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My Angel (A/I + CC / Adult) (Complete)

Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2006 4:28 am
by KarenEvans
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Couples-A/I mostly,a little of the others
Disclaimer-I own nothing concerning Roswell,or "City of Angels" the movie which inspired this fic.
Summary-Isabel is going though a tough time but she's not alone.

A/N-I was watching a trailor of "City of Angels" and thought why not write an A/I fic based loosely on the movie.Thank you,Trude for your encouragement and for beta-ing.Let me know if I should continue this.

Part I-

The rain had to start just as they were lowering the coffin in to the ground.
People around me hastily opened their umbrellas, anxious to shield themselves against the driving rain. I barely noticed it.

Finally, my brother came and stood by my side sharing his umbrella with me.
The priest’s words were barely audible “…ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”
I was numb, unable to feel, seeing my family around me but not really seeing them if that makes any sense at all.

The entire burial was hurried along because everyone wanted to get out of the rain and back in to their cars, drive home and change in to dry, warm clothing.

Max must have driven me home because I found myself standing at my front door with him asking me for the key, “Isabel…ISABEL, the key, I need to open the door.”
Without looking at him I reached in to my coat pocket, wrapped my fingers around the brass key and gave it to him.

We walked in without a word, he went straight to the kitchen and made me a cup of coffee and brought it out to the living room where I was sitting on the carpet, my back against the sofa, staring off in to space.

“Here you go sis.” he said gently and sat down on the sofa “I can stay the night. I don’t have to leave for college till the day after tomorrow.”
I shake my head silently, “Really it’s no problem, and mom and dad don’t need me for anything anyway. I can get my books here and study.”

“No Max, I’ll be okay. In any case I need to get used to living in this house alone. Thanks for offering.” I said giving him a smile and taking a sip of the coffee, letting the warm liquid melt my frozen insides

He seemed hesitant, not sure whether he should leave me so I waved my hand at him, “Go…if I need anything I’ll call. I promise.”
With a shrug of his shoulders he left and once again I was alone.
I am Isabel Evans-Ramirez, 24 years old and a widow.

I’m not quite sure why I married Jesse. Yes, I loved him but it wasn’t an all consuming, earth shattering kind of love, or may be such a thing only exists in fairy tales and women hope that such a love will enter their lives one day.

He definitely was not my soul mate. Still his death came as a shock to me and I miss him. We had developed an easy routine, both of us were fairly happy. My parents were against our marriage saying I was too young, only 21 and in retrospect I have to agree. I just plunged in to it, because I was afraid that being what I am I might never find another man who would want to marry me.

My brother Max had Liz, his childhood sweetheart and our best friend Michael had found love in Maria, Liz’s best friend. I had been the odd one out, never dating, never letting any guy close for fear of discovery. Liz and Maria knew and accepted our secret, but I never had the courage to tell Jesse, something in me never let me. Perhaps I knew that the love we had was not strong enough to bear the truth.

It’s been one month since he’s gone and I think I am limping back to some sense of normalcy. For the past few nights I’ve felt a presence in the house, actually not only for the past few but ever since the night of Jesse’s death, I have felt it become stronger but I was too shocked to really notice it at first so I dismissed it.
No, it’s not Jesse, I think I would have known it was him, in any case we had never been able to develop that sixth sense about each other like some couples do especially all Antarian couples. Somehow, I feel warm and relaxed by this being, who I like to think is watching over me. I can sleep now at night knowing that I am safe.

It was my job to watch over her, from the time she was born or in this case hatched. The purpose of her being on earth was kept from me, it was my duty to watch over her, guide her and keep her safe as far as possible.
I knew all about her other worldly origins, her former royal life, her family’s downfall, their deaths and their being brought back to life with the help of human DNA. Still her purpose here was a mystery known only to the all - powerful one.

Everyday I watched her grow more and more beautiful. Yet she was always alone, distancing herself from the other children around her in school. Many a time I had wished to reveal myself to her but that was against the rules. I knew she was afraid of rejection. I wanted to tell her she needn’t have been, that her parents and her brother love her.

She longs to tell her parents about her secret but it’s not only hers to tell. Two more people were let in to their secret, Max and Michael’s soul mates. I used to observe her when they were all together, she has the most beautiful smile but behind it she was sad, that she didn’t have one to love like her brothers did.

Then he came along, Jesse Ramirez and she rushed in to a marriage that never should have been. I knew he would die, I wish I could have told her but it’s not my place to do so. Now she’s alone, struggling to get back to an everyday routine, not wanting people to pity her.

I think part of me wants her to feel my presence, because I want her to know that she’s not alone. Ever since he died, she curls in to a little ball every night, clutching a pillow, sometimes crying herself to sleep. It’s at times like these that I feel like holding her, whispering in her ear that I will keep her safe and never let anything bad ever happen to her again.


Isabel sat on her front porch step, in the moonlight, turning her wedding band on her finger, contemplating whether to remove it or not. Things had gone back to normal, more or less. She had realized that she had never been in love with Jesse, but still missed him for he had been a kind, caring and an unselfish husband.

The night breeze blew some leaves across the yard; lights flickered in the neighbour’s houses across the street. She stood up, dusting the seat of her pants and went and sat down on the swing. This had become a nightly ritual, after dinner. It soothed her. Suddenly, the hairs on the back of her neck stood up and she knew she was no longer alone.

“I know you’re there.” she said slightly nervous but not afraid “Who or what are you?”
She question was greeted with silence but the presence remained, sending waves of comfort to her, letting her know that it meant her no harm.

“Why don’t you let me see you? Are you a ghost? I know you’re following me around.” Isabel was starting to feel a little silly that she was talking to the air and if some passerby saw her, he or she would think she was finally cracking under the strain.
So she lowered her voice and carried on “You watch me all the time, the least you can do is show me the courtesy of revealing yourself to me once.”

She waited for a few more minutes and nothing happened. Slightly annoyed, she went back in to the house and switched off the lights downstairs and went upstairs to her bedroom, where she changed in to silk burgundy pajamas.

While she brushed her teeth she kept looking in to the mirror as though expecting to see someone standing behind her but the room remained empty. Picking up a book from the shelf she got in to bed and switched on the bedside lamp, opened the book to where she had book-marked it earlier and tried reading but couldn’t. Her lids slowly grew heavy and she dozed off.

It took all of my self-control not to reveal myself to her when she asked me to. I’m, frankly quite bewildered that she can feel my presence, and no one has ever felt me before. My friend and brother, Gabriel says it’s because I want her to feel me.
I denied it to him but I can no longer deny it to myself. I am falling in love with Isabel. I don’t need to be told that it’s against the rules and it’s hopeless to for me to love her because it will never be reciprocated.


The next morning, Isabel sat at her dining table eating a peanut butter cum tabasco sandwich when once more she felt it.
“This is really getting tiring. It was okay at first but now it’s plain annoying. If you can’t tell me who or what you are, or show yourself then go away.” she said harshly

She looked up and gasped, for across the table, standing infront her was the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on. He was tall and slim, with wavy brown hair, eyes that weren’t quite green or blue, a nose that stopped just short of being perfect and lips that were full and sensuous. He was wearing black trousers, a snow-white shirt buttoned up to the top, black shoes and a black coat.

“I’m Alexander.” said the man “And I shouldn’t be here talking to you but I couldn’t help myself.”

To say that Isabel was shocked was an under-statement. She gulped, blinked her eyes, stood up and sat down again.
“What…what are you?’ she asked in a whisper, afraid she’d scream if she spoke any louder

“Will you believe me if I said ‘an angel’?” There was a hint of humour in his question but his smile quickly disappeared
“An angel…I…I think I can believe just about anything, you don’t know what all I’ve been through.”
“On the contrary Isabel…I know everything.”

“WHAT?” she stood up once more, clearly alarmed
Alexander wanted to approach her but he was afraid she’d bolt so he remained at the kitchen counter not moving, “It’s my job to know everything about you…you could say that I’ve been watching over you from day one. And now I really must go…I’ve said too much already, I’m not supposed to be here like this.”

“No…wait please. You just can’t leave after dropping this bombshell on me…angels exist…oh my god! Please stay.” She pleaded
“I wish I could but I can’t but I will be back, I promise.”
And he was gone. Isabel slumped down on to the chair not quite believing what had just happened in her kitchen.

An angel had revealed Itself to her. ‘Itself’…shouldn’t it be ‘Himself’, he looked like a man but are they feminine or masculine? With thousands of questions running through her mind she readied herself for another day of work as a paralegal in her father’s office.

Concentrating on her work was impossible, the day seemed to never end and when it finally did she found herself looking forward to going home for the first time in weeks.
She decided to take a walk in the park early that evening and was standing at the edge of the pond hoping he would appear. But he didn’t.

“You can’t do this Alex…you know it’s against the rules.” Gabriel tried reasoning with his friend but it was beginning to dawn on him that as far as Isabel Evans was concerned, nothing he could say would make any difference
“You let her see you…how could you do that?”

“I had no choice.” Alex replied looking out over the city from the top of the water tower

“Of course you did…she could only have seen you if you wanted her to see you. You did, didn’t you?” Gabriel looked closely at his fellow angel and didn’t wait for an answer “You’re getting in too deep.”

Alex closed his eyes and when he opened them again he was in her living room, watching her prepare dinner for herself.

“Do you want to eat something?” she called out suddenly startling him momentarily but he smiled, he should have known she’d feel him
“I don’t need to eat.” he replied walking up to her
“Then you can” she twirled around with a bowl of pasta in her hand “keep me company while I eat and tell me what exactly you are and why you are here and why I can feel your presence.”

Isabel was determined to get some answers from him.
They sat down at the table, neither taking their eyes of the other. Alex waited for her first question-
“Have you always been around?”

“Then why is it that I only began to feel your presence after Jesse died?”
“Because I started spending more and more time watching you and I may have wanted you to know that I was around. That is what my friend Gabriel said, because usually people do not feel our presence, rather they are not supposed to.”

“I see…this is crazy, you do realize that?” Isabel asked him “I am talking to an angel…seems like ‘normal’ things just don’t happen to me.”

Alex reached out with his hands and took both of hers, cradling them in his, “You’re special…what’s so great about normal things anyway?”

Isabel couldn’t ignore the sensations rushing through her from the moment that their skins had touched. She watched him intently to see if she was having the same effect on him as he was having on her but his expression remained serene.

Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 5:51 am
by KarenEvans
A/N-The lyrics in this part and in the parts to follow are from 'Private Emotion' by Ricky Martin.No infringement in intended.

Thanks for the FB :D

Part II-

Isabel probably has no idea what she’s doing to me. What is wrong with me? I am not supposed to feel this way. I am supposed to love every living creature equally, not favour one above all the rest.

As I sit opposite her, holding her hands, it dawns on me that I have never had to face this problem in all the millennia that I have walked this Earth.

Yes…I have admired beautiful women before, may be even felt something like fondness for a few but never had I revealed myself to any.

Gabriel’s words echoed in the back of my mind - “You’re getting in too deep.”

Immediately I drop her hands and stand up, “I have to go Isabel.”

“What…why?” she asked, confused by his sudden abruptness “Did I do or say something?”
“No…it’s not you. I just have to go, for now.” he replied in a gentler tone
“Will you come again tonight?”

He looked at her long and hard before disappearing.

The next morning, Isabel wasn’t quite sure why she felt empty inside all of a sudden, sitting alone in her kitchen, a half eaten bowl of cereal lying on the table next to her. Leaving the cereal as it was she turned off the gas and checked the doors before heading off to work.

“Isabel I need the file for the Woods case pronto.” Philip Evans said as he came up to her desk “Are you finished with it?”
He looked up from a file he’d been reading when he didn’t get any response, Isabel had a far away look in her eyes “Honey…the Woods file please.”

“Oh…I’m sorry Daddy…what was it that you were saying?”
Philip naturally thought that Isabel hadn’t had a good night’s sleep and was obviously still in the grieving process, “Why don’t you go home and get some rest?” he offered, a little worried about his daughter

“I’m fine…just got a little distracted. It won’t happen again.” She tried to sound cheerful but they both knew she was trying too hard
“Isabel…take the rest of the day off, please. Nicole can manage your work for the rest of the day.”

