanced down at the tray and then back up at her. "Your brother is so happy you have returned."

"Are you?" Tess questioned, wondering what she thought as well.

"At first I was resentful," Leja replied honestly. "But, unfortunately, I have started to hope that the Royal Four will finally give us the peace we have craved for as long as I can remember."

"We won't fail you," Tess vowed as Leja smiled tentatively and turned to leave with out another word. "I won't fail you." She added softly as she glanced down at her meal, suddenly realizing she wasn't very hungry and went back to the bed.

She pulled the heavy quilt over her and closed her eyes, hoping for the rest she craved.


Kyle quietly made his way back into the room, frowning as he noticed the tray of food still sitting on the table untouched. He sighed, shrugging off his robes and crossing over to the bed.

He gently pulled back the quilt as Tess squirmed in her sleep and she turned away from him. He could instantly tell that she was having a nightmare of some sort. He reached out and laid his hand on her shoulder, instantly sending her his love and support.

She sighed, her tone relaxing as she slept more soundly. After a moment, he slowly began to undress her, knowing she'd sleep better without her street clothes on. He pulled off her jeans and sweater, pausing to admire her body as he unclasped her bra and tossed it aside. He crawled into the bed with her, smiling as she molded herself to him.

He pulled the quilt back over them as Tess snuggled closer. Kyle kissed her softly as she signed once more in contentment and he wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. "Love you," he whispered as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


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Thank you, thetvgeneral, Rowedog, tequathisy, and Fehrbaby for the awesome feedback!
Hmmm, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Leja in love with Ares? Wouldn't that be gross if she did turn out to be Tess' daughter? She'd be in love with her uncle. I'm hoping for her sake that she isn't Serena.
- Tess and Kyle have that very discussion in this part!! :)

Oh, and Cassie asked about ages... and I thought I'd clear that up real quick. Ares was two when the Royal Four died and left Antar.

And for the sake of this fic, I'm assuming only 50 years has past on Earth since the crash... I know I'm a little off, but it makes my numbers easier!!

Earth years are 2:1 to Antar years, as I mentioned earlier. So, only 25 years has passed on Antar.

So, that makes Ares 27, and all of the Roswell crew are in their first year of college, so I'd assume 18-19.

I hope that makes sense to all!



Tess woke up slowly, feeling oddly content, considering the myriad of emotions she was feeling the previous day. She sighed, turning more onto her side to look at Kyle sleeping beside her. "Love you," she smiled as she leaned over and kissed him, trailing her fingers over his bare chest, suddenly needing to feel more.

He sighed against her lips and she couldn't help but giggle at how his body was starting to respond to her simple touch. He was still such a guy in that aspect. "Kyle," she singsonged, kissing his chest as her fingers slipped under his boxers and slowly inched her fingers closer to her goal.

Kyle moaned, his eyes fluttering open as she wrapped her fingers around his erection and slowly began to pump her hand over his full length. "Tess," he hissed as his hips bucked up in response and she tightened her hold, increasing the rate. "Oh, fuck."

"Please do," she moaned as she removed her hand and yanked his boxers halfway down his hips, freeing his erection from their confines. "Kyle," she pleaded as she quickly straddled him and brought their bodies together.

He pushed her panties to the side and groaned as he thrust up into her warm inviting body. "Tess."

"Oh, god," she gasped, taking a moment for her body to adjust to his size before she slowly started to move. She leaned in and kissed him, nipping at his lips as they found a leisurely pace.

He moaned against her lips as she paused, stilling their movements momentarily. "Tess," he grunted as he flipped their positions and she giggled in response, clutching at his arms as they settled back into the bed.

"Fuck me," she teased as she raked her nails down his back, spurring him to move. Kyle groaned in response, thrusting in and out. "Want you," she continued as she rocked her hips up, taking him in deeper with every thrust. "Harder."

"Tess," he grunted as he increased the pace, pounding into her as their breathings hitched and heart rates escalated.

"Oh, god. Kyle." Tess gasped, arching up into him as her orgasm spread through her body like wildfire. She dug her nails into his triceps as she cried out. "Kyle!"

Kyle moaned, thrusting in once more as her muscles clamped down around him, triggering his own orgasm to peak. "Tess," he sighed as he came deep within her, his skin tingling with bolts of power, eliciting a second orgasm for both.

He slumped over her, kissing her softly before he once more reversed their positions so that she was resting on top of him. They shared another deep kiss as their breathing and heart rate began to slow to a normal pace.

"Morning," Tess smiled at him after a short pause, lifting her head to look at him, not caring to move from their positions.

"Morning," Kyle chuckled as he trailed his fingers over her arms and down her back. "And what a good morning it is."

Tess giggled, smacking him lightly on his arm before she rolled off him and stretched out beside him. "Thank you," she whispered softly as she ran her fingers over his chest. "I'm sorry I kicked you out last night. I just- I-"

Kyle leaned in and kissed her, "I know."

She sighed with relief and smiled at him, studying him briefly. She sat up quickly, taking his hand in hers, forcing him to sit up with her. "Do you think Serena is alive?"

He pressed his lips together, considering the thought. "I honestly don't know," he commented as he squeezed her hand. "But, anything is possible- it doesn't mean we won't do everything we can to search for her." He leaned in, cupping her face in his hand. "I love you- don't you know I'll do anything for you?"

Tess nodded, tears of happiness pooling in her eyes. "Where do we begin?" She questioned softly as she blinked back her tears.

Kyle smiled as he recalled his talk with Michael from the previous evening. "The search has already begun." He confessed as he wiped a stray tear away.

"It has?" She gasped with shock. "When? Where?"

"Michael has sent two of his most trusted soldiers to look into the files of the orphanages within a ten mile radius of your father's estate." He explained softly. "We figured that our age range may vary, she could be in her early twenties or she could be around three-"

"Why three?" Tess questioned, slightly confused.

"Three years ago is when the area was bombed," he continued. "She had to have been rescued before then- if she was to survive the cave in."

"Oh," she gasped, nodding her head. "And I don't know anything else, except that her hair was dark like her fathers. She had not opened her eyes, she was so tiny." She sighed. "I still don't know how they would have been able to open the pod. I made it so that it had to be a direct family member, so that leaves only me and Max."

Kyle shrugged his shoulders as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Is there any way that she could have opened it?"

Tess' eyes widened at the thought. "No-" she drawled out, shaking her head. "No, I mean. I don't think so. How would she know? She was only a baby."

"If she felt the war around her, if she could sense the danger," he suggested. "Maybe she triggered it- we don't know what powers she has."

Tess sighed as she glanced toward the window, "she's out there Kyle. I just know it."

"If she is, we'll find her," he vowed.

"For a moment," she began as she returned her gaze to him. "I thought Leja was my daughter."

Kyle blinked. "Leja?" He repeated with a hint of laughter in his voice. "The servant girl, Leja?"

"Yes," she grumbled, smacking him on the chest. "Can you tell me she doesn't have the same features as Zan and Ava?"

"Leja?" He repeated before he burst out in laughter, falling back against the bed. "Oh, you have to let me tell Michael."

