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A/N-I want to thank Trude for her ideas and if this part sucks blame it on my traiterous muse who takes off as and when she wishes.
Oh and killjoy,I do intend to bring K/T in to the picture soon.Everyone else,thanks so much for reading :D

Part XI-

“Maria’s on to us.” Isabel explained as she sat down on the bed next to Alex “Kyle apparently heard me calling out to you last night and went straight to Michael and Maria with that information. Sometimes I wish we all didn’t live so close to each other. Max and Liz made the right choice by staying out of Roswell, at least for the time being. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love Maria…she’s like the sister I never had but…” she trailed off not wanting to sound mean and ungrateful, that too in front of her angelic boyfriend

But she needn’t have worried because Alex knew exactly how she was feeling and he got up on his knees and made his way behind her and started massaging her shoulders, “It’s okay Iz…you don’t have to explain. Angels get on each other’s nerves as well from time to time, believe it or not. You don’t have to behave all saintly around me, that’s not why I fell in love with you. If I wanted a saint I could have fallen for one of the angels.”

He chuckled at his own joke and Isabel smiled, feeling some of her tension drain away.

“May be we should tell them.” she suggested tentatively “About how special you are.”

Alex shook his head, meaning to say ‘no’ but Isabel carried on regardless “Alex, they’d be honoured to know your secret and they will soon know why I am so madly in love with you. They’ll accept you for who you are and get to know how wonderful you are. I mean this is one family who can keep any amount of weird secrets. Just think about it. I just know Maria is going to be banging on my door one of these days, demanding an explanation. I just want us to be free of all this secrecy, free to be ourselves.”

She got up on her knees and turned around to face him cupping his face tenderly, “My mother told me that when I met my soul mate I would know instantly because I would get an electric shock when I touched him. Of course I laughed at her when she said that but when I met you, the first time that you held my hands at my dining table everything she had said suddenly became reality. I have no clue what I did to deserve an angel as my soul mate but that’s what you are to me Alex…and I just want us to be happy and free from all this secrecy.”

Alex gathered her in his arms and kissed her forehead and spoke softly, “I know.We’ll tell them in time.”

Few Days Later~

“I told you she would try and make him see things her way.” Lucius bellowed angrily at Gabriel “This is not going to work. No matter what Alexander says, this can never work. He’d be divided in his loyalties.”

“Lucius calm down…she isn’t trying to manipulate him. She wants what every human wants…to love and be loved in return and not to have that love threatened in any way.” Gabriel was trying his hardest to reason with his superior but Lucius was getting desperate. He saw one of his favourite angels slipping away and it worried him, more than he liked to admit.

“I think I should have a talk with her?” he said pacing the cloud-covered floor

“What? No Lucius, don’t do that. What’re you going to say to her? ‘Stay away from Alex because he is my favourite and you are ruining his chances at rising even higher in the hierarchy of the Angels’. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?”

“Well she needs to know what life will be like being married to an angel.”

“Married!” Gabriel repeated incredulously “Aren’t you getting a little a head of yourself? Alex hasn’t asked her to marry him yet.”

“I know that but ‘YET’ is the operative work here. He will eventually ask her and at that time she needs to know that it will not be a bed of roses being married to a higher being.”

Gabriel sighed in frustration, “Remind me to ask you sometime when it was that you acquired a flair for the dramatic.”

“Oh you can make fun of me all you want but in the end you will thank me.”

With that he was gone, leaving Gabriel alone in the Great White Hall.

Isabel was almost done with her Christmas shopping, all she had to do was pick out one last gift and that was for Alex but she had no clue what to give him.

What does one give an angel?

Clothes are not an option since all he ever seems to wear is his angel outfit consisting of black pants, dazzling white shirt, black coat, black shoes and socks.
You’d think guardian angels would wear brighter, more cheerful colours but no, instead they all dress like the angels of death.

When we get married I am going to put some colour in to his wardrobe.
Woah!!! Hold up right there missy…what am I saying???
He hasn’t asked me to marry him. He might never ask me to marry him. Where did that thought come from?
Oh who am I kidding…it’s been at the back of my mind ever since I realized I was in love with him.

With these thoughts she walked home, enjoying the winter evening. Only a few people were about, most not brave enough to face the cold wind. There were some shoppers still about, like her, doing some last minute shopping.

As she turned to head for the street that led to her apartment complex she got the distinct impression that she was being watched yet she remained calm knowing full well that if push came to shove she could very well defend herself.

Lucius followed Isabel at a distance not wanting to alarm her. All he intended to do for the time being was watch her and see why Alex had fallen in love with her. He saw her beauty and knew that was one reason but he knew Alex wasn’t shallow, and that there would be more to her that had drawn his angel away from the brotherhood.

However he wasn’t prepared for her to stop suddenly and turn around, and as though she could see him, she looked directly at him.

For a moment he thought he had made himself visible to her but he quickly realized that her heightened senses had probably given him away. She was probably picking up on his vibes/energy, although, that was something quite difficult to master.

‘Alex might have been teaching her how to pick up on our unique energy.’ he thought to himself

Isabel was getting annoyed and the street being void of any pedestrians didn’t make her mood any better. She was sure that someone was watching her and sure that that someone wasn’t Alex. It crossed her mind to call out and challenge whomever it was to show himself or herself but she didn’t want any passerby to think she was insane.

Walking quickly she reached her building and used her powers to open the main door not bothering if anyone saw her. Entering her own apartment she dropped her bags and sat down on the couch, closing her eyes to rest for a moment. Alex had told her not to wait up for him that night, he had to attend to a few of his other charges.

She was about to head for her bedroom when she saw him on her living room balcony through the gauzy curtain. Approaching the door she opened it, not in the least bit afraid, “Lucius…I suppose. I was wondering when you would show up?”

He smiled at her, “You suppose right Isabel. Can we talk?”

“Certainely.” she answered confidently and ushered him in to the living room “Please sit down but if you’re here to tell me that I shouldn’t love Alex or that our love cannot be then I have nothing to say to you.”

Her head tilted to one side defiantly and Lucius could not help but admire her determination.

It occurred to Isabel that Lucius had conveniently shown up on a night when Alex wasn’t with her and she knew that he had probably orchestrated extra duties for Alex to keep him out of the way.

Sitting down, he motioned for her to follow suit before he spoke.

“I am not here to ask you to stop loving Alex. I just want to talk to you.”
He paused before continuing, “You do know by now I suppose that no angel has ever actually been with a woman so I will skip all that mumbo jumbo.”

“Have you taken in to consideration that Alex is immortal?”

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A/N-I have never attempted a Lamptrimmer scene before so if it sucks blame it on my lack of experience :P and sorry for the short chapters.Flashback in italics.Oh and I was too impatient to get this beta-ed so there are possibly grammatical errors.

Part XII-

Kyle sat at the counter of the Crashdown Cafe, sipping an iced tea, relaxing after his shift. At that particular moment he wasn’t really in the mood for company, feeling more like a bear with a swollen head after a rough day at work. The bell above the door tinkled, signaling the arrival of a new customer but he didn’t bother to turn to see who it was.

“Hi” a cheerful voice said next to his left shoulder “Kyle, isn’t it?”
Turning around he saw the girl he’d met at the florist the night he’d been on his date with Isabel.

“Oh um…hi…Tess.” he half smiled at her as she hopped up on the stool next to his
‘There goes my quiet time he thought to himself.’

“I’m not disturbing you am I?” Tess asked him noticing the sullen look on his face

“No no.” he said quickly “I have been sitting here by myself for quite a while. Bad day at work.” A little voice in his head called him a hypocrite, ‘a moment ago you wanted to be alone’ but he suppressed that annoying little voice and focused on the girl next to him.

For the first time he really looked at her without meaning to stare and make her uncomfortable. ‘Curly soft blonde hair, lovely big blue eyes, a pretty smile made prettier by small white teeth and a figure which is just right, not too skinny and not too voluptuous…just right for her.’ he thought to himself

“Err…Kyle are you feeling okay?” Tess had watched as he’d seem to space out for a moment “Kyle?”

“What…oh sorry…You’re really pretty.”
He blurted out before he could stop himself and then mentally slapped himself, looking at her sheepishly, half expecting her to jump up and run away, thinking him to be a lech.

“Thanks.” Tess felt herself blush and looked down at her lap “You’re not too bad yourself…I mean you’re not pretty…I mean you’re handsome.” she stuttered, feeling like an absolute fool

Kyle simply chuckled and grinned at her, “Good. Then we both agree that we are good looking people.”

“How was your date?” Tess decided to ask thinking there’d be no harm in asking “Did she like the flowers?”

“The flowers were a success…the date however…let’s just say I had competition I hadn’t been aware of and anyway it’s a lost cause. She was, is a really good friend and I shouldn’t have asked her out on a date anyway. Besides I don’t think she thought it was a date.”

“Oh…I’m sorry.” However Tess wasn’t really sorry, she felt more like smiling. She’d like Kyle the moment he’d stepped in to the shop and she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him.

I should ask him out. I mean I have nothing to lose. At the most he will say no and my ego will be bruised for a few days.

“Would you like to go for a movie one of these days…with me?” she asked hesitantly looking him in the eye

Slightly surprised by her question, he kept quiet for a few seconds. Tess was beginning to think that it was a bad idea when he smiled at her, “Yeah sure… I am free tomorrow night. I can pick you up at seven…that is if you are free tomorrow.”

