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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by Steamy_ehr » Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:19 pm

# 163

Roswell/Skinwalkers xover
Parings: Varek/Alex or Varek/Kyle

-Seens the pod squad doesn't know everything about one of they're members...

-Alex or Kyle is a werewolf and is the mate of Varek which is a reason he was hidden either by both sets of parents or one of them depends on which paring is used

-Alex or Kyle in the begining try to keep the podsquad out of the situation specially with how Varek could pratically be an older Max and how violent they could be

-Somehow during the summer before anyone is unexpectedly introduced to Varek (and the pack) Alex or Kyle mated when they met by chance (to Varek's luck), werewolf mating is for life and can't be broken

-Submissive partner could become pregnant when mating season begins

-The B* * * * Sonya must be violently removed by Alex or Kyle (which ever is used in the pairing)

-A lot of wild primitive/animalistic and sometimes tender sex

-Dupes must be involved somehow (I'd like them to be on the good side)

-Happy Varek/Alex or Kyle (which ever is used) ending

-Rating: Adult

Any question or just interested PM ME

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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by AntarGrrl » Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:11 pm




Pairings: Dean/Sam, Dean/Michael, Sam/Michael, Dean/Sam/Michael

Rating: Mature/Adult

What if Michael left the others to head out on his own, does not matter when or why, your choice and must be explained. While traveling, he runs into the Winchester brothers along the way. He joins them where they slowly learn about ALL his secrets and he learns ALL theirs. Everything is going well until for them over the next few years during that time they run into John, the YED, the Dupes, and Kivar--not all at the same time :) After a short rest at the Roadhouse, they are forced to head to Roswell where Michael runs into his past, which is not as forgiving as he hoped for nor are they happy with the way Michael has changed or his choices.

--Dean/Sam/Michael MUST be in a well established relationship before their arrival in Roswell--

--Must have a happy ending for the boys, but they have to go through alot to get there.--

I would love for this to be a multi-chapter LONG fic if possible with lots of drama, angst, and humor.

Feel free to include any other Supernatural characters and other Roswell characters along the way.

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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by Whimsicality » Mon Apr 25, 2011 4:11 pm


Percy Jackson(Books or Movie)/Roswell

Any Pairings, CC, UC, or XO

The premise for this challenge is that Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess are not actually aliens, but demigods, hidden in Roswell for a reason that's up to the author (protection, prophecy, ?).

You can choose any god you want for their divine parent, some suggestions would be Morpheus for Isabel (God of Dreams), Zeus for Michael (Destructive abilities), Menmosyne for Tess (Goddess of Memory and mother of the nine Muses), Apollo for Max (God of Healing and Prophecies among other things)


Ensemble fic, don't just focus on your favorite character or characters and don't forget about the humans.

The humans can't be demigods too, but they don't have to be normal either, feel free to get creative as long as it fits with the tone of the Percy Jackson universe.

You do not need to include the shooting, but the fic should start in high school with one or more of the humans discovering that the podsquad is 'special', and simultaneously alerting the mythical community to their location.


The podsquad can be aware of their heritage or not, up to the author.

If you want to include protectors for them, either as a group or individually, use canon characters rather than OC, although they can be canon to either verse.


Percy Jackson(Books or Movie)/Roswell

Any Pairings, CC, UC, or XO

In this challenge, the podsquad are aliens, but rather than being genetically engineered hybrids, they are the offspring of humans and Antarian deities, so Antarian demigods, which means you as the author gets to create as much of an Antarian pantheon and mythology as you would like. They were sent to earth as protection from a war of the gods that is raging on Antar, how the war goes, their involvement in it, and how much the Earth gods know about it is up to you.


At least two human members of the Roswell gang must be children of Earth gods.

Ensemble fic, don't just focus on your favorite character or characters and don't forget about the regular humans.

If you want to include protectors for them, either as a group or individually, use canon characters rather than OC, although they can be canon to either verse.

Other than that, have fun. The story can start however/whenever you want, include the plot of the books/show or not, whatever your muse decides to do :)

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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by Zanity » Thu May 30, 2013 10:11 am

#167 Person of Interest / Roswell Crossover

Pairings: Max/Liz, John/Zoe, Others as you choose

Set Post Grad for Roswell... Max and Liz are married and still on the run from the government when they decide to hide amongst the crowds of New York for a while..... When their numbers come up.

So Reese and Finch start trying to find out why they're in danger. Eventually they help take down the rouge government agency that's hunting aliens and Max and Liz and company are finally able to settle down and live semi-normal lives.

You can decide whether Max and Liz split from their friends or not. You can also do some revisionist history and make Alex still alive and/or Tess not evil and/or still alive if you want.

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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by Tzigone » Wed May 14, 2014 5:41 pm

#168 Quantum Leap/Roswell Crossover

An "evil leaper" leaped into Tess during season 2 to "put wrong what once went right", explaining her turnabout. Now Sam Beckett has arrived to "put right what once went wrong."

Sam should leap into one of the humans, instead of one of the aliens
No more than two other characters can learn that he is really Sam (though none have to learn)

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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by ja.forster » Mon Jul 07, 2014 3:28 pm


Roswell xo star wars episode either 2,3 or both?

I'm thinking UC mostly unless it becomes polar

Liz Parker and Padme are the main characters and are related Or have some sort of connection.
Liz also was "conceived" the same way as Anakin... But is not the reincarnation of Padme.
Antarians and Jedi's are linked and or share similar abilities?
Liz is shot and healed by Max and given flashes of his past life as King Zan a Sith Lord of Antar and so she doesn't want anything to do with him, Micheal/Rath and Vilandra/Isabel weren't like him they opposed Zan/Max and supported their people and the Jedi.
Liz started dreaming about a girl... (Padme)
Liz, Micheal,Isabel,Kyle,Ava and Alex mysteriously end up on another planet with padme or obi, it takes at least 6 months for anyone back on Earth to find out what happened or where the "Earthlings" went.

Not the best challenge but I thought it sounded interesting 8)

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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by Tzigone » Sun Jul 20, 2014 6:53 pm


Roswell/Team Knight Rider crossover

Chosen purely because Nick Wechsler stars in both. I'd like the resemblance to play some part in the plot. Can be canon-friendly or AU.

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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by Joyce2381 » Mon May 18, 2015 3:14 pm

# 171

Roswell/Jericho Crossover AU

Couples: Conventional couples, mostly. Max/Liz; Maria/Michael; Isabel/Alex; Kyle/Serina.
Dupes optional but would love to see - Zan/Ava
Jericho couples: Heather/Jake

rating: adult or mature

Liz, Max and the gang has recently moved onto a farm in Jericho after a close call with the special unit. The bombs drop, how are things different. I like the idea of the hybrids preowning the farm and turning it into a self-sustaining farm and sanctuary.
Must haves:
post S3 Roswell - gang is in Jericho
Take place during season one of Jericho
Max never gave up baby Xan, they took him with during the graduation.
Takes place in 2006
April and her baby daughter must survival
Liz must be pregnant.

Optional: whether or not the parents survive and if they see them again.

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