The Fourth (AU, K/T, CC ADULT) (Complete)

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The Fourth (AU, K/T, CC ADULT) (Complete)

Post by Icalynn » Sun Mar 11, 2007 11:29 am

Winner Round 11


Runner-Up Favorite Lead Portrayal of Kyle Valenti Round 11


Banner by Fehrbaby

Title: The Fourth
Author: Icalynn
Disclaimer: This fic is in no way affiliated with the WB, UPN, Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, "Roswell" the television series, or any of the actors of that series. The author makes no claim to any of the characters portrayed herein, and claim no remuneration for this work. This fic is for entertainment purposes only.
Pairings/Couples/Category: K/T, CC, AU
Rating: ADULT
Summary: Most of season 1 happened, but Tess never came to Roswell with Nasedo. Nasedo missed her birth as well as the others. She was found and adopted by another family. Nasedo has been looking for all of them for the last few years.

The Special Unit came, abducted Max, but this time Nasedo was able to free him with Isabel's and Michael's help. They were never able to activate the orbs since Tess was absent and thus never triggered the events that followed. Nasedo infiltrated the Special Unit and had the unit disbanded a few months later.

The couples grew together and they had a relatively normal high school experience, due to the fact that Sheriff Valenti and Nasedo were close by, watching and protecting them from all. Nasedo continued to search for the missing fourth but without success.

Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, and Alex/Isabel are together. Even Jim and Amy got together, marrying, combining their households into one big happy family.

This story begins the summer after graduation. Kyle has always felt like the third wheel and has decided to go away to college, leaving the others back in New Mexico.

Author's Note: This is the first WIP fic I've posted in ages, so please be patient with me- this fic has taken a life of its own. I meant for it to be only a few pages long and it's already 30 pages long. I plan to post a few pages here and there and hope to keep ahead so that I can post frequently.

This is not beta'd, so if you notice any glaring mistakes please let me know. Thanks.



"Do you really have to go?"

Kyle sighed, turning around to see his sister standing in the doorway, pouting. He forced a smile to his face, knowing she needed to see only his hope for the future and not the fear and the uncertainty he felt about going out on his own. "Maria, we've been through this."

"I know, I know." She sighed, shaking her head as she crossed over to his bed and sat down. "But, I'm really going to miss you- you're family now and my only brother."

Kyle's smile brightened, chuckling. "Only for a few more months," he reminded her and she snorted, finally smiling.

"I can't believe that I- that we'll have a baby brother!" She gasped, laughing lightly. "Our parents are seriously insane to think they can have a baby at their age."

"Why do you think I'm going?" Kyle chuckled. "No diaper duty for me."

"Oh, so that's the real reason?!" She laughed as Kyle sat down beside her and she took his hand in his.

He lifted her hand up and kissed it lightly. "They may be insane, but I've never seen them happier."

"Yeah," Maria agreed. "They are deliriously happy aren't they?"

"Yeah," Kyle smiled, pausing a moment, just taking in the solitude of the moment. "I'll be okay." He added softly, squeezing his hand.

"Promise?" She sighed, turning to him.

"Promise." He vowed, hoping that he could keep his word.

"Be safe," Maria whispered as she wrapped her arms around him and held him close. "And remember we are all here for you."

"I know." Kyle smiled.

"Don't forget about us," she began as tears formed in her eyes. "And you have no excuse not to visit every weekend!"

"Oh?" He chuckled, shaking his head. "What if I have a date?"

Maria laughed, "as if, little brother."

"Hey," Kyle protested, hitting her playfully on the arm. "I'm dateable."

"Uh, huh." Maria smiled, holding back her laughter. "And how many have you dated since your induction into the alien abyss?"

Kyle frowned, looking away as she voiced the real reason he was leaving.

"I'm sorry," she gasped as she realized the implication of her taunt.

"Everyone has someone but me," he whispered after a short strained pause. "I need this Maria. I need to be out on my own, to find the one that will complete me."

"I know." Maria sighed, instantly wrapping her arms around him. "So, I guess you can teleport every other weekend."

Kyle nodded, "deal."

"And try not to jump into the bathroom again," Maria teased lightly as Kyle remembered the first few times he tested his new ability. "I think you scared my mom for life!"

Kyle chuckled. "Like she has anything to be ashamed off? She still has it-"

"I so don't need to hear that!" She insisted, shaking her head, clasping her hands over her ears.

Kyle laughed harder. "I'm going to miss you."

Maria sighed, throwing her arms around him. "I'm going to miss you more."


Kyle piled everything in his car and drove off, after saying goodbye to everyone for the third time. They all understood his reasoning, but they couldn't understand why he couldn't do the same at NMSU like everyone else and stay closer to home. He had surprised them a few months back, when he announced that he had accepted a full football scholarship to the University of Arizona and had declined the invitation for the same at NMSU. Initially, there were fights and heated words between Max and Kyle- his father understood the most and gave his blessing. It wasn't long before everyone else followed suit, even Max had finally calmed and saw the need for him to venture on his own.

Kyle knew he could have easily gone and blended in with the others, being safe and ultimately alone. Arizona wasn't too far and if he needed, he could be home within seconds due to his power of teleportation.

His powers had shocked the others when they finally developed. Like Liz, his powers were more focused on the mind. He had the same basic powers as the others but he had also developed two unique gifts as well, teleportation and telepathy.

In the end, it was the fact that he could teleport that eased the minds of his family and friends. They knew that if he was faced with a threat- alien or not, he could easily teleport away and the reverse was true. He could be home in seconds if they were in danger.

He sighed as he let his mind go blank and he continued to drive the length of the trip. He refused to let the itching fear fully develop- he knew he could do this.


Kyle sighed, collapsing on the dingy old couch. He was lucky and scored one of the few single rooms. He knew with the powers he had, he needed as much privacy as he could afford.

"Hey. Valenti, right?" A gawky teen asked as he stuck his head through his open door.

"Yeah," He nodded as he stood up and crossed over to him. "You?"

"Charles," he smiled. "I'm the glorified water boy- just checking to make sure you made it in and to give you the practice schedule."

"Thanks," Kyle nodded taking the packet, immediately feeling a rush of thoughts from the younger man as he touched his hand. He quickly closed his mind and sucked in a quick breath, cursing at himself for leaving his guard down with so many people around. "Nice meeting you," he stated as he shooed him away and went to shut the door.

He paused when he heard light laughter echoing down the hall. Kyle smiled as he heard another voice adding in, the voice softer more feminine and almost hypnotic. He dropped the package onto his desk, grabbed his key, and went in search for the owner of the voice.

Hours later he returned to his dorm room, frustrated that he couldn't find the girl in question. There were just too many people milling about, moving in, and he was having a hard time keeping their thoughts out of his head.

He closed his door and made sure his blinds were shut before he started unpacking, using his powers to help speed things along. An hour later he was satisfied with his room and collapsed on his bed, instantly falling asleep from exhaustion.


He loved going to practice, it was a chance for him to let out some steam and let his mind rest as his body worked. He had to slowly train his body and find what amount of powers he could use without being found out.

"Valenti, good practice." The coach began and Kyle nodded. "Hit the showers. The rest of you- take another lap around the field."

Kyle groaned, shaking his head in defeat. If they kept singling him out like that, the rest of the team was going to hate him. Most of the team already ignored him due to him being the new recruit; he didn't need any more animosity. He quickly darted into the locker room, showered, and changed before the rest of the team could give him a hard time about the coach's words.

He gathered his things as he heard the first person return and before he could get away, he felt himself being pushed against the cool lockers. Kyle closed his eyes, the onslaught of hate hitting him full force as he attempted to call back his powers, not wanting to hurt his fellow teammate.

"Just 'cause you're new here," the voice growled and it took him a second to recognize it as the star quarterback, Jack Santigo. "Don't make you special. No freshman will make me do another damn lap around the field. Got it?"

Kyle's body tingled, his body rearing to push back and destroy. He took a deep breath and looked into Jack's eyes. "Won't happen again," he replied, willing Jack to let go.

"Better not," Jack growled as he slowly let go and turned away from him. Kyle didn't wait for another opportunity and darted around the corner, taking a second to make sure he was clear before he teleported back to his room. His body relaxed immediately as he used the excess power building from the confrontation.

He sighed and closed his eyes, letting sleep calm his weary mind. Maybe this was a bad idea after all.

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First off, I'd like to thank everyone that left FB it so makes my day!

Flamehair- Thanks! And I'm pretty sure Tess will find Kyle. :wink:
Fehrbaby- Thank you! And thank you so much again for the banner! *hugs* And I'll post on LJ when I update. :)
Buddha-boy- Thanks! And I agree there isn't enough Lamptrimmer fics.
vegas312- Thanks! I love Maria and Kyle as siblings, you'll see more sibling banter.

Secondly I want to thank Fehrbaby again for the gorgeous banner. And last, but not least- would you prefer to read a small updates daily or a larger update every few days?

Now I hope you enjoy the next part!


Kyle stared up at the screen, bored to death as yet another picture of a human cell was flashed before him. He assumed if it wasn't for his new found alien cells, it might be a little more interesting, but it wasn't. He hid a yawn behind his hand as he felt a poke on his shoulder.

Annoyed, he glanced over his shoulder to see a long pencil poking him. He followed the length of the pencil and found himself staring as his eyes locked onto the pretty, blonde sitting behind him. How he managed to miss her for the last few days was beyond him. He sat up in his seat and smiled at her, instantly intrigued.

She flashed him a bright smile, her blue eyes twinkling as she winked at him. She opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted when the lights switched back on and the professor began talking.

"Later," he mouthed back and she nodded in reply. He sighed and reluctantly returned his gaze back to the professor.

As the class ended, Kyle glanced back to her seat and frowned as he noticed that she was missing in action. "Damn."

"Damn?" He heard a soft voice question, followed closely by a giggle. He froze, his mind flashing back to the instant he heard that voice before. "I hope I'm not interrupting something."

Kyle flushed and turned to his right, smiling once more. "No, no. I'm good."

"Do you have to run to another class?" She questioned timidly, her eyes brimming with hope.