“Yes I am…that’ll be great.” Tess smiled back at him, both of them grinning like idiots
Reaching in to her purse she took out her card, with her address and telephone number on it and handed it to Kyle.

“I have to get back to the shop. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Bye Tess. See you.” Kyle watched her walk out of the café and grinned

May be something good did come out of my date with Isabel after all.

Isabel walked around her apartment nervously. There were so many things on her mind she thought her head would burst. She wanted to hate Lucius. It would make things so much easier but she couldn’t ignore the things he had told her.

“Have you taken in to consideration that Alex is immortal?” he had asked solemnly

She closed her eyes and rested against the kitchen counter.
“It hasn’t been an issue between us till now.” she answered testily “and really, it’s not any of your business.”
Her voice was sharp and it sounded rude even to her ears but she was past caring.

“You see that’s where you’re wrong young lady.”

She had hated how calm and collected he’d been while she had lost her cool.

“Alex is going to live till eternity while you, will grow older. He’ll remain the same while you will age as is natural of your race.”

“Okay I admit we have not talked about the ins and outs of our relationship but this is all still new to us.”
She defended their relationship but wondered why she had to.

“Alex loves you, probably more than you love him.” Lucius continued “Think about what it will do to him when you die. Is it fair that one partner gets to live till eternity and the other dies? There is a reason why the rules were put in place.”

“Leave my home.” Isabel shouted at him

“Think about what I have said. We can’t have little half angel half human/alien children running around the place.” he said before disappearing

What if he’s right? What if I am being incredibly selfish? Doesn’t love mean letting go when you have to?
Stop it Isabel! You’re talking crazy now. Alex loves you and you love him. There is nothing wrong in that. Besides, it not only your decision to make; Alex is in this relationship as well.

“Where’s my angel?” Alex’s voice rang out from the bedroom “Isabel where are you?”
“In the kitchen.” she answered from her position on the floor

Alex walked in to the kitchen, surprised showing on his face when he saw her sitting on the floor, her back against one of the cabinets, “What’s the matter sweetheart?” he asked as soon as he saw her face

“She has a boyfriend, chica.” Maria spoke excitedly in to the phone
“She does? She never mentioned anything to Max.” Liz said surprised “Are you sure Maria?”
Rolling her eyes, fed up that everyone always asked her if she was sure of things she answered in a frustrated voice, “Yes I am.”

“What does he look like?”

“Umm…I don’t you.”

“You don’t know! What do you mean you don’t know?”

“Well she hasn’t officially said anything to is yet but Michael saw her one evening in the park with one tall guy walking with their arms around each others waists and then the other night…” she proceeded to tell Liz about Kyle’s ill fated date with Isabel

“Oh I see. I’m glad that Izzy’s getting back in to the swing of things. Max will be really happy to hear about this and also slightly worried.” Liz said with a smile although Maria couldn’t see her

“It’s going to be fun having you guys here for Christmas. It’s been ages since all of us were together. I can hardly wait for you two to get here.”

“Another few days Maria. We’ve missed you guys as well. I’ll call you before we leave for the airport. Bye!”


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I just wanted to drop this off :D and say thanks for voting and reading.


Favourite Stargazer Fic

I am so thrilled :D

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Part XIII-

Liz put the phone down just as Max walked in to the room.

“Who was that?” he inquired as he flung himself down on the bed, exhausted after a long day at college
“Maria…she had some interesting news to share.”
Liz sat down next to him, “She said Izzy has a boyfriend.”

Max burst out laughing, “Yeah right…and how did she come by this information? Wait, don’t tell me…she saw Izzy talking to some guy at a store or at the theatre and jumped to conclusions.”


“Seriously Liz, how could you believe Maria? Don’t you think Iz would have mentioned him if she did have a boyfriend. I am her brother after all. Okay if not me then at least to Mom.”

“No she wouldn’t.” Liz insisted, “You know how secretive she can be when she wants to. She probably just doesn’t want everyone to make a big deal out of it and knowing our friends and family they will. May be she’s not ready to make it known that she has moved on and found someone else. If this guy is ‘the someone else’.”

“What exactly did Maria say?” Max asked sitting up, getting a little worried
“Well she said she hasn’t seen him per say…”
“…But Michael saw her in the park one night with him, walking with their arms around each other and then Kyle heard her call out to an ‘Alex’ one night after he left her home.”

“Alex…I don’t think she knows an ‘Alex’.” Max tried racking his brains for all the guys they had come across over the years and the ones Isabel had mentioned, even in passing but couldn’t place an Alex “I don’t like the sound of this.”

Liz rolled her eyes, “Oh don’t be such a stick in the mud.”
“I’m serious Liz. This guy must be taking advantage of her, she’s vulnerable right now. I mean it’s not yet a year since Jesse passed.”

“Max, it’ll be a year next month. I know what you’re thinking and you keep your thoughts to yourself all right. No need to go telling her anything about being careful about what she says to him and to be careful about the secret. She’s already heard all that from you when she started dating Jesse.”

“Fine! I’ll keep my mouth shut but one wrong move by that guy and he’ll have to answer to me.” he grumbled

Liz started laughing, “What’re you going to do? Beat him up?”
“Why? You think I can’t?”
“Max you’ve never beaten anybody up your entire life.”
He glared at her before the tickle torture commenced.

Alex rushed to Isabel’s side, squatting down besides her, “What’s wrong? Did you get hurt?”
She shook her head and reached up to wrap her arms around his neck and hid her face in the crook of his neck. Alex’s arms immediately encircled her waist; desperately worried that something had happened to her.

“Isabel, tell me what’s wrong, please.”
The only response he got was the sound of her sobs so he lifted her off the floor and carried her back to their bedroom and sat down on the bed, with her cuddled up against him on his lap.

He stroked her back soothingly and mumbled words of endearment in to her ear and kissing her face lightly.
“Tell me what’s wrong Honey. I can’t help you if you don’t. Did someone hurt you?”

She shook her head, “No.” came her muffled reply and he sighed in relief
“Good, then I don’t have to kill anyone.” he joked trying to get her to smile and was rewarded when he saw her give him a slight smile

Isabel felt so much of love for him at that moment that she thought her heart would burst. How can it be wrong to love him so much? Why would he have shown himself to me, fallen in love with me and me with him, kept coming to me day after day…if it isn’t meant to be? Why would this have happened? God wouldn’t be so cruel as to take him away from me on some technicality.

Alex watched her face intently, fully aware that she was thinking things through before she told him what it was that had her so upset. He saw the range of emotions display themselves across her face- love, anger, determination, sadness, resignation and hope.

But is it right for me to stand in the way of his duty…to hinder his path to greatness?

“Talk to me Isabel.” he said softly, not wanting to rush her but nevertheless desperate to hear what she had to say

Finally she looked up at him, studying his features and lifted one hand to run her fingers through his hair, “I love you so much Alex.”

“I know you do Isabel. I love you too, more than you can imagine.”

“Then why is this so wrong? Why does it have to be so difficult?”
He noted the sad tone in her voice and it worried him, “What’re you talking about sweetie?”
“Us.” came her reply

Confusion showed on Alex’s face, “I don’t understand what you’re getting at Isabel.”
“You’re immortal Alex…you’re going to live forever. How can we be together when I’ll keep getting older everyday and you’ll remain looking the same? I’ll be seventy one day and you’ll still be looking like a twenty eight year old.”

He started to protest but she cut him off, “You’re meant for greatness. How can I stand in your way?”

“Greatness! What’re you talking about Isabel? You’re not making any sense. Why are you suddenly talking like this?”

“Because” she got up off his lap and started pacing the room “we need to discuss these things. There’s so much we haven’t talked about. We need to decide how things will work between us or whether this” she waved her hands back and forth between them “our relationship is even going to work.”

Alex stood up and walked over to her, stopping her by placing his hands on her shoulders, “Why are you suddenly bringing all this up? It never mattered to you before. Tell me the truth Isabel. If you think that I am going to walk away from you just because you will age and I won’t then you really don’t know me at all. Now tell me…what brought all this on?”

Before she could answer the doorbell rang.

“Don’t answer that.” He tightened his grip on her; afraid that he was going to lose her because of the way she was talking.
“Alex let me go. I’ll be right back…I promise.”
Isabel took hold of his wrists in her hands and gently pushed his hands away.

Maria stood outside, waiting impatiently in the cold corridor outside the apartment. Just as she was about to ring the bell again the door opened.
“What took you so long Isabel?” she asked and walked past her in to the apartment and put a parcel down on the dining table before turning around to face Isabel

Isabel frowned in annoyance when Maria entered.
How am I going to get rid of her now?
But she felt guilty as soon as she saw her put down the parcel on the table, knowing that Maria had made one of her special apple pies for her.

“Izzy are you okay?” Maria had noticed her puffy red eyes immediately and Isabel kicked herself mentally for not checking her appearance in the mirror before answering the door. But then again, she hadn’t been expecting Maria or any one else she knew for that matter.

“Uh yeah…I am perfectly fine. Just not been getting enough of sleep.”

“Don’t lie Isabel…you guys don’t need to that much sleep as it is. You know you don’t have to go through things alone.”
The short blonde approached the tall one and enveloped her in a big hug before releasing her, “Why were you crying?”
“It’s nothing Maria.” Isabel shrugged trying to blow her off “I was just upset and needed a good cry.”
“Why? Did he do or say something to hurt you?” Maria asked aggressively

Meanwhile, from the bedroom Alex was listening to everything that was being said in the living room.