Isabel was about to protest, she hated piling her work on to someone else, especially since she was the boss’s daughter but her father cut her off, “GO.”

Wordlessly she picked up her purse and some paperwork, which she intended to get done at home and went straight to her car.
Instead of going home she stopped the Crashdown Café, the little restaurant owned by Liz’s parents.

“Hey Mr.Parker.” she waved at Liz’s father when he emerged from the back room
“Isabel…nice to see you…it’s been ages since you last came here.” He greeted her with a smile and a quick hug
“I know…I had a sudden craving for a Will Smith burger.”
“Ah…good. It’s on the house.”
“Oh no I couldn’t accept…”

Jeff Parker waved his hand silencing her, “No buts…it’s not everyday that one of my daughter’s best friends comes in here. Go in to the kitchen and tell Jose to fix one up for you. He’s not doing much back there anyway…lazy bag of bones.”

Isabel giggled, it was like she was back in high school, with Mr.Parker still hounding Jose, “Okay…thanks. I’ll do that.”
Her order in hand she headed back home, wondering if Alexander would be there.

The house is so quite, I think I would be able to hear a pin drop. He’s not here. I am disappointed; subconsciously I was hoping that he’d be here when I entered. But then again that’s my mistake. I’m sure I am not the only person he’s supposed to watch over, and I am jealous.

I must be going mad…jealous of people I don’t even know or who might not even exist. What claim do I have on him anyway? I don’t even know him. He came in to my life this morning…well okay technically he’s been watching me my whole life but this morning was the first time I spoke to him.

“Try and think rationally, Isabel.” I tell myself crossly “I’m sure an angel has his work cut out.”
Still, just to be sure I call out for him, “Alexander…are you here?”
Once more I am greeted with silence. Obviously he’s not here; else I would have felt him.

I watch the young woman, as she calls out for Alex and I know then that an attachment has been formed.
Alex sent me to watch her today; he made some excuse of having to go watch one of his other charges but I know him better than that.
For some reason he’s been shaken up, and it has something to do with her.
Avoiding her is his way of dealing with whatever she said or did earlier this morning.
Making sure that she’s okay, I leave her house.

“Why are you avoiding her?”
Alex whirled around to face Gabriel, “Avoiding who?”

“Oh don’t play dumb with me Alex, I’ve known you far too long and I’ve been around a lot longer than you have.” Gabriel said with a hint of sarcasm in his tone

They both looked out over the city from the their vantage point on top of the water tower.
“I don’t know why I’m avoiding her…I don’t want to avoid her, everything in me is screaming at me, telling me to go to her but I know I mustn’t.”

I’ve kept Jesse’s closet locked ever since he died. I just couldn’t go in there and see all his suits hanging in a row, the neat pile of shirts, the sock drawer, his stack of t-shirts which he wore around the house. I tried clearing it out a week after I buried him but I broke down crying but I think it’s time now.

It’s been 10 weeks since he’s gone. Everyone else has moved on, the weather’s changed, Max calls once a week as does Liz. Michael and Maria invite me over ever so often but I just want people to treat me like they used to before I was widowed.

My parents got the hint I think, the last time they came over to molly- coddle me. I rather rudely told them to leave me in peace and stop treating me like I was an invalid. I still have to apologise to them for that outburst.

Alexander hasn’t shown himself since that day in my kitchen, when he left abruptly. I still sense his presence every now and then, but it’s only fleeting as though he comes to check up on me and seeing that I’m okay, he leaves.

I am beginning to think that he is avoiding another full on encounter with me.

After having breakfast, I trudge upstairs and go stand in front of the dreaded closet for a few minutes before opening it.

I yank it open, as if that would make things any easier and switch on the light taking in the sight of Jesse’s clothes for the first time in weeks. His mother will probably want to keep some of his things, I’m not sure though so I will have to call her.

Reaching out, I take the first suit, a black one with white pin stripes off the hanger and run my hands up and down the fabric. It was his favourite, he often wore it to court.

Here it comes, the constriction in my throat and the blurring of my vision.

A large part of me wants to run out of this confined space screaming, that life wasn’t fair, I am too young to be a widow but I steel myself and plant my feet firmly on the ground, as though there is a danger that they would run off without me. I am making no sense!

In the next ten minutes I take down and fold all his suits and lay them neatly in a suitcase, which I intend taking over to his mothers. I keep a lime green t-shirt aside, it’s one I had given him just after we were married, the rest I pack in to a cardboard carton along with his socks and underwear. His pile of formal shirts was the last thing left. I don’t know why, but I stared at it for say fifteen minutes or so, trying to memorize each one I think, may be in an attempt to try and imprint another part of Jesse in my mind. Solemnly, I picked them up and put them in to the suitcase.

Then it happened, I broke down. I remember hitting the closet floor in a half sitting half lying position and crying, deep long sobs, nearly choking. I hadn’t cried when I got the call that he had been shot by a stray bullet, a victim of a drive by shooting when he was in New York on a case. I had remained stone faced when the doctor came out of the operating theatre and told me that he hadn’t been able to save him.

Even at the funeral I had been in my own world, numb and unseeing. I guess I had been holding in an immense amount of grief and rage and it all just came to the surface after I had put away the last of his clothes. It hit me that I was closing the door on that chapter of my life forever.

I must have been crying for about 10 minutes when I felt a pair of strong arms wrap themselves around my upper body and my head being cradled against a firm chest. I didn’t need to look up to know that it was him, I opened my eyes slightly and saw his white shirt and cried my eyes out knowing that I need not explain anything to him. After all he knew everything about me.

It nearly broke my heart to see her lying on the closet floor. I had stayed away from her for weeks, just about passing through her house each day to see how she was doing but I couldn’t ignore her any longer.

I felt her pain and sorrow and knew that she was finally ready to let her grief out; and so I went to her and held her in my arms, lending her my strength, stroking her hair, neither of us saying a word.

They sat there like that, two lost souls, holding on to each other; one an angel falling in love for the first time, the other, a young woman who was letting another being see her vulnerable side, for perhaps the first time in her life.

Every endless night has a dawning day
Every darkest sky has a shining ray
And it shines on you baby can't you see
You're the only one who can shine for me

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by KarenEvans
Thanks for the FB,everyone and Flamehair,in reply to your comment -
please don't let this story end like the movie with Meg Ryan. Please? Wink I wouldn't survive it when Alex becomes human and then Isabel dies
I am not that cruel :P

This is just a short part.

Part III-

I must have cried myself to exhaustion and sleep because I have no recollection of me walking to my bed and getting in to it but I find myself in bed, under the covers when I open my eyes. For a second I am confused, hastily I push the covers off and sit up, looking around. Then it comes back to me, he had come, he had come to me when I needed a shoulder to cry on, when I needed the strength he possesses.

I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror; I look like I’ve been through the spin drier. Reaching up, I touch my eyes gingerly with two fingers and feel the puffiness. The curtains have been drawn back, allowing the sun to filter in, and from its angle I am guessing its mid afternoon. I’ve been asleep for about five hours.

Getting out of bed, I pad across the room and retrieve a fresh towel from the linen closet out in the corridor. Turning on the shower, I take my favourite shampoo out of the toilet cabinet, I need a good scrub down. For the first time in weeks, I feel like making myself look presentable; the crying session really did help after all.

That evening Isabel found herself at her former mother-in-law’s front door, with a suitcase in hand. Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, she knocked three times, using the brass lion head knocker.
The relationship she shared with Conchita Rameirez was polite at best; they had hardly interacted since Jesse’s death. Conchita had always thought that Jesse could have done better when it came to his choice in a wife.

Pushing bitter thoughts aside Isabel was determined not to fight with the woman, on this evening, perhaps the last she’d spend any time with her.
“Isabel!” Conchita was clearly surpised “Is anything the matter?”

Isabel smiled, “Hi Conchita, can I come in?”
Conchita ushered her in to the living room and told her to sit down and make herself comfortable while she made them a cup of coffee each.

“Here you go.” she said ten minutes later when she emerged from the kitchen, with a plate of home-made cookies and the coffee, which she placed on the coffee table

“Now, tell me why have you come?”

Taking a sip of the coffee, Isabel arranged her thoughts in order, “I…packed some of Jesse’s things this morning and I thought you might like to keep some of things. The suitcase has all his suits and formal shirts, there are some cartons which I haven’t brought with me, those have his t-shirts, socks and underwear and some other casual clothes.”

At this point she took another sip of her coffee to moisten her mouth which was feeling parched, “If you want any of those things you can come over and go through them or I can bring them over here in a few days. I just thought that instead of lying in his cupboard they would come in handy if I donated them to charity.”

“Thank you…I think I would like to keep some of his things.” Conchita replied in a choked voice “I’ll come over one of these days and look through his things. It is very thoughtful of you to think of me.”

Isabel got up, not wanting to stay and make small talk, she had accomplished her mission and now she just wanted to go home, make dinner and relax.

“Give me a call before you come Conchita.” she said standing up “Thanks for the coffee.” It didn’t escape her notice that her mother-in-law looked very tired and she had aged visibly since Jesse’s passing.

Impulsively Isabel reached out and hugged the other woman, “You take care of yourself, Conchita. Jesse would want that.”
Isabel was equally surprised as Conchita by her actions and so said a hasty goodbye and rushed home, feeling better once she was inside her house.

She had taken the first step towards a life without Jesse, and she was proud of the way she had handled herself. Silently, she thanked Alexander for supporting her.

She cried until she could cry no more, and then she just fell limp against me. I wasn’t sure for a while whether she had fallen asleep so I kept sitting with her in the closet, silently, until I realized that she was snoring softly. I couldn’t help the smile that came to my lips; she was having a peaceful sleep after many-many weeks.

Unable to resist the temptation of having her so close, I bent down and smelt her hair. It carried the faint scent of jasmine. Briefly, I wonder what Gabriel would have to say about me smelling a woman’s hair without her knowledge, not that I would smell a woman’s hair with her knowledge. However, I allowed myself that small treat without feeling guilty. I have no need to feel guilty; I haven’t done anything besides helping her. Still, I find myself justifying my actions to Gabriel and to myself.

Gathering her sleeping frame in my arms I carried her to the bed and settled her in, gazing at her peaceful expression for a few seconds before leaving her. I’d like to think that I put it there. At that moment I was tempted to kiss her forehead but that would be taking things a little too far. I’d be in trouble, not that I am in the clear right now

I don’t know how much longer this will remain a secret just between Gabriel and me. Rumours are already circulating amongst my brothers, that one of their own is succumbing to the charms of a human female.

There is no such thing as a secret between angels; all of us know everything there is to know about each other. It’s only a matter of time before everyone finds out it’s me and matter is taken up to the Big Man himself. Then I’ll really be in for it. Who knows how many questions I will have to answer over the next few days or perhaps for the months to come?

“Has it ever happened before?” I ask Gabriel

We both are sitting in a tall tree, looking up at the moon rising in the night sky. Angels seem to have an affinity for all things tall, only in my case that affinity seems to include a certain tall blonde as well.

“Has what ever happened before?” he throws the question back at me without taking his eyes off the moon

I hesitate a little bit before continuing, if there’s anyone I can talk to about my little problem it is Gabriel. He seems to have an answer for every problem, he’s seen more than most of us combined.

“An angel falling in love with a mortal?”

There I had asked the dreaded question out loud. I half expected a thunderbolt to send me flying to the ground but the night sky remained calm.

“You’re not the first, if that’s what you’re getting at” he replied “but you’re the first to reveal himself to the mortal in question.”

Did I just detect an accusatory note in his voice? I can feel his penetrating gaze on my face now and I turn to look at him, “Is it so wrong for an angel to love a woman?”

Ignoring my question he asks me one instead, “What’s so special about her anyway? You haven’t ever fallen for one before.”

