Eternal Ruby of Darkness(M/L,Adult) (Complete)

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Part 49

*Nine years later*

Darrius walked into the den and stopped after taking only a few steps. Sitting on the couch was his father and baby sister. Darrius watched as Michael held one year old Yania close to his chest and gently hummed to her as he rocked back and forth. It was a sight Darrius and anyone else in the Aristomache mansion had become familiar with over the last year.

Only in that place was Michael allowed any peace to be the father he was meant to be. For that was the only place Maria still wasn’t allowed into despite the fact that she and Michael were living together again and she had given Michael yet another child. Everywhere else, she could continue to get on everyone’s nerves and constantly complain about Michael’s job, Darrius’ new job, and the fact that Michael allowed his daughter near the rest of them.

It hadn’t really been a shock when Yania was born. Sure, Michael and Maria had been together again for almost two years, but no one had really stopped to think they’d have anymore kids. So, when Stavros and Tiegra had done their twin thing and predicted that Michael was going to have someone else besides Jocelyn to dote over, no one had been surprised. The only one that had been surprised was Maria since she hadn’t been there when the twins had made their prediction.

And no one had been surprised when Maria had acted the same way she had with Darrius’ birth. The moment Yania was born, she’d given Yania to Michael and told him she wasn’t going to take care of Yania. Once more Michael took over the raising of his daughter, but he had the help of his extended Aristomache family as he’d had with Darrius.

Even Darrius himself had taken to caring for his baby sister, happy that he now had a sibling like all of his friends did. He was also happy for his father since he saw what having Yania did for Michael. Nathan had told him how Michael had always doted over all of Max’s daughters as they had grown. It was clear to everyone that Michael had envied Max for having daughters since he had wanted one of his own.

Now he had it in Yania and it was clear to anyone who saw them together just how much Michael adored his baby girl. In fact, Darrius was certain that Michael hadn’t even been that upset over the fact that Maria had put Yania’s care solely into his hands. Michael had simply taken his daughter, named her, and begun to immediately care for her as if that had been his plan all along.

Michael looked up to see his son leaning against the wall watching him rocking Yania. He smiled at Darrius and motioned for him to sit down on the nearby couch. As Darrius made himself comfortable, Michael spoke to his mind.

Be right back, I’m going to put her to bed.

Darrius nodded as Michael disappeared from the room with Yania. He waited for a few moments before Michael returned empty handed. With a sigh, Michael sat on the couch next to his son.

“So, how’s Maria?” asked Darrius.

Michael didn’t even flinch when Darrius said that. It had been a long time since Darrius had called her mother and Michael had learned to live with it.

“Same as ever, I guess. Although she seems to be paying more attention to Yania these days.”

Darrius saw the frown on his father’s face as he said that.

“Um hm. And you’re thinking it may be the same shit she pulled with me?”

Michael nodded. “Yeah. I really, really hope I’m wrong though.”


“Because, despite how Maria is, I really want Yania to know her mother. It was one thing for you not to know her. You had me to raise you, but since Yania is a girl, I always believed a girl should know her mother.”

Darrius nodded. He could understand his father’s reasoning, but he wasn’t going to put too much hope into it.

Michael on the other hand was going to keep on hoping that Maria would want to raise her daughter. So far, she had shown interest in Yania but even Michael knew her interest only peaked when Michael was getting ready to take Yania into the presence of the others. She especially showed interest when she knew Darrius would be close by.

It was during those times that she would openly complain about how wrong it was for Darrius to be training to be a polemistis, saying it would only bring him heartache and loneliness. Then she would whisper into Yania’s ear, warning her to stay away from anyone who was a polemistis no matter what coven they came from because they were bad and would only break her heart in the end.

Michael only rolled his eyes at her ramblings before he took Yania with him wherever he was going. He knew that Yania wouldn’t be affected by Maria’s words if she was constantly surrounded by Michael, Darrius, and the rest of their extended family. Yania would see for herself that Maria’s words weren’t true.

Michael glanced at his son with a smile. “Aren’t you supposed to be off duty tonight?”

Darrius nodded. “Yeah, I just came from talking to Max and Nate. I wanted to tell you before they did.”

Michael raised a curious eyebrow. “Tell me what?”

Darrius grinned. “Max wants to assign me to Jocelyn.”

Michael narrowed his eyes. “Isn’t that supposed to be my job?”

Darrius chuckled. “Yeah, but Max wants you assigned solely to the twins. They’re driving him and Liz crazy these days and he wants your attention solely on them. I think he thinks you’ll save him from killing them.”

Michael snickered. “Right.”

“And since Jocelyn is only one kid, Max thinks I can handle her. She’s only a handful when she’s with the twins and their friends.”

Michael laughed. Darrius had that right. Lately nineteen year old Jocelyn had taken to hanging around the three musketeers and their knight. Bianca, Felicia, Tiegra, and Stavros were all fifty-one years old, which made them only fourteen by human maturity standards. And since Jocelyn was thirteen by human maturity standards, she was extremely close to them. Indeed, the three musketeers had grown by one and together with their knight, they had gotten into so much mischief that Max and Liz were clearly at their wits end. Not to mention Kyle, Tess, Isabel, and Alex.

“Well, can’t say that I don’t agree with him then.” He patted his son’s knee. “You okay with it?”

Darrius nodded. “Yeah. If Max thinks I can do it and if you’re okay with it, then I’ll do it.”

Michael grinned. “I’m fine. I think Max is right. You’ll handle Jocelyn’s guard well.”

Darrius returned his grin. “Thanks, dad.”

Michael nodded as he got up from his seat. “Okay, enjoy your night off. I’m gonna go check in with Max then.”

“K. Night dad.”

Michael waved to Darrius as he walked out of the room and headed to Max’s office. He knew Max had made a good decision in giving Darrius the job. Plus, it would be a good starting point for Darrius, prepping him for the much dangerous job he would one day have.

Michael couldn’t be more proud of the way his son was growing up to be a strong warrior on his own.


Liz sighed as she studied herself in the mirror. She was getting ready to attend the ceremony to celebrate the joining of Olivia and Jonathan. She just hoped nothing would ruin their night since currently several members of her family and the Valenti’s family were at odds with each other.

Of course that was mostly the fault of the three musketeers and their knight. And it only made things worse since Jocelyn was now becoming involved in their escapades. Since Felicia and Tiegra seemed to be the ringleaders, Liz often had to hear it from Isabel the most.

It seemed Isabel was over at the mansion almost everyday complaining about the latest fiasco that Tiegra, Stavros, and Felicia had managed to rope Bianca into. It was always their fault Bianca was in trouble again because Bianca couldn’t have possibly gotten into trouble if it hadn’t been for her so called friends.

Liz didn’t have the heart to tell Isabel that Bianca wasn’t entirely innocent in the things the kids did. Liz knew that for the most part, the twins were the masterminds behind it all. Felicia may be the loudest and most dramatic of all of them, but that was all she was. She was just a great actress but she had no mind to come up with the elaborate plans they executed.

And while Tiegra and Stavros would come up with the schemes, it was Bianca who would perfect them. She was the one who did the best to make the plans as flawless as possible. Liz had no doubt that they would have always worked perfectly too, if it wasn’t for Felicia and her need to be seen.

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Felicia was the one who often made their plans backfire. After all, Felicia thrived in getting all of the attention possible. Still, none of that kept Kyle from showing up nearly as much as Isabel did to rant and rave that the twins were corrupting his daughter. Kyle knew Felicia was just as guilty as they were, he knew his daughter thrived on attention, but he felt that she wouldn’t have gotten into the mess she did if it hadn’t been for the twins.

Liz was just glad that Max had the sense to just listen to Kyle rant instead of putting him in his place. They all knew Kyle would never live it down if Max was truly acting like the feared Aristomache leader he was known to be. If that had been the case, Kyle would have never dared to set foot into the mansion again. In fact, Liz was certain Kyle might not have even made it out alive.

But Max never raised his voice or harmed Kyle in any way. Max considered Tess and Kyle as members of his family, just like Liz did. He would never go out of his way to harm them especially since their eldest son was married to the Valenti’s eldest daughter. So, Max listened, then did his best to assure Kyle that everything was going to be all right and he’d punish the twins for getting everyone into trouble.

And they were punished. Grounded just like all of the siblings had been before them. Liz knew the twins felt bad for getting their friends into trouble, which was why the things they did was never anything that could seriously harm anyone. Plus, the twins were well aware that they would get caught if Felicia was in the mood for an audience. So was Bianca.

So, while they got into trouble, it wasn’t anything like the first group of three musketeers. Then Caiden had been the leader of the group and even though Nathan had been the smartest of the three, he had never interfered with Caiden’s schemes. That is why they’d gotten into serious trouble because Caiden had never stopped to think of the consequences of his behavior and Nathan had never been able to talk sense into the more aggressive Caiden.

Unlike the group before them, the twins and Bianca clearly thought everything out before they acted on any impulses and before they revealed their plans to an overdramatic Felicia. Liz and the others could only hope it was because they had heard the stories of their predecessors enough to know better.

Max walked into the room and smiled at his isyzygos. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he leaned over her shoulder to kiss her cheek.

“Esi kitazo oraios, agapo mou.”

She smiled at his appreciative gaze in the mirror. “Esi kano theh kitazo toso kakos monos sou, omorfos.”

He chuckled as she turned in his arms to give him a kiss. A few moments later, she pulled away despite his soft growl.

She winked at him. “We have a ball to attend remember? You can enjoy the dress later.”

Max pouted. “I really, really hate the torture you put me through, meli.”

She laughed as she turned to put her earrings on. “No you don’t. I’m reading your mind.”

He grinned. “Are you?”

She stiffened as she got his latest image. Turning around she glared at him. “Max! I’m serious! We don’t have time!”

His eyes sparkled as they took in the way her body was now flushed and the way her chest heaved as she tried to breathe.

We’ll make time.

That was the only warning she got before he pounced.


Liz made her way to where Tess, Isabel, and Vanessa were talking with Natalie. She looked around expecting to see Arissa with them too, but she was nowhere to be found. Neither was Nathan.

“Hi,” she greeted the others. “Anyone seen Arissa?”

Tess grinned. “Nope. We thought she came late with you.”

Liz had the grace to look embarrassed. She and Max had made an entrance much to her chagrin. They had arrived right after Olivia and Jonathan had come together before the mystikistis and right before the ceremony had actually started. Still, they had known their late entrance hadn’t gone unnoticed.

Just as she was about to get the ribbing from the women, Max was already getting it from the men. However, she knew he was grinning like a fool at their ribbing because he wasn’t the least bit embarrassed about keeping her at home for a little longer just to have his way with her. She was just glad she’d managed to put her dress and accessories back to the way they were before they’d had their fun.

She felt the brush against her cheek as a whisper filled her mind. S’agapo, syndeo mou.

She beamed at his admission. S’agapo episis.

Arissa cleared her throat as she walked up to them. “Sorry, I had to stop to powder my nose.”

Vanessa raised an eyebrow. “Alone?”

At Arissa’s blush, Tess couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh Theos! The apple clearly hasn’t fallen from the tree where Nate and Max are concerned!”

That made the others laugh too, including Liz who reached out to give Arissa’s hand a sympathetic squeeze. When they had calmed down, Liz gave Tess a smile.

“The ceremony was beautiful Tess. I’m sure Olivia and Jonathan are going to be very happy together.”

Tess beamed. “Thank you. I’m sure too. And I’m glad it’s finally over.” She shook her head. “You have no idea how hard it was to convince Kyle to go through with it. And I thought it was bad with Arissa!”

Arissa grinned at that as she looked at Liz. “I think dad let go after I threatened to tell Nathan to let his father loose on him. Dad’s not threatened by Jon’s family the way he was by Max.”

Liz rolled her eyes. “Max wouldn’t have hurt him.”

Arissa giggled. “True, but he didn’t need to know that, right?”

Tess gasped. “Oh girl! You are an evil daughter!”

Arissa shrugged. “What? I saw something I wanted and I refused to let daddy get in the way.”

Isabel laughed. “Oh Theos! The apple clearly hasn’t fallen far from the tree where Tess and Arissa are concerned!”

Once more they all laughed at the way Isabel had just imitated Tess’ earlier admission.


Alex grinned as he watched Kyle smiling at the way his second daughter laughed where she stood on her new osizigos arm surrounded by some of their friends. It was clear to anyone who looked at Olivia that she had finally found her place at Jonathan’s side. They were both fairly glowing with happiness as they talked to Rena and Quinn.

It was also clear from the look on Kyle’s face that he had finally accepted the loss of yet another daughter to marriage since he seemed to be happy for her and her new osizigos. Kyle had immediately realized that Jonathan had been able to get Olivia to calm down and mature much easier than anyone else had been able to. With Jonathan around, Kyle didn’t have to put up with anymore of Olivia’s outlandish fits. She hadn’t even thrown a tantrum when they had found out about her and Jonathan. That had been the first time Kyle had ever seen Olivia talk to him like a civilized adult. She had calmly and rationally told him that she was in love with Jonathan and wanted to pursue a serious relationship with him.

Then when Jonathan had come to Kyle to ask for her hand in marriage, Kyle had given it freely knowing that Jonathan was clearly what Olivia needed to move on from her wild ways. Granted, he still had his moments just like he had them with Arissa, but he was glad Olivia was with someone whom Kyle trusted. He knew Jonathan would take good care of her despite his reluctance to let his daughter go.

Alex patted Kyle on the shoulder. “It was a good wedding, Kyle.”

Kyle finally tore his gaze from his daughter. “Yeah? Thanks.”

Max nodded. “It was. And the couple looks happy.”

Kyle rolled his eyes. “Thank Theos for that, huh? Tess threatened my life if I let anything get in the way of Olivia’s happiness. I think she was just glad to have yet another daughter off of her hands.”

Nathan frowned. “Really? She seems to miss Arissa as much as you do.”

Caiden chuckled as he punched his old friend good-naturedly on the shoulder. “I think he means she’s got one less dramatic daughter to worry about.”

Aidan nodded. “Yeah, with Olivia gone, she now only has Felicia to drive her crazy.”

Max only smiled at that as Nathan chuckled. “Oh, right. Well, at least Arissa wasn’t that dramatic.”

“No,” growled Kyle as he narrowed his eyes at both Caiden and Nathan. “But she still somehow managed to get into a lot of trouble.”

Nathan looked down at the floor as Caiden gave a sigh. “Yeah, and that was all my fault really. Nate had nothing to do with it. In fact, I clearly recall several times he talked Arissa into going home before the two of us got into trouble.”

Kyle nodded at his son-in-law. “My thanks for that.”

Nathan returned his nod as Gabriel came running up to them, Evander at his side.

“Dad! Evan says he’s got this cool game at his house! Can I go over and play it with him?”

Kyle chuckled as he ruffled his son’s hair. “Sure I’ll take you over there if Evander’s dad allows it.”

Aidan shrugged. “I don’t see why not. You and Gabriel are welcome to come over anytime you want.”

Gabriel grinned up at Kyle. “Can we go dad?”

Kyle nodded. “Okay, we’ll go soon.”


As the others laughed at Gabriel’s impatience, Kyle shook his head. “Sorry Gabe, we have to stay and celebrate your sister’s wedding.”

“Okay. Then tomorrow?”

Kyle grinned. “I’ll see what I can do.”

“Yes!” exclaimed Gabriel before turning to Evander. “Come on! I wanna show you the other game I got!”