"It's not that funny," she pouted as he continued to laugh. "Why?"

"Oh," he gasped, trying to regain his composure. "Just that your brother and Leja do not get along."

"Ah," Tess nodded. "I could see why, she has a very strong will and she's very vocal about it- and there's just something so familiar about her."

"And we think she has a thing with your brother, Ares." Kyle added and Tess made a face at the thought.

"Leja and Ares?" She questioned, shaking her head. "Oh, no. That's not the impression I got at all, besides, he could be her uncle!"

"Tess-" Kyle sighed.

"No, Kyle." Tess insisted. "There is something about her, even if she isn't my daughter-"

"But, your hoping for that," he noted softly. "Don't get your hopes up-"

"I won't."



Kyle sighed, shaking his head, giving her a quick peck on the check. "Come on, we should get ready. Your brothers are expecting us for breakfast."

"Oh," Tess nodded, suddenly blushing as she glanced down at her body, the telltale signs of their deeds all over her. "I can't eat breakfast across from them! They'll know."

"Baby," he grinned. "Half the palace knows," he teased lightly. "You are quite vocal."

Tess' eyes widened, her entire body flushing with embarrassment. "Oh."

"What can they say?" Kyle questioned, shrugging his shoulders. "You're the queen."

She rolled her eyes. "You think you're so cute."

He flashed her a bright smile. "Oh, but I am."

"Maybe," she teased lightly as she pulled at his arm. "Come on, let's get ready. I'm starving."


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Rowedog- Thanks! Lol, means you've been keeping up! It's all good. And Kyle is safe, for now. ;)
thetvgeneral- Thanks! And there's still more to go!
Fehrbaby- Thanks! Hee, isn't it the best way? And I so could picture the conversation in my head!

Slightly shorter part, but it means I'm updating more! *g* Enjoy!


Breakfast was a light affair and Tess just took the moment to enjoy the presence of her brothers and of her fiancé.

Ares looked well, she would have never guessed that he had been tortured and almost killed only a day before. He caught her gaze and he smiled at her, she easily returned the smile.

"They have seemed to have forgotten about us," he remarked as he glanced over at Kyle and Michael talking in hushed voices. "How are you, sister of mine?" He questioned as he turned his gaze back to her.

"I'm good," she replied softly as she glanced over at Kyle, unable to suppress a smile.

"He is good for you, your king," Ares smiled. "He saved my life, I will never forget that."

"He saved me too," she remarked with a small smile. "In so many ways-" she grinned, her voice trailing off as Michael jumped from his seat and quickly left the room. "Kyle?"

"One of his soldiers needed him," Kyle explained as he turned more to them. "Apparently there has been an attack."

Ares sighed. "I had hoped the attacks would have lessened once they had learned that you and Rath had returned."

"They don't want us, they want the Royal Four." Tess whispered as she reached her hand out to Kyle and he took it into his.

"Khivar is behind the attacks, his is very impatient, he wants revenge." Ares groaned, shaking his head.

"Soon," Kyle began. "It'll all be over-"

"Ares," Leja called out as she ran into the room, pausing slightly as she noticed Kyle and Tess and smiled at them, nodding her head before turning her attention back to Ares. "You must come to the healing chambers."

"Leja?" Ares gasped concern laced in his voice as he immediately jumped to his feet. "What is it?"

"It is Jaque," She stressed as she reached out and he took her hand in his and they quickly left the room.

"Who's Jaque?" Tess questioned as she too stood up, heading toward the doors. "What's going on?"

"Jaque," Kyle repeated, his eyes widening as he realized who she was speaking of. "He's one of the scholars."

"Do you think he was in the attack?" She asked as Kyle shrugged.

"I hope not," he sighed. "He would have been at the academy teaching at this time."

"They know," Tess gasped, her hand going up to her heart. "Why else would they have attacked a school? They know we're searching for Serena."

Kyle tensed, taking Tess in his arms and teleporting them to the healing chambers. What greeted them was a room filled with kids of all ages; their clothes were singed and covered in a layer of ashes.

"Oh, my god." Tess gasped, tears stinging her eyes as Trie noticed them and he quickly crossed over to them.

"It is not as bad as it seems," he stated. "A calming word is all they need. Jaque took the brunt of the attack and shielded them, until reinforcements could be brought in."

"And Jaque?" Tess questioned softly, squeezing Kyle's hand.

"I do not know," Trie sighed. "The healers are in with him now, but I am assured that he will be fine."

"May we see him?" Kyle asked as Trie glanced back to the room.

"Naturally," He smiled as Tess shook her head, her focus still on all the children in the room.

Tess closed her eyes, feeling her powers expand and feather out, touching each child, consoling each in the only way she could. Erasing the painful memory and inserting an image of love. She opened her eyes to see that the children were now smiling, laughing, and playing amongst each other as they waited.

"Tess?" Kyle questioned as he glanced around the room. She just smiled in return and Kyle placed his arms around her, holding her close.

Tess glanced down as she felt something tug on her gown and she froze as her eyes locked onto the little girl standing beside her, her little hand grasping onto her gown with a little fist. "Mama," she cooed, her emerald eyes sparkling and Tess sucked in a quick breath.

"Hi," Tess whispered as she knelt down beside her and the little girl launched herself toward Tess, wrapping her arms around her neck. She wrapped her arms around the young child, holding her close as she buried her face into the child's raven hair.

Tears burned her eyes, and her heart foolishly claimed the little girl as her own. "Mama," the little girl repeated as she clung to Tess an image of the girl with her mother flashing before her eyes.

"Tess," Kyle whispered as he ran his hand over her back and she glanced over at him, blinking back tears. "She's not Serena."

"I know," she nodded, pushing back the sob that threatened to escape as she put the girl back down on the ground and she ran off to the other kids. "Oh, Kyle," she gasped as she turned to him, clutching on to him.

"Shh," he soothed as he held her close, kissing her softly. "We'll find her."

"I can't do this," she groaned, shaking her head. "My heart can't take this-" she groaned. "Can you take me back to our chambers?"

"Of course," Kyle nodded and instantly transported them back.

Tess sighed in relief, leaning heavily into Kyle. "I just need a moment."

"Take the time you need," He whispered as he kissed her brow. "Will you be okay for a moment by yourself?"

She sucked in a quick breath and nodded. "Yeah."

"I need to check on Michael," he explained and her eyes widened with fear, her thoughts immediately going to her brother.

"He went to the scene of the attack," Tess gasped. "You don't think he in any danger-"

"I don't know," Kyle sighed. "That's why I need to find out."

"I'll be okay," she assured him. "Just all those children- and I just, oh, Kyle. I just want to find my daughter."

"We will," he vowed as he kissed her softly. "Rest," he smiled. "I will be back soon."

Tess smiled at him, running her hand over his arm. "You were meant to do this," she stated. "My king."

Kyle flashed her a grin, "don't let Max hear you say that." He teased lightly as he pulled away, squeezing her hand.

"Love you," she smiled as she let go, watching as he mouthed the words back to her as he disappeared from her sight and teleported away.