I close my eyes and picture Isabel, images of her from her childhood flash through my mind, then on to her adolescent years, when she was the most popular girl in school, on to her wedding day and finally to her husband’s funeral.

Opening my eyes I focus them on Gabriel’s face, “She’s special because she is totally unassuming about her beauty and uniqueness. She’s half Human and half Antarian, she’s the first of her kind. Behind that self-confident persona lies a vulnerability that I want to protect. She’ll protect her family with her life if she has to, she hasn’t had the need to yet, but I know that she has it in her. She’s scared that she’ll be rejected as a freak, but she has no clue that any man will be blessed to have her in his life. She’s completely blind when it comes to her wonderful qualities and that’s what makes me love her.”

“So I ask you once again-Is it so wrong for an angel to love a woman?” I ask, half scared of the answer, , if angels could sweat I’d be sweating buckets right now

“No it’s not.”

Two sets of eyes,one brown and the other green/brown,each in a different part of the town, looked up at the night sky at the same time, each one lost in thought about the possibilities the future might bring.
At that moment, neither knew that they were embarking on a journey not many before them, had had the courage to carry on with.

It's a private emotion that fills you tonight
And a silence falls between us
As the shadows steal the light
And wherever you may find it
Wherever it may lead
Let your private emotion come to me
Come to me

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by KarenEvans
Part IV-

It became a routine for Alex and Isabel. Each evening she would wait for him to appear after she had finished her dinner.
Usually she sat in the front porch, on the swing where she had first spoken out aloud to him question his presence.

“I went to the shelter today with Jesse’s mother.” She spoke out even though Alex hadn’t yet physically appeared “We dropped of a few boxes of his clothes and shoes. I have also decided to donate all his law books to the Law Faculty at the community college.”

Unknown to her, Maria had been walking up the driveway, and had heard her speaking.

“Hey Izzy.” Isabel jumped, startled by Maria’s voice
“Maria…you nearly gave me a heart attack.”

“Yeah, sorry about that.” Maria apologized and joined Isabel on the swing “So who were you talking to?”
“Me…I wasn’t talking to anyone.” Isabel tried to feign surprise “Who would I be talking to?”

But Maria was like a dog with a bone, “Sure you were, I heard you telling someone about donating Jesse’s law books.”

Isabel’s mind raced, trying to come up with an explanation. “Umm…I just like to talk about my day out loud sometimes, makes me feel like I am not alone.”
She hoped that, that would be a good enough explanation and Maria would drop the subject.

Maria looked at her for a few seconds, tears filling her eyes, before she enveloped her in a big hug, “I’m so sorry chica. I can only imagine how lonely you must be here all by yourself. The rest of us have gone on with our lives but you must still be grieving.” she said pulling away from her after a minute

Isabel shook her head, “No Maria…you don’t’ have to be sorry. It’s obvious people will move on with their lives, we can’t keep hanging on to a memory. Yes…a part of me is still grieving, for what I am no more…a wife. But I am making an effort to move on. I donated all of Jesse’s clothes and shoes to charity. I have to bid farewell to my old life before I can start a new one.”

“You’re very brave Izzy…Michael and I really admire the way you’ve handled yourself.”
“Oh I have had help.” Isabel smiled mysteriously
“Help…you mean you’ve been seeing a shrink?” Maria asked curiously
“No…not really. I just feel like someone is watching over me.”

Maria obviously thought Isabel meant Jesse, as a way of consoling herself, that her dead husband was watching over her, and kept quiet, not knowing what to say.

“Where’s Michael?”

“He’s at home…he’s suddenly got the urge to make a cabinet and has been creating a ruckus the whole day banging away at the wood with the hammer and sawing…I just had to get out of there for a while, my ears are ringing.”

They both laughed, picturing Michael toiling away over a cabinet and no doubt cursing the wood and the tools.

Maria left after an hour or so and Isabel decided to move indoors since it had become chillier outside.

“That was a close call.” said a familiar voice from the kitchen when she entered the house
She smiled and walked towards the source of the voice, “I know but I think I did a good job of covering my tracks. Don’t you think?” She grinned at him conspiratorially

“Well…err” Alex pretended to ponder the question for a moment, Isabel getting impatient went up to him and punched him on his arm “You better say yes…or I won’t talk to you anymore.”

“Emotional blackmail huh…I was warned about this.” He laughed and backed away from her rubbing his arm “and by the way, though I am an angel I can still feel and you’re pretty strong.”
“Thanks.” Isabel grinned back at him and opened the refrigerator to take out a cherry coke, “I would offer you one but since you say you don’t need to eat or drink…”
“I might try it one of these days.”

They retired to the living room and sat o the sofa side by side, “As I was telling you before Maria came, I gave away most of Jesse’s stuff today.”
Alex looked at her with admiration clearly evident in his eyes, “You sure you’re not moving too quickly…what if you decide later on that you had wanted to keep those things?” he asked out of concern

“Alex…I can call you that right…Alexander sounds way too formal and we’re friends now. Anyway, I’ve had five months to decide what I wanted and what I didn’t want and in the end I decided that it was no use keeping everything. I have kept a few things, which have special memories attached to them but other than that, the rest of the things were of no use to me and somebody else will benefit from them more.”

“Have I ever told you that I think you are amazing?” Alex asked her seriously
Isabel blushed, “I…I don’t think so, but thanks.”

They both sat there for a few more minutes, feeling slightly awkward about the moment they had just shared. Finally Alex got up, “I better be going…you take care Isabel.” He vanished before she could say anything.

I hate it when he does that…just leaving abruptly, like the hounds of hell after him.

It occurred to Isabel that she had really become used to Alex’s daily visits, looked forward to them the whole day and had started taking them for granted. Part of her wondered what she would do if his visits ceased for some reason.

I think I would hate him not coming here more than hating him disappearing abruptly.


The doorbell rang one evening, “Now who?” Isabel questioned as she rinsed off her dinner plate, she wiped her hands on her apron, took it off and hung it on its peg.
This better not be Alex’s idea of a joke, showing up at my front door instead of just appearing out of nowhere.

She yanked open the door fully expecting to see Alex’s radiant face but instead she was greeted with the sight of Kyle Valenti. Before she could react he stepped forward putting his arms around her waist and lifting her up in a hug.

“Kyle!” Isabel exclaimed “Put me down you big bozo.”
“Is that any way to greet an old friend?” Kyle put her down and took a step back, with a hurt look on his face

“Come in…when did you get back from Cyprus?” Isabel asked as she showed him in to the living room where they sat down on the sofa, facing each other

“I flew in a few hours ago…took a nap and came straight over here. I’m sorry about Jesse, Isabel. I wanted to call you but I just didn’t know what to say…I picked up the phone a dozen times but every time I chickened out.”
Kyle’s face had lost its smile instead he looked guilty “I’m really sorry Izzy, for not being here for you.”

Isabel took one of Kyle’s hands in one of hers, “Kyle…it’s okay. You’re here now…and I’m not sure myself what I would have said to me so you don’t have to apologise.”

He visibly relaxed after that, letting out a breath, which he had been holding in, “So how’ve you been?”

“Oh I’ve been pretty good off late…making an effort to move on. It was strange initially, not hearing Jesse tinkering around the house every morning and I had gotten so used to being a wife but I’m coping. Just taking one day at a time.”

At this point, she cocked her head to one side, Alex was somewhere in the house. She excused herself on the pretext of getting both of them something to drink.

Once in the kitchen she called out softly, “Alex?” She looked around expecting him to show himself to her but he didn’t so she got out a drink for Kyle and went back in to the living room

“One year passed pretty quickly, it seems just like yesterday that we were all saying bye to you at the airport?” Isabel said handing him the drink and seating herself comfortable, one leg drawn up under her.

“Yeah it was amazing being part of the Special Forces in Cyprus…when I decided to follow in dad’s footsteps I never thought that I’d get to be part of the UN’s Special Forces for a year in another country. I made friends with some guys from other countries.”

“I’m glad you had a good time but I’m sure Jim must be glad to have you back.”

They kept talking for the next few hours, catching up on old times till they both looked at the clock and realised it was close to midnight. Kyle jumped but, “Oh hell, I was supposed to have dinner with dad…he’s going to shoot me. I better get home Izzy.”

He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and picked up his jacket, making for the door, “G’night Izzy…was good to see you after all this time.”
“Night Kyle…thanks for coming over.”

She shut the door and went upstairs, feeling too tired to put away the dirty glasses.
“Alex…are you going to talk or what?” she asked once again wondering why he had remained quiet the last time she had called out to him

“I didn’t think you would want to be disturbed.” He said walking in from her bedroom balcony “Looked like you were having a nice time, Kyle’s looking well.”
“Were you here the whole time he was?” she asked going in to the bathroom to change in to her nightgown

“No not all the time…kept flitting in and out. I had other things to do.” he replied

In actuality Alex had been slightly jealous of Kyle getting to spend the entire evening with Isabel and so had gone away for a while.

‘Angels shouldn’t get jealous, angels shouldn’t get jealous’-is what he kept repeating to himself over and over again as he saw Kyle kiss Isabel on her cheek.

“I see.” Isabel looked at him as she emerged from the bathroom, taking in his appearance
Angels must always look good ‘coz I have never seen him with even a hair out of place
“Do you always wear the same clothes?” She asked bluntly, sitting down on her bed

Alex seemed a little taken a back with her question.
‘Where did that come?’ he asked himself silently
“Umm…Yeah I guess so, we don’t really need to change considering we don’t get dirty. One of the perks of being an angel.” He said with a grin

Isabel felt her heartstrings contract as she watched him grin, she couldn’t quite put her finger on why she felt all warm and fuzzy all of a sudden.
“Will you be allowed to wear something else if you wish to do so?” she asked, an idea forming in her head

“I suppose so…I haven’t heard of any rule that says we have to strictly adhere to this dress code. What’re you thinking Isabel?”
Isabel waved her hand, trying to dismiss the subject “Never you mind…we’ll talk about that later.”
Alex was about to protest but she interrupted, “Will you stay till I fall asleep?”
“Always Izzy.”

Isabel smiled as she closed her eyes, ‘Tonight’s the first time he’s called me Izzy.’ she thought to herself happily

Several weeks passed after Kyle’s first visit and since then the gang, or what was left of them in Roswell had hung out together like old times. Michael was glad to have at least one male member of the gang back in town. They had even had a barbeque in Isabel’s backyard.

“I think we should get them together.” Maria whispered to Michael, who was flipping burgers on the grill
“Get whom together?” he asked without looking up, not really interested in Maria’s match making skills

Maria rolled her eyes in frustration, “Them you big lout.” She pointed at Isabel and Kyle who were sitting with Jim, who was regaling them with jokes from his days at the police academy

“Are you crazy, Pixie? She’s only been a widow for seven and a half months and already you want to set her up on a date, with KYLE of all people.” Michael looked at her as if she had lost her mind “No…you keep your nose out of other people’s business.”

Placing her fists on her hips Maria gave him a withering look, “The ‘other people’ you are referring to happen to be your sister and one of your best friends. We all know Kyle had a crush on Izzy in high school and how many steady relationships has he had anyway? I’m sure given time he would have asked her out, it’s just that Jesse came in to the picture. Look how he makes her laugh.” She nudged Michael, making him look to where she was discreetly pointing

“Looks like it’s Jim making her laugh, not Kyle.” He muttered under his breath “I just don’t see Kyle with Isabel…they’re great as friends but other than that…uughhh…I don’t want to think about it. So spare me Maria…this idea of yours is ridiculous.”

Clearly Michael wasn’t going to help her so Maria decided that she would talk to Kyle herself.


One morning I was going through the paper and saw an ad for an apartment. On an impulse I decided to go check it out. It was in a nice part of town, not too far from the Crashdown, centrally located, close to work, it sounded ideal.

I gave the landlady a call and she told me to meet her in an hour, which I did. She gave me the tour. The place could do with a face-lift but that’s an easy enough job for me to undertake, it’ll just require a little alien mojo.

