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Winner Round 12


Winner - Round 10




Rating: teen, maybe slightly mature.

Pairing: UC to start with, saying anymore would give too much away.

Disclaimer: It’s not mine, it belongs to UPN, WB (CW??) Jason Katims, Melinda Metz and others.

Summary: It’s time for the annual homecoming dance.

Thanks to Islandgirl for being my beta and to Behrsgirl77 for my amazing banner.


Home coming Queen.

Part One

“A costume homecoming dance? That’s so lame.”

“I think it’s it a great idea. I have my costume picked out already.”

Maria Deluca rolled her eyes at the gushing tone of Liz Parker's voice and buttoned up her uniform. “Of course you do, let me guess Mr. and Mrs. Perfect.”

Liz swatted at her playfully with her apron. “We’re not that bad.”

On the contrary, Maria thought, they were awful. She had never seen two people more sweetly in love and mostly she was happy for them. As long as she didn’t have to spend too much time in their company. There was only so much lovey-dovey talk and sloppy kisses that a girl could witness before wanting to kill somebody. “So who are you going as?”

“Peter Pan and Wendy.”

“Peter Pan?” Maria burst into gales of laughter. “What did he say when you told him he would have to wear panty-hose in public?”

“He’s really looking forward to it. Besides, he was thinking about the sword he gets to wear so I don’t think that he realised that he would have to wear panty-hose.”

“Can I be there when you tell him?” Maria said with a cheeky smile.

Liz wrapped her apron strings around her waist and tied it in place securely. She gave herself one last look in the mirror to make everything was as it should be. “Ready?”

Maria groaned, “I guess.”

She pushed herself away from the lockers and followed her best friend out into the restaurant. The Crashdown was packed, mostly with high school students but there were several tourists amongst them. The two girls quickly began taking orders and delivering drinks, catering to the tourists first, they were the ones that tipped. It seemed like hours before the rush was over and the waitress could draw breath again. Liz poured herself a glass of water and an OJ for Maria and took a seat at the counter.

“Can I tell you something?” She asked her friend in a low voice.

“Of course,” Maria replied, leaning in close to hear.

Liz scanned the diner to make sure that there was nobody close enough to overhear. “We’ve decided that the time is right for us to…you know, consummate our relationship. It’s going to be really special. We’re going to get a hotel room after homecoming. I have loads of candles and I’m burning a CD with all the songs that are special to us on it. Like the one that was playing the first time we kissed.”

“Oh, that’s great,” Maria frowned, not exactly sure how to respond to it. It wasn’t like she wasn’t expecting it, they had been dating for three years already. “As long as you’re comfortable with it and not under any pressure.”

“I’m not, he wouldn’t even do that Maria.”

“And you’re prepared? Have you been to the gynaecologist?”

Liz shook her head, biting her lip shyly. “Would you come with me?”

“Ok. It’s not like I need to go, the last time I had a boyfriend was like in the sixth grade but what the hey. Just don’t let my mom find out or she’ll think that I am having sex and then there could be trouble.”

“My lips are sealed. Thanks Maria, I’m really nervous about going.”

The bell above the door chimed and the two girls sighed and slid off their seats ready for another onslaught of customers. Football practice had just let out so the players usually came to the Crashdown afterwards to eat, which meant that the cheerleaders and wannabe’s of West Roswell came too.

Sure enough, not fifteen minutes later the football team arrived in a pack led by their captain Kyle Valenti and the star quarterback Max Evans.

“Here’s Loverboy,” Maria teased in her best Jack Nicholson imitation.

A huge smile lit up Liz's face and she hurried through the service doors to get rid of the large pile of dirty dishes in her arms.

Maria made her way to the table where Max had sat down with his sister and best friend. “Hi guys, can I take your order?”

“We’re waiting on somebody so we won’t order food now, just drinks if that’s ok?” Max said apologetically.

“That’s fine, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the person you’re waiting for is your better half.”

“Right,” Max confirmed.

“And since she always orders the same thing every time, why don’t I just put the order in now before the kitchen is snowed under with the other players orders so that it’ll be ready when she gets here.”

“Good idea,” Max agreed.

Maria refrained from using the smart comment she had on the tip of her tongue and took their order. As she made her way to the window she was almost knocked over by Liz who barrelled through the door and launched herself into her boyfriend’s arms and began peppering his face with kisses. It was to his credit that he didn’t push her away in embarrassment at such a sappy public display of affection, and in front of the football team too.

There were several catcalls and piercing whistles but the couple remained oblivious to them. Maria gave them a couple of minutes to canoodle before going over to Liz to pull her away.

“Sorry to interrupt but it’s busy right now and I’m not the only one on duty.”

“Spoilsport,” Liz pouted playfully. She gave Kyle one last lingering kiss then slowly tore herself away from him and went back to work, floating around the diner happily.

It was enough to make a person want to throw up, Maria thought, not at all jealously.

Jose rang the bell to let them know that an order was ready. As she was closest to the hatch and not smiling dopily at her boyfriend, Maria responded to the bell and expertly gathered all the plates and took them over to the table.

“Here you go guys,” She announced placing the Will Smith burger in front of Max.

“Sorry I’m late,” a cheery voice announced as Tess Harding slid into the booth beside Max and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Here you go Tess,” Maria smiled placing a plate of waffles in front of the blonde.

“That’s exactly what I wanted,” Tess exclaimed in delight and threw her arms around Max who seemed to have no qualms taking the credit for Maria’s idea. He and Tess began to kiss like they hadn’t seen each other in a year.

Ugh, what is it with couples today? Maria wondered. She placed the last two plates in front of Isabel and Michael, who were watching Max and Tess with thinly veiled disgust.

“It’s good to know I’m not the only one,” Maria said conversationally.

Michael and Isabel looked at her in confusion. She pointed to Kyle and Liz who were once again wrapped in each other’s arms and swapping saliva like their lives depended on it. Isabel rolled her eyes and began eating.

“You can go now,” Michael said to Maria before turning his attention to his own food. He picked up his burger then put it down with a sound of disgust and kicked Max hard on the shins. “I’m trying to eat here.”

Max and Tess pulled apart blushing furiously. Maria shook her head and went to extract Liz from Kyle again.


Liz was standing in the hallway at school admiring the Homecoming dance posters that had just been up when she felt a pair of strong arms slip around her waist and a pair of warm lips nibble at her neck. “Hi Kyle.”

“Hi beautiful, whatcha doing?”

“Just thinking,” she said as she twisted her body around so she could give him a proper kiss hello.

“So what were you thinking about?” Kyle asked when they had said hello decently and were walking out to the quad for lunch.

“This is our last Homecoming dance as students of Roswell High. The next Homecoming we go to, we’ll be the ones coming home. It’s strange to think isn’t it?”

Kyle nodded, a pensive look on his face.

“What’s the matter?” Liz asked in distress.

They sat down at their favorite table and pulled out their lunches.

“I just hate thinking of next year,” Kyle sighed. “You’ll be in Harvard and where will I be? If I’m lucky it’ll be New Mexico State.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself Kyle,” Liz chided. “If you work hard you can easily pull your grades up, I’ll help and I just know that you’re going to get a scholarship either in football or wrestling. And there’s no guarantee that I’ll get into Harvard. And even if I do, there’s no way that I’m going to Boston and leaving you here in New Mexico. You and I belong together Kyle and I’m not going to let anything get in the way of that.”

“Harvard has been your dream since you knew that it existed. I remember that you used to talk about going to Harvard the way the rest of us used to want to be NFL stars and rockstars.”

You are my dream, Kyle Valenti. We’re meant to be together, you’ll see. Things will work out for us.”

“I love you Liz,” Kyle told her, leaning close to capture her lips.

A few minutes later as they ate lunch, Liz watched Maria coming out of the building chatting away to a girl in her history class. “Hey, we have to find Maria a date for Homecoming.”

“Maria is a big girl, she doesn’t need us to set her up.”

“I want her to find somebody and be happy like we are. Do you know anybody that’s interested in her?”

“A couple of guys, but I don’t think they’re what you have in mind.”

“Why not?”

Kyle smiled, sometimes Liz could be so naïve. “Let’s just say that they’re not interested in a relationship like we have.”

Liz sighed. “You must know somebody who would be right for Maria.”

“No, most of my friends are sane.”

“Kyle,” Liz screeched incredulously before bursting into giggles.

“What’s so funny?” Maria asked as she plopped into the seat beside Liz.

“Nothing,” they both said at once.

“Ok,” Maria sighed. She hated being the third wheel, always feeling excluded from their private jokes and lingo. If only Alex was still here, God she missed him so much.

“Have you a date for Homecoming yet?” Liz asked.

Maria wrinkled her nose. “Henry Mason asked me.”

“He’s cute,” Liz said, a tad patronisingly.

“He’s also a jerk. I was standing beside Susie Meyer and he asked her first, she said no so then he asked me and then when I said no he asked Jenni Bryant.”

“Do you want Kyle to set you up with one of his friends?” Liz asked, ignoring the way Kyle was nudging her knee.

“Thanks, but I’m fine,” Maria assured her friend. “I’m ok Liz, I’ll get a date and have a good time. I don’t need a boyfriend ok, so you don’t have to feel sorry for me.”

“I just want you to be happy,”

“Don’t ever say anything like that in front of my Mom or she’ll sit you down and lecture you for two hours straight about why you don’t need a man to be happy. According to her, it’s women like you who have set the feminist movement back forty years.”

“By wanting my friend to be happy?” Liz asked in surprise.

“By thinking that the only way for a woman to be happy is to have a man in her life instead of embracing her independence and freedom.”

“That’s boohickey,” Liz protested. “I can be independent and have a boyfriend.”

“Boohickey?” Kyle repeated, catching Maria’s eye and laughing. “Hey, does all that garbage mean that your mom isn’t serious about my dad.”

Maria grinned and peeled her banana. “It’s not garbage. And as long as he respects her independence and doesn’t treat her like she’s a fragile flower that can’t do anything by herself they’ll be fine.” In other words, as long as he doesn’t act like Kyle did around Liz she added silently to herself.

“I think it’s so great that your parents are dating,” Liz gushed. “Just think if they got married then we’d all be related.”

Kyle smiled sappily and kisses Liz. Maria rolled her eyes again and wondered when she missed Liz and Kyle announcing their engagement.

“Attention students, this is Principle McClure,” a tinny voice announced over the school PA system. A ripple of excitement went through the student body and everybody actually paid attention. “The nominees for Homecoming King and Queen are in. The nominees for King are, in alphabetical order, Max Evans, Michael Guerin and Kyle Valenti. The nominees for Queen are, also in alphabetical order, Isabel Evans, Tess Harding and Elizabeth Parker. Congratulations to all of you, please report to the admin office after school today.”

“Congratulations guys,”

Liz and Kyle were wearing matching grins and blushing modestly.

“That’s so exciting,” Liz gushed. “I’ll be in homecoming court.”

“My queen,” Kyle proclaimed dramatically giving her a mock bow.

They all laughed.

“I won’t win,” Liz said with a shake of her head.

“You have just as good a chance as the other two girls,” Maria spoke up.

Liz raised her eyebrow. “Against Isabel Evans and Tess Harding? There’s no way. It’s an honor just to be nominated beside them.”

In any other school, Liz and Kyle would probably be a shoo-in for the title of King and Queen. They were both good looking, talented, well liked and a totally perfect couple. But then Tess Harding and Isabel Evans didn’t go to other schools. Not only were they movie star gorgeous but they were by far the most admired girls in the town. Even though they mostly kept to themselves and didn’t seem to belong to the conventional popular cliques, they were widely acknowledged as the most popular students in school. It didn’t hurt that their boyfriends were also the most lusted after guys on campus. Max Evans was the star of the football team, sweet, kind and a natural leader. Michael Guerin, though abrasive and oftentimes sullen was the typical bad boy that all good girls secretly love. Handsome, mysterious and a talented artist, it didn’t matter that he never spoke to anybody apart from Isabel, Tess or Max. They were Roswell royalty and it was just simply a given that they would be the ones to take the title.

“Max and Tess probably, I really can’t picture Michael Guerin in a crown,” Kyle declared.

“I can, a crown and nothing else,” a girl who had walked up to their table said with a sigh. She turned bright red, mumbled congratulations and hurried off.

“It has to be Max and Tess,” Liz agreed. “There’s something about them as King and Queen that seems so right.”

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Hi everyone, I'm back with the 2nd part. Thanks again to Christian for betaing this.

Behrinthecity Thank you, wish I could take credit for the banner but that goes to the amazing Behrsgirl77 who really captured the mood of the fic while only knowing the bare minimum of details.
nibbles2 Oh really, I omitted details Ms Pot?
KarenEvans Sorry, but you’ll find out where Alex is in this part and I don’t think you’ll like it.
Guelbebek I’m not making any promises.
Clueless thanks
Behrsgirl77 where’s my fb? :lol:
RhondaAnn thank you.
Sprayadhesive It’s in AA for a couple of different reason that I’m not going to explain now. Sorry.
Kath7 wrote:But for a healing, you never know... :wink:
interesting thought!
Alizaleven It’s interesting how such an innocent picture of EDR can create such a sinister feeling.
Xmag I’d love to peak inside your brain sometime.
Roslover39 Carrie? Yes, way wrong.
Behrlyliz thanks
Maya thank you
Fehr'sBear thank you. Again, it’s Behrsgirl77 who should get credit for the banner.
Shiesty23 I’m so sorry. I’m hanging my head in shame as we speak.
Alienmom I had to restrain Maria physically to stop her from slapping Michael.
Behrystrwbry thank you.

Part two

Hand in hand, Kyle and Liz made their way into the Principal’s office when school was over. Isabel, Michael and Tess were already there. The two girls were discussing dresses while Michael leafed through a magazine. Liz looked around for Max but he wasn’t to be seen.

“Hi Liz, hi Kyle,” Tess exclaimed cheerfully when she spotted them. She jumped up and hugged them both. “Congratulations on being nominated. Good luck to you both. Isn’t this exciting?”

“Thanks Tess, congratulations to you. And to you Isabel.”