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Thank you, killjoy, Rowedog, and Flamehair for the awesome feedback.

This part pretty much just sets up the next part, so it's a little on the shorter side.



Kyle teleported back to the healing chambers in time to see Ares and Leja being lead back to the room where he assumed Jaque was being kept. He followed them, neither of them noticing or caring that he was there, they were too lost in their own thoughts.

"Jaque," Leja exhaled, immediately going to his bedside, Ares close beside her.

"Ah, my favorite students," Jaque smiled, his voice wavering ever so slightly as he reached out to them and he took their hands into his bandaged ones.

"How are you feeling?" Ares questioned softly and Jaque frowned ever so slightly before he forced a kind smile to his face.

"I have been better," he grimaced as he attempted to sit up. "The healers are confident that I will make a full recovery."

"That is good to hear," Leja sighed, reaching over and squeezing Ares' hand and all Kyle could do was study their interactions. Was there something more to their relationship, like they had thought?

"And who are you?" Jaque questioned suddenly, putting their focus on Kyle.

"Oh, Kyle," Ares smiled, turning to him. "I did not see you there," he paused as he glanced around the room. "Where is Tess? Is she near?"

"Tess is resting in our chambers," he replied quickly as Leja began to speak.

"Jaque, this is Lord Kyle. He is one of the chosen guardians of the granolith and the consort of the queen." Leja stated softly, Kyle cringing slightly at the description of being the consort. "Lord Kyle, this is Professor Jaque."

"It's good to meet you," Kyle nodded as he took a step toward them. "I see that you're doing well."

"So this is the Kyle, I have heard so much about," Jaque smiled. "Enai speaks very highly of you, and of your unique powers. It is hard to believe that you are human in nature."

Kyle laughed at the comment. "Not so human anymore," he sighed as he glanced around the room. "Or I wouldn't be here."

"Does not the power of the granolith extend to the King's consort, Lady Elizabeth as well?" Jaque questioned as he studied him intently. "It is amazing how much our knowledge will grow and prosper by having such a strong connection with the people of Earth."

"Yes," Kyle nodded as he noticed Leja and Ares holding hands and he suddenly couldn't think of anything else to add. "I'm sorry," he paused, glancing at the two. "But, are you two together?" He questioned, unable to stop himself.

Ares and Leja shared a glance and laughed. "If you mean, are we lovers?" Ares began, shaking his head. "The answer would be a no."

"No?" Kyle repeated, frowning. "Then what-"

"We are more like brother and sister," Leja supplied, smiling at Ares. "I love him dearly, but not as my lover. I think my fiancé would protest."

"Oh," Kyle gasped, feeling sheepish at even asking. "Michael and I had thought that there was something more, you seem very close."

"We are close, we grew up with each other, but no," Ares shook his head, chuckling under his breath. "But, it suddenly explains the looks my brother had been giving me."

Kyle nodded, "speaking of your brother, I am going to check up on him."

"Be careful," Ares warned. "They may be waiting to attack- Khivar wants you Kyle. You spoiled his plan, you have powers that no one on Antar has. He wants to study you."

Kyle bristled at the thought, "I'll be careful."

Ares nodded, turning his attention back to Jaque as Kyle teleported away.


The school was in ruins and a foul smoke lingered in the air. Kyle reappeared a block away, not knowing what he was jumping into. He opened his mind and searched for Michael's presence. He sighed with relief as he felt him only a few feet away and he quickly went to him.

"Kyle," Michael grunted. "What the hell are you doing here? You should be with Tess."

"We were worried," Kyle replied as he glanced over the makeshift battlefield. "Tess blames herself."

"Why would she do that?" He grumbled as he turned to face him and Kyle was taken aback by the soldier that stood before him, he was the general and not the school boy that he knew.

"She believes the attack was in retaliation for us searching for the heir," Kyle stated as Michael groaned, turning away from him.

"She's right," He hissed as he rubbed the back of his neck. "They've already attacked an orphanage- there must be an informant in the palace. Someone is leaking the information. I hate to think it's one of my own soldiers."

Kyle sighed, shaking his head. "Is there anything that-"

"No," Michael growled. "We have pushed them back past the city limits- I don't think they'll attack until they've recouped."

"Were there any casualties?" He questioned, not really wanting to know the answer.

"A few," he stated. "This is war. Did you think it'll be a walk in the park?"

"No," Kyle gasped. "Is there-" he began as he suddenly felt like he was being watched and he turned his head sharply to the right, catching a glimpse of a shadow.

"It's Nikko," Michael grunted. "I've been waiting for him to make a move." He whispered. "He's injured."

"Why hasn't he fallen back like the others?" Kyle couldn't help but question.

"No idea," he shrugged. "He's waiting for something."

"I'll follow him," he stated as he instantly phased out, disappearing before his eyes. 'What's his power?' He questioned telepathically, not wanting to alert Nikko from his presence.

Michael sighed. 'He can invade your mind and take anything he wants from you. It's like raping you of your thoughts and memories, he was strong as a boy and he's even stronger now.' He briefly explained. 'Be careful.'

'I will,' Kyle simply replied as he glanced back at the shadow. 'Walk away. It's the only way he'll make his move, if he thinks you're not following.'

Michael grunted, giving Kyle a curt node before he motioned for his troops to leave and they started to vacate the area.

Kyle stood and waited, it wasn't long before his subject started to move and Kyle was more than shocked to see the direction he took.

He was heading straight for the palace.


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Thank you all for the feedback, it really means a lot to me! *hugs*

Flamehair- Yes, it clears up the air a bit, and you'll see soon.
tequathisy- Thanks! And you'll find out soon.
thetvgeneral- Yep, and more to come!
Rowedog- That's good to know! And thank you!!
killjoy- Yep, straight for the palace.
Fehrbaby- Lol! Next time, say no! Hee. And thank you! *hugs*


~ 65 ~

Kyle followed Nikko and it was more than obvious that he was badly injured. And for a moment, Kyle took pity on him. His gait was increasingly unsteady and he trembled with every movement.

Nikko slipped in through a back entrance that even Kyle didn't know existed. "Who's there?" Nikko called out, fear evident in his voice as he stared directly at Kyle. He shook his head, mistakenly dismissing the idea that he was being followed, even as Kyle continued to watch him.

He leaned heavily into the wall, lacking the support needed to stand. Kyle waited with baited breath, willing him to continue on his journey, needing to see who in the palace was the leak. Nikko panted, his breath coming in short gasps. He braced himself against the wall, his hands leaving streaks of blood on the wall.

It was a long moment before Nikko began to move once more through the hallway. Kyle sucked in a quick breath as he realized that they were in the servants' quarters. His thoughts began to race at the possibilities and he almost missed Nikko slipping inside a room.


Kyle froze as he recognized the voice calling out to him, it took him so off guard that he almost failed to slip in the open door before him. He snuck into the room in time to see Leja catching Nikko as he faltered once more and fell into her arms.

Kyle wanted to scream, he wanted to kill her for her obvious betrayal- how could she? He had trusted her and she knew him, one of the leaders of the rebels!