One master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom and balcony, a guest bedroom with a bathroom, a compact kitchen with a dining area and a cosy living room. What more could I ask for?

I told her I would take it and that I would move in, in two weeks time. I couldn’t wait to get home from work that day, time didn’t seem to move fast enough. I was bursting to tell Alex.

“Alex…Alex, I did something today. I went and saw an apartment and I liked it so much that I am buying it.” I said loudly as though he was deaf just because he wasn’t visible yet

He appeared, sitting on a bar stool next to the kitchen counter, “What about this place?”

“I’ll ask my dad to help me sell it.”

“Isabel, are you sure about this?” He got up off the stool and approached me

“Yes.” I said in a shaky voice, I tried to maintain my composure but whenever he was around me I just couldn’t keep up any of my walls, I was completely at ease with him and I knew that I didn’t have to pretend to be strong in front of him like I did with everyone else

“I think you should wait.” He said in a gentle tone
I couldn’t look at him because then he would see that my eyes were filling with tears.

“Isabel, look at me.” He placed his index finger under my chin and lifted my face “Look at me, please.”
I met his eyes, and all I saw in them was compassion, understanding, loyalty and faith.

“This place is too huge for me…on some days I feel like I am rattling around in a tomb. I have to get out of here if I am ever going to start afresh. This place holds only memories of the past.”
I was starting to choke up but I carried on “I need to make some newer, happier memories and this house isn’t the right place for me to do that. I can’t do that here…it feels like I am being disloyal to Jesse’s memories.”

He pulled me towards him at that point and wrapped his arms around me protectively, running his hands up and down my back, “Shh…you’re anything but disloyal Izzy. Jesse wants you to be happy, he wouldn’t want his memory to hold you back.”

It struck me that he spoke of Jesse as though he had had a conversation with him; which is quite possible considering Alex is an angel but I didn’t ask him any questions regarding that subject.

“You’re so good to me, Alex.” I whispered against his coat
I lay my head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

Alex stopped rubbing Isabel’s back, when he felt her breath on his neck. His heart was racing, he had successfully managed to avoid this situation for months now, ever since he’d declared his feelings for Isabel to Gabriel, he had been extra careful when he was around her but somehow tonight he had been unable to keep her at arms length.

Isabel looked up at him, “Alex…I’m going to kiss you.” she said softly and slowly she stood on the tips of her toes, giving him enough time to bolt, if he wanted to. He remained where he was barely moving, breathing rapidly, waiting for her lips to touch his and they did.

It was a soft gentle kiss, which lasted for a few seconds, but for Alex it heralded a whole new beginning. He knew then and there, that he could no longer deny himself the woman in his arms.

“Alex, say something.” Isabel said anxiously
“You shouldn’t have done that Izzy.”
“Because you’ve only made it harder for me not to love you.”

Isabel wasn’t quite sure how she was managing to remain so calm, because her mind was screeching at her, telling her that that kiss was pure electricity, that the man…angel in front of her was her true love. Yet, everything was so confusing.

“Would be so bad for you to love me or for me to love you?” she asked him solemnly

When your soul is tired and your heart is weak
Do you think of love as one way street
Well it runs both ways, open up your eyes
Can't you see me here, how can you deny

“NO…no it wouldn’t. It would be wonderful, but…”
Isabel cut him off by placing a finger on his lips, “Please…don’t say anything else Alex…don’t spoil this moment.” Without another word she led him upstairs and to her bed where she lay down besides him, her own arms wrapped around his waist possessively.

It's a private emotion that fills you tonight
And a silence falls between us
As the shadows steal the light
And wherever you may find it
Wherever it may lead
Let your private emotion come to me
Come to me

Alex on the other hand knew he would have a lot of explaining to do very soon but somehow he wasn’t all that bothered by it, he had kissed the woman he loved and it felt wonderful. She might just love him back. Life was full of possibilities.

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by KarenEvans
Just a short part for now.

Part V-

The next morning Isabel woke up with a smile on her face. She was feeling better than she’d felt in a long, long time. Alex wasn’t there when she awakened, but she had expected that. She had felt him kiss her cheek lightly before leaving a few hours previous.

‘Well at least he spent most of the night with me’, she thought to herself.

She decided to make herself some pancakes for breakfast and set about doing just that, humming the tune of ‘This Kiss’ by Faith Hill and gently swaying her hips to the imaginary beat.
She was so immersed in what she was doing that she didn’t feel Alex come up behind her until he put his arms around her waist and drop a kiss on her bare shoulder.

She twirled around happily, “Alex…you mustn’t sneak up on me like that.” she said in mock annoyance

“What happened to you being able to feel me?” he asked with a hurt look on his face

“I wasn’t paying attention…I had other things on my mind.” she countered

“Oh…like what?”
“Well that’s for me to know and for you to find out.” Isabel replied playfully before leaning up to plant a firm kiss on his lips

She’d intended for it to be just a quick one but it soon deepened, Alex trapped her against the counter so that there wasn’t an inch between their bodies.
He lost all coherent thought; the only thing on his mind was Isabel and the way she was making him feel. Every emotion and sensation was new for him, and he was being overwhelmed.

“Alex.” Isabel moaned softly between kisses
He pulled away, resting his forehead against hers, breathing heavily.
“Isabel…I” he was too embarrassed to carry on

“What it is Alex? You can tell me.” Isabel said gently looking him in the eye

“All this” he said waving his hand back and forth between them “is new for me. I’ve…I’ve never been with a woman before in an…intimate way.”

He blushed when he said that and looked away, not knowing how she would react to his confession.

Isabel, was touched by his honesty, at how innocent he was and most of all that he trusted her with his emotions.

Placing her hands on either side of his face, she placed a chaste kiss on his lips, “Thank you for telling me that…we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do or aren’t ready for yet.”

“Isabel…I…there are so many things against us at this point. I want to be with you so much, even being kissed by you is like a dream come true but I have to take care of things…up there.” he concluded pointing up

“They…or He isn’t going to take you away from me, is He?” she asked, suddenly frightened by the possibility of losing him

“I won’t let that happen, I won’t, I can’t lose you Alex. I’ve just found you.” Isabel started crying

“Sssh…Izzy please don’t cry…I would never leave you, not voluntarily and I would never hurt you.” Alex said worriedly, wiping the tears away from her cheeks

“But there are things I’ll have to face before we can be together. There has never been another like me.”
Isabel looked confused, “What do you mean?”

“Another angel who has loved a mortal woman and worked on his feelings. None have shown themselves to the women they’ve loved. You and I are…well a first, so to speak.”

“Oh!” was all Isabel could say

They stood there in the kitchen, Isabel resting her forehead against his chest, her arms wrapped around his waist, Alex, with his hands on her shoulders looking out of the kitchen window, wondering how they would work things out.

I spoke to my father and he agreed with my decision to move. My parents offered me my old room to stay in for a while until the apartment was set up but I refused.
It wouldn’t have worked, not after all these years. Plus I had Alex to think of.
He wouldn’t be able to appear and disappear at will, in my parent’s house as he did in mine. Even the thought of not seeing him for a few days made me cringe.

We have been taking things very slowly.

I keep reminding myself that Alex had never kissed a woman before me let alone make love to one. I am content to just spend time with him everyday for a few hours, getting to know him, kissing him, even just sitting in silence, both of us doing our own thing.

Did I mention that he is a fabulous dancer? It’s like he’s floating on air.

I must have done something really good in my last life to have an angel love me in this one. There are still days when I get up and wonder if it has all been a dream but then I sense Alex’s presence and remember, he loves me, he’s always loved me.

Maria, Michael and Kyle came over to help me pack. More than anything I wish I could tell them about Alex and how wonderful he’s been to me but I can’t.

What would I tell them anyway? Hey guys, an angel came down from heaven and rescued me from the depths of despair. They’d think that I had lost my mind or roll over laughing. No…until Alex tells me that I can, I can never tell anyone about us.

I don’t know if it’s my imagination or just the fact that it’s been really long since a guy has hit on me…but Kyle seems to be paying extra attention to me nowadays.

The other day when we were at the mall, he insisted on carrying my bags, paying for my burger and milk shake, opening the car door for me and making sure I had reached home safely by having me call him to tell him that I was safely inside the house. He was also giving me compliments left, right and center.

Some Days Ago~

Maria cornered Kyle in the Guerin kitchen one afternoon when he had gone there to watch a game with Michael. He stepped in to the kitchen to get a drink from the refrigerator and got a fright when he closed the door and found Maria standing behind it.

“Geez Maria…what’re you trying to do, give me a heart attack?”

Before he could walk away she grabbed his forearm and pulled him over to a dining table chair, “Sit.” she more or less commanded

Kyle obeyed, not wanting to bring the Deluca wrath upon himself, “What’s up?”

“You need to take Isabel out and show her a good time.” Maria said sitting down in the chair opposite his “She needs to be reminded that there are other guys in the world who will love to have the chance to be with her.”

“Oh okay…I’ll take her out for a movie sometime.” Kyle said and started to get up but was pulled back down “Ouch!”

“Do I have to spell everything out for you, you idiot?” she asked narrowing her eyes at him

Kyle threw his hands up in the air in defeat, “Okay…what have I done? If I have done anything I’m sorry, I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong and I will make it up to you…”

“Kyle…SHUT UP!” Maria ran her fingers through her short curls in frustration

“VALENTI…don’t tell me you got lost in the fridge.” came Michael’s voice from the living room
“He’ll be with you in a minute Spaceboy.” Maria yelled back at him

“Now Kyle” she began sweetly “We all know that you had the hots for Izzy all through high school, and were too chicken to do anything about those feelings and even in college before she got married. Well now you have the chance.”

Kyle’s eyes widened in surprise, “Maria you’re talking crazy…what makes you think that my interest in Izzy is anything more than platonic.” He tried to act casual but he was nervous and Maria caught on to that.

“Because I have seen the way you look at her…you still have feelings for her and there is nothing standing in your way now. I’m telling you this is your shot, take it.’

Kyle kept quiet for a moment contemplating what she’d told him, “Has Izzy said something to you about me?”

Now Maria by nature was an open, honest individual but the moment didn’t’ call for honesty, it called for quick-mindedness, “Well, now that you ask…I wasn’t going to say anything but since you brought it up…she did ask me if you were seeing anyone in particular.”

“So what? That doesn’t mean that she’s interested.”

“Ah, but you see, she dropped a few hints that she would love to spend more time with you and get to know you again.”

A little part of Kyle’s mind began to gather hope.

“So will you take her out on a date?” Maria asked eagerly
“Yeah…I think I will.”

Two more days in this house…I am feeling nostalgic, which I suppose is only natural. Everything is either in cardboard boxes downstairs or already in the apartment. Kyle has been most helpful, hefting all the boxes in to my SUV, transferring them in to the apartment. All this when’s he’s been busy at work.

“I think he likes you.” Alex said that evening out on the balcony, where Isabel was sitting on his lap
“Who…you mean Kyle?”
“Yeah I mean Kyle.”

“That’s ridiculous…he’s just being a good friend.”
“A good friend who makes goo-goo eyes at you when you’re not looking.”

Isabel started laughing and she turned around slightly so that she could see Alex’s face, “Is someone jealous?”

“Am not” Alex said quickly “Just warning you that one of these days he’s going to try and kiss you or something and then I’m going to break his face.”

“You’re not allowed to do that.” Isabel said in between her laughter
“Say’s who?”

“You’re an angel…what kind of angel goes about breaking guy’s faces.”
“You’re finding this all very funny aren’t you?” He asked with a mischievious look on his face

“I can’t lie…I think it’s hilarious.” She burst out laughing once more
“Aaaghh…Alex stop…please.” Alex had started tickling her mercilessly
“No…that’s for laughing at me.” Suddenly he picked her up and strode in to the bedroom and threw her down on the bed and commenced tickling her again

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by KarenEvans
Part VI-

Isabel sat back on her sofa in her new apartment, rubbing her hand up and down the arm of the sofa, looking around, thoroughly satisfied with her efforts at decorating the place to suit her tastes. She had changed the walls from the dull gray that they had been to a cream to match her maroon and beige curtains. All of the furniture was in place thanks to the efforts of Michael, Kyle and her father; and Alex as well when no one else was present.