Isabel glanced up at Liz and gave her a smile, dazzling but not warm or genuine. And that’s why Tess is going to be queen Liz thought to herself. She took a seat beside Kyle who was discussing football with Michael and linked her fingers through his.

“Ok great to see you all,” Principal McClure said as he came out of his office rubbing his hands together. He paused when he realized that there were only five and not six students in front of him. “Where’s…Max?”

“Ms Johnson kept him back after English to talk to him about something. We can let him know what you say,” Isabel said.

“Ok fine. Basically I just want to run over the activities that you’ll be required to attend this week.” Principle McClure told them the details of the parade, game and dance that they would have to attend and the duties they would have to fulfil before launching into a lecture about the way he expected them to behave.

As he droned on, Liz's gaze wandered around the office, she watched students go by the door, the secretary sneakily eating a candy bar from her top drawer, Isabel inspecting her nails, Michael staring blankly out the window. Only Tess was giving her full and enthusiastic attention, though sensing Liz's eyes on her she turned and smiled, and rolling her eyes a little.

For a moment Liz was filled with a deep and inexplicable hatred for Tess Harding. Every cell in her body wanted to reach across and slap the bitch’s face so hard that she would have to get a nose job to ever look normal again.

“Ow, Liz,” Kyle wrenched his hand from Liz's grasp and held it to his chest. All eyes turned to them.

“Is there a problem?” McClure asked.

“No sir, cramp in my hand,” Kyle grimaced. He shot Liz a questioning look.

“I think that we’re finished here anyway. Good luck to you all and please remember that you are ambassadors for this school and I expect you to behave in a manner that is fitting for your positions.”

They all mumbled their agreements and shuffled out of the room.

“What happened?” Liz asked Kyle as they walked to where Kyle had parked his car.

“You were digging your fingernails into my hand, look.” He held up her hand to see his palm where there were four deep crescent shaped marks clearly visible. One of them had even cut the skin and drew a droplet of blood. “Why did you do that?”

“I don’t know, I’m so sorry babe,” Liz exclaimed nursing his wounded hand. She brought it up to his lips and kissed it gently. “Is there anything I can do to make it feel better?”

“Well, I have heard of one thing. It’s probably only an old wives tale though,” Kyle said with a cheeky smile.

Liz grinned. “You know, there’s a lot of wisdom in the folk remedies.”

“I have heard that if a young man is injured, he should press the injury against the flesh of a young virgin.” Kyle said, widening his eyes to show innocence. He slipped his hand under Liz's shirt and caressed her stomach.

“Not here, c’mon,” Liz giggled and pulled him to the car. They jumped in and Kyle drove them back to his house.

“Dad won’t be home until after 7 tonight,” he announced pulling Liz to him and kissing her. She responded eagerly before pulling away and leading him to his room where they collapsed on his bed.

Kyle immediately began to pull of Liz's T-shirt and seek out the creamy expanse of her stomach.

“Does it help?” Liz asked as Kyle sucked on her neck.

“Hmm, what?”

“Does pressing your hand against my skin take your pain away?”

“Oh…a little, but it’s still hurts.” Kyle smiled and lolled back on the bed, cradling his hand. “Oh God the pain.”

Liz giggled and sat up. “You know, I’ve heard a variation on the cure. You’re supposed to press the injury against the breast of a young virgin.” She reached behind her back and undid her bra and let it fall off. She smiled shyly at Kyle who just groaned in appreciation. She took his hand and placed it against her breast. Although had enjoyed plenty of heavy petting before, she always kept her bra on so this was a new experience for them both. Kyle kneaded it gently.

“Feel better?”

“Much,” He agreed. He pulled her back to him and rolled her onto her back and they began kissing again. “I can’t wait for homecoming.”

“Me either,” Liz sighed, pulling his shirt off over his head.


As chairperson of the Roswell Homecoming committee part, Isabel Evans was a busy woman. Today she was attending a meeting with the ministers and priests of the town. During the Homecoming festivities every year there was a multi-faith service for the former alumni of West Roswell High who had passed away during the year so they had gathered together to discuss the ceremony.

“So that’s the readings organised. We just have to decide who’ll do them.” Isabel pulled out her file and turned to a new page. As per tradition she wrote down the names of Principle McClure of course and herself. We need somebody from the town, I was thinking perhaps the librarian this year. Or have you somebody else in mind?”

“No the librarian is a good idea, there’s a strong link between the library and the school,” Father Esposita agreed. “Also, I think that we should ask the parents of that young man who was killed last May. What was his name?”

Isabel’s head shot up. “Alex Whitman.”

“That’s it, such a shame. It’s always sad to have to say goodbye to the past students but when they were still at high school it’s so much worse.” The other ministers agreed with him heartily.

Their voices however faded into the background and Isabel heard nothing of what they were saying. Her heart clattered in her chest. She couldn’t picture Alex Whitman’s face or his voice. She knew that they had never been friends or spoken. There was just a blank when it came to her memory of him, so then why did her heart feel like it was going to break?

“Ms Evans…..Ms Evans?” Reverend Green touched her elbow to get her attention. “Ms Evans, I think that’s all for today.”

“Oh…yes. Yes, that’s all.”

“Are you ok Ms Evans?”

She stood up abruptly, knocking her chair over. “I’m sorry, I have to go.” She fled from the room and ran down the hallway to the school library, bursting through the doors and disrupting a meeting of the chess club and drawing several angry shh’s.

She held up her hand apologetically and hurried over to the shelf where all the yearbooks were kept and pulled down the previous year’s copy. She flipped it open and searched the W’s for Alex’s photograph.

There he was, smiling up at her in black and white. Hot tears clouded her vision and began to pour down her cheeks. She hastily ducked behind the rows of books to find some privacy and then slid to the floor, the yearbook pressed to her chest and cried silently.


“No, no, no, definitely not, no, no.”

Max Evans smiled impishly. “See anything you like?”

Tess rolled her eyes. “Actually…no. There’s nothing here.” She finished rifling through the rack of costumes and turned her attention to the row of men’s fancy dress costumes.

“That’s cool,” Max said, reaching out to stop her and pulling a pirate costume off the rack. “I could be a pirate and you could be my wench, ar ar.”

“I am nobody’s wench,” Tess laughed. She took the costume off him and returned it to the rack. “I want something amazing, something romantic and flowing. Something that’s fit for a king and queen.”

“And you think you’re going to get that here? In a store where 90% of the costumes are aliens?”

“I guess not, am I being silly? I just have this image of you and I at our coronation.” She leaned forward and whispered. “Our real coronation.”

“You remember it?” Max asked in surprise.

Tess shrugged, “Maybe I’ve just created the image because I’ve thought about it so much ever since we found out. But sometimes, it feels so real that I can almost reach out and touch the crown on your head. We’re never going to experience it but I thought it might be fun if…..never mind, I am being silly.”

“No you’re not,” Max pulled her close to him and kissed the top of her head. “I think about it too, what it must have been like to be king. Being powerful and strong instead of always having to hide and pretend to be just a high school student.”

“It’ll happen one day Max, all this will pass and we’ll be able to go back and claim our destiny,”

“As long as we’re together I don’t care where or what we are. I could be a king or a janitor but if you’re with me I’ll be happy.”

Tess stood on her toe to reach up and kiss his cheek. “You say the most romantic things Max Evans.”

“And I want you to be happy too so if the fancy dress outfit you want isn’t here then we’ll just have to make it ourselves.” Max wriggled his eyebrows and waved his hand.

“Ok,” Tess agreed. She quickly grabbed two costumes to use as their starting point. “These are the best two so at least we won’t be shown up by any of our minions.”

“You’re so bad Tess,” Max laughed.

They paid for the rental on the costumes and strolled leisurely hand in hand down the street. Max bought them to ice creams to snack on as they walked. “Are you ok, you’ve been kind of quiet.”

“Just thinking,” Tess sighed.

“It looks like whatever you’re thinking about is bothering you, so tell me.” He turned her to face him. “Whatever your problem is, it’s mine as well.”

She sighed and looked away. “It’s just…destiny.”

“What about it?”

“Ever since we found out about it, that’s all we’ve thought about. We, the four of us, had plans and dreams for a life on earth and then we found out that we were supposed to go home to rule a planet that we had never even heard of. And we just went along with it, we dropped our plans for college and to travel the world and we started to get ready for life on Antar. I’m just worried that maybe we’re being forced into something we don’t want.”

“You don’t want to be my queen?” Max asked, he tried to keep his tone light, but his heart was racing in fear that she would say no.

“I want to do my duty but I…I’m worried that maybe that’s the only reason that you’re with me.”

Max gasped, “Tess, how could you think that. I love you because you’re sweet and funny and vibrant and sexy and smart and incredible and wonderful. I have loved you my whole life before I knew that we were aliens, before I knew that we were married in our past life and before I knew that we were supposed to go back and be king and queen again. I love you because you are Tess Harding.”

“Oh Max,” tears formed in Tess’s beautiful blue eyes. “I love you too, so much.”

“Not because it’s your destiny or your duty?”

“No, I love you because you have the most amazing body in this entire town.”

“So you love me just for my body, I can live with that.” Max smiled.

“And because you are amazing and wonderful and sweet and so much more.” Tess grinned.

Max leaned down and kissed her gently, exploring her mouth with his tongue. She moaned and pulled him closer to her, letting her fingers dance over his back.

As their kiss deepened Max was assailed by images.

flash He and Tess standing in the rain, their bodies pressed tight together, their lips fused in a passionate kiss. flash

flashHe and Tess sitting together, alone, there was a party in the background. She was wearing a purple dress. He leaned forward and kissed her. flash

flashHe and Tess staring up at the stars, they turn to each other and slowly start to undress. flash

“Ahem, excuse me please,”

Bewildered, Max pulled away from Tess and stepped back to allow a very annoyed woman to enter the store they were blocking.

“Max, are you ok? What happened?”

“I had a flash, of us. It was so real, like it really happened. I think it was of us, how we met. Our first kiss, our first time.”

“Oh my God,”

“Wow,” Max took her hand and led her away from the store and the people walking by. They sat on a bench on the sidewalk. “It was amazing Tess. It was so real.”

“What did we look like?” Tess asked in excitement.

“Like we do now, but it was the feelings that I got. They were so real, so…recent. It was almost like it was something that happened only weeks ago. I don’t know how to describe it.” He shook his head in amazement. “Isabel says that when we dream about things we don’t know that we use familiar places or people as stand-in’s for the unknown. I think that’s why I saw us as we are now.”

“Nasedo said that when the time was right for us to fulfil our destiny that we would have dreams and visions to guide us, do you think that’s what it was? To guide us?” Tess asked.

“I think maybe it was,” Max smiled. “Of course I’d say that anyway.”

“No you wouldn’t Max. You are a gentleman.” Tess kissed him and leaned her head on his shoulder. “Max…do you think that maybe it is time?”

“I…I do but only if you do.”

“I do,” Tess said breathlessly. “Do you think that you would be allowed to stay out overnight this weekend? After the homecoming dance we could go back to my house. That way we could spend the whole night together.”

“I’ll tell my parents that I’m staying over at Michael’s place. Tess are you sure?”

She took his hand and squeezed it gently. “I’m more sure about this than I am about anything that’s ever happened before in my life.”


Michael Guerin was bored. There was nothing on TV except a couple of sappy teen drama’s. Even the sports channels were showing crap, what the hell was soccer? He had watched all his DVD’s. He had homework that he could be doing but he wasn’t that bored. Isabel had said that she might come around but there was no sign of her. And all evening long he had a feeling that he was supposed to be some place but he couldn’t quiet put his finger on where.

He flopped down on the couch and flipped a couple of channels on the TV until he came to something that looked mildly interesting. It was a documentary on World War II so there was a chance that there would be fighting and planes in it but mostly it was just old men talking. Within minutes of listening to them waffle he was drifting off to sleep.

Just as his eyes fluttered closed the door of his apartment was thrown open.

“Hi Spaceboy,” Maria greeted him tiredly as she walked in. She was dressed in her Crashdown uniform, which was covered in grease and ketchup stains.

“Rough day?” he asked.

Maria threw her bag on the ground and slipped her jacket off. “Horrible. I hate tourists and children. And I really hate the children of tourists. Look at me I’m so disgusting I’m repulsive.”

“I’d do you,” Michael told her with a smirk.

“Even though I’m all dirty?” Maria asked in a sexy voice as she unbuttoned the top two buttons on her uniform, she came over to the couch and straddled his waist.

Michael waved his hand over the rest of her uniform so that her buttons came undone. He pushed it off her shoulders and then pulled her down to him. Their lips fused together passionately. He cupped her head to draw her closer, then let her hair out of it’s bun so that he could run his fingers through her long tresses.

“Michael,” She moaned.

“Michael, Michael?”

He shot upright, looking frantically around the apartment. “Isabel?”

“Are you ok?”

“What? Yeah, I’m fine. I was just having a weird dream.” He sat up and prayed that she hadn’t noticed that he was really turned on right now.

Isabel picked up the remote and switched off the TV. “You shouldn’t watch War movies, they give you nightmares.”

“It wasn’t that,”

“Is there something bothering you? Maybe I could take a look,” Isabel offered kindly.

“NO!” Michael shouted. Isabel visibly flinched at his response. He reached up and gently pulled her to sit beside him. “I’m fine, it was just a weird dream.”

She kissed his cheek before laying her head against his shoulder. “Ok,”

Although earlier he had been hoping that Isabel would come over so they could fool around for a while, he was now glad that she didn’t seem to be interested in that because for some reason he wasn’t either.

After a few minutes Isabel broke the comfortable silence. “Do you remember Alex Whitman?”

“The guy who died in the car crash?”


“Yeah, he….” Michael pointed to the door for a moment then stopped, his mind suddenly blank. What was he about to say?

“He what?” Isabel asked with interest.

Michael shook his head, whatever was on the tip of his tongue was gone. “He was in a couple of my classes. Why?”

Isabel shrugged. “Just wondering, I was at a meeting to organise the Homecoming services earlier and his name came up. It’s just really sad. I’d love to do something special to commemorate him at the service.”

“You should ask his friend to sing, that Maria girl, she has a great voice.” As soon as the words were out of his mouth he winced. Why had he brought her up?