"No." He lied, not caring if he missed his next class or any following classes for the next year, all he wanted to do was to make her smile.

"Coffee?" She suggested and he nodded, unable to form a coherent thought in her presence.

He quickly placed his notes into his bag and stood up, following closely behind her as they weaved their way through the crowded quad. They entered the small coffee house on the corner and he grabbed the last booth.

"This is nice," Kyle commented as they sat down, glancing around the room, taking in the Mediterranean feel of it. "I haven't been in here since, well. Never."

"I love this place," she gushed as their gazes locked and Kyle suddenly forgot how to breathe. "Kyle right?" She questioned and he blinked, slightly confused. "The new football player?"

"Yeah," Kyle nodded, taking a quick breath. "I'm sorry, I have no-"

"Tess." She answered with a bright smile, reaching over to touch his hand. "Tess Harding- I've been watching you since our first day of class. I can't shake the feeling that we've met before."

"Tess," Kyle repeated, liking the way it flowed from his lips. "Isn't that usually my line? Hey, baby, have we met before?"

Tess giggled, shaking her head. "It is the 21st century and we have, I know we have. Are you from around here?"

"Nope." He replied, letting his fingers trace over hers, feeling a spark light up his heart. He felt such at ease with her, he knew at that moment that he would tell her everything if she only asked. "Born and raised in Roswell, New Mexico."

"Oh." Tess gasped, her brow furrowing slightly. "I guess not-"

Kyle paused, staring at her as her eyes clouded over slightly and she gazed away. He reached out with his mind and was shocked to find an overwhelming sense of sadness.

"You?" He asked, not knowing what else to say. Almost finding it odd that she didn't ask the question everyone else seemed to ask when they find out where he was from- seen any aliens?

"I've lived here most of my life," she commented, her focus turning back to him. "Are you sure we haven't met before?"

"Tess," he smiled, grasping her hand in his. "I can honestly say that if I had met you before, I would have never let you go."

Kyle couldn't help but smile as she blushed at the comment. Her eyes twinkled as she flashed him a bright smile, "that's good to know."


A week passed and Kyle easily ditched his health class to spend a few precious hours at the Coffeehouse. The more time he spent with her, the more he realized he couldn't live without her. He felt complete for the first time in years, but he kept telling himself to keep things slow- he didn't want to screw this up.

Of course, the longer he spent in her presence the more he wanted to touch her smooth silky skin, to taste her lips, to feel her body against his. His body tingled with anticipation and he wondered how much longer he could keep his increasing feelings to himself.

"Don't you have practice?" Tess mused, arching a brow as she grinned at him behind the rim of her coffee mug.

"Not until three," Kyle shrugged, forcing himself to focus back on the conversation and not his lingering thoughts of her in his bed.

"It's ten after three." Tess supplied, stressing the word three, making sure he didn't miss the hint.

Kyle's head shot up and he glanced at the clock on the wall. "Coach is going to kill me," he stammered as he stood up, grabbing his bag. "Sorry. I didn't realize it was so late." He continued as he absentmindedly leaned over and kissed Tess softly on the lips. "I'll see-" his voice trailed off as he realized what he did and his gaze locked with hers. He was relieved to see that she wasn't upset, she almost looked pleased. "Tess?"

"Oh, Kyle!" She cried as she jumped up, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him properly.

He dropped his bag and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer, deepening the kiss. And for a second, time stood still as they fully embraced their first kiss. The kiss was beyond his expectations, this was the kiss that he always heard about, but never felt himself.

"Get a room!" Someone shouted and they reluctantly pulled away, their breath mingling together as they panted for air.

He took a second to memorize her flushed face and lust laden eyes, he briefly wondered if that's what she saw as well. He briefly opened his mind and was overwhelmed by her lust and feelings of love.

Love. His heart skipped a beat and he wished he didn't have to run to practice. He wanted to stay here with her.

"Can I see you tonight?" Kyle questioned as he reached down for his bag, kissing her quickly on the brow, knowing that if he kissed her on the lips he'd miss practice all together.

"Yes," she nodded, reaching out for his hand.

"Can you meet me at the stadium?" Kyle asked as he cupped her hand in his and squeezed it. "About seven?"

"Yes," she smiled, nodding her head. "I'll be there."


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The Fourth Pt 3 (ADULT)

Post by Icalynn » Wed Mar 14, 2007 9:09 am

Author's Note:
Fehrbaby Thanks! :lol: You are a hypocrite, but I still love ya. *hugs*
vegas312 Thanks! And answers to your questions will be answered soon... I think in the next part. So, stick around until then! ;)
Flamehair Thanks! Tess doesn't remember, but she will. :D
greywolf Thanks! I'm still not sure, but Kyle's been talking up a storm!
alizaleven Thanks! And I'm updating now!

I will try to post as often as I can... I hope you enjoy the next few scenes- and warning, this part is rated Adult for sexual situations and language.



The coach drilled him hard during practice since he came in late, but he didn't care, he was in love.

"Who's the babe?" Chris asked as he pointed toward the bleachers, Kyle spun around to see Tess watching from the stands. "She's got her eyes trained on you."

Kyle couldn't help the smile that crossed his face as his gaze locked with hers, his heart skipped a beat as she waved at him. "She's off limits to you my friend." He added sharply and Chris laughed.

"She's your girl?" He questioned as he glanced once more at Tess. "Nice."

"She's my girl," Kyle stated, staking his claim and he knew that she would agree.

He groaned as he glanced up at the stadium clock, it was way past seven and Tess was sitting there patiently. He would look up to her every few seconds, wanting nothing more to ditch the rest of practice.

"Valenti," the Coach called out and he snapped to attention, glancing over at him.

"Yeah?" He replied as he unhooked his helmet and ran his hand over his hair.

"You can go," the Coach stated as he stared out over the field and Kyle blinked in shock.

"What?" Kyle gasped, glancing over at the rest of the team.

"You can go," he stated once more as he nodded his head to the empty bleachers.

Kyle paused only a second before he ran out, not caring why he was letting him go. It was a little odd, but he didn't care, he wanted to see Tess.


"Hey," Tess grinned as Kyle finally made his way out of the locker room. "I see the coach let you out a little early."

"Yeah," Kyle shrugged as he crossed over to her and immediately drew her into his arms. "Miss me?"

"You have no idea," Tess whispered as she wrapped her arms around his neck and they kissed. "Let's get out of here."

"Where to?" Kyle asked as he nipped at her lips.

"My place isn't too far," she began as she ran her hands down his chest, eliciting a moan from him. "We could be alone."

"Sounds perfect," he gasped as he pulled away, clasping her hand. "Lead the way."

Tess smiled and escorted him to a small apartment building two blocks away from the stadium. "Nice," Kyle commented as she hastily opened the door and led him in.

"It's not much, but it's mine." She explained as she flipped on the lights to reveal a nicely furnished studio apartment.

"Better than the dorm," he chuckled as he kept his gaze on her as she moved about the apartment.

"My parents thought that since I was at least staying in town to go to school that I should at least have my own space." Tess explained as she glanced over her shoulder at him. "Of course they only live about a block away."

"Parents," Kyle laughed as he started to cross over to her, unable to stay away from her.

"Do you want anything-" Tess began as she turned back to him and was surprised to find him right behind her.

"You," he whispered as he leaned in and kissed her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close. "Only you."

"Kyle," she gasped as she deepened the kiss and the next moment they were next to the bed. Kyle vaguely realized that it was due to his power that they were there, but Tess didn't seem to notice and the kisses were too intoxicating to care.

They tumbled back onto the bed, never once breaking their kiss as their hands began to roam, yanking and pulling at their clothing.

"Tess," Kyle groaned as images began to flash before his eyes and he immediately pulled away. He gasped as his mind tried to process the series of images he had just seen, he blinked at Tess, unable to believe what had just occurred. It wasn't possible- could she be the fourth alien?

Tess gazed at him in confusion. "Kyle?" She whispered, flustered at his reaction. "What-"

He sucked in a quick breath, not knowing what to say, or if he should confront her. "We are just moving so fast," he stammered as he looked away from her, trying to calm his breathing. "We should slow it down a bit- I want this to last."

"I want this to last too," she whispered as she reached out to him, her fingers brushing against his chest. "But, I don't want to slow down- I've wanted you since the first day I saw you."

"Tess," Kyle moaned as she raked her fingers down his chest and dipped into his pants.

"I need you Kyle." She whispered, nipping at his ear.

Kyle knew that he shouldn't take it any further, that she could be the enemy, but it felt so right. "Are you sure," he whispered as her nimble fingers began to undress him.

"Yes," Tess smiled, gazing up at him as she kissed his chest.

"Fuck," Kyle moaned, his reserve melting away as she continued to kiss down his chest, rubbing her hand against his groin. "Tess," he hissed as he pulled her up and kissed her, crushing his body against hers.

Clothing quickly disappeared as they continued to kiss, hands groping. "Kyle," Tess gasped, grinding her hips into his. "Need you."

"Wait-" he exhaled sharply, pulling away slightly, gazing into her hand. "Condom."

"Pill," she grunted as she pressed herself against him, stealing another kiss. "Fuck me."

"Buddha help me," he gasped as he kissed her back and thrust up, completing the mating ritual.

This wasn't Kyle's first experience with sex, but it was his first time since his healing- and nothing compared to the sensations that overwhelmed him. Flashes flickered through his mind and he wondered if Tess felt the same thing as he opened his mind to her and he was blindsided by her fear.

She thought he was going to leave her, that he would reject her, that he wouldn't love her in return once he found out the truth.

Kyle stilled his movements as he gazed into her eyes, pausing to kiss her, to convey that he was not going anywhere, anytime soon.

She gasped, wrapping her arms around him, urging him to continue. He growled in response and sped up his thrusts. "Kyle!" Tess cried as her orgasm washed over her and pulled him over the edge with her.

He kissed her softly, trying to catch his breath as he cradled her against his chest. Her eyes fluttered close and Kyle smiled as he placed another kiss on her brow and joined her in sleep.


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vegas312, Flamehair, Christina, alizaleven, Andi, and imnotlc- Thank you guys so much for the fabulous FB!!