Christmas was three weeks away was she wasn’t quite sure whether she should celebrate considering she had been a widow for just about ten and half months. Her Christmas decorations were lying in a box in the hallway closet as yet untouched. Somewhere along the way she had forgotten her grief and had moved on so forcefully, that the memories of her life with Jesse, seemed to have gotten buried with the rest of her past.

A pang of guilt stabbed at her heart.

It’s a perfect Saturday afternoon and here I am moping around in my new home when I should be feeling happy and free. How long is a period of mourning supposed to last? Is there even such a thing as a time period to mourn the loss of a loved one?

“There isn’t a time period for such things, Isabel.” Alex sat down by her side
“How did you know what I was thinking?”

He shrugged, “Because I know you, and that look on your face. You’re not letting him down in any way you know, by trying to be happy and making a new life for yourself.”

Isabel thought about what he said, it certainly made sense, Jesse would never want her to be unhappy, he’s always made sure she was happy when he was alive. She decided to ask Alex the question, which had been playing on her mind for a few weeks.

“Have…you met him? Alex raised an eyebrow in question “Jesse, I mean. Have you seen him up there?”

Alex wasn’t quite sure to respond to her question, he kept silent, measuring his words, before he finally spoke, “Izzy, I am not supposed to divulge information like that. I am in enough trouble as it is according to the grapevine. But I will tell you this much…he is happy.”

Isabel let out an audible sigh of relief, and then she got up from the sofa and headed to her bedroom, “Where’re you going?” Alex asked following her every move
“I’ll be right back.”

Alex sat back in the sofa, closing his eyes, wondering what Isabel was up to. He didn’t hear her re-enter the room and felt a package drop in to his lap.

“That’s for you.” she said seating herself on the opposite end of the sofa

“What this?” he asked excitedly, he had never been given a gift before

“Open and you’ll find out.” Isabel giggled, waiting for him to tear apart the wrapping paper but he did it very carefully, pulling at the scotch tape, making sure the paper wasn’t tearing. Isabel was about to tell him to hurry up when he finally took the paper off.

He held up a deep red semi-formal shirt along with a pair of beige pants.
Isabel hastened to explain when he didn’t say anything, “You said that you weren’t really aware of any rule which stated that you have to keep wearing what you’re wearing twenty four seven…so I thought…I wanted to you have these. Do you like them?”

Alex looked at her, and realized she had an anxious expression on her face, “I love it Izzy, and I haven’t ever received a gift before.”
“Well I hope they fit, I just kind of guessed your size.”

He closed the space between them and kissed her, murmuring, a thank you somewhere in between the kissing.
Alex was becoming quite an expert at the whole 'making out session thing', which was very apparent from the moans escaping Isabel’s throat.

He shifted his weight slightly, and pulled her down, so that she was lying on the sofa, partially under him. His left hand wound it’s way in to her long tresses while his right rested on her waist, gently caressing the skin, which had been exposed when her shirt had ridden up. Placing feather light kisses along her jaw; he worked his way to her ear lobe where he sucked at the tender flesh.

‘Oh my god!’ I don’t think Alex has any idea what he’s doing to me right now. I am slowly melting, and if he carries on this way, I am not going to be able to stop myself from tearing off his clothes.

With great difficulty I manage to clear the fog from my brain, taking one last moment to savour the feel of his mouth on my skin before I pulled away from him, “Alex…we, you have to stop.”

Alex looked at her, confusion evident in his eyes, wondering whether he had gone to far, or he had offended her some how. Isabel noting that look, placed her index finger against his lips, and smiled, “As much as I was enjoying what you were doing to me…and believe me I was really enjoying that, I think we could have gotten carried away and I don’t think that would be such a good idea at the moment. What with…” she glanced upwards

“You’re right Izzy…thanks…for being the sensible one.” Alex grinned and gave her a chaste kiss before pulling away, smoothening out his pants and shirt

“Might I add that you’re getting to be an expert at the whole making out thing.”
“Well…I’ve had a great teacher.” he said shyly giving her thigh a squeeze

“We can still have some fun…are you up for a moonlit stroll in the park after dinner, like a normal couple?”
“Yeah…but I’ve got to go for now, I’ll be back later.”

I have been staring at the phone for half an hour, working up the courage to call Isabel but every time I approach it, my voice cracks. What the hell is the matter with me? Kyle Valenti, the stud of high school, one of the most eligible bachelors in town, scared to call one of my best friends to take her out on a date. Except she won’t know it’s a date, I won’t tell her it’s a date, not until I can gauge her feelings for me. For now it’ll just be two friends going out.

“Still staring at the phone, son?” Jim strolled in to the living and chuckled, “Whom are you going to call anyway…anyone I know?”
“Isabel.” Kyle murmured
“Isabel.” a little louder this time

“About damn time…I was wondering when you were going to get your act together. A beautiful lady like Isabel isn’t going to remain single forever…some bloke is bound to come along and capture her heart.”

That made Kyle spring in to action; Jim smiled and walked back in to his own room to give his son some privacy. He dialed her number and waited patiently for her to answer, his heart thumping so loudly he was sure she’d hear it at the other end.

Isabel ran out of the bathroom, with a towel wrapped around her and reached the phone just as it was about to stop,
“Hello.” she said breathlessly
“Izzy…it’s me Kyle. Are you okay? You sound kinda out of breath.”
“I came running from the bathroom that’s why, I was in the shower. What’s up?”

So not the mental image I need of her right now. She’ll be disgusted if she knew that I am picturing her in an itty-bitty towel, skin still wet from the shower; get a hold of yourself Valenti. Think…think of something else…quick. Lions…lions tearing a Thompson’s Gazel to pieces. Ah yes…that’s it.

“Oh…sorry, I just got side tracked for a moment, my dad was showing me something. What were you asking me?”

“I asked you, ‘what’s up?’”

“I…uh…do you want to go catch a movie tonight and then some dinner?”
“I wish you had asked me this morning Kyle, but I am busy this evening. Can we do this another night, say tomorrow or day after?”
“Yeah, yeah sure, no problem. Let’s make it tomorrow, early dinner and then a movie. Okay?”
“Yeah, fine by me. Looking forward to it. Bye.”

Well at least she sounded enthusiastic and she’s the one who suggested we make the plan for another day. If she weren’t interested she’d have just said that she wasn’t free and left it at that. May be Maria wasn’t just pulling a fast one on me after all.

Later that evening, Isabel stood on her balcony waiting for Alex to show up. When he finally did appear, she whistled in appreciation, for he had on the clothes she had bought for him. Only one thing needed to be changed, black shoes didn’t match the outfit so she bent down and touched them, changing them to tan.

“There you go.”

She stood back up smiling and Alex hugged her, delighted that she’d used her powers on him for the first time.
“Ready to go?” she asked him, heading in to the living room, to take her jacket out of the closet
“I’m always ready to go anywhere with you.” He grinned at her and she couldn’t resist pinching his cheek affectionately

They walked through the park hand in hand, neither speaking, until they got to a bench and Alex sat down pulling Isabel on to his lap.
“Alex…can other people see you?”

“I mean…right now. Since we both are out together, it would seem rather odd to a passerby if he/she saw me sitting in mid air, talking to a park bench.”

Alex started laughing and laced his hand through Isabel’s as she glared at him, “Yes, right now people can see me, because I want them to and anyway no one’s here, besides you and me so it doesn’t really matter if I am visible.”

Satisfied with his answer she leaned back against him, and let out a sigh of contentment.

Unknown to both of them Michael had decided to take a short cut through the park just that evening on his way back from the supermarket where he’d gone to pick up some household essentials for Maria, even though he had moaned and groaned about going out that late in the evening, he’d finally done it under threats of being made to sleep on the couch.

Walking briskly and whistling a tune softly, he really wasn’t paying much attention to anything around him until out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a shape so he turned to look to his left and saw a young woman seated on a what he only assumed to be a young man’s lap.

He was about to look away when said young woman, turned around and smiled down at the man, the moonlight catching her face. Michael came to a stand still; he looked closer making sure that the woman was Isabel. When he was sure he was tempted to call out to her but she seemed to be so engrossed in whatever the guy was saying to her, he didn’t feel like interrupting. He stood there for a few more minutes, watching them. Isabel’s body language gave it all away.

Maria can be so annoying sometimes. I think she finds things for me do to on purpose when I am watching a game on TV. As though she couldn’t have told me some hours ago that there was no milk, bread, oats, apples (she’s suddenly got a bee in her bonnet and wants to make apple pie tomorrow) and flour in the house.

No…she’ll wait till I sit down, settle in and till half the game is over. Then she’ll harass me till my ears are ringing. If I weren’t so madly in love with her, I would be half way across the country by now.

I don’t know what possessed me to walk. May be I thought the walk would help me work off some of the annoyance I was feeling when I left the house. The night air has certainly calmed me down; I should go for a walk at night more often. May be Maria and I should take a stroll around the block after dinner every night.

The shortcut through the park is pretty useful on nights like this one. Not many people around at this time of night, the occasional couple trying to spend some quiet time alone, sure looks that way tonight.

I smile when I spot the couple on the bench and my eyes nearly pop out in surprise when I see Isabel. But who the hell is the guy? I can’t see him, only the back of his head. Turn around man…turn around. As, if by chanting that he’s going to magically turn around.

From the way Isabel is leaning in to him, he’s no stranger so this can’t be a first date and yet she hasn’t mentioned seeing or dating anyone. Could that be Kyle? I strain my eyes, trying to make out if the guy is Kyle or not but decide against it, when they both stand up, obviously to head off home or continue their walk. This guy is way too tall to be Kyle.
I wonder what Maria will have to say about this?

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by KarenEvans
Thanks for the feedback everyone,it's really encouraging :D This is a short part.I'm kind of stuck right now,this is all I could come up with. I'll do better next time.

Part VII-

I slam the door to announce my return home, “Michael is that you?” she yells from the bedroom, “Yeah.”
“Did you get the apples?”
“Yes Maria I got the apples.” I try to remain calm and dump the bag on the kitchen counter
“And the flour?”


“Okay…I was only making sure, you don’t have to bite my head off.”
“Now if you will keep quiet for one minute I will tell you what I saw in the park.”
Maria makes a show of zipping her lips together and sits down on one of the dining table chairs.
“I decided to take a shortcut through the park on my way back from the supermarket…you know how it is pretty deserted at night.”

Maria nods and leans forward placing her chin in her cupped hands, “Anyway so there I was whistling, minding my own business when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a couple. You’ll never guess who.”

“Who?” Maria was excited now; this was gossip

“Take a guess.” Michael leaned back against the counter crossing his arms infront of his chest with a smug look on his face
“Umm…Jim and Mom? No…okay…Isabel and Kyle. It had to have been them. I knew it, I knew it.” Without waiting for a reply from Michael she got up and did a little jig on the spot
“NO…will you let me finish…stop doing that ridiculous jig. It wasn’t Isabel and Kyle…it was Isabel with some other guy.”

“Yeah, took me by surprise too. At first I thought it was Kyle since you told me you’d told him to take her out but when he stood up I knew he was no Kyle, that guy is as nearly as tall as me.”

“Did you see his face?”

“Nope…their backs were to me. They looked pretty comfortable around each other so it couldn’t have been a first date.” Michael started retreating to the living room and Maria followed him

“I can’t believe this…and Izzy, I can’t believe she would keep this from me, she hasn’t mentioned a word about this new guy to me. I though we were close.”

She sat down next to Michael on the couch, thinking, trying to work out the whole situation, “May be this guy doesn’t mean anything, she’s probably just using him for some fun. I mean no way is she going to get in to another relationship so soon. Trust is a big thing for Izzy, and I know she regrets not telling Jesse about the Czech thing. That’s why Kyle would be prefect for her. He cares for her deeply and he already knows your secret.”