But Isabel didn’t seem to notice anything strange with Michael’s suggestion or ask how he knew that Maria Deluca could sing. She just nodded her head and snuggled closer, lost in her own thoughts.


“Good night Kyle,”

“Good night Liz, I love you.”

“I love you too. Goodnight.”

She waited for him to hang up but the sound never came. “Kyle, hang up.”

“You hang up first.”

“No, you,” She laughed.

“I don’t want to. I wish I could just stay on the phone all night and listen to you breathe.” Kyle sighed.

“My dad would hit the roof when he sees the phone bill,” Liz smiled.

“I know. I can’t wait for Homecoming. Not just because we’re going to make love but because afterwards I get to hold you all night.”

Liz's stomach danced happily. “Oh, Kyle.”

He laughed at himself, realising that he sounded a little silly. “Yeah, I want to see if Maria is lying. She says you snore loud enough to wake the dead.”

“I do not,” Liz exclaimed in mock outrage. “I had a cold one time and couldn’t breathe properly and because of that I snored and woke her up. One time. I don’t usually snore.”

“That’s not what Maria says,” Kyle teased. Ok dad. Liz I have to go, my dad needs the phone. Goodnight,”

“Goodnight Kyle,” this time she was met with the sound of him disconnecting the phone so she hung up too and lay back on the bed. She already missed him.

She climbed off the bed and went in search of her journal to write about her feelings for Kyle but it was only when she had opened her third drawer that she remembered that she didn’t keep a journal.

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Thanks to everyone for all the awesome feedback. It's really blown me away.

I know things are slightly confusing but all the answers are here, you just have to read between the lines

Angel Kisses 70
Lillie Something is rotten in the town of Roswell. That would be a great opening line for a fic.
Behrystrwbry but wasn’t Max always too perfect? At least pre having his heart broken by Liz.
Grace52373 I’ve always thought that the people who called EdR gerbil were jealous and threatened by the new girl coming in to usurp Liz’s place.
Augustus Snodgrass oh yes she could
sylvia37 I’m not a fan of Max & Tess or any other UC couple either but it’s necessary for this story.

Part three

Maria threw down a battered copy of Vanity Fair and checked the clock on the wall of the gynecologist’s waiting room. “Remind me again why I’m here?”

“Because you’re a really good friend and I’m too chicken to come here alone.” Liz's leg was jiggling nervously as she spoke. Maria put her hand on her friend’s knee to calm her down. “Thanks.”

“You so owe me for this,” Maria said with a smile.

“I know,” Liz nodded. “And I’ll totally repay you. Let me fix you up with a date for homecoming.”

“I can get my own date, thank you Liz.” Maria sighed. Ever since Liz and Kyle had got together, Liz had been trying to find a boyfriend for Maria. The only problem was that they both liked completely different qualities in a guy. Which in a way was a good thing because it insured that they had never both fallen for the same guy, it now meant that Maria was constantly being set up with guys she had no interest in.

“Liz Parker, the doctor will see you now,” a friendly nurse called. She beckoned Liz into a room.

Liz stood up nervously.

“Good luck,” Maria called after her retreating figure. She sank back into her chair and a wave of loneliness washed over her. Despite her protests, Maria was beginning to feel that she would like a boyfriend. Liz and Kyle always included her as much as they could but they were so in love that they often got so lost in each other that they forgot all about Maria. When Alex was alive at least she had somebody to laugh with but since he had passed Maria was begging to feel more and more like a third wheel. It was only going to get worse once they started sleeping with each other. She had other friends but none that she was as close to as Liz and Kyle.

A few minutes later Maria was called into another examination room.

“Hello Maria, I’m Doctor Wilde, I just have a few questions to ask and then I’ll exam you.”

A few minutes later Maria was sitting on the exam table wishing that she was anywhere else but there. No wonder women hated coming here she thought to herself.

“How long have you been sexually active Maria?”

“I’m not.”

“But you have been in the past?”

“No, I’ve never had sex,”

“Maria, whatever you tell me in this room is just between us. I’m not going to tell your parents or anybody else. If you’ve had sex it’s ok to tell me. It’s better that you tell me.”

“But I haven’t, ever,” Maria repeated with frustration.

Doctor Wilde glanced at her and frowned. “Have you ever inserted anything, perhaps a dil-”

“What? NO.”

The doctor pushed her stool away from the table and made a note on Maria’s file. “You can get dressed and then I’d like to speak to you.”

Maria slipped off the table gratefully and pulled on her clothes. She took a seat at Doctor Wilde’s desk.

Doctor Wilde spoke gently and kindly. “Maria, have you ever experienced memory loss? Maybe you went to a party and had a few drinks and when you woke up the next morning you couldn’t remember what happened the night before.”

“No, my memory is perfectly fine,” Maria shook her head.

“Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable talking to me about this, but I do think that you need to talk to somebody Maria because there are clear signs that you have had sexual intercourse recently. It’s not unheard of for people to block out traumatic episodes, but I would advise you to talk to somebody. I can arrange counseling for you if you wish. It would be completely confidential. Your parents would never have to know about it.”

“I don’t need counseling. I’m fine, nothing traumatic happened to me, ok.” Maria stood up abruptly. “Thank you for your time and your concern doctor.”

She grabbed her purse and hurried out of the room almost colliding with Liz who was walking back to the waiting room.

“Are you ok?” Liz asked her friend in concern.

“I’m ok, I just want to get out of here,” Maria told her, walking briskly out of the building so that Liz had to jog to keep up.

In the car Liz chatted cheerfully about her visit. The doctor had supplied her with condoms and advised Liz to practice using them, which Liz thought was particularly funny and wondered how to go about finding guys to practice on.

“Are you sure you’re ok? You’re being very quiet, I thought you would have lots to say after that,” she asked as Maria parked the Jetta in front of the Crashdown.

Maria nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just a bit weirded out.”

“It was a pretty strange experience but I guess we’ll get used to it,” Liz agreed with a laugh. She made sure that her supplies were carefully concealed in her bag before climbing out of the car and going into the restaurant.

“You can say that again.”


In what had been a really embarrassing conversation, Kyle had told his father that he and Liz planned to spend the night together at the Desert Inn Motel after the Homecoming Dance. Jim Valenti had listened as Kyle outlined the reasons that he felt that he and Liz were mature enough to make that decision and informed him that they would take all the necessary precautions.

“Well Kyle,” Jim had said, then cleared his throat and shifted uncomfortably. He was an old-fashioned man who had been raised with the values of his Texan grandparents. This type of conversation always made him nervous. “I guess it’s good that you came to me, it shows that you’re not taking this decision lightly. That’s good. It shows that maybe you’re mature enough to handle this responsibility. I hope that haven’t pressured Liz into this and that you show her respect and consideration at all times. Especially afterwards. Kyle, women take this kind of thing a lot more serious that men do. It’s different for them. She’s giving you something special so I hope you remember that.”

So that was why Kyle was now in the mall, a place he never ever went willingly, trying to find a gift for Liz. Something that showed her that he loved her and respected her. He had briefly considered asking Maria to help him but decided against it. Although he was pretty sure that she had been informed of every minute detail of what went on with himself and Liz he wanted to pretend that some things were private.

He stopped at the window of the jewelers and found his football team-mate Max Evans beside him.

“Girls like jeweler, right?” he asked Max.

“I hope so,” Max shrugged, “if they don’t then I have no other ideas.”

Kyle laughed. “Special occasion?”


“Me too.” He sighed as he saw the prices. He had only recently forked out a big wad of cash for Liz's birthday and Christmas was coming in a few months. But as his dad had pointed out, this was a special time and Liz needed to know that he loved her. A small locket in the corner of the window display caught his eye and he leaned forward. It was a little pricey but not as expensive as other things in the window. It looked like the sort of thing he could imagine Liz wearing. Maybe.

“Hey, do you think Liz would like that locket? I need to get her something special, we’re…uh, never mind.” He turned to Max just as Max’s fist connected with his face.

Kyle fell backwards, hitting the ground hard. He was too surprised to even raise his hands to defend himself as Max knelt down and began raining down blows on him. In all the years he had known Max Evans he had never know him to show any sort of violence.

A large crowd quickly gathered and a couple of guys from school tried to pull Max off Kyle.

“Max, Max, stop,” a girl’s voice screamed and Tess stepped out from the crowd and put her hand on Max’s arm.

Her touch had an instant impact on Max. He froze, his arm poised for another punch and turned to look at Tess slowly.

Kyle took advantage of his distraction to land a blow of his own and send Max sprawling back onto the ground. He rose to his feet and wiped his nose, blood on his hands. “What the hell is your problem Evans?”

Max looked around in confusion. “I don’t know, I’m sorry Kyle. I don’t know what came over me, I just….I’m so sorry.” Tess helped him to his feet, watching him with grave concern.

Somebody handed Kyle a tissue and he wiped his nose and lip, which were both bleeding. Max stepped forward, his hand outstretched. “Let me,”

Tess quickly caught his arm and pulled it back, giving him a warning look. Max nodded to her and looked back up at Kyle. “I’m really sorry,”

“Whatever,” Kyle spat, wincing as he spoke. He pushed through the crowd leaving a very confused Max behind.


Isabel and Michael were hanging out in her room when Max and Tess came back from their trip to the mall. Just hanging out, not making out which was definitely a first as far as Isabel could remember.

“I can’t believe that you’re my girlfriend,” Michael commented as he flipped through Isabel’s CD’s. “Your taste in music sucks. It’s even worse than Max’s.”

“What’s wrong with my taste in music?”

Michael held up two albums. “You have two Britney Whore’s albums Isabel, two.”

“I like her music,” Isabel said defensively. Michael just made a face and shook his head.

At that moment Max and Tess walked past her door and Isabel called them in. “Hey guys, how was the mall?” She spied a bag from her favorite shoe shop is Tess’s hand and held out her hand for it. She pulled out a pair of gorgeous strappy heels and gave an admired coo. “Are these for the dance?”

Tess nodded. Isabel frowned at her muted response and realized that neither Max nor Tess looked particularly happy. “Did something happen at the mall?”

That diverted Michael’s attention from the bad collection of CD’s and he too glanced at Max and Tess. “What happened to your hand?”

Max held up his fist to look at it and Isabel could see that it was bloody. She gasped in surprise. “Did you get into a fight?”

“I punched Kyle Valenti,” Max said morosely.

“What? Why?” Isabel asked incredulously. She couldn’t think of a more unlikely event. Docile Max punching his friend and team mate?

“I don’t know,” Max sighed. “One minute we were talking about jeweler for girls and the next moment I just wanted to smash his face in.”

“Oh,” Isabel said lamely. She glanced at Michael helplessly and saw that he was just as perplexed as she was. “Is he ok?”

Max shrugged, “I might have broken his nose.”

“But why?” Isabel asked again.

“I don’t know,” Max said again, this time with more heat. “I just snapped and lost control, if Tess hadn’t been there…”

Isabel looked at Tess to see if she had any explanation.

“Nasedo said that our bodies would undergo changes as we came closer to maturation. It’s not uncommon for people who are undergoing physical changes to also experience emotional swings as well. Maybe you just had an extreme reaction.”

“Great, so I might just have lost a friend and possibly upset the whole football team.”

“Not to mention drawing attention to us,” Michael couldn’t help but point out. The two girls glared at him.

“Have either of you experienced anything like that?” Tess asked. “You know, unexplained emotional outbursts or just something that doesn’t make sense.”

“Like what?” Michael asked.

“Maybe like Déjà vu or flashes?”

Michael and Isabel averted their eyes from Tess and shook their heads.

“Have you?” Isabel asked.

Tess sighed and took a seat on the bed. “Not me, but the other day when Max and I were kissing he got flashes and we think that they were from our past life.”

“So this is only happening to Max?” Michael asked in an annoyed tone.

“Max is our king, maybe he was programmed to have them first and technically he is the oldest of the four of us, give it a few weeks and we’ll probably get them too.” Tess told him.

Isabel narrowed her eyes and looked at Tess, “You seem to know a lot about this stuff.”

“Nasedo told me things before we found you guys.”

“But you never tell us anything until after it happens. A little warning about this would have been nice,” Isabel said in an accusatory voice.

Tess flushed and looked down at the ground. “I’m sorry.”

Max wrapped his arm around her and glared at Isabel. “You don’t have to be sorry for anything Tess. If we wanted to know this stuff then we could have asked you, it’s our own fault that we didn’t.”

“I’m sorry,” Isabel said genuinely she came forward and hugged Tess.

“Yeah, maybe she’s started having mood swings too,” Michael joked, ducking out of the way as Isabel swung reached out to slap his head. He turned to Max. “Tell us about what you saw.”

They all got comfortable in the room and Max described what he had seen, then Michael quizzed him on what he had been doing when he had received the flashes.

“So maybe that’s what triggered them, you and Tess getting hot and heavy. Have you tried that since? Who knows what else you could find out.” Michael said, evidently excited at the thought of learning more about their past lives.

“I’m not going to use something that’s personal and intimate between Tess and I to….” Max trailed off, his face creased into a frown. Everybody waited for him to continue. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. “I just got the strangest sensation there, like I’d had this conversation already.”

“Weird,” Isabel said in a low voice. “So what does all this mean? Why is it happening?”

“It’s to guide us,” Tess said, her blue eyes flashing happily. “It’s time for us to assume our roles as the Royal Four.”

Max shook his head vigorously, “Nu uh, we’re nowhere near ready for that. We’re still high school students. I’ve had a couple of memories of kissing you that doesn’t mean I’m ready to be king again. I don’t remember anything about that.”

“It will all come back to you after the dance when we…” Tess trailed off and blushed. “It’s what will restore your memories.”

“So if we were to…too would we have our memories restored?” Isabel asked, waving her finger at herself and Michael, causing Max to shoot Michael an angry look.

“Hey, she asked, not me,” Michael pointed out but he looked at Tess with interest.

“Of course,” Tess said, hiding her smile from Max. “Have either of you got flashes from each other?”

Isabel and Michael looked at each other and shook their heads.

Tess bit her lip nervously. “There might be something I can do, if you’d like to see. It mightn’t work but maybe it would. I didn’t tell you about it because I didn’t know if I could do it. I still don’t but –”

“It’s ok Tess, let’s try it,” Isabel said smiling affectionately.