I don't have much time, I've been super busy this week! But, I wanted to say thank you and post a new part.

And yes, Tess used her powers on the coach! No fooling you folks... all will be revealed soon.



Kyle woke up suddenly, feeling slightly disoriented as he glanced around the unfamiliar room. The warmth he had felt moments ago dissolving into nothing as he realized he was alone in the bed.

"Tess?" he called out as he sat up and reached for something to wear. He frowned, wondering if he had dreamt it all. "Tess?" He repeated as he pulled on his boxers, unable to find his jersey.

"Over here," she replied as he glanced over the small room divider to see her sitting on the floor, wearing his jersey. He smiled, realizing it looked better on her than on him.

"Hey," he stated as he walked around the room divider and sat down beside her, noting the colored pencils and numerous sketch pads scattered around her.

"Hi," Tess smiled as she glanced up at him, her cheeks flushed and her eyes twinkling. He couldn't help but focus on her lips as she sucked in her lower lip and worried it as she glanced down at the pad in her hands. "I have to finish it before I forget."

"Forget what?" He asked as he tried to steal a glance at the drawing.

She pulled the pad to her chest. "You'll think it's weird."

Kyle laughed. "I promise I won't," he sighed, knowing all the weird things that have happened to him over the years. "Can I see?"

She studied him closely and slowly pulled the pad away from her chest, glancing down at what she had drawn. "Okay," she smiled her voice filled with trust and he smiled back in response his love growing even more for her.

He took the pad and glanced down at the landscape. His breath caught in his throat as he recognized the image. "What is it?" He asked, trying to cover his surprise.

"Home," she whispered and he swallowed hard, the image was of Antar, the drawing almost identical to the one Michael drew years ago. "It's stupid-" she quickly amended as she pulled the pad away from his hands. "My parents think I have an overactive imagination."

"Tell me about it," he replied, needing for her to tell him what he suspected was true. She was the fourth, the one Nasedo was looking for, Ava.

She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. "For as long as I can remember I've had dreams of another life- of another world. My parents think I just have a healthy imagination. But-" her voice trailed off as she gazed down at the numerous pads. "It feels so real."

"Your dreams?" Kyle prompted and she nodded.

"Yeah," she smiled as she looked up at him, suddenly frowning. "Don't you think it's odd?"

Kyle's head snapped up from the picture. "Not at all, I think it's a healthy way to express your dreams. Maybe you did live before, past lives aren't that uncommon."

"You're the first to think that," Tess remarked. "Everyone-"

"You've not been around the right people," he smiled as he leaned over and kissed her softly. "I'm here for you."

"Thank you," she grinned, letting out a long breath. "I thought you might run away, that you wouldn't want me anymore."

"Hardly," he stated as he flipped the page back and exhaled sharply as a picture of Michael gazed back at him. "Who's that?"

"My brother," she stated confidently and he felt his eyes widen slightly. Nasedo never mentioned that small detail. "My twin brother to be exact," she began her voice rising excitedly as she turned the page to reveal another picture of him and Isabel. "Rath and Vilondra- I always had a feeling that they were suppose to get married, but something happened."

"And you?" Kyle asked knowing the answer to his question.

"I know most girls wish they were royalty, but you know it's not worth it." Tess sighed as she flipped a few pages and held out a picture of her and Max in regal robes and crowns. "Our wedding day," she explained as she ran her fingers over their clasped hands. "Zan was King of Antar and I was to be his queen-"

"Did you love him?" He found himself asking, trying to fight back the jealousy he felt once more to the man in the picture.

"I loved him as a brother- Zan and Rath were close. I believe he thought he loved me. I think I was just the first person to tell him no." She laughed, shaking her head as she recalled her memories of the past. "He wanted to marry me and I think I was overwhelmed with the attention- it was nice feeling loved. Rath thought it was for the best.

"We were the royal four- but I don't remember anything after the wedding. I fear I must have died." Tess whispered as she flipped to another page representing the symbol he had recognized as the four squares, the royal four.

"Do you think they are out there too?" Kyle asked, his heart beating erratically.

"Yes, no." She sighed. "I had hopped, that maybe I wasn't alone. That these dreams were true and I had a family out there, waiting for me."

"You do," He stated and she laughed at him.

"Yeah, sure I do." She snorted. "I ran away once, I was determined to find them- I could feel them out there. I ended up in Marathon, Texas of all places. My parents were so angry and I promised then I wouldn't try to run off again."

"It's true," He whispered, taking her hand into his. "Ava."

Her mouth dropped in shock, "How? I didn't-" she stammered, her eyes widening. "Kyle?"

"They've been looking for you for years," he explained as he reached for his discarded book bag. "They've been in Roswell."

"No." She gasped as she pulled away from him as if burned. "This isn't funny. You don't have to play along. I know-"

"Tess," He sighed as he pulled out a small album that Maria made him before he left. "Look." He stated as he opened it up to the first picture of Max and Liz.

She shook her head, tears streaming down her face as she pushed the picture book away. "No."

"Do you even know who you really are?" He questioned as she stared down at the floor.

"I'm Teresa Marie Harding," she stated sharply. "I was found- I'm, I'm an alien." She cried as Kyle wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, kissing her softly.

"I think I was meant to come here, to find you." Kyle smiled as he ran his fingers over face, wiping away the tears.

"You aren't freaked out?" Tess gasped. "This is real?"

"I was shot and Zan healed me." He explained as her eyes widened. "And I was inducted into I know an Alien club- my life hasn't been the same since."

"Zan?" She repeated slowly as she closed her eyes briefly. "That's how I know you- why you felt so familiar. I sensed the alien within you."

"Yes," Kyle nodded as she reached out and traced her hand over his chest. "He marked me, changed me."

Tess sighed, kissing him, relaxing further into his touch and turned her attention back to the book he held in his hands. "Show me."

Kyle smiled as she started to calm down and settled back into his arms as she studied the picture. "This is Max and Liz at prom."

"Zan," Tess whispered as she stared at the picture, reaching out to touch it. "He looks so happy. Max?"

"Yeah, Max Evans." He nodded as he flipped the paged. "Oh, here's a picture of Isabel and her date, Alex."

"Vilondra," she gasped as she studied the picture. "Are they happy?"

"Yes," Kyle laughed. "But, they are still a little angry at me for leaving."

"Why did you leave?" She asked suddenly, gazing up at him.

"To find you," He whispered, kissing her brow. "But, I didn't realize at the time I'd find the fourth."

"Oh, my brother?" She asked excitedly as she pulled the book form his hands and turned the pages until she found the picture of Michael and Maria. "He looks good."

"Michael and my step-sister Maria, they've been a couple off and on for years." Kyle explained. "He'll be excited to know that you're his sister- he's always wanted a family."

"Kyle," she gasped as she sat up straighter. "We have to go see him, I need to see him."

"Tess it's the middle of the night," he chuckled as she visibly deflated.

"When?" Tess inquired as she turned more to him and wrapped her arms around him.

"This weekend," Kyle stated and she squealed, kissing him deeply.

"Oh, Kyle. Thank you." She began as she kissed him. "Thank you."

"Your welcome," he smiled as he returned the kiss. "Let's go to bed," he suggested.

Tess glanced once more at her drawing and than back up at him. "Let's," she smiled as she leaned in and kissed him lightly, running her hands between them, eliciting a moan from Kyle as she brushed up against his groin and then quickly pulled away. She winked at him as she grabbed the hem of the jersey and pulled it over her head.

Kyle groaned as he stared at her, unable to tear his gaze away from her body as she turned and began walking back over to the bed. Kyle jumped up and quickly followed after her, wrapping his arms around her as they fell back onto the bed for an encore of the earlier events.


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Happy St. Patty's day!!

alizaleven - Thank you!
vegas312 - *g* Thanks! And I thought the same thing, but you have to remember that Michael and Maria are together too, so it kinda goes both ways.
Flamehair - Thanks! You'll have to wait a little bit before the other find out, but they are in for a surprise. ;)
imnotlc - Thanks!
killjoy - I'm glad you finally got a chance to read the story, and thank you for all the great comments.

Here's the next scene, it's a tad longer than the rest, but I didn't think anyone would mind! :wink: Enjoy!


Tess turned into Kyle, watching him as he continued to sleep; she couldn't help but smile at the night they had shared. "It's a dream come true," she whispered as she tentatively reached out and trailed her hands down his arm. "Kyle."

"Hmmm." He grunted as he turned away from her and she couldn't help but giggle as he buried his head under the pillow. She leaned in and kissed the nape of his neck.

"Guess I'll make us some breakfast," she stated as she stretched out her arms and hesitantly got out of the cozy bed.

Kyle grumbled lightly at the loss of her presence and turned back around to blink up at her. "Where you going?" he grunted as he sat up.

"Breakfast," she replied as she pulled her satin robe on. "We do have class in a few hours, two to be exact."

"You had to spoil the moment," Kyle groaned as he rubbed his neck.

"Sorry," she giggled as she crossed over to the kitchen. "How about pancakes?" She called back, glancing toward the fridge. "Oh, and I think I have some bacon too."

"Sounds perfect," Kyle replied as he rummaged through his discarded clothes and frowned when he realized he wouldn't have a chance to shower and change before class.

"Do you want some juice?" Tess asked as she opened up the fridge. "Ironic as it is, I don't have any coffee." She laughed lightly as she pulled out the carton of orange juice and placed it on the counter and turned to grab some glasses.

"Juice is good." Kyle nodded as he dressed. "I assume you have Tabasco?"

Tess gasped, almost dropping the glasses in her hands. "You do that?" She questioned her eyes widening.

"It's an alien quirk that we all have or developed." He grinned as he crossed over to her, taking the glasses from her and kissing her softly.

"And the sugar packets?" She gasped her eyes full of hope.

"Totally an alien quirk- apparently our taste buds love the extremes in taste." Kyle explained as he turned and turned to pour the drinks. "Sweet and spicy," he drawled as he added a packet of sugar and a few drops of Tabasco to the glasses of orange juice.