"Leja," Nikko gasped as he reached out to her, running his hand over her face. "Love you-"

"No," she hissed as she helped him to her bed. "You must not speak like that- what happened?"

"The attack did not go as planned," he whispered as his eyes fluttered closed and Leja cried out.

"No, Nikko," she begged as she shook his arms. "Please, open your eyes." He groaned, looking up at her as she placed her hand on his chest and Kyle gasped in shock as her hand began to glow. "Stay with me. Nikko, please."

Kyle's eyes widened as he watched in awe as she healed him. "Not possible," he gasped as Leja turned to him, searching the room for him.

"Who's there?" She demanded as she scrambled off the bed and raised her hand. "Show yourself!"

"Explain yourself," Kyle hissed as he presented himself in front of her.

Leja's eyes widened as she stared back at him. "Lord Kyle," she gasped as she glanced back at Nikko sleeping on her bed. "It is not as it seems."

"It's not?" Kyle growled. "How is it that a servant girl posses the power to heal?" He questioned as he took a step closer to her. "And Nikko? He is the enemy-"

"No," Leja protested. "He is not. He has not been for years- you must believe me."

"Then why was he at the scene of attack?" He growled. "Why did he return to you injured, if he's not the enemy?"

"Khivar has threatened him, he does not believe his cousin- he wants peace just as we do." Leja cried and Kyle desperately wanted to believe her. "He has been leaking information to me. He has been spying for us! Ares knows, why do you think we have been able to keep them at bay for so long?"

"Why should I believe you?" Kyle questioned as she shook her head, tears streaming down her face and Kyle wanted more than anything to wipe them away.

"I love him," she whispered. "I was so lost and Ares, he has been the best to me- but, it is not the same. Nikko loves me, he is my soul mate."

Kyle stared at her, understanding her position, he knew what that felt like. "And your powers?"

"My powers?" She hiccupped as she wiped away her tears.

"Yes," he nodded as he took the time to study her. "The power to heal is rare-"

"I have always known it was a possibility," Leja whispered. "But, I have never used them until today- I did not know that I could heal to that extent."

Kyle stared at her, suddenly realizing that Tess' feelings were true. That Leja could be her daughter after all. "Only one of royal blood can heal." He whispered as he recalled the teachings of the granolith.

Leja scoffed at that, shaking her head. "I am a servant girl- I am not of royal blood."

"Only one of royal blood can heal," he repeated as she continued to stare at him.

"It is not my main power," she stammered, refusing to believe his words.

"And what is it?" Kyle questioned sharply as she sighed.

"Astral projection," she whispered after a slight pause, turning her gaze back to Nikko. "Although I rarely use it," she added, shaking her head. "It is a useless power."

"Show me." He demanded as she sighed, closing her eyes as a figure suddenly appeared to his left. He glanced back at Leja to see her face slightly flushed as she scrunched her eyes close in concentration.

"Is this what you wanted to see?" The figure questioned and Kyle turned to her, stepping closer to her, to study her. Kyle eyes widened in shock as he took in the lone figure, it was a perfect replica of Ava.

"Ava," he whispered as he reached out and touched her, she even felt real under his touch.

"Ava?" She repeated gazing back at him a frown marring her beautiful complexion.

He turned to Leja, "do you realize what image you project?"

"Image?" She gasped as she opened her eyes and the image disappeared.

"You project the image of the queen," Kyle stated all the pieces coming together and he knew the truth. "You're Serena."

"Serena?" Leja questioned, shaking her head. "Who is Serena?"

"The heir," Kyle whispered. "You're the heir to the throne."

Her mouth dropped open and she stared at him in disbelief, before she dissolved in hysterical laughter. "No, you are mistaken. There is no way."

"You can heal," Kyle began. "The image you project is of your mother, the queen. And-"

"There is no, and," she sighed. "There is no way- I had parents, I have lived my life as a servant!"

"Do you have proof of this claim?" He questioned sharply and Leja bristled. "These parents you speak of?"

"All I have left is a few pictures." Leja commented as she turned and crossed over to her desk, pulling out a small box of what vaguely resembled Polaroid pictures. "See."

Kyle reached out and took one in his hands, frowning as he looked down at the elderly looking couple with Leja smiling between them, she must have been around five years old. "They look nothing like you," he stated as she went to grab the picture from him, but he grabbed her arm instead.

"Mama called me her miracle child," She began to ramble. "They had tried to have a child for so long- a gift from the heavens above, she said. Her perfect angel."

"They found you," he hypothesized as he let go of her arm and she pulled away from him. "Hence why you were a miracle child, they saved you from the pod your mother placed you in. I suspect you projected the image of your mother and they followed it to your pod."

"Impossible," she gasped, shaking her head.

Kyle stared at her and then glanced back down at the picture in his hand. He trailed his finger over her parents, replacing the images with that of the king and queen. "I am afraid it is," he whispered as he gave back the picture and she stared at it. "You're the heir, Serena."

Leja stared at the picture in her hands. She couldn't deny that there was more of a resemblance, that it looked almost perfect. "Oh, my," she stammered, instantly dropping to her knees.

"Leja?" Nikko called out as he began to sit up, his eyes trained on Kyle. "Who are you?" He growled as he took in Leja's distress and went to her, wrapping his arms around her. "Leja?" He whispered as she cried out and buried her head into his chest.

Kyle couldn't deny that they were obviously in love and for the sake of Antar, she hoped that what she claimed was true. That he was on their side, that he wanted peace-

"Please leave us," Leja whispered, glancing back at Kyle, fear in her eyes.

"You cannot ignore this," he stressed as Nikko continued to stare at him.

"What is going on?" He questioned as he glanced between the two. "How did you- why is he- Leja?"

"She healed you," Kyle stated as Nikko stared at her in fascination. "The heir Khivar is looking for is Leja."

Nikko blinked, immediately pulling away from her as he tried to process the information. "No, no. Leja?"

Leja glanced once more at the picture in her hand and gasped, her breathing hitching ever so slightly as she continued to cry. "Nikko," she sobbed as she dropped the picture and Nikko scooped it up, staring at it as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Leave us," he demanded and Kyle turned away, his duties conflicted.

He exhaled sharply as he tried to figure out his next move, he was hesitant to leave them alone, but he needed to speak with Tess. To tell her the news that she so desperately need to hear. He nodded, Leja sighing with relief at the simple gesture. "I will be back," He stressed as he teleported away.


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Thank you all for the feedback! It means a lot to me and makes my muse very talkative! *hugs*

Fehrbaby- Yes, you did! And I'm glad you liked the way I wrote it. *hugs*
thetvgeneral- Thanks, and Nikko will get a chance to tell his side of the story.
Flamehair- Lol, you were right! :)
tequathisy- Thanks! And I was hoping that I weaved the story just enough to make it a little surprising. Hee.
killjoy- Hee. Ditto.
Rowedog- It's not Tess' and Leja's reaction you need to worry about! *g*



Tess began to pace, she hated not knowing what was going on, she needed to know. She sighed as she eyed the closed door, waiting didn't suit her and she was growing impatient. She groaned and quickly crossed over to the door, determined to find some answers, all she needed to do was find Kyle and-

"Michael!" Tess gasped as she jumped back, startled when the door swung open and Michael entered. "You startled me," she groaned as she hit his arm and tried to calm her racing heart.

