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Post by KarenEvans » Tue Dec 19, 2006 1:12 am

A/N-This is the first part of the Epilogue. I think it's the right time to end this fic of mine and I have enjoyed writing it. Thanks to all my readers, whether or not you have left FB. Part 2 will be posted either on Christmas eve or Christmas Day. Flashbacks will be in Italics.


Now just because the Evans’ and their extended family had accepted the fact that Alex was an angel, it didn’t automatically make it easier for them to digest that bit of information. Max especially had the hardest time believing it but he made the effort for his sister, after noticing how she had blossomed over the past year. Michael surprisingly, struck up a wonderful friendship with Alex, much to the delight of their better halves.

“I am so glad that Michael and Alex have become so close.” Maria remarked one afternoon as she stood in Isabel’s kitchen, wiping the plates after lunch

Isabel glanced over her shoulder at her husband and her brother, both of who were standing out on the balcony, deep in conversation, completely unaware that they were the subject of their wives’ conversation.

“Yeah I think Alex asking him to be best man at the wedding really clinched the deal, so to speak. I mean they got along from the very first day they met but Alex asking Michael to step up for him really made a difference.” Isabel sort of got a dreamy look in her eyes as she recalled her wedding day, even after nearly a year and a half of being married and Maria couldn’t help but smile and carried on wiping the dishes quietly

The wedding was set exactly nine months after Christmas. Isabel wanted it to be a small, quiet affair, with just her immediate family along with the Parkers and Valentis. Of course a couple of angels turned up, namely Gabriel and Lucius, to support their brother on the happiest day of his life. Unfortunately none but Alex and Isabel knew of their presence but that was all that mattered. With two angels there to bless them, Isabel couldn’t have asked for more.

The Evans’ backyard was chosen as the venue and Isabel hired a landscape artist to decorate her parent’s back garden to suit her tastes, not that Diane and Philip minded much, they always had faith in Isabel’s choices when it came to decorating. Since it was going to be a small gathering, the chairs for the guests fitted in nicely to the small space, without being crushed together.

From the moment he came to know that the wedding was being held in the back garden Michael had set to work, sawing, carving and polishing, the wedding gift that is.
“Izzy’s going to love it Spaceboy.” Maria said admiring her husband’s work one day when she wandered in to his workshop behind their house, to give him a glass of juice,
“I hope she does…and Alex too.” he replied after gulping down the cool liquid

The day of the wedding, at the crack of dawn, Michael along with a few of his colleagues managed to get the altar, from his workshop in to the Evans’ yard, setting it up in front of the chairs, which had been set out the night previous at Isabel’s insistence meaning which they had to be wiped since they were with dew.

“OH MY GOD!!!!! MICHAEL!!!” Isabel screeched from her bedroom window as she saw her wedding gift being brought in to the backyard. She was staying with her parents and Alex was in her apartment, following the customary rule of not seeing each other for twenty-four hours before the ceremony.

Michael heard her bounding down the stairs and a moment later she flew out of the backdoor, ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘aah-ing’ over the altar.
“Michael this is beautiful…I can’t believe you made this for me.”
“And Alex.” Michael added amused and thoroughly delighted that she loved it
“Yes of course Alex, I know he’ll love it.”
“Thank you Michael!” she wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly for a few seconds and when she pulled away there were tears in her eyes “This is the best gift.”
Michael smiled and kissed her forehead, “You deserve it.” he said quietly and then added, “I have to go now, but I’ll see you in a few hours.”
“See you.”

“All set Angelman?” Michael asked Alex with a big clap on the back as they entered the Evans’ household,
“As ready as I will ever be Mike. I have been waiting for this day for months and…where did that come from?” he asked turning to look at Michael as they stepped on to the back porch

“From my workshop. That’s my gift to Isabel and you.”
“Michael, that’s the best gift I have ever received. Thanks man.”
Michael grinned when he heard Alex more or less say the same thing as Isabel, “It was my pleasure.”

Alex and Isabel had decided to keep their vows simple. They didn’t need any fancy or grand declarations of love, they already knew how they felt about each other and wanted to keep it private.

“I promise to love, cherish and protect you, in this life and the next.” Alex said softly, knowing that they would be together forever
“Alex…” there was a lump forming in Isabel’s throat “sometimes I still can’t believe how blessed I am to have you in my life. I promise to always be there for you, always and forever.”