As the two boys ran off Aidan grinned at Kyle. “Well, looks like my son and your son found something in common.”

Kyle grinned. “Yeah, sorry about that, but I think it’s my fault. Tess says I indulge Gabriel in the games too much, but I’ve always loved those things and Gabriel’s starting to give me some competition.”

Aidan nodded. “I understand. It’s okay really. Evander hasn’t been able to spend a lot of time with kids his age because there aren’t that many that live near us. That’s why he spends so much time with his games. I’m glad he’s still able to make new friends though. I know Vanessa will be thrilled.”

Alex nodded. “Oh you got that right. She’s been complaining that he’s spending too much time with grown ups and not enough time with kids his age.”


“Thanks for coming tonight, Rena. I’m glad you were here.” Olivia said as she gave Rena a hug.

“I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, Liv. I’m glad you found someone who will make you happy the way you used to dream of.”

Olivia chuckled. She knew exactly what Rena was talking about. Or rather, who she was talking about. She pulled away to look into her friend’s eyes. “It’s okay Rena. I know better now. Caiden is very happy with Natalie and they were definitely meant to be.”

Rena nodded. “I’m glad you see that.”

“Of course I do. It’s hard not to see the changes in him, for the better. Remember how crazy he was when he was younger? Natalie has clearly calmed him down.”

Rena grinned. “Much the same way Jonathan has calmed you down.”

Olivia laughed. “Yeah, you could say that.” The smile faded from her face as she looked seriously at Rena. “I’ve heard that he is making his father proud as the newest Archigos of the Euphranor.”

Rena nodded. “Yeah. Dad says Alex couldn’t be prouder of the way Caiden is handling things. Even he agrees Caiden is turning into a good Archigos. Everyone also thinks Natalie is doing a good job too, despite having once been human.”

Olivia shrugged as she smiled. “So what if she was human. So was your mother and look at what she’s done with your father and the Aristomache.”

Rena rolled her eyes even as she grinned. “Yeah okay, you do have a point. But I don’t think mom really had as much help as Nat seems to be getting. Not only does she have mom’s advice, but she’s got both Isabel and Vanessa to help her when she needs it.”

“That’s a good thing though. I’m sure she’s grateful for it.”

“True, but she’s doing a good job on her own. At least that’s what I’ve heard mom say.”

Olivia smiled. “Then it definitely is a good thing for her and Caiden.”

Rena returned her smile. “Enough about them! What about you! You must be thrilled that your dad allowed you to marry him.”

Olivia chuckled. “Oh you know it! Mom had to help me convince him that Jonathan’s intentions were always good. Can you imagine if he’d really known the truth about me? Ugh, I so hope he never finds out, I don’t want to break my poor daddy’s heart.”

Rena grinned at her acting as their significant other’s came up to join them again. Quinn wrapped his arm around Rena’s shoulder as she leaned into him, while Jonathan wrapped his arm around Olivia’s waist and kissed her.

“So, what was my beautiful isyzygos talking about with her best friend?”

Olivia chuckled. “Oh, I was just telling Rena that I don’t want dad to ever find out about my wild ways or he’d die.”

Jonathan raised an eyebrow at that. “Yeah, and he’d skin me alive if he knew I was a part of it.”

Olivia wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “You came in at the end, meli. So technically so saved me from it.”

Rena grinned. “Yep. You saved her and converted her. Now she’s normal like the rest of us.”

“Hey!” exclaimed Olivia.

Jonathan chuckled as he nuzzled her temple. “Don’t worry, agapo mou. I like the way you’re not normal.”

Olivia smugly stuck her tongue out at her friend, making the rest of them laugh.


Liz sighed as she walked into her room. The night had gone extremely well and she was glad that nothing bad had happened. Everyone had been on their best behavior at the wedding celebration. Even Natalie and Olivia had gotten along, as had Max and Quinn.

It had been a night full of pleasant surprises like those. Plus, none of the children had acted out. Michael had been guarding the twins and Darrius had been in charge of Jocelyn. With the two Guerins hovering over the three of them, they had been less inclined to get into any mischief despite having Felicia and Bianca with them too.

Of course Liz knew Michael was more than eager to get home to his daughter, so they’d left as soon as they were able too. As soon as they’d arrived home, Michael had picked up his daughter and gone on home, while Darrius had retired to his room in the mansion.

Max had sent her on ahead to bed while he and Nate put the other three to bed. She had barely managed to take off her shoes and accessories when he appeared behind her. As she let her hair down, he slid his arms around her waist and whispered heatedly in her ear.

C'mon baby get the lighter
We're gonna start the fire

“Idios thimameh iteh Idios boro areseh ta forema argotera.”

The army of words is in me
Silent the soldier weeps

She sighed as his hands wandered up her sides to curl around and cup her breasts over the dress. “Um hm, Idios ekana.”

Lying here back to back
Waiting for you to be react

He nipped at her earlobe before pressing a soft kiss on the spot just behind her ear. “Ineh argotera,” he growled softly as he turned her around in his arms.

Sometimes all I need is a good push
Roll over and whisper some goodness

Liz moaned as his lips took hers in a deep, passionate kiss. Who was she to deny him his pleasure when he was making her feel that good.

Go on baby you be the hero
Now can we go back to zero

He slid his hands to her back as his lips moved from her mouth to trail kisses down her cheek, neck, and shoulder. As he nibbled on her shoulder, he began to remove her dress, slowly sliding the red straps down her arms. His lips followed the trail of the dress, kissing the skin he exposed.

Go on and get the lighter
We're gonna need some fire

By the time the dress had fallen to a heap around her feet, Liz was having a hard time breathing and Max could smell how ready she was for him. He had kissed and nibbled every inch of her body that he’d exposed as he’d removed the dress, making both of them hot and needy.

Let's get a little higher
The battlefield is tired

Max had enjoyed every gasp and moan he’d elicited from her as he had enjoyed her body. Those sounds and the way her body responded to him had only urged him on and made his need for her rise.

Never mind all that?

When he rose to his feet, Liz could see the molten gold of his eyes signaling his desire for her. She let her gaze follow the movement of her hand as it trailed down his body, willing away his clothes.

Go on baby and get the lighter
We're gonna start the fire

Max groaned when Liz licked her lips as she gazed at the evidence of his desire for her. She looked back into his eyes with a seductive smile as her eyes darkened in response to his. Lifting a hand, she held it out to him as she backed up towards the bed.

Just come here and cuddle up
I feel a little rough

Max took her hand and let her lead him to their bed. He waited until she was lying on her back before he slid his body over hers. She moaned as she lifted her hips to meet his, effectively taking him into her body in one long sensuous move.

I missed you in my sleep
Are you still mad at me?

Max raised himself to his elbows to gaze down at her with a smile. “S’agapo.”

The moon must have mended my bad mood
Come kiss me the way you meant to

She nodded as she cupped his cheek in her hand. “Neh. Kano agapo mechri meh, Max.”

Last night I was just playing
Let's put it all away and

He began to move his hips up and down, going at a leisurely pace so that they could both enjoy their time together. Liz lifted her own hips to meet his strokes as she tightened her legs around his.

Go on and get the lighter
We're gonna need some fire

“Oh Max!” she moaned, sliding her hands over his back and shoulders.

Let's get a little higher
The battlefield is tired

He dipped his head to feast on her breasts, feeling one of her hands move into his hair to hold him there. She arched her back and thrust her hips up faster trying to make him move to her speed.

Never mind all that?

“Max! Pio grigora!” she cried.

Go on baby and get the lighter
We're gonna start the fire

He picked up his pace at her urging. “Theos, Liz!”

Go on baby and get the lighter
We're gonna start the fire

“Neh! Ineh apithano! Pio yera!”

Go on baby and get the lighter
We're gonna start the fire

Max threw his head back, mouth opening to bare his fangs as he thrust hard into his isyzygos body. Her cries only urged him on until he leaned over her to press his forehead against hers.

Climb in and love me

Panting hard, he slid his hand between them and caressed her bundle of nerves only once. That was all it took for her to scream his name as she came hard. Quickly, he covered her mouth with his, kissing her hard and swallowing her scream as he did.

Climb in and love me

She kissed him back with equal fervor, ignoring the way his fangs scraped against her lips making them bleed. Her own fangs grew as he continued to thrust into her and licked up the blood on her lips.

Go on now baby you get it

When he came, it was her turn to swallow his shout and lick up the blood her fangs had caused on his lips. Even as his orgasm passed by, he continued to thrust his hips against hers as their tongues lapped the blood from each others mouths.

Had quite a heavy night
So delicate our love and pride

Soon, their fangs had receded and the wounds had healed leaving them spent and sated. Max remained where he was, draped over her body as her arms held him close to her. A few moments later, she nipped at his shoulder and giggled.

The most stubborn girl around
You really know how to bring me down

He heard her amusement in his mind. Itan…

One more famous night to remember
Let's laugh at my silly temper

Katapliktiko, he finished for her.

Now let's burn the morning sweetly
Get over here and complete me

She nodded as he rolled off of her and pulled her into his side. She ran her fingers over his sweat slicked chest.

Go on and get the lighter
We're gonna need some fire

Keh zestos, he added.

Let's get a little higher
The battlefield is tired

She grinned up at him. Ise thermos.

Never mind all that?

He returned her grin. Ise thermi episis.

Go on baby and get the lighter
We're gonna start the fire

She laughed as she crawled over his body to straddle his hips. Max’s grin only widened because he knew what she wanted. And as her demand sounded in his head, she took him back into her body.

Go on now baby you get it

Se thelo.


Song is Start the Fire by No Doubt

new Greek words
kakos - bad
monos sou - yourself
thimameh - remember
iteh - you said
boro - could
areseh - enjoy
forema - dress
argotera - later
ekana - did
pio grigora - faster
ineh apithano - that's good
pio yera - harder
itan - that was
katapliktiko - amazing
zestos - hot
ise - you're
thermos - hot (male)
thermi - hot (female)
se thelo - I want you
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Part 50

*28 years later*

The night before the celebration of Nathan and Arissa’s 120th wedding anniversary, the twins sent Max, Liz, and Michael’s world into a bit of chaos. They were now seventy-nine, or sixteen in human maturity years which meant they had about forty years before anyone considered them to be adults.

Still that didn’t stop them from letting their parents know that they already knew their future mates. It all started with Jocelyn and Yania who had been sitting in the theater watching a teen movie which the twins, Felicia, and Bianca all considered to be too babyish for them.

“You four got to see your movie last week, so Yania and I get to pick it this week!” pouted Jocelyn.

“Yeah,” agreed Yania, who had become Jocelyn’s best friend over the past few years, letting the three musketeers go back to being just that with their knight at their side. “It’s our turn this week!”

Before Felicia could open her mouth with a sarcastic comment, Liz walked into the room.

“They’re right. It’s Jocelyn and Yania’s turn. Stavros, you know it already. I shouldn’t even have to be telling you this!” Liz chastised.

Stavros rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah. I know. Geez, you predict the future one time and they never let you forget it.”

Max walked into the room behind his isyzygos and slid his arms around her waist. “Wrong Stavros, you’ve done it one too many times. Now let the girls pick the movie and stop complaining.”

Felicia pouted. “But we don’t want to watch another stupid preteen movie! They’re so silly!”

“They’re not silly,” replied Yania, “and we’re going to watch this one.”

She held up the movie which prompted the other four to groan.

“Ugh, not that one!” Felicia griped.

“What’s wrong with it?” asked Yania.

“It’s such a wimpy movie,” said Stavros.

“No it’s not,” replied Jocelyn. “It’s very romantic to see a boy and girl in love with each other no matter what happens around them!”

“Yeah, it gives us all hope that our soul mate is out there somewhere.”

Stavros and Tiegra looked at each other and burst out laughing. As Jocelyn and Yania frowned at them, Liz spoke up.

“What is so funny about that? Your father and I found each other didn’t we?”

Tiegra sighed. “Yeah, but that’s different. I mean, in a few years we could probably tell you all who Jocelyn’s or Yania’s mate is gonna be.”

Stavros nodded. “Yep, just like we could tell you who our mates are.”

Liz frowned. “Are you telling me you know who you are going to be mated to?”

Tiegra looked at her brother for a moment before sighing. “Yes.”

As Liz gaped at them, Max spoke up. “How long have you two known this?”

“For a few years,” answered Stavros.

“A few years!” squeaked Liz. “And you’re just now telling us!”

“So, you know exactly who they are?” prodded Max.

“Well, not exactly. We don’t know what they look like yet…” began Tiegra.

“But we do know they will both be vampires like us,” finished Stavros.

“Is that all?” asked Max.

“Is that all!” echoed Liz. “Max! They’re only sixteen! This is not the time for them to start thinking about finding a mate!”

Stavros chuckled. “Well, if it’s any consolation, I’m the only one that will be bonded. Tiegra will just be with the man she will fall in love with.”

Liz shook her head. “Oh for heaven’s sake! You can’t predict who you are going to fall in love with, that’s just not possible!”

Max quirked an eyebrow before pulling her into his side and nuzzling her hair. “Meli, they haven’t met their mates yet. Let’s not panic just yet okay?”

Stavros nodded. “He’s right. We haven’t met them yet, but it’s not that far away.”

Liz stiffened in her husband’s arms. “Okay, that’s it. You two are not going to leave this house again until you are both thirty!”

Max sighed. “Liz, calm down.”

“Calm down! How am I supposed to calm down! Do you hear them! They already know who they are going to be mates with! What’s to stop them from going out and finding them?” she cried.

“Mom! It’s not time for us to meet yet,” Tiegra interjected.

Liz turned to look at her. “I still don’t understand why you haven’t said a word about this before! Who are these two?”

Stavros rose from where he’d been reclining on the sofa. “We didn’t say anything before because we knew how you’d react and we were right. Plus, all we know right now is that I will be bonded to someone named Hailee and Tiegra will fall in love with someone named Wolfe. That’s it.”

Tiegra nodded. “Well, that and the fact that they will both be vampires and the same age as us, but we don’t know what they look like or even what coven they are from.”

“For all we know, they could be from separate covens and those covens might not even be from around here. That’s why we think it will be a while yet before we actually meet them,” continued Stavros, with Tiegra finishing it off.

“We think we’ll get the rest of the information when it gets closer to the time we will meet them.”

Liz frowned. “That’s supposed to make me feel better? For all we know, you both could get the rest of that information tomorrow!”

Max sighed as he slid his arm around her shoulders and began to usher her out of the room. “Okay, enough of this. Let Jocelyn and Yania watch the movie they want to watch since it’s their week.”

Michael chose that moment to walk into the room with Darrius right behind him. “Ah, I had forgotten it’s movie night and was looking for my charges when Darrius reminded me that you’d all be here.”

Darrius grinned as he walked past his father and nudged his arm. “Yeah, you must be getting old, dad.”

Jocelyn and Yania giggled at that, as Darrius made his way over to them and plopped on the sofa between them. “So, what are we watching tonight?” he asked.

Yania held up the movie she was still holding. He grinned and took it from her so that he could load it into the projector as Felicia huffed.

“I think I’m just going to go home then. Bianca, want to come over?”

Stavros suddenly sat up as he turned to stare at Yania. “You’re not watching a movie tonight Yania.”

She frowned at Stavros. “Uncle Max said…”

Tiegra shook her head as she looked up at Michael. “Her mother wants her home.”