Michael just stared back at her, his thoughts a million miles away. She studied him briefly, recognizing him as the soldier he was. "Are you okay?" She questioned softly, noticing the strain in his jaw.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He replied abruptly and she knew he was lying. "Where is Kyle?" He questioned, glancing around the room, preventing her from prying deeper. Something was off and she couldn't pinpoint what it was.

Tess frowned, shrugging her shoulders. "I don't know, he said he was going to see you. He hasn't returned-"

"Fuck," Michael hissed and Tess bristled, knowing something had gone terribly wrong. "He should be back by now."

"Where's Kyle?" She questioned, fear overcoming her as he turned away from her. "What did he do?"

"He followed Nikko," he rushed as he quickly crossed to the windows that looked out over the lands. "Where, I do not know."

"Nikko?" She repeated, her brow knitting in confusion. "Who is Nikko? I don't recall-"

"Nikko is Khivar's cousin and right hand man, a leader to the rebels." Michael drawled. "He was hurt and Kyle said he'd follow him- to gain more Intel. But that was more than an hour ago."

"Do you think something went wrong?" She managed to ask, fearful of his reply.

"I don't know," he sighed as he turned back to her. "If he doesn't return soon," he added, running his hand through his hair. "I'm afraid-" his voice trailed off as Kyle suddenly appeared before them.

"Kyle!" Tess gasped, throwing her arms around him and he quickly wrapped his arms around him. "Where have you been? I was worried, are you okay?"

He forced a smile on his face as he glanced between Michael and Tess. "I'm fine."

Tess sighed as she studied him briefly. "You don't look fine-"

"You were right," he stated softly, gazing at Tess.

"Of course I was," she smiled, leaning in and kissing him. "I'm always right," she giggled, pausing as she caught his gaze and frowned, suddenly realizing she had no idea what he was talking about. "What was I right about?"

"Leja," he whispered and Tess froze, knowing exactly what he meant.

"What about Leja?" Michael questioned, sneering slightly. "She's a nuisance."

"She's the heir," Kyle stated and Michael stared at him in shock.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me," he gasped as he looked to Tess. "Please tell me-" his voice trailed off as he noticed the happy grin on Tess' face.

"I was right?" She whispered, smiling. "I knew it."

"Whoa, wait." Michael grunted. "What do you mean you knew? And how do you know it's her?!"

"I felt it," Tess gasped, laughing lightly. "Oh, I was right."

"She hates us," Michael groaned. "She can't be-"

"Leja can heal," Kyle added, causing both of them to stare at him in shock. "She healed Nikko."

Michael growled, cursing under his breath as he turned away. "She's the leak?"

"No," Tess whispered, shaking her head. "I don't believe she could, her love for Antar is too strong."

"She's fucking the enemy." Michael hissed as he stormed out the door and Tess quickly followed after him.


"Leja," Nikko whispered, running his fingers through her hair as she rested her head against his chest. "Talk to me."

She sniffed, gazing up at him. "Would you still love me if I was queen?"

"I cannot love you more then I already do," he murmured, kissing her brow. "My cousin must never know- the Royal Four must defeat him before he finds out the truth."

Leja stiffened at the thought and pulled away. "If I am the heir."

"Can you deny it?" Nikko questioned, studying her. "I cannot believe I never once sensed it- you are so much more than just a servant girl."

"No," she whispered, shaking her head.

"Do not all little girls dream of being a princess?" He asked, leaning in and kissing her and she couldn't help but laugh.

"Me? A princess?" She gasped, rolling her eyes. "No, I never once considered it." She quickly denied as Nikko raised his brow in question. She paused, glancing down at her hands. "Maybe a little, but it was only in passing- like you said, all girls dream of being a princess. I just never thought it would come true."

"Leja," he smiled. "My love, what do you plan to say to your mother?"

"My mother?" She repeated as her eyes widened. "Oh, no. I was rude and horrible-"

"Where is he?" A gruff voice demanded, interrupting their private moment as the door swung open and they scrambled off the bed.

"Rath," Nikko gasped as the general and acting king stalked into the room. He stiffened, stepping in front of Leja, protecting her.

"You." He hissed as their gazes locked.

"Michael," Ava intervened as she placed her hands on his chest, placating him. "Don't."

"Tess." He drawled as his eyes darted between them.

"Michael?" Nikko repeated, gazing back at Leja. "Tess?"

"Their Earth names," Leja whispered as she wrapped her arms around him and strained to peak over his shoulder.

"No," Michael growled. "I don't care if you think she's your daughter or not, he's the enemy."

"Stand down," Tess ordered and he grunted, crossing his arms across his chest. She turned to them, smiling. "Leja, Nikko."

"My queen," Nikko whispered, nodding his head as he felt Leja stiffen beside him. "I will go-"

"No!" Leja gasped, digging her hands into his robes. "Stay, I need you here."

"You are welcome here," Tess smiled as Michael growled in response.

"Do you think that wise?" He spat, glaring at Nikko.

"You should not counter act the queen's wishes." Nikko replied softly. "But, I must decline. If my cousin should hear about this new development, then he shall double his efforts and attack."

"If she is the heir," Michael grunted.

"There is one way to be sure," another voice joined in the conversation as Kyle appeared beside Tess.

"How?" Leja asked as she studied him.

"The granolith," he stated as he held out his hand to her. "Come with me."

She blinked, letting go of Nikko and glancing between Tess and Nikko. "I am not sure if-" she began, shaking her head. "I do not know if I am ready."

"Leja," Tess smiled, stepping closer to her. "When I first meet you I sensed there was something special about you-" she whispered, her voice wavering with tears. "You are strong, beautiful, and everything I would have hoped for my daughter."

Leja blushed, smiling. "Thank you."

Tess hesitantly reached out and squeezed her hand. "I know you are my daughter," she added. "When you are ready, I'd love to get to know you better."

Leja nodded, squeezing her hand in reply. "I would like that," she smiled. "But, it is so much-"

"I understand," Tess nodded, letting go of her hand and stepping back into Kyle's embrace. "When you're ready-"

"What about him?" Michael interrupted, pointing at Nikko. "Doesn't anyone seem to care that he's the enemy?"

"He is on our side," Leja protested, sighing with frustration. "Speak with Ares, he knows the truth, the trials we have been through-"

"I'm not Ares," he growled as he stared at Nikko. "I don't trust him-"

"I am sorry," Nikko suddenly stated, his gaze locking onto Michael's. "It was not my choice, I was only a child."

"You're sorry?" Michael gasped as he went to attack, but Kyle held him back. He struggled briefly as he continued to glare at Nikko. "Only a child?! You raped my mind- you left me open for an attack-" he cried. "You are the reason we died."