“Earth to Isabel. Earth to Isabel.” Maria joked and snapped her fingers in front of Isabel’s face and Isabel blushed, “Sorry, I was day-dreaming. Can’t help it, it all seems to good to be true sometimes.”

They walked in to the living room and sat down on the sofa, “I mean two years ago we hadn’t even told you guys about Alex and we didn’t know whether he was coming or going and now everything seems to have fallen in to place. Even us managing to get that little shop downstairs to open up our own little bakery was a stroke of luck.”

“Yeah, I have to admit that was lucky.”

“And we’re going to be eternally grateful to Jeff for all the help he gave us while setting up the business. He and Nancy were really bricks during those first few months. There were times when I thought we’d made a huge mistake but Alex is such a huge optimist, he never let me give up and put up with my bad temper.”

Isabel and Alex has decided to go ahead and open up their own bakery, Isabel supervising all the baking and Alex dealing with the financial side of the business. They had taken a loan from Philip but were doing well and knew that they would be able to pay it all back in no time. ‘Slice of Heaven’ was the name they came up with and Isabel cakes, pies and cookies were a hit all over town. At first Isabel had been hesitant about going in business but with a little coaxing from Alex and Maria she decided to give it a shot. It also helped because Alex needed a job and what better way for an ex-angel to avoid questions concerning former employment than by opening your own business. Of course he was given all the necessary paper work by the higher ups so that he wouldn’t attract unwanted attention from government officials. He had also decided to take ‘Whitman’ as his surname.

“Speaking of which, I better get down there and see what those employees of mine are up to.” Isabel said, hoisting herself up “We really need a firmer sofa, I simply sink in to this one.”

“That’s our cue to leave then. Michael.”
“No there’s no need to Maria, Alex can stay up here with you, I just need to see what’s going on down there. It’s a Saturday, so relax, be glad you don’t have a business which does it’s best business at the weekends.” she said wit a grin as the men entered the room

“You called boss?” Michael strolled up to Maria, hands in his pockets
“Yeah I did, I think we should leave. Isabel needs to go downstairs to check on things.”

“No you will not.” Alex piped up “I’ll go. You sit here and relax.”
“No, I’m not tired.”
“Okay, why don’t we all go downstairs, that way there won’t be an argument.” Maria intervened and walked out, making sure the others followed

The shop was quiet, since it was just past three-thirty in the afternoon so Michael and Maria stuck around talking to Alex and Isabel while they arranged all the freshly baked items in the display trays as their workers brought them out from the kitchen.

The bell above the door tinkled signaling the arrival of a customer and the Guerins got up to leave, waving their goodbyes, “See you guys later.”

“I’d like two Black Forest pastries and two slices of Lemon Pie, please Isabel.”
“Here you go Kevin.” Isabel said as she handed him a box with his order “Winnie having one of her sweet cravings?”
“More like her hundredth in one day.” Kevin retorted with a wry grin and looked at Alex, “You have no idea how lucky you are man, to own a place like this. Easy access to all things sweet.”

“You’d think so but Isabel here decided to have cravings for all things sour aside from wanting everything to be bland, no spice at all. You should see the amount of pickled limes we have upstairs. Shall we swap wives?”

Both men laughed while Isabel swatted Alex upside the head and grinned good-naturedly.

“When is Winnie due?” Isabel asked
“Two more weeks. You?”
“I think right now.”


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Post by KarenEvans » Sun Dec 24, 2006 1:02 am

A/N-Here you go...the final part. Thanks once again for reading and all the FB :D

Epilogue II~

“When’s Winnie due?” Isabel asked
“Two more weeks. You?”
“I think right now.”
Alex looked at his wife in confusion, “Huh?”
“I said right now. My water just broke. Alex get my bag, stop staring at me.”
“Oh yeah, yeah, I’ll be right back.” He stopped to give Isabel a quick kiss on the forehead before charging out of the shop and racing up the stairs to the apartment
“What can I do?” Kevin asked in a slightly panicked voice

Hearing the commotion, Belinda, Isabel’s right hand woman, came running out from the kitchen, “What happened? Are you alright Isabel?”
“Belinda, I’m going to have the baby. I need you to look after the shop. Okay?”
“Belinda nodded her head, “Definitely. Everything will be taken care off.”