Tess instructed her to sit on the bed and close her eyes and concentrate on her breathing. She knelt in front of Isabel and took her hands. “Listen to the sound of my voice Isabel, don’t try to force the memory let it come to you.”

It took a few moments but suddenly Isabel’s demeanor changed. “I’m dancing,” Isabel said in a dreamy voice, her body swayed a little to the music only she could here. “I’m dancing with a man. He’s tall and handsome and I’m in love with him.”

“Wow,” Tess exclaimed as she took her hands away from Isabel.

“You had flowers in your hair,” Michael said suddenly, surprising even himself. They turned to look at him and saw that he was looking off into the distance. He suddenly shook himself and came out of his trance.

“We should leave you two to talk,” Tess said standing up and picking up her shopping bags.

At the door of the bedroom she met Diane Evans who was just about to knock. “Oh, Tess are you leaving? I’m just making dinner. Why don’t you stay, you too Michael.”

“Thanks Mrs. Evans,” Michael accepted.

“I’d love to,” Tess smiled.

“Great, it’s extra spicy beef lasagna, just how you four like it,” Diane smiled. “It’ll be ready in about 45 minutes. Oh and Isabel, I bought a new skirt today. I love the style but not the color, do you think that you could change it for me later?”

Isabel stared at her mother is shock, did her mother know? How did she find out? She looked at the others and saw a look of stunned surprise on Max and Michael’s face too. When she looked at Tess the petite blonde smiled and closed her eyes. And then Isabel remembered that they had told Diane and Philip the truth and they had accepted it. So she smiled and assured her mother that she’d be happy to change the color of the skirt.

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Augustus Snodgrass
SurvivorMars24 sorry.
behrlyliz There’s only six parts to this fic so you will get answers soon.
roni230 I don’t think there’s a better compliment to a fic than bringing a serial lurker out of hiding. Lol Glad you’re enjoying it.
Kath7 I know Max’s reaction was a little extreme and it’s hard to justify in the context but hopefully it’ll make more sense later on.
Lillie I think your avi is brilliant.
Erinkatie As much as I’d have preferred to kill off Pam Troy instead, Alex was already dead so there was nothing I could do about it.
Behrsgirl77 You’re forgiven
Roslover39 thank you.
L. Spencer
girl afraid

Thank you for all your help.

I was away for the weekend so it’s not Christian’s fault that I’m late but my own. Sorry for the delay.

Part four

Liz stared at her boyfriend incredulously. “No way.”

“You think that I’m lying?” Kyle asked, laying on the hurt a little thickly. He visibly winced in an exaggerated manner as he spoke to drive home his point.

“No of course not. I know you’re telling the truth, I can see that. I just can’t believe that Max Evans would do that to you, to anyone. He’s so gentle and sweet.”

“Well, he did.” Kyle said. He held up the ice pack that Liz had made to his swollen eye.

“But why?”

Kyle shrugged his shoulders. “I honestly don’t know. It was weird. If I had said something about Isabel or Tess or made a joke about him and Guerin making a lovely couple I could understand it but he just attacked me for no reason.”

The door of the backroom flew open and Maria flew in. “Liz, you’ll never believe what I heard. Oh, you’re here Kyle. Are you ok? What happened? I heard that Max Evans went psycho on you in the mall? What did you say to him?”

“I didn’t say anything to him. I asked for his opinion on a locket that I was thinking of buying for Liz and he started flailing on me like I’d insulted his mother or something,” Kyle said angrily. He had been the totally innocent victim of Max’s mall rage attack yet every single person he had seen since wanted to know what he had done to set the always shy Max Evans off in such a fit. It was pissing him off.

“Sorry,” Maria held up her hands. “Are you ok?”

“Just sore,” Liz answered for him. “Can you cover for me for a few minutes?”

“Sure,” Maria took off her jacket, grabbed her apron and disappeared into the restaurant.

Liz sat down beside Kyle on the beaten up old couch. “You didn’t have to buy me anything you know.”

“I wanted to get you something special to show you how much I love you,” Kyle told her.

“That lip looks pretty sore, do you want me to kiss it better?”

Kyle pretended to consider the suggestion for a moment. “Well, we have already established that touching your virgin skin is an effective method of taking the pain away.”

“What are you going to do when you’re injured after homecoming?” Liz teased.

He shrugged “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

“So I should kiss it then,” Liz smiled and leaned in to kiss him deeply. Kyle returned the kiss with fervour, bravely kissing through the pain.

“Better?” Liz asked when they pulled apart. After receiving a nod from Kyle she pulled him to his feet. “I have to get changed for my shift so you should go out into the diner.”

“But I wanna watch,” Kyle said with a mock pout.

“Do you also wanna explain to my dad if he catches you in here while I’m undressing?”

Kyle laughed and let her bustle him out into the restaurant which was full of kids from school who were all buzzing excitedly. When they saw him standing at the door, conversation stopped and all eyes turned to him. There were several groups that he could have joined but not wanting to be interrogated about what happened he chose instead to take a stool at the counter. Slowly the conversations started up again but everyone’s voices were noticeably lower.

Maria hurried over to him. “What can I get you?”

“I’ll just have a blood of alien smoothie for now, it really appeals to me for some reason,” Kyle told her. She left to make it up for him and Kyle picked up the menu and pretended to be absorbed in it.

He was left alone for a whole ten seconds when the first of his classmates took a seat beside him.

“You let Maxie Evans beat you up at the mall? Man, what did you do to him?” Malamud asked.

Liz and Maria did their best to intervene and keep Kyle busy but the student body wouldn’t rest until they had all the gory details. Although he was pissed beyond words at Max Evans, Kyle was keenly aware of the upcoming game against Clovedale High at Homecoming, one of their most hated competitors. He didn’t want to start running his mouth off about Max Evans and cause a rift in the team, particularly as Max was a very important part of the team. He knew that he and Max would have to get together and sort out the issue between them. Reluctantly he admitted to himself that Max wouldn’t have flown off the handle as he had done without a good reason and until they had a chance to talk it out he would grudgingly give Max they benefit of the doubt. So for over an hour he laughed and made jokes and deflected questions as best he could.

Eventually everyone drifted home and Kyle was left sitting on his own as Liz and Maria tidied up. The only other kid from school was the new guy, John something or other, who had transferred to Roswell that semester.

He approached Kyle and took the seat beside him. “Can I ask you a question?”

Kyle sighed, “Sure.”

“The blonde girl that’s friends with your girlfriend, she’s single right?”

“Maria?” Kyle’s head perked up, “Yeah, she is. Are you thinking of asking her out?”

“Maybe, does she have a date for homecoming?” John asked.

“I don’t think so.” He turned around to see what Maria was up to. “Hey Deluca, I’m finished here now.” Maria came up to take away his plate and glass. “You know John from school, right?”

“Hi John,” Maria smiled.

“I’m going to find Liz to say goodnight,” Kyle announced standing up from his seat and slapping John on the back to encourage him. He found Liz in the backroom and grabbed her around the waist before planting a big wet one on her. She squealed in protest. “How much do you love me?”

Liz held out hands as far apart as they could go. “This much.”

Kyle lifted her over to the door so she could peer out through the window and see Maria and John talking at the counter. “He’s going to ask her to homecoming.”

“He’s so cute,” Liz exclaimed and turned in his arms to kiss him. “I should get back to work,” she sighed after a while.

“Ok, I should go home. No doubt by now my dad has heard and I’ll have to explain this to him as well.”

They kissed one last time and Kyle slowly pulled away and left the Crashdown. He was climbing into his mustang when he heard a girl’s voice call his name. He turned, expecting to see Liz or Maria and was surprised when Tess Harding stepped out of the shadows and approached the car.

She came forward slowly, as though she was nervous. “Hi Kyle,”

“Tess,” Kyle glanced around. “Is your boyfriend close by, should I put on a helmet?”

“No, it’s just me. I wanted to see if you’re ok.”

“I’m fine considering I was attacked and humiliated by somebody I considered to be a friend and team mate,” Kyle told her dryly.

“Max feels really bad about what happened. He’s just got a lot of stuff going on right now and –”

Kyle held up his hand to stop her from saying anymore. “In my top ten list of things I hate, number one is cowards. And in my view sending your girlfriend to apologize is a pretty cowardly thing to do so maybe you should stop talking while I still have some respect left for Max.”

“He didn’t send me, he’s not a coward. I just…” She shrugged her shoulders. “I just wanted to make sure that you were ok Kyle.”

“I’m fine, I’ve taken a lot worse hits than a few punches from Max Evans.” Kyle grinned. He took in her appearance, standing under the street light, she was bathed in it’s golden glow. It gave her an angelic glow. He thought she was going to say something but when she remained silent he opened the door of his car.

“How’s your Dad?” Tess blurted out.

“He’s good, busy at work. He uh, started a band. They’re called the kit shickers. They’re actually pretty good.”

Tess laughed, “Interesting name. Is he still dating Amy Deluca?”

“Yeah, it’s got pretty serious between them lately.”

“Good, they make a cute couple,” Tess smiled. She tilted her head to the side and inspected Kyle for a moment. “I should get going, it’s kind of late. Be happy Kyle.”

He watched her walk away and then called out to her, “Tess, wait.” She turned back expectantly. He wanted to tell her that he missed her, but that was ridiculous, how could he miss somebody that he barely even knew? He shook his head, maybe Max had hit him harder than he thought. “Goodnight Tess.”


Michael dropped into the seat at the lunch table beside Isabel and stole a fry from her plate. He glanced at Max who had his head deep in a book. “Have you seen Kyle Valenti yet?”

Max shook his head. “He hasn’t been in any of my classes yet but I have gym with him after lunch.”

“Do you know what you’re going to say to him?” Isabel asked.

“No,” Max sighed. “I’ll apologize but what else can I say? I have absolutely no idea why I did it.”

Tess put her small hand over his larger one and squeezed it. “You know, I could always make him forget that it happened.”

“NO,” Max roared, causing her to flinch. He took a breath to calm himself down. “Thanks Tess, but unless you have the ability to mindwarp the whole town it would do no good.”

“It was just a suggestion,” Tess shrugged.

“I know,” Max sighed. He glanced across the quad and stiffened. Michael turned to see what he was looking at and saw Kyle Valenti take his seat at one of the outdoor tables. His arms were wrapped around Liz Parker and they were talking to Maria Deluca and another guy who Michael didn’t recognize.

Michael watched as the unknown guy leaned in to whisper something in Maria’s ear causing her to throw her head back and laugh.

“Who’s that guy?” He asked.

“Oh, John Taylor. He’s new.” Isabel replied.

“He’s cute,” Tess commented with a smile. It quickly disappeared when Michael glared at her. She turned her attention to Isabel and Michael. “Have you any idea what you’re going to wear to Homecoming yet?”

Isabel shook her head with a groan. “No, you know when I came up with the idea of a fancy dress theme I never thought about what I’d wear and now it’s in like a few days and I still have no idea.”

“What about Noah and Allie?”

“Oh my God, that’s such a good idea. I love the whole 1940’s look,” Isabel exclaimed, clapping her hands in delight. “Michael, isn’t that a great idea?”

“Who the hell is Noah and Allie?” Michael asked.

“Noah and Allie,” Isabel squealed again. “You know, from The Notebook.”


“Oh please Michael. It’s so us.” Isabel pleaded. “Daughter of a wealthy family falls in love with a guy from the wrong side of the tracks. They were meant to be together. It’s us.”

“No.” Michael shook his head defiantly. “We had a conversation about this already. I do not want to ever see or hear anything to do with that movie ever again in my life. You promised that you’d never bring it up again.”

“I never made any such promise,” Isabel declared.

“I distinctly remember having a conversation where the Crapbook was forbidden.”

“Not with me you didn’t,” Isabel insisted.

“Must have been with your other girlfriend,” Max teased his best friend.

“I have another idea,” Tess interjected before an argument erupted. “You could go as Marilyn Monroe and one of her husbands. Wasn’t one of them a baseball player? You’d make an awesome Marilyn.”

Michael nodded. “Oh yeah.”

Isabel narrowed her eyes but smiled when he winked at her. “And going as Joe DiMaggio would be ok with you?”

He nodded and took a bite of his food. “Sure,”

“Why did you have to wait until after you had taken a bite to answer me?” Isabel asked in annoyance.

Tess quickly changed the subject again.


There was an air of expectancy in the boys locker room when Max entered. He saw Kyle getting dressed surrounded by a large group who had gathered in the hopes of ringside seats to another bout between them. All conversation stopped when his presence was noted and for a moment Max imagined that he was a character in an old western movie. He could almost hear the tavern doors swinging in the noon breeze.

Kyle glanced up at him and nodded. A – We have to talk but not in front of this crowd – kind of nod. Max went over to his own locker and quickly dressed.

Coach Carter entered the locker room and ushered everyone out. As Kyle and Max passed him, he reached out an grabbed them. “This is PE not WWE smackdown, keep that in mind boys. Ok.”

“Yes coach,” The answered in unison.

“Good, outside.” They ran out and quickly began to do warm ups. Coach Carter put the boys through a hard work out. There were a couple of guys in the class who were on the football team and he was taking advantage of the time to do some extra work with them. They boys who weren’t on the team just had to grin and bear it as best they could. After a while he told them to pair up to run laps of the field. Max got into line without a partner and waited for somebody to fall in line beside him. To his surprise it was Kyle.

At the sharp whistle blow they set off. Max and Kyle began at a quick pace and soon outstripped the pair in front of them.

“I’m sorry about yesterday,” Max said after they had ran one length of the field. “I don’t know what happened.”

“You beat me up for no reason,” Kyle supplied in his usual dry fashion.

“I mean, I don’t know why I did what I did. I have nothing against you Kyle and I have no reason to fight with you, I just lost control.”

“Tess said that you have things going on in your life right now,”

Max frowned, wondering when Tess had spoken to Kyle. “Yeah, but it’s no excuse.”

The rounded another corner of the field and passed out another pair of boys. Kyle waited until they were out of earshot. “Look, it really pissed me off. But I’ve known you long enough now to know that you wouldn’t just attack me for no reason. If there’s something I did, let me know.”