“Huh…what?” Isabel asked her bewildered
Maria pulled her over to the sofa and sat them both down, “Your new boyfriend.”
Isabel panicked for a second before composing herself, “Maria I don’t have a boyfriend. What gave you such an idea?”

“You don’t have to pretend Izzy. Michael saw you in the park with him one night and Kyle heard you call his name the night he dropped you home after your date. I think he said it was ‘Alex’.”

Damn it! What excuse am I going to come up with now?

“I told you Alex is simply a friend from college who was passing through town..” she replied lamely
“Oh come one girl…this is me, your best friend. Why are you keeping this guy such a big secret?”

“Because she didn’t want all of you interrogating me.” Alex said as he walked in to the living room

Maria’s jaw dropped open in surprise and Isabel jumped up, “Alex!”
“Hi Maria…it’s nice to finally meet you.” he said extending his hand towards her and luckily she snapped out of her daze and shook his hand, “Nice to meet you too…at last. We’ve been wondering who you were for ages.” she said with a laugh

“I’m sure you have.” Alex replied warmly and smiled at her and then looked at Isabel who had a shocked look on her face
“Was I interrupting anything?” he asked innocently looking from one to the other

“Oh no…not at all.” Maria hastened to reply; quite embarrassed by now “I just came by to drop of a pie. I’ll leave now. Good night Alex! See you around.”
“You bet.”

Isabel followed her to the door. Just before stepping out Maria turned to her and whispered rather loudly, “He’s hot Izzy…no wonder you wanted to keep him all to yourself.”
Isabel blushed, certain that Alex had heard that, “Maria!”
“All right, I’m going. Now I know why you haven’t been getting enough of sleep.” She giggled and ran down the stairs to avoid Isabel’s hand.

“What was that all about Alex?” she asked when she returned to the living room “I thought you said no one must know about you.”
“Until the time was right.” Alex replied “And I think it is. Now are you going to finish telling me why you were so upset?”

He patted the space on the sofa next to him and she sat down next to him, giving him a quick peck on the cheek, “I had a visitor earlier this evening…Lucius.”
Alex nodded, not wanting to interrupt though his first impulse had been to ask why.

“He said that you’re an immortal and that it isn’t fair that one partner grows older while the other doesn’t and that the rules were put in place for good reasons. He also said something about it not being a good idea to have half angel and half antarian/human babies running around the place.”

Alex was fuming inwardly by the time she finished telling him everything but he held her tightly, assuring her that he would take care of everything.

“I want you to forget everything for a moment and close your eyes.” he ordered her gently and she shut her eyes, resting her head on his shoulder

A moment later he told her to open them and when she did she got the surprise of her life.

“ALEX…oh my god!!!!!!” she looked around in amazement “Is this…is this”
“The Eiffel Tower.” he completed the sentence for her and laughed softly “Do you like the view?”
“I love it! But won’t we get in trouble for being here? It looks like visiting hours are over.”
“Isabel…we’re in France, well past mid-night. No one is about except for the guard way down there.”

He indicated to the ground below. Just looking down made Isabel feel dizzy so instead she held on to Alex’s waist and enjoyed the beautiful view.
“I just wanted to get your mind off this evening’s events. I don’t want you worrying about Lucius or anything else. I will take of you. Trust me.”

Isabel stepped in front of him and wrapped her arms around his neck, “I do…with my life.”

They kissed, slow and tender at first and then with increased passion, their bodies pressed tightly together; The City of Love and Romance providing a beautiful backdrop to their silhouettes.
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A/N-Here's the long overdue personalised thanks

Trude, thanks for test reading :D and encouraging me.
madroswellfan,kisses to you for reading even though I know A/I aren't your favourite couple.You're a sweetheart Mel!
KaraGail,thanks for being one of my supporters and for always reading my fics.
Flamehair,thanks for being with me on this from day one.I am thrilled that you enjoy this fic.
Mt.Gazer and PMP,I'm really glad to have you guys on board.Rhonda your fb means a lot to me since.
Stargazers's Delight,it's always a pleasure to meet another crazy gazer.I hope you keep enjoying this.

I hope I haven't missed anyone out,if I have my apologises.

PS-This part is especially for Trude and Nathan,since you two were so vocal about your demands for a love scene after the previous part
:P Enjoy!

Part XIV-

“I saw the mystery man.” Maria stated happily as she entered her bedroom and spotted her husband sprawled across the bed, reading a magazine

“Is that my Cosmopolitan?” she asked with an amused grin on her face

“I was bored.” came the defensive reply as Michael lowered the magazine

“Oh alright no need to get your panties in a bunch. As I was saying, I saw Isabel’s mystery man, rather I met him and we spoke.”

That got Michael’s interest and he perked up, “What’s he like?”
Maria sat down on the edge of the bed and removed her sandals, “Tall, like you said he was and good looking. Funny part was when he just walked out of Isabel’s bedroom and introduced himself like it was no big deal.”
She chuckled as she recalled the moment, “I don’t know who was more surprised…me or Izzy?”

“So I take it Isabel wasn’t quite prepared for the introductions?”
“You can say that again.”

Maria lay back against the pillows as Michael rolled on to his side and propped himself up on one elbow to look at her, “She didn’t say a word while he introduced himself to me. I must say he comes across as being very confident and at the same time…I can’t quite put my finger on it but he seems very calm and peaceful.”

“Hmm…so I take it you liked him?”
“Well I don’t know him so I can’t like or dislike him.”

“You know what I mean Maria…he made a good first impression on you.”
“Yeah, yeah he did. If he’s the reason Izzy’s been so happy for the past several months then he must be doing something right and that makes him alright in my book.”

Michael kept quiet while he processed everything Maria had told him, “What’re you thinking Spaceboy?”

“I’m thinking that I am glad she is happy but is this relationship going to turn out like the one she had with Jesse? I mean she never ever told him about our true origins.”

Absent-mindedly he reached out and twirled his index finger around a lock of her hair.

“Well if they’ve been intimate then I’m sure he’s noticed something different. Somehow I think this relationship is far more serious than anything she ever shared with Jesse. You should have seen the way he looked at her…like he knew her through and through. I didn’t get to spend that much time with them together but he didn’t take his eyes off her unless he spoke to me. He’s deeply in love with her Michael. I could feel the chemistry between them. May be he’s the one for her.”

“Well if that turns out to be the case then I am happy for Iz. She deserves to be as happy as we are. If he hurts her I will kick his ass to kingdom come.”

Michael snuggled closer to Maria and draped one arm of his across her waist and nuzzled his nose in to her neck, “The wisest thing I ever did was stealing your jetta.”
Maria giggled thinking back to that day long ago, “And the wisest thing I did was getting in it with you.”

They lay together quietly for a while, thinking happy thoughts before Michael broke the silence,
“Did you speak with Liz?”
“Yeah I did. She said she’d call from the airport before they leave. I told her about Alex.”
“Oh boy…I can imagine Max’s reaction.”

Michael grinned, knowing Max would go in to ‘protective mode’ and sat up and raised one hand in the air with his index finger pointed up and shook it as he spoke,
“First thing he’ll say is, “Keep the secret safe…No one must know unless I say so.” ” he said in his best imitation Max voice

Maria laughed at her husband’s antics, ‘Oh stop it Michael, you’re so mean. I think Max is past that whole I am the leader thing he had going on for a while. Anyway, Isabel will probably smack him up nicely this time if he tries to interrogate Alex.”

He nodded his head in agreement, “I wouldn’t put that past Iz.”

Across the ocean on another continent Isabel and Alex stood together in a tight embrace, looking out over the city of Paris.
“It’s so beautiful up here Alex.” Isabel’s voice was filled with awe as she looked up at Alex
“I’m glad you like it Iz. I come here often. I find it very peaceful.”
After a few more minutes of taking in the magnificent view Isabel spoke softly to him, “Let’s go home sweetie.”

In the blink of an eye she found herself in her bedroom at home and she smiled at him, “I always knew there’d be side benefits of having an angel as my boyfriend…I’m never going to have to spend on air tickets ever again.”

Alex laughed at her little joke as he took his coat off and hung it in her closet.

“I’m going to have a soak in the tub.” Isabel informed him and disappeared in to the bathroom from where he could hear her turn the tap on. She emerged a few moments later in just a towel and he watched as she swept her hair up in to a loose knot on top of her head to keep her hair from getting wet.

He sniffed the air and could distinguish between two scents, vanilla and lavendar, both coming from the direction of the bathroom. Isabel made her way there, leaving Alex alone in the room. It took him a few more minutes to decide his next move.

Alex looked around at the various candles all over the bathroom before asking in a husky voice, “Is there place for one more in there?”

Isabel opened her eyes and saw him standing in the doorway, “I thought you’d never ask.” she said happily and moved forward to give him room to settle in to the tub behind her.

“What took you so long?” she asked in a teasing voice because she knew that even though they had made love on a number of occasions, he was still shy at times and they’d never shared the tub before.
“You love teasing me, don’t you?”

It was more a statement than a question and he could practically hear her smile. Isabel leaned back against him once he had settled in behind her and let her head fall back on his shoulder.

“I love everything about you Alex.”

He smiled and wrapped one arm of his around her waist drawing her even closer, while his free hand moved over her shoulder, down her arm and back up again, her skin made softer and silkier by the water.

Isabel moved one hand of hers down to her belly where his hand lay and entwined her fingers with his as he placed a kiss on her neck, gently sucking on the delicate skin.