“Come Izzy.” Alex came in and started ushering her out to the car “Bye Kevin!”
“Where is my overnight bag?”
“It’s in the car.”
“Did you” but her question was cut off by Alex “I don’t want you to worry about anything else.” he ordered her firmly and bundled her in to the car before getting in “Just try to remember everything we learned in those classes.”

Isabel nodded her head obediently, rubbing one hand gently over her swollen belly, practicing the breathing exercises she’d learnt while trying to keep track of the time passing between her contractions from the clock on the dashboard.

“How’re you feeling?” Alex asked, reaching across to hold her hand after she’d not said anything for a few minutes
“So far so good.”

Once they reached the hospital the nurses took over, hovering around Isabel, making sure she was as comfortable as she could be in view of the situation.
“Where’s my doctor?” she asked a nurse who was passing her room
“Doctor Sheffield will be with you soon Mrs. Whitman. She’s just finished delivering a baby down the hall.”
Alex went and sat down next to Isabel, wrapping one arm around her shoulders, wishing he could take away the pain she was experiencing and holding one of her hands in his free one.
“What is it Izzy?”
“I’m a little scared.”
He took a moment before he spoke, trying to compose himself, “It’s natural to be scared Iz. This is your first baby and it’s a whole new experience for you. I’m scared too, but I know you’re strong and healthy and our baby is healthy and everything’s going to be okay. I know it is.”
Just then she had another contraction, a bad one this time and she gritted her teeth, holding Alex’s hand tightly while she waited for it to pass, while he rubbed slow circles on her lower back with his other hand, hoping to give her some comfort.

Their doctor arrived after a while and examined Isabel, “Still a long way to go Isabel. You’re only dilated two centimeters.”
Isabel groaned, “I’m already tired. How long have we been here Alex?”
“Just about an hour.”
“May be you should call Mom and Dad.”
“I already did while Doctor Sheffield was examining you.”
“I’ll be back to check on you in a bit Isabel. Don’t worry too much.”
“Alright doctor.” Isabel smiled at her gratefully and then looked at Alex, “Can you get me some ice please Honey?”
“Sure thing.”

Alex walked up and down the corridor outside of Isabel’s room as he dialed the numbers of the people he had to inform about the baby’s early arrival. Max and Liz were first of course since they had to drive down from Albuquerque.

Liz…it’s me Alex.”
“Hey there, what’s...”
“Is Max around?” Alex asked cutting her off without meaning to be rude but he was in a hurry “I didn’t mean to sound rude Liz but Iz has gone in to labour.”
“What? But I thought she wasn’t due for another two weeks.”
“I guess the baby’s in a hurry. Anyway I wanted to let Max know.”
“I’ll call him right away. He’s gone to the store. We’ll see all of you tonight Alex.”
“You don’t have Liz.”
“Nonsense…it’s only a few hours drive and this is our first nephew or niece. We want to be there.”
“Alright. Drive carefully. Bye.”

“Where is she? Is she in there?” asked an excited voice behind him which he recognized only too well
Alex turned around with a smile, “Yeah she’s right in there. Diane and Philip are with her right now. I called Liz and told her, they’re on their way.”
Maria gave him a quick hug, “Congratulations.” she whispered in his ear and stepped back with a big grin on her face “Michael is on his way up. I think he’s getting something from the gift shop.”
“Let me go see my girlfriend now.”
“Tell her I’ll be in, in a minute. I’ll just call Kyle and let him know.”
Maria nodded and ran in to the room, “How’re you feeling Isabel?” she asked as she took hold of Isabel’s hand
“I am so ready to have this baby Maria.” came the weary reply
“Aww…you’re doing great chica.”

Outside in the corridor, Alex was informing Kyle, “Yeah, the baby wasn’t due for another two weeks. I guess she or he got impatient.” He couldn’t help but chuckle out of nervous excitement, “Can you tell Tess as well? Thanks. See you buddy.” As he flipped the phone shut he recalled the first time they had told Kyle about Alex’s origins,

Kyle wasn’t told the same time as everyone else. They waited for three months before telling him and Isabel felt terribly guilty about it since Jim and Kyle were like family to her. But with Kyle dating Tess, she wasn’t too sure whether or not to include him in on another secret especially when she knew he hadn’t told Tess about Isabel, Max and Michael’s ‘not of this earth’ status. He had decided that he would only tell her if they decided to get married. However, keeping a secret like that was taxing, especially since they had to be extra careful when they all were together as a group so ultimately she decided she couldn’t put it off any longer.