“It wasn’t you,” Max answered quickly. It was a lie, something about Kyle had set him off and made him want to punch his lights out. But why?

“So then there’s something going on at home like Tess said and it must be bad,” Kyle concluded. “Is it going to affect your game?”


“You won’t attack any more players?”


They slowed down and came to a stop where they had started. Coach Carter moved off into the middle of the field under the pretence of shouting at the slower pairs to give them so privacy.

“Ok then. This game is too important to us so I’m not going to hold grudges,” Kyle panted. “Don’t let whatever it is cost us the game and I’ll forget about yesterday.” He held out his hand and Max shook it.

“Is there anything I can do? Or maybe my Dad can help.” Kyle asked Max.

Max shook his head. “No, but thanks for the offer.”

Kyle nodded and jogged over to Coach Carter to talk to him, probably to reassure him that his two best players wouldn’t try to kill each other during the game. Kyle was a good guy, Max realized, so why did he want to crush his skull in with his bare hands?


As both Liz and Maria had the evening off they went shopping after school. Liz need two new outfits, one for the Homecoming game where she and the other nominees for Homecoming queen would be presented to the crowd at half time. The other was for the parade on Sunday when they would all be driven through the town.

“It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy because I’m not going to win,” Liz had explained to Maria.

“I know that Tess Harding has it pretty much sewn up but that doesn’t mean you can’t look smokin’ on the night,” Maria had countered.

In the end they had settled on a simple red and white dress for the parade and a pretty jacket to wear with jeans and a nice blouse for the game. Both were simple, fitting for the occasion and she be able to wear them both again.

Maria had picked up some last minute items for her costume. And an expensive pair of shoe that she didn’t need but had to have.

Exhausted, they finished up at the Crashdown for fries and burgers.

“Are you and John going as something together?” Liz asked.

“No, I already had my costume made before he asked me. And there’s nothing you can really match up with a fairy unless he decides to go as a tooth,” Maria laughed.

“What’s he going to wear?”

“He says that he has an old pirate costume he wore to a Halloween dance at his last school.”

Liz clapped her hands. “Oh my God, we could all go together. Me and Kyle as Peter Pan and Wendy and you and John as Hook and Tinkerbell. It would be so cool.”

Maria wrinkled her nose. “Let’s just stick to pairs, it’s our first date.”

“He’s really great Maria,” Liz commented excitedly. “You two make a lovely couple.”

“I know, you’ve only said that like 700 times,” Maria rolled her eyes. Liz was far more excited about her date with John that she was herself. He was a nice guy, sweet and considerate but there was no excitement there. The door of the Crashdown opened and Michael Guerin and Isabel Evans walked in. Maria felt herself turn bright red. She’d had a very hot dream about him, that had been really exciting just the night before.

“Are you ok?” Liz asked in alarm, seeing Maria’s red face.

She nodded. “I think there’s jalapeño’s in my burger. I’ll be back in a minute.” She rushed to the restroom to splash cold water on her face and cool herself down. Her pulse was racing and being in the restroom didn’t help as it had been the scene of her dream the night before. It had been so real that when she woke up that morning she had been convinced she really had sex with Michael Guerin in the bathroom of the Crashdown during a shift.

Remembering that she had some cypress oil in her locker, Maria decided to get it. She opened the door into the locker rooms and ran smack into somebody’s back, bounced off him and hit the floor.

She looked up to see none other than Michael Guerin looking down at her. He reached out his hand and pulled her up.

“Sorry,” he said, keeping her hand in his.

“What are you doing back here?” She asked, a little angrily to cover her embarrassment.

He shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. I was in the restroom and I…I must have taken the wrong door.” He suddenly looked down at their hands and pulled back abruptly, dropping Maria’s hand and stuffing his own into his pockets. “Watch where you’re going next time,” with that he spun on his heals and exited the back room.

“Jerk,” Maria called after him. She took a moment to compose herself before going back out to Liz.

“Michael Guerin just came from the back room, what was he doing back there?” Liz asked.

“His teeny tiny brain wasn’t able to cope with having to remember the way out and he got lost,” Maria said snidely.

Liz looked at her in shock. Nobody ever had a bad word to say about the Roswell Royals, their worship by the school body was practically feudal. “What happened?”

“Nothing,” Maria answered, suspiciously quickly. She picked up her coke and took a large gulp aware that her face was flushed again. Nothing had happened but when Michael was holding her hand he had looked at her like he knew what she had dreamed about the night before. She wanted to ask Liz if she ever had such vivid dreams about Kyle, or any other guy, but Liz would probably only see it as another sign that Maria desperately needed to be fixed up with a boyfriend so she said nothing.

The conversation turned to what way Liz was going to wear her hair on the three occasions when she would be under public scrutiny and Maria soon forgot about her encounter with Michael. That is until Isabel Evans suddenly approached their table and asked if she could have a word.

“I’m organizing the annual memorial service for the past pupils we’ve lost during the year and I thought it would be nice to have something special for Alex Whitman. I know he was a good friend of yours so I thought it would be nice if you could sing at the service,” Isabel explained. “I spoke to his parents to invite them and they loved the idea.”

“Then I would be honored, thank you Isabel,” Maria accepted.

“Great, you can talk to the choir master at practice on Saturday morning, it’s at 11. The service is at 12 on Sunday,” Isabel pulled out her organizer and made a note in it. She smiled at the two girls and stood up to leave. She only took two steps away from the table before she stopped and sat back down. “I…I didn’t really know Alex that well but I’m really sorry about his death. He was a terrific person, really terrific.”

Liz and Maria exchanged amazed looks, while Isabel was speaking there were tears in her eyes and she seemed really genuine about what she said.

“Thank you Isabel, he really was terrific,” Liz agreed.

“The best,” Maria added.

“I wish that I could have got to know him better, he seemed to –”

“Isabel, let’s go,” Michael Guerin ordered abruptly, walking up to their table. Isabel smiled apologetically at Liz and Maria before leaving with her boyfriend.

“What does she see in him?” Maria mused as she watched them go.

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Behrystrwbry I’m really enjoying writing Michael and Isabel as a couple. I’ve always thought that they were the most likely or believable UC pair in Rosdom though at the same time, they’d never last as a couple because one of them would kill the other within a week. But they’re fun to write.

Part five (A)

“Laaaaaaaaaaaadies and gentlemen, put your hands together and welcome onto the field, this years nominees for Homecoming Queen. Isabel Evans, Tess Harding and Liz Parker.”

A raucous cheer erupted as the girls entered amidst the flurry of the cheerleaders pom poms and to the sound of a bad rendition of My Girl by the school marching band. Isabel and Tess waved and smiled as though they were accustomed to being adored by large crowds every day. Which in a way they were, Liz thought as she hung back and searched the stand for Maria and her parents. She spotted Maria near the front waving a huge glittery banner pronouncing Liz Parker for Queen. It was the only one in the crowd with her name on it.

“Annnnnnnnnnnnd now, it’s the nominees for King. Max Evans, Michael Guerin and Kyle Valenti.”

Max and Kyle emerged from the player’s tunnel looking sweaty and dirty in their football uniforms. Michael joined them on the field looking even less happy to be there than Liz felt. Kyle waved and got the crowd cheering while Max quickly took his place by Tess. Principal McClure ordered the six of them to stand together and pose while a couple of photographers from the local paper and the year book committee took their pictures.

“Are you enjoying yourselves this week?,” a reporter asked them.

They nodded and smiled and assured him that they were.

Another reporter stepped forward. “Kyle and Max, would you care to comment on rumours of a rift between you this week. I heard that you had a punch up at the mall?”

“Have you been watching the game? Does it look like there’s a rift between us?” Kyle asked.

As he launched into a play by play account of how well he and Max were playing together Liz glanced up at Max who was standing beside her. Sensing her eyes on him he looked down at her. His warm eyes locked onto hers and a small smile graced his lips. Liz felt all the air leave her body.

“Liz,” he said breathlessly leaning down towards her. Liz's stomach fluttered, unconsciously she licked her lips and tilted her head towards him.

“Ok guys, let’s get a picture of just the nominees for King before Max and Kyle have to get back into the dressing room,”

Max pulled back abruptly, blinking in surprise at his surroundings. “Sorry,” he mumbled to Liz before quickly joining Michael and Kyle.

Liz took a couple of steps back so that she wasn’t in the camera’s way. She saw Tess Harding staring at her, for a moment the blonde’s gaze was hateful and full of malice but it quickly vanished and was replaced with her usual happy smile.

When the boys were done the girls were asked to pose together and as she stood by Tess, Liz realised something. She was afraid of Tess, more afraid of her than of anything else in her entire life.


West Roswell won the game against Clovedale and kicked off the weekend’s festivities in fine style. Liz and Maria were given the Saturday off and they decided to spend the whole day pampering themselves at Maria’s house for the dance that night. And in Liz's case for what would happen afterwards.

“Are you nervous?” Maria asked as she combed Liz's hair.

Liz shook her head. “I’m nervous about being on stage in front of the entire school.”

“Not what I was talking about,” Maria grinned.

“I know,” Liz laughed. “And the answer is no. I’m not nervous. I’m so ready for this. Kyle and I have been dating for so long and it’s all being leading up to this moment. He’s my soulmate Maria and I just know that tonight is going to be perfect. It feels right, you know.”

“My little Liz is all grown up,” Maria said as she leaned down and hugged her friend. “I’m going to grab my shower now and then you can do my hair.”

“Are these the earrings you’re going to wear tonight?” Liz asked, picking up a pair of pearl earrings lying on top of Maria’s jewelry box.


“They’re beautiful, are they your moms?”

“No, they’re mine, I got them as a gift from….Oh God, I can’t remember who. I’ll just be a few minutes.” She grabbed her towel and disappeared into the bathroom.

Liz lay down on Maria’s bed, leafing through a magazine as she waited for Maria. When nothing interested her in it she threw it down and began looking through the various bottles on Maria’s dressing table. She always had such unusual and exotic smelling creams and perfumes. None of the boring store bought products that Liz used, Maria’s were usually home made, either by herself or her mother’s hippie friends. Liz picked up a jar of something and opened it to smell it. It had an overpowering odour of onions and something indefinable that made her eyes water. She slammed the lid on and replaced it on the dressing table. Her actions caused a picture frame to fall off and hit the floor.

“Crap,” Liz swore and knelt down to pick it up. It was a handmade one that Maria’s father had given her shortly before he left. It was the only thing that Maria had of him and it now lay on the floor broken. “Shit.”

Liz glanced over her shoulder. She could hear Maria singing away in the shower. She stood up and pressed the two pieces of the frame together. It was a clean break, if she had some superglue she could stick it back together and Maria might not even notice. Liz hurried into the kitchen to find the glue. She placed the frame carefully down on the table and pulled out the drawer where she knew the glue was kept. Then she went back to the table and picked up the frame.

“What…?” The frame was perfect, the broken piece was attached where it was supposed to be and when Liz held it up to the light she couldn’t see where the crack had been. She must have left the broken piece in the room. But when she went back she couldn’t fin it anywhere and she couldn’t find where it was broken off anyway.

“I must have imagined it,” she told herself but she could have sworn it was broken. “Weird.”


Max admired his reflection in the full-length mirror in his parent’s room. He had to admit to himself that he looked pretty good. Tess had created the costume herself and she had done an amazing job. They weren’t really based on any real person or era but were immediately recognisable as royal. She had pointed out that costume didn’t mean that they had to go as somebody in particular but in costume. His clothes certainly qualified as fancy and strangely, he felt quiet comfortable in them. He wondered if Tess had created them from a subconscious memory.

“You look amazing,” Isabel said as she came into the room fully dressed in her own outfit. She looked incredibly like the real Marilyn Monroe complete with white dress a la The Seven Year Itch.

“You too,” Max assured her as she pulled the classic pose, holding down her skirt while using her powers to cause it to blow up.

“I know,” she smiled before becoming serious. “So I guess this is a big night for you.”

Max nodded and looked at himself in the mirror. He had a feeling that this night could change everything.

Michael, who was waiting for them in the living room, burst into laughter when he saw Max’s outfit. “Nice blouse Max,” he laughed. His own costume was a simple baseball shirt with Di Maggio printed on the back and a pair of pants.

Diane entered the room and admired Max’s outfit before announcing the girls. Isabel came down the stairs first and smiled happily as her mother snapped a few photographs. Then Tess made her grand entrance. She was wearing a full length violet dress that flowed exquisitely to the floor, perfectly showing off the contours of her body. Max’s breath caught in his throat.

“Wow, Tess, you look stunning,” he told her, rushing forward to take her hand and help her down the last few steps. He pulled her to him and captured her lips with his own.

“No Max,” Isabel, Diane and Tess all cried pulling him away.

“Not before the photographs,” Diane scolded. She ushered them all into the living room for group, couple and individual pictured until their cheeks ached from smiling. Finally she allowed them to leave and they hurried out to the cars before she remembered that she had a video camera as well.

Isabel and the committee had done an amazing job getting the school ready for the dance, it looked truly magical. It was in full swing by the time they arrived and they could hear the music blaring from the car lot.

Michael groaned. “Were you responsible for the music choice tonight?” He asked Isabel.

“Yes I was, and if you don’t like it then maybe you could join the next dance committee and pick the music yourself,” Isabel told him sweetly.

“I’d rather be castrated,” Michael muttered under his breath. He stopped walking abruptly, and Max had to hop to the side to avoid crashing into his back.

“What’s wrong?” Max asked, following Michael’s gaze. He saw Kyle Valenti’s car pulling up and Kyle and Liz climb out. Maria and the new guy met them. “It’s ok Kyle and I are cool,” Max told Michael, misreading Michael’s scowl.

“Hey guys,” Tess called cheerfully. “This is cool, all the nominees arriving together.”

The girls began complimenting each other’s outfits. Liz was wearing a simple blue dress, which was a little dowdy for the occasion. It was a lovely color but it looked more Amish than sexy. Maria had on an elaborate fairy costume made from blue, green and silver material and a small mountain of glitter. She was wearing a huge pair of wings that was going to make sitting down impossible for her. Kyle looked uncomfortable in his Peter Pan outfit and John looked casual in his pirate shirt and eye patch.