Darrius stopped fiddling with the projector to turn and look at the twins just like everyone else in the room was now doing. The tense silence was so thick for a few moments until it was broken by a servant who rushed into the room.

“Forgive the interruption my Kyrios, but there is a servant from the Dioikitis’ house at the door.”

Michael frowned before turning and walking out of the room. Yania watched her father leave before turning to look at everyone else. With a sigh of regret, she gave Jocelyn a small smile.

“I’ll see you later okay?”

Jocelyn nodded. “Okay. I’m sorry Yania.”

She shrugged as she walked out of the room. “I know.”

As soon as she was gone, Darrius looked at the others. “We can still watch this movie if Jocelyn wants to.”

None of the others complained at that point as they all made themselves comfortable and Max and Liz left them in the care of Darrius once the movie had started.


The moment they were in Max’s office, Liz turned to him and demanded that he change the rules.

“Max! We can’t let them go out anymore! You have to tell them they won’t be allowed to go to anymore balls or any other social gatherings until they are older. I don’t want them meeting their mates until they are at least thirty!”

Max closed the door and grinned. “Aren’t you being a little paranoid? Thirty? You and I met when we were younger than that.”

“I’m not talking about us Max! That’s different!”

Max sighed. “Why does everyone keep saying that?” He moved closer to her and began to rub her arms in comfort. “Meli, listen to me. I know you don’t want to see them mated at so young of an age. I don’t want that either. But you heard what the twins said. They already know their names. And when they meet them, they meet them. We can’t interfere with fate, Liz. It’s going to happen whether we want it to or not.”

“But Max, they’re only sixteen!”

“I know Liz. So, I’m going to hope that they won’t meet them for a few more years. At least until they’re eighteen. You heard them. They think they’ll get the rest of the information when it gets closer to the time that they’ll meet their mates. So, we’ll watch and hope they don’t get it until a few years go by.”

Liz sighed. “They’re growing up too fast Max. Even Jocelyn is growing up too fast and before we know it, she’s going to be a grown woman.”

Max wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight. He could feel his own heart in his throat, just like he knew she was experiencing. Liz was right. The last of their children were growing up too fast for their parent’s liking, but there was nothing anyone could do about it.

All Max and Liz could do was try to enjoy and cherish each moment they had with their children before they got old enough to spread their wings and fly from the nest.


Yania rolled her eyes as she sat in the living room listening to her parents yelling in their bedroom. She knew without a doubt that her mother was leaving her father again. She could hear the bags being thrown on the bed and stuffed full of clothes. That’s why her parents were arguing. Her mom was packing to leave and her dad was trying to get her to stay as usual.

What if I wanted to break
Laugh it all off in your face

Yania knew her mother had left many times before she had even been born, plus those two times after her birth. Darrius had been the one to tell Yania all about the times her mother had left her father and Darrius before. He’d also told her about the time her mother had left when she’d been two years old. Then she’d remembered the second time her mother had left when she’d been twelve. Now she was twenty-nine and despite everything her mother had tried to do, Yania hadn’t bought into her game at all.

What would you do? (Oh, oh)

Every time Maria had been living with Michael, she’d done her best to influence Yania’s way of thinking. Always trying to tell Yania that Darrius was a bad kid and she shouldn’t be hanging around him or anyone else he hung around with. At first, it had worked since Yania had been afraid of Darrius and most of the other males he hung around with.

What if I fell to the floor
Couldn't take all this anymore

However, Yania wasn’t afraid of Jocelyn or Liz and it was through the two of them that she began to see that none of the males were as bad as her mother had claimed they were. Slowly, she’d began to get closer to the other males around her, but most especially to her older brother who had always looked out for her.

What would you do, do, do?

It was now easy for Yania to see just how much her brother and father really, really cared about her. Unlike her mother, who only seemed interested in her when she wanted to complain about whoever it was that Yania was going to be in contact with that day.

Come break me down

In fact, that was the excuse her mother was now using to leave her father. She’d sent a servant to the Aristomache mansion to tell Michael that if he didn’t bring her daughter home right away, she was taking drastic measures. So Michael had taken Yania home, hoping to placate his isyzygos once more.

Bury me, bury me

Maria wasn’t having any of it. The moment Michael showed up, she told him that Yania was never allowed to go back to the mansion again and that she would start taking Yania with her to her family’s functions. Yania had sighed and told her mother that she wanted to be able to see her best friend more often.

I am finished with you

When Maria asked her who her best friend was, Yania had named Jocelyn. That had set Maria off again. She was furious at finding out that Yania was best friends with one of the Evan’s daughters and she yelled at Michael for allowing her daughter to go anywhere near one of them.

What if I wanted to fight
Beg for the rest of my life

From there the argument became like all the arguments of before with Michael saying there was no way to avoid them since he worked with them and Maria trying to tell him to quit. Yania had walked out to sit in the living room as their argument went round and round while her mother continued to pack her belongings.

What would you do?

She looked up when she heard her mother’s voice.

You say you wanted more

“Yania, what are you doing just sitting there girl! You should have already packed your stuff! You’re coming to live with me at my family’s home. Away from this mess!”

What are you waiting for?

Yania shook her head. “I’m going to stay right here mom. This is my home.”

I'm not running from you (from you)

Maria narrowed her eyes at her daughter. “This isn’t your home! Your father is barely even here as it is! He’s always working and doesn’t have any time at all to take care of you! At my family’s home I’ll always be around and so will the rest of my family.”

Come break me down

“Daddy takes care of me just fine. So does Darrius.”

Bury me, bury me

Maria rolled her eyes. “Oh please! How could that good for nothing son of mine possibly take care of you? He’s always too busy running off and playing hero with his so called friends.”

I am finished with you

Yania frowned. “He’s not playing mom. He’s working as Jocelyn’s bodyguard now. And Uncle Max says one day he’s going to be Nathan’s Dioikitis just like dad is for him!”

Look in my eyes

Maria growled. “Yeah well, we’ll see if he survives that long first. Now, stop stalling and go pack!”

You're killing me, killing me

Yania didn’t move as she glanced at her father who stood leaning against the door frame.

All I wanted was you

“Maria, don’t you think you’re going overboard again?”

I tried to be someone else
But nothing seemed to change
I know now, this is who I really am inside.

She glared at him over her shoulder. “How could I possibly be going overboard since no matter what I say or do seems to affect you in the least.”

Finally found myself
Fighting for a chance.
I know now, this is who I really am.

Michael sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. “Believe me, meli. Everything you have ever done has affected me, you just can’t see it.”

Ah, ah

Yania’s heart went out to him. She knew how much he loved her mother and yet her mother never seemed to appreciate what he did for her. She was beginning to understand why Darrius didn’t want anything to do with his mother. Even she didn’t like to be there to watch her mother walk all over her father’s love for her.

Oh, oh

Maria huffed as she turned back to Yania and frowned. “Didn’t you hear me? Go pack!”

Ah, ah

Yania sighed. “I’m not going mom.”

Come break me down

“What did you say?”

Bury me, bury me

“I’m not going with you.”

I am finished with you, you, you.

“I’m your mother!”

Look in my eyes

“And he’s my father!” yelled Yania, making Maria stop her rant. Lowering her voice, but keeping it firm, Yania continued. “And even though it doesn’t matter to you, Darrius is my brother and Jocelyn is my best friend. Then there’s Uncle Max and Aunt Liz and the rest of their family. They’re all my family too and I don’t want to leave any of them.”

You're killing me, killing me

Maria gritted her teeth. “Now you listen to me, Yania. If you don’t go and pack your things right now, you can forget about ever finding a haven among my family. Do you hear me? If you choose to stay here, you can forget about ever being a member of my family! No matter what happens, you won’t be welcome there!”

All I wanted was you

As Yania stiffened and her lips began to quiver, Michael pushed off of the wall and moved to his daughter’s side. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her close and glared at Maria over her head. “Don’t you think you’re being a little harsh with her?”

Come break me down

“Harsh! You think I’m being harsh! She’s choosing strangers over me! I’m the one who carried her around for nine months and gave birth to her! What did they ever do, huh? Why is it that you all always choose them over me!”

Break me down

Michael sighed and hugged his daughter harder when he felt her shudder. “Maria, we all would have welcomed you as part of the family if you would have let us. But you let your petty jealousies get in the way and made it into a war between you and them. Don’t you see? They would have welcomed you if you would have let them.”

Break me down

She rolled her eyes. “Why would I want to be a part of their family? I wanted one of my own, but you were always too happy with what you already had!”

What if I wanted to break...?

“Then stay and be a family with us Maria!”

Bury me, bury me

She stared at him over their daughter’s head for a few moments. Finally, she turned away and grabbed her stuff before heading for the door.

What if I
What if I

“I’m not going to share Michael. You know that was never the bargain. Fine, Yania. You want to choose them, go ahead. I know when I’m not wanted.”

What if I
What if I

“Maria…” Michael began, but the sound of the door slamming was the only response he got.

Bury me, bury me


Max stood with Kyle, Tess, Michael, and Liz as they all watched Nathan and Arissa move around the dance floor. The celebration of their 120th wedding anniversary had been a subtle affair, just the way the two of them had wanted it.

Nathan and Arissa had asked for their celebration to be a small one. Shared only with family and friends instead of a grand affair. They figured they’d save that one for when they were Archigos and Archiga someday. Their parents were only to happy to grant their wish since all they’d wanted was to celebrate the occasion with them too.

With a smile, Max held out his hand to Liz. “Boro idios khorevo meh esi?”

Liz slid her hand into his. “Neh.”

The others watched as they joined the multitude of dancers already on the dance floor. Among the dancers were Caiden and Natalie, Olivia and Jonathan, and Rena and Quinn. It was indeed a thing to see how far all of them had come over the past few years.

Now it was common to see the original three musketeers of Caiden, Nathan, and Arissa joined by Natalie. These days, it wasn’t such a shock to see how well Natalie and Olivia were now getting along and the guys all enjoyed the easy going attitude that Jonathan provided to the group.

The other thing that was no longer a shock to see was the way Max and Quinn seemed to get along with each other. While Kyle and Nathan would still trade friendly barbs with each other, Max and Quinn didn’t. Instead, after Max had openly apologized to Quinn for his overbearing fatherly act with much prodding from Liz. And Quinn had told Max that he totally understood because he was certain he was going to lock up his first born daughter until she was fifty in human maturity years before he’d allow her to date. The two of them had begun to talk about business and the future of their race as if they’d always been old friends.

Tess looked at her osizigos out of the corner of her eye and grinned. He was beaming with pride over the fact that his eldest daughter was still madly in love with her osizigos, despite the fact that Kyle wouldn’t have said it out loud. She chuckled to herself and felt the brush in her mind from Kyle. He was letting her know that he didn’t mind her amusement at his expense since she willingly kept his secret for him.

As she slid her hand into his, she looked around the room and saw the group of children on the other side of the room. Granted, they were actually teenagers, but to her and several other adults, they would always be children. She smiled as she watched Evander laugh at something Gabriel told him.

Over the last few years, Gabriel and Evander had become best friends. Gabriel’s friendly and humorous personality helped the shy and introverted Evander come out of his shell so that he soon became comfortable being around other kids close to his age of fourteen years by human maturity standards.

That was why Vanessa and Aidan often allowed their forty year old son to accompany the younger thirty-six year old Gabriel, along with Tess and Kyle if they couldn’t make it. They were thrilled over the change in their once sheltered son and trusted Kyle and Tess to look out for Evander in their place.

Tess couldn’t help but be proud of her only son. Gabriel was turning out to be much like his father before him. He shared his father’s sense of humor and easy going smile. Just like Kyle, Gabriel could walk up to almost anyone and start a friendly conversation with them. The only thing Tess hoped he would never be subjected to, was the jealousy that she knew Kyle still harbored towards Max despite the fact that he made every effort to get over it.

When she heard Kyle sigh in contentment next to her, she turned to him with a grin. “Enjoying yourself, are you?”

He returned her grin as he slid his arm around her waist. “Of course I am! So is everyone else. They’re all happy and dancing and smiling. Everything is just perfect.”

Tess quirked an eyebrow. “And you are thinking things are much calmer without Felicia here to start her dramatics.”

Kyle pouted. “Oh come on Tess, did you have to bring that up?”

She laughed. “What, you know you have to admit that things are definitely much calmer without her here to provide some hysterics.”

Kyle gave her a wicked grin. “I don’t envy Isabel and Alex one bit tonight.”

Tess continued to laugh as she leaned closer to her osizigos. “True, but Vanessa and Aidan are there too, so it shouldn’t be so bad.”

“Oh I certainly hope so. And I hope Bianca is able to keep Felicia’s theatrics down to a minimum.”

Tess rolled her eyes. “Well if she doesn’t, I’m sure we’ll hear it first thing tomorrow at sundown.”

Kyle’s only answer was a groan before he took her hand and guided her to the dance floor.


Yania walked back to Jocelyn’s side after having stopped to talk to her brother who was now at Nathan’s side. She grinned at the look her friend wore as her eyes followed Darrius’ movements. Jocelyn had been doing that all night and Yania had been completely aware of it despite the fact that her best friend thought she was being covert about it.

She glanced over that the twins to see them sharing a secret smile between themselves before Tiegra turned to give her a conspiratorial wink. She grinned at the twins, knowing they were aware of the fact that Jocelyn was indeed watching every move that Darrius made.

Yep, Darrius was Jocelyn’s bodyguard and Yania had no doubt that her best friend was beginning to wish he’d do more than just guard her body. Still, Yania wasn’t going to say a word to anyone about the fact that Jocelyn Evans had a serious crush on Darrius Guerin. Nope, she wasn’t even going to tell her brother that his charge liked him, she’d let Jocelyn tell him herself. When she was ready to of course.

Still, she couldn’t see how no one else seemed aware of it when she was. She knew why the twins knew, it was their nature to know these things after all. However, Darrius didn’t seem to be aware that Jocelyn liked him as more than a bodyguard and friend. Neither did her father, even though he was often around her too because it was his duty to guard the twins.

Even more amazing was the fact that her Aunt Liz hadn’t picked up on it either. Yania knew that Uncle Max tended to be more oblivious when it came to his daughters, but she’d at least expected her aunt to pick up on it.

Leaning close and nudging Jocelyn’s shoulder, Yania grinned at her. “Enjoying the view?”

Jocelyn blinked before turning to give her a puzzled look. “Huh? Oh, I was just watching the dancers.”

Yania nodded. “Right. They’re good huh?”

Jocelyn smiled as she pretended to look at the dancers. “Yeah, they are.”

Yania exchanged a silent giggle with Stavros and Tiegra. “Afto apithanos khoreftis.”

“Neh.” She replied, thinking Yania was talking about someone who was dancing.

“Keh ine thermos.”

“Um hm,” she sighed, now lost in her daydreams, much to the delight of her twin siblings and her best friend.


She sighed in contentment as she lay against his chest listening to his heart beating against her cheek. She could feel his fingers, feather light as they caressed her shoulder and back.

He sighed. “S’agapo, Arissa.”

He could feel her smile against his chest. “S’agapo episis.”

He lifted his head to nuzzle the top of her hair. “Our next one hundred and twenty years will be better than the first.”

She lifted her head to look into his eyes. “Oh, I think I agree with you, agapo mou.”

He grinned as she pushed him back onto the bed and slid her body still slick with sweat from their earlier exertions, over his own heated body. As she straddled him, he moaned in bliss enjoying the way it felt to be buried inside of her. As she began to set the rhythm of her ride, she leaned down to whisper against his lips.