"I was only a child!" Nikko snapped back. "Khivar used me. I may have been a blood relative, but he treated me as an object and used me until I was exhausted. He is a cruel man-"

"Nikko," Leja whispered as she wrapped her arms around him. "You do not need to explain yourself- I know, and I love you."

Nikko sighed, glancing at Michael once more. "I shall leave."

"No," Leja gasped as he shook his head no, tears evident in both their eyes.

"Leave us." Michael snarled as Kyle finally let go of him.

"That's enough," Tess huffed, throwing her hands in the air. She turned to Michael. "The past is the past, and yes, Nikko may have been a part of Khivar's plans-" she stated as she glanced at him. "But as he stated, he was only a child. He deserves a chance to prove himself."

Michael exhaled, staring at her then glancing once more at Nikko. "I just can't." Michael sighed, closing his eyes. "He'll always be the enemy in my eyes." He stressed as he turned and stormed out of the room, leaving them alone.

"I shall go," Nikko whispered and Tess shook her head no.

Tess glanced at her daughter and smiled. "Leja needs you more," she paused. "I will speak with my brother."

"I can not impose," Nikko stammered, his eyes widening in shock.

"I will order you to stay, if I must," Tess added lightly as she turned to Kyle, who stood silently beside her. "Please stay as long as you can-"

Nikko nodded, wrapping his arms around Leja and kissing her softly. "Thank you," Leja smiled as she turned to her mother.

"It's nothing," Tess whispered as leaned against Kyle and he drew her into his embrace. "We'll leave you be." She offered as she squeezed Kyle's hand and they disappeared.

Nikko gasped in shock, turning to Leja. "What- where?"

"Kyle has the power of teleportation," she smiled as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Teleportation?" He whispered in awe. "No wonder Khivar wants him alive," he murmured as he kissed her brow. "Leja, never forget that I love you."

"That sounds so ominous," she exhaled, looking up at him.

"I am afraid of what may come," Nikko sighed. "Of what Khivar will do once he finds out the truth."


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Post by Icalynn » Sat Aug 04, 2007 8:04 pm

Thank you, Rowedog, Flamehair, and killjoy for the feedback, it means a lot to me! *hugs*

And to answer the question, regarding ages:
Ares was two and Nikko was five when the Royal Four died and left Antar. (more on his story in this part)

Earth years are 2:1 to Antar years, as I mentioned earlier. So, only 25 years have passed on Antar. And for the sake of this fic, I'm assuming only 50 years has past on Earth since the crash... I know I'm a little off, but it makes my numbers easier!!

So, that makes Ares 27 and Nikko 30.

And as it was suggested, the people of Antar do have a longer lifespan, so they are still considered in their late teens.

Oh, and Leja is 24.

I hope that answers your questions.


~ 67~

As soon as Kyle teleported back to the room, the little composure Tess maintained failed. She trembled as she turned to Kyle, tears in her eyes. "She does not wish to be my daughter."

"Give her a chance," Kyle whispered as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. "It was a shock to her- everything she has known has been essentially a lie."

She sighed as he wiped away her tears. "I suppose-" she nodded as she leaned against him, needing the support and love that he was giving her. With a sigh, she pulled away and crossed over to the window. "I missed so much," she began. "She's a grown woman and she's in love with the enemy. I only hope that he is telling us the truth and that he truly loves her in return."

"He meant ever word," Kyle supplied as he ran his fingers down her back and she leaned into his touch. "He's telling us the truth- it's Michael's reaction that worries me the most. He must accept the past in order to grow."

"Michael won't hear of it," she quipped. "He's stubborn and I'm sure his memories are still so fresh-" she sighed. "What am I going to do?"

"Nothing," He sighed as he wrapped his arms around her. "He will accept her and her choice of a husband in time."

"Husband?" Tess gasped, her eyes widening. "I didn't realize-"

"Leja mentioned earlier that she had a fiancé," Kyle shrugged. "And I assume that Nikko is the one she was speaking of."

Tess smiled brightly. "He is very handsome, and strong- he would make a good husband."

"And king," he added and she nodded. "If he is as true as his word, then their pairing will unite the planet-"

"There would be peace," Tess grinned, leaning in and kissing him on the lips. "I love you."

"Love you too," he grinned in reply, returning the kiss as he suddenly felt the familiar pull of the granolith. He closed his eyes as he let his mind commune with it and he couldn't help but smile as he opened his eyes.

"What is it?" She questioned, frowning as she studied him briefly.

"The granolith is calling to me," Kyle replied as he took her hand in his. "It's time."

"It's time?" She repeated, her eyes widening as she realized what he meant. "Oh, it's time!" She gasped. "I thought they weren't coming until later."

"The granolith is ready," he stated as he closed his eyes once more and connected with the granolith. "It has regenerated faster since the Royal Four has awakened their past and unleashed their true potential- your energy and the energy of the people maintain the power of the granolith."

"Oh," Tess paused as she squeezed his hand. "Let's go great them." She offered and Kyle nodded, instantly teleporting them to the granolith chamber.


"I should go," Nikko whispered once more and Leja sighed, pushing him away.

"Fine," she grumbled as she turned away, tears threatening to fall. "Just go."

"Leja," he sighed as he reached out and caressed her back. "They do not want me here."

"But," she sniffed as she turned back to him. "I do. I need you- I just."

"Shhh," he soothed as he gathered her into his arms and held her close, kissing her softly. "It shall be okay."

"Why does he hate you so?" Leja whispered after a slight pause. "Nikko, what happened?"

Nikko stiffened, exhaling sharply. "Please, do not ask me-"

"Nikko," she stressed as she gazed into his eyes. "Please, let me in. I am to be your wife-"

"You do not know what you are asking me to do," he sighed, turning away from her. "There are things that you do not need to know- to suffer."

"How can I justify Michael's reaction and obvious distress, if I do not know what happened?" Leja questioned as she reached out to him, running her hand over his back. "I know I have not pried, but I need to know."

"It is not that simple," he whispered, leaning into her touch. "I regret my part, I wish Khivar never found out about my power."

"What did he do?" She asked, her heart skipping a beat as he turned to her, the pain in his eyes overwhelming.

"I did just as Michael claimed," he exhaled, shaking his head. "I was only four and I was coming into my powers- I did not know how to control them. I would barely brush my hand against someone and I would be blindsided by their thoughts. I never meant to force myself into their minds- but I did."

"Oh, Nikko," Leja gasped as she wrapped her arms around him.

He paused, before pulling away from her. "I accidentally brushed against Khivar as he visited my mother one evening and I entered his mind- all I saw was death and destruction. He wanted to be king and he would have done anything to get it." He paused as he stiffened every so slightly at the memory. "He pulled me aside and gave some story to my mother about how he could advance my education, give me a better life, if only she would let me go with him-" he sighed. "She said no. Later that night she died in her sleep and I was forever bound to him as my guardian. It was a year later when I realized that she died at his hands, it was then I knew I had no choice but to follow him or be dealt the same fate."