“It looks like a pirate invasion,” Maria laughed suddenly taking in the crowd. Almost every second guy they saw was indeed wearing a pirate costume. “Must be a Johnny Depp thing.”

When they came to the door of the gym Max found himself standing beside Liz. “You look really great,” he told her conversationally.

She shook her head. “Everyone else is so dressed up and amazing, I wish I had gone for something a little more glamorous.”

“You look beautiful, the most beautiful girl in the room,” Max told her. She looked up at him amazed but before she could respond Tess pulled Max away to get their picture taken.

He forgot about Liz as he and Tess danced the night away. The music was fast and up tempo but he and Tess danced to a different beat. The pressed their bodies tight together and swayed slowly oblivious to all else that happened around them.

“Do you remember? Do you remember how it was for us?” Tess asked him quietly.

Max closed his eyes and the images came to him. Dancing with the girl he loved feeling so happy that he could almost fly, sleeping under the stars with her wrapped in his tight embrace, meeting her eyes across a room and forgetting that there was anything else in the universe apart from the two of them, kissing her in the moonlight.

“I remember Tess,” he told her, his eyes moist with tears. “I love you, always and forever.”

“I love you too Max.”

The night passed quickly and soon Principal McClure was climbing onto the stage with a gold envelope in his hand. The music stopped and everyone gathered around the stage. The nominees pushed their way through the crowd and assembled on the stage.

“Good luck,” Tess whispered to the other girls before wrapping her arms around Max’s waist.

McClure came up to them and covered the microphone with his hand. “Good luck every one and for heavens sake, no scenes like last year if you don’t win ok.” Then he held up his hand for hush in the crowd. “Firstly I’d like to thank the Homecoming Committee and especially the chairperson Isabel Evans for organising this evening’s event. I think we can all agree that they did a splendid job.”

There was a smattering of applause amongst the crowd, which Isabel acknowledged gratefully.

“Without further ado, I’ll announce the winners,” McClure went on. He slit open the envelope and pulled out a card. The DJ played a drum roll sound. “This year’s Homecoming king is…Max Evans.”

The gym was filled with loud cheers and applause as a startled Max stepped forward and lowered his head so that McClure could place the cheap crown on his head. He held up his hand and waved half heartedly, clearly embarrassed at the attention.

The drummer in the band began a drum roll as McClure pulled a second card out of the envelope. Liz clenched Kyle’s hand tightly and tried to ignore the butterflies in her stomach.

“This years Homecoming queen is….Tess Harding.”

With a shriek of delight, Tess came forward beaming happily and accepted the crown and sash. She waved excitedly to the crowd before throwing her arms around Max and kissing him heatedly. After a few seconds McClure pulled her off and reminded her that they were on stage. She blushed but kept on smiling.

“Ladies and gentlemen, our King and Queen will now lead us in the next dance.”

Max took Tess’s hand and led her carefully down the steps to the dance floor where they began moving slowly and gracefully to the music. “So we’re king and queen,” Max smiled.

“Again,” Tess added, kissing him gently. “Do you remember?”

He nodded. “Yes, it was in a huge room, filled with people. The walls were lined with lights and the ground was covered in flowers.”

“That’s right, they carpeted the ground in flowers for us.”

“There was music, loud music. I remember being terrified. I didn’t think that I could be king, didn’t think that I would be good enough to fill my father’s shoes.”

“I could tell, you were shaking the whole time,” Tess smiled.

Max closed his eyes and remembered. “I felt your hand in mine and you gave me the strength to do what I had to do.”

“Do you remember what happened next?”

He shook his head.

“We made love for the first time afterwards,” Tess told him, kissing his neck.

“We were in a room at the top of the tower. There was a big window and we could see the stars. I told you that my love for you was an infinite as the stars.”

“Yes Max,” Tess said tearfully. “And I promised that I would be with you for eternity.”

“Eternity,” Max repeated. He kissed her again, this time with even more fire and desire.

When they pulled apart Max looked around the room to make sure that they were no longer the center of attention. “Let’s get out of here.”


Across the gym, Liz lay her head on Kyle’s shoulder as they swayed together. “This is nice.”

“Are you ok, you’re not disappointed are you that you didn’t win?” Kyle asked gently.

Liz shook her head. “Of course not, I never thought that I would. Besides, I think I’ve got the best prize here so as far as I’m concerned I’m the luckiest girl in the universe.”

“Me too,” Kyle grinned.

“You’re the luckiest girl in the universe?” Liz teased.

“No, I agree that you’re the luckiest girl in the universe,” Kyle told her with mock arrogance.

Liz hit his arm playfully and laughed.

“I’m a very lucky guy,” Kyle told her honestly.

The music changed and Liz and Kyle decided to take a break, they went back to the table where Maria and John were sitting. Maria was balanced precariously on the edge of her chair and had removed her shoes. “This costume was a bad idea,” she complained as Liz sat down beside her.

Liz looked down at the shoes Maria had discarded. “Those are the new ones you bought two days ago, I thought you were going to wear a different pair.”

“My mom found these and hit the roof about the price so I had to wear them tonight to show her that they weren’t a waste of money. They are killing my feet.”

Kyle and John shook their heads in amusement.

“It looks like things are winding down here, are you going to Arnie Jones’ house for the party afterwards?” John asked Kyle.

“Uh… no, Liz and I have other plans,”


“Yeah, I’ll go.”

They gathered up their things and made their way out. Maria and Liz hugged.

“Good luck and be safe,” Maria told Liz. “Have fun.”

She waved her two friends off before turning to John who held out his arm for her to take.

As Liz and Kyle made their way to Kyle’s mustang they almost collided with another couple. Max and Tess were so engrossed with each other than they weren’t even looking where they were going.

“Hey guys,” Tess exclaimed when she saw who it was.

Max and Liz's eyes locked and they stared at each other.

“Congratulations on your win, you two make the perfect king and queen,” Kyle told them genuinely.

“Thanks Kyle, you would have made great winners too,” Tess smiled snuggling into Max’s chest. “We should get going, enjoy your night.”

“We will,” Kyle assured her. He placed his hand on Liz's arm. “You ok babe?”

“Wha…yes. Good night Tess, Max.”

“Goodnight Liz,” Max said softly but made no move to depart. Tess tugged his arm and that snapped him out of his trance.

“What was that?” Kyle asked. “You and Evans were like having a staring contest.”

Liz glanced over to see Max helping Tess into his car. There was something about the sight of them together that made her stomach churn, putting it down to nerves she shook her head and pushed all thoughts of Max and Tess out. “It was nothing. Let’s go.”


The party at Arnie’s was already loud and out of control when Michael and Isabel arrived. It seemed that half of the school was there, but at least it was the cool half Isabel thought to herself. She looked at Michael who was scowling as usual, he hated these kinds of things.

“Are you sure that you don’t mind coming here? We can go if you want,” She shouted to him over the loud music.

“No, it’s fine,” Michael assured her. He grabbed two glasses of coke and handed one to her.

Isabel accepted one and took a large gulp. “Is everything ok between us?”

Michael turned to her in surprise. “Of course.”

She noticed him scratching his eyebrow, a sure sign that he was nervous. Was he lying? “It’s just, things between us have been kind of cool lately. You didn’t say anything to me about staying at your place tonight.”

“Do you want to?” Michael asked.

“No, I mean, yes, of course. I love you Michael and I want to be with you but I don’t think that I’m ready to take that step. You and I aren’t where Max and Tess are in their relationship.”

“That’s why I didn’t say anything,” Michael told her, leaning in closer so she could hear what he was saying over the music which had suddenly gone several octaves louder.

“Ok, good. It just felt like you were being a bit distant this week,” Isabel admitted. She looked away not used to being this vulnerable even to Michael.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to –” Michael went silent and Isabel looked over her shoulder to see what had caused him to stop talking. Several of their classmates were gathered in a group talking but she could see nothing out of the ordinary.

“What’s wrong?”

“That new guy with Maria Deluca, what do you know about him?”

Isabel shrugged. “I know his name, that’s all. Why?”

“I don’t know, I just get a bad feeling about him,” Michael scowled.

They watched as he came further into the room, his arms around Maria’s waist. He said something to her, his lips brushing her ear as he spoke. Michael’s glass exploded in his hand showering Isabel in coke.

“Michael,” Isabel shrieked, grabbing napkins to dry herself off. “Great. I’m going to find a washroom to clean this before it stains.” She scowled at him and hurried away.

John Taylor raised his eyebrows at Michael before disappearing into the crowd with Maria in tow.

Michael waited a few seconds before following them. They passed through the kitchen and into the yard. He stood at the door listening for any strange sounds. At first he could just hear the murmur of their voices. Then Maria’s voice came louder.

“I said no.” That was quickly followed by the sound of a slap. Michael bolted out into the night.

John had a firm grip on Maria’s wrists and was trying to pull her around the side of the house. She was trying to free herself. “Let go.”

“She said, let go,” Michael thundered stepping forward and grabbing Taylor by the back of his shirt. With a strength he didn’t know he had Michael threw him to the ground with a thud. Then he turned his attention to Maria who was breathing hard and looked scared.

He took a step closer to her and put his hand on her arm. “Are you ok?”

She nodded, looking up into his eyes. “Thank you,”

Michael’s gaze drifted to her lips and he had the sudden and compelling urge to kiss her.

Isabel, he reminded himself. But even the thought of his girlfriend wasn’t enough, all he wanted was to feel those lips against his own. Maria moved closer to him, pressing her body against his. It was so warm and … familiar. He felt his heart rate speed up. Images flashed before his eyes. Over and over again.

Images of Maria and himself kissing passionately, arguing, their bodies entwined on his bed, dancing with her.

Without making a conscious decision his mouth found hers. He wrapped her arms around her waist, pulling her to him so that he could feel her body flush against his own. He felt his body heat up in response to her, her hands were wandering over his chest and through his hair.

“Michael,” she gasped. Then she suddenly pushed him away and looked around her in surprise. She frowned and looked at him. “Michael, what the hell is going on?”

“I don’t know, I…” Michael stumbled backwards and fell to the ground clutching his head. It felt as though he had been struck by lightening. Maria knelt before him and took his hands in hers.


He looked up at her and nodded in affirmation at the name.

“You’re an alien right?” She asked in a whispered voice.

He nodded again.

Maria shook her head, looking as though she too was in pain. She closed her eyes, trying to remember what was real and what was fake. “We’re a couple, aren’t we. We made out on the floor of the Crashdown and took a trip to Arizona together. We went to prom together.”

“No,” Michael shook his head as it came back to him. “You went alone because I was being an ass. But I showed up later.”

“Yes, you did,” Maria smiled and kissed him sweetly. “Oh my God, the gynecologist was right, I have had sex, lots of it. We did it in the restroom at work. And we made love the night before you were supposed to go back to your own planet but then you changed your mind and stayed for me.”

“Because Tess was having a baby,” Michael whispered.

“Oh my God, it’s Tess. She did something to us,” Maria realised.

“No way, Tess is one of us. She would never do anything like that,” Michael said a little angry with Maria for even suggesting it but even as he spoke he saw the truth in her words. “Tess.” He stood up and pulled Maria to her feet.

Maria moaned in pain and held her hand to her head. “Ow.”

Michael pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her. “Are you ok?”

“My head hurts but I’m fine.”

“What the hell are you doing?”

Maria and Michael jumped apart at the sound of Isabel’s furious voice. She stormed towards them, her finger pointing menacingly at Maria. “Get away from my boyfriend.”

“He’s my boyfriend,” Maria said calmly and stepped closer to Michael.

“What are you talking about?” Isabel demanded. “Michael, what are you doing with her?”

“Isabel, it’s not what you think,” Michael told her. He caught her hand and tried to calm her down.

“Fight!” Somebody within the house yelled and was immediately answered by the sound of a dozen people rushing out to watch what was happening in the yard.

Isabel pushed Michael’s hands away and lunged at Maria. “You bitch,” she screamed. They toppled to the ground and Isabel raised her hand to smack Maria.

“I know why you like Tabasco sauce,” Maria yelled before Isabel could make contact. Isabel froze and stared at her. Maria lifted her head to whisper in her ear. “I know you’re an alien.”

Michael took the opportunity to lift Isabel off Maria. “We have to go now,” he told her. He held out his hand and pulled Maria off the ground. Her sparkly wings now hung limp and crushed behind her.

Pulling Isabel along behind him, Michael followed Maria out onto the street through a side gate. When they were out of hearing range of the party, he turned to face Isabel.

“Iz, are you ok?”

“What does she mean?” Isabel asked looking fearfully at Maria. “How do you know?”

“Because Liz told me.”

“Liz? Liz Parker? How does she know?”

Michael sighed. “Because Max used his powers to heal her when she was shot at the Crashdown two years ago.”

Isabel gasped in shock. “What? No way would Max do something that stupid.”

“It’s true Isabel, Max saved Liz's life,” Maria confirmed.

“How long have you know about us?” Isabel asked.

“Two years,” Maria answered. “And you’ve known that I know for two years. We’re friends, all of us. Michael and I are dating not you and him. Liz and Max are together. You were seeing Alex. Until Tess killed him. Oh God, you have to remember that Isabel, Tess killed Alex and then she got pregnant and tried to trick you all into going back to Antar.”

“Jesus,” Michael exclaimed as it all came back to him. “What the hell does she want? Why is she back here?”

“Oh my God, Liz and Kyle,” Maria screamed. “They’re going to sleep together. I have to stop them.”

“So are Max and Tess,” Michael cursed.

“We have to stop them,” Maria cried already running for the car.

“Maria wait,” Michael called. “We need a plan, Tess is powerful. She’s mindwarping the whole town.”

Isabel yanked her arm free of Michael’s grasp. “You idiot Michael, it’s not Tess. It’s her, it’s Maria, she’s the one who’s playing mind games. Can’t you see? Tess is one of us, she would never try to trick us. How can you say that about her?”

“I’m going inside to get my purse, my cellphone and keys are in it,” Maria said leaving him to talk to Isabel.

Michael turned his attention to Isabel. “I need you to trust me Isabel. Max is in danger right now because of Tess. Maria is on our side, she’s going to help us. Please, trust me.”