“Eftikhismenos epetios, osizigos mou.”

He grinned against her lips. “Eftikhismenos epetios, isyzygos mou .”


Song is The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars

new Greek words
apithanos - fantastic
khoreftis - dancer (male)
ine - he's

*Had to say I was a late fan since I got the 30 Seconds to Mars CD about 3 weeks ago, but I'm now glad I did because they rock! 8) It's my new favorite band at the moment after NIN and Incubus. Natually, I had to include a song of theirs in my story and The Kill fits Michael and Maria's relationship so well! :|
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Part 51

*10 years later*

Michael stared at her as she stood in the doorway where she’d just told him the news. He hadn’t seen her in nearly three months since the last time she’d left him and suddenly here she was again to tell him that he was going to be a father again.

Staring at her swollen belly, he had no idea what to say to her this time. After all, he knew she wouldn’t want the child and he hadn’t been hoping for anymore since he now had Yania and Darrius. Still, it was his baby and he would take care of it just like he’d taken care of the other two.

Finally finding his voice, he asked. “Why’d you wait so long to tell me?”

“I’ve been getting sick a lot, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to carry it to full term. You know it scares me when I’m that sick.”

Michael nodded and held the door open wider, indicating that he wanted her to come in. She stepped inside and followed him to the living room where they sat down on his couch.

“Do you know how far along you are?”

She nodded. “The yatros said I’m about four months along.”

His eyes widened as he glanced at her belly again. “Only four months?”

“Yes. I know, I look big for only four months, but the yatros said this child is going to be bigger than the other two were. He says that’s why I get so sick so often, but the fact that the child is big, he believes it will be a healthy birth.”


When he didn’t say anything else, Maria sighed and reached out to touch his arm. “Michael?”

He looked up at her in question.

“I-I’m not sure what to do this time. I mean, I know I’ve always said I didn’t want the children, but I know what they mean to you.”

He nodded. “Yeah, I guess I just wasn’t expecting anymore. After all, I have a son and a daughter. They’re what I wanted.”

Maria nodded. “I understand. That’s why I came to tell you. It’s your decision Michael. Do you want me to have the baby? I’ll understand either way.”

Michael closed his eyes. “Maria, I’d never tell you to get rid of a child of mine.”

“Okay, then I’ll have it.” She slid her hand into his and gave it a squeeze. “I’ll have it for you.”

He looked up into her eyes and gave her a grateful smile. “Will you stay? Let me take care of you both?”

She chuckled. “You’d never let me do otherwise.”

He pulled her into his arms and hugged her without harming her or the baby. “You got that right.”


Nathan, Darrius, and Max looked up when Michael walked into the study. Darrius smirked at his father.

“It’s about time you showed up. Max was about to send me out to hunt you down.”

Michael rolled his eyes and sank down into a chair near the table which made Max immediately frown.

“Let me guess. You were late because a certain someone decided to come into your life again.”

Darrius glanced at Max before turning to pin a look on his father. “Did she?”

Michael nodded.

All three of them groaned at that, but before Michael could say a word, Liz appeared in the room and immediately went to Michael’s side. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders she hugged him tight.

“Oh Michael! Congratulations! You must be so happy!”

All of them looked at her in surprise before Nathan, Darrius, and Michael turned to look at Max.

He shrugged. “Don’t look at me. I don’t have a clue…”

He stopped as his eyes went wide. He turned to stare at Michael. “Skata! Afti ineh engios xana!”

“What!” exclaimed Darrius, as Nathan gaped at his parents.

“How do you two know that?” asked Nathan.

Max glanced at his isyzygos. “Liz?”

She gave them a sheepish smile. “The twins of course.”

Michael narrowed his eyes. “How long have they known?”

“I don’t know, they just told me right before I came here.”

Michael stood up. “Where are they?”

Liz stood up to and took his hand. “Michael? Is she okay? I mean, she’s now forty and with twins it could be…”

“Twins!” exclaimed Michael in surprise.

Liz frowned. “You didn’t know?”

He put his hand on his forehead. “Theos! So that’s why she’s so big!”

When the others turned to look at him in puzzlement, he elaborated. “She told me the yatros said she was about four months along, but she’s this big already,” he indicated with his hands over his stomach.

“The yatros told her the child was bigger than normal which means it should be very healthy.” A worried look came over his face as he looked at Liz. “But she’s been getting very sick during her pregnancy and the yatros said it was just because she was so huge.”

Liz nodded. “Right, so the yatros didn’t know it was going to be twins.”

“No and Maria doesn’t know either. Liz, where are Stavros and Tiegra?”

“Out back in the pool with Jocelyn and Yania.”

Michael nodded and walked out of the room with the rest of them trailing behind him. They all knew why he wanted to talk to the twins now. If the twins knew Maria was pregnant with twins, then there was the chance that they knew if everything would be okay for all of them.

Fourteen year old Yania and fifteen year old Jocelyn were in the pool with Tiegra sitting near the edge, her feet in the water. Her sixteen year old twin, Stavros sat nearby on a lounge chair as Michael and the others walked out of the house. The moment she saw her father, Yania got out of the pool and grabbed a towel to wrap around her before walking up to her dad.

“Are you okay?” she asked, eyes full of worry.

Michael gave her a smile as he ruffled her hair. “Yeah, I just want to talk to the twins.”

She nodded and followed him to where Tiegra now stood next to Stavros near the lounge chair. They waited until Michael reached them before smiling at him.

“Congratulations, Michael,” said Stavros.

“You’ll have two more wonderful sons,” added Tiegra.

Michael looked between the both of them, a look of relief on his face. “Then they’re going to be okay?”

The twins nodded. “Yes, they’ll be fine,” said Stavros.

Tiegra giggled. “Want to know their names?”

Michael’s eyes widened. “You know what their names are?”

Stavros shrugged. “We know a few things, yes.”

“Like what?” asked Max.

Tiegra glanced at Michael in hesitation, making him frown.


“Well…” she hedged.

Michael groaned. “Oh Theos don’t tell me you know who their mates are going to be!”

Stavros chuckled. “Not quite.”

Liz put her hands on her hips. “What is that supposed to mean?”

Michael growled. “Just spit it out. I want to know everything you know.”

The twins didn’t say anything for a few moments. It was clear they weren’t sure if they should say anything. Michael threw his hands up in exasperation.

“Look, whatever it is. It’s obviously going to happen, so we might as well hear it and then maybe this will give me time to prepare for it.”

“Michael…” started Liz, but Michael shook his head.

“No, Liz. I want to hear it all.” He turned back to the twins. “Go ahead.”

Stavros nodded. “Their names will be Urban and Paris.”

“And?” Michael prompted with a nod.

Tiegra sighed. “And Paris will be the only one to bond with his mate as Stavros is the only one of us that will bond to his mate.”

“Urban will follow in your footsteps and fall in love with a woman almost five years older in human maturity years.”

Michael groaned at that. “So my curse continues?”

Tiegra shook her head. “No Michael, she’ll just be older than him. That doesn’t mean she will hurt him the way…”

Michael nodded when she paused, knowing she meant to say the way Maria hurt him. “So who is she?”

“We don’t know,” answered Stavros. “All we know is that he will fall in love with a woman five years older than him.”

Darrius looked at his father before turning to Stavros. “What about Paris? Who is he bonding with?”

Tiegra looked from Darrius to Michael before she answered. “He will bond with one of Kyle’s daughters.”

Nathan stiffened immediately. “Which one?”

Stavros gave his older brother a sympathetic look. “We have no idea.”

Liz and Max shared a look before Max shook his head. “Impossible. Arissa is way too old to be bonded to Paris.”

Tiegra looked at her father. “It doesn’t matter what age someone is. Bonds are not choosy dad.”

Nathan looked like he’d just been punched. “It can’t be Arissa.”

“I’m sorry big brother, but we don’t know that,” whispered Tiegra.

He gave them a pleading look. “It can’t!” He turned to look at his parents who looked just as helpless as he felt. “We were going to wait for a little bit longer, but now with this…”

He trailed off for a moment before closing his eyes and speaking softly. “Arissa is pregnant too.” He opened his eyes and shouted, “She’s two months pregnant!”

Michael whirled around to stare at the twins. “He’s right. It can’t be Arissa. Didn’t you two know she was pregnant?”

Tiegra shook her head. “We don’t know everything Michael.”

Nathan growled. “No, just the things that will turn someone’s world upside down!”

Liz reached out to console her son. “Nate…”

He backed away from them. “No! It won’t be her! Do you hear me? She’s my isyzygos and we’re going to have a baby! I will not lose either one of them! Never!”

With those words he spun away from them and ran into the house. Every one of them knew he was going straight to the woman who had become his world.

Liz looked at her osizigos with tears in her eyes. “Max, we are going to have to tell the rest of the Valentis.”


The moment the words were out of the twins mouths, Jonathan’s reaction was very similar to Nathan’s. He’d reached out and pulled his isyzygos into his arms and she’d clutched him just as fiercely.

“You’re wrong!” whispered Olivia as she buried her face in Jonathan’s chest. “Please tell me you two are wrong!”

Everyone looked on in silence from where they were reclining or standing in the Valenti’s living room. As soon as Liz had made the call to Tess, asking if Max, Michael, the twins, and her could go over to talk to them and Tess had said yes, they’d arrived at the house by car twenty minutes later.

Tess and Kyle had greeted them at the door and led them to the living room where Olivia and Jonathan were waiting, having arrived a few minutes earlier since Liz had asked Tess to make sure they were there too. Felicia was spending the night with Bianca, but since she was still under her parent’s care, Liz didn’t think the theatrical teen needed to be there.

I am a question to the world
Not an answer to be heard

Stavros sighed. “Look, we don’t know which one of you it is, okay. All we know is that…”

Or a moment that's held in your arms

“That it’s one of my daughters,” finished Kyle. “And since I’ve got three of them, none of which are bonded then it’s open season isn’t it?”

And what do you think you'd ever say
I won't listen anyway

Tiegra looked at Kyle as she said, “It could be Felicia, she is unattached.”

You don't know me and I'll never be
What you want me to be

Jonathan glared at them. “But you don’t even know that do you?”

And what do you think you'd understand
I'm boy, no, I'm a man

Stavros glared right back at him. “Look, we’re just the messengers all right? It’s not like we want to go around messing up in everyone’s lives. Especially those we care about! Do you really think we want our brother to lose the woman he’s in love with? Don’t you think I’m hoping hard as I can that it won’t be Arissa!”

You can't take me
And throw me away

“And what about Olivia?” Jonathan growled.

And how can you learn what's never shown
Yeah, you stand here on your own
They don't know me 'cause I'm not here

“We hope it’s not her either,” replied Tiegra as she laid a placating hand on her twin’s arm.

And I want a moment to be real
Want to touch things I don't feel
Wanna hold on and feel I belong

Kyle rolled his eyes. “Okay, then that leaves Felicia, which doesn’t make me feel any better knowing she’s already bonded to someone who isn’t even born yet.”

And how can the world want me to change
They're the ones that stay the same
They don't know me 'cause I'm not here

Michael swallowed. “Kyle. You heard the twins, they don’t know which one it is. Yeah, even I’m hoping it’s Felicia since she’s the unattached one, but it’s still rather unnerving to know part of the future of my unborn child or the fact that you and I will be connected through our kids one day. It’s just creepy.”

And you see the things they never see
All you wanted - I could be
Now you know me and I'm not afraid

Stavros snickered. “Try being us one of these days. It’s not exactly a walk in the park when we get a glimpse of someone’s future.”

And I want to tell you who I am
Can you help me be a man
They can't break me as long as I know who I am

Tiegra nodded as she looked at her mother with a worried look. “There are times when we don’t want to say anything because we know that it will upset others.”

And I want a moment to be real
Want to touch things I don't feel
Wanna hold on and feel I belong

Tess frowned. “So why tell us this then?”

And how can the world want me to change
They're the ones that stay the same
They can't see me but I'm still here

Tiegra opened her mouth to reply, but faltered and looked down at the ground. Michael answered for her.

They can't tell me who to be
'Cause I'm not what they see

“Because I insisted that they tell me everything they knew about it.” He sighed as he raked a hand through his hair. “I’m really sorry about this. I was only thinking about my kids, not about the other lives they would affect.”

Yeah, the world is still sleeping while I keep on dreaming for me
And their words are just whispers and lies that I'll never believe

Tess nodded as she got up and took his hands in hers. “No one blames you Michael. You have a right to know those things since it’s your family’s future. It’s just a shock that’s all.”

And I want a moment to be real
Want to touch things I don't feel
Wanna hold on and feel I belong

Olivia pulled away from Jonathan to go over to Michael. She smiled through her tears as she hugged him. “Mom’s right. It’s not your fault, you’re just looking out for your family.”

And how can you say I'll never change
They're the ones that stay the same
I'm the one now 'cause I'm still here

She turned to look at the twins and gave them a smile too. “And I don’t blame you either. It’s not your fault you two were born with the ability to see the future. It’s just hard for us to hear something that could affect us in a bad way.”

I'm the one 'cause I'm still here

As Jonathan took her back into his arms, she continued. “Still, there’s nothing we can do about the future right now. We’ll just have to deal with it when it comes and hope that in the end, everything turns out okay.”

I'm still here

Liz nodded. “She’s right. Max once told me about Isabel and Alex, back when I was still new to this world. I asked what would happen if Isabel ever meet the person she was supposed to bond with. He told me it was her choice. She could either resist the bond or choose to leave her osizigos and family for it. So even if Paris will be bonded to one of the Valenti girls, they can still choose to resist it.”

I'm still here

No one said a word as they all began to say prayers and hope that everything would turn out well in the end.

I'm still here


Darrius sighed as he glanced towards the doors of the house once more. His father had gone with Max, Liz, and the twins to the Valenti’s house to tell them the news. They’d left him there telling him to watch over Yania and Jocelyn since Nathan would more than likely be too occupied with two month pregnant Arissa to care about anything else.

They had been right. Darrius had gone inside to check up on them not long after the others had left, but stopped short when he’d heard the sounds of crying drifting down the hall. It was obvious that Nathan had given his isyzygos the news and she was just as upset about it as he was.

Darrius didn’t blame them one bit. He’d spent most of his life there at the Aristomache mansion and had witnessed the way Nathan and Arissa were with one another. Their relationship was very similar to Max and Liz’s in that they didn’t seem to ever get tired of being with each other. That and the way they seemed to balance each other out.

In fact, there were times when Darrius thought for sure they could pass for a real bonded couple just like Max and Liz were. He still didn’t understand why they had never bonded and he couldn’t believe they would be torn apart if Arissa was indeed bonded to his soon-to-be younger brother.

“Darrius?” he looked up when he heard the hesitant voice.

Jocelyn gave him a timid smile. “Are you okay?”

He sighed. “Yeah, just worried that’s all.”

She nodded as she finished wrapping her towel around her and sat down on the chair opposite of him. “I understand. I don’t want my brother to lose Arissa either.”

“None of us do. I don’t think the twins want him to lose her either, even if they were the ones that made the prediction.”

Yania sat down next to her brother with a nod. “I agree. They weren’t saying it out of spite. Dad wanted to know, so they told him. I could tell they were afraid to say anything.”

Darrius nodded. “Yeah, I could tell too.” He turned to look at the house once more.