"I thought it was just me, I mean, I didn't know, I wondered-" she rambled as he handed her a glass and she paused to take a sip. "Wow, I think I love you Kyle Valenti."

Kyle smiled, shaking his head. "Now you love me?" He laughed. "We spend the night together and you love my juice making skills the best."

Tess giggled, nodding her head as she took a long sip. "Maybe," she smiled as she leaned in and kissed him. "I love you."

Kyle flushed at her words. " And I love you." He replied as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, kissing her softly, nibbling on her lips.

"No, not now-" Tess stated as she reluctantly pulled away. "Or we'll never make it to class."

"I'm not complaining," Kyle chuckled as he leaned against the counter and sipped at his orange juice.

"We can't miss class," she insisted, shaking her head as she began preparing their meal. "You'll lose that nice scholarship of yours," she added trying to make her point.

"Well- I, um," Kyle stammered after a slight pause and Tess turned his attention back to him.

"Kyle," She gasped as she realized exactly what he was alluding to. "What have you done?"

"I've been skipping my health class." He grumbled, looking away from her scrutinizing gaze.

"Why would you do that?" Tess questioned, sighing in exasperation as she returned back to the cooking bacon and stabbed at it. "You could lose your scholarship if you flunk a class."

"I-" he began as he shuffled his feet slightly. "I don't care- the hours at the coffeehouse were worth it."

Tess stiffened, glancing over at him. "You lied to me. You did have a class after our biology seminar- why? I would have waited-"

"I didn't know that at the time," Kyle quickly amended as he crossed over to her, wrapping an arm around her waist as he nipped at her neck. "I wanted to be with you- I don't regret any moment of it."

"And if you flunk out and lose your scholarship?" She stressed pulling away, gazing up at him.

"I won't," he whispered.

"You better not," Tess sighed. "I can't lose you-"

"Even if, by chance, I lost my scholarship I'd never leave you." He assured her as he wrapped his arms around her. "You're stuck with me."

"Good." She smiled as she turned around and kissed him. "This has happened so fast, but I can't imagine my life without you."

"Don't even think of it." He whispered, kissing her once more. "This was meant to be- I have no doubt that I was meant to find you."

Tess smiled, giggling softly. "Yeah. Guess you're stuck with me."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," he chuckled as he pulled away. "Now, are you finished yet, I'm starving."

"Oh, so is this how you really are?" She snorted as she returned back to the stove, shaking her head.

Kyle laughed. "Need any help?"

"Hmm," Tess smiled. "That's better, but I'm almost done- why don't you set the table?"

"I can do that." He nodded as he glanced up at the cabinets. "Plates?"

"The cabinet to your right," she supplied as she poured the last of the pancake mix onto the skillet.

Kyle opened the first cabinet to his right and found four blue plates nicely stacked. "Found them." He announced as he pulled them out and crossed over to the table. "There." Kyle smiled as he placed them on the table. "All done."

Tess glanced over at him, trying hard not to laugh. "Really?"

"Yep," he nodded as he looked down at the small table and then up at her.

"Try adding the silverware and napkins-" Tess commented as she slid the last of the pancakes onto the plate. "We aren't barbaric."

"Oh," Kyle snorted. "Right."

"Just sit down," she laughed as she crossed over to him placing the serving plate of pancakes and bacon on the table.

"Food. Yum."

"On second thought, maybe you are barbaric-" Tess giggled.

"Hey," Kyle protested as he reached over and pulled her into his embrace. "I'm just a tad alien."

"Oh, really?" She laughed.

"Yeah." He smiled, kissing her softly as she attempted to pull away.

"Sit, eat." Tess commanded as she pushed him back into his seat. "The food will get cold."

"Can't," Kyle whined as he grinned up at her.

"Why not?" She questioned slightly confused as she briefly studied him.

"No fork." He stated solemnly, causing Tess to laugh.

"Right," she smiled as she quickly crossed over to the drawer and grabbed two sets of silverware and a pile of napkins. "Oh and we need syrup," she stated as she handed Kyle the supplies.

"What type do you have?" he questioned as he quickly dived into the meal and placed two large pancakes and four pieces of bacon on his plate.

"It's my special concoction, but I think you'll love it." She winked as she reached into the small pantry and retrieved a small glass bottle of syrup. "It has chilies in it."

"So sweet and spicy?" Kyle grinned as he bit into a piece of bacon.

"Yep," Tess nodded as she crossed back over to the table and set it down. "Anything else?" She asked absentmindedly as she glanced over the table.

"No." He stated as he patted the chair he pulled closer to his. "Sit down and join me for breakfast."

She laughed and sat down beside him. They lapsed into a comfortable silence as they began to eat their meal. Tess giggled as Kyle finished off another round of pancakes.

"What?" Kyle questioned. "I am a growing boy."

"Sure you are," Tess smiled. "I'm just glad you liked it."

"Why wouldn't I? It's the best meal I've had in ages- nothing compares to home cooked meal." He supplied as they sat there, finishing off their glasses of juice.

After a slight pause, Kyle studied her briefly. "Do you have powers like the others?" Kyle asked as he trailed his fingers over her arm, gazing at her as she blinked up at him in confusion.

She shrugged. "What powers do they have?"

"Well, everyone has their unique gift- but we all can do the basics." Kyle began as Tess frowned slightly.

"The basics?" She questioned. "Like?"

"We can change the molecular structure of things-" he explained as he placed his hand on the ceramic centerpiece and morphed it into a cup and back to its original form.

Tess eyes widened slightly and nodded. "Yes," she nodded. "I learned that little trick when I was younger, purely by accident. Thank god no one else was around! That's when I knew for sure I was different. But, I didn't have anyone to share it with."

"You're not alone anymore." Kyle offered as he leaned in and kissed her softly.

"I can't believe it," she whispered as she reached out and squeezed his hand. "I had given up hope in ever finding out the truth- what did you mean by unique powers?"

"We all have a power that is unique to the individual. For example, we all possess a small amount of healing powers due to our ability to change the molecular structure of things- we can heal little things like a cut or a bruise. But Max, Zan, can heal pretty much anything- he healed Liz and I from fatal gunshot wounds." He explained as he absentmindedly rubbed at his chest. "It was the healings that sparked a change in both Liz and I."

"And now you both have powers as well-" Tess continued softly, in deep concentration. "How is that possible?"

"Nasedo, your protector, claims it is because you're powers are human in nature, just more advanced-"

"And Zan just sped up the process," she whispered in awe.

"Yeah," he smiled. "Max is also the only one that can produce a shield as well."

"I can't do either," Tess stated. "But, I've never tried to heal anything, so maybe- what unique powers does my brother have?"

"He can send huge energy blasts and he's starting to develop telekinesis-" Kyle stated, shaking his head. "And I'm glad that he is, he hated his main power."

"Well, energy blasts kinda make sense." Tess mused, "After all he was a soldier and second in command. And Vilondra- I mean Isabel? I'm sorry. I'm so used to their Antarian names- it's all I've known them as, it's so weird to think of them with another name."

"Yeah, I bet it is." He agreed reflecting on that thought before he continued. "She has the power to dreamwalk-"

"Dreamwalk?" She repeated, shaking her head. "What's that?"

"She can visit your dreams-"

"Oh!" Tess exclaimed, her eyes widening. "She was in mine, but I don't think she realized who she was dreamwalking at the time- I freaked and pushed her out. I just thought it was a really freaky dream when I woke up."

Kyle nodded. "Sometimes she can be brought into other's dreams," he continued. "But, I don't think we've ever determined why. And Nasedo is working with her to develop any other possible powers she may have."

"I see," she sighed, closing her eyes briefly. "I can make you see anything I want."

Kyle frowned, not understanding. "Your power?"

"Yes," Tess nodded as she closed her eyes once more, concentrating.

"I don't-" he began as the door opened and an elderly man Kyle recognized from Tess' pictures walked in.

"Tess, honey-" he stated as he noticed Kyle staring at him. "Who are you young man and what are you doing in my daughter's apartment?"

"I- um." Kyle gulped as he stood up, blushing as he realized he wasn't fully dressed. "Tess."

"Daddy," Tess jumped up, reaching out to Kyle. "This is my boyfriend Kyle."

"Kyle?" He repeated as he looked him over. "And you thought it would be fine to take advantage of my daughter?"

"No, sir-" Kyle stammered as he glanced between them, his heart speeding up.

"Kyle." Tess called out to him and his gaze snapped to hers and he took a deep breath, only to notice her father was gone.

"What- where-" he stammered once more as he glanced over the room, searching for her father as Tess giggled. "Tess?"

"My power," she explained. "I can make you see things that aren't really there."

"Oh," Kyle gasped as he sat back down, visibly relieved. "Wow. That must come in handy."

"I've only used it a few times," Tess shrugged, sipping at her orange juice. "Oh, and if the coach asks, they didn't take anything."

"Who didn't take anything?" Kyle asked, his eyes widening as he realized the implication. "You tricked the coach into letting me go last night- I wondered why he let me go."

"I was horny and he was really running you guys late!" Tess whined as she leaned against him. "He left me no choice."

"What did you make him see?" He questioned as he wrapped his arms around her.

"A security guard from the main campus. He reported that someone had broken into a few rooms on your floor. So they needed you to go ASAP and check to see if anything was missing." She explained, shaking her head. "And he promptly let you go."

"I don't think you should try that again," Kyle reprimanded and Tess sighed. "But, I'm happy you did."

"You're not mad?" She questioned, looking up at him.

"How could I be, after last night?" He proposed and she giggled, kissing him softly.

"We should get ready to go," Tess sighed as she pulled away. "You'll have to tell me later about your unique powers- and Liz. I assume you both have them now too?"

"We do," Kyle smiled. "But that can wait until later."


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Thank you vegas312, alizaleven, Flamehair, imnotlc, and killjoy for the fabulous FB!

Here's a quick update, it's on the shorter side- but it's better that I don't break up the following scenes.



Kyle begrudgingly went to his health class for the first time since he started skipping the class to be with Tess. He flirted a little with the older female professor and used a little bit of the old Valenti charm until she was more then happy to let him make up the work he missed and finish off the semester as scheduled.