“I trust you Michael,” Isabel told hem. “I trust Tess too. She’s my sister. She wouldn’t do this.”

“Think of Alex, remember him? He punched me once when I kissed Courtney. He took you to Prom. He’s the handsome guy you danced with.”

“No, she’s putting those memories in your head. It’s not true. Let’s get out of here while she’s inside.”

“No, I’m not leaving without Maria. Isabel, you have to believe me. Remember those dreams we had when we thought you were pregnant? Remember Grant Sorenson, the way he died in Laurie’s house?”

She shook her head. “No, Michael none of this is true.”

They heard the sound of stiletto heals clicking rapidly on the sidewalk announcing Maria’s return. “Ok, let’s go now.” She said breathlessly.

“Maria, your earrings,” Michael exclaimed. “Give them to me.”

Confused, Maria took them off and handed them to Michael who pressed them into Isabel’s hand. “Remember these Isabel? You bought them for me to give to Maria at Christmas.”

“I thought you picked them out yourself,” Maria exclaimed in surprise.

Isabel scoffed, “Yeah right, he was going to give you a ratchet set.”

“You remember,” Michael shouted.

“Yes, no…I don’t know,” Isabel said staring down at the earrings.

Maria narrowed her eyes at Michael. “A ratchet set?”

“Let’s just focus here,” Michael suggested. “Isabel, do you believe us?”


“Good enough for now,” Michael sighed. “Alright, Tess and Max have gone to do it. We have to stop them. Any idea where they’ve gone?”

Isabel shook her head. “No, they never said. Back to her house probably.”

“Alright, lets go.” Michael ordered. The three of them climbed quickly into the car and as Michael drove the girls fished out their cellphones, Maria to call Liz and Isabel to call Max.

“Damn it, no answer. What if we’re too late?” Isabel shrieked.

Michael didn’t answer, he simply pressed the gas pedal to the floor and drove. A block away from Tess’s house the sound of a police siren erupted behind him. “Shit.”

Isabel peered through the back window, “It’s ok, it’s only Valenti. Don’t stop ‘til we get to Tess’s and then we can explain. Michael had no intention of stopping until seconds later when he brought the car to a screeching halt in front of the Harding house.

“Go, go,” Maria ordered Michael and Isabel. “I’ll deal with Valenti.”

They dashed into the house leaving Maria to face a furious Valenti. He climbed out of his jeep and stormed over to Maria. “What the hell was that about Ms Deluca?”

“Oh crap, you don’t remember do you?” Maria suddenly realised. “Sheriff Valenti, I know that this looks bad but trust me, it’s not what you think. There’s an emergency and in a while I’ll be able to explain it to you and you’ll understand. I hope.”

The door of the house opened and Michael and Isabel dashed out. “They’re not there, nobody’s been inside for months,” Michael panted. “Where else could they be?”

Valenti stepped forward. “Do you realise that you were doing 60 in a 30 zone? You ran two stop signs and showed me some of the most dangerous driving I’ve seen in my life.”

“He doesn’t remember,” Maria pointed out helplessly.

“We don’t have time for this,” Isabel exclaimed. She pressed her hand to the policeman’s head and he clumped to the ground unconscious.

“What did you do?” Maria screamed kneeling down beside him.

“I knocked him out, he’ll be fine,” Isabel explained. “We have to think about this rationally. Where would Tess have taken Max?”

“The pod chamber?” Michael asked.

Isabel shook her head. “It’s not there anymore. Ok, wait. All this week she’s been talking about memories and our past lives. But the memories we had, they were of prom. They weren’t our past life. She’s been trying to recreate it as she imagined it.”

“So being crowned Homecoming king and queen was part of her plan, to steer Max’s memories in a certain direction?” Maria asked. “Then maybe she’s trying to recreate where they had their honeymoon.”

“Max said something about being under the stars,” Michael recalled.

“Well it’s night time now, so that could be anywhere that’s under the sky,” Maria said in frustration.

“The observatory,” Michael yelled. “That’s where they did it the last time. Maybe she was trying to recreate the scene from their past life then too.”

“Ok, you two go there and stop them. I’m going to get Liz and Kyle and we’ll meet you there,” Maria decided. She looked down at Valenti. “What do we do about him?”

Michael grabbed him under the arms and indicated for the girls to grab his feet. “We’ll put him in the cruiser and maybe people will think he fell asleep.”

“But I’m taking the cruiser,” Maria told them.

“Then take him with you and hopefully by the time you get to Liz and Kyle we’ll have put an end to Tess’s mindwarp and you can explain it to them,” Isabel suggested. They bundled him into the back seat.

Maria caught Michael’s arm and pulled him to her. “Be careful ok,”

“I will,” he gave her a quick hug and kiss before climbing into the car beside Isabel and taking off.

Maria climbed into the police cruiser and examined the controls. “Alright, how does this work?” After pressing a couple of buttons she found the one that switched on the siren. Then with blue lights flashing and siren wailing she reversed out of the driveway and took off at top speed for the Desert Inn.

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AN A huge thanks to everyone who’s been reading and posting fb for this story, I’m so glad that so many people seem to like it. Apologies to anybody who was at my chat the other day, my computer crashed and I was kicked off line and couldn’t get back for hours. I’ll hopefully do another one in the New Year when my next fic, All is not Lost is up and running. Look for it in the very near future.

girl afraid
Angel Kisses 70
one update of COTS please.

Thank you girls and guys.

Some dialogue from the show used

Part five (B)

After they left the dance, Tess told Max that she wanted to show him something and gave him directions to drive to. He was surprised to find that her destination was the observatory.

“What are we doing here?” He asked.

Tess just smiled and used her powers to open the doors. “Come on.”

She led him inside and to the giant telescope.

“We probably shouldn’t be here,” Max said a little nervously.

“If we get caught, I’ll cover us,” She assured him and turned her attention to the telescope, maneuvering it until she had it where she wanted it. “Come here and look through this,”

Max complied and peered into the sky. “Wow, it’s amazing.”

“You see that star, the way it wobbles?” Tess asked.

“Is that our planet?”

“No, it's called Barnard's star. You can see that star from our planet, too. Our world's out there, Max. It's not close, and sometimes it seems like a dream to me, but it's real, and I know you know that, too. I know you’re scared of letting go and accepting the alien side of yourself, so am I. But we can do this together.”

“I’m not afraid as long as you’re with me,”

“I'll be here for eternity.”

He turned to her and pulled her close. “I love you Tess,” he whispered in her ear. He saw tears of happiness in her eyes as he leant in close to kiss her.

As they fell to the floor, Max was again assailed by images and sensations too quick and indistinct to make sense of. He could feel Tess’s hands all over his body, undoing his shirt and caressing his chest. His own hands were wandering over her body, trying desperately to find skin under all the layers and skirts she was wearing.

She laughed and pulled away from him, sitting up so she could remove her dress. Then she lay it down on the ground so that they could lie on top of it, Max quickly removed his cloak, shirt and pants and did the same so that the ground was carpeted for them. He reached out and pulled Tess to him so that he could finally feel her skin against his own.

“I’ve been dreaming about this for so long,” Tess whispered to him. She found his lips again and his tongue darted into her mouth. He lowered her onto her back and lay on top of her between her legs. His hands immediately sought of her bra clasp so that he could undo it.

flash Climbing off a yellow bus, a small girl across the playground catches his attention. Has long brown hair and big eyes. flash

flash Sitting in a classroom, age eleven, the girl is in the seat in front of him. Through her T-shirt he can make out the lines of her bra. Not one word the teacher is saying is getting though to him because all he can think about is her bra. flash

flash Sitting in the Crashdown watching as she flits between tables, smiling and laughing. Wanting nothing more than to spend the rest of his life in this very spot. flash


The shout came from deep within him and came tumbling out in protest. He pushed Tess away from so that she was sent sprawling on the floor. He sat up, panting and very confused. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok,” Tess said gently as she crawled back to him. She straddled his legs and stroked his face. “It’s ok Max, just look at me. It’s Tess. Remember me, love me.” She leaned in and kissed him gently. He responded slowly and tentatively at first but it soon grew more heated. His hands caressed the bare skin of her back then undid the clasp of her bra. She pulled it off without breaking her kiss.

“I love you Max.”

“I love you too Tess.”

She smiled at him and pushed him to lie down. “Everything’s going to be ok now, this is how it’s supposed to be.”

He reached up and pulled her to him but as their lips met they heard the sound of the door crashing open.

“Get away from him,” a voice spat out harshly.

“Isabel?” Max said in shock. He turned in the direction of her voice and found that not only was Isabel standing in the doorway but Michael was there too. He sat up, pushing Tess behind his body to shield her modesty. “What are you doing here?”

“We’re here to stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life Max,” Michael announced. “Tess is not who you think she is Max. She isn’t one of us, not anymore. You don’t love her Max, you don’t want to be with her. You love Liz Parker. She’s your girlfriend.”

“What?” Max stared at them as if they had both sprouted two heads.

“You healed Liz about two years ago when she was shot. Tess wasn’t here then. She didn’t come to Roswell until about nine months later and by then you and Liz were in love. All the stuff we remember is lies, she’s making you believe it but it’s not true,” Isabel explained.

“They’re not really Michael and Isabel, they must be shapeshifters,” Tess whispered in Max’s ear.

“Don’t listen to her Maxwell,” Michael pleaded. “Listen to us. You have to believe us. Come away from her.”

“Max,” Tess whimpered clutching his shoulder in fear.

Michael came further into the room. “Last May, Tess got pregnant and we were all going to back to Antar with her. But at the last minute we found out that she had killed Alex Whitman and that she was trying to get us killed too. You sent her back alone. She’s come back to try and trick us again.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Tess cried. “How can I be pregnant, I’ve never had sex before? And I would never betray Max or Isabel and Michael. You are my family. Max, don’t listen to them.”

“Max, please,” Isabel begged. “She’s evil. She murdered Alex Whitman.”

“Alex Whitman died in a car crash, I had nothing to do with that. Why would I have killed him?”

“Because he decoded the book for you. In Las Cruces. Max think,” Michael insisted, coming closer to them.

“What book?” Tess asked. “This is crazy, Max.”

“You crazy psycho bitch. I’m going to kill you,” Isabel screamed lunging at her.

Max raised his hand and the green shield shot out preventing Isabel from reaching Tess. “No. I don’t know what’s happened to you two, but you’re wrong. Tess is one of us, she would never, ever do those things. How dare you come here and say that she’s a killer. How dare you?”

“Max, it’s true,” Isabel said with tears running down her cheeks.

“No, it’s not. It’s not true,” Max said calmly.

“Maybe he’s right,” Isabel whispered to Michael.

“No, she’s doing this to him, she’s mindwarping….she…she’s…”

“She’s our queen,” Max told them.

“Yes, she’s our queen,” Isabel repeated trance like.

“Michael?” Max asked.

“I’m sorry Maxwell, I don’t know what came over me.”

“It’s not me you should be apologizing to, it’s Tess,” Max lowered his shield. Tess stood up, now wearing his shirt.

“I’m sorry Tess but the game’s up, bitch,” another voice said sarcastically. With that Tess was sent flying across the room and crashing into the wall.

Isabel, Michael and Max swung around to see who had thrown her. Liz Parker was standing in the doorway flanked by Maria and Kyle. She had her arm outstretched, palm up and a look on her face that said she meant business.

“Tess,” Max yelled and rushed over to her. He cradled her unconscious body in his arms.

Maria brushed past Liz and ran to Michael’s side. “Michael, please say that you remember.”

He was looking between Tess, Maria and Liz in confusion, clearly trying hard to remember. He looked to Isabel for guidance but she was just as mixed up as he was. With a sigh of exasperation, Maria reached up and pulled Michael’s head down and planted a scorching hot kiss on him. He stood frozen in place for a moment but after a few seconds he responded and pulled her closer to him.

“Michael?” Isabel asked in a small voice.

He pulled away from Maria and held out his hand to Isabel. “Isabel, it’s ok. I know that you remember the truth. Fight Tess, fight what she’s doing to you.”

Hesitantly Isabel reached for his hand and clasped it tightly.

“Think of what she did to Alex,” Maria said in a soft voice.

“I remember,” Isabel answered in a low voice but one filled with fury. She turned to her brother. “Max, please listen to me, trust me, you have to get away from her. Come to me,” she held out her hand, imploring him with her eyes to take it.

Max shook his head and drew Tess closer to him. “No, Isabel. This is crazy, don’t listen to them.”

Isabel turned to Liz. “You talk to him, if he’ll listen to anybody it’s you.”

Liz stepped forward, in front of Isabel. “Max, remember the first time we kissed. We were on my balcony at night time. Remember our first date, we went to Senor Chow’s and I showed you how to play pool. And then Michael got sick and we had to go out to the reservation and talk to River Dog. And then you decided to take a step back. Please Max, you have to remember this.”

“Shut up, shut up, I don’t want to listen to any more of your lies. Stay back.”

“Remember the night you came to the Crashdown and we kissed in the back room. Do you remember? We knocked over the bowl of strawberries, remember how the room smelled of strawberries and Kielbasa sausage? Every time I smell kielbasa now it makes me hot.”

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Liz could hear giggling behind her at that admission. She blocked them out and took another step closer to Max. “Remember, we got caught making out in the locker room because I was being so loud. Our parents had to come to the school and everything. We spent the night in the desert, we fell asleep in each other’s arms. Do you remember any of this Max?”

“I do,” he said quietly. “But it was with Tess, it was Tess I made out with. It was Tess and I who went on our first date to Senor Chow’s it was Tess and I who spent the night in the desert. It was Tess. She’s the one I love, you mean nothing to me.”

It hurt to hear him speak that way but Liz reminded herself that he wasn’t telling the truth, he was still under Tess’s mindwarp. “No Max, you love me. I love you. We’re together.”

“I thought I had got Tess pregnant,” Max said snidely. “How can we be together if I got another girl pregnant?”

“Because I don’t care. Because I love you so much that I want to be with you no matter what. Because I hurt you as badly as you hurt me but nothing hurts as much as not being together. I pretended to sleep with Kyle to push you towards Tess, remember?” Liz took another step closer to him. “Please Max, you once said that you believed in me. I need you to believe in me now, believe in us.”