“Do you think Arissa will leave if she is the one bonded to our brother?” asked Yania.

Darrius shook his head. “No. I think she loves him too much to want to leave him.”

Jocelyn sighed. “I hope so. I’ve heard that sometimes a bond is too strong to resist. Dad couldn’t resist the bond that was between him and mom.”

Darrius glanced up at her. “Yeah but your mom wasn’t in love with anyone at the time, so it worked out okay. Arissa loves Nathan and I’m willing to bet Nathan would fight for her if he had to.”

Jocelyn turned away from him to gaze dreamily at the house. “Yeah, I hope someday I’ll have someone who will love me as much as my brother loves Arissa. Someone who will love me just as much as I love him.”

Darrius turned to look at the house once more. He was so lost in thought that he wasn’t aware that Jocelyn had turned to look at him once more. Her gaze remained fixed on his profile, studying it as if trying to memorize his features for good.

The only one who was aware of just who Jocelyn hoped someday would be that someone who’d love her as much as she loved him was Yania. As Yania sat there watching her best friend gazing at her brother, she knew Jocelyn was in love with Darrius and hoped someday he’d feel for her the way Nathan felt for Arissa.


Liz glanced at her osizigos as he walked into the room. He’d just come from Nathan’s room where a very upset and defensive Nathan had refused to let anyone near a still crying Arissa. They’d both made it known that they needed to be alone with each other for a while and refused to talk to anyone about it anymore.

Max had finally left them alone, making sure everyone knew not to bother the couple until they wanted to be. Liz had been in his head through the entire thing. She’d tried to tell Max not to bother them, but he seemed to need to make sure they were both all right.

Now, as he made his way around the room, she knew what was bothering him.

“Max. Nathan really loves her.”

He nodded as he made his way to the bed. “I know he does.”

“He’ll fight for her if he has to Max.”

Max closed his eyes as he sank down on the bed with a sigh. “She may not want him to.”

Liz frowned. “Arissa loves him too, Max. You saw how upset she is. And she’s going to have his child, she won’t leave her family any more than Isabel left hers.”

Max opened his eyes to look at Liz. “Isabel never met her bonded mate, Liz! You know as well as I do that Arissa will have plenty of contact with Paris because Michael is so much a part of our lives!”

“It doesn’t matter…”

“It does matter! Theos Liz, you know how hard it was for me to resist you! What it did to me! I took you without even telling you! It possessed me so much that I couldn’t….wouldn’t resist it! If it is Arissa, who’s to say it won’t be the way it was for me! It could destroy our son, Liz!”

Liz wrapped her arms around Max and pulled him close to her. As he clung to her, burying his face in her neck, she stared at the wall until her vision turned blurry.

“It’s going to be okay Max. Everything is going to be okay.”

But the truth was she wasn’t sure if it was really Max or herself whom she was trying to reassure.


Song is I’m Still Here by John Reznik
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Only one more part after this one :( .

*In this part Italics means Michael is remembering something*

Part 52

“Maria meli, you’ve got to push harder.” Michael was doing his best to encourage her to deliver the first of the twins as he stood besides her, holding her hand.

Maria looked up at him with pain filled eyes as she squeezed his hand harder, seemingly determined to have the baby. The yatros patted her knee to give her more encouragement.

“That’s it Maria, I can see the head now.”

Maria gritted her teeth and pushed harder while Michael slid an arm around her shoulders, trying to lend her his strength. She kept it up until the yatros told her to relax and breathe again.

Without another word, Maria slumped back on the bed and closed her eyes, taking deep breaths that sounded more like gasps. Michael leaned over her with a frown.

“Slow down Maria, breathe deeper.”

Maria nodded her head, to let him know she was trying, but she didn’t open her eyes again until the yatros told her to push again. Throughout it all, Michael remained at her side, lending her his strength and encouraging her to either relax or push. He never once complained when she grabbed his hand hard, but he was worried because this was the quietest he’d ever known her to be.

She barely said a word. The only sounds she made were the grunts and other noises she made as she pushed and breathed through the entire process. Even those sounds she made had Michael worried.

Of course, it was mostly because the pregnancy had been a difficult one for her despite the fact that the yatros had said the babies seemed healthy as did Maria. Even Stavros and Tiegra kept saying his sons would be fine. So, he’d have two more sons soon, but what about his isyzygos?

As the yatros held the first of the twins, Maria gave a cry of relief and once more slumped back on the bed, closing her eyes. Michael looked down at her to see how worn out she looked. There were circles under her eyes and she was drenched in sweat. He was even sure she was paler than normal.

An assistant swaddled the now crying baby in a blanket and took him to Michael. “Your son, Dioikitis.”

Michael glanced down at him before turning to Maria. “Meli, we have a son.”

Maria’s eyes fluttered open and she looked up at Michael. “Paris. Name him Paris.”

“Of course, agapo mou,” he turned nod at the assistant, who acknowledged Maria’s announcement with a nod of her own before walking away with the newborn.

The yatros, who had been watching Maria, looked up at Michael. “Dioikitis? We shouldn’t wait too much longer to birth the second one.”

Michael leaned over his isyzygos. “You ready to go again Maria?”

She made a sound between a whimper and a groan, but gave a determined nod. Michael slid his arm around her shoulder again as she sat up slightly and began to push once more.

Several tries later, Maria was now lying weakly against the bed. Red tear tracks stained her cheeks and still the second twin wasn’t born yet. Michael leaned over her, brushing her sweat soaked hair out of her face and whispered words of love and encouragement to her. He could feel her give his hand a weak squeeze, letting him know she was grateful for his support.

Once more the yatros patted her knee and spoke in a hushed voice. “Maria? It’s time to try again.”

Maria’s eyes fluttered open to look up at Michael. His heart jumped into his throat at the look she gave him. She begged him with watery eyes to give her the strength to continue. Once more he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and helped her to sit up, trying not to acknowledge the fact that she felt colder and lighter than the last time.

Two more times and she finally expelled the second twin from her body. Immediately she closed her eyes and collapsed back to the bed even with Michael’s arm around her shoulders. Alarmed, Michael leaned over her.

“Maria? Meli, look at me.”

Her eyes seemed to flutter for a bit before finally opening. She looked up at him for a moment before whispering faintly. “Urban. He will be Urban.”

Michael nodded. “Yes, agapo mou. We’ll name him Urban.”

She gave him a faint smile before closing her eyes once more.

“No, Maria, look at me.”

She sighed in exhaustion. “Need sleep. Go away Michael.”

She reached up with one hand and pushed him away. He didn’t budge until the assistant returned with a baby on each arm. “Yours sons, Dioikitis.”

He took them from the assistant and quickly turned to Maria. “Meli, look at our sons,” he pleaded.

A few moments later Maria opened her eyes and turned her head slightly to look at the two boys Michael held out for her to see. Michael’s heart leapt as he saw the smile that began to spread over her lips.

“They’re…” her lips began to tremble as more tears leaked out of the corners of her eyes. “they’re beautiful, Michael.”

“They take after you, agapo mou.”

She sighed as she looked up into his eyes. “Toso oraios.”

He nodded as she lay back on the bed and closed her eyes. “Go show them off, Michael. Esi khriazomeh mechri xekoorasi.”


Liz held Urban in her arms and cooed over him as Max stood looking over her shoulder with Jocelyn on the other side of her. Michael had immediately shown up at the Aristomache mansion to show off the two newest additions to his family and everyone except Arissa and Nathan had gathered around to welcome them in. Granted, Nathan and Arissa were busy bonding with their own four month old son, Tristan, but everyone knew the real reason why they weren’t present. Michael didn’t blame them one bit.

As Michael held Paris in his arms, Darrius and Yania stood on either side of him grinning down at their new baby brother. A few moments later, Rena and Quinn appeared in the room and walked over to Michael to see his new son.

“Wow Michael! He’s so adorable!” whispered Rena with a smile. Quinn nodded his agreement just as Isabel and Alex appeared.

“Sorry we took so long, we were visiting Caiden, Natalie, and Phaedra.”

Liz chuckled. “That’s okay, she’s your newest grand-daughter so you’re excused.”

“How is she anyway?” asked Rena.

Isabel beamed. “As cute as a button! And even at two months old she looks just like her mother!”

Michael gave her a hesitant smile. “I would have understood if you weren’t able to come Isabel, there will be other times.”

“I know, but Vanessa, Aidan, and Evander are visiting right now.”

Alex chuckled. “We were hogging our grand-daughter too much, so Natalie ran us out saying it was the aunt and uncles turn to say hi.”

The others laughed as Isabel rolled her eyes in mock annoyance before she turned to look between Liz and Michael. “So, which one can I hold first?”

Liz shook her head in disbelief. “Come over here, Isabel, you can hold Urban.”

Isabel moved to her and took the baby from Liz, cooing over him just like Yania was doing over Paris. They continued to ooh and ah over the twin boys for a little longer before Isabel handed Urban to Alex.

As Alex settled the boy into his arms, Tess and a very grumpy Kyle appeared in the room causing Michael to blink in shock.

“Oh, I didn’t…”

Tess waved her hand. “Oh please Michael. We’re not going to let a little thing like a prediction stop us from congratulating you, now are we Kyle?”

As she turned a glare at Kyle, he gave Michael a pained smile. “Of course we weren’t.”

Rena leaned in to give Michael a kiss on his cheek before joining Quinn. “Congratulations Uncle Michael! They’re both so adorable!”

“Thanks Rena.”

She nodded before going over to her parents and kissing their cheeks. Max gave her a frown.

“Leaving already?”

She nodded. “Yeah, sorry. We were actually on our way to see Olivia and Jonathan when you called to tell us the news.”

“Oh, well tell them I said hi,” replied Liz.

“I’ll tell them.”

Max nodded. “You two be careful okay? Will we see you tomorrow at the ball?”

Quinn chuckled. “Of course. Rena would skin me alive if I made her miss this one.”

Max laughed at that. “Oh, I believe you. She definitely takes after her mother.”

“Hey! We’re in the room you know!” huffed Rena.

Liz grinned. “They wouldn’t need to be in the room for me to have heard them, dear.”

Max gave a sheepish grin as they all bid Rena and Quinn a good night before they both disappeared. As soon as they were gone, Alex walked over to Tess and asked her if she wanted to hold Urban. Tess took the little boy from Alex’s arms as Isabel promptly went to pluck Paris from Darrius’ arms.

She looked down at the little boy and smiled. “Wow, you can’t tell the difference between the two of them.”

“Not yet, but Paris will have his mother’s eyes and Urban will have his father’s,” answered Stavros as he walked into the room with Tiegra right behind him.

As several of the others went silent, Michael frowned. “Well, I guess it makes sense that Urban gets my eyes since he’s the one going to fall for the older woman like I did.”

Tiegra sighed. “I doubt she’s going to hurt him Michael.”

“Yeah, I know. You said that before.”

She walked up to her mother’s side and peered down at him, smiling. “He’s adorable.”

Liz chuckled. “Well, see. Nothing to worry about Michael, he’ll be making the ladies swoon in no time if today is any indication.”

The others chuckled too as Stavros made his way over to Isabel’s side and looked down at Paris. “Tiegra, come here and tell me if you think this one’s adorable too.”

Tiegra joined Stavros in peering down at Paris and smiled. “Yes, he’s adorable too.”

She reached out to caress the soft hair and suddenly stiffened. A split second later, Stavros turned to Michael with wide eyes. “Uncle Mike! You have to go home now!”

Michael frowned and opened his mouth to speak when one of the yatros assistant appeared before him looking frightened.

“Dioikitis, forgive the interruption, but the yatros insists you come immediately.”

Michael glanced up at Max and Liz in panic. Liz waved him off. “Go Michael. We’ll look after your sons for you.”

Without another word, Michael disappeared from sight.


Someday soon,
I'm gonna pull myself together,

Nearly an hour later, Michael sat alone in his bedroom with only one tiny, flickering candle keeping him company. He was hunched over in the chair he sat in, staring at the prone figure in the bed unable to take his eyes from her.

Win or lose,
I'm starting over again..

As he let his eyes wander over her still figure, he couldn’t help but think that even in death she was beautiful. He’d sat there in shock long after the assistants had worked on her, rearranging her hair and clothing.

Start this day,
Like any other day,

Now, it almost seemed as if she was sleeping. Except for the fact that her chest no longer rose and fell with breath and her skin appeared waxen.

Fold my hands,
As I begin to pray,

Reaching out one trembling hand, he touched her hands that were folded over her chest. Closing his eyes, he gripped her cold hands in his as he thought of the last time he’d seen her look at him.

Sometimes we,
Gotta throw the past aside,
Come what may,

She’d known she was dying. Michael had realized in that moment that Maria had somehow known all along that she wasn’t going to survive the birth of the twins. And still, she’d carried them to full term and gave birth to him because he’d wanted them. She had done it all for him.

I'm gonna open up my eyes,
To all my broken feelings,

“Why?” he’d whispered when the realization had hit him.

Its the only road I've known,
I just wanna say to you..

“Because, you wanted them,” she’d replied. Her voice getting fainter with each passing moment.

Maybe I wont feel the pain,
When you leave me one day,

The moment he’d returned to his home, the yatros had told him Maria had lost too much blood and her body was too weakened to regenerate itself at her age. There was nothing more to be done to save her.

Maybe it wont be too late,
When you need me someday,

“You should have told me what you knew!” he cried.

Someone take me away from the one who betrays,
Things wont ever be the same,
I'm starting over..

“It would have changed nothing. Michael, don’t. I w-wanted this too. It was the last thing I c-could do for you.”

In days gone by, I was hiding from myself,
In all those lies, and the truth was hard to tell,

“Maria, please!”

But I will try, to turn my life around,
I'll close my eyes so I can finally see..

“Don’t…cry.” She closed her eyes for a moment before forcing them open again. “I always loved you, M-Michael.”

The road to all my broken feelings,
It's the only one I've known,
I just wanna say to you..

“I love you, Maria. Stay with me. Help me raise them this time! Please!”

Maybe I wont feel the pain,
When you leave me one day,

“I-I can’t. I was…never meant to be a m-mother. Only meant t-to love you. Just you.”

Maybe it wont be too late,
When you need me someday,

“No,” he whispered.

Someone take me away from the one who betrays,
Things wont ever be the same..

She looked into his eyes once more as a single red tear fell down her cheek to stain the cream pillowcase she lay on. “L-love you…always.”

You were my heart,
You were my soul,
You were my breath,
Til I grow old,

He couldn’t say a word as he watched her eyes drift closed once more. That was the last time she would ever look at him again.

You were my blood,
You were my bones,
How could you ever leave me alone,

Michael opened his eyes to gaze down at her through a red haze of tears. As his lips began to tremble and a sob escaped his lips, he felt the lightest of touches on his shoulder. Glancing up, he blinked in disbelief to see Darrius standing there.

Maybe I wont feel the pain,
When you leave me one day,

“They told me what happened. I-I couldn’t let you do this alone,” he whispered. “Neither could Yania.”

Maybe it wont be too late,
When you need me someday,

Michael could see his daughter standing just behind Darrius.

Someone take me away from the one who betrays,
Things wont ever be the same..
I just wanna say to you..

She gave him a teary smile. “We’re here for you daddy.”

Maybe I wont feel the pain,
When you leave me one day,

Standing up and wiping the tears from his face, he hugged his son and daughter hard. “Thank you,” he whispered, brokenly.