“Where are your wings?”

Surprised by her sudden question he stopped what he had been doing, “What made you suddenly ask me that?”

Isabel shrugged, not quite sure herself why she had asked him that question.
“I’m not sure. Okay I know this is going to sound quite silly but in books and movies angels are always shown as having wings, that’s why I asked.”

“Well that’s all man made. None of us have wings. We can appear and disappear at will, as you are well aware. I think the whole idea of wings was made up just to project us as being different, unearthly so to speak.”

“That makes sense I suppose.”

Meanwhile Alex had moved both his hands to her shoulders and was gently massaging her tense muscles. He let his thumb run down the back of her neck, trying to relieve the tension he could feel.

“Relax Izzy…I don’t want you to worry about what Lucius said. As soon as I can I am going to speak to him and make it clear once and for all that I choose to be with you. And if that’s a problem with everyone up there then so be it. But I want to spend every day from now on with you.”

As soon as the words were out of his mouth Isabel turned around and planted a big wet kiss on his lips, tears of joy shining in her eyes. Cupping his face she searched his eyes for any sign of hesitation or regret but found none.
“Alex, are you sure? I don’t want you to ever regret being with me.”

“You’re all I want my love.” he whispered before capturing her lips with his own, running his tongue along her bottom lip before letting it slide in to her eager and willing mouth.

She groaned as she felt his fingertips tracing light patterns over her shoulders, then collarbone and finally dancing nimbly across her soft swells.
“Alex” she gasped “let’s move to the bedroom. The water’s getting kind of cold.”

In one fluid move they both stood up and stepped out of the tub, Isabel waving her hand in the process to dry them off, not having the patience to do it the normal way.

Isabel squeaked in surprise when Alex scooped her up in to his arms and proceeded to carry her in to the bedroom where he put her down on the bed before moving away from her, “Where’re you going?” she asked with a pout

“Don’t worry…I’m not running away.” he said with a big grin “only switching the lights off, there’s no need for them, besides you lit enough candles in the bathroom to light up a small house.”

She pushed the covers down and lay back with a smile watching his graceful movements as he moved across the room.
Very soon they both were back to where they had been in the bathtub, a frenzy of mouths, arms and legs, each one more eager to please than the other.

As they kissed Alex let his hand slide over her breast, past her waist, over her hip and moved behind to cup her luscious rear, pulling her up against his body, leaving no room for doubt in her mind as to how much he wanted her.

“I want you so badly Alex.” she whispered urgently in to his ear, which caused shivers to run down his spine

Just as he was about to move over her she placed her hands on his chest and she smiled as she pushed him on to his back and straddled his hips.
Alex was only too glad to let her have control of their lovemaking and waited with baited breath for her to make them one.

Leaning forward she brushed her lips across his before moving down to his chest, licking his nipples before moving on. Hearing his rapid breathing she smiled to herself, knowing only too well the effect she had on him.
She gently bit the flesh just below his belly button, which made him gasp, “You’re killing me Iz.”

Pleased, that her teasing had got him worked up, in more ways than one, she lowered herself on to his throbbing member. Both of them moaned, as Alex cupped her breasts, kneading the soft pliant flesh. Together they moved in harmony enjoying the delicious sensations coursing through their bodies, threatening to explode at any moment.

Alex sat up and moved one hand of his to her back supporting her as she arched her body. Lowering his head he captured one rosy peak between his lips and sucked, wanting to drive her over the edge before he lost all control.

“Oh Alex…baby!” Isabel gasped as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She gripped his shoulders tightly as they both hurtled towards completion, Alex groaned loudly as he felt himself empty in to her.
Isabel fell limp against him as he lay back with her still on top of him, both trying to slow their breathing and their heart rates.

“Just hold me.” Isabel murmured against his chest and he complied, holding her through the night as they talked about their hopes for the future.
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A/N-Many thanks to my gazer gang on the League :wink:
Trude thanks for test reading again and Kara thanks for the ideas :D
Most of all thank you all for reading and leaving FB.

Part XV-

Two days till Christmas ~

Alex POV

She’s just so beautiful. Every time I look at her she takes my breath away. I suppose people might say that in my long life I have seen innumerable things of beauty but none compare to Isabel, because when I look at her I see the love she has for me shining in her eyes. That sounds so sentimental, I know but what the heck, I am in love and I love being in love. I never knew what I had been missing all these eons. On second thoughts I am glad I didn’t know because Isabel Evans has been worth the wait.

She busy running around the kitchen making countless Christmas cakes, doughnuts, jujubes, rose cookies…I have forgotten what all she is making. She’s making enough to feed an army.
“Isabel.” I say a little louder this time to catch her attention

“Huh…what!?” she twirls around with a questioning look on her face, which by the way has a small patch of flour on that perfect chin of hers

I take in her appearance. Hair pulled back in to a low bun, face devoid of make up except for her favourite Mary Kay lip-gloss, Tiger Lily…I laughed the first time she told me the name. Very appropriate, since she is like a tiger herself, proud, beautiful and strong yet at the same time delicate and vulnerable like a lily.

I reach out to take a cookie from the table but in a flash she is by my side and slaps my hand away, “No…that’s for the 25th.”
I rub my hand with an offended look. Oh by the way, I have started eating, I don’t really need to but it got kind of boring watching Isabel eat her meals by herself so I decided to join her one morning when she had made pancakes.

“Come on, just one Izzy. I can’t resist and after all these millennia of having missed out on these delicacies.”

I know she’ll cave, “Fine.” I can hear the exasperation in her tone “But no more after this.”

She goes back to mixing cake batter, her back facing me so I go stand right behind her and inhale. The aroma of baking cakes and the cookies is clinging to her and I have to admit that she smells good enough to eat. Stick my nose in her hair, I inhale deeply, the scent of her jasmine shampoo has mingled with the aroma of the cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg from all the baking.

“Alex, what are you doing?” she asks in a half annoyed half amused voice
“What…now I can’t even smell your hair?” I put my hands on her shoulders and kiss her neck lightly at which she giggles “If I had known you were going to turn in to such a dictator in the kitchen during Christmas time I might not have fallen in love with you.”

“Oh ha ha…very funny Alex.”
“Is there something you wanted?” she looks at me inquiringly

“I have to go for a while.”

“Oh okay…will you be back for dinner?”

“I don’t think I will be back tonight, may be not tomorrow either.”

She pales slightly but regains her composure, “What do you mean? Why won’t you be back tomorrow?”

She sets the bowl of batter aside and rubs her palms on the front of her apron and leans back against the counter.

“It’s time Izzy, I have to go talk to the higher angels about my…our situation. I cannot put it off any longer and the sooner I iron things out with the big wigs we can settle in to a more normal existence.”

“Okay.” her voice is softer than usual and I know she is disappointed
“I’m sorry baby.” I say as I go up to her and wrap my arms around her “I know you wanted us to be together on the days leading up to Christmas but this is for the best. You’ll see.”

“I know but I’m going to miss you.”
Her voice is muffled as she presses her forehead against my chest.
“And I’ll miss you more. How about giving me a kiss goodbye?” I ask looking down at her

Without a word she stood on tip toes and gave me the sweetest most loving kiss that we’d ever shared, “Go…before I start crying or something.” she says with a little sniff

Placing one last kiss on the top of her head I step back and vanish.

Isabel POV

I had wanted us to spend our first Christmas together but I know that Alex has things to take care off and I am sure that we will have many more years to enjoy this season together.

Only now I am going to have to fend off millions of questions from Maria as to why my boyfriend isn’t spending Christmas with me when he practically lives here. Not that she knows for sure that he lives here. I could always say that he doesn’t live here, that he flies in and out to spend time with me, that we’re doing a long distance relationship right now.

Bad idea actually! The more I lie, the deeper I will get and the more lies I will have to come up with. I could say that Alex has gone to visit his parents fore the holidays.
I can picture what Maria would say- “Then why didn’t he invite you along? He’s here all the time. He should have taken you to meet his parents.”

I roll my eyes and as I roll the jujubes through the powdered sugar, coating each side carefully.

To top it all Max and Liz are arriving today. They refused to have any of us receiving them at the airport. When Jesse was alive they used to often come and stay with us during the holidays since I had a guest room. But I am glad they aren’t going to be staying with me this time. Mum and dad should be thrilled to have them.

I am yet to tell my parents that I am seeing any one. I mean it’s not like I have told any one really. Kyle, Maria and Michael just stumbled across that fact by chance. I don’t feel like facing all the questions just yet.

The shrill ring of the phone jerks me out of my reverie and I hasten to answer it.

“Isabel it’s me Maria.” I can hear the excitement in her voice
“Hey Ria, what’s new?”
“Liz is here and we’re coming over if that’s alright by you.” I know she’s asking if it’s okay but that’s just a formality
“Yeah sure. When did they arrive?” I ask but she’s already hung up

I stare at the phone in annoyance before going back to pouring the batter in to the baking tin just as the doorbell rings.

“Don’t tell me that’s them already.” I mutter to myself and hurry towards the door, checking the peephole and sure enough, two women, one hyperactive blonde standing besides one calm looking brunette.

“Merry Christmas!” I yell as I open the door, surprising them before they begin to laugh and I am enveloped in a huge hug from them both

“It’s so good to see you Isabel.” Liz says and kisses my cheek, taking a step back to look at me “You’re looking beautiful.”