“I told you, you should have told him sooner.” Alex said as he watched her get lunch ready “I know, I know. You were right and I was wrong. There are you happy now?” she asked him huffily

“Alex flashed her an impish grin before hugging her, “That’s what I like to hear…I am always right…OUCH!”
The doorbell rang before he could take revenge for the slap she had just given him.

After lunch was over they sat down in the living room, Isabel looking visibly nervous,
“Kyle…I, we need to tell you something.”
“Okay spill.” Kyle wasn’t sure whether that was a good thing or bad “Everything’s alright I hope?”
“Huh, yes, yes of course everything’s fine it’s just that I have been keeping a secret from you and I want to tell you and I am sorry for not telling you for so long but now I have…”
“ISABEL.” Alex interrupted loudly after hearing his fiancé babble on and seeing the surprised and confused look on Kyle’s face “Slow down honey.”

Taking a deep breath Isabel looked Kyle straight in the eye, “Kyle, you know how Alex seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and you guys were so curious about him?”
“Yeeeess.” Kyle wasn’t sure he liked where this conversation was heading “You’re not about to tell me he’s some fugitive on the run, are you?” he laughed trying to lighten the mood “Because if you are you better not since I’m a cop and all.”

“Kyle shut up and listen. Alex, well there’s not easy way to put this…he’s an angel.”

She waited for him to react, “Yeah I know you think he’s an angel after all you’re constantly singing his praises to Tess, telling her how wonderful he is, which by the way doesn’t make things easier for me.”

“No I mean *HE IS* an angel or rather something like an angel now since he doesn’t have all his powers. He gave up his immortality for me.”

“Are you two on drugs?”

Alex decided to step in, “Kyle I know this is pretty unbelievable but try and keep an open mind. Philip didn’t believe us either when we first told him. I had to prove it to him.”

Kyle sat back, looking at them as though they had lost their minds, “Okay, so prove it.”

“When you were a little boy, before you mother left, you used to get up every morning, stay in your bed and wait for her to bring you your glass of milk and if she was even a little late you used to start sniffling. I believe your exact words were, ‘Milk, I want my milk.’ You gave her a good fright the first time she found you sniffling like that.”

Needless to say Kyle was dumbstruck. That little piece of information was private. He and his father never used to speak about it. “How did you know that?”

“Like I said Kyle, Alex was an angel. He was my guardian angel and he still is an angel in a manner of speaking, but he gave up most of his heavenly duties to spend the rest of his life with me. Kyle please say something. I didn’t tell you earlier because I didn’t know how you’d react.”

“Aaarrrggghhhh!” Isabel squeezed Alex’s hand tightly as she pushed with all her strength; she was in full-blown labour at last,
“That’s good Isabel, you’re doing good.” Dr. Sheffield looked up at her encouragingly “Just a little more and we’re almost there?”

Isabel had been having contractions for six hours and she was exhausted and cranky.

“You hear that Izzy. Come on honey, just a wee bit more. I’m so proud of you.” Alex stroked her hair lovingly and then gasped as she squeezed his hand again, making him feel as though she was about to break all the bones in his hand.

“I can’t, I’m so tired Alex. I can’t push anymore. Doctor give me something for the pain.”
Alex looked at the doctor helplessly but she replied calmly, “One more push. That’s all I am asking for Isabel. I can see the head.”

Summoning all her strength and will power she gave one final push.

“Congratulations!” Doctor Sheffield held up a little red and wrinkled baby, “You have a daughter.” Alex rushed to her, temporarily forgetting his wife, who was laughing out of happiness and relief.
“Oh she’s beautiful.” He cooed as the nurses handed her to him after cleaning her up, “Isabel she’s beautiful.”

“Let me see.”
“Oh right.” he moved to Isabel’s side and placed their baby girl in her arms
“She’s so tiny.” Isabel whispered as she caressed her daughter’s cheek with one finger “She’s got brown hair like her daddy.”

“What’re you going to name her?” one of the nurses asked them
Alex and Isabel looked at each other and smiled, “Gabriella Whitman.”
They didn’t add that she was being named after her guardian angel.


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A/N~Just dropping this banner off and thanks to everyone who voted in these three categories for My Angel :D I was really surprised about the last two :lol:


Favourite Lead Portrayal of Isabel Evans

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