The Second Cherie Memorial Award for Fanfiction

This is the gallery for the winners of the fanfic awards to show off their fics, and their banners!

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The Second Cherie Memorial Award for Fanfiction

Post by Kath7 » Mon Jan 08, 2007 10:18 pm

This prize is awarded, by the admins and mods of Roswell Fanatics, to an author who has made a significant contribution to the world of fic writing, whether through quantity, quality, or having written ground-breaking or influential fics. You don't have to have written ten million fics to win this award, but you do have to have written fics that got people talking and that moved the world of Roswell Fanfiction writing forward.


Congratulations to the winner for Round 10: Breathless

What is there to say about Debbi that we don't already all know? She, in a lot of ways, IS Roswell Fanfiction, at least here at Fanatics. You might even call Debbi a "given" for this award. But, to say that detracts from her true accomplishments in Roswell Fanficion. She has been writing for years, and maintains stellar quality in each fic she writes. She doesn't stick to the same thing in every story she writes, nor does she bow down to her critics (Downfall, anyone? :wink:) . Debbi writes for herself, and it shows. We are lucky that HER Roswell, HER Max and Liz, and HER vision of what Roswell could and should have been, have, while we read her fics, become ours.

There is more to Debbi than just the writer, though. Debbi is also a great encourager of other writers. Whether it's in a chat, or in feedback, or through a nice, meaningful pm, Debbi is happy to celebrate other writers and other Roswell fanatics. She supports writing projects, like the Time After Time series, to which she contributed a story. It isn't Debbi's fic that makes her THE Breathless (credit the LOD chatters on that one!). It's her warm heart.

Below, please find a selection of Debbi's greatest fics - probably some you didn't even know about (in no particular order - notice the curious absence of Debbi's, perhaps, greatest fic Captive Hearts - you know why? Because it isn't posted anywhere in its entirety! It's a travesty! Debbi, get on that, lady!):

Maxeo and Lizziet




A Special Kind of Love

A Walk in the Park

TAT: In the Beginning

Pieces of the Past

Echoes of Tomorrow

Tres Amantes

Destiny Found, Destiny's Journey, Follow Your Heart, Endings and New Beginnings

Dying Embers

An Imperfect Life (WIP)