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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by freakyxgoth » Tue May 05, 2009 12:00 am


I absolutely loved Taffycat's "House Call," and would love to see another House/Roswell crossover. I think Liz being an intern or even on House's team would make for a great fic. I don't know what the actual plot would be (I'm posting a challenge because I'm not creative enough or a good enough writer to write a story myself) but would appreciate anyhting involving House. I would prefer Liz be the main character and not be paired with any Roswellian not Max.


Following a similar path as my aforementioned challenge, I would LOVE a crossover with Bones. I think that the Roswellian cast can easily fill the roles of the characters of Bones, with some minor adjustment. Liz and Bones are very similar, but the Roswell cast would not have to replace the Bones cast. I just want the two shows to integrate in some way, whether through replacement or inclusion. Creative freedom definately exists, I just want the more crossovers with procedural shows.

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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by behrstars » Sun May 24, 2009 8:25 pm


I would like to see a fic with Veronica Mars. Maybe a Liz/Logan or a Liz/Duncan. Just started watching VM and well i've never seen a Roswell fic crossed over with VM and thought it would be different.

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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by LittleBit » Sun Aug 16, 2009 12:33 pm


Bones/Roswell Crossover

Brennan and the squints start to work on a new skeleton from their vault. It is an odd one that was said to be found in a desert in New Mexico and has it's ribs melted together.

So basically they have Pierce's skeleton and start to investigate it.

The story can take place during any of the season of Bones, you could even have Liz be one of the grad students who come through the revolving door of the Jeffersonian and any time in Roswell timeline or even in the future. I just thought it'd be an interesting way to pull then together.
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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by zazou » Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:35 pm

Hello I repost a old challenges and two news!

# 142
Roswell / Supernatural

Summary: AU,Takes place after the teens leave Roswell
in graduation and they're now on the run. Supernatural
is mid season one

The Roswell gang passes through one of the towns where Dean and Sam Winchester are on a hunt and
searching for their dad. Maria decides to stick around the town a little longer and earn some extra money,
surprisingly Kyle and Isabel remain behind with her. Maria starts working at a diner as a waitress and talks to Dean and Sam a couple times when they come in to eat. Then one night while walking back to her motel she has an encounter with something supernatural and Dean saves her. She begins to fall for Dean just as the others come back to get her, Isabel and Kyle. Will Maria follow her heart and stay with Dean? Or will she leave?


Starting Off


# 143
Supernatural / Roswell

Maria isn't coping well with Alex's death and after Liz blaming the pod squad for what happened Michael has become more distant then ever. Maria then decides to leave Roswell at night when no one is around to stop
her. While heading out of town she runs into Tess who has her own reasons for running(Tess never killed Alex, Kivar had him killed). The two girls decide to run together and end up outside a small town in Colorado
where mysterious things are happening. Dean and Sam Winchester are also there investigating. When Tess and Maria save Dean and Sam from something secrets are revealed and relationships are formed.

possible M/L
Mi/L friendship

Dark Angel / Roswell

Maria is X-5, she escape of Monticore with Max, but she ends has Roswell.
After the episode Destiny she decides to go in Seattle to find her brothers and sisters. She go working for Normal and meet Alec, Max and Original Cindy.... She doesn't discover who are Alec and Max....

In the same time Tess, Isabelle, Micheal and Max decide to follow their fate. What happen when they will discover that Maria was not what she told to be and when this one will discover that Micheal decides to be with Isabelle rather than with her??????


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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by ja.forster » Wed Oct 28, 2009 11:22 pm


Roswell/Smallville XO with aliens



All of them have been badly burnt in their previous relationships, (somehow bringing them together).
Revenge can be sweet but the loving can be sweeter....

Must Haves

1.Kivar and Lex aren't evil but they can still be bad asses.
2.Kivar,Clark and Micheal are cousins.
3.Liz gets a blood transfusion from Clark giving her the same powers as Clark permanently, but no side effects with the Kryptonite.
5.Happy ending for Kivar/Liz/Lex

#145 Taken by lizandzackfan


Roswell/Dark Angel XO AU


Riverdog is Liz's biological grandfather, Grandma Claudia never told a soul who Jeff's real father was except Riverdog and her personal journal. Riverdog was was one of the few left of his kind, he could commune with the animals and shapeshift into them too. It seemed that the gift of the old ones hadn't passed onto Jeff, but... when Liz was a little girl no more than 4, Grandma Claudia brought her out to the reservation for a visit.
Liz wandered off to explore, not far just the edges of the forest behind Riverdog's home when she saw a family pack of wolves,with no fear she went up to the one and petted him, no harm came to her he just lick her face making her giggle, the wolf watching over her as if she were one of his cubs. Riverdog came out to look for Liz and as saw her she morphed into a little cub, the cubs that were hiding in the bushes came out to investigate, when they realized she wasn't a threat they started to play.