Maybe it wont be too late,
When you need me someday,

They held their father as he wept for the woman he’d loved with all his heart.

Someone take me away from the one who betrays,
Things wont ever be the same..


Michael looked around at all of the familiar faces. He was still surprised they had all turned out to help him bury Maria, thinking none of them would want anything to do with her. But he was oblivious to the fact that they were all there for him.

As he bent down to place the box containing Maria’s ashes into the ground, the others gathered around as if trying to give him some privacy from prying eyes. He set the box in the middle of the coffin and closed the lid with Darrius’ help.

Max and Alex helped him out of the hole as Kyle and Nathan helped Darrius out. As soon as everyone was clear, Michael turned around and waved his hand over the coffin causing all of the dirt to fill in the hole until it was completely buried while a mystikistis softly chanted a prayer for the departed.

All of the Evans, the Whitmans, the Valentis, and the Guerins and their families were present with the exception of Tristan, Phaedra, Urban, and Paris. Phaedra was at the Euphranor mansion being cared for by her epistatis and the other three were at the Aristomache mansion being cared for by their respective epistatis.

Long after the mystikistis had finished his chanting and departed, silence had settled over the rest of the crowd. Finally, in ones or twos, they all began to walk by Michael and give their condolences before leaving the grounds. Max and Liz were the last two to remain behind with Michael, Darrius, and Yania until Michael was ready to return to the mansion.


The moment the five of them appeared in the domatio ilios were everyone was to gather for their version of a wake, they were met with chaos.

Tess was trying to prevent a very angry Kyle from strangling Felicia and Isabel had her arms wrapped around a sobbing Bianca as they sat on a couch. Alex hovered over both of them while Nathan and Jonathan kept the Evans twins out of everyone’s way.

Before anyone had a chance to ask what had happened, two very happy and relieved looking women walked up to them. Arissa was the first to speak.

“Bianca and Felicia decided to sneak into the Guerin twins room when no one was looking,” she started.

“And the moment Felicia touched Paris, Tiegra, who was in the room here with us, cried out that Felicia just met her mate,” finished Olivia.

Michael’s eyes went wide as he turned to look at the frightened Felicia trying to shrink into the wall behind her mother as her father continued to try to strangle her.

“I told you!” Kyle shouted. “I told you that you were to stay as far away from the twins as possible, but you just wouldn’t listen would you!”

Max looked at Felicia, then to his twins before walking to Kyle’s side. “Kyle, she just met him. It doesn’t mean she’s bonded to him yet. Right?” he asked his twins.

They nodded as Tiegra responded. “Right. The bond works the same as it always has.”

Kyle growled at Felicia. “Right, then consider yourself locked up for a few centuries then!”

Tess rolled her eyes. “Really Kyle, you can’t stop it from happening.”

“Look, I’ll keep Paris as far away from Felicia as I can okay? Just make sure she doesn’t try to get close to him either.”

Felicia shook her head. “I-I won’t. I’m not in any rush to be someone’s mate e-either.”

“Good!” growled Kyle.

Michael sighed and ran his hands through his hair as he collapsed into a nearby chair. “Theos, is there no end to the drama in my life!”

The moment that was out of his mouth, the room seemed to go quiet. Liz nodded as she motioned to her twins. “You two take Felicia, Bianca, Jocelyn, Evander, Gabriel, and Yania and go watch movies or something in the theater. Darrius? Would you go and watch them?”

He nodded. “Of course.”

As the twins and Darrius ushered all the teens out, Liz turned to Nathan. “I believe you and Arissa have my grandson to tend to.”

Without another word, a grinning Nathan took his isyzygos hand and led her out of the room. It was completely obvious that they were both thrilled that Arissa was no longer in danger of being bonded to Paris.

Liz glanced at the other couple who were relieved before looking at her daughter. “Rena, would you and Quinn escort Olivia and Jonathan out before taking your own leave?”

Rena nodded. “Of course. Night dad. Good night Uncle Michael,” she said, kissing and hugging each one of them before she and Quinn walked out with Olivia and Jonathan.


Caiden nodded. “Yes, Natalie and I should be getting back to our daughter too.”

“Of course. Have a good night, then” replied Liz as Caiden and Natalie said their goodbyes.

Liz looked to Vanessa and Aidan, but they had each taken a seat on one of the couches adjacent to the one Alex and Isabel were now occupying. Tess took her osizigos hand and calmly led him to another couch which he sat down on next to her without a fuss.

Max held out his own hand to Liz and led her to the chair next to Michael’s. He helped her sit down before walking to the chair on the other side of Michael and sat down there. Once everyone was seated and comfortable, Michael seemed to relax a bit. Soon the nine of them were enjoying a lighthearted conversation among friends, trying their best to put all of the day’s tragedy out of their minds.


Jocelyn watched him out of the corner of her eye. She couldn’t help it, but she’d been watching every move Darrius had made the whole time they’d all been in the movie theater. She’d been thrilled when her mother had asked Darrius to accompany them and he had willingly agreed to go with them.

In fact, every time he was near her, she’d been watching him wanting to know what made him tick. She thought he was so unlike his father in many ways. Where Michael seemed to be a bit on the stoic and quiet side, Darrius was friendlier and more laid back. He didn’t seem quick to anger as Michael sometimes did.

Then there was his looks. He had the most incredible hazel eyes she’d ever seen. The way they sparkled when he was in a friendly mood and the way they seemed to droop slightly when he was feeling laid back and comfortable. His eyes seemed to be able to tell her what he was feeling at that moment.

Earlier when they’d all been at Michael’s place, saying goodbye to Maria, Darrius’ eyes had been rather dark. Jocelyn knew it wasn’t because he was sad that he’d lost his mother. No, it was because he didn’t like having to see his father so sad. She knew he was worried about his father.

Now as she watched him, his eyes were sparkling again as he laughed at the banter between the Evans twins, Felicia, and Bianca. Even though it seemed he was engrossed in their banter, Jocelyn knew he was still aware of where all the others were in the room. He knew Gabriel and Evander were sitting in a corner with their heads together over the latest hand held video game Evander had gotten from his grandparents. And he knew that his sister Yania, was sitting next to Jocelyn rolling her eyes in impatience for the movie to begin.

The others finally quieted down enough so that Darrius could turn on the movie. Once he did, he walked over to the couch Yania and Jocelyn were sitting on intending to sit next to his sister. Before he could sit on the other side of her, Yania scooted over to make a space between her and Jocelyn and patted the empty space for Darrius.

He sat down between the two girls and leaned back against the cushions, lifting his arms and spreading them out on the back of the couch behind the girls. Jocelyn gave Yania a quick thank you smile before leaning back against the couch too.

As the movie began, Stavros lifted a hand and dimmed the lights making it seem as if they were really at a movie theater. It didn’t take long for all of them to become engrossed in the movie playing out on the screen.

A few minutes later, Jocelyn sifted in her seat, trying to be inconspicuous as she leaned slightly against Darrius’ side. When she felt his arm go around her shoulders however, she leaned in closer and laid her head against his shoulder. A small smile played on her lips when she realized he wasn’t going to push her away. To her, it was a small victory in getting him to notice her.


Darrius glanced down at Jocelyn without giving himself away. His sister sat on the other side of him, leaning away from him against the arm of the couch and looking totally into the movie they were watching. She was unaware of the fact that Jocelyn was literally glued to his side.

He’d been a little shocked when he felt Jocelyn leaning close to him, but chalked it up to the movie. Thinking she needed some reassurance, he’d wrapped his arm around her shoulder, but when she leaned closer into his side and put her head on his shoulder he knew it wasn’t the movie.

Looking down at the small smile on her face, it occurred to him that he should be pushing her away from him before the idea that was forming in her head could go any further. But the more she remained where she was, the more he realized he liked having her there.

He liked the way she felt against him, the way her soft hair brushed against his arm. She seemed to fit perfectly beneath his shoulder and against his side. Suddenly, he wasn’t in any hurry to push her away or to discourage her from wanting to be close to him.

When she lifted her hand to curl her fingers into his shirt, he held his breath for a moment as the tingling began to travel down his spine from her touch. Letting his breath out slowly, he tilted his head slightly towards hers and inhaled her scent.

Closing his eyes, he savored the way she smelled all soft and fresh. Perfectly innocent. Leaning in closer, he gave the top of her head a soft kiss before settling back against the couch to watch the rest of the movie.

Despite the feelings that where beginning to stir in his body, he knew now wasn’t the time to investigate them at all. There would be plenty of time for that over the next several years.


Song is Starting Over by Saliva

new Greek words
khriazomeh - need
xekoorasi - rest
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Part 53a

*35 years later*

“Yeah, well you asked for it!” muttered Stavros as he held his twin sister in his arms.

Bianca huffed. “Excuse me for being concerned about my friend! You two didn’t have to make your stupid prediction you know!”

Tiegra sniffed. “You say that like we just waved our magic wands and made Felicia and Paris bonded mates or you the older woman in Urban’s life!”

“If the shoe fits…” she began.

Stavros growled. “Bianca! You know very well that Tiegra and I don’t have that power! We’re nothing more than vessels for the powers that be! They’re the ones that tell us these things and even then the details can be sketchy!”

Tiegra sniffled. “How do you think I feel knowing that my mate, Wolfe is somewhere in this huge crowd? Don’t you think Stavros is terrified of the bond that’s going to form the moment he meets Hailee tonight?”

Bianca’s eyes went wide. “You mean…they’re here?” she asked as she began to look around at the crowd of people at the celebration.

Stavros frowned. “Yeah, they’re here.”

Bianca turned to the twins and gave them a sympathetic look. So, tonight was finally the night for them then. After all of these years of waiting, tonight the twins would meet their future mates. Even Bianca knew that for Stavros, it would be final. For he was the one half of the Evans twins who was destined to be bonded to his mate.

While Tiegra wouldn’t be bonded to her mate, she still knew that tonight was the beginning of a new chapter of her life. The twins were already nearly halfway through their eighteenth maturity years, but Bianca knew they weren’t anymore ready for their future than she was. Still, even Bianca had to admit the twins were the most mature of the four musketeers. Since the twins had been blessed with their powers, they’d really had no choice in the matter.

Sighing, she took a step towards the twins and gave Tiegra an apologetic look. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you like that. It’s just that Felicia’s whining has been getting on my nerves. That and the fact that Urban and Paris both make such a show out of avoiding her which seems to put everyone’s attention on all of us. It just gets annoying.”

Tiegra sniffled. “I know.”

“We’ve been listening to her whining too, Bianca. And I’ve tried asking Michael to talk to his twins about their behavior. He and Darrius have both tried talking to them, but they just don’t seem to get it,” Stavros answered, with a shake of his head.

Tiegra chuckled as she wiped the last tear away. “Well, if that’s any indication, I’d say Paris and Felicia are definitely made for each other.”

Bianca frowned. “Hey! I’m not a drama queen like Felicia, yet you’re telling me I’m Urban’s intended!”

Stavros shrugged. “What can we say? For some, they’re made for each other because they’re so alike. For others, it’s opposites attract.”

“Yeah, well I’ve got news for you two. Urban is only fourteen to my eighteen maturity years, so you can bet I’m not going anywhere near that kid. Besides, there are plenty of fish in the sea out there tonight.”

Tiegra giggled. “You’re right about that. What say you and I go get Felicia and see what kinds of fish we can snare, huh?”

Stavros rolled his eyes. “Ugh, fine. If you three want to go play with unsuspecting men’s hearts then I’ll leave you to it, but don’t expect your former knight in shining armor to come to your rescue. I’ve a feeling I may be too busy for that tonight.”

Tiegra stood up and looked her twin brother in the eyes. “Just be careful would you Stavros? And don’t frighten Hailee too much. After all, she’s going to have to put up with you for an eternity.”

Stavros winked at her. “I promise to be on my best behavior.”


Darrius narrowed his eyes as he watched her twirl around the dance floor once more with her most recent dance partner. She’d been dancing for most of the night and while she’d had multiple partners, this one seemed to be coming back again and again. Still, what was beginning to get on his nerves was the fact that she was allowing this guy to dance with her so many times and to make matters worse, she was openly flirting with him too.

He gritted his teeth in frustration when he caught the guys hand beginning to wander further down her back, but just when he was about to forget that he was there as her bodyguard, the song ended. Willing himself to stay where he was, he watched as they walked off the dance floor together and made their way towards an alcove. Stiffening, he glanced around to see if anyone else had noticed them before heading in the direction they had gone.

Picking up his pace once he was outside, he tilted his head back and took a deep breath using his sense of smell to track his wayward charge. He’d know her smell anywhere because to him there was no one else in the world who smelled like she did. The moment her scent reached his nostrils, he shifted directions and heading towards where he knew she’d be.

As he turned the corner, her laughter reached his ears and the sight that greeted him made him see red. Immediately forgetting that he was supposed to be her bodyguard, he growled loudly and launched himself at the couple locked in an embrace on a nearby bench.

Jocelyn looked up and widened her eyes, quickly scrambling up to put herself between Darrius and his intended victim. She held her arms out in front of her to push him away, but Darrius’ quick reflexes served him well as he managed to twist away before he slammed into her.

Landing in a crouch nearby, he continued to growl low in his throat making Jocelyn step between them again to obscure his view of the other guy.

“Darrius! Stop it!” she hissed.

He slowly straightened up and glared at her. “What do you think you’re doing!”

She rolled her eyes. “I was trying to have a good time.”

“You call this a good time? Letting some strange guy paw at you!”

The guy in question stood up and frowned at Darrius. “Look I don’t know who you are, but I think she knows what she’s doing.”

Darrius took a threatening step towards the guy with clenched fists. “I’m her bodyguard.”

Jocelyn stepped between them again as Darrius got too close and pushed at his chest. “Darrius! Stop being such a caveman and let me handle this myself!”

He snapped at her. “Do you really expect me to just stand aside while he has his way with you!”

“He’s not going to do that.”


“Listen, bodyguard,” interrupted the guy, “you heard what she said. Just go and let us have our alone time huh?”

“I’ll handle it Darrius,” Jocelyn repeated looking him in the eyes.

Darrius just looked back at her, completely aware of the way her hands seemed to be burning holes through his shirt into his flesh. He knew it was against his better judgment to do as she asked, but when she looked at him like that he knew he wouldn’t be able to disobey her requests.

Sighing, he slowly nodded and backed away before turning to go inside.

As he did, the guy walked up behind Jocelyn and slid his arms around her waist. Grinning, he leaned down to kiss her neck as he gloated, “Finally, it’s just you and me baby. You wanna try getting horizontal with me tonight?”

The moment those words were out of his mouth, Darrius was baring his fangs and claws as he whirled around to put the guy in his place. Unfortunately for the guy, Jocelyn was much quicker.

At the word horizontal, she’d reached down and grabbed his arm. Twirling out of his embrace, she used her momentum to flip the guy over her until he’d landed flat on his back with the wind knocked out of him. The moment he’d landed, she twisted his arm back causing him to howl in pain.

Darrius stopped his rush as he stared in amazement at Jocelyn who was now bending over the guy and growling at him as she bared her fangs. “Listen, you pervert. When I said we could go somewhere to talk, I meant that literally. If you think for one minute that I’m interested in getting horizontal with the likes of you, then you weren’t paying attention to a single word I’ve said all night!”

She dug her claws into his arm for emphasis. “I’m not a girl to be toyed with, you got that?”

“Y-yes,” he whimpered.