He settled into his seat and tried to concentrate on the food pyramid being presented by the professor, but all he could think of was Tess and the night prior. He knew this material, it was one of the reasons he chose to take the class in the first place- it was an easy 'A'.

As the class came to an end his cell phone vibrated against his hip. Grinning he reached for his phone, expecting to her Tess' voice on the other end as he answered it.

"Kyle?" Maria's voice rang out.

"Hey, sis," Kyle smiled as he began to gather up his things. "What's up?"

"Just wanted to make sure you are coming home this weekend, since you didn't come home last weekend." She drawled and Kyle could picture her shaking her head, her hand on her hip.

"I'm coming home," Kyle assured her as he picked up his bag and headed out to the main quad.

"Really?" Maria questioned. "If you don't, I'm going to kick your ass."

"I'll keep that in mind," he smiled, knowing that he could easily kick her ass in return but would never try. "I'll be bringing my girlfriend as well." Kyle added and readied himself for the onslaught of questions.

"Your girlfriend?" She repeated a little too incredulously for his sake. "What's her name? How did you meet? How long have you been going out? Kyle Valenti! Why didn't you tell me that you had a girlfriend?"

Kyle chuckled. "Her name is Tess and we are in the same Biology seminar, we've been dating for about a week or so- and she is the reason I didn't come home last weekend." Kyle explained with a smile on his face. "She's looking forward to our visit."

"Tess?" Maria hummed. "Is she pretty? Well, of course she is, you're dating her!" She snorted. "I bet she's a brunette."

"Nope." He laughed, shaking his head over the absurdity of the comment. "Where did you get that from?" He questioned as he started walking back to his dorm room.

"Well,” Maria began. "Liz was a brunette and you were together for awhile-"

"And that didn't work out," Kyle replied dryly. "Tess has blonde hair and has blue eyes."

"Oh," Maria giggled. "A cheerleader. It's fitting."

"She's not a cheerleader," Kyle sighed, shaking his head. "And she may take offense to that."

"Oh, so she's smart too?" She laughed. "Sounds like she's my type of girl."

Kyle paused, considering the thought. "Yeah, she is."

"We'll have to have a dinner party for her!" Maria exclaimed and Kyle groaned. "I'll have to call everyone and-"

"Try not to scare her off," Kyle pleaded. "I really like her."

"Kyle!" Maria gasped. "I wouldn't do such a thing and I'll make sure Michael is on his best behavior."

Kyle inhaled sharply at Michael's name- he hoped that he and Tess will get along perfectly. "Tell dad we'll be there around 6 on Friday."

"No problem." She whistled. "I'll make sure everyone knows you'll be here."

"I'm sure you will." He sighed. "See you Friday."

"Yes!" Maria exclaimed. "And tell Tess we are looking forward to meeting her."

"I will," Kyle smiled, hoping that Tess would be welcomed with open arms.

"See you both soon," She cooed. "Bye, bye."

"Bye." Kyle replied as he hung up and jogged up the stairs to his room.

He threw his bag onto the bed and glanced at the clock. He had about an hour to swing by Tess' and say hello before he had to head to practice. Kyle smiled at the thought as he closed his eyes and teleported to Tess' apartment.

"Tess?" He called out, glancing around the apartment. "You here?"

"Hey," Tess smiled as she stuck her head out of the bathroom door. "I didn't hear you come in. I thought you had practice."

"I have about an hour," Kyle grinned as he crossed over to her, leering at her as he noticed that she was only wearing a towel.

"I spilled my coffee-" she began to explain as she realized that his eyes hadn't strayed from her bare skin. "You see something you like?" She questioned as Kyle nodded. "What are you going to do about it?"

Kyle flashed her a feral grin. "This," he exhaled as he leaned in and kissed her.

"Kyle," Tess moaned as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer. "Do you have time for-"

"Not exactly," he groaned as he pulled away, licking his lips. "You are so addicting."

"But you love me anyway," She teased as she nipped at his lips, before pushing him away. "Go to practice."

Kyle groaned, but he knew he had to if he wanted to make it to practice at all. "I'll see you later."

"Naturally," she smiled as she shooed him out of her apartment. "Bye."

"Bye," he called back as he jogged down the stairs and all the way to the stadium. It was going to be a long practice.


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First off, thank you alizaleven, vegas312, killjoy, and katydid for the great FB! It means so much to me- Thank you!

Secondly, I don't know when I'll be able to update next- I'm going to Vancouver for some much needed vacation time. I know, I get you hooked and then I run off! I promise to update as soon as I can.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the next part, it's a tad longer than the rest and has a few surprises. ;)


Later that night, Kyle and Tess lounged in front of the TV, cuddling as they watched nothing in particular flicker across the screen. Tess sighed, relaxing further into Kyle's touch as he ran his hand through her hair, playing with her curls.

"There's nothing on," Kyle grumbled as he flipped through the channels. Tess laughed, grabbing for the remote.

"Show me your power," Tess suggested as she turned off the TV and turned her full attention to Kyle.

"Huh?" Kyle grunted as he blinked at her, slightly confused for a moment until he recalled their earlier conversation. "Oh, yeah."

"Yeah." Tess giggled, leaning in and kissing him. "Oh, and Liz. What's her power?"

"Liz," Kyle smiled. "She has a unique gift, clairvoyance."

"Clairvoyance?" Tess mused. "So she can see into the future?"

"Sort of," He sighed. "She gets flashes when she touches things or people. Sometimes they are completely random and really have no effect on anyone's life- she kinda explained them as a déjà vu like experience. And some times they are life changing events." Kyle explained, pausing a moment to gather his thoughts. "She tries to block the later, but occasionally they slip through. She would prefer not to know- she has come to believe that it's wrong to change what could be."

"I don't know if I'd want to know," Tess agreed. "It be hard to know if you should do something to change it or not. It's almost like playing god or something."

"Exactly," Kyle nodded.

"She must be a very strong woman," she commented as she traced her hand over his.

"I think so," he nodded, flashing her a small grin. "That's one of the reasons I dated her."

"You dated Liz?" Tess gasped. "But, how- why?"

"It's a long story," Kyle laughed. "And it was a long time ago."

"Better be," she added, tapping his chest with her finger. "You're all mine now."

"All yours," Kyle smiled. "I like that."

"Good." Tess nodded as she kissed him, deepening the kiss as Kyle wrapped his arms around her. "Now tell me about you," she whispered as she reluctantly pulled away from the passionate kiss and smiled up at him. "I showed you mine." She teased lightly.

"About me," he smiled as he sat up a little straighter. "Well, I have two. Teleportation and telepathy."

Tess gasped her eyes widening. "Teleportation and telepathy?" She repeated as she pulled even further away from him, staring at him. "Telepathy- so you can read my mind or something?" She questioned harshly, her body stiffening at the thought.

"Not exactly," he quickly reassured her. "I can feel what you are thinking- your general feelings. The stronger you feel a certain emotion the more I can feel it too and if you focus your thoughts onto one thing and you project it, than I can hear it-"

"So right now, what am I thinking?" She asked as she continued to stare at him.

Kyle sighed, closing his eyes briefly as he dropped the barriers and let her thoughts wash over him. "Don't be afraid," he whispered as he opened his eyes and looked at her.

"I'm not." She quickly amended, but Kyle knew she was lying. She was suddenly afraid of him, of him reading her mind, her thoughts.

'Love you', he projected with his thoughts and Tess gasped, her eyes widening even more. "I heard you in my mind." She stammered as she closed her eyes.

'Yes,' he thought, projecting his thoughts to her once more.

'How?' She suddenly questioned with her mind and Kyle smiled in response.

"Just like that," he whispered as he leaned in and kissed her softly.

"Oh," she gasped as she shook her head. "I- wow. That's weird."

"Tell me about it," Kyle chuckled. "At first I thought I was going insane. I cold feel and hear everything around me, it wasn't until I focused and figured out I could block it that I felt semi-human again."

"It's weird to think my boyfriend can read my thoughts-" Tess whispered. "I mean, I guess. Wow."

"Yeah," Kyle sighed, shaking his head. "I won't invade your privacy- if that's what you are worried about. I can control it."

Tess nodded, but Kyle knew she was uncertain.

"And here I thought you'd be more interested in my teleportation abilities." Kyle chuckled, trying to get her thoughts away from his other power.

"Teleport?" Tess began as she returned her gaze to his. "Like Star Trek- beam me up, Scotty?"

Kyle laughed, "something like that."

Tess laughed, shaking her head. "How does it work?"

"No idea really," Kyle shrugged. "All I know is that I have to have been there before- I can't teleport to a place I've never been. The further I teleport, the more it drains me."

"So," She drawled out. "Can you teleport home?" She questioned as she studied him briefly.

"In theory, yes, but I haven't tested it yet." He replied honestly.

"Oh," Tess nodded. "Can you teleport back to your dorm room?"

"Yeah," Kyle smiled and closed his eyes, concentrating his energy and teleporting to his room with ease. He grabbed a book he borrowed earlier and teleported back.

"Oh, my god!" Tess gasped as he fully materialized in front of her. "That's- amazing."

"Here's your book." He replied sheepishly as she took it from his hands and studied it.

"Can you take me?" She asked putting the book aside. "Have you tried that?"

"I don't know," Kyle stated as his eye briefly glanced at the kitchen counter and he remembered the previous night. "But, I might be able to."

"So, you've not tested it?" Tess pondered as she ran her fingers over his arms. "Does it hurt?"

"No, it tingles- I've just been afraid I'd hurt someone. I still don't know how I do it- I just do." He explained as he leaned into her touch. "Last night we jumped from the kitchen to your bed."

"Not like it was far," she shrugged as her fingers stilled and her gaze snapped to his. "But, you were able to do it?"

"I think I might have tapped into your powers without realizing it- we were kissing." Kyle tried to explain as she leaned in and brushed a kiss to his lips.

"Care to experiment?" She questioned as she nibbled on his lip and he wrapped his arms around her.

"In the name of alien science," he chuckled as he kissed her, deepening the kiss. He felt a spike of electricity as he used all his concentration and visualized teleporting them to his dorm room.