Must Haves

-Don't know how but Alec and the other transgenics must be brought on to the scene and also Liz's secret.
-Liz still gets shot but she doesn't love Max, but she does date him out of gratitude.
-Liz gets powers a month after shes healed.
-The Roswellians don't know and can't find out about Liz's secret until after the transgenics know and have made Liz a part of their family.
- Sorry but just re-watched Cry Your Name and I'm feeling a little upset with the Pod squad and Maria for how they treated Liz and so.... Don't be kind to them.


Roswell/Naked Weapon

Liz/Ava/?Zan/?Micheal (Optional which one, and or both blokes)

Liz did gymnastics and a mixture of martial arts while growing up. Liz gets shot and Max heals her, a couple of days later shes abducted by a woman only known as Madam M. Liz was not the only one, lots of girls around the world were stolen over the last few years. After she arrived at the island she met and befriended Katt and Charlene. after 3 years of gruesome training only Charlene, Liz, Katt and Jing survive and "graduate". They had one last test that Madam M had them sedated for, thus making them ready for what could/would happen in their future. Liz and Katt are sent to New York to take out some teenagers only known as Nickolas,Rath and Lonnie. They were to meet a man named Larek in a hotel, he is the one to commission the kills.

Must Haves

-Liz getting powers and Katt and Charlene helping her practice and hide it.
-Liz meeting Zan and Ava and recognizing him.
-Liz turning up at the summit on Nicholas's arm, then afterwards killing him as well as Lonnie and Rath.
-Confrontation with Max and Tess with Michael watching.
-Zan ,Ava, Micheal, Liz, Katt and Charlene shutting down the organization that stole them and made them what they are.
-Taking out Kivar.
-Liz and Ava being Queens of Antar.
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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by polargirl666 » Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:53 am

10 Things I Hate About You/Roswell XO
-Roswell Polar Style
-Remake of Roswell to be Polar
-Aliens name: Micheal/Rathard aka Rath
Patrick/Vinard aka Vin
Max/Zandroz aka Zan
Isabel/Vilandra aka Lonnie
-Liz is Kat's and Bianca's cousin. Kat and Bianca's dad, Walter, is Liz's moms, Nancey's, brother. Liz spent 1½ years of school with Kat, Bianca, and their dad 3 years ago in Ohio, she wasn't Little Lizzie Parker there she was like Micheal she skipped school a lot and she had a wall up except in front of Kat, Bianca, or Walter. The only 2 people she hung out there was either Kat or Bianca or was by herself.
-Pairings: Liz/Micheal

#149 Taken by Ashita
Coyote Ugly/Roswell XO

Roswell/ Dark Angel
-In Season 2 of Roswell just after when Maria, Micheal, and Liz went to Las Cruces.
-Micheal noticed that Liz was strange in the apartment where the bomb was, she began to use her abilities to move faster, so he's going to confront her.
-Don't know how but make Micheal and Maria break-up.
-DA, season 1, after Brin's return to Manticore
-Zach's found Liz but hasn't talk to her yet.
-She is Max's twin
-Lydecker falls on the paper where it shows the shot waitress so he goes to Roswell to capture her.

Dark Angel/Roswell XO
-Liz + Alex shoot Peirce b/c he is about to shoot Michael and Liz won't let that happen, and Alex shoots him b/c he isn't going to have it on shoulders alone.
-Liz + Max don't say I love you b/c she likes Michael, but Max loves her.
-There's no Michael and Maria b/c he has always liked Liz.
-Kyle goes to his own trunk with his guns, not his dads case.
-Liz is Jondy/X5-210
-Alex is Zane/X5-205
-Kyle is Ky/X5-393
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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by polargirl666 » Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:03 am

Roswell/Dark Angel XO
-During Independence Day
-Liz is Max's twin sister, Alex and Krit are their brothers
-Liz's parents seem loving but behind closed doors, their abusive, she doesn't tell anyone besides Alex b/c she doesn't want to attract attention, and have people wonder why she heals fast.
Pairings: Liz/Michael
Max. E/Maria

Fast and the Furious/Roswell XO
Pairings: Liz/Michael
-Instead of Michael wanting to go to Las Vegas, Liz wants to go to LA to visit her brother and sister, Dom and Mia, who only the humans know about.
-The aliens are against it at first but then they cave.
-When they get there Liz brings them to the garage and they find out that she isn't who they think, they find out that she is adopted and is Dom's and Mia's little sister, and that she was adopted after their dad died, Dom was arrested, Mia was to young to take care of Liz, and their mom was to sick.
-The whole crew loves Liz.
-Tess isn't a murderous bitch so Alex doesn't die.
-Future Max has to come out and I want Liz to not be to broken up about it, and maybe have Max try to get her back but in the end he doesn't The rest is up for grabs.