Leja exhaled sharply, blinking back tears as she attempted to wrap her arms around him, but he only shrugged her away. "He used me, Leja." He paused as he glanced over at her. Do you want to know why I was able to enter Rath's mind so easily?"

"How?" She questioned, almost fearful of his answer.

"Khivar used his powers against me and forced me out onto the battlefield. I was only five years old- Rath saw me, he didn't know who I was or that Khivar had sent me as bait. All he saw was a young boy, caught between the crossfire." He sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck. "He reached out to me, to protect me further form Khivar's hand. He saved me and for a moment I had thought I would be free from my cousin's hand. But, Khivar had planned on the sympathy that Rath would show me-"

"You touched him," Leja whispered. "How could you not?" She gasped, suddenly understanding Khivar's cruel plan.

"He was the first to fight against the invasion- I did not realize how much pain my power could inflict on someone so strong. He fell unwilling into Khivar's hands and he was able to advance to the palace and he killed them all." He exhaled sharply. "All because I made a passageway for Khivar to reach Vilondra-"

"It is not your fault," Leja gasped. "If Vilondra had not let him into the palace, nothing would have happened and Rath would have regained the front line."

"That is kind of you to say, but I know- Rath knows." Nikko sighed. "He will never forgive me."

"Perhaps he will," she offered as her eyes widened. "If he had not lived again, he would have never met his love, Maria. He found a life on Earth, a home-"

"How do you know this?" He questioned, his eyes shimmering with hope.

"I work in the palace," she smiled. "I know more then they think."

"Leja-" he laughed, shaking his head as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. "I love you."

She beamed, kissing him in response. "As I love you."


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Post by Icalynn » Tue Aug 07, 2007 9:12 am

Thank you, Rowedog, thetvgeneral, and Flamehair for the feedback, it really means a lot to me!

Sorry, I haven't updated in awhile... my muse is being all temperamental! She knows it's coming close to the end and she's not wanting to work. :(



Tess and Kyle rematerialized in the granolith chamber as Max and Isabel appeared before them. They both seemed a little shaky on their feet at first, but they slowly regained their senses. Max took a deep cleansing breath, the change in atmosphere not affecting him as much as it seemed to affect his sister.

Isabel groaned, leaning into the stone granolith as she tried to catch her breath, but failed. Max immediately placed his hand on her back, his hand glowing ever so slightly as he healed her. Isabel inhaled a quick breath and began to breathe more at ease.

"Better?" Max questioned as Isabel nodded as she looked up at Kyle and Tess.

"Welcome home," Kyle offered, flashing them a smile, once they were both out of danger.

"I can't believe that we are here," Max stated as his gaze caught Tess' and they shared a glance that could only be described as longing.

Kyle bit the inside of his mouth as Tess quickly crossed over to Max and they embraced. He closed his eyes, exhaling sharply, unable to witness their loving reunion. He had feared this and deep down he knew it meant nothing, but it didn't help the pang of jealousy he felt.

"Jealous does not become you," Isabel drawled, causing Kyle to flinch and turn to her.

"I don't know what-" he tried to protest as she draped her arm around his shoulder and patted his arm.

"Don't even try it," she sighed, shaking her head as she glanced at her King and Queen, catching the small chase kiss they shared.

"I can't-" he sighed, his heart aching as he pulled away from Isabel and walked away.

Isabel rolled her eyes and stared at the two for a second, before following after Kyle.

"Serena?" Max asked softly as he pulled away, catching the flash of happiness in her eyes, quickly followed with a touch of sadness. "What is it?"

"We found her," she smiled sadly. "Our daughter's all grown up."

Max's mouth dropped, his eyes widening. "How? I thought the pod-"

"She's our daughter," Tess snorted, shaking her head. "She used her powers to unlock the pod and found herself a rescue party too. Although she didn't even realize who she was- she seems uncertain of her heritage." She sighed. "But, I know it's her. I feel it."

"I want to see her," he stated and she nodded.

"Of course," Tess nodded. "Her name is Leja and she at least grew up with Ares by her side, although she didn't know that he was her uncle at the time."

"Leja," he whispered, smiling. "It's pretty and I'm sure it's fitting."

Tess smiled brightly, nodding her head. "Yes. And she's in love-" she added softly, her voice trailing off.

"Love?" Max gasped. "Wow, she really is all grown up."

"Yeah," she nodded, blinking back the sudden onslaught of tears. "We missed everything- I had hoped. Oh, I don't know. She's a stranger to us and yet she is our daughter."

"We have time to get to know her," he whispered, holding Tess close, kissing her brow.

"Michael isn't thrilled about it at all- and he hates her fiancé." Tess sighed as she glanced up at Max.

Max stiffened slightly at her words. "That's not good- who is her fiancé?"

"Nikko," Tess smiled as she looked for any recognition in his eyes but found none.

"Who's Nikko?" He questioned, frowning as he searched his memories for someone of that name.

"Khivar's cousin," she whispered softly as Max's jaw tensed. "Michael claims he is the reason we lost the war that night."

Max exhaled sharply. "And you think it's okay for our daughter to-"

"Yes," Tess sighed. "You must accept him if we are to have a chance to get to know her. They love each other and Kyle said-" her voice trailed off as she glanced over and realized that he was no longer in the chamber with them. "Kyle?" She called out, her heart skipping a beat with sudden worry.

"I'm sure he didn't go far," Max reassured her as they started to walk toward the entrance.

"I wouldn't be too sure of that," Isabel remarked as she turned to them. "He teleported away, mumbling something about telling Ares and Michael that we are here."

"I wonder why he left without saying anything to me," Tess remarked softly as she glanced between the siblings, her brow knit with confusion.

"He's jealous," Isabel whispered as she glared at her brother and then looked at Tess. "You should have known better, he's always been so insecure about your relationship with Max."

Tess exhaled sharply. "I thought he was over that-"

"Considering he lost his first love to my brother, I think he'll always worry that you would leave him for Max, your king." She added softly. "And your lovely little reunion didn't help those fears."

"I'll talk to him," Max stated as he squeezed Tess' hand.

"No," she whispered, shaking her head. "I'll speak to him, this is between us-"

She never finished her sentence as Max cried out in pain, cutting her off. "Fuck," he hissed as he rubbed at his forehead, the royal seal shimmering on his skin briefly and then disappearing.

"You okay?" Isabel questioned as she tentatively reached out to him and rested her hand on his shoulder.

"You reclaimed the seal," Tess whispered in awe. "Michael experienced something similar moments after he returned to Antar for the first time- you're the rightful King."


"Fuck," Michael growled as he rubbed at the royal seal that flickered over his chest and slowly faded away. He sighed with relief as the sensation died quicker then the first time.

"The royal seal," Kyle began as he entered the room and offered them both a quick nod. "Max has reclaimed it."

"The king has returned," Ares stated with great flourish, frowning as Michael and Kyle shared an amused glance and burst out laughing. "Did I say something wrong?" He questioned his voice laced with confusion.

"No, bro." Michael chuckled as he slapped Ares on the back, shaking his head. "It's nothing-"

"I doubt you've ever heard of the Lion King?" Kyle questioned and Ares frown deepened.