“Maria…stop it! I’m telling you, Izzy and that guy looked pretty close tonight. I doubt Kyle is going to have a chance, unless my sister has done a complete turn around and now dates guys just to have fun.”

“Well Kyle better get his act going if he wants a look in, this time.” Maria said in a stubborn voice as she reached for the phone

*ring ring ring ring*

Kyle answered the phone on the fifth ring, “Hello.”
“Kyle…it’s me. Have you asked Isabel out yet?”
“Well hello to you too. Not that it’s any of your business, but yes I did, just this evening.”
“And what did she say?”
“She said yes of course. Why would she say no? She has no reason to think that her two scheming friends are ganging up on her.”
“Oh stop exaggerating…anyway I called to tell you that Michael saw her with some other guy tonight. So you better work your charm on her tomorrow night. Night!”

She put the phone down without waiting for him to answer.

I glare at the phone after Maria slams it down as though my glare could reach through the phone and burn her ear or hand or something at the other end. Who the hell is this other guy and from where did he suddenly land up?
I’m sure there was no guy on the scene when I got back from Cyprus, no of course there wasn’t it was too soon after Jesse’s death. But if Isabel is out dating again then I suppose she is ready to move on and that is a good sign. May be she won’t be so opposed to starting something with me.

Okay slow down Valenti, you don’t want to scare her away before you can even lay the foundation of a romantic relationship. I hope this other guy isn’t someone she’s serious about. Why does there always have to be some other guy. In high school there was that guy…what was his name…Ryan Cooper. Stupid smug idiot! Then just as I was about to tell her how I felt in college, along came Jesse. Geez…my lucks stinks.

Somewhere in Heaven~

Lucius, one of the most powerful angels in heaven has summoned Gabriel to talk to him about Alex.

“Does Alex love this woman?” Lucius asked Gabriel in serious tone, pacing back and forth
“He says he does. I’ve never seen him become this attached to anyone. It’s almost as if he wants to protect her and shelter her from every harmful thing in the world.”

“Protecting and sheltering her is well and good, he is a guardian angel after all but falling in love with her and on top of that revealing his presence to her…I don’t know about this. We have always operated in obscurity; being seen, heard or felt by the people we watch over is the one thing we avoid. What if she tells another person about him?”

“I hardly think that’s a possibility Lucius. You know how human beings are, they never believe in such things unless they see it with their eyes. We don’t look any different to humans so it’s unlikely anyone will believe her. At the most they’ll think she’s gone mad.”

“You seem very sure so I’ll take your word for it.”

“She has a secret of her own as you know. She trusts him with it. Alex must trust her with ours else he would never have revealed himself to her.” Gabriel spoke confidently; making every effort to convince Lucius that Alex wasn’t endangering the laws that had been put in place since time immemorial

“You’re right but I will speak to Alex soon. You can tell him that.” Gabriel nodded in understanding knowing that the time was drawing near when Alex would have to make a choice

Isabel turned the key in her front door, laughing at the joke Alex had just told her, immensely happy that they had spent the entire evening together. They took off their coats and headed for her bedroom and sat down on the bed, Alex resting against the pillows at the head of the bed and Isabel, resting against him. Both content to just spent time together in silence.

Lately she had wanted to spend more and more time with him, but she knew she was being selfish.

I know it is unfair of me to expect or demand that he spend more time with me. He has his heavenly duties to fulfil and being with me is no doubt already getting in the way of those duties. He hasn’t said anything to me and nor will he unless I push him but I see the worry in his eyes. I just knew it, loving me is going to cost him.

It always comes back to the same old thing, I can’t be with a man without there being some sort of obstacle in the way. With Ryan it was the whole ‘I am an Alien’ issue; as nice as he was I wasn’t sure I could trust him with the burden of carrying that secret and I wasn’t sure whether I loved him or whether it was just a strong liking. With Jesse it was the same thing, I know he loved me but I doubt it would have been enough to make him understand our secret or want to be part of it.

Alex is perfect; he is an angel after all. I have no secrets from him; he seems to read me like a book every time our eyes lock, yet his being an angel and me being a hybrid is what is standing in our way.

“What’re you thinking Isabel?” he asks me, while his fingers run through my hair, gently untangling the knots
“About you and me.” I reply truthfully “I know I am being selfish to want you here with me all the time.”

Twisting so that I am on my side, I rest my chin on his chest and look up at him; “I know it’s selfish of me to want you here all the time. Alex…am I keeping you from doing your duty? Be honest with me, please.”

Alex’s fingers still in my hair, and his eyes bore in to me for several seconds, “I’m not doing anything that I don’t want to do Iz, you’re not forcing me to spend time with you and neither am I neglecting my work.”

I let out an audible sigh of relief, “You will tell me though if our relationship ever becomes too much of a burden for you…” he presses my lips together gently with his thumb and index finger

“Hey, why’re you talking like this suddenly? I love you Isabel and I am not going to give you up without a fight if it comes to that and being with you is worth any kind of trouble I might have to face up there. Don’t worry, they are angels after all, it’s not like they are going to resort to torture to make me give you up.”

He chuckles at his own joke and I smile, giving his chest a playful swat. He’ll always make me smile, that’s what I love about him.

I turn on to my back and my eyes come to rest on a photo frame with a picture of Max, Liz, Maria, Michael, Kyle and me, taken in high school. I haven’t yet told Alex I am going out with him tomorrow for a movie and dinner.

“I’m going out with Kyle tomorrow evening, he called asking whether I would go out for a movie and then get some dinner together.”

I hear him breathe deeply, “I am telling you he likes you, it isn’t all innocent.” Alex says in a slightly weird voice, as though he is clenching his teeth but I don’t turn about to check

“You’re jealous, I knew it.” I laugh at him “You’re being silly and even if it isn’t all innocent I have not given him any signals to make him think I would be interested in him, so relax you, you, Jealous Angel.”

“Yeah, yeah…all very well for you to talk about relaxing. You’re not the one worrying about some guy hitting on your girl.” He is so adorable when he grumbles, which by the way is rare occurrence

“You have nothing to worry about…it’s hardly likely that I will give an angel up, for a cop.”

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by KarenEvans
A/N-The lyrics in this part have been taken from 'Never Tear Us Apart' by INXS.No infringement is intended.

Part VIII-

Kyle stood in front of the florists shop looking at the various bouquets in the display window wondering how on earth he was supposed to chose one that would suit Isabel to a tee. He knew he should stay away from red roses for the time being, but roses were the least of his problems, for in the display window were dozens of different kinds of flowers some of which he had never heard of before.

Chrysanthemums, Petunias, Daisies, Roses, Carnations, Gladioli…the list is never ending. Apart from Roses and Daisies I haven’t heard of half of these…how the hell am I supposed to choose the right one? Red Roses are out of the question, might be too much too early on. What was it that Maria said? Ah yes, yellow is the colour of friendship. May be I should get her a bouquet of yellow roses. But what if Isabel doesn’t like yellow? I have never seen her wear yellow…ever. Damn…this should not be so hard. I’ve taken girls out before and I am always a cool customer.

“Can I help you Sir?”
A pretty young girl stepped out of the shop with an amused grin on her face, “You look a little overwhelmed.”

Kyle smiled back in relief, “Yes please, I’d really appreciate that.” They both stepped in to the cool interior of the shop, which smelt of the various fragrances of the flowers mingling together.

“What is it that you are looking for?”

“I thought that would be pretty obvious since I was standing outside looking at the bouquets.” Kyle replied in a bewildered manner

“I meant, is it for a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday? Or is it for a special lady? There are different types of bouquets that we put together for various occasions.” She informed him in a gentle manner, having picked up on his anxiety, although she couldn’t quite understand why a good-looking guy like Kyle was nervous.

“Oh…actually you see I am taking an old friend out to a movie and then for dinner but” Kyle paused, considering whether he should let the girl in on the secret “I want us to be more than just friends.”

“I see. Does this lucky lady have any clue about your intentions towards her?” She stepped behind her desk to retrieve some ribbons and cellophane

“No…not exactly. I haven’t told her yet.”
“Okay then…I suggest a mixed bouquet, because only giving her roses might be too obvious, especially if you were thinking of red.”

Kyle simply nodded, happy to have the decision taken out of his hands. He watched as the girl picked put several orange Gerberas and coupled them with a few airy-fairy ferns, and stuck in a few Gladioli and then proceeded to wrap it all up in cellophane and ribbons.

“There you go…I hope she likes it. Good luck!” she smiled at Kyle clearly smitten with him
“Tess…my name is Tess.”
“Well thank you Tess, you’ve been a great help. See you around.” He waved at her and left quickly, already running behind schedule

“You look beautiful Princess.” Alex said as he swept an appreciative gaze over Isabel, which made her blush

“Thank you, I do try.” She twirled around once more for his benefit. She was dressed casually since they were going for a movie and dinner, nothing fancy. A V-neck purple pullover showing just the right amount of cleavage with tight low waist jeans, to compliment the outfit she’d worn a necklace with a purple pendant and simple diamond studs in her ears.

“Though I am not sure I want you to look beautiful and stunning when you go out with another man.”

“Oh ALEX…stop that. You know Kyle and I are just friends.” Isabel picked up her purse and proceeded to go down stairs to wait for Kyle to show up
“Yeah, yeah…friends to you may be…he would like more.” Alex muttered under his breath as he followed her a moment later

“What are you going to do while I am gone? Got any special angel missions you’ve got to carry out?” she asked with a wink as they sat down on the sofa, she on his lap as usual, with her arms around his neck
“Something like that.” came his clipped reply

She frowned at his tone but before she could ask him anything else the doorbell rang announcing Kyle’s arrival. Reluctantly she got up and went to the hall closet to take out her jacket,

“I’ll see you later sweetie.” she whispered in his ear as she reached him to place a chaste kiss on his cheek and then rubbed the lipstick off with her thumb

The bell rang once more, so she hurriedly opened the door, shutting it quickly behind her, “Hey Kyle”
“Hey Isabel, these are for you.” he handed her the flowers, nervously running his hand through his hair
“Aw for me, thanks so much.” she took the bouquet out of his hands and kissed his cheek “I’ll have to put these in some water right away.”

She turned to open the door again, and left it open so Kyle followed her in to the kitchen, noting that there was a black coat lying on the sofa, which looked like a mans. But he didn’t give it much thought. Isabel quickly filled a vase and put the flowers in it.
“Let’s go.” She wanted to get out of the apartment because she knew Alex was still around, probably watching every move Kyle made.

Alex had thought of following them to the theatre where he was sure Kyle would try to make a move however small, coz of the darkness but he remembered that angels didn’t do such under handed things. Plus Isabel would probably have a fit if she got to know that he’d been spying on her, she’d accuse him of not trusting her. So he gave up the idea. In any case he had to go meet Lucius.

A Few Hours Previous~

Gabriel had appeared by his side in the park while he had been watching some young children play.
“He wants to meet you.”
“Who does?” Alex asked not knowing which of the upper angels could have asked for him
“Lucius…I tried putting him off for as long as I could but he’s getting impatient. He says he wants to see you today.”
“Well I suppose it was inevitable.” Alex turned to look at Gabriel “Thank you, for standing by me even though I know you don’t’ agree with what I have done.”
“What are friends Alex?”

“So which movie are we going to watch?” Isabel looked over at Kyle as he pulled out of the parking lot and headed for the movie theatre

“Well…I thought we could watch ‘Shall We Dance’. It’s not exactly a chick flick so I won’t be bored to death and I know you like dancing. Is that okay with you?”

Isabel smiled and nodded her head in agreement, “My, my aren’t you being considerate tonight Kyle Valenti. What kind of drugs are you on? I don’t remember the last time we went for a movie together where you hadn’t chosen an action packed film. Yeah I think the reason I can’t remember is because that never happened.” She teased him and punched him playfully in his right arm

“Hey that’s not fair. First of all if you had such a problem you should have said something which you never did and secondly, you can’t treat me like a punching bag when I can’t defend myself.” He grinned back at her

“I did protest, you just chose not to hear those protests. Why do you think I started going for movies with those others guys? I could get them to do whatever I wanted, but since you and I had been friends for so long I couldn’t wrap you around my little finger.”