Vampire Diaries/Roswell XO
-Liz/Jeremy and Stefan/Elena
-Liz is Damon's and Stefan's little sister
-Liz's real name is Elizabeth Marie Salvatore
-(Don't know if they tell you their real names) Damon's is Damon Alexander Salvatore
-Stefan's is Stefan Samuel Salvatore.
-Jeff is Zach's brother, so he's her great nephew, Nancy knows about everything, Liz just lives with them, when she goes to the school she does the same thing Stefan did to the receptionist . This all happened when "she was 14", so no dress, nobody realizes Liz doesn't grow, and Max's obsession w/ her started on her first day.
-Lexi comes to Roswell to pay Liz a visit, this is during the time when the girls are dancing in the crash during season 2 episode 1.
-Liz and Elena become really good friends.
-I want Stefan, Damon, and Elena to freak out over the whole Max and Tess.
-Damon should be nice when he's around Liz and i would like him and Stefan to get along.
-She acts like a mixture of Stefan and Damon, but she acts more like Damon then Stefan.

Firestarter/Roswell XO
-The pair has to be Liz/Charlie+Michael aka Polar
-What if Liz Parker is actually Charlie McGee the firestarter, she's still on the rub from the government-"The Shop"- and she got settled in Roswell with the Parker's when she was 9. So Max's obsession started when he first saw her on her first day.
-Jeff's parents were the people that helped Charlie + Andy, that's why she was so broken up when Claudia dies. So they had Jeff and Nancy adopt her a week before they moved to Roswell.
-Everything is the same except when Liz/Charlie slips into her new personality, clothing etc.
-She has nightmares about what happened.
-Maria and Alex know about everything.
-The other Pairings are Stargazers, Lamptrimmers, and Ground Zero.

Wildfire/Roswell XO
-Pairings are Polar, Stargazers, Lamptrimmers, and Ground Zero. And Kris/Jr.
-Liz is Kris' little sister and when their parent's dies Liz went into foster care.
-Maria and Alex know that Liz was adopted.
-I would like this to be set in season 2.
-So Tess isn't a murderous bitch and Alex doesn't die
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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by polargirl666 » Wed Apr 07, 2010 2:25 pm

Roswell/CSI XO
-I would like it to be a Polar story, along with Ground Zero, Lamp Trimmers, and Stargazers
-Liz is Sarah's little sister, when Sarah's mom killed her dad and went to jail Liz and Sarah were put in foster homes but then they were split up.
-Maria and Alex know that Liz was adopted, and have met Sarah.
-I would like this to be set in season 2.

Smallville/Roswell XO
-Liz is Chloe's and Lois' cousin
-She gets with Oliver at one point.
-You find out that she was in Smallville during the meteor shower.
-She got powers from the meteor shower, which is manipulation of fire.
-She becomes part of the Justice League and is called Pyro.

Smallville/Roswell XO
I want it to be for Pairings: Polar, Ground Zero, Stargazers, Lamptrimmers, and Lana/Clark
-Liz and Lana were sister's.
-When their parents died Liz and Lana were put into foster care.
-Lana got picked up by her "aunt", and Liz got picked up by Nancy and Jeff.
-Liz got to visit Lana as much as she could in Smallville, when she was supposedly in Florida she was actual in Smallville.
-Lana comes to Roswell and the truth comes out about Lana and Liz being adopted and sisters.
-Alex and Maria know Lana.

Dark Angel/Smallville/Roswell Crossover
-Liz and Lana are X5's and they are bio sister's.
-They shared the position of S.I.C.
-Somehow they end off crossing paths and find out who each other are.
-Liz's name was Ash, her designation was X5-666.
-Lana's name was Blaze, her designation was X5-528.
-Pretend Lana wasn't in the meteor shower, her “aunt” found her on the side of the road, and Liz's “parents” found her somewhere else on the side of the road.
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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by Micheala141 » Sun May 09, 2010 2:20 am


Roswell/Supernatural xover

Liz/? Dean/? Sam/Ruby

Liz is the 3rd winchester sibling moving from town to town.

The shooting happened with Maria instead of Liz.

The winchesters search the earth for evil and hear of something strange in roswell-skin activity. Go to investigate.
Meet the aliens

The writers take from then on

Must Haves:-

Liz has the power not Sam. Mary didnt die until Liz was 6 months old.
Liz must be young enough to still attend high school
Confrontation at the school with ghost activity resulting in Liz protecting the aliens
Confrontation with the Aliens accusing her of being a skin

The rest is down to the writer

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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by lizandzackfan » Sat May 15, 2010 2:35 pm

Ill take #145 Liz/Alice/Jasper challenge:)
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