“No, you’re lying.”

Max lowered Tess carefully to the ground and rose to his feet. He felt at a distinct disadvantage because he was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts. He walked over to where their clothes were still piled up and began pulling on his pants. “Michael, Isabel do something.”

“Ok,” Michael shrugged. He walked up behind Liz and shoved her hard in the back, she went flying forward, crashing into Max. Instinctively he reached up to catch her, her weight sent him backwards with Liz safely wrapped in his arms. When they stopped rolling, Max was lying on top of Liz. He looked down into her eyes and it all came back to him. Every single second they had ever spent together came crashing back to him in a glorious rush.

“Liz,” he whispered reverently.

“Well, isn’t that sweet. He remembers,” While Max and Liz's tumble had distracted everyone, Tess had risen to her feet. She had a look of triumph on her face as though the fact that they had all figured out the truth didn’t upset her plans.

Max and Liz quickly climbed to their feet and joined the others. The three aliens stood in front with their hands out, ready to strike.

Tess simply laughed, “You’re never going to defeat me, I’m more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

“Not true,” a voice said.

“John? What are you doing here?” Maria asked in astonishment as her date for the evening came into the room, holding something in his hands.

“I’m here to make sure that Tess doesn’t get what she wants,” he answered. As he came closer they could all see that he was carrying a TAG.

“What are you doing you idiot? You have your orders,” Tess snapped.

“I don’t take orders from you,” he told her and with a deft flick of his wrist he turned the TAG on. Once again Tess was thrown backwards, she landed on a heap on the ground.

“Who the hell are you?” Michael asked John, his arm up and ready to take aim.

“My name is R’fden. I am a member of the Royal Guard of Antar, special regiment to the king. I and some of my colleagues were sent here to bring the remaining three members of the Royal four back to Antar to take their rightful place on the throne.”

“Which is what I was doing,” Tess pointed out furiously.

“It’s what I was sent to do,” R’fden continued as though she hadn’t interrupted him, “but I guess I’m something of a rebel. I believe that if you didn’t want to come back when you had the chance in May that tricking you all into coming back now was immoral.”

“What you’re doing is against the law, you will be charged with treason,” Tess shrieked.

“Then we’ll go down together your highness, because you are not loyal to Antar or to King Zan. From what I have heard tonight, you have committed great crimes to get what you wanted.”

“Could you explain what’s going on, please?” Max asked. “I’m a little lost, I don’t know if it’s because I still have some residual memory displacement from the mindwarp or what but I’m really confused.”

“We were overjoyed when we learned that the granilith was returning to Antar as we had believed that you had all perished years ago. Our joy was short-lived however when we realized that Queen Ava returned to us without you. We were distraught that King Zan, our beloved Vilandra and the mighty warrior Rath had chosen to stay behind on earth. It was decided that a delegation would be dispatched to implore you all to return and to tie up any loose ends on earth. Ava …Tess offered to come with us, she told us that she would be able to persuade you to come back. The only problem, according to her, was that you had been brainwashed by humans and their culture into loving earth. She said that with a little help, she would be able to convince you all to come home. So we set up the system to mindwarp the whole town and to recreate your memories so that you would be more inclined to come home. However, I felt that it was wrong so I did my best to make you remember the truth.”

“By asking me out?” Maria asked, her tone conveying her disbelief.

“I could not go against my direct orders so I tried other ways. I engineered the election for Homecoming king and queen so that Liz and Kyle would be nominated too. I thought if Max and Liz spent time together then they would remember.”

“But Tess kept him away from the first meeting when she got him in trouble in English class and ran interference the other times,” Isabel realized.

“Yes,” R’fden nodded. “She did other things too to keep him away from Liz, too many to go into. I asked out Maria with the hope that it would cause Michael to be jealous, which it did tonight. I tried to dreamwalk you to stir up your memories but I am not very good at it. And the mindwarping counteracted that anyway.”

“So what happens now?” Max asked.

“Whatever you want your highness,” another voice announced as a woman stepped out of the darkness and into the room. She was quickly followed by three others. They ran to Tess and hauled her to her feet and one of them slipped something resembling handcuffs around her wrist. The woman removed her coat and wrapped it around Tess. She struggled against them for a few moments before giving in.

“What about Kivar and my son?” Max asked.

“Your son?” R’fden asked.

“Kivar,” another said at the same time. “He was defeated years ago.”

“But, the summit and the skins?”

“Nikolas knew that Kivar had been defeated but he pretended that he was still alive so the other skins would obey him.” The female alien explained. “He hoped to capture you and the granilith and return to Antar to rule it himself. The summit was his last ploy. He mindwarped the other people there into going along with it. He hoped that you would accept the deal and hand yourself over to him. We picked him up in New York yesterday and got the truth out of him. Also the three remaining dupes have been picked up as well. Rath and Lonnie will be tried for the murder of the other Zan. The other Ava will be taken back to her family.”

“And Max’s son?” Liz asked nervously. Max held her hand tightly.

“Perhaps you should explain that,” The female said to Tess, she placed her hand on Tess’s head and a bright light shot out and encased Tess’s head.

“There is no son. I mindwarped you. When we came here the first time you didn’t want to sleep with me because you said that if you did that, then nothing could ever happen between you and Liz and you weren’t ready to let go of that yet. So I made you think that we did it and that I was pregnant so that you would have to come back to Antar with me,” Tess explained.

Max’s knees buckled beneath him and he fell to the floor, his face ashen. “Oh God.”

“Are you ok?” Liz asked in concern.

He nodded, “Just give me a minute.”

“Did you kill Alex Whitman?” The female asked Tess.

“Yes I did,”

“What are you doing to her?” Kyle asked curiously.

“I’m getting the truth out of her,” the alien answered as though it was evident. “Have you any other questions?”

“Yeah, actually I do, why did you put me and Liz together?”

“I wanted you to be happy Kyle, I thought that if you were with somebody you loved that you would be happy. That’s why I made your Dad sheriff again, because I wanted him to be happy.”

“Does that mean if we remove the mindwarp, Dad will go back to being a couch potato?”

R’fden shook his head. “Not necessarily, we can leave some things as they are now if you wish.”

“Won’t that harm him? It’s what killed Alex,” Kyle asked.

“We have the technology with us to sustain it without harming anybody, unlike Tess who apparently did not consider the impact her long term mindwarping would have on the individual. When we return to our base we will ensure that everyone’s memories are restored to what they were before we came here. With the exception of your father’s position.”

Isabel stepped forward. “Does that mean our parents will go back to not knowing about us?”

“Yes, unless you wish to keep that as it is now also.”

“Their reaction to us, was that just a mindwarp too?”

“You’ll never know unless you tell them for real,” R’fden smiled.

Isabel looked at Max with pleading eyes, he nodded at her to let her know that he understood and would consider telling them. The false memory of their acceptance still lingered in his mind and he knew that it was something he’d like to make real.

“So is that all?” The female asked, when nobody had anymore questions she indicated for the guards to take Tess away.

“No wait, I want to say something, I want to say sorry,” Tess shrieked.

“Nobody wants to hear it Tess,” Liz told her.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” Tess said with venom. “Kyle, please-”

Kyle turned away from her. “I don’t want to hear it either.”

“Take her away,” Max instructed the alien guards. When they were gone he turned to R’fden and the female alien. “What will happen to her?”

“She has admitted to murder and will be punished accordingly. We have strict rules about that on Antar and she will have to face the consequences of her actions,” R’fden explained. “I think that all other matters have been cleared up. The skins are gone, the dupes have been removed from earth. Now it’s up to you to decide. Do you wish to return to Antar and resume your rightful place on the throne?”

Max raised an eyebrow in Isabel’s direction, she shook her head curtly. Michael did the same, pulling Maria closer to him as best he could, though it was tricky because her wings were dangerously close to his eyes.

“We don’t want to go back. We’re staying here.” Max informed the aliens.

R’fden nodded, it was as he expected but his colleague looked at Max in shock.

“Your highness, but why? Why would you wish to stay here?” She exclaimed. “Here you are just a school boy, you live in a small house. Rath lives in squalor, he must work to afford anything. There is a chance that you will be discovered as aliens and taken into custody by the government. And if I may say so, the government here is not one that I would wish to be arrested by.”

Michael, who had bristled at her description of his apartment, came forward. “Look lady, we’re staying.”

“But you have a palace, servants, great riches, power, safety – all waiting for you on Antar. The people there love and adore you.”

“Why?” Max asked. “Why do I have all those things? Because I was born to a man who was born to a man who was born to a man whose family has always been king. So because of that I get to live a life of luxury and with great power though I have done nothing to deserve it and haven’t been trained for it or have never proven myself worthy or capable of it? Why should I get all that? I’m a high school student.”

“But you’re the king.”

“No, Zan was the king, I’m not now and never will be Zan. I have no interest in being Zan. I want to be Max, just Max. I don’t want a palace or world domination. I want what I have now.” He picked up the gaudy crown that McClure had placed on his head just a few hours earlier and snapped it in two. “This means nothing to me, being king means nothing to me.”

“But….but…but there’s no heir. Who will rule if you don’t come home?”

“Elect somebody,” Max suggested. He wrapped his arms around Liz and looked around at his friends. “And I’m already home.”

The woman looked as though she was going to argue more but R’fden but his hand on her shoulder and held her back. “You have made your choice, it may not be the one we wished you to make but so be it. That is what freedom of choice means. We wish you a happy and prosperous life. Should you ever change your mind or need help in anyway, please contact us and we will come at once.”

“Uh…how?” Isabel asked.

He pulled an orb from his pocket and handed it to Michael who was standing closest to him. “Use this.”

“So that’s it?” Michael asked looking down at the orb.

“Yes, unless there is anything else you’d like to ask.”

Too shell shocked and exhausted from their night, everyone just shook their heads. In truth they had a thousand questions but no energy to ask or concentrate on the answers.

“Good, we should go. We may have to return in the near future for a few formalities.”

“Ok see you then, safe trip,” Max said lamely, having no other idea what to say.

“Thanks for a lovely evening,” Maria called as R’fden turned on his heal.

He paused and looked back at her with a smile. “Thank you, I had a wonderful time, you will excuse my manners for not taking you home as I promised your mother.”


After he left there was silence in the room as everyone processed what had just happened. Max shivered and realized that he was still undressed so he began pulling on clothes.

“My dad,” Kyle exclaimed and rushed out the door. Isabel hurried after him and then Maria pulled Michael out to give Liz and Max some privacy.

Alone, they looked at each other and smiled. “Weird night,” Liz commented.

“Yeah,” Max sighed. “You and Kyle….?”

“We were interrupted by Maria when we were still in our underwear, thank God. She drove right up to the door in the police cruiser with the lights flashing and the siren blazing and Sheriff Valenti unconscious in the back seat.” She smiled mischievously at him. “It totally killed the mood.”

Max felt a wave of relief wash over him. “Tess and I didn’t do anything either. I mean, we made out and stripped down to our underwear but…”

“The other day, I took off my bra and let Kyle feel me up,” Liz confessed.


“Yeah,” Liz sighed and then laughed ruefully. Her smiled faded and she looked down at the floor. “I always thought that we had a special connection you know. I was sort of pleased about it you know because nobody else had it, turns out that it wasn’t as strong as Michael and Maria.”

“You’re jealous?”

Liz's hands flapped uselessly at her sides. “No…yes.”

Max took her hands in his and looked her in the eye. “Liz, we have a special connection. It’s what kept me from sleeping with Tess, twice. It’s what broke me out of her mindwarp. Maybe not as quickly as Michael but I’m guessing that I got a heavier dose of the mindwarp than Michael did. Plus, Michael and Maria are in a stronger place right now in their relationship. We’re still trying to deal with my sleeping with Tess and getting her pregnant and everything we put each other through in the past fifteen months.”

“Are you ok with it being a mindwarp, the baby I mean?”

“I kind of feel a little weird about it still. Like I lost something. But, I’m relieved to know that I didn’t betray you by sleeping with Tess or getting her pregnant. Maybe it hasn’t really hit me yet, I’m still kind of in shock.”

“Me too,” Liz admitted.

“So now, maybe we can concentrate on the future instead of trying to get over the past?” Max asked hopefully.

“Yes please,” Liz laughed and threw her arms around Max. They smiled at each other for a moment before bringing their lips together for a long overdue kiss.

A few minutes later Maria made a noisy entrance giving them plenty of time to pull apart and straighten out their clothes. “Hey guys, there’s a rent-a-cop security guard outside, we should get out of here.”

Max made a quick survey to make sure that they had left nothing behind and hurried down the stairs after Maria and Liz. It was a balmy night outside with a gentle breeze blowing. It was playing havoc with Isabel’s Marilyn Monroe dress, which fortunately allowed Max, Liz and Maria to walk straight out the front door, three feet away from the security guard without attracting his attention.

A slightly dazed looking Valenti was assuring him that nothing was amiss and he had only pulled up outside the observatory to help Isabel with car trouble. Satisfied with that the guard left to do his rounds.

“Everything ok?” Valenti asked the teenagers when they were alone.

“Perfect,” Max assured him with a smile.

“Alright then, I suggest you all go home to bed. It’s almost 4 in the morning.”

Nobody disagreed with him as they were all exhausted by now.

“Let’s meet up for breakfast in the Crashdown tomorrow so we can talk,” Max suggested.

“Make it lunch and you’re on,” Maria yawned, turning around so quickly that Michael had to jump to avoid having his eye poked out by her wings.

“Sweet dreams everyone,” Liz called.

They said tired goodbyes and climbed into their cars to make the trip home to their welcoming beds. Exhausted from their night’s activities they slept soundly and dreamlessly.

When the rest of the population of Roswell woke the next morning though, they all felt as though they’d had the strangest dream, they just couldn’t remember what it was.

<center>The end</center>

AN I should just explain a little about this. Originally I had intended this to be set around the time that Tess came back in season three. But that would have meant acknowledging that season three happened, something I don’t like to do. So instead I set this post season two but none of the events of season three have happened. If there’s anything else that doesn’t make sense let me know and I’ll try and explain.
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