Isabel laughed remembering their high school days not noticing that Kyle had a glum look on his face recalling all the missed opportunities he’d had with Isabel all through high school and briefly in college.

They got to the theatre, which was relatively uncrowded, it being a weeknight and found their seats in the back row settling down to enjoy the movie. Half way through Kyle finally picked up the courage to drape his arm casually over the back of Isabel’s chair, though she didn’t notice.

Alex waited patiently for Lucius to appear, trying to remain calm, mentally telling himself that he had done nothing wrong. Loving someone was a gift from God and to have the object of one’s affection return the same feeling was an added gift if not a blessing. He tried distracting himself with the passing fluffy white clouds, reaching out to pull bits of white fluff out of some of them; something he'd done since his earliest days as an angel

“Have you been waiting long?” asked a deep voice from behind him and Alex turned around to face Lucius, keeping his expression neutral, not wanting to betray any kind emotion to the powerful angel
“Not long…about fifteen to twenty minutes.”

“I’m sorry. There was something that needed my immediate attention but I’m free now and I’m eager to hear your side of the story. Before that we should go to a quieter place. Where do you want to begin?” Lucius asked him kindly as they both began descending

Alex found that they both were standing in the middle of an ocean, the water lapping around their feet, not actually wetting their feet. Lucius had apparently chosen this spot to have their discussion.
“ Before you speak Alex, know that I am not here to pass judgement on you but certain decisions have to be made in light of the present scenario.”

Alex took a deep breath, gathering his thoughts to present them in a coherent manner. “I have fallen in love with the woman I was assigned to watch over from the moment she stepped in to this world. I know it is forbidden to…”

“It isn’t forbidden to love Alex.” Lucius interrupted

“I know that, what I meant was I know it is forbidden to reveal ourselves to those we love but I just could not help it. It was as if I felt her soul calling out to me. I don’t know if I am making any kind of sense Lucius, but believe me when I say this, the last thing on my mind was endangering the rules that have been in place since eternity.” Alex spoke sincerely, never breaking eye contact with Lucius

“These rules were put in place for a good reason Alex. Women are beautiful creatures and you are certainly not the first of our brothers to fall in love with one, but can you imagine what would happen if every angel who fell in love with a woman, revealed themselves to said women in question? There would be chaos.”

“But my being with Isabel has caused no one any harm. I have carried out all my duties without any hindrances.”

“Alex, you aren’t seeing the big picture here. Humans can’t know that we exist. There has to be some sense of mystery and awe, of the supernatural, some sense of the divine, something they simply chose to believe in or don’t at all. That is the way their faith is tested. If they knew we exist, the very thought of us would stop being a novelty, we’d start being taken for granted in the sense that if a person knows he or she has a guardian angel then they might start getting careless, relying solely on the angel for their safety and happiness.”

Alex nodded, understanding everything Lucius was saying but he interrupted, “Isabel doesn’t take me for granted if that is what you are implying. She loves me, of that, I am sure.”

“Of that I am sure too; you think I haven’t been watching you two interact? It’s a rare bond you both share with each other. But have you considered what you want from this relationship?”

Without a thought Alex replied, “I want to spend the rest of my days with her.”

“That amounts to some decades Alex, that’s all. You are an immortal; one day she will die and you will have to carry on without her. Are you ready for that? If you decide to stay on Earth permanently…what kind of companion will you make? You have no experience of earthly or human life other than from the view of an outsider. There are many things to consider. If you choose to spend more and more time with her, it will affect your heavenly duties, you might not be able to carry on doing them. You being an active angel might not be possible.”

Alex’s mind was spinning. For the past several months he’d been willing himself in to believing that everything would work out for the best but Lucius was the voice of reason and he came crashing back to reality, more afraid than ever that he’d lose Isabel. At the same time he couldn’t imagine not being angel; He loved his role in the eternal cycle.

“Think over what I have said.” Lucius spoke in a gentle yet firm tone, placing his hands on Alex’s shoulders “Ultimately it will be your choice, whatever you decide it will be hard, but remember we are all here for you.” With that he vanished

Isabel and Kyle decided to leave the car in the parking lot of the theatre and stroll over to the new Greek restaurant that had opened a few weeks previous, aptly named 'It's Greek To Me'. Kyle had been becoming more and more comfortable and confident as the evening wore on, joking, flirting and teasing Isabel.
They discovered the restaurant had small dance floor and an in house band, which played all the good old slow numbers. Kyle asked Isabel dance while they waited for their food and she readily agreed.

“I think the last time we danced like this Isabel was at your wedding.” Kyle commented half way in to the song but instantly regretted bringing up her wedding, not wanting to remind her of Jesse at a time like this
“Isabel felt him stiffen and looked up at him, “It’s okay to talk Jesse, Kyle and it’s okay to talk about my marriage. They were a part of my life and I don’t regret either.”
Kyle smiled in relief and wrapped his arm her waist completely drawing her a little closer to him; a move that was not lost on Isabel but her brain wasn’t sending her warning signals yet.

“I know I just didn’t want to make you sad or unhappy tonight.’ He confessed

“Thank you Kyle…you’re a real sweetheart. But you needn’t worry, I am way past being unhappy or sad, that phase has passed. I mean I still miss Jesse at times but I have moved on, getting on with my life which is what he wants.”

Kyle couldn’t help but notice that she had referred to Jesse in the present tense, as though he had told her to move on himself, but he pushed that thought out of his mind thinking it was a slip of tongue.
He wanted to kiss her just then but knew he would be pushing it if he aimed for her lips so instead he dropped a kiss on the top of her head, which Isabel found slightly out of character for Kyle because he was never one for emotional or affectionate displays. Alex’s warning flashed though her mind but she didn’t want to believe it, not yet anyway.

The song over they moved to the table where their food was waiting for them but Isabel suddenly didn’t want to be there anymore. A strong feeling of dread was flowing through her and she wasn’t able to concentrate on her food let alone Kyle who was talking about something. She knew it had to be Alex, nothing else but him affected her senses like he did.

I have to get out of here. I have to go to Alex. He needs me right now. I can feel it in my bones. Kyle, just stop talking so that I can concentrate for one minute. I must think of an excuse to get out of here, get him to take me home so that I can be with Alex.

“Kyle…do you mind if we call it a night? I am not feeling too good right now.”

Kyle looks at me in surprise, he knows we seldom if ever feel unwell, but he doesn’t question me, “Alright.” I can detect the disappointment in his voice and I make a note mentally to make it up to him later
“Is everything okay?” He asks me as we hurry back to the car
“I just want to get home right now.” I answer without looking at him

As we get closer to my apartment my senses go in to overdrive, I can barely walk straight and I fear that something has happened to Alex. I just about remember to thank Kyle as he walks me to my door. Did he just lean in for a goodnight kiss? I can’t be sure though he definitely moved closer but I can’t be bothered with that right now.
“Thanks for a lovely evening Kyle. I’ll call you soon.” Before he can say anything I unlock the door and enter, shutting it behind me, only vaguely realizing how rude that must seem to Kyle.

“Alex?” I call out loudly not bothering whether or not Kyle might hear if he is still standing outside
“Alex?” My voice trembles this time, though I am not sure why I am panicking yet, I make my way to my bedroom, my gaze sweeping across the room

“Isabel.” It’s barely a whisper

He’s standing on the balcony, with the saddest look that I have seen on anyone gracing his beautiful features. I rush to him, throwing my arms around him, hiding my face against his chest, taking deep breaths, “I thought something had happened to you.” I tell him in a muffled voice, “I could barely breath.”

Don't ask me
What you know is true
Don't have to tell you
I love your precious heart

“It has.” I am forced to look up at him noting the troubled look in his eyes
“Alex…you’re scaring me. Where have you been?” I ask him
“Lucius summoned me.”
I remember him mentioning Lucius once, in one of our very first conversation when I had had so many questions regarding his world. Lucius is one of the most powerful angels.
“What did he want with you?” I ask but already know his answer
Alex pauses, brushing his lips across mine, resting his forehead for a moment against mine before answering, “He wanted to know about Us.”

I was standing
You were there
Two worlds collided
And they could never tear us apart

That fills me with dread. They are going to take him away from me, they are going to make him forget I ever existed or worse still make me forget that he ever existed. They are going to force us apart. NO…I won’t let them. I simply wont’ let them. Alex seems to read my mind and pulls me closer, almost as if he’s trying to fuse our bodies, “I love you Iz, more than life itself.”

We could live
For a thousand years
But if I hurt you
I'd make wine from your tears

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by KarenEvans
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Part IX-

Kyle stood looking at Isabel’s front door in confusion, not quite understanding what had brought the night to an abrupt halt. He’d been under the impression that things were going smoothly. The movie was fun, the dancing was great even though he’d wanted to hold her closer, but he’d restrained himself, reminding himself not to push her. And then…out of the blue he found himself driving her home, still wondering why she was lying about not feeling too well when they all knew that none of the Czechs ever felt anything but ‘well’. He was about to step away from her door when he heard her call out a man’s name.

Did she just say, ‘Alex’? I stand completely still for second trying to figure out whether I was imagining things when I hear her call out again, louder this time with a touch of anxiety in her tone, ‘Alex’. What is going on? Who is Alex? Why is he in her apartment? Why hasn’t Isabel mentioned an Alex before, to any of us? I wonder if Maria and Michael know about this guy?

I start backing away from the door, a million questions racing through my mind. I want to burst through her door and demand an explanation as ridiculous as that sounds. I have no right to ask her for any kind of explanation…after all I am only her friend. It’s none of my business who is in her apartment while she is out with me on a date…no correction…not date…just friends spending time together. I think I am going to be sick. Maria, I am going to wring that little body of yours. You’re the one who told me to go for her. Why did I listen to you instead of listening to my instincts?

Turning to rush down the steps he got in to his car and drove the Guerins, a grim expression on his face.

“Maria DeLuca-Guerin!” he shouted as entered their kitchen from the back door which was more or less always open “I am going to wring your scrawny little neck.”
Michael’s head popped round the corner, “Why’re you threatening my wife in our house?”
“You keep out of this…where is she?” He walked past Michael heading in to the living room
Maria sauntered in to the living room, in her night suit, “Why’re you shouting like a mad man Kyle? I am not deaf and I don’t appreciate people threatening me.”

Kyle walked up to her till they were nose to nose, well more like nose to chin, “You told me to take Isabel out on a date saying that she was showing some interest in me. So I did.”
Maria’s face broke out in to a smile, “That’s gr…” but she was cut off by Kyle’s fingers pressing her lips together
“She is not interested in me, not even one bit by the looks of it.”

He let go of Maria’s lips and plopped down on to the couch with a look of disappointment on his face. Michael who had been watching the whole scene with a look of amusement on his face, sat down besides Kyle, “What make you so sure?”

“Yeah…what makes you so sure Kyle?” Maria asked guiltily as she seated herself on the coffee table in front of the guys
“Well for starters, there was no flirting, well not serious flirting. We danced but she kept her distance and then before we could start dinner she said she wasn’t feeling well and wanted me to drop her home.”

“What?” Michael exploded “Is she okay…is it something Czech related?”

“Calm down Guerin…she was absolutely fine, it was just an excuse because she seemed perfectly fine to me. So anyway I walked her to her door and she practically ran inside, barely saying good night to me, literally slamming the door shut in my face. The next thing I hear is her calling out to some guy in the apartment.”
“Maria’s eyes widened in surprise and she leaned forward, “What do you mean called out to some guy, you mean like on the phone?”
“NO…she was calling out to him like he was already in the apartment. She called his name…I think it was Alex.”

Michael thought back to the previous night in the park when he had seen Isabel with a tall stranger and his brain started putting two and two together.
Isabel had had a glow on her face for the past few months, that hadn’t been there for a long time. She had started smiling again and she was putting an effort in to how she looked once more. Obviously this guy, whoever he was, was making his sister happy.