I laugh and usher her in to the living room where Maria has already made herself comfortable on the couch, “Thanks Liz but right now I am smelling like a bakery and I think I have flour in my hair and on my face.”

“Where’s Max?”
“He’s with your parents but he said to tell you that he’ll be here as soon as he finishes up at home.”

“SO where is that delectable boyfriend of yours?” Maria asks me looking around as though expecting Alex to pop out from behind the furniture at any moment

Straight to the point as always!

Liz glares at her so I take it that Max and Liz both have got all the news about the new man in my life.
“Alex isn’t here right now Maria. He’ll be out of town for a while.”

“What!” here it comes “During Christmas, that’s crazy. Where’s he gone?”

“He had some things to take care off but he promised he’d be back as soon as possible.”

“Hmmm…I just thought he’d be here for your first Christmas together..”
But I don’t let her finish her sentence, “Maria, I didn’t say he wouldn’t be back for Christmas. He said he’ll try and make it back in time.”

“Are you baking?” Liz cuts in, ever the peacemaker
“Yeah I am.”
“Aren’t you going to put any decorations up this year Izzy?” Maria asks in a gentler tone and I sigh, “I have been thinking about it. The box of decorations in lying in the spare room.”

“Then what are you waiting for? We’ll help you decorate…won’t we Liz.”
Liz looks at me uncertainly and I smile, “I don’t see why not.”

I might as well do it with them since Alex isn’t here and it’s better than doing it alone. Plus it’ll be good spending time with my two best friends again.

Both of them go in to the spare room while I walk back in to the kitchen and yell over my shoulder, “Hot chocolate any one?”

“Yes please.”

While we were decorating I decide to ask Liz what Max’s reaction was to the news that I had a boyfriend, “Liz, what did Max say when you told him about Alex? I am curious since he wasn’t too welcoming of Jesse.” I chuckle just then “Remember how he punched Jesse just before our wedding?”

All three of us laugh at that memory.

“He went in to over-protective brother mode, so I told him to back off and not to behave like he did last time and to at least meet Alex before jumping to conclusions.”

“Thanks Liz. I really appreciate that. You’ll like Alex. He’s wonderful.”

“Any pictures of him around the place?” Liz asks and I have to come up with a quick reply “Why don’t you just be patient and you can see the real thing in a day or two.”

“It’s definitely worth the wait chica.” Maria says with a naughty grin and I throw some tinsel at her

Up in Heaven ~

“Sit down Alex.” Lucius motioned at the chair and took his seat as the other angels did the same
Alex looked around the teak wood table and couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. Gabriel took the seat closest to Alex on his right.

“We’ve given you enough of time to decide what you want Alex. Initially we hadn’t planned on consulting you at all but we have talked about it and realize that we can’t force you or her to do what you don’t want to do. Free will after all is a great gift from God.”

Alex nodded his head not sure what to say.

Lucius carried on, “But you can’t have it both ways…be immortal and live a human life. That is just too risky and might raise many questions amongst the humans. I hope you understand what I am trying to get at.”

He looked upon Alex with kind eyes, wishing that his favourite angel would come back to the fold.

“I choose her and a life with her.” Alex spoke calmly inspite of the fact that he was trembling on the inside “I am willing to give up my immortality.”

A murmur arose in the hall as he uttered those last words.

“I thought you might say that.” Lucius said with a smile "but I…we would hate to lose you.
“You don’t have to.” Alex said “I can still carry out my duties as you have all seen. None of my charges have been neglected. I don’t see why I have to stop.”

Lucius was quiet for a moment before he spoke, “Leave us for now. We will discuss this and call you back soon. But in the mean time I would prefer if you stayed up here and not go back down to earth until we have come to a final decision.”

Alex nodded in consent but was wishing with all his heart that they would come to a decision quickly.
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A/N-Thank you all for reading and leaving FB.Kara,thanks for giving me some ideas and Trude,thank you for test reading.

Part XVI-

The three friends were sitting around Isabel’s living talking about their high school days, after having decorated the apartment when there was a knock on the door.

“That could be Max.” Liz said making a move to get up but Isabel stopped her, “I’ll get it.”

“Hey Izzy.” Max stepped in to the apartment and gave his sister a big hug and lifted her off the ground slightly before putting her down “You’re looking good.”

“Thanks! Come on in.”

Upon entering the living room he saw his wife and Maria sitting on the couch sipping hot chocolate, “What’ve you girls been up to?” he asked as he sat himself down next to Liz
“Decorating and talking about our high school days.” Maria informed him “Isabel was just too, busy baking enough to sustain an army that she forgot the decorations rotting away in her guest bedroom.”

“Hey!!” Isabel exclaimed as she handed Max a cup of hot chocolate “I was going to put it up, just hadn’t had the time.”

“Christmas is two days away Chica. When did you think you were going to put it up? Anyway, Max you can do the honours, the star still has to be put up on the tree.” Maria handed him the star

Isabel was about to protest but stopped herself. She had wanted Alex to put the star up on the tree but she had no idea when he’d be back and it would look silly if she told Max not to, so she kept quiet.

“Is that okay with you Iz?” Max asked taking the star from Maria’s hand
“Yeah, sure. Go ahead.”
She managed to hide the disappointment in her voice as Max climbed up on the little footstool and put the star atop the Christmas tree.

“There you go Isabel, now all you have to do is put up the lights. Max you can do that, I’ll call Michael and tell him to come over if he’s free.”

Taking her cell phone out of her purse, Maria dialed Michael’s number, “Oh hey Spaceboy, are you free right now?”

“I’m asking because Max is here with Liz and me at Isabel’s and her Christmas tree lights need to be put up so I thought you could give Max a hand.”

“Yeah okay, I’ll tell him to wait for you.”

Snapping it shut she turned back to them, “He said he’d be here in half an hour, if not earlier. You know I was thinking we could put some up on your balcony as well Isabel. It’ll look nice.”

“Whose the ‘we’ you’re referring to?” Max asked jokingly “Michael and I will be doing the putting up.”

“Oh shut up you!”

“Iz what all have you made?” Liz interrupted, eager to prevent any kind of argument ensuing between her husband and best friend

Getting Liz’s drift Isabel motioned her over to the kitchen and Max and Maria followed them quietly, “Isabel I think you should open your own confectionary or café or something. You know, only cakes and coffee or something along those lines.” Liz suggested as she swept her gaze over the kitchen counters

“Beah, I aghhree.”
They turned to see Max, his mouth stuff with rose cookies, munching on them quickly in case his sister demanded that he spit them out

“Max!” Isabel shrieked, “Don’t touch anything more. I swear, between Alex and you, I will have nothing left for Christmas.”

Hearing the ‘Alex’ word Max remembered that he wanted to speak to his sister about her new boyfriend.
“Where is Alex? I thought I’d get to meet him.”

“He’s out of town but he’ll be back soon. There’s till plenty of time for you to meet him.”

Maria and Liz sensing a ‘siblings only’ conversation coming on edged out of the kitchen discreetly and proceeded to the living room where they began to take the tree lights out of its box and chatted quietly amongst themselves.

“So, how’d you two meet?” Max asked seating himself on one of the stools near the counter

‘Oh I just knew this was going to happen.’ Isabel thought to herself before replying “We met in the park.”
For a moment it struck her that she’d fallen back in to lying so easily, “He was in town meeting some friends.”

“Oh…any one we know?”


“What does he do for a living?”

“Max will you just quit it!” frustrated with her brother she said that rather loudly “I know what you’re thinking and I appreciate the though behind it but I don’t need you to protect me.” she added in a softer voice noticing his offended expression “I wouldn’t be with him unless I was absolutely sure about him.”

“How can you be so sure, that he isn’t an alien?”

“Listen to yourself Max, you sound paranoid. Nothing alien had happened to any of us in, what, six years.”

“Have you told him about us?” he persisted

“I am not answering any more of your questions Maxwell Evans. I am a grown woman and I shall see whomsoever I damn well please.” She said putting her hands on her hips and glaring at him

“Fine…geez, I’m only worried about you getting hurt again.” he said sulkily

“I know, and I love you for it but it gets a bit too much sometimes.” She walked over to him and gave him a quick hug “I didn’t make a mistake with Jesse, and we were happy and I am in love with Alex. He’s good for me and; he’s more than I ever deserved. You’ll like him, I’m sure. If you don’t…well then just keep that to yourself because I don’t care.”

“Now come on, I think I hear Michael’s voice in the living room. Time for you boys to get to work.”

“What’s taking them so long?” Alex growled in frustration as he paced the floor

“It’s a big decision Alex. It’s not everyday that an angel offers to give up his immortality to be with a woman. Also they would be losing you, and as we all know, you’re someone’s favourite.”

Gabriel grinned at his friend, “Be patient, I am certain everything will work out for the best.”

“I hope so Gabriel, I really do because as much as I love Isabel a part of me will miss all this if they make me give it up but I guess no one can have the best of both worlds. Wait a minute…they won’t take away my memory of this place, will they?”

Gabriel laughed heartily, “Alex, you’re being paranoid. They’re angels, they aren’t likely to do something so drastic. They’d have to take Isabel’s memory away too then and as you know that’s against the rules. Free will and all.”

“Hmm. I just wish they hadn’t told me to stay here. I could have gone and checked in with Isabel.”

“What’s it like?” Alex looked at Gabriel with a confused expression on his face “Being in love.”