"Kyle!" Tess gasped as she pulled away slightly. "You did it!" She continued as she glanced around them and Kyle followed her gaze.

"It worked," he chuckled with amusement as he glanced at Tess. "You feel okay?"

"Never better," she smiled as she leaned in and kissed her. "Amazing."

"Yeah," he sighed as he suddenly felt the need to sit down. He stumbled beside her and sat down on his bed.

"Kyle?" Tess asked her voice full of concern as she sat down beside him. "Are you okay?"

"I will be," he whispered. "I just used too much of my power- just a little drained."

"Oh," Tess paused, frowning. "I feel great."

"Good." He smiled as he leaned in and kissed her. "I didn't want to hurt you-"

"We can rest," she offered as she pushed him back onto the bed, wrapping her arms around him. "I'll take care of you."

Kyle chuckled, kissing her in reply as he briefly closed his eyes.


"Kyle?" Tess called out, running her hands over his chest. She glanced at the clock, feeling more nervous for him as the minutes ticked by. It had been almost two hours since he passed out. "Kyle?" She urged, leaning in and kissing him.

Kyle blinked up at her, giving her a small smile before closing his eyes once more. Tess sighed and went to move away from him when the phone rang. "Get that," Kyle groaned as he attempted to sit up and Tess nodded.

"Hello?" Tess tentatively answered his cell phone.

"Who's this?" A male voice replied and Tess sat up straighter.

"Tess," She replied hesitantly as she glanced at Kyle.

"Oh. Kyle's girl, guess he wasn't making you up." The voice replied with a chuckle. "Is he there?"

"Yeah," she nodded as a wave of familiarity hit her. "Michael?"

"Yeah," he grunted. "How did you know-"

"Hey," Kyle interrupted, grabbing the phone from an awed stricken Tess.

"Hey," Michael stated and Kyle waited a second for him to continue but he didn't.

"What?" He sighed. "You don't usually call."

"Yeah," Michael agreed and paused once more. "I just- did you just use your powers or something?"

Kyle froze, sharing a brief glance with Tess. "Not now."

"No, like two hours ago-" he sighed. "I just talked with everyone else. It had to be you."

"How did you-"

"I felt this huge surge of power- I'd never felt anything like it before." Michael explained. "It was like someone tapped into my powers or something."

"Or something," Kyle repeated as he briefly studied Tess. "Have you felt it before?"

"No." Michael sighed and Kyle frowned in response. "Well, once."

"Once?" Kyle urged, wondering why he suddenly felt his powers, miles away.

"Yeah," he replied. "When we went to Marathon- I had a surge of powers."

"Marathon?" Kyle repeated, shaking his head. "I'm sorry, I wouldn't know about that. I wasn't there- remember?"

"I was," Tess whispered and his gaze snapped to hers.

"Can I call you back?" Kyle began, suddenly needing to talk to Tess. "Or can this wait until I come home this weekend?"

"Guess it can wait," Michael replied after a slight pause. "See you later."

"See you later," Kyle stated quickly as he hung up the phone, turning his attention to Tess. "Explain."

"I was in Marathon. Remember when I told you I ran away?" She began as she traced her hand over his.

Kyle nodded. "Yeah."

"It was sophomore year-" Tess continued as she closed her eyes. "I was in class and suddenly felt this overwhelming need to go to Marathon, Texas. Something was calling me there. I ended up at this weird dome and there was a woman there, Topolsky I think it was."

"She was an FBI agent." Kyle added, suddenly feeling the need to wrap his arms around her, to hold her close. "She was after them, knocked out my father from what I've been told- what happened with you?"

"Your father was there?" She quipped, losing her train of thought. "Oh, the sheriff? I saw her knock out the sheriff, she never saw me there, no one did. I had to use my powers to mask myself from them- I had a feeling that they couldn't find out I was there."

"You just missed them, the others. They were under the dome from what I've heard- you think Michael felt you?" Kyle questioned as he studied her. "He's feeling you."

"I- we- yes." Tess gasped, her eyes widening in awe. "Siblings can share their powers- they are linked and twins generally have a stronger link. But I didn't know if we would, since we've been apart for so many years."

"I see." Kyle nodded. "Have you felt him?"

Tess shrugged, shaking her head sadly. "Apparently not."

"But you have, going to Marathon was Michael's idea. He thought there would be answers-"

"He thought there would be answers to our past, to home." Tess supplied, smiling as she turned into Kyle, kissing him. "And he loves that Maria girl."

Kyle laughed. "Yeah, he does."

"Now I know who that Maria girl is." She giggled. "I'm connected to my brother- all these years and I didn't even realize it. I just thought those random feelings were just a figment of my imagination."

"If you and Michael feel each other- how come Max and Isabel don't feel each other?" Kyle asked after a slight pause.

Tess frowned, shaking her head. "Why would they?"

"Aren't they brother and sister?" Kyle questioned as he sat up. "We've always thought they were- and Nasedo never mentioned it either way. But then he never told Michael or the others that you were his sister. All we knew was that you were the queen."

"Vilondra and Zan were not siblings by blood, they were cousins. Her parents died when she was a baby and they adopted her into their family. They were very close, even more so than most siblings," Tess replied, her eyes widening. "I didn't know I knew that- I mean I've only had vague feelings and thoughts of the past, but this feels so real. Ask me something else!"

Kyle chuckled. "Maybe being able to speak freely about it has let you open your mind to the past- none of the others remember anything."

"We grew up apart, we were supposed to remember together-" Tess whispered. "To think we wasted so much time."

"Everything will be rectified this weekend. You'll be able to reconnect with your family, your past." Kyle whispered as he leaned in and kissed her.

"This weekend," Tess smiled, resting her head on his shoulder. "I can't wait." She sighed as she interlocked her fingers into his. "But, first, you get to meet my parents."

"Parents?" Kyle swallowed. "I- what? When?"

"Tomorrow," she supplied as she leaned up and kissed him. "We are going to have lunch."

"We are?" He replied as he felt every muscle tense. "I- I don't know Tess. That seems like a big step-"

Tess snorted as she turned to face him, "and me going home with you for a full weekend isn't?"

"That's different," Kyle argued and promptly dropped the discussion as he noted the heated glare from her. "Okay, not so different-"

"It'll be fine," she smiled, kissing him. "I want them to meet you- and my dad wasn't thrilled of the idea of his little girl going off with some stranger."

"Okay," Kyle chuckled. "Lunch."


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Thank you, alizaleven, imnotlc, Fehrbaby, vegas312, tequathisy, and Flamehair for the wonderful feedback!! *hugs* I'm back from my vacation, so I present the next part- Oh, and this part is rated Mature, so be good! ;)



Kyle half listened to Tess ramble on about her parents as he drove to the restaurant and pulled into the parking lot.

"Kyle!" Tess gasped, slapping at his arm playfully. "You aren't even listening to me."

"Yes I was." He protested as he parked the car and turned to her. "Your father is an alumnus of the university and he follows the football team," he replied flashing her a smile. "And that's why you knew my name."

"Okay," Tess grinned. "Maybe you listened a little."

"Your father is a local business man and your mother is a doctor." He continued as he reached over and ran his fingers through her hair, pausing to rub her neck. "They were driving through New Mexico when they found you wondering on the highway- although I shouldn't mention it, they don't like to discuss that you were even adopted. Did I miss anything else?"

Tess smiled. "Nope. You're pretty good at that."

"I've had practice." Kyle chuckled, shaking his head.

She laughed, leaning over to kiss him. "Well, we should head in."

He sucked in a quick breath, nodding. "Yeah."

"I promise they won't bite," Tess giggled as she opened the car door and got out of the car.

"Yet," Kyle groaned as he made himself take a deep calming breath. "I can do this, I've done this a million times before- they are only her parents," he mumbled to himself as he got out of the car and circled around to meet Tess.

"Come on," she smiled as she grabbed his hand and lead her into the restaurant.

Kyle fidgeted, feeling nervous as they waited to be seated. He glanced around the restaurant and paused as he noticed the richly dressed couple that he recognized from Tess' pictures. He had no doubt that they were her parents, just gazing at them, he would have never have guessed that Tess was adopted. They looked very much like a regal Hollywood couple- her mother was a petite blonde, with striking blue eyes and her father was taller with broad shoulders and dark black hair with a sprinkling of gray hairs at his temples.

"There they are," Tess grinned as she pointed to the couple he had just noticed a second before. Kyle forced a smile to his face as he glanced at the couple smiling back at them as they approached. "Mom, Dad." She began as she squeezed Kyle's hand in hers. "This is my boyfriend Kyle Valenti."

"Valenti," her dad repeated as he stood up and reached out a hand to Kyle. "Ah, you're one of the new football recruits."

"Yes," Kyle grinned at Tess before turning his attention to her father. "It's nice to meet you." Kyle stated as he shook his hand. "Mr. Harding."

"It's a pleasure," he replied softly. "And please call me Ed. Mr. Harding makes me feel so old."

"Ed." Kyle nodded as he dropped his hand and reached for Mrs. Harding's hand.

"Claire," She supplied as Kyle leaned down and kissed her hand. "And a gentleman too?" She purred as she winked at Tess.

"Mom," Tess drawled as she sat down beside her mother, leaving Kyle to sit between her and her father.

Kyle paused slightly, immediately recalling the image Tess sent her the other day and suddenly felt a little uneasy. He smiled at her father and took his seat, trying to forget the image her recalled.

"I was just stating an observation," Claire grinned as she studied the two of them. "You do make a very attractive pair."

"Mom!" Tess groaned, shaking her head as she glanced at Kyle. "Don't listen to them."

Kyle chuckled. "I think we make an attractive pair too, don't you?"

Tess blushed, shaking her head. "You're incorrigible."

Kyle leaned in and placed a small kiss to her brow, "but you still love me."

"Maybe," Tess grinned, blushing even more as her dad clapped his hands.

"So, tell me how you two met," Ed began as he picked up his glass of ice water and took a sip. "I find you very interesting, Kyle. My daughter has never been very fond of football players before."

"Daddy," Tess gasped as Kyle laughed, knowing that their meeting had nothing to do with his football abilities.