“Good!” she snapped as she finally let go of his arm and shoved him away with her leg. “Now get lost before I let my bodyguard finish you off!”

The guy didn’t waste another moment as he scrambled to his feet and hightailed it back inside.

Darrius watched the guy disappear before turning to grin at Jocelyn. “Well now, it seems you’ve been picking up some techniques from dad and…”

She whirled around to glare at him as she snapped, “What is wrong with you! I wasn’t in need of your services Darrius!”

He gaped at her. “What?”

“You heard me! I was doing just fine! What gave you the right to track me down and interfere?”

He frowned. “I’m your bodyguard! It’s my duty…”

“Oh don’t give me that crap Darrius! I know that’s nothing more than a line! You don’t fool me anymore you know!”

He simply stared at her as her words penetrated his brain. She was on to him, he should have known she would be. “Jocelyn…”

She shook her head. “Forget it. I really, really don’t want to hear the excuses anymore Darrius. I’m not a little girl anymore and if you can’t accept that, then you have to let me live my life on my own.”

He froze. “Wha…what are you saying?”

She sighed as she looked away for a few moments before turning to look into his eyes. “I’m saying that I’m going to talk to Nathan and ask that you be removed from being my bodyguard. I think it’s time that you moved on.”

Darrius felt like he’d just gotten the wind knocked out of him. She wanted him gone. No that couldn’t be right, Jocelyn had never had a problem with having him as her guard before. In fact, he could have sworn that over the past several years the two of them had been growing closer. So close that one of them rarely went anywhere without the other one. Not only that, but they had shared many joys and sorrows and had confided in each other more than in anyone else.

In fact, Darrius had known that Jocelyn had confided in him about many more things than she’d once done with Yania. Even though his younger sister and Jocelyn had always been best friends, she’d been spending less and less time with Yania and more time with him. He knew why that was, but had done his best not to let it go too far. Still, there were times when he wanted to throw caution to the wind and take what she so willingly offered.

As Jocelyn walked past him intending to go back inside, Darrius decided it was time to forego caution. Reaching out to grab her arm, he turned her to face him. Wearing a puzzled look, she opened her mouth to refute him but he silenced her with a kiss.

Little sister don't you worry about a thing today
Take the heat from the sun

Stunned, Jocelyn couldn’t move as Darrius kissed her for the first time. However, she quickly began to return his kiss as she slid her hands up his chest to wrap around his shoulders. Darrius slid his arms around her waist and pulled her close to his body as he deepened the kiss, making her moan softly.

Little sister I know that everything is not ok
But you're like honey on my tongue

Finally needing air, Darrius slowly pulled away from her lips and gazed down at her. She was looking at him in amazement.

True love never can be rent
But only true love can keep beauty innocent

“Wow,” came her breathless response.

I could never take a chance
Of losing love to find romance

He grinned. “Yeah, I second that.”

In the mysterious distance
Between a man and a woman

She returned his grin as he lowered his forehead to hers. “Don’t let me go, Jocelyn.”

No I could never take a chance
'Cause I could never understand

She sighed. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting for you to kiss me like that?”

The mysterious distance
Between a man and a woman

“Longer than I have I’m sure. And I’ve been wanting to kiss you for a very long time.”

You can run from love
And if it's really love it will find you

She giggled. “Well if you knew what I wanted, what took you so long then?”

Catch you by the heel

He sighed as he cupped her cheek. “I was trying to wait until you were old enough.”

But you can't be numb for love
The only pain is to feel nothing at all

She frowned. “What’s old enough.”

How can I hurt when I'm holding you?

“Eighteen, maybe?”

I could never take a chance
Of losing love to find romance

She rolled her eyes. “Geez, Darrius. You could have told me!”

In the mysterious distance
Between a man and a woman

“Jocelyn, this is serious. Your dad is going to kill me!”

And you're the one, there's no-one else
You make me want to lose myself

She arched an eyebrow. “Not if I have anything to say about it.”

In the mysterious distance
Between a man and a woman

He sighed. “Are you already forgetting the way he was with Rena? And you’re the baby! Yeah, he’s gonna freak.”

Brown eyed girl across the street
On rue Saint Divine

She shook her head. “No he won’t Darrius. Things are different now, you know that. Besides, I’ll protect you.”

I thought this is the one for me

He laughed. “That’s my girl, protecting me from your big, bad daddy.”

But she was already mine

She scoffed and swatted him on the arm. “Darrius! I’m serious! I won’t let anyone stand in our way.”

You were already mine...

He sighed. “Joce…”

Little sister I've been sleeping in the street again
Like a stray dog

“Not even you,” she finished. “Darrius, I love you. I’ve loved you for so long.”

Little sister I've been trying to feel complete again
But you're gone and so is God

Darrius smiled at that. Leaning close, he kissed her cheek as he whispered, “I love you too, Jocelyn.”

The soul needs beauty for a soul mate

She smiled up at him. “You mean that?”

When the soul wants...

“Of course I do. I’ve been trying to deny it for years, but you just aren’t someone I can easily let go of.”

the soul waits ...

She sighed as she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him. “Thank Theos for that!”

No I could never take a chance
Of losing love to find romance

He nuzzled her hair. “We have to take this slow, Jocelyn.”

In the mysterious distance
Between a man and a woman

“I know.”

For love and faith and sex and fear.
And all the things that keep us here

Pulling away, he cupped her cheek. “Someday, I hope we’ll have what others have had. Like your parents or Nate and Arissa.”

In the mysterious distance
Between a man and a woman

She nodded as she leaned into his hand. “Yes, I hope so too.”

How can I hurt when I'm holding you?

He smiled again as he lowered his lips to hers, kissing her for the second time ever. Just as their kiss began to deepen, a voice very similar to Darrius’ interrupted them.

“Darrius Michael Guerin what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

As the two of them drew apart, Michael walked up to them glaring at them both. “And with the girl you’re supposed to be guarding no less!”

Jocelyn sighed. “Michael, really I’m not a child. And we weren’t doing anything bad.”

“Nothing bad! He was kissing you!”

Jocelyn looked at Darrius with a frown. He sighed as he looked at his father. “Dad, it was a kiss, but nothing more. I swear. My intentions with Jocelyn are honorable.”

Michael looked at Jocelyn. “Your father…”

“…won’t be upset. Trust me, I know.”

“How do you know?” he asked her.

“Dad’s mellowed out a lot over these last few years and he’ll listen to what Darrius and I will have to say.”

Michael quirked an eyebrow at his son. “And what will you have to say?”


Quinn moved up behind his isyzygos and wrapped his arms around her, placing his hands protectively over her swollen belly. She smiled as she felt his lips brush over her shoulder.

“How are you feeling, agapo mou?” he asked.

“I’m feeling just fine. The twins have been good to me this night.”

He smiled down at her as she turned in his arms. “Glad to hear that.” He bent down and pressed a kiss against her stomach. “You two better keep making sure mommy has a good night okay?”

Rena giggled as Quinn straightened up. “You’re so silly, Quinn.”

He shrugged. “I just want you to be able to enjoy tonight that’s all.”

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “Oh, I am enjoying tonight. But you know what would make me enjoy it more?”


“A kiss from my osizigos.”

Quinn grinned. “That can be arranged.”

Without another word, he bent down and took her lips in his. Sliding one arm around her body, he slid the other hand up into her hair to hold her to him. Rena sighed as she parted her lips and allowed him access to her mouth.

As his tongue dueled with hers, she gripped his shoulders and moaned feeling her knees beginning to weaken. Quinn kept his hold on her as his mouth moved from the corner of her mouth to nibble over her jaw and down her neck.

Rena closed her eyes and tilted her head slightly to allow him better access as her breath quickened. “Quinn, meli. Maybe we should just go home.”

“Mm,” Quinn mumbled against her neck. “What would the others say?”

“We…we could tell them…um….I’m feeling bad,” she mumbled.

Quinn sighed as he pulled away to look into her eyes. “Are you sure you want to leave now? This is such a big night for your family, Rena.”

She blinked until sense returned to her eyes. Sighing in resignation she replied, “I know. You’re right. Sorry, that was the hormones talking.”

He winked at her. “I’ll make it up to you later, agapo mou. Iposkhomeh.”

She grinned. “Good.”

Quinn leaned down to kiss her again, this time intending to keep it short. It was made shorter with the interruption of a griping Olivia.

“Ugh! I can’t believe mom didn’t warn me about this!” she muttered as she and Jonathan joined Rena and Quinn near the doors.

Jonathan caressed Olivia’s back as he said, “Your mom said she’d forgotten all about the pains since Arissa didn’t have them. She assumed you wouldn’t have them either.”

“I know, I know. But she still could have warned me!”

Rena gave her friend a sympathetic look. “And your night had seemed to be going so well up til now.”

Olivia nodded. “Yeah, I was almost certain I’d make it through tonight, but alas. The baby isn’t happy unless he’s making me miserable.”

Tess walked up to Olivia and grinned. “Still so sure it’s going to be a boy huh?”

Jonathan laughed. “Only because she’s insisting that a girl wouldn’t be giving her all of the pain.”

Kyle laughed. “Don’t be so sure, Liv. Your mom had the pains with Arissa and she’s far from being a boy.”

Olivia pouted. “Yet that curse seemed to skip Arissa and land on me.”

Jonathan frowned when Olivia groaned and placed her hand on her hip. “Meli, maybe we should just call it a night.”

Olivia nodded as Tess said, “That’s a good idea. The celebration is starting to wind down, so I don’t think any of the others will be upset if we leave.”

Kyle shook his head. “Nah, they’ll understand.”

Rena nodded. “You’re both right, they’ll understand. You want to say goodnight to them or shall I let them know you left?”

Jonathan smiled. “Oh, we’ll tell them.”

Olivia hugged her friend. “I’ll call you tomorrow okay?”

“Okay, just go home and take care of yourself and the baby Liv.”

“I will and you take care of your twins, huh?”

Quinn chuckled. “Hear that meli?”

Rena poked him in the side. “Remember your promise, osizigos mou.”

He winked at her as Olivia, Jonathan, Tess, and Kyle took their leave. The moment they were gone, Quinn pulled her in for another kiss before whispering against her lips. “On second thought, I don’t think your family will mind much if we want to leave too.”

She giggled against his lips. “Finally! I thought I was going to have to beg!”
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Part 53b


Yania giggled as they continued to dance. Reaching up, she took his hand and lifted it back up to her waist.

“Behave Benedict! Dad could be watching us, you know!”

He pouted. “Oh come on Yania, I’m not doing anything!”

She rolled her eyes. “Yes you are! Your wandering hands are and since they are attached to you, then you are!”

He grinned. “That’s what I love the most about you Yani, your sense of humor.”

Yania blushed at her boyfriend’s words. Benedict was nothing if not good at giving compliments. She however wasn’t so comfortable with accepting them, but for him she was learning to get used to it.

Yania had met Benedict the day she’d turned fifty-five which put her at the beginning of fifteen in human maturity years. Now at seventy-five, she and Benedict who was eighty-five, were going steady much to the chagrin of her father. Still, Michael had allowed them to date so long as that was all they were doing. Yania wasn’t allowed to go anywhere alone with Benedict and physical contact between them was kept at a minimum.

Granted Benedict was a perfect gentleman when it came to Yania and he respected Michael too much to risk getting dismembered by the infamous Dioikitis of the Aristomache coven. Yania knew her father was slowly coming around to accepting Benedict, but he still growled and acted like a bear when Benedict was near. For his part, Benedict seemed to accept her father’s protective instincts without much fuss.

Still, despite the fact that Yania enjoyed spending time with her boyfriend, she would always have room in her life for her father and her older brother. Thankfully, Benedict wasn’t a typical teenage boy demanding all of her time and attention. He too came from a very close knit family and knew the value of keeping your loved ones close.

Yania sighed as she laid her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes. She couldn’t deny that at that point in her life, she was happy and grateful for everything she had.


Vanessa’s frown deepened as she watched the young couple standing among a small group of teens. Aidan wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to his side as if making sure she didn’t wander off.

Leaning close he whispered in her ear. “Nessa, stop boring holes into his back. He won’t do anything wrong if we just trust him.”

She turned to look at him with a raised eyebrow. “Trust him? For Theos sake Aidan, he’s only sixteen! What was going through your head when you were that age?”

He gave her a sheepish look which made her nod. “Uh huh. See, don’t think I don’t know what he’s thinking!”

Isabel walked up to them and smiled at her daughter. “Vanessa have you met Kori’s gonis yet? They are quite remarkable people!”

Aidan chuckled. “See, Evander won’t do anything wrong if Kori won’t.”

Vanessa sighed. “Well, I still think we should at least keep an eye on them.”

Isabel frowned. “Why, do you think they’re doing something wrong?”

Aidan shook his head. “No, Vanessa is just being a mother that’s all.”

Vanessa rolled her eyes. “Mom, he’s sixteen years old. What was going through your mind when Caiden was that age?”

Isabel frowned. “I was often thinking of strangling him.”

Alex chuckled as he walked up to join them. “She’s right. Remember Vanessa, it was the three musketeers, so they were always getting into trouble.”

Vanessa nodded. “Right, so now that Evander’s that age, we have to keep a close eye on him.”

Alex shook his head. “Not necessarily, Nessa. You don’t have to watch him like a hawk you know. Besides, we’ve all done our best to teach Evander right from wrong. Now it’s up to him to figure out which path he’s going to follow. After all, how is he going to learn anything if you won’t let him experience it himself.”

Aidan nodded. “He’s right Nessa. We can’t make all his decisions for him. Let him have his fun with his girlfriend and his friends. We just have to keep talking to him and hoping he’ll come to us if he needs anything. Let’s just see if he’s paid attention to everything we’ve taught him about life and go from there. Either he’s going to stumble like your brother or Nathan Evans did or come out strong like Darrius Guerin seems to be doing.”

Vanessa just looked at her son and his group for a few more moments before nodded. “Okay, you’re right. I need to just let him live his life.”

Aidan smiled as he leaned down to kiss her temple. “That’s the spirit, agapo mou.”


Gabriel rolled his eyes as he watched his best friend making goo goo eyes at his girlfriend for the hundredth time that night. Ever since Evander and Kori had started dating seriously a few years back, the two of them had become sickeningly sweet with each other. It was starting to get annoying and he couldn’t understand why anyone would be able to linger in their presence for that long.

Kori giggled. “Oh Evander, that was so funny! Who told you that joke?”

Evander beamed at her. “My papu of course! He knows a lot of witty jokes.”

She nodded. “Yes, he does. And your yiayia says you remind her of him too!”

“Really? She says that?” he asked.

“Of course she does! Even your patera says that. Plus he’s told me he thinks you look more like your papu than you look like your own patera!”

Gabriel huffed. “Guys, hello? What is with all this Greek? Since when have you called Alex your papu? What is wrong with calling him grandfather like everyone else does?”

Kori frowned at Gabriel. “It’s more respectful, that’s why.”

Evander nodded. “She’s right Gabe. Besides, I have to start paying more attention to speaking Greek if I’m going to be the Archigos of the Irinikos someday.”

Gabriel chuckled. “Yeah right. And just how many people do you think speak Greek these days?”

Kori sighed. “Gabriel, have you forgotten? My parents came from Greece as children. And Evander’s father went to Europe for a while when he was younger as part of his training to become Archigos. Someday Evander may have to do that too.”