Alex thought for a moment before answering, “I doubt it is something any one can describe perfectly but I will try. When you can’t wait to see the object of your affections, when you get goose bumps just thinking of that person and you want to be with him/her all the time, when you want to appear to be perfect but at the same time you know that if it’s real love whatever faults you have will be overlooked and forgiven and you trust that person to love and want you for who you are and what you have to offer, even if what you offer has flaws. I think that is love, as well as I can describe it at any rate.”

It was a tradition with Mr. And Mrs. Evans that they went for midnight mass on Christmas Eve. When they were younger, Max and Isabel were taken along whether they wanted to go or not but as they grew older it became more infrequent; their alien heritage made them pessimistic about God. However, ever since Alex had entered her life, Isabel had started going to church again, so on Christmas Eve she found herself standing in church in the same row as her parents along with Maria and, Michael, who had been dragged there by his wife.

Secretly she was wishing Alex would be back when she got home but she was scared of getting her hopes up. At the end of mass, the Evans’ invited them back to their house for hot cocoa, Max and Liz were staying with them so would have everything ready. Michael and Maria accepted, as did the Parkers and Amy but Isabel declined at first but then seeing the look of disappointment on her mother’s face, accepted.

So an hour past midnight, the lights were still on in the Evans’ living room, filled with laughter and cheer.

“Isabel, tell us what you’ve been up to. Maria told me that your new apartment is gorgeous.” Amy said

“Well I’ve been busy with work, settling in to the new place and cooking for Christmas, I hope all of you are coming over at some point tomorrow. I’ve been told that I’ve cooked enough to feed an army.”

“Who am I to decline free food.” Michael piped up and they all laughed
Half an hour later they all headed home. Isabel entered her quiet apartment and though she couldn’t sense Alex she called for him anyway but got no reply. Saddened, she went to bed.

The Council entered the Great Hall and Alex had never been so nervous in all his years as an angel. Once they all were seated Lucius looked at Alex.

“We’ve thought about it long and hard Alex and as much as it pains me, we’ve decided to give you what you want. You will age as a human but if you want you can still carry on working for us, with whatever amount of time you can spare for us. It would be like having a liaison on Earth. That is if you still want to.”

“Of course, I was hoping that you’d come up with something like that. I might have fallen in love but this is my home too and I would have hated to lose you all. I was afraid you’d take my memory away.” he admittedly

Lucius laughed heartily as did a few of the other angels, “Now Alex we aren’t heartless. Not all of us agree with your decision but it is your life and we respect that. Go home to your beloved. I will call on you before long to iron out the details of how you will fit in to human society now without arousing suspicion; there are a lot of things to be taken care off.

“Thank you Lucius, thank you all. You don’t know how much this means to me.” Alex moved to Lucius and gave him a quick hug “I’ll never forget this.”

“Go…before we change our minds.” Lucius said, embarrassed but pleased
“I’m going, I’m going.”
And with that Alex vanished from their sight.

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Thanks for reading and leaviong fb and kj thanks for the bump!

Part XVII-

Isabel went to bed pretty miserable, not exactly crying or anything but quite close to it. Simply put, she was missing Alex more than she had ever anticipated.

She felt the mattress dip a few hours later and her body stiffened, immediately wide awake, momentarily before she sensed him and turned around, “ALEXXXXX!”

“Shhh…not so loud baby you’ll wake the neighbours.” Alex grinned at her a moment before they fell in to each other’s arms, hugging as if they’d never let go “Hey, what’s wrong? I’m back, I thought you’d be happy to see me.”

Isabel wiped away a few tears and sniffed, “I am so happy that I could burst. I missed you so much and everyone was asking about you and I had to think of so many excuses and I just missed you so badly.”

“Well I’m here now and not going anywhere ever again. I promise!”

Wide eyed, Isabel sat up in bed, crossing her legs underneath her and sat facing Alex, taking his hands in hers, “Tell me everything.”

“Well there’s nothing much to tell except that they kept me waiting for two days until they came to decision over what I had proposed.” Reaching out he tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear before carrying on “See, I had said that I would love to carry on working for them since it’s what I know best and if I could do that in any capacity I’d be grateful. But they weren’t too sure, saying I wouldn’t have the time…”

He was interrupted by an annoyed cluck from Isabel and he grinned, “Anyway, they told me to wait and not to leave until they reached a decision. I was going nuts up there just pacing around not knowing what you were doing down here. Gabriel had a good laugh at me. So anyway, they came back and said I could carry on doing their work, kind of like a liaison here on earth. There are still some details to be ironed out but they are going to arrange things like a birth certificate for me and other records else I might raise suspicion and best of all we get to grow old together.”

“What do you mean grow old together? You mean I’ll grow old and you’ll still look like the stud you are.” Isabel swatted him on the arm in mock anger but she noticed Alex shaking his head “What did you do Alex…oh my god!” Realisation hit her and she covered her mouth with one hand looking at him in amazement

“I can’t believe…”
“Believe it!” he answered calmly as if it were no big deal “I did it for us Isabel.”
“Alex, I…I don’t know what to say. You gave up your immortality for me, how could I ever thank you enough. I just don’t want you to ever regret doing it.”

She found her lips pinched together by two of his fingers, “Shush, the big deal is you and me and our life together and that is what is most important. You make me happy and this is what I want. I didn’t just dive in to this decision lightly. I gave it some thought. I mean I am so used to nothing happening to me, never getting hurt, never getting ill, never aging, never having to work a 9am-5pm job but all those worries didn’t overshadow the fact that I wanted to spend a lifetime with you. You’ll have to help me and be patient with me Iz. You’re going to have to teach me what it’s like to live life as a mortal. I mean I know have been an observer for centuries but there’s nothing like experiencing the real thing.”

“Alex you don’t have to ask for my help.” And she threw her arms around his neck hugging him fiercely “Marry me?”


Pulling away from him slightly she repeated the question, “Marry me? I want us to be together Alex, I want you to be my husband.”

When he didn’t reply immediately she grew worried, “I know this is out of the blue and with everything happening so fast and with so many details to take care of it doesn’t have to be immediately, I just…” she was cut off by Alex placing his lips on her

“So is that a yes?” she asked when they broke apart
“Absolutely!” he grinned back at her happily “I was just taken by surprise and my head was swimming but I want nothing more than for you to be my wife and to have babies with you.”

Isabel started laughing, “Babies!”
They had never talked about having children before, “You do want to have them right?”
“Yes, of course. I just didn’t know that you were thinking along those lines. There’s a lot of planning involved, we’ll need more money if we want to start a family.”
“I know. I’ll have to get a job…that sounds so weird, a job!” he kept quiet for a moment “I’ll still be doing work for them.” he glanced up briefly “I wonder if I can get a flexible job, something where I don’t have to sit in an office all day so that I can be a little free as well.”

He noticed a far away look on Isabel’s face “Isabel, are you listening to me?”

Focusing on him again once more she nodded her head, “What you just said got me thinking about something Maria said the other day about me opening a little bakery or café since I love to cook and bake. I would be my own boss and we could work together. That way we won’t have to worry about jobs for you and things like that…that is of course if you want to start a little place like that with me?”

Alex thought about it for a moment, “It’s not a bad idea and I would love working with you and you’d be great at something like that Iz and I could help out with the administrative stuff. One advantage of being an angel all these years, I picked up a lot of stuff and that too very easily but; what about capital to start a place like this and your job at your father’s firm?”

“Hmm, you know I was thinking about that. As much as I like it, it’s not what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. I mean I love it when people get this happy expression on their faces when they eat one of my cakes and pies, or soufflés. This way Alex we’d have our own business and won’t have to answer to anyone. You can go off and do whatever angel stuff you have to do as and when you please. This could work Alex. I have some money saved up and Jesse left me some and I could ask my dad for a loan and if he doesn’t want to lend it to me I can ask the bank.”

“If you’re sure about this then I am behind you one hundred percent and I’ll help in any way I can.”

“I am Alex, I’ve never been more excited or happy about the future ever before.” Isabel placed herself on Alex’s lap and he wrapped his arms around her waist “I was scared that you wouldn’t be back for Christmas.”

Resting his cheek against the side of her head he sighed, “Yeah I was worried about that too. I think that was why I was so impatient. I think I wore a hole in the carpet of clouds.”

They spent the next few minutes in silence, just enjoying their proximity before Isabel spoke, “You’ll be meeting everyone today, they’re all planning on coming over for a little while.”

“Oh no!” he groaned and smacked his forehead

“Not all at the same time.” she reassured him quickly “but yeah you’ll be meeting my parents and Max and Liz and the rest. So we’ll have to come up with some sort of job for you and how we met. I told them you were in college with me and we knew each other in passing and we got back in touch again and the sparks flew.”

“My, my you’re quite a good liar Isabel Evans.” Alex frowned in mock disapproval “You know you’d have made a good lawyer. Your father would have been proud of you.”

Isabel started laughing and pinched his arm, “Ouch! What the hell Isabel…I’d have you know that I have very delicate angel skin!”
She rolled her eyes, “Yeah right, is that why you don’t mind me leaving marks on your back and neck when you have your way with me?”
It was Alex’s turn to laugh now, “Okay, okay, I give up.”

“Now seriously…what job can we think up for you?”
“Umm…how about we just tell them what I really am or was? Then we won’t have this hassle of thinking up of things to explain to them. We’d just get tied up in knots, and lies always have a way of coming back and biting you in the ass. And I don’t want to start off by lying to your family and then getting caught later. It might cause animosity and I don’t want that to happen, I know how much they mean to you.”