"She said hello and the rest you can say is history," he began as he interlocked his fingers with Tess. He continued to tell Tess' parents how they met, making sure to leave out the alien involvement. He locked his eyes with Tess and squeezed her hand lightly. "And it's like I've known her all my life- she completes me in ways I never knew were possible."

Tess blushed, bringing her free hand to her mouth. "Oh, Kyle." She sighed as she jumped out of her seat and kissed Kyle, ignoring the fact that they were in a fancy restaurant and that her parents were only a few feet away.

Claire smiled and leaned into her husband. "I think she's found the one."

"They do make a cute couple," he remarked as he reached over and squeezed his wife's hand. "I couldn't ask for anything more than my daughter's happiness."

"I am happy, daddy," Tess smiled as she turned to glance at her father, leaning heavily into Kyle.

Kyle smiled, nodding at her father. "I'll do anything in my power to keep her happy."

"That's all I ask, son." He smiled. "That's all I ask."


"Guess it wasn't as bad as I thought," Kyle remarked as they walked back to the car and they got in.

"It went perfect," Tess grinned as they drove off and her cell phone rang. "Hold that thought." She smiled as she answered it and Kyle drove back to her place.

Kyle followed her in and closed the door behind them. He sighed as Tess continued her conversation on the phone and he glanced at the clock. He groaned as he realized that he had approximately two hours before he had to be at practice.

"My parents loved you," Tess gushed as she hung up her phone and turned to him. "They thought you were caring and charming. I can't thank you enough-"

"Thank me?" Kyle questioned, slightly confused. "For what?"

"For being you," she purred as she crossed over to him and kissed him, running her hands down his chest.

"Tess," He hissed as her hands brushed against the crotch of his pants, his body instantly responding to her touch.

"Kyle," Tess whispered as she continued to rub her hands over his growing erection. "Do you want me?"

Kyle moaned, unable to form a coherent response as her fingers dipped into his pants and grazed her fingers over his boxers.

"All the signs point to yes," She mused as she leaned up to kiss him, her lips meeting roughly against his.

"No more talking," he insisted as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against his body, his hips moving up into her touch.

"Not. A. Problem." Tess gasped in-between kisses and pushed him toward the couch, neither caring if they made it to the bed.

Tess yanked at the fly of his pants and Kyle couldn't help but groan as she pulled the rough denim down over his growing erection. Kyle stumbled back against the couch as he eagerly tried to help her take them off.

"Tess," he moaned as he grabbed at her blouse and pulled it roughly off her shoulders. His fingers brushed over her chest, teasing her nipples under the satin bra.

"Oh, Kyle," she gasped as she pushed him onto the couch and straddled him, kissing him as her fingers trailed down his chest.

Kyle nipped at her lips as he pulled her closer, moaning as she rocked her hips into his. His fingers tips brushed against her thighs and hiked her skirt up higher, giving him better access.

She continued to rock her hips into his as they kissed. "Want you," she panted against his lips as Kyle's fingers slipped under her panties and teased her clit. "Kyle!" She cried as she bucked up into his hand.

He smirked, rubbing his fingers against her slick folds before he slipped a finger into her. She gasped as he inserted a second finger and thrust in and out, rubbing his thumb against her clit.

"God," she cried as he increased his ministration, bringing her close to the edge. "Kyle," she gasped, her eyes fluttering close as she continued to rock her hips into his touch.

Kyle nearly came just watching the ecstasy wash over her flushed face. "You are so beautiful." He whispered as he nipped at her lips.

Tess moaned against his lips as he inserted another finger. "Kyle," she gasped as she dug her fingernails into his biceps and arched up against him. "Oh, Kyle," she cried as her orgasm hit and she trembled in his arms, momentarily resting her head against the crook of his neck.

"Tess," he whispered as he kissed her softly. She whimpered slightly as he removed his fingers. "Tess," he repeated more urgently as she smiled and sat back up, their eyes locking as he thrust up into her, no longer able to resist her.

"Kyle!" Tess moaned as she wrapped her arms tighter around his neck and pressed against him, encouraging him. "More," She urged as she kissed him.

Kyle growled, pumping into her slowly before they found a rhythm to completion. Their breathing hitching as Kyle increased his pace. "Tess."

"Kyle," she began softly, chanting his name over and over.

"Fuck," he grunted as he thrust up and Tess cried out her muscles clamping down around him as her orgasm hit once more. Kyle groaned and quickly followed after her. "Tess," he exhaled as they collapsed back against the couch.

"Oh, Kyle," Tess sighed as she kissed him lazily, still holding onto him. "Love you."

"Yeah," Kyle agreed, kissing her back. "Love you too."

She sighed with contentment and glanced at the clock. "Do you really have to go?"

"I rather stay here with you," he murmured. "But, I have to go. I can't lose my scholarship, remember?"

Tess nodded. "I remember," she sighed. "But that doesn't mean I have to like it." She pouted.

Kyle kissed her pouting lips, laughing lightly. "I know. I know."


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Thank you, Flamehair, alizaleven, tequathisy, killjoy, katydid, vegas312, and Fehrbaby for the awesome feedback it really spurs my muse!


~ 9~

The rest of the week flew by and soon Kyle and Tess were on their way to Roswell. Kyle glanced over at Tess as they drove down the road. She kept her gaze out the window, her mind obviously on the others.

"Can we stop?" Tess suddenly asked, breaking Kyle from his train of thought. "Now."

"Tess?" Kyle questioned as he slowed his car down and parked on the side of the road.

"I can't do this," she whispered harshly as she turned her gaze to him. "What if he hates me, won't accept me?"

"Him?" He repeated, frowning. "Don't you mean them?"

"No, yes, no." Tess sighed. "All I can think of is Michael- what if he doesn't want anything to do with me?"

Kyle paused. "I doubt that- besides we only have about ten miles to go." Tess sucked in a quick breath and shook her head. "What can I do to make this better- easier for you?"

Tess glanced out the window, "can you call him?"

"Call who? Michael?" He questioned as he studied her. "I can."

"I have an idea," she whispered as she reached out to touch his hand.

"Will this make you feel better?" He asked as she flashed one of her brilliant smiles. "Okay."

Tess quickly explained him her plan, it was simple in execution. She just wanted a chance to see him alone, away from the others before the dinner. And Kyle knew that once they got to their destination there wouldn't be time for her to be alone with her brother.

"What did you do this time Valenti?" Michael groaned as he parked his bike and crossed over to the stalled car. "I thought you were good with cars." He stated as he nodded at Kyle who was leaning back against the car.

"I never claimed I was," Kyle shrugged as he waved his hand to the popped hood. "You are the only one I know in town that might be able to help out." He continued, winking at him.

"True, I don't see Maxwell or Whitman helping," he chuckled as he glanced at the engine, pausing as he felt a tickle of electricity on his arms. He ran his hand over the sensation and looked up, his eyes locking on the girl in the front seat. "That your girlfriend?" He questioned.

"No," Kyle chuckled. "I just bring home random girls for the hell of it," he drawled, shaking his head. "Of course she's my girlfriend." He continued as Michael glared at him.

Michael turned his gaze back to the girl in the front seat- there was something familiar about her. He tensed slightly as he watched her get out of the car and crossed over to him. "Hi." She smiled and Michael just stared at her.

"Michael, this is my girlfriend Tess," Kyle began as he wrapped his arm around her waist. "Tess, this is-"

"Have we met?" Michael questioned abruptly, interrupting Kyle's introductions as he continued to stare at her.

"No," Tess replied as she turned away, pulling Kyle with her. "He doesn't like me," she whispered into his ear.

Kyle chuckled. "He's being Michael."

Tess sighed, her gaze returning back to Michael's incredulous stare. "What's he thinking?" Tess asked softly. "Kyle. Please."

Kyle sighed, glancing at Michael briefly before he closed his eyes. He lifted his mental barrier and he was shocked at the strong emotions coming from his friend. "He's remembering," he whispered as he kissed her softly, blocking the rest of their thoughts from his mind.

"Kyle." Michael stressed as he stared at them, scratching at his eyebrow. "What the hell is going on?"

"It was my idea," Tess interjected, turning to him. "I wanted a chance to speak to you-"

"Who are you?" He snapped, his voice dropping slightly. "How do I know you?" He shook his head and then glared at Kyle. "Stop messing with my head."

"I'm not." Kyle snapped in reply. "Just trust your feelings," he insisted. "You know her."

"It's not possible," he whispered, his eyes widening slightly. "Ava?"

Tess gasped, nodding her head. "Yes."

"How?" Michael asked as he took a step closer.

"It's a long story-" she smiled. "Do you remember me, Rath?"

Michael blinked at his name and inhaled, closing his eyes briefly as memories from a time he had forgotten flashed before his eyes. "Yes," he whispered, cocking a smile. "Ava and Rath were siblings- twins."

"Oh, Michael!" Tess squealed as she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him close. Michael stiffened in her arms and Kyle stepped back, almost waiting for Michael to push her away, but was delighted that he responded to her hug.

The hug lasted a few seconds when, Michael suddenly turned to Kyle. "You're sleeping with my sister?" He growled in a protective manor.

Kyle froze, before he offered him a smirk. "Like you're not sleeping with mine?"

"That's different," he interjected as Tess giggled, slapping Michael's arm.

"Does it really matter? Kyle brought me home." She offered and Michael paused, flashing him a rare smile.

"Guess he did." Michael smiled as he reached over and squeezed Tess' hand. "I have so many questions- I don't even know where to begin."

"So do I," Tess smiled as she squeezed his hand back. "But we have all weekend."

"We'll have to make sure we have a few moments to ourselves- Maria has the weekend planned out for us." Michael chuckled. "A dinner, a tour, a party, oh and she wants to have some girl bonding time with you."

"Really?" Tess giggled, turning to Kyle. "I like the sound of that- I've not had many girlfriends."

"Well, you are in for a treat," Kyle smiled as he leaned in and kissed her.

Michael coughed, turning away. "Maybe we should head to the house? I believe the small dinner party is going to start soon." Kyle and Tess pulled apart, smiling at Michael. "You could warn me first."