“Yes and as Archigos I will have to be able to correspond with not just those here, but those from our home country as well. There will always be a need to know our native language even if we were born and raised here. That’s why Kori is helping me learn Greek since she speaks it fluently.”

Gabriel shook his head. “Well, I guess I’m glad I’m not going to have to be a leader then.”

Evander sighed. “Gabe…”

Gabriel waved him off. “Never mind. Listen, I’m gonna go get something to drink. You guys want anything?”

Evander looked at Kori who shook her head before he responded to Gabriel. “No, we’re good.”

Gabriel nodded as he walked away from them. He really didn’t like it when Evander seemed to look at him with pity since he wasn’t going to be an Archigos someday. Gabriel wasn’t complaining in the least. He was like his father that way in that he didn’t want to be responsible for an entire coven of people.

No, he’d watched others like Max Evans, Caiden Whitman, and Aidan Varcados doing their best to lead their covens and knew he never wanted the headache and responsibilities that came with it. He’d thought for sure that Evander wouldn’t want it either, but lately that had seemed to change. Lately Evander seemed to be looking forward to following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps.

Gabriel scowled as he maneuvered his way through the crowd thinking, Yeah, well he’s welcome to it if that’s what he wants. I rather like my life the way it is.

He stepped around a small group of people and sidestepped a couple walking past without realizing someone was coming from that direction. Almost too late, he found himself bumping into a body and turned to apologize just as a soft feminine squeal reached his ears.

The girl went stumbling backwards and landed on her behind with a grunt. Gabriel’s eyes went wide in mortification.

“Oh man! I am so sorry! I wasn’t watching where I was going!” He bent down and offered her a hand up. “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

The girl looked up at him with a puzzled expression. “Ti isteh esi vlepo sto? Theh esi vlepo meh? Keh tora esi thelo mechri leneh ebros?”

Gabriel blinked in consternation. “Um, what are you babbling about? You’re speaking Greek right? I don’t really understand it.”

She frowned as she looked at his hand. “Milas elinika?”

Gabriel gave her a sheepish grin as he recognized her words. “Okhi, milo anglika,” he replied with bad pronunciation.

She nodded to show she understood what he’d said and reached out to take his hand. The moment their hands met, both of them gasped in surprise. Amazingly, Gabriel managed to keep a firm grip of her hand and pulled her to her feet.

She lifted her head to look into his eyes which widened in response. He’d just taken a good whiff of her scent just as the recognition sank into him of just what that little jolt he’d felt really was.

“Theos, you’re a human!” he exclaimed.

Just as she exclaimed at the same time, “Theos, ise omologia mou!”


Caiden frowned as he watched as his fourteen year old daughter laughed at something Tristan said. Natalie had been talking to Arissa when she’d suddenly felt her osizigos frustration. Turning to look at him, she followed his gaze until she saw what he was glaring at.

She chuckled. “Caid, you mustn’t look at the boy as if you wish he’d burst into flames right there. He’s doing nothing but laughing with her.”

Caiden growled. “Yeah, but you now that’s how it all starts. Isn’t that right Rissa?”

Arissa blinked at him. “How what starts?”

Natalie grinned at her. “Your son is talking to our daughter. Or rather, they are laughing together.”

Arissa turned to look where Tristan and Phaedra were currently standing with a group of their friends. Grinning, she turned to look at Caiden. “Oh boy, guess you are finally getting to know what my poor father and father-in-law went through when their girls were growing up.”

Caiden glared at her. “Not funny Arissa!”

Nathan walked up to the group and kissed his isyzygos on the cheek. “What have I missed?”

Arissa giggled. “Caiden’s upset because our son is talking to his daughter.”

Nathan turned to look at the two teens in question and frowned. “You call that talking?”

Caiden gave the women a smug look. “They do, but I say different.”

Nathan shook his head. “I’d have a talk with him later Caid, but I think it may be a little late for that.”

Caiden whipped his head around to stare at his best friend. “What do you know that I don’t?”

Nathan shook his head before answering with a straight face. “Can’t you see it? They’re already best friends. You know as well as I do what the next step is going to be.”

As Nathan slid his arm around Arissa’s waist, he broke into a grin. Both Arissa and Natalie broke into laughter as Caiden gawked at them.

“What! You can’t be serious! They’re only fourteen Nate!”

Nathan rolled his eyes. “Theos Caiden, give it a rest would you? It’s not like they’re going to try to outdo us!”

Arissa nodded. “He’s right. But I think our more pressing concern should be if they’re already planning something or if they’re including anyone else in their circle.”

Natalie’s eyes widened. “Oh right! I didn’t think about that! Let’s hope Phaedra has more sense than you did Caid.”

He turned to look at the two teens. “I’m not worried about Phaedra, I’m worried about Tristan.”

Natalie chuckled. “I’m not. He’s got plenty of his father and grandfather in him. I’d say that makes him more stable than Phaedra.”

Caiden looked at his isyzygos in disbelief. “Are you saying you trust Tristan more than our own daughter?”

She nodded. “That’s exactly what I’m saying! Come on Caiden, even you know Phaedra better than that. She’s already gotten into more mischief than Tristan ever has.”

Caiden sighed. “Okay, yeah. Can’t argue with that.”

Nathan clapped his friend on the shoulder. “Look at it this way, cousin. If anything, Tristan may just be the one to keep Phaedra out of trouble. Or at least out of any serious trouble. Plus, he’d make sure Phaedra won’t fall for the charms of any losers out there.”

Caiden grinned as he remembered just how protective of his cousin the two month older Tristan could get. It was indeed safe to say Phaedra was in good hands with her cousin, Tristan.

Liz walked up to the group with her osizigos not too far behind. She looked at her son and his isyzygos with a smile. “Nate, we wanted to tell you we are turning in for the night. Tess and Kyle are rounding up their two youngsters and heading home too and we’ve already said goodnight to everyone else.”

Nathan smiled at his parents. “Okay, then you two enjoy the rest of the night.”

Arissa nodded. “Yes, you both deserve it after all of these centuries.”

Liz grinned as she hugged her daughter-in-law. “Oh believe me, we most certainly will.”

She turned to hug her son before pulling away to kiss his cheek. “Congratulations to the both of you. I know you’ll make your father and I so proud.”

Nathan chuckled as he pulled his father into a hug. “I just hope I’ll be able to live up to the legend you created.”

Max hugged him back. “There’s no doubt in my mind that you will, my son.”

They held on to each other for a few more moments before Max pulled away to give Arissa a hug and kiss on the cheek. Then, as Max and Liz were saying their goodbyes to Caiden and Natalie, Michael came striding up to them with his son and their youngest daughter in tow. They noticed the slight worried look he wore just as Stavros and Tiegra both strode up with two other teens in tow.

They took one look at the way Stavros held the girl’s hand in his before turning to look at each other in realization just as Michael said, “Max, Liz. There’s something Darrius and Jocelyn need to say to you.”


Liz sighed as Max continued to massage his way down her back. She was laying on her stomach with her hands folded beneath her head while Max did his best to help her relax. Their night had started out so well with the celebration of the succession of Nathan and Arissa as the new Archigos and Archiga of the Aristomache coven.

Max and Liz had been looking forward to this night since it was the beginning of their retirement from leading the infamous coven after all those centuries. They’d proudly watched as the mystikistis had blessed Nathan and Arissa before going on to celebrate with the rest of their friends, families, and the rest of the allied covens.

Little did they know they’d end up having to deal with more developments in not only their remaining children’s lives, but the lives of their friends. Surprisingly, it had been Max who’d handled it all with the most calm and grace than Liz had. He hadn’t even batted an eyelash when Darrius and Jocelyn had told them that they were in love with each other and were going to start seriously seeing each other.

Darrius had made it clear that he would wait until Jocelyn was eighteen before he would ask for her hand, if she was still interested in him at that time. Jocelyn had made it clear that she’d loved Darrius for several years and had no intention of loving anyone else but him.

Liz had thought Jocelyn was too young to make that decision, but realized she couldn’t forbid Jocelyn from seeing Darrius. In the end, Max made her realize that Jocelyn could have done much worse than falling for the son of their most trusted friend and former Dioikitis. Especially since Darrius was now going to be named Nathan’s Dioikitis before the week was out.

Then, there was also the fact that Stavros had met his omologia just as Tiegra had met Wolfe, her predicted mate. Again, Max had been thrilled to find out that Wolfe was from the Bion coven and Hailee was from the Elpizo coven, thus tying those covens closer to the Aristomache coven. Even Nathan was thrilled to find out he would soon have kin among those covens.

Still, Liz wanted to gripe about them being too young until Nathan brought up the fact that he and Arissa were actually younger than the twins when they’d started seeing each other. Wolfe had seemed a little intimidated by Max despite the fact that Max wasn’t being threatening in any way, yet he still managed to tell them that he wanted their permission to be able to date Tiegra.

Stavros on the other hand simply introduced his omologia to his parents and then told them he was going with her to meet her parents and for them not to wait up for him. Max and Liz knew without a doubt that before the night was over, Stavros and Hailee would be syndeo to each other and there was nothing anyone could do to prevent that. They’d all seen the looks in both Stavros and Hailee’s eyes.

Oh yeah, it was a really long night. Not only had the aforementioned happened, but Liz was also worried about Quinn, Rena and the twins she carried just as she and Tess were worried about Jonathan, Olivia and the terrible pains she had while pregnant with her first child.

Liz was also worried about Isabel, Alex and Bianca and the news that Bianca was destined to be the older woman in Urban’s life just like Felicia was already the omologia to Paris. None of them had any desire to be anywhere near the others, which made everyone wonder just how the two pairs were going to eventually come together since Stavros and Tiegra insisted that’s what their visions said.

Then there was the fact that Kyle had dragged a flustered Gabriel out after muttering that his son had gone and found his omologia who just happened to be a human from Greece. And the poor girl couldn’t even speak a word of English while Gabriel couldn’t speak much of Greek, which meant Tess had spend much of the last few minutes translating between both Gabriel and his omologia, Cassandra who were both sixteen years old.

Still despite all that, Liz had enjoyed seeing everyone else so happy with their lives. Michael seemed to be completely okay with his daughter, Yania and Benedict, her boyfriend. Vanessa and Aidan were getting used to seeing their son, Evander with his girlfriend, Kori. And of course, everyone couldn’t be happier to see how close cousins, Tristan and Phaedra were. Just like their parents Arissa, Nathan, and Caiden had once been.

And now, Isabel and Alex were content to just relax and be grandparents while Kyle and Tess were trying to juggle being both grandparents and parents still. It was the same for Liz and Max. However, Liz knew Michael had a long way to go before he became a grandparent and she wondered what he’d do to occupy himself with now that he was no longer Dioikitis.

“Max? What do you think Michael’s going to do now?”

Max sighed as he moved to lay on his side next to Liz and propped himself on his elbow. “I don’t really know. He hasn’t mentioned anything to me yet, but I think he’s still a little preoccupied with getting Darrius ready to take over his position as Dioikitis and now he’s worried about Darrius and Jocelyn.”

Liz frowned. “Yeah, I don’t blame him.”

Max reached out to brush her hair away from her face. “Liz, believe me I know how you feel. Jocelyn is the last of our children. She’s my baby girl, but I knew this was coming someday.”

“Someday, just not yet.”

He nodded. “I know. You’re right, she is still so young, but I have to believe Darrius has good intentions with her. He’s never done anything to make me think otherwise and the fact that he takes his job seriously just somehow makes me trust him more. I know it may sound weird, but I think Darrius will be the one to take things slow. He’ll be the one to wait until he believes Jocelyn is ready for a commitment. If it were up to Jocelyn, I’m sure the two of them would have been married already.”

Liz shook her head. “I know! It’s as if we hadn’t taught her anything! How could she think she’s in love with him? She’s so young.”

Max smiled. “She’s known Darrius all her life Liz. Just like Nathan knew Arissa all of his life. Yes, Darrius is much older than Jocelyn, but they know each other so well. And they’ve become close over these last few years. I think it’s that closeness that allows them to handle the age difference and knowing when to take the next step in their relationship.”

As Liz turned to look at him, he continued. “You heard our daughter Liz. Even she said she wanted to just date Darrius. She has no intention of trying to force Darrius to go any further until they’re both ready for it. All we can do is be there for her and hope things work out in the end.”

It was a few moments before Liz nodded. “You’re right. Of course you’re right.”

He chuckled as he leaned in to kiss her temple. “Relax, agapo mou. We did the best we could in raising our children. Now we just have to let them grow on their own. And while they do that, we can have a little more peace and quiet around here.”

In an earthquake, in main space
Where I fell into you
In a starlight, you look so bright
You eclipse the moon
On a highway, just today
That's where I saw you
It was music from a distance
Burning proof

Liz turned to smirk at him. “Max. I’m still your syndeo. You know very well that your thoughts don’t match your words.”

She's here to rescue me
Clear my mind, and set me free
If it's dark, she still shines
A masterpiece made by design
She's here to rescue me
Stain my mind with make believe
If it's dark, she still shines
She's my lady, so divine
Lady so divine, come and change my mind
Lady so divine

What you mean is that now we can have a little more privacy and less interruptions, came her reply in his mind.

When the waves break, and the soul shake
Wreckage from the night
On a mountain is a story
Told a thousand times
Of a garden, and a bed there
Made to rest our eyes
There's a comfort to a softness
That will not be denied

He grinned at her. Oh yeah, I’ve been waiting centuries for this! And just think, tomorrow night, we can sleep in as late as we want and not have to report to anyone at all for the rest of our lives.

She's here to rescue me
Clear my mind, and set me free
If it's dark, she still shines
A masterpiece made by design
She's here to rescue me
Stain my mind with make believe
If it's dark, she still shines
She's my lady, so divine
Lady so divine, come and change my mind
Lady so divine

Liz giggled. Ooooh! Now that sounds like fun!

The midnight sun, she saves me
From what I've become
The midnight sun, she saves me
From what I have done
What I have done

Max growled as he pulled her on top of him. “Yes it does, agapo mou. Yes it does.”

She's here to rescue me
Clear my mind, and set me free
If it's dark, she still shines
A masterpiece made by design
She's come to rescue me
Stain my mind with make believe
If it's dark, she still shines
She's my lady, so divine

And for the next several hours, Max and Liz proceeded to enjoy their first night of freedom until the darkness began to give way to light. Then, in the early morning hours they curled up to get some sleep, but only for a while. For they both knew they had just about an eternity left to enjoy each other.


Just as Liz began to drift off, Max was in her mind as thoughts ran through it. Who would have thought that a simple human twenty-two year old college student like me would stumble into a world where I would meet a three hundred and seventeen year old vampire, fall in love with him, and change both of our lives as well as all of the lives we touched?

She's my lady so divine

He sighed. I don’t know, agapo mou. But I’m glad that I met you and fell in love with you too.


He wasn’t the only one. After all, it had been his coven that had hoped and prayed for their once powerful Archigos to find a mate. And their prayers had been answered since he’d found his syndeo, the one they now called his eternal ruby of darkness.

She's my lady so divine
Lady so divine, come and change my mind
Lady so divine


Song in 53a is A Man and A Woman by U2
Song in 53b is Lady So Divine by Shinedown

new Greek words
papu - grandfather
yiayia - grandmother
patera - father
isteh - were
vlepo - looking or see
sto - at
theh - didn't
tora - now
milas - do you speak
elinika - Greek
milo - I speak
anglika - English
ise - you're
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