“Are you sure?”
He nodded his head, “It might not be that easy to convince them Alex. Do you still have your powers, I mean to come and go as you please.”
“I hadn’t thought of that frankly speaking.” he said, a little worried suddenly “I mean when they said I’d still be doing work for them down here I assumed I’d still retain some of my powers. Let me check.”

Isabel found herself sitting on the mattress once more instead of on his lap and in the blink of an eye he was back by her side again “I guess I still have them.”
“Good! Knowing them, they will want proof else they’ll think I have gone crazy and you’re some alien pulling a fast one on me and have got me under some sort of spell.”

“Talk about paranoid! I wonder what they’ll say when we tell them we’re getting married. I’m sure your brother and dad and not to mention Michael will have me checked out.”

“That’s quite a possibility. It’s a good thing you have friends in high places not that we’ll need them if we intend to tell them the truth. But let’s not tell them about the marriage thing today. One blow at a time.” she chuckled before getting up off the bed and pulling him with her out in to the living room to show him the tree “Merry Christmas Alex!”

Putting his arms around her waist from behind he whispered in her ear, “Merry Christmas Iz!”


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A/N-Thank you for reading and leaving fb and if there are any lurkers out there who are reading this,many thanks to you too :wink:
I am going on vacation and will only be back on the 8th of November so no more updates till then.


“I’m still not sure this is a good idea.” Isabel stated while she put on her heels “I mean telling them straight off the bat that you’re an angel rather an ex-angel who still has some heavenly powers is just a bit too much don’t you think?” Getting up off the bed she went to the mirror and brushed her hair, all the while looking at Alex from the mirror, who lay on the bed looking at her, already fully dressed and ready to receive guests “Just think about it. We still have some time to figure this out before everyone arrives.”

“Isabel you worry too much and give your family too little credit. Your parents accepted you just the way you are right.”

“Yes but I am their daughter. You, on the other hand, are the current boyfriend to their widowed daughter who hadn’t ever been mentioned before to them…EVER.”

He held out his hand to her, and she came forward and took it and sat down next to him, worry written all over her face, “Isabel, I know you’re worried, not just about me but about what your parents might think of me but if you’re really apprehensive about this then tell me what you want to do.”

He kept rubbing his thumb back and forth across the back of her hand, patiently waiting for her to speak.

“Did you ask Gabriel or Lucius whether you could tell my parents everything?”

“Well no, there was no time to discuss everything but they mentioned taking care of paper work for me so that there’s no legal trouble for me since I will be living like any other human being from now on.”

“Then don’t you think you should wait until you’ve had a chance to speak to them about that?”

“What’s the point of putting it off Isabel? Whether we tell them now or six months from now, they’re still going to be skeptical when we tell them.”

“If we tell them later they would have at least had the chance to get to know you, and know that you’re a wonderful person; whereas if we tell them now they’ll jump to conclusions. Max and Michael will think you’re some alien who has been sent here to deceive me. Dad will think you’re taking me for a ride, trying to get whatever money Jesse left me and I don’t know what the girls will do.”

“So what do you propose to tell them?”

“Well I thought we could just tell them that…”

The doorbell rang signaling the arrival of their first guests for the day. Alex rubbed his hands on his pants, feeling slightly nervous at the prospect of meeting his-to-be wife’s family and friends.

Isabel rushed past him and reached the door, taking a quick look back at him she smiled and mouthed ‘I love you’ to him and opened the door, “Mom, Dad, Merry Christmas!” hugs were exchanged and the senior Evans’ made their way in to the living room where they saw Alex.

“Oh hello.” Diane greeted him with a smile “I didn’t realise Isabel had a friend over.”

“Merry Christmas Mrs. Evans!” Alex came forward and shook her hand “I’m Alex…Whitman.” he turned to Philip and extended his hand again “Hello Mr. Evans, Isabel has told me a lot about you.”

Philip looked at him, not in an unfriendly way but not in an entirely accepting manner either but nevertheless they shook hands, “Nice to meet you Alex.”

Isabel sat down next to Alex on the sofa while her parents took the seats opposite them. Alex could feel the tension coming off of her in waves but knew that he couldn’t do much about it.

“Isabel’s never mentioned you before Alex.” Diane began before her daughter cut her off

“Alex was Jesse’s best friend in high school, that’s how I know him.”

“Oh…but I don’t remember seeing Alex at the wedding.” Philip remarked

“He was out of the country, he’s a, rather was a priest.” Isabel explained

“Why’d you leave?” Diane asked

Alex hesitated and glanced at Isabel, “I realized I wanted more out of life, a family for instance, a wife and children and I couldn’t have that being a priest.”

“That must have been a tough decision to make.” Diane looked at him sympathetically and smiled

Another round of silence followed before Philip asked, “Where is your family Alex?”

“I don’t have one Sir.” Philip raised an eyebrow and Isabel jumped to Alex’s defense “He’s an orphan Daddy.”

“No I’m not.” Alex cut in

Isabel looked at him questioningly, “Isabel it’s alright.” Alex took one of her hands in his and focused on her parents “It is not your daughter’s intention to lie to you both, she’s just trying to protect me.”

“Protect you from what?” Philip asked a little too loudly

Alex took a steadying breath, while he felt Isabel’s nails cutting in to his palm, “There’s no easy way to tell you this and you will most likely not believe me but that is a chance I am willing to take. I’m…I was an angel.”

Both parents burst out laughing, much to the dismay of Isabel and Alex.

“It’s true!” Isabel exclaimed, “Stop laughing.”

“This is one good joke honey, just what I needed.”

“This isn’t a joke Daddy. Alex was an angel and he’s given up his immortal life for me. I know this is unreal and unbelievable but please, please try and keep an open mind about this…both of you.”

“You really expect us to believe that this young man is an angel come down from heaven?”

“NO I don’t. That’s why I told him we shouldn’t tell you the truth right away but Alex being Alex didn’t want to lie.” Isabel was fast losing patience and was trying her best to remain calm “If you both would just open up your minds to the possibility that there are angels amongst us. Alex was my guardian angel, right from the time I came out of the pod chamber. He’s been with me everyday and he only made himself known to me in the months after Jesse died. He was there for me and took care of me.”

“Okay if you say so but can you prove it to us in any way?” Philip asked Alex

Never in all his days had Alex been more grateful to have powers than at that moment, “Yes I still retain some of my powers.” At that moment he vanished from sight and the next moment appeared next to Diane

“Oh good lord!” she exclaimed, grabbing hold of Philip’s arm

“Where are your wings? Aren’t angels supposed to have wings?” Philip asked again

Alex could barely suppress his smile, remembering the time when Isabel had asked him the same question, “That’s just a legend.”

Isabel had had enough so she went and knelt before her parents, “Mommy, Daddy, I know this is a lot to digest and that you probably have tones of questions for Alex to answer but you accepted me, even though I am different. Can’t you accept Alex? He is special and I’m blessed to have him in my life. He loves me for what I am and I love him. If he was a danger to me don’t you think he would have harmed me by now? He’s been with me for nearly a year without any of you knowing, he’s had plenty of time to hurt me if that was his intention. You both know how careful I am with strangers and letting people in. Daddy, you yourself said a few months back that I am looking happier than I have ever looked in my entire life. That is all thanks to Alex. If you could just find it in your heart to accept him, it’ll make things so much easier with Max and Michael.”

Diane noticed the way Alex was looking at Isabel while she had been speaking and it spoke volumes. Cupping her daughter’s face in her hands she kissed Isabel’s forehead, “For your sake we are willing to accept this explanation and believe you but it will take some time for this news to sink in. It’s not everyday that your daughter tells you that her boyfriend was an angel.”


“I’m not too happy about this” he began “I mean yeah sure that was a cool trick and all…”

“You had a pet squirrel named Hazelnut when you were eight years old and an imaginary friend named Walter.” Alex said quietly to Philip

Philip’s mouth dropped open and he started at Alex for a few seconds, “Okay, I believe you now. No one knew about Walter because I never told anyone about him.”

Isabel grinned at Alex before getting up and going and standing by his side, “I told you he was special.”

Diane chuckled nervously and Philip shook his head slightly, “First Aliens, then Angels! What next?” he muttered under his breath

“I’ll get us all something to eat.” Isabel spoke up and pulled Alex in to the kitchen along with her. As soon as they were out of the elder couple’s sight she threw her arms around him and kissed him hard before whispering, “Thank you for being so brave. You’re a genius.”

Alex laughed softly and brushed his nose against hers, “Don’t be silly, I just didn’t want to carry on lying for the next few months. I can’t do it and anyway since you were doing all the talking your father was getting suspicious. He is pretty scary though. No wonder you never had a boyfriend in high school.”

Isabel punched his arm lightly and let go of him and began putting the food on a tray to take out to her parents while Alex poured out four cups of hot chocolate.”


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A/N-This part hasn't been checked by my beta because I was too impatient to get it posted as it's been over a month since my last update. So if there are errors you'll have to overlook them. Thank you all for the feedback and to the lurkers for reading.

Part XIX-

Sitting across from my parents, Alex on my right, I think I was trying to read but failing miserably at reading their minds. Now if only my creators had given me that power as well. It would have made things so much easier. I wish he would say something instead of just blatantly staring at Alex. How rude can you get Daddy? It’s not like Alex has two horns growing out of his head.

I doubt I even tasted the cocoa as it went down my throat. Philip Evans kept looking at me, seizing me up. You’d think he’d be happy that I am or was an angel and that would warm him to the idea of me being his daughter’s boyfriend. I don’t know where to look.