"What fun is that?" Kyle chuckled as he steered Tess back to the car. "See you at the house?"

"Yeah," Michael nodded as his eyes narrowed onto the car. "I thought-"

"It's fine," Kyle called back. "We just wanted you to come to the rescue- Tess' plan."

"Ah," Michael nodded, smirking. "See you back at the house."


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Thank you, alizaleven, imnotlc, Flamehair, and Fehrbaby for the awesome feedback, you have no idea how much it means to me. I had planned to post this earlier, but work kinda got in the way.

I hope everyone enjoys the next two scenes- I've rewritten it a few times. *g*

~ 10 ~

Kyle grabbed their bags as Tess waited for him at the beginning of the walkway. She nervously glanced up at the house. "I can do this," Tess whispered as Kyle joined her.

"Of course you can," he smiled as he wrapped his free arm around her. "They'll love you."

"I've never done this before," she whispered as she leaned into him. "Meeting the parents- you're the first I've seriously dated."

Kyle grinned, kissing her brow. "I couldn't love you more."

"Kyle!" Tess gasped, pulling away. "What if they don't like me?"

"I don't think that's possible-" he smiled. "If Michael liked you, then I think my parents will love you."

"Michael has to like me," Tess protested. "He's family-"

"And so is everyone in that house- we are your family." Kyle insisted as he kissed her once more.

Tess smiled, "my family."

"Are you guys going to come in or not?" A voice called out from the front door.

Tess glanced back at the door and Kyle smiled, "I assume that's Maria."

Kyle followed her gaze. "Yep." He chuckled as they started to walk toward the house. "Hey, sis."

"Hey, yourself." Maria smiled as she crossed her arms over her chest and glanced over at the two. "Aren't you going to introduce me to your girlfriend?"

"Maria, this is my girlfriend Tess." Kyle grinned as he leaned in and kissed Tess' cheek. "Tess, this is my pesky little sister, Maria."

"Hi," Tess giggled as Maria rolled her eyes. "It's good to finally meet you."

"Ditto," Maria grinned as she offered her hand to Tess. Tess took her hand and Maria pulled her into the house, wrapping her arm around her in a huge hug. "Thanks for putting up with my obnoxious little brother."

Tess laughed, hugging her close. "He's not that bad."

"I'm standing right here," Kyle protested, pouting as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"He's kinda cute, I guess." Maria drawled, winking at Tess as they pulled apart from their hug.

"Yeah, and he has a body to die for," Tess purred as she turned and wrapped her arms around him, kissing him softly.

"TMI, Tess, TMI." Maria chuckled as she shooed them into the house. "Mom! Dad! They finally stopped making out."

Kyle couldn't help but smile as Tess blushed at Maria's comment. Kyle dropped their bags by the stairs and wrapped his arm around her waist as he escorted her into the main room.

"You'll be fine," Kyle whispered into her ear as he kissed the nape of her neck. She sighed, pushing him away as she glanced at the expectant faces.

"Everyone this is Tess," Kyle began as glanced at his family. "Tess, I'd like you to meet my father, Jim Valenti," he stated as he pointed to his father sitting on the couch next to Amy. "His wife, Amy, my stepmom and Maria's mother- and of course, you've meet Maria."

"Hi," Tess smiled as she waved at them.

"Hey," Michael added as he walked into the room, waving back at Tess.

"Don't you know how to knock?" Maria questioned as she crossed over to him.

Michael shrugged. "Do you want me to go?" He questioned dryly as he wrapped his arm around her.

"Nah," Maria chuckled, shaking her head and glanced back at Tess. "This is my boyfriend, Michael."

"We've met," Tess smiled as Maria stared at them in confusion. "He came out to help with the car earlier."

"Oh, yeah," Maria nodded.

"It's nice to meet you," Jim cut in as he reached up and shook her hand. "I don't think I've seen Kyle this happy in years."

"Yeah," Maria winked, her gaze locking with Kyle's. 'Sex does a body good,' she directed her thoughts to him, slipping easily through his barrier.

"Maria!" Kyle groaned and everyone glanced at him in confusion as Maria laughed.

"What?" Tess questioned as she squeezed his arm.

"Nothing," Kyle insisted as he glared at Maria.

"Well," Amy began as Jim helped her up from the couch. "Welcome to our home," she smiled as she crossed over to Tess and hugged her. "We are glad to have you."

Tess smiled, "I'm glad to be here."

"Good," Amy smiled, rubbing her hand over her rounded abdomen. "Michael," she nodded as she waddled past him and disappeared into the kitchen, with Jim following closely behind her.

"I believe dinner will be ready soon," Maria added as she linked her arm into Tess'. "Let me show you to the dining room."


Dinner was a light affair as the couples talked about their week. Kyle smiled as Tess easily joined into the conversation, like she was meant to be there, like one of the family.

After dinner they settled back into the family room for coffee and dessert, the conversation turning to the upcoming birth that would officially unite the Deluca and Valenti blood lines.

"It's been a nice evening," Jim smiled as he wrapped his arms around his wife's shoulders. "But, I think it's time we went to bed. Don't stay up too late," he winked as he turned to leave.

"Good night," Amy added as she followed her husband up to bed.

A chorus of voices shouted out a variety of salutations in return.

"Good night," Amy and Jim chuckled as they disappeared up the stairs, leaving the small group to their own devices.

Tess leaned into Kyle and smiled. "You're parents are so cool."

"Thanks," Maria and Kyle replied at the same time, sharing a smile.

"So," Michael began as he shifted his weight and turned more to Tess. "When are you going to tell the others?"

"Tell the others what?" Maria interrupted as she glanced between Tess and Michael. "Okay, what's going on?"

"Tess is the fourth," Michael replied with a slight shrug.

"The fourth what?" Maria repeated, furrowing her brow as she studied Tess. "Oh, the fourth alien-" she babbled, her eyes widening. "The fourth," she stressed. "The queen."

"Yes," Tess smiled and Maria blinked.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Maria gasped, hitting Michael in the arm. "Didn't you think it was pertinent information to share with your girlfriend? We've been looking for her for years- I have to call Max."

"That's Tess' call," Michael replied. "It's her choice when we tell the others."

"Why did she tell you?" Maria questioned as she glanced at Kyle. "How long have you known?"

"I'm right here, Maria." Tess interjected. "You can ask me."

Maria paused, glancing down at her hands, "sorry."

"I chose to tell Michael, because he's my brother." Tess continued as Maria mouth dropped open. "I plan to tell the others soon, but I wanted a chance to connect with my brother first."

"Your brother?" Maria gasped as she turned to Michael. "You have a sister Michael!"

"Yeah," Michael grinned as he shared a glance with Tess.

"Nasedo didn't say anything," Maria paused. "Geez, if he didn't share that important detail, goodness knows what else he's hiding."

"I didn't think of that," Michael grumbled. "Maybe we should check out the pod chamber later."

"Pod chamber?" Tess questioned, crinkling her brow as she glanced between Michael and Kyle.

"It's where you were born," Kyle supplied and Tess sucked in a quick breath, the memory of that moment flickering in her mind and she trembled slightly.

"It was so cold," she whispered, rubbing her hands against her thighs. "I was all alone."

"We left the chamber as soon as soon as we emerged," Michael added. "We didn't know."

Tess shivered as Kyle wrapped his arms around her, offering her the comfort she needed. "It's okay." She replied quickly. "Everything turned out okay-"

"No, it's not." Michael grumbled. "We should have waited. We were supposed to be together-"

"No," Maria quickly protested, wrapping her arms around him. "Would you want her in Hank's hands or perhaps she would have been forced into another foster family, like yours?"

Michael stiffened at the thought as he glanced at his sister. "Do you have a good family?"

"Yes," Tess smiled. "They are very good to me-" she paused as she squeezed Kyle's hand. "I just wish I could tell them the truth- I gather both of your parents know. You are so lucky to have such an open relationship with your parents."

"Well, the only reason my Dad knows is because Max healed me in front of him-" Kyle began. "Although, he was pretty close to figuring it all out on his own at that point."

"And the only reason we told my mom is because Kyle teleported into the shower while she was in it!" Maria laughed, causing Kyle to blush.

"You didn't!" Tess giggled as she studied him. "What happened?"

"I was just learning how to teleport- and, um, I was off by a few feet." Kyle mumbled as Michael and Maria continued to laugh. "Hey!"

"Oh, my poor Kyle." Tess smiled as she leaned in and kissed him. "Better?"

"A little," Kyle grumbled as he flashed the other couple another glare.

Tess laughed, kissing him once more. "Back to our previous topic- so no one else knows?" Tess asked as she turned her attention back to Michael and Maria.

"No one outside the group knows." Maria replied. "Does anyone know about you?"

Tess shook her head sadly. "Kyle was the first one I told," she smiled. "Well, technically, he told me."

"How did you know?" Maria asked, glancing at Kyle.

Kyle smiled, gazing at Tess. "When we kissed, I had flashes."

"You did?" Tess gasped, surprised at the news. "Of me?"

"Yes and of your previous life-" Kyle confessed. "It wasn't until you showed me your drawings that I knew for sure that you were the fourth."

"Drawings?" Maria repeated, smiling as she glanced between the siblings. "Like Michael's?"

"Exactly," Kyle nodded as he traced Tess' hands with his. "You know the picture you have in your room, the one of Antar? It's almost identical to one of hers."

"You must have similar dreams," Maria mused. "So, what else do you have in common?"

"We have plenty of time to figure that out," Michael stated as he stood up. "But, I think I need to show her the pod chamber first."

"Okay," Maria sighed, shaking her head. "Don't be out too late- we have a full day planned for tomorrow."

Tess stood up, following Michael's lead. "Are you coming?" She asked as she turned to Kyle.

He shook his head as he stood up, wrapping his arms around her. "No, this is for you two," he smiled as he leaned in and kissed her.

"Are you sure?" Tess asked, glancing back at Michael.

"Yes," Kyle nodded as he kissed her brow. "Be careful."

"I'll take care of her," Michael assured him as he turned to leave.

"You better," Kyle huffed as he pulled away from Tess. "I'll see you two later."