“Michael…Michael…SPACEBOY!” Maria snapped her fingers in front of his face
“Huh…what…sorry I was thinking about Isabel and this Alex guy.”
“Isabel and this Alex guy…wait a minute…you mean you’ve seen him?” Kyle asked
“Michael shook his head, “Well I haven’t really seen him seen him, I just saw Isabel and him in the park last night, but his back was to me so I never got a look at his face.”
“So you think it might have been the same guy in her apartment?”
“I don’t know Kyle…possibly. I mean they looked pretty comfortable with each other, and you know Izzy, she’s the last one to go around sticking to some guy and yet last night as they walked away she had her arm around his waist. But then again…it makes me wonder why she hasn’t mentioned this guy to us.”

They all kept silent for a moment, each one wondering whom the mystery guy could be.

Kyle covered his face with his hands, “Geez…I feel like such an ass. I just hope Izzy didn’t notice that I was trying to romance her.”
“Well from what you told us…I think it’s safe to assume she didn’t considering the way she put an end to your night.” Maria wanted to laugh at the whole situation but kept a straight face, not wanting to bear Kyle’s wrath “Don’t worry Stud…I’ll fix you up with a hot babe.”

Kyle jumped up and backed away, “You…stay away from me and my love life. I should never have listened to you, you crazy cedar sniffing aromatherapy freak.”

Michael started laughing until he got a slap across his head, “Are you going to let him talk to me like that?” Maria stood up glaring down at him with her hands on her hips
Michael threw his hands up in the air, “You two leave me out of this. Kyle you were stupid enough to listen to her and let her play matchmaker for Iz and you. Maria, you shouldn’t have meddled and I told you not to in the beginning.”
Before he could escape, he was being beaten with a cushion by his wife and pummeled from behind by his best friend.

“Promise me, you won’t leave me.” Isabel’s voice was muffled against Alex’s chest as she pressed her body against his, her hands gripping his coat, as though she was afraid he’d disappear in to thin air
“Never…I swear.” He lowered his head and kissed the top of her head

Isabel’s heart was beating very fast; she was scared she was going to lose him even though he was doing his best to reassure her that he wouldn’t let anything come between them. She was trying hard not to cry but the tears pushed their way through, running down her cheeks and on to Alex’s shirt.
He felt the moisture seeping through the fabric of the shirt on to his skin, her silent sobs making her body tremble slightly and he couldn’t bear to think that he was the one causing her pain, even if it was indirectly.

Cupping her face within his hands he made her look up at him and he kissed her eyes, and her cheeks and her lips, wiping the tears away with his lips. His mouth returned to hers and he kissed her gently, until she took control deepening the kiss, wanting to drown herself in him.

Slowly she started stepping backwards in to the bedroom, bringing Alex forward, never once losing contact with his lips. Their tongues caressed each other, Alex moaned softly when he felt Isabel slip her hands underneath his shirt, running them over his lean muscles, tracing the hard planes of his upper body.
She broke the kiss and started unbuttoning his shirt but it was taking too long since her hands were trembling; in frustration she waved her hand over the shirt making it along with his coat fall away from his body. For a moment she just looked at him, finally she stepped closer to him, wrapping her arms around his waist and started placing open mouthed kisses along his collarbone.

“I need you tonight Alex.” She whispered next to his ear before licking the sensitive shell
Alex simply nodded in consent, his hands exploring the smooth skin on her back where he had pushed her sweater up

She let go of him and in one swift motion pulled her sweater off. Her fingers were poised unhook her bra when she felt Alex’s hands on hers, “No.”
She looked at him confused so he smiled at her and pushed her hands down, “I want to do that.” he explained and she felt herself blushing for the first time that evening

With a confidence he didn’t quite feel Alex unhooked the front clasp of her bra freeing her breasts, and pulled the piece of material off her arms.
He stared at her in awe, at how beautiful she was, “Alex, you’re staring.” she complained with a grin on her face and this time it was he who blushed,
“Sorry…my first time and all.” he grinned back and closed the distance between them, crushing her to him, chest to breasts.
Isabel fell back on the bed, pulling Alex down on top of her. She kept reminding herself to go slow, that this was Alex’s first time but she needed him and wanted him so badly she was fast losing all self-control.

Alex started kissing his way down her throat, sucked her pulse point lightly before moving down to her breasts. He kissed and licked each creamy orb in turn but kept away from the nipples deliberately, which was driving her crazy.

She threaded her fingers through his hair, tugging at it gently and gasped, “Alex please,” he looked up at her; worried he had done something wrong “stop teasing.”
He complied with a pleased look on his face and bent down taking one rosy bud in to his mouth sucking hard which made her groan loudly, “Aleeeex…that feels…so good.”
She arched her back in response to his ministrations, and he shifted his attention to the other breast while his hands drifted over the rest of her body touching and exploring.

Isabel opened her eyes when she felt his mouth on her belly and realised it was time for her to take the lead. She reached out and shoved Alex down on to his back while she sat up and with a wave of her hand dispensed with the rest of their clothing. Alex blushed furiously when he felt her eyes sweep over his body but when their eyes locked he saw nothing but love and acceptance, “You’re beautiful Alex.”

She straddled his hips and bent down and kissed his chest, while his fingers wound themselves in to her hair. “Isabel.” he whispered over and over again as she licked, sucked and kissed her way down his body. When she reached his manhood she took it gently in her hand and stroked it, which elicited several moans from Alex, “Iz…you have no idea what you’re doing to me.”

She giggled slightly and stopped, lying on top of him and simply kissing him again before asking him, “I’m not going too fast for you…am I?”
“No Iz…but please be gentle with me.” he joked and she laughed
Swiftly he rolled them over so that she was beneath him, wrapping her legs around his hips urging him forward, silently telling him to make them one, which he did with one hard thrust.
He covered her mouth with his, both of them swallowing each other’s cries of pleasure.

Later on as they lay in the afterglow of lovemaking, facing each other, she touched his cheek,stroking it with the back of her hand, “I love you and thank you for loving me.”
Alex took her hand in his own, turning it so that he could place a kiss on her palm, “Thank you…for letting me love you.”

Turning over Isabel fell asleep, secure in his arms, which held her body close to his, one of his legs thrown possessively over hers.
Alex lay awake for sometime, looking at her, memorizing every swell and curve of her body which was bathed in the pale silvery moonlight coming in from the window, somehow adding to her ethereal beauty. It was then that he made up his mind once and for all. In the morning he was going to have a lot to discuss with her.

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Part X-

Isabel opened her eyes the next morning, her heart bursting with happiness and full of hope for what the future held. She’d slept peacefully after months and was feeling refreshed. The first thing she did was roll over to touch Alex but got a surprise when she found the space next to her empty.
Her immediate thought was that he regretted what they had done the previous night but she forced herself not to think negatively. After all, he had been a willing participant,

‘It’s not like I tied him to the bed and had my way with him.’ she thought to herself as she got out of bed and put on a silk dressing gown


“Out here.” came the reply from the direction of the balcony
She resisted simply running out there and flinging herself in to his arms, instead she walked out and found him sitting in a comfortable old easy chair, facing the sun.

Putting her hands on his shoulders, she kneaded his muscles and bent down to drop a kiss on his head, “Good morning.”

One of his hands reached up encased hers gently guiding her around and pulling her down on to his lap, “The best morning ever.” he said softly and kissed her lips

He wished he didn’t have to break their light and happy mood with talks of how they were going to handle their delicate situation but it had to be done sooner rather than later.

“Iz, we need to discuss a few things.” he began tentatively, not wanting to alarm her “Our situation…it’s not exactly normal. And there is concern” he glanced upwards “that my being with you might destroy the secret.”

Isabel pulled away from him slightly to get a better look at his face, “What do you mean? Are they worried that I am going to go blabbing it all over town that my boyfriend is a real life sized guardian angel?” she chuckled at her own joke “Because no one will believe me and they’ll think that I have finally had a nervous breakdown.”

Alex smiled at her indulgently, “It’s not that simple Isabel…now be serious for a moment. I want to be with you, but Lucius says that things will not be so simple. The things he said did make a lot of sense.” She moved to protest but he cut her off by placing his index finger on her lips “Hear me out first and then you can have your say.”

“Firstly, he said that I have never lived life as a human does, I don’t know the hardships involved, you know like the day to day struggle, getting a job, supporting a family, things like that. Second of all, you and I will not be able to remain a secret for long. At some time your family and friends will want to know whom you are seeing and when that time comes they will want to know all about me. Where I come from, what my family is like, what profession I am in, basic things which every mother and father need to know. Thirdly, there are my duties as an angel. Lucius, said I wouldn’t be able to carry them out properly if I am involved in a relationship because my priorities will be divided.”

Isabel listened patiently, letting whatever he had said sink in, not saying anything immediately. After several moment she spoke, “Just tell me one thing first…Do you regret being with me?”

“NO! Don’t ever ask me that again.” was the vehement reply

“Okay good, because now we can work everything out. I’m not going to let you slip away Alex over some technicalities. It’s a miracle that I have you in my life, I’m not going to let you or some control freak of an upper angel question that.”

Alex laughed when he heard her refer to Lucius as a control freak, “Lucius wouldn’t take too kindly to that name.”

“Whatever! That’s not important.” She was slowly getting in to her bossy mood and Alex could see that. If he knew Michael he’d have knows that Michael termed that her ‘Nazi Mode’.

“I think Lucius is just trying to make you choose by telling you that you will not be able to carry out your duties. It’s not like I want you at my beck and call twenty-four hours a day. For goodness sake I am not that needy or clingy. You’re an angel Alex and I am in awe of that, to tell you the truth. I would never stand in your way or be a hindrance to you. The family…well we will have to come up with something in that respect. My parents might find it odd that you do not have a ‘job’ so to speak. Do you think it would be possible to let them in to the secret? They wouldn’t tell a soul. I mean they know about my otherworldly status, as do Maria and Kyle. My secret’s been safe with them all. And it’s so much easier not carry on a charade.”

Alex considered what she had said, idly twirling a lock of her hair around his finger, “ I don’t know Isabel, I mean I have no problem with that. I have been watching over you so I know how relieved you were when you told your parents the truth of your origins but this is slightly different. I’ll talk to Gabriel and then of course the ‘control freak’ as you so fondly referred to him.”

Isabel was about to say something when the phone rang. “Who on earth is calling so early in the morning?” she asked grumpily as she got off his lap and went in to answer the call, “Hello?”
“Hey Chica.” a very chipper Maria was at the other end
“Maria, you do realize it is seven o’clock in the morning?” Isabel asked in mock annoyance and turned to mouth to Alex that it was Maria on the phone
“Oh yeah but I couldn’t wait any longer. So…”
“SO what?”
“Oh come on…don’t keep me in suspense Izzy. Kyle told us all about last night…that you practically ran out on him and that the moment you entered your house and shut the door you called for some guy named Alex like he was in the apartment waiting for you.”

Inwardly, Isabel kicked herself for being so careless. She quickly made up a lie however lame it sounded, “Alex is a college friend of mine. He was passing through town and asked if he could stay with me. That’s why I was in a hurry to get home. It’s not nice to leave a guest alone.”
“Uh huh.” Maria hadn’t fallen for that one and Isabel knew it
“Look I’ve got to go. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.”

“What was that all about?” Alex asked as he sat on the bed
“I think we are going to have to explain about you a whole lot sooner than we anticipated

Maria replaced the phone in its cradle and turned to Michael who was still half asleep in his bed, “Your sister is a horrible liar. The mystery man Alex, according to her is an old college friend passing through town. What a load of BS!”

“May be she’s telling the truth. ” he muttered, rubbing his eyes
“Oh that’s rot and you know that. Since when has she had a friend named Alex? We’ve never heard of him in all these years and now suddenly he’s staying with her. Although that last bit might be right. He’s probably there with her right now.”

Maria started laughing, “Izzy is getting some.”
“Oh yuck Maria…that’s so not the first thing I want to hear in the morning.”