If he thinks that being an angel is going to give him a free pass with me then he has another thing coming. A man is a man…ex-angel or no ex-angel! Isabel might think the world of him but that doesn’t mean I have to accept him with open arms even though him knowing about Walter gave me the creeps. I wonder what all he knows about me.

At long last my Izzy is looking happy and content. I look from one to the other. Alex seems nervous and slightly jumpy, which is normal I suppose considering he is sitting opposite his girlfriend’s father for the first time and had to reveal such a huge secret to him. I like that he did that of his own accord. Full marks to him in my book. I will have to talk to Philip about giving him a break. I am not usually wrong about people and this young man…well not exactly young but then again he looks Isabel’s age…seems to be making my daughter very happy.

The ringing of the bell broke the uncomfortable silence that was threatening to swallow them whole. Isabel jumped up and nearly ran to the door.

‘Saved by the bell.’ Alex thought to himself

Isabel answered the door, was enveloped in a huge combined hug from both Max and Liz, even though the latter had only seen her a few days previously.

“Merry Christmas everyone!” Max bellowed loudly for a change and walked in to the living, smiling at his parents until he saw Alex “Hi!” he greeted Alex hesitantly, not quite sure of what to say “You must be Alex.”

“Right you are.” Alex offered Max his hand and both men shook hands
“Alex, this is Liz.”
“It’s good to finally meet you Alex.” Liz said coming forward and shaking his hand “I’m glad Isabel didn’t decide to keep you all to herself.”
“Hey!!!” came an indignant cry and Alex and Liz grinned at her each other
“She wouldn’t have been able to even if that was her plan. I thought it was high time I met the rest of her family, aside from Maria of course.”

“Did someone say my name?” Maria came walking through the front door, Michael following her, carrying all the gifts “Merry Christmas all.”
Another round of hugs and kisses ensued; Maria didn’t spare Alex, “Glad to see you made it Handsome.”
“Nice to see you again Maria.”
“Alex, this is my husband, Michael.”
Michael stepped forward, “Maria’s told me all about.” he began and both men started laughing, until Maria punched Michael in the arm
“Only good things, I hope.”
“Oh she’s been complimenting you left, right and center.”
“Thanks Maria.”
“No problem…as long you keep Izzy happy I will always be on your side. Kapish?”
“Yes Ma’am!” Alex gave her a mock salute

Isabel had been standing to one side of the room with Max and her parents observing Alex, Michael and Maria interacting and she was pleased.

They seemed to have gotten off to a good start and that is always good where Michael is concerned. As long as I have Michael on my side it won’t be so difficult to get Max to believe us. Liz can easily be won over and she always keeps an open mind.

“Izzy?” “Isabel?”
“Huh…oh sorry…what were you saying Max?” she asked apologetically
“I was asking how long you’ve known Alex?” Max repeated a little irritatedly
“Almost a year. We met not long after Jesse died. He’s been really great Max, he’s been a real rock.”
“I’m glad that you have someone Iz. Are his family also in Roswell?”

Okay here we go. He’s started the interrogation.
“Stop it Max. You’re worse than Daddy.”
“What?! What did I do? I just asked if his family is from around here.”
“No you didn’t. You’re trying to dig around for more information.”
“I suppose that is a bad thing in ‘Isabel Evans book’?”
“Yes it is when it is uncalled for.”

Diane thought it was time to step in before her children started an argument on Christmas day, “Max, Isabel stop it! What’s wrong with the two of you?”

“Me!! He started it mother.” Isabel exclaimed indignantly
“He’s just being protective that’s all honey. But anyway” she turned to Max “your sister is a grown woman and she’s quite capable of taking care of herself so stop annoying her Maxwell.”

Max threw his hands up in annoyance; “So much for caring about my sister’s well being.” he grumbled and went to Liz’s side for some sympathy.

Michael snickered at the other end of the room where he was standing with Alex and Maria, “What’s so funny?” Maria asked suspiciously
“Max is.” he replied nodding in Max’s direction “He just got politely told off by his mother for interrogating Isabel about Alex.”

Maria laughed but Alex wasn’t sure if he found it all that funny, “Relax Alex…Max has always been the hyper one. This is just what Michael had predicted would happen. Oh by the way, he does a great Max impersonation. One day when he isn’t around he’ll show you.”

“What’re are you three gossiping about?” Isabel asked coming up to them and linking her arm through Alex’s

“Oh just telling him that we knew your dear brother would try questioning you about Alex.” Maria answered with a sly grin

Isabel rolled her eyes, “Oh well he’ll have all the answers soon enough.” she said with a meaningful look at Alex, which wasn’t lost on either Michael or Maria.

“Why don’t you guys go take a seat.” she suggested to Maria and Michael but they both knew that was more of a command than a suggestion “Max, Liz” she said a little louder “please take a seat, Alex and I have something to tell you.”

“Don’t tell me you’re getting married.” Max said in an attempt to make a joke but was met with glares from his girlfriend and mother and he made a show of zipping his lips

“I’ve…We’ve already told Mom and Dad this so they know what we’re about to say but before Alex and I say anything, I want you all to keep and open mind and not jump to conclusions.”

The four young people nodded their heads. Satisfied with their non-verbal reactions, Isabel carried on, “If it was up to me you wouldn’t have been told this today but Alex wanted to be honest with every one of you since you all are my family and he knows how important you are to me. Anyway…what I have to tell you is quite unbelievable, I mean I wasn’t sure what to make off it myself the first time Alex and I met…”

“Just tell us Isabel.” Michael piped up impatiently

“What Isabel is trying to say is that I wasn’t always from around here.” Alex said

“I knew it!” Max exclaimed jumping up “You’re not from Earth.”
“Max!” Liz cried in embarrassment

“Well you’re not far from the truth.” Alex carried on, unfazed by Max’s outburst “You see, I used to be an angel.”

For a moment there was dead silence and then four faces broke out in laughter “Oh that a good one guys.” Maria said in between her giggles

“It’s not a joke…he’s serious.” Isabel cried in exasperation “He was my guardian angel.”
“Isabel…I really love you but you’re not making a fool of me on Christmas.” Michael wiped the tears from his eyes “Boy you had me going for a second.”

“They’re not joking.” Philip’s serious voice interrupted the laughter and Isabel shot her father a grateful look “Diane and I could hardly believe it ourselves but they explained everything to us and Alex gave us proof, that we just couldn’t ignore and…”

He was interrupted by Max, who lunged at Alex and began to wildly grab at the latter’s neck, “MAX, WHAT’RE YOU DOING?” Isabel shrieked as she saw Alex fall back against the wall as Max’s weight shoved him backwards

“He’s a Skin, he had to be or some other alien, else how could he have you all believing this cock and bull story.” Max panted, “I’ll just destroy his husk and then you’ll see.”

Alex was trying to push him off and then just decided to vanish in to thin air and re-appeared next to Isabel.

“Max, calm down and listen for a change.” Alex spoke in a calm and serious voice “I am not an alien and I am not here to hurt anyone. As Isabel said I was her guardian angel. I know everything about all three of you. I know you’re probably having a difficult time digesting all this but don’t you think I would have harmed your sister by now if that had been my intention. I have had plenty of time alone with her, before any of you even got wind of me.”

“It’s true.” Isabel took hold of Alex’s hand and looked at Maria, “Maria do you remember that evening, not long after Jesse died when you came to see me and heard me talking to myself?” Maria nodded her head “It was Alex I was talking to.”

“I know that Isabel and you drew a whirlwind symbol in the sand when your parents took you to the beach when you both were kids. Michael, you stole Maria’s car once in high school and Maria, you were scared that Isabel was a monster at one time.” Alex said in an effort to make them believe him

“Look, the bottom line is, he has given up his immortality to be with me and I love him. I am going to be with him whether or not you all can accept it. Mom and Dad have.” She looked at her parents hesitantly and Diane smiled at her encouragingly

“I know it is a lot to swallow but all I ask is that you give Alex a chance. Maria, Liz, you gave all three of us a chance when you found out about us, as did Kyle.”

Liz hugged Isabel out of the blue, “We are willing to do that.” She glared at Max but smiled at the same time, however hard that might have been and Maria smiled and slipped her arm around Michael’s waist, “We believe you Alex.” Michael nodded and Isabel went and hugged him, knowing how hard it had always been for him to trust people

“I saw you with Isabel long before anyone else did Alex and I saw how you both interacted and the way you held her.”
“When?” Isabel asked in surprise
“One night in the park many months ago, when I took a shortcut and I saw you both. So, although this is pretty unreal…I mean aliens are one thing but angels…it’s fantastic. Aren’t you like, supposed to have wings to something?”

Alex, Isabel and Philip burst out laughing, “That’s the third time he’s been asked that.” Isabel said “ And in answer to your question, none of them have wings, that was made up by man and in any case, Alex is no longer a full fledged angel. He gave up most of his powers to live a mortal life with me.”

“Max?” Isabel looked at her brother
“I really don’t know what to say but since you all are ready to give him the benefit of the doubt and you’re not an easy person to fool sis, I guess I have to give Alex a chance as well. I’m sorry for behaving like a jerk Alex.”

Alex waved his hand, “It’s okay, I can understand you wanting to protect your sister.”

Isabel heaved a sigh of relief and smiled, “Now who wants some hot chocolate fudge?”

“Me.” replied a chorus of voices

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