"Is he the king of Earth?" He innocently asked, causing Michael and Kyle to erupt once more in laughter.

"No," Kyle gasped, trying to catch his breath. "It's a Disney flick- one of the best in my opinion."

"Disney?" Ares repeated as Michael nodded.

"The quote, 'The king has returned,' is one of the more famous quotes from the movie," he explained, grinning for the first time in what felt like weeks. "Oh, I needed that."

"Yeah," Kyle nodded as Ares still stared at them in confusion.

"Does that not mean that the King has-" he paused, biting his lip. "Returned?"

"I'd assume so," Michael shrugged as he glanced at Kyle. "I felt the surge of the granolith- Kyle?"

"That's why I'm here," Kyle stated. "Max and Isabel are here, Tess is with them."

"That is great news!" Ares beamed as he glanced at Michael. "We must start your training right away."

"I believe Max wants to meet his daughter," Kyle offered as he glanced at the setting sun. "And perhaps, everyone should rest before they start their training."

"You are wise, Kyle and astutely put." Ares nodded. "That shall be our plan, first thing tomorrow the training begins."


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Thank you, Flamehair, thetvgeneral, tequathisy, Rowedog, and killjoy for the great feedback!

And funny enough, I never once thought of Elvis or LotR!! But, it would also apply- I guess I had only Lion King on the brain! *g*

And sorry for the delay, my muse is being all anxious since the end is near.



"Kyle," Tess sighed as she reentered her chambers to see him sitting in the chase lounge, staring off into nothing. "I've been searching for you-"

"Didn't care to be found," he grumbled, shrugging his shoulders slightly.

Tess gasped, her eyes narrowing. "So, you're just going to disregard my feelings?"

He looked up at her and she paused at the sadness in his eyes. "I thought I was over it- but, seeing you with him-" he growled as he stood up and began to pace. "Fuck. I hate this-"

"Kyle," she snapped, causing him to stop and turn to her. "Doesn't it matter that I've chosen you? I love you."

"And you have no lingering feelings for Max?" He questioned a little more sharply then he had planned.

"It's not the same!" Tess protested. "I'll always love him- but, it's you that I'm in love with." She sighed. "Can you tell me not one part of you still loves Liz?"

"But, you don't have to see it," he argued, shaking his head. "She was my first major crush, puppy love- I didn't marry her and I didn't have a child with her and you don't have to see us kiss."

Tess frowned, sitting down on the lounge as his words washed over him. "I- I'm sorry."

"And I know you love me," he sighed, sitting beside her. "And I know that Max is your past, but it's hard- and it's even worse when you add on the fact that Liz left me to be with Max-"

"I'm just being honest- I'm not hiding anything." Tess paused, studying him for a second. "I think the fact that she left you for him bothers you more than anything else-" She whispered, her eyes widening as she recalled his mother leaving him as well. "And your mother left you," she added softly, Kyle flinching at the comment. "I'm not going to leave you Kyle. I would never leave you-"

"They always leave," he whispered harshly, his shoulders sagging. "You're better off without me-"

"Liar," she protested, wrapping her arms around him. "We complete each other," she smiled as she gazed lovingly at him, leaning in to kiss him. "I wouldn't be able to do this without you. You are my heart, my destiny."

"Tess," he sighed as he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her softly. "See? Why do you even put up with me?"

She giggled, "Because I'm hopelessly in love with you."

"Love you," he whispered, kissing her once more. "I'm sorry I ever doubted you- but seeing you together, your eyes filled with love and the connection that you have over your daughter-"

"Leja," Tess smiled. "She kinda complicates things," Tess nodded in agreement. "But, I think I understand. If you suddenly had a child out there with another woman- I'd be so jealous."

Kyle chuckled as he ran his fingers through her hair. "Speaking of Leja, how did the meeting with Daddy go?"

Tess sighed, leaning against Kyle's chest. "It could have gone better," she whispered. "Let me show you," she offered as she placed her hand on his chest and immediately opened their connection.

Kyle's vision clouded over and soon he felt everything that Tess was feeling and seeing only moments before.

"Leja," Tess began. "This is-"

"Zan," she gasped as she stared at him. "The king, I was right," she whispered as she took a step back. "I felt the granolith, I knew that they had arrived."

"Leja," Max smiled as he took a step forward, reaching out to her. "Tess has spoken very highly of you."

Leja's blushed, shaking her head, reluctantly holding her hand out to him. "I am only a servant girl."

"I don't think so," Max mused as their hands met and there was a blinding flash of light. Leja cried out as the royal seal flickered on her brow, burning bright for a moment before it disappeared. "You are our daughter." He acknowledged as he shared a small smile with Tess.

Leja rubbed at her brow, staring at the two of them. "I cannot rule-"

"You can," Tess smiled. "You will," she added as Leja shook her head no, "With Ares and Nikko at your side." Tess paused as she glanced around the room. "Where is he?"

"He left to warn Khivar," she replied sadly. "Or rather mislead him into believing that you have been detained." She sighed as she turned away, glancing out the window. "Please end this war for us."

"That is why we are here," Max stated, his voice void of all emotion, his former self showing through. "If it's the last thing I do, he will pay for what he's done."

Leja nodded, glancing back at them. "I need time," she whispered. "This is still so new-"

"We understand," Tess spoke quickly, reaching out to Max. "We will let you rest. It has been a long emotional day."

"Thank you," Leja smiled as Tess pulled Max out of the room.

"But-" Max began to protest and Tess shook her head.

"We must give her this time," she insisted as Max frowned.

"I just want to get to know her," he sighed. "She's our daughter."

"And we will," Tess sighed. "When the threat of war is gone, we'll have the time to fully get to know her and Nikko."

"I'm not sure I trust this Nikko," he commented, frowning. "I am going to find Michael." He added as he turned sharply on his heels before she could stop him.

"Men." Tess groaned, hating the quick dismissal and glanced once more at the Leja's closed door. "Soon," she smiled weakly.

Kyle gasped as the connection dissolved and he gazed into her eyes. "It went better then I thought- good thing Nikko wasn't there."

Tess frowned. "But, I thought you said he was good."

"He is," Kyle nodded. "But, it's one thing to meet the king, but your future father-in-law?"

"Oh," she giggled. "I didn't think of it that way- and I suppose it would be better after all the fighting dies down."

"I gather that Michael is the only one with memories of Nikko," he stated and Tess nodded in reply. "That'll be high priority once we've won the war."

"That's very optimistic of you," Tess mused, leaning in to kiss him.

"It's really are only option," He whispered as he threaded his fingers through Tess', squeezing her hand. "If we want to go home and live a semi regular life."

"It's all that I want," she sighed as she leaned against him, resting her hand on his heart. "Everything's happened so fast- and now we must fight as the royal four-"

Or die trying. They both thought, but didn't verbalize, their fears growing. "Tomorrow, you will train. You will access the power and-"

"And win." Tess stated, forcing a smile. "Then we can go home."

"Yeah," Kyle smiled, kissing her brow. "